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Episode 1223 - Nancy Wilson

2021-05-03 | 🔗

Nancy Wilson is one of the world’s great guitarists, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, and creator, along with her sister Ann, of one of the great American rock bands, Heart. But after more than 40 years in the business, she’s finally releasing her first solo album. Nancy tells Marc what led up to it, from opening for big rock acts to writing massive radio hits to headlining giant arena rock shows all over the world. Nancy explains how things got messy within Heart when romantic relationships cropped up and she details how they were able to navigate the cocaine-fueled ‘80s to score some of their biggest hits ever.

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beyond those windows. Art is the the coast of Florida and the Atlantic Ocean. I can look out and tv ocean, I'm up above the ground, I'm in a fairly fancy sweet because I had to move up here, had to have a real problem and it's fuckin, beautiful. I came down here as semi how's it going. I'm sorry, I'm being rude, I'm just going on and on about myself. How are you take a breath? Let's take a breath right, you're, right, all right so anyway, if you didn't know, I came down here to visit my mother. I got two weeks out for the second shot on the twenty second, which was her birthday, My brother move down here, so I figured it he has been a year over a year since I saw my mother, it's been two years since I saw my brother and his new girlfriend in my mom's boyfriend through my cousins, my uncle and aunt or down here. So this was done by decided on by
how about you- and I don't know it's within your findings show abilities, but I so decided never to stay at my mother's house. Again, I don't know many of you can understand the the implications of that are what that means, but at some point I decided care where I stay just not in the house and it through the best decision you can make. I don't know what you're relationship is, even if your relationship is good, it's nice to two to be able to just yeah I'll, be over there in a few I'm leaving now, as opposed to wait. Gap and be like what's happening. why am I seven years old again? Why am I ten years old and why I am acting like a fourteen year old? Why am I mad at my mother, I'm fifty seven years old? This is bullshit, I didn't want to wake up. I don't want it. I don't know what I want to do. Can I just? Can I have coffee? Do you have coffee? You don't have coffee in the House SIRI you: don't have coffee house holy shit so where I gotta go.
I've done. You know it never mind, I'm good I'll, go yeah I'll, write, you a deal that anyway, it's been ok, but tell me I'll tell you more about let's first deal, What sir what's happening on the show Nancy Wilson is here: Nancy: fucking, Wilson is on the show today, the from heart from the rock band. From the Mega rock band, heart she's, one the world's greatest rock guitarist she's in the rock and Roll or fame, and oddly after forty years, forty years in the game. She finally releasing solo album this week and it's good, I don't know what age you are, who you are by heart played heart factored in men. For me, I'm fifty seven heart definitely factored in I'm trying to think when that. I think that first down came on seventy six, so Your high I mean come on. Steamboat, Annie MAGIC Man
Eric outta. Now those first two or three hard albums, we're just on constant rotation on EM radio, FM radio in my brain theirs. I've got some memories. Man I talk to her about it. I talked to her by a united when there was the drive, the famous Dr Marcus, parents famous draw it was me, Dave Bishop Chris Fisher, Andy Perot, to come hours driving from Albuquerque to Denver. My Oh hi stadium for Son a jam to yeah Christian, driving is maverick a white maverick. I believe at that time I had the ship Brown Dotson, be too can why we took two cars. I dont know, but we took to cars and we we kind of like dirt of in unison the ten hours to death. and I remember there was a disgusting. I remember as working organic posh bagel.
Again I was a manager. I must have sixteen years old point is we had stopped at where I worked cause I was managing Jose YO managing a shift or two at this place I had the keys was a sandwich place, so we went in there before it opened, or maybe it was the night before made a bunch. And which is gotta dressing, mayonnaise all kinds of shit you stole it from other posh bagel. and here I would offer a man's or an apology, but TAT Eddie, the guy. on the place dead been dead for years, so he gathered in the cars and were driving up there, and I just remember at some point between Albuquerque Denver Colorado on those long strips of highway there, a food fight comments between cars to the point where both cars were discovered fucking thousand island dressing in bullshit to where we had to pull over and the spray car wash to wash off the cars I for some reason I feel it was mostly my car because I feel like I was the one at the brunt of things. I feel
that the container of thousand island was heaved to my windshield and that that we had stopped anyways this not the story. The story is we got there Andy dropped acid and we are on the field. It was heart here here's what I remember the line to be. It was heart, UFO, the Rockets, the cars and the Fuckin NEWS. If that's past, double, so we get there Andy stripping and at that time, at the top, I feel, like I've, told a story for but its relevant to me. Sir that was the last time I saw Nancy Wilson and I'm going to tell her monsieur, she remembers, see me in the crowd of eighty thousand people, but Andy just watch. There's a giants! Statue of a horse That was a sort of on the edge and the rim of the stadium back down a mile high and Andy was pretty sure that it was galloping around the top ring of a stadium. I I didn't see it, but we can argue with him and then there is the sad girl who was kind of one.
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for some. You know Miss Jazz guy, hey! What's up hey, don't good guy! I dont good guy about property. What's that pay Doin Toby Toby What's this Toby? What's this Toby? What are we doing? what's it? Haven't you sugar book, a book about these events? Jazz guy John is is good. Who is it's? Ok? I was actually I actually had the Vulcan spin out. I Craig. You John actually had to tell me to take it down and not, as I was fuck in handling it man, I thought was handling it. I was a market, you know I am, it was sure. It's good to see my mother. I don't know what's going on in the last year, but I feel a little piece. I feel a little piece with all of it. I guess what we all went through in what I went through personally, maybe just kind Maybe the meditation, that's what I thought man I got to my mother's in this job wouldn't stop yapping and it was a fuckin just with nonstop John
walking around the garden to show me. You know how he's fixed everything up and he's basically he's almost kind of like cleaning the of the bricks out there with a toothbrush very compulsively into managed. The grounds of my mother's small house looks lovely and your God bless eighty three years old, so to do so. It doesn't lose his mind, terrific, but I was very amazed at how like, however labour. I stayed, however, out. Ok, it's good to see everybody will get that dog. Mooch didn't bother me, I thought meditation is paying off that deteriorate. Deteriorated. My brother. We made plans to go out to do. they're my brother and his is new girlfriend with up in the other there there An hour from here. We're going to go out, and my brother makes the time. Six thirty and I make the reservation and I didn't have jobs the common. I change a reservation I got everything our settled up and then in about an hour before Craig my brother's, like
we're gonna, be late, because you know joyous picking up there. His girlfriend picking up the kit, wet weather, we're happened, but it was just sort of like I was like. I want to be in the fuckin middle with this man. I come down here to be a goddamn tour guide. Get your fucking you deal with. You call mom it so that tone happened like all whatever I thought I was doing well after window and I held onto it. Sadly, I hold onto it until we all got to the restaurant hate unite, I want the I want the whole fucking lose my mind right. You know I get to the restaurant at six twenty. We just you keep the reservation so Craig and his girlfriend Julia not gonna, be there until seven and our sitting there, six. Twenty five meet. My mother and John who then text me they're like stuck at the bridge. They're gonna, be twenty minutes way, so imagine a norm, person would have just been like. This is what it is. It's ok, there's no hurry whatever its good. Not me! I tell them I
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It all week we video or phone sessions it's easy and free to change councillors if needed and financial aid is available, go to better help. Dotcom swash reviews to hear what people have to say, enjoying over one million people have taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experience, professional, double to have listeners get ten percent off the first month of online therapy at better help, dotcom slash, w e F, that's better eighty LP dotcom, so S w p S So Nancy Wilson has just released her first solo, album, she's, avi, sweet half, I would say half the band heart, but there's a bunch of people involved with heart, but she's, one of the Wilson Sisters and she's the guitar playing one she's, a fuckin monster on guitar and this kind of exciting to talk to her, because I go so far back with their music. It's definitely woven into my brain for sure So this is me talking to Nancy Wilson
and ass. You just got she just rooster foresaw and it is very good to Nancy Wilson Album It's called you and me, and it's out this Friday and you can get it wherever you get music. This is me talking to Nancy. Will So it's so great to see you back in the last time. I saw you in a correct me if I'm wrong and tell me if you don't remember alone, as I think it was Sunday JAM too in Denver, Colorado. A mile high stadium could be wrong. It was, I think it was you. U F, o the cars Ah, TAT, Nugent and the Rockets is possible. that was right, has sounds like something.
I could easily forget could have forgotten. Is that of these vessels that altitude? Why but yeah one of the pretty early early looked like what seventy seven, maybe answers ever actually and had noted were the tale. I do. I set a new alms, really good and its other thing. I can't believe it's your first soil I can't I can't either I I don't know. I guess I was just so stuck on in the hardware checks for so long you're doing all worrying entering into? I can't imagine you don't like huge rockstar huge. It might don't you were huge rock star? I can't I gotta listen to this is a dream bony any last night on vinyl. Oh, I make my living room, that's a good record. Will you- and I was like holy shit- is because I'm we're about ten years apart, so I graduated a little baby kid yeah, what what when I was in high school, I mean what I say: Album was everywhere those first rear.
More records were everywhere. I mean I school and eighty one and it just is sort of like I remember watching this, my back my buddies Camaro kept me Oh yes, perfect, like I will you know it, especially if it was Barracuda marrow done, took it into a man. It was so good so, but so that so it was you think, you're, just doc, you'd never sat down and where neither songs kicking for years in your mind, a couple of em in particular, I call the dragon was taken a round. So that's the best sign on the record for my money, you're right, you see how discuss it's like. It's got like. It's got all the textures that you know you can't do this also, it seems like it's got like a kind of more like ninety Seattle thing going on and is in the rock or parts this when I wrote it and where I wrote it really will ensure again in the nineties. No shit with you know. It came back from the eighties tone
to Seattle came back from the ape like it was a week. I came from now on, we have these NOS eighty that little roaring eighties excursion and then we went to Seattle and we met those guys who, although a story. I know from Seattle, my friend Kelly Curtis, my dearest body for all time was managing programming before rural Jane was programme in and when Andrew words from the previous version of programme, He oh deed, and we all met up at this Seattle House Kelly's had come meet. My friends here come to see you go home now and meet these cool guy I'll kids. So yes, so it was, you know sound garden, drawdown
screaming treason, everybody laughed again, plan again and Mark arm and all those guys Margharita is. I order Marguerite funny. I've talked to him too. I was marked by he worked up like if you are records from south poppy ships. These ships and from his house knows, but he works on those easing sharing tat Bob you like we're. Oh yeah, you are interesting guy. He really claims at that he's jack. We really want to be that they did exactly the music they wanted made in Avonlea expectations. Bananas might have the actors are grave. their great records, all those guys so they must read and all those people we must hold up to you. Never yours, the gardener. We thought they were going to think we were just old stuff but big hair Hollywood, bullshit dinosaur say no and we were wrong. We were happily wrong about that because you know they were. Jerkin trail was like you know he was like ok,
put in which jam man jellia say how do you play the beginning of mistral wind here, which is so because he's the king of dissidents, right right area, men like stuff like check my brain and my love his stuff. I love Somebody might learn the legs he's. I had you play that knowing well that's good like that you, because the kind of like gave? the hall pass on the cap. The the corporate eighties stuff. In the MTV colored we're. But it's real because I mean what's astounding: is Germany hits you actually did have you know in the area that is true, but the seventies records I mean? No one can touch those me. No one can judge those. I mean I was in that thing and it was like just under the wire where the production was still clean. Drum sounds everything its place, those drill themselves here they were triggered the
today in the eighties you mean the eighty year, but a drum sends women in the natural room. Yes, extreme anti like that was right. It was also clean. Even the scent sounded reasonable no I mean it was an audio files onto ass. It turned out and that that little studio or without it- huge. Only first went there to record, but its lips can base in cover BC was the rule, Vancouver how'd you like, and what went well, let's start with well out. First, what's to, I won't talk with a new record, really quick because now eating who sing I'm with you, one daughter. That's me just you, I thought I heard another voice and their harmonizing now. Those Mckenna doubling in allaying is ok and here's the surprise for me was you: did you d pulse diamonds? The boxer yeah Sammy Agar? Am I saying David rockings? It's not a rocking saw it's gotta folk to turn you reward, you went. How does Sammy Agar end up on your lower, but
is for one thing: are you from my way back from a while back my hurt, my husband Jeff in him a way about their bay area, guys Ryan Way, ways away. Jeff you, your husband you're, using the music business, He was in the film and music prisons, yeah, ok of music first and then what brand No, he was. He was a record guy. Ok hooker covers with a couple different companies, and then he was a fox a guy doing of series and films ok producing yeah. ok, seeing in music directed Jeff what by water, ok so he's body would Sammy. So he is old, but is the semi? You hang out Sammy some, so I've done some benefits with Sammy before Apparatus annual. You know hospital for kids with answer, gonna thing and Clia. You know he brings in all these slick, great players- and you know it with don't do it almost every year, his so his eye.
ok, dude! I you owe me one. I've got some I'm workin on, so MRS rocks on song, that actually not on the out now, but is being used for sporting placements fattened hell. Get ready to rock and his I said. Don't I wanna, put evoke, learn and he's like. That's gives way to expect India is accurate well what else you got an what do you think about something really unexpected boxer? Is I love ass? Well, so yeah social energy on that, I think, is really yet definitely not how you hear Sammy Hagar, usually last I saw him. I think it was on the red tour anyway. I remember these boys at song, bad motor scooter. Was it a mantra song we lap steel and he just here I sit on top of this rise with their lives.
he's gonna another guy right. One lazuli near his incredible I mean There is only one him in the end. Also. I like that the tuna Duffin Tower Hawkins played on proud you doctor great guy so really great guy. So sailor, yeah, oh yeah, they will see my group S got no tell arrived. I've actually talk to death, but but that songs, that's a good tune. How'd you get! Those guys will I and saying on tailors solo album before the sat down on a Sancho. Don't look at me that way on is album, which is great, get the money and so a well now. I'm I've moved up to Northern California now and I started to make a record because it is shut down. So got anything lay in around me, and he said yes, I've got this jam we adopted so that their doing so
third, there jail, ok, ok! I took it in cut it into little pieces in space, it back together and wrote resident your great saying it, but Just it was an energy thing that I was looking for two years now. Definitely rocks I mean the alarm sounds: it sounds clean action is nice rocker, some folk he won. The meat is suddenly you its home, baked production by means of pressure, but It's too do produce more yourself, Jeff someone over their reduced it the ages, sat at home and did it I just made, although calls I just yeah delegated as somebody recording it said it to my. In Denver who put it in the dropbox rife, who then sent it to oh my Seattle players, who then centred around which, among themselves, ass always offer together and then that's how is put together all remotely at queen already in the same room ever sent a germ. Nobody Jijiu more people are dejection, did ya, know we're
these late allowed together in hard, morally and so did he tell you in all these guys? I see out all right there. I really know her play. We ve played a lot together and we play the whole less. the eight chosen on the heart tour together so anyway, we had the unspoken language the knowing how to delay would areas guys and so then we will come back to me for the approval and here's the nose. I give an answer back to them and replay this Do the add that thing, and so there back to me to approve this well, back to Denver too rough mix it back to me to approve it. Yeah, answer this park, this ain't gonna? Do we have the pandemic? You have plenty of time outweigh the holy. You hear her in some ways. It really was. It really born out of the time that you had because of this situation. I think I think you know the
in a regular year in heart we would have been so busy and always playing catch up to it. in last year's late somehow for someone else, stuck in traffic. Somehow you know and being kind of shut in. in this new place the women of two with an actual music space through my own Sylvia for the first time ever really. I loved him guitars out. and I read all the record. I wanted to make Euro cigar studio at home, so yeah great and just a little interface with six tracks referendum Lincoln can run better than I can't, but yeah just some. In a week hold it together, but it sound as it sounds really good to me like it was in the same room at the same time. Somehow it does conquered, and the amazing thing is that your guitar playing is like you, you like yours a boy teams, even on the opening tomb rewrite there, is that Qatar, sound nice. It's it's really amazing how some people have a
so familiar somehow I, but it's a feel that debt that is uniquely yours. It feels like. I love that, because I talk a lot about guitar players and when you know who it is tat, you know that's a really cool thing. It is, you know their style. Yeah is without Save Gilmore, you know or yeah that's exam, equally David gamblers playing nobody place, except. What is interesting is that so I'd like your eyes, we hear and leaves ragging here in year ago. Picking I approach it like a precaution in Syria? No, I'm not shy with the acoustic. You has great northward throughout the shit out of high school at the end it in its still rocks it's like here that I didn't even recognize when I pull that I've got like I've actually got the mobile fidelity mast. Half's acts be master of. Of german reason. Really, I'm not sure I picked it up, but it sounds good but like
They still have the label of that label that you recorded on. That was a mushroom records. What it I've never seen that level before. What is that you can? No, I mean I never noticed before. No, that was the mushroom label- that we first put out of her sounding like a big label. The canadian guys they were just like a kind of underground can aid programmes are never label. So why does it? But you guys are Seattle, people right when we went to Vancouver, because originally because an fell in love with the draft evader who it was in Vancouver. Was he in the band here the brother of the guitar player in the band, so this ban like? As I know it, I realized something last night that you and and and the sort of songwriting that that makes up band like the other car the ban their their great, but it seemed like it felt like I ve been playing around like bars and stuff for a long time
I like the rear dismal. Nor am I if it wasn't for you these women, these guys what just been a bar behind a barbaric like a girl. Well? I guess I have to say yeah, but I mean you know, that's not the best compliment you could give us a veil. Nobody, no idea! I mean there's a lot of guys like you guys, are the ruffled, shirts and stuff. Why you right! In the end, I saw a picture of you. I guess who was the original guitar prior right your Fisher, Roger Fisher right with the whip playing the guitar with above, yet all right. So you know that that sort of my Jimmy page NGO, like you, is something me that, like somebody who is trying to be somebody else, would they re kind of derivative but, like United, it looks good, but if it's Jimmy page it really looks.
So so how do you look up with all these guys? How does it happen? Will they they were getting? They had got a ban serve started with an as their singer. If you guys get on right now, we value Well, we didn't do a lot of Communication right now, because both doing different project would knock your mad really mad. I mean you know but its assistance. I get it again no, I love her and you know, there's times theirs I am for all things in our relationship or- and this is just this time, There is no doubt that the better they had a thing going within an called in the cult of heart and then and fell in love and went to Vancouver hitchhiked. so this guy sports because he's about to get drafted
energy. In this new era, we suddenly evaded the drafted in draft address weight to Canada, all school yeah, and so the and followed him up here and there and followed an because nobody things I can write. So then I, when I took up a year, Half of college. Before I do, I know, is going to join the long standing in an open invitation of all time here, but I I I wanted to might not be the little kids Mr shadow of an either I can't my account opens new doors for myself Lenny. I know enough to Vancouver or Jovan I went I went Tuesday, creative writing style I didn't even choose like a major the german wearing, because the
the Beatles saying in German and that once again a couple of months, why there's a whole Almah them to me singing in German? I think there's a few song redder and yet Cosette german release. They did it of like the first or second record. I think yeah yeah. I got one old your hand, there's gotta, be a german beer, Dinah HANS, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, that's true right! That's where do I urge you to make your way guitar, the majority or german glass, or both but anyway, so the Vander really, got going in Vancouver, became the number one Cabaret ACT in Vancouver takeovers: greater is a great town and also like, like a man knocking canadian music, but I could see like there if you rock and candidate, the you're going to be celebrated. Do not I know we had big crowds that came to big clubs. There was the other been like rush
rush for sure the other big, and then there was an Murray. You know who I am and document, Turner, Overdrive, veto right, daddy and I thank you yes, so we were here we were, we were big fish in little pon kind of thing, but who? How long have you been playing guitar only on Easter? I started but limits, but nine you play your whole life. Yeah and I never played no. She play she does pretty good guitar players, please base and flute right. Ok, I can remember that you guys did on stage if she plays she plays occasionally on stage we're when her fingernails they'll get to work on. You guys grew up playing together, yeah. We had little bands. We recruited like girls from the Choir we had little band really be played it. You know little, people's party's little it'll? many many living room where your folks, music or totally totally,
musical family. Really? What were they were they day? My monthly piano are dead. was a senior they're, both inquires he was in an barbershop quartet: oh really, our crew yeah and then they had music all the time on the red The stereo and on the real to real like by restricting they had, you know Rachel a wreath of including heavy page, you know, music in the house, this music, classical music, how many kids, otter, amusing, three areas, three girls, and the Asian I'm the littlest and those middle one, as the middle and learn our oldest is the oldest. we go around singing three via harmony and our family and aunts and uncles and comparison cousins. We, go to the beach house in the summer, or do they do that in songs, Iowa answer what ukulele is and what part of theology Grognon Bellevue
it's beautiful, yeah yeah, it's because city now, but it was zig. I was kind of industrial right Can I come out like a server. Both in the summer of theirs water, there right yet lake or to honour his lot of water. It comes out of the sky all the time behind our guide. Man, I've been with to the two lovers of my life: were Seattle, women alone away here. Did you really laughter. No bribed I've been up there a lot. I used to go up. There lie down definitely no Seattle and I've done a lot of tat. I was up there. I've always loved it always picture myself living in that part of the world. At some point break, have an enchanting place, it isn't chanting, there's a good word for that. You know cause of the intensity of the just, did the weight of those mountains in those trees, night sky, and when you go even more north interbank over. It gets bigger like the gauge of the mountains in the gauge of your water this guy gets bigger. Do you know? I was
Did you run away? I wasn't sure I've gotta figure out how to get out of here with the last four years, as I gotta get out here, yeah we sign of an over. yeah. I was in they closed no Americans and my I know we're fucked Dana kidnapped. Oh, I know I know we would like duly me We could. We may be think about moving to Vancouver. They cut us made it harder. They tried to go to school in Vancouver that and they changed then, because of the no more was happening. A cleaner were defecting right right to Canada. Now it's because there's too much foreign investment, so they tax. I think they put a fifteen percent tax on anybody buying anything right, it's probably more expensive. If you try to buy their exactly what the what the borders like now, the covert. I'm not sure I guess things start opening up. I'd think do To now sure I mean Islam, they're getting their vaccinations on time.
in some good timely fashion? Assure so what's your dad do there? In Belgium will he retired from the marine corps. Brain dead worry dad, so my lowering otters, wow poor guy away to watch football in Athens, but here he was here. You can't have decided his life, long, lifelong career in the military plus his dad and his brother too? He retired as a major? And then he decided he wanted to take a total left her and become an english teacher, our interests, they were back to school. He became a teacher and he's wrote black short stories and he wrote cool stuff and you were ready allowed for the blind and it all these really cool things with his peacetime yeah. So funny guy. You know, Sir Funny do here worthy in combat yeah. He was a big combat,
he was in Guam. He was in South Pacific was so big action, big Debbie Debbie to action, yeah feet on the ground? The running the Ngos on the ground which, on the ground and those speeches why it has not been able to talk about it ever again. Canada really he's like one of those guys bad p, STD. for sure, really are sometimes hidden feed wake up in a sweat India grabbing the the poster on the bed and just like I really you, he saw some really nasty horrible stuff, I'm sure. And yet, I believe that point into his desire to give back yet I think so he was, he was gonna, be a higher it more higher educated turn person. You know which There's nothing wrong with that. Now there any with your folks Roy support of the rock and roll, they can't really were they were really cool parents they do they do they kind of got hip to the vote,
human potential movement of delays, sixteen oh yeah and became more like you'll use. Group sort of all groups and big roofs talking about relevant stuff with young her kids and counselor. and so my house was like kind of like reference. Could come and with the provision their parents or they could party there or have. Why have a cigarette, her nice, something else: Ruby, yeah, Willy De Groovy, how the groovy House groovy folk? They adopted a lot of my friends like Kelly, who mentioned earlier, who did programme forever but yes, so they were, they got very groovy in the human potential era, and I, when it when I going to college is a little bit and then came back and said I am going to join the band. You know. However, I was nineteen eighteen nights.
Jeanne crazy. Suddenly, nineteen go to Vancouver new guys within a year. You do dream Bert, Annie pretty much Pretty much has happened. Maybe it took, but about a year to do the clubs and to make the album and then released to me that our woman and certainly those first forums, are the three elements that were done. The seventies like they define in the time you know in the end there is still going on earlier. Obviously I don't know equally on the timeline who you're contemporaries war, but for me that was right. That was rock music at the time of that. You have nightmares, seventy six or whenever there came out that I was that was huge, rock music, etc. Well, who were you guys listening to me? Who are your current idea? What was driving me? What you were you guys playing covers, worry words, your head. I will you It covers internal learn. How to
eight songs when we were listening to a lot of pink Floyd Alot of lead, Zepplin. Ok, you know d purple sets beetles yeah, yeah, all the singer, songwriter from Rural Canyon alone. Gay Mitchell All of those elements were just part of who we wanted to become for deaf folk makes with Iraq as we're up when he re yet is. Do I give them a couple times affair in Seattle and back over in Seattle when your young yeah high school, yeah well, though I think, was bred after run around I'm really, but how great was an them live, was insane here and then they would come out front in line up there stools interested on stolen, do gonna California acoustic arrive, then they go back and it just rock like only the Zeppelin could and that must have been awesome.
was pretty raising threesome like in the early submit seventies yeah, when the first couple hours were out guide live so that must when such a mind to our do, they would do like no quarter with The green lasers spread out of right above everyone's hair and all the smoke in the room. Tat was swirling in the laser lie and it was so travel cool who did most of the song running on that first record with that you and your sister gimme, a man who do came up with that. Those rifts was a? U receptors Roger Fisher came up with some great rifts to require that that's richer yeah, but I was accord progression buddy. I got the right right so that together we can render here not a great stuff like that that contributed to the songs. You know that Do they wouldn't call it songwriting these day right,
That's were arranging, but but is What is called a really worked, yeah safely bear couldn't really work undertaken in India. Was that you didn't pay you here right you're gonna came up with that by ripping off another song that Nazareth covered, The journey Mitchell Sancho this fight tonight and interested, and I really did it yeah and it would be worth a dvd rip off the harmonics from yes B no, I think that was kind of her stay. I was really cool, it was great. tone of that in that both are like a really work. You, sir, if I get a stone saying, but that sort of the compromise, the tube vast we do for in tones the rhythm and then in the end, the crunchy leave yeah It's like I love issue,
everybody is well represented. There's a lot of tubes in that shit, yeah, and here the two of you can hear the dirt in it sure, which is one of the things I, of about distortion in big rock. Are playing in an hour you with the like with the equipment I mean, do you get? Are you nerdy or do you can make to it Really. I don't really like Tik Tok Bryce ok, can I go What I love your head to run a gear pursuing, but I have a friend look sample fire and the nineties see three lake placid Blue telecast, her all its glory, but I've had ever since I was I donno aid nineteen, eighty, aha or something like that forever. And some of those older guitars. They just you can't yeah I get there were any other way yeah. What's your? What what are you go to guitars? What's the acoustic yours go too, will I designed a guitar with Martin guitars, really that was the net Wilson signature,
nice and based on, like the crows pistols dashing young style, dreadnought guitar, a three peace back, no knife. Really cool to hers vat around they still make em No, they were limited run. So now there really hard to get fortune, but I had, I think I have about for a financial Elsie Martin, signature, yes, and then I gave like an one, and I gave my friend soon and I gave another franzl. If I ever run out, you gotta take the area and are now using them right her these and there they they live their usual MIKE. I would use them here if you, if your need, though, give you back if I'm, if I'm ever, in dire need somewhere when you started to like on that first in Canada. So did he just blow up? Did you guys get thrown into where you did you off somewhere, you opening for major rock acts? How did that happen? Will not exactly because we were still like you don't
There's a canadian content. law in canada- that if something is created in Canada. That there's a certain percentage of air time that it gets work has its canadian right. even though we're not we, there. We had residents there and when we recorded their so We got somewhere play here. But we are also still playing in clubs and it's this one club in particular, is called Lucifer earth yeah, which was a kind of it of a real sketchy didn't dinner, club, aha kind of a disco meets rock, meets dinner, rife and of a Clara sure and we we here, the food and one night you don't and says. hey you enjoying year, Lysol flavour dinner tonight and it'll weed immediately let go. We were fired at your out here on your ear
and the same problem it's the same minute we got an offer to open for broad Stewart Montreal ha the other side of the country, so it so we get an almost sleep retrain and we I take the train a train. Across the country. How long did that? Take couple days here and then we got there too Montreal and got on the stage to open for broad, Stuart and people had heard magic man already in Montreal unbeknownst to us on the radio on the radio and nails, darted lighting up their lighters, we're like what's going on and it was like one of those really super magical. things you just its like pennies through heav. You know you're just like I did you guys. Did you guys now at that night, Will we do because we were so
Juno. We just wander struck by the whole situation, yeah first time on a huge stage. Aha, you really big stay! There was room on the stage to move further. Her things together, figure out an accident walk around you know and then people were so there with us and were like only this is so great. This is like this could be the future. Oh yeah and a kind of became the future. That's a stir! funding in the sense that, like yeah, you're gonna, throw In that I may I weren't green, but you certainly didn't know. yeah me. I know how to work a bit stager without it it was right steward nice, he was great it really great clarity here then right he was massively huge, then he's always huge. He's always been huge here forever is, and what a voice love, but really sweet to us. Like hey, you guys you're pretty,
May you do you do fine already for a bunch of Green Greenland ionized brow and then what happens is that small able did you have trouble with them visually yeah. We were opening for more people like Zizi top, which they were called said said: top really does it. said top in Canada cassettes. Z S Zed in their alphabet. Ok, and billions said hey you're, not so bad for a little girl. You know you have a pretty good fruit, and so you opening up for review you're going to April wine was another canadian act, the way open for, and what was your big here Nick Guilder killed ever why, more than others that issue she's a roller yeah do, you remember, was at them yeah you're sure they had a huge guy like paper Michel man with the top,
oh yeah right up some kind of me owner nickel to Israel under them, Charlie, run in wildly, look pretty big like zizi tat. They were banned man don't ever always so their fantastic yeah they're, just such heavy duty there, Heavy. Do but nice guys. You know really nice guy. You know it's real grounded in some weird way in by hysterical. Yet at the same time, that was so you open for them in the weight seventy so that beat, but that before the beards that's when they were really kind of that. like Turkey in Vienna rearranging the Grange I like driving The driver- my blind in my earlier here, demand shuffle stuff that they did. It must have been What does soundly her so When you guys working with these guys, I mean do
they treat you. Well I mean, can you guys are like Roar, guilty. I mean I heard you were the lightly, the pioneers of modern, och music of women being of doing it You know that anyone I know quite like you know. We were just like military brats who pay We were young enough when we started that we didn't really have any color true identity attached to it. We were these Tom boys wanting to be like, be the Beatles that date. it'll be the Beatles Rural and do do more harmony stuff and do more subtle, exemplary, with acoustics an electric kind of, craftiness a sound for ourselves. That was more canopy. Oh a tree and rock interesting. So you never thought of yourself, as this is girl music. This is women, music, we're just going to do
using were hanged. Iraq mule just gonna, do rock music was not even while the idea to put on a sexual act or anything right here till the eighties. I guess the air Pictures Vienna pictures I, but you were an before I was in the the club banned. The air was in first she she was relegated to be the chick singer and do all the ballots right. Ok, but then she said I I try some zeppelins stuff so she tried you know Yeah that ended in Bavaria and she sheep What are you gonna win? Oh shit. She can do that.
She's a nor same range as rubber plants, would you do with a rubber plant thou cause, he's singing weigh up there and she was no slouched in that area. It and still is not so so, then her whole. You know her. Whole world is opened up. As a singer there that I hear so she could really rock you're, not necessarily just only do ballads anymore, so they so when we all went up to Vancouver and start to be bigger in Vancouver. We were doing a lot of Zepplin and we were doing a lot of deep purple and we were trying to write what D purple covers. Only did my woman from Tokyo air. We star, while you're really good one always nobody's gonna, take who is the rock and roll accident yeah yeah cycle, several Springsteen an eye, but Qana grew up.
Christy Springsteen until more on the radio and he's gonna arriving from far and that's the rural action. You couldn't even tell exactly what you say and then I saw em on Springsteen on Broadway with worry the shutdown of Korea, it was so good and those guys so everything so casually. My earnest very good cast a boy stuff because he's when these guys were as public personalities, seems very genuine and I'm not saying it isn't but be higher. There's a bit of a dark. man, I believe you're absolutely right about that are worrying and I know that he suffered formed of similar pressure staff in area and that the goals show like Hell, the size, really can get an hub before and He went humane, Hugh Human, his songs weasel. Thanks are due to everyone. I mean that persuaded the rising. You chose that one right wait, wait
It was probably why that one because once we started you know come into the the pandemic. error that leave just hopefully getting up soon he he wrote that one four nine eleven zero, remember Shelly, I remember one we were new Yorkers like will bring she's. Gonna save us with his song any day now bring deliver us quite a song. Then it's rates and not now just having flights figured out the words the meaning and the meaning of it today with people so much loss around us in people. You know nine eleven every day right, sir, your choices, there was this my choice and then From of women's perspective, to really change the Iphone, really changed the the message of it in lots of ways to be a lot more f affirmative.
Aspirational nurturing yeah mother, leave you guys here so that does interesting little thing about, there are now expecting the Greek ugly from it, you felt that daddy. I give singing about Mary in the garden in the garden of a thousand size. Can things like the mother. You know where the mother of I guess: you're you, wherever you wanna, call it yeah yeah! You know you doing. The Jesus route is all about Ray. I, if you prefer your hitchhike, an idea on that trotted you did dare do no burst. I've met a few times. I did hear your covering a did. You talk to hammer blow you later his my people talk his people, oh yeah, who told our people that he really did like an ally. So did the snoopy dance, but that those two sake He knew I was there when I saw him Thea at the fear,
further Springsteen on Broadway I knew my name and where the seat was it her, so how seats and we were right there. He was. He saw kind of tearing up pretending. I was crying stuff at her who, during the mediaeval, far sighted good, you know why not so when you're out there on the road from the get go, I'm did you like? It seems like your experiences, at least, if you that you taught me about were relatively supportive from the dunes. They were pretty critical. Does I mean I think kind of enlightened in the way that we'd all been. Through the late sixties into the midst seventies together, I guess you had the goods to give your showing up where goods can really be like a baby. It's like you and yet our just did other hit. You don't call me baby here, but they. They were not as
excited about me. We being another chick. in the band when I finally did joy because as I go now, we're gonna, just a bunch of wimpy ballots again, Oh I was I came to play and that when they figured out that I could play in you know I was already pretty proficient and I could do stuff like some of the Steve, how entered action right. Some of the yes signs here, you guys, it's him, yes covers. We disagree, we did Siberian catch true, we did take a state and stronger goers remove which we just actually heart just did that again list Lester, really really funds are to do so, this person them out her. Yes, sometimes you know it's just like makes it Peggy fresh? You know Jonah due to many covers, if it. If people are coming to see you right, if you do too much Zepplin or too much other
hover songs, but because then you don't have time to do the ones that they came for, which is A good problem have, but We cannot always throw in a Drake Cover just to keep them. This really. Why rise like no way yeah loathing wanting laxity yeah, that's a great right, why we, I wasn't- I was talking- I heard picardy talk about that but when he goes out you now and he does all those Beale songs and they're just a year and a rain of full of I phones way giving up and then his ear agrarian do a new one. You just see all the funds go on but your parable a key Emmy, really the idea that was was kind of daunting at that moment of sort of like it's not really work. Jackson, but a kind it is well. If there is a thing you know like
You are the soundtrack of people's lives and the familiarity, kick censure. Is it? Is it it's like a life? You know there's ways soundtrack that that's? Why do I say? Yes, you know that me too myself, yes and then something new is like it or you earlier so to be assured by UNESCO Yet the t shirts get issued an end of year, but also with pause new album. I was gonna mention because is really a good have a march on the new one, I'm not Egypt station in one after no, this new brow, aware which I know it's called Macartney three hours it because he did Mccartney and do in its third solo. Many plays everything on it and you are you
I really like it may every metal yeah. I got to meet him a couple times before one of his show with his new band year. and you know, he's ever the Paul with a wink, monotony really generally as as well as wonderful as you want him to be quest for body, sweet, Yang, Justino, approachable and You know the area, but Anne was in had dibs on Paul and her birthdays like the day after postscript as she played the base channel after basin everything I did so. I was up. I want to be the John Parasite wanted the John here you know to occupy the John space at because an was already have the Rangers but you know sometimes you kind of veer off It's just for a minute. He I think, have broody yeah. You know your brick broody or, like you hear stuff like
here comes the sun or in of or something he's one those guys to where you you? You can hear his? He always sounds like George yeah he's had his own particular access and always his own guitar playing to like those he's one of those players, especially once he got into the slide stuff yeah, it's trippy stuff. So but so all the way through you never felt, Danny, you know you're felt embraced by the rock world pretty much the wrong people Zack people in Indonesia living out here, condescended to for being women after the hits you add, I would imagine after that, first out No wonder I don't know, I think there was. there was always that kind of an attitude around about women whose you know women who ve uppity women. You know that their acting up, buddy
because they think they're cool, somehow and they're, not gonna kowtowing, to the almighty man, so there were there's always that, especially in the business area right of the music industry does where it becomes an industry. That's where it is it's done, even magical anymore rights. Who is your business you over there, but with inside of the business of playing Is it doing music and being musicians, as is whole different world. I think there's a reed of person whose musician I mean you're, one of you know you can you could could sit on a bus with your fellow musicians and just have a blast here for for all day at all night and it if there's even in any real serious vibes. You know: that's pretty rare, Ria that you actually really but heads argue or
to agree to ring the usually you just agree to disagree. Work it out here, you got, like the did you hold together, is a ban for the most part. You know you did, it seems like you did through anyway? Why you, it didn't seem like It seemed like a decision where you, like your we're, not guarantor you gonna tour by any seems there has been a lot of members of coming, go near wiser contentiousness. There was the issue of relationships within the band. That was The big mistake that was your first, MR because an was in love with MIKE the guitar, the Qatar Players brother, who was running the sound what kind of the manager right the swing, golly kind of situation and then I kind of broke down and yes to the guitar player his brother, so the two sisters- brothers. In relationships, which got room real message,
and I was want a kind of break that break off from the year, but then I kind of I see the drummer up. That was. a good idea either so thus kind aware like around nineteen eighty, nine hundred the strange era it started to just diverge and it was just to the police. The polluter climate. The emotional climate was just a little within the band near because everything was was route. Policy and where we should have liked taken a cue from Fleetwood MAC. If you know I hate it, You just don't do that. We gotta learn your lessons I gotta has so in light. So after that out MS, where the guitar laughed and in everything got different. Everything got different. We didn't Adam extra guitar blur we just gonna kept on as we were. Ah, I played along a bit more leads stuff and yeah filled.
A little more here, and I can I guess on that, on the on the business side, I mean that One thing you guys had going for you outside of Europe being great in being heart, but it was the GOSH made hits we kept. on making some things. You know we didn't always write em when we got into the eighties in particular area, but there was there was kind of a law that bans like arrows, prison heart, and you know, these. Are the allay hit writing song, stable, songwriters. And we want you to do them or we want promote the album by God, oh yeah like who when even it up without you guys know, there was a year by which our me talkin, which hit with songs you talkin like in the the self title hard Album or as bigger
Yeah, I'm like there's somebody songs, it's not like. Even it up, I remember that was it like with that, still the seventies resenting ages. I think that was like eighty has bigs on yes of Ec Sung is sorted out as an acoustic, Mr Mental than I thought I was gonna, do and then turned into that song Senator year, or so like on thyself titled of these dreams that was That was a beautiful sanction, written Verne Itobad wrote those lyrics and it was the last stir the last set in the brief case when we were auditioning demo songs we will listen. That's those guys did that like because break up was already pretty huge, the rounds and John Right, of course, but he had some other songs out there. Yet he was he actually wrote these dreams for Stevie. Next, with her in mind vague, so to tell when you think of that song, it's very because an early cereal and got some rubbing keywords grew your friends with ours Cooper.
think so yeah. I think you might have written something for Alice, because I talked to Alice once his it's interesting about Alice. Here there is some pretty beautiful balance oh yeah here he wrote, you know, really did right. Beautiful balance. Semi get this idea that he's like this mass and white, weird, a runaway em and bleed that's a big operates on so the dreams. Yet I'm streams like this is not a heart sung by any stretch of the imagination what'd, I love, but it's an interesting song of the big so with were need open, Xerox, yeah, and so I was like weight. I love that someone. I want to say that song. So that's how it kind of came to me. Oh yeah. Nobody word. To hear heart disarmament. That, though, I guess I did because it was a number one as it turned out with you, and that was my song. So but even on the video they kind of made it look like which one of them was freely singing it, how ya a caravan vidalia? Why they do that? I think they didn't want it,
ten feet well. But when I was your here's, the fans here which one is being led on. I'm sorry, but a step right. It hurt my feelings: did it really did? Why? Wouldn't it we're your big time? I didn't moment using the number one. It's I first, the first number one yet but then, and got alone prick close on its heels and then she was she felt better. After how did you What is it while also that's so that person in, you have the one head in that ways like what are you doing? Little sister oh yeah! What about love was on their own You know. I remember that alone and that's when the big production, the eighties production was part of it, oh my god, there were days in the were there. Somebody would be hitting a snare and triggering it to another drum triggers
triggered snare riot and Auditioning the mix between the two sounds together. And then that that color of that record, how much cocaine does it take to find a good snare sound, people blame Coquet yeah for that the weird for comprise yeah strange, sounds of eighties production yet, everything was going digital over at the same time and The ego driven drug of cocaine was also nobody was ever get him ever make a decision. all day long. Just talk about it talk about it, so you got got knocked up, though her like a nun per se area we dabbled whenever endanger hearts good. We never got ourselves a dangerous. I think we were just too proud to, professional we wish, at one time when it ass to show- and also I imagine that some of that pressure is like you guys you
the women. You have to prove to be our sloppy. No, you have to. Every lotta miles. You know she's got a lot of miles on hurry. You don't want to look like that. Russia is not a good luck. When winded were you married to a camera, Let's see nineteen eighty six also like well until yeah until two thousand and eight were. I think I like, I don't think, I'm over twenty years and you guys still friends yeah. Let's go to get we got a couple of kids together. However, they now twenty one that's their boys to anyway. I oh yeah, and one of them is a really good guitar flare scourges that must make you happy I haven't seen either of them since Christmas time too. They don't teen. Where are they cause shut down look once in Montreal Ochre he was
the concord you they're here he's the guitar player yeah. They don't let him in and out yet ok, but I get to see Billy on Friday? If you hear he, since in the past, says here with Cameroon with Gemmen. I occasionally Cameron emails me yeah, yeah, because when you you did the music from a famous right yet- and I think I do I don't think I met you. Did I mean you on SAT as I was I'd of which I was. I was angry promoter I had one day: oh, you were emirate lock the gates. Oh yes, I was with you
lot and by a gay area, does create ceiling me when I got the will fight would know Taylor, and I was there on sir yeah yeah yeah. They broke the gay. Like I met you yeah. Ok, we met me up. We have met before you. I guess I had at its due to you one of the time since Sunday JAM. The camera was very, very nice musical user. Really wonderful person yeah, you know we are. We had a long run and relationship for a long time. Yet there was just it'll be coming, parents can being the thing that makes you yeah into your dove adult adult, MRS Dahl time now, dear Inessa, uneasy shift sure a lot of artistic type people and so it happens. The divorce. this may of course, but his eyes, your friends in the Gatt and your friends and you can avert, had good running respect each other. You yeah for share an ant I've. Still
you don't do stuff for him for his projects in keep they just re issued a they put out but or footing the red vinyl of interviews in extras and demos, for the singles film and we did. I did a bunch of demos for a say, think was per se anything for the Stillwater band that we can be created and all is gonna survive a cup for those areas I have still occur still. Water record covers that they must be used on oh yeah yeah, because he sent me the label. I don't know what level it is. Does he have a record label Cameron yet of vinyl wreckers? Here they sent me a bunch of stuff why the coastal external finance, yea conflict of greed, I'll be in the right mood, you can't be too sad. No, you have that you can't be burned out. You got it, you gotta go in
that's really true buffer. It right. But he's a great singer songwriter, I think so your guitar, where we had definitely like that the Red House pairs yeah, I live around here. And I got the solar started- Sancho Moon, saying that Angie record, I think, was a lasting. I heard, which was really something I didn't hit. Oh my god, it's flower it's like you! You really want to be fortified when, if you, when you listen. Taken out of the round for sure so now hard kept making wreckers. Now with this, is I don't I don't love ass many people, but is when you may keep when he keep kind of slogan away, you know is your point where you were you think, like you know, I think I we got anymore more s will I think we re
each term. First, life span after about five or six years with is the average lifespan of Iraq Ban who It has to reinvent right if you're gonna survive. If you live right to tell and your where this your way, this, because you see the style changing. You see the version change and the sound of music is changing and say politically you're, not as cool anymore and your kind of the kind of lazy. You're, not as burning with the desire and the inspiration to create something. Different a new year because you're tired, when you ve been on a road for six years and so on, that all the hill in high water. Let win the war under the bridge. You know, and so you have to colonel that's when we did the hut, the self tabled Heart Avonlea kind of petered out there for a while, and we kind of didn't get is
relevantly creative as we could have been. I didn't think so. Then we, oh, we have to link us. We oh shit here we have. we have to survive through the and figure this out. So That's when we started doing other people's songs and it worked as a big That was the compromise. That was the compromise. and a lot of bans were doing the same thing sure, so. You know we were the only sell out We were still writing our own stuff too, and you know, and then We had huge, like huge, sporting events. Size chose at that time and huge right. that pieces in farm. Smoke in big. Tal rises, yeah leg, though
You know you could run around on the stage on his riser. You know like bees, you make a spectacle. Louder, yourself are exciting. It was hard. Nothing goes harder to do it that way, because MTV had that there was an expectations are gonna, be like a big MTV. Ah video and you look the part, the gear pulling good numbers on the road where I was huge number here, and made huge money here more than before, but it was a lot harder personally to live behind all that big huge year, huge witness of it all sure but you know there's always something to complain about me were what am I braggin complaining via why oh a week, but I mean that it is sort of the journey of an artist that recognize what made you
and to realise that you know you ve grown out of something, and you want to have to adapt its better want to than to have to be asked after Certain point as a point there, Yeah, you don't really know you're. What are you gonna do? If you don't do this, so give me that a lot of years it had, he s a kind of figure it out. Yeah you adapt and also like now I mean, I guess, there's a certain point where Yo ok, the disorder lean on the catalogue and bring people joy, then dinner. Do you have fun with the fans? at most ceremony, gotta be like my age. Yeah You know that. his kids with that come with their parents you're here, where the original heart fans you know, and the younger people are kind of starting to discover heart right it's going on in the eighties on sort of, but still I coming, I gotta like up until a few years ago I mean I don't know what we're ready You guys just done still on the annex,
copies. I mean years, there's about ten hearts. I've gotta be in constant rotation here: I've, got a really classical stations if they still exist or on the yes. I do I radio quietly, at its meeting in the data, suffers Suno voice wearing a tragic man. Barracuda me three of them, elevator sure, violence, not music, but now I know I know I know, but so it was the right thing. I was so well. when I hear myself in the elevator and no one could have made it. You know I would have made it: wouldn't it over the years over the elevator. You not only did you make it but you're on the zero per year. It's all over for you in his visits, the music video yeah right of these dream that I actually own now. I own a cassette of that, Evan new version. Oh yeah, we do Beautiful cover of that debt cranberry song on the new wreck of Annex II, every choice. Thank you
right and run in the car with Jeff and just came on the radio dreams. Yeah we're aims, and he says you and live should do a duet on that site. Like ok, Don't worry, I shall be here it Shelby. She, you ve, played with her a lot right play with her a lot in my last other, been road case royal, where she come from her name's live Warfield. I totally from so came from the camp of Prince oh and her guitar player, whose also known heart Ryan Waters, who was from the camp of Prince, he's in Seattle, she's in in Chicago Ochre, sir hope. Hubby works there, so she's there, but I'm gonna bring her to a show that we're gonna do in Seattle, with oh, my god, my bandies near with this year, a symphony. Oh really, one that desk
we July. These ninth, that's you know, like one everyone's gonna start going out again July seems to be the month. It does. to be here. I then we might just be right where I think we get a virus in overbooking. Agents have been sharpen the browser I organised are legally July. You gone with July, which, God you are gone with July, a veto If we go all the way through the winter after that Jackson, lungs start a canadian tour, but yeah she's gonna come and sing with me for that, and we in road, kiss rail with live and with Ryan, we did a bunch of heart, songs to reopen, rub senior I've seen grouse, he do, and I heard he was well, he got he he got injured, and so we could. We had to get go off the road we had a like quit the tour but Miss Mapp is bringing earlier now he's good. Ok, here it was more like it. Skeletal spying, hocker, neck situation,
ok, that old injury or something that flew back, I'm going, you guys are sort of like in terms of his like big time. You guys Georgia contemporaries weren't. You yeah, like like nightmare, must be around the time of dream. Boat, Annie right, some were again, I guess a so I get feels like it was to me too and saying what their first Aerosmith Album was mouser. What our earlier probably would see. Yes, that's a good cause. In my dream on seems to be in that zone to, but it feels like Are you seventy six? Seventy six, night moves nightmares, exactly right on wild, ah just think of honor radio, because I was in. I was in high school I see three months earlier that seventy three right right there are so many concerns at that in that era, and cleaner, pink Floyd all over the place, with pink Floyd of assure my gun,
those records like I still listen to. I was in animals, I was in which wish you were here. I try love wish you were here so much. I was into the other one of the big one. what money on it? What is that one of their share them with large item Oda I believe that, when the biggest shortcut selling of on call time and have learned, I mind, have you seen the Gilmore at thee? a more elaborate hoss outside it. Yeah so good year and at the Pompey year, live it promptly yeah like to replace guitar. I didn't realize how much of the p your green, he kind of like like urgency that I never really realised that kind of minor boozy thing day, Peter like. Likewise, I noticed that Gilmore was on that tribute to Peter Now I didn't see that because we feel more all again, it's just basic blues
but he has his own weight to style, the stick. and to see who is adds to it. Yes, lui those who yeah yeah. He adds that Yo Yo Yo almost every time view here or there too soon enough to say that you recognise. Oh, that's, Dave Gilmore, so there's something beautiful about the opportunity of the pen Emma Jane away that lets you kind bring it up. Back home, Yoyo gifts, focused on your own staff and doing it intimate way out of the kind of massive heart machine, yes, the big metal horse and are you ready to go back? Are you gonna do dates or what Angela, that that's that's a solo thing in July, and I now turn over like words, maybe with soon while it'll be streamed and it'll, be hopefully more than one place you Why venue? you do is alive vinegar, but is there a harp?
I am in the future. Will there's offer on the table for heart for twenty twenty two, which could be really fun housing. Package. Will they say when, when heart goes out now, is that usually like it can be you and another year debts packaging thing is the lead the way they are always do now, with their with bands of your time, yeah like crazy, hind proudly, would be the one we go That's right! We were planning before good band usual she's, really good, really good. Yes, man, she's, always really loved herself great talking you. Oh really good, to talk the end, and I love our record and in you. Your music has been an important part of my life and it was a real on such a night. I talk to you to thank you for having me on here. I M glad you came a person's, I'm sorry. I've talked to loot LAW ever much, never about to anything rate. This is what we do here. I have permission.
The ambition to rock ok, yeah, very good. They now information and go to the bathroom thanks for sugar, that's Wilson was amazing. I love that was very cool junior high mean very excited and in currently was also very impressed and excited the new album, is called you and me out this Friday. Get it wherever you get your music and remember. This podcast is sponsored by better help. If you're feeling depressed are struggling to get through the day, better help offers online professional councillors who can listen and help start. Indicating an under forty eight hours, wherever you are in the world, you'll get timely and thoughtful responses. Plus you can schedule weekly videophone sessions, w G, happily,. Can you get ten percent off their first month of online therapy at better help, dotcom Swash W tee? I visit better eighty,
opium dot com, Swash, W Tia, enjoying the over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of experience better help. Professional sorry, no music. Today away await me, I forgot. Maybe I did, but I think I threw my harmonica in the bag, case, as I didn't want to deny hold on hold on. I found it Huh
Nah, no. Palmer lives, monkey, the Fonda CAT Angels- We were
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