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Episode 1227 - Eric Bana

2021-05-17 | 🔗

American audiences know Eric Bana from his complex performances in movies like Munich, Black Hawk Down and Ang Lee’s Hulk. But in his native Australia, Eric got his start doing standup and sketch comedy. Eric and Marc share their respective experiences of the Australian comedy scene and Eric explains how his gift for mimicry and impressions helped him transition from sketch to dramatic acting. They also talk about Eric’s new movie The Dry, why the demise of movie theaters is greatly exaggerated, and why Australian actors are rarely allowed to play Australians.

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b o max all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the mechanics what's happening mark Mare- and this is my podcast- w E, F Still going strong, Is it twelve years in a row on time I just now that I'm doing comedy Attica, How many store and you have to have a proof of vat to get in. There can open up full tilt and I think, that, makes it a little better. I'm sure some people were lying or showing bootleg counterfeit credentials counter the facts, credentials. And I know that there are some people out there that want to take this as an affront as a vaccination passport or, as a eat some sort of initial
It is to get people who don't want to be vexed waxed. It is not all it means. Is that if you're, not backed you can't get in snow judgment, do what you want. But you can't go to this particular Kommeni. Show the world is your oyster under actors on vexed but you can go to a few things for now, and you're gonna wine about it Is there any end, to be winning Is there any end to the grievance, by tat so yeah, it's kind of an interesting new world, but, as I said to you before, I don't it feels find me. It does not feel strange, I'm excited I'm excited to be going out into the world. The only I am sad about his outlines, not here to go out in the world that she didn't make it through this yesterday was the anniversary of her passing and it was difficult.
chose to go through stuff. Look at stuff organ stuff there is still a lot of her things here that are out. Some things I will leave out some things. I will enshrine them somewhere personal someplace private someplace, I know of someplace in my house. Doesn't I'll have to be out. I think that room where she was, Chicken does not have to remain, a shrine to her passing necessarily but again, is it. It was a day of reflection. In a day. I am trying to take that. saying that I think it's a Jew or saying ah. Made her memory be a blessing? I think that has been most helpful to me that There is nothing unusual about tragedy, people dying in this life. Nothing. The about that- and I am not the victim of this- she was those
three things over the last year and the support of people. Friends. and people. I don't know those three things, may your memory be a blessing trade. It is not unusual, and I M not the victim. And then ultimately meditation The crying the feeling The way through it. and also the realisation that there are so many people that you are someone better so much longer had deeper for railway in ships and reliance is an end experiences with her family friends I think the hardest thing about the situation we were in that we were really just starting out. So it's about your grieving possibility, grieving life. It didn't happen that sort of.
amplifies the tragedy element but again tragedy happens. All the time every day, its human guitar breaking By her memory is a blessing and I looked at her shirts and I touch her jacket. And I miss her trying to stay open and do the work. W g up with Mark Marin is sponsored by better help. Online therapy in maize Mental Health awareness month and throughout June. W e f with Mark Marin is proud to join the cause of de stigmatizing therapy. If you ve listened regularly, you know that I have no problem talking about seeing a therapist or seeking some help, but clearly something it- will still worry, there's a stigma attached. It's time to change that if you're strong,
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and we talk about all that and about his new movie. The dry, which is already a b, kid in Australia and comes out here in the: U S this week, its so good movie So yesterday marked the day that tab Brendan an myself Brenda Mcdonald and me Mark Marin receive the Governor award at the first annual this first instalment. The first action or Amby awards for podcasting. This is a a ring, a word with a real governing body? It's not just some sort of radio consultants idea of how to grief people into by in podcast things in thinking at some sort of. entrepreneurial adventure. This is the legitimate industry, be driven award. The first. and that we were given the big one. We were given the one that TAT means TAT. We were, we had an impact
we were there at the Section of modern podcasting I nodded, I will, I'd, say we were the original broadcasters. I always him told that there were many before that some broad, I suggest to the next room: but dad, nonetheless in this sort of new way. and the creation of the industry around us. We were there And we were an impact for an influential force and I'll take it, in the end. The your word has a little weight to it. Man, it's kind of a beautiful thing. It took this for me, we get a prize. It took an award had to be created in the medium that I excelled in over the last decade and or and change for me to get an award again I'll take it will take it. it's a weighty thing. It's it's looks like it's like a high and trophy with a gold statuette and the Its arms, their arms are raised up in their holding
up a microphone almost like a torch, and but you know it's it's all in its mute its soft it's not defined its arms like an Oscar, and there is some headphones. Florence in Cannes, but it's citing, and we received that yesterday. Yes, there is a big day. lot of sadness and a lot of joy and a lot of gratitude, but underneath all that Vietnam empty portion of fuckin existence. There you go. This episode is sponsored by one plea: are you a small business owner self employed or a gig worker? If you need to get a ppp stimulus, wound wop, waken help you out, they ve already for more than one hundred thousand small businesses and the help out more than six hundred thousand small businesses across the country. We with other loan issues, this
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and he's got that accent. That lovely australian accent. This is he talking to Eric Banner is at your house. Are you? Are you in your house, Amazon and enhance morning yet this morning there what time is it? It's not. the clock Friday morning and I mean in Melvin, so you ve been up an ad you're, you're you're, your coffee, you're ready, feed coffee very nice. excess varied ass, home, cooked breakfast, excellent home Pine bird coffee ready to guy well, so lot of energy in the description of that breakfast long enough to need to know. I need to know what that means. Now. Would you where? What is the breakfast?
really excellent quality soured. I would you be placed now I didn't like myself, So you are one of those people during lockdown didn't master the yeast, breads I feel like for every year, spread. The man at the posting that had to be an Eric banner doing absolutely swayed Ethel in regard to bacon bread. I gotta, be, I gotta be out with it or GM. Here now I did bake a couple of quick brand. No yeast involved. Jesse couple Irish showed a breads, but I did it. I couldn't get out a locked down without Bacon a fuckin bread and I'm not ashamed of it. My joy region, I wouldn't do more of it- is because our Edam and then and it doesn't stop than it's like nine breads- and I say I'm just perfecting it- got double chins, it's not. I can't do it.
Now I am more than happy to hand, and I was the bike associate with it was nice, but is sound. I ties Gus and like a like, a real tossed, the he but avocado some some eggs. Really sensational strong Lahti that? I knocked out so one at that the start of my day, good work, good work. I need to know more about the word tossed her. What is it may tell us Natasha Lanka, yeah yeah. Is this the minute you throw ever caught owing to a sentence in twenty twenty? Twenty one put you into a category, and maybe I mean that category you got about a dude that are going to be like you get a slack in Tasker Canada. What is good, but no that sent through most of these guys most of these services Ireland meet heads, browse in there. You know and jocks are now. I completely kido diet there like they're, like
erected women most of them. Yet I had everything I'd every on, I'm not that person at all. I just I just like the ritual of breakfasts, my five meal, the die. That's what makes me really shitty when I'm working on a film that are you They don't have time to do my breakfast ritual and I have to face humans. First thing in the morning reacts. My biggest struggle on a shoe, So when I'm at home, that's that's my indulgence alike. This slow start to the day with a really nice breakfast and coffee, I wanna during lockdown man. I watched for some reason. I watched a Munich for the third time and Jesus man, you were fuck in great in that movie. Thanks man was it was. There was quoted Sperience too MIKE jewish Ray now, I'm half german population born here in Australia so you're, really not jewish,
male rum. Really, I'm really not, but you know. The funny thing is that when you, when you were a kid, I don't really know a lot here. You know that the sound of german relatives and friends, you know dozens. and very different tomato too to jewish people. So I to be a Walter work at there was actually a difference between the two when I was when I was growing up in that it wasn't all just one on the site right. What a german juice you know about it, lemon juice, all german polish russian day. That's where all the ash cannot zis come from. but when you did that movie I mean to be involve like it's such a heavy. I I think it's one of Spielberg's best movie year. I agree, I mean look the sub. Take matter with insanely. Appealing to me. I'd read the book. Luckily, and just a minute just like take every box of what I love in the film and Seventys. It was a thrill. I was an incredible subject. Matter was a true story. It was you know,
Spielberg at the top of his game in terms of visual styling, inheriting in score and everything, and then suddenly you get asked to be a part of it. I just like every single dial, we just pinch myself, we'll just turn up to work. Look around as the only extras you know, dressed in the seventies, gay with sideburns and nodded Carson and it looks good. I mean I'm in Heaven, yeah sometimes You have the seventies, you know you are look good. The sixties look terrible, I mean like no actor can transcend. Those pants is just once the hair and the trees it gets. art, but the seventies. They were good. Won't. You know, there's another thing that kind of works against you these days, which we didn't happen on Munich. We were still shooting thirty, five millimeter. So there's another thing that works a guy. She now is that the digital cameras so crisp reality so crisp, and so it's it's kind of like
will our memory says that that that image should be slightly crumpled, invited that's terrific, use the same images from the sixties that a pristine I was always is kind of jet, just a position. That's going on em in I'm one of visual references a bit confused right all Chris. All images of the sixties are done relative to the technology and film that they had even still photographs. All of it was of the color was a little jacked up. There was only I was a little hazy, every but he was high. So you kind of felt high looking at it yeah not yet there was someone doesn't. Does it poses a film about the sixties in two thousand and twenty and its shot, you know without will wither almost I'm accents economy on a camera and and you don't try the great enemy right, but nobody, Munich LUCA. But what did you do? How did you get jewish to do that? Did you with real guy here? He was by,
stand by saw a real person who I, who I May or may not have had a chance to make with, I had a really long time to prepare my so they even the first instance. I had a really good Amanda Prep time, but the film waiting to turn around because Stephen was working on the script and our initial shooting wind I pushed to the following year. outside when Ireland did did did another movie, and I, like I, had avenue in the back of my head for like two years before we Ok, ok, I love that I think the longer you have four character, just gonna live and just died in the back of your mind is a sum is really worthwhile and helps helps with acts in preparation, helps with research, and it's just a lot a lot of time. What would you do with the guy when you got him in the back? Your have liked as an actor you I'd now ok. I just I was just given another year to work on they are so you can you're already going at it. So you take like an hour, one day a couple hours a week to
the programme yourself to be that guy or feel how that guy fields or look at things. The way that guy looks at things now. I feel like its automatic, the minute I decided gonna Filmore character, it's like, a percentage of my brain, is immediately taken over by that person. Twenty four seven, this nice, switching on or off is no like today divide an outer avenue. I mean you might do that in terms of accent, preparation and re writing, materials and stuff, but the vote the rest of the world from that point forward. Until you finish, the film slightly secured through the lens of that person. Ok, boys, hot. What movie did you go shoot? Try, so that when that wanted to turn now, I went and filled the movie called lucky you with with a curious Hansen drew Barrymore Roberts Evolve, which was a poker movie which three people saw, including my mom and dad we're, but some
You know so in that case I guess you ve got to Paypal and yourself in your brain, but that's the thing I love about. Acting though I mean you know. Sometimes it takes a long time to shake off the woods as well, and that's like how you still kind of looking at the world through through through their lands but I enjoy, enjoy siphoning off. You know out of my brain to that. There is not a lot of room up there so unaids, to give as much as I can tell that to the correct act, interesting that it takes a while the shake, as I saw, I saw outputs You know do American Buffalo and Boston and this probably the mid eighties I'm pretty sure he was playing Tony Montana I saw him to America, where I am sure that he will he was scarface but tat. I felt there were hints of Cuban, like it was still in it. Did you firesides, probably true? No, no, four Do I get it? You know like especially guy that, when you're operating at a certain time, a simple level.
you I was like of a woman thing. I could do nothing took him years there yet, but he can still do it. I mean you you're, very capable of a too, but I could see once you get into the groove of somebody. Specially a powerful character how do you not the outer you not get stuck with it for a while. Yet I think. Also with you know, your reference with pertain, I'm mighty. What happens is the key At the ends up being alive, a bit closer to you than you realize and inside laws the the similarity that shake right, right so, whether its without know whether it's the kind of you? openness that I feel is a person that makes it easier for me it's a kind of like sinking to his skin. I don't know maybe that's something that's going on without me realizing, but
think. Sometimes you know. Maybe I characters a bit similar to us in wiser that we're not not really aware of an unknown. You know that. That's that's! Probably what you'd noticing right, but I guess you that in your way to work- but I mean We'Re- did that when did you art noticing that you could? because if you're gonna, if you think about these characters and they become party you so quickly- I mean that must have something you did at a very young age where you were able to just sort of lose yourself in in becoming something as it may, it must be some strange, and have a habit. You had early on yet one of my favorite things that there was a keepers in impersonate other family members and to me the most thrilling part of any person nation? Isn't the impersonation its trying to work out the dialogue for the impersonation right right, and so I I just always have had this thrilling sensation when I can come up with.
Sentences on behalf of other people, but I do tomorrow. what every single day and I single die. I still do we watching the news and someone in go to talk, and I will I will say what that that pricks about this I am sure enough, and it is Is this thing of like trying to put self in their shoes and If you know someone well enough, it's like anyone can that in person I stay father or their mothers, United, Finally, what they gonna like, I can read the script for my parents before they walk in the door, ran by rights, gonna be disgusted. What's gonna be said, I real I really love? I love that I love puzzle- and that was something that was there was a kid. It wasn't something that I had to work on, something I really enjoyed. I enjoyed making people laugh it it's interesting, though, with parents, because I just noticed that when my parents- it's like you right- You do know exactly what they're going to say and I don't know means if their shallow or predict a boar. We just note and so on, but there is something I guess
when you look at it that way, there is something actually empathetic in the act of doing an impression that you're sort of generating the dialogue for yeah. I guess it's, it's must be. complementary, because it means you're you're. You pay attention to that person it and it was it was Ricky for me what our back when I was doing sketch comedy cause people would be like ah, you know, are you gonna? Do Do you feel really mean when you're taking down a figure from television? Unlike what now because it's like I'm not trying to ridicule them, I'm just trying to be them in a funny. Why in writing? So that is, I think that is common. A major economic guess depends on how you use hey use. The way is not an old saying you know in imitation is the highest form of flattery or something like that. But what did you are you coming brother, ancestors year I have one all the brother he's threes elder. Does he
waving show business he's an accountant. Why does He hasn't finance, not nothing at all to do to deal with the business. The officers and numbers man he's a is a six point: seven numbers man, you got your huge power, on six October. I grew up thinking. I was sure, because him, because he had been actually seeks to that sort of that's tougher- a movie star, usually there about five for uniting. Most of them are to fight for three. You know big heads good for you same archives, does love it when you six to day they were they down? I love it may do I do it. I think I do. Because they all want look teeny, tiny, oh that's right and they will have to work it Tom Cruise and platform, shoes when did you start doing real entered you didn't study at nice. I started in stand up when I was twenty two. You really should you were
an actual stand. Yet I stand up for over ten years- oh my god, if I've ever seen any of the stand up Is there a lot of no Ellison? It's it's pray, digital and pray, fill that trade and others is this very little amend this stuff from my sketch Kommeni showed that, but not much is not much that exists there and you can stand United ten years yea and off the chopper I was still I was still touring is a stand because I heard you were stand up. You know I got sent home from Australia. Why would you do I just can't have bombed a bad they sent me home. I set a bad time. Was nineteen. maybe ninety one or ninety two- I think the what was called the last laugh places where I started using carbon yeah? We're will enable brother and sister that ran the place. Mckenna gave mechanics cause. You got a good memory. Yes, that was one of the values that I did. I started out, and so I started us around that
my started around wealth. I tell you when I started because I wrote I remember the Gulf WAR breaking out, while I was in America and then I came back from America and I started doing stand so he says I added ninety ninety one yet rang on one on its yeah. I just took the gig. You know I just moved to San Francisco and, as may be a strong middle act, strong feature but This guy saw me in New York is waking. I want to come headline in. Again, I knew what I said. Yes, it was a mistake because it was like, though, be a week previews in three weeks. Time will extend a fifth weakened. Four travelled internationally for that long and it just fucked my head up, and I just got there like after the first week it with such, Ya Goin. I went in the main room, the big room, elbows Figaro, it was it was great fleet- was hosting yeah yeah. and then there was like this this this These two women who did like a musical thing, a burlesquing thing within accordion, one of em, accordion and and
then there was an intermission or no, then a guy came out and escaped from a strait jacket on a unicycle and then intermission. and then me- and I was like by the time I watched that shit. I'm like I'm fucked, there's no fuckin way man, I take so hard. The guy came up to me and the next day these, like maybe I'll, go home. That was a hard road because it was a big room and I had a really high ceiling yeah. It was like a circus in yeah, yeah yeah and if it makes you feel any better, I supported the amazing Jonathan there are you an that and that really really suited the amazing Jonathan his energy and he's he's act but I know what you mean that I know that room very well and it was really broad- and I had a super high ceiling which we do not want. Is a stand up he's near a little room upstairs that you could play to their yeah, that's a slice
pull a joke that was good, Le Jug upstairs. That was better because it was a lot more intimate, tiny ass, though so, like a cabaret room, the absolute fuckin, where students that was a long flight home man. Yet because I don't know neither room. I did this device art show the night before, but he was out of town, and Russell Crow. He was was on the show when he had Jackie just done like robber stopper. He was a who is promoting robber stopper right. So why no one knew that guy was, I didn't and I'm freaking out, because It looks like the Letterman show. Only the desk is on the wrong side of the studio It looks a lot like the let em and show and it sounded like the linen Yankee and I get out fairly didn't realize, cause we went, giving the let em and show a while to put two and two together, but that didn't go well and they took me they're right after I landed in which it was just Ok, I'm like a man, not your fault, but I'm glad we can connect on the fact that that
and was not easy. It was. It was not easy for four for a regular kind of act. But who are you guys and in terms of what drove me to stand up we are friends over there did you know, fleet. I didn't know flight welcome and I got I got two knife lightning and then we did a little bit. It say they stuff together, flight was already well established when I started so he was part of the all God he was highly established. All God we're not when I got started it I was, I was more inspired by Americans because I wasn't up. We went thing presented with strain Canadians in Australia? Stand up, wasn't something that was, I believe, respected right. So it was you Richard Pryor, I was my hero. Richard Pryor was was my absolute here because I loved I love exacting lovely story telling off using easing he's incorporating Eric into his stand. Our last was like the ultimate. You know he didn't tell jugs
lotta heart lotta hot, so here is my ear. Will you do and impressions Youse doing impression similar I was I was. I was using impressions in storytelling, yeah, so I was not a joke Stella, I did encourage hecklers, I didn't try getting too banter. It was like five or ten minutes stories. Five minutes story, five or ten minutes story structure, that's hard because, if that's, if, if you're not do away with the five minutes and you're too half in that's a lie. two and a half minutes come here yet Well, that's where the impressions ahead, because any time you you you break into a voice that sounds different, took to your own Paypal economy, paying attention, if they're not laughing they're playing attainder excited yeah
Where they celebrity impressions within these stories are just your people you ate at times yeah, sometimes all or thy, be that they just random media, and everyone recognizes immediate wrought. Everyone recognizes it carried out, even if they don't actually now do who it everybody loves you idiot character, not gonna lose with the Dumdum Sir, yeah, but he never took any any active. Clowning lessons or anything now, thus so I started out in stand up, and then I and then I audition first Sketch Comedy programme which was very similar to sell. I not live called full frontal, right hand and another my big break and then sorry. I was through sketch comedy many users sketch comedy that icon alikes during that prices figured well what's the difference between these
stride. Acting, I didn't say, like there was like a for university course today, cardinals like there's, not a lot of difference. Yeah yeah. I can have a go at this. No, I think I think that's true. I think I like yet the hands on. yeah. Why fuck your head up with people who think they know things that approach we better anyways, when you're actually doing the hands on experience, work so be doing or improper was all written sketch. A lot of it was was written. A main waiting problem were working in the rod is room in a kind of God. I love working with, and I love rotting myself my characters, but I just loved it and it was just there was a time in my life was the most fun. It was a most exhilarating we'd we'd work Monday to fraud. I would record log in front of an audience on a fraud I not, and that would go to add the following first I turn around was pretty quick. You know you. I will do stuff that was really Corinth. It was thrilling
absolutely thrilling and I was down man I was like this is the end of the road like all this is that, as far as I thought I'd further, I thought I'd ever get. I was happy how many seasons did you do bodied for citizens of full frontal and then added another year of my own sketched Kommeni short sighted foggy is a sketch see you actually had your own sketch comedy, show on australian television four year, yeah serious sort of like a NASH. star boats homo, but the Tom I left, the show you I was I was pretty well known and destroy shy was a really high. Writing sketched Kommeni was was what we did. Reach well, we did sketch comedy very well. And we did not do sitcoms well, so gets comedy, was kind of like a very comfortable place. First, try an audience and first try and production and it was at a really high level for a lot of ease and in fact the end of our show was like the beginning of the end of the table its comedy here: reality, tv started and a lot of that
production dollars, stopping funding to sketch comedy programmes and an guys, like me, There are no longer got a break in that in that spice. Oh, my god pushed out by the horrible reality shows no intentional funny, just tragic people being funny not on purpose, I don't think I figured that live tv was just shape ass though he had a large sporting programmes and more a variety and it was just- there was just white shaper than this sketch comedy stuff was expensive for them. You know we're cried out department? We went to a lot of trouble. Our assets were fantastic if we were wrong ripping off a movie that the set on it Geez, I would be would be fantastic will be to really high standards, She had really great production production standards. I like it. I like there is it the same structures? I could be BC that the other state pace for some of it is it like that are as an independent, and I said that this third, the network that I was working for the time was- was a fully commercial networks as well. It wasn't state funded that that size and where you live
People that you are working with did a lot of them. Any of them make with the break. The movies are not many. A lot of them was stride act as a lot of them come from the theatre. This is what the what many of us that we stand up soon in that space. There were a few of us, but it was too. I think, when I started, I was one of only two or three on the shadow came from a stand up background. I saw a lot of them with serious act as to who who did not alive theatre stating television comedy, but not many Saddam the jump, I've it's up to two films and labour, but do you like me in funny? I mean what is the last time you were funny on purpose, so funny people a little bit special correspondence. I was more kind of foil for Ricky I really enjoy it- I just like it love opportunity. I think your thing ha
and it doesn't really- it doesn't really bother me for some reason. I've always had a lot of people. So how is it you ve, never done said I not live and wanting to stand up and what can you do more colonies in America and And- and I think because I did so much of it back in the die it's it's kind of like kindly that, like I don't, I don't feel like you have to prove it twenty by wiping us. Those first to movies I mean that the cast Oh it's sort of a mythic. He had great movie which die I unfortunately haven't seen, but I've heard people talk about it, and I didn't really realizing until this morning that that, you are in it and I would want Chickens. I know it's on my list to watch by here. So many people talk. Bout that thing, that's a comedy right, yeah, yeah! It's it's! It's a really beautiful gentle comedy! It's it's a really great script, ferry regional yeah, Holly, recommend that was your first film does. My first will yet be a tiny Raul, but yeah, but, like
Why chopper I mean that guy as menacing and is bizarre as he was a sort of a funny character. I mean that that character is broad and weird in hilarious and scary. in almost like a clown. Sometimes it's very unique. A combination of of stuff, that guy is absolutely He was hilarious. He had you not eight. He had the ability to turn to understand a person quicker than anyone. I've I've met this time. Only name in a guy must mark Brandon Raid and he was a lifestyle, are now no past life you years ago, but now he was hilarious with here. A criminal that later became just sort of this. You know infamous person about town. What was this whole story, the arc of that the thing is. I was quite quite a violent criminal who then, who then
the series of letters fragile yes to two to a journalist which thin formed a book You just have a natural turn. The phrase he had a very funny way of expressing himself that anyway this enigmatic we're locked, or not, will you loved him or hiding you? You couldn't listening to the guy. Yet here Just had the ability that if he was in a room, that's where the attention was going was going to tell him you're, fucking, all energy, there was no one else in the room, but he there that's that. That was the power that he had. So he, but yeah a charming sociopath, absolutely but what but, when he got out of jail he was sort of this street. each man about town, right or white? Well, what was interesting was it after the film came out, like you know, obviously dollars spake format, it seems a kind of legitimizing to a degree. I hate he remained strike
he remained on the straight and narrow rock or all the way through the that his his last sort of ten or fifteen or twenty years, so he had he had rehabilitated to to large? Did you remain friends? Now, I'm not one of these actors. That dumb feels like it's kind of my duty or Canada the thing Do I don't know? I almost good luck, it's more respectful to not pretend that that that way Where are the same same world? I think market Had this understanding it better a familiar that, as you know, I mean cause how That's not gonna, be the most codependent relationship. You if you dont want to be yeah that you might not want those guys colony every week. What's up do me,
Where are you filming next year? I'm coming down a job here, Jack no like who I am got to know I'm a bit before we started filming and numb and then it it's just felt better to have had some distance So, what's the difference in your mind between do when an impression and portray somebody here ways are different dry. For you or is it kind of? same thing. I mean you spend time with him in order to understand him, and then he said take ownership, an interface, your emotions with you know your chance of that guy? Is there a difference between act? in doing an impression. I think there is a main. Obviously it's it's. It's kind of like a difference between us up a pencil sketching a painting, rarely moroccan, do a quick sketch, a pencil and guy who's that and you know, was and then I could go into a big painting in it. That would be a different thing, so I think
the time that you are afforded in long form. Storytelling obviously means that you you're going to a different level at the very core thy yeah. not there's, not a there's, not a ton of difference. It's just What are you? What are you a listed eliciting from from that? So I? U inhabiting a person to get a laugh happening that person to try and tell a story and make you feel something. So it's like you pointed straight either way. But you know the contacts when you're doing comedy and you're doing it for real unit We can see how it feels very different when you interact with other actors or performers in those two different scenarios must definitely yeah and I I enjoy the storytelling side of it. You know, because I really respected in oak from stand up, it's like what you write material and you ve got a beginning in an ending my out, a move from here to there and it takes discipline
If it's not working gotta, be honest with yourself about it and try and pick it apart and make it better road dump it an end. It feels that way when you, when you doing film as well the United much control over the material, but you you still relying on your instinct either make something better or express if it's not if its not working- and you have to factors for the Yankee. I need a new hope that their relations should be such that you can have a good dialogue about with it. We did Have that with the like. Ridley Scott on Black HAWK down yeah I mean it was you know, you're, one of sort of thirty two act is, but damn, I had a really really good relationship- was revealed a really loved him. As a director there was so much fun. I was attic an insane and like nothing it up ever been a pot of again, but it was. The whole thing was immense. I that that that redefined and contemporary Your modernized,
the depiction of war in movies. I think that was the first. They are truly modern war movie yeah visually it was. It was a bit of an assault, I guess citing private, Rhine and blacker than a similar, in the way that I really just try to make you feel like you're in but just the nature of warfare with so much different in those two movies like saving private Ryan. Is you know, that's a world where two movie, like the the way that war, fair works now and that the idea that you guys were there on a mission that couldn't even be publicized is the or acknowledged you know with it. That's insane, the operation itself with some? you know that you just never saw before on screen. Yeah, yeah and and and as a result, I think in some what might it by on settling and really thrilling at the same time out of its kind of beautiful as well. It was some say, incredible moody,
usually now, when you work as I talk to people that do you know the you aren't on your feet and you got cast in these four few movies, I mean we're you sort of like wide open in terms of influence in what were you were learning onset and in and in terms of Canada? expanding your own. You know tools to do the thing. Like one round. Black hawk down. Are you picking up a lot of stuff from other actors or you self contained loop itself in time, but I guess you know you you're, you really really open. I mean I'm really paying attention to the director. I love the camera, yeah, I'm playing a lot of attention to what to do what they are doing and how how I can help then, where do I see within, the frame, and that sort of thing, and I love love the place of work, working with other with other actors. I'd I'd, try not to China to pay too much attention to their today,
I say yes, because I'm sort of warring backbone think, but when I, when I went acting with someone from the agenda, Russian that I love ya. I play I, I probably pay more attention. So if I'm working with a robber, devolve or Pedro tool or a nickname, the same value. You know some of these legendary Paypal Have you worked at all and the have where'd you work with Nick Macnulty was in the original hawk. He played a plight. my father in in the can an- and it was It was just sign. The oxygen tank take a heated oxygen. Ok, I'm right. He said to me one day. He took a here the oxygen and he said to me. I don't really need this suggests- makes him think you're fuckin crazy. They pay this is all in act.
Is this man, right all his announcement in Dubai all that must have been crazy because you can. that guy so like is so subtle man there's not fibre zombies. He growing up. He was my favorite Acta and study get a chance sleep like my Father in lucky you, which is the movie that you know hardly anyone saw he was just beautiful. Always work was incredible and I just love love watching him work? and an end just picking his Brian. I just love the man. He was too so so interesting, and yet So if someone I'm working with without generation of active, it's like he does still different. It definitely does I mean I have little respect for people my generation, but I'm not in or of any one, my eye, she not a man. It's like it's a different thing, wrong, working with with actors from that from next year.
and you got the opportunity to do that. What what do you think? It's, because those are three very different actors, right, Multi, Duvall and O Toole? What you work with Piero tool I so Pedro too I was in try out. We were like my father and try actually applied. My dad is realised that now develop, like my dad multiplied, my dad and untold, like my dad myths, pretty cool, is there so different, like you just did that impression of naughty but it would be hard to do an impression of Duval yeah yeah, it's the aids it remains deftly doable. you know who does one James gone? I talked James Car James Kind can do do really cassettes. They still talk to each other time I loved how just in the moment he was- and there are just a couple things that he that he that he did on set, which made me go a K. It's ok, it's a little thing like we were doing the same one day there was someone standing behind in his eye line. You know you
and the way that he just immediately doubt with that person. And had the move, and it's easy to just keep acting in that situation like the set is, is not always a perfect but it was just a reminder that assists like hey. If you need something to make your performance better, it's ok tells amended. fuckin move it yeah, yeah he's ok, it's not the end of the world. You know after you get. It was done. You got your supper. Was this It was almost like is still in the middle of the sin of like yeah yeah. That's, ok! It's ok to do the that Pedro tools, amazing, he was so invest edge. They just at so much energy poured into his performance
at that age he was. He was quite all that stage and it was difficult man. It was like a hundred degrees every day and he's in the road and the jewels, and you know I mean No, I just I was just in all. He he's a veteran of the epic film This lonely, I mean it's Peter out Lawrence of Arabia. For God's sake, it's Lawrence of Arabia. Absolutely amazing! You do that year. This really special dies. That really are in how'd. You know I mean I've talked to like I'm, not a big girl. You know cartoon guy, you know what I've been in. I was. I did a small part in the last Joker Movie, which ruin my credibility is a guy who judges cartoon movies harshly. By that that whole the original hawk it's weird it the divisive movie among the the whole bands and- and it's not
it was pre, Marvel Universe so it, it. Further stands alone as this. You know this art film. That was approach, in a different way, and I imagine that must have been one of the reasons you're going to do this one, yeah. I wasn't it wasn't a quick! Yes, that's for sure it with it took me while to get my head around it, Anne and you right in the end it was like was Angli, was gonna, be completely different. I wasn't privy to the to the script, proud assigning want the films on the Ani Films Ogden, where, where that was the case they take you a long time to decide, I mean what was in what was in negotiation within you ages, it? Just wasn't. The top the film that I saw myself do why at war, because Essentially, I just thought I felt like I was a character actor and that's what I was looking for right. So not a big green guy here,
it was ever. He wasn't. It wasn't. Maybe yes and then I just kind of like I guess maybe the ANG factor and the fact that I knew I was gonna be different. Decides to had to have a go. But it's you know it's. Why haven't radar holding that in that area as easy, as you probably have, we probably have similar feelings towards the genre, have caught a picture, I'm on imagining they're, not the Cotonou, that our I rise out and say myself, so that conversation is something I'm having myself. If I want to be a part of it because yeah it's not it's not it's, not something on queuing up for review and had Norton raw pork has been a trip. going character for people, but but I mean I imagine working with Angli. How was he approaching it? I mean like, if you're going in knowing Ike United the superhero movie, but it wasn't, though, given the timing of it? It wasn't as much of a spectacle as it is now. You did not you weren't
up against this entire sort of its outcome subculture its most of the culture. Yet no it did you arrive at the thus, as we know it now didn't exist back then, and there any certainly didn't gotta eat into a film like that thinking. You were gonna do more than one now like this. No real act, as you know, had had we're gonna going on around under two or three move that just that wasn't imply. I mean I think them. First spot a man had only just come out. I think we were the next one. After after the title, Maguire Spider man, so there The expectations were not the white. now so I guess I just approach. It is as a kind of one often and just kind of you not for you, approach to do another hawk now I wasn't. How did you feel like? Well, the d feel attached to your hawk, as opposed to maybe mark refers Holger ignoring it did you go.
Judge, other people's hopes I haven't seen him also accounts. I ever seen you haven't. You haven't seen! them, do one hawk heavy seem one other hawk. I saw it I haven't say, might have it have. You talked to add about your hopes of never met, with the others, not a lot of the Hawkins twining yeah sure. You would think that maybe, when you guys are all deconstructed you'll, do God panel show together the three hawks mighty above the, albeit seventies and mark, will still be doing the hulk. he is the one that worked at a family. Straw he's he's in for life. so how many movies, like uncertainties, movies like to be honest with you, I it seems like their australian movies, you don't you
you stay there we're there most of the time right, Bolivia, yet the I never moved. So I haven't I that's how to I've done quite a few that I haven't done a time. Our answer to feel this. Out of major urge that it's like something I have to do. Every two or three years is dislike. You know what the Paul is the pile, and I just choose the best thing on the pile, and sometimes it's a strain, and sometimes it's not so I recently with with a movie like the dry, which, which was you know some sort of film, that I've been looking for for many many years. time along and I was thrilled to be able to do that. But Tom I don't have a hugely strong sense solve a stroke. Illness within my body of work. I'm happened too happy to be very the very open I love working. He went out when I can do it, but some it. It has to follow that with everything else. Well, I mean you you're, born and raised their right yeah and your folks are there not they were MRI.
Thou immigrants yeah. What did your God have? A croatian accent he's a fine I didn't realize my dad had an accident until I moved at home area My girlfriend, at the time that you debt has access, it might get, isn't have an exit at all and then, under that a home and suddenly I was able to do an impression of India that I couldn't do it. I was living at all costs. I didn't hear why until I move that he has a slight acts in her mom, not much just very, very slight, but The various valiantly out a very strong, an idea. who have croatian relatives german relatives back in in those countries, Asia, but not not. Yet we wait we do have actually got a lot of the german side. Actually in America, says that my grandmother's system migrated to New York and my grandmother came to Australia. So so I do have second cousins and extended family in the states, wild its soul.
I just got it's interesting day care to actually have a story global internet every everyone have zap, but not not one generation away out that does Google. The croatian authorities must Moloch his dad was not a child and sorrowful. what did they? What did they? Would your folks do when you're grown up where the happy about the acting up there? where it, my mom was a hairdresser saw, grew up in a pair dressing, solemn and my dad was logistics manager for Caterpillar. He worked for caterpillar fur. forty seven EU tractors, while the longest serving yeah striding ploys ever. Why I think, to this day is a lot he was when he retired he worked for caterpillar longer than anyone so yeah. I grew up with that. working for the track, the company in and mum Mama's headdress. Did he get a prize? You gotta think you gotta be got a model, detain. Ok, I think I've got it in the garage you don't like it. I can t ten Thou priest
Actually, when I came out the details, I regard that as a key, those pretty exotics laughs. They met a try that, Try is ripe, did you get it What did you do get to go right on the new tractors when you are it now he was, he was in office guy, so so that the factory where I wept was down the end of the street. Where I grew up and it was, it was a warehouse- they didn't say much actual tractor action, our displaying shipped off to the minds around astride you inside, but some Noah. Yes, those this had this kind of affinity with America. When I was a kid, is a result of dead working for an american company. Yeah! Why I mean you do day, your definitely you're you're filmography is? Is varied, and I like get the new movie the dry, I found it very powerful. I mean I I like I've. Seen few australian movies? Lately I saw that New Samuel movie with the sheep oh yeah, yeah, that's it
what kind of moving to I like these small can cause. There's something about the law. landscape of Australia in certain areas where it's like this, bars on these and in the people that live in these towns or mosaic yet strange barnacle of some kind that give it your like, hardly even exists. There I think that dry really capture that really well there's there is certain. quiet menace to the whole thing in the absolutely work with China have every right to write a book. She she captured that really well, the landscape is a major character in the film and that little country tenets excited me. So much about the film is that a lot of the strain films depict the out back, but they don peaked The real country towns that we from the city identify with a guy in the same way that I guess is an American. What do you want? The unified with America is as as the desert, or do I didn't fire with America as a serious, the thousand towns you ve been true through the course of your lot is
the thousand little towns that you ve been right. That's that's your Middle America! That's the country, unfeeling! That's the cat! it's a sign for us, so the dry, the p, that really really act whereby, whereas anyhow, that is, is that in outback town I don't know what but would be called the output. Well know it's not the out back, so it's in the weight felt its about foreign I found a wife from where I am also it's. It's about, for four hours been towards the middle of nowhere and its await bell and it's it's very flat at its core, harsh and very very drawing we filmed the film beginning in two thousand nine saying at the peak of the drought say it: it helped to pit the why it was in the book, but I guess the characters in the town a very tight. I feel very real, every window which a lot of trouble with with the crossing in the film to make sure that everyone was really believable, because we didn't want it to be full a caricature. Did you ever a pardon that? Were you a producer of the producers while Yogi my director,
Connally. His wife is causing agent generous and castle his film so because of the competitive, and she didn't amazing job here, because I thought the casting was amazing. I mean it was there were a it's one those kind of movies, where I I dont see them. Often it is sort of a it's. It's obvious, We are who done it kind of movie yeah, but you know it's one. Those movies like when those are done well, you're, like could have enact now. I think it's a way, but what about in which is good. But it was so yeah yeah menacing and it keeps getting darker and darker yeah and that that was that challenge. We wanted to make the most emotional version possible of that kind of story, and that's what felt there was some room between the book and the adaptation to just kind of make it as a marginal as as it could be, which which was what what we try to try what shaven and, as you say, every single person in this aspect,
in a small house in GO person in a small town at I just have to make mention here Genevieve I Riley who play scratch opposite me, whose just for now nominal I mean just yeah. She was just incredible to to work. Yet you look great same with that old horrible man is echo even an actor report earlier alike, as we did have some locals play play extra in cipher flag in some of the pub signs, but Tom. Now it was a year that those beautiful cast- now. Our people going to the movies in Australia. Is that happening there? sometimes. We luckily opened on the first of January, right when Cinemas was starting to get back in a sling, which is why the film, while while we were able to be such a huge heap at. Wait where we're back at the cinemas. As of a bad first generate people started to go back,
in limited numbers, but we ended up at the best seventy five percent and dumb yeah. Some big because they are you guys. Are we anticipating? What do you think you think they're the rest of the world is going to have to follow? You think movies are going about back. What's your? What's your gut on this thing, bounced back huge yeah, huge yeah, because people Just don't get excited feels amazing to be back in the cinema and that's it the different thing in- and I do think this is a different different call, me too. Movies that They made to be seen on the big screen. Oh yeah, verses movies that had been made to go and straining service ata cabinet He wants is I'll I'll have that fought is different, No, absolutely I'm! I'm gonna I'd like to go back to move. I'm gonna do my first stand upset over a year to Morrow and I'm fuckin freaking out well, first stand up in the year
as you said, so, when you doing something tat, you you I'm, assuming you just write all new material from my gun. I've been I've got I've. I've got nothing yet there is no way. You know we ve all had the same experience roughly for the last year. You know it's like energy, taking a year off to be terrified, so I dont like I'm, not sure, where it's gonna go, but that's usually how I start I'll improvise through some ideas. I've got. Will outline, am Morgan. Gonna do a fifteen minute set so Woola, see out, feels he and I mean Sadly, the one thing I realized over the last years like you had omitted dad, Adam Miss anything. I might be ready to stop everything so but I did a couple movies during the least one movie during locked down with the protocols and I'd like to do more vat, but I'm curious, you see I can my last special. I really think I did everything I said after do stand up wise and I don't feel compelled to entertain p.
Well that way, but I I do feel like I have something to say so will see if that reveals itself if you now so you haven't you bounds the expectation of what you supposed to be doing versus what you what you wanna do. Well, I mean you so much. I don't know what drives you, but One thing I noticed about not doing anything and locked down was it was there was something Ok about it, because no one else was so enter the expectations as soon as the world's starts coming back and you start seeing other people working right of with where they doing I knew I do want to do outdoor shows, but now People are starting to tour MIKE Fuck. I gotta get out. They're, like everything. So the final as chicken in again right it's. But it's like a weird competitive thing, but What I really want to do on stage. I have to see what that feels like. you know because a lot of things gone down over the last year? And again
felt pretty satisfied with the work I did in my last. Our special and I'd like to take it someplace new. So I got it. If I have it in mere, I have the courage to explore things in a different way. I certainly don't give as much of a fuck is that- Please do so so we'll see where you know whether I have the courage to do that. Vienna. That makes sense. I know it. I know that and yeah does. I know what you're saying about than like. During the lofty among the things that I loved was was some not having to answer a question about. you know where you're going to national yeah what what got If he's gonna movies have no one's got exactly know either. No one doubts and then he saw Veal guild right many here that I feel you have one set its working. There's one moving production, you like what the fuck is happening. We do not agree with. Is the aids
I mean I did one. I wasn't going to do any of this guy just kept wanting me to do it and it was the middle of peak covid and I was like what are you fucking nuts? but he will use like you're the guy, and it was a big part, is the biggest part I could ever do in my somehow or other. I was convinced by their people that would be safer to be on a movie set than it would be. Go to the to go to the grocery store. And I believe that, unlike because there's all these protocols in place, did you get shot down at all. It did you get. Did you get through the whole thing now we made it through do disguise shot a feature on film in nineteen days were on film nineteen days, crazy, you'd, better makos takes count. He kept, you don't get yeah. It was crazy, but but I was happy. I did that, but yeah I mean, but now I in future, it I'll come back, and I don't know man I'm old told you I'm not all of them. Fifty seven. How are we supposed to work? Erika mean I'd fifty two ounces.
he too how many more films are going may undermine allied when someone dies. Yes, us sometimes I feel, like its it'll, be a look. I was wondering reasons I looked up to devise was his longevity. I love the. I love the trajectory of his Korea and the fact that it was a system Mrs, like this, this fight a jet at a high altitude, just maintaining unites nuts are rocket ship, it's his life. Also, character actor. I mean like it's an interesting choice for you, because you're good, looking guy your big dude, you can carry a movie, but you know you choose to focus more on being. Character, accurate as was to having the weight. I would imagine, or the expectation you're being a movie star, yeah I've. Never I've never felt like the movie star. Things is It is a thing that I wanna dance
with a minute's. Its is it'll, finds you at TAT time right, move through year because of the Control you're playing or whatever, but I think it's really dangerous territory, and I think it's really boring territory as well. It's really limiting! Why? Because you are expected to act, you did it to stay in your we'll house, yeah, I think those actors end up at yet Nothing, a wheel house diet that can't move around as much. They can't do different things, The minute you stop doing different things you stopping offered differently amicably, had quit. He literally had decide not to take the movies that were making him millions of dollars. He had do cause so we say I'm not doing any more romantic, comedies and he didn't work for awhile yeah good, yeah. I understand that, but I do- and I think I think it's really smart to be cognisant of that. Nothing is two ways he especially for Eric and act as I think it's easier to be lured into that into that patent? Because
because you live there and it's just as these days and also like Billy crawled up. I talk to that guy too. He he could have in a movie star, but he was like out. I want to do that. The real work is doing these different guys. You have these different characters. and that's why I mean you do that to you this danger with a maybe staffing is that is at what does now mean that you you're gonna knock back a more Christine Raoul. That's not the radicals. Papa lay right. That seems ridiculous them right. That's just things like crazy, told ya, but like this this movie, the dry, I mean you're, the led by that guy's a deep character. you don't know what's up? And you got that interesting. You know back story where you know he's a his easy, initially a compromised guy, get your rights or is he's a character that finds himself at the head of the store in that, and that is the site, but that that somehow can always get my head around, but just playing a kind of folly just being a kind of vehicle for forest story.
My first things when our greatest swiftly fucking picture thirty other actors plying they're all I pass right now, there's, always thirty other people that can do it. I know that, but the most but what what's relevant My ego has the belief that I'm one of the only people that can write it or that should are worth worse is right. You got to ask your agent who turn this down What? Where we're my in line on this one? Who they go into a vice idea here. It is always interesting when you say no in you, you, your white, for the film to come at sea, who end up plain that paddle yeah. any you ever like a lot of times, just sort of Michael that makes sense, because when you can see thirty other guys doing it, there's also that party, it's like you don't need me like. I do a thing, but doesn't require that go, give it to one of those guys. Absolutely absolutely I do. and quite often what what you're saying? No to be something that you know he's gonna work, it's not like it's
I'm only saying yes to something that I think is gonna be in the amazing and work is like. are also used to stop that. I I I I know he's gonna, be a struggle. Commercially doesn't bother me like, and also noticed that I know, is going to be huge right. You know like you have to do that it doesn't that you do not yet I'm not an accountant, tat your brother and that's what he's a number It's my job. You know so you just have to you have to feel free it some Bessy said than done, but it's really right, but it's also great could be excited about the thing you know. Tat gave rise to the occasion to take the challenge. Like you know, you ve always seems to be open to doing act can t really a martian yourself and characters, whether their real people or not. I found When I did this last movie, I was required to do an accent or with care. Your call for bowers ensure I could in the directorate and care, but I, but I actually given that
starting out as an actor and a lot of ways I'm like. If I'm not gonna, challenge myself, the fuck am, I doing you know what's more James. Con movie, you were here You like a real old one where he had an accent, but he could he kind of half Hell didn't have didn't and then after I, too I too am I realize, like it's not about that. If you paid that closer attention to peace, doing accents specially movie stars there. Always go in and out it's about. You know whether you're in it or not. You in the carriage yeah yeah, so Yes, that can it give me we're compensate hate me confidence as if I'm doing a good job as I should people work and about the accident. If they're coming, I'll go my dad accents socked. Then I fucked up yet that's a good attitude, I think it's a good approach. but you, but you get. It seems to me that you're gonna get your go now that acts and no matter what are we doing A choice right now would be nice
nine, the last straw in character. You saw on the international scene and it's fuckin ridiculous, you're right, it's like we're everywhere, but we just don't appear in cinema. Get these try not to say have them please. someone area but blessed he had an accident anyway. it's so weird, it's so weird please get away with british get supply. British strains never get supplies from what I know it sounds like you're, so let about it. Maybe I'd find yourself in a shy high. Will you I'm a bit peace. The bear my gun stake. I've tried arises as much as possible because, because it's like there, there has to be a straight lines
in story for the last Australian played chopper know all the dry, obviously, but in funny in funny Paypal, I convinced Judd to allow me to be a strategy. It's the only time I got to get my argument. My argument was, he will be funnier for being Let's try and I will make you more interesting. I promise you if you let me play MRS dry hair rammers. My peers and and it was it was it was- it was definitely better for buying a strategy was more of a maniac because you the strain you should ask if you could do the hawk as Australia, I don't like the last time I didn't strain. Film was a film called Romulus, my father and I was playing a hungarian migrant, so I had an accident as this like people, which you can just be a stranger conspiracy. You gotta do the australian stories to do the Australians and people ass. We, while leaving ostrea, so I can be a strike. You love
eleven australian lobbying is dry and a lover. He Adieu really do, and here I can our dear kids, like you. Twenty one, a nineteen, oh my god, you're old, kids, yeah. They still there, yet they still still living on studying so worm. Yet still here that there they are both big fan. Survivor says I ve spent a lot of time. Either says I hope to God that I'm in moving either say, but I can say that in my future as can be rough ha yeah. They they love it overseas or your work. It out you'll see great talk in your man, a good work on this new film to help. It does well aware thanks so much
as you are really wonderful too, to make you and I'm sorry about the last love. How young? Please let please let me know if you come down he regained plays. I do I I will make amends oh great yea after a definite tell you when I'm comin out. I have gone, therefore show since then I've done Sidney, Melbourne and bring then, which was not great, but I did it should Remember in Melbourne. I did some weird theater. I think it was by water and it seemed to stand alone and it was very old and in damp if other people- maybe a doubt- sank: Hilda NET. Next, the lunar pie next thing, I think so yeah pele, Pele Theatre, sounds wrought. If your hunted and damp He's been radon since Thou geared yeah yeah yeah. I was quite the credit for a while, but that it has had a bit of love recently. How good began up? Maybe pal I fell right. Why would you know what I'm down their men plays? The I take it easy chairs lack thanks my,
That's it people the dry opens in: U S theatres and on video on demand this Friday, twenty first, it's a bit film, he's great in dark and die when those mystery small town, mystery murders, little added layer of darkness and don't forget this podcast responses, I'd better help in May Mental Health awareness month and throughout June W to have it how'd. You join the cause of these stigmatizing therapy. Start community. With a better health councillor in under forty eight hours. Wherever you are in the world, you'll get timely and thoughtful responses. Yes, you can schedule weekly video or phone sessions and w you have listeners, get ten percent off their first month of online therapy at better help dot com swash W g. I visit better. eighty LP dotcom, Slash w e f. Ok! Now I will refined
a little bit of Molina Fora For the memory of Lynn, Shelton
Burma lives monkey fond angels everywhere I mean, land.
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