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Episode 1229 - Gabe Kaplan

2021-05-24 | 🔗

Whether he was getting booked on The Tonight Show or becoming the first standup to have a hit sitcom based on his act or finding success as a professional poker player, Gabe Kaplan says it all happened in spite of his lack of ambition. Gabe tells Marc how he really wanted to become a professional baseball player, how his athleticism served him well in Battle of the Network Stars, and how his initial years in standup were spent opening for strippers and bellydancers. They also talk about the making of Welcome Back, Kotter and how playing Las Vegas got Gabe into poker.

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People watch HBO Max's new original series, hacks now streaming when a legend Very comedian, find your career in jeopardy, she's forced to work with the last person she wants to deal with an entire the outcasts twenty five year old writer as the two team up there, and over comedy becomes an incredibly complex and dark mentorship starring Emmy winner, Jean Smart Hacks, is now streaming on HBO Max B, o MAX Hacks s is: let's do the shop guy all right! Let's do this! How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck minutes, what the fuck stirs today, talk to, I talked to whose we me Gabe Kaplan gave, Kaplan welcome back Cotter gave Kaplan
out of nowhere is pitched made. I would like to talk to gave cap one sure I would like to talk to gave cap when, of course, I remember Gabe CAP when Gabe Kaplan holds a big part of my brain. Somehow just add hair in that, stash in that delivery? I remember when I was a kid I was young enough to to watch what combat caught her. When I was a kid, I remember him as a stand up, but I don't know anything about him or what he's been doing. I know that he played professional, ok for a while but I was excited to talk to about wit. Where he's been, what he's been doing, how we started, he was a big comic. He's, the real deal man, but, It was funny. Is that you know he hasn't been in the game for a long time and we talk for wound. He asked me at all I still at the comedy store, we talked about the comedy store bitten, He started when he was like eighteen, but he asked me if the if his picture was still up there. I said probably that night I went and found his picture. I took a picture of an objective to him and that was a nice moment. A nice catch them What with gave Kaplan
but I was excited to talk to him. I think, is his daughters, a big fan of the show, I'm not Jack, we sure you know brought him around, but it might have been that, but he was Can you stand up in the seventies and any just kind of choice don't you remember when you are, like you heard a gave, Chaplin's professional. poker player. It was like really watching the comic what it what happened? Well, I want to talk to him what you'll learn you'll, learn what happened. It was. It was a thrill to talk to him to be honest with you. I've got club its Bogdan? If everything works out well,. I'm going to do them and I'll have the time in the end. You know I'll be ready to do them when they come, but I have date set they're available Denver at the comedy works August. Fifth, through seventh phoenix at stand up, live on August 12th, SALT Lake City at these guys August nineteen, through twenty first Saint Louis, at heel,
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canter's, which is distancing, had a canter sting, but it's all weird. It's all there is a weird energy in the air, their story, tat kind of a mildly, apocalyptic tone to wear this city is that economically and where we are all at culturally and where we are all add, environmentally, it still sort of sizzling in the air that that that kind, like vibrating frequency of being on the edge of something four is still around, but what I've it is mostly in you after going the store, the comedy store a few days and in people's office and started. Yet you haven't seen unseen these people in a year and you don't even know why, because you just at the store- and you yourself familiar. Can ok? What's up, it's almost like no time went by in a way, except that we're all sort of have scared and wondering about mask masking a little weird on stage as we don't are footing. The audiences are Small and tentative in every way these weary kind reminded me of doing stand up in New York.
After nine eleven that there is definitely that was. Much more intense, because you could smell the burning and many people were killed, but let's not under arrest even on a broad level that you know over half a million people died of this disease in this country we ve all been through a year of lock down and oh yeah during that year. Most of us were terrified on a day to day basis. We did most of us lost people, one way or the other during this pandemic, we had a precedent that wouldn't leave and was causing complete device. if political strife in fucking with our heads on a day, to day basis, if you were here and a leg the sky was orange and the air was on breathable from fire, and we left our groceries on the goddamn stoop. Because we were terrified of a bag of groceries. This was day to day life. Now we idle think that we can just jump out of that. For me in terms of dealing with what to deal with community its, now emerging
acknowledging that peat Yes, this is real and that we all fuckin have it. I know we all want to get out there and do its next and get back to normal but to disregard what we all went through over the last year, even if your own, a belligerent, fuckin idiot, who, in tested on here that they didn't feel that I don't know you're a minority, but truth of the matter is most of us, were terrified and brain fucked every day, one way or the other in for a year and to think that beer, and that much panic does not impact your breath. what does trauma do like? If we don't really deal with what we ve all been. Through and somehow move through it or process it or feel it or laugh about it or cry about it or whatever it's going to break our brains in that we will remember anything which is really fertile ground for fascism and for mine. Fucking is, trauma you make to repress memories, and we ve already
got a lot of momentum in sir the states and with certain parties to forget an insurrection too, to try to forget. what happened in reality on purpose through propaganda So I'm just saying that for me, in dealing with what I feel and how I'm gonna handle stand up. It's moving through. This moving through and acknowledging the fuckin trauma, so we, forget everything. You know why. During the past am- I can even now this morning, feels like a month ago. It's because we're brain fucked. You know with what the British are far shatter our minds with information, and also we just we are we but we were gonna die if we touched an apple at the supermarket? If we forget, The danish sanitize our hands after we touch to handle or a button
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in karma, sponsored by credit, karma, no purchase necessary exclusions and terms apply, see rules, banking services provided by envy, be bank incorporated member, DE, I see maximum balance and transfer limits apply, gave Kaplan what sort of got him on my radar was this essay? He wrote for the new you have Emmy magazine about his time on battle the network stars and his situation that happen on their with Robert Conrad. We'll talk about that. A little bit and the magazine is available now, but it was. It was really kind of an interesting eulogy, not just for four robber Conrad prefer that era I mean. Obviously it's been dead awhile, but it with there was something from me profound. in establishing about it. As I remember it, it was my childhood and it was. Very nice Cuba, to talk to gain,
Kaplan so I'll share that with you now look great body of Agnes, I feel like I'm, some really the point: when did that start? When did you start feeling like that? Seventy seven on its very first I don't know man you I mean, I think you better than most seventy. Seven year old, like you, we exercise you take has somewhat easier. I do treadmill almost every day at home at all here, and I would like a little accommodation. Jim deal is your health, like good yeah, yeah. yeah yeah, though couple pills you up a year, pills. I take one pillar, radium. Fifty seven taken a pill. That's when I started That's right, I was like ours bill with.
Where would you start with what was your first pill? Little? Yes as mine that with regard to the age, when you learn like you know, my my genes are and that good? I'm eating. While I still have questionable issue meteorite, a pretty good fish, yeah very rarely me yeah and still right still, yeah it's wrong. I listen. We got numbers scary lowood, you know nothin there really be worried about, but we gotta give, and I we gonna put John a small those limits, or here in a daze in the dirt stayed the same now went up, went up. Why? Because in numbers kept numbers grey zone The forty forty meals a day a day and side effects. No, no, I don't you get upset what side effect. I really have an enemy, but like one
look at the way with you. I got fuck. Now we will be ready in energy, you done and people they dont taken there. Now you just gotta, eat you drink some apple, cider, vinegar, India and day, and also the abbot those few. They say that their meat doesn't cause it. Can like other people that have these ideas about health. Don't worry can the mind that everybody is different. yeah everybody's by chemistry's, their yeah yeah. So but mine there's a good without bells. I take trifles. When did you like well, I remember it I read that thing. You wrote about robber convoy. Does it seem That was what was out in the world he soon to be like pushing that out in the world and out of nowhere, you just Algeria, a bit of business, they get some call. It felt like a eulogy to me a little it was it was. It was a personal relationship that had never really happened, and I wondered what happened with
Rick I recovered like? Why did this happen? Why were we not talking to each other for forty years back but you are really friends before you just did the battle of the network stars to getting. You felt that somehow another near brain, that it was a resentment too deep, seated recent years over over there you beating him and of which I think give. I think he thought I kind of second punched him and and carried out with him? Links are because I've met members his family and there was always all hazardous evil coldness like you know why you do dad you know really year and I think it was presented. This thing to be a macho guy I'll, be right it and he sort of fellow at into that yeah I felt like I wanted to. Set up. I don't want the hanging in but in the piece it didn't seem like it was really outstanding there at any rate like when you try to connect with them around that it was like not really the issue
Well, it wasn't issue any more right because of his age, either remembered anything any it did was like an interview in area in oh it was, it was competition. Would my peers- and I enjoyed that- was really getting to the issue of a mile Why did he blame me? I didn't do anything in. I was just there its way out and nowhere you decide to sort of rehash the battle of the network stars. It was the first battle in that work, stars for viewers, teen captain for what a b c. Yes, yes, he was team captain, Andy Embassy Kelly's evolves, CBS, the fight. about region, that being fifty seven rise, all those people that were involved in that I remember when I was a little kid like what year was nineteen seventy six right, so Thirteen years also, all like watching Mitya welcome back backwater, seeing a robber Conrad on things Kelly's avows Kojak, my mother watch. I It was almost a eulogy for another time in television. Yes, that's what fell like also target hey. I want to revisit that air.
We're. Nobody really knows much about it, but the reality of what it was like to be a big televisions: thou when there was three networks beyond that. Was it yeah any talk about your release? You were penny Marshall, yeah yeah. For some reason, I thought when it was three networks, everybody knew each other you found. Nor are we have no other people on your network, so I knew most those people around my team who are? They were three: what's real em off Israel off The statistics are not yet. That is what the people get. I want to know my relationship was with the hokey Linda Carter, sure wonder, woman, wonderful, yeah, ok, run Howard. Sure run Howard before he was Braun Howard when he was run. How he's on happy days, but he would have a day's run out the biggest director in the world now right right. So this was, so when he is right, you coming home our where'd? You go imposed Opie D ya got it and then there was Halonen sure Barney
our wine emails talking about Barney nor the other day, what a great falcon show that was right. I Lebanon. Here. and did you those are the guys, I'm burning, Miller, Juno, Landenbourg, sure yeah. funny guy Right- started the improv together in New York, New Yorker. Really here, that's it. I always thought he was hilarious and then I was ok go ahead. Who are you he would kill me? I'm proud of you had these routine said he would just kill with, what what was his style good is not a lot of him doing stand up around. You know what I mean in terms of footage and idle, if those who I think he did those routines, Carson, shovel, Wye River, bowed. his name was lewd with Bay Bunch took mocker an expert on music baseball psychiatry it was a character. It was character, you locked it was I acting acting barrier and really kill
So these are the people and the intelligence of hours, with the other captain close your eyes. I knew him because he had done a nightclub act Reg is here, and I was opening comic what you're was asked. I say: nineteen. Seventy four wow sellers, popular other show. You we started kneel before there were would yet comedy clubs at all I mean Yes, words, where'd, you grow up a group of Brooklyn and was the you got brothers and sisters. Oldish use about nine is still around you're. Nice way, and would you very jewish little jewish MEL jewish? My father was really religious. Yeah we go every Saturday every sadly, my was a fight. Ah sir, we to go to the devil. Where everybody has this ongoing riders in my son come come, let's go, let's go, there you come too should be a jerk and it's what he said it was
right sometimes even sometimes Edwin and what was your version I just did. I get the idea, I didn't believe it. I just omen Boeing and day and air, and I just didn't, go Once I start you know, I was like ten. Eleven was fine right, no solid! Thank US leaders. They got the bar mitzvah or not yeah. Well, I was it that was my then invite them anymore. That was it yeah. You did. You bet I didn't. I think I put in thirteen years and then but he had his own form. Obviously we had separate dishes the kosher a cautious thing. You did and and I had friends who had separate dishes, but they would eat out and they will chinese food right and there was ok right so these are different versions, it's ok to eat. Here The last thing, if you do the last thing, is indeed a puncture price than that
he then you're out dad you're, not weakening pork and journeys for Uk Georgia, UK portrayed Rice say right, be Canada, port AU porch up, then you can't rationalize again, I do know is in fact read it. I say Mars, Feldman creative work, that's it! The departure of the I figure out a seat in the rice sought on the pilot, so What was the original idea for you. It wasn't always do comedy right. What are you gonna do? What was the plan? I want to see a baseball player or we could you play here. We go yeah? I was again in high school. I was small and I was ok, I was real. Ikebana became like sixteen seventeen sided grow and it became a really good baseball player, and I tried out for couple mightily teams here didn't make it always made a one year: the Amro Texas, you went, the taxes, the tax and it was a yankee form. I think it is a goal. Socks
it was a Yankee form team. At that time here- and I made- I think, the last cut and then hung around a Texas consistent, hang around for a while, maybe some little about. Maybe we re Asian and I went to a few stood clubs with these guys were also hanging around whether from New York. Now from all over from taxes. Taxes, oh yeah, and I saw comedians strip cause with different, then sure where was like a show right that Lycosa burlesque show in a way right that they had their. The comedian M C and little band will combo right the ban. And each girl had like a theme. I really like a mermaid mermaid, someone like that right, waitress right and they they wouldn t Galler close off their pasty is unrealistic de string here, and I predict it was a comedian and the community would do like these.
dogs year we were back the same clubs a few times and the committees were always the same jokes. I started thinking about things like in nineteen. Sixty two I think maybe I can do that. Did you remember the comic Rob J? I really was is a comic in use, their nineteen sixty two really there was he a guy, by me. Was the national act? No enough? These guys are just there. There is all right The community is adjusted this. They are met I might have been ex burlesque comics They got it to stand up and they got a robber J. Yes, what was the stick? Just all job oh jokes here to Seoul Dirty, jokes right, one after the other here and fill in time and actually worked and strip clubs. Really
later, not mad, my right away, so you think the seed was planted when you were there to try out from a minor league Kane you went to a strip. Covey saw Robert J. I get to do exactly what I could do that, but there is no real precedent for I mean who were the Abkhazia Comic euros? There were different comedians at that time year. By I want to be an actor. I never grew up. act or a baseball player, never grew up thinking as Gimme comedian, for there was no place work than you knows. No comedy clubs did seem like a possible a thing not most community is, I think, we're a comedy writers. Yeah, that guided to stand up for some musicians are added to stand up. They just saw what the what form was when they kept on watching it day after day, but like when you were at that time, like what was his sick, one thousand nine hundred and sixty two like I mean there was television and you had definitely a give comedians at me on tv all terrain right,
but never hit me that I wanted to do that, and I must have seen like also like the it seemed like a set crew. Didn't it back, then there was a dozen guys that were on all the time right doesn't guys at one all the time that have been on for you know, since you were a kid year and they're all towards go to the other. What right from Sullivan, it's all ensure. I too did your favorites, I like down thinking, Alex. Was I hip yeah what about what that was his whole presentation? He really like you, it was like when the Jews moved to the island. He was they're dead, to represent the Middle class junior and he was different, then in the older right right ear he was, he was the next generation. I wasn't you half his act was in an irish tourism, Myron Cohen right here Meyer Colony was it was just you remember my irish colleague German Arica really yet play crapshoot Mercosur. ass. You did well figure the M Gm grant. He was a real
captured a really. He was around that long. For that that hotel you day was the plan dollars work in there. I think I was working there. Any rice images there in Vegas his egg is Europe's until autumn hello. How are you I've seen you admire and how you doing losing as usual, is a big gambler, but so our king though he seems like you must have been at that. I mean he must have been pretty young when you were seen him, then, but you never year what like? What about like some of the older guys like you You seem to have a similarity in style to Groucho damning where they important new year alone. gotcha. love the movies, but it also love the his television channel right. I fight like two shells are used to watch away. You at your life is life when he was so quick, namely that was really. We saw the organic personality of his mind. Yes, yeah, yeah and
but he took over the tonight- show for a week from Johnny from Johnny me. I was one of the interim holes right dislike. Now they have intermodal in jeopardy. The so is between Jack, Barn and Johnny Carson and who is devour you for Jack BAR. He was before Jaguar jackpot. was good? Wasn't he chuckled was girl. Yea was really good interview and he was gonna. Controversially would do little things that are not yet and we got fired you're fired Otto Wang, gradual was one of the intermodal. Who else was the remember. Remember cried so they ok, financial! Wasn't that great at that point now the nineties, He too, and they expected him to be as funny as he was an you bet, your life, but he wasn't cause you have to talk to people. Ok, I'm you bet you. I've used talking. Civilians use civilians, but the material was written by a lot of it was prepared and then they get at it and there is no added on this, and I chose right,
was in his thing. At that point, did you get to meet Roger yeah? Yeah? I got to meet him, first time I met him was in neat now's and I had just been unmoved Griffin, showing he had seen me and he was sitting with some guys. Look what the guy it was like a right yeah. This is his is Jean Camp. when I certainly move Griffin Knit and he was very funny as vague graduates to Sonata, for you to say that, but my name is gave gambling I'm gonna go Eugene. I saw it I'm gonna go usable, did he laughed and then he came to welcome back outer. Where are you taking a show- and I used to do these jokes at the beginning and the end of the show- and I thought it would be a great idea if I told the less joke to him if he was sitting outside the school on a bench like we were robust, necessary laws are waiting for the bus together. like to tell you about my uncle and then I took
is a joke You turn around and you say it's always yoga ever in my head, You, sir, I was joking. You gonna tell me, and I don't mind Ok, so that is the way yoga. Fleming was with them. and she wouldn't let him do it. He s like, ten thousand hours to do their appearance on the show yeah of credit over the ground. She was. I would priceless. They are even greater. So after you get back from taxes. You realize what baseball's not for you I yet in. Why would didn't realize yet, but I would add trusting comedy so, and this is like between MRS Maes, o era, for the Improv Open right. So there is no place to work. There was a play. call the comedy workshop overlap, and where was that there is like boy for street, ok, not minute. There was one in
taxes years later, but the comedy workshop never heard of it. Now I don't know that one I've talked to a lot of people. Maybe someone mentioned it most story there. It was run by this guy's name was George Q, Louis yeah, and he was a public Since the amendment a teacher me I'm sort of cholera, professor, and he liked to do you miss seminars, any would also now, press releases and he ran this place. Grover comedy workshop fear like two nights a week. And comedians would go there and you it on stage here and an empty got on stage. It wasn't. A hostile environment was like people Would try and tell you give you point it sure the problem. Was it nobody in the company workshop ever worked right? you know those guys at once. You can be sure. Sip run carry Wrong, carry right, yeah. Nato, reject why these interesting, because I carry had been on the jack. Partial. Hey did great delight.
a guy little guy from Bonnie Mill right, the great aunt you so funny yeah and he was really funny as a calm here and then he went back on about too much Larry bombed can I shall yet area affected with his head, and I didn't know what to do why he bombed the second time here any went into a depression and then he would go to the family workshop and he was a guy who was actually on. jack partial here a real arrogant, comedian who had done Tiberias hit and he became like The guru, the ways of the wizard of the comedy workshop I know what I went in there I heard about it. I went in there and he was it was really a nice guy. He where it would be. If we were, to the automatic afterwards her and then I was too scared to get over the country workshop ear. So there was another place called the MID Manhattan Club which was a social club,
you can play cards there. They play gain John. and they had lectures and ones We too have a talent you right, committees is go up there. The sixty seventy people in IRAN is here and they so wish. Ran to go to the bigger, hang club and went there and bombed what kind of audience West side. Seventy five percent jewish OK audience allocates was a social club in that they just had social gloves. We go sit there and take our night. They had this one is not a retirement thing, raw, whether its I really was people I lived in upper West side and that we wanted somebody sent communities that wanted someplace to go at night. You bombed her a bomb terrible and country workshop. Did you have bits yeah. I wondered Monday about it back. No back. I want I've made a bit. It was five minutes or uranium else? If it's bad you no way, I knew I had to do the whole bit.
As a bit around over protected, so seventeen year old boy telling his mother wasn't coming over for dinner, and I bought a pair of black shoes, and that was like a big deal in the sixties where in us, mothers think, while black shoes, major tough guy, yet so far, so good Was I assure everybody, knew that year that right now. It sounds ridiculous reminded that point value is bikes. Use was a big deal so did a bond and they went back to the coming workshops to say good by your gun. I was then retire. I regard as good. If I couldn't get baseball players, get a look in my career was over. I was of wax you ll. Actually, bag sank, my number one big hand and then run carry got up on say. He said he gave applying new. All. Madam you know he wants to be a comic any bonded amid Manhattan Club and let's get appear, and I did. That excuse me here and he killed and I care about you
get the simple the intro I forgot. The seventh hedge and agreed is very everyday life and they laughed and then I would get up its country workshop in and they would laugh do New verges a bit come up with some other jugs Aurelia Yankee again just keep revising the blacks. You re I yet how I did and then they would give me and they re, giving regularly advice. I'm pretty tight. After a few weeks. It was Yeah I was like it was tight and and was always my dear lady. Would you would applaud and laugh and at one time, but I guess for weeks later. I got up and I did a new bit, and it went over really well when he was laughing, and I said how can you live here is about tonight, you're really funny.
He crossed the eager ass. They knew how to preventing the grocer rubalcaba. Marriages could be like another comic going all Shakespeare I so that was that. Then you got more comfortable, I know of day but went, but was the bush both alive and well at that time and yeah arena, you could go up there, lotta young committees became social directors and you go on stage and any dispute after corral, the old people or the oaths into different activities and negative inactivity and you'd you kind of smooth them and do the funny derive David. Any Geller state shy low stage. Time is our opening for the main guy. What now, even over man guy you just stir, It would open, because you are the m c right over here so who the other guys that works. If there was any other guys, we know several times, I saw willing Greco Freedom
in his partner, a really doing they act in the air they got up and they did a bit there. They came to this trial a bit There was one guy who worked in the subway sphere is dangerous journey. Burke, don't stand There is then a new somewhere. You gonna subway illnesses, sixty two six deterring allow an Most of the people was one guy's name was Dave can't. Ah, he was his old bit was a was Superman's younger brother clock. Hence younger brother though I like em, all routine, on that that was the whole thing. Tat was it. There was Superman's young arose and in George could lose would put out these press releases and when I saw to get real lives easier the EU must society of America has named, gave Kaplan America's youngest comedian. I'll do it in I had That's my parents and I needed a you- think, I'm generalities seal of this.
gazed from some validity for hours trying to do so either. You were just getting that high quit school or years MR cot. Adequate, I school, no kin. Why When did you do that to do comedy? No, you just quit high school, you square high. Why I wasn't doing well whether play baseball. Here I was on a baseball team in high school. I went to the court she's, a you. Can you his girls do Schneider and feel as good as primary sir, I said now, I can't use so what you d think about couldn't Highschool hated it here yeah. They just didn't know what to do and how to cope with it. and so I will go back. You know he just really do no return to what did he do not much? who is the latest news again. Were he was religious? He he would dabble in real estate where you go, I didn't have enough
if his buddy hang around every once in awhile, downtown when, once in a while, you make a deal and then Fuck em out of it the only way of getting something so you just sort of like always hustling, were always trying well as gambling. What did he liked to do right by car? I'd like to bet on baseball here, so you had this to single out two almost go where he was religious here and then he was also gambler. So tat it was the ever like was he who is he bookie? He had a bookie yeah area. You cooperate I would say this is glasses fulfil here and they're yours I went on. I call them and made ready for him. Here: You don't even know anyone knows. I call it. Glasses fulfil. Did you for there were their shady characters around her. He was once removed from that. No, now you'll move from the air was like a neighborhood buggy bed, five hours on a baseball. You re right play numbers now now numbers
and what about your mom? I mean who is working. She was work out? He was. He was Iraq where she works. The repetition. Ah, she went to work every day. yeah, where the yellow each other other time. Here get a job that that was really. Grew with the religious met, the man of God, the man of God get a job Meda cricket enough with the shoe get a job. I think that was the basis of conservative Judaism then the whole neighborhood. No, yes, this wasn't like The third is when there is a depression. Everybody worked at a low, a middle class neighbour in the scourges and this guy didn't work. He was hanging around the real estate hanging around once in a while. We go downtown, hang around for a while, come back so again it was and was now- and it is a known fact- any sister was much older She was all she was gone gallery yeah she got married when she's like twenty, how really got out escaped
so now. You're, eighteen out college, high school dropout, no baseball future, though graceful doing these rights. No pay stand up gigs, so when do things start to turn of those agents called His name was early shot off any book. These lower class clubs in New England mostly in doing Lydia, MAC, Connecticut Massachusetts, main dinner clubs now mostly drink. clubs. Some of them were dinner closely at the Beazley. Had a comedian stripper the ad hoc committee in the belly dancer ha and Yet this huge office in the bridge building area and he had big outer office and a little inner office He couldn't see the door showing you walked in his his office. You scream who's out there, Tom was out there any. Finally,
a job ah place in Springfield Massachusetts, we have to drive through drove a which was import. We have a car, yeah driving stripper or the belly dancer of sea hesitate the headliner right here, I dunno I started in a similar way, but it was comics her rodeos, yes, the complex these one night, Rosea the main guy a lot of times. You have to drive because they be from out of town, and I I was over embossed MRI started. That's how we started was like these one nighters at the little bars people some day They have a comedy like they do they sort of a book a comedy night through these sub contractors, then times. Touring actual come in. If you are local, you go out, you drive them. You do a half hour, they do forty five. Then you get out. I guess cars, a little less creation strippers solely as sometimes That's a long run from two Springfield with straw area here have you a long road there is a few went
Come back. This girl was drunk and Jim. grabbed the we'll try to kill us. Kill me too? Really? Oh, my god, she's really depend as I love my life is not worthwhile and they do it grabbing the wheel Jonah, so I have stop ever really yeah. Oh, my god. I'm gonna kill us and she Evan, her she's, not my wife, Elizabeth well we're married his eyes. Forty six years, but usually we just quiet, say anything: did you ever guinea and never did you have to like watch the girls back I mean like? Did you ever get have to protect them? but actually worked in clubs, strip clubs, for many weeks in the not a city now like
outside this guy, China would book it clothes for weeks for weeks, so that other ages, I've got other age is too so that was gig car. So you would go to one club an end so that what they would turn over. They have the same girls, but they give New M Caesar or new girls. All time was there to no new girls. Kin. Girls of air was a week or two I'm was the same awhile I'll do the m c is not comic. So, where you gettin chops, we do in the thing I mean, how will we like work in those places? Could you get laughs sometime The audience with pretty good first I was pretty good idea. Second show I was always workin on material. China pretended bachelor parties in crazy people and fewer those near and an eagle mixed crowds, we can you get men and women on the weekend and enjoy most places. Haha during the week was mostly guys haha, but there are too many comedians around who experienced that
right now. I know who worked in a form and I think you're, the first one. I've really talked you that actually had extensive experience in being looked at those points here or there. Guys doing it. Prior oh yeah, us that those what we had to talk about a really yeah does atlases. He had done that and Is it the cafe la right around sixty three sixty four and are you hung out with them? not really by. We talked him at the cafe wire and that's what we talk about manner it was around many worthwhile yeah cause he related to that yeah. He had hidden nobody else who had done that so hidden. not only are comics have done as rightly see how many girls, how many girls three you fuck any idea, what
So when does it become like so, the cafe was started doing comedy when, while we were, I think nights when I'm ex could get up and and perform. He would why was the comic Richie Havens was working there, yes, I was married price, Richie havens and then they would lead. I'm IX get up Occasionally now forgive me night near there's a place right across the street. The champagne gallery a heavier that now and another one that was like in basement, and it was really plush type thing with a piano player. Ah, and then you would have to tell piano play to take a break? You go up and then, after a while, Atomic found out about the piano boy was no replaying flake flay once long comical go. Can I do something here? Everyone was later liar
Dworman who owns the comedy, cellar, the whole building, and they let you know that so they have music there. I don't know if it was actually the original location, the Catholic while, but it's still around show when do you start? You know getting more. I profile gigs in the city. Did you do this trip or thing for years? I do this ship. sing, probably tell like nineteen sixty seven and I would go back in to the improved in between languages, the improv open. I think sixty three really so I remember the impressive opening Biden, silver yeah nineteenth. I was sixty three, because when I first went there it was my family club. Sort, variety shall write or no, it was well singers, annex, not a variety showing people would just get up. Many singers comics, but what they did Have- was actual improv. People get up and do improv really J J bury Richard prior Rob Klein,
it was a comedian day, vaster, ah Ryan care. Longer improves, and that was like every night, As before ride me came, there was it was like after the theatre, right people. I have hang out right. Started around midnight and then all the guy you come from their gigs and they were they would do improves. That must have a kind of amazing year was there was great I actually when I started that club was still around silver had in the settlements. God that one we're original one and it was sort of like you. Wasn't it wasn't crowded anymore, but I got to work there. Quite a bit was one of the few closer. Would let me work, but it was. You know it was a show of its former self, but those pictures there was always ere. I just like my pictures, in the frames of of Richard onstage and Robert and but very young Rick, Overton, Andrea others that I kind of new from later, but I know they were doing? But that was the deal they just fuck around her well
was in the really early years, the emperor. I think that stop that it started gradually. become a comedy club, the air, main thing was comedy and still you have an occasional singer, but it was Perhaps as I remember it, and then Riding came driving yeah, he would do time. Every night, when he, so that was him when he started again when you started again before God, Dangerfield and before he did the hook again, a sort of along form guy right? Louise, you, like you, always do the brunt of the joke, but away I guy got nowhere. It wasn't. One line is right, no wasn't one line is he would remember him in the bar say I hope I don't know yet I give Vernon, you know Jack. You ve earned it on a hook Jackie running with the doll guy like machine this light, as illiteracy is a vacation railway and has little Jackie vote yeah, he was grey old thing. Was you come out and say too
look at me, you'd never believe that are you, Stevie, those I there you go there now that was his work and then he did decide. Regime was one of his routines, but Rodney was very aware, and he knew Jackie Vernon, in over comics back in the day and Jackie Vernon got this hook. We're Dog I hear, and he became a sensation here so ready made her way I what you Jackie, I love Jackie Vernon was a little kid and I still had my parents took me to see him when I was eleven or twelve in New Mexico. I grew up in Albuquerque from Jersey, right anyway, He did then the night club they held an hotel and they Let me, and if I want my parents- and I was thrilled eyes- I set off by just remember, like my sense of of of what show business was like you know you Sidney close is older than he sweating in its initial lab and there was something terrifying about it, but it was great day he was the first guy that I think that came up with this hook concept,
yeah, because he was just a comics comic in AEGIS worked. Wasn't getting my work and then he p aid, somebody some comedy right a really hated you gotta get something to. Where are you now I haven't identification and the guy came up that the loser, the dog a dog and that was it provides. The slideshow is huge. Adding a is huge you a couple of different swipe GM free. I vacation one, This is a barrier to me in there I took the picture. His me in a barrel life? I don't know who to picture here this funny man. He was funny and so right, You saw him. Why is widely was like so hard on himself right, yeah
He was. He was a question that thing for a long time. For weeks away, there is working as is working yet because he was out for a long time he went was selling riding with Joe Ancestor and then, like I guess Joanna was around two. I met your alliances. One time was working in Vegas yeah and he produce them several young out like a week, he was there. I think Rodney Now none user by himself and distort the material out of any story. Alyosha sellers degeneracy, Lenny, now he was working at the gulls. A the bitter, India, I think sometimes sixty four right Anna. Why did I can't afford it and then he was in he moved out here anymore. I don't wanna be reworked again after that cost savings died sixty six year, so you doing spots the improved then are you going out now make out. I didn't the kind of material I had this, material and I've been doing a combination of sheep,
clubs in these weak and jobs in New England, I just Didn'T- have the right material we just get by doing all jokes are we were here and mostly mostly all jugs jokes, that became the uncle Josiah on Carter networks that I had done right for years and clubs. And finally, I guess late sixties started to write material that I was happy. Words are and it was can a cutting edge material and then I started to really do good. Then I started work at the improvidence did very well the improved, and I did college tours dilatory, Dave Mason and had all this new material sixties Elaine sixty yeah pay one bit I would counsel broadcasting the crucifixion which really rub, people hurrah Gerda as good right on that you doing you any dead yet
as you know, I did it cost impressions, always gonna, be the ultimate Kosovo grass right, and I there is good, but it got really some really bad reactions sure course make funding Jesus. We will really make a fine, but it was just trivial ABC event: dna realising media in the, Improv somebody threw a coffee cup of meat louder. All I did I open for them I just brother, a Jew. to ensure that all of our expected evident really get too much. I just just generally people being offended at the concept of doing that here in that time, the era when he could still offend yeah. Well, I think you would be offended today sure it's back different, but I mean, but you get a eat. There is definitely a line, then that was throughout the culture. There you are now it's in pockets.
There is less of a line with religion, bright, yellow team. You can always kind, it's not hackneyed, but its way, I mean I did a pretty profane joke about Jesus coming back on my last special and I think it is still upsets people, the believers, but I think I've gotten used to it here. They got used to it, but they don't like it and if they have twice to say something if the abbot, sure those good cause they just don't say it is humor? They see it as a as friends and attack an attack. So now that was the gig, though right opening for musical acts and Anne did. They still wasn't like a lot of money and in club work in the city right you just worked, and now I guess well now. I got the college, the old man and networking coffee houses yeah. I did the whole string of coffee. It was a place called the
click in Miami did allied to the edge of the beast Droll Atlanta, the whole coffeehouse circuit. Is that like pre happy, I've been Nicky or what will you? I was here? It was like all the Jews Nada there was no OJ c Algiers Wurno out. There's always young Jews younger James Smoking. Yet the flicker, the foot it was like all good Joanie, Mitchell, one. We are also all their she Cutler latching onto the counter culture. came and the material I was doing at the time was was good in those clubs eight. They liked it ass great most of its idea. You're still people get upset, we are pushing them. unbelievable that embryos push in Europe. I decided hay, and this is where I was gonna do, and then I did my her shot on its nature, I tradition for the Nigerian York, yes before
moved out here now moved out here, but these to go back to New York to book flight, no for like a couple weeks twice a year Carson still had an affinity for New York right. He had been here for a long time here. Anyone who go back the summer's all hang out at a time when some of the people so he would have them come back to New York, and they had moved out already. So I think this is a seventy two and In the year, our coordinator was Craig Tennis and he had seen me at the Playboy Club, where New York in New York, and you see me the ice house in Pasadena twice and are you go back and forth has gone back and forth in? Why? Why? What we do now here? Georgie ice us also they fly out here I am not able to area. We go work for going. Where do you? similar to the ice houses around here, so that was one of the oldest once a year,
No, sir, there is always a great audience of the eyes. Still I think it's a very hot room. Yeah. You can't even explain her it's hard to monitor the ice. Exactly was like that they too, always while an I did a great set and the sky for the psycho. Obviously, as I got it made- and I did though, when I I'll be right for tellers in our heads material bag. I wouldn't covered Alan, the crucifixion, not I wasn't gonna so then he didn't like me and an acre. I came into the improv. and I was gone. I they said Craig Tenancy idiocy somebody else s pocket in I'm just gonna. Do my casilda crucifixion here and all my other material rang, and I I did a cat I came up to me. I have to show you do that and I chose Thursday as I can do any. This is what you do. Is you got through the fuck? You work here.
and you innately. You know you needed to do. He didn't even even go away. You say no! If so, what are you gonna do? I certainly do this routine about old people on the dating aim for all people. There was a routine, I D geriatric dating game. Ah, he said fine yeah. I went over them. Yes, fine, ok and that routine was Mike Douglas. Didn't want me to do is show cause. You hear a lot of people all of our wives to acquiesce, so he did it killed I did. A grey area was great merit Johnny, like it January like, and then they hadn't come out and a good thing that a lotta comedians see you couldn't get on television. I was all lazy. I was here. The work and as a comic yeah, I was doing play Boy, clubs is doing a coffee houses. There is doing the combination year, both and it was a great life mega. My prayers make money is doing what I wanted to do here.
I didn't really push the tv thing here, one I did get on. I had all this backlog of material right accidentally here just cause. I wasn't really that ambitious but you're doing the job. The job of work. I've been working for a liking for seventy two as ten years already so I have just I had a bunch of shit that I could do a headlights, six, seven routines that I could do and finally got the opportunity, then I wasn't in a bomb. I second the third time right, but they give me back. Then they desk you back pretty quickly right here. answered backlog in two months, Roma and and then I The first routine, you know, is old, dating game and then I had at solving routine about at seven saying what he wanted to say: airing a few drinks before his final show here and saying what he really wanted to say. All years after twenty something years, Johnny lie down loved it s an
polish, their retainers for five years and in doing that routine. Rather it was it was. It was ready to go here then had a nine and at other times it then. I also start to talk about the kids. I grew up with rife in which became more democratic, so I all this material and just exactly it just worked out. Great your lack of ambition, help it, and we are looking at here, is because everybody was warm. I get on tv. What am I gonna get onto you know they had the panic about the second ass, a director uniting our dear bout, the good stuff in it with polished. Yeah was Paul. From working that kind of, remember you doing itself and if you do not caught her, sometimes no, maybe now. What I bear did it all over I even did on the Emmy. What did stand upon him? You idea do in its own. Ok, I gotta remember you doing here. It's somewhere. My path here so you did that the tonight you how many times no idea
I would say least, a really before you cotter yeah, Twenty doesn't work. I gotta I did the first one is certainly too there was certifies, I probably done at ten times. So how did that? So? that must have brought you more tickets, medium image to build a following area from the tonight you're right here you can sell out a club or where everything was different. There have to have their first tonight. Jerry was different. Really people would come. There is working to club in my airy and I- was used to getting you. No thirty, four places sold out one appearance, Ryan, Johnny Carson, show that the three networking buddy right here now everything to everybody, watches in each of the three so that, so then you have your erika a big comedy star, I hear you like I'm a real headliner
make money. Poland, people in headliner coffee houses and stop working the boy boy. Clubs didn't do that anymore. Why? because it was like a set fee that you get any set time you do like twenty five. Thirty may its and now that was it I was getting better gigs someone when you start playing Vegas, then I think my first gig and re use was work was opening Fran, Margaret, probably around seventy three in writing. we are always get. Whoever was a hot young committee. On tv over here, and they were really the nicest people tat. They made sure everybody who is in the show fell, good and they invite you into Joscelyn. Had big dressing is big bar area and everybody from the show would go there, and will he something else? She was really a nice person. She was concerned about everybody be happy and I go in there and that's nice and I opened for
I thought this is gonna, be the norm right when you open for somebody for twelve more people, and they were all pretty nice, but nobody, I didn't make sure that you are happy outside you, ass, you up for then arise year, pointer, MAC Davis, Helen, ready, one hotel, different hotels, all different order they into yet a different agent. Now jar ops gone right, oh yeah, I was, we weigh more how ok, Joseph was guy who's out. There was good, and that was the gig. That was a good day great. You open for these people for a couple weeks for a run aware couple weeks, go to Vegas gotTa Tahoe Open for couples. ex then that when you start playing cards. Yeah pretty my were started losing in Vegas I was making like five thousand thousand weak opiate animal, losing it
play, blackjack cheer, you rather son right, has hidden as our gonna fall into this trap, and then I noticed that there was poker, and I There has been a pretty good poker player sigh. I said steady plain black jack o shy, play poker in, and I wonder winning, so it was. It was and I didn't you- know in the seventies- use thousand minorities, not professional, but you you, you were able to not lose all your money right, I broke out even here. That was great yeah. I work with tellers vows. We shall perhaps a few times he added. I really want to hear his fists. Maybe when now He would take all these small ships and pile up real high, like he was betting alot, yet he to gamble he also of the pipe over.
the illusion of the big spectra. So when how do you get caught her? How does that? Unlike what was due process back that did you pitcher? Did your agent put it together because, like by the time we get in my generation, you you go when you meet somebody in pitchy idea. They decide whether you want to know. and you're not then imbue you hook up writers that they have on contract. Was pretty similar numb. I had talked a few produce about we'll television show, but I never thought about doing based on my act was no one had ever done that Logan. When you do a bit some tv shows. Oh yeah they were you doing. Rose Sweden dean Martin at whatever you didn T Morn did them Mohammed Ali Roast. I think that was a first Rosalie who ain't. He thought that I, Who is this guy? He was fighting. in six months. I think belgian guy, coop and yeah gene. Pierre could Maria and he always thought it was you yeah.
Guy look will likely here and is cool you do he used to be a goodwill gesture that he was so lucky well, I'm a community arguing that look like a lady was mad, but he was really man he just but they were put the surprise on em, right, they're gonna be all in announcing the sardine with nice, Guyana, yeah pre might hard to know right yeah, but I heard it was like got a feeling that there is a really nice guy in their rear. That This was his act and he did it and everything was so easy. They structures things so you have to do any work is one that were there, the guards were their comics at your friends with the eye the things I did before you know before this happened before I go on tv. Were I wrote a lot of material for a day
fry. He was out of you. Remember him. He was an impression is Leah. He did the political impression right right here and I wrote a lot of his material, and wrote a couple comedy arguments for him, and you were friends who him who s came up with you that you will you contemporaries Brenner pretty was left and right only refer, surely early here, your bread, I think, was a few years after my client come in line was about the same time here then he started doing Improv in and work either his theater, but I saw it, the care, for you are probably I really nice. Sixty three get or anything else. Graduated Yale is and who is doing funny, Yea was always funny here: It was always really step above the harmony that was happening. so she Woody Allen. I saw him not not doing stand up but I saw him
bitter end the lot he would go there for the talent chose sometimes, and he would be encouraging to a comedian Sawyer my mother owed him a letter. because he was like the main cannot guarantee easily. I son was to be a comedian here. Can you help out? He wrote back alone. He said his cabin. I can't meet your son but I would encourage him if you visit she's gotta try it and see if he can succeed at it and don't discourage him. Let him try is thing half an hour I wrote Borealis mother a letter Will you actually answered he actually ass? It did you ever me. Frank Sinatra here he worked sees his powers for a while, and I, They were actually met him and he was playing baccarat, one of them is that how you doing yeah that'll table by himself here.
Are you doing so? I'm illusion. Everyone's losing your story is that right now and his report as this is my last night here, I'm looking for a new job. It was his last night diseases prior. As I do. I get it get you a weekend at the club. Eighty two in Brooklyn, So let me know my back, I think Jerry Tire and re new year from Virginia area. So let me approach the table because they knew where I was otherwise I would, if I can get close to Why so you go in with Canada? Has our weather? producer on sacks of t going to man right summit, the comedy star and as we can you were at the store you when you are out here. What is our only seventy three said at the beginning, ear the beginning, or I moved here, it's your came back to LOS Angeles. I moved here to do my second one and seventy one like late.
Any tourism is right, see you you're distort the beginning here, do you there when before MID, she took it over. Yes, no kidding. I was there, I think except the earthen Zambian Rudy look, I'm sorry about your ever was gonna work ha register, front room justified. and I would go up until and I got on the air, I didn't go to that much after that, but for the three years are alot even after let's you took over. She go on with her here While I was already doing well, I was on its way and that much effect on yes, you know much effect. The she didn't try to you knows I gave up yeah yeah I'm getting on tonight, so it was kind of easy I'll know. You can fuck with me. I know you are made guy Are you may get here? I got my button or so, you tell me is the first time they built a show, sawdust, pissed,
fucking around an act That's what I'm telling you that's! What I think we're out came Harry said. Are you know we wanted to shout and there we start to talk about. Is that those guys you talk about your act? The really funny we're in the first concept was the guys are like We're all bodies in high school- and they are the group- guys never grew up right. This still likes Twenty seven, twenty eight! They store live at home here and they still hang out together right and is still looking for girls and are still not there, and there was Bob Reno, Shack, albanian and still the same crew and We couldn't figure out where the the sets would be. Where did the hang out together? I railway and then just came up with the concept. What there's still a high school and instead of me, being their contemporary the teacher, Maria and that's and at sea to work well and we took it to the network and they should write a treatment? I wrote a tree,
Leah they bought it and they had someone else right. The pilot based on the treatment, production, Craig Creative created by credit, the whole time created Micronesia and and that was that her there was at all, but I was gonna kick off the shelf one eye before it even stomachers. Contract law is a producer, e G was carried, can drawing guy and, we don't really get along that while we try to get involved in people's lives and tat, you wanted to be the guru who which guys this james- he was a producers, a producer. I was kind of independent and the network. the Show- and we were doing the pilot- and I didn't know it at the time, but we did run through like a week before we take here. And their whole lives the guys to replace me no kin if I didn't knock it out of the park in that runs through here.
and it was really great and then we were stuck together. Fred lawyers die here. Did you enjoy it? I enjoy to love me, I loved work and it would have cost in all. This is this. Is my life dessert people that I grew up with forms of them, not exactly, but they were forms of them and some things happen to me some of the people on the show where actual names of people I knew so. I really am I want they do moreover, that these guys were the best of friends and they are all different ethnic background. I am, and it was anyone have one show where a couple black his up to forty washing his alchemy best friends await the endure, but that heating one do any of that. So it was a combination of give and take about what he wanted to know, whether Comstock or whatever Comstock you hear the campsite glowed there's. No,
oh MAC Coma! so we sought navigated navigated it like a thing. All televisions did the guys that these carriages or based- I never did you tell her- you are that they knew and really know we're on them We got together one time in New York. Like three of us, I think- only one of the saw how right now here- and this is- Thou Shalt. His first gig write his first me. Did you get here? Is he had done a couple commercials and I think I ve been a couple of small parts of movies. I was his first major thing of any Barberini Vinnie Barbary. No here This is my place, unease and my people very barbary. and Horse Shack and Epstein, and Washington was. I want you to hear. I remember all of em this? What are dry? The sweat arcs here I remember from my childhood. Remember you I remember
I guess it's weird today like that was what was interesting really as I started when we started talking about like when I read that article was like deeply ingrained stuff because of isn't my twenty years younger than you, so you are I'm seeing that when I'm view in elementary school and then entering junior high was a big show here, I figure it sort of. and not only here but in all the world everybody knew someone like that in their school, with common experience, Riah that I can have the arena. Guy is good. Looking and abstained. Tough guy everybody so related to it you guys are really thought at the angle. The stick of each one nearby Verena was the sort of cocky kind of guy right. Then whore Shack was the desperate kind of guy here. nap steam was always wait. Right, Indiana boiling out here consigned extremes. My was that the visa
please excuse one from coming late today, add something urgent. He had to do for me behind absentees mother, and he would now belong to know as as I was reading by having a neck, I die out very young. Sixty years on, horseback to re, our data and martial died conscious jasmine without a few years ago. Here and Travolta clouds on drought that keeps gonna give Go you ever talk to, but too often we get along really well, when we do the show is. Reality is funny guy to work were here here. It is really is really funny reactor to seven kept in touch that my knights, like things, your weird right, you get older and it's like you any do shows like his I've done a couple. It's like everyone goes wrong way. It's it's like a theatre production, even if it goes on forever cycle even if you are going to office, we annex people, people
ask it: twenty years later, you talk to work with your friends with them. You know sometimes, unless you have one person on your friends with the guy, wrote it we house acts ass. Yet we don't we talk, I am what's wrong, I'm still, for I see a liar Jacobs who played forty. Why should we still see Georgia as well as good as nice so you do that for four years humming I commend you. Do I do hundred Deborah hundred, I did three years I was on like me: before five shows. Nonetheless, season Comic took over you out. Here yet like Marsh was in the schools is easy for here. As a teacher who I was make, any sense was like cod in the Twilight Zone is Harry feelings, yeah was my show my life in also dinner, my feelings. That relationship got worse well,
it was always bad we're, so it think any worse aegis was able. You know the rating slipped by. The third sees an irish thought. Hate in these guys are. They would twenty some to begin with and we started this year. So now is how far you gonna push this year right, who need new kids, isn't that we need new kids or maybe move them to a junior college, and I I become a teacher junior college. I walk in right era in us all right. Let's do something we have. Twenty seven years of became employed sixteen anyone they integrate. This is why their milk, for all was worth said, so when that ended, I mean. Did you decided. Some point you are done would show business kind of I was really getting any offers any any good offers a after car after Well, if the Carter, you know things are still headline in Vegas Seattle doing that
nothing it was coming along and I didn't want to do whatever was offered me so is sorted, did other things you I got involved in financial, again I saw gambling area plain alot of vulgar being a poker an answer here and we World champion warrior, but thanks that you're like the king, Poupa Poker people a girl, you know I came in, second once in the carriage, but you did all right, you're making money yeah. I was making money here and done right gambling in here but more in investing- and I didn't have the eight. I guess I'd done so much comedy yes, such a young age. I didn't really have a real need to continue to do it. It also like you. You know
I don't know there was a time intergenerational thing. You know a ultimately, your audience is going to be your age after a certain point here, I still want to exactly it's hard to remain relevant, so it would be difficult to kind of like YO continue. You like me. I guess you could update your act, but it still gonna be this Vegas hissing, India. How could you not get tired of it? I think eventually you They get tired of it and I I still worked in Vegas occasionally, but you have to yeah of Germany, and I wanted I try to do it again like about twenty years ago, I went to New York here. First, I I went down the comedy seller You know, so I, like my age, like fifty seven fifty eight year, your age earlier, I came up with a couple good bits: how'd it go away, go here, except nobody wanted me. I did aren't you a comedy festival there. I did really good twenty years ago, twenty years ago, resurgence he's back, that's what I thought
It is back. That's what I thought. Nobody garish it like that said here. They treated you like a nostalgia, act neither Nagras thou Jack. What I guess, the people, who'd book, the shows they weren't interested in Haryana showers, yesterday's news and I didn't really go out and push. I didn't get an agent and try to get. I thought just before someone was no say: hey We want you back the earliest. Come I realize you. I need you to stay engaged with it like Richard Dear, where you maintained a sort of audience Ike Richard Louis. No, oh just kept go Emu resorted gone for a while yet I was gone and and didn't seem like anybody want me back. So I said, ok play cards like I'll do other things, you did all right, you're, alright, mega nicely, oh good, I'm alright, let's good!
but I still have they need. You know like why I read this article here. I have written a movie about in my family, my father now working in coming of age. In the nineteen fifties with sir, I am only Ivan gambling yeah, so written movie, I got so like in the last year since covert I sat down and saw the right again so really good. Writing that article, clear going over. Those memories, what happened at it fell really good. Gonna, see Robbie Conrad here and talk out and so we're. Ok, we're always why. Why did this happen to us? Why we enemies? It's interesting, though, because I can still seems to me that, even after talking and then talking about this article again that you're a ladder that was in your head, could be
either we have been made here. He was nice to you. You was a nice to me, but I do that all time round I like it and then you see him there like. What are you talking about? You hear the sword I cannot see the process where your Nero transmitters make. You feel the worst thing. Is everyone feels the worse than we have ever seen? In my view, nauseated? I know in again of the workers, but it was not by their own shit. We re here yeah me, but I really did get locked into that. The end of that. In a new stage of that, you know that the different media landscape- that you know you are part of this thing- that it is done It's gone, it's all gone. You know in my Buddy Tom sharply near him, and I were talking Rickles, the other night. You know, and Hill Union go on Youtube and watch an entire you can all of Rickles Letterman appearances are, you can watch all of somebody's. You know withstand liking, just someone makes it puts it altogether.
it's kind of fascinating, just how? How great now big the personalities or in your day you now and now you know it's hard to lack lock onto anybody. Yeah, it's it's it's a new era. people are everything to vary. Where everything changes fleeting things change, I guess there's two hour. I worked at term. I went This casino, Mississippi, ah too the promotional, then where a hooker I also did speaking up like or public speaking, where do Carmody in I didn't. I talked were like a TED talk here. not really a TED talk me. I was a comedy like they would have a couple political power but like I have a guarantor for four days of a few political people, and you do the comedy. How do you know? I was a comedy. Relief sometimes was a keynote, see right things for its yet ethically striking and then and then have.
preparations. Are you never knew existed here, girl and find out about? hand right and write stuff about them right. I was in his casino in Mississippi and calmly globular and they had like. Hundreds of pictures of every comedian and I'm, looking at those you my picture like too an creed is I never heard of here, and then I went the programme and they have like six carriages and I'm one of the characters. So this is where my life is gone. Poker guy, I can't make the top two hundred gave. Is that while it still the comedy story, believe dear me, that's good. I was just there I'll go of double check, for you must go to all those pictures. In the doorway in the back hall most of them are up. I think I still think you're an affront Norway. I'm stolliver all. I think so. I think so out of doubt I will check here. Let me know,
great, dark and even great talking to you, I really enjoyed The cap when, real deal. That was a unique stand up story. In terms of how we started. I had not had a conversation. this sort of doing comedy on the road at one nighters which strippers I there is a real risk and remember, focuses podcast sponsored by better help in maize Mental Health awareness month and throughout June, deputy up is proud to join cause if these stigmatizing therapy, communicating with a better help councillor in under forty eight hours, wherever you are in the world. You'll get timely thoughtful responses. Plus you can schedule weekly, video or phone sessions and w You. Have listeners get ten percent off their first month of online therapy at better help that come Flash Deputy Head Is it better eighty lp dot com
I should tell you tat now: guitar.
cheers one key in the fund cal angels everywhere there in the room there in the fuckin room,
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