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Episode 1232 - Danny Elfman

2021-06-03 | 🔗

Danny Elfman did not set out to become one of the most prolific film composers in history. He was a distractible kid who couldn’t focus on much of anything except music, loved jazz, loved Stravinsky, taught himself how to read, write and play music, and found himself as the frontman for the band Oingo Boingo for 16 years. But everything changed when a fan named Tim Burton came to Danny and asked if he would score a movie called Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. Danny and Marc talk about all of it, including Batman, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Simpsons and his new solo album, which is his first in 37 years.

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start gone promo code, w e f stay, Start com, never go to post office, again aright, Let's do the show all right! Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the mechanics what's happening- Mark Mare, and this is my podcast going. How are you feeling VP on our right now? What happens now? What happens Do we go back to getting cold and flowers and mild things better? I mean it was kind of amazing. For a year we get nothing, got nothin, no colds. No, there is no bugs, no stomach things, just water, mental anxiety. I became very intimate with all the psychosomatic symptoms that stress in panic and terror can cause, and in your boy on a daily basis. I still gonna have some of it man, I still
ok to have some of it. So I don't know why This I feel, like I talk to you about it before, but the third watermelon there what NL the melon of help them one of hope turned out the good melon turn I'd be a solid melon. The color was not right, but the texture. And the sweetness was on. fuckin money. So thank you for your concern. Thank you for your your prayers. Your thoughts It worked out that third metal that I bought in a panic at turned out to be Best mountain was a nice place to arrive. It was like a right that was the full ark. The bad on the other right now in It's in this one gave it a few days sit with it. Look dream about it. so I sit up perfect how often desire happen. Closure date. We often is on the show today, and it was exciting to talk to him
He is probably the most prolific film score, composer we ve ever had on the show, maybe of all time he's done scores for more than one hundred movies. I will talk that several of them many of them and also for tv, show stage, productions and so how's he was also in the art. I've, been doing a boiling among the outside I'm on the outside among the outside. Now this is where it oh begins. On the outside. Looking in he's got his first, so allow them in thirty seven years, it's coming next week. That's why I'm here The only reason I know that song is because my buddy Damon in high school enjoying a boy of none of us knew about going bongo. He had that one record and he would play. In the car. This, the cassette tape all the time in that how I knew about oil bongo was from Damon. I wonder how Damon's doing does anyone?
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I've waited my whole life to be humble this much by life, to be aggravated and still kind of fun I can be. pretty consistently funny on purpose. That has been my life go folks. What do for a living. I'm I'm pretty concern instantly funny on purpose Has the time not fun engaging not funny prismatic, perhaps not funny interesting. Maybe compelling, sometimes funny what I want to be on purpose. I've. I've got that skill. Now I've got it. Occasionally I think about guns. Do I need a gun? I've talked to me this before I dont the I don't know, is this an old guy thing? Is this in l a thing is this: is it an end to the world thing?
the others guns around. Do I need one in and what you? What do I get like? I don't want a pistol, I thought maybe a shot gun because of five a shock. Someone comes in to take me out. I can be at the top of it. there's what might shot gun a pump shot gun dislike, put it with a shock and you're gonna hit something something you gonna get you Your odds are improved, but now I'm talkin taking a human life. Is that so want to do all it can do is enabled me to go down shooting and then I started to think about it. Isn't that what it's always about when you really think about old guys with guns, just think about who they are think about their life. Think about the deep sort of weird burning, ember of rage at the core of their being existential speaking. How many back in people really have their shit together enough to surrender to the inevitable, with a certain amount of peace of mind, how many not many how many people
like no they're gonna die and our ok with dying, because I've lived wife to their fullest and they understand as rational people, We as animals die and that's the end of it. How many not many, how many people are out there with these fuckin unresolved problems with these chip. On their shoulders with these things. They never did with these poorly parent. did. Insides debts are full of rage and hate and objective vacation occasion and fucking snot and fuckin fire. What about those people? Sick? he. Seventy eighty arose with just a fury inside them in a brain, slowly going blank being filled with itself. hiding garbage meant to cry eight more rage inside them, but for specific reasons, what about those people, those people most people? Most men wanted oh down, shooting
I don't care what they owe carrot. Who then, have to have a reason they just want to feel it. They just want to feel the fire power of going down shooting how is that a solution for humans in this fuckin world, this country? That's what it is. Peace who killed people then kill themselves, that's how they it makes sense of it broke in angry ray vessels, how do we fix it? Ah, how do we fix it see I can be funny on purpose, I thought is that I just did. I was hilarious. just decided out loud, but are not getting a gun thanks for helping out what the fuck, w g of his sponsored by better help online therapy May was mental health awareness month and continuing throughout June. This show is proud to join the cause of de stigmatizing therapy, I'm always up
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she Lp Dotcom, Slash W e F, get help, get help, get help. Help me help me, I'm not get not yet a shotgun, I'm not They can go nowhere. Good yeah, all of the above, not getting it A? U kill somebody be you get killed, see kill yourself d, all of the above Joan eat. It don't eat the barrel They see where the brain goes. I'm not that guy, I'm not gonna go out like that Danny Alfin. His new out, Miss carve big mess. It's out next Friday June, Eleventh didn't get it wherever you get. Music is also bringing back the live nightmare before Christmas stage concert this year that on Friday, twenty ninth at Bank of California Stadium too, gets, are on sale now and also disappointing. This talk. Where we're talking about
they were both scary monsters. And he says Adrian Blue play guitar on it and I'm pretty sure it's robber prep. I should start by my guns. It should have done the research in the moment, but he was pretty merited Adrian balloon, but I knew it was for it in my heart and it is for, if it is, I'm not saying to undermine Danny and anyway. I just want to make sure that that, The information is out there for those of you who need to know that, because I remember being excited about it. When I was in I school and scary monsters, a mountain Robert trip was honoured to somebody turned me onto fruit by that point. Knocking crimson solo frick and I knew Frick was an interest. in Qatar player in Man is scary movie. There's a good album Vigo just I want a couple records for David Bowe. On my way to were to talking Danny often, which I will do now right now, right through the other on the might tell me about their Pakistan,
man, it was great. You know I don't travel as much as they used to this was a right during that, when the Taliban in open before two thousand one is late nineties. So what what? What compelled you Is that a vacation yeah? That's my idea of a vacation and dark eyed neighbour. They ended up the block a living. the pink canyon here and we kind of bonded, because both of us back in the seven these seventy like when we are really young yeah. I spent a year in West Africa and he said this year, the same age travelling through Afghanistan REACT, and so we can. It took these a similar but different trips, and I went back on me wants, but he started going back regularly and now you know he became an importer of fabrics agenda. Yet I mean I can understand that that journey, those guys who import export well I'd had always said you gotta come along with me. We ask, as I was so interested in one year. I said you know what I'm gonna. Do it
It was great yeah, all my cousin, but it wasn't a frightening little bit me out. You know who gives a fuck the assets like this is like cool and you know the afghan people I mean. The thing that I understand is that They are so warm if you felt like you were in danger, is you know you could almost go to anybody's house and knock on it and say I need your protection really and there really compelled to take you in. This is what they have also been dealing with: whatever's terrifying, you for for centuries, yeah yeah, exactly and they have a saying called the guest before Allah and dumb there. You know I I would talk with p baloney I friend. Without you know he was probably Taliban and but there attitude was like There are very much against your George Bush, your government tat, but you are welcome here. You seem ok well, but not even seem, ok, you don't represent them right and they they differentiate the to ya like
down with your government but you're our guest you're here your guest and your welcome, so they would know by GEO by mostly because you're not wearing a uniform. I I can't even say how they would now. I think it was just the attitude of your agafea and we welcome you yeah. I never felt threatened. I have these great photos once once I was sitting in a little cafe and people love their pictures and I had to cameras. I look like a life photographer. quickly like to big fuckin Cambodia and the Gaia taps me on the shoulder next to me because it notes, the universal language for click click area and as a port mecca, He opens up his as vastness got bullets, about right now I am too became big smile and like what year is out no ninety something late. Ninety, as it is a long were you there, I was for about a month. He travel you go for a month when I can, when I look at your like skate, why look you're out put em like? Where did you find a month?
Maybe it was very well. You know it's like when I I was always wired for. If I had, however, many weeks off, I out somewhere, when did you go to, Africa was eighteen and he just went yeah, I just when what was the impetus. Well, I mean I wanted to travel around the world via and does so me in my body, we, like a year planning this trip through north Africa, India, Asia, work away back LOS Angeles, your high school yeah, and but we took a wrong, turn that something is like. My life has been a series of crazy yeah. What I didn't account is that I would land in Paris, first year and my brother with this. He was a drummer with them musical, theatrical troop, Cutler, Grand MAGIC circus and dire in pay. So in Paris, and I happened to you pick up a violin before that trip my first instrument ever yet and I was practising it came out one day my brother was sitting there with Durham Savary, either the director and goes a little red. He told me
You know you're, not bad. You can play with us. I got really. I've only been playing life for five months and there. You are good enough and I toward with them for a couple of weeks and now my friend music was as it was like crazy? I don't know crazy French hear something cabaret tunes with its always like a chaotic yeah at merely chaotic right, miss shows or chaotic, like twenty people on stage Riley right and the and audiences would get rowdy in big theatres and every now, and then there be like some shit. What happened? chairs would start fly in. My brother would always like grab me get my kid. Your violin out here for years is seventeen. Seventy also thing you're crazy that were oh yeah, yeah, pretty crazy, and then rather than going through North Africa to Asia, I ended up the canary islands, and I
really interested through friends, I'm here with the country called Molly and the art and fetish things that I saw and suddenly next thing. I know when a different trip right We go to Mauritania and then head down to Molly, and I lived in Molly for a while. So this are just an adventure you running your brother was already like a traveling musician. He was already like in the theater and music. He was like a hunger drummer in, and you grew up here right yeah, while LOS Angeles, so the United ended up that whole trip took a year. I never got to Asia, India, and you know the map all like her, I land, but I ended up. I ended up in Uganda when eighty I mean was in power and just missed meeting him by like a minute? How would you have met him because I was going to Murchison falls and I was camping out here. I couldn't stay and acknowledge, but he was just leaving where he would done like some dinner or something and all these cars Driving often they told me at all.
The president on meeting just laughed it'll just missed him. Was it better off? Probably you know it is relevant to now. Because the way people spoke. of media mean MIA at that time. They didn't believe that he was going to do the shit he was going to do. This is the beginning. of his reign. I would be an attack cs it. What do you do you know? What's with you, the Yemeni outlawed many skirts ia and it goes down you don't take it seriously. He's just says: stuffy Julia and just now it echoes of Donald Trump He just says stuff yeah. You know yes, people that are just what he just said. What the fuck! You just said. This think right. None are you just talking dry, suddenly taxing other slaughtering exactly and Andrey it's just like that's how, the moratorium, yeah yeah there there clowns initially and they called him the clown yeah I mean before- wounds phone is not ass. He was, he was considered a buffoon and that's what makes him attractive. Everybody now is that, like another kind of entertained their entertained, he said:
it's crazy stuff, but he won't do any of that. So when you went down there like I'm trying to picture like, I always talking to people who grew up and allay at that time, because as in endless work. You are conscious in the sixties, well, ah and here I mean that's a subjective term. Isn't it yeah, but I mean it was somewhat conscious. But what was your word you up our towns, you grow Baldwin Hills, ass, interesting, so is sort of like it's, a black neighbourhood now primarily at home, and I went to mostly black School Audubon in Crenshaw area to middle school here and you're in your parents were. Why schoolteachers? Ah so there's a premium put on education. In an hour ass, I never went to college. You know I was like every school teachers worst nightmare yeah, I'm glad My father lived long enough
like see me, sell out the universe lamp at the earth. You did something exactly where we see from here. He was Canosa, Wisconsin and moved out here after the war world, where two ha and Yang became a schoolteacher. Why Wisconsin can Russia has lived out is tat. We get there, how did he they're here, Visa Poland ha so The EU is part of the idea that the midwife turn juice yeah exactly ass. His his father, because I remember his parents didn't speak Alot English yeah, so I dont remember them super well cause I'd. Obviously I didn't speak Yiddish yeah. He never spoke that right, but that was there. He spoke polish and yet is probably russian and probably three other language yeah. You now the right sure was the cause I get like Dillon and the Zimmermann there, though, like was got their Minneapolis matter. What's at Minnesota Jews right right, there is, I think there was just
jobs in farming and what you're so canosa. I think he was actually in the furniture, business retail furniture end Asher. I recall correctly, and I My guess is that my father moved to LOS Angeles first, he learned later that he wanted to be a big bang trumpet player. Now, when I guess Yet I never even knew he played Trump. Really I discovered that later replayed when you are on our aid and never brought it up, but I think than his parents probably came out after he did settled out here and you never do is a trumpet point. I found the trumpet in the closet and is like Thirdly, I used to play at my mom said he was really good, our any logic, I would put it down, you put it down any had. No regrets was not a frustrated musician, her anything comfortable people, yet you have one brother, one brother, you and you guys These were thy tearing it up in LOS Angeles tear in it tearing each other. I like you sort of like as always picture the sixties in LOS Angeles, is being were you on it?
a referee of show business here at all. Did you travel name when, but I mean in high school and stuff? What were you guys do? We'll Highschool was a whole different, see everything up. The high school was one life here, as I grew up lived in bold and Hilda. No, job is nothing. You know it it wasn't killed, my parents moved to West Ally and that's where he started to to meet the people, and that's why men understood oh what a dysfunctional family means. You know it's like: they live in Malibu Dysfunctional B. I open a real normal boring middle class household, Yeah and when did you like, when does music start to come in not till high school? And what did it look like? It was like pure luck The first friends I met a group of friends were I can already crowd This is like this is like sixty is already well. It would have been like yeah, I mean like sixty eight and nine, I'm dumb they played in autumn
laid. Might one one friend was already it the player of doing avant garde composition? He turned me undisturbed: Linsky, oh yeah, another friend, crazy, Drummer Willie. He, I am dumb. You know, we'd stay up all night gettings analysing the jazz and, like turned me, between jazz instruments, keep doing miles. Cole, train and servants Let's turn my life round completely and weaken figured your brain totally ya configured my brain, I like got out of rock and pop One hundred percent were you in it. I welcome, and I listened to the same stuff, other kids studying I'd drop in the Beatles shared Algeria Cheryl that stuff, but he suddenly now We want the new, the new were MILES Davis, someone here what Eric Doll Fuse doing, so that became subtle. I became interested in music only because all my friends did write and was your, brother playing this point. He was a Congo drummer.
Congo Julia and he was like cool, he was like a hippie, your hand, living up and aid ass bury had a little clothings thorn play. Draw Howells majority for a foreigner- four years, so you had that like sort of via a guy who is a b with the machete in frontier at least cutting the way into the. Counterculture William. Would he taught me was how to keep me head down her. You know, that's that's the set. And third child, you know He caught all the shit right right. You know getting stoned, long, hair, the whole thing caught, the shit clash had caught the shit here and I learned our right keep the grades good and lie through your teeth: smile, everything's! Fine! If you read the good Guiana, you don't smoke oh no mom! I be so fucked up saying so good at it like covering it up. I swear to God.
I didn't tell her until I was forty how much drugs I used to do back in high school and she still upset sure my what I failed as my eyes at mom. I'm doing great, I mean look, I've gotta have got a great career, but I'd veiled you she was still like. They still get hurt Thank you personally and Jesus. Why didn't you tell me? Is it because of this? He I see are reacting in twenty five years later. I can imagine how you would have reacted in. I was protecting. You were a hard job, as kids growing up was to protect our parents from who we really were exactly yet. The reality was just too hard for them and we had to protect them. So when he met these, if people that, when you're mine was being blown by music, when did you start playing? not until my last year when I was going off to my trip, the fiddle yeah asylum pick up a fiddle and take it with me on the trip that was your first instrument.
I was trying to figure it out after looking at all, I looked out like what did? What do you actually play? No well. What I play well, nothing I was totally always jack while trades master of none, I could pick up. Any instrument should learn to buy something on right. So for me That point I was obsessed with the Jangle Reinhardt and Stephan Capelli, that was his violinist jazz, violent, the thirty zero and so on. Play like Stephanie Napoleon. So when I started the mystic nights, when I got back from Africa, that's what I did. I actually played jangled. in the midst. Ignites was that it was a theatre grouper like a kind of a weird cabaret, theatre group, YA, multi media. Where was at that I was all over samples, disco, LOS Angeles, announcing between the ten did. They have a headquarters like up of one place, allay my law after I had an old laughed in Venice. Oh you! We were hysteria for like a nickel a month base
quickly, and then I then I got my first place in the back on the east side. Again rough area- and I mean I remember it- was like a big fuckin, loft with us parking lot, the duplex and its five thousand down down pay much about. parents via pay them back later right, but we were heard there for years. How many people in this ensemble well is up the twelve actually now did you brother having to do with this? He started with us, and then he went off to make this movie forbidden zone, and then I went off with the mystic knights and can in turn them into a more musical version what we were and what everybody had to play three instruments, so we could do. We could triple As a brass, ensemble a string, ensemble or percussion on some in this. What year resist oh seven deed to through seventy eight really so like who, like so you're in unique entity like no,
was really doing what you were doing, that we were freaks, yodel freaks and like Where did you fit into the music landscape? Elevated to anything, I didn't even listen to music in the seventies. I wouldn't listen anything recorded after nineteen, thirty eight, so you like a full on old, timey, nerd, yeah yeah, I wasn't in my head. I will lived the life that went between Harlem in Paris, nine team, thirty one, why and the other guys you I got two. They got pulled into it. So you're only playing Jangle, Reinhard tunes and wealth can callaway. First writing of music was Duke Ellington. I loved Duke Ellington LISA I really want to dig into him more like there there's like it, almost limitless genius to that guy, yeah, total genius- and you listen. the arrangement, so transcribing Ellington arrangements was my first time. Actually writing music was trend we're, not a transcribing Ellington.
that's how you learn, how to read music and right, music, listening and learning to write down the parts to Ellington. Our man see tight yourself that yeah and book. Ellington stuff. Even now, many years later, I look back and I got no still a total genius. You know it's not like. I thought, So, at the time, and in hindsight I got no not really now he was a fuck genius right so like even before you got involved with pop music. You rate, I forgot vault you're under your appreciating the serve layers of composition like theirs. it's here, I I was- I was listening to Ellington Jane, Striven Ski and procope Yoffe here, and so by a compositions. We're like out of a weird procope ya fish soup. Vince guiche naughtiness mixed in with cap Callaway, but that's how your brain work yeah. What about
dapper. Deliver engage with that, and I mean I didn't. I news apis stopped and listened, but that there was like a kind of progressive rock and because it was rock I woven into so when that was happening, even though the humour of it and the intention of it. Why guest wasn't quite similar to what you're doing then, but certainly his Vacuousness? Oh yeah, yeah yeah. I already appreciated him here and its attitude now remember his first album, because Still when I was listening to rock the others of inventions. Yes, I loved. It was when I first albums how really, but then, when I did my brain shift, I got no rock n roll right, not because it was. It was silly, no not at all just like entered a portal and just like me Porto. It's like ok, I'll, live here for a while and had sort of an infinite portal that one year people never leave those portal. Now because, like why me, I think it must have. It must have informed you, creativity all the way through it because there's no to tear. It seems like that Spain
some stuff Euro listening to convey encourage experimentation from most ever right, that's true. I was also listen to a lot of modern percussion. I became obsessed of precaution and there was a point where I thought it had become a musicale, just repercussions. I love this guy named Harry Parch hurry Parch was like a almost of hobo, composer in the fifties in the sixties and he built a zone instruments ha We in the mystic nights we actually built our entire sample of percussion instruments or sell out of what out of metal and would grind metal and grind. Would I have you guys we're together with their no my partner Leon, Schneider men- he was the same guy went to Africa with he was a brilliant builder, huddled, Annie. Thing, and so I was really more like his us. distant like with design like I'm here's what we want to do. We want to build this big base crazy base. Marimba thing we want to build this metal. My their pants on a rack, but he would actually do it now would help em yeah. He was, he was right,
that was, his genius was like making cars corrections of things and putting it together. So are you guys doing like happenings with that sort of their content? so the performing their only recording. Now we I mean first years was all on the streets. So my first a four year where orchestrates anywhere like we gotta, wait what yeah lay outside of a movie. We just like a pitying guys about at that point problem. We about ten year like drums, we do drums and put the drums down pick up. Our horns play this crazy show pass the hat and bail before the police came wow. And that was that one on from that many years and then finally started moving in theatres and like little theatres and and did you ever built up any momentum, but little I mean you know we got popular enough. play like a month at the The boarding house in San Francisco, which was like a cool, a little theater, and we did the
khazar. We did the Aquarius Theatre here here we played for like a week. We do that kind of thing and what were you doing for a living waiting tables? Where great amiss confident beverage company in Santa Monica or had to perform play trombone and sing and wait tables. so he had a will refund the trombone. You would do a man. It was awful so loud and crazy. And honestly I was a busboy. I wasn't even really a waiter. He has only a waiter at the end. I wasn't good enough. On the trombone added as a way to us. A waiter was a shitty waiter, I'm here terrible. I tried to bust until two other restaurants. Afterwards, like faked my way and I didn't last week, I couldn't remit the orders here bring the Things are in order that a slow, but about the worst. If so, when
what's he evolution what's out of the air, the domestic? What's all neighbour the mystic, ninety idling, applying, as also is amiss, ignited lying among us. Some of the like. I want a mystic nights because it so confusing cause. The band took the main legal bongo right, but it's no connection to what the mystic Knights were doing so nine. It's really fuckin confusing. I made it seem like, like it must have learned a lot. It must have laid the groundwork for your musical imagination. Will it I knew what I didn't want to do. I didn't we do theatre any more at all. So suddenly I heard scar at England and I set out to do that. Scoggins, and I love the idea that all we need is amply no sets costumes. Make up all this shit cause. We had movies animations, it's like love the auxiliary for psychedelic experience in a way as I couldn't frippery ia and so I love the idea of going to the other extreme started ass trip. A doubt me I mean it is amply drums go near and- and I have just one-
in a scar band Oleson, it's weird because I was in those first fuelling the first coupling of boiling records and it's not it doesn't sound. Essentially like Scotty me. I was motivated by scorn, punk right. You know we weren't really a scar band and we certainly worked upon ban the abbot. We were drift by those impulses, and we know we did it. There were a number of scotch songs, hear them most them didn't, make it to record, and then the butler Scott was just really fast yet was fast in it like it, but he drew from like there's, there's a momentum that kind of pounds through like alive. I have your music, yet an intensity to it. It's called nervous energy, loud nervous, energy, Louth miracles, energy. Would, you know really really low attention span and in that way
it's a defined, did you have ADHD Emmy? Are you guys? Probably I never got we didn't get diagnose, but I'm sure that I did hear and then like, but me it focuses yeah exactly as all the only thing I could focus on was like if I was in. Composition of thousand with thing I learned, I could really really stick with that to be present for at present for it, but I could never learn another language. I could never learn to read properly either. I could write my whole scores down when the hour scoring try doing, lessens the leg improve my reading. I couldn't fuckin, do it. It's like. I really began to feel and I still feel that they are not a brain like a king, You know like some something in that, like, as me, always been off but how's your like? How can you cite re pretty? Well, not at all music, now shit lights, and I mean that's what I mean. I can write it, but when I read it back after read it slow because I love
to write without learning how to read write. So my reading was as fast as I can write. He has allowed me. The same is like teaching yourself to type without reading, and then when you learn to read your reading the same speed, you couldn't type right, but so, but you can express yourself immediately through writing music view here. In your head, yeah yeah Why did I learned early enough but I could write it all down if he had the time. Freeze it and right at the outset, to read it in real time near loosely. That was like learning the language and that's right hit a block When there are twenty, two other gotta, do it right where you like, playlist for me. Well, I mean I don't have that ability back there, but you know right it out in and go straight to orchestra right right where you, when you're in a band, you don't write anything out bright. He just jam yeah you. This gig I've made out rehearse. Oh man, I did like seven years writing yet with the mystic nights than I mean the bandwagon going on at all. That was wasted
It was for nothing summit to Bandy, bring in a guitar. You play the song and the ban picks it. then you're playing it. But what was seen then I mean it's like in order. I can't you decide you wanted to see it her, but you obviously made some choice to do pop music in a way right, you're Ike, your gun in four hits weren't. You know I mean I really. I know we'd never have a hit. Didn't you kindly? Well, we kind of weird science was kind of a hit, but that was an inadvertent. I remember remembering, like I remember when I was a kid like chasms, I'm fifty seven had a friend like would literally for months, sing that I think the first owing of buying a record like almost in its entirety. You're just wandering around though I would I am on the outside it well, I mean is the first problem that probably was the first album mile you really like. Yet he was in it in areas like you is one of the things tat. You guys never know about lingo lingo. Nobody had to Cosette.
put on a car, while I pity you knows gray and because it was at that time, you like I've, never seen anything like this well, but what I mean hits it wasn't. We developed a really big foot beautiful following the West Coast, but we were considered like the biggest cult banned in the country because, like you know, We got to a point where we could cells sixty five hundred seats easily in the house at last year, and we could take that to San Francisco. We rise while SALT Lake City IA, Santiago by people instead of the Rockies and now we're playing like three energy club really show yes, that's what it will. I think he pry was one. Those guys could. I grew up in New Mexico and thinking pry visited somebody and allay right and they, like you, don't know, I'm going to that kind of thing gear and brought it back. Oh yeah, but look solid city was one of our best audiences, so interesting. You know that the people that sort of like Mormons or good audience, if you're, not dirty and the people.
Our annoyed by Mormons are great audience. If you want to push humble, I just thought those kids needed, let some steam off zero, like some other rowdy. Yes it's really yeah. They rivalled allay for sure like if that was like I'm trying to think you were a part of the allay music singing at that. We'll barely music seem. Fortunately it was really eclectic. Look like we switched clubs every weekend with near the group. A ban would be like us, a group called fear our acts yeah. The go goes yeah who called Wall a voodoo. Yet less logos, It was really a collective group if you like this all of Europe, very little in common with any of us, I was sort of what real punk was about wasn't. It was just about a lot of different regions, like it was not like the sound it punk rockets identify with, is not really what the original idea of punk was there,
I dont know when when I started the band, I you know like punk on way to old on twenty seven, I'm an old man right and I'm gonna be in a punk ban, but it was just people doing their own vision like the minute men to rewrite lawyer exactly end, yeah. So I mean a lot of boundaries were crossed. The interesting thing about the l, a scene is it there, wasn't him until he seem right July. So what'd you need like. I would play a show at Madame monks, West, and I would one in between our sets the to the Hong Kong CAFE to see acts play. They were my favorite band. I listen to those first three exams there are made their great. I always thought there were like like the best there were there. Will deal in the end. The thing is, I would see, acts unless Lobo these other bans and I'd I saw was envious of the fact that they new who they were, and I never had a clue- and I still doubt- and here I like there was an identity. I envied that that, like the sense there was a centre to it
right. It was well grounded in something real, is grounded, though, what those guys are grounded in a sort of american tradition rise that rock we acts was kind of a bra banned in La Swoboda. Was these those are kind of funding? mental American Van Gogh goes was pure pop band end. they all had a centre that kept them clear. what they were answered, and I never had that and I I envied anybody who did and he still feel like you- don't- owe die. No, I don't and new album proves it yeah, but I mean I listen to the new record. I wasn't over cuz, I mean you definitely, nobody sounds like you, but I understand what you're saying, but it seems to me that, coming out of what you came out of with the interest that you had, you seem to honor most of those interest in those are not as simple as those other bands, maybe but I still. I wanted to be an indifferent band every two years and you can't be in a band wanting to being
different band every two years. It's like every two years. I wanted to wake up and do a whole different kind of it, and that made it very frustrating for me and I. What I didn't understand is that I was going to become a film composer and thou same impulses would work to my advantage because not being limited oil, just loving extremes near how to switch it up, switch it up right where either I write his right go from ridiculous, too heavy. in Tanzania, too small and personal If you want a centre, you didn't need a centre as long as I could keep mixing it up. I was happy right up to two things in a row that there were the same. I was miserable. But being on, the road was impossible. I'd have to perform the same songs every night would make me in saying really I mean I could never have been unforgotten way. When you hear about you know a band touring for all year longer plain have decades or peep somebody being on Broadway doing it shows a week. Six! weeks on the road. I was going insane what what was it? The repetition yeah
just made me inside it make you feel like you're, just a almost like a recording machine. I like what was that I don't know I just I psych onto the song anymore. I don't don't under the anymore and cause it was dead to you. I was more than two years old so like when you were doing them. Mystic theatre, business, it was called. Since we are having an improved it, how young analogue poses a theatre grouping, switch it up changes and switching surprising things happened yeah. and also we didn't do that much performing, so we do like a month on and then there before months, oftener two weeks on in them. So not the growling every night. Well, that's interesting, because so, ultimately her destiny. Thank God. It worked out because you weren't cut out for the road, no I was not cut out the role in our like bans. You stay
together and to her for decades, I admire it, but I'm just not wired for that and dumb, I'm always out war take years problem, and you could hear on the new record and you could probably the listener early on going on later and when you hear the conflict is too riders that dont, like each other you want, is heavy and the others really intense ridiculous right with a sense of Canada craziness and they have no respect for each other and there are always trying to get the fuck see that's what they knew at risk. And when I started writing big mess every song came out in pairs just like one, the other one, the other one o the heavy part Dan Mining that but that's a counterbalance one is the sense of humour. The other is This sort of dark dread yeah. That Allow me in and then also undermining workers orchestra, the Annan and scores erratic. I ll
of writing heavy dark music. I also loved riding p- was big adventure and beetle Jews, and I love both but they don't like each other. Well, how did you feel, though, on big mess? To too I mean I imagine could have talked to a cup of tea. I talked to Nancy Wilson a couple weeks ago from art and this woman. You know we ve been in that rock band forever, never done a solar record, but because she was locked down and they figured out technology there. She did her first, so allow them also so you're sitting at home. At me. You haven't done like annoying, avoiding a record of forever record like this and how many years, while ninety five was my last record with local NGO, and I waited one solo record back in the eighties right. So this is like a monumental achievement in a way I know I didn't look at it like that. No, but I mean you did it. The thing is I had at two thousand. Twenty aside, we no films I was gonna, do concerts
nor the pandemic yeah you be organ, do you're, orchestral, you're, gonna, condemned, also island. I had orchestra shows all over the world for different chose I mean I ever show the travelers rankled element Burton Diabetes. timber, young men nightmare before Christmas starts going so alive? did you alive accompaniment to the film? The whole shall live with orchestra and they just announced that yesterday were doing it. This halloween could people than officers none of them, but also I had my violent concerto preparing in in England and Germany, but I wrote five years ago Four years ago I had a new work that I'd written for the national youth orchestra of Great Britain preparing at the problems. In August I had Concerto that one I don't know what it is. I a good didn't happen. The sun hopeful in another year and two concertos, one, a cello, Concerto and Concerto for a precaution. So I was
really in that mindset. But I also had culture and that got me in delight. I'm gonna come out there and do this crazy, fuckin show and cajole. As the coach, Elisha, half film, music and half, I was wrong. Revamping and rewiring slowing the stuff here and because I was looking for I'm so angry in two thousand twenty, I'm so frustrated and so angry with the World and America yeah. That was looking for what, relevant now, and I found it. I was singing constantly about? This topic was hard to pull stuff in lower great right that works, that right right, we're right, and I had this and together and we're rehearsing here and we restarting the sound good and I was getting excited so my mind was like back and do I'm going out on stage angler ripped the fuckin thing up and I'm gonna really and then it all disappeared, and so
I'm sitting up in my little place, north of LOS Angeles. I have a second home after twenty five years. I've never spent more than a week in my wife myself, my son on my dog head up there there quarantine that we lived there for a year now. Tat was beautiful made that were making that our primary home. I think I actually somehow news feed somewhere Size Soldier house here, yeah yeah, so that a pretty house beautiful hair, but decided to make that center and other woods or what it's not the woods, but it's in a beautiful area while their Yoko and I was don't have that thing in my head, and so I started to write this orchestral peace mere, but does not happening because I'm not feeling I knew that the problems was not gonna happen in August, even though they hadn't cancelled. We all knew there can be no fuckin concert right, so I lost it The deadline along with the deadline went the impetus, and I said you know what I got
one new song I was gonna, do in catch, Ella called sorry yeah and I'll write a couple songs. And I have a beautiful studio allay up there all areas, one guitar, one MIKE he and my computer right and I ve never appear headphones at work at all. What was wrong right, I just started in and then Pandora's box. I couldn't shut the fuck up, Well, if that's interesting, because, like so you're you're in orchestral state of mind, but you have to what to say, I do not do to. and I still had the electric tar yeah fresh in my fingers, yeah yeah, and so that made it a guitar centric album. in writing, although it could have been electronic, it could have been anything here, but I in my head I was gone onstage with a guitar and so I just pulled up my Qatar and be more laid out all those tracks. Yet, like all you had with sorry, yeah yeah I mean like there's a lot of stuff in this record. That's kind of most
most of it is timely because you knocked out during this dark period. Yeah I was. I had so much venom in me when I start opening my mouth to sing and putting lyrics like I don't even know where this coming from, but it was like we were in America that I could not have imagined, except in a bad distortion? in american shy, story or novel right that you go. Who boy like you like that reality right and that's where we were haddan media and dark, and it's not over now, not by a long fuckin shut out. The fight is on the fight is on an all. We get us a reprieve right so, but in today twenty I mean I was the height of from duration, and I was thinking here fear death. Near. You know my wife and I were going- do we'll move now we are handed over England or New Zealand, Australia, an English speaking country, or do we try to bubble up
California YA? Think of this as a country outside America here you know: how do we play this? It's like a mere. because going insane. Yes, this is easy. I mean this like like a little. When does it bend a blood in the when does a tip into blood in the streets and there's that point where I am There stood what happened in nineteen twenty nine in Germany, because area means took power, Hitler didn't he was elected and I'm not comparing Trump to hit right as I've done this once and got myself in deep shit? What I'm comparing is when a civilised d accuracy right hands over the democracy too. ah kind of a populist wild guy here whose tapping into like an anger right, you know and with Hitler it was a lie. It was the give us losing World WAR one the drum? They were angry about that and he sold a lie that they didn't really lose it they didn't.
World WAR one it was given away. They were actually winning the war, it's just where we are right now with Trump and the election were, I didn't lose it. I won by a landslide beer, it was taken away and then people yeah. and they get angry about that and before you know but you hand the world too. four tyrian government now. Clearly, Trump is not Hitler right, but that civilization, my ancestors, who, with living in Germany at the time he didn't believe. That's not gonna happen here. Were there too logical that right there to saying here the can't handed over right- and they did. You ask people in August, but of course my my family. They were out most of them before What do you want? A lot of mine were, but not in a hoarse extended family are sure that we are lost the area and but the point is
Does that its handing it over and seeing the insanity it'll level out arrival at no it doesn't. It's like this is just crazy right. And that's what drove this yeah yeah It was like seen like we're we're goin crazy. You talk, Crazy conspiracies here I mean you got queuing on out there. Talking crate, should this is like Flash earth, it's all happening, yeah yeah yeah, it's amazing how how fragile the human brain is in terms of why get ye. I found that what what surprised me more than anything else, both with people without work, television, and also with people who were frighteningly stupid, is just how truly shallow alot of people's intellect is and principles, got anything or their ability to do. Have some sort of barometer. For truth, yeah exam Well, I'm a look, my anger. wasn't directed at tromp truck. Every cultures, got a million sociopath crazy. You know,
the populace waiting to like step in ensure handle the power sure I'll take it here. It's the it's. The republican party that enabled him and continues to and continues to that's, craven fuckin opportunists that in that lets your part that gets me because it should be he's a fringe, like a fringe character on a world on a stage of characters and he's like one of the French. I guess I mean, should we ve been surprised that none of them had any character or backbone I was. I was surprised. I didn't think they go that far as the like, but I just Think it could happen and which song on here speaks to awaken your mind is is like the the one really covers. Most of all, I would probably say sorry and and serious ground here you know it's like. I felt those boots comment.
Yeah and you know what it feels like to feel like the boots of like the gang You know, I've always had a sphere of of game. CS of mobs. Yet member being in England once and I was I was lost, I was trying to get out of one area to another as like near a soccer stadium. I guess yeah and suddenly I heard a sound right and it was like a kind of a big mob coming from a game, and I just here out of the way, and I watched them March by near I was fuckin scared. Note they weren't out to get me and I did every reason to be, but the fact that was fired up mob. Yes, maybe it's the Jew in me. It's like you get out of the fact way out is: are you now here? This is like a stop this more yes to uncontrollable, mob yeah! It's like where there is a group of fired up here. I was freak out. I mean when he was elected, the woman I was dating
the time I was like work, it's gonna get my passport, make sure Emma papers or an order. So I can get the fuck out of here because, they're gonna come for US and and shoes I got induce her like might third or fourth down on the list. Is the gotta get through few other. With brown people firstly already, and I might well that's cold comfort, but I understand we say no you know- and that's the other similarity to us in like Joe Twenty nine is like focus your anger towards a minority area and that standard practice Eendracht Zia, and in fact that was media means thing. He fired up his base with get rid of the Indians the seeks, because a lot of the businesses were won by seeks, run really well by a long embedded, seek population interpret generally ads and he was saying we're gonna get kick all the seeks out and people that I talked with in Uganda right and they could never do that either. The seeks like they're, they're, Dalgetty the economy rolling,
There are actually really good at what they do that stealing lamb from began its good business people, and he did that here I got home, I remember homey, says all the seeks expelled there. Business is taken away nationalism that was the beginning of the economy going into the mass of knows. That's what scary, just now about how all these corporation stood up against these new voting legislations in these republican states in they just said fuck you organ dude anyway, that's right so but getting back to the music. I it's interesting to me that that the list scope that you, you can sort of salmon or cash drily. Not enough to relieve your dread and fear that you had to put voice too. I had to put voice to it and dumb. I had to get that out of my system and also I just had a lot of stored up. I mean it also part of it was pandemic was like courtier. I just had a lot of frustrated pent up energy. Could you used to? to running around in performing and scoring in yards
I don't know. I guess he wasn't used like just being sitting north than my little paradise. Oh yeah, you know is sweet as it is like. Ok too weak sword, you reckon with the damn it I mean. The uniform guided doesn't feel like you have a centre or air particular identity? Did you fuck? Did you come upon one? No, I mean I always interesting resources that were coming to me because I found a lot of David. but we now hear that around thirty I didn't grow up on David Bowie, but discovered him later once. Sir Uwaine Brodie Wealth Scary monster. I know when I pick up a guitar I I'm thinkin of like Green Bellew, hearing Meister period, yes out, that's part of my conscience are really so there's always gonna, be like no fresh bellew will know.
to be aimed at that particular that album here I realize I know every song on it. It stuck with me when I came back. The popular museum lay in the eighties. That was the first, but we album. I heard I'd marry heard anything sick. I never knew what city Stardust was. I remember one scary monsters comes. I came out how exciting was busied been away for a while? Ok, I didn't know that seed for me, that was just like that was what was there when I came out a hybrid nation enemy is balloon all over their record. I am a man, and so that hit me and you and you have that a similar kind of vocal effect sometime I wish I mean you know my in my dreams now, but you have the depth of it. I think. Sometimes will you know it's interesting as I had to find a voice for this record, because when it the singing its use it or lose it baby, and I haven't been using it for twenty five years. He I remember going to Vegas. TIM Burton set out you gotta go Tom Jones Show in LAS Vegas, interviewed him really yet
an idea, I went to timber. yeah and he must have been my age now hours, maybe older. He was amazing yeah. He He would he had high notes and then huh. the longer than he needed to look at the audience it was like fuck you. I think I can hold this fucker for ever he still like that drives him. He can still do. It was amazing. Now I hadn't song so, like when I got in there for rehearsals Brca jealous of man, oil being songs were already at the top of my range right. It's like. I can't hit these high notes, so I'm sitting with the elbows again. What is my range? What's my instrument, and it was the song called true and I found like I couldn't do this song twenty five years ago interesting. I got I'm glad taking this now, because I think it's like you know, Trumpet was your thing and then he ordered away belong to me. Bring. About Nicaragua, can had high sea where I get hit this middle tone
nasty year than I could bear out, where the area is like. I was finding those towns. I always did want rougher voice back then- and I was traded that I didn't have it yet it yet I got it. I earned it here. So I can't goes high, but I found I could do stuff I could also sing with more open than I think I was trying harder them, like all, vocals on big mess were damn. in my own room. I didn't we cut a thing. We want to do the album and I didn't care, I don't care, I don't give a fuck what anybody thinks so my vocals, if a sound shitty, essentially the factor I care about you and also like there. I imagine when you were younger. There was an urgency yeah and at an hour and I'd go in the studio. Try to top it do another till I do not take this time is not no other takes here. Just lay it down. Ok, not a tune here, I'm good at that. We don't fix it.
yeah, and you know what I learned that nightmare before Christmas quarter century go a really TIM and I went my studio when I first wrote the songs or ten songs here and I had a female sing. Do Sally Song now had nine songs to record. I write all the parts yeah one night with TIM is the producer, and It is now a year later, when the studio doing it for real, and I'd be singing and dancing and singing the timid go. Can you put on that original demo put an oily, I had to say but I was verse of avarice better any was right air and I realize you know what this something to that. First. Take sure. Yes, special, and half of Mozambique conscious, you know and half of the demos nightmare made it into the final movie. So this time I will. I will mark of saying, don't discount any first focus
you do. Yeah you gotta hold yourself to that, especially if you you know you second guess your insecurity or perfectionist. I mean it's almost like this weird discipline. Yeah, it's like you, lay down you, I don't taken, don't don't fuck it out, don't fuck it up and it's the discipline to not be honest right. You know our view. Yeah yeah, So that was a good experience was cathartic ass. I was, I was being open ourselves writing first person which I rarely did in a boy NGO loud sounds like a full depart you want the rediscovery of in the beginning and ongoing everything was third person character, characters yeah. You know People ask me now say men Aren't you ashamed? You wrote a song, I love little girls, I got no. I was like see. I was Jeffrey Epstein right, singing little girl right right. You note middle class, Socialists Brad, I mean you're you really down on. I said
I was a middle class socialist bread, that's me, but I'm I'm trying to we'll everybody, but that's interesting now that the people in this war, in this new sort of culture of fur, this person authenticity own what you say: kind of shit they that they don't have sophistication to understand their care. workers in these some o, absolutely theatres. There are almost all character. Yeah like I was just like shootin at the right and the left me boom boom boom. As I get everybody mad, and this will end this one. You do something similar, but it's from your own heart, it's my own heart and then and I'm sing, and for the first time in in ages. How I felt here a great I guess that maybe that's just getting older, not carrying designing a third person is also protection. Sure bit armor character ia? you get you can also being in a band, is a bit of protect yeah you're, keeping yourself protected. What's that It's interesting that, like that, it's good,
You ve had the success that you ve had. you know you are musically, confident enough to allow yourself to do this to you that you, and also that we happened it you have. firing fascist and a pandemic that that's really doesn't hurt. Does the album wouldn't happen to know in a million years? Yet you would been doing like huge everything, more image for an orchestra exact but like out when, like But when did you know like eight Did you know that oil boycott was right that that, couldn't, asked. Was there any part of moving because you were doing soundtracks? in the ten years of overlap, but that's a lie. So how did the first like soundtrack happen, and it was pee wee He was big. They rise as a first amateur and came to me. How did she know you? He knew me throwing a boy go. He did Paul Rubens, that's Peewee NEA knew me through forbidden zone, but I did for my brother in the seventies.
My brother did this crazy movie forbids on Paul. Was a fan Poland him get together and they knew me through to different world diploma, your brother, no, but Paul New he may have been argued in his heavy, whoever did forbidden zone accurate. I want I can tell you that goes beyond the Buddha here. So when I met him thought they wanted a song right in terms like no I'm lookin for score, and, unlike why me a real score. India- and I most didn't take the job. How does we talk I went home and I did a demo. I sent him a cassette tape and that's the main titles to pee wee, but got the job, and I almost was said no so I dont want to fuck up your movie. I liked him, I don't wanna fuck up hoping by like, but what he must have known liking. must have heard the whole history of what you think is interesting, musically annoying the boy. I don't know what he heard because, like a big chance, that's all I could say, but in future, but who could have handled something that you know
it's interesting, because it was so defining of of like a lot of this stuff, you're going to do from from then on, but as the range of it. While he was totally in your we'll house, pre wangle boy. Now it seems that pee wee I don't know I'd never tried it before scoring, but I mean the kind of music you there I like it, be our main? No, no, that's true. I listened. I listened to film music. I was a film music Pham you were from when I was about twelve. What was compelling about it really will. First up, I went to The movie theater ever we can in my life here. My church was the bald hills movie. Theater horror felt right. Anna Threeg services yeah and science fiction. I grew interesting. I remember the film. The Davies stood still right, but ART Herman Year and was like wow somebody wrote this. There was a name and music and I follow understood that the music didn't just happened. Somebody did it But it is also interesting that those two forms like horror and science fiction with emu.
It is essential in creating, I mean it's always essential in creating a move granted, but it almost plays a character yeah in both of those genre, totally right and dumb, and then I went on like all these movies. I grew up as a kid. seventh wage of sin bear the argonauts journey. This the earth so Every time I saw re, Harry Housing and Bernard Herman's names. That's it that's the move! That's gonna, be my favorite movie at a year, Harry Housing and Herman it while it was interesting. I was listening. Economic reason we're an interesting so much I don't usually, but I but because I was listening to some. The score is that you did and when you listen to him without the movie, you like out of the movie, even exists, no bigger than the mood in order me ideas, but I made good because you don't notice in that way in context, but
its own. You like all my god. This is huge. I never thought of it. That way, like kids like itself at the end of those that sort of like I see your movie trump thy will double that I mean honest. Those is doing the best I could for them great now. What but some Pyrenees was it now, as he has said that it or in fire yeah, and it was the right place. the right time in that any successful composer has a lucky break, and that was p We because, but you didn't see yourself as a composer I didn't, but that something about that. moment in time, with film and comedy Nobody knew what to do with common right, pee Wee came out and instantly. I was offered ever Corky comedy made in Hollywood. Wiser get the guy did p. We get the guided p we gotta get in that they did back. That's our back to school, happened, yeah exactly and that's a totally did more traditional thing, yeah and then you know between each of TIM's film, yet I did for you, so it was
speed. We was one year beetle juice was five. Batman was ten didn't care make it fifteen Everts Israel's fourteen and timid go. How are you doing for films between each of my films? I said Tampa half do after learn how to do this. I am learning out of school. You just took opportunities that you could deal if anything, to learn how to do exactly what kind of interesting I was listening to Tibet. run. It was almost like where'd. This come from this like a wry, Cougar, soundtrack You know what I mean like a like if you listen to like the album that you put out of the soundtrack, said music for darkened theatre whatever liked it did. the diversity of sound and others at midnight run happens in the Inn. I've I'd forgotten. How much I remembered that music from that movie- and I wouldn't associated with you in without was always my greatest joy in the ideal, is beyond his end credits.
And somebody see my name. I didn't know Danny did that score. Then I that's my muse thy big. Yes, really go absolutely. Why? Because that my goal that might not my pleasure home yeah to do something that surprising why, yes, it must be difficult because give inspired so many different sound like you must be in competition with yourself being channel through other people will, not me that is weird. I come back later. And it's like a right, there's other people who do beetle jeez better than me right, and I am now doing a movie. That's kinda, like somebody else doing beetle juice. and I even I was asked once bedrock: can you make it more elf, men and I said anxiously? I don't know if I can cause this for this- particular version of elf men, there's probably for five other guys. You do it better than me now and I myself many issues I can get at this moment.
was quite enough of what are they using the reference that Batman problem. Now, I'm in this particular thing it was you know, it was a comedy I don't know? Maybe it was beetle juice. Maybe it was always interesting because, like even with Scrooge that, like I, don't know how you sort of tackle it but like I don't know that I I think I'm just warning, a few days just from within his familiar stuff about how works by their in school, You clearly we're like you integrated some Chris spirit in that they won't. Let you yeah that's the job Y know but like to follow the follow up that love another age. Any get sorted, foreboding because easy to turn Christmas into foreboding. For me at Christmas was the most oppressing time of the year every year. For me as a Jew, or just in general, were situ with no jewish friends right. He has terrible terrible time here, I'm an ice for years. Afterwards. I
here the beginning, a Christmas music in a store here and as a dark clouds rolling in my head, because I was lonely in I pictured all my friends holding hands singing Christmas curls around the tree with families- and I was sitting with my very dull, secular famine. celebrating anything nothing just waiting for the fuckin season to be oversight and get back to business as usual and amazingly harm menacing, yeah it was, and it wasn't untied kids that I like. I reimburse embraced Christmas through them because there so enthusiastic about it s, okay, this is cool in elector, so excited and if I weren't brought up with any religion room now. Well, that's good that you weren't how to appreciate. through the kids, oh yeah, because that's what it's all about you know it's like emulate let's face it was used.
Didn't, get it right with Hanukkah competing with Chris S, the the anticipation of going to sleep and all your presence will be under the tree. Santa brings them in the middle of the night. That's great shit, It sounds like further. It's almost sounds, like you know, the the deserted Baxter ray to share that view. owing to its lightner before Christmas, like that that, if it's just a kind of coincide with your own personal experience, yeah I mean I'm totally look when I wrote the songs for nightmare before I related the jack so much right jack. I felt like Jack they're, not so much about Chris miss it was about the Boyne. Go like we, you're in a band when you're the lead singer in a band. That's your kingdom! That's your world! You're, the king media and I wanted out for legs six seven years and I didn't know how to get out six out of the ten out of
we're together almost seventeen years. My god and but you still work with them, what is worthy barter forever right, yeah, my guitars and but the boy This is why I wanted out, but I didn't know how near and I related the jack yeah because he was like ease in this world. They love him in this world, but he wants something else and he wants. Out and he doesn't know how to do it myself. When I'm writing, though songs or jack. I was writing from myself. That was me so that was thou suppressed. no record. That was a personal record for me. I told you what I related the jack, and how did you come up with something like that? Like I mean how does it work for you, what you break? Have you come up with a bad man theme? Oh, that that hit me at the worst possible time TIM. who me out to England, and I was on the bat man sat Walkin around in a kind of getting the vine may ride me some footage here and on the plane on the way home, but he ain't fuckin hits me aside,
what do I do? I'm gonna some forty, seven Ah, how do I do this? I'm gonna forget this. All I'm gonna land and they're gonna play some fuckin beetle song or something and I'm going to worry everything the bigger razor. So I start with we'll tape recorder, never one anywhere without start running in the bathroom and like going, but to do took a dual took into doing a little bit. I got back my seat and thinking I think ten minutes later back in the bathroom anything back and see the ten them is back. about and good. I couldn't do this next to the guy next year and valor doom blow. Well the older it. Now, I'm I opened the door in the flight attendants there. Circle I'll, be a non violent. I'm buying you sure you sick. Now, I'm ok! forget anything. No, no great agreed two minutes later. back in the bathroom? the door another's three flight attendant right. Sir, are you ok there are going there publicly. What the
fuck, is he doing so frequently. You can't do that much below right. You can't shoot. Then why are you doing in there and I was like piece by piece working out the Batman score in my head and doing it all with like. Can a complex audio notes that I knew how to do here recognise stack accord in Conakry harm except I couldn't grab a napkin right. I can only right music if I have a keyboard right now. Of course, I have a little keyboard, even my phone right, and I have to have some notes in front of me to write. I can't just right out of my head: if you get it start yeah yeah, yeah, right all the cords yea assets, I needed to do notes, and it was all too after mother, some forty seven, which has allowed, by the way the thirty seconds that there was a roaring sound. I get home and sure we land and they play like just Today the armor chose that man's got his leg. History likely ass this song and
I run home and I'm like a turn on my tape recorder here. give yourself a little difficult year, Oh no, it's gone, then it came back and I realise that. That's it, that's it! That's it I quickly wrote it all. That's amazing! So it's all so you can hear all the different layers in your hat yeah and I knew enough to always have a tape recorder, because the caught her by so many ideas I get when I'm driving yeah and I look allay right. We drive right and there's something about getting in the car and driving. Suddenly there is the bridge, there's the course there. the part of the melody that I couldn't work out and it's like. Now I always had a Sony tape recorder with me. Twenty four seven was the one thing I noticed listening gesture like the weighty things begin is at sir so overtime. You really Is it structurally musically you're, like guess what When I heard was like we, you,
our aim during this world now right that there's something but the lead in to the first bidding music and a film that really sets the stage. For almost anything out, yeah yeah. I know it's just that. I dig that oh yeah, I love it when there's a title, peace and I can set the tone yeah right up at the top yenoki some some movies. It really makes a difference like, for example, beetle. yep. Audience did know what it was right. I tried breathing, because it takes forty five minutes- fur Michael Kinda for beetle juice to enter the pic right. So It was really important. I understood right at the top that I have to say in a first minute and a half what's gonna happen in forty minutes like say, be patient visas, common way right. Right am same thing when I was doing to die for forego stance and people seem to be not sure, is a dark comedy, or is this really? If you know I seriously- and I had to say right in the beginning- none on a dark comedy rights, oak
a year. I shall call at this now. Do you make these decisions or does is something that you do with the directive known owed all everything's with the direct right course? I mean I, I feel it and explain it like that and TIM was like you know, TIM was always like sure. Just go with India and gas is even like demand. you're the composer really there. It's interesting me that directors are generally higher people they know do, can do the job. Way. They want them to do without them having to tell them. You do well that doesn't keep directors from telling you how to do who had frequently but these cases we were in the same page because otherwise you know you can't sell an idea to a director. If they don't agree or have you ever just, then I cannot fuck it. I can't do this this job. Who do I fucked? get off this film here here. Will they do yeah yeah
I've I've had a couple of those moments of like. Oh, my god. This is like an end. Look I'm a masochistic These successful composer you meet is a massacre because the pain level on a big film, with neurotic direct sure that's getting squeeze themselves yet understand every director starts out really confident by the and when we come on their being torn apart, there being preview, the studio everybody's coming up, so you got a feel for therein in a battle right your job is to support your general too, that the bee support in that battle right, you like ok I'll be lieutenant I'm right, therefore, each year, but sometimes it's wrong. We're and occasionally it so rough that it's like, oh my god get me out, here, you know usually navigate through I've only left a few times where it was like just this is gonna, be I'm askin
take a gun to my head, the Abbe for this movies. oh right and my Intolerance on a film is high. You have worked a year, you know like varies. I've had this argument of my wife, your worker hog. No, I'm not a workaholic. I just have a lot of shit. I gotta get done me. I hate the exits different. Why does she wanted to work a last year? You know you can take a break, and now I gotta know this isn't like eyes thing. I gave permission and I got the duties of I'm writing a script and I'm doing these songs, for this show, and it's just too many things Instead, I want to do once the more satisfying thing. That you now man I mean in terms of like as a musician at this point as it these deal like playing like. It seems like between, like between. Night nightmare before Christmas, two Batman movies, pee wee and the simple this theme, I mean you ve got
profound influence on the subconscious of a generation of people a little younger than me like right given that this amazing impact cultural. I mean the Simpson theme it ended in itself. It is probably played thousands of times a day a day somewhere in the world every day, and I thought nobody would see that show it seriously It was so weird when I saw it as I am doing this just for fun. No one's gonna see this thing, but I mean I have to imagine the debt that thing alone is generated, a good chunky income for you will yeah I'm at first. I was shocked because its fox- and I remember there was a point when I had like too made. It shows on the network. Like a beetle juice cartoon Batman Cartoon in the Simpsons near and like each of those cartoons, apply, get like seven hundred dollars and the votes. since a plague at eleven dollars and fifty cents, and I called my age and they got what the fuck and he says. Oh you know, the fox has a sweetheart deal there, not a network right, but what I did
was the smartest not knowing it was smart thing I ever did. As I sang the assumes air and death, I got into sag and I sang those three syllables and kept me in income and ensured health insurance For most of my life, like who would now the suit. Yeah. Those three syllables so that actually generated that's crazy. Quite a bit aside from like the small revenue that Thea. But you know I can't complain at all. I've got my middle income considering I suspected no one to see the show yeah I've gotten a good amount from the simpsons over many years. When you have back on ike- and I don't like this question when I get it but lightwood. What do you like most? out of a nightmare before Christmas. I really don't know will any new in terms of life's work,
that's hardy, I you know I am, and I'd probably with answered differently indifferent daily. I mean nightmares up their right because I worked harder on that than most scores. You know that was a two year project. You know not a three month project. Are you ve done all the TIM Wendy did sleepy hollow to that's a crazy move I think I love that seventeen films with him now. I think Yeah sleepy hollow is fine. I really enjoyed the guy's pals. Where are we? you don't he lives in England. I live here. We don't hang out together out. I talk with them and he's like he's like correct that, like a brother, we went to a point when we got. I got really mad at him, and I I why I left a moving within speak for over a year now- and you know it's like VON what all I think it had to happen somewhere in this matter the valerian period of time. You know two personalities like some like me and I was more hot, headed back them than I am better.
now we have now been melted a bit, but the fact is in that time. I missed him in the same way that you know that fights with my brother. We didn't speak to each other one period time, but at the certain points thus I miss him dear brother, and It was similar tight. Now your brother yeah We are now at the end, when TIM and I we ve joked, we would end up like Hitchcock and Herman here because of it. this combination of Alfred Hitchcock Menard Herman and they had a misunderstanding and they never spoke and we like where demand public Hitchcock at home and that we did, but we came, together again and we never had a nice, seem to work a lot with raymie to yeah. I'm worried about him a commoner area, doktor strange to house. He he's a nice guy, he go, my god rabies the nicest guy on the planet. I like em,
with your wife, was in which was at the first sign single plant my letter, is it yeah yeah, I like a movie yeah. I love simple plan that was really good and Billy Bob Wharton was good Yale hacks. Then yeah re little cast into the air with due heed movie the gift. He did the gift guide. I didn't work on the gift I ever cameo in the jail do yeah, which mostly got cut up. Thank God because he put me with us it'll in a swamp, as I got here, Billy fiddler, with all his beard and Kate Blanchett is the bread here and I'm sick so the liver lines and I got no sand domain. We do lines not on us, but you'll be fine. Here I got you a vocal coach gives you have to do in this appellation dialect mega. I can't fucking and I'm sitting there in the swamp fiddle, trying to deliver lines and I'm fucking it up over
and over and you're in the swamp and uttered a swamp. I read it was the one point I remember Scotty bring me a right now. Leave that beam down and go take me right up to the enterprising and I need to get out of here. We can use these data list left me just left me in All the actors who sit near kind of watching the psycho man This is. This is a bit part suitable filing minutes and morale way. It was the worst I forgave him for it. I forgave him for it, but I'll never do another acting part in my life. I did a few right now and the worst actor on the planet of the band was in a couple of yeah but acting. I can't do it and I just dumb if I have to speak lines on
hammer every muscle in my face as a separate entity as like I'm a man, portuguese men of war, with all these different working as easy, you get hyper self, conscious, nervous. My eyes, don't know my mouth, what look what's my right hand, doing? Oh shit bottles, but my left hand doing so many things to think about now. Yeah. What do I do with my hand? During my hearing, my there's a comedian, they talked about that Jim Norton. I think I dont know how actors act natural on the king and you ve done it. I do you're really natural and I dont go wild. Yet it I dont understand acting natural on camera is a beautiful art that is like heart at for me. That's like it, it would be. faculties learning how to become a nuclear physicist, I guess so view, but did you anything to de meditate or anything? I can't really met dry, so Do you know what I'm writing I get into a state? That's like that media. I think yeah, but TAT Ye. I dont know what it is like. I think it's just one those things you that you can do it or you can do it on camera thing, yeah, swearer, because, like I see
muscle, natural, thinner and- and I see like comedians, frequently get on camera and go wow. It's really good news, but on stage thing is a whole different thing, but here is in front of a camera really good. Just now we say it's a weird thing to to shut off all that stuff, which I think it. Your brain works the opposite way, you're hurting on a lot of things, whereas like one year in front, when you're honest sat and I got just talk to you, you ve gotta, be able to just talk to you you're, not even. do this, but you look completely relaxed all the time on camera like I'd like there's no camera there, like in glowing meaner wagon, when, in your show, how my show yeah what I took a while. I knew that first season would be like I'd workable, stilted, but then it got better. I didn't look stilted! You look just like natural, and I am always surprised. You know it's like sometimes like common. You know like that, get em
Cameron is really just they love it now, I have to learn how to love it more. I guess I talked actors to like that. There be- but it really kind of I do the thing you know me, I'm just joy and just going focus on what I'm doing in front of me. I'm not sitting there going like the gambler, loves me and said I just got it. and how actress do love scenes. You know like but loves him with a camera four feet away from you. I've I've been thinking about I've done a couple of those and I M not really gotta work on my arm, my style with the kissing, I think Josie. I been aware of their stuff. I don't you do it. I just I all I can say. Is I mean all I don't know you do you do so you don't like you're, you're, writing, orchestra things, I'm learning how I'm trying to figure out a smoke fish in my house, so well good things that were not being forced to switch careers. So What's the plan now, you're gonna try to get those gigs back and get on the road
do the orchestra is waiting for them to start up again haven't started. Coming will a little but only widened just announced hollowing, that's the first, how right a first date live day when he bled, whereas at at that's gonna, be at its called the bank of California, stadium here yeah in our yeah downtown, oh great, I'd like to go that you're gonna run the movie employ the oh yeah, every song note for now, That's when people show up his characters, they often yadda not always, and if this is going to be in October, hollow the twenty ninth of October yeah Halloween weekend it's something you like to do yeah. You know the first time I thought was impasse about its here's, how they started. It was like an inadvertent. I agree to do that. Often Burton sweets and at some point my agent who is producing he says, Will you sing songs, a nightmare for the nightmare sweet? I got you I'll do that, but I say it without thinking about it now, six months later on creating all the sweet super hard and that get a nightmare before Christmas, I do
all instrumental and I call him up did I say I was gonna, sing, yak arm accuracy and say well, they're all ready advertised of fog guessing and am I answer Eighteen years and I'm at Albert Hall during a show that never rehearsed in front of an audience no trials. No in London in London. I have no idea of any of its gonna work at a thing for the first time, eighteen years and I'm in front of the fuckin stage door and going I'm not gonna be able to do this throws up as like I M just going to hit a bar spear then built. They won't know where to find me, I'm not lying or do I can't walk out there and Helen. A bottom Carter bless her heart. She was Sally Leah and she was sitting on the floor, all kind of loosened floppy. He get any the rag doll character and she goes Danny yeah. What's the matter, I think I can walk out there because Danny what the fuck,
and that's all I needed to hear it does exist, de thank you want to fuck off. doubt there and I had the best time on my I could say all love it, but I didn't know that our I've never done it before, of course, and I never even performed in England, I I had it just the way my mind works is that I had an image of being tartan. Feathered and being driven out of town on a rail. That's That's how I imagine the british audience heart of a timber movie. You exactly and I get out there in the audience was: oh, my god. I forgot what it was like to have an audience sets, I dont need safety net there, my safety net. If I fucked up they'll be fine with it, it was like this feeling of like it's ok, Do you think if you guph up, do it again right, refined with it and it I'm so great?
both of them near that audience in London Albert Hall like got me we re wired that I could come out on stage again. yeah. I can do that in that that has stuck with you it stuck with me. I forgot how great it feels when you can net, put your audience and you feel it's o k to make a mistake. Yes, it's great to have an audience and then to realise their forgiving, and they love what you do table exactly right and it's like the totally Forgive you guess, there's something up and you have to like recover. Fine yeah there, this almost better because understood of white. They saw something happened that didn't happen anywhere. Exactly and ass. My wife says you're goin out there without a net enjoy that, because that's the beauty of what you're doing and then I realized at that moment they are my men here and it's beautiful.
Dead man. Why hope that a wider that happens in the near future? Yeah yeah? It's great talking, you hey! It was really fun. I really enjoyed the language That guy is busy he's busy, Janni airplane mass the record will be out the record. The new album, the seat, whatever it's not a cd is not a record. Is it it's out? Next Friday do you know when you get it wherever you get the music also away before people willing to travel his wife nightmare before Christmas stage. Cancer is back this year. That's on Friday we're twenty ninth at bank, of corny stadium it's your on sale now and a reminder: people this pod gases, sponsored by better help start with maize Mental Health awareness month and continuing through June W G efforts proud to join the cause of these stigmatizing therapy start communicator.
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