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Episode 1235 - Anthony Carrigan

2021-06-14 | 🔗

Anthony Carrigan set out to become an actor despite growing up with alopecia, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. When he finally went completely bald while on a major network TV show, people in the business told him his career was over. Anthony talks to Marc about how that made him want to succeed even more, how he channeled his anger into his performance on the show Gotham, and how he broke through in a big way playing NoHo Hank on HBO’s Barry. They also talk about his role in the new movie Fatherhood and how it’s nice to just play normal dudes now. 

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all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck? Next, what the fuck stirs, what the fuck gets? How's it going I marked Mare- and this is my park as deputy. You chose it. You chose it, you may the choices wasn't random. You aren't just spent in a dial, you said a dung and achieve w e f with Mark merit. Thank you good choice, good show today how are you mad? I'm sorry I feel like. I am talking about me again and I just want to know? Are you ok how the transition back going. Are you seeing people that you love? Are you guys going to work yet are eating out amongst people Are you smiling with your face in full view? What you doing are your eyes still scared or, as your smile hiding it now that we can see it what's happening, a yoke,
A is it, it is overwhelming. Isn't it it's very overwhelming. I don't want to go. nostalgic for back in the day when everyone I was doing nothing and just sitting room being frightened at the time by outside of the exhaustion of maintaining that much fear there was a sort of rum. Lacks quality. You know well timed and have form the regime were not hanging time on anything. There was nothing to hang time on so it s kind of was nebulous and kept moving moving The only thing that was sort of determining time was checking your phone to see how things are going in the world bad boy what time is it? What day is it is our thing, Ok, it all ending where we act. The only thing that too come in time, You find that a widow of that is there's a residual vibe around time for me, anyways in maybe my brains going soft, I don't know, but I'm sorry unclear about
the parameters of time like time supposed to do things. I know what I'm supposed to get things done by kind of, but there aren't that many things like that. But each day I don't know, I'm still not hang in time on much and I know how things coming up, but I can't seem to process them or no they're coming up. I've always sorted been like that, just surprise I used my schedule every day because I didn't he had come and even though I could look at it. Come to memory backing lately. I know that causes too much dread for me He was just aware way. My life, I can't recommended to anybody. It's always jarring to realise. Like oh Jesus, I have something I should have prepared for a little bit and it happening in an hour. I had no idea I kind of did, but I didn't know it was today, that's only amplified by the fact that we didn't have a lot of that over the last year. Let's not forget it's a rough year.
your eye today on the show, Anthony Kerrigan, an actor. You probably know him as Knowhow Hank from Barry on HBO use nominee for an Emmy for that role, in Gotham billion TED faced the music and is now in the upcoming movie fatherhood on Netflix, but the thing is he's got a very fascinating personal story that we get into any one of these guys Anthony Kerrigan when I first met him it was that a matter of Sag awards party with some some Netflix event at the Roosevelt hotel. And we met each other like I could not believe he was not the character and You know he obviously really has our patients he has no hair on his body but I didn't he was so hard for me to adjust to the fact that he was just a guy and once he was here. We agree
Talk Manny. You know it's a life that was not without challenge because of his particular condition It is also from New England, the Boston area, which I always kind of get a kick out of my time spent their soil the connect on that, but the great guy, great meat- and it was great talking to him and I will share that with you MA when terribly, but there has been some to accuse the thing- and I'm sure someone has said this before, but it dawned on me with all this new job after about the existence of you, a thousand crapsey me Terry has been sitting on this. I dont your, whether or not they exist or not, for me is not the big question for me. The big question is: why do they always fuckin leave if they're, if they're around it clearly just hover for a minute. They don't hurt us, they don't help us, but makes him go. You know what this planet nope, not nope, gotta go
I don't have their checking on us in their disappointed. I dont know if there's nothing they could use here for fuel or food or expand. Answer there just of like in all these cases. In going well, we there's no reason to stop here. Nick nodding for gas, not even the sort of us shut may not even likes to pit stop like a nap. They just go. That's the bigger question, not whether they exist, but Can they don't hang out for a minute? What did We do why? Don't they I guess why does in any one in the universe like Us- and I We can all answer that question. I think you can find the answer. That question may be in your own home. So look folks!
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domain that scores bay. that calm, thrice, w e F with offer code deputy for ten percent off your first purchase Can you dig it out square? Are we square, so work, I've, I've, unwieldy, the powers of my fan base did find out more about of the wind Shelton Painting that I acquired. Ok, If you guys don't know the story where we're at now is a guy up in Seattle, went to an estate self found of painting big painting. By someone named Lynn, Shelton decided to Let me of it. I had I paid for shipping. He gave me the painting, it's a huge beautiful work on paper. was done in nineteen. Eighty three, which would have made, though in Shall nigh New York. Just out of high school in this will trigger a deep undertaking than that, and it turns out there was a when Shelton who s, who was a painter
put him up. There's one auction block website of a painting from nineteen sixty five and abstract, but not the type of abstract that I have. There was partnership with Carl Springer? furniture worry did some painting on paper that was I'm furniture, which is still is available at the gallery. Carl Springer still exists, Carl's dead, but that was really all there was a sob eyes I said: can anyone help me figure out more, about this guy's too I'm starting to know more about this guy. Then I knew my my girlfriend who passed away so this is for wind, Shelton painter from Molly. However, deputy have pod fan heard the last two episodes wherein Mark speaks of trying to track down the line Shelton. Who did his new painting this probably don't be helpful, as I have attempted internet searches in the past to track my old college, painter and Sheldon have had and have now succeeded in finding anything, while in art student at Sir no mistake,
college now known as Sonoma State University, nineteen sixty nine through set, three when Shelton was one of my teachers who have down in San Francisco at very cool art studio where he did his own artwork. I don't recall is work well, but I think it was strict. I believe we also made some art films during that era. Okay, so that puts it. that that gives us a guy who had a job at a college right so is at it. That's all molly could give me, but then I get email, genealogy of win, Shelton painter, hey there. This is Sarah. Messina I work for the New England, historic genealogical society in Boston Massachusetts. I did, I did some digging into he painting by when shouting, So she mentions in New York Times article where which way did the work with the furniture guy Carl Springer and then
she looked up when Shelton in newspapers and found a few listings of his work and galleries she reached. Out to the Oakland Museum Association after she says I located in article four seventy three, which stated that when shovels, minimal, abstract work was being showcase. She has her back from them. Yet then She searched a telephone number ruin Shelton Studio that was in the New York Times. She found it was located for seventy eight was Broadway New York. By dash says no Shelton was wasted at this address, every probably just sub letting leasing at what. Whatever Then she said she turned to note in the New York Times article. That stated, when was professor fine arts in California located Lynn W healthy living and Petaluma in nineteen, seventy four peddling California, and assisting professor at California. they college, which would die with Molly's time there but she said the directory for seventy four showed no mention any shelves. I might have been a jug professor. She thinks then this interest.
Ok, the marriage in nineteen sixty three, When shop window, you shouted a merry Fenner in L, a telephone couple divorce and seventy three next time she finds oneself he's living in New York. and then not moving to remind to marry such Ego coup Saki, a Japanese. Immigrant, the couple marries and eighty three divorced and ninety four and then she said she lost crack of when shall, after that, there's a death certificate, death, there's a dead, the wind, William Sheldon, two thousand and nine, as she said its recent. So The only way determine if it's actually him would be to order the death certificate and also seems she said that wind W shoving didn't have any children says she's. Eighty five percent, positive that this is him there. She called the guy. I talked to across Brinker who sat Carlsberg gallery who said that same thing. He did to me and they had washed track of winning ninety four. What when Shelton was doing between ninety four and is I dont know the painting I have as from nineteen eighty three, but there you go
that I've been around had a life in that I think that's about. all the information we're going to find and its satisfying it's kind of odd what you can put together with some diligence, but people that are willing to do it. There's this sort of enough of a life there. The kind of maybe construct a story right, wild This podcast is supported by Disney Television studios to producer of creative. We adventurous culture, defining programming for all platform, including pose g, yes Arica. This is us blackish Jimmy come alive Godfather of Harlem Wretched, grace, anatomy, big sky, the Simpsons and so much more did Hey television studios comprises twenty of television, ABC signature and twentieth. Tell vision, animation, The academy members be sure to check out DDT S, awards, dot com to watch over four, pretty Emmy eligible series.
For consideration in all categories, all right, all right. Anthony Kerrigan very funny in very poignant, And a great actor his new movie, it's called fatherhood during Kevin Heart. You can stream it starting this Friday June eighteenth. Mrs me, in Kerrigan Talk in Chad knit up like a couple of fuckin from Boston digest? Who have? Therefore, why you I mean I like I thought, maybe that once we start doing things at the time would start making sense again very stolen seem to know now. In fact, I think it's got even studied and strange really what's goin on here. I just I don't know me and my wife and I we took it really. You know we took it really seriously.
sure and where we have no other way to do exactly and dumb more apparently the fuckin is, but yet we took a really seriously, and so just I'm just melts. You know when, when you're in the same spot, over and over again and listen, it means a luxury thrive to NATO just be dicking around the whole time. Yeah, but for still just The days just just all blended into line on I know, I still don't know what I'm store: fucked up yeah and I'm I started doing comedy again and I just in my mind that making a week we gotta reckon with the reality of this word traumatic event, but then it, fuckin with my head because, like your brain does want to just like put it behind you and compressed into this weird yeah, but we're not out yet its own grey area now. Do you feel like yours? Do you feel like?
you have liked the rhythm. Still you know. What's with the audience, we I mean that's coming back, that's good! I mean I can feel very. I think I might be over feeling I think, like I'm getting off stage for these limited audiences, and, unlike oh, my God, havoc in great Britain, also Ike. I find that like we're socializing again and I find even then I'm sort of like what's goin on the oysters- and here I am we're talking in person I now I now hear it's all happened. Excited I mean I I got like got into it. I think a little bit too early. I did this promo for HBO, media and dumb. It was Shara Fur, varied NOS four, very bad. It was more like the kind of fun correct the roll out for
eight veal max, because no one knew what without its real nice electricity. I know exactly my mom said the executive Asia dislikes. Wait. I don't have it though he like you, do you have any idea used either needs a kind of in out find a way to stream it usually The computer is you're on your phone. I get it put it at first. It was like the the app was kind of shit you're, something right will it They didn't do dead into the lay on the roll out for correctly. So essentially, what an up happening is. Do you know they? I had to do, they brought you in the correct Barcelona. They brown exactly that argument here, Sylvia exiting I'll fix it exactly ass, soon, ass we did these promos right and the community was like. You know, six six seven hours, but I hadn't been around any one. But what during peak covered wondering what he Cove, what it was like come gosh, who is maybe like
six months ago, our right. So I know you ve been locked up. It was weird and in not to mention this. The weirdest thing happened to me. While it was what was going on because it was just me unlike the cameras on me, and I was ripping with this other guy, but I'm on you now he's wearing a mask he's wearing Massa and unjust in our supposed to be calling people from this dyke call center, ah letting people no hot, that there that they have HBO money, doing the character. Well, that that's what that's it that's the funny thing was they were like asked me to do the character. You know- and I just want to be made by Adam, but they were like don't fuck up your brand man, but they were, but they are at a certain point. Writes me I was. Agnes and everyone stopped and stand didn't move It's like it was like. I was in Disneyland in every animatronic, just like power down what
happen and didn't move- and everything was just still- and I was like I got so freaked out. I was like guys guys like what's happening, what the fuck is happening and then they were like ok, cut and the what they wanted was they wanted. My reactions like a genuine, just kind of like Ricky out, yet I guess so more. That's I mean that's what enough, how was it was like a fuck Twilight Zone episode. Italy, like everyone, just stop, they played you, they played me
yeah how scarred. But then I just went home and I thought about that for light. The next three weeks gazette nothing else to dig. It does look to relay that shit, my head, so that money, even though, even though you know what happened, it still creepy yeah yeah, who is still very creepy an ear and that everyone's frayed, your middle pandemic, your nose like is this a new string makes it MA. Am I the only one alive now that my might have been the case? I couldn't believe that's a crazy man. It was. It was really weird. What are they use? I entreat you guys shoot a third season on now. No not yet were going takes gonna happen, its yeah. It's on the books I mean, were you know, fingers crossed? Hopefully and I do it soon. So he swayed to do it during covered, oh yeah. We we even like were in the midst of kind of don't table, reeds and and then they kind of in March and then they were like well, worn, really gonna do any more and a that that first table rid. We did cause. We heard about it. A little bit
I dunno, maybe not ha Gradgrind. Do we just take Hannah? We sick- and I remember like I shook everyone's aimed the beginning and then leaving. I was like you gonna go I'm just gonna gap like my bike, every feeling that I'm just gonna. U know irish good by this- that any now is everything goodbye. Oh yes, when you just leave, please leave without telling anyone are you from ass and right now I live. They live their lives for years, but I never heard Irish goodbye outcome and forty two this apparently Zaire is, I guess he left yeah you just. I kind of Gregg has no accountability whatsoever, but they just decided they're not going to try to shew with protocol huh well, but with what with over the berry. They were just right, we're just going to waste, a glow, they just ditch event. They waited months neighbour like we're, never can be able issued this. Yet why don't? I think they didn't want a kind of sacrifice. The big idea majority of it right so that they had rented space or anything now really you now always. It was all set to go right and they didn't want to be,
the kind of like the that guinea pig of it all or the In our view, that has one just a kind of see how it was gonna go and honestly mean I haven't heard of a single production that hasn't been shut down after they start this. That was happening, yeah yeah, we're still talking about a fuckin virus. They can't see its microscopic so like the zone thing yet all good enough of it if its around. But if it's around you, you think I don't know we're all speculating we're all fuckin. Scientists like someone is to really breathing do your mouth right now. It is little without was one thing and then, like the next week, they'd be like actually yeah. If you're twenty feet down wind and you like you know, any new inhale do deeply. You're, probably get again. I mean it like. You can email, conflicting, every just, never twelve hours in its after a certain point, you're like what's like any other fuckin virus its if its around you're gonna get it. Do you not gonna, get it yeah totally online.
It was not to get it. Did you get to know I'm either Michael, was mommy. I was like. I don't care what it takes, I'm I'm not gonna get it. I'm not gonna, get it how'd you guys with I mean your wife's, a gesture right, yeah, yeah way: Chess Army replayed chess yeah, we played chess, I mean, did you? she did you know how to play chess? How not really chess always gave me serious anxiety and yet How did I get not a move everything, but the idea that their strategies? Brothers? Will you not say interesting thing that I've learned about chassis earth in terms my wife? Is that the what's your name Jia, an issue Gee GEO. I went from ethnic, ok search as she's. Like a wheelchair, Well she's I mean she was like you know, turn immediately, I'm pretty high up there. You know in terms of via european players, but you know cheese. She gonna stop playing and inches in our just kind of enjoying life. Now I mean, I think it's one of those things disciplines like that, like ballet Nino Classical
piano. It tends to like do get rusty you're, all you will kind of Europe all or nothing, either vinegar, living breathing it going near. rightly mad right it right or or you're just kind of like you know you can do it ever. What my brother was a kind of a professional tennis player, longingly taught been they ate the finding. Is that those people who do that who go our nothing in them eventually like I've had enough of this shit yeah, I'm not I'm done by like if anybody else wants to play, I'm fucking over in this way the thirty I'll pull out exactly exactly em, like I mean sure, just like hand, my asked him on the cheap, sport and she doesn't even mean too. She tries to go easy on me and it just doesn't work out still. But, but nobody interesting day, I think that I've learned those that, like the way you play chess, is very indicative of how you live your life right like I've.
Its use? I go in this game, so a golf were if there's metaphors. Yet it is metaphors for sure it's how you ok explain to me how case others, you know there's like beginning gamer opening and then there's like the mid game and then there's the endgame right and some people have their strengths opening right up, but then can't finish it were. Some people are really good at the very end, but like this are mess right in with you, you know some. People depending on on what their peace, what their favorite pieces DMV can tell a lot about. You There are real people who, like bishops, tend to be very snaky, bastard real yeah, very kind of like within, some people that know how to play the game for me, like I'm, not a move everything by no. No. No. I don't know strategy, one general, nothing. So it's Big improvisational, mass of good player could beat me and three
oh yeah, because I don't know what I'm doing out for sure. What does it say about me how to live life? No, no! I mean opening up. I can't be the judge of that, but but an army. I think like it. If you were to kind of learn a little bit more, the basics- and you probably see like ok! Well, you know, maybe I'm like I'm nervous so, for instance, if you're nervous about attacking the another, if you're, very cheap labour the temporary offensively idea. That's tends to be high, live your life if you're, like reckless nearly countless over here I don't. Let's try this. Who cares yeah, I'm right, listen, I always lose yeah, listen, not a bad way. You know I'm not a bad way. Delivery, like you, learn a lot that way I'll, say so I was so funny because, when I met you, I or when I saw it when I first saw you on partner I'm bury. I didn't. I really assume that you were that guy yeah. Now people-
a lot of people are pretty taken aback in our when I just start using the norm avoided I'll meet you at the Roosevelt. I think at the rose thought yet the little bowling alley and therefore not have lakes or something yeah yeah have we have sat down on a couch in your life has gone out like I'm good you're like Malta, vile yeah, yeah yeah. I know everyone wants their money back, do him interaction. They won't be. They want the axe advantageous me here, like a hot shit, got where you from Boston Cares, I call you a nice to meet you and, I think to man: oh yeah, no, do you want a photo now? It's all good. It's all good, I'm good now, but we're we're part. You come from right in the city now just outside at Winchester, Winchester Winchester, which has announced very pleasant? Little suburb, I've played every one of those dumps.
I've been all over knowing when I am so much fuckin time in those town. Yeah learning how to do comedy winch stir? Why don't? I know that one which is next to its next, so we'll burn? Oh yeah, Wolverton Arlington or your average came. Oh yeah lemming, there's a tonic eggs in Cambridge. You no wonder but there were these nighters everywhere. That's how we started. We go out and do a one. I get a pub rights. Are there isn't one Wilburn yet There is one in Ireland in Tunisia, we saw it. Oh yes, Argus Army, I never fit in my town now. I'd like did not like is a huge sports town and I plead sports growing up. I grew up playing hockey in soccer in the middle across, but the idea I was a theatre, kid you know arouses fear kidding. You really can't do both. I found that that there is a type of the men in New England there. Acta is unlike anywhere else yeah.
right, I'm not sure there's different rushed strains are right. What's the classification I got, I gotta hear her window. There's just ate a very specific type of american County in India. The areas surrounding Boston Shore and It's like I'm, not gonna, say it's bad, some of them are, but there is definitely a shorter Vidal go fuck yourself. Definitely its oh bullshit. I noticed some whenever I touch down Logan Airport, like my my Ackles go up illegal. I kind of get ready to just brawl you now with someone just write. What do you get off? Just say: lunacy, yeah. Exactly later, you know funky getting a coffee Duncan doughnuts not be like in out. You want hello. What that, unlike now, I'm good. Thank you enough everything's conference occasional. There is a that's true. I say: My answer is that I thank you all right. God you have a greater you have a great day. Thank you.
Does your acts and come back a little bit of little bit? the conscious we get rid of it. No, not really I mean I wasn't. It was never super heavy with May growing up so humming way, how many by the necessity to and her sisters anyway. What's your What's your family's business my mom was a nurse area, the brig movements hospital right over announced, and yet the up and down you see I'm in my sister's encounter just about you get. My dad was actually em. He worked in publishing, fear I'll, but is also an actor too he's inaccurate will use. I got in passed away, Pronuba like GOSH years ago now but I also k, I mean it was a great guy,
really really really counted, as he did mostly regional feeder stuff, but the guy had series talent- and you know he's how I learned all these accents where they work, where they, together the whole time yeah yeah, so he died younger were now may use but older when he, I am usually fifty when he had me, come to the end, the woman makes sense. It yeah, I mean the exact wording but but now I mean I had a pretty had a pretty good too They are really supportive of may being an actor which is great, but I just like it heart. Well, that's good, but I do When you talk about Boston, just like I can imagine like I wanted. I would like some sort of the upper middle class purse. It be you from format, a cow right, but I like when I but when I met people who grew up there, so in your liking with the name like Kerrigan? You can. I I just can't imagine the that the process coming of age net.
I got on now am I mean W B, CN yeah W B C, a w f. You know, like yeah, I mean those classic Siena or German. Ninety four point: five yell, like all those Yad, the jams man but But you know it was? It was a strange place. A group too obviously has like you know. I was certainly different as kid. I'm Agrippa having Alypius rang right, which is my auto immune condition, which is why I dont have any hair in ripe. It did it would. It was eight a gradual, well yeah was gradual thing, so I started out with was called alypius area and so was like just little spots. When did you start noticing? Well so I was, I know so that when I was three but I you saw it, and I never really new idea that people kind of look at me funny kind of you know of the capital needs yet won't gap, but I mean there's: a ton of just NEO parents had come over to my parents would be like what's wrong with him. You know just like
Really just tell you know like just like. What's his what's the deal, we have to see that did. What does your kids deal? There confrontational like what what's wrong with Anthony, what's wrong with him, Does it mean to get the poor, because I see that he's like shedding in their like crazy? You know- and you know I don't know I didn't. I like you know deal with its own mean essentially just gonna covered it up and I got beat up and teased and bore really go yea and by the monsters now by the kids are neither lies, the little murder their little little bastard sedately they doing with that action. I mean some of them. Dead now saw Baldi, how do you do in their body? will you do what you like a body, go Yes, the creative, but I will now provide money but, like Yes? So you know I was kind of different near from the outset.
Yes- and I wasn't I wasn't about to fit answer- I was pretty happened- is get out of there, but did you write, but I mean I grown up these. You have a couple of friends and stuff and I definitely had I had friends and we're gonna hop around different, more like Archie crap. And when did you lose all their hair? I saw the hair when I was in my mid. Twenties was actually so not scrutinise not nice, where many talented people think you're cancer well I kept it pretty well hidden in out there to think so. Lank I'd be. Sometimes the wind blown people be like two was what's wrong: yeah, you know like. Oh my god, you're right package back, if you like yeah, fine, you know like you might like I'd like why you must slid chunky air and
just this Thursday bore knows you to pretend like nothing's wrong, in that it, like a Johnny Tommy, get all the local currency air. Look at those kids. You know because it was. It was hard, but anyway, why? Don't you just come on over these random patent, pretty much yeah and hopefully also like hoping to God that that no one would would would notice or a big deal out of it. I was terrified of all. You have to Would you have been co, your eyebrows? What you do well, my eyebrows never really want that much in my inner ear, when I was a kid but When I in my twenties, though so get out of school and went to school for acting and like of course and developed. peace? I choose to be an actor s like I'm. I choose the most like vain industry is shallow and witty rewarding, but will you make that? Well, I think. Ok, when I want
I was a kid. I was super shy. He has really in it like in my own shell and- and I think, a lot I had to do with my alypius- shall look at in Wanna be seen by anyone. You know, but at the same time I did also have this need this want. like express myself right in. I wanted to I a voice, and I had something to say and I found it when I but on stage I kind of what lowering in it and wearing look stupid, costume, inviolable, that's right! So you could put on ahead yeah exactly you put on the exactly. How can you know but on a wig observe what and whatever I am a little sense and so yeah. When I was in why gone out in the industry I was kind of in I'd like hair down to my shoulders. How would you got so? You were in high school did plays, and staff had did plays in high school and people like, so that was your world. Yeah did not let also point sports, but you weren't there. How do I stop playing sports pretty much as soon as high school started can write like sucks Also, I there's more sympathetic crowd more.
human binational once everyone somebody, excepting Yea arm soap, is better parties to you, no more fine, mortal lamer fun now yet I hope the monsters didn't come yet exactly exactly but yeah then they did. They did actually know. There was a brawl at my bodies out time or the more where the monster showed. What have we got? My god it was. My body was withdrawn. You know, what's up, We had total rage at the end. It was like was just me and some Paulsen, eyed girl, and from the town. Here we were just all hang out and then all of a sudden, my my buddy disappear. years and when when we seem next he's crawling inside these blood. All over us he's like big guy, kick the crap out of him. They come in and start smashing everything, and oh yeah, How are you I knew all of em? I knew all of em. I was like bodies with one of the kids who are, you know, ended up like being the crap out of you did
yeah, you shoulda yeah yeah. I did at that that night yeah that night so you got into it. I got into it now and always straps Europe fighter, Oh now and say that I think that guy I mean you're at that time I was just like in. I want a kind of I don't know, I went into a mode but good for you. Thanks. I mean I don't know. I wouldn't do that. We got it yeah, it's it's good. To kind of I ve ever done, learn about, and I learned a lot about yourself and also anytime. You refer don't care what it is? You always feel like a five year old kid afterwards, right always do like in the way of like that. Sarah just like now, just like breathing heavy. Can I just I don't you there, and what did you do? Don't you know to push me man? I feel it ever got that kind of like quivering kind of thing, hundred largest everyone's just trying. Build an exterior on top of that right. You know they were in the paddy yeah.
They ve, they told you run a body with such a good five go. Any faster the appeal we're gonna go. Do I do the acts like like none of Boston, and why did you known resent mouth exactly, but that's what kills me about that? You know that bit it to Katy Afric. Doesn't it NL, oleander, perfect, so perfect that guy he's one of those guys is hiding the total Azeri, whom I feel like it. It's just you know it's it's out of everyone in the house and you either runaway ferment. Will you embracing it with that big, so good I know, but but anyway I so I was in my maid twenties right just now to school and I was like things were going pretty well, do you know where the beef wait side in IRAN are always do you work
you go after Highschool study, TAT Ye. I studied acting accordingly. Mountains, like a pattern of the big one, gets a big one. It's a big one is the oldest conservatory cunningly do like four years they did for years. There I really enjoyed it. I mean it was. You know so much fun with now what we do we do in all the stuff like comedies music allows doing, cannot draw the middle now, just stirred dramas in comedies learning your new, your chop yet learn your chops and ends. When I was there, I was just like I'm just gonna be a stage actor, my hope in my whole life, but then So when you were doing there, why did you give proficient at? Did you have your own wigs? Well No so I mean it was it was. ever that bad? When I was in college it it on terms of you still had Harry, I still at haired enough to cover a pause, I'd, really long hair, and so I kind of you know coloured in and you wouldn't really be able to see it. A ton of people didn't just didn't, know vs ie right arm, and it didn't progress until until a few years later
now takes us to what you're saying yes, oh well, it just so happens that I booked my first big series rank very Hotmail Lawson right right right and I yet in it all within the out of it. Nine months shoot. I lost pretty much half my hair which now that show what was called the forgotten Maria forgotten. So do you think that some of the the The airline was from the stress you know I do. Say that it's not stress related costs. Like your immune system, you need a strong immune system, like attack itself entered succeed because what This is like your body thinks there's something wrong with it, and so it attacks the hare. Follicles and you're, just kind of like You know, there's nothing wrong there, but a tax therefore also falls out of bed now, but that's very specific sub committee
european system? Otherwise is ok, oh yeah, guess where aid is very specific yeah, it's very specific, it's very specific, but enabled you to get the vaccine before of one off now I mean yeah. I was in a like like now They're like now now back lighted, but look at me now not about them, I'm not about to pull eckart. But yet, it was. It was a trip thou cause. I was so a foreigner yet will also. I was Justine. This was the thing that I like was hoping to. God would never happen where I was so terrified of it. So terrified of people actually noticing it in seeing it and and of the fact that it all started going was just my worst night, are happening in the producers found out. The producers were really sweet about it and they were really helpful and they got a wig maker, and I got these like fake eyebrows. We can kind of tell a little but in the back of my mind I just knew I was like. I can't. I can't do this for a four year
yeah, but for the serious you did for the series I did and ended after one season. Thankfully, the you asked everything in the in the one sees in your hair. Well now so then, ok, so I used the stuff was essentially like using is an ivy on my scalp. Here is what it does is it's like it, The commission, like a group of fire fighters who think a house is on fire. Yet it is not right, and so there just causing major water damage right. So what you do is you light a fire down the street now and so there, like all look at that fire over there, and so that gives it enough time for the house with water damage to kind of B or carry out. So that's what would you do and sows like a cream? yeah topical? Why many out there was it was awful earlier, Freddy Krueger, those whose rough and but it did I had to go back for a time here, so you know ever was kind of like her. I will
hope this works and it did work, but then it all started following again and that second time it fell out, I was like I don't know what to do yeah. I was like I'm long. I'm screwed- and this was all I'd planned for announces- only really wanted to do, but you knew was coming the hare. Well, when it grew back. You know what I mean like when it fell out when I e, when it started falling out again, I was like a man is yet this is gonna, be deceiving the rough, so you thought that the things you knew where you do not can be the whig guy. You too much it was too much in and also you now he looks where he looks. It will not mean like some people choose to do that, I'm pretty involved in the allocation community or yeah. I mean I, our patient at Yale F. The country I may welcome to abolish
yeah, but a but now where were we know, pre tighten tiny community and in how we would, in general in general. Also you all I all over the world, because when it happens to people everyone starts a loose like you know, not just their kind of air. But their confidante I'll. Send you a sense of identity. You start to wonder lady, like a Europe, well, I've. I feel it. come out on the other side of it. Now give me a minute said to do that Y yeah, I can't imagine it because vanity is so much what there are so many of us are a bout yeah that without you illusion. Yeah like ear you can kind of make decisions about who you are in the world by having control over, how you look or don't work, who you think you are one hundred percent and the thing that that people not realise is that in a weird way I mean it's, it's kind of a gift to be given. That guy Insight MIA, because once you realize that, like This doesn't matter this, in fact, like you, know
Everyone has something about themselves that they just wish. They could change sure enough there which could not have rights, and they know they live in this perpetual state of like way to be something else near waiting to conduct. Will once I kind of get rid of that right or yea, this ring whatever then I'll, be happy. right now here and what people are realises. That line never be happened. Is that you're, never gonna, know battles s and listen to me. You never get to be happy about that. Now are the key. Is that like you're gonna be happy once essentially finder awaited? This kind of in home say Who would you say an example you some yea ends, and you know for a long time I held on, like I held on to those few little pieces of hair, I had left when it was all falling out are those I browser eyelashes and I was holding on to this other identity yeah, this other. identity until I just decided like this can achieve it off. And then it all started, go anyway I decided I was gonna re brand myself in
Hey I was gonna was like, in my mind, can play aliens and I can play monsters and yet it, but I might be, will get a couple jobs. The out that was. That was that's how you look at it. Yet there is no doubt that was how, because that was how I kind of viewed myself, I being devised also others, but I have to a certain point. You could take a robber. You could use wigs repressed. He says, or whatever I mean, there's not having that's that's part of would show business. That's true. that's true, but at the same time I kind of wanted to I was so pissed. and I was so angry at the kind of, Jackson that I had and the comments that I got from people from the adult monsters who were like who were like I'm so sorry, but this is not going to work for you. You are not going to be or not, succeed has not can happen, I'm so sorry it was like it was almost like they were, it was like was coming from a good place in their right mind right without where I will look at yourself yet there and they were like. Yes, I mean you're not attractive anymore.
I'm sorry. I swear to God. That's me, I was told this was told this. You know me. She killing on their part, and I was like I was I was so angry. That I was like watch me. We'll watch me on Make I'm gonna make something of this look and on the show, all of you just how far I can get you, and I did none viewing it I'm in the process, and why mean that that the character that really kind of like introduce you to the was hilarious and unique and, like you know, and very odd yeah and very yeah funny it is hell ranks and it's funny to cause. Now, I'm like Nano, no one not really it's like dude. Why don't you have eyebrows the? I know I'm used to it now, yeah, took item and yet took us first. Ten minutes I could see here has been like do that worried, but it, but it is a thing
Y got some questions that it's it's like is our thinking about dumb. How we perceive ourselves it interesting that, even though you had come some hair that that didn't really that couldn't have through a good bit, they make you feel better yeah. what did they symbolise done? They symbolized, like a past identity, that I was trying to hold onto accompanied more people than thinking of cancer. Well, funnily enough, when I was twenty one was actually diagnosed with cancer. Oh my god, yeah majorities, where we had a jump on the look. My twenties were weird time died in. I was diagnosed at twenty one with what can I stick your cancer, oh, my god and down, and that was seen I was allowed to kind of go through and then couple years later my pops got diagnosed with cancer to so's. I was thrown a bunch occur balls in my got entreated. I gotta go it had yeah. I got a couple surgeries and you know one one. One doktor said that
go through chemo, the other one said I shouldn t stumble upon a bunch of like american medicine man who gave me a healing for it. He asked pretty wild wild experience are known no, no chemo! Thankfully we have done some money. the clear the f yeah. Oh my How old is sixteen years, I'm thirty, eight, it's great man, so I want to take. It was the it yeah. I was a lot, but on you know it's when, all that stuff happens. You kind of any- and I think you know, there's a reason why you see people who have been through like up a bunch and their life way or way more than I had right and somehow there living their best life. You know I mean they're getting on stage in front of tons of people just Levin letting people now like right, what a beautiful gift life then it's because I think they were able to like you know you whatever was thrown at them and kind alchemy. Is it in this weird way too?
to learn what life is really about. You now know, let me ask you, before I forget it. I soon to be hung up on it about the allocation of community am either People on the download What do you mean like hiding their outpatient? Oh yeah, I just got my big time like so many people were there's a ton of people who were yeah who lank who glided from pretty much everyone. And and live in fear that they're gonna be found out with me. captain Wegg since that make up with wigs. You know in its in now makes me sad, because a lot of emerges, kind of missing out you now missing out on like jump and going in jumping into the ocean or or or re out, you know just kind of feeling come her boy enough in the bedroom to like take their wig off with their partner. You know, and if you wigs, very uncomfortable their itchy outs, will you have a that's? That's it's an odd thing, a bow
balding even to some degree that that you would think like at least you go out on the weekend in me. I'll just go for bald right yeah I gotta go back to work. You know need me, makes you feel better, but why would you you'd get to appoint words? Are I just ridiculous put the whig on the eyebrows everyday work, and I know that some people have some people get to that place in some people don't and dumb, and it's it's a hard thing to its a hard thing to deal with. Saw me. I d I try to preach. You know some some like some What like Tony robins at tongue ass, where I'm like, look you there is an opportunity for you to kind of just like to just embrace it took two to take this. look and nice, be ok with it, but actually enjoy and write like hey. This is actually a cool. It's a cool thing. It's stylistic choice here to be a hare free. So what what What are you finding haploid? When did you shoot this common harmony
Kevin Cabinet Movie on we shots us and we see before that on this last summer, but that the US is summertime per year ago, twenty twenty rights on March, twenty twenty is one we got down. Yet that's right, so ok, twenty nineteen harm and ass. There was great experience. I'm really excited for people to see father had the ass, such and won't what's cool about. It is on a mean. Just personally I, like I'm, not playing bad guy displaying a normal duty was like his his cabin hearts, work buddy yeah, but it's a really really great great movie. Well directed Paul. Whites ends and you have blast subtle, become an hour now. Dna like dating get it to me sooner for me to watch it by desk. nuclear names or the fact that that up, no, they will bring up the allocation. No, no! That's not what that's cool is like it's. It's kind of just normalizing it I'm just as in the asses pal the at its like me, and you know Kevin
the royal how're you and how free watered Amelia, fantastic caviar like land, dumb and no he's just kind of I was just a normal leon- will do so. I think that's. The key is like normalizing, it right I get messages all the time for people being like hey. I just saw you on this thing and it's just cool too see someone out there not hiding Rio and that I've can can shift people's bomb four percent from the occupation you yet from the operation. Commissioner, british actor. That's got the allocation yeah Then I seem D. I saw something with Rebel Wilson like they were roommates account in that Lucas, yeah yeah. I met Lucas he's he's a genius me that guy's like, but also that's his thing. Like he's, got such an eye, conic iconic, look. Oh yeah, and he really makes it work form so That's what I'd you're on your way, man, yet eyes put the primary. Oh yeah
occasions, yeah and in a mean wits, a great bunch and honestly everyone who's got Alypius. Do you know some people in our community? They have our position there. In there I saw the downward yeah. I do yeah I can expose now in a corner, but now but yeah I do and then I've I've become the guy who people call oh and just be like hey. So I noticed I got a spot like ok and zero soldiers. Talk a couple of hours about how they're doing it's a weird thing. It did William when they said losing their only start. Losing their heavy now, yes, it throws you for loop, wonder how bad as is gonna, get right now or or but is it always get all the way bad? Nor may not know it. Doesn't you right now, but you know it doesn't? It doesn't always get all the way you know Reich land, so it it's a real role of the dice. Would you still have some speech was oh yeah. Yeah peach was, but that's it now, unlike silky, smooth yeah,
they not shaven. It now confront shaven and don't have to now yeah my Life is pretty jealous of their Aouda aftershave. Anything oh yeah, yeah extra. So why? What about your sisters? Nothing, no! Nothing! Now what does it? How does it happen to you now? Did you investigate I'm alone at me? I got a little bit biomedical shy. Nor did the whole thing via auto immune conditions. The apple just dont know did not know what causes it or what the gene is or how it works right, If there was a cure tomorrow, I would turn it down. Right out would be like nothing really yeah take this. You get her back, not no way. I mean I don't Gatesby I'll be called that either. If I, if I can always get rid of the air, I mean kind of I have dreams about it, the I'd dreams about my hair growing back in an hour in the light of bad you might get my immediate thought is. I can't wait to shave this off. I see
oh god, I swear to God. I love it cause. I now feel so liberated by it. It's it's like I wouldn't have it any other way. Will I mean so? What are you going out for? Like you, you just go out for regular roles. Well on a may know when they say they were yoga. Yeah if he's gonna come in and there like a great yeah yeah, dad I'll bring his bald head in their brains, big old, bald head in here and now you will see in policy for works. I mean I M kind of like a very specific smells like who fall guy from bury above? I would be surprised at the time that is what it's gonna Jordan to say. Like Anthony Area, ball dude, you don't know a rank area, we have that suits hilarious you're gonna be an apparently brothers move. You saw me up, but what what have you been going out for generally?
generally I mean I still go out for a ton of villains, but you know, I think it's it's more fun. To kind of stress my a thousand different direction right, you know, and so it would you want to do I genuinely dont know I thought I kind of new, but I'm really wouldn't know anything well. What I thought I wanted to be was just kind of fun. I don't just limiting it to being like an action star or ino being and like these big budget, the as yet. I cannot I don't know. I'm kind of shifting and in thinking about lake a warning to be. I don't want to be like cool good moving projects and it's weird to think about it. In that way, I wanna be in stuff the most people here emotionally and what you bite, but do you have it? I mean it's usually comedy is good, yet comedies good komio hard though Tommy's hard yeah. I think so I mean it's on, not a comedian. I dont do mile. You know, though I don't don't ya
you have doing Stanhope scares Zagreb enough stand up, but I mean you have good sense, common sense of humor the army I try to, but it's it's written that way. So I feel it in Vienna. We must arrange Improv a lot but right, but we're making fun of the Boston guys certainly. No it's fine, but they're like their sentence. Agates right there now come on. It's like low hanging fruit No, I mean I don't know why they are but like deck, but the guy that you know who I know what I mean of timing of that guy in everything about that guy yummy, you add, do delicate
eight or or assertive decide about that acts and in how to use it acts in committee. Equally, whether you know when he is, what are you doing on purpose? Are not true, you know it's there. It's got its own timing and even know it's happened. Yet it's a real science till I come just missed the mark with certain sayings, because you don't want it, you don't completely miss it, but you gotta just message of now in our that's written in our use of yes and let's written in some of the time we now we just kind of wills, who writes it. So it's a bill, Haider and Alec Burke right when you're doing he sofa he so funny. Man he's so funny, but the but again like one what I'm doing a panel with with. Although I am like, I'm not a funny guy, you know who I am. I feel like just a normal, just kind of actor in here, but but what I'm, but when a man said I feel it. I can kind of turn it on at her number easily via the action thing. Kills me: oh, it's it's so much fun. It's so much want to play with
to have a coach in beginning yeah, because what is the exit Chechen check so I mean it's like Russian, but a little bit more in the mountains right, a bit more hard depend, dahlia, Thea, these dialect people we have one of these dialect people come in and kind of work on all the specific sounds and- and and then you know. Eventually it got got to the point where I could kind of go through my script into mark up and be like our the chief cause, I gotta do Houston accent recently. India did you have like a key of words? Yes, that you can. It could play in your head to get that the sounds going in your mouth yeah. I guess so. I mean to be in all like the first, the first line- My character have yes like family, you now and and like whenever I get law so just come, I'd be like hey man in our fight and in that first day was hilarious, took as that was my first line, and that was the first seen
that we shot at the pilot and and I knew that it had no kind of gun a good rest, ask, as everyone started coming out in doing here, may say: God our right somebody putting my micom inviting the sound gouge dislike cannon, just really likes lighted and have you heard from any Chechens now not yet, which it's kind of a scary thing, actually yeah. Why? Well? You know I mean if they're not talking to you than you gotta, wonder like what there you know what you're thinking landing say. Well, I mean I don't now, hopefully it's I'm surprised, hopefully people or are enjoying it yeah. You would think that if the Chechens didn't like it, they would say something right. I don't know. I just show up to my house in the mill in middle of ninth shop to house in the very quick about it. You know he's very funny man, but he does not deserve ban now taken more quickly
eventually one and look about the right like I know you my friends like Zactly, he's gonna Mercosur idea I'll show you what is exactly like a boy s going to be on time. Like tattoos give you to do so now you of kids right now How are you? My dear suddenly see three years how'd you meet. just player. While we met on the subway in New York City, I think that bad and what is that? How that work? Well, so it was like the hardest. day the year in New York, so yeah muggy, so somebody it's like walking two blocks is Julia worst right. Oh it was that the Broadway Lafayette stop, I walked, I declare moderation walked down at the station and I saw her standing. There is like ok, well, she's really visually attractive, but I didn't want to be reaper anything right. I kept my distance right
we know we got caught on the car shoes contact me out too and this is where he had no her. Yet this when I know her and then I guess I got off that the help next stop and realized that I'd gone off a sop to soon, and I started walking up on us, like our God, now, there's no way that I'm walking an extra six blocks wherever Gore so does turn back around to get a candle in undesirable, muttering brief one. I turned around to get back on the subway platform and I see that she standing there on that new platforms like out. Ok. Well, I, I say something I gotta have to approach. So I did, and I was like you know I messed up. I got off on the wrong, stop what we're about you and she was, like I was on the wrong drain on site? Ok! Well, and then so we book on next arranged a rocking chair. She told me she was a professional chess player in hard not to have a good conversation when that's when that's your answer, you did like how did you really on that,
Well, I mean just the owl chess, so like yeah, I think I was just like a chess, I'm horrible and she was like all well in our it's actually like a pretty easy thing to pick up once you start open mind to it also go interesting, and then I got you know I got her number by the next go by chest book now, and now I was just now man. I wanted lessons for her. You earlier generations, yet a real deal gray and in itself that they think it's like next. The next night kissing the Brooklyn Bridge nice. We has very sweet yeah, I know to gather and were now or together, yeah, she say she's a pull back from the Chessy. Yes, she's pull back from the chest scene. She turned a kind of like shift gears and figure out. You know we obviously have to apply her knowledge and she written a book. Raining now number, that's a great idea. What about that whole analogy that you have was at her. Was there
North Korea is right in terms of how you live your life in Vienna on the chess board. Here I mean, I think, that's so indicative of it. It just tells you so much about. You are Nanda exhaustive teach people play chess outweigh yeah. You really good. Do a TED talk, she should yeah. I mean let's get her on let's get out of here get right. I gotta figure it out for you you're gonna. Do a TED talk him and write a book about how people's lives they lived them like they would play chess yet and if they don't play chess this if your easy system of how to start playing chess, listen. You're. Obviously, gonna get commission for this now, not just trying to help you but ass, a great idea, but like when you guys during the lock down- and how did you did you did a lot of chess and we waited on fire and we put a decent and now I may, I think, like we were both very in our great power. Partners in their in this pandemic eyes like a meat,
he's from Serbia, Serbia was bombed she's from Serbia, yes, she's from Serbia, subservience bond by the United States in nineteen. Ninety eight ninety nine, and he was there for that now gas or she was in a bunker for like kindly seventy eighty day, is really her family and those how she learnt at which s O so so she learned how to play chess in a war zone in a war zone in it. This very kind of like I mean this environment, where you got AEGIS and are you half dead? You have to deal with it and this. You know this saying that she I mean protagonists in serbian cause. I don't not in Serbian, but substantially. What you must. Do we not hard right That was what was kind of his situation, right, which I just like look. This is what we gotta do right, so you can either bitch about it or you you just be just do a daft here just adapt, and you make this your life said so funny
My brain, like I'm Thinkin Serbia, that was it with the conflict, was between them. Out in the Serbs ere I yea and- and there is a gap that certain values of ethnic cleansing and right, It was like a big big. Mass I mean it's. I've tried and numerous times still to her and her eye intricacy of it, and it's just so. It goes back so far like thought of an empire, and I mean it this a very deep, deep, deeply entrenched history, Morse Chechnyan relation everything, Chechnya. As site. Does the Jason, Russia, ok, Russia, Jason yeah, he's up there, some it's all up their yeah, it's It's in there the Acta now does she. Where did she go back to Serbia, yeah me we ve been back generally been back to Serbia and its first, I'm? U there, the verses there. How is it was good really have so much fun. I maintain on a party? That's for sure by here,
the crisis, but very nice. Croatia's gorgeous to really get a lot of the game are thrown stuff was was found in Croatia. That's all those like God. You know, like beautiful waterfront mean yeah shots. All Croatia, I've a bit. People are talking about it gets the place to go. It is beyond its gorgeous. I think they. Actually, I see a period Eastwood armor in your future. I think so. I think I can kind of work in that fantastical round. Listen all right! That's what I want to do. I want to be in the you know, some kind of fantasy franchise owes a huge fancy gig through our growing up, so I wanna, like which one, I don't know, I mean comic stuff. Well, oh yes and comic stuff a mean. Obviously it's like you now bread watch man and he now. say no more areas of semi. I love December the army. To
a laser. I got the salmon through how ways how nice big, how wizard got I'm not atomic I've, always are examined. I enjoy D, a deadline on not a huge comic book, thereby what you thou immortal now and so one of the arguments yeah Gotham. I could always people being. What do you know the character, and I do I do know character if so, which care do I put this character named victors ass, it was light, came ok, yeah yeah. I like every time he killed somebody recover tally into Askin super mellow, Galiano Nerves were agony of about, yet they are only about it, but I ain't! No! I like new, I've done my research and find yourself I had to do and I do not want any people get people really intense these days about it. It's it's a very big deal. If you're playing when he's character, you gotta COMECON. Ah now, I haven't been now, but I'm here,
Ben to certain kinds. I mean they happen all over the place here in with happening now wearing one. This is one. This is one right now. Where do I sign your picture and for that to happen in the eye? And yet you wanting picture here right here. He met Johnny, Chuck, Johnny Chuck. Flash off sunny I'd turn a flash off, Tommy, don't a video on light on it? You don't invite but I don't know I had a great time without because I just you know. First of I was so angry like, and this was one of the first jobs that I got when I was told you not gonna, do it's not gonna happen. Free is over for you, but I was so pissed yeah. I was just like on the march in that room and I'm just gonna like own everyone here and as such, so that that at a good good fire, my belly for that that's great
and what did we already so outside of berries or other stiffened stuff happening. There's some stuff happening. I can't talk about too much of a right now, but Billy, yet downer you're about to do that on some of that, I'm in the midst of doing some vote about to do. But, but yeah, but I'm really just ramping up fur bury season. Three. I've got some precedent for four: father, yeah yeah! So was great talking to you straight talking to you, why you your family, Irish, well, my Dad's from England, but I like yeah, I mean I'm Irish English mix, but not don't go back to her. Now now have family now, not yet. I, like it, I want yeah me, I'm really excited go. I mean I've missed like if there's one thing the pandemic Tommy! It's just like travel everywhere. I knife I well known as were able to. I went down to see my mother do to get through the vexing really in Florida. Before I went in Mexico, dad and after I got outside the two weeks you up,
and I was okay, so weird still unaware it still. We're weird is so weird, and I think it's really as long as you can just be like the outs can be where we going now? What can we do? You know what the world looks like really, yet. You know like in terms of what survive within what economically, what's going to happen now, now we're all no idea now I think it's just a matter of like you know this taught us a lot and end we're all as we learn. Well, I don't know if we learn that we we can do a lot of what we need to do without doing it with people s. I couldn't do a lot of stuff from home. They do a lot of stuff from home now but yeah, but I don't know I feel like were also entering into a phase of like we having reached the kind of PTSD around attired in me, I, like I like its eye,
since August on people who have like such anxiety and depression, panic right- you haven't, do not on stage shocking about, like we can't and that we have to engage with you, gotta get out as its these we're gonna, be fact we can't be. We can't go. Let me there's a hearing to ally now, like nothing happens, I can act like nothing. How much and anyone who is is it was weird it's weird watch comics too, who derail assured picking up. You know. I cannot just you and fifteen relationship Chancellor nuthin yeah fisheries over a year there doing yeah, yeah, Morgan just doing their old sat in. I know somebody like about yeah yeah. You know about food. Yeah right am I right for both its little desire to see how it how it's gonna work by our I'm, just like panicking yell at my first can and it's just serve. I d, you know we're doing a year ago, yeah, but I don't know, I think, as long as we are going to take care of each other
remind each other that that shit's just weird here and that that it's ok to be freaked out, it's ok to be rife. Gump! This just questioning who we all are right, I'll yeah, it's a totally normal thing. Yet That's it. That's like that moment during a pandemic like who am I yeah, ITALY, who am. I would also like all these things. They usually people can keep at bay the right utter like that. You're, not like you know, people who kind of busy themselves with the ninety five than ever had to think about this, yes and then all of a sudden there flung into their homes for like yeah standard periods, the I'm in those those you know I was just like left their family. It's not like a zombie move. Geography aside, zombie movie word, like you know, you're too busy running away from the zombie at Fort for your you know right or your anxiety or your depression, yet take over your it's like all that self, his amplified sure big time
I can imagine what it would be like. I have a wife and kids are reacting pie, no be intense man. My guy, did you see the they're all a lot closer now our thoughts in IRAN, raw or they have diverged yeah exactly. I think, you're right. I think if we can all be supportive and also try to, not engage the monsters yeah, I t exactly ass. There is no shortage of em, but crazy ray is its knots, go back to Boston, Yeah I mean I do share my so my mom and my both my sister, oh yeah, the other on the nor shore. Now oh yeah, if switch over less nice right, yet beautiful, beautiful arm so mean I get back. You know, as guy get back as much as they can. I tried by a good son fear. You know, I can't
I wish I had more reasons to go back to knowing, but I never just go you don't ever do like there anymore, the comedy circuit some nightly loved. You like I did the word I perform their last time. I shall I was gonna. Do I do that one? What is it that Christ, not forgetting the Wilbur, the Wilbur. How do the waiver sometimes now he's gonna shoot my specialty about who we had a technical issue, but I don't know it's. those places where I spent years their yeah and I never sort of like I gotta get back there and I don't yeah yeah it's a different like I want college in Boston. They started my career in Boston. Later many years later, yap doing those one areas and stuff like that, Whole city is nothing like. I remember it. It's a totally different. Most of its been erased. That's changed a lot. Bs changed my camera square, like was a defining place for me and now it's like it just nothing. Oh yeah! It's bizarre, I know I M are used to remember going to Somerville was in Somerville. I was on I d javelin, attic homework.
became like cool before became. Call me out there. All these places you know like Seko's, Billiards and lonely, ices out just gone a mining out. Yeah S got MIKE's pizza right there in the middle of the year. In order weird that was at train car that train car, that was era, was I go a restaurant, oh yeah, and then the result there was another one, something that a restaurant that opened I too, in the morning, cocaine ships or something this weird fuckin place might even before it. I never understood it, but open to the middle of the night was already later Bigfoot Spic for always that they want the whistling entourage, ain yeah. That was the chain that was like close to close to us a you know you serve like fear, reversal and go party and then we're gonna go to fit for its late night Somerville. Let me see there having Dave I was in gave a square runaways square, but their way back in the day when I was there, there was,
I call on those restaurants, you will get a tray slide. It wasn't like that. It is a diner as it honours, but an hour after hour had back at some point, hopefully just com, my nervous system down enough to enjoy it. Put your theory. Hackles get a landing at Logan. I here we go yeah exactly like the lack of the like my curled fist, you know there is guitar need is greater need to appreciate it. at the current rate story. Great guy funny hasn't good laugh angel if a good laugh these days barrier is another sign of William, is forthcoming, The film you can see him and now is called fatherhood stirring, Kevin heart. You can stream, starting this Friday June. Eighteen and now it's entertained with some music.
Let's muggy carries everywhere now. What do you mean
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