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Episode 1237 - Ellen Burstyn

2021-06-21 | 🔗

Ellen Burstyn doesn’t stop working. She’s an Emmy, Oscar, and Tony winner with iconic performances in everything from The Last Picture Show and Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore to The Exorcist and Requiem for a Dream, but as Ellen tells Marc, stopping acting just isn’t in the cards. They talk about the sea changes in Hollywood, her collaborations with dynamic creators like Martin Scorsese and Jackie Gleason, and her lead role in the new movie Queen Bees. Plus, Tom Scharpling is back so you can Get To Know Tom.

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I love watching these chefs on tv, and I ve been talking to a bunch of them. Myself was into food network obsessed on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you get pod casts. Pod casts Look: let's do this podcast! that you listening to now a guy all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the plot mix what's happening? I'm Mark Marin- that is my name, did I just space per second? Is that happening it? I just have a mild. Brain scared, brain fart situation, where four split. Second, I don't know my name. Do me a favor, please Let me have that freedom. Is that from the meditation this out. Is that what you yet when you really get You ve been to it when you tap into the big, nothing when you
hit you ride on the big frequency empty, your brain that you don't even know who you are you just a free speech floating fighting for space from your room is at what happens, Cosmo and if that was it I want to hold on to that. I would have some control over not knowing who I am for a second year in the way where it's, because you know my brain is so wide open them actually space travelling, not because you don't having some sort of identity crisis and think I'm a fraud, because I'm I'm familiar with that school of meditation, not great, not great. That that's that selflessness is not helpful. The kind were you, destroy everything about your sense of who you are out of complete, self loathing and insecurity until you're. Just a screaming nothing alone in your room, not even sitting in a lotus just alone screaming nothing good morning good afternoon good evening. Well- come about two days off without helpful, hey, look I don't know. I know what I'm talking about Ellen burst in his on the show
and she's amazing she's an Oscar Emmy and Tony when it she's been in every King from Alice doesn't leave your any more to the last picture, show to Requiem for a dream and, of course, the exorcist and she has the we draw in this new movie queen bees, which is actually in and of itself worth talking about, because how we would doesn't make a lot of fun movies starring and about seniors. I dont like their stuff happening on this front. There's the Kaminski method. I talk to Michael Douglas about that nets. At some of the air. The all these do in their thing is that it is that a flying? That's not right, the all these other as Epp Ed, I don't even know I'll tell you it's amazing to watch these actors work at this point. There lives, I mean on the darker side. If you Should the Father with Anthony Hopkins, which is astounding not a comedy, not funny
menacing in a way in its depiction of Alzheimer's or dementia. I think their different, not apposite Maybe I should just look it up. I will, after this but but that that performance was astounding, and in this movie it's it's kind of I think it's mean girls. Only there, their senior citizens. In a in retirement community, but I bet I died. Think it's basically mean girls theirs the cast is Elam Burst in and Margaret James, Con Loretta Divine Jane Curtain, Christopher Lloyd, isn't it French stored, who haven't seen in a long time, is in it and some other there's other people in it. But the core group is an Margaret Loretta, Divine and Jane Curtain they play the queen bees Ellen Burstin, is a newbie at the retired. and twice and James I'm comes in a sort of a slightly damage to have interest in and Christopher Lloyd is the
The idea that the hot catch at the retirement centre- These are great actors richest amazed to see. them doing the work I mean I interviewed James kind. That guy's an animal man that guy's Ike ago, just out he's like all in and he's a lot. And, and he just tone he toned. I talked Ellen about this. He he tell, the down locked in. It was astound in order to me, because I've been looking ping. What more attention to acting as I do a little more of it myself and to see these the these actors working at this level and their seventies and eighties but a fascinating that there is a craft? There is a a you have tools that they engage in order to do what it is they do and It was great to watch and I think I am, I think, the seniors will enjoy it. I
I enjoy thought it was a acute movie, is acute picture, acute picture. Also in a few minutes, were going to do. a segment with Tom sharpening another? I get oh Tom, with Tom sharply segment of becoming up at will get summer, some good dirt out of him a bit from new book. This timely keep pushing a keep, pushing the anatomy work. I want the whole food yesterday and down right now I walked Anna, saw the melons errors I picked up. I start do my thing: do my with the air with the water hold them up to my head. Put my ear on em knock em scene. If we now they're good? They somehow they sound, feel heavy I picked one and an eye wandered around the rest. My shopping I bought meet at the meat counter. Ok
and I was in the store for like at least twenty five minutes and I get to the checkout and the woman to check that goes. Yeah we have a sticker on your ear Oh my here in my hair right by my ear, there was a watermelon sticker and no noticed anything. I bought meat from a guy. Stick around my ear nuthin! people. Just let me walk around That's what you do because You know you don't know what he wants to take the chance at once. To step up and say: hey Buddy, you got a watermelon sticker on here, because what it? What are the odds of me going? I got to shit, that's embarrassing! Thank you, man! Thank you for telling me, or maybe I wanted that way. Maybe she mind your own fucking business. You know I usually have a sticker on each of my ears. Watermelon sticker, but I feel, like I forgot to to put the other one on this morning. Are you judging me? Are you judging me? I can't walk around with stickers on my head. I mean fuckin world this who the fuck are you I live.
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You got all that hate people look at Tom's back, it's it's time again for get to know Tom, where we all learn a little bit more about Tom Scharpling, our friend and author of the new book. It never ends Why am I saying like that? Maybe different delivery on the way you are friend and author of the new book. It never ends, I can do many reads, an organ. Along with the next one. Our breath go crazy. Third, I think we got it yeah. So what do you do? You want the gonzo guns. I wouldn't ok. I hope our friend and author of the new book. It never ends and undergo a and b
We ve just means not that last one of liquid. in their select a little they available for pre or Tom wrote a book dotcom so work. So we know Tom Sharping somebody don't he's the host of the betcha than was previously on W Fm you and now you can get it at their best show. What is it that calmed the best showed up? I still get. Do we have the same server something I think we do. I think work connected through Martine. but you know sometimes I get the sort of like weird updates, Oh yeah, that's programme will be happening now. I know it. I don't know why but no, they don't mean anything happen late at night. It something that these sites do and I get like nineteen things did. w g of products like in then like occasionally I'll get. It doesn't mean anything, it's all computer code. I don't know what a dozen anytime panicked about. It has nothing to do with any, but then I definitely the devil
happens. Africa does bring it about. I know why happening like here on Monday, I've got I've got three, t panels. in my car I well that's just the way goes at night and in every once, in a while ago I got a sheep. I'll bet shown. Am I shall call time and make him worry about this, but I don't know what work and ignore them. Yes, right I just I don't know why it doesn't matter school to see the great again. I just want to make clear that you know we ve been friends while I'm not you, I don't know you ensure Howard, how it happened by but was wait. It was late in our lives, yeah it was on we're not childhood friends, now wait and grow up together in New Jersey or New Mexico. Not a wee! I'm kind of yours We order the you. You have your d feel like I'm Jersey, the idea
but if you definitely, I know that Budweiser factories, yours, I figure, born behind. Knowing what is known as it were. My grandparents are very close. That's ok! Well, am I my great uncles, dentist office, Abe who was married to my grandfather. Sister Patsy, had the dentist office in the house. Was therein Linden Lorry Haglund yeah with our off rougher one without it but I met you and your writing. A monk right was I was I was writing. We were kind of you had deputy ef. I had the best show, and there was all this internet shattered and people or basically pinning altogether see, who could fight with each other and are all I knew about. You was your ear near sort of Twitter avatar data resist this weird profile, drawing and unlike Louis yeah, and just said sharply? I thought you were some like that you had like here, you know like you, you at some sort of way
the you like a veteran, I guess, had a lot of weight. Tell I geared like you, Near the peak hours, if there's no way you could lie all about. I was a book I had been seeing you for so many years. He had at eating it and right all the thing and you just a guy and then there at that time, up to you- and I was less- are you doing Jerusalem sender, maybe I wanna! Oh, that's right that right with you right there at the West Bethia and I was like hey. I really like join what year does before we are friends that was before I just want one may people make sure they nokias out. I read in the book. I learned a lot of stuff about you. I didn't know like really surprising stuff, like I don't think anybody knows, I think you surprised yourself, you'll I'd die was ready to take so much of this to the grave really absolutely and it was a matter of I wasn't never talked about it on the radio or podcast a lot of stuff,
and you got thousands of fat yeah Jane, and they don't know any of this now. It's all all knew. What do you think some of them are gonna, be ripe, nasty, not the guy, I think they'll just gonna be like oh get over here yeah everywhere is already had sounded, and I think a few friends who have read it said like now. I get it. they're like ok, there's the missing pieces of the puzzle. Me ok, but you like you been, but you were you really big can be a writer. It sound like you were writing what was it? Basketball, road for basketball, magazines and just empty regular hid absolutely. I was just trying to my foot in the door any which way I was working at the store and then left the I left the we're gonna sheet music store, Oh yeah right, yeah, marijuana
yeah. I know you're a writer, but I just thought like when I found out you wrote about you wrote monk for like years right, yeah, those eight seasons. I was hear all of it from the I was working as an assistant to the guy, the created the show, and I remember when he was like I have, tv show? Hopefully it goes and if it goes, you'll be the first person they get tired and then it did go, and I was the first person I got high, but that there is a great part of the story about like sort of like breaks in show business her liking or how one pays their dues, like. I think people that that don't know you can sort of you get a sense of of the struggle but like like when I found out euro from uncle my colleagues like a legit showbiz kisses unpunished, together before I knew you really sure I'm actually did that before the best show, but no you did it I'll. Do it I'll tales of the best show. I was not making a nickel off of so my day. Job was writing for tv, and monk was my first
job, and I was therefore the whole run. The show and that was it, the OECD detective. Yes, with the issue with Tony shall lube yeah great guy. The best nice. Guy ever yeah couldn't we'll never meet. another actor as generous, as he was an end like I'm China remember in the book was by their problems with anybody. Earth problems. There was an incident that I mean it's better off therein, but but there were some some jealousy of winning a wards and then there was a little bit of a state, event, and it turned into a thing were another thing: I've ever better off in the full stories the bulky I mean we're, I'm I was good tease. I guess I mean I think it's fair butterby, but also Ike widening I think the most surprising stuff is really you know when you were younger
oh yeah. Well I mean that's the stuff that I I truly for four all until the last couple months. I could count on one hand the amount of people that new some of those stories. Well. I just your parents. If my parents and death disturb us yeah, I mean when I dream you Union Tom, you know You didn't tell me, like you, Gimme, any a heads up, I'm just reading a manuscript, hoping it's good, so I can be earnest. When I say was good yeah. I have to say hey man, that will have one drafter. Yet I wanta one looks like it's Lord writing it like those those those
those opinion dodges an elegant. Do I didn't, I didn't know a lot of that stuff like well what you think of how I man, I really I really saw you know. I gagged, really feel good description, yeah good rescript, where they like to two seventy to eighty Emory pages. This linger me some. This is the whole book here, font Maison find easy to Riga. We re really. Rather, the blogger would be great fond grey good choice. The thoughts nor is it was great, but, like you know, I mean that that stuff in high school right, I'm here with their they're worth there were. Let me I was right- traumatic, I'm here, like heavy right, so it sets limits there, there's heavy stuff that shaped every. thing for me right.
full were right and stuff that I also swallowed. Basically to be able to just keep going? If your hide it yeah either. There's there things where you can either here, you can either face it. The hoary can cause a temperate down, and I d grace for me was the Tampa down. But now I'm not a point worth disagree. I can't keep tabs Madame anymore, so it's it's! The other holler while I do your item again, it's in the Balkans, It works lessons crazy here, but you know that I mean just being at that place. Rain very scary. yeah Heraldry eighteen Nl the year higher mighty parents was again, I don't think it works best. If people read it in the book. My big ok pledges.
It becomes a piano. I gotta admit I just ignoring. Ok, I'm sorry. I saw enjoying LOS Angeles yeah- I get. It saw LOS Angeles, what a good food really really. I think so. I think this good food but I M in the exact you m is well no. No, I just I don't care they're, just us there's a line where certain thing ass. I feel I would be happy to discuss and other things I feel like here play, but or within the context of the at the entirety of the book now, I understand I'm just trying to help you yourself as a friend and you know- and I am not trying to sandbag- commits an unidentified book- it's an absolute yes, but rather people just reading the book and burnt. What that's yeah. I guess it's because I've read it and I know it and then I think, like man was just talk about that fuckin, I'm starved
and it is in our work but but but footman it was the we held in the book it was it was. There is funny. Parts is dark parts, but like just the fact that, like there's a whole chunk of your life. That is what private, for this have ended, hurry, it's good? What can we do this one more time I mean. I know this may be sure tat I was I loved. The suit against their will go will do a lot more time, but in the meantime, go ordered a book I go or the book it is. It never ends a memoir with nice memories by Tom, sharply Indebted Tom, wrote a book, dot com and YO like you you'll, know why he is. I did you, you brought it pie a dead body. Pod blueberry pie. I regret some need for
Ok, ok, I guess we'll try this one more time next week, we'll do another segment of get to know Tom. The pressure on, but man there's some good stories in the book. Right, ok and in I will just wait till next week and may be home. Come around on it, the on at least one story. You know to me: doesn't you can order the book Daniel. Now the stories at Tom wrote a book dot com and it comes out officially on July sixth running a business. Hr issues can make or break you. There are tons of legal issues and labour regulations. You need to follow when you're managing a staff of employees and each hour. Managers, salaries aren't cheap averaging seventy thousand hours a year ban, it wants to help you take the hassle out of human resources, spelled be a m bp. Bambi was created specifically for small business. You can get it
dedicated h, our manager craft, H our policy and maintain your compliance offer just ninety nine dollars a month with Bambi you can change. H are from your biggest liability to your biggest strength, your dedicated H. Our manager is available by phone email or real time chat. They customize your policies to fix your business and help. You manage your employees date today, all four just ninety nine dollars a month it's month to month. No hidden fees cancel any time. So you ve got nothing to lose by trying it out and seeing if Bambi is the right h, our manager for you get free h. Our audit today go to Bambi Dotcom, Slash W e f right now to schedule. Your free h are audit. That's be a m p d. Calm, slashing w e f What what a tree was? The talk to Ellen Burstin? We run zoom, but she was right there for we pray. And engaged mating memory. Amazing to see her. She looked great news
movie, queen bees is now playing in theatres and on demanded stars, Ellen Burst and James Con Jane, Kurt, in an margaret- and this is a Ellen, burst hello, hello. How are you Ellen? How are you get you look very nice. Thank you! Wear I am in no less LOS Angeles. And you have a New York. I do overtime, yeah I mean I have always lived here, but I lived here the less secure. Maybe a really were you out here before that, No, I was in the country. I was upstate you avoid. I like I've, lived in L a couple of times, but never my favorite, let's hear
well. You know I grew up in this again, so I urge the four seasons right through a decision. I think not not the people, while the people are piano in my business since the same people there and both khosala time. So it's not people. Of course The atmosphere of the business business, business, business right right right, but it's really that need leaves too far off he. Actually I do. I do I do miss if we just dumb we'd have theirs to season that here. There's chile, he and fire, that's all others got I hope this year as better than last year. I do too so I watched the new movie. I thought it was very fun. Yeah yeah I did. You have fun, I get Actually it was fun, morbid shoot it. it's one of those movies that what first one
Michael them back. The director is funny guy and he keeps this. He keeps this sad moving. and happy and yellow in it's a lot of negative vibes around a man. They actions were a wonderful I would also like kind of what you know the conceit of of of this. the seniors. At this place it bits like her bad girls kind of almost like a high Scully movie about Instead, I add at this at this place, the eight? Were you all live, but the conceit was kind of cute, but I was really moved by people really showing up and doing the work. I mean I've interview, James Khan and that guy's like he's a lot, and he really kind of and he really, you know, that's a great weight described. That is the reality
and it turned it off and focused in you. I really did the work. I mean it was beautiful to see ya I never did you know him. You ve worked with them before. No, never, did. You know him. When we met once but I didn't know not every. However, how is it to work with him? I really can't well. He and I had really been chemistry. We we got in two, the relationship? And yet they play. We played with each other that's all I ask of the reactors play with me right now, you're yellow, so you can feel it yeah and he dead. That's great, because I found when I talked to him like yeah his I think he's got a very acute natural sense and a good ability to read people. He sort of prides himself on that, because I know
watched like I watched- stuff of his all the way back. You know like the rain people. I guess you guys. I mean he was with Sandy Meissner. Where did you start at new in terms of acting well, I was the model and I thought a bench. There's gonna be an actress then one day I decided it was time, and I said: ok I made up my mind, will do about red play this far. How do I get an addition, and I said that every banana and somebody said, I know somebody who is looking for a girl play model then applied. Ok here and I were alone- I went on stage an audition for the part, and it was my fault this time on the stage I mean the broader estate and I got the part so I started with the lead on Broadway. Before I went to a plaster anything really. and you had not done it when you were a kid or anything.
A little nearer. We put in place of my garage answer that count me and my brother and I heard all accounts united, who were the audiences for the big garage place your parents, some kids from the neighborhood the ad, People next store, yeah sure. What now, what part of Michigan Sugar, Open Detroit Detroit was like a great city right. Well, they fully. Automobile industry just everybody you knew was collected. get car z, they're, making them were selling them are repairing them were alone. Is that what you or your family did your daddy now now when you say dad to me that the hopes, the lava that some people are really strikes straight answer to that question. How many guys do you have none?
My mother, my mother, had four husband. Oh, my gosh c is right, but none of them were your actual father. That's for her first husband was my actual ok. Well, I don't know. you never did we. We Matt there wasn't my shirt collar relationship, So there's a lot of a lot of aids. We added had these relationships for were for every few years. Did she get remarried or have that work? Well heard third husband? She was married, the long that's too, and he is the one that I live with that same time she was married, TAT, ran and He was the father of my younger brother. He was a very good father to his son, but my older brother
who is from the same father. I was yeah where we were not its favourite people say I've, that's tough, yellow, everybody's got some radio every everybody's got some kind of back story. He and I figure it's what you do. Who said I it I'll get conscious No, absolutely I mean I mean you're being a human there. There nothing unusual about anybody's sort of tragedy or or emotional difficulties in life. I mean the I'd like you to everybody's, got one and eventually yeah. Either you you I spend your life feeling. Sorry for yourself, were you just Siena realises his party life right here listening a bit like a committee, programming you get that computer gets programme and then at a certain age. You go. Do I, like my
programming or do I want a reprogram computer? If you did you make that decision? to straighten out the bumble parts and deal with them? therapy or whatever it's your method that's how you get conscious. Sylvia make different choices, and I now and then one day it all comes flushing back into your head and you have a minor nervous breakdown and then you wait till it passes. That's right, Let me go over the exactly yeah. Oh I remember that horrible thing now, I'm gonna just have breakfast. So, So ok, so did you Eve Michigan like as soon as you could Kennedy? I, my eighteenth, so yes, that's when I was still up while I left the house and then within the year, left Detroit them where the Texas about Places tax
is somebody up as a model and variety set said to make as others I wanted to goes where I want to start my life. I went to see the world and that was twenty years ago and I wasn't ready for Hollywood or New York. Sir Cargo just seem like Big Detroit, Sir. I I was true and define where to go in. somebody said name and mark. Because when the advertising a word that you're the only were reading about it in the model, stressing where I work and and one of the other model said that's where you should go Edna. You know that and I said well. She said Texas they'd, like your type there I support my type They all american girl and I got so Happy that I had a tight somewhere like me, somewhere governor, greyhound Bus went to Texas what what
Word Dallas, Dallas and four were aware. Houston, I worked and author. You did catalogue modeling. Now. Europe is low. in a hotel when the buyers the town and the lines right and then in a department store everyone's gonna Texas. Now it bothers me here, people like you, gotta go to Austin, unlike its still taxes, but everybody loves Austin, I know it's four blocks, so I me out for how long and as it seems to be without getting into politics, there seems to be little liberal uncle. In the master. Yeah. I guess I call it the hipster Alamo events. you're still surrounded by taxes now did. you why members or anything in your mind that was
left over from your experience in taxes that you took into the last picture. Shall I imagine it was a different taxes? Well, the different life, but but it is very familiar yeah. It was very familiar I didn't have when I left it I didn't have the idea, I'm gonna be an actress. sure I have what I my ambition was to see the world right right and them, or exotic the better and I think that showed a different way. I said what I knew we are so simple. I saw the world as Texas while Then there is ready for New York. Now, as it is so I was This too was taxes. And then and then New York. That was the world that you you saw at the moment, yeah In the meantime, I've seen sure a lot of world I bet. So
when you get to New York you you you model forbidden any, do the play and then Wendy Start actually working with the actor studio. that wasn't for say openness, Broadway, imagined fifty seven while and I worked from them, some actress doing like gas shots on tv resolve in New York, where they shooting, although showed in New York, where you go back and forth on propeller planes and stuff. No, I sat near Well, I asked your wait a minute. I a night club as the core squirrel. In Montreal. Viewing along the vizir manages egg. Your agent just gets you, they manage your aids and what it you know I was up there is anybody know how I can get a job rice
for a while, but you'd earlier on, Broadway and you're. Doing you doing its course. Girl gig in Montreal not cause girl whispered flow from that was when I was still a model, and I was just a nightclub gig like behind a comedian or was it a show or was it a variety show? Has Antwerp was Well, dick that dyke, oh yeah, was committed he was part. He was an act, had an act at that time. where he would worked with another guy the mine records like opera, singer s very funny, so we had to dance numbers here and why of them was VIC Marilyn than his enchanted strength. yeah he was violinist than he had a group of girls playing the violin and they claim that it so from ties and then
we came on like ballerinas and we had sake white violence and took their place danced here, where they had actually been leg, and then there are other number one doubt act where we d love stopping and clicking our fingers black satin What did you do? You know how to do these dances? You just learn them well, it's sort of it that's right now and I I was sent points when I was three area an hour. I after about a real. So so I can. know, I was the land faker yeah We're gonna have to get this far and at night club, but some that's that's at home and introduction in show business. I always like yeah. I'm not everybody had the experience of doing something gritty other something about nightclub work with very gritty and introduced as you do a lot of an element of show business that you never quite forget and it really is
a kind of them this rolling in inhuman there's something about being backstage at a nightclub when I do comedy now like this is really what shall this is about. Is that moment before you go on stage acting that happens in theatre to right, where you just sort of like I'm about my dad I'll absolute, I was so tense. Wouldn't this is fully. so tat. When I went on the first time dancing in the lumber and winter, our entrance from the kitchen. All your estate will I I smiled through the whole thing, but a mouth so dry. I've got my lips struck to my down anywhere. I got us dead, I couldn't make it go down the other girls bribed a lemon, some more than that. said sack on this, and I said John the lemon and then I could get my lip down enough my God, my God, the kitchen was right. There died really
but I learned her out what to do in case Europe lip ever gets stuck in your gun. anywhere now they like here take this stage. I just think it so funny that their yellow, this amazing thing: tat we do as entertainers yet you're always got to walk through the kitchen. You'd, really like you right before the big show yeah, there's a guy at the dish, machine, spraying, dishes and you're like how you doing here. We go. I love that, but I guess I'm just curious about so you did some Thea. And then you started to study, because you wanted to know how to do it. Tariff on your own. You just decided that there was a deeper thing. You could do that when the acting thing really started for you, you You felt like you wanted to train deeper. I have a career, some fifty seven. While I started to hear about the late middle Middle too. Late,
Excuse me, I will allow its costs and a movie called goodbye, Charlie Scar, Debbie Randalls only Curtis. Some aftermath fell and I was also sky area. There is a big technic, color Glitzy NEA had a movie, and I was sitting on stage and I said well, this is of the big time the next step news I bid playing Debbie of animals and the voice in my head. That speaks to me. Occasionally said I don't wanna be yeah. much to my surprise EL. I knew what I did all of a sudden there like this was in Hollywood. They packed up my dog, my bags and my piano and move back to the Ark and went to leave Strasbourg and then to the art of acting. interesting because, like you know, you have to do, he had the the law
books and a knack for being on stage, and you had everything you could do naturally, but How did you know about about Strasbourg coming out? Why did you decide their eye I knew that there were some action. Like Melon Brandon Geraldine? I said well being paid here and I got to see you. Saying that they knew something? I didn't know right out of court said herded the actor studio in Strasbourg reputation, preceded him and then We all were active studio people, They are selling Strasbourg Rife and such like. well, if you want to learn when it is, they know alone Did you learn it? I did Helen what did you train directly with Lee mostly and his wife Paula with her I studied with both of them and Paul?
where's the great teacher to em and then she died after a few years, and I continued setting quickly and I studied with me for the rest, his life in The aid is required. Now. What is now tell me what the like, because so that would have been you know twenty years or what what keeps growing here? What do you keep going back for fur in terms of of that particular method of acting to keep studying. What? What do you keep studying with that with that man? Would you keep finding? Well, let me sway toilets the pianist. practice eight hours a day every day until he died and actors mostly can't get the actors, except when they get a job
It rightly forwards only play the piano. Idiotic concert yeah, so you need to. Practically every art for another. What is right then, and there So if the actor studio offers us a stage, an audience a place them, ring and a piece of work, and try and develop, yellow you'd be try and do something that you don't think you can do right, trot and take on the parts that really sounds very hard, so that that you sort of you seem to do that, alot near career the challenge right off. I love channel. Yeah. I really don't I think I'll tell you grow, I dont think you go without challenging. So yeah absolutely and you do. You feel that there were times where e fell short
course telling are there other movies you ve done? We are like move. I dont need to see that again. I I the movie yeah. I think I'm not name it. Ok, and when I saw at the opening- and I went on oh god. No, I know how to play that. Mark how now I knew what I didn't do you figured out the key? Oh God, just one of the most horrible moments of my life. When I realize I am looking at me, a mistake on screen but no one else knew you were Jesse you can. You can write another dimension to it that you? Yes, I know that feeling where you like. I missed the key to that person, yeah, absolutely and, and it's a bad feeling. Should you find when you, when you take on a role they eat? You, that's what you're looking,
for first is- is some sort of portal into that person, some sort of basic set. if that person well yeah some understanding of them there. The human being and watch extending the way they are. What Come from. I always try a history of my car. Do that you that you sort of make up yeah backstory. Baxter, I rather backstory- and I make you up out of what the written character in furs yellow the right sure they keep saying. Why would she to their hollow simple step? Had this kind of experience Europe? So am I right from a biography It's amazing, so you really go line for line. I guess could say that, but it's not so
what's that does why they do what they do sure yeah sure yeah. Why they are the way they are yeah, yeah, Yet what are the intentions Where do they kind of the end as very concerned Instead, it if you do No your intention dealt block on states really he was always he had the studio when you were there. Oh yeah Ethel. He started the stereo he was. The creator of the studio was called some mouth from the beginning at the actors. theatre or like what was a one without debts in the way that signals tat our group theatre, right, yea and asked that's a separate organization at, but his and directed their rights, and and the group chairmen are closed and he was established as a director. He found that Couldn't find many actors a key had at the grew clearer that had been trained by Strasbourg. Yes,
started. They actor studio so that he could have actors developed for him to work with that. But what do you like what it means? You're still, so he brought in lay them, for he had a big plan in that work with you it seems like you like, worked with a lot of formidable. You have done directing cows, charismatic people, it was his an intense was like when you around him. Did you feel via the sort of brilliancy that guy but I've crises Phil the billions most. When you see as work because right person here Susie Guy just I hear a nice guy. I made an interesting guy, but it was a god. But then, when you size work, you went wow yeah. I didn't they specify because as an actor, you don't really know what they're up to until you see it. I mean you know he the senior doing begin on a well. It's all gonna look put together, that's for sure and went now
would you would you would you say your biggest break? The first break was the last picture shop in terms of movies yeah. I would say that Donovan is another. Geyser is kind of a lot to deal with. Was eager to work with, I loved him yeah smart yeah, very smart, I too then understands the process knows what action scott you. It's amazing how many out directors don't know What goes on in cited actor we're working. I worked with your director, who is very major extra. Very successful earlier than really remarkable work. The film now state structure and, I told him about. Then that happened. Internally, when I'm is doing a play in the current and when I had to do inside to deal with what happened and swallowed sober
said Jimmy. You mean you can think of other things. Why you? Actually? I almost fell over yeah thanks. Of other set, my God fairly somebody deploy it. What are you doing here? I mean you're like stoking the furnace and that as after being that talent didn't and six. That's fallen! Wonderful! now the actors think above all things while their acting with kitchen Just like a miracle to me. I thought I could imagine how they did. You tell him and also I get the the the king of Arvin Gardens with shorter and there was a big movie or empathy roused by the credits, rights of grey
movie at love that movie. That's when a MAC Sabre I just I git sort of I don't know from the style, Jake or a fan or what, but I have to assume it was there exciting working with those guys they in that era of Bob rifles in and Nicholson and in all of them in Bruce, it must have been just very stern. We were all friends here but, and we were friends for we were famous and he said I mean when, when vibrate we'll send who is a power than on others, white is still friend of when he cast RE jacket, then doing Europe motorcycle movies for Corpsman yeah, here, an ally oh said done, some good filled with sweat, there was. Nobody was a leg star sure and so we weren't system does work and we loved working the girl would say
actually studied acting with blue bruises. I am also a member of the actors studio right. He did private classes. Oh yeah and he was a very important. Stimulation to me earlier has yeah he It made me think about myself in a different way. You know. But things he said to me. That was very encouraging. Are you sure we have a very clear memory of the whole sort of process? Other things that happen in your life. It's it's it's a real gift, good for you. Well, you know I kept diaries my whole life and and then I wrote a memoir cobbler. so then becoming myself. So I re read diaries all the way back to the beginning and
which were sent us dollars. Sharing experience, really, oh my god because of their different emotional tones. You had how you, he acted too things different likes must be looking at a different. You somewhat, I remember actually yelling at myself when I read the page, my diary illegal. What you crazy. Wake up girl amount sometimes a few pages later it look like she heard me so greatly, kept diaries at some. I do it in a just all kind of dropped into the thoughts of your memory. I guess he reactivated it. Ah, oh yeah cause I've forgotten loudest step, and then, when I read it, I went oh, my god but tat anywhere very in law nay it nourishing process to go through. I recommended anybody. I just-
watch the hairy and Tonto again recently. That's it. I get sweet movie. Why didn't you less that in particular I don't know man. I think it was because you know I had some there were moments. You know during quarantine where you I can't thinking about things. I watched a lot of old movies, you know I watched you in the exercise? Watch Alister doesn't leave you anymore, but I watch like for some reason. I was curious about art Carney and I wanted to see our Carney. I wanted to see that movie again but you know art Carney and I knew each other from the Jackie, Gleason's shell. Did. You know I was on the Jackie place until I did. I do know exactly how long or what you did there. How long that one on four I was one of the girls. Ok at so I was on for a year and it was live every Saturday slide. went my sadder days in the theatre with
Jackie, glacier, narc, Carney and all these great comedians who would come in and and take part of the show, because Jackie Wooden appear until showed, time actually dress rehearsal. Buddy wouldn't do that dress. He would watch it here from his dressing room and then he would do it live without having the which saw This means that it will be guided has anything here and wonderful here so when the baby timing for the dress rehearsal for his stand up spot, which is a five minute spot they would have. some other comedian like Jackie Manner ray men and do his five minute spot right, so I at the second, the audience and see all these great comedians and doing Jackie's five minute spot. So, as one of the best training sin and comedy Who do you remember seeing that was I just unbelievable,
Leonard for one and Jack Carter Oh yeah, Jakarta, Johnny, Carson, three, oh yeah the thing is that hardy, and I you know we would like go on trips with jacket, for it Kyler Charity Abe there, I'd be a parade in Boston and would ban and convertibles waiving of the people on the street. So when- so I mean Harry in Toronto, ART Harney, when's, the asker this same year. I've won for hours does not here anymore right, but I'm I don't go because I'm on Broadway and same time next year, he asked her what I can remember the theatre the next night, the door man says, I'm holding a call for you here, answer them, phone on the wall and was Jackie, placing the only says
well the alumni yet turning their life's like one of my favorite Mulder him with a user, here's a kind of them, I can't imagine what it would have been right to known him at that time, because he was so hilarious in such a huge personality is an amazing person, it's amazing, yellow we may go balding he'd, take all the girls bawling Andy other true people on the show and this was a riot. I mean I, I never bold I don't know symbolic and the first time my ball. I got a strike, a spare, the strike he and the die on our team. I don't remember who was called doubts ever lanes throughout Jackie is, and he says,
did you just gotta strike. Can spare the strike and she's never both before and Jackie. It's ok! That's it we're paddies we're going Denmark, something it's all up to dollar buddy show when you did Alice doesn't live here anymore. I like how you were off or to direct add. Is that what I read, well yeah. It was may our marriage, grocer Satan might think I chose well. How did that negotiation take place, or how did you get that offer? What was a story behind Alice? I was shooting the exorcist, Oh and organise the dailies we're going back when we were in New York. The police were going through a Hollywood where on tally with the Heather Warner, brothers, yeah and, He was looking up the dailies than they called my age said we'd like to do another picture with Burstin, so
They started sending me all the scripts that they had, that they owned and the parts were really boring. They were the old fashioned idea. What a woman is right along oil, wife, a hooker with a heart of gold objective who gets raped and they didn't anxious man. I said I don't want to do any of this decision. The beginning of the women's movement- and I said I'm gonna- do a character that like the women? I know so I my agent found the script for Alice send it to me. I like to send it to them. Ok ability. What do you want? A directive, and I said somebody new and exciting. I didn't know who, who that was. I called Frances Cobbler. And I said whose new and exciting- and he said, look at a movie called main streets, and I looked at me streets which had been released job and I asked
Jimmy Marty and he came into the office in wonder bothersome. I said I want to do. This will be from a woman's pointed view. What do you know about women because his he said nothing but I'd like to learn and I'm just stopped That was brilliant hire them, and by that I mean he's, turned out to be the man a stir up cinema answers, love and respect him so much they. So there's nobody like him. Such a act, brain that guy. I guess I can't fire is always go and it's like so much going on up there and and yes, I, yes, oh yeah, the way he sees his vision. So I'm just really grateful and Did you find that he did listen to you and learn about women on that shoot? Did
they had to be deferred to you. A lot in terms of the character were to go, I wouldn't say defer, as at present, opera Jim verb formality, but we work together right now. he my image of the sad when you entered the set Margaret sat it's like entered the ring at a prize fight. It's like it's all gonna happen in this ring right, and we get in and then restart Maxilla general yeah, the other, the other actor and mighty near the script and magic but it's great what he I imagine. He sought almost like sort of pressure. It is like a battery liking. I hear the energy of I love that. I love that from now on, and I talk about Molly is true. Is it true, so I feel like they charged absolutely here
they like they did. You have any idea. The exorcist would become what it became when did that movie well, I have to say that it with them rest selling book, sure and there was a lot of talk about the access. All it's gonna be a movie, and you know it from It was just a party to get here actresses wanted now heart now, some apparently, but some of us here, yeah and I was aware of that- it was gonna get a lot of attention. It was already getting a lot of tension and mine, my memory of the opening. We're coming down for breakfast Graham the kitchen. Turning on the tv set and on the news there filming. in Montreal
people lined up four hours, sleeping and it was snowing and they were like four Or hours in line with him for the movie theater, it open what's here, while I remember saying out loud to my kitchen. Actually television sets out in my kitchen. People pay all its a move a year. What do I owe you can go to morrow? We hours in line four movie. Having done so, it was shocking how success soup is really shocked. I can't imagine what that's it was like. I talked to freaking for two and one slash two hours and man that guy's got like you know. He sees symbols and everything and everything is connected and he doesn't like you know, he's got it kind of maniacal kind of creative mind. I can imagine what it would be like to work with him at that time. You know my
experience of free can and Marty, and therein air, love, skin rifle son. Peter bogged down in its near is their partners. You know like in this together were creating together ass, good It's amazing, like you just I mean you love to work. It's because you did. You know Big Broadway chose. You did the big movies you did. You did a lot of tv even later in India. tv, it seems in the middle of doing big movies is, while you just like to work. I do I look like you're on. Might recipe for happiness is find a way to make a living at something that you'd be glad to do for free here and I'd feel way about acting it's. What I do it's while I can do is what I like doing. You're no good way as the city burning down over there what's happening DM.
just live on a straight fire since then, the allowances like Nicaragua, yeah yeah, when When you worked with Alan older, he seems like an amazing actor to work with it is an amazing actor persists, and amazing man he's he's really fine human being. I love deeply here, he's really a good guy, that yeah that that movie, I think is, is this is sort of a sweet movie? It's a very interesting movie. They must have been a great play. I never saw it as a play. The same time next year, it wasn't. Replied Charles Grown played on Broadway, so yeah
You were with growth and again I said that he passed away and I was sad I didn't get to talk to him, cause there's really nobody like that guy, nobody like TAT guy, he he sells vessel. Something I can imagine any other actor ever considering doing when. The movie was cats than they did not cast him and maybe he was brilliant in that car, brilliant funny and moving and deepen touching, and he was wonderful and that as Stalin, who is here, are equally Equality is magnificent. His Ria his reaction, he sat up going out a talk show I don't remember Is Jack part, of course I remember who surrounded he goes on
the talk show yeah, and he and he tells them to tell him that Alan older, TAT Rosa and these talking about the play and then he and then he's gonna do a movie, and I expect channel ass, an Arab and they say it all. No, they cast it when he may live, cast it So now announce commitment, an all, that's gonna play my part in just one member. I guess they ve started quoting his reviews from one of the review said had said the air at here we'd love to save at hurry. You tonight that we had in the air, so he said they said Cindy error. Explain that Mr Prodi has really is. He was gonna find there. I can dig up, that's gotta, be on you out. There are new tests
somewhere. Is it so he acted so hurt like you, didn't know what now kid they don't. I saw that genius so funny man pc, was Jane it here Jane, it thanks. I'm Drake, yeah yeah, We seem like you know it's like. Even in relation to you know what you said. Publicly about working with Louie, who it seems to me that you ever sensitivity from life experience to people that are peculiar or may do bad things, but you don't necessarily dismiss them as bad people. I thought that was a very I swear to handle that. Well Louis, I got your nose. His hits the huge talent, tell him and He had the same problem, a maiden deal with them.
the proper way, that's terrible, but I'm not in pretend that he's not Major may circle at dinner and wonderful man and other way way. I got me a takes. It takes a life of experience you to bring that guy, then to these situations. You know that you have that people are very quick to you and you know to react differently because then I'll have Necessarily the life experience to conduct contextual eyes. It like that. Well part of my speech it's all training boys do not be judged mental and I ass spiritual teach at that time. I said I don't understand. You know somebody hurts you. Yeah. You don't want to be heard again. You know that european judge what they devils, but he said I didn't say it shouldn't be discerning right. You don't
where there is a difference. Bang judgmental one discerning right. Certainly I discerned that Louis It had a problem that he didn't deal with and after on average more but. I am concerned that it puts up problem here and a problem about very talented and interesting and good man, in other words yeah yeah yeah. I like it. I just really appreciate that you know you still like in acting out there with something interesting in terms of what I've, why should have your recent work in seeing this new movie. I there was a little bit of relief. In this sense it like this woman, is a sort of that a kind of irregular person with very you know, you are Stanhope struggles, as somebody who is getting older and doesn't want to give in to it. Whereas Like you know, I watched the last movie. I watched you in which
was pieces of a woman and then, when I think back to the aeronaut ski film requiem for a dream, I mean these her. You know really hard core, psychologically difficult troubled people in a way? So there pardon me who is sort of like? Not only do you have an amazing range, but I'm sort of relieved in a way that you can have a little thundered more fun with this but maybe you didn't have more fun with it, maybe really enjoy like him, requiem for a dream that character It is hard to watch it, sewed intent, sir. I know it's a Mozilla written. You had to do stuff like that. Yeah! That's that so. that's like running a really long rags and getting there and me around doing my job innocent boy, it feels good at this
it's really good yeah. I was happy at the end of every day. Oh yeah. Because I'm that's a challenge right. Yes, yes and there was Aaron ASCII. A great work with I've talked to him too. He seems like a scarf media you seem pretty intense, but it like the movies are so intense. I can imagine what to be like to be on a set with him. He's very intense, she's, very smart and his so very sensitive and kind loving person mere whom his great to work with again that felt like we were a team Please understand that he has done great work with people,
now I wish I was watching the other pieces of a woman film and that that was it. That's a big part. I don't know how it like. I don't know how that movie did or how many people stopped. It isn't disturbing movie and and you're great in it and in it you know, it's sort of cold emotional characters is a heavy but it did that like I was watching it did that it should in Montreal right because it I'm saying Boston and MIKE I lived in Boston for years that looks like a candidate, was a nice Montreal again since a nightclub days. Well when I was in then dancing in the night club. I could walk home at Night ACT, two in the morning, but when I was there for pieces of a woman, there is called well go anywhere. I didn't walk outside a lot. As a matter of fact, they did that.
Hotel Iverson didn't happen, Jim so for exercise. I walked the length of the floor. I lived on our way to the furthest. Stairway went down once there and then walked all away the lengthy other, and they were all. I lived on the floor and I walked out. I went down to the bottom in their nature. I came back work out, and that is my work tat. Now. and did you enjoy doing that fell? Well, I did because again it was wonderful people, Vanessa is just such a burgomasters creation. While that an should feel good, say so good and she's such a deer person. I love her and The writer and director content Coronel I loved working with, just do it was a good experience as difficult as it was the good experience
in the new movie like had you did you have a relationship with an Margaret? Did you know her from back in the day wave together but swore the arm now she says three films, but I can only think it too. So, but you know I've been working for over sixty Europe's there are a lot of jobs in Europe. She, I can't imagine what the first one was: I've gotta, Oscar next time here and twice in a lifetime together, she's go Jim. from the outset, I recall here is my husband, like think she can urban. As I recall, so, we didn't really have seen stick out of service with my husband. How great is Jean Hackmen, totally great he's just totally break you could just watch him do anything. I miss I'm seeing him and everything will you No, he doesn't really like acting
I guess he's up in Santa FE writing a book or somethin painting, painting he's a painter. He never liked acting or just Don T just in one do it anymore? I didn't have an in depth conversation with him, but I understand from what I hear hear that that the heap He doesn't really like it doesn't like doing it, What is so good that it is oh good at it and you're. Not just here is an example of how how he's good here in the movie. He is my husband. He broke up with me to go with the term Margaret and when he tells me that he is leaving me he took up his ring is willingly when I saw that for some reason it just broke my heart eyewash, that's him, do that and it just killed me
So then that was for master shop. So then, when they did my closer and he's off camera. He did that every time, I've Tamar here he took up the ring now women talk about it. I didn't ask him for it. I didn't say anything to him about, but he saw that sector at me and he d When he didn't have to come, Now it so moved by that it made me even more sorry to lose him, as has now It adds its generous as an actor to to do that. Yeah, that's great! we don't like all these we're talking about all these like huge films in these in they were all sort of them led by men directed my men. Do you have a sense? You know that that. The industry is changing for the better. With more
with the women more involved in top positions and whatnot you that women in top positions it studios, may also making an effort to higher more women producers, more women, writers, Merriman Directors- are that's definitely help then, just as it is conscious of diversity in terms of skin color, yeah narrowing background and in the I'd. Think. Hollywood is really making a real effort to not have it just be about the White guys the animal we're. Thank God I mean just look ahead no man's land- oh you did, you know Such a gorgeous movie so feminine yeah, but I its largest appealing to women right? You know why things are true.
This misconception about like Ino entitlement on behalf of of of white guys, is that you know they feel like there being pushed out where the you know. It's it's really what's happening is no cd. The playing field is being levelled for as many different points of view, Fergus different voices as possible, so there threatened by that? Maybe they just can't, maybe they ve been getting away with something which I think is really probably A true and a lot of cases will, I think, there's I mean I can understand that its a them. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years, that being a white. Man, but being there The position of power right and you're, not I'm reading the Iliad right now ran and they a man to conquer
another man. That means you get his wife mere kiddo property. Women were properly. we're almost like slaves and slaves were definitely were. Men It kills another man. He gets the slaves who gets the white, whatever What compelled you to read the Iliad its background for peace that I'm working on That is a very difficult peace that I can't talk about yet because it has not rail as that it. Something I hope is going to happen next year on stage or on film stage sticks Six outlets, exciting EEG, you'd, know you stay, you know you you're just busy, and I you know I I enjoyed seeing on this new movie. I enjoy seeing you in every move in I enjoy talking you today and I appreciated thank you was nice talking to you
okay. That was how was wasn't. She amazing so much better memory than I have. I don't know, I'm judgy I just feel like my memory is going and as we get older, our memory goes the man she was on She asked her what she's doing to keep a memory together. The movie is key of queen bees, it's not playing in theatres and on demand stars Ellen person. We just hung out with James conjuring pertinent and Margaret. Its enjoyable My mother's gonna love it here. Guitar very frustrating to get to you. not different. Anything. I've always pleasure. Enjoy yourselves.
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