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Episode 1238 - Erik Griffin

2021-06-24 | 🔗

If he hadn't been getting laughs as a high school basketball coach, Erik Griffin may never have gone back to comedy. He tells Marc the story of his comedy beginnings, his self-imposed exile, and his stand-up revival that got him back in the game. Erik and Marc also discuss the current environment at The Comedy Store, as everyone tries to find their footing in the aftermath of the pandemic. 

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Hey folks Nickelodeon as a new podcast called avatar braving the elements each week join, hosts, Jane it Barney the voice of Cora and done hey boss go the voice of zoo go in general, I wrote as they re watch every episode of avatar, the last air Bender Special guess, ranging from super fast to the creators of avatar, joined the co host for deep dive into all aspects of the avatar verse, including key themes, notable battles and so much more. You can listen to avatar braving the elements on Iheart radio Apple POD casts Spotify or wherever you get. Your pod casts a right so you can do that great, let's do the show all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the FUCK Nix, what the fuck it delegates? What facto peons that oh no,
how goes is alot of em over the years? Many many many many many names please leads, send me wisps of names. Many many lists very helpful, but I can only get two three or four work folks, I'm I'm just getting by like the rest here? Are you getting buys everything all right? It's unclear. You're talking about it today, brand and Mcdonald's here in town for something maybe I'll tell you about. I got there a contest winner, observing me I'm being observed, and are we talking about a white. Where are we at with the rules? some people you go, The places you do, I don't even know if the place, I think in California, it's up to the place where you, where the mask or night, and then if it says that you do where mass you go in and there's people not wearing mass, when no one seems to give a fuck. People wearing masks and then there's still people wearing masks outside which they haven't had to do for weeks.
I'm starting to realise that, like some people are having a widow detachment problem, there have been a little problem. Let go the mask they ve got used to it. They like people, are we seeing half their face? They, like just me, recognised by their terrified sad eyes. Everywhere they go so I don't know, I think we're gonna have to let this stuff go. I mean it. You will just have to tolerate people who want to wear them. I understand that my friend If side New York, he actually said we said- I think I'm ever gonna- take it off, but he took it off, but me We should just to incorporate them into our lives, because if you, if you like me, you ve got a gun I'm back stock by in the panic. I bought a Prager. Maybe a hundred and ninety five are different sort. So I
I'm I'm set I'm set for the next pandemic. I'm set for fire season, I'm ready to go. I've got the kind with the little ventilator on the top on the front that you're not supposed to wear a yo in places because it only protects you and not other people. But it's going to be good when I need to hike in the entire states on fire, so I'm prepared for that and prepared for fire must prepare for germs maybe we should just approach it like gum, the asian people that we see who wear them all the time who are ahead of the curve on this there's more of them than anybody instead of blaming them for the pandemic. Why don't we give credit for the solution in day to day life. We could all be healthier if we just where the massive occasionally, I think now we're all comfortable with it. This has been an avatar this meant for masks. Just generally speaking, Eric Griffin is on the show today Eric Griffin, the comedian I've seen em around a long time. We start together. I don't I don't think I was particularly. Nice to em necessarily. I don't think I noticed in that much. We talk about that. A little Betty, sir. If I easily
is it the store now and he was on work a holocaust? He was on, I'm dying appear any house his own podcast, Riven with Griffin, arrogant I don't know why I I never acknowledged Eric. I think he's a big boy, he's got big moustaches is really the most jewish Workin black guy. I know, but for some reason in my mind, just as an old timer. At this point I I think I know everybody and, like I see this guy right am I gonna know that guy? Does he had the easiest thing? I don't know what it was. I made the wrong assumption about him. Funny guy and I was It was nice to have him here: ok, business, my business There's a new batch of ceramic deputy of cap mugs from Brain Jones. These go very quickly, I'm not sure which ones he has is kind of change. Got the designer a bit, but he makes them all by hand. They are unique. I I give them to my guests. That was the original intent of them, actually
this gave one declining guarantee, know who was very excited. I mean there, very exciting. He's an excitable guy anyway, he's excited. but he's very excited to get the mug given that getting these mugs from Brine Jones is the only way you can get them so you can go to what Brian, our Jones dot com, Swash shop. Get your Mcgowan ease donating part of the profits from the mugs to the Connecticut Food Bank. Also, it's happening. It's happening from like I've I've gotten into a zone with the comedy its. A bit of an angry zone, its intense. I'm carving out new space for myself up there. I feel it I realize something about me back. The day when I used to be angry, I was coming completely out of insecurity and and panic and an injustice fury about my place in the world and now it's different. It's it's grounded. and humility
and and confidence, so it's a new, more exciting, Wes Scary, anger maybe that'll be absorbed. For my new show new more exciting, less scary, anger, funny even work smiles in the middle of the tirade yeah that We looked at a sociopath EC, in my case, through old shot. Through a medicine, thrill sugar to help the medicine go down, but the shows you don't get it. I know that I am right to do the dynasty. Typewriter shows what you're gonna be longer set, because I'm craving more time. Like it eventually. Unlike any more time, I gotta stop running the light. I gotta stop pissing off whoever's. after me. By doing nineteen instead of fifteen it. So I'm ready and those she typewriters shows that the joy first joy, eight July, fifteenth Why twenty? Second you can, go to dynasty. Typewriter died. No doubt,
their sold out. I'm sorry with! I mean there's. but hear the here. These other ones coming up which will be crapshoot all of them. That's yet meet our colleague to her that ass. She tore the I mean he beheld, pull it off tour the I don't know: what's gonna happen after the play, toward the the I think I got an hour tour. I think I have the time. That's it. The I think I, have the time to or will be in Denver at the comedy works August. Five through seven Phoenix one night, only August twelve that stand up live salt Lake City at wise, guys, August nineteenth through twenty. first Saint Louis Missouri if something we're doesn't happen that state. If something Picking weirder, I dont know why I gotTa Missouri, I dont know Missouri is, it's almost like a theocracy is. I got some sort of white supremacist theocracy that'll, that's gonna, get to me.
else but I'll be at helium and Saint Louis, for people like me in the Louis as September, sixty three waiting, You know. I've got this word issue with this. In its it happens with taxes. Now too, you can go to the websites of those values by the way to get the ticket? Three quick on the tour button at deputy of pie how come? I know that people get offended when I make fun of their stay, or trivialize right condescend, but you know what, if you're states socks fix it, because I know the argument is: ok, you're, judging you, don't judge Arkansas, there's a lot of good people not enough this. Are we not enough good people? If there are enough good people, they fix your fuckin state aid I'll go home is really not not good people I get it, but not enough. So either way fix it? What am I supposed to do? Jerry but yeah. There's a lot of us here like I get it you're good people, but you state stinks because of your state government so fix it fix your states, Texas, fix it
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or domain at square space outcome, flashed a beauty f with overcoat deputy F for ten percent off your first virtues I say that effect: it square space, dot, com, Swash, W T F, with the offer code, W Tia for ten percent off your first purchase. A couple of things next week when guaranteeing I talked acquainted Tarantino is very exciting and he said some exciting things that I found very flattering, which I didn't expect and never expect, We had very engaged conversation. Re personal conversation focused a lot on he's got a book out the one upon a time in Hollywood, a novel and its great African Read it like an animal, I'm so proud of myself. I read a whole book. I read a whole book. From the beginning to the end. I read it. and I'd seen the movie. Could you don't always retail bucks? Dear me, I'm I'm a reader, but like I'll read your most at something.
sometimes I read novels and I'll. Stop it like with ten pages GSM, weird, like atrophy idle, wanted to andor adena what it is, but I read them a book in that excited him, so we had a good conversation. That's gonna, be next week, bigger double director week next week we got test even Solberg Quinn, Tarantino. Also, I buy under, say this like a like I'm promoting, I'm not I bought it. Vacuum sealer for food and you know what fun is, but I do it. Vacuum seal ever Food Cosette like a cook, a thing. smoked fishing now, just seal it? A sealed up, then last another week or so, and that just the fund of seeing the seal crinkle up. then you just sort of like look what I did, I saved this rude this region, We better now put it. I bought a stake. in the freezer. Sealed it up right, you see crinkle up in your that's, oh cool. What am I seven and I eighty four, my twelve thousand one hundred and twenty two old when my six vacuum,
When my nine, ok. So maybe maybe This is gonna be a good year for me, whatever whatever's left primarily not because I'm feeling better, not united a Yahoo. Obviously the plague was hard for everybody have been through, sadness, but term. But me maybe pitching a show. Am website a show that I had it. I've had my head for many years and we flesh get out now we're trying to sell it to an outlet, Maybe something will happen in the recent saying that is its hadn't. When this bird did this by a bird built a nest, literally in the point of my roof that that that the point of the roof work at the top of the angle he's right over the steps on my fortune in my house. There's a nest. right up in their right up the point that is filled with the baby birds. Now
and there is shit bird shit all over the front right in the center of the steps going into my house, I have two sprayed off like three or four. Times a day, there's so much birch, and now I'm not a monster, I'm not or remove the nest, though, though Begone eventually right, that's where that comes from right. They leave the nest right. But the reason why I think This has significance in my life. Is that if you believe the old, wise tail or whatever? It is the adage that if a bird, shit Zanu? It's good luck Oh, given that my out your very good like I could I could probably if I timed it right, I good luck. Every day I could be covering shit and birdshit two or three times. Day, if I just wait for it, but I can do that I think that would be cheating in a private encounter boundaries this might be a good year. For me, the odds are meagre. Should I, on by birds, very high right now very high, so I'll let you know that happens, listen Wt!
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therapy at better help, dot com, so Ash, w e F, that's better. Eighty lp dotcom swash W teeth Eric, Griffin. I enjoy talking to him his pipe. asked his Riven with Griffin, and this is like you know, your standard, w E F comic style, his mean Eric talking in any event, I recovered bushes now have that it has become a new balance. Adidas trigger be comfortable. My feet will start hurtin man. I fear Fact viagra. I kid when I propose Alex Unicycle worlds, Age were numb like you not like you don't have to go to the bathroom you're, not feeling you apparently I need a drink on what I got bring my water there. I can give you fifteen minutes. I realise that I am now I can't
but like I, we bring the cubs out of my job. I said onstage, I leave it. There don't drink its into two thousand, a main room last week at the communist or and housing as a new green room. Here, the European with who ever with ya needed to go to the bathroom. Oh yeah, decide, and- and I Didn'T- and I was on stage and- This is the first time. The first time I was like I'm gonna pay myself onstage. You have to go that way. I had to go there that subduing act. Now, I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm pacing back and forth and try to loudly wow. I thought man. This is a sign of my getting older yeah. You know cause like your body, locks up when you're younger and I always have to pee like right before I, unlike the next guy up, you know like last night, it happened and I'm wearing khakis. So I'm like this adult is risky Europeans are we ever overboard. Amazon. and I M like you like it- thirteen minutes and my african two, yet you gotta go
yeah, I'm back there in that room in the main room and wages to I'm hoping it doesn't happen, timed out our data. So, I gotta admit I enjoyed the attacks exchange yesterday, what has not oil, I felt so I go the whole thing with my colleagues you. I ask you one question right. So there is a nice jump in logic, man I'm running so late renaissance traffic. Really you to do that traffic was bad, not ok, really to do this. Now this was, I wasn't in the car yeah. That was my question because you like it, then I go ok. What do you think you'll give here and then I was I'm sorry. My girls drive me crazy. So my oh he's not in the car. I what I meant. What I meant to say was: I checked the man came up and said: it's gonna take forty five minutes there and I was like oh my god and I was already running late, that I've deal
stuff with her and then I will buy out now. This is a nightmare. I felt I hate being that guy sought, but a very reflected attitude, and then you know it looks like you just like ass styled me at some point like theirs When I go to my garage, I lose service, but there there's a text here that just Jp S as wisely one to four for a lot of the work that we do not want that. This is why those things man either you you'd like to be dependable. You wanna be dependable right. You know someone people hey coming at a certain time, you're there Mohammed for trawler you deal with. It was just like some legal. What matters that haven't the alarm set right? I was supposed to do something for her that I didn't do and now you know I'd like I said I was gonna. Do it. You know me tat. It was just one those things and I like it when you feel like everything, you're doing as the most important thing in the world. Yet you know, but when you have a partner as like, they think that too.
and they're waiting and argued on aid such as I want you to do to an age. May I am. I am at this point now. Really. How old are you I'm almost fifty man fifties coming up here. So when he thinking actually I just I'm just gonna, like powerhouse good, I'm I'm work, now my health now like just to make sure that things my mom has dementia dashing? Yes, when that happened, it really made me go ok. What are some of the causes of this and I started. Look these things up in Islam, Friday last raw inflammation and all these kinds of things. So I went to live, next health Lystra ha. I want you hell, yeah, high cholesterol, one of em, but if this genetic you know, I don't know, it's it's beyond the fines on. If, if that something that is yeah, you know genetic I don't know some people say it is in some. Sometimes it I've read. Some ethics has now concerned about it. You don't know what you find out. What are the doc? I
I went to one of these like preventive medicine places till I get a blood test, get up it's like test find out what my violets and I found out, my vitamin d levels are low, might be twelve islamic cholesterol was rising. Diabetes is around a corner front on work. In my blood sugar. We so I found out all these things about myself ass. I owe you know what I gotta take care of this year. Then I'm engaged ok, you must of kids and I myself dear Mamma, Mamma B, o dad yeah. So let me make sure that I'm ok yeah. Now all these things Canada's flooded into my head, and I ask that you know what I'm going to work on my health yeah. I got take care of myself. I started doing I'm now. Forty pounds body fat is down here and I'm just workin on make sure these numbers day level honest is about you know it's like you, don't have to you. Don't know you need it. give yourself until you need to take care of yourself You came to know but you're fucking, but we're here You are when you are young you in your authorities. I nobody even now, though, like you know, I know I gotta take Aramis Ebonite Shooter Sugar Detox Detox for three weeks now,
I go up and down. My question is always a little if ibis borderline, no matter what I fuck any real. My boy pressures. Fine, you I've. I've had a sort of like borderline blood sugar before, but usually because I'm eating pineapple. Every day or whatever you exactly. like you know, I know I gotta watch you put like you starting cake one day yet urine for you could be done, could be weeks before we get out of the cake whole dude. I remember I was I was doing this movie in Boston and movie sets the worst cause ever they're all eaten deserve every meal where they had us up, dislike fancy hotel. So in the room that many in Boston in Boston, and there are many bar in areas like the Orioles in area for Orioles in the package. I think I spent at the three weeks. I was there like a hundred fifty dollars on. Ok now I tell the other. Did you get four deal here, but I hope that there is the place was full expensive, the podium
I got room service, the first night hamburger iced tea, sixty dollars. sure quarter. Podium was sixty hour. I can survive on this area, so I guess I spent a lot of forty thousand Orioles and I tell the other active, renewed Van headed to set an airline Eric deceiving essentially just go by Orioles. Yes, it listen. If I go by those Orioles, I'm gonna eat all of the whole package, but now just eat. for what are you doing the right thing? Mamma you look out for myself, but that it is which goes to show it costs money to be health, so I'd you gonna rapid hotel in terms of sweet cycle. Forgive me if I get in and it just like. I can't ask why don't even one in my place, I do I just got in talking to the influencing I just gotta DM from Jenny's ice cream, best fucking ice cream in the world like in your pay, something pat nausea, set me up on him like a quarterly delivery. The out when I was during the last year or so sad, and but they sorry, I started.
pictures. I because I was getting mad, not a patent or anything else, just having ice cream. You ask that I had no control over, so they would come, and I do an instagram of it and I'd be like fuck this. What the fuck is this about. I discuss it yet this company seems better there, but it's still sugary if I know its full it areas they sent me like a box full of like you, don't miss chocolate yogurt frozen over frozen yogurt aspects and its delicious stuff. My fridges It's delicious, you know announce it in here. Like I hate, even knowing its day area, I have no self control. this through a day you control problem when it comes to, like you know this everything everything right the comic thing to buy thing. It's like it's a certain type of human.
yeah yeah. I give her. What have you think, like you know, there's more cock alcoholics like now plenty of car Palmer, Al Sabah moderation, and we know that many of our issue with the reality is that maybe more compulsive people are attracted to Carmody, balancing proportionately there's more compulsive idiots, But there is a compulsory element to saying the same thing over and over again well the same energy at the same at the same love hate Eric. If you need to write some shit We all can't sit on a stool have whatever it all around the world to come to my head, but you got it add two no sit here at Aguilar, United Yoda AIDS, but that's the beauty of actually being a comic, is being able to bitch about things at the same level. Every single night like this something magical about that, sometimes things were out there. You know you're out any by for me. I wish I find one more thing differ in our work on a new ships out some pops in Milton
then you just like. I remember that, but then it becomes a compulsory you think you can do that again. I want to say that again, I guess so I never thought it. I never thought about that. Work is a most people. Talk about like a laugh is addictive. It's like has information on time. For me, the more addictive part, like when something new happens bomb or if something like you have this idea and its connecting yes and I'm the last there is just a result of now. You know what is happening with the right. You know it's happening, but the thrill is like it's a new thing. Just to the laugh. Why do you like that? That is the difference between them going up there and doing the same thing over and over again, and you know it works and that's enough
is not the same as like going up there and get net new land me try, then I got a new laugh last night I Orban will not break it up to like. Sometimes I gotta go like this is what I close with you and I'll go ominous start with me I'll see. If I can find save our follow this type thing. I think it's ok to do that, and you know you can do that at the commonest really got fifty mirror. I right right so funny, sometimes one with the comedy sternum, like these people have fifteen minutes in their choosing to talk about this. How do you get like you know my dick seven minutes in Arabic? this is a comedy sheriff over here know. How do you know? I don't remember I'm talking about my dick plenty, but it's It is interesting how people it has aroused a thirteen minutes. It no no purpose, but are you thirty minutes, he never would you like that, like ok, I've got the twelve to fifteen minute thing Why you to say whatever I want in their parties like that's when I chose.
You know what you know what I've got like. That is why I was working on we're. We're taping, I'm dying appear, and I will I got laid eyes. I got to do a Showtime special and it, but then let me go on the road, yeah they wouldn't. Let me like, I would even go work it out our work it out like how to town. So I had to do everything in town and I was doing he says it if it was like. I really Willow realized. Oh, you can read you take advantage of these fifty minutes after the commie store? You have you break it I'll break it up and you're working on a thing so was like. I felt like a man, I'm really working on this, and so then I felt like that when you see people and you go, why are you doing that yeah Why? Why I've always high and of all of us all the time I can remember when you would do indifferent club shows in a local opener. What I say to them, I you got terminus man. Why used, doing he high why you work or some shit yet are not here to see you anyway. So don't even matter gets weird thing and it's hard though you get stuck at the store because it's like you do want to do well. So if you can
they're like I'm, not gonna, do that fifteen minutes and into this whole other chunk, and then you survive. I'm scared we'll get well. You know funny were now we're back to it being a work outlined its the best. I know it has in the last five years. It was just like all the chef awkward show. I gotta do my aim material because I gotta go up after years were all get married. Here's what you know to me as the true million us. I get all the people that line it was like a show. People were therefore light on a Tuesday in ice. Now that it's there's always be. Why never seen before their sort of in the shadow is almost like me, where I can come out now come on, then this is a nice little like when we work on my material room again, I love it. I loved it such it. So it's like it. So it now. You tell me like now what the problem with me. We are a valuable. Nobody is talking about earlier. It was funny visit,
actually hilarious because bag. My first time I had us those first show time special. I don't know. Maybe my representation or somebody hit you up and asked me to be on the packaging and you said no you like, I'm, not a guy, whatever those private, Snubbiness defined nerves and cut too tell me what you have to wait for things in a business. You can always you know, how do you like you just walk up to me? I want you gonna park. Ask him your number. They just go out. I waited for that year. It is you're gonna make. I do I know I don't know why I just didn't. I didn't know you and it put it so it doesn't matter because there's plenty but don't know so I was trying to figure out like well. Why did I do that Erika Mann because some part of my dumb brain. What sort of like?
I've been doing this for ever right, so there is still some part, my brain, that by no other guys, in my mind, is right now, another guy I've never seen him before. I didn't. I didn't see you around them. You know what it is that you know what it is like this like we hang with our peers. We hang with certain groups of people. Also I go in and out I'm old unwitting around. It is what it is. You know I had announcing offence. I just I always is likely. You say that, like the other night, they like, I was literally not acknowledge. Oh you did do that. I was scared. You walked out at all. Are here, standing near with violent Neil Brennan by we Cummings like these types of NEA, and you walk and you will I hear how you do it shook their process in hiding. literally method for me, and I was like ok, nothing. I would say that you walked away and I went there buddy, nothing, I'm not even here there with put there's a certain like.
there's a certain. I could be that guy, but I did so you're the guy, though nobody I dont notice it. It's just me being selfish. It its rude and I'm not acknowledging. I try to be aware of that stuff. It's like again, I'm sort. I gather that I've never seen really work. You, ok or or other thing we do to. You know, what's up another thing that I realize we don't really watch each other I do now but Nokia. in general. I don't. I don't make appointed a lot of time. Sometimes you might if you're goin up next, you might be on their our earlier out here, but a lot of times We know each other there's a lot of you but that you hang out with the commissioner and talk to that. You are not sure if their funny or not jack. You know you're, not you're. No, I know- and sometimes I watch him and I'm not sure. I guess Sometimes I, like, I don't know, what's happening
I mean they seem to be doing the job, but I dont know how its we're all about your copy. I guess I'm honest. I can say that right out, there are many people at economy store there. I watched her set and I go for me. Why can you not me? That's ok. I believe you ve gotten better. I think you're doing your best work now. Well, I think you ve done more. Angry is right. You think I'm more in touch with who I am and autonomy in. Sometimes I'm angry about that. But but that's my brain, I was it you get around. I bitch about things, and I just I know I bring things they able or like all other like that about me. I knew this from before I used to coach basketball and I would be like yelling at two kids, because, unlike what they're doing I be like where you Oh, but away I was doing it. The crowd is laughing again put. Not to show real, it was one of the first time I realize actually should be a comic so wayward you girl, I weapon away where like MID Wilshire area really, do I don't know you from a like? No, I mean I grew up in New Mexico,
in I hour and without explain nuclear none tied in with the east? Ok, I'm a West coastguard NEA and why so both your folks from here ah my eyes, a volley Emma only chow single parent, everyone allow. You never met my day before how what will happen where to go This is just one of those things. You ask your mom, I you know what I asked her about it when I was in my tea and if she got like really rare There was something that you know announced. I owe women Gautier, they got their secrets right and I'm I'm I'm I'm because, atomic bomb analytical, but it seems like you are entitled to know a little bit about that. I asked but it was like what these things right. You know I raised, you have allowed buzzing, allowing them your enemy, so I go. That's fine and maybe cause even if my father was has been try to reach out to me and my mom stopped it. She has her reasons I haven't resentment towards right, but I myself
thought about it now. So what do I want to find out? She told me Romania- and I was like ok and so. I took that information in two or three weeks later. I completely forgot about it. Let me though it didn't matter right. Maybe one day if I knew your dad it up to seven years old vanished, but I've. Never. The data, my life so wasn't Sunday that I felt like I was missing until I was like around other people. Unregulated there's. You don't think that you now you d forgot about it out of like like there was. fuck that guy at all now know that doesn't really, I always thought like there was a story here that I as an privy to I wasn't part of irish guys arise ozga area, the likely most use working lacking, it did this, so many mix is the mixes likes. Who knows, but are you like? I say I didn't My mom has dementia nonsense.
Not going to really get any real cooperation, its latest s gone yet not the lock it that she threw off the titanic. Exactly that's that's workers in the ocean, or maybe she can they did not know, but it's just like you know. I don't know some people, it's big deal to them, and I understand that need or whatever it is in this, and I can understand a feeling of being like as a man. and why do you want to find out? But I work for me I understand now, as it you'll probably had a family. I probably what this party was in our eyes. I was at a fair baby, You know the ad maybe lobby has like now and he probably our brothers and sisters. You know I don't maybe maybe more curious thing to me. I had a curious about that's what did that. You know what I wanted to know. If I want to know what what do you got cancer is it things. I should be worried about her sure. Those are the kind of things that are thinking about. Like half an hour late. You ship was actually now ology all that stuff.
Because I note like there's a lot of people are like that are adopted and stuff there just do not, then I can do it you're. Why? Why go find him yeah? You know to me you're. My parents, that's enough or yet exactly or but it just depends on whatever feeling of rejection you might feel pillar, no matter what I mean desires, you throw me always or natural feeling sure. Would you mom do more mom. She, like a bunch of things coming. She was like a medical transcriber when I was a kid near that imagined. In order to do that anymore, yeah? What is it that would be like the doktor be talking to you a different? If I did get so, she was too and that they should Then she became a health and safety specialist, because people were suing in our suit companies. They were getting those, workers. Compensation cure jellia thread to form a new profession of like a safety specialists to beyond, like that location to make sure I'm goddamn. On these lasted ragged, either fire extinguishers, radio that there will be no, so she became nabbed
though she retired oh wow, how old is she amongst seventy eight and two Kearny I've managed so on my desk in old too. Yes, tough, it it off my death, my dad starting that sort of dementia thing is, is a really always gone. It's a really tough. I knew we knew my stepfather and I knew for a while. You guys defiant overstepped area. There's big, should they got me when I was like nineteen aka isn't even together for a long time he's a great sought the earth lawyer, you don't care my mom right now, so I in my mind I know whatever happens, I'm a make sure he's. Ok to oh yeah, oh the hell you and me my my. Both my parents have got people and, unlike hang in there, evaluate as they do now. I believe, though, that I call him to be like how're. You do exactly you! Ok, yeah most tell him I yo. Do somebody knows cookies. Could you gotta take care, my my stuff walkin around? Did you healthy here? You know so it's like is that kind of thing so, as I say, dimensions are tough one because of how it affects loved ones. Yeah I've been doing a bit about
That's not land, and now I do a whole thing. Abide us high deal with things. I talk about my mom's dementia with during. Why? Just I just talk about like how like that I didn't know. First, that you're not supposed to argue or try to reason with them. Somehow I was haven't knockout fights with my mark of my mom. Things are grandmothers alive. Yeah I'm have competition while you're seventy eight, your grandma. a hundred and thirty five years old, issues like what she's doing good. So I just talk about it and I find it when I talk about it, I really a joy when people come up to me afterwards they go like hey man. I deal with that. You have never laughed about it you I've nice get! I'm like I just started talking. Body in that? I said that I do like I'm I'm seeing this is my father's beginning the? timers journey, I don't give it a negative spent because five to be honest with you like it Countdown is just the beginning right now. I can still knows me. You'll knows: what's up he's our time following through, but yeah he's too became
look I'll do in common ass all never shut up. He had never to him. Now explain now. I know he's all soft in nice in with them like he'd, make sure you take I do appreciate the sweet spot dementia right at the beginning of the end. it's not really land inaccurate, and then I say I like it. I know in a couple months by won't know who he is and then I'll be truly free on a dark eyed hey. I see why that's the land, and now I mean it's, you know it. its differently for their for sure. It's not all. We are your kind of, like you know, approaching it with them. Empathy and it's kind of funny and frustrate but your mom got the good tag, yeah It is really frustrating, though it is a frustrating thing, because I can, I just think she's still now you yes you Know- and it is not like that yet, but they could get caught a start. measured, turns and all farmers in his account countdown to them. Their branches deteriorating right eye.
That would be a good thing that was hard. Was we return to the doktor for the first time you wish it? Could they moved to Spain for four years? Really? Yet no they what she wanted to go to Spain. I just wanted to do it. They retire You don't like Spain of outweighs. Spain is actually gray cost of living, Zaka Jack Beer and if you could get places we wanted Travel you're in Spain gets a German. I rather like enough for their fear, so She was too everytime I would visit. I could tell shoes repeating yourself a lot she was I get in your last time. I saw what I really felt she was more herself. She was like talking about talking about things that outside oh. She doesn't know us all right. He said to her said to me too: I'm task as I'm feeling I'm confused idea. So I knew she knew some was up and then what happen. What she went for a walk and fell down and fast tracked. It might, it's terrifying. Without what happened? What Mamma she fell down? She was, someplace in which she has exposed to be likely to people a very nice. they helped her here and then did it
I must add that call me. We gotta come home. Yeah yeah. then, when we came out just now, she's here in the states in the area we go to the doktor, and I said it she sitting and I wonder how we talk about this. Yet, as list We gotta just talk about it, so I say: ok, well my mom things, your grandmother's alive, and there are models I, what are you talking about? So they did this cognitive tested. It was hard to watch that's, when you really saw their son amateur shit, yeah right yeah, I was, I can draw clock and make the time eleven, forty five million, or so she did. She is funny she drew the clock as she wrote eleven forty five and ass, I want a digital clock amount to give it a matter we like, and it was like so many f say as many like animals start with the letter, Africa, The west will. What does a train and a bike having common that those type of aid then you I saw it for the first time I was like oh man, because our personal now running around us just ass, unlike two extra
I am now brow absent in their doing the same thing, I'm like. Ok, I won't is a kind of hard are like you and me. We should make sure. I guess it was the right answer so and it was tough to see it was tough till I really and witness yeah yeah. I think I got it. we have to figure had been more sympathetic and my approach. Why? What spend time with a mere. You got me he's in Albuquerque and I'm gonna go back up my brother goin out there because you are starting at the time and for near they go away, but it is hard to note. The thing, though, is in Bombay like one hundred about it. It's hard it's hard to spend time with my mom, because my mom's not there. but this is not yet it is a different person. So so your home, not your memories and you're, like you know you, if that good, you know it's like. That is a feeling I'm trying to fight. So when I see her I'm just trying to just be like- yeah, just like it's weird, my dad was always kind of spacey. You know is kind of like at all. You know, like you do
dreaming or whatever apprise head now? It's just like it seems to be a little longer with this very difficult moment. So specifically, she thinks she thinks so we have them at this, like retirement place ass good, but she thinks that at night she goes home to her grandmother south. So I'll talk to her and should be like Can we go on home about fifteen minutes here you know and on my arm, and she does it if she doesn't realize he thinks are grandmothers house. I remember the time I just mistakes do. This is one of the things I talk about. I gotta know to do she thinks are grandmothers hasn't? Did you not grandma your gram I remember when I was nine. Yet I went to her funeral every right woman too, which is why I don't know. Instead, my mama's fixated on this still every though she told me, was a. How might her grandmother was a tyrant. Unesco is really strange really, Yet where was she might believe, remarks yeah, that's what I'm trying to say to you. So I tell my mom you nice she's.
Groundwater is down the street, so I rob. Google maps therein Oxnard then I put grandma's address Emily and show it to my mom line is going down Mexico now through Central America activity looks at it and she just laugh at me, shoot like I'm crazy. She's laugh at me, like I'm crazy, growls houses down the street, and what are you show me if you don't go to Mexico to gonna grandma's house, so so kind of thing that, like when you're a logical personal, you think you are now think. That's a man thing to you that we really want everything's gonna, be logical and makes sense and analytical you're gonna. Be it's hard to deal with like this things like completely fantasy world? Is I've been asleep when it's all so terrifying to realise that, like the only thing that makes us anything, is our fuckin brain like Rona once that goes even a little bit your factory, that does the thought process. I went through an that's why I'm workin on my health? Not now it's like you,
what you're one head injury away from like you know not knowing would not know who you are or were you are it's crazy. My mom hits misuse like this. She thinks now she thinks she walks to have blocked. Graham I'm tired of walking Eric. I need you to get me about. like all bitch, you must get a pike like you know to me. I guess it's so inferior aiding. What's it like to deal with it, you know she wanted a bike. She'll be eighty years old on a bike. You're, not you know, I've been around Oxnard. You can't work ethic even to me if you can but she's gonna walk anymore, there's no blesses over here. That's all these things is a whole world that that she's created militia still active in her head. Yet that's what I said to you. Maybe this great in her mind whether still alive area as a whole life with her. So my ok cause you have stated we ought. We ramble was asking about you re, so she says to me: What was asking about you, how the little, how have you know little stinker area, Let's go? Why? What do we know about the afterlife? Maybe she's really tell and there's no like you can't reason
That's it was the hardest. Things are really except me because I said to my mom one day out in the beginning I was like I saw o grandma outside will how'd your grandma yeah. You know she s like she's an early eighties near early eighties. How do you mean? What are you guys? trying to lay outside what. How does your mom? How does your mom do things? because my year, thirty years older than me, twenty minutes of your thirty years older than me. How old How much older is your grandma from now the story? Probably yet now it's, I guess she's a guy now that fishing is mad and our real. as I was making her uncomfortable right, so I wish I had to stop doing They still have their pride right, o stubborn as hell imagined net. You add stubbornness and other things that was tough was like my mom was our social media. So I got a thing I talk about as I do now dimension on social media not good. Now by mobs we live in o beefs and analyzing look
she's reliving them on Facebook, like real people. She's talk not now that you are talking about a woman it when she retired thirty years, and yet she hated and she's talking shit about her on Facebook and be in racist unanimity. So I have to tell my: might you can write your internet? You can't writers, I should like to do whatever I want, so I wanted to page, and I made our preferences private official Now she's right everything, not just agar, aren't you rise up and I go I deal with things where I take whatever pain and anguish and all the things that are going on in my life and I take it. I just go right to the stage with it yeah I mean we got you. I mean that's what we do you now in it and I think it does generally help people. I don't you does to me. I really think it does so do you have the affair, I am Belize. Now I have no Amy. I have no idea what pleases
Belize was like believes, is lighter in their yes many times, but believes is like Jamaica. They are actually have similar accidents with doth. Both of them are slave ports. Ok, so you have you have lot of, like you know Latin, in black Africa and Straight Latinos. Honduras is right there and all this exercise a very hodgepodge of people here and then please get their independence and, like the seventies programme from England, was english food. the same color, caribbean food, caribbean food, be rice, beans, yea OX tales land in this area and a food so very similar to Jimmy Sigh of family from Jamaica routes then it s like their spanish roots. Theirs, So I have all these different types of things they, like you, know I don't really know exactly my father's origin mommy. To say, like our liking oak eastern european economy,
but I will not use your doom to who knows eastern European. Do I dont want to get to twenty three make others like me. I just don't want. Are you gonna? Do that? at least I don't want to know we're. Never gonna give you a name. I don't, but it's like who would want to know. I like you I did I did mine, I'm like is it just came back Jew would I hate letter, another one that is at the top and another jus? So now you're gonna do one can I made clear in my name, I frankly I wouldn't I'm really not curious come you are, so I I am not going to give you a name, but you need to tell you the breakdown, even if we just your mom, you want to know right. Maybe I mean what's what, maybe I'll, do it I'll make a whole thing. I, for my part, Cast Rewrite Nick Griffin finally, the telescope as echo.
No, if no Don T run away, our bomb has not come in. Here I have a different place now was alive, Is that without like that that the height of doing the park ass for you was that a moment where you were like this will risk a moment. The most potent like Mozilla for everybody here, everybody was very like why action You're right it was, we all live there with you re yet, and I thank you for what you say that like thought that myself too, I think to myself how the thought You get the president as like me, and here we are all right, you D, how do we and we are all aware that residents, but it's I can now. I think it is what it is. You know you have whatever your correct. Whatever your audience is, you know you, you just do it for them and you keep donut big or small. Yet so, oh case c, out from Belize, but so that your dad that happened in Bali. No, no! No! No! I was my she wasn't in which she was in this house. You get here. Why did you come here? Her parents?
I think it was. She just wanted a better life, you know, but did she come with their folk? No, no! No! She lout, yes she's. My mom has my mom overcompensate for her bad childhood. By making sure I was spoiled when I was coming here, that's how she dealt with it yeah. Yes, she had like a bad story with her. Like you know, father, not wanting a crazy, mother and hide. I was that kind of yea. He wanted. She made her better. She wanted a better life for itself in a tyrant. Aren't in her grandmother was bad. Yeah, so was I she went to England to become a nurse to escape and their while in English he figured out how to come to the United States because it won her answers here. Yeah that was a situation and then she just worked or ways. Yet a struggle like I was saving my mom. Would she became my hero meetings yeah she, because she did so much like make sure that my life was like as pleasantness plausible tonight. So I could be here today and you're, the only one that I'm the only one day. You know you might have some half brother who doubt jewish ones, whoever here. I wish Maybe I can get you now
there's another you about you! You been casting this whole time. You to that. So Wendy. So when did you start doing the comedy? just you're, just in L a kid yeah wishes. I wasn't Ella kid I wanted to do comedy. So I told my my mom the kind of lady that if I said I wanted to be a raw climber, she would like go by ropes inside me up share lass so that when you in high school, what we'd like thinking I dont know what I was there and yet I wasn't right student. I dont know what I wanted to do and you go out ye. I went to like West L a college for like a couple of years, China and I did all this just because my mom wanted me to be a college graduate and that was the whole all for her wasn't for me and then I tried Yes. U S see. Oh yeah, she was working ass, a guy like tuition remission. I don't have to pay, but I just a terrible. It was terrible. and then I started, and then I was telling how you now I you know I want to do this and it's like. I took a clash sandefur this class there was talk. When will you coaching basketball? There was I it was the brown now time so quick
in your area was like I was work. I was. I got a job, so I was like part time. I was working at a school like as like two p coach, a real yeah. You know South Cochin after school sport and how will you? How do you qualify for that? You don't have to have any to work at some Catholic, grammar school you know have to I you know there. I look for you to be like you just you just working with the kids. After school yeah me. I was ninety enshrined matter and then I started after that. I wish to work in jobs and I started working at the high school that I graduated from that they need to submit a work in the library. Then I started working with the picked up with the less than I a job in the office, be a registry and I was very miserable, was miserable Clare. You know what I wanted to be so good as to decide if you know what we do in that ought to be a teacher. So then I started going to like. I took my credits from you I see and other stuff, and I went to Mount Saint Mary. They had an adult college on weekends and so started doing that? But then as I'm doing that I sign up for a comedy class.
You bet you again laughter the basket Balkan. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, you always get yes, I was all I've always been a funny perceive you know, and so and in it with an emotionally funny purse itself, like I'm, angry people are laughing at some like in others, shrapnel why I started to go away. I use that's right, thing get asylum there, something here I wear your. Even your anger is impotent yeah it is an that is widely that the endearing cranky yeah that's what attorney I saw was like our eye, so that's a class and then, like I took dislike com, but he acting class, which ones realize I. the two usual extension classes and the money will finance affably, it's one of them was a standard, but one of them was enacting the stand at one. Is actually taught by Sandy Shore, vigour, believe but ways, but she thought she had her own thing. he was also doing, are usually extension Sandy Missy's daughter, who is my kind of strange and yet very strange. What did she Buddhist? She was.
very strange, as you told us that she slept in a dictatorship of see. Why? Yes, she would She said I I go. I sleep in despair. I thought I was dice. Could she so up with? No that's another. That's a whole other monster, a story right. I guess I was sitting there like. I guess this game is patient. You're too, so I was like TAT was weird, but then I got the bug after that. But then I didn't know what to do. Did you learn anything from sandy? I learned how to be on stage. We dared time for what was a curriculum like what you guys do. You know it was like. I always Can anyone that if you want to start doing comedy, take one class yeah? Just to be comfortable being onstage? oh well, people that it will make. You feel safe right right, It creates a way to get on stage without being totally. tat. Yes, like. You could also take ten weeks to like. Let me work these dub jokes, yet Yang you can, when you knew you, no other people, yes exacting you're our going over you have, then we have like a a showcase like a believer in the o r. In the order. First time I ever did comedy asked
it was in the o, r and notwithstanding deal with their mafia. I remember I was like oh, I love this, but added what to do after that right. So then I met with the acting class, This is just a comedy acting class. It usually- and I remember this is the first time my mom MIA. My mom saw me, and it was the first time that she believed in me area, because you, don't you tell this woman wanted me to be a lawyer doctor, a businessman NEA, and I say why aren't you gonna be an entertainer hands like now, but there would she saw be. She was all he could do it I have a good feeling, yeah yeah. It was a good feeling, and then you know that I then I was working, have jobs when you're and allay our know how to get on stage. I didn't know what to do. I take a class a safe, but then, after that, if all up to you and you got your nine jokes right son- for open, MIKE's and naturally start doing yeah. I remember going to. I was glad when I was doing open MIKE's. It was like, like Jamie Kennedy was doing open MIKE said Anne
What how hot pocket guy was? Do it opened my clothes? Twenty to you not to me we gathered in the gaff again was. Do an open minded yeah man. This was a way back in the day, and so what happened was I stopped because I didn't know. I have some somebody bad experiences, onstage that I was I I can't do this so twenty eight years ago gotta be yourself yet again, and then it took me like it was. It was when I was thirty, but that was just when there were MIKE's at clubs right you couldn't dollar we're like coffee houses are really were yet. It was weird little coffeehouses all over the place doesn't play on Venice comparisons, and I was weekly show it and they what happened was I quit for like eight years so you didn't like That's funny, decide that have immature. I did. I did stand of one summer after I done it in college with another dude I did. one summer for real doing over my since it It was eighty four and then I'd at indifferent of three years to I graduated college and I immediately came out here and start doing it. So I wish, I would add, any would have that journey. I just stopped. I stopped
it was when I was thirty years old. What turns you? What what made you guys Why do you want to wake up? Fifty or Bulgaria follow my dream. Nobody knew what stopped you when you're doing over MIKE's discern all oh man. I have so many, but I remember all never forget this. You know you know. J of the Brown is now. Why is this He's just like us. Go black comic, and here I am at this club- is called mixed in that at a time. health is not a comedy union. Ok, ok on pico by Roscoe's chicken, a wharf now remember that place call mix knots way back in the day. Is the union still open? I dont know right so I am the black club, swamps it near and back with a bunch of comic. He goes up, he's hosting he's, kill him and he don't know was going next. He thinks about comics who DEC
up here s arm sit near in front and is literally every by took a step back. So I got shit. Ok, give me I go up. I start doing my jokes, two minutes it has given me the light, so I get off stage and he goes on a does twenty minutes about how bad I was just like jail in me, and I was like This sucks like outside who wants to deal with this? I felt terrible. About myself- and I was like this is for me and I just thought I would I too this day regret that weapons that guy still around you don't know they said yes, because I was on a radio show he was hosting, and I talk to him about it. You know you did this to me was laughin about. It is what it is, and so then it was said that you're on radio I do tv- and I felt like it worked out for me
you know what it's like, where those things that I always they peoples they dont level regret my. I don't believe in that. I believe, like it's ok, to have regret, because you were member not to do that ever again, right right, it's ok to be like this memory. I had that. I'm gonna make sure, and I want to pass that on other people. Right now to say: hey you. Have you stop? like I almost regret to like Maggie. To our relationship earlier in my life right cause us like You have opportunities, yeah, yes or no! I realise all well, maybe it a better road to be like thirty having kids and and you're here I So it's light is like that kind of thing. Where you go, you man, that's terrible window. If you really want to do it, and fifty is not terribly, is not terrible, but you just think about like when your daughter's on his thirty year, eight right, you're lucky if you're lucky enough, so
but if that there's nothing wrong with that, I'm assuming wrong with With- and I know what I want to say- that I am one of those things you you should think about it. I tell young men Alla time now think about you talk about telling people as if you're running some after school programme. The area but I ain't vessel comedy is sometimes I guess so I mean I used to do our bit about being of daggers. I was with the younger women who wanted a kid, and it's like I just that memory. people member when I was a kid. The kids, Harold, Dad's yeah like after school. Your weight off in this guy dries up those guys who, sadly my dad. I know it is a measure of how old is he. I ve. No doubt my electric war I represent in the king Gos I gotta get to help him. I know it's right now. I don't wanna be that guy up. Why are now I gotta make sure they love you, no matter what apparently yeah, but still You don't want them to have. I don't know what you why who knows
You know, you're always rely on about they're gonna, be like it's all, specula yea. I don't remember the battlements based on our own experience too, because, like you say it yet, but that's not that's not that kid's experience. I mean that kid. You really say that I made up that kid. It's weird when you haven't dad but you're my met Rebecca election is as they don't. They don't know that I mean it compare, I think they figured out back at the park in and a young dad spoken, throwing you all year on year and you're still not launch share and which, like you, ve got a good yeah yeah yeah. It's like I want. I like. I want to have experiences, so we better get I'm trying, I'm engaged you. I gotta, my old she's got a nice ring, she's thirty two to put her down, but I put it down This is a joke down on women are thirty out about a relic. Yet this is a joke, that military other female listen
now, just they just turn. That now is the moment. I hate that he loves a small but are now he's a bastard financial mama's boy s nets. he'll be with the name of my new I'll, be at my boy S audio. So when you go back, how do you re enter? I mean what do you do for eight years when you're on the willing? I will thus once it s when I started working. I was like that's when I started out work it out of school. I was like coaching, ask about working a livelier, back in my head. I was like I was like. I just thought you know I'll I'll. Never jolly singular that guy's saying things here Let me just that it was like when you're in L, a it's hard to like understand. How do you get on stages? Nobody going! Here's how you do it there's no way!
pass, there's! No, I gotta go mean exactly and I didn't know anyone. I didn't you know, and so it was until I was thirty and I was like I'm gonna. Go to open my Keziah and then I have my buddy buddy Jeff and we started together and I remember telling him he don't want. do it anymore, and I saw another body of ours Eric Edwards. He calls and he's like him out what so the migrant want me to sign you guys up go yet. I want a final. Yes, that is outside of that agenda, I am not. I want to do it. I guess I'm just not man. We sign up for this day, because when your cup forthcoming up you like that, companionship with that. Guy had an open MIKE, we gotta have a guy but check it item. I don't agree actually, because when I got a phone my buddy Jeff yelled at me because I'm like go. If you wanna go just go, and so for the first time the next day I went to an open might by myself, I realise this is how you want to do. I just mean that it's nice to have people come up with. I get that yeah, but
come up with them, you're going you ever United Union, not correct, rightly recognised. Then I started to be like. Oh, I could leave here. Go someplace else now really started to process and I realized, but I was older when you thirty. I realized yet to cultivate relationships. Yeah two alike. I never knew that part make your peers yet to make your peers think you're funny consider wants to get you work didn't want to introduce. You know like all these things that are really I figured out later, and here I am so my always say I started I wouldn't started when I started really doing company when I was thirty that other shit was just like a pipe dream of like just like What was it like a year? You, oh dear, oh dear, what was it like how long you do? The idea was like it. It would be like I would go to open my every six months are primarily, I wasn't really doing so. How long did it take
Where is the word you get in? First I got em asked. I went to the queen Mary about yeah. They had of calmly club. Their holy shit was college conveyance long Beach. We along we hear this crazy guy ran his club, account numbers and added from that I would Duke call me there and then I started to go to the ice house. They had annex room or another, and it would do like three shows on Friday through without shows on there and then from there. I got in it. The ha ha DA, the other from the ha ha in the valley yeah. I did I did at in this process to I was starting to get. I was like trying to get a showcase front emits yet Conniston Serbia and still the gray We have a gazelle gave her the witch, I knew a matter. I met a man. There was one it like. He got me where he got me a showcase. The woman didn't even talk to me now soon. We will look at me here. It was I two years later through Tommy that I got fired we got a showcase in front of her again and in the main room. She actually said something to me only time she ever talked in which he said he
she walked through the hallway ass. She looked at me and said you will flood me. They took her out and I was like I felt like I was like man. Job might be one of the last people to get that yeah, she's, F, Argon, yes, the enemy regular to the main room. I do when I was a doorman, their idea just to be recognized as anything it was like it could go either way most Iser liked as tyres. See me as I am a more can hear this. You have to see me. Can I avoided them out as well. In then others any find out. She saw you she paying attention. Maybe I don't know, but you. Have it was a double edged sword? Yeah you just keep working without her no, and I came up at a time that it was just different if you don't like illusion where skier poet. Ok, I didn't get it asked hours. Tommy who is doing now. He was pretending that she was saying these things. Tenaya is eight times like he's got. No, she really like you go forth, my dude. We issue still alive
yeah. It was. It was a weekend, Bernie situation, debate sooner what's goin on here, but he liked became her they did, but you know what people talk a lot of shit about him and I think it was a method to the madness of like no d honneur listen. Now he did, and I had no beef with Jack- and I are you- I mean I know he did bedsheet news- a weirdo, any a lotta people problem. They gave me spots, he wouldn't racial things, he would say. Like weird thing, I don't know anything about it. I got a guy What he was trying to do was a method to mad. It was even trying to do her method, right kind it, but he, You know all I know is. I came in his approach to me like a problem that was the data. So So this is like what a couple years and yet all you know this was like man, I'm trying to think now. It was like two thousand and two thousand six is when, like I so right when the covers Ike at its worst. Yet the Tommy had already taken over now rightly so.
it was at its worst right before that, when I would do it alphabetical order and it was Duncan like craziness over he takes over he's like he's, got but there are other there weren't there. We were starting to come start Nicosia ourselves. You, therefore, all the crazy stuff yeah. So I swear How did you get in that point it was like. I, you know two thousand and eight I got just for laughs. You know new faces. new faces yet and then it was too. Thousand nine I booked workaholics. I may seasons thirty seven seasons of that, while this after that, I would just like to know from argon mom, I'm in army, seven seasons. At your health insurance man, gotcha. Draw on the road you know well is weird a college showed isn't really bring a draw, for. I am nuclear because Kafka's don't have money but they know you. I can't those guys now are starting to come. Watch me.
Because now there are thirty seven and I got two kids to do from that. Show that I love you, I mean not only all he's a comic and gather like you know that kind of deal so much you workin and film in television. As much as I do. I love to work all the time, but it just is what it's like. I just did a pilot. It didn't get picked up. But then I did a movie. I went to New York into disarray. Romano movie, oh yeah, yeah, that was good. He was the director. How will you wrote it such as watch This seems to be the great actor man. No, he is good he's great actor, and so he was he wrote it needs direct roaring and is directing it actually run in with that guy. It's interesting is so beautiful to see him do like he's one the only guys his generation, he he already won the girl made of helium, and now it's like one. I want to really learn Hygeia all the stuff. I want become a good actor and I guess he's gonna be, must be a director. writer it since it was?
story- may arrive. I really enjoyed watching the work and the people is already got all the money in the world, but you know you, you always great that keeps go you always what the last job you ever need you think I should do after. That is what you want. You have been a lot of times. What they want is just repeat themselves and fair enough, You know like he's not in another sick commies. I got did that everybody else. Raymond's done. I did it. I write all the money I'm ever going to make any became a good act and now he's like- and I want to be in things that you with imps now we didn't have to be able to know when I didn't really: oh yeah yeah. We do part. It's a small part. I play like a wedding dj. You know that light. this the wedding dj. They haven't every event, rather at the at the christening at that graduation Marty on that same diagonally, I'd have given with his his sister in the move out on this very good.
I was ill great. I used here. You know I'm in the hotel had to like warranty for three days I had got. I just got my second shot and- houses. Recently the idea was recently and then you he calls me yeah, you know it was. I got no idea. Why didn't answer Yang? Unlike you know, and I get a message: ass ahead is re room. I don't know my oh shit right. I don't want to talk to him because he's the director abandoned think you're gonna talk like that, and I got a sledge hammer. Geek about girls like his voice is so distinct. You gotta meals I guess you re Romano on my bride Gary right now. If you don't believe me, am I in the shadow of shallow my neighbour right now so great was I hate us go hang out? Will you let me in him another writer and in other due to show in the movie he's that we're gonna go get some pizza? We're gonna go the seller, yet I walk in with you know four can John gaudy. You know I mean I know, performed to cellar before, but you going, I got on joy. There is great
if they were wise me very much of the communist or were you in there in the tower showered down the basement, real we did to different shows little gather play. We did the other one end underground, yet underground added that the main one, but it was great and then I got it you know she gave she liked. and here s the idea. Lucky you don't you but you know what he is I he goes. You know AIR Griffin right. I take them ass down as she goes like you don't know I'd like to buy up. You just love this guy down from so he says he goes. Could we'll be there two weeks? Nice? I guess that's come again: Europe here for four: we pump it people liked, so he raised like hey lesser teller. Lets us come Saturday, go very well. What are we put ourselves in the light of Regos you don't you good idea. Ok, really, nice! The idea he ain't gonna make. So we want Bob people right. You got it, you can do it, but it's like
come on. You can now use dragon you because we will have will be liable to be like a wise. He uniting dig Keith Robinson gone the who the fuck you exactly like it, but it will. It was really cool and you know I mean you know. That's all I have. Had expressly anyways. You know if you work when you can yet at this point I now stuff comes up I'll go out for and we just do it yea on it, and I think I got you know that when I did I'm dying appeared. I was like I got that from like they saw me at the com. Storm Antonia Dinosaur, guys they just there that night- and you know it was like. I got the part three weeks later Do you mean Jim carry yeah yeah, yeah yeah? He was there that night. I'm sorry I was tell a story, but it was I ill. So weird Adam, he comes up to me, says about to go on stage here. He says: Hey AIR Jim carries here. My first thought was busy bump me Frank course, and I was in furious. Martin
furious yea felt like what the fuck is he doing here. What do we want? A man thousand a bank bump people they had ever done. Commie give their common. My tenure wasn't here you know so I went out and stay he's would like anger in my soul. I kill ray. It's funny gives out in the same way. In any time like I see the bumpers or the people, can you for whatever reason I legacy bird we're gonna tell bar we all in I've. Just say like when you gonna he's like I'll bring up you like this to curtail at you, I M not before me. I know my way, The answers I just I just you know it is what it is. I guess so mad at its is because, like I gotta do just beyond alone up here, just let us now
yeah. Can it be like that there has been no sixty people in his lot at writer, you see TB, you only the schedule and there's the polish. Your pop in Amelia come on really believed we need, that we put on the line up Y know I did. I did Paul is moving us another movie. I just did. I was just the booty. Was called s House Ojeda murmur of the movie is people have a house Polly Shores living in their destinies, deprived as polish or yeah yeah, no matter what is characterised is just polishers live in it again. Yes, I thought it was nice. I got a marsh. You live you. Log G seem funny, but it came and went blurs the sum that flicks now people economies is at the outset it was it like. You know what you're not gonna beat you're gonna be like this. Ok What's so funny about him is waking he talks about when it gets us think how he used to be the characters. I still by the end of the fifty minutes, he's the guy the wheezes back People have bombed memories of the week, the foreseeable layered, it's ok
that he was like one of largest stars at a particular time agreed to add just a comedy world Polly. Was huge here. Bulgaria huge, like are not. He was now if I can just algae act, to mean something that somebody gets thy member we were fifteen there's gonna be like Bravo show with him. Gary BC, David Authority happen to you, know: they're gonna go online gaming like tourism in sorry what working tonight, yeah, I'm at the store tonight with where one time now which room, I think I'm in our me to think when or I'm in your I'm see which, whatever we want in a manner that nine forty five puppy after you were, so there is no way you can tell him you're not here. I forty five climbing I forty five. They weren't different rooms, I'm in the main room, yemeni organ
stay at the same time, will not be nice I'll, be here now beyond stage in the awarding of the hearing the big last week that fuck now, when you talk about people like listening to you, what does that mean a candid gap. you're, not a railway, laparoscopic sure valley. Where am I gonna, get a bell? You that's about what you want. You want people to you want people to go like this good. One now you want to do. I owe smart. I get some value ass. I do I've got the I've, but that's not what I can do it you're by death gives us now your goal I like to ask for their like words? Yes, exactly you want the one where people go, you Gabby with our, but that's a laughed whereas, but I can I can. I think that your first of all roll it out. You weren't you I'll, go out of Abdullah left next
I'm I'm by after I want to see like all early last, all value that you're not sit. No net stool, you only a word I want you to be up, would naturally walkin around given into the crowd, will give are gonna, be like wholly crisis nineteen seventy eight march, we gotta, didn't I'm still play, but you're gonna get place right now. I'm ok you're a good play. Thank you, sir. You too good talking I'll pick you up I gave you a river with gravity and also I also game, I'm onto which all the time on AIR Griffin gaming a wheel I love it over the old man game I have now I deal with that. World is yeah. Just me I'll play video games. Are people watch me and they pay me to do it has good giving get it dad. I forget. I want to keep
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