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Episode 1241 - Danny Trejo

2021-07-05 | 🔗

There are Hollywood tough guys and then there's Danny Trejo. No need to front when you've lived a life of crime, drugs, and prison as explicitly as Danny has. But as his new memoir highlights, Danny went from being a criminal and a drug addict to a ubiquitous actor and an inspirational force in his community. Danny and Marc talk about family secrets, toxic masculinity, Charles Manson, and tacos. And Danny's son Gilbert joins in to explain how their personal struggles became intertwined.

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ART Marin. How are you has everything? Are you? Ok is everything working out all right, I'm broadcast from LOS Pablo knows those problems is in New Mexico. Albuquerque be historic in an organ farm just down the three from where I grew up through I stay out of it I am so much like I'm staying in my old house and it's almost like I'm staying in it would early in the house. I grew up and I knew the family that owned this place when they lived here. I've talked to you about that before, but that's where I'm at I came out here as you can tell download little short of breath, even the altitudes bit much just one on a hike with my brother, his girlfriend, Julia Male Buddy Dave Klein felt when up to add top of the sandy mountains here the peak a hike around their tried to breathe in the altitude if when you get in your mind, you know it's all about the mind: isn't it before I ramble. I excited to tell you that any tray. How is on the show today
and he tray. How is everywhere, Danny Tray. Everyone knows who do any tray. How is he's he's is he was in heat, spy, kids, machete, muppet movies. He was It's got. Taco places he's got donor places using tons of anarchy. You know is facing major come on man he was my show Marin as it does an interesting day all around. But he's got a book out and it's it's pretty crazy. It's really a book about recovery like I could see it as a recommended recovery book if you are trying to get off drugs or alcohol or you are in the in the in the secret society? It's a great reader, but outside of that, if that doesn't really reveal itself totally into later. In the book, but outside of that, the story about the timing prison from when he was young kid you're, not me, I'm
He did time when he was in his teens and then I'm through insanity the way prison works, then getting the prison? The coincidences that went to his being in movies in the the way that he is and then onward into afterwards and sort of maintaining, sobriety in and doing the work and in changing your life, it's all in the book in its it's kind of us, a stunning book. The the book is the last book. I read, I think, about the complexities and nuances of exist, in prison on the social level, a political level survival level was probably straight life, the art pepper Otto by, If you that he wrote with his wife Laurie, for which is a devastating account. It's easy! You sacks! Player in the book is about four hundred pages and it's probably about the three hundred and seventy five pages about heroin in prison and between,
five pages about sex in the leave the big theme of the book. The ultimate message of the book, I think the art pepper book at the end, is it don't be a rat like Chat Baker, don't be a rat jet baker was a rat. That yeah! That's what you aren't. You also learn exactly how prison works and Unlike any tray how's book you riding again not a good thing, but but you do get a sense of what it's like to be imprisoned to live in prison and what lessons can be learned imprison what what? What? What of those lessons can can help you in real life it sort of basically, a prison base self help book, but the whole story is there and it sir? It's wild Doktor Danny it's intimidating at first. You would think it be scary, intimidating and I've worked with the guy in the the issue of nice guy in the world seriously sweetheart and in a big hearted man, but he's intense. We
scary, looking anything ten sky and you know his story, and I worked with him for a week early three days on a ship, one on one, and I know who am kind, but I was still scared to talk to He came with his son. His son Gilbert is a film director kind of an up and coming director, and he came with him Gilbert drove him over and Gilbert factored so heavily in the book. I keep Gilbert story along with his own story. After long after he'd gotten sobered son was struggling with his own addiction. What sort of an interesting topic for me, as somebody who wrote a memoir to what respect or how much do you the person that you're talking about knowing what right do you have but what is your story? What isn't in it was interesting and I brought Gilbert and towards the end of the talk to sorting including a minute, but he was bad man. They were both income them bad dope, fiend.
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I'm in New Mexico. You know I'm here to see my father. My brother, Craig came out now we just there, we ve been hanging out do in the eating doing the hanging around spending time, but the old man he Stoa cod. In ten and a functioning very well memory Still there, in place. If you generate a bit deep, memories, air, I don't know how this element works, but it seems the stuff this morning or yesterday or what's ease, try to say. Right now is oil difficult, but the elder stuff peace. Seems to be fairly am able to tat back into those memories from when we were kids from when he was younger, we're bits and pieces I dont know how it progresses. I'm I'm trying to get up to speed, I'm glad It were spending time with him and guide him spend time with my family and with my brother, for a guy like myself, you know who
We had a lot of anger, threw out of my life towards my parents and towards the idea of how I was paid. Like it or you can just in terms of family in general, somehow or other I dont know over the last year, or so maybe over the pandemic, maybe over my own experiences. Grief and loss. I've, definitely something his own shifted in my in my heart and in my mind, around whatever my problems were. Maybe I find they ve gotten better, maybe I'm starting to swift. Maybe I Don't remember the bad things as much. Maybe I've found it definition on my own two too, be grounded in who I am to worry about tat. What happened with my parents, who have just been able to compartment allies it agenda and forgive them I feel like I did a long time ago, I tell you know it is what it is, but I don't know I'm able to approach both then, with a lot more empathy It is because our old and getting feeble and in that way
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great recovery book. It is empowering book about the pie. Civilities in reality of being able to change I can change how you live your life from the darkest of dark trenches of drug use in jail, Donny, begged me to talk about how we got started movies. It didn't come up it's in the book. This is me talking Danny Trail, good, to see you again You look well be doing. It adds up. Never stop
so really bless the area that I do not remember me. I've gotta, sponsor there is actually no is the other way round. That is, if the weird thing man, that's right, you were my right. Good media drovier! That's a little bit of day. I tell a funny story about their day because your ear, your our jeez, were born and like they were terrible You are, like you know your ear eyes arouse watering. Can you hear your had head ache in Europe? Stuffed up and there were so many lines member we had. We had put the lines all over the car and one point your thy, so many Lines- man s head at Vienna believe is like even at this many lines in the last five movies that He looked a lady said they hire me for my face. Do I played
me guide, Chicago Guy, bad guy tattooed. If I know I know, but it was a great Roy Eddie was so funny because when we ACT in it. I knew like in. It was a weird place because you had to be the guy that couldn't get Sylvia and it was euro. I cannot at this guy one though It was. It was a good day. I deserve it issued an iron park and it was like a ghost like walking on island part. Would Jesus ever with their families come into their windows. Magenta go. There was one man. I must have been everywhere. He go yeah. He has got its gun, pretty pretty crazy crazier. So I ended up like really reading almost like. I am utterly down to the last ten pages and air so like down to add chapter thirty: five. Danny, tray holiday, I'm glad got through the the Gilbert, your son. It is your with any looks good. Now
yeah. I mean like I. I guess the thing on my mind right ways at ion you have written a memoir, and you know there. People I put in it I story who got offended after now when you were writing this. So much about Gilberts live about your daughter, Daniels Life about your wife lives Did you ask them? First, it reaches the bright have they ready, he added huddled, I also don't like me anyway. Gilbert does Martha desires delighted as he knows, is cool without them. This important part of the day. It was cool with it. Does the most important ones the ready made ready to hear and she view what it really help me with it, because at first we.
Road. It and our exact words. While you sound like an upper middle class, why why? Why is it in? You missed a lot of what made you really because you were the only people. Ever confided in about my mom about my dad. We're long time it we had to kids, you know- and so she knew no store out, you know any ass. She knew my mom. I remember when I took her over to meet my mom after I had a Daniel, I mean a Gilbert yeah. She says I never want to go back there again, as well as the coldest woman I've ever met at. What are you talkin about? Really she just quite near yell and- and I remember made way back then, sir, you she's got some ugly secrets
oh yeah. I fear he voiced shit really, but she felt tat her at you. I grew up with advisory role after she read the book. She said you don't want you. This doesn't say who you are wow. This doesn't say how you got here in writing. This is a why you ve had five afore I have four divorces three. Children with women. You weren't Mary. Do you know you? Why don't you Trust women, Ed ICES, that's all my monster, nor has it adds yours then So after we did it fully after I did it work we ve kind of like per just kind like because we're always seek is our secrets are given I know there is an end and it's kind of like in a we have this sand man I got one. Or, as we have seen, are you.
Sick and tired of being sick. Diarrhoea. Ok, we'll there's a place in your alcoholism. You can actually become comfortable with being sick and tired of being sick and tired. With this is your way of life. Surrender to that that my way of life was when I walked in that house. It was. I walk into a refrigerator with, with your mom and wasn't your birth mom. Yet no. That was why those much debt write your dad you what my dead actually married her to take care of me so based equally, I didn't know it, but she was indentured servants to write on yea everything she did was out of out of duty. You re, she'd like it.
Right now I love my Bob's, also initially, what you have just heard the street the jail stories in the sober stories and then the life but knee she made. Who is here but you third wife, yeah What we need me and maybe never got my every american kid. I should have married yeah, but she's the one who said, look man, you know these: there's a whole other party you that, he's not in here, so you have to go back and tell those story. I saw this of about your uncle Gilbert was there yet, but not too, duff about your mother. No might my uncle Gilbert Egg is a party there were, Gilbert actually save me from killing your mother s eyes, you're years any more sober, yeah like very sober gal I was and I'd. I just lost my dad and I was kind of trying to be the son you Nokia and help her out who got heavy hookers because she's still had per diem,
still living that life. You know what let's let's go back because you know I think it is just that the relationship with your uncle Gilbert is that is really the defining thing right. Wait. Where'd you grow up explained me that partner that started grown up in my family was lived on temples Wall Street. That's where my dad met my mom my mom was Ramada Visa in L, a steely Her husband was in the army, and so he withdrew the twin Soulier on my arm dead were born there. And into each other New Babar Neander, and they got together you know and by her husband is often or yeah. My dad my dad We went to jail and then because They used to have a big goofy. He's in bars, see you just would your sandwich with the boy you drink it right in this. Would this was
don't don't early and arab thirty, yeah and andor some guy smart with my mom and dad into a stab in Yemen and they left everybody left. We took the old family. He took that family, the Dixie, ran out my aunt because you there is on the Lamb s room, the Uruguay. Now you stepped in the end. The guy said that so nonchalant. Are you You come from the civil but anyway, so they were looking for Romania and my grandmother said you have to go back. You know you can't just kinda and saw hee hee. Promised her that if she got him an attorney, he would he would never get in trouble. I think that's what the real way bed so much anger towards me because I promised every The week I wouldn't get drunk you right, so we,
back then went to jail for two years and when he came out I was all many borned ere. I was gonna be three years old. I think you know my dad took me from my mom threatened everybody in real estate. With my I stayed with my dad in We lived in Burbank and that's when he married than woman that began yours there mom and they had more kids. Now haven't you just me and Elk it's weird in in the store? Are you telling the book your real mom is only there once yeah. Does he really than ever relation here? I actually met her and mice. History Diana who I'm really close to closer der that anybody agenda. When I got arrested. Nineteen sixty five came out in the early touching on the paper year. End up. That's how they found me. They shoot my my mom came up, The county I met my mom and sister in the county jail they have come is amazing. My mom gorge, spilled woman and it's funny was like
I say this because I suddenly assisted by a we looked alike. Yeah sure you know- and I am looking at her them prayer to God, I dont look lay her in the showers back because some of you- but I guess it was like me and my sister was a guy. You guys look someone the end up but are we wrote all the time drew Pizarro? Yes, I wrote to her more than I wrote my stepmom my data, so that did carry on for a while and then when I had other prisons, I went to meet her and it was just it was. It was completely different cause. You know where I grew up with his other lady and held her mom for years with one called someone else mom, but for he felt but you know I knew it wait a minute this is, you know under an eye the idea I had known that my dead threatened or live. She dreaded tried to see me
That will you, because they ever told me no, she left you. You learned that's a whole. Nike, that's the story like is this that, in these kind of like these, these Dream forms of masculinity yo that you, you you're, pretty sort of. It's a real toxic masculinity, that's the biggest problem, I think, one of the lovely nor communities, as is the men of this these talks. Masculinity thing that does knew, but What I am Paris MIKE you gotta, give there with their friends or not. I hope, your men, I kiss me, I tell him, I love a media, but has new right. There's new free, oh yeah, with you it's what use will be they'll, be Gobio bud. It was friends I'll grab my son, I kiss I love you said and is all his friends
I'll give you a look in the mirror. You might need you just recently learned about the term toxic masculine. The absolutely Donwell gave you Yeah I mean it. He has been in the culture but like it. So it's sort of like these, like when you you, you know gang banging gang Bang. It is all about toxic skill in India. You then the kids don't even know it. They don't even know it their fight. Battles that started in nineteen, forty one and don't even know why. Why are you guys frighten them guys from across the do? You know after I don't. Even but literally toxic masculinity disease what were supposed to do where warriors were you gunnels, no Chicanos, Take your their family, two guns pay taxes, have good jobs, you gonna! Do gee, I mean make history, that's what you're gonna do what when you, what was the first
because these a moment we talk about how you learn to act. With your uncle Gilbert, a blue Stan, mere with the ever Zena an hour the forty four, this big other too, damn heavy to be a good idea? So here from a mere late holding it when you are twelve yeah yeah, I did here give me the money and you gotta, the old nine voices high. You sound like a little black before guys deal in itself and fight these, like they gave me a sort of shotgun in that made it very soon. Right, you don't ever say not just again heads, but it's funny
I hate to see this gives you holding a pistol. You feel strong when you hold a sort of shotgun, there's a completely different feeling that runs through here is that this is a bazooka air here, there's a completely deaf feeling good? Really, I will kill you I'll kill all you see if it's a good feeling that the time right, you know, one of the things that directors have told me, you lazy. How do you go from that care? victor of a maniac to emit. ITALY play with your kids? Are telling your kid? You love, and I say but you know what, because I don't like that character right, that character, real me. Other people are acting, it you know that in that guy I've, I played their character than one thrown up here. You know cause because that's not a death love, that's that's a evil ugly person, both party, yeah, it's their air. You know what it's funny hasn't. I can. I can count the times that guy's
come out here. I remember I was thinking Albania? Yet we were. We were up my kid. Any boy, was running up and down the hallway envy departments that we lived in Venice and one of the guys wonders. Generous grabbed it right here. I stop running shook him right right and he came running in the house. Legacies arm was red and- and he said, The bed at night- I can remember, actually kick it in that man's store and gone in grabbing here and hymns Syn. My god you're a monster pay aromas, because because when when that demon comes out, it's like your whole. Structure your face changes. It's not like it's not like. You look angry bright. Yet you line rage, yeah yeah and you just yet you're. Just like it's! U what it's one
I see that I remember when, when when, when my dead grab me again and was laughing at the mouth and just like his hold the owl demeanor changes snapped here, man and
Also, the drug starting with your uncle is well yeah, oh yeah, so he'll go my other folding, the guns antidote, the first drug deal that I've ever gonna solely for I was in a legal. Was it a nineteen? Forty two chevy yeah nineteen, forty two shipping and the radio didn't work. Forty, two Cheviot thirty six to item but but but that the clock didn't work. My uncle had a bowl of of. We hear you ruined and he says: ok count the songs, so we stole my grandpas car. I didn't know we told the car miraculously we took the car air, our drive it. Ok, there's one song, there's two song, there's three so that, like nine minutes, air Gilbert would pull in front of the house it.
Guide, come I'll, give you three Keitel he'd role, three joints and three joint guy would pay and that we take off right goddess of another and he was kind of like grub harbour. Some delivery end up how many sound that twelve zone, Also, we know exactly how many and that we take the car back. I say when the out too long, though we also my grandfather would know we took the car. I wonder that was like my first houri eighteenth with Gilbert. So this guy big, because your dad was raging, not you know, did you did like you, you know you know what I think I've been because of what happened with my mom. In the back. Is it's like it's like somebody tell you hey. I saw your wife club less it now. My I've met you, I was
Oh you mean? Ok, so you know and then, and then did you know I wasn't. I wasn't there lay out the back in your mind right and I think for the rest, our lives. That was at the back of my mom my dad's my before he found out about your uncle, not yet right right, you see, He knew some was out here. I told him. How would we seven years, seven years old and ear your father sisters, husband, came over. And you don't know what we're gonna. I thought it would give me a present. His guards Reggie go outside and and what about Three weeks later, I have later my mom got back from Mexico. She large Muslim, came back, and I had told him here and then in the middle of the night I woke up my my dead grabbing by the throat lifting the ass
Why did you lie? Why did you lie here and my mom screamin telling the truth you light here? She writes it. I lied Are you because you I can that moment? Because when you talk about it like IE, someone was gonna get hurt. Now, even if it can be, were her exact well, it was kind of like I knew I was gonna die, you know or here, because urban I'll explain and explain that re here that he had cost, I weren't looking at your dad, no right of an animal and- and you re, barely Alexandria, light. I like the way, I'm sorry saviours idea here and they d through Ebay Donovan. They were and I get it. I could hear a fuckin me here and but I think after that it was always in.
I think he always that's why you would never Adele would never close, never got close here. You know, we always had that and then what he found out for real yeah. It broke a bitch, broke a years later years years, so you think that had already been the pen I came out came back but you think that made the moment that you you brought up that it stuck in him. He knew your town, the tooth why'd you have to do. I don't know if I dont know if, if he I think I don't think he wanted to believe. I of course right you know here and because, My dad was, I made my dad, I don't know how much money I make your eye, all the wise I've had became very rich. I just sign my dear dig it he without a wife. Think is painted. In fact, my last wife,
never pay debts as she did. I ever paid red she'd. I just made money. So when will happen, when we divorced. She added with eight houses- and I agree with my bank account Now- is it there was a kind of the sad, the story. Was that debt You know that you are always hustling butler. When did you first go to jail? What was, for God, throwing a rocket darling said I didn't throw a rock here. We were playing hit the bat here and we need the bad you hit. The ball and then whoever, if you catch it, that means Europe, but you pick it up. And you roll it towards the bat here it it's the bat and jobs up right and then they get the catch it. So I learned how to throw it and hit the bat and minimal bouts back right, but the ban
jumped up now hitherto the color so Darlene, mama dead were ordered view they couldn't speech. I spoke in Siberia and because all Indiana, yet Darling Daddy ITALY, with a bad, so they called the police in the middle. Police- I read Maria Gilbert ending and they came and when they got me they put me in the car. I they were you I guess teasing me: you're you'll get the chair gay about and she hopes you died. I read and not to ever done. They realize what had happened right, but that was my first introduction with the police really an end. You watch the fear of going to jail is gone. Nothing to stop you, but you think eighty
you know you talk about how it was just your leg that was your family that you, everybody end up in jail or room was criminals. Everyone Andella dogmatism. When I got the juvenile hall there were so many Mexicans is June. All measures was both a low. There was literally it was correctly What's up guys, I had to see where we do. That's where they were you know, and so there was this big. Come around here you know and you make friends but why you go in for the first time. Eighty w set with a deadly weapon. I would you do Ocean, James's restaurant and stabbed a couple of sailors with a broken bottle tat we saw a right right here again end up I need you always Bobby a burglary which just stuff
What we did and now we are using then to yeah I've. Always you are my uncle term yonder Grey such a year and then. Give me a fixture. Was it was funny. Remember my sponsor said anyway you every talks about a beautiful I'll, never abused air. Modern Europe given marijuana euros abuse. I thought it was sherry origin I often hear well and and and my dad anger able just that the way was it wasn't a beauty was I you fucked up, so you get fucked up, it's a remit is abuse now now Nevertheless, I you know, I definitely man, you can't grab kids throat, you don't. I remember one. My son Gilbert kill me when he
one time I caught amusing in my house when he was on the run air and I grab. I turned into my father and welcome it was like I could, breathe red outside and I said criminals, soggy that fact get away from scream, get away from Europe, what am I dead to get away from here? I went back to the palace Gilbert, I'm so sorry, never never do that- never actually gods, but you can't use this house they'll put me in prison for ever. He understood that down understood so when it was. It was an interesting story. The book one year when you saw your uncle yo tie off it was. Those old car, vague, antique glass syringes. Might my grandfather was a diabetics. Yes, I untroubled reuse net with a school got me at one time you have been glass went with that one needle.
That was not a twenty six new idea, and so are you an end again, I had so much trust in the sky, Gilbert your honor. I just gimme some and prior to that when my grandfather was screaming at us. Gilbert was using. I didn't, I didn't know he was shouldn't dope, but my grandfather's am I By those same way he became, if you guys get the here, he became amount. I was his favorite color birthdays. May sixteenth. You know I was, but he was I remain at your garage IDA and Profit Anna and I can remember, like I was gonna shit, my pet. I know he's gonna hit me and I was crazy like this wait for aid for women, and I look over- and I see my uncle Gilbert he's doing this now
teaching you already and unlike more by God, I'm waiting and when he got angry cause, Gilbert Novel format, He got so fuckin guy you, let others this price. My mediaeval primal scream? I went into his room. He slammed the door and staring Gilbert any given they did a year, as you know how I want to believe. I want to be like that. I would have liked it for the rest of my life did hear the coolest that tell you we stared death in the face and the slave heroin is so when I found When I see him- and he told me- I threatened John appear. I seen a syringe. I got troubles worker Gimme software, you know no, you can have no dangle you get
music, I can't do this. Do you give me some rural tail and locked the door and he's ok of this and I was holding his his tie. Air and, unlike amazed, hate shots. Who does and I watch him and I see the explosion of the blue bull I seen where he got all his stuff. He went from being free, didn't like you, wanna get load you to this unbelievable character? Who could stared debt in the face of peace or something- and I should give me back- and I didn't do well- my first fix. I I I ended up out of the front yard, soaking wet created, Put the idea idea here,
I think I just went out the address and I put my lawyer, twelve you love Film in that began that relationship and then you also, you know, were near Robin and Steel and the and now the whole. Otherwise the whole thing was drinking Juliet because you can't run around twelve, Frankie, gonna break him on girls, Basque away, we're probably the youngest don't. Please run around yeah Duvalier? He was like a year over me air time so good. He could He was so good. He burned everybody and. I caught him one time, Keziah burned us, and this is not a commodity till I got a score right now, I'll give you half I'll give you. It is easier to stay here with my car, here's the keys. I forgot him, so he split up sit on this guy's been right. Ulcers big, he'll Billy, your normal carboy? What it means is fragile
my god, I got an idea. The key to their housekeeper the social disaster, later on here later on Ten years later I mean the pin, who comes in his break? You we'll, kill you and not wait. I gotta go. I remembered that's, but so you know what besides, all the pills, the drink, IRAN, because it was just to get era, one worthier, thirteen forty, so we were just honor but I didn t get here about like the way you talk about how the the rush of robbing the rush of of doing the crime was or even know whether that was more exciting than the drugs that drugs are more excited. You know what you don't know. What you're doing robberies today
your drug habit or or or drove to support your robbery have because robbery, burglary, extortion area. It all goes together. Most of you crime, we're in MOSS Angeles, his dry related, but what was great this book, because I read the last book. I read that you talk this much about Theo Power, it on the inside away. Jail works. Was that our peppers book straight time but he really goes into it. Not unlike you did you well what it takes to survive in jail, the biggest the thing in jail and image. I feel like a lot of racism. Yeah the United States come from jail, mere ok, that's where it is. That's what people separate them's people have to separate themselves.
A few days. Not up did not want in TAT tribe, so absolutely into limitation. In LOS Angeles, we have friends all different, indifferent. Your gangs are, then you have gangs who comes when you jail all of a sudden, your game. Basically, this guy you're together your altogether or right for protection for help for whatever now you mean you go with you, people absolutely. To write, you understand you have two or you'll be a marked and it Now we got the north and the south it stupid. Those are Mexican Yoga Mexican Remit, soon, mafia, the grip, blood's Ando nothin your jewels. What's this crazy, but but but when you, when did you how'd you type how'd? You learn that stuff. Just by going in my country, we started in juvy right and any first, you did your first real stent where and use authority will cap actually, but now you gotta,
Stan I had a mentor. Yokul Gilbert taught me everything about how to survive Pierre somebody asked you were you for you from just him just hit him because they really cared where you were from. They would now ask you to understand, where you're from you better say the right word or you could jumped so you might as well get down first rattle, no you. It was all about not showing any vulnerability at every turn, and there was all these places. It could have got remember this. There's two kinds of predator and there's pray Now, all this liberal, I love the celebrity yeah. Well, I just did my own tribe, Europe. Damn liar, because you paid somebody we all of em all of em, the hell, you mean when they were in their enzymes. Absolutely they update this.
Here's your money to evaluate, and I had a posse will you took care that Bosnia grow? You would never pass right. You know that just the way it is here or they would again, they would have been turned out to help people who, as we will really guys in Hollywood is so where every one, be tough guy. Hollywood has asked me what would happen to me if I went to jail you wanted. You'd be a girl. You be right here you got smart you, but if you have to understand you, to grow up in that endeavour, environment to survive and in an awesome tell these guys in the world that Deadwood I've, never in a fair fight in jail politics. Everybody thinks I can fight right, didn't six issues deal here. You know that. By my and in its easy here to get away with stabbing, then it is a fistfight right.
If I saw you there was talk me back in again, then then you can all on rice unity. If I What behind you in stab three times and walk away, I've gone before you drop right. That's what happened! That's all the time! So when you went in there, you had friends in there and you just sort of you. You got to know how, work, but you are also boxing yeah Amalgam Gilbert again he was golden loved eyes. He asked I was his punching value. These cells is boring, parlor, where basically, I had to learn how to fight or get my had beaten right. He taught me, We well and everybody knew I could box. So the minute I would show up in his does arise. We gotta check and then they set me up a fight with with whoever, with their guy
yeah kick his ass. I did pretty good. I added. I did pretty good fighting so when it it is like the turn happened like you, it seemed that you were a sort of resigned. The fact that you are that your destiny, You spend your life in jail. That's our another. You were going to survive it in that you talk about this sort of immediacy than now of San Quentin right now, right it is interesting that now, which is like heightened by pure fuck and violence, That's it that's what Buddhist or try to decide to these, not but the other kind of now, if you want to be present here right by being present in a spiritual ways, different than being present on the yard. Yes, I mean the term I got your back. That came, imprisoned, because when you talk to somebody you're watching their back because her face and you get used to you at your back and they can become an ad draghi clothes Everybody was all baggy begging, came from prison because, if
But he didn't like you: ok yeah thirty year, forty tooth and nail, you know that for their came, so don't you you learn how to pull them over make a bit, but there is also something that that I'm starting to realise in show business and just in life in general, that you no loyalty imprison mean something absolutely it does. Mean something out here now now done me whether it does to me, but it doesn't go in general in June. Yeah, it's a fascinating thing to meet again about the small town nature of it? Is that you being a celebrity, but even before you celebrity the guys who were imprisoned, those guys you're, the guy who they, the guys who called the shot, shall call the shots powers? I mean they keep a check on everybody run through there and who they ve, given a pass to live. Do you like your? If you have a certain neighbourhood? Are you certain? Ok, you spend time on the inside you being allowed to live exactly by a group a guy. Well, you know what it's like it if these two groups of people
editors, grinders area. Now, if you have proved that you're a predator, juvenile hall to Camp to Youth Authority to state prison. Then, you were accepted as a predator you're, not you're allowed to live. The only problem with there is that I might wake up and I'm a predator, but The guy down. The dear says. Why think your pray row now you have to do whatever takes to make sure he knows your top predator. The opposition that means killing. And that's the position that you're and imprison that you that you don't want the union ass. For you don't ask well some people. As for because you talk about your nephew Gilbert. Your uncle Gilbert son was put in that position any got no choice. If you weren't, you continue living right, but it's also like that's prison man right. That's what happens right now. Right now so proud. In my uncle Gilbert, I know I haven't he's thy soul. Fog cause my my
His son, the Albert yeah. I got out a brute Vienna, Mario Castillo went to Governor Brown. Senator were jeopardy Yak agenda and he did. He went to prison seventeen. He got up on his fifty five. He's in the electrical union heap. He worked on the rams idiom go ramshackle ramp here and now he's working at the airport. Here it is funny When you look at the airport, you have to have three. What do you call it people to vouch for you right right, yeah, so when he got the three people the feds grabbed immediate. What do you mean you got through its comics dallied rail monitors deal itself or do you got felons? powers that be all new us and yet what we did. He was right now who is already at the airport. You don't get too great. They also there's like weirdo tippets in the bureau. The pin three year here and just
a brand new Alexis ICE, good, gorgeous, that's good, but he bought that one that does a hundred seven, Oh really, three seconds of them are you are you? Did you just speed? Is Johnny adrenaline junk? Not me, I always look here. I am good man, I'm glad that there are some them. Some happy endings or some happy turns of events in this great sides, reason this about you in that guy. Dennis that way the people back in your life and that you, I want you made the turn that you had to. That was the interesting thing, two in the book is a you know when you hit the wall. Could you use and on the inside right it? How you can hear everything We idea in that hustle of waking up how you fishing yourself to get the shit now you you know, you run the racket for the big guys. They collect gun done debts and all that at the survival thing in prison is fascinated me. Hope I never have to learn at first hand. You know, I think I am I think I'm three projects in your taxes. That's all
Good repay your daddy, I'm trying to pay my right now by What was it that finally focus? you'd situated yourself as somebody who is helping date that the Wardens brought you India, yet they you stay on a certain blocks who could be sort of mentor or some or keep some these kids and control so your once, you started doo doo, Doo, a steamer, blacks right here, like that. What was it that made you get sober while I was actually in the hole in solid here. In nineteen sixty eight single mile yeah single mile to most Mexicans means fifth May urine and it's actually, though, the battle of poor blossom battle to day I thought they'd beat.
French, I think, but up here sink or they might with your real Mexican. It means you better, have bail money, ready, yeah, ok, can you probably going to jail? We all you can take all the beer you gonna either you gonna, be your wife or she's gonna stab you are you gonna, shoot a gun or fight your neighbor. Some he's gonna go wrong. Sickly. Am we had? an outside baseball team come in here see good at mile. They could a pig. Any other Hollywood any other holiday here. You ve got to tell drunk Mexicans, L and, and simply my own rate, but check or soccer free person. Enery kick the coach. It was alleged. I threw a rock and lieutenant. This is like get this baseball game. You guys were on the stand drunk on homemade on programme loaded Elles
and any in India front was re re uses it was you can stop it you talked about that vibration that happens before ship was gonna. Go down me and re had been Francis. We were thirteen years, he was from White Vince again Alien and I used to come visit. My grandma, my mom's mom they are stepmom, mom it away, and there we play ball in the street new Erika, Anna and and so We got the joyous funny, but here before it started? We knew it was like justice with a beautiful day. A cloudy do without clouds. I understand that rail J I had everything is banned in the pin. When he's the White kids right to give young appear these. These So it was a good. The air was some sort of charity available, yet it was kind of a just a sports game. They came into play the convicts ok, but
it was kind of a the third basement. Will they be? Why do here a common air you're, not allowed gum and prison. Also anybody, respect- wouldn't you come right, is a simple were not allowed Yoda and they tell em they're, not loud gamble. He chose to chew gunman, end up and re started. I wish I had come out. I give edging radiologist girl. Kick your ass up here. So I went to the bathroom nor I went to the bathroom. Re ended up attack in the sky and I came out and Well, hell just yes: it's an explosion like a prism right or asked at what he was young and everybody. So we, but is one because like when that thing here, but with Trop here they were seen insurrection it's a registration. What the insurrection they sit up, which echo right as shit
I got a riot the idea, and I also have the gas Jaber YO me right, says or start over gum, yeah, just wanna come swimming funding and slacker chewing gum. I think right there. You're, a hole in the holy put you in the hall and you didn't know. Well, you gonna be sentenced and you were afraid that that was it well. You know you, you lose, you lose the ability to be afraid. You you you, after you have to have anger, you know and fear is ANG right. You know so you're kind of angry at every and I remember somebody it and shit. Somebody wrote God sucks and the whole now MIA Now I owe you I've been though nothing. It's ok, cool tender relax, but I gotta keep. These pills is heroines. Very time you were in the holiest sweated and any said you ve made your point movies in your head failure.
That this was just did that before this time. I kind of wages, remember saying. God, if you're there me and re and Henry will be all right if you're not we're screwed. I remember that just eye and then people always talked about potential so grammar school. She has a lot of potential yeah, but he gets it still. Oh, yes, a lot of potential buddy shut up, you know, has a lot of potential because that moving any laudable Can somebody you know of my probation, surgeon God and you ve got a lot of potential. If we could just stop committee burglary, got a lot of potential. I remember asking myself what happened all their potential ere you. What happened? All happened, I am in prison. I was somewhat of a leader, but was that it in an end. And I remember asking God that if, if we have the dilemma
with dignity, I didn't want to go screaming and yellow, and today- share whatever began to me at its this all gas chamber here, let me die with dignity and I'll say your name every day and I'll do it. Where I come from my fellow inmate- and I remember seeing inmate, because I never thought I'd get not a prison here and by the grace of God, it was a d reject the district attorney rejected is, after all, a location, location of nobody He did it right, you're doing a profound anyone there. When eighty miles did it dear mother? Did they were working were witnesses in the image and always going around? You can t get the issue. There was a time when, when you didn't rat, nineteen sixty eight when there were still a little bit of honour and her, now it's like they re everybody was we lay down
It is then reminded the yellow doing on Twitter. It worries me. You saw you, I came back out and I caught it's all over. I gave up the little hare own thing I had. I said I'll, take the money, but I'm not gonna do Oh, you are moving the Deauville more now. I've just collect a little. The beer violate the money from the people. I was produced a but no more drugs, but I stopped drinking. It had a beauty and when I went to board eleven months later on this, I want to bore in July here and they should were given you, Thursday, Ray. Yeah Louis. That means you're out and thirty. Eight, a member, I member mad dog man. That was his name, the parole age at the broad member. He said, I'm gonna give you just try your wings Danny. Here you got a ten top. You ve done five,
Bring us back a life sentence, you know like, in other words, we know not gonna make it, and so he let you know that your private back, but the idea, and then I have a licence is defying yet and- and I wouldn't you bottle with greater rational. I came out nicely do how do you go for RO, the rising every house in your mind, neighbourly after being a nice guy but you you knew what a was oh yeah, no- it was from nineteen fifty nine year stumbled into a meeting. We thought it was a party all these cars for I won't do Gurion Acacia beer. If I was away half pint of whisky as already Laura Pills, and I added thirty eight snub nose and me and all my crew, we all busted and thinking it was a party and and
They asked me to stay here. They knew and I never have come back Nineteen sixty nine But when I come out of a bit I went back there. Maybe you didn't actually told him I'd be here for and a lady new doors codes remembered me: real arrests, Anorexia. We remember you, I sunshine and I couldn't believe it. Yeah. I like a whole thing about like how you any met Manson imprison. Briefly, briefly, that's what I mean I know than I did. I know that I, like you, characterized Mikey recycling, is like a crazy pursues. Skinny, is he personnel and Europe is like What he did he couldn't have done in EAST law, says right here. He could have done it, Carter Watts. We did it with a monkey runaway girl right runaway We use a pimp, exactly and we ve got. He had no you're good criminally lingo. We could.
Do you play the does, draw their head and its impressive. You know, but basically the common good comment: hey I've got yeah. I just I had talked acquaintance the other day lienemann alone. I myself did you watch here once upon a time and how he would only. I owe you a kill. Those Manson kids so fully gives you a little illicit, which body what I mean quit nowhere desperado here and I didn't know who he was her eyes, goes to a desperado Robert Rodriguez here and all of a sudden this guy. Hey, you're, perfect, we're gonna, do this movie, but little through higher wages and I'd like to No, I don't go. What is then when he went away, I couldn't right right. Oh you tied round machete. Yeah, they're, doing everything I was too, but either thing about that along. They will think that when we did desperado or desperadoes I did with Robert Rodriguez, I thought was greatly
like I started to realize it. This idea has been a sober, got myself being selfish, asshole myself and having a age problem myself, not tell me, I mean, rages rage. But the idea of service waking won't you Finally, what you said to guide the boy, this guy's gonna help is you know you had the you had you have to learn how to do it. I had to do it right but I wasn't necessarily that you wanted to do it now. The first The first thing I can remember doing I was dead. For my mom's yard on a Saturday Ria nor Sunday, you ve Sunday, because I had gone to mediate Saturday night, you stayed out of four o clock in the morning with Frank and two girls yandah and then came home and I ll stand for my mom and I had a double shot glass. But he had sought in the end with ice because I didn't want, Anybody know it was drinking right here has a macho guys nobody's, gonna end up.
And then I seen this lady pulling out. Trash here, because I try stay was Monday and they They didn't, have the big rolling, Green Ganz stuff. They just had a big pay. And we know that you would throw everything is garbage everything and you drag it out near and I would proceeded. I went over to help. I remember what you said: No, my role! If they dont Robbie shut up should like to. I grasped her her or can, and I pulled it out, then I went to the backyard yet grabbed the other one Lady never took rise off me. She knew as gonna break for the garage and long way. I had brought Kennedy. I walked out and she just to the stern Amy and that's what I did every Sunday. I would take out all the old people's crash, I just go, dig it up and it enables this decision you may but like I know I gotta know what struck me about. It was when you knew
were there any of us know who are in the program when are you go, is getting too big a we're, acting dry, we're acting out or where do things you know we're gonna have to make an immense for that, the only way to balance out of service the residual when might in my garage, I was six Corcoran, not because I'm wealthy audio suicide, that's the way about the house. Had this beautiful and I got all covered but scrub, and we were the garage shiny, outta jail cell used in every time I start thinking, I'm all that steady and no one. You lay at Yale you yell at somebody here when I get a roll of toilet paper. I go out to the garage. I lay on that shiny floor here and I put that toilet paper for my pillow, because in the county jail, there's never any place to sit down or lay down here, so you get the toilet pair and you lay on the floor.
And I just lay there and I just all- comes back to focus the each year. You know what this yet give comfortable. You asshole tat. If you do it God, it's kind of like my little My little remembrance, Little slap in the face of this is where you from here, and also the you know that, like I didn't know the through line of of the story, but I mean you when you got out of prison. Dedicated you live to service on all levels. Open rehab, getting guys on methadone off methadone of heroin and it was your life still do you hear I still want for western Pacific recap. The radio Langdale Western Pacific Med court market meant to That's my seal ring and he knows what I do and we go after. We go up to me with Governor Lucian, we go up to me and is because
The celebrity I can get in here you know so But if you go about service all oh that's all, it is because that's what they say in the racket. You know they say you gotta put you sobriety for absolute, and that was always the thing and you know what else with what I love about about the programme. Is that it's not just service to the programme is not just make coffee now, that's why we make the coffee, but it's also be of service to the world mere units. I love doing that. It's just. I like him in the book how you try to reconcile our least are moving towards. You know for understanding of of women that you know you take real? responsibility in the book. You don't look like a good guy. Was it you know you even in the book. You know you talked about all this great ship of your like. I was doing all this great ship it. I was just fucking animal I can remember waken up going oh shit, I gotta get home and my wish in your home.
Oh honey. I haven't worst room you're, not gonna, believe It was all at all. Four wives could have stab me and they would have been right. I mean is that this I can't I have to take responsibility for all the great women as a great women agenda, and it was like. I knew it was my I'm not going to say my back Roma. It was me, you know I was a pig and, and but you ever think of it in terms of like outside, of whatever the macho thing is look, as you really say in the book that, like you, didn't you, but she had about their feelings you're gonna, do what you were going to do and how they going to take her. They weren't, you know before I got clean and sober if you are on fire, I wouldn't piss on. I am here, didn't it did met. I think I think gone through juvenile all gone three, you
become somewhat of a sociopath. You have to fishermen yeah to survive right, but that sticks with you here you know and the other one My uncle Toby was never be a bully, don't fight down and yet I was a bully. Do women I was with, but not to the men. Cultural, even look at in the same way, and in N, N, n n. You talk about to them the way my dad looked at my stepmom as it as indentured right right, just their due You know it's funny, it's funny when I, when I got with, maybe I had Danny I had my oldest son with Diana and I got with her. Almost to take care of my son like you're dead. I felt no other images gave me two other beautiful kids in but yet still
yeah I remember when I came back from from two and blood and blood out near and we're in swimming pool, and I can remember why can't I do this. Why can't I do this. Why am I waited designated for good husband, a good mother? I am a way. Am I way to escape? Why am I waited till nightfall when I have to do something and and beyond their? I know you know what it was like, because I because it should guide so close and to you yeah and say I knew that you almost got this lady didn't really hurt. Mfa threat the ice and it wasn't even heard there was this lady- could really break me. Like you, Damn I can't bear my dad would cease, you are of a man is unreal.
But you haven't been look at you now, like you know you, you sort of move through that, like what are weak, as I have seen issues with the Indies intimacy, they show so what is even mean break you. What the hell you think you can have. Let me go MRS Lenz's. When I see my dad is still and then after he found and after them, in my mom split up, I went over there. Hey you're kidding as all may I am dead, Como Yeomanry overcoming right. Would you aren't Cumbria nozzle razor and he didn't know what to do in and then when they got back together, he was guilty. Be the man, but he was broken uses and that's what you're afraid of doesn't have been afraid of all my life. But you know that guy now
I wouldn't you everywhere made by, but I am also by myself right now. I live with with two other guys. My do assistance in my my my life right now is awesome, I think, I think, maybe the mother or my children, meaner, get long gray Alyosha he out for paper her out here. I got my house in her hand and were, my cool, I gave my daughter, my mom's house agenda my daughter's moving back from Ohio, that's Gilberts, Similarly, as eastern and saw she'll be backs, all my whole family will be together. Nuts, that's just awesome, yeah regicide the way he reckoned with it. You know it is big. Did you? Oh I remember I was ass. You ve ever think, like obviously when you, when you get sober and you like this, the women I notice in the buggy. There is never universe, really respect
Neither did I right when I got so bright grabbed onto a woman. I married her yet meet reigned over like our. Since you ask me absolutely the most down. If work is more beautiful woman, just Just an absolutely beautiful anymore twenties your anyway, you twenty I have two hours. Twenty seven. I am just unbelievably gorged she's, a cartoon you used to draw me look pictures I am and with hers God I fucked up, you know and and even I knew it- you that's the problem- it's like I knew it I got it advance. Would sooner so she disappeared and it's like still- and I just I wish I could see Lord de I'm so sorry, united, you were unable to find her for an immense. Now, I guess sometimes not spoke happened. You know well my sponsor. Break, Russo, right, resolve refusal, and I say that
You told me never to mention his name it, but he said the best men you could make to Laura. I don't see, does sometimes that's it, its waking, the add relationship like you were saying about legacy is interesting way to put it that you be, because of the need to survive. You become almost sociopath again and at compounded with being a drug attic, selfishness, idle, think I learned I dont weak because of your parents, because of my parents, though different, but their selfishness didn't enable us to understand empathy, so that's the one thing, the programme that one thing carry for other people, you, because my even written a book with the sober parts were helping people out. If I go to a meeting, I hear the story choked up all the time, but but I do that in life any ways, but I to learn that by talk and other people, you know
yeah and I guess some people dont have to learn. I guess if you have one good parent, you might get it. Will you? What do you remember? Another people dont reach the debt of a bar of rage, alot of people. Don't worry the depth of being a sociopath they get they did I don't care about him, but I like him right, you know, I mean and was at the end of those are the people there are you don't have to live? Well, you know what it's like road rage, I don't. I don't give people the finger on the road, Ok, now you because I dont have rage, but because I don't know. We're going to reduce, got well, that's like that's, that's it! That's it prison thought Zeller seizure. So it's like all,
they want. You had so often have we work and down a gun. All respect Juliet enjoy respect media. Okay. So now now, if you cut me off, I know you're not going. Oh, that's Danny drown! You ok! That's one! You know you ve grown any you off, and you really well really be in a hurry. When you haven't growth, that mother forgot him, you that's you and it's like. I glad you be in a hurry. I wanna get that an end up his eyes, like that. I don't know how. I think that there is proper amid gave a guy finger and the guy Bab shot into a car killed her five euro that cut him live with the rest of her life.
So do you, God, please people, don't you got crazy? You got people like I used to be out. I don't give a fingers. Don't give a precise just looked straight: it not a lot of times. When that happens. To me what I realize: it's not the now he's gotta be somewhere, as I have done that oh yeah, sure you getting people off the road you come in. I taste a chaste one guy all the way on the four or five from from the event or a freeway, the four or five Wilson, two Wilshire end up got, have real busy intersection. Cinema, Westward Hawaii measure in West and EAST got stuck in traffic, and I jumped out of my car right behind him and El Camino. Threw open the door and this guy looked at me and said really bad day and. All of a sudden, I was like a front of a court room
the judge receive MR trail. You quit this meant severity. Why. He gave me the figure, but then, but the way. I look disguise clean record. I got us all with a deadly weapon dead, the Moselle area of authority and spend the rest of your life, I'm really sorry. I went back to my car given. Thank God he's not so it's like it's there. No, you and any like. I think that here the regulation of it, which is your service and a constant contact with the past are greater than yourself that you are. We not allied, I mean really, you, may God responsible, throw out of your life and your concept of God is your own, but you credit God with all this new credit like in any read the signs like you, and I know that that feeling too, I don't do it as much as I used to that like when you got there. When the tumor,
You know where a new european sorry for yourself and then you go into the Roman as a commercial for children's tax or hospital, and you ok, lighted the constant check on the self pity and the grandiose city, and you gotta remember that I had people not marry material. My secretary, I this lady, we gotta seers, the doctors are talking about. I got three appointments, blah blah blah blah came blah blah blah yeah and I'm like I gotta go to three different guy I never would have made it due to pick me up without just cause. You stubborn, I know your cause, you're stubborn, you wouldn't go out. Well, he's done only stubborn. I get frustrated and easy and I gotta go to three different places in there and also your sense of death is different than regular people, but you don't want to die now. You are afraid, of course, but listen but listen. Then they find it.
Spots on my lungs answers Jerry. We wouldn't even bother where spots. If it wasn't for your history, as do you mean- not growing. We don't know, I don't. Let's, let's see what they want, you a biopsy and I want to see if they grow Yahoo, Nokia and well, I've gotta be in making sure that we're gonna wait. They grow marries make an appointment for me to come in and get him taken out right here right now. People can carry it, so I'm go off and I'm thickened. Ok, what we'll just see what happens and then she picked me up a week later we go back and beckoned nozzle taken amount. I mean I'd, be brain surgery. I know it because of the people that the stairwell at a stroke yeah yeah. I mean all these stories. Are there in the book in their great? Not the story, but how you got into show business is great, but I do love the story. Young people can read thus Frazier hear them, but the story about I thought the stuff. But Edward James, almost that first meeting
when they were doing that movie that, right to me, that's the real com. Hello and where the rubber it's the road in terms of who you are now who you are then an end. What loyalty respect means both going forward and backward like you know he's doing a movie about what's a guy's name, Shire yeah they had. The Mexican mafia- and you knew these cats, your whole life from prison and from grown up with him and he's do This movie, that ain't quite right in the story, and he wants you to be in it- and you like this, we got it. We gotta check this room here and he wouldn't have. I got a call to show you how what the Movie Cobb American me yeah, that was the right and- and I got a call from a guy named Joe Morgan- actually was the main guy yet then and a maximum of three new. He was making the movie. They knew. I I
it with him and his is a manager. Whoever was almost at Jerry's Delhi? and it bothered you that he was dressed up in the cello outfitted really did but see I always do because a lot of Hollywood people do you set me as an actor pistol except me, the ex con you it's ok with me, Jack, clear, bringing in a city tat anything here that there are clear, Deejay Otto you'll, be at an end and and and it's not, I do said. I love the people that respect me. We're you know, show the people that don't I dont near me whenever ghetto but but an inedible just call me crises. We read the book anybody. Honey. I don't remember some of this as well. Then, if you ve been interview to Latvia and well, What are you we will retain? Say you don't remember you know, but I thought you didn't energy, because it is the item
if I get it, argues that this deal, but I think he's got a lotta heat ray and end up. And so I had a meeting with human end user FBI, agent first in the morning a jerry's Jellia afternoon my cousin cell calls raises a Danny. Do you know Joe Morgan? I go yeah yeah he's is. Are you ok yeah? What are you talking about He says he wants to call you. You want to talk to you over any bunkers at at five o clock today. Are the any bunker. There is great. That's in the book. We will get an insult, so she says, as is our Are you? Ok, you're more than no call anybody unless he said you know, you're dead, end and end I dont want fine I've known geological equal at any call. We call me adviser and he's a understand. You had a meeting with us Edward James. I had a meeting that morning here, Jos, imprison? Ok,
You like it under a yeah, yeah. Yeah! He's? U Europe! For that movie! You america me you're. My proposal for blood and blood out do he's Danny, which, when you gonna do somebody blood him, but out oh yeah, the cure, what I'd? Never you, what is it it's a movie about gangsters, Gill among others, the cute one, but We didn't disrespect anybody gray and we told the truth: We were not wonder, I walked into clubs, were mexican mafia or their there, and I see when I walk in the future. Bills because it did It's a joke. They didn't, they were different directed in rights right an end. So Edward call me a couple digital.
I said you, I don't remember. Well then say you don't remember, but all I said was the truth, and you know it. Yeah yeah end up Indeed, the bottom line was he was manipulating the story for the movie sake and this and that this respect. Was it wasn't the real story and if the story points that he wanted to have in the movie were true, it would bring disrespect to Cheyenne memory and two Emily with his friends, and so you are doing the right thing by the loyalty of of the community It enables an end, an exact the system and what Edward James said was wealthy actor. Right right, you're, not working with the ethical people, if he's a real piece, let me highlight a story about George Washington and say he was gay right. Ok, you join me as I wait. A minute. They do the ally, yeah yeah. You know Yet it was just like you was to me. Wasn't it was compelling, because you know it's labels Eagle, it was you go, but
people who don't know the inside, they don't realize like there are people letting you live and if you're gonna fuck with them, Edward, in fact you won't admitted I saved his life. I actually went to the people that one to kill it. What men? We can't do that you can't do that. It's a disguise! they can't he's he's a big member that Chicano Community and and he's done a lot for us. You know end up. Lots of money out of it, I don't know, do f b I get paid getting paid idea why I just saw those great member you did go. You did later say you do what you just said that this is now he did good thing you don't you or any other vulnerable Edward. You don't understand you and I could have done so much fear this latino community in in in film. You owe me a new together. We killed him bill, but but
you have never is never any kind of e says yes, but it straight The first time he's ever called me, was freak out freakin up but you also said that, like you, he said that if you do the other move, you can't do my movie, so there was a he's they may two camps in it. Wasn't you wasn't community thinking now, but That's that, and you know you made a lot of movies and maturity made. You famous, it is the first you know, Chicano superhero and rub. My rig is in you were tight, need reviewed, redefine, Chicanos and cinema and that move
like when we, I guess at the beginning, when we work together is like you walk down the street a higher fire. Whole families coming to window majestic waving. Beg you, the president of his grey. Would you know it's funny? I took my. I started record label and I took my singers jasmine tweak c and terror knew we took them all to the long Beach civic auditorium bia into born were all thee. Emigrate, kids and put a show for them, and it was like so beautiful year term of the sum of the status of these keys haven't smiles and and now look at their own job, and I may give him hope we welcome. We just said we all welcome. We love you and ended in ending the restaurant game of new guy, like I do you know how that have it. I had a hard time leaving your like I'm going over it, but someone approach. Are you with the idea? I did everything good, that has happened to me. Tab innocent
the right result available. So what I did a low budget movie for a director name Craig MOSS yeah, I a door yet idea, and this guy was trying to get me. Do this movie, I had chested get twenty five grand on this other one right rear. And until it my agent voices Danny. I think this might be pretty good. I think this might do pretty good idea and a job but deal which all about the Benjamin Toby well. You know how women do when you went when they know, we're screwed up, they're gonna, be ok! Then I don't deal. Ok, ok! Fine! Fine! Do Ok I'll do whatever I do. This movie turn and your trilogy I'm a four times the money that the bad ass movie, the bad ass well and then and then- me Craig Mosque, but I also mean the producer guided him. Aunt Shaw saw that I, like good food. You know I'll leave
goodbye only process will dare go too fast. Food. The butter. And a low budget movie alot of gradual just by your fifty hamburger here and also give yourself a gazelle and so on ashes did you eat really good at it, come out and say before years all a battery good. So there are seventy three, the time then, and then he set up one or two open russian, jokingly. I should trails tackles so two movies later he brings we're up and you know The point is, if it does, that killing than the first couple of pages, I not excite. I guess Gloria, so if it wasn't for her make me do this movie made, but she suggested it real strongly you will kindly, if yonder our hatred for the rest of your life, but for you it's up to you that's up to you, but so I do this film
and then I me, I wouldn't met this producer and I wouldn't be in the restaurant. Business have a goal and I still get Craig I'm all right, never learn. How do you do for less? That's good, I believe, were free and I think that the liking towards the end of the book in this struggle that you have it, then the stronger, the Daniele, your daughter and and Gilbert had like the Gilberts story. Your son story where you that horrible feeling We are having recovered yourself and being so big in them in their recovery, you know our community in your ear? You son can kick the dope and he's out there on the spot like it sounded like yeah. He was not gonna live your credit, so dizzy. I credit Mario Christie. Over save in his life, the dude you met, including women, the grand jury to hunt blow your blood. I hear you
I tried to get him in the movie, but he couldn't get in the movie, because the powers that be Joe Morgan in the residences. No renewals can work on any movie, because it was in northern Iraq. It was night, it was the other. Now he was just it was the it would almost deal. That was going. Ok, ok! I just do a blanket on old thing. Yet but he became a good friend you, my best friend yeah, my best were still his virtue. She works for me, he's like my assistant, takes care of everything I could move. I met him when you do. My show is beyond me why I guess again began and his son while the ace of values he looks, have you looked like if you love her the dictionary Joe LAW gangster he's got his picture, it yeah yeah short, but whose presence, for twenty five in the bed yet, but I just stopped
Like you know, man, I guess there's a part. We speak to the kids about you when you were kind of worried about Gilbert and you were powerless and he got it. That's the other programme ass. He our non thing, there's only so much you can do but work cheese, bus, cheese per cent of all was well to allow cars, yet it was getting me to speak it differently. Right? We are yet the mexican mafia out right right idea what he we did this high school and I was gonna speak it. I was so worried about Gilbert and I couldn't find it right and I turn jeez, but I can't get man again my son's out that he might be dead right now and I want to tell you
skills are reacting and chief, but lose. Maybe God once these kids to hear it from appearance man and you did. I did I ever tell you my dear Mamma TAT Anna, and I talk by told him about you. Don't know what it is to wake up in the middle, night, the outrages sweat gnawing, knowing your kids in alleys, yeah yeah, while until got afterwards afterwards milk cheese by when he's a deal, one that was the most unbelievable speech at ever hear help them I heard- and you know by the grace of god- men among my son's clean. Ah there was a little girl that data It had a recovery centre ia and took him in right now, and it was up enough a girl here so as were taken him up there. You know here ass through cloud on thirty August.
A pleasant escape her out. You kept is that the humor so yeah, but you know you talk earlier on to when you again, even though you are struggling with very into films, and then you made that movie, wouldn't he wrote the move from a son from a son, the most hideous, the other. By guy he's IQ drove you have here. Let me let's get him in for a minute and awesome. I kept trying to get him in from the camera and secretly he learned everything behind the camera yeah, but he obviously love Movie Alcott. He loves and profoundly go, get me a guy when I first met it. When I first met the ride, rigour we were with, though we were doing, but not yet, and we are doing I was with the robber Deniro IA and I'm taking my kids today with Robert Ginea and I did not come on guys- don't be falconry. This robber Deniro here somewhere the avenue Conversely here so we sit down robber to know first thing
Robert Deniro asked some about some French, a tour. Do you and your blah blah blah? He was saying that that Red Rigorous was about to earlier, and I'm just gonna looked at him, you're, meaning and Gilbert, or blah blah blah blah blah Wendy rest of the night literally was spent with? Robert Deniro, discussing film projectors sound with my son. I would so impressed with, Above all, we ve been in prison Robert Meal, but I'm sorry, my son, Are you in that shape, so so give her. I was asking your dad here earlier in the episode why, how view about. How does Egypt resolving these down your story and his heavy man. and when you look at that you can all that stuff. Now Jack totally yeah yeah
in the how'd you get out of that, then you were in a pretty deep drug hall, yeah I mean I was you know I mean it for me. I've always kind of scene, like. I was raised with sort of like a and serve like. You know that the idea of a light at the end of the tunnel yeah, you know and bright and this, alternative and that's kind of like you, normal spent all this time running from it, an DOM Cosette was away to rebelled against him. Year was like it was like. I didn't have like Chris God or a catholic God, or I had a god of my own understanding to like a man like a was like the religion of our house and not not nodded and not in that its like a religion. Just it was the you know, reunion the score yeah media we got caught. I got caught smoking. We at anyone caught smoking weed. My mom found a single seed, my
In my room when I was eleven years, oh yeah, yeah and- and it was like you're going to an eight meeting- you know like sitting there listening to you know so Madame met, nothing will make you hated more than that. Like a levy, is great and you can't understand, but you know then, once it gets deeper and deeper and deeper and start her. I started to feel like you know. I was dead I wasn't this, like. You know potential that everyone said I had, and I wasn't this and I was like walking around and thinking like, I was, I had no shoes on and I was on Santa Monica near Normandy outside This ninety eight cents store like just pass western trying to get like.
Some some water to use tat to make a shop big enough to just end it I'm done yeah, I'm done, and this or mexican man threw me out of his store, and I was sitting on the curb and friend of mine. Sent someone to look for me in and die. They found me sit in error like on this curb totally act out. I did it and I didn't. I didn't in killing. If it didn't kill me, no, I was just sitting there. It's a! U it's crazy jury house around the place that the place that I was as ninety eight cents store old mexican man, honest. Like you know, everything was covered in dust and now it's like a dry by its citizens but class. Hey bright, green man. I I tried to kill myself from that zoom rigour, but but now and then a friend of mine, just kind of like
bag me around until I regained my sea legs or whatever three days and then pass me after my dad in them, and he was actually edge. Drug dealer of mine, and I was like as a German, like I'm daddy, was acknowledged. You're, getting sober, is ideal dealer and when they do or say here how do you like of the past now and then I got home and I got going you know rehab, next day and Madame come meet up with you like death, then dude do leave your house. You're gonna die and then and then I called you know the next dealer down the line and use. Naw man. He said the old man knows. You said he wouldn't give me anything anymore. If I, you know where they afraid him or they just worried about you, what it was they all got chased away from their also all these dudes or sober now, and then I got there like you know in their a pitcher like yeah. I remember the first time did.
True chase me. A waiver is housing, sobering experience is put on it, but now everyone, the one- you know the one dealer above everyone around like I'm- cut, not anyone that sells anything the Gilbert, We gotTa Riyadh tomorrow and saved your life. Seven years this month, congratulations, you think, I'm an in the book he talks about yandah love for movies. I talk to you, friend of mine or a text in he said. Do you know a great upcoming filmmaker in the story in the book about the film you wrote about? their father and son from aside from a shine. So that was how, When did you write down and how and how to do experience shape? That was at something you needed to to get out of you. The story you had yeah my my best friend his name is Daniel
John. He passed away right when I got sober. It was like you know, two months after I got sober he passed away and from dope yeah red. Had a lot of experiences together and we you know is like You know he was in a room alone and the only thing missing from that room was me in. My opinion? You know, unlike and so you know I had like a lot of survivors guilt about it. A lot of weird and and dumb and then I'd I'd kind of you know my dad When I got soberly was like you better now come on that's great, you know no, never like it's really weird. Because we never this book is the first time he's ever like emotional. Without a camera on that makes, now it's like so many read it Did you cry I mean I was there when he's writing it. We were. I was like sitting in the car when he was like some.
About this. We shared those, They had never seen him cry before we filmed the movie because it was like you know, like you, have permission to cry not about us. It's about this fake Emily and why, like the whole dynamic where you know, were first use, like you know, there's enough in Europe on the direct yeah yeah came in gotta, even if you don't think so. Agriculture I could mean everyone else. Fear doesn't think. That's ok, too, tired to put me on time how, by various where, because ten years ago he couldn't have done, then you couldn't have done it do not just because of the dude you become and and so you saw that emotion come out of him in here, but it wasn't the stuff of Iraq wasn't specifically your story, but it was a story that haven't. I asked him how it's getting
Gilbert had we lived in India, I mean it's so many people story. Note I am like we were when I had a body, year sober we, we were eating it. Restaurant by my dad's housewares, go to him like that. He was a man. You got a year sober crazy excited and very dresses was like. Oh that's. You know, I just lost my son and, like and then she mentioned. You know that the school he went to a new Tommy was fifteen. Was the same when I went to she mentioned the rehab he went to when he tried to get over the first and the same when I went to him and it was like all the way down. The line and they'd like found him up in his car, for they had been there for three day of the week, before we're sitting there, like you, know, have him pancakes cause. I got a year sober today and an that's like you know so
I kind of I wrote this the whole movie in it in a single day. It just Cadillac came out because it felt like it needed to in the past. Action was more. What I was excited about was like going out my dad and and and figuring out. You know how to be like open and honest about our feelings, and you know I played the sun so that the me that I had wanted to sort. Kill. Could dagger like watch him, go away you now. I didn't like we buried that do not have to be that due to get an amazing and you got it sounds like you got sober just under the wire before they had no still alive it's been it's been. It's been insane The last seven years, basically to around yeah, just nonstop these new academic year. Two years ago, twenty years in August, scratches on nine August, twenty third near where you got it fifty two
you know why you know it's just that man that the book was great on a lot of levels. I'm glad you guys worked it out, I'm glad you're! Okay, are you working on new movie? right now, I'm just I've been doing a lot of music videos like how naughty yeah yeah is directed me. David hassle, oftener, start Cromer, video news, Can I refer? Yes, really exciting? I got it right, They sent me that one of the records you. I just hope that your girlfriend, what's your name Euro Area wild yeah yeah and she grew performers grape jacket runs. Go I'm so happy for you guys, Yan whatever. What a journey for both in the book is great. Looking forward to seeing more your work, inertia good to see you again, man, I'm good. Thank you is very great facts about rayless. Do again, ok value thanks! So your most want,
ok, I couldn't handle. I fell down comfortable with that, but we did it good analysed. I was able to area, it is for every one who is not a great day for you with those hours. I take it. Easy God bless you. Danny Trail. That's that's the do. And his son Gilbert director would treat really was it's great to see the family together to see them together. Did here, we buddies over how book tray home my life of crime redemption and how we would comes out to me our joy, sixth I don't have a guitar with me. I don't have anything with her, Monica with him- I don't want to play mouth trumpet it's rough man can hear the rest of my voice. Is that what it is or do my come out? Okay, my ok former lives. One key the finder
carry angels everywhere.
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