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Episode 1247 - Matt Damon

2021-07-26 | 🔗

Matt Damon's continuing presence and popularity in American films can be summed up in four words: He loves to act. Matt tells Marc how he made the most out of working with icons like Clint Eastwood, Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg, Jack Nicholson, Denzel Washington and many more. He also talks about teaming back up with Ben Affleck for their first screenplay since Good Will Hunting and making his latest film, Stillwater, with Tom McCarthy. 

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Hey folks, today's episode is sponsored by SAM and odious is mom. Who was the winning bidder in a charity auction to benefit Brooklyn public schools? The winner got put whatever message they wanted at the beginning of the show. So she to congratulate Salmon Otis on making through the Pandemic School year, and to thank teachers like Miss K and Mr Tim, who made it possible good job. Everyone involved also wishing Jacob Diagram and all his teammates a healthy second half the baseball season. Let's go. Nuts are right for us, answered by keen utility, the makers of innovative performance driven work, footwear and they ve done it again. People introducing the Troy work boot built with keen bellows flax technology. They may, bending squatting and kneeling of two three I'm easier, matzoh softball for a joke right Joy is also American built using responsibly sourced materials from around the world there
by american workers for american workers use promo mark. That's any our sea for twenty percent off when your purchase contains a pair of keen utility footwear at key utility that calm keen. utility fits you better Alright? Let's do this show all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fucking years, what the fuck it delegates how's it going I don't mind. Do you? after do do your eye? what's gonna, do you Shhh rooming do you're my grid dosing, I have no judgment that other than dosing is dosing. I know you can't feel it. I know I know people have recommended me sometime, you may be sure micro dose and might not enough why? Why?
You going to do it, do it right coming up on funding, twenty two year sober here and a little brittle where or poppy could use him in person a secret society, a club house et togethers, how you guys doing I'm just rambling? This is this? Is the the show welcome to it so it might be knew it began Matt Damon, is DE guest. He's got this new flick out. Did you say work like an old man's got this new flick on acetate, out at the projector theatres he's got this film out. It's called a still water. Quite a movie. I enjoyed it. It's I've seen a couple, a movies that term encouraging some tea, I was films dough. Do you anticipate them doing this? The problem, for this saying the the promotional campaign for still water, it seemed like a sort of must set movie with their work,
those ones would Durham Neeson taken. You know like a guy's, gonna say this door but it's not it's nice, is. Is there not a franchise film and it's it's kind of a morally challenging film and the protagonists domain guy that Damn map ways is Guide Baker, he's, not your average hero or maybe maybe not a hero at all. It's it's a provocative movie and its beautifully written because it unfolds in a way, were you dont? Really you can't settle in to what is happening exactly for good, tend to fifteen minutes which I kind of like your kind of learning as it goes along? There's not a big information dump with some, awkward, mano, augur, stilted conversation between characters, it just unfolds, if the beautifully naturally nervous and you're in this predicament, It is a complicated. So I guess I'm saying I enjoyed the film I saw couple
I actually went to the real movies, and I think it's one of the reasons why fuckin went into some guy damn Grecian again, I saw the movie pig. with Nicholas Cage, because I just wanted to see it, and I don't know why cause I want. Is it felt like in a cage? Was gonna, do something is fell? Ignat cage was gonna, do Nick caged at his best. I just felt it. I know what the movie was about, but it seemed unusual to me about it: a guy who's, truffle, Kate, his truffle pig truffle Hunter, his trouble pig gets kidnapped, MIKE. What is that is about all I get is that it's a guy who wants is PIG back is like this action movie again still waters. I guess it's a hero. Is this a franchise? Is this Is how many, how many movies is the search for the pig. But it was not that kind of it was a very sweet, poetic movie sort of in the same world, as first cow, which was a movie, it came out last year, which was a period pieces disorder, modern film, but happens and sort of eight, I think a mythical
escape it is based in Portland, Oregon and the region up their around Portland in the woods by air. does deal with sort of shaft. Well sure deals with the food culture, but it it's really not about that. It's about it's really about Greece, The movie is a meditation of poetic meditation about grief, alot of thee. This but of elements of the story are clearly unreal in terms of their exit, fusion as reality, but it's more of a lyrical movie and by the time and it's it's bout authenticity. It's about grief, it's about passion, but the under current is a sort of the the heaviness of humanity when it comes to processing, loss and process, es in grief and the ending just shattered me. I went with Jerry Jerry. Tal, my buddy, I'm fuckin weep, in the car right home, it's a mile car right, they have maybe adjustee it was worth it was it just reopened it and it made me see it differently
It made me see, grief differently, I am still not that far from it but it may be see the yoke, the balance of it and what an and what it does to you, I don't know powerful movie. And even though it shatter me, I'm I'm probably negotiate again, and that was not a paid advertisements. Just you know, deputy pod dot com is where you can go if you want to buy some w e f murder, if you want to get premium access to all the shows, episodes ad free or if you want to download recent episodes but deputy
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honesty. Typewriter shows in the last one was it was. understanding, and I don't I don't want it to my own horn or be proud, but You know I'm very grounded and from an end and where I'm coming from a sort of up a deeper place, the improvisation but oh it sort of came together kind of beautifully and in a lot of it was you know, a little, not dark, but honest and heavy, but I wrote a line and I guess I just where a mat it was very rewarding to do the shows. I mean very supportive, peak comedy shape after you performed nightly at the comedy, store and yet honing that edge and then kind of like walking in to the hour plus riff sessions. to see where we land website. I've definitely got probably an hour of solid shit that I could start a craft
and I guess I should tell you that I am doing this you. I am doing these dates. I dont know what sold out and what isn't I should. But I dont right now I don't have it in front of me so, Oh, you will have to check it out for yourself. I am at. The comedy works in Denver August, fifth, sixth and seventh, I will be at the comedy works endeavour. That's five shows total at stand up alive. Phoenix Arizona August. Twelve, that's the first and then the added one August thirteenth, another Single show at Stanhope LIVE in Phoenix August, nineteenth and twentieth. Twenty first, I will be a wise guys insult like City Utah. That's five shows total September. Sixteen, seventeen and eighteen, I will be of helium and Saint Louis, yeah, if there is not a complete death theocratic, take over and covered fucking.
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still water, which is a surprising movie directed by Tom Mccarthy. It opens in theatres, this Friday, joy, thirtieth, He came by the house, you came by the house. This is me and Matt Damon you ever like. Consider them, as some plan in your head rely on a leaf go somewhere else. You're, probably in the back of my head, like I definitely you know when we we did the lockdown. We started in the law down we're in Ireland, because we wish you the best place. It was so fucking great. We love it. There's so much and I was kind of in the back my headache. I could
liver, that's the voice. I always think of how even the wider. I got a Jew and I have no attachment right, Ireland, but every time I go there, my call my god these, it's beautiful, yeah, we're worry okey, which is just just about forty five minutes outside of Dublin beautiful, seaside town, and I mean it was just its the beautiful each of the whole family yeah. We were all I I I got very lucky. We were shooting, wish in a movie. That's gonna, come out later in the year called the last stool and half of it. We shot in France and half in Ireland, and we made it to be just eked out the French yeah part of our schedule? We finish that we finish daddy and then we we did a crew travel to Ireland, MIA landed in Ireland and shut down say therefore months. I he stayed for three months we had this emitted because we got there and you know we'd rented. All of these houses in this town
That way, you know, is about a fifteen minute drive to the studio. It was a beautiful little town, so every one of the actors in Ridley Scott was directing everybody rented a place while everybody left here, and so I was there in a kind of looked around and we had you know, did you know few people in our little group here like when we got all these houses inflicted every month, so it has moved into these houses and and just kind of, took it over and end and had just the best the best time. That's I love it there, but I don't know like you know, have detour anything you could theoretically live wherever you want. You just go and make movies right. I sort tied to the state. Somehow, because I gotta entertain people absolutely I will you gotta jump on a plane every weekend and go by wire the agro perform for visa, the weirdos the strangers. in the world, but I don't know why people I don't know, what do you think you get bored the occupied herself.
I mean? What do you do not know? I have no problem market by myself, I mean they're. There are other places I could live, and you know I was in Australia for the first part of this year and I love it down there and where, in Austria, in not Byron Bay, which is at tab by where is that, If I Brisbane by Sidney, did it's it's yet about a two hour drive from Brisbane South Enrichment about an hour south of a gold coin? You liked it but their yeah, you and Australia, I loved their Australia or Ireland. Those are the places. Will there these are two of em. I think I could there a lot of countries. I could never think of White Costa Rica yeah. I've done a lot of time there I haven't been in years, but I look there's a beautifully others, a great you know it that's a totally different style of living together. I love I love travelling? I love moving around and India has lived in all these different kind of Europe. in capitals because of work hey I'm by everyone yeah from the born movies. It somewhere else have you lived where you in Hungary, the Abu
the past for the Martian there for a few months, software that Russia yeah they they have the wanted. The biggest sound stages in the world. There is a famous bond stage at pinewood that they claim is the biggest in the area, but this one in Budapest, I think, thinks claims that by square footage of square metres it and you re going to get out and do shit, yeah, yeah I mean the language is a problem for me and right in Hungary, but these beginning other languages. I speak Spanish, son some spanish enough enough to get around ok, and but I haven't had a lot of jobs in spanish speaking countries. Unfortunately, here I don't know like Australia. I think I could with there, but I always get a feeling when I'm there than unlike wound, really were really out here. There's it's far away. Those here there's nobody around it. There's a good sign that in a bad sign that, but I may I get that island tweak gun. Even when I'm on Hawaii, my flock richest, how's your out here in the Pacific,
yeah I'll? I just happen to have a bunch of friends down there to so inaugurating ass, though I feel really comfortable there, because we have a nice community of friends eyes. So I will I watch is the new movie, the Stillwater movie, the man had good yeah I mean I've got. I mean I got questions about about tat process there I thought the guy who directed it. He did spotlight what's his name atomic area, it's fucking great! how that story unfolds. Could I don't like it first in ottawa- spoil everything ready, because what you don't know what the hell's going on for about twenty minutes, which is great disguised looking for a job now is on a plane like what's happening. Yeah, it's either he's a roughneck from from Oakwell Minds, a very specific thing yet like what is this guide where's this guy travelling? It's funny, because when you know one of my producer, told me about the movie and, unlike like what it's about the about guy, goes to save his daughter. My asking me a franchise
yeah well, that's the thing the set up it feels like it should be: Ilium Neeson Movie right. But what did you think that guy that character, you point this movie bill, bakers of France, it I know now and how it somewhere else and fuck something up we are actually excited to solve. A problem is going to make it worse a broken, a broken man as they are doing damage the driver related not not not really succeeding in the other. These attempts that fixing things, but I thought that made that character reserve. I dont know that ever really seen a character. I got the wizard and unabashed. Should we not can particularly bright no, not really a heroic and and damaged by you know earnest somehow, because he he needed to be in order to transcend his past sins right behind you just trying to repair the damage that he's done. Yeah. You know to this relationship with his daughter, and he wants to you know, maybe
men's and and and help helper yeah, but like it doesn't have any other kind of requisites kills two. Do you not can capable in any way right, like you know, when he's out there? Looking for that guy, I'm like, oh, my god, like what are you doing so hastily ajar literally away? He doesn't speak the language he doesn't. Actually you don't understand culture, so he doesn't actually know what's happening around him. He literally might as well be on another planet, any one aegis and doing it. Here and then the butt This is something so interesting about the nature of lying. The name shame and all that shit you know that's the whole thing is that that the guy from the first frame you have two under Dan, that's the challenge of the performance is that is that this guy, as carrying this. This guilt and pain and grief and shame and rigour. at the end, for his failings, and when you need them, but you need to
It needs to be real right. It's gotta! You gotta believe that you know that I worry if they, if they sell it too much like a thriller, because to your point about expecting la You know those movies are fucking great, like the first guided like when Liam Nations like I have a very particular set of skills, might fuck you do yeah, let's go get em right, but guys like I have no precise habits, Guenaud particular scheme. I don't have anything. That's gonna help me here. So it It's not a thrill, it's a thriller kind of set up, but it really is a drama. was there a discussion about that? I do you talk to the to the writer yelling sense of how liked it if he upset with house, be marketed so far, do no! No! No! I don't I'm. This is me kind of loving the idea from the sidelines I haven't. I haven't looked producer on the movie. I'm I'm I'm just an actor on this one. So you know it, but then there's always there always these debates about you know: do you bait and switch
still, you do. Do you try to get people in the theater and then there so loud by the movie? The butt never ever ever believed that I think you gotta be complete, lately, honest with the audience, know how I got to look at the poster right now: Matt Damon, Stillwater secrets run deep red and with those who work in your ear, you like this guy's, a bad ass, but when you're de about ten minutes in the movie, I e that of assets at all, I hope is okay. This guy's a little over his head he's completely overwhelmed yet, but I mean but the character I loved it, because at the end you know I'm not gonna fuck anything up, but there is a sort of like moral conundrum, yeah and he really the guy really goes on a journey. I mean a rough. No doubt the home a year is a very specific you're from a very specific part, our country- and you do a very specific thing like that- I learned so much getting ready for this thing like going down there and hang with those guys like it's it's. If Georgia? Is that how you do it? Because I
that is trying to figure out liking of some of the choices you made. It seem like you know, there's like a lot stopping of emotion, I imagine that just become second nature, once you decide that this guy, striking a lot of its strangling him from the inside yeah I mean there's the physical location of it right, the external kind of what you have. What you see right would have like all of that, yeah from those guys. You no doubt that the blue jeans with the fires are tortured, and you know that, the goatee in the wraparound shades and the hat NEA and and all that an independent body type reactors like that jobs, is you demands kind of like Fifi, but none fit necessarily right and power. You got try to do that, and in in the end, all of that the carriage of the guy was all really dictated by those guys, young and but the, but did the internal stuff that you're talking about that's that, come you get that from the screen play
and through its like. It's like you, push real emotion out through the filter of what you write of of the your planet, guys limitations or or yet whatever they are whatever they are here. So that's how you. Work you to see. What's on the page and start making decisions around the lines in seeing where he Sykes order, squabbling, his ability to to be honest or his ability to in committee Nicky, emotions and all that shit yeah like even before I I understood the roughneck aspect area like reading the script I will. All those dynamics were very real to me here, like a guy, a guy, you know in general terms, a father who, who, the sense of failure, I blew it, blew it and as apparent, doesn't take a lot to do that thought. Exercise of imagine, waking up and my kids in there in her twenties and she's in prison in another country, and here I feel responsible, fear
Our life turned out because I wasn't around and I am thinking of the guy you were. They allude to the fact that he has. was drinking any inadequate and right. That is the experience right of waking. You wake up in here like wait, a minute. What how the fuck did I get here in all you ve got wreck judge and you ve, got a record and is innocent with this situation with his wife, his Ex wife right. His rival wanted even Tipp that, because it because the way this story unfolds gives us Bartley written you know? Is that your finding things out you're? Nothing is there's nothing dumped at the beginning. I get of the movie right. This is the guy he's gonna do this writing and this is what he's been through. You sort of like it all happens it unfolds watching you pick them up kind of mid lyin kind of withdrew you kind of parachute into them at their livelihood catch up, as the movie goes. I kind of like that. I can't I like that that I like watching movies, not really knowing what the fuck is happening for ten minutes, ran at all sort of comes together. I yeah you just have to be careful as screenwriter that you means Stew,
server. Had a great life said to me the other day, We were just talking about he s very thing, and it goes. his, whereas one liner was confusing people does not make you an artist with this great it's funny. I just talk to that guy. You know he's very matter of fact, he's very pragmatic, and now you know what is our? What is in our what he considers film verses, what he considers movies one, the less film he made was and it He also the idea of like not you're, not being a particular brand. like you know he doesn't want to eat. He has never want anyone to go like this feels. Like a Stevens over now His interest is entirely in form. I with form I remembered to having at night when I did this movie. Victis, it was a rugby movie, the end, I view the idea, but Clint Eastwood is directing it at the time. I'm Clint was seventy nine and I remember I called Stephen from The sad first day after work as he had been, he had been hinting that he was gonna retire quaint or
Stephen there and I call him as a man I just got off set with. Fuck an eighty year old guy who's having the time of his life in great work, he's how you know like why. Why would you ever I'm like this? Is no fun. Why would you ever stop there and he instantly just shot back? He goes egos because quinces he is, Quincy storyteller, I'm only interested in form, but the absurdity, but he doesn't sound celebre tory. You know when he says you know it sounds like this is this is the burden? that. I've. You know that I'm doing I'm dealing with its debts that no sir, I wouldn t I understand it that that that it might be might feel. I know, he's a serious guys, very serious guy and to me it's the it's. What take up his mental state. That's what's these intellectual yeah! That's what's really interesting to him, but IKEA and quaintly guide. But I understand by working with that guy. He just expects you to do your yeah,
like it. You didn't want to get involved and it turns out, like I was sort of surprised, to learn this early on, that no directors really want to be acting teachers. No, I mean Tom who directed this movie. I because he he's he's a fantastic actor. Actually is already set out to do. I think an interview him is that was at his plan. I think he we set out to do all three emanates writer director in Acta, but but he's? Obviously you know he's won Academy awards as a writer and a director so he's I think, that's what everybody sees them as, but he's a wonderful actor. So you get direct like Hammer or Frances Ford Coppola was lit. You know who I learned that movie man that rain maker thing I'll get him. I you know. like I don't know why people don't talk about it enough. Like it's a weird, because I can, when you think of the cobbler you thinking These seminal. These huge movie sure like that movie, was a great movie with pride, one best Gresham movies like that in the firm, the best,
but they were very. I thanks man. I look it was it was I mean I got. It was working with Francis. It was unbelievable but he button, but he loves actors. Here I mean I, I moved I moved Knoxville Tennessee Cuz, that's where my character was from and I bartend it for a month for that movie was when I got the part jumped in my truck and drove down there and and I Barb act like I got a job. I told this owner of this bar I I walked in ice. I explained that I was an actor. I work for free or give all my tipsy here and now. You know and you weren't you none at all here and there, and so I did that and then I and then Frances did liked. I want to say it was like three weeks of rehearsals up at his place in Southern California and the values that the vineyard yeah but he's got a whole areas. The old our Kayo library he's got a whole rehearsals, really like a like, like
it created the army and a rare and- and I lived in his house, you know for three weeks and he would do these improvisations. That would go on for days and always there you and Danny you unclear Clare who was like you know, who is part of the crew of every every actor, in that we like, like the whole, you yeah Mary K, place and John Void and everybody in the movie came. It came up my work too Mickey I don't remember coming up. I don't know if he had been cast at that power. Reserve browser. You have any really remember that scapegoat movies, that kind of thing If I were you, I'd just watch did recently, because I, I guess, there's something about that: movie that. I really like that. It's hard to do those kind of stories that, written as books, that that are completely compelling their several different stories, yes or to carry that off, or the poet often I just and knowing. Frances memory watching it again because it was him in China just gonna take it in. Can I just love it? However, I love that I worked out the comedy in it because it's like you and Danny
I mean there's no way the vetoes, not gonna, be a committee correct, it's just not gonna happen, If you are serious character, we got to deal with that guy and he's funny and the two you had a country's great in that movie. He re fucking great care and John Boy too, like John Almighty idea, he was Maria and I remember him saying back then he's like. I really got the sky like he knew he could look like he connected with the ninety five miles. An hour. Fastball here is lucky. I got into that when it was all good. The courtroom, stuff was great. All that corner stuff was great. Air so you're, saying you're all working up there with Francis. He just loves actors. Is that the deal yeah I mean so I guess it was too to circle back. It's just depends on the direct GM of em. Don't some of them are like just just show up The Mai, Clint Click doesn't like lint split isn't actor by, but he, but he p moves on. Usually after the first take yeah, you know it he and the four
stay I shot with me said daddy by. I asked him for a second take because I in working on the south african accent for like six months, because I knew I wasn't gonna get a lotta takes. I really worked hard on its really fucked up. backs and I don't like every every in your tongue does and that action is the opposite of what it does when we speak English. The way we d like, if you say I'll, be right back young about where your tongue, there, they would say all brought back here, and you know what the fuck happened. What at so I was like nervous about it in the end, I said after the first take of the first I was they can. Can we do another one? boss. Can I have another one? He s just the why you wanna waste everybody's time, she's, ok, Yes, we're moving on I'm good dear good. Shit in that was just the way it was a man is now he's a couple hours. I can help. Do you'll burn a few, oh yeah, absolutely I m most most directors will let you know
I talked to ban Afric about that. Like he's always he's like I could the solar bergs of the world or Spielberg for that matter or Clint there. Putting in camera right there cutting their editing the movie while their shooting it in your head, Why they're just like so the original directors kind of back in the old studio yeah they didn't, they didn't added their own movies, so they did because the studio controlled the edit, what they like The dew was was too only gave them material that could bring caught my eye and and that is that, if that is a view, very very hard there. That is a very high skill. It's any Tipp to tube to to be able to do that. Its bitch, which really incredible, like John used then I think these last movie he shot unlike eighteen thousand feet of film. The entire fell like
That is a degree of difficulty that is just a ladder, a little, nothing, nothing, nothing! To put it in perspective. I did a screen test for Michael Man and we shot eighteen thousand feet a film in a day in the UK for his efforts for good wanting out while he was, he was one of the directors who was considering doing it on guy and he said he wanted to put me and bent on film and say fifteen thousand feet in a day that's the that's. The same amount to John Houston, shot dead in so tat the Addison, I'd like to these guys. Heads Clint, Eastwood, actually told me great story about this girl film your name to seek this italian- that was like isolated for yes here and he was doing a short film with him when he was in his twenty. So this is seventy years ago and he had a line and he was supposed to say the line as he was walking from one side of the room to the others. As he's making this cross, he says the line and to seek it Europe's him and unclear kind of jokingly, says, don't you want me to
finish the line here, and he said Second, half of the line we're gonna, be on the other side of the room so. He is at an end. Don't waste any. They know now, but also I don't want anybody to take this away from this is now now that like most of you know it just takes it which experience to be able to do that, shot, saving private Ryan, CNN Stephen had ten cameras up on some set ups and he would sit there at this bank of monitors and run that run it back here and go chimerical here, watch this and eager worm. This camera were on this camera. This camera any would point to the Zack eighty deserves it, though, like he's like a nerd guy right, we're like a prodigy like you just loves it and what are they all love it, but they also they are not all and have ten camera set up. No, not not. All of them have the, but no I mean you know really, Scott, you know every every set up has at least four can really for the dual one. What's that about that's about the
sanction dual and medieval France between these two nights, one of whom claimed the other raped his wife and so we wrote it we would decide, is a story of these different perspectives. There bandit. I wrote the male perspectives. No way resent the one Nicole half's, Nicole House and rights of the few members. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, she's, amazing, good she's. Just amazing together, is a good time. yeah. We had a blast, writing it in and I think it's going to be really good. So it's you and bends movie bene. Adam driver and I play the two nights Rhine Jody Calmer- plays the woman, the lady Moray, for you guys Rodya Maisie abandoned. I intend to call me I have that had why'd, you choose that I mean? It's like you, gotta wear the outfit weird beard. What are you? Well, I mean by that why? at story? I just thought it was really. I read the book down a book yachts based on a book and
that runs development from each drew handed it to me a couple christmases ago CUP dissemblers walking out the door had to go on vacation, and he said this is your one thing that you have to read and I read it and I immediately senator Ridley cause. I did his first movies called the duellist like I saw the title and it s not a Ridley India and we I'd, you been looking for some to do together again committed the martian together and really had a good experiences. Such a. Would you call it what you can see them of your comedy? What no other given the golden globes did. You know I don't know, but I mean cause there. It's definitely there definitely prolonged parts of that movie that are are funny they seem sort of played for comedy a little bit. Lee were shooting it didn't like. Isn't there certainly laughs in the movie and in a but I think any like goodwill hunting has alot of laughs and yet nobody measure, but I would call it a comedy rhinoceri idea, but but you I mean I think ever any movie like you can't go two hours without cracked.
A smile or might I ask, is I'm thinking as the key thirty thousand some point become performative and becomes aware that he's doing a bit. Did he say being a bit for the camera the because, if the, if anybody ever finds these rise, it right yeah exactly so I could get readily and on the dual yeah and then and we were looking for a writer and and Ben came. Over for dinner and we were just Sousa Gary working. I think I think I've got this thing in and oh I had come. with this idea of the perspectives, withdrew Goddard, who wrote the Martian, but he- and I had this kind of email with a series of Emails- would come. I felt we fleshed out what the movie should be here and I would expect you better get where we have to find a writer, but here's what here's? What I think it is and what would be really interesting? You know that the idea of People kind of looking at the same time, looking at the same Fanton and coming away with totally different ideas. I got rash similar to
gosh, ammonia. Exactly has got to my story. Every everyone's got a different story, but really, but it be based on your car. You know what you're a culture aided to believe as those it is. It built of ANA flashbacks kind of visit, like a story told by people from this happened in the past perspective, its told from three different perspectives, and so you revisit some things saga and, but you you're also getting new information from each, but but. the hopefully you're, leaving the movie understanding why everyone believes what they believe in what are these stories that we tell us and chivalry, and all of these things that is that what what's real man will? As I was reading the book near the what I mean the first twenty pages, I was like you get. How can you route for any of these people like me These are all this is an anti seed and culture of you know it's like the in the middle of the hundred years war. These people are, these people are are born into a hundred years: war they
fight their whole lives here. Rape pillage and die still a hundred, heroic, directed, Reich, yea and, and what's what was really striking about the book. Was this woman, because under enormous pressure and the rich give her own life here again and again she stood up to power and and been both to use the powers that important part and you guys. Yes, you guys realized early on that light. We can't write this woman. If you get a woman to write this woman, yeah yeah. There was someone else in our odd. We had internal conversations in our office and a really great woman who works with us helped us see the light and he was right. I mean so We sat there and we went like whoo hoo hoo,
can we get and we each put forward a name Bennett I did of of like who I who's the best friend. I know that you now rise like while Tamar Jenkins, for me and Ben said well call house entering and- and I was like- ok, those too yeah fuck and genius is quite right. That I would love to work with. and why don't we call one of women and in the call was in Nicole cable should first thing since our shoes in Ireland, with your eye So you re, I guess she's she's a producer on the movie and one of the writers and everything, but she showed if she's like. I don't know how these people turn out and been sent her like We read written like twenty rough pages like would nothing really and bends care we're gonna meet with the call today I centre that twenty pay, I'm like you, what I know you didn't like. How could you do that this is so embarrassing? I was like I felt like you just like betrayed,
you're, just stripped us down a naked in front of one of the great Roma do, but it actually had to. I think she saw she was a girl. You guys, don't know what you're doing either. I shall jump in with you guys and she did, which was which was great cause. She's she's, just so therefore, and in a came out how to take you to give all done the script it didn't I mean it was only a few months really really really we re really. You know, then, when I stewing still water riddling call came over and you know, we'd have likes, we'd, have script meetings and remained in Marseille and infirm wrath and then you know, and you know the coroner would do some work in, but you know it. It came together pretty pretty quickly and show how many, how many this is make that you written but then this is the second one. It's only second says like what thirty years apart just about you and like was the process the same as
is writing? No doubt I was really really fighting. Funny was that we had written. for so long began. The assumption was, we couldn't we didn't have the time has come hunting took so long as we didn't, and here again we d write in by like you, ve both become movie stars in at least one of you. Ve had some fairly public personal struggles. Rave remain friends, doll time earlier, but we in and we ve and we spend our adult lives, making movies yo we just we do. We wrote really fast because we, actually just by Ozma of OZ, Moses over the last twenty, five or thirty is understand, structure now, like with good, hunting. We rode thousands of pages like what we understood were the characters right and we go. I would, if there's a scene where we take your character and my character. We put em on a construction site. Ok, let's right! That's here, and we could write that scene. We could write forever. We
This didn't have anything to do what I read an identity, but we didn't know that that did that it would fit into a movie and regular here into some kind of never. Now you ve he's directed written. You fuckin have done your business rap reduced right any those. Yet the process was actually really fun We can't have left guy like our man. We thus do this again like this- was really we can they do this and not freak out India. consumers have Alzheimer's tire life here, now you guys, you hang out either main friends, all time you d hesitate. Oh yeah, yeah, that's nice! I always wondered at about people because a lot of times they they don't hang out. People yeah. It's sort of IP taught recognised and seen him since that movie might well. It is a business that they, like you, come together and have these intense working relationships of people for like four months, and then you never want to see him again now it not. Even that I remember doing. I was doing this movie the good shepherd with that Robert in Euros,
directing here and there and we were shooting we shot a few days in London and as we were in London, were shooting a night and and Terry Helium care down, took a seat. I worked with him a few years earlier on what on the brothers grim and and when we broke for lunch, which was Denmark as parachuting a night. We all went to Shade J which, as is the case in the west, end and sat down and and Terry and Bob looked at each other and they realized it had been twenty years since they Brazil. they both kind of nodded. Like fact wow, wow. What it's weird about that about sets in about the intense Did he of the time because it really is other worldly, because a lot of times you get done, and I imagine you ve done on more than me. You get off said Anne, you go back to your life right,
and you have a life that you, the acquires new neighbours like a whole life for, but it's it's intensify, is just a four month life. That's right yet, and it's a community it's a little town and it's a family, and then you just sort of like you all understand that, like that's it we're dead, I remember saying that the council, at the end of the re maker ahead, ISIS said I sat down with them, and I said I just had the best time. It was like this unbelievable experience to be so great and I said I I I I really hope we can do this again and he looked at me completely earnestly said so do, and I remember thinking wait for your friends is for that can't you does make it happen in a kind of hit me like. Oh no, it's like we're all reacting to the we got it. Gotta go where the material take Latin. it's weird, isn't it there, but you do a lot of You seem to like to work no matter. We like you, seem to do little things for fun, yeah,
I just love to do it like when suddenly roused me into your exact a yes, yeah, yeah. I live. I love it. It's it's it's what I what I would like to do in my free time. So when somebody Allow me to say I have a cameo, I'm usually in it discos. I think it'll be fine itself. Or even like in that, I just watched at that less soda bird movie, which you have a huge part, but it's like a pretty powerful couple a scenes. Yes, little cameo and I'd read the script because I am usually are usually read what Stevens doing here so I knew this. I knew the script in them and I think he called me up. I was doing the last. Do I was in Ireland and he said: hey, you know, do you wanna play, his pardon and I was Are you kidding me? I mean the scene with with two of my favorite accurately ass, its Chino Indonesia, yeah. I've got absolutely so that was ladys. I gonna work with those guys yeah,
and it's there my bodies and end Stevens, my friend, and it's the keys to China. I wanted to get anything like what how many days was a three day now, not even it was like a day and a half so fuck it There are in Detroit fly out to Detroit, come on, let's say and have because I think article to realise that their allotted consideration around taking part like my. How am I gonna have to be and Yo Vancouver sure the arctic are well yeah. That's right. I mean, depending on what you're way home life is like me, I what you're famine these needs are now that you have to weigh on better it's, not it's not as all immersive his people. Think I give you even if it's like three weeks, he can shoot a movie in three weeks. Sure yeah I mean terrible. No I've done it. You can get. A lot done is also, if it's a see you know, Robin Williams, part and goodwill. Hunting was three weeks, that was it and though I mean those are big, long chunky scenes there like five page scenes bike everything you know he's got paid pity had pages of monologues
moves those. I a shit load, a workforce mia, but they stacked it into three weeks and he just was and at last forever you put the three weeks in and then it's like, eternal the visitors piece of film. That goes for every year and on and on the flip side you can do apocalypse now and be there for a year re and still we still have you done. Have you ever had that situation? We are stuck on a Saturday. I went yeah mean I've I've. I've heard. without naming the movie, I've had dinner, I I consider that the actually I came to consider that to be the definition of a professional actor, is over it Knowing your in Turkey are really and going like all right. All I got for more months of fifteen hours a day, it's like it's, the
a bit dawn siege for four months on, like I die on Hamburger Hill, like I'm, definitely gonna die here, but knowing you do it, it's not going to be great yeah. Its that's, that's a shitty, as you can feel creatively. I think in at four that's right, yeah yeah. I care it's it's awful I hides a feeling. I really hope to avoid, I hoped and never have that feeling. I think you maybe your past. If you don't know, I mean sometimes like the pedigree can be great and you get there now I gotta know that's the thing. You're only minutes what I say to my daughter, who gives me it's gonna make you we don't get to see them we before we make it. Why should give any shit? She justice sees fucking Funny Seattle, skirmishes. I guess she idea she hard on you, but you're acting here I mean They fully hearty area. Yet when I see what she doesn't go to see, my movies Where are you guys on purpose under one sees things my power she fifteen, but she
like Sheikh Russia's me, I'm the ones that don't work where I mean she's instead breaches just Billy funding. So, unlike I let her do you have my god yeah I mean like what like wishes. I got which movies. So I did a movie. called the great wall, which there was no ego flag for that for buying an aging. I know allies laying a european geiger. But what was the flag and remember the flak was when the poster came out. There was a lot of come like what is what is he doing on the great wall rise, this cultural appropriation ha. I you know Look I niner, I saw the movie. Is it's it's the exact same plot as Lawrence of Arabia, dances with wolves or avatar its rider comes into right. Culture finds value in the cultural, bring some skill from the outside that
it's them in their fight against whatever and they're all changed forever right look for me, it was like a bit like GMO who is one of my favorite directors in the world yet and news movies I love was in. now he's my aim to allay and said: do you want to pinpoint move him? What are you kidding me? You're gonna, do like your avatar layer, yeah shit, your other, do that and did it do well now? No why didn't you know so that a so he there was it point like a little ways into that movie. Where I I I I had to speak through a translator with them cause ice we ignore Mandarin Chinese, English and- and we had to say They translate earning franking, as it Frank can. You know,
We have seen it I'm supposed to do this, but can you asked the director I hear this doesn't feel right in and can he can help me understand whatever it was? An so Frank translates and GMO comes back and yes, the director agrees with you but says, since this is a Hollywood movie, and I was like, oh god, no people know- and it was this thing where he was making and making what he perceived to be a Hollywood, move right and write his Hollywood partners perceived that way. They had convinced him that they wanted Riah. It was like this and I was like this is exactly how disasters happier right and uneasy frank. Please tell him, I came here to be in one of his movies and have backing night, just what the train had left the station. I suggest, and that movie you know at any rate wetter. It it's one of those movies where you go. You look at the ingredients.
The keys of every department on some of the best in the business right said the reduction designer baby. You know everything really really like boss area apple with this with world class director, at the helm- and I like I am I mean, and it's an experience of go to China and others in this is gonna, be amazing. but it doesn't go here. It doesnt work is a movie and daughter knows it My daughter really knows it, and so she she regulatory leather movies, calls at the wall and when people are like, We have people over for dinner. I make me come on. It's called the great want she's there dad there's nothing great of rapid solution. Really funny and raise like one of the funniest people. I know which, which you now His turn me into that kid who gets who gets bullied whose, like nice, earned you know yet who is bully if you ve got three daughters. I've got well for
so when I met my wife. She had been married before me. I had a four year old, so thought, kids, it's a lot of kids that four year old is now twenty three, so that that went fast. And where do you spend most your time? New York were moving too. York, em back thought, we'd lived there and we lived in Florida. Fur I view ardor, that's where my wife lived when I met her in in Miami Miami here and then we crazy up to New York, it's crazy in Miami. Yet what different. Now I mean I lived therefrom. I dont know what to say before to allow eight or nine. It's always like my mother was down. There exist, it there's no place like Florida. It's fucking, weird so. My Amis Miami is its own thing right, yeah, but I mean there's, do you live there? I it's kind of its kind like living in LAS Vegas like I've shy, I've worked a lot in LAS Vegas. Here. I've I've had to post up there for it
you two and a half months. Yeah you really get into the real rhythm right. You know you look at all the people who were there and they come in, and Lake Ray and South beaches like that, you see people come in out of their mind. There is a groove to Diana there's, a really cool nice, it's good foods great great culture, its that unite us and all these all of these. It's like the capital city of South America. Right, like everybody, comes a young. I it so it's a very like my my wife's argentinian in We family the has like that. There are all these other things going on there that aren't that aren't south. Only it's like a full spectrum of, though at ten o experience totally yeah. I got all different kinds: yeah I get that men there's Jews and rednecks up north and totally yes, it's crazy! It's crazy! It's like you just driving their holy shit, so densely populated it that's, but how
like on all these movies. Are you this like for any major part you do? Have you always been as immersive as that too? Where does our What movies that we played a junkie, thou, gender via goes a great role. And I remember it because you really kind of like you asked a ton weight. So this was always your approach that you were gonna like taken month in work is a bar back. I mean that not every When does that right? that because you were what made you Those kind of decisions be that kind of actor. Wendy just suggests an attempt to distinguish my of four eight number one to do the best work that I could do. I thought that was the best way forward with number two to kind of kind of carve out a career right, the like what way like, as some people are just good, pretending, Riah and some p and take a more method approach, which I would imagine that's what you're doing what it. But you can't pretend what you dont know right.
So I mean. Can you pretend to me? You can't pretend to be a roughneck. If you ve never been on an oil rig, I mean you could in a sketch but like if, right, unless you go down there and under state like there's a certain way, they talk and walk, and everything came from me just being around them a little, but it just seems to me: I mean I'm in a way I that it's a it's a choice of craft. You know, I imagine that some people watch some tapes or make some assumptions or it was into the director and build a character out of their ass and do ok with it short You ve decided to go in this method like immersive direction. Did you learn that early on or do existed choice did How would you learn how to act initially whilst I still studied it all through a high school? We had this incredible high school drama, teacher Ben and I did- and- and it was a.
You know it was all I ever really wanted. Was that, like the defined net, and when you think about how you do it, it's you weren't. Everything you can in no there that time. Lot of it a lot of it as it did. You know my my cousin, how did you know Mister Hutch, Mr Hutch, the area where is it. He taught it wanted their schools, you taught, they don't think he taught. You really tat. Both afro brothers milder Hutchison, and in rynch area. Oh my god, I here s my cousins husband, a while, and I know the idea I ve interviewed casing. I didn't I didn't realize it. And ask him in pray. I never had him. I had him by a member. So, but you like, do you think back on that? it's like the everything you weren't resorted. There lot of it a lot of it here, a lot of it. Certainly the work ethic with it that teachers, Jerry Speckle, was his name. He was just incredible and he was so serious and Meda
take our work so seriously and and care and an end in high school in high school tat was all about the are, you know, really really kind of building work ethic Iraq, I still around yeah yeah yeah, I'm innocent is it the high school anymore? But did you guys stand I should then throughout. I am here to him sit. I haven't worked back in Boston since the departed, and that was like, I think, the last time I saw Jerry, which again it's dinner, that some fifty years ago, and like I don't know, that time went past, but they have it I just like, aren't you shame falling through frame random that creates jobs. Why am I looking at the side of a building and then it's like out? There goes Marty. Shame Oh uh Marty, Jean up? Oh you ma, burglar or great. Now he's your idea when you like, when you work with people I got. I talked Ethan HAWK once about training d
he brought up training in his eye. Come preparing for that movie. He literally watched. Denzil movies, like they were training films like the game films like really yet Finally, it is like I'm not gonna. Let him take it back. I gotta yeah figure out a way. The ode to survive in a scene with that guy ran hold the frame. Do you ever? think that way No, I I always think of it as a cooperative projects mission mean better some people, think of it as a competition. I think he just wanted to survive cuisine rather like that part that Haiti Enzo pardon that movie was gonna eat the entire. I mean that's in its making role ass a great role with her a great actor to Europe's like he had not just like be like you know, while any toxic and left for me right here, I will get it. I remember and, finally that you say, because I remember encourage under fire here Denzil.
bristling a little bit like I came in and and I'd lost that way- and this dean that we did, I mean condemned cells, great nat movies and everywhere the scene it we did was he's here. is interviewing me. So is really my scene is he's just asking these questions and at the end of this at the end of the day. He goes when I see you again now next Thursday, sir we're gonna do see by the ladys men I got, I got act. Gaining wait, losing weight, come and go. The big man wait a minute a leg. You should but we should I mean, I'm like you get yours dude, you aren't. You are the man, that's very good, so that was smart of even because he's like that's the way he thinks. Well, I mean it, but it's like. Sometimes you know I remember tying to ever Norton about that on rounders. They make their resisting like. I just it's as though eight of the movie. Sometimes you just carrying the water it for you
You have a certain job, you gotta do you gotta make room and you're making room and all these people are like rack going. Off around you and you and your like? It's not I'm, not I'm not That's not my job on me. You just gotta hold you hold it right. Yeah I get it. I get it in its its gracious in its appropriate answer, right thing to do to provide space like one. Did you, like the actor, remind me, a story of a robbery, only thing was Reiner, which is probably Reiner where yo and a few good men were Nicholson is when he's on the stand, an end tankers has gone out of yet like he would. He would stay there for their coverage. Sure you now in and go all in yeah yeah now an reiner, I think said. Do you mean you don't have to you have to go all in uniting just do the lines for them in size you to stay there because I loved it Do you know that was a beautiful city, do so that you can imagine wanting to do that one
was it like working with him at the age of consent, for the departed owes amazing yeah. It was just just amazing, depicts stuff up from these guys yeah a time I mean I, I remembered the very first time, I rehearsed with him was his hotel in New York and I went up with Marty and we, it was just the three of us and Marty got up to use them assume I think so it was just the two of us. In Jack, got up and grab a cup of coffee from a little thing and he turned around and, as you know, I never would have made this long- if I wasn't a great fuckin writer- and I remember thinking of course, right How would you? How do you have a forty five fear? rear here. If you know That was my there. My real take away from him was. This is my favorite story of the departed with Jack? Was Because he would go home and he couldn't sleep because he was so he was he was. He was working,
you, ve working on this thing in coming up with stuff so he had a scene which was this is really instructive for me as it as an actor the sea, in was one eighth of a page, and it said. Castelo. That's his characters, him as a man kneeling in the marsh. That's all it says. And so a veto you're on along movie? You look at that. You're gonna get on any lines. Tomorrow's is one eighth of a page. I shoot again the Baghdad and Jack came. I didn't work that economics, end and jack was so excited. We do you hear what I did. I tell me tell me here: got my coffee and sat down like what you do and he Well, there was an eighth of a page said: Costello executes man kneeling in the marsh and he goes You know I've seen that before he goes so
what I do is I made it a woman and I go oh ok and he goes and I put re in the scene with me. and re Winston Bear one great agora. He was laying the axe right here. I know he's great and Jack's thing was goes, I'm I'm from the Harvey Corpsman School. Are there the submissive, Obviously I heard her Lyra ARM in ARM Norman Hilarious yea. The Roger Corpsman School of where I came up low budget? Whatever Whatever writing you do, you can add to the budget, ran riot cost us money here. Roger Corpuscle eagles you you he s eyes working keep it in the same shot right, I'm at any time or money to the schedule. He goes, but I shoot her in the back of the head and she falls over here now. You could end seen there, but if you keep the camera,
rolling. I turned array and I say jeez she fell funny. Now, that's very sinister line. It suggests I've I've done this before and there is a way that people fall because now you could end the scene there, but if you leave, the camera rolling re reveals an act that he's holding behind his back he's gonna chopper up so re starts to step forward. Now you you could end the scene there. But if you leave the camera rolling, I say: wait. I think I wanna fuck her again. now that's a very sinister line from Jesus because he has and now there is a pause now you could end the scene there. But if you, if you keep the camera rolling,
ray gives me a look and after a long pause, I go like I got em you right and you hid it in the scene there. But if you keep the camera rope Ray says to me Francis you really ought to see somebody and so so? He tells me that so the scene as it gets as it may. I recall the moon. We is actually cause. that's their so many options. All he did was take one more minute right. A lot of time, writing that and figuring that I think I need for bee bread, but but all it added to production was one minute. They had two angles on it right here. You added that you had nothing but one minute to your production time and what? What what ended up being in the movie, I think was he shoots her? He says cheese. She fell, funding be up and races Francis, you really ought to see someone right or somebody,
I can remember why these shoot a woman I care member, just because he believes like it's different from shooting a guy. I know that I can remember her character. I care member. I think she was like a nondescript. I can't remember if we just ablishn somewhere via the right attitude, has in the movie I haven't seen a movie and fifteen years, but but but just that that the press Without that yeah, that's the creative process. It's really do not always have the freedom to do that. You don't you know, that's why when he did, he wasn't letting any of those moments go by, even if they seemed like throw away moment and Scorsese. It matters, not ass yeah, of course, of course, because you should all of it right. We're never gonna use all of it right, but you're gonna use some of it. You dont quite unaware, and as he Thelma were his editor. We great editor there, there figuring out the pace of the movie. You know you go out. We can allow for that here. The shirt! Ok, it's drop this in here. In that you know, I mean in the weird comedy, beat right right gradually exactly and to care for now you guys have because we're together no that was it tat we are. right. Isn't it
I mean I mean I was look. I was happy that when even fell into my lap, I owe you know for marketing, and and for me where that's you know back at the centre, right right? You know that that zone the Boston, yet that was our line Wahlberg, as is like I'm the guy do my job. You must be other get here. He kicked somebody great lives in that movie. That was a really great care. I was crazy and that that look on your face when he comes into shoe you ass, you ve got ahead. So do you you didn't finish Harvard right now. Did you not like it, but I loved it? now I love that idea. I went get from that expired It's like well, I mean, besides, I weirdly judge Harvard people, I really married. Judging the oh, no, not in a bad way, just seems like your freedom.
Most of them that I have met the one thing that they get. Is this sort of relentless confidence in their own ambition? That's really funny! Yeah! I mean I look. I grew up in Cambridge, so I had a very I was very different type of Harvard soon, because I had a very different. Where were you What part has I lose? Others were how you intend to remember that restaurant o Calcutta, the anymore. I see I those first place at indian food is the best know. Shit. Yemen look here got me very comic shirt. My god I mean I was in Boston from like eighty one to your hot enough to through eighty to ninety. Ninety one I was there. We enter the bends. Dad was the bartender at the content. Oh yeah, that's right. I took the antarctic case you about that a bit. So what about your folks? so my mom was a professor at Leslie College sheets, shouted education and- and my dad was in the city
Lucy was a stockbroker than he taught school for a year that he ended up. He found a neat little nation, the tat in the tax laws, whereby big corporations could get tax credits for investing in low income housing visa and he figured out out and and just facilitated a bunch of those deals. Any did really well and help people men help people retired he retired when it was fifty three and went and coached baseball rather high, baseball restorer now his silent. Seventy. Thank you hear me mom she's here he asked ciara I'll, I'm going to New York to Morrow Saucer in New York she's, coming down or Vienna, come down for the premier in New York, excited yeah yeah, especially after this fucking year. Man cause. You know here she that that her age that cohort that's been, they ve been yeah. that scary might well in a just and just kept away from their own grandkids and gets this nightmare sucked for them. So
Ok, you grubbing came in Cambridge, so you know the tasty I we shot the last thing and good wanting hasty right before they fuckin toward down and put a rare forget Bennett isn't enough in their it's like that's if they ve got it ever yet. Now it looks like an I used to work. You know when I went back to Boston after I gotta fucked up on drugs out here for a year. but back to bus as women in Somerville yeah, we live their young cottage at my mom still lives Aurelia before it was anything right and in the Just remember, I remember when they opened Duncan doughnuts downstairs for a round the corner from where I lived by. Some of it was like no one in David Square. There why I gave as yet that's the one Ben and I live done, whereas Orchard Street, oh yeah, And I use the walk to the dying and doughnuts every morning common. They came out with the big one, never like. He was like a big thing now she's, what some large coffee, but research is the big one. Regular
well because they had to sell us the idea that we needed any. That much of any fluid revaluing just accepted no further still some fucked up about Duncan donors can I still or by the beans, because I think I did my God gray. Actually we tried that we tried to like when they franchised it out here then- and I tried to get in on that- we were the only like one. It's over now water. There may be too, I think, there's one in Santa Monica right right. That's it I mean on the EAST Coast are right: fuckin every worker, like you, panicky, winkies, you're, getting Gabby Duncan around right men go find wonders. Never I never buy a fuckin donated it's always to coffee. I'll decide as a year as as I get older, I just can't. I can't eat the down a Catholic. Do you come up and you grew up in Cambridge like the tasty ice, the work at the key the connection in the garage yeah. I worked at the dance plus in the garage. I did this summer job, my job as a stand outside and hand out flyers, two people really eighty percent off archipelagos.
Decker. I do is the garage still even there. I think so, like the coffee connection was pretty Starbucks in it. Yeah. If you got a coffee, app and sat down to drink, he had to get in. The french press threat was to gimmick guy, the guy on the places travelling all over the world gettin beans- and I was just There- women Somerville drinking way too much fucking, coffee and I go after some realm living in an attic room, and I couldn't weeps right end up at the tasty talkin that dude MIKE Mike here I was just so funny. I was just talk about like the other day, someone I can't I get there is you know MIKE I'm sick, fuck, you! I knew my gear everybody who went in there after midnight New MIKE Mike, was like a regular guy. In a result, weird ray, I that play guitar earning Luke, who was rather Luke yeah. Jesus Manuel oops, I mean yeah. I dated a girl in high school who just was like obsessed with Luke, and you can get the pamphlet Cynthia cuz. He knew he'd have that he wasn't even have a permit. He wasn't, he wasn't allowed to say that he was performing. You had to kind of act like he just show
But I wanted to get the word out yet was eg. You know on PAN was like was packed with people everywhere around on housing, yeah yeah, yeah yeah. You know that was a great spot, a wise for so sad that I am really happy that we got it in the movie it so we What happened all of Boston like even like I will. I want to be you so Kenmore Square. All that stuff is gone. whenever personality both heart Its wherein Kenmore Square had even central square to a degree, says whiskers totally different Zaire dangerous nightmare yeah. When I grew up there in it, and it was clear at least came the other, the Middle EAST in the bill and Joseph who, on the Middle EAST that my my brother, you know that their great and they would put local artists on the wall and my brother It was one of the artist that they put on the wall and he met his wife,
like twenty five years ago. I remember that right has she was yes, she was. She was a graphic designer for the MIT Tech Review and wanted one of his paintings for the cover and that's how They met in ninety ninety fuck I went. Actually might have me one. Ninety one, one or two a long long time ago, yeah, maybe thirty, years ago is your brother, stolen artist, yeah yeah. What's this thing six medium behaves like painting, sculpture, electricity yeah, while so to Afflux to demons yeah the demons are older, though, were too years older than ban five years older than Casey and my brothers three years older than me So your experience at Harvard was different because you know you felt like you were. You came up there,
yeah I mean I walked in with a chip on my shoulder. I think a little bit. As you know, we could we all kind of resented the universe at rocky marriage between the local kids in the Vienna, Interlopers, India, so you guys felt scrappy a little bit of it, and you know, and my freshman year you know bends dad was the a head of all the janitor oral staff and Harvard Yard, and they freshmen alive and Harvard yards the ends dad's girlfriend at the time colony was the janitor in my dorm yeah right cities. We we grew up, yeah, so it s kind of, like you know, when I would see you now. Freshmen gig is eighteen year old, kids, like throwing shit around me like the fuck you someone's gotta clean. How did you know that? I know what I know is actually going to clean it up. Oh yeah, I was a little chippy end, but I think you know somewhere out of that goodwill, hunting kind. You know- and I should say like that model
Last year I was there. I took this great play writing class and that's where I started this idea of good will, Hunt IA and who taught that a guy named Anthony Cubic was the name of the professor. He may I really really great. I took a bunch of classes of his. I really liked him and he was incredibly helpful in. and in fact when I, when I I turned us, was the right up, one act play for the for the final price. then I handed in forty five pages of a good one idea of other other screenplay ere. It was very different, obviously Ben and I change it, but I handed it in and was like. I think I failed your class like This is what you asked for, but this is kind of what came out and he could not have been more if uses and supportive and encouraging he said you know, please don't stop with this. Please keep going, there's something here, yeah and am
and then I went out to allay the audition for stuff during spring Break like months later I showed that's when I showed it abandoned and Bent said. The same thing is that I don't know where to go, but let's keep working on this as we did at sea. Nice want a teacher. Does the right thing? yeah. No, I suppose, to be competitive ever condescending. He could have completely shut you down here and I would have listened, might mean right. I would have listened wild man, the impact people have in our lives. There was great talking about demand, Cryptography did. I was fast, a Europe yeah. I think we covered a lot of stuff there. I like a movie man. Always like your work. You always you know you're one of the best India Nicias It's real you know like I anytime, you want something. so like mosque in Vegas If you can do anything, you have a good time. those oceans, movies idea. Those are given that the whole idea behind yeah to kind of capture the did the joy of make.
But you I mean it seems like you I genuinely like, even like everybody like you, including and even light and caught James Scott, Kai out and ask case, It's got all these different comedy bits go down there and there is the heavy lifting, and those movies is done by Stephen. I mean that's a hard job right. try to manage these guys. Yes, let's rock load, a movie stars, a truck, it's like wrangling cats right like nobody's taking it seriously enough and and you're trying to balance all these different narratives and make a movie that works and and twenty two, not he, but that's all organic idea. Aid me so debris. Without a serious guy, but he obviously has a good sense of comedy mean. Oh my god, yeah yeah form it was great yeah. That is one of my favorites so funny to have been here and also the beyond the camera. Barbara has I mean, there's some hilarious shit in that sad, ass movie, yeah
We know we ve got about. We ve there there. I hope we can do like a sequel to that like this are possible with that guy he had passed post. What have they? I am after accuracy great right. I mean I I I just remember reading articles at the time the movie came out, I mean they're beat you know we would have to get Richard Look Rabanus interested to write it, but you know it. it would in ten ten years or whatever, but It was not you great again. Greater nice meant they have market. Ok, the movie that matters. it's called still water directive item Mccarthy, who did spotlights great movie it's a great movie. You know it's it's a surprising movie in a way that you know is about it surprising in how it depicts humanity not saying it's surprising in its human, but maybe it is
I don't spoil. Also too dates. If you didn't hear me cause it forward through it deputy pod dot com, Slash tour, There are dates in Denver errors, Phoenix, Arizona, salt Lake City, Utah Saint. This measure blooming in Indiana and I will be adding more dynasty typewriter- gave some feels that way to ok. Ok, let's rumble a little I stood, the swampy rumble.
Burma lives, Muggy, Nevada, carry angels everywhere, man carriage of can everywhere.
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