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Episode 1256 - Kimmy Gatewood

2021-08-26 | 🔗

Ever since Marc and Kimmy Gatewood said goodbye to each other and their fellow castmates on the set of GLOW, the world has been in a constant state of flux. Marc and Kimmy spend some time catching up and dive into the details of Kimmy's experience directing her first feature film, Good On Paper. They also talk about Kimmy's improv history, her studies of Samuel Beckett, her partnership with Rebekka Johnson, and their early days of podcasting as The Apple Sisters.

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it only takes one mistake to change your life or someone else's forever play It safe and plan ahead to get a ride, Dr Sober or get pulled over all right. Let's do the show all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck's there's what's happening? A mark mare- and this is my podcast- has What are you doing? Ok, I'm all sweaty. I don't know man, Charlie Watts is dead, but it's weird. I love Charlie. I love the rolling stones. I since the rolling stones problem. We every week, at least once a week on purpose, not in passing. Not as part of a playlist. I listen to rolling stones records all the way through I listened to It requires out overnight,
here again few months ago when I was hiking, the listening, the blue and lonesome a lot for some reason. I do Listen to that get gets requires out, because that is where I really first understood. the power of Charlie oddly, it's on that live record and oddly on a reissue of that live record. There was a slight remakes done. How do you know the stones Like those reassured by, I think the I'm co reassures- and I remember a guy a few years back. And I used to listen that AL wallet. I'm get yer ya, ya's out cuz, it's got its its great live album. It's one of the best live albums because during those breaks during midnight ram, were you heard about the Boughs Dan Blank and if you turn it up right there here. Are some guy go God damn in another guy and a woman go. scream and
do it through all the brakes them, but I think I think we would really struck me on the re mixed was is how fuckin tight that rhythm sexual is just how fuckin tight bill and Charlie were and realizing that without that, everything he's a fucking disaster like Keith as great as he is famously, one of the great rhythm guitar players I start thinking about that me. I work man, I love Keith, I love Keith! Allow them all I I'm his bill. I wasn't gonna go see the stones a few years ago, Dino because I just didn't feel right seen him without bill, but Dean talk me into any. Was great Darrell's great but the thing about the rhythm section and hearing Keith Talk about Charlie you and their sort of unspoken kind of Understanding, each other perform actively is add Keith without
Charlie M bill would just be chaos. You know it would sound disorganized kind of like a fragmented and stilted that Keith Richards, his entire sense of river. That evolved over time is. We because of Charlie Watson, finding those holes and finding that placed a float on Charlie's jam and Charlie Fuckin had to follow Keith. And you don't even notice that and that's gotta be a chore different points in time. So without Charlie, you got nothin you get stones, I'm coming. obviously, if they decide to tour and Steve Jordan goes out with him. I mean great drummer by meet throughout the whole thing that there's no really Charlie, is one of the most solid beats keepers of tat.
I'm there is any, can swing and stay on top of it at the same time, it's crazy how good he was, but If you really want to listen to the subtlety, and the genius of that rhythm section of Charlie and Bill specifically give a listen to that get your yes out and listen clothes because they're holding it together. Charlie's holding the whole fuckin thing together. How do you think, Ronnie and and It can do all that messy fuckin swap the day do without Charlie kind of like just be in bed. rock you know, I mean Charley was great. And just a real suave mother, Fucker too great drum, great rolling stone, one out of five gone great great charmer Gaga miss him. I mean I still got him,
I still got all those fuckin records. I got all those records, Charlie you never leaves and he received a good life He lived a long life. specially for a rock dude yeah resting peace, Charlie Watts, Godspeed, swaying. It. I forgot to tell you on the show, because I've to honour Charlie. Today, I'm gonna talk to Gimme Gateway. she is one of my co stars or was one of my co stars on Glow Sheep aid. One half of these Stacy and Don do oh with her real life, comedy partner, Rebecca Johnson and action kill me and Rebecca were honest. We very early comedy podcast adopters when they turn their apple sisters, ACT, which was their bit one of the early scripted comedy podcast,
Kemys been directing alot of television lately and she just director First feature film: the Eliza saw us injure movie good on paper, just now on Netflix and I was good to see her to reminisced the reminisced we reminisced now perfect time to turn your cool idea into a new website. Do it with squares vase whenever you need a website for its also symbol to do with squares, may start with a design, template and use, drag and drop tools to make it your own and get to know your audience with the square space analytics tools. Those include inside on page views, traffic sources time on site, Oddy. Its geography and more buying a domain from square spaces, easy because there are no hidden fees or price hikes all websites optimized for mobile, so your site looks great on any device and we know- those from experienced a beauty of pod dot com is a square space site and it works great for us had to score
space, dot com, slash w tat for a free trial and when you are ready to launch used the offer code w e f to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain. That scares me that comes with W e F with Africa beauty for ten percent off your first purchase before I forget, my tour. I've added some shows, first of all, helium Saint Louis September. Sixteen, seventeen and eighteen, you can get tickets for that a tune in Seattle September. Twenty second, is is available I might add a second show that sells out the Aladdin Theatre in Portland I sold out, but I've added another show that found September twenty. Fourth, I just want to give you a heads up. Dynasty typewriter, show October forth a much of their tickets for that there might be New York Comedy Festival is now on sale for everyone. That's November thirteenth, the town Hall get tickets. For that. Ok,
that's the update on that good deal. So I've been festering about this in my finger, primarily because here's the deal you know become somewhat resilient to trolling, but you know I I'm not that resilient to suggestion about certain things. are actually worse for me than trolling like I was on my instagram on Instagram alive, and I've got this thing. I'm under my finger nail on my index finger and someone on the Instagram wife said you should get that check for melanoma so that was actually some of the finest trolling that I've ever been victim too, Does this not finding my weakness around insecurity or jealousy or any of that shit? It's not! It's not really those kind plain triggers of people with entertain dinner's egos
that you can get all worked up. It was something more refined and that now don't think it was the intention of the person that set it to troll me. But it's just I was I looked at my finger to MIKE what is that? I'm a guy look. I got. Bang my finger, but I wasn't sure if I beg my finger exotic, remember bang in my finger, so I started to look at it in and I of course, Google just a touch just a tad fingernail melanoma melanoma under nail, didn't go It looked like what I got but enough for me to starve festering none for me to start thinking about melanoma and about how long would it take, did it spread What is going on? How do you get it out of their that was, my biggest sing, so I started festering about how if they have to get even if it wasn't melanoma. What are you gonna? Do you gotta get something out from under a finger so because My ability spiral specially with hypochondriacal panic, utilised
you think I'd. Well, I mean if it has spread, which are probably has from pry got cancer, which means like I gotta start that fight an hour. It's starting to enjoy my life, so It's probably gonna happen, and do I really want to die that way, so I might want to start can you know sort of kind of frankly and honestly about any my own life, because I really don't want to just rot away of cancer by myself. I gotta get my affairs in order in what it ok, let's say it has spread. So then do just lose the finger. Do I lose the Tipp of the finger? Am I going to be incapacitated right when I started enjoying playing guitar and playing out and doing this stuff is now when I have to adjust to play. With partial finger? Would just part of my index finger on my friend hand. Do I have to make that adjustment. Would I make that adjustment? I'm not a professional musician? Why would I make the commitment of trying to play with three and a half fingers now he's gonna give a shit about that miracle, I'm pretty limited player and I'll. Just the same limited player only with
a finger on my index finger and maybe I'll get away with it. I don't know and what is Akron look good cosmetically. Are they going to be able, and I can have some weird kind of tiny night nail sticking out of the top my going to be ashamed of my hand. Oh my god, so when am I going to the doctor, so I started to spin out and then you know on the plane. I started pulling my cuticle back on the bottom, so I could see how deep down the amount Linoma went and just you know how much damage you're going to have to do to the finger. If they have to sort of cut off at upper scooped out and then I kind of like I fucked up my cuticle looking at that and I just went into form panic and I was like why don't even know the doctrine going to really on Wednesday, are they gonna give a shit about me? Yet they are part of my plan. I've been there before, but I'm starting to think of some doctor They just gonna blow through shit and they just kind of like you're. Not you know, they care to a certain degree. By
I guess some of the lessons I learn when then passed away at these doctors can be pretty passive. They have nothing invested in you if you don't have a relationship with them. You're just you know something that happens you're just part of their day. Something that happen. They do their job. If you die, they don't know you. If you don't have a relationship with them. So nice Freakin about about the doktor. I gotta see. And tell indeed this needs. Like I got a guy I gotta dermatologists. I went to Dean's guy who's, gonna win noses shit and are you up to my finger? He said I am not melanoma, I'm ninety nine point, nine percent sure saw melanoma, looks like you Bangor some, let's get the microscope out, so we got it under the microscope. He's I guess I mean I have been there might now few weeks. He would tell me that's been there for a year. Maybe I'd be concerned. That was a melanoma that size it would have had You have been there about a year and it looks like you banged it. You bruised it though Isaac, cuticle and find might cause. I was pulling it down with my other fingers, so I could see how,
deep. The melanoma was he's like out. While I have to give you a prescription for us, cream for that, so it doesn't get infected. So in my panic I might avenged myself. So what's new, what's new poking prodding, looking and prodding, but aside from other realizations about mortality. I realise that whatever the case is, and thanks to my friend dean, my friend SAM, my friend kid, for talking me through somewhat of a spiral that you know that I'm gonna get somethin if I don't die quickly, I'm trying to do something Fifty seven years old and I got a sort grow up around that certainly have a handle on the idea of mortality. I certainly seen death of close now, but something's gonna happen. And you know how you handle that is going to speak to who you are your sense of character,
And one of the things I realise when I was panicking, in dragging other people into my panic, around my. Non melanoma under my nail and what that was implying to me in my head. I would triggered my fear was that I know people with real sickness. Of people living with real sickness and death. You live with real sickness and they do what they have to do to manage a sickness and that's part of life and for me to say out as if anyone's going to make me feel better. I mean when the ship really comes down. It's gonna come down. This wasn't that time and not panicking is probably the better way to do it. I thought I'd so it had handle on that. I got I've been more of hypochondriac in my life, but I just usually I like while wait a few days and see what happens That's usually what I do, but the nature these type of bruises under the nail they take months to go away so that that was the
approach wasn't gonna works like I'm, giving myself a pass on that but just realized when you're freaking out about probably nothing that should be handling as a grown up, it's important to get things checked out and to realize you know that you can and should do that. when you have something you're concerned about, but tried not to freak out pre pre premature. Because you know you have to go? Call all those people that you freaked out and say yeah, it's right thanks Thanks were let me drag you down the panic hole there's never been a better time to try a shirt from untouched the world. Is when casual people, even if you're going back into the office people our justice, to a new reality where we all want to be as comfortable as possible wearing comfort, more closed, maybe new to you, but to the folks at on Tuckett. They ve been doing the come. clause thing forever, forever people their fate
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but with me and is directed a lot of other stuff and there's some comedy of her. How there there's stuff, there's stuff in this is me talking to as long as we ve ever talked her, and I actually so you're, making jam and this is brief endemic here. So I saw you. I really am anglers prepared now, so you can say like you, so you have to qualify like that was not done out of fear and sadness that this is done because of an abundance and abundance of yeah now that the bread, my hasn't, maybe was made at appear and sadness you ever had. He did the whole body still doing it all now, Yazzi two different starters. Once the Bestia starter, he started that one where'd you get that best year. Now we got we need started at eight. They have a recipe for it or that you can. I buy online there you, I just want to their other restaurant yesterday tat-
have all of your val yeah, how research, but it's holy shit, like I'd, never go to restaurants Gazette Cook yet, and I just I'm so disappointed restaurants. So because you like usually right, this is what is. I can make this three. It's not amazing, so fuck it here, but that places amazing it's so nice to go to a place in the EU summit. I could never make it is like magic food and they have you get their cookbook. They have like egg yoke thick that take like days to cure and avail Bethia about Yahoo cookbook and as italian right. It's like men, the turanian italian ruined slash? Is it amazing? It's very The amazing I don T like them the barbaric dish that don't in me, but I fear so they- that's what I'm going to play the bone marrow delegates rough. Everyone is absurd, so that they screwed the ban bone marrow out and then there's a whole pass. The thing had a you know: others passenger rights,
straight again back into the perpetrator. Yak is it's like the strait of bone marrow thing where people just stupid I the bone, like I'm, pretty don't bother me, but there's some about that. The consistency of our great snuggery, like fish, telling the Octopus, like you know, it's been sitting around and soft. I, like other selling point you stuff, is on the verge of going back up and it's just how we like it is. We hate golden oil than media office. All over the place. Now I don't know how that is a good start to doubt. The like. It's not gonna, things like this fresh, of course not was frozen, and we we did the thing to it in here you go. I don't feel bad. I didn't want she, Octopus, I'll show you how Maximus teacher now ivory, how's agony, octopus after they had just knew right away. The trailer my firewall,
No more out of the person. I don't have that she was my best friend and my teacher and other matters or give birth, and I'm like all get better Bestia Dish is still thank. You can't, I will watch you stuff. I should primarily me. I really am I do I started. I became a vague and because of the sky was dating back in New York was vague in but he was a kind of big and then it like all that fake me. So I was just like a farting owed. Its effectiveness of gorgeous divert relations that make or break is defining how we in Europe I moved to his apartment in nice. The inviting the great they can overcome. That heard all it's not nothin! You got it. You got it and then moved into another apartment waves bargain there was that it was an empty place. It was a bakery and that it be
a bar and that pretty much broke our relationship because it was just like open into four in the morning and language I had yeah. I had that. I had that crazy person, fantasy where I withdraw holes in the basement of your warrior. My poor watered hours at that yeah, there. I thought well, that's better than likewise on the fourth we're bug drank grow out of bed in the morning and you guys open yet not just of stairs gave knock on the ceiling to be ready to serve ok, so will you leave him back in New York, yeah so eyes? I won't circus university. A greater in two thousand. I came to New York right here. I live in L, a ok I let amabel into those made, so where, where does it all start word, you grow up in Airlines Maryland My worry is that, unlike what part, I don't talk to many fleeing from so between, like both worn DC right is. It is Virginias close tomorrow and right
yeah, ok, something called the Dumb Larva Peninsula, Delaware Maryland Virginia right right and then this delawares, one isolating it where you're like doing. If we pass there with a threat which, if I may, I bet always is that wins world there is a Delaware were in Delaware, eleventh effect, I don't know it's o the Delaware River gap. Shore bridge right. Yeah ready gathers the Chesapeake Bay. Oh that's dollar. Two, now that's Maryland, so how far in Maryland argues that an EAST west situation- Will you know marrow and is a very ugly shaped state? There's like the little cranky little bo?
thin part here he upper right right year and then then, though, your heart that kind of hooks over in the chest Beak Bay area, is in the middle, and so I am like us between Washington, DC and balkan wars. Like my dad group washing DC, one of thirteen children's have luck, lots of ants and uncle her team yeah, that's crazy from one woman trees gets through, they work Work Catholic, as you can imagine, Opus Dei Catholic Witches leg wherein she code crazies type. I mean I don't know if they like WWW davers. My dad was a minister were by only today has been around that long. Yasmine are up for a while, oh my God but my dad, I mean yeah care when he was like seventeen are. Eighteen, and how do I get out now? There's no going back and then hear me when you are like twenty, so here I have my mother, no I've half brother and then I have to other siblings but mom. So the half brother was like whoops
yeah I didn't find out about until I was like thirteen and then he was in our life about four years ago. I didn't hear from him after that. Still straight yeah I saw I looked from Facebook. I found him once in Ireland reach out. I I think I was too afraid to reach out. When I went out we're rival was my story. There was like some. What well what has happened? We think it is. They were married. I think I am here and then she decided that keep the baby. I don't. I dont really. I really need to get dig digging with my didn't really ass, though they happened like us out. the third idea, and then I went than I without any kind of yeah, and then I was often college. Yeah. I don't know what we need to find out what we don't know. It just seems that liking and because the with
fairly little effort. The information is out there now you know I get, and people find out things when they do genetic testing. A lot of people are finding out. They have half brothers you gotta be like mom. What is that May we not take care of it, but now you until carom exec pull up for adoption. Now what I don't even know the kid the by the groups. We have the most that thing. like these sperm donor egg donor of at all, because, like doctors, yeah yeah, oh, my god, I raising of tissues might have an army of evil so gravy. Why do they talk? that do I don't know why I can't I've got plenty. I can generate everyday who's, gonna be the wiser. They know about Why the remained Albania is in their hearts? It there were twenty kid somewhere, you You know that I now messed up and the like
but if they get married, what a baby whereby we can allow guided figure that brain insulin, one of the thirteen you're like I've, so many because they have to make sure the aeronautical drew up a genetic screening data person area so DC yeah Opus Dei. whereas government no No, my voices georgian government now? Will you dad family, the large Catholic? No? No, they did. Like my my fascinating start, my grandmother group in LAS Vegas. She was apart like her dad only with the owner of the President of Nevada Banks, who they were like Social AIDS in LAS Vegas, firmly gang yeah light yeah. He would like, in the hay day yeah is indeed in the aid I mean, there's like there's somebody stories about my grandmother. There's them like that her graph, my great grandfather got the job because he had nice. Handwriting he worked his way up to be president here at a bank illustration
like I was. I live Degrasse from Bugs Vienna, like really good luck by restrictions mom in Brooklyn or wherever. That is their right across from barbarousment yeah. That's coming up, maybe flushing everybody's like down there treat from very man. Jus thing is Barbara, Streisand Spare Berry man allows VP lives all over and above yeah I ask and then and then she my grandfather, who is a life insurance salesman and then had thirteen children. Just like The the headache LAS Vegas quietly disappeared from our family water. Thirteen do you know all this. I know of American by when we you yeah yeah citizens. I love it.
And so called to be a part of a family that bag and Germany cousins. Ninety scrambled need not that's right. I weakest cousins have cousins. As you know, and like it's a lot like the last I checked. I think it was forty seven, that's amazing yeah, now I'm sort of I say, with the Opus Dei thing, but it sounds like your generation removed from it. I am. I dont know too much about it. my dad wasn't really into a minnow. Its rays was raised catholic area because that, like what had happened like my, my parents were, like vanished from being married, Edward Hope of it as why she blew legit yet issuing catholic and also you is it hard to become catholic. latin involved rituals, robes smoking or
like a lot of kneeling standing any better than they saving the crackers yeah fuck, my groundwater govern amalric. My mom's mama's baptism for my mom was that's a lot more. That's a modern, more exciting religion, tat S pretty fight like they had so in a catholic, urge we had why only music in the balance just one more lively, lively, but they had grape juice, less one can't we cannot support No, we did at the Jews, didn't after our services will Movin David, that's where it starts for what to do, junkie now etc, have Ado booze wires were burnt? for a while my favorite jewish holiday, is definitely pass over by only like one day a pass over. Are you married? You have yours now now by have I
David, a lot of Jews and also like beat for friends Kommeni Bear Lake loved going to pass over area did Drummer the poor show they used to do Rob Cutler at than the why in New York, I should do that. What I have heard odd Cosa through, yet I did that show one type anchored twice and I went right after Zack. Alfin egg isn't like. Why am I here who look into pigment slacken buttons above the go up, used up and show? Yes, yes and then he came up there like a cubic gateway like that. again, I don't know my eye was not long before the end of my birth weight. So when you went to like you're too siblings attitudes among them at one by one works. Vps is attracting the driver around the other one works at the eightieth, so the witches, the art chill
three tobacco fire all right right now. It's idea I'll go out about alcohol at all. Really is your agent yeah. She notion that agencies them. She works. You like She was a really nice, like what's goin on, tell me everything I dont em, when you actually, I know Fictions Marie. I am like I'm gonna write a movie about using illegal work and Administration Gimme Book, therefore Dallas residing they actually just at the computer, most of time waters and I'm yeah yeah. I've had a presentation in reality and wearily why why how many people in uniform, normally normal siblings world, my works like she works that accompany that than does the monitors the train tracks, the engineer strain? riveting. Indeed, Riven anger is where air traffic control for trains
No, no, it's testing the tracks and make sure that their safe is at a job. You go to work for every day. Well, by my mom, basically just like that she's same thing, administration that have to be started, seats and does the travel throughout the engineers they go out on a train, ok, certainties. I've got a problem on mile. Twenty of these is that the curving? Now, just like you, your flights at three fifty five dominant, they don't want you to give your expenses and receive and then the guy's got. When did you start doing Phoenicia my high school, yeah. I said I was introduced, Improvin High School and I It is do it for information. I would do an improved show and the high school I ve, the assembly's now at that's the place
so any information of the play, if I'd be in the play and then I've come out and the little veneration building our guys go and buy. You know dregs owner and I will put on the improved really successor in the theater group in high school. In your like, I got to carve out this news from hunger. I'm gonna run. if we were going to the bath for a little bit. Love love and interactive moment that aid from These are just you. It was by the time. Just maybe, then I would train people to do it with me, so we would do bits like with I wish I had a couple of people. I would that that would do it with me Some people wanted it stay in character, right day their moment during innovation around like the people in play, I mean I was also in the play, but I like on you guys, do stay in character. We got an I used to have kept your fourteen. Do not method after what you do this,
yeah I mean let my again we'll be right of big family. I would always put our show and stuff, and I think that comedy, which is the weight of the love, communication area, though that they Emily you're like make each other laugh with you. When you get, you were beloved by the Oh yeah, funny right, memorable yeah! We know this child tat. Every forty at every one seems the house's now I wish you Jim gave one circuit yeah Ellen, heal them with the Atlantic drugs. They were back on it today we have an idea, came to New York and like a year so much a part of my story. It's hilarious ion! Yes, because, like I did Africa Georgiana calling ever calls Eric is weaker, your way yeah, the gene the theatre, their yeah, I did. I was either gonna go to theatre at Syracuse or Biology Maryland, and I said if I get into theorist, calling out a theoretical, really
Thou Route, that was the crossroads life of research baby being a doctor right yeah, exactly what I was now the thing. What my my friend a brother or sister was where work is biologist? Then she's, like I, research? chicken shit, all Diana was like ha why this is does No, that's hunts nearly exciting, a romantic of thought. It did you now yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I know a definitely doesn't. Bates is another one, those things you could do movie on
Would you know? What is it? What do you do tomorrow? You can check it answer, because I think we can act to the right level. We won't even see the chickens by God may have like I've asked my brother time like. What's it like being Eu Ps truck driver me, they could make character. Yes, sorry to really been done, king and queen, or whether I'm done, for you PS driver, wasn't he I didn't even realise that just came in and see you would have done a whole screwing now, I would have given you do this for a decade. Dammit thanks my gear. Did you ever hear my life citizen? so you do theatre like major in a kind of deal, yeah made it and their enacting land, but it's funny again like
never got unlike the main stage shows or anything would audition, and then I found again I would go to do. Improv shows the way perhaps, as we wish. We had this site comedy trip the broken compass players that funding for college Improv, Grena. Ninety measure I just talked to Tom Mccarthy, and he resumed one BC along running Yoke, sketched rooted that running with scissors or something- and I remember what his was called, but they actually moved as a group to Minnesota wholly kiss like do it. wow people like good people from Minnesota COM, Diane Charlie Sanders victims are not all those guys are for our Minnesota, yeah
yeah. I don't know like that. Was degeneration after me worthy rogues, this hand ups. Yet the out there on your own room to room deserve farming for moms everywhere. Here with a group work social animals, there layers employers at a rebel. There are my sad and hotel alive. I've actually grown to really enjoy the. A part of the life right and just in a hotel, Microsoft, clean when we hear any noise and to worry about anything, that's perfect of tiny water, wherever I answer, but it's just peaceful used to be like were my working life is now my read of quiet, yak and right now, there's nothing do Arthur. You do
heavy you dont sketch, but he also doing what happened Beckett in each region they have. Yet later I took a hall like a hoped semester, I'm back yeah lama yeah accurately to explain why what is the key to back it? What's the essence, so, ok am I importantly, I took this begging class and I was I thought it was so stupid and I hated it and pointless, and I was like this is garbage existence exactly what Beckett's trying to get across. You got the message I would like it's not like you try and then, like a. I just got put into contact and that's like I feel like when I understood suddenly like reactions and art and what everyone to Jerry Plan tat you and I and and like my caught my little when my nieces, unlike histories, do because you don't like use it today. As I know, no girl, no, like our history, is everything you have to know. The context for were reactions come from. That's a big fear, like that's my fear of
The way the internet is shifting, the brains of you your people, then there's no contacts and seemingly no need for it kind of floatin. This time free zone and we just react to everything all the time. Yes, yes, in in real time, rather than looking back again doing what you have to contact your eyes to understand the importance of anything else. Everything gets dismissed in just three under the pile re. Exactly like. You can look at a like some people. Look at a protest is like you, I'd look at those angry people on the street, just messing bag, my I live in the bright. No, oh look like in the context of why their protest writing in his new Vienna sure said, Sir it's, but, but I think that that I opened my eyes and am glad that I took that clashes at your euro. We we gave you that, intellectual peace where you're like gonna, get the shaded stupid. Then you like, but this is what was happening were inferior.
and in the world and where he was at the time and yet totally it with a briggs, yes total ever. I would like a breakdown of like what is the meaning, a theater and like you, an end. I became absolutely obsessed with their there's. This one called that time that I stage just like completely it's in there all somewhat insane. and I play them an end game. I played the of the old woman. Those like Hamon, I forget them, I'm gonna get hosted by my theatre friend over here, we had a common definition there I was a gap. What were they was? Aren't she suddenly? She saw your without using the out of nowhere. I pulled back, it is actually the thing did he did it start to frame I'm ready for you, I mean like you, must have some influence on something. I terms if I fear
Okay, I said a lot of. I said it like. I said Hitchcock for a semester, but Becky really stuck with me like. I think it was just like thinking outside of the box, was something that kind of stuck. media earned and not like I ll of mainstream comedy now. Get me wrong. It's my favorite. I saw him. I love it. I love I'm just concentrating on my mother watch some things you, the net, like she's, never think low she's, like a Cyrus, I'm gonna key sheet. Listen. My biggest accomplishment was a Peyton Manning commercially when they do that because they were Is everything changed so much so that they don't know how to to sort of like conceptualize? Your aim target? because it's like is IRAN and Namby see now ABC now, CBS now gangway, then what is it? right and Zambia
get that what it is that the reconstruction love network dynamic and not enough at nothing Oh yeah yeah, I think a theatre school I feel like studying both mainstream and kind of the great hero was just good for me to like it expanded my palette cause. I had kind of You know mostly don just comedy in high school nationally, so much that a high sure you realize a high school teacher can really hand right what are appropriate and work the eye, then whether kid can hand yeah. So it was good to just really kind of challenge and- south. But during that whole process it was like. I was asking marching: Banipal trombone, I was at a scar band and I mean it was primetime marching in yeah. Do you in high school to yeah, really yeah? and they are not like other than nerd and Theatre Nerd Yeah- it's. I thought you get him
again for your very high rate of nerd, how very expressive nerdy here, you're putting yourself There are no other ways it you know, maybe doing. People like the FARC check with trombone do pursuing their play. Man the play please year, generosity, the inner slip up and remember intermission dear so far I remember everything that the United States with the second part of the play, the ice cream the whole bit dried of cell flower me. She said It was in a banana. It wasn't era this right and she's cool so but you're doing this sketch stuff. So you are not adequate peoples and then you just go to New York. I, after after college, mentioning our different restricting York moved in with a friend from college, worked at Columbia University for a year as an assistant.
Professor of where job more kind of professor of imperative literature ruin YAP, buddies. It teacher Colombia yeah. I got that job too. There was a temp job and this woman guy tree. check of artists back whose a very impressive professor she went through like fifty assistance for your six month like notion, nobody likes workfare. and I was like doing extra work on us announced you're, sorry, Batavia ad and, like I just point b, I wonder audition and I wanted to be a theater, and then I got this tempt Savage with yellow. Get me for whatever reason announced that. Why are you being so mean to me into it? You know I came I like you. Don't get back to me. It keep me
in you talk straight to me, I would like to offer you a full time job. Oh, my god of the approaching bear, did get that size that, yes guess it was like the it out. Thirty five thousand dollars a year whatever and lake, did you keep your honor you? she kept telling me, but I would just talk back to artists, Quebec and leg, really, if there's a movie, ok, european jargon reads a purpose. We have got the idea and the eighty ass his onto them. That is why it was just a really interesting using job, because I would I just like didn't. Care what you fuck? As I know it in turn of invested, he has only in future to yeah, but that's she loved. By did you learn anything
and could you gotta classes or anything now lasting person? I read, I read there at some she really carbonic gets. I read a bunch carbonic our lawyers and finally, my bluebeard and I m sure I was helping coordinate this guide a data. I don't you familiar with the data asthma anywhere, but, like he's like he came over and I kind of learned already forgotten That is why there was a guy named oughta. Yeah, there's no doubt it is by the now there was a dog, the guy. You have your guide, that data daddy. I gotta daddy file alarm at the time. I don't remember now, bear definitely loved all the philosophical like thought. I don't I'm really my day. It's it's so itself. It is just a guy. Goes back, like you know, back at opening your mind is that, unlike this is so fuckin stupid, like you know, they have put in Academia John World Yandah threats of lives, yeah, it's the only place
to keep it alive, really any of that stuff. If it was academia, nor give a fuck about Beckett anywhere, totally sort of sand now make up everyone's while they can so they can be it's too celebrities to do a of waiting yeah, I guess so when he saved us again, but maybe I'm being cynical, you know it's. So how did you get? Extra work it s now. Oh man, So much you're, not gonna, believe is a cousin, but when a man like that, but when the ninety- because my cousins ants, whose screenwriter out here he's, is genius, as India, Brian and he his answer, not my aunt by his moms sister. She worked, forlorn Michael's and, like I got an to do extra. What are you just on the list? Your idea they were like. Can you my my.
my cousin, we are sure that I got unless and then I thought I did it the amount of times you could do before you had to join union and then at the time it was after us, with a thousand bucks to join. I couldn't afford it, so I did it until that moment, but like it was, it was just while it was my dream was my whole dream was being alive yeah. I guess it before you did comedy or anything. I know this was like. The begin is like the drag out like my right when I landed. I was doing this that I could believe that, where, in the studio on the said doing the thing she added table yeah like a fitting yeah like in their though like a screening room type, places that they would just keep us. Unlike who is the cast them? It was like ratio sands crisper. Now what about you we'll Feral was gone, I think he might have. I think he, unlike sure Terry, my sham parliament, S laugh and went about. Foulon was found yeah,
but I mean really get to meet to many people I am really get to our German and you see be like Eurasia Sands would hang out, and so we I wouldn't be Rebecca yeah yeah, sir, when you got here, is you got into classes over their yeah, yeah slice, and that was that when it was in the old Porno theatre yet onto a second street here, yeah, yes, so I started lake. I think the theatre started in ninety six or nine eight, maybe ninety they weren't solo arts and there in two thousand, when I their joint second street amount whilst who lived upstairs Then you live up to their line of her right, all right, all right god. I won't get a place. I live bait on twenty third street near home in their youth. Eighty one of the girls they're admiral I've been yeah yeah yeah, those who was happening bar four minute right, yeah right right, it twenty third in that area by the Flatiron building kind. Yet
I can get a job at the sister places are those that the diner and union square? You remember that place? the hot models for area was called. I forget place yeah and those all models that work there and I applied to work their efforts, and they let it really look rubber down the right. You should go. I've got a third, you can all even imagine, hoping marching Man and theatre nerd someday. I rejection. I wasn't stoker trombone Faye. I learned how to shock oysters. There live bait, I tell you, got the job. Had we been ok, you're doing you do in the US I'll thing, you're doing that you see be whose teaching you c b was Andy: Secundem Sean Conroy, Billy Merit Lakes, Amy,
was still doing like one off classes and even Roberts was so doing like an occasional classier there. No, that was used probably teaching too I dunno browser, I never to comfort. I was so afraid of that better. I I still I can never I'll never get over. My fear of him. The ice is intense, you know, there's something I can see how it be frightening. twenty two year, all of your, like God, in order fuck up in front of you and like you, I would do those late night shows that I came again on stage. You know when I really like it really besser yeah, there's like me, shall we would just kind of like you know here for everybody on, say chicken off stage and like it was, it was There was a threat, but it was so it was so I don't know that whole process. You just saying I have we May, I go do show stand of shows it used to be, and I have this fundamental resentment against
These well adjusted people that can work as a group and the audiences by Galileo No, no matter how many people try to hang all comedy on me. For me being part of that I presented it. I wasn't Luna yelling because I couldn't get work elsewhere, whom I was there Why do you use that word? I mean indifference on the part of the story. that was in the now you I know you were there. You tie bury your slogan. Alan knows guy, and I would do like I, like my. I finally did like a thirty four thirty or was sixty and sixty one of those I was like when I did that I was. Like I've made it up as a stand up illegalities doing bit like I don't know. If I was a stand up, I was you I got a minute, then Ryan member. This, yet, as are fine What was the name of the guy that used to organize those? He had like a kind of a good name? I can't make you said comic con members knew we can't do the memory
make your trying stand up yeah. I did for a minute, and it's because I was trying to figure out where I belonged in that merely we're all rosy dont. There's. No, I mean the is coming. Hollywood. You like, I will be an actor, and, unlike this is really I think you're right, you play an out of the eight, but not as do the no side. tried. I, like I add my friend, a college friend worked for bury cat so like he would put me on a couple of gags. Unlike I went. I went out with thumb. That's that's a messy whole over office to work. Indy it I went. I open public Bobby Kelly ones and our madrigal, like I would add this- was not my crowd. You put the picture but well like guitar, but you did it Bobby Those three guys there's saw those two. Yes there so sweeteners so funny. We we had a great time. glad allow the comics we got two there. Would you have me
Abby College a monster, but it is my very sweetly now they a red they were really nice three and by its just like they ve. They could tell like that. I was a funny person, but I just like with not translating to rush for my first stand up here, so I just like any do this anymore, but improbably like connected with me and sketch was really layer collect with me. We may you Jimmy Rebecca, met her in two thousand and six so soon you were just bouncing around for years in New York, I got improv I'd work to the pets are either yeah The panorama that per year and people are brought theater, I did work with Kirsten aims to address both the I worked. Our west backwardness. a forty five after while software like any Izard time, say: ok, you went so they d Jerusalem Syndrome, Roma. I know
I know, shall Mouser two thousand and one that was, but I was Here's the names are, didn't she. Took me under her wing and like she was doing, a solo show class. So she needed directors are real. before her solitary myself, and it was an amazing class of people like including of your eyes, Hamburg, within a slight ass leaflet. Now with them. He had an It was just after your show, so we it was kind of like a template for alike, a solo show could be developed. A thriving and diverse, my movement, so Lake, so I would work or people stories the rails. Raise happened. Development shows are like if they want to shoot character, drama urging indeed yet again, and then I would do you know then start to put together. Their actual tiller shows many therefore I ween Kelly? Ah, ah I Nicky farce
I heard there was a cop others that was It is worth a format that was the way to present oneself at the time. Indeed, Listen. I had two soldiers you're doing why just told you have gained in Denver he's about to do one at the friend. You know it's like as a form. You know I don't know I you know, I would back on what I've done it, I've, done it and I dont know I mean it, I'm still a comic yet, but you know the idea of these show. The solo show gave you a little more. latitude to you. When, when you're a comic in Europe, heart and soul. There's some What are you gonna die? You can't be funny Ottawa either. Here we are again Mr Drama guy. Now I gotta get right of you cry will billions,
Tom Hanks moments like you know there is a like. You know, there's something I can show you where you can manage scandal the Vienna I better, but I did M Andrew John Syndrome was like I looked back on it and it's it's such a marketable format, which and these are kind of did a one woman trial because he had direct and so many it was hilarious array of his own warlords of that's who were yet was very farmers and used to do a bit about a guy doing one mentioned. You know who, yes, everything again you after I saw my come again. I can do many movement, weird intentional stays relevance of a guy who's not used to being on the stage in any way to address they make decisions so so that's what's Did you directing yeah I mean you know I directed in college. I did vote alright, the right! I am the Beckett indeed Vegas
I did the female version of the odd couple in college ginger. I love that true here. What really motivated me was that the Mai professor at the time, said why why would they do with women like the powers that funny- and I was like If we could make a fire was lit, really really pissed me off and where would teachers can teach you involuntarily? Yes, indeed, there yeah so I had kind of been. I mean how got to where I am today is kind of like it? It I've been doing it for a long time, but didn't necessarily know that it was a thing that you could do cause. Every one told me it was too hard to break it. To direct a film director felt drive baby. Anything, but it really like our his heart sure, but I mean by it seems: like you, I think you and Rebecca were sort of head of the curve in the podcasting Oh yeah we had. We did our Apple sisters podcast now. Yes,
because that's all it seems to me that that, in terms of land, the comedy world and in it and in an earnest way. It was with that right. Let's see I mean so when we created the apple sisters in two thousand and six He then seven and we went to the Montreal just last comedy festival, and that was a kind of our big break and those in two thousand and eight- and this was it just deteriorate three of our three of your internet IRA style to act in a way yeah where ninety forties Comedy radio show. So like I love the marked brothers came up but back here and we love to sing and dance. Sarah's comes from Broadway family, her grandmothers, Ruby killer from forty second ST allow here and say I reckon I will only female teachers. People have tying us like that that the patent now you guys do Chauvelin fuck you just gotta women unwilling actually grow funny. I didn't like pin calendar, a comedy, pinup calendar and Rebecca. I was Workin Orkut.
Reverend ass. They came up with this bit and we. did a new show every month. So we would write three brand new songs, choreographed them right comedy bets like your classic pine faithfully. So is almost like a period peace for Eddie show yeah wit, but it was satirical. So we are very much talk about lot of like the war going on casino. Bush was president at the time, and I as like ours, yeah yeah. I know there is a war going on inside a wooden running for president. You, nobody so great on occasion but so there's three of us was candy core and see the apple I play Cora
all the damn one. I just love seamen, examiners and candy. Is the she's got a husband him sheriff? Was a man running an overseas, are closer lesbian character and then see the apple whose, like the Jesus, loving in denial, conservative of our group? We have it. We have- but we ve had a lot of fun over the years late, just poking fun it politics through the nineteen forty lens so when you did Montreal gaming, what what? What did that yield? I mean, what were you offered show. Where did you take meetings as a group in yeah no, you didn't. We got ages manders from now the waves a year we signed with, like you'd, see aimed principally at a young after that, because we're like the only unrepresented group, were going female from the sketch comedy like block. I still
with principality. Now not anymore by George, you, dear mother, thinks trademark gonna start somewhere. The exact will take up. It's a frank is, I repeat, a british principle when they were all starting out here and I didn't realize at you, I just the nature. The thing everybody starts out, whatever their doing in show business, and they just eventually evolve in some make it somehow I was such a dictator. And those guys, just like you know who the fuck are, these people with these suits. You know a gag rule. I just I remember there was a point we're Peter. Like you know, made the shift from your being a shoot guy manager to the leather jack, a guy like no other JAG guy. Now then they went on there big career like you know, when I knew him this was this guy. With such a day, I gotta be careful that I think it there. my year. Do it our eight people of YO? Exactly where you are, but you he remembers me as a dick. They there's some people that have those memories, fingerprints upon it
I don't think there's a lot of power to hurt me now. Baker move what do you say about my jacket up up up up up up never gave up here. Never forgive! You are working. I weren't flannel for the rest of my life in support of projects for that so that you got the aging you got going yeah and I that's a year I tested presented in. I live because everything, my sallow shall call me engagement, and so I was doing like I was doing a couple of file weird and bright, like Canute Character, there impression, impressive and like by my favorite impression, was Judy. Garland was afraid of bears a really stupid they do. It was only by category I was home, I need you to go along. Where how about sitting in front of your microphone and laughing, whether bring moustaches the bare mustache Barbara Shaw: did you get all the way through to learn idea?
I got all the way through. I got two. I did that got the call to do like the comic strip how'd it go show out when later in the middle of a whereas you climb go was it here. I am, I am there got it. I get their member going to that. Shall like one girl throwing up in the bathroom manure and like hell? Why can't is actually not know where we are different together, Mikhail in Macao, and so that mean us? That's what I mean first met her. We were on the addition- and I was like obsessed with her when I say our beds- Numb it's a weird, it's really hard things should Eleanor Gregory here s, another story: I ate yeah, it's it's kind of crazy, like our paths were like rightly rights, and then she went up there and I like
granted to allay so you she got on the show, for what would you is? I am when you're right, yeah and then yeah went where I went to allay like it broke I broke me. It broke my right and rejection on yak as I want. You know. I did that and then got young either what aid or the youngest it in any of you test that age and like I was getting very encouraging you know emails from here the writers there, but then I didn't get it and it just like broke it brought me was broken heart broken. I show business I literally was like I'm leaving New York. There's nothing left and what about Rebecca wheels, I decided to go to allay together. You do yeah yeah. We week we came. I lay together, thank God, Resent Movie
was tat what I mean. I know, and I was just another pitching session Coloma professor stole my third. I'm ok go! If she has that accident, you gotta yet don't shoot from a colonialist India, some power YAP. Yes, a mega the best movie so you get out here, yeah and everything
The skies open Ellie welcomes you, I'm working at the city bakery in Brentwood my vices, eighteen years old, mumbles thirty. It was a rocky start, but I was determined to make it like look at you, you did it. You have a Rebecca came and Sarah actually went to LAS Vegas to Jersey boys. So we were performing between allay ridding alive, shows and allay. Unless Vegas did you do Jersey, boys? I was in the movie area, the movie Rosetta Sarah was actually pregnant, and so she said to the cask vector my sister's, which road we know at this point were basically sisters, but then my sisters, can do the show because I've seen it so many times and I was like which was Wild Jersey, it is the word evaluation, Frankie Valor and key value. Use. Rudy, Valley, Ruiz
an older from private forties, nineteen hundred. Yes, there discography nineteen, twenty nine. Where love s record all the way through to nineteen seventy six I mean they were of contemporary, sank, ass, Ganda Sworder he's an old timer yet, but Frankie Valley, Serbia, yeah, my frank advantage. It Valley here those wild I met in this way that with grave many directive, the movie yeah how's quaint, I mean he's like the coolest guy. Ever, and I mean this was like shortly after the chair situation, so that was a secret policy. John Grey effort during the actual there's a job is indeed but you know he he left the improvised onset, which was a great
I think it is that you do that, and I don't know I don't know very major film and now the fairy like that, but that that that movie just stuck basically to the broader Asia Rescript Right but a three does not give rise to entertain him in any way. Do like two takes. We we, you know you don't do that. Much is very quiet. Sat he's very just like efficient just gives you like one little just meant but really like trust the actors in the end they waited when you're talking to me, like. I don't like to look at myself. Any mark Jimmy, really yeah he's like I really like when I log alone. I myself, I see this old guy, but I don't feel outcome Herbert, but then he also make jokes about you know my improv being like red and g wedded P and waited ex up
sounds like you have a real dynamically regularly. I pray you was that I mean give an actor. I imagine that he knows. Even the copyright. Emily knows and like what will come to yoke of your agenda cause? I'm sure he's very it's very intimidated disability at its with, where some people well close themselves, outcries its intimidating to approach them. He write like it wasn't like the pleasant life is a window. You start that apple sisters package. That was your wolf right, yeah you're. Well, I think we started in two thousand ten or the radio play Kenneth yeah yeah would take. Our are all live, shows our scope to chose, and we would write new Pike S about them. so. We would do that was like you must be won the first ones doing radio Theatre, podcast yeah, yeah I mean I mean controlling adventure hour. They were doing stuff. I think right, ten of it and allay era. We leave eventual across bath, but we are you are doing like square. I didn't realize how kind of revel man revolutionary. Forgive me
the idea has been around but like how different it was to be doing scripted stuff on radko level. Time yet goes. It was wild West enemy that we start in two thousand and nine and they were podcast around, but it wasn't it popular medium, so you can do whatever you want it, and there is only a couple that I, you are doing that scripted, stuff yeah there a straight up. Radio plays in a way some of them in that became a very popular mode. Later I don't know when that happened when it really started to take off, yeah. I work. Why we didn't continue is because, like there was like some some structure staff but then we didn't make any money doing that Jordan and they were there. Paying their engineers but, like I dont, think that much unlike then when they really you guys have the figures on your own. We're like. We have no idea how to regulate listener.
The gap mega living one on a year once we had done it for like a year earlier doing all these brand new scripted shows we were colic. What like? What are we doing? Words kind of like I think we had a great. We had a really great by this airship you now and then it just. I got it once they kind of handed over to so you're like to have you for, can do it. How do you get traction? How you do it? You do. I handed over to you in which, since it in order to write it, monetize it now. I dont think they were discredit take away. They were like we don't know. We can't do your studio time anymore or like economy like yeah. It was like the infrastructure they were taking from the night came of it what will you do to your house that I think that a yak at the other building, the acknowledged by think that was when, like them, you know like when their bribing bought by somebody yeah sure by scripts, scrap stab. We are we
balance. That was, it was fun for us because you didn't ask. Do pops costumes book stage in Albania knows but but it but all of the recording and put you know, tat and producing without being done for us. In order for you, you're doing without a figure out find some way to do that. Yeah she went away. I just went away. That's right. It was kind of sad and then you just doing the acting yeah. It's acting work, but that in any glow yap a gag glow the thing that definitely completely changed my life because I was about to actually go run. A pike has network seriously, I wanted you and Rebecca as a package for Lily S. Yeah till we addition together so generous. Then then causing director the legendary casting derived areas. So I
we met in New York. She saw the apple sisters was a fad, the apples, his nurse you brought me influx got pilgrim. Oh you like brought me in. very very supposed great in other once and I've known since she was like a child yeah. He sees the mate I've. It's been unlike she's scene of buds without and Jones, like they kind of like those. Two really have changed, my life for sure, another casting direct and so get Jane, Damn brought Rebecca Diana, we just that we didn't have a chance, will judge conscience like glass, oh, which we both new and like the one we are like this is this is ever gonna happen until I was gonna, get like the timelines kind of crazy? I was gonna get. plan as good you, the addition get up in New York except the job and then become of executive producer patches and though
Can we get we get the addition we she's like you, can improvise just do some characters and stuff, so we did like the apple sisters. We did a couple of other bits that we kind of come up with cuz like we drove back and forth to Vegas for years reckon I we have so many show ideas with seventy characters that we do on we weren't back and forth, Vegas or because of Sarah low. My third apple system as a Vegas over reckon, I would derived less Vegas. So during those I during it wasn't like hours and hours on around the two of us we came up with like we had a business together, called the nerves of a feather resolve had other passengers. We worked at the same time together. We we like we sought. Pilots get like we have done so much shit because of our car right here that, with this cave, allow your wishes, like an extension of just like us being in car five hours, grew and grew so degree.
Story, heavy incubator indeed, and so we yet we we audition and then we got a callback eyes like hilarious universal. I had to move my plane for me In our view, a week of becoming the progress network, the big podcast break. why? What? That work is how they do and that there is a well known fact that up We take full circle but now I would like people that work there. So we got. We did the call back which aid and give us a scrapped. It was less curly, Genji, there's a cumbersome character, so we're like a case which came with a wrestling characters. We did some eighties. Manned rebellion asked for it, but then they just set this out and talk to us about our story and like He had now we may like. We had children three months apart, like with like we ve just
then everything together. They wanted real friends who were also a comic dual were, and that was custom made for you truly, but we ass brilliant thank resource Adele coming down from like, like she so fat outside. We don't have a chance. Because I had a baby like nine months. Not let not so we are like Africa. You know. Is this kind of one of the tradition there? We really through caution to the wind and then I went to have coffee the next day with Molly Prather, and I decided to turn my phone off cuz. I was like I'm going to be. moment I haven't seen you in my area relates together. She goes about, I may decide terms format and there's like forty Mescal, that, with its back thou we got glove. How great is nice when it's all at once Uruguay worldwide
Nevertheless, Genji experience for sure it was good every time we have man, it was a great I we had, and it's so fucked up, that we couldn't finish it yeah. I really liked your message. Back the movie? I really wonder when Anamaria Shaggy, I decided I answer from our lives. There is less it's fucking moving up like those of the people. We wouldn't have been that big. Do you know what you know they could have like Netflix could have done it yeah. I don't know what budgetary why things, but he was already. Every written, a fuckin season, most of it so like the writing, wouldn't have been that big a deal and in terms of like it it just seemed like he could have been done. It would have been nice to do. It would have been real, nice, but it really was an issue of I do it's not. I have sympathy behaved. I understand why.
You couldn't do it they're just holding onto that all those locations setting it wasn't indefinable and we we could bear. We do it now. I mean right, protocols, your shifted with that kind of show. I mean there's no way to do it without daily testing, and this just wasn't there and they couldn't wait reality I know that with that that was a tough call again in like the midst of all this shit in oh yeah, so we went how did you get this Eliza thing out? Because this is the first feature film yeah? So I started directing television like I got my dj, I subjecting before, like I dropped a couple you to read series like all Jeff like sketches, and I did Olive Rachel blooms like music videos, and you did and like like a very busy with it. You yeah before before a glove year long. I was just doing these psych. I did a website called junkie tears for coming central in it. Are you to read choke on hyperlink than I,
and those pilots, and they both got picture for series. It was kind of one of those things that motivated me that this might be what I should be doing and ride and then, of course, glow was like no. when will you do it? No? No! No! No! No! They dislike hardly class to do so. Yet I was back in agony area, however, to the puppet show. Yeah though I didn't believe it like. I just didn't believe that, like anything, I don't I don't trust acting. I get on transactions, eggs like I always feel. Oh, you have leading, and you too have any power no agency. Indeed, yes, even though, like it was the greatest explained accusations of my life, but it was just like I don't know. What's gonna happen after this, I need some like insurances, and so actually I got my first dj gig during forty one of closer. Let me often episode to direct this Amazon Show, which was amazing because they don't have to do that for the organised and so they saved our salaries, that's good good, all around, but then after a
they were to television. I was I direct. My first feature was a documentary cut Nergal arising that I did in two thousand and eight, and while I made it with, Jeanne Fireside. We made it. We found the sky empty front. Why Europe that dungeon and dragons, and gathering for your money. So we are discovering this world and like two dozen piped, doesn't six here and we throw money. Those pre kickstarter, so we were dislike, asked What a paperless money with them, the credit and always in the forefront, Marquis cutting edge and that one I myself was in two thousand and eight the that's kind of like where I started pajamas. yet put european and american terms like I did go to school, but this is kind of like my island had operate camera to sound and I had always been tinkering. did you get back to a feature? Is that when this came all along that it was actually getting made, which you know is a miracle that any movie gets made
Eliza Movie, and she even turn make it for a long time. I read it. I like TAT. I knew what to do with it right. It was with universal and it got pushed by three months one issue in Chicago than a push by three months, as regards China way of herself she had good on paper for a long time. Eliza had the script. Yes, she is for a long time, because those based on the story that she told stand up here and so she said, you know it now stating a guy that turned out to be a complete fraud. Exactly I had pitched you know to her and the producers and universal- and I got the job zone It's your vision for the further for how yeah do you have to make a board? I the first reading was just start talking story, characters, housing, a luxury and then the second meeting I put together a little luck book and look here. Yeah argument had casting idea:
as a hustle. You know a lot of the references were you know, those old thrillers and yeah and Eliza trusted you from the Gekko I agree that now we re great working relationship and she's psych worker yeah I mean I would have notes than I would send senator and then she would turn around the script and like three days while she was on the road doings. fuck em worker be our cattle. Without such a hard worker and numb. You know I I I you know it came together so fast cause. I arrive. I think I was higher. Probably a month for they're gonna start shooting and then it got push so Some two hundred about the script, unlike get shit together, but luckily I had worked on a lot of independent. I come from independent film, Laura he stopped. I could call upon a lot of good people.
Quitting. My hd drew Langer who worked with the deplore. Rather so he really gets that, like her low budget year fast pace of other people that when could make a movie and couple weeks, yes drew his actually winds whistling They d visa rights than why I obviously hugely admired everything she did and probably modeled my whole career after what she did, yet when she went to make movies you'd make a movie. I know it's very inspiring egg. Just do it like what he waited for, because here we know that if you go to the city could take forever so this He felt very much in that spirit. It was just like. Let's do it, you know call them every favour possible. And it was not, you are right, I mean listen. It was this one point: two million dollar movie it at universal. Here it got eight, we finished it right, the top and pandemic. So I finished editing in February twenty twenty year,
and then had to do all the rest, the post of when the pandemic of first starting here we were just like invent like we were let's try, this thing called zoo right of general beggar and try to like do. Eighty are batavian. I wouldn't want you didn't give released into after till a few months ago, right yeah a few months ago here. So when I kind of one when we started this fell, What kind of thought it was gonna be in this tat. Southward incinerators and then Netflix kind of came in a real they got behind it and like put it on billboards, Times square area, unbelievable near like I do all those escaped to like it could. Might not have gone that way if you got festivals probably doesn't have their line distributor and like just a year but the air they made a big deal that cause or would it will show
Does she have a deal there or an earth like his name they naval, given her a lot of opportunities, yeah yeah, so they had like shower? I should like five special area. It was the perfect place to go ultimately, because it would have ended up at a streamer anyway, and so the fact that we are going out when I saw her she's like number three or network that that was trippy and I was scared out of my mind because this you know you can, I kind of way and thinking like. Ok great. This be, like you know, like all my friends like they owed. They do the festivals slowly get to their Bayard a movie and like it was just like out of it. Like you like your director. Now you do preachers. This is what we think of you. Risk here is still scurry, still scared, have you got offers and stuff for you. It's been great, it's been great and you know it still. It's always going.
Hard to make a movie, no matter what I had been attached to a big Sony feature before I got Eliza Movie Inner fell through, but that attachment to that big movies, a thing that got me Eliza Movie were so everything like serve? This purpose are eagerly unlike everything's, a learning lesson in the Well, how my directing career the movies help my tv directing her picture You never know when it's workin out its work, How do you think's mark this? Is such a nice thing? you for you to invite me. I always wondered when it was gonna happen if it was ever happen and have been. It means a wedge thing and my father in law. Listen to this pike as religiously. So, what's up J, look! Ok, we'll get I M glad it would cause. Great, I have to say, is a causes. Gimme mark talked about
it will in any event, thank you for that up up up up up now, you know a lot about you. Jimmy gave word good on paper. That movie with Eliza was under. That directive is now streaming on networks and don't forget it can happen so easily you're out with your friends or coworkers you're, putting back a few drinks, a few becomes a few too many it's time to go for a moment. You think call arrive on colony arrived But hey wait a minute, then you think you're a good driver you live near by you can make it home? Ok, yeah! Well, what are the odds you'll get pulled over and even so, what worse. It could have right. You lose your license right wrong. Yours, job? Maybe you totally car you? Could you kill someone. Could kill yourself. Could it only takes one mistake to change your life or someone else
forever or ended safe and plan ahead to get a ride? Dr Sober or get pulled over there's some sad guitar per Charlie Watts
Burma or lives Monkey Le Fonda CAT angels everywhere
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