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Episode 1269 - Taraji P. Henson

2021-10-11 | 🔗

Taraji P. Henson says all her f***s are behind her now. But after three decades in show business, Taraji admits she only feels freedom from her f***s because of her openness around mental health. Taraji and Marc talk about the importance of coping with mental illness, as well as Taraji’s work to encourage mental health awareness in the Black community. They also talk about her landmark performances, from Baby Boy to Empire to Hidden Figures, and how she dealt with getting pushed out of roles after being told that “Black doesn’t sell.” 

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and it made me feel better. I took a break yesterday, yeah man, I have just been beating the shit out of myself, trying to re, engage with the patterns of my life positive when I'm home after being on the road for so long as I mentioned before night, not for them, looking for sympathy or deserve any? For? I fighting for back the punch, but I put on but there are no, maybe I'm getting old I maybe I'm getting old. because I worked out pretty hard, Three times last week, I will, I walked up hike that man three times and by yesterday Sunday I was broken man. I was a broken man all effort, I'm putting into making myself feel better. I is causing me physical pain. Then I refuse to acknowledge is being the cause Mayo to an acupuncture rest, and I don't do that.
but my buddy Dan, his wife Jan, is acupuncture us in on my guard I'll. Try it man my shoulders- hurt my neck Kurtz. My lower back is fucked me Towser a mess. And the shoulder thing is you it's all self generated, but Try it right. I did I did, and She did Gwawl Shaw on me. You read Gwawl Shaw wash Eyes today on the show I talk to you Roger P Hansen, who I love her HU. I love who doesn't lover. Oh my God, baby boys, one of my favorite fuckin movies. You may knowers cookie from empire. Our four How soon flower hang figures? and baby boy, yeah baby boy, masterpieces also an advocate for mental health awareness. She starts. The foundation named after her father, the Boris Lawrence Hansen Foundation,
to focus on getting mental health resources to people with limited access to them, she has a show on Facebook watch called peace of mind with turingi that focus is on mental health issues, particularly within the black community, but I was just I was just the threshold to talk to work, as I just she so great great act and I had a full time talking to her and you'll hear that fight, so that appropriate. Today's episode is sponsored by better help to run we spend a lot of her time getting people to talk honestly and openly about their mental health in supporting to get rid of stigmas associated with it, because the when we talk about. What's bothering us the more we can figure out what's causing us to feel stuck in a cycle of stress or sadness and figuring? That out is how we can get out of it better help. Get you there by matching you with your own licence, professional therapist. I tell you
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I guess, I'm getting old and fifty eight. Now, But my shoulders are hurting because I dont in Alsace, stubborn, yet you know I'm it's weird I've. I've had massages. In my life, I've been to acupuncture once or twice in my life, but I don't. Do you consider it that much? I don't. I don't know why that is in my mind, you I just don't. I dont think these things are effective and they should be. something you do with regularity. I mean you know you can't put all of your pain in one basket, but but you should try something massage who wouldn't lighting a massage. Every week, Brad just don't do, and I guess I should do it, because I need some I can body. Work may need some help by yet these horrible shoulder pains, I think it's from. I I injured them. When I shifted my exercise routine to include pull up some stuff and then irritated by doing sort of poorly turned downward dogs, and now it's like just kind of chronic shoulder paint, some
I think it's a heart attack some days. I think I know where you are joint cancer arthritis whereby the EU whatever, but my she's good, but I did. I went to see Jen JET Black, sees it I think it's called Highland, who is Dixon she's a great practitioner of these things, these eastern ideas, the acupuncture cheated the Bois Shaw, wash, I know no cut, in Gaza and she showed me I'd. I dont understand The eastern medicine, really my first wife had a a sickness that was pretty bad and in very It was a meningitis sickness in an inn. Recovery from it she went to an eastern practitioner? Chow, he's. Herbalist was on the t like the hard core not powder but like the bugs and roots implants in things.
and the smell. Like a year, and there is part of me this sort of like. Why mean you know how you gonna know of any things working if the prescription is do this for a year and will see how you feel I'm in the bodies miraculous bit of business in terms of its regeneration and recuperation. recovery potential so how are you really going to say like guy that that stuff Really changed my life after a year, don't know don't know if you can hinder today. So I've always- skeptical I've done acupuncture before I've gotten the two acts my ears. There is actually a tv appearance. I did years ago. I think, with her. Paul prevents a show comics. Only where I have. I have the tax in my ears to quit. Smoking I remember cause. Hicks was their shooting one. He was out of that. We are on the same show together, but he said her puffin away, and I told him Had the tax, my ears, he goes out work. Might I don't know, I guess we'll see they didn't, but
I gotta try something The fear is useless. you take care of yourself without getting cut. Right the ideas you go if I went to a orthopedic or a shoulder guy. You know that two things could have neither his say like you know. Well you ripped this. You did that an exercise for two weeks or a month, and I don't want to hear that because I want to keep exercising I'll, keep myself I'll fuckin idiot or you're here yet I have to go in there and do an x moratoria. Procedure- and there may be a surgery well, we'll cut in here we'll cut there and then your fuck, and then he like in my region of ever recover from anything. Why give you, I know guys got back surgery in their sixties? Regret it. but this is how I grew up. That's the other problem. I grew up with a western medical practitioner. My father was an orthopedic surgeon and I
grew up to believe that your medicine and surgery in these guys, mostly guys these surgeons and doctors who were his young friend, in Co. Workers were, they knew how to fix people, but they don't always. I think it's a brain, changing thing that the kind of put it in my head when what my dad wanted to go. He had to see how to do a procedure on a hit by think so we had them lie. Never screening room at the hospital. I had to do it back in the day. I was a kid he's coming Within this movie I gotta watch about this procedure and I want to watch a movie with him about some surgical procedure and it was like hammers and saws in fact, I'd me, I couldn't fucking believe they opened a guy up and they would pounding nails and Duma look like and MIKE Holy FUCK. this is crazy. saws and Hamerton drills.
but I guess you know you got to put pins in got to put pins in whatever the fuck. That is, but I got it in my head- that this is the only way something extreme something pharmaceutical something surgical. and obviously there is a different timezone, indifferent pace in India, approach, the EAST Medicine and I'm open about you, I went because I dont you. I want to feel better. I don't need to be in pain, is my pain. Tolerance is kind of high the campaign, so she did Grusha, which is a yard you take her like a stone or metal, can scrape being thing, and you just movie you scrape along these certain areas of pain and it ruptures blood vessels. So you get these weird bruises, however, and I did a little bit of a bleeding me out young couple drops of of releasing some blood and did the area the Bois Shaw and then did some needles and she said, wait a couple days some way, a couple days and I got,
hours man I got the Grosch Oscars two shows that I've been the prey this the the eastern style you know, I'm open to it, but I know in my heart, like you out and maybe I'll feel, a little relief stuck some needles in my toe joints. One of my far had some fingers. I think now wait back for a while meditated in the room. But I'll see I'll see I mean I know she just take a break. For my part. I can't because I don't know what to tell you man, I'm comfortable at a certain wait, I'm comfortable with certain activities and now that I've been going out for so long and through all this. couple years, the lock down in the grief like idea, I've kind of grown used to whatever, What happens to me when I exercise whatever happens my brain, but man I was free, can exhausted. Yesterday, after last week, like like pay before exhausted to the point of anger and hostility,
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makes you feel like you achieve something. Ah ha get the hose out all right, so to Roger Hansen, to Roger P, Hansen he has this. Second season of her facebook watch series peace of mind with to premier today you can see or in our movies, but tat gold. get this that facebook dot com swash watch to check it out and now I will talk to her and it was fun talk very excited to hear so you ve been absent story. Yes, your worn out that is not yet is just a different time that I started my day. You crazy, you shall have some earlier is really
crazy, but also used having done so long. You have rain me we're like when you get up that our none of us and I do not just start in the gun- I'll start until the Cameroon Lysol. So you just can't I'm a limp, noble in the chair. Our group together, they say, shelter yet a huge fan, like I mean Obviously he sent you buy. I never shut up about baby boy. I never shut up, never shut up now, my god. As the first feature that act hated. My I think it's a masterpiece. are you sure that John I wish he was still alive? We did you guys, didn't touch your wise. All me. He gave me incredible. Advise you not to acting now. I wish you I just miss him. I just oh, would be so proud. You know, I think I think of him was great great there. And I never hear it's like
a lot of attention gets here and the boys in the herd movie right. But, like I remember the first time I saw baby boy I was like. Does anyone know about this movie yeah? This movies, great, you know, the thing about it. Is he wasn't interested in making a commercial fell without moving? Now? What do you want? It was a cult classic. He wanted something that people will watch over and over and over no matter the year. It came on right, you know, and a totally achieve that yeah I saw you know people they watch you like that. Oh, my goodness, BT plays it at least twice a mouth real like it's off. You get those weird checks for fourteen hours a year. Five dollar five does not one four five cents. Once the copper got out, his arms still took three shows. You guys did
in touch for all that time, like us, he was so amazing. Was it like. I did did was sick or didn't just have I knew nothing all I know is I got a call saying that he was in a coma and I lost it by. I know I guess find Ellie, you look as men. You guys are really talk about your health. I do I never shut out about a year, but most men- don't I guess you're gonna be strong in and around them wrong with me right. They have passed before they go to the doctors right on that saying that was his case, but I know that We started finding out later that I think he had had a stroke, well you're, ok arm, and so there was blood hemorrhaging on the brain. He was traveling that didn't help me other bad would like some people, get those blood clots from from this travelling to me exactly like any travelled a lot in Algeria and John. If we knew John, he did the rest parts that needed to be done right, always filming arm snowfall.
And he had made a couple trips, the Columbia while to make sure he had it totally right so that the big trip So when you did, that movie I mean like that was the first big movie. That's been workin that won't know. I was working. I was doing little specials special guest appearances on designing harms area like sitcoms or tvs a little you. Dramas that lasted for seizing the bit of what was there, but where did you grow up? I grew up in Washington DC right in it. When it was chocolate city how
something's change they say. I put a lot of cream and misleading logarithm. Exactly I tell you man, I went there. I went there during the Trump administration itself haunted yeah. It was like drains time graze. Eighty yeah very sad DC is a lively city is a lot of culture. They, you know, there's a be huge Ethiopian called sir. There is a huge latin call. Sir, are you again, you know solve the food is like asian culture. I think the best chinese food is Indy C. Mere, probably don't I've been to China was in great right. Guy got DC baby that vote
Also I get a free museum yeah. All that stuff cops are Leah culture and history, there so white. And now what was your family? Like me? What did your folks do there? They were government government, the government mouse, my dad was a contractor. He did metal fabricating, oh, yes, all he became homeless Reagan stepped in office, cause they kill the latter, those independent contracts or really yes, oh, he had to live in the Van researcher who they were they not together. I know that fact. foot and mouth outbreak dead, but your parents were they weren't. You got no, my pay. I thought you would make a joke about run away. You know they were not. There were divorced divorce. When I was too vague and say tat now he was a single man. In the truck year, innovation held rumours, unilateral love, Pierre trucks. There were actually how I learn: learn to drive and a pickup trio. I love. Having tried
How would you when he was living in the Van Thousand Elementary School? I think I like fifth forth to state their six gray through you remember Jerry Member by he never met at night. If I wasn't embarrassed because I had a dad run, it didn't matter like because he didn't make it an issue right you would. It would be like things are gonna change for me. I'm gonna get that house with the garage in the back fabric k, we fabricate metal imperial things and he D. He got his Harley everything he said he was gonna. Do he did, and so I would just live through his strength. He taught me to not apologise for who you are doesn't matter. We started his. Will you finish our you now just gave me the confidence. I need you to help me, develop a tough skins and tackle tensile town or this
ice? I mean it's nice agenda, support NED. He had the inspiration, and now I mean it and that the story in and of itself, from truck to garage, yeah too good, still media exactly. My sister now has turned his garage until her perfumery because he makes candles in oils and fits in very well with the name of that company incense sentence you like that you have insincere. Do I like? We will start those can accompany our over them. Just like a making soap right data before I had a little company called light. My fire here look before my act and career off and that's how I may my money making Campbell making candles and give baskets of candle and avoid any just add this smelly oil oil and it was the whole process. Did you I got
burned out peninsula and how does one learn to make can't? I went to a community college school. You gotta, give those courses on the weekend area and I tried to take my son again. I'm involved a piano, but he banged his head on the keyboard rooms. Like I'm borings I'd, I wasn't what else pairs that made them do I'll. Do anything you so I'd because in a way, while he was in that class, I will supposedly in my milk it was. It was salt Bath saw soap, handle making clap road, and I took out so well too. The candle making here is that of it becoming a hobby. It became a source of income and it worked it did it worked. We had a great Christmas that year must not have a great Christmas. I pay my rent, but
not a hobby anymore, burn myself out. We are you. You know I hate making can't exactly about. Is such a process that it would have been funded bid. Just stayed a hobby tat probably still be making candles. Were you sisters, donor yeah, exactly Plaza by the Maoists, have the money to buy the fifth house, her bosom it's just a baby. What she does us launch November farce? What's the big deal, I'm proud of her and how? How about your relationship with your mama all my mom and I are close season there, both around still yes, my dad? Is it not the past and also about my mom is very much alive and very healthy in Florida yeah. She is a huge I mean such
huge supporter me in my career, just remember when speaking of baby bear, I couldn't afford an actual I've, never had a nanny couldn't afford. You know people to watch my son of entrust everybody, because he was so young. A my mother literally would fly a mere heat, my son, why did all of the press towards all over and you know one apples person adventures I had to leave us while United live in New York. yes. I was still in school right. She left her whole life to come and be with him so also much to my mom. So so yeah Sam gets longer than two with them. With our way. My family's clothes were closely family. That's nice yeah. So when did you start acting now my mom, let my mom and dad in my family tell it as soon as I came out of the canal. I've always been ram bunks his child,
all I would say I was the only child, so I was very creative at a very creative, a man. in Asia and my dad was just new to hold it. Who to arm by its it seeds. In me, he told me outcome be one of the greatest actors a lot I fat actually needs to be the greatest acts of war, you're you're, one of them. Thank you. I think I would say, and so you know he just spoke that enemies are you gonna go outside Ella, he was so exact. You're gonna meet three people and I met three men may manager, agent and casting directorate next thing. You know I had to quit my day job and I was acting. So why did you do where'd you go out? I want to Howard University how's that, it was amazing, may saying I think I've talked to overcome when people have gone to Howard inversely, any studied acting there, a yes idea, that's what my degrees and it was for that was he undergraduate degree? Yes, our three to four years acting. Yes,
I did my four and a half because I came in half of the year because I started as so go engineer at a freshman year, but that was a fluke oh Adam belong there, the electrical engineer, yeah well, pre cow, Where was he was the idea there? Well, because I didn't get accepted into the highs, fine art. So I thought that may occur, so I my dream becoming a movie star were dead and bigger men. It was, I was hanging out is really smart. Girl canned is digging. Zero were really close. I of course she was Bruce. Very smart, ran Lady Anne mathematically. Why are scientifically wire, and so you know, because we were hanging in issues- are what I'm one another on anti for electrical engineering and everywhere you I'll do that to you. Ray, I gotta math, I fail
pray cow now that class that perhaps you for all the math jubilant door. Here you know studying electoral engineer. I failed pre. Ghana had added and try to either had its Tudor. I was really trying hard and I got an f and I've. Never gonna f in anything clearly at it belongs worker yeah, but you went anywheres our but I was I found myself longing for the arts of my english class was in the fine arts building roads, and At the time only Howard University and look calamity anti offer had a programme. Will you could get an actual bf ay right in enact enact right answer, Oh, I was there, but that's not. What I was therefore saw. I remember even once I'm glad capacity, every time I was my english class boy- was my face pressed up because my soul felt like it belong there. You know you and I'll never forget. I walked past and I had an audition
on the boy, the bulletin board and I was like you should do it and that told nobody there doing it, and I remember Sylanez Stage- and I could not. The rejection was still ringing loudest mercury into the school and my hands was shaking and the thing that I could do naturally- and I was told so much that I will so wrong good at it is wrong. on my right out without training. I couldn't do it out of fear and side. I did the monologue, though I got through it and are remember I don't remember seeing anybody out there. The person who was our does the casting person or whatever it is. It was like. I was known. Ass, walked out of there? I never went back to that check that bullets aboard to see if I got a call back, never never cause you didn't. forget about when I was afraid fear is it can is stifling
now if no allowance had taken over. I know like you and what you do in relation to work, as I think there is a lot of points in my career, were, I I afraid by just gonna, threw myself into an ant just fine, sometimes button. Sometimes your guarded yeah yeah you're, angry you're, fighting the fear back gas. If, yes, right, yes and takes a long time to settle into yourself, you don't know what the hell it's going to happen. Exactly exact, So what changed for you in terms of getting into the acting broke? Well, I had to follow my face. Like my father say it, I remember calling him from North Carolina Ain t it, and I was crying out like dad. I felt I was so disappointed. I myself that never failed anything and I literally really try awry near a dead end. I called it because you know my parents didn't have money really to hear me to call it so I fell. I such a failure, and I called- and I was cry I thought ass can be in trouble and he was like well that's what you needed to do you needed to fall flat all your face. Now,
Get your ass back up here, IRAN and Howard, and go to school for acting like you supposed to be doing because- and he was so brilliantly wasn't one of those parents. That tone would you want to do here? He would give you two. Lashes. You if you choose, This can happen area chooses now you make the choice in sit back and wait, you now were an answer Oh it worked because, as I was very clear, on going back into acting very clear and nothing could get in my way. Will you pick quite the opposite of and exert work? You know them. like so you would know. I had I have to say I get it. I mean a hats like sparing, but it was what was it was it's kind of funny. I would imagine in retrospect psychologically, why would pick something so devoid of passion way that you that you had like you know right just.
It was almost like you needed to get hidden ahead that day, my bad new back when I said electrical engineering, gonna, look like air guy, wherever that must have been pretty awful six months, a yeah it was. I was ill and there was a lot going on. I was a freshman in college away from home, so there was the excitement of that being on my own in, but that F did I feel that it. Finally, I am like you know you ve got it for numbers, you dont Jack, that tried up and then cut till this. This is our funny, God is God clearly as a sense of Yorkshire. Then years later, I book hidden figures and I have to come back and say that I was, I was laughing inside ready. Familiar. Do you know,
now still look like a foreign language, you pulled it off. I was call acting. What would you do? Do I can't give you brought your brain into the head of that? Well, are you now? I'm ok, the funny thing as the sea, where I explain the girl no goal equation right I had first there is a core Jago fee for me right because I had to get it in my skin cell that I looked like on the day in the camera that had no exactly what I'm talkin about, where I M going running on our there you're, so even latin understand it fully year ahead. They look like I'm talkin about coordinate their mathematicians, math geeks the way? Looking lawyer, you know if anyone's gotta be picky about how you provide that's gonna, be them, you don't want to be shed on the common border, the mask exact, so it is important that we wanted to get it right historically here, so am I right,
were they hired a mathematicians and roman tray me, but he started so I really teach me essay. My friend is that gonna work just tell me when I say this: where is that in the equation right, what do I point of his job as it I'm not gonna learn if we try we divide as years ago, and it was an epic valley, I gotta get back on their gal. I got enough when I try that he was so passionate about the others like. Oh, he was like a math coat. Oh my god. Yes and he was so Panama he really wanna meet gave up. Maybe I'm sorry, I'm not gonna happen but I will make you proud, as movie that have had them play a big drive. A board a chop board at nor was it I always wondered. I knew I had and put it in my candle in every night out rehearse that scene I'll, show you, right those equations arriving without knowing why
no. You just have to remember had a remember ever challenge has I'm sorry area and they make silk so that on the day I could make it real out of turn around. Like a point to the place of Gaza. I didn't know exactly what I was talking about, but I knew what I was home. I went up points it right. The right you right now, When I say this, I'm talking about this part of the languages. I have no idea what the Langley but agitated but I have about the numbers were those like a great performers by everybody has really exciting movie ever so incredible. Apparently I mean from what I understand. They short two kids now as inspirational had only that advertisement of uptake in female coding. I like that it's nice to be an inspiration, listen right, but we're all here did you, I guess so yeah and that director he like you we're supposed to work with him at another time, right, yeah, Theodora MEL Fee, TAT, TED. Ah, yes, ass was the work with him in Saint Vincent.
I would have thought that Gomer Bill, my mccarthy- and I was so because he We met in New York, you in TED. Me in TAT year. This is when I was a personal ventures, and I remember him, bringing a story board character that he wanted me to play that you know they draw the sure different things very quinces and I kept looking out of our fight. That looks like me when I say this is: u I wrote this role. for you, oh my god, an injustice work out politics came into play here. You know, is this thing called overseas money that you have to get their finance? Allow these movies and if the studio feels like you're, not a box office draw it. I don't think they can take your name overseas to financing where I get any money than you don't get the job. So you by Sir that's the way you framed it. I know that happens, but unity was person our or race driven. I I think so, because what the character
written black here and then they changed it to a russian which changed the entire dynamic of the story. He was trying to tell whether gladdens Hell the story of a modern, these three people and how they come together. How you, This fund is black kid You know what I mean where armed with this, this guy, you know it will adjust. It was totally different now with but mean that black Hake, as my character, was pregnant right, but how this odd Emily gear against she's, a strip or, to not I mean if there were any grand Melissa, Mccarthy, side and his la but ass? He wanted the modern family. Look like something so off the wall loyal so did we did you? How do you bounced back rooms, at the moment where you fuck I have been given that alot. Yes, I was
you still it get more, exactly push I'll go for white, actresses gear and just saying that arm you know black does assail overseas or she's, not a box office. Draw I've been getting that alot. Add on that, and just on top of just doing The job is a double the rejection, yeah, so yeah I had to somehow find peace with in that one out. Continue. I don't take knows you Mamma told no very early on, so I just go with the full and know that at the time as a no that doesn't mean. I know for ever the Europe of look. What happened that you Jim, was getting hidden figures. Yeah right, I guess the right again. And also how so well off but what I M saying is tat by this point,
It was like you're, not gonna. Tell me no one this with her. I give you see what I mean. It was almost like their hats. I just think everything happens for a reason at all at old fight it you're going to have to think that after Sir must, even if you don't believe, but because it is what it is, I think will decide if you hit the reverse, but no back a fix that you can easily erratic. So it is what it is either you you your bitter or you move forward ass. I condemn. Does I, if a hard time with the bitch, while at a premise and yet with it a sense of a higher power. What not, but I do know that there are tricks you gotta play on your brain, so you don't go into the darkness. Absolutely right. I do believe that the universe is listening. You know I mean like if you keep saying it's bad it is bad. Is bad! Well, guess what is gonna be the bad. You know, you're wondering roused merited a while. You have to check and my father used to say this. It was so powerful and I never ever forget it. He is My dna now get from
those who have the same problems and get around those. Latvia solutions will sit in the back the class with Johnny given ass. Well, maybe if you sit up front with Nancy you'll get a even those make you nervous right or you're gonna make you nervous, because that's where change comes from. I know you have to do that. can I get a role? Does it scared the shit out of me? I don't want it, You know why I'm at being transformed. So I was the audience gonna transform. Why me there right, but I mean theoretically with most role, there should be some transformation re fight, but if it doesn't scare you does it feel like you're being challenged year, how you challenging naughty, I get it read somewhere. I feel like I did that before you no, you know as to root sport, so we now have endogenous and I've done a lot of care. So you know I mean I am, I think,
as you know, I'm sorry I've gotta who went on. I think that is what it was for hot for what it is, or was it whatever? The Hollywood for me dating quite know what to do with a woman, this attractive flank characters right think they were used for black woman right That's easy! There stereo tat, you know what I mean yeah, because every time I would do something like that's it. That's what she yeah and then at flip discredit. Ah they look at me. check out. I was like some weird I make my yeah I of nature. She has range what is this? We thought you was just the one deal is poorly trained like and then don't judge me like every moment. This guy's valley, where they are saying I was edgy. This she's urban is the word we like why very urban. I grew up in the hood, but you can't
judge me, based or who I that's never going to change what they want. Put you in a box. You can't my name does not fit in a bar. No, I know they're like cowboy. My name is different. One like it in the struggle to sort you if you're, not approving yourselves me, you want the opportunity to do at least engage. You exact and I imagine that different points in your career. You, like, I, can't do this anymore. I feel like that right now you know it sorry. Fifty all your folks are behind. I you know I know but yeah it's like, but there You know I started switch the narrative in my brain because I was like I'm not going anywhere. My talent is to be reckoned with. I went to school for this I can do at. This is what I do we're right soul.
You can't keep telling me no, you gotta, keep tat on the talent like this. No road and I'll, never forget John Singleton put in the breakdown of baby boy new faces. Only and I say it see I don't even know that I even had a sad Anna whenever you- and I would like this- could be my break and that's what it was so he's still back into me as I'm producing in directing now I'm looking to discover new talent, you know Jody shouted embarrassed about belburg of light. This man has been following me this is my life. It was just that young who love you know it was so great so, but what I love people of every race, understood the term baby boy, yes, are you
Everybody has baby boy, they firemen and get their uncle. They won't leave the house he's a villain debasement whose on their bike by it was set melted. It was a wise like one, there bessys being range, every link with amazing. What year I get choked up, thinking about where it was d and how did well? How did you like right after that? Hustling flow came pretty much now right now to that. I did a shell unlike time called the division with body but Deal Unita Nancy Mckinsey having Roma John. Have you alright right right union care about new tv movies demand it? matter. I knew I liked movies better, but I was in the I wasn't in the position at the time to say I can you want more of their money? Yes, your mom and I have never seen that kind of money in my life. I was I
I remember my manager and ate it. You know they play the game you have negotiated and they called me and said: ok, you gotta say now we're gonna say no to the twenty two thousand a week and nevertheless it almost passed out we had to say no. What do you mean? What you think? I don't worry. This is how you played a game. I was so no right right and it is still makes me nervous issue. You wanna play this game omega because you shall have never seen, and so They will get his trust us and they actually only got it up to twenty five, but still stale. You have the muscle your way Rebecca. That's all they have yeah you're right. I forgot through idea. We don't know what happened, but thank God they didn't come out who out, forgive going to the call back to so my car wooden star, like I hope
Nevertheless, I have found a panic. I was in allay added know how you catch a cab. I call the cap common, I think I'm gonna, so I got there Meat John Hammond waiting here air we're both knowing it filled a hazy has much either. Right now, like we would galleries yeah, just a guy God bless me, the only guy will he did they'll be was raised by MRS Good, easy easy. I gave their idea but yeah and I just I'll never forget of all ahead under my belt was baby boy I'll. Never- and you know the couple guess star yet, but I remember standing in a room full of white people whose suits us like the world right. Like, oh, my god, they don't know me, they don't there and I'm standing there, but at the same time here I am,
and so they like something and I'll. Never forget Aaron lives that one of the producers I loved heavy, such an incredible fashion, Bulgaria. He stood up and said I love to work in baby boy and I was like what you hate whirl yet, and that figure out why people watching me boy at my right, so they all knew tat cell and then mass. What was next for me in there while we, while I was filming the division, notice that I couldn't do movies and I was stop it as an artist. That's the worst thing you can do is make an artist. I talk to some people, get stuck on a tv show. You know,
either, because every time I wanted out, I got out of you to have to get. They have a natural happen, natural that, because you John had already sent me hustler flow areas like I need you, you got off. There shall know how to tell, but you need to get off. This was a job I they'll kill me. I can't do that, but see again. This is the year of work into my good because they could sell the phone right. So while they has rather well well, while China Guy, can I wasn't enough why people in it, while no one wanted to touch a blogger, have been away? How were we have seen I want to see that moves gonna ruin and so on. John did, though, he's just a rebel and he was I. While we will make this, he put his house up for second mortgage to raise the money for his phone and because they couldn't get there on the cap, put it off them here, the day s soul in, at time our cell didn't get picked up and I was free. I was able to hustle flow.
The big one thousand big one get paid any money by fat guy will you ask your nomination round the Oscar nominated for the music. By what I love about John Craig Brewer, the director you're, a credit card me cause they just I will get that they knew they were like you're gonna get a nomination. They kept saying here and it didn't happen whatever I wasn't expecting anything you know an arm. I just remember Craig calling me out never give my dad that bad. At the same time, a new member he was telling me you're gonna get an Oscar, he always thought out. We are gonna, get a mosque or four per training. Dian Ross cause he's always you gonna pay Dine Roth, that was his personal obsession yet was Diana Rossiya peoples? That kind of look like we did I get here. So that was his thing and soul you know, I never remember after I never forget call him and my dad will. I didn't get the nomination, but the song
that nominated and he was like yeah. You know it's hard for us, sometimes having recognised for things that we do great said that is now even on his way out. He knew he was well see anything else, an idea, but we wanted to see her. He didn't even led to see me perform on those like he passed before that, while we were in about to go into rehearsals for the Ask us member, I saying now he didn't get to see it. Ah, yes, he died two weeks before. Ah sir yeah so What was he had up cancer? Terrible horrible? the horrible way to watch somebody deteriorate yard? here are some mandico warrior. You hurry he. I remember he came back from Vietnam. You know veterans familiar shown by my day, as you know, I had of complications he had the aging orange is. I would even though he had it you're my frame kit, whose neared the houses were her dad died of, but he didn't die of that
dick rid himself. I don't know, all they hell, he did it. I just cause his. It was on his in his feet. He had in his feet in is the flash melt off his literally down to the white me. It will just start I'm an hour an hour. No heed, there's some concoction away a bleak and some he was sulk his feet in that gone rude. That's why we will. We were all screwed up ass. He beat every thing every element he had. He would be that he would have strong my legal Massa when that cancer goddamn it killed us because we was just so you use to him being so strong and beating everything. Now it yet us again at some point I gotta maybe live and be grateful every day de you good with gratitude. Ah, yes, and I'm human United August selfish and stuck in our way were ties, but just remind yourself every day that you could have been chosen to now. Wake up
today I know as you hear about it all the time set every day at an aneurysm and no one knows where those things come from Wales. You now known your car can be plucked at any moment. I know I have in mind. I want someone close to me. You know had at a nowhere had another like some. As you know, she had died in a week. You here but, like I still like still have the same, sometimes even where you have to choose to think there. from the YAP cause, but some those old patterns are strong. They are right there breakable. No,
yeah. They release you get self awareness enough door it when you sink into it, you got a better chance of getting out of it. Well, I hope that the help I really hope he asked that they're gonna have to sell. The daily hope is the area that I would be. The one to house would be very surprised. So what are you ve been producing, though, like in terms of waking films, gas started a production company there, a couple of films with that we're trying to get finance here? Who are one that I am directing the coming of age story? Oh yeah, to face Braun bought it Brown studios boy were working on the script right now and it's a so script wow, what a discover new young african american actress I'd never had a coming of age story, though how could identify with me up here? We didn't have the images you know I
they time are really identify, would add in a fight with the brat packing. Oh Molly re war, especially in pretty and pink because she was poor. She came from a single family home. No, it's the lot of the model was always white. Exactly Yale. There was never our story. I told you what it is to be a young black girl coming of Asia since high school going off the college, so I jumped at the chance word
EL rewriting the script ochre at first it was pc. Now they want it. Rated are sir, it's ok, because these kids are rated yeah, I mean literally UK. How do they really are think pretty my this one at this point also media tik, Tok gag rings. Are you a question? You broke the chill Exupere whereby was going crazy. I don't live nuts I enjoyed it. I did do I I tweeted. I hope tutors next they probably took bed down. We did not people, but it wasn't. You know some people like. Why would you say that, like what the fuck is wrong with you right put the phone rang, swift, kitchen, head up, looked, went look at the club, our discussion today. It's a lot slower out here towards lower outside of your phone yeah different timezone, our brains are growing all the time. Why do people dancing teams hunting ass? Well, I think come
not of a pandemic in a worldwide lot. Now you gotta dance it so much dancing. I mean I don't know what's going on, but I found myself on Instagram. I found one the dancing Ladys yeah. I mean have not all been around. I fought because his happy you're not advancing and laughter, is euphoric. It's all about the dopamine acts like I was going there you're year, the people dancing very watching them down yet only ghettos of juice, ragged joy at another such trials now get joy looking at tiny things. So I follow this page caught tiny kitchen and they cook. meals, but all in miniature, like everything's miniature, like tiny things too, I love it and they'll make like a ministers, strawberry, short Kelly. How miniature varies? I criticise a quarter like its little its time but to reject the real towards them. They have a little of in with a t candle. That's how to cook everything on this little oven and his little stove
They have a t candle here and they fry bake. It moved very big and little bacon, I'd like where did they get that little Hank where they live teeny tiny onion were What are you got out? A rabbit whole refit, there's another page that makes all the of the tiny little arm appliances that they use o my lucky as the rabbit held. Then there's a page where these tiny little dolls, where he'll shave all the hereafter doll and give it a new wig it the whole manner, have all tiny. I just tiny. I always like I'll go. I like looking at their travel section at the Wall green with, like they make their little. Whatever makes you happy you gotta do it. You must be very specific. The anything that I don't know. Where is your alot of people that, like it, I'm not the only one? whose final wig like combating out like that they come with you
that I would never like did I started seeing offer celebrities that follow up. They need to know that bottle. Do I want them to go on forever. Tiny were, as is amazing. I wonder what it is it so appealing about the little things. I don't know why. I guess for me a taps into my childhood that played with that stuff. When I was a kid ready rocker, road or easy big of all of that is a big as the easy beg, but many Crocker came out with that. I don't know, maybe not maybe was easy. Bake it, maybe sometimes they were part of a Betty gradually done, do cook now, yeah logical my son is grown out I'll cook ass, much I'm gonna little booties, twenty seven, oh yeah yeah I've got a little booze eager are willing to have people for that, a real, beautiful cook! I live on a chef. Why not yeah, because you know when you get back.
see. I don't want to have to think about what I'm eating. When I get home, I don't want to eat bad. So if I have a meal prep than it kind of keeps me alive so funny because, like a meagre like part of my business like cooked all day yesterday, you did. I do now Sundays outvoted right. You know like an alarming about full as something about fall, football and cooking. like I don't know like I'll. Just do matters busies. You hear what I
I find this resenting with the cook absolutely very therapy, and I was on the road for one guy who rode purge. Oh yeah, absent NASA first thing: I do whenever work the location of the back home- and I could but now days when I go location and make sure they have a kitchen like eat. Now I can't stand it, I don't care. If you don't want, you know you're at it and it's a lot of sodium sewed, latin or your new. Don't know you gotta seems healthy. Yo now even says my mom's. Like I don't know, why can t always went all mean it sounds like a dress and are you receive or Salary knit Mongolia Quota say over the cold rather than she is harder s heart but a prison? chef now what they did. They will you? No? No! No! I like space, the agenda, I dont know how that works, and now you're, just a mobile, perhaps a home and drops the meals she has several clients on lies a geo rather have you draw in the oven? Oh, that's. Ok! That's different! Your personal Schaeffer think like that.
No, I'm not dismiss. I remember the first time I went to the Smiths housed soldiers will regain. Data and will Psmith in jail, and this is when we were filming on preparing though, failure Karate K area and we have rehersal at their housing. I remember walking in and you know, will get. It was we'll sweetening like is there anything you would like to acknowledge is playing a guy like that of some Lhasa you'd like how would you like a cooked, and I was like series- like that. None, I us have a staff on deck. Did you have a western, our God? Yes, poached lapsed, and I mean this lacks kept coming in the chef in the chefs hat. I went to the bathroom. I remember wiping my hand some linen here. I go back in the and it was a bit the battlements spotless here and eyes, do the linen in the basket that was there and I went back
Why you know our later and it was clean and it had already been replaced back when they were, and I was like a little people and if it is not about me, I'm not sure I can hear willow practicing her voice lessons that I was. I wow this house's happening here. For me, one of the basic rules of my word. I, like you, know what kind of moved in luxury. How was the word with that you'd produce day and were in that their. What men want. Ah I was working with Tracy may think. It's funny tells the story is bought out will be like Tracy. Ok, I really want to hear have is ended. Can we please finish this? the war to serve to large. You wish me to. We want to go home
you ever go there with a really, though he was say some of the bizarre me as they figured about. I say you like shock you like to shop I did so because I say you Oh no, my dad he my shot. You have to do something really create like you have to do something you ve never done before. You're really shock meet right here, because I think he spent a lot of that shit France has shocked me area in our look at him. Do far I've seen a lot of money. a lot of Jane it. I am a bit of a comedian, because Community is what you do. Is you find that human everything? Of course you know, and that's literally how I lived my life you have to like it mixture of the things that you do to cope absolutely so empire is that done now? Yes, is that they have made, you shoot six visas, yeah sexuality, you like you did like that was a huge
success. Added again. It was just like you. It was right. It was almost like the last great tv yeah and everybody's, trying to recreate it in his leg. You gotta remember the last time on all black cast in a television show had that much success, and when I say that MRS Flemming overseer was cute Cosby and then for years they were trying to recreate that reform. You really know and have even had producers say to me now that I'm one on the other side of producer like went to him higher hit offices, would we neither empire effect we the empire, in fact we need disparities belie cookie, you know, and so, as like good luck, I see and not gonna find that cannot sweet spot again for another decade. Primarily you know it's here the minute a year in it there are so many things have got to quick and if you can, we had. I met already you gotta five, the next morning they undermine it, man you can and you gotta find it and it's it's all
and taking risks, and as long as you keep trying to recreate empire you're, not taking a risk, your playing it say, but also you don't know that an ensemble gonna like quick like them, I took a risk. Those produces year, red rocks, took a right you now and then what art is taking a risk putting yourself out there may be able hit. Maybe it won't, but that's arts to be willing to take a risk in these studios, play it safe and there were some studio steps outside it takes that risk all the other studios. Let's do that and if you need to do the opposite of what they are doing, because you can recreate that they already done it right. They just want to hack I've already done, and you report yeah and now you're. Key to everybody. Absolutely that I still get that yeah, you can always be there to me. That's all
sets the liability of being on a successful show for a long time now. Happy eyes you either not, is not to my talent to the point where people were so effectively and inspired by her that that's what they they still see. That includes all right right. Ok, it's because I have several times should pick up people really he called me sure they would just be liked asked me to sing a song, but you know the two characters that I could ever like really get away from aware that name really stuck as vat and cookie throughout my time oh really add that with her that was our Nay event Jody anywhere in the world Jody regular, the majority. I just sound like this couple, where it too, Heather and she said his name like she loved, I hate them at the same time, you know the like one: I've been about that movie and I do like fairly often
movies that, like I just I think, about a lie, but that you know where snoops character comes home and you know and he's a killer yeah but like but like there is the way you handled him even be as menacing EU, as he was in your character. When you stop him from basic, raping yeah he does, but you make assumptions about like how this is gonna go yeah an end, Somehow, in that in that scene was so believable that you know that you're here your strength your clarity in that moment, could speak to you know whatever the child EAST rat beast in him right and also the child in him. You ride out, it's like what are you doing on yeah yeah, that was all tat was, but. now the clever ablest interesting because we had to make slew dog look menacing cause. That's not even that's not he's such he was. I
oh come on man. I love the Ladys had delayed. I was, I was not aware of what is saying the work I gotta be scale, because if you grab me liked, Israel lie ammo run and girl called police, so he did it once I got shook off when I start eleven, you really, but he still wouldn't do it. He had so it was literally meet pushing myself, when the bed I wouldn't do make making must in the way John sat in your hair brush to make him look menacing. If he really had a problem, though he did not like that at all, and I was eight snoop. I know you would never put your hands on a woman, but his conduct thing and we're gonna need you to want to go home. We're like ten other seas issue today like come on now. This you think that you're doing with the the Facebook watch. my ass. This is like like what. How do you see this project, I see this project as therapy
of us even myself, and my by what will you do your basically talking about mental health? Yet, while we were work, educating an audience that really does not talk about mental health at all and for that matter, don't really take care of it. Mental, because it's not talked about a black community that talk about mental health. We I have learnt a cold by me, strong right and that dangerous is killing us arm. This means that we need to stop passing that down, because he's been passed down to us as slavery. You know oh yeah. How do you see that, just by what they couldn't, even because the coping scales Ok, so feeling of a lack of agency that, but How we cope ok trauma, dealing with it and sank. This is why I respond like that, because this happened yet we have to be strong and, first of all, you
pray away? A mental illness learn where mass will we ve been told to do we're off? demonize, you know our children in school when they act out from a traumatic situation they may be going through Hell. So do not want to act out right, but when they do what it always seems to be our children get demonize cops, show up arrest them. Will we need Commission's therapists psychiatrist- place in schools to know when a child is dealing with trauma right instead of criminalizing them right, because sometimes it just passed down passed out an end and in an if it's not taken care of properly it just can get absolutely because if you are bipolar- and you are taking Madison here, you know I'm Bible, what people, when they when they suffer from bipolar rhythm and they have a manic abbe, as are other than my dad's bipolar. They don't remember what the fuck they d, no indeed, but they miss it. They they like it. You think so
sometimes I knew that way with my dad like he would. You know it was exciting to be manic Oh, you know when the depression comes date, the all they think is are they feel is, did depression but they miss the man has won their magic. They think the norm low but see I've seen man where they think they're Gaia. Eight, you know what I'm saying in my soul is different kinds of national. Yes ma am I dead yet you either? got to the level of like wasting money. You're doing he had things but never sort of like I'm moving out of, out of my mind, had totally out of my yeah I've seen that and so in your family, your friends, family, I've seen it, and so when that happens a lot of time. most times black people criminalize instead of something's, clearly off here, because This gentleman, who sitting before me, doesn't even sound. Like the prize report report you now, so we
have to bring awareness so that people are treated in handle with the proper care, because eighty percent of the prison population top along there s not a correctional facility anymore. It's of money making business, of course, so the more amazed, the more money, here and a lot of those people are there because they have mental health issues. That's not rehabilitating to put some one who hat, who has suffered from a mental illness in a cage with no help. What was inspiration for doing my dad, my dad suffered. You know yet pdf yeah man. It I saw your back then it was called manic depressive throughout the year more research and he wore his heart on his sleeve. He didn't high. He told his story to everyone. I try to commit suicide once with a gun to his paid in a mist, and he was sit and show you his guard tell you so because this thing is you ve never way by the goat away, went through right. You know any was always say. I want to be famous make sure you put me one of your movies one day,
The world should know Boris Lord, because he was an artist as well are objects meadow. He could do anything, he made metal masks or a sculptor sculptor. Exactly pages was very honest. Even though he repeated acts seek that there be two April. we should have here, but he was honest and I was like this is a great way for the world to finally know my dad and he was such a huge out of my life and why this successful, because if he didn't challenged me to move to allay, we would I right you now arm but how did his illness like where their times where it became tax
yeah I mean an absolutely because they were ear you weren't too. He lived wherever he, but I spent a lot of time and that there was a thousand all enabled me what my mom this week in my dad did. Ride like your mom was more stability yeah way, more stability will not sell. My dad got older understood what was going on in his lawyer and met my stepmother and they? You know he really got his that's what he was able to get the House graduate Harley in every his life came to get enough, but felt goods are finally see my dad stay here. You know right, but I'll, go and now that, because a lot of times when you, when you brought up people who don't have that emotional consistency, because if there are problems you know you makes makes you earlier I had a trace back,
access? My absolutely me as well and bear be why I'm such a caretaker, while always trying to fix, because I was always there too there back together. You know at a young age, that's unfair, and I don't know but in me now I dont largest, has why married output by the men that I need to fix your big anybody. I know it's hard, it's hard when you're you're wired to be attracted to mentally ill people when you're mentally ill yourself right except tat. I grew up with a bright. This fails familiar exactly so what in how big of a challenge is it to me I knew I talk about mentally mental health, pretty openly on the ass, and it seems like there is still no matter how much Do you think the culture talked about anything it still
pretty stigmatized, because most people don't want to think it's them so they'll hear about something, but then I think it's them and as part of the sickness sometimes but see, that's why I like that. I'm saying all of these conversations being had area because you can't run from Richard S else like what acted. That's right but you gotta want help, but but the thing about it is if you, if you ve never ever ever ever talk about it, you don't think you need help because has never been presented at way to you. How do you know? that's what this shows about, because up finding things out about me. We did an episode about dealing with social exotic and I think a lot of us at the vat. It realize it that's what I suffer from. Sometimes I couldn't put my bag. It was before normal for me, because what is it didn't happen? I thought it. I thought I'd develop this, during the pandemic and the shut down the animal, the world's largest layer open a back up like I would talk myself out of going to the store, but
that started happening before when you know through therapies, thou go back in time and if I had nothing to do with call it that I was actually doing that in Chicago Hooky brought such a different level of fame, writes me how is usually operating the rate of growth. They would be like if her by the time I figured it out. I was out the store room, a cookie made me popular unless a different type of attention, sure via I it been doing this for you. I am. How do you maintain boundaries when all that's coming out you all that attention and people think they know you security security. Put that, but then it's interesting thing that I'm just thinking and here I might be projecting, but it seems that within the black community that social anxiety you know would give him at concern answer
situations that there is a consciousness, then you that you are in this body that is going to draw the attention: absolute white people in a certain way, absolutely and no. I had to deal with that till because it's like I lived in an area where everybody when I get on the elevator there. Looking at me like what you doin here, run an average rates in all of the half fashion, the Tags, the labels, everything that screams. This woman belongs, as she has money still, I'm begging. You know at even though at alt. Allow that to take it all the way in it is in me figure. You know it affects me I'll, be like why there man look at me like that on the elevator. You know I'm Zambia and then I'm now, I'm looking at people an elevator like this out there you look at me. You know what I mean is just right as like right, so
walk again till a runway you're, the only black, Percy brace yourself right, you know what I mean by its living like that all the time, but ass. The thing is not pull that we function like that's right, but that that you'd your correct right and then it, but that is the coping thing, but we had to choose how can t, but then I know that, but that's bad bad. We must talk about. I must say we can't laugh about it. You know Blackie, we have a way of making jokes. I ran up to coach and that's ok to a certain extent by what are we really going to deal with it little thing and tell. You is deep on how this truck this generational trauma has been passed out was sent sleigh because we had a really dealt with these, don't bother. Remember we can't do critical race teaching in school room you know we talk about slavery, you get a glimpse of it. Now added really learn a lot about the middle passage and sublime rolled into one. I beseech you roach.
Why yes, and so now that I'm in the middle town- that's the history, that's how does She was well yeah. No one wants to talk about it. Certain people want to talk about it, but, right happy, but I don't wanna talk about it. What I even information, but that's my point and how many people are good- how many of us are going to seek out that information? You know, so I learned that hush puppies were act Julie, given so the dogs, when the slaves were trying to run the freedom to keep them off. There's trail interest hush. peace now look at how we ve normalized, afraid cornbread, yes, but look at how we normalized it now enjoy em. Why ended? Not black people don't even realise what it means: hush puppies, well, I know that is Our dna as well, I have a phobia of big and small tight spaces. Is that in my dna from running away, if too slight to freer you, you know what I mean like it's it's I'd know. I agree with you. I think that in the sort of like the fight, the
who wants is of what is carried through generation. Yes, that becomes almost genetic gap can be psychological, absolutely cause. You know that there is a way that one behaves that you grow up your wired by your invite, mention how Europe people you know. Are reacting it s your. Why wouldn't it be historic, because my grandmother, generational, absolutely my grandmother, you know is like one generation away from pig, cotton and in the field my grandfather was a sharecropper they live if, on a big agar of feel of cotton may last how my family, a bummer, have my grandmother, her age, children and that's how they all make money. They pick cotton, all the kids working and that it there are two dollars a month is what they may in a then a two bathroom house with a ten roof right. I think that I think we all I've. I dont forget,
I think, in order to put things in a historical perspective, we have to realise that this shit was now long. It wasn't my mom went till. We know a view. Amis em I write off my age? You can google it, but this has got a date me fish or my mom went to a one worm school like Little House on a prairie here, my mother, you're, not my mother. My mother, yeah, you know, Where was I? Caroline Carolina, Scotland, Neck North Carolina here. My grandmother was the help you That must that's like this two generations ago. Here you know. Oh, I am saying all of that to say that, of course What's my grandmother became will you get a random white folk s right. You know. So when I went to the country I that was put in me. yeah. You know what I'm saying right or to mount back to the white book with a move. You know that was in me and then I'll get back to the city. Every light I could feel
self doing bad here. You know right wasn't until I found my boys, where I gonna have to do that, but it's right there right there and housing landing in the community the show its arm you now I'm. overwhelmed with how well is being received by us now, and not only this show is not just for african american right. Ok, this show is for everyone, because when you who understand someone's struggles with they might be. going through this is empathy writer This is allowing space for grace, and this is what my best friend likes to call it allow space for grace because you don't look funny things and now connected to a person that I had an encounter with and I'll be like. Oh my god, I never thought that may be
they were having the apis sign. You know and it'll give us as they get it makes huge, makes us better as humans. If we just Anders to hand each other a little boy and that's why this mental, of conversation is so important and produce tricky. You know, because, for so self involved, I mean in ourselves self involved if not I mean, I don't think they plan to be addressed, the nature of how she is, I gotta get to where I'm going in Almaty cut you off, you are not even aware, maybe they just heard just now somebody dies and no raisins. After all, you know. I bet you cut me out right now. I think if we could just all slow down in brief before we react and just consider the other person, it takes a big parson to that. but just as Erika Breath mega it's like. I I decide a moment like that, and also its relish give to your life experience yeah. You know who you were a year
go here and who you are today could be total, different because something happened. You make you more sensitive to other people now right, yeah or not or a rage person did that to me. So everybody that looks like him ready. You know either were yeah, but it's exciting to have those those break. There is to allow that kind of open, hearted out of his joy, but those moments or emotional, you know never went very guarded so, like you they're afraid to let it down. Will you only you won't be enact the death and narratives we need to change their strength is in the vulnerability. Change is in the air. Yet strong. We are built to be strong. A wall and a building is built to be strong. Also, sometimes straight through just defensiveness strength is just big farmer. Will strength is being your truth, an honest enough to say this: does it feel good? I don't feel good. You don't make me
feel good. What you say triggered me mere you now but if you're always standing, which regards up and strong strong, strong backup Aren't you gonna break down eventually less how nervous breakdown happened. He had a wall with lumping mechanism or you just sort of like you give yeah. You know gets hired of holding trying to be strong when it had a building. The empire state, building where there is also the thing you said earlier in relation to something else. It like I'm fifty eight I just Fifty eight now, like I, give a lot less fox, Let me tell you there all behind me now all the thugs all of them all. Looks ahead, are behind the work and gradually yeah. I can help you, I literally with no no explanation, no candle, it I don't want to feel good arrivals, great mica, greater.
you as well. This is fine. I know it will be. Thou forgot thanks. I having me, there you go up. One was ass, however, piece of meat, I would draw GI, is now in its second season on Facebook watch and speak Peace of mind this by gas is sponsored by better help better a full assess your needs, a match. You with your own licence, professional therapist, it's more affordable than traditional offline therapy and financial aid is available, visit better help, dotcom Swash, w e F, that's better. Eighty lp, enjoying the over two million people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional there's a special offer to w e f listeners get ten percent off, first month at better help dot com, W Tia now Let's play this new strap. Let's play this fucking extract.
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