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Episode 1270 - Alan Ruck

2021-10-14 | 🔗

As Connor Roy on Succession, Alan Ruck finally has the kind of role he’s been waiting to get for more than 30 years. And as Alan tells Marc, some of those years weren’t very fun. There was the time after playing Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when he could only get work in a Sears warehouse. Or the time before making Speed when he left acting and started tending bar. And then the time when he got sick while shooting Spin City and almost died. At least there were some Star Trek conventions sprinkled in the mix.

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Everyone is a suspect in everyone has something to hide, don't miss. One of us is lying streaming now. Only on peacock GO to Peacock tv dot com to get started. All right. Let's do this. How are you at the fuckers what the flush bodies, what the FUCK nics what's happening? A mark mare- and this is my podcast, I'm kind of one hearing today my left dearest fucked up how's, your head how's your head, holding it together, I mean I'm not talking just about the thoughts I'm tired about the actual structure, the the machinery that the peace itself, how your head peace working out terms of the rest, your body, I told you about my ear. I mean I'm getting old, I guess, but I don't know what the fuck is going on with it. Maybe it's me It's our jeez. I mean me
this pressure. On my face from the inside of my face made there. Something goin out my jaw. All I know is I got a rattle in my ear and I went to the e guy freaked out when paid out of pocket. DNA Anti guy, because I needed answers You know what usually happens when you do that when you freak out pay out of pocket go get answers. I don't have any it's the beginning of a long road. Asian ship of it it's weird, isn't it when he guarded? doctor and its inconclusive, or everything looks fine. Yet something's fucked up yeah me. You don't want to hope for something, but sometimes you would like. A little now enclosure valiant closures certain. I doubt this is what this is. What should I do best in that should do it as opposed to I don't know, what the fuck this is: let's try this and see what happens and call me after it doesn't work now we'll try another thing than you'll come in for the other tests and then, if that doesn't work will have to take your head off
and send it out to the lab the whole head and then I have to see what's up, they'll put it through all the machines and then you yeah yeah. It's gonna be a little uncomfortable and How can it be able to work for a few days, but when they had gets done, you come back if we put it back on and it should be working good, but that's pricey This is a new thing that they're doing with the taking off the head, but through its relaxing, because you don't know what's going on time you're not even can be with it you just can be laying their head was in a society did state on machines. Why we clean out your head: ok, ambitious economic cost! How much you got today on the show to Alan Rock. Now most you know Alan Rock, you ve, seen him in dozens of things for the past, like thirty five years, he's always going to be known as Cameron, from Ferris B where's day off. Ok, that's who he is
remember: throughout most your life, you seem and moving movie you be. I go. There's a guy and well he's Conor Roy on succession, which I've watched the first three: episodes of cause. That's what I get the privilege and managed. Goes man, I'm a man, but now he got away. Listen folks can be us with How are you not usually going to hear me get too excited about bread when you get read from the grocery store. Bread is pretty much bread, but that's not true, I'm still Dave's killer bread. This is bread amplified and that's the mission of Dave's killer bread to make the most of the loaf we're talking about them, is quality, organic and non GMO ingredients. It's got killer, taste, killer, texture and nutrition power, packed with whole grains fiber in protein? That's enough to make Dave's killer bread, the number one organic bread in the country, but that means squad. If it doesn't taste good and folks, I can confirm Dave's killer bread, taste great, you don't even it toppings just
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some comedy I may Maggie may is going to be on the show I am getting Bobby Lee out getting Bobby, we out Margo he's never done Largo before Bobby Lee will be at Largo with me, he's only doing like fifty minutes by talked him into it. That's on the nineteenth Tuesday I can give you the song run down. If you are, we Morgan on songs whereas with Jimmy the other night me in Vienna, NET Brower on drums, Brandon shorts, on base the Vienna on guitar me on guitar and am singing Bobby get nervous one. The veto comes because he's the real deal. What am I I then, and I swear to God, no matter what am I bring the rehearsal and no matter what am I bring, the gig? It always cuts out I get always cuts out when Jim? he's playing an and I think it a body is. Is it possible that my what fire is resonating, my insecurity
its literally liking up, which is what is your? Maybe we won't it. Let's just goods be quiet richest, let's not make a spectacle, is: is that happening? Is that an electrical possibility to wear my amp gets insecure? Who knows what he's doing? I don't know fucking anything you don't know but the guitars I own, I dunno about the Amazon. I've just accumulated stuff, most of it free. For one reason or another and I enjoy playing, but but I'm finally like I'm little more relaxed. We do need to rehearse as much as time, and we're gonna jam before you know before the show, but Jimmy View like he said something to me. The last time we played its like, we were your commuting we're interacting we're talking like this, interactive relationship between guitars. I felt the yesterday we're Hersel MIKE. Oh man, just relax, listen! Where he's going, and here you can fuckin step out a little bit and fill in smaller and you'll go back and forth he's gonna. He knows how to do this and it was amazing. So
That's it Largo on Tuesday, the nineteenth. I have no idea. If there's tickets, we have but there the song waste is we're. Gonna do will boost, at the beginning. Come out to now. Do slippin and slide and buddy how's version, because those one my dad's favorites, He can't remember too much so I thought I'd. Remember it for him and never They do mystery man item. Eddie beside, I would say from the first album I believe one my feet. Votes were doing no fun. The stooges where Do the Jimmy Red Song little rain, which this covered on their last record, but we're gonna do our own version. I believe Jimmy corrected. It pointed out to me- sometimes one guys boy booze? If they make a mistake, they commit to the mistake and Jimmy Reed sort of made a mistake on his virginal little rain and then the stones late into that mistake, but I guess the deal will we're to do is we're gonna fix it. We're gonna play a fixed of our. Jeanne of Jimmy reads: little rain, Do the running shoes,
fabulous, Thunderbirds, which is a refunded how a move song Mimi at the bottom, I think we're doing a swede. Nuthin Velvet Underground close it out such pretty songless right. Sweden, no fun Mr Mann, and then choose and sweet nothin. I think there is still some tickets left, us Angeles for Larga? So that's that enjoying the playing is something more that has to be said, dementia months suit of that amount suit, if it mention that they met. Two more sponsored today A vast and a vast has been a global leader in cyber security for more than thirty years time, stood by more than four hundred and thirty five million users and preventing upwards of one point, five billion attacks every month. Of that one is the best protection yet giving you everything you need to take control of your safety and privacy online and accessible through a single easy to use interface. So what does it
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fuck and beautiful here, just fuck and beautiful, and I trot down listen and Bill Evans, my God, I'm alright I just feel like something's pushing my face out from inside my head web. Back in a couple of days. Right three days MAX labs, what'll, backed up by the heads lotta heads. So Alan Rock. Is here she's in three of succession. Premiers is Sunday October, seven keep on HBO if you're not caught up, caught up now on seasons, one in two on HBO Max Max I've seen the first three of the new season, yeah, that's who I am and I'm gonna flaunt it on going to get in your face. I've seen three already yeah. I guess readers, unpressed man. I am press and Alan Rock plays a Conor Roy being
no one knew no Alan I too am right. Now you have allowed a guitar, as I mean. Obviously you play I play Ok and it's like I'm, not a collector. I do a mass them, but I gotta be off with you. Like tallies her I've got a few tallies. I've gotta come more to be it I like Gibson, I like that that gives him at the end that gold top it's a real issue with the p nineties are deeply the need not for public consumption, but you know yeah, oh yeah, I fiddle yeah me too we have been trying to play out a little bit? I have. I have a very funny thing. I have a pig knows, travel guitar, oh yeah, but it has the built in yeah, but the body of it is perfect, it's just small and lovely and then the neck, It's like a Gibson.
Yeah, it's it's is lovey, just feels great so into the sky, went to lose your and I'm like. I want It drill this out. I want you'd, put extra pick ups and he's like no, not not gonna. Do it not gonna. Do I'm like. Why not he's like you try to reinvent the wheel? May I just appreciate this for what it is. Also you want to use it as a regular retie wanted it yeah. I wanted to put in like two new two extra backers or yeah. Not you know, and then you know put in switches. Everything he's like now he's a utopian like fifteen hundred two thousand go get a regulated, sausages go by the avenue and you have an electric. I know I I had like twenty years ago eyes. I took lessons now starting to play. I had my older son lives in New York here and then I just like gave him everything. I gave him a italian strata and I have a beautiful old. He has it now one thirty, seven regal oh broke out. Is the planet. I mean, I don't think he, MRS Rand too much anymore, he's gay.
His masters and education. Scientist out that he's Macedonia, but what's that can actually dont legged he's got the guitar that has the round overlap, yeah. I don't like him. I never let me live this slide. I just never. I thought I never those gimmick from the beginning and odd, don't like only their electric, sunlight or basis that, unlike anything about ovation, my My little girl, my Levin Euro, just started to take lessons and I bought or a baby Taylor. We are with a pick up in it sure it has a slightly rounded bacteria and it did this something about that round. Eyed! sweet sound. I realise that will guitar you not plastic, though no, no, it's all a lovely wooden, guitar why's that she's gonna be musical. Yeah, I mean she's, you know she's doing musical she's got she's with this little group called Yadda Youth Academy, dramatic arts, yadda yadda yadda revenues, oh yeah, yeah and she's like singing in January. I yet that's nice, yes, you have to new kids, you I do. I have. I have a thirty three year old daughter, Emma I've. The twenty seven year old boy SAM
gotten eleven year old girl, vesper and I got a seven year old boy, Larkin and done and I got clipped men was bout how's that how's your energy holding up all that I'm tired of it I mean this. This is no didn't rounded his dislike that their long goes off in the morning. Unlike what would I do I went, I actually met me Ray while, as in the middle of getting divorced from their knew, what yeah and we your matter in the middle of a divorce. Yeah grabbed hold I mean I'm getting divorced from my first wife Claudian, unlike I'm, never doing this again. I'm never do this again and I meet this. Like before younger women: Maria flirt up and all of a sudden. You know again during an item a friend of mine, a friend from back EAST, I said, I'm get married in MID, she was to have kids we're gonna have some kids here and now he said you are glutton for punishment
because he s kids as old. As my big kids, like what are you, why'd, you do that through you through the tunnel man, yeah yeah, you made it here. One pc. I would strongly that anyway, I am having a really good time. You are you, so is there a difference between your approach? I mean these at a different experience. Yeah I said I believe that I am at least a little more present Emmy out in the old days. I was worried about, you know, make money or you know who I thought. I was sir, you don't. You know who I think I am right now that we're shit and self involve yeah yeah and then everything took care of itself, and you know most kids turned I don't care that you know well yeah the gray, so this show like you, I I remember first seizing like people were kind of talk about it. Then I star watching it was like what the fuck is. This whose writing this thing,
and I just love it- is very satisfying yeah good. I think, there's something elevated about the language. I think there's some other Shakespearian about it, like I don't I dont know that these people, because you're all such good, fuck and actors- you don't know that The boy in this world necessarily talk like this. Why disappeared it when people have a large or cabbie Larry but say fuck off all the time you like it's a nice counterpoint. Why do you think yeah there's a beautifully elevated sort of language of power going on and in time? I do so. I think the whole thing very smart when you, what is the process the view getting this rock is, I don't see you that, often I know you're around tamarind What use the army lie like? Unlike cockroaches or anyone ever ever, you definitely a lifer. Yeah, I'm a survivor in it than I am but was it? How does this happen cause like in the last few? years, you ve been doing most. We episodic stuff right yeah. I am. I actually
curtailed? On my my wife on me, Ray we were doing a play together in New York. Is she inaction, yeah good one merit ye knows how do you know that show the killing oh yeah yeah yeah she played Linden. She was the only I yet I arrived so she's she's, really really good. Anyway, when theatre, so, I was in the Miller getting divorced, and I was lose my mind now. I gotta do something I gotta get out of the house, the swedish living outside New York. In addition for a couple of plays- and I got this one- I didn't really have any feeling for it at all, but I'm like wanna, do it cuz I gotta do such one. It was called third person, singular by Alan Ache born again it was remount of something they didn't early seventies and I'd really honestly just didn't get it. But I didn't care causes like I'm. Gonna go dork women work and we re almost indued cause. She was doing another Broadway show at night, Sir sector. I really want to see you work all day and all night, and but anyway, so she didn't best thing was that I met her and a half
there we go so then she's younger than me, and she premature after we met she's like I'm, going out to California has my manager says. I really need to do that now and so but I came out here just be chase in her hand, and then Vienna, where you got married and then you know people are like. Oh you know, she's with you know because they thought I was like New York guy and people forgot that the casting directors You're gonna forget about me and I, like you, know she's with him. Oh bring him why you know what he did good for bring him into that thing. You know so that all of a sudden I was starting to get more action. As I was coattail enough, my wife was like she was like smoking, hot new girl and down ever really cool, the great actress right. And then none so I started doing episodic. Therefore, and I wound up doing the exorcist with Jean Davis. The tv show here with what network Ozanna Vocs, ok and
we require the father. Not IBM reason did you know. Did did you see that are against boiler large here's, the thing she was Reagan grown up. Ok, how, but she like reinvented herself. After all that trauma near the husband I was the husband, but the devil came back for her the devil. Didn't quit right course pursues. Who said fuck you gone round to, and so do I play played that that the brain damage does but like I was possibly like pretty smart guy, correct guy right and then the devil came. Unlike dropped sum up, my head near, you know o k, so anyway, I was doing that and I was flying home every weekend to New York. I don't know it Chicago shouted Chicago Sized fly home every weaken it wasn't so bad. You find that more from Chicago Dal, Chicago to allay my wife is doing a you know, Chicago, oh yeah. Here I mean I felt like rumpled skin because, like everything was the same except everybody was really old like what happened. I've been asleep or thirty. I know so.
I'm flying back and forth. My wife was like really max stout cause. She was working on the show that they were doing like fifteen. Our days does, plus. He's been single mom at night and she was Plato, So I come on this one weekend. She said: what are they by the time here too and she said, organs got mommy and me music class, and I want you to go with some money before you go back to Chicago. I said you bet so then, Monday morning, my magical up he set out to achieve this. Audition today, for this HBO show em like well Honey marks got me an audition for an HBO show as she burst into tears. She s like erupts in tears and likes dude. I'm sorry. I can't I can't I made a promise. I promise you yeah. I promised my wife. I gotta mommy so we go and you have to take your shoes off and leave your phone outside. So we do that. You know we're like bang and drums for an hour and therefore I come out there. Like seven text messages. There's there's five emails, you at all in others, this there's voicemail, and
He says just go to Adam CASE House before you leave town before you go to Alex just drop eyes house. They really want to see you I really don't other materially should don't worry about just go, and so I go in and this woman and prancing maize there was the casting their ride. She put me in something before so. I guess she thought me for this I'm sorry, but I'm really, I don't know the merely sitting meeting you know situation. You know the right idea is that make it up. Whatever comes out among just make it yeah. So I did you know, except for one age that I haven't with situation, would seem. Was it oh? I can't remember now, but it was just like like back and forth stuff
between me and my father or me in my my siblings, about your sense of the character was that this is a sign that I knew. I knew that he was the old. It was the fur only child by the first marriage. He was not really involved in the business and that's really all I knew, and then they said this part will grow overtime, says again and then the only thing I could eat into an actually in in the sides that they gave me. As I saw this thing that said, dad there's this job. I really I really like it's called the United States and I thought what he sees put in his old man on re air inasmuch ass. It honour his deadly serious, and then I knew I like all this guy's damaged the skies ear, delusional where I then I had a key and right, and so then I mean we ran through a couple of things need so that's great l thanks a lot here. Ok and then I fled to Chicago and by the time I land they said they want you to do it. I mean I mean it fell out of the sky. Ryan just fell in my lap and
now two big thing: it's a big thing like em Ray ten years or so with me. Somebody from the top shelf says: hey Outcome, Come up here, hang out with us for a little while you know just hang up. Why being I it's it's, I it's. Why like the resume or what year the filmography, it is for an interesting that way, if you think about it, if it wasn't for spin city right Do you think you would have stayed in it I don't know, I mean the thing. Was I had a real low point like ninety one? Ninety two that there were bad there was like I, I became a bar tender further, while real yeah, that's after bureau. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh wow! What cost nothing was gonna. Nothing was him, there is listen, I came out here in nineteen. Eighty nine! I was, I gone from cargo to New York. I was doing ok in New York, but then so he started Chicago yeah. So I can,
go where were you from originally Cleveland Ohio, I'll, destroy family not why actually my stepmom, my dad's wife, it was never really my stepmom, but my yeah, my dad's, my have you talked to let you go back there she's into she's an assisted living plays no for a four hour. They call it a memory care really is what is called yeah. The one people have Alzheimer's, and so, if we really are the collar made specific twice, Yeah, and you know it's just that it's like lock down its lights is like going to San Quentin, believes that they covered in oil. But I had no idea right. So but Cleveland when you are grown up great city. It was the reason I live in this a suburb called Parma which was later voted one of most bigoted cities in the United yeah, but when when I was growing up there was so much money being made in Cleveland yeah Audio Mills rang out o Brien, so right, people penalties taxes, so the
politicians were like, they felt compelled to give the money back to the people in some way, yeah. So Education. So we had. Dynamite school system. How we had everything we had every music programme. We had drama full drama programme, we had every like Vocational program. Like wonder, responsibility at a tight yeah in and then as soon as you like I guess I gradually graduating seventy four. You know, and then so is somehow. I yeah assigns like happy time. Oh yeah yeah, and then like as soon as the industry died out, you know all the money went away and all the school systems just crumble see got in under the wire. I did I look like because I go. But I've been there a few times and and I know that there is this attempt to rejuvenate downtown. I dont Gooden much out of downtown by TAT, because I've done comedy at the head: Nix polarities, right, the hooker and on what's at one street, solve redone six street, you clear in exile. Now it's all been Rico
Is that where, like theatre row is close its by the stadium debt by, but I I do other cities that were once great cities and then they have just taken a beaten than they do to rebuild, and sometimes it takes and sometimes a dozen times it doesn't die. The thing when I was grown up, I had relatives in Columbus and Columbus was a cow town. It was it stay capital, but It was really like Hicks Ville me I'll, and then and Cleveland was, you know, bustling industrious, town millionaire. People plus wiser Chicago kind of yeah. Let you like in all those that the whole raw spelled. She argued Detroit Pierre Cleave, LINEAR, Buffalo, right all that
and you know they all just except for Chicago Justino faded. What would your old man's business he actually worked when I was young for the most part you work for pharmaceutical job house, so he was a skilled labour. He was like the cook. Mixing up. Big batches drugs are really yeah. I wasn't chemist, but they given the recipes you're a great four hundred pounds of sugar and this stuff and that so they made everything they made like where it might, MR they made barbecue its. They had everything you know I couldn't get away with shit when I was a kid because he Nyc New, like every substance, what it did to you. What did your eyes? You know? I really I decided I started. I didn't start doing then. So I went away because many we're here that my mom was a schoolteacher. Ok was it. You have brother and sister. I had noticed such ass. She passed on cargo, yes, hunger, Javier, so when disease acting start in high school, my sister, who was due in place before me, and I was watching her and I just kind of thought. I thought I could do it. You know
I just can't put that my pocket and then you know like for most people, junior high middle school was hell and by the time I get the high school. I wasn't, it athlete we, we weren't fancy people, we didn't have any money. I was one of the cool kids yeah. I wasn't. I was kind of musical, but I didn't really plain instrument I just saying and acquire here. I didn't the thing that was me right now and then I really just a drift yeah let us show the second year from friends, oh yeah, but but really wants. I found theater. I addition for places like when my sister did this year. This triassic I signed up for an acting class as soon as I got the high school year gives us like. You know I dont really wanna take English. They had em, they had so I did that and I found out. I could do it, none like oh this is it. Is it right here you know, and I never really let go of it. You know I never never really grievous through anything out. Did you learn anything? Why did you do you just totally wing in it or you did take
glasses that you were able to apply some kind. We learn some stuff in high school are drama coaches, pretty good. I mean just like basic stage. Craft of like, like you're gonna, have to learn to produce your voice? Yeah you're gonna have to learn like how did not upstage yourself, you're gonna have to learn how to play out. I mean just like basic mechanical. You know, soil and all that stuff, and then I was actually probably a better actor earlier in college, and they started to me all this stuff. Become really self conscious. You know about your voice now you're moving and right here. I know you think you know how to to break down a text. You don't know you don't Actually in Chicago. I know you had a natural sense: yeah, I'm yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, cargo. You I took, I took acting class with a really really terrific teacher who taught inner technique and that's what, like starting to get the bull shit out of my work as I and we went to college known I would Chicago. I went to college downstate in Champagne, Urbana and then right
to college. I went right to Chicago cause. A new people do in place there. I did know anybody each layer in college- oh yeah, oh yeah, oh coming! by after play after plans to play. So you are working hard yeah I mean that was. That was the best things I was constantly on stay, but still just with the the mechanics of the high swag Justino, I'm just some bad habits and just like not not rule, it down in me, you know arrived so then I went to Chicago in this guy name is no longer with us. Named Edward K, Martin was teaching acting classes at this theatre that my friend, Bob falls. You stay up. He's now run the Goodman for like thirty years, but she slogan that thirty five years but at the time he had the small theatre called the wisdom. Bridge theater and I add, was teaching short, in conjunction with a theater, and I took classes with him and I started to us. I feel it. I started to get into my zone Orilla. Yet how would we then?
twenty five. Twenty six so like Chicago now, like it's always been a good like comedy improv. Seen great any idea. I know I know guys from there. I like em friends, but let's oh yeah and any you know he's a step and Wolf Gallia so worded you work out. Their mostly did I did have a place at the wisdom bridge. This place called the APOLLO with was a small commercial house. I dont know that it exists anymore. I work hit the Goodman. I worked at the jury. Tat the Drury Lane Water tower. Yes, I did did a poetic did musical, where the two musicals I've done called one shining moment here, which was a musical basically, it was like a bunch of high school kids, putting on a tribute to J, F K, interesting yeah, and I not yet, but we know we were like pretending to be high school kid, so pretending to put on a play. I get it. You can like our gang. Yes says a multi level performance. Oh yeah! No did you
seven off around now? I just worked around town and then I I knew those guys the angry guys, Stefano thirty or so they were pretty funny. You know, I went city to that point- oh yeah, yeah yeah, I mean I don't know how it is now really do. You know where I was with Malka which in oppression of street car, but I played we didn't Emily scenes together here, but I played the paper boy. Ok, he played Mitch here and our warm up was, we would smoke cigarettes and we play a vague. His style solitaire like I would, by the deck from him for fifty two censier in it, for every card that I got up. He'd have to give me a nickel. Ok, he in Algeria, warm. That was how we work to air and lots of cigarettes and both were your peers in that area. I knew I knew all the guys it remains. So I knew Billy Petersen. I knew Gary call a new TED Levine, a new Amy Morton, I knew that was what theatre remained they called it remains. It was something that Bill Petersen started,
and piercing from Man Hunter reactor? Yes, he's real shows. I Hunter again he's good. He is good yoga and I knew I worked. I did a a tv pilot with the Dennis Farina where I I'm might have been one of the first things he did was a pilot that Robert Conrad, shot called them hard knocks area, didn't get it and get picked up, but we had a really fun time at summer. We want at this little town on a mission, simply River called Mount Karel Illinois and wish at this defunct college and it was like a military academy. Oh right, yeah, Farina awake was he a cop? Oh shit risk copyists gum worthy collar bunco. I think that's that's like them. The vision that, like bus, flim, flam entity, area that we have cancer that's what he was. He was somethin, but, like Billy Petersen used to say how come we never read your name in a paper when all these people
gettin busted. So we think that he was like kind of a sub rossa kind of like the ideal undercover here in a bust. You guys don't think he'd give you shit about what we really he's. Gonna palaces are all moment and we radical implementing our bit. All things are gone yet is because I saw him I watch thief again recently the gems gone movie that might have been his first thing. Yeah he's got like a little peace, not one that yeah guys a process. He's at Robert products grown proceed. He n and I think the freeing of might have been an adviser on that. Oh, you are wearing a man, ok yeah what has in later life he cast Farina in this cry story or whatever was was a tv show in Vegas Sarka yeah. So when do you a when's, the breakup and how that? How do you get out it shook oxides, doing plays and like little pieces in movies cause Chicago is a hot movie. Town you know was location to choose. Well, it's beautiful severe. They have grown to really love it yeah the weather. Ducks buddies gorge
it's a real place. You know executor me, like you know it's as far as cities go like theirs if you in America that while I have its New Orleans Chicago New York, new likeliest, LOS Angeles, not so much but Chicago's, dug in yeah. Why LOS Angeles has a thing the valley, Chicago relayed. You got your neighborhood, you got like Chicago it's like that. People grow out of the city, the right out and I ran out of the ground. He exactly are you now. You know Chicago people their will What happened was I people came through town about nineteen. Eighty four casting directors. Meg, Simon and Frank human from New York came through, Look at our young guys, Fur Neil Simon, show Biloxi blues. Oh yes, that's so they came through and I order you didn't evens was he wanted. He was in some adoration area. He was in. He was in the NEO Simon Machine at that time you I'm working with him now
he's got his area. So is that while s great it's like they say if you live long enough, you work with everybody through times at what is a true, and why don't I mean I am someone. I don't run out a you know, I'm China, but when I saw him- and I think it was the other one, what's the other one, the other brightened Each man why that was it yeah. He was a year. He did he d lotta anyway. They came through town and like a month or two later, they said. Look we'd like to have Alan come to New York for a call back for NEO, Simon and for many days in Bergen for Gene sex and ice. I'm not gonna. Go to my two to Chicago. Agents. So what what? What are you talking about me? I said: look it's been three times now. I flung myself to New York traditions ya. In every time they say thanks a lot and I say I'm out three hundred bucks right right We all know how to do it from New York delay. Yeah yeah- and I said so. I I don't want to do that. While they float me,
these begin and went along these lines. They climb area. You know, and so then she called up man, many Asian, Bergmann. She said. Look at this is how I feel about it. Met need said, look Tom! The fly himself then if he doesn't get the part, reimburse him for his flight ethic. Aka array and it was the only time I got a dish. I got offered a role on the spot, addition form once and then it should come back after lunch. Look this scene come back again, came back and in southern, and I had to sing in that play a video nerve cells. Like do you mind if I sit down what is literally, my knees were knocked at a real yeah, an idea catch it down the seditious it. So I saying, and then you know Jean sacks comes, the stage and he says so just to tell you what start sing in every day you gonna get more, comfortable with it. Everything's gonna be fine air. Has it? Ok? Ok, ok and I, according to the wings and make some just wait for me- wait wait we here and then she came out she said do did you know he was.
Offering you the park- and I said I thought he might have been, but I didn't want to make an ass out of myself. If it wasn't true, he might have been telling me to keep up the dignity. I did just sing kid. I know what life assurance but joke is to this day. I dont know if they really want a mere dead man. You didn't want to pay their three hundred bucks, so that was it that was Biloxi Blues, that movement to New York, and then it got me. You know that the first run of iter or their house and regional cast a while, and then I got a you know. A bigger agent with William Morris re awhile. And then Mueller happened right after that, because I had met John Use couple years earlier in Chicago D I can do is breakfast club is like an Indy and I met not efficient for him here and then during that process. He met Molly Ringwald and then just like he'd found his muse right. He wrote six think candles over a weekend for her answer I go matter Chicago now. I think I think, may
is she came in the town. She was either New Yorker allay, I'm not sure, but I think it was like go there's this. This movie that disguised you want in Chicago. He ass young kids. You know so I thought I showed up so you in How is that audition? What was that for all for one you're yet. Well, then, the casting directors, in Jenkins and JANET Hirsch. Anson didn't want to see me. This it look. We know how old is. We know this desert Thyssen Kids, now old worry twenty eight. So we know how odious and my agent at the time murdered Jacobi, said looking place opposite broader EC every night they look like they're, the same age, broader ex gonna, be playing, it would change when one involving the lux here and there. Our came. Are, it would seem so one in addition for them and their like on. I was good that was good and so than they had made come to a call back where I was reading with Mathieu for John
and it was you know I mean Matthew and I had spent. There was probably lay June or early July ass. We ve been together for six months, and so we share the sense of humour ia. We didn't we had some history together has so many times you shop like first day work in its like this is your wife and you have to do you know this is your best friend in the world and you have to like it create instant relationship here. We To do that. We just were. We asked us and your friends, so it went well, now. Is it and that's history and that? But that was your first movie now I did. I did a movie called bad boys was shown where we watch is good. I think I think, it's pretty good. I mean I was his first movie and your first movie now it was my first movie, but she had been in at least ridge my high. Yet he did a fast times here, any my own. Perhaps he did tat your tabs with crews and TIM Mutton, TIM heighten yeah and Georgie Scott Giver work majority
No! I never get to meet him. I met Biloxi, though I met rod. Steiger. Oh well, you know any and Ginger Rogers came to Hawaii and I was just like I was dumbstruck. You know J, AI ginger, others, and I was like I just stupid. You know but our rods dire came up and he said hi ruts Tiger he was like, so he was very quiet whose loop it said. I read study and I said hi. How are you what he said and then he gave me the whole thing is this like gotta heart condition, and I got it, you know he did not. Let me eat anything anymore and an ice really any open up. This thing it was like oatmeal any really had the saddest look on his face. Use like he showed me this useless. Get em like I'm! So sorry, you know he's like hear me too, but I met him at him, but
hours carrying around his oatmeal year- but you know my friend Richard Kind has this thing I talked to him- he's alive immunities, an american original he he will go up to anybody here, no matter how famous they aren't as men, how powerful are took out his hands a pie, rich kind to big fan. You know my joke is like. If Jesus came back, he said Mister Christ, I'm rich kind fan oh, but I really admire that because a couple times in my life I've been around like really cool people, not just been like a dork and been shy and higher dismissal. I had a chance, me Tennessee Williams here and we were in a bar, at that production of street car right at I invite your paper dog in Chicago and with this bar underneath the theatre quota Frank's place a way of life here and now we're all crowded around him. You know in the wardrobe. Well said to him mister women. Play, buy you a drink and said: oh no darling. Thirteen is my limit
You know I don't like. I just use at higher justino, but you didn't know chicken. That's I sought morale enrichment and in London I told him that story, but Tennessee Williams, and he said why would put myself on the same shelf, is tissue Does it here, but I would do it hello. I talk to ramp Roman once I think one of his big his regrets not spending time with Marlon Brando come on yeah yeah, it's just like for his hot acting its plagued his whole life. Does he did that the I would have Doktor Moreau and Brando had taken had made a joke about Nicosia that horrible goats head PA, but like he is, he had sent some stuff over the trailer and Brando invited him over to you know, hang out and didn't do it. I think I just sticks with. Oh he s gone you should have done two Tennessee way. I should have an end. I mismatches
years ago, Rob load told me that he was like in that used to be like a market. I'm libretto, I think COD Mayfair, air Yahoo is just like some cause. He lived up on Mulholland. He lived up there and used to go to that little ice cream, Mushy Malone's he's got that. I no place here, and I dont know anyone grocer via Brando apparently was in there all the time like eating suitable, scoops, no shit yeah, and so he was rob was in some way. I was some grocer stride in Romania, waivers Ralph, Serbia, various isn't gross historic there in Hollywood West and he comes. Turn a corner in theirs. Marlon Brando reading a Box of Rice Rony in This is like after you done Superman dislike, I'm retired Yale and Numb robs like a huge Probably seventy news like high Mr Brando, I'm Rob law. I just wanted to teach myself, I'm an actor too and then he's like
and the hay any like reading the ingredients on rice, Rony and had then am robs us. So do you think you think you're evergreen ACT getting us, probably not, and that was it. I think that I should replace is still there yet is yet they have weird faint flavors like orange, blossoming rose water rose. What yeah yeah they do have that? Yes, so with viewer, That's when those roles where you know that guy for life yeah yeah and was that a problem free. For a while, yet because I mean like it in those years where I couldn't seem to scare up any work, I was like a well. You know. I guess that was my shot, that, like the nineties, yeah I mean that movie came out and eighty cs and then I kind of just like stumbled around New York and I did like you two years ago here, like a long time of us like nineteen. Eighty eight, I did a pilot in Thailand Thea
follow journalists in Vietnam, and I really wanted to go because in a way it was kind of like in a network like NBC kind away. It was kind of like succession. It was dark, it was a drama, but it was like really darkly funny. Guy, just the thing you weren't going greater, you know, and so the though Bueller thing got to be a pain in my ass when people would bring it up during that period cause I was like. Well it that's it I'm done so how'd. You respond him and a people go Cameron Naga. Thank you yeah. It's me! listen? I came out here in nineteen. Eighty, nine and good like instead of ready- an apartment, I rented little House Cosette I was doing this pilot with no Carter. And I was old enough to know better, but I like listen to the. I bought the bull shit here and These guys it NBC relocate like, but before we ever shot before, we were before any they like, hey powers,
if you like, to have a steady job, hey because she had a deal right. You know like a pair play deal. You did No, and so we made this pilot and it just like it stunk eyes, it was just. It was just He s bed so didn't get picked up and I was broke. I was flat ass broke, and so I went to an employment agency. Cassettes like now consider on us. I consider it was like pilot season was over. Reacted, nothing was avenant, so I like a big I'll, be damned M economic, my car payer anyway. So I went to this point called extra help and they found me a position at Sears Warehouse in EAST delay and It's like a series of like little left cars that come chugging down from the warehouse here into the sorting room where you put things, I convinced to go on certain trucks and like none three, that's Portland Number four: that Seattle, you don't have it. Tag on it, and sometimes
she'll be like a bug, vase them away like an answer, and sometimes he'll be a twelve foot. Long swing set in a box that away like a hundred thirty powers here and now I was skinnier, then I am now and I you know war bit glasses and all all the black eyes that work. There were crypts here and rural yeah and all the hispanic deeds that work there were latin King Sihanouk. You know like they would walk by MRS King, live in I would I didn't want to do so. I would say King Love and Iraq, nor no homes. You consider that you can say that it is not you, you gonna, get hurt Electronic Aramis here and not the other. Black eyes, Commie Superman cause. I had on These big glasses near, like Superman, take up that Clark. Kent disguise and picked. I stated that some familiar I did I did that for like three four months, and that was that that was the day job.
That was very agreeable. I was I was shown up today. Ripen did people recognize you from the media yeah, and I just I was like. If I, if I ain't gonna, be mad, you know if they know if they know that, like I I actually was working and movie here, and then I somehow let slip. I said. Maybe they're just kill me for being stoop. He knows you like this. One guy was tongues, you ever see that movie Fit Buford stay are faster and here's what he's like so this model? looks like they did with the dead car. You know and I like, I just like trying to cross it if you'd smoke, then I'm like sitting there smoking indoors as I trying to like making myself invisible, hit, Dag career, but anyway, then then you know I did that. I just got the humble. I did that for like three months: three and a half months I gotta cause like do you. Wanna go, do sitcom pilot music is here
and then I saw I did that pilot and then I did the young guns to like right, backtrack, Banba, two jobs like back to back and then I icon it rose up. And further while and then then nothing happened for like eighteen months Really after that, did you go back to this Sears? No, that's out! That's when I became a bartender, Sear Barton. You're after young guns to ya and bloodhounds of Broadway. Oh yeah. This is well after bloodhounds Broadway. This Sid come called them going places here. We was, it was a nice job, because the guys that I worked forward, they couldn't be nicer guys, but it not a good show, and you know it was it was bad and The critics just had a field day was just like lobbying them like big saudi meatballs executive, smack of monkeys like going places going now.
Where fast, you know, I mean just ass. We were brutalized and we did nineteen episodes of that. While so that's why you have to Barton because say because right and I couldn't get any work, were you married Wikipedia via air? I had, God, you work in this year's warehouse and you get to kids that punishes my girl. My allows Helga yeah though the shame did you feel it yes you know, and then the thing with the bad. I don't I don't I don't drink. I don't be a dope anymore, I don't smoke, cigarettes, don't do anything, but back then still pounding liquor and I decided to become a bar tender but the bat I got a job. I got a job at the red onion down in the marina you and but the truth was like us drink up all my Tipp money, hair and eyes dislike you park it at the bar afterwork pre much yarn about yea and them then I just stopped. I just stopped doing that
the ex somebody said. I think this is a real bad idea for you an end, is actually a manager. The tap just like, I think, there's gotta be a reason that you're not working, and I think this might be a source of ok I'll. Try to us, opt in and I started working really that's when speed happened. Yet exactly. One speed happened because because, like I remember seeing you in Spain my holy shit, what have you been doing here he's been he's been sitting at the bar at the red onion hounding tequila after shifted Barton, yeah yeah. Why yeah and you great and speed. I remember really lacking a character. Yeah did you like it? Yeah this money when I went in for the addition, he was supposed to be a lawyer, This was to be like this but whole lawyer, man whose Bmw broke down on him and he had to get to a meeting. So we had to take the bus here and users as a whole backstory when abusive, asshole, yeah
I just showed up- and I guess yonder bond didn't buy me- is that so they decided to swap at around and have me be like this Yokul here. You know Chicago just like this guy. You know here a tourist so that started it. That started the ball rolling yeah things get things get good and then and then Spencer, shortly after one year later, not regular. Later you need a more movies. I did speed and then I direct political, my STAR Trek movie. It's like a star trek, fancied. He she she's, like oh yeah, Serbia generation say generations in there. I did You gotta be part of that mythology. Yeah it's great. I mean you know those conventions there very. What's the wording solitary India, because it's like this people that are like really healthy professionals who dress up like whomever their fair favour, characterised people. There are basically third, almost like street people. They don't have. You know a pragmatism comecon as any of those either they're all over the place around. It is basically something that we have gone
I have gone to some of them, and what do you do? Their use? hang out and you are a whore and you sell pictures of yourself for money, his screen. They make you just do it on your own or you do with the measures it there's a guy. I met years ago of guiding Bobcat Lando he s a reproducing yet oh god, he gets you booth here. You now hit cases honorary. I know he sees sorts through the pictures and you know him cameras wifely at some someone for their friends, slides lives, the shit out of me. You may just find like anybody within the universe at striking out you once you show, but this saying aside some pictures, wolves, where's, this boy never met him. Do you know who Ethan Philips? Is he played knee links in what was that? with Kate Mall, grew. I don't know man it was. It was the star Trek with Kate Mongrel. Ok, I'm pretty sure he played kneeling. She played an alien duty was like real popular erhead. You know you
shit come out his forehead here, but he's therefore guy I've known of here. He was an bloodhounds Broadway. Ok, so knowing him for years, we were doing this thing called Anville a little like ninety. Ninety nine we're doing an Indy, Upstate New York IA, and he said my friend Bobby comedies wondered if you'd sign a few pictures near as friend of yours, you're here and so then, so they put out the stuff like couple posters in speeches sign a form. Bob's is what you want for that. I said nothing. I mean you're here if his real name is John Ethan, Philip City, and so I would become Johnny by professional name is Ethan? Okay. So you Johnny's frenzy and the like wild thanks while thanks here and then it was the way then, before nine eleven and I'm out here specific as it moved from New York to outlay, excuse me, Wyndham, Michael left and Charlie. She took over, I moved out here, and I out here and Johnny
Philip causes. As we do this we can you come to Vegas. You want to do this structure convention, yeah. Well, you know and so I went my maiden made cash. You know when I came home and I made it out just in time to some people stay till Monday. I flew on Sunday night and then then ass. They knew what they were doubt. Yeah and people were stuck in Vegas because there were no flights air while but admitted back, but but that became a thing you could do yeah I may get a free. I therefore were you know. I might do it again here Y know what they're so Spin city like that, must be like just like the fuckin winning ticket to get on a show that never ends
it was good. It was good. We were. You were working above him with Charlie M, with more likely to say when it was a good and evil. I love Charlie. I love Charlie. You he's the thing about him as we all have demons, but he rustles his demons in the town swear here. Everybody to see. Oh sure, right, I don't mean angle. I just like my such a match? The idea but the idea is so anyway was. It was all good yeah, Charlie Charley was in a real good space. Then here, who is a lot of fun to hang around with my best thing about them show is. I had friends for life. I made friends for life on a deal wake What Michael Boatman and I had actually done a showed together before that called me so we are and it was on the old W B and we were dead last in the ratings every single week. You know it would only went thirteen episode right but boatmen became powers. They paradise up, God that show and then one
for spin city. I went to New York and I didn't. I didn't think I look that much like like describe anyway, I'm flying to New York to audition for Michael J Fox, and people are snap and my phone Leah. It lacks the unlike was gone. I went right, paparazzi would end I, like you, I got big glass desire and, like my tuk, you know my my winter had iron and discuss I can't wait for the movie to come out. Man like the other thing I hadn't can was twister like it's mostly see gee. I know it's like flying cows and whatever his will, I won't without the glasses and take my glasses. Avi takes Mapuche. When looks at me funny, you know so there in New York and I'm still smoking. Then some down the street smoking cigarettes as a little nervous to me, Michael J Fox here in this guy comes up pieces, God I saw you in the movie. You were great like what But what movie that easy- though the movie the movie with Richard gear. I said
never been in a movie with through Ngos but you're, an actor rightness idea where he thought I Edward Norton. They thought I was and am stowaway saw me Michael J Fox in Vienna Agency, that after maybe more when I was young so then after I get the part, All I call home in my magic. Is they want you to do it and said I can tell you now that boatmen already been cast. So we got teamed up again and his great rare says must bad must be at least a pleasure to go to work for us. I mean you know we all had seen Michael Hand picked his playmates. We all have the same twisted sense of humour, sir. I just like him, Greg these great guy so am I making over my head- or did you almost die yeah? It was actually that that same year of nine Eleven ion I was out unless an outside here, in LOS Angeles
still living in New York, and I was commuting back and forth like work for three weeks go here, for we work for three was gone. And I was out here- and they still don't know how it happened, but I got the blood poisoning. I got a strap struck. The cockle type g infection in my blood and all I know is that I was. We were filming that, like the last show before Christmas- and I felt like Who's gonna die. I just had the worst headache of my life and my whole body hurt what's goin on here. I fly the next morning with bossed work to New York ass. He was living in New York there and he suddenly nursemaid on the plane- is like trying to keep me warm and is trying to kid got labour. I have Brad chills. I was mess and. My house is being renovated, the time we're staying in an apartment building and my driver did speaking his russian duties in Speak English and I'm like an I became delirious and he dropped me off
one building away from my building- and I just felt like hell- so I just laid down in the lobby people were walking over me. Just like you almost got drunk get her and said I mean I think. Like you know, an angel is something some woke me up a little bit and said get outside get outside. So stumbled outside, and I saw my building made it in by building and my ex wife was she thought I like went off on a tooth she'd like maybe I fell off the wagon and rain was the added and I collapsed and she called nine when one next thing. I know I hear that was like three days before Christmas. The next thing I know people like one five forth. Three two one happy new year. I was out. Like nine days. I'd lost thirty five pounds. My kidneys had stopped working and my I just I got this ferocious infection in my bloodstream and my poor ex wife. There s
questions like come disease. Does anyone have sex with barnyard animals? Issues like she's, like you know, no, no now ass a little strange sometimes, but now the end there like. Does he keep birds? Does he hunt? Does you hunt? all these things need to this day. They don't know how I got it, but you I got this horrible infection in my bloodstream shut down my kidneys like shot. Like little pieces of crap up into my brain. My liver for, like a minute was like of, though, is liver. Gonna go then it would have been curtains. For two days there, like he's not coming in and then two days I was like hang in there and there like ok, it looks like he's gonna pull through, but he's he's not gonna be right upstairs here and then I started Meanwhile, regain some clarity and I wasn't any dumber than I was before I got sick like all. Well, ok, he seems to have his his faculties. His wits
item, but the he's gonna be on dialysis for the rest of his life, and then almost my kidney started to get better, so I'm lucky I dont know why this is It's funny, though the one from a hundred seventy pounds, two hundred thirty five pounds. You know it's like somebody, let all the air out of my ass. You know I mean it is not a good, not a good look at them and everybody Sandy comes back at the first is like lasting ago. Forcing the combat you'll be all right, but they put me on steroids. Help my kidneys get healthier, went from a hundred and thirty five pounds to just over two hundred pounds in about six weeks ahead, like the big fat, you Louis face. I had. I guess I got fat. Like an Irishman, because you know I had the skinny arms and legs big academic man belly, you know I had to buy special pants. It was really it was. It was embarrassing. Oh Jesus did it because it was helping that where that was my kidneys, but it was just like I would say, and fund the refrigerator and shovel like hole like
bunches of grapes into my mouth, I will sit down, eat a whole pizza via the steroids apprentice zone. Man. It just makes you eat. I couldn't stop a grandma havin fun when that was but then you know boy did of vat did look too good air. I don't have a lot of bone structure. I don't have framed to hang a lot of meat on you know. So if I watched with that sees him density. Are you huge? Now? I got fat after that season. I did an episode of scrub Scrubbs. Billy Lawrence, because he had done spin city than he did scrub, where, where I have the big giant face, I did an episode of Queen supreme, which was an Oliver plaid Bela surer show mighty gonna. Copper seasons are an idea, I'm sure he's fine he's a big power present sector, how yeah yeah honey- and I worked with him on this thing but fifteen years ago- called the rocks is burning
played Steinbrenner. I just like it's amazing that, like you're one of these actors like even though between Lifespan City and wherever you right now, you ve kept working I've. I've been really fortunate, you know, even even I mean not ever thing I've done has been succession I mean. Really truly I've been waiting for a show like this. For thirty years I really have something this like really smart, that everybody raves about net. I ll of the material no, it's not just that it's popular, it's that its excellent Oliver sure man and it's like the writing is like children, the best writers. I've ever worked with tremendous. How many are there? my God, I don't know, I mean ok, Jesse Armstrong, Tony Roach, Georgia protruded, you guys mostly mostly Brits yeah yeah, that there's gotta be there's gotta, be like the Kabila
Eight there's gonna be like a rare and then there's people there's other people that have the word. The designations there's like exam. Give producer. There's like associate producer. Yes, gripped, supervise area there there's the different levels. You know yank their skies. Underneath these guys that are, you know, Like I made your mouth like with what you have done, some heavy work I imagine with I just every new school Do I go out? It's it's. Just phenomenon has the sea it's great were just as nasty and self involved as we ve ever been. So I think, if that's what the audiences before they will not be disappointed banned, but the better arc is good in. Like you know, like oh yeah, I mean it's just that the great thing about these guys at midnight. I know I don't like follow it, but I hear you know that this is is this whole subculture of like people like this is what I This is what's gonna happen. They write to people Guiana, guess low that well that that turn at the end was pretty good. Oh yeah. Oh, my god,
no the thing about these right, as you know, you're not gonna, be, I know, you're not gonna pick dragged out now. I know it just seems like the cast is so top notch. I've talked to Sarah. I've talked to cure and de facto Brian yeah, retard others yeah. I love em, we're fuck him structures media everybody brings there a game which is another reason like his shop to work and people are just like bring in it. So I mean, even if even if you thought about phoning it in even if you're, just like I just not me you can't yeah. You can't because there's these people that are just going there just got a potent and fourth gear and gone and so you better hang on what seems like what Cox's like he's, just great yeah. You know, they're there are really great and in Germany seems like like ease he's really in the work he
is he's, everybody's got a different way of working and he's got a very specific way of working that he attempts to keep himself in his zone. So if that means isolating himself and not mingling with the rest of the cast, he does it if that means like doing tat, the research. Then he d- these, like em, no old school method, guy kind of like that. Yeah and you know, my wife is a really brilliant she's it's funny as hell. She actually banana but she's a brilliant, dramatic actor and she's been asked to go to some really dark places a right, but she did this thing: the killing. There was real, dark season of the killing and like tween takes she and Kinmen Weena. It was like I have learned others they got themselves if they like, don't stay in Hell, two long years, regular right out right. You know so everybody's different everybody. How are you with that? it depends what I need to do if like. If I have some big like
emotional breakdown scene or something like that than I've gotta go figure some stuff out up I would be by myself, you know, but I mean if with some of this stuff I mean I swear. I just like a bee in the parking lot with the Teamsters. You know traitors yoke. Accordingly, just what you need to get it so by like when you to make choices, re sky, the Roy, but between you and the prostitute yeah. Who is my girlfriend. She doesn't do that anymore. I'm the only guy did then you might be, what does it mean? You're, not a John? Well, you know what I'm not gonna know spoilers no spoilers, but I mean when you What would you have to make certain decisions around how this character like- I guess I'm just asking you like your region I impulse when you realize he's a bit delusional, which it would would play into that. Relations here, but some level, this guy
a kind of believes it right with you. I think it is one of those things. Just like your great your great you need money. I need a girlfriend. I have a lot of money here, what we do You know this is great you know, I mean it just says, he's a little bit of a different wavelength, you know and that it is not that he doesn't get his feelings hurt, but you Oh, I mean at some point, probably early on, probably when he was like in his early while proudly when it was Eighteen, any dratted go to business school and rise like this is bullshit. I write do this, but I always knew he was gonna, be which for the rest of his while he d like it's like I dont need to work, so he just suspend his life is spent all these years. Collecting things traveling reading he's not a dummy. You know he beep, I'm sure that he reads more than Roman does right. You. Nobody reads like stuff that was written a hundred fifty years ago. Her you know sure Cuba. You know we're here
its google right. You know an idea he might read, for here, but the, but I think it is pointless life I mean. I think one of the reasons he wants to be, president is add. That's the one One thing that would make his father sit down and say: well, that's, that's impressive here, you know where I get my old man's attention right right, and also the other thing about Connor, is, I think, in this life of leisure- is- is starting to bite him and he asked because there is no group of people that need him, he's not needed anywhere near. You know, there's but it's like one Conor gets here. We can start this doesn't rightly family can treat them like the like the dingbat via. You know, right so, guy he's got out of the game are years. It's like you know. I mean up up until Well, I mean all through the first season, I think into the second season. I mean that there would be some decision to be made by us,
kids and I say whatever you guess what everything idea. I'm excited man, I'm excited about it. So now they like that's, been in the can for how long, We finished the middle of July. So not that long, now you just can hang out here. What do you do? I just I did a little job here in town concisely. Sleep in my own bed, a thing for Hulu called the drop out among Elizabeth HOMES, so I play the four play this guy, who is the in House doctor for Walgreens the consulting physician for Walgreens and was convinced that she was just gonna like take them into like mountain endless mountains of money. Here you know here, and so he he bought. He bought her con hotlines here why he went for it. There must be a role for this one. If I am just you, know, a fool why maybe you're noticing a pattern here with the way their people are casting me. Will you went
like a sort of tightly wound? Yeah, you know to just sell involving just stupid It is certainly take all the wrapping away than to see just left with done good talkative in good. Don't you think for come, my pleasure so that's it. That is it how in Russia of Succession season three starts Sunday October, seventeenth and HBO get caught off their seasons. And to honour HBO Max. Also, if I think There might be a few tickets for Largo on Tuesdays and ninety four, the Mark Marin play music with his friends and has comics come over, convened in the band We ve known Brower, ensure itself And Maggie may is gonna do comedy as his body we
Bobby, we Largo you guys nervous. He's nervous. Let's play it out.
Burma lives, muggy Fonda carrying Beware
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