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Episode 1276 - Bob Spitz

2021-11-04 | 🔗

How did Bob Spitz become the preeminent biographer of the most important and influential names in rock and roll? Before he wrote the definitive narratives of Bob Dylan, The Beatles and now Led Zeppelin, Bob was a business manager who was there for the discovery of Bruce Springsteen and flew around the globe with Elton John. Bob tells Marc how he merged his experience in the business with an investigative approach to these music biographies and then extended it to other subjects like Woodstock, European cooking, Julia Child and Ronald Reagan.

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Getting excited. not going to New York. Do the show a town hall on the thirteen the Albion. Where am I each field Connecticut on the Levin Correct, there there might be tickets for Richfield Connecticut I'll, be there on the eleventh at eight p m. I don't know I can't off their tickets to have two doesn't say, sold out, see pretty caused us sold out so looks like there's a few tickets, but New York is sold out on the thirteenth and I've got some exciting news for you: New York, people, for those of you in the new? New York City area just out of this to the calendar on Sunday November. Fourteen the day after my show, a town hall will be doing will be doing a special live. Taping of WMD have our first since two thousand and fifteen. It's going to be the Paris Theatre in Midtown, Manhattan and my guest will be
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Just looked up what oh empty means: aunt or medical doctor. I don't know licence. Acupuncture rest. So I there, because I just don't feel quite right Ngos over all my panels in my blood work, he goes into. This big should feel, like you know, what's going on gimme your complaints and like I just don't, don't feel great fifty eight color but a gun get my heart, but he looks at all my work. All the book. Work, he says you doing great at EL. Madam meetings as you do a great, unlike okay and then you know, we just start going over stuff. My exercise all that stuff and then he like that, that he does work, the aid and Gimme anything said. I need these tests and I guess the deal is you do these under the radar tests instead of doing tests that tests to see if you ever or try to read the test to see if your sick, these are, I guess, preventative and they look for not triggers whatsoever markers or something of other things:
dull, timers insulin, problems vitamin d deficiency, vitamin deficiency testosterone. So this these different tests that don't get done specifically at the way from doktor to see. If I'm, u there's a marker for Alzheimer's or my insolence fucked up of my food, said utilities my testosterone on the wane all this stuff and am I had begun to begin. They stick out. I got fuck what I get myself into a girl. These Buddhas around in jars of both Some things and but by the end of it it might well that makes sense. Why not test the do these off the grid tests, to see what this is all about. The bottom line in your the feeling. Great I get up at six. Thirty, six, six I usually work out a run up a mountain. I do podcast, I freaked out a drink drink, a bunch of coffee, I do stand up, comedy do whatever I'm gonna do play some interest. I very full day. Is, it seems and I'll go better midnight one in the morning. So right there it seems like problem
it is get more sweep. I don't know, but there's always tests you know, I don't know I'm not just kind of comic book. You know. I ain't. They wanted a stool sample which happens when you're older, usually to dipstick of some kind. But dad this woman has me a cup I get cup I gave out scottish thing. A cup with scrutiny. And I got this far she's like this tool sample MIKE what energy as we a tray ya. Like an french fried trader the kind of thing you get fish and chips in, but this provision ship in this room for Pope she's? I just yet full lay one down in the tray to put in a cup. It's like what the fuck is this. I don't mean to talk about this. its nasty, but are they gonna eyeball this stuff? Don't they have? The equipment? Are Are oriental medical doctors not allowed
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outdoor came out when I was in high school and in my recollection me I guess presents may became out before that, but like before that, I didn't know they seemed like he was of another time, but everybody was Profoundly excited about in through the outdoor be readily doo doo, Doo, Doo, doo validity, literally MAO validity, LU, LU, LU, LU, LU, LU, LU, bump bump bump bump. Ellie. My aim Naomi new blood, pretty happy about it, I'm whose oil different for Zap will poppy, but it was a big thing and then they had their the inner sweet. If, though, you can hit with a brush a wet brush and they had built in what color some people some people, then I think I have copy of it with the unpainted inner silly, but anyway I was in all the Zeppelin, but it turns out that Bobby it has been around a long time. He was
one of Bruce. bring things original managers he a manageable John he wrote saw. She was in the publishing world too pointed. the bigger life, then justly book about led Zepplin or the Beatles or Bob Dylan or Woodstock or Ronald Reagan, but the book eat that he's here to talk about lead, Wendy, biography comes out next Tuesday November. Ninth, you can prove right now, whether you get books, miss me talking Bob spits, whose daughter very excited he doing this show? I hope works out Is our public during their throwing stones? Biographer designed a deal are due to be the wrong Jones biographer. How do you like that
exciting the absolute where he s so I've been Dylan's biographer the Beatles biographer wet, zeppelins biographer it it puts a player. Not forget Ronald Reagan enjoy a child. I don't want. You know, I don't want to ruin the run, What we can forget Reagan by June. We, a child, you know, is the documentary. My book is opening the same week as the ledge up one thing living. She was one of the great I can roll goddesses issue of Julia China, love you don't realize how hard she rock right. I do her I'm I'm a big fan of joy child the newer, well, actually, how you did but like like this book, Zepplin book it made me go back like a guy. I grew up I'm younger than you. So I was already Zepplin to me- was already it wasn't all these because they establish themselves is sorted, eternal right in the end, the high school mail, you of the county rock, where I,
Wrap in New Mexico, so yeah we were listening to physical graffiti houses of Hawaii and, of course, some Zepplin. For now what are you trying to slow dancing, junior high too Stairway, to Heaven Rona right up till the fast part, and then everything got awkward. But there I do remember when, in through the outdoor was coming out like do. I was a must, have a soft or what was Alex. Seventy seven. Seventy nine don't be so we're like. Oh, my god is always like glitter. We diverge Zepp album and are in our conscious lifetime right and I just listen to it again it's a weird record, very weird and- and my friend Dean says: that's because. Jimmy was so strong out on dope and robber plant was on his way out the door, and it was just bottom and Jones fucking around the synthesizer in Switzerland. That's that's exactly where I really crazy. We're you know, sitting there. Arena in weedin job all Jones in Sweden, that Switzerland and Andy and an John Bonham right,
and they were waiting. The whole time for Jimmy, where is Jimmy, was ten days of of record of Non Recording the f just in the hotel Jimmy is in his room in the dark. Here, doesn't get up at all, in Sweden Right and one day they said Jimmy Pages is coming into the studio yeah. They actually, you know, ran down there and worked as fast as I could. Rick, as it was just when he was conscious exactly right. Yeah, I mean I like that record here. I guess we like I'm the guy who has a problem with the you know, with the banjo on gallows pole. So, like you know, I'm kind of specific. in odd about the thing is for me,
that sounds like what a great fuckin tune, wiser, banjo and an exact Burgoyne, because you know they were sitting around the house and they had nothing to do and they were all these instruments away there and Jimmy had never touched a banjo before so we he just had to play the banjo. That's the real story of why that there that's exactly why it is changes all toneless. Yet while they were up Edna Roberts Childhood home in near win whales. Yet- and you know when you're in Wales there's nothing going on right, so they had a lot of good Wade here and all these instruments- and you know they just they played fogey type stuff and Europe where they like that I mean like. I ask as I listen to some of these like you know like I had to go like because they mention Maria harbouring song, like I rodeo track down other way, Harper records in liking. I listen to the stuff that sort it was moving through. page anyways at that time
and an end and you how they kind of integrated that into whatever they were here, but they pulled all that stuff in the harbor stuff, the Bert, Janusz stuff, for here s another great guitar player, yeah, yeah, bad, it Brian I again I've attempted- and I have a lot of his records and I don't mind the the the ban that truck pen tangle Japan to Acta by himself work adjust newsreel to me. I am back preceding guitar point, but doesn't like me up. You know Jimmy listen to all the stuff, even as a kid don't some of it. He don't yea swiped alot of an anthem that he could get his hands on an Jimmy. Was a great. You know he was an innovator and he listened to things and then he reinterpreted them in some people said o o You stole his stuff, but yet music evolves man now there's a dog and I'm gonna get push back for that. But the truth of the matter is that I will now when people cut paper records. Vote
out of the gate, cut everybody and of Marine take ever get to check the biggest problem. With pages he was a little reticent to maybe Willie Dixon, a Czech. Well, you know I mean really they stole Willie Dixons. They stole out of the old boots finger. They kept the sea in tune with almost the same words and they asked Robert chain the words around a widow was on the Amazon, older women song and end of and a few other sorrier downtown exactly but a book man. I mean You know this is a big undertaking, obviously the other books, written Dylan and and the Beatles Big undertakings, but I mean was way. It doesn't seem like you're out for the money. Thank you. I mean. Obviously it's gonna probably do all right with you know. If there are people who love Zepplin and are willing to read, I mean For some reason, I possessed one in a different kind.
The gory is Dylan and the Beatles jars right where in terms of the specific type of following they may have, I'm sure there's a lot of cross over, but no one I don't know, I think, therefore it seems with the Beatles and would do and you're dealing with the real magicians and I've been Jimmy page was an aspiring magician and that there is a tremendous amount of mystery around those other two back. It's true, but you know Jimmy Love, Dylan, absolutely adored, Johan Robert Love, the beetle sir, when they did a lot of their songs that went on for a half hour working out here, bits and pieces of. Please please me here. I want to hold your hand Robert. We just weave them into the songs as they sang, but I just like wonder because I know that you used to yet you are in the music business. I was earlier yes, yes, yes, but forget about like well like word. You come from
come from. I come from a little town in Pennsylvania. Actually, Redding Pennsylvania ready the New York Times has declared the most impoverished city in America and gradually yeah rang. You and my parents put me on a bus to New York after college and said what was it? What was it like? What was the world their liking out? You, jewish guy, a mature whisker, I'm writing Pennsylvania. How do you know where they do not there? would use with all Pennsylvania dutch people right after the war. It was not a great place to go, grow up being jewish community role, Germans right, but that they buy but the Pennsylvania, Dutch or a little different than generator of jobs. By by day, would you dad ever business here more downwards? Doktor, ok and, of course, I was supposed to follow in the footsteps always to do until you realize that can't you know what we're with my parents, who said I don't do it go to New York, get the music business out of Europe. You know I was a guitar player from the time. I was only elegant way going. What year
Oh god, you really want me to say that on the air german. Ninety, when I was twelve nineteen, sixty two shall Casey you're coming right at the beginning of robbed the metals ya via the beginning. The beaches the bills are the ones who do identity will. Actually, this is an amazing thing. I saw the moneyed Slovenia the next day I went to the bus stop and every kid had their hair come down like the Beatles except one and that little Asshole said the Beatles r d
They are nothing. They will be gone in two weeks. I was that would allow asshole really. I was Joam via the leaders. I was Bob Dylan and Joan by as Europe's Oki I was a foggy. Yeah yeah died in more focus ha. You write to the point where I rock and roll so like you're, the guy but pride by that time, you weren't when Dylan picked up the strap you're like it's. Why are you so? Where do I got it right? Aware? Really yeah, I'm gonna became a huge beetles famine and what he heard you why rubber soul turned me right, so that that brought it altogether for you, yeah its focus and it's cool and intelligent and gorgeous harmonies. Who can come up with that stuff? Here I mean those guys you, you said magicians, you hit it. when they had. We also we're doing- and I imagine like I know you ve done some research on this as well- that to you. I believe that that music is magic in and when it works in there's no real understanding why it works
and there and in the room, I think that is the EU you can evolve through life with a song or whether record absolute. Any keep sort of manifesting itself differently to you as you get older and we'll get. Somebody like Dylan are poor Macartney. I mean they view glib spent six. I now rapid enough of both of them behind by a hacker. Yes right, but her music evolves in changes. So for me I got to New York or Anderson. Seventy one. I scared and I got a job I eat up New York yeah, but I wandered into a job with Archer family? Why? Because it always begins with the Partridge rammed as Eric yes and one night I was in the office of late at night. The office was cholera. What office it was in one fifty Third Street New York beyond whose office with West Feral who produced the Partridge family. I said this is the guy that you're working for young get a job at West Feral, that's it. I saw his name
you know, I didn't you have to use. What was that guy? He was a songwriter. First of all, he wrote hang on snoop right, so you guitar player, you go to New York. How'd, you get a job with this guy I needed to get into the music business. I decided to be as his errand boy. Ok, so you work of arrest, west, fair, hang out so Whoopi, which was the Mccoy which was rigged. Geringer return, Jerome, guitar right you and he recorded in himself later yeah, and so will you just doing you're you're, getting the the hang of uneasy business by working with a guy that represented the party friend, that's right and down the hallway through guys, my capellan Jimmy creditors, who were writing the music for the show wherein the office wait. One night and MIKE runs a visitor pop bubblegum pot machine. You bet groundwater that ok microns, then it says Bobby come down here and here the sky there's a guy in the waiting room. I dont know how we up here, but you gotta hear Ambien. I walked into the waiting and their words is kind of range. looking guy with a ready, looking girl, fear and he pulls out his guitar
and he plays three songs, and we almost fell out of our chairs, and yet this is Bruce Springs to nineteen. Seventy two: seventy seventy one at Wes, where the faroes office? Now we do, I who reps the Partridge Pham now we didn't want where to get his hands on your bubble. Bruce comes in what to sell songs, yeah he's looking for a publisher overlooking right, try to get a deal somewhere. You know needed money right, so he hears sky keys, ease right, knee songs it that he think at West could move exactly how to his artists or to other art, or anybody he be. I would Bruce was working for anybody who could inject a little catching there, but I, but I think, like you know, I don't know that everybody realises this because I was there, we read it. The velvet underground document arrive, there are a lot of these houses, these publishing houses that Reviewing this sort of like yours second string pop music market and which was a big one. Ok represented, do you know turning around or when dawn,
and about fifteen other barons Don Kirshner, whereas the big one, ok, he was also a right around the corner. Is your guys who made their fortunes of music? Publish you bet? Okay, so so Springsteen comes in your kid they dragged down the hall. You sit there with it. The jersey boy case, price sweaty in smelly Reorient, your guy, Bruce cooked. All right, you know lead, he would just He was unformed completely unfair. What were the socks? man he played a song, but we played how to be a sentinel said a year. He played if at some called, if I was the priests which he just recorded recently yeah and a third song that he's never recorded called no need, which is, I think, one of the most beautiful. Chauncey. He ever wrote oh yeah, and I happened to recorded that night. I worry me well, you know any time somebody I go about a guitar, so you were that you got on the knobs. I got on the knobs and I just I had a little tape recorder and I still have that. Take its beauty,
man area jokes, gorgeous awe, and so we we decided West can't get hands on this guy critically dies. You will try to turn them into David Cassidy. So we, quit our jobs the next morning out. So I guess, Try to your fear was that he would. He would try to take this guy and manufacturing into a perhaps start performing artists right about along the lines of of the bar. Your family, are battling Bruce what it had a showcase you quit with. What's he? What do you do? Tell Bruce what why why do you quit? We were. We had a hamburger with rose, no without Barroso, you in a pal yeah, and we wanted to slap ourselves. We really here this evening. Is this true, this guy maybe we knew right away. There was no winners, Oh hesitation, what is the real deal? I'm of like everything shifting so here in this way, Pharaoh office with this bubblegum popular. yeah, that's it. Eight sorted keeps going, but, but
Ultimately, you knew what was going on the village. You knew what was going on, Sir win win, you know in moroccan downtown absolutely! No, I was a whole notes. Was that weak Billy jaw was that weak there were all starting to perform in New York. they were all in the clubs and it was what about had have what about downtown? What about like? You know you see these was that yet another one hour CBS. What's in it, it was a maxim areas to city, so there was little so there was the Warhol shit go on downtown Roy, you sort of more in the air, the mainstream. We we were uptown here we were uptown K. So what do you do with eager? Have? I am Berger and we decide you know I can Jimmy were ten years older than me. They had families, I mean they needed the insurance Michael out. You bet It didn't matter. We knew we got out. We had a deal for Bruce within a week at Columbia Records, so you
you, but did you tell Bruce? You were unimaginable, absolute were wondering how to Deca MIKE took care of that because he was so micro manage MIKE was no. None of us were managers, Microsoft, songwriter we were, we were doing this on the fly. We got a lawyer the next day. You know we we got a contract whipped up. Might too the Bruce they were going to contract. It was one of them are about. You know if oil there it was at the time but Bruce of waiter, sued market new know about their work plan out. So you you are ripping you had a record deal form yeah, we went, What actually MIKE made it MIKE with brash guy? He picked up the phone, and he calls John Hammond now John Hammond. John Hammond Senior John Hammond anger Colombia who did who discovered Bessie Smith.
We have a date Benny Goodman, Dylan recorded of a refill of em, but his savvy re VON might picks up the phone calls. John Hammond Serafine says we hear you have ears. If you, if we're gonna, put them to the test. The we're going to see if that's really true Hammond lived here was enraged. She said you get up on my ass their here who get up in my office right away with this guy. Oh yeah, I've heard those tapes. I've heard They release that they just released the other stuff over of what the demos differ Colombia, yeah, yeah, great stuff, where or even better stuff is Bruce, and I went into a studio a week later and recorded every one of his sword, just the two of us for copyright purposes. No one's ever I have the only time how many of those how many we did about forty five saw really great him down really fast. So again, with those nothing ever and that's. Why Bruce trust me? I may not be the frightful verse you know,
haven't seen him in a long time in abide, Bruce, has integrity and that's what has really made his career last. So why would he do is email you knew manager. He got Bruce Springsteen. How long is at last? What do you get em? What do you do? We were making it up as we went where we got an agent William Mars, because he was the guy I bought groups from one. I was a college kid we bought. What from we bought bans from him at William Morris for our college performed so awaits I used to book bans in college I did, and in this the guy you dealt with you has. Why call them- and he said he said- oh everybody's got to get it right. We ve got a guy years. Everybody Dana gonna, get guy said you ve gotta seers we're gonna be MAX's, Kansas City. He goes. I just can't do this here anyway, he agrees to come down and who to ban the original ban, it was Bruce and Gary talent, Vinnie you and drums Danny was.
still playing the and and I sat in every once in a while on a few things are yeah yeah guitar no kidding so this guy walks India, this agent and he's not at all what I expected. He looks at me and he goes didn't expect me did your mother fucker. Here the guy is a six foot gorgeous black guy in a full and black leather jack here, and he investor and he is you know he is the only black guy at the William Morris Agency here he's there token black guy here, but he represented the tempts. He repressed Stevie. Wonder area I mean SAM Keith was the real deal, so he listens to Bruce and afterwards he walks up to me any grabbed me by the sure, and he said
this guy gets away from me. I will track you down to the ends of any effort ere. He book Bruce Blind for the next three year. Really you bet and build them we played every every gig that was available. We did we works in Spain or the EAST St than this. we ass before the I am before the eastern. So what's he Elton John story? well, you know I left Bruce because MIKE was at arnwood bruises money, a pal seed and want to get go down with the bad. Seen no- and I told Bruce about it, but Bruce you know Bruce with hedge has been on the cover of time, a news we and so I went to him and I just said work this is what's going on. He did not want to hear it course. You know Bruce. With concentrated on the ban on them. You wanting it. Asian fucked he didn't even believe it. Ok, I left
I walked out. I they left their save yourself, see OECD ever your own integrity intact. but a call from West fair rules. All receptionist said on work for somebody new. I hear your of a job and he'd like to meet. You turn Sabbath Elton John. before he comes in states. He was just about to launch the Yellow brick road. The whole tour already I was after the troubadour gigs and arrows wayward, ok runaway here I mean that this was the height of Elton's popularity railway. I mean real brick road. I consider his master you're, the guy. While I was handed one in North America, nobody like how why you haven't you. I might because I'm because I was good at what I did for you, nice guy. I guess he had one he had one guy yet Bruce brings you have even recorded Nelson John Praetor
I on the on the elegant road arms like any deck. I I didn't have the John: I was workin for a guy named dip, James, resulting John, ok, good man. Ok are so what's it like. I need spits no, but I need sped for Dick James was in London, and I had me handle this in the case of you, Workin for the company and you're going to manage, you can imagine an estate right exactly you. You set up that tour Yes, and we went from with Bruce which the tour with Bruce was too. asian wagons, a bag. Fredo's a bag of Orioles and a lotta coax Elton John, We gotta run seven forty, so you know your eyes bug out of your head after a while, so that was so so ok. So this is so Elton John now you're now you're in it. Now you like you know how big it and yet you back and for two years it was fun and then had to get out to just, but, like you deal with Alan Johnson MAGIC like was this like distancing,
to be the idea. The idea that the dry fuelled and say no no, he and I have to tell you Ellen was the such a gentleman I mean he used the call me, Mr Bob, I went ridge over you're like a for years older than I am here, with a sweet guy he why is really a hard worker, know Joe involved than it was during the time when Elton came out with It was a very big phasing out of the crowd tour. Yes, yes, anything that is better. I think it is. as for me. I think its remarkable thing is a major food over from friend, and so language, but after two years I just said I had had any headway with I've been on the rude fer. You know on the plains X, seven year area I had no friends, I had no house- and I had an I didn't know where I was anymore and you are applying data. I was I wasn't a musician and suggest a guy man,
aging their ban. I was on the huts. Were you a road manager or are you just know? We were evident? How does own road manager I handle business? I tell you the guy that went to the office after the gig. That's right yet more as the czech wars to cash yeah. So I needed to are needed to get off the road I needed to reclaim my wife- and I thought I'd be a writer. Why not really that's what you do? that's it. So no more guitar yogurt Are the arguments I have what guitar that I just sold and I'll tell you. Why is honouring periods remarkable yet its remarkable, because those who for a million dollar? Well, I sold it for a lot of money because it was the first Morton DE thirty. Five it was an made by Fred. Martin, the fourth and might be Parents bought it for my fourteenth birthday for the most remarkable, it was the highest paid price for a guitar. It costs them four hundred and fifty bucks wow and it didn't, sell for a lot of money because say of Martin had made it, and it was the first, the thirty five it so
for a lot of money because Bruce Audition with it and Bruce pointed on his first to help him and you get any any testified to that, and I had it for fifty years and thought at the end of fifty years. I've had it. buy a house with it. I bought a house with a guitar. I did so Bruce sign off on that. You have to don't you have to have validation roots, couldn't remember how much he played with it here. He sent me a really nice note about it, but the picture of him with it, so that a wild goose, hoo hoo broker that every norm, no no heritage, auctions, resold through heritage or child big idea up job. You brought a house so the guitar, you bet, god dammit their response, oh, so you get into writing yup, but, like I have to assume, like I mean, obviously are driven to to I understand and reflect on rock
music and rock star them in rock geniuses. But that's not out, starts the writing no, its, not I'd toward a class at the new school in New York and every week, in front of three hundred anyone teacher class it any school. I don't know what I did was I brought in rock stars and exert given the music business every week. Ok, so we did you went to college are dead where school called Albright College in writing. Pencil very about that Europe is not. It was all pre med. When I went to school, I tell you guys degree in what I hissed rainbow of what was the class. The class was rock and roll. It was called the making of superstar what you ok. So what is this? my seventy eight, seventy nine as a museum is changing. Sound is changing yes completely, and so every with these rock and roll hardest would come in Bruce. Did it take heart? Did it you know really. It was great pity you know these guys did it was easy to get them because in those days it was
still kind of cool for Iraq person to be in front of a college or well. Yet they love to talk about themselves if they have, they think they're getting some sort of, and this was a different type of respect, yes, college with the word sooner, and so I took those interferes and packaged women solve them is a book, and that was my foot in the door, I so in that you know in compiling yeah you're what what did you learn what did I weren't while on terms of like so you know, They had a thesis. stardom or whatever. It is near the stories of superstars. So I guess I have to say that there is some sort of foundation did some part of your understanding in that light, by bringing these guys in and transcribing the stuff. This was not your.
wisdom. It was the wisdom of many, so we are what kind of groundwork that lay for you and understand who are mean everything here. You taught me so much about the business that I didn't even know before rife, because you know it was every echelon. It was the management it was the guy two promoted concert, science and the art. This means from everybody from Bruce, and you know Van Morrison to people like Frank Barcelona who was the most manage he was an agent and asian right yeah and am Warner brothers. You know producers in It was really you kind of fantastic. I warrant everything that I could so that when I became a biographer. When I went to poor a cart, knew York to do when it was They knew that. I knew what I was talking about an and wood. your stand. What they were telling me so that I could interpret it in a way that spoke to them. Well, I mean but somewhat, but what is this thing you know like? So after you, you you?
do this thing with the add them picking a superstars yup? You decide like you're gonna go after Dylan, that's it So how does that account? Is? It always starts mark. The same way, I looked to see who was written about these guys and always fanboys or hacks all the acts are either wrong or they try put themselves in the in the peace with the artist or you don't know where the quotes come from, where did they get those courts? Do they make them up? They owe they don't source them. Anybody can do a biography anyway. we can try, but if you do for authoritative, definitive biography, one that they sign off? What nobody signs are often my box. I don't do books that they did Approval know what I mean by debt, but I'm talking about access rights ourselves. Why you, like your soul
in terms of making our advice? If I decide like I know I stories about bogged down, I'm writing a book in Canada, Biography right! So that's that book, but you're like I want to write a book about Bob Dylan and your: U N Bob Dylan's going to talk to you, so it any signs off on the right, but you have access, that's exactly right and that's the difference. That is the dear free trusts you enough to He still initially let you doing exact and when I went to the to pour Macartney about doing the Beatles we went down into his studio. What was in the house that he lived in with wind at that time? This little unaware Mean house in Hastings. and he said, come down to the studio in in the studio. Was every inch. from Abbe Road. and so what you ask me what the foundation is? He knew that I was a musician, so he starts to play some beetle Songs and he nods at me- and I realize, he's not in it made a pick up. The damn guitar
can you bet I did? Are you getting fired up I'll, not Venza Governor yard? So you see that's their comfort level that these people have their willing to talk to me because number one Not only what am I a musician who can understand what they're telling me, but I was a music business manager and so there I know the ins and the outs if I get gap but like it, but you know you're dealing with when you are dealing with Dylan I've been there is a guy. That is a lot invested in being cryptic. last year I was, he went right, your name hysteria and like a sort of get egg, a racket guys a hustle right, he's, he's kind of you know a pity, Barnum of himself right, but here's. What happened with that? For I approached him. I went his home town, where nobody had gone in him in and out of having minister almost to the canadian border. it was so early and doings fame that went to high school, and they said, oh,
We have all Bobby's papers downstairs is compositions, would would you like them? One was this: let's see out ninety eight, I wasn't like he was already pretty big do so he would have was big, but nobody was doing the Dylan Biography. No one had gone and robbed around and I found a guy when he was a little his father, a boost to drive Bob half or every week to talk to this black dj. Who was play in our view, be music in a God, forsaken little town here and I've. It took me six months to find the guy he was teaching his three in Saint Louis, in a saint Louis School and when I told him that Bobby Zimmermann was Bob Dylan, he put his head in his hands and he wept when These are one you. When do we hear something He didn't know it. He had. No, I didn't, like you didn't see Bob Dylan say that's a kid now he didn't realize now there
I am saddened cross, and so when one an artist here is that you ve done that kind of vague work. There are willing to do here because then their extra disguise guarantee of he's going to reintroduce meet me exactly. I found all the people that he went to write camp with his camp girlfriend. I thought I'd say you reintroduce Bob Dylan too little jewish Bob Dylan for Minnesota, and I did the same thing from further for the Beatles Wilma. I did. I did the same thing for the Beatles. What else did you dig up for Dillon? Let's see all the peopled. Oh boy abdomen joined fraternity at the University of Medicine, is a secret down, is a definite bob. Don't try to Kay doesn't want you to know about the Rand Bob Zimmermann area, so I found all his fraternity brother, allow you know what they say about him.
aren't obnoxious little guy we're we're lingering and along no one can get a handle on writer. You tried, it was fun man that we arrive at, so we, but so after that, like okay. So as with what render it down so yeah, No, you dug in any. You know there was no end to it in you know they like you, because the old Dylan's hustle is deep, acquired and there- stick is deep and it evolves. But what you come away with after the full arc of the thing in terms of you Why? Who he is his purse? Well, good luck. I mean Bob Dylan Zone, a different planet man. I know he's planet didn't comes from Jupiter and bitter, oh yeah, the I didn't make economic and upon, but anyway he's you know how he is the real Mccoy. What did it mean for me? He is Shakespeare to me, man on earth and wood.
With Tom Paxton told me: he walked uptown with Dylan one time the and the early sixties they were playing in the village and the decided to walk up six Avenue term midtown and by the time they got their bob had written three songs at me. He said it was just pouring out of Germans pours he couldn't stop it. Yeah nice, I think that is that he's a vessel and like you there there's some sort of natural thing that happened. With him in words yeah that yeah is uniquely his own and ends in inspired and and so other worldly buddy he's got some sort of amazing knack for that, and I guess overtime. I don't know you tell me it seems that he was able that that gift never stopped flowing and so he can sort of what kind of adjusted his personalities around tabs any could apply. It yoda his gift to whatever for warm he wanted to, but he
also at some point realised that he was different from everybody else and when he realized he was different. He decided behave differently. He put himself in his own little world an he operates on a different frequency than anybody else. Really we heard yes we're zone timezone. You back now I get it any still in it, you don't I I get a little crazy about him because, like I just you know when the when he put out that last record that murder most file the eighteen minutes on where the air, with ethical or in any event, you guys your age, a runner, I'm gonna genius am, I know it's not right. It's not. No! I agree with you. I agree with you but ok! So now the Beatles. That's all other ball wax! No, now you gotta, you bet, would boy! So now the Dylan Book do good. He had thought okay, your bad! It still selling believe it or not all the areas of aid or sure so the Beatles change the Beatles book changed my life. that things are bigger than the Bible.
It really is. When I delivered it in people, don't notice they say. Oh, you wrote a nine hundred page book. Oh no, I twenty eight hundred page book. We got seventeen hundred pages of great stories out of that book, the beetle, the biography. It's called that's right, but you did another book about Woodstock before that. Yes, it's called barefoot Babylon and that I would just break it down were what I did was right. Before the tenth anniversary I hired a private investigator we found everybody who put it together and we we told the story was out, there happened entitled willing to give their names. Oh no everybody everybody put their name on it. It was, it was a freak show. You know it was great. I think it's funny that, like you know, in the Zeppelin book there is a car just choice on Behalf Peter Grand not to put them in that festival. That's right. He decided because you don't that day. Why would I want them to be another band on that fuckin thing he didn't want to go up against them right. So then you dizzy out. You decide to take on the Beatles again. You know I read, I read it there weren't you of them. There were like
hundred and fifty beetles books written before mine, and I read them all and I just felt like there's something wrong so I wonder why? What do you think was well? I found out through poor He said when we were kids, He told Hunter Davies are cool, unquote, biographer, a story and fifty percent of we just made up here and we have told those stories. So often we made em up despair, our wives and our girlfriends and our families. Some of the grid ears like they were like it so funny because like when I interviewed Paul, you know you talk you got a guy. That's been a public paths public personalities and she was eighteen, drifting yeah so You know like that's interesting, that they were that conscious of of of personal narrative. Did you man Baxter that ain't exactly right? Ok, they knew how to do here, and so I said you you're about to be. He was just about to be sixty. I said you want this
but your legacy, fifty percent untrue, and he now, he said it's time to tell the real story. I said I want to tell the real story and so he allowed me to talk to everybody who for Thirty years we ve told if you talk about us you're out of the circle, family members. Friends call way they were that insulated. The day had a dab boy. They they had a clamp on every one of us to concern. The concern was it's. None of my body else has been away like what are the stories that they were protecting drug addiction, what it wasn't even that they they wanted to control their brand. The same way the Joy Childs family wants to control their brand, and so they get Huffy about it. so I would call a pause cousins in his his answer, calls and they say- or we can talk to it, it's funny the difference between you have that idea which yet and been knowing that I mean that was that was an offshoot of of.
even something that will West Pharaoh would do wrong. Is that you know you you create these guys and Ukraine. the story and you pushes story. They also were and don't let him talk too much right exacerbated by like then, when you talk about on my doing brandish his brandish just keep him guess, and rightly so, like they do everything Slippery Yonah. What the fuck is, we re examine rain. He has personal control over that, because he's here he is the magician he is. The wizard right, but this is different- this is different, and so I would call a pulls relatives and friends, and they said. Oh, we can't talk to outside Kabul. They call me back in the day. I can't believe finally yes and boy. They had waited forty years to tell the Beatles stories tell them they did. I couldn't it was like the goods, Heavens- opened up and a hurricane of facts and stories. We and Georgia still live. George was George was Otherwise I talked to him weeks before he died.
and I knew John from the Elton John Period- because they were were bodies. I find it interesting that even now now that policy- he's old and he's cheeky and he's you know There was a moment on that. The Rick Reuben Thing Europe, where it really does seem that he is still sort of trying to understand about his relationship, which I am certain that in that, like you, know his there, and he said, and the red ribbon thing about how he was able to now understand that the trauma that John went through and how that impacting his personnel are any like in being just being british, you know you
those conversations user at all right? I don't really know that era and has taken this long for him to integrate that stuff. Where was he with that stuff, when you two are still trying to work it out, and then one of the first questions I asked him. I went to interview on first before this whole book started here for the New York Times. They sent me to do an interview with poor when one of his umpteen albums was coming now, and the first question I said to him is: we're: we are. Are you when you think about John? We, tell me how you think about him, and he would he couldn't I mean it caught him off guard because I think pool is still trying to figure out that relationship even to this day when they work, it's when they were young, he looked up to John because it was Johns band was imposed by right, and but he loved what they did together. These were guys here who sat down every day like businessmen. They both put glasses on they block out the outer world.
you could not penetrate their a widow enclave and they wrote music and they at the end pause, always said we played into each other's eyeballs. I too, I am that's what they did every day, guys who were on the deck Clark Caravan and on the Beatles buses like Tommy James and those people, they said to me. We go back to Back of the bus were John and Polwarth sitting and we say you guys. the complete, cordial that get the fuck out of here working those guys work. They worked like business men to write me, but I think they also, it seems like they were. You know, they had a healthy, competitive elemental, Green river income area, and I think they really really loved each other and more constantly fascinated with with each other's. You note it was until you know it was always Johns banned, but at a certain point it became pause band and when it big import ban, John,
I'm became resentful. Berlin was an I would say, after relief maybe around rubber soul. I am revolver yet because Portugal, for the productions practically a real. No, he would call the shots with George Martin. He would do the arrangements you could see. That written Reuben show how Paul would would put his head on the board. Will you be really knows what he's doing in the studio? Able there's always a thing about like you know John being the raw goods right and an Paul being that you read it sweet anyway, you can hear that the different songs and like I was indeed some of them, the John Solo stuff. Recently I I love, why does it there? Did you words that stuff from the that Yoko doc you otherwise? that I have seen that where there is a moment was above us only Schuyler, but there's a bit,
Where, where he has George come over to play any I ain't you John, the piano and he's just looking to George and without saying aiming Jersey, the regime, is weird yeah they any like they won't even together that long. But to have that type of understand my weary, this one mindedness with George. Where did didn't it, was beautiful and was linked. It was us, the second Zeppelin have the exact same thing. I mean that the very first time that all for those guys got into the studio they didn't each other Robertson embargo had never met John Paul here and there in the studio, and they start to play they start to jam and at the end of the day, first number. They all break out laughing because they know it's right. There tat they had been waiting for this, but Jimmy had been waiting for a ban like this all his life, but and so had Basel had been in fifteen bands. He would always flock fly the coop at the end, because he couldn't stand,
playing with any of these. Have we also hear you said like in the book tat tat, though he was also like of into himself in an incredibly loud at that time like here whether he was getting fired, whether he was too much for the ban right. Your personality wiser sound why's he just confined to fit, but the music started, change right and YO, and things are de level off what grounds browser what always play with these bans in the Midlands and they couldn't come back the second night, because the owners said you gotta get the drummers tool gallery. I know so like in the arc of wearing, were come round his upham, but our guys, like you know, with the Beatles again the same question that you know you after going through the entire year, whatever you got from ring go in, and the families and the little bit from George and all of that from Paul. You know what you're, what what You come away with. You didn't have before here's what I came away with mark. I really as I was the story of my life knowledge,
it was about me it's about all of us where we came from and how the culture grew up around us. It all came through the Beatles, its wording my generation in a way like I'm fifty eight and everything we got with second, was already done like so much of the music I got was done yeah, because it came from the Beatles and Dylan and it sprung, those those around was in high school and eighty one right bitterly he was everything was all the time and there was the disco new wave and regret. One was already gone and I do not know I know, but they rise like what they ran riot. graduating eighty one could have goes into the outdoor, but that was the that what was already embedded yet the bills were like Christmas, musing apparently onwards. You are right, the Pantheon indestructible yeah, I guess it's destroyed now unaware, but but so Butler before we get Zepp we're sure. What's what the cooking a half awkward ripper curtly so I will hold book on european cooking schools. Oh you,
as you know about that? Yes call the sorcerer's apprentice, here's what happened after the Beatles my language enough music. I want to eat. No. I was my my marriage had fallen apart. I I had moved out of New York, which I was my wife. favorite city in the world. It was part of my soul and stranded here with my lovely daughter who was eleven years old and Ally in New York. We had moved Connecticut of an I was I was out of out of it and I I gotta, get away from I've been working on the Beatles took eight and a half years to write of course I mean it was a whole life. How doing I was broke. Dylan took quite for years, but I I was broke. The marriage was gone. I did whatever anybody in there that right MA am I just turn fifty. I ran away to Europe to learn how to cook. I went to sixteen cooking schools in France and ITALY. This is a mid life crisis. This was it. Is this if we're going to stop you from falling into a pity
dark. Well, it wasn't quite a midwife crisis because I got over paid a lot of money for that, but also so wasn't you just want to learn how to cook you, gotta d or I gotta deal. Yes, my marriage and call today a perspective adventure. Oh good. Yes, say it was a lifesaver it. Why it's, I weren't had a breathe again and I learned how to cook I mean I really learn how to cook, and when I got back, I knew had to write Julia Childs, biography, really You were so excited about. What was it that like? Ok, so not unlike YO, knowing how the sausage is made in the music business which you weren't earlier, and I imagine that you are sort of yo. understanding all the levels of food preparation you have. in this it before the world of food. Is that you realise, like there, there are nuances and levels and and different schools of thought of you, you ve just around mushrooms trousseau, so you are don't you approach some idea, we a child with this. As
the foundation. Actually, I had met Julia Child years before I started the Beatles. I was Well then, I was in ITALY and I got a call from the attacks. in tourist board, they said. here you're over their working? You have a little they time to help us out out. I said sure they said. Would you like be an escort for an older woman. Had I went I don't do that kind of worry aid. Are they set its Julia child and I said I'll, be right. Over Irish Joe, you wanted to travel through it away and she was eighty years old. Her legs were given out. She needed a young guide. I was forty something here and she needed a young guy to hold onto, and so for a month. She and I did nothing but eat and talk, and I ran a tape. Recorder MIA, and so when we got back as a joy, I want to write your by our bleed. Had all that stuff I did ok. I said I want to write your biography and she said: oh somebody else is doing it, but then
and then I got a letter from her six weeks later and said, but they that person is making I feel like I'm already dead. So I'd like you to talk to you about it, but I just gotten the Beatles Balkan and by the time It was done with that Julia had died, so what decided after that that I would write or biography of that one. Do that done very well in the same week that lead Zepplin haunches my book lunches? documentary of that majority. Child book launches it'll, be in the theatres produced and directed by the sea. People who did or be J the sector. Women, how have great pleasure in war that is based on your book? It's based on Macao that book. I imagine like white that way is that the best seller noted eagles is the best seller, yet continues to shit, sent my daughter to College Libya's bought a house with a guitar in the Beatles books. Actually, I think that great by the way it works piled good, but it be
do you know passion for it. So after the rock Addis that is Julia Child here now like like his way look man, I will who had Zepplin, and I you know I I I know what I know about the giving of three about this period in when they started in Britain as it is. The UK is a small country right in all these fuckers around, like all of them all people that come out of Britain around not only that Jim he page Jeff Back Eric Captain and Glyn Johns all live. within one mile degeneration as kids worth Peter regions and the waters Peregrinum Relational Peter Green is around, but Peter is already working with the professional with which we had no nope with well now yeah John Mouth Shut and could replace clap tonight, we're right, but Ok, so, but white now Zepplin like Why is Europe went over said because
for me you want it's written. My editor called me. Why was workin on a different balkan? He said I've, always you when you make a deal with you to write a book, and I suppose you made a deal I'm doing something else. What was it was Ronald Reagan and he's no! I know this isn't like. Why would you? Why did you Ronald Reagan after them? he rose and after Julia Child, my wife who was the best writer in the family, she's she's, a nonfiction writer sat down with me, and she said you gotta do something else that is important and we went through everybody. Icu could I You know we looked at all the Kennedy Centre on a reason them medal of Honor winners and she's, and they all to satisfy one criterion that is all my books or about two things: someone who was beloved and someone who is changed, the culture right and we couldn't find anybody else who was who fit that bill. I may we we looked for months Finally, she said to me:
What about Ronald Reagan- and I went way. I didn't vote for him twice yeah. You know I've, never Ripper Republic in my Libya, but then a stone. looking at his story- and I did the same thing I did with the Beatles and with with. doing here. The books about him, I thought, were either policy want books yeah. This is a guy who was a house, movie star he was the sports cast her in the MID west. He was the voice of them where he was a governor and a president, and I wanted to find out why and Nancy Reagan for some reason allowed me to be the first person ever to see all of his private papers not the ones that are in the rigid library here, the ones that were in his desk that he always referred to and they had been unpacked since you left the oval off our them in
I say yes or no, not really what they wore was, and- and this is so odd, where he got most of his ideas from- was readers, digestion, he read these heartfelt stories and he would underline them. Men annotate them. That was his gift to tap into this sort of my gain yes, emotional reality of the culture that I was trying to define, and I have now lost every republican reader from my Zepplin book, because you re not really. Oh I'm just getting so during that sword. The Reagan thing than the agent tells you that what he said I I want you to do the book that I have always dreamed about its about a ban that has sold more records than anybody, but the Beatles, and I thought who could that be? I said it's not it's. Not the stones and certainly not the who Elvis
now no wearing Floyd and then yeah, and then I thought, oh god, he wants me to write about arbour. I can't do that. You are, he said, no is its head Zepplin and I have to tell you my heart sank and here's. Why I had twenty thousand vinyl albums and my collection and Not a single goods up without the fuck is wrong. With you yeah I mean, if you would ask me what songs they sang, I might have been able to name whole lot, eleven stairway and that's it yet. Twenty thousand records now Europe really. What are you doing, I listened to a merry yeah, I mean that's my life, there you have thereby babies here or there near either in your area, so HU. I I want, and I thought this is they changed. They change the culture adding unworthy and what you're telling me you weren't Zepplin, fair,
no. I was on the road with Bruce and open during that Y know also that year they happen to all data like there lay. I guess, one that the true, no, they them right here right there. So I was, I felt I was the perfect person to write their book because I was this empty vessel and I went in there are not knowing anything and I let them fill me up for money I did nothing but listen to their music as a musician for the first time at your age schreyer, you're sort of like taking on Zap. With my background, I love it. I will of that, and not only that I would give guys. You know when you hear about bond. So I got car minor Peace accords the drummer flare no a five year to sit with me and explain what bonds or is doing Jimmy page, you get Jeff back to explain to you. You know I mean I'm a guitar player, so I could understand it. Terry read, you know
you want to know why they hired robber tearing. I love that told me the whole story of now Robert became how the military rivers are like Nega, my own thing going right, but his eyes. He claims are, like you know, he's ok with that gas right when he wasn't the red sooner of exemplary work, but I mean nobody had ever really heard the real story of how Robert became the singer interrelated out for me and that's the thing about the book, you were behind the scenes in every single step of lead zeppelins career. I talked to everybody who was involved with them. Everybody likes that like who who'd you like talking to the motion was well price. Going Johns was terrific, I am. He was on the producer. Yes I mean grinned was Jimmy his boyhood body while he sat there, but there look. I'd like name Roger Mayor Roger was a scientist who was Roger mayor. He invented at Jimmy's request
the funds Box, so you could play fuzz guitar and he went on to do for you know: Jimi, Hendrix, Infer Stevie, wonder, and these were kids they were, they were its seventeen years old sitting around Jimmy's living room son, the afternoon, Jimmy would sit there with Jeff Back Roger mayor who had the fudge box and every once in a while you know what Eric would drop. It rained Missis same here what I found I found Jimmy's old bans that all the band made a fine by day did that become a brand was at a big Maria or what is a monster in ways which everybody was a big mouth. What was the name of the box was called the funds by five by those box and everybody used it everybody the Beatles used it. You know every everyone tat, so you know that there were. I mean it was just talk to all the mandate that the management people when Anne The road ease. Are these guys? Like you know, I got Jimmy was kicking around right. He was it
like you, a sort of he was he a prodigy or just an efficient Qatar Jimmy was a prodigy, my meaning and everybody knew it, and then he became a session player at the age of eighteen right. Glyn Johns gave him his first session. Work goes when grin no idea what to do with his wife and became an engineer right then he higher Jimmy is where I heard pow right. The sudden Jimmy is the most important guitarist the british recording saying it was he's not only point behind. He played for early, whose records on the key, where my favorite, one of my favorite Jimmy Solos, is on that Joker record with Manuel on, not by Blackbird by barred black heartily. Well, you bet that fucking thing, but he also played on White Bird backer accessions. He did gone finger worth. Surely, basically I mean you know. I'm John Paul was on that session is well Giampaolo, another guy, just ass, a sort of a chameleon in terms of your wedding
able to do go in John told me when he heard the John Paul was going to be in goods up when he knew the ban would be great because he said this is what he said to me. That guy is a genius musician. He can are you anything and be anyone to anybody, and he knew so there was the colonel of the band right. So well there, by gay light, What what? How did it so Jimmy was already in the yard birds. He had just joined the yard birds after this session work. You that is one of the best stories in the body, and you know what came from my body, my Dearest friend, Gram NASH, Graham, was there that night that Jimmy decided to join the art birds, because the yard using the house's right he was. He was playing with the how here and they were. They were pointed at Oxford, whore He toity bore a graduation but the housework and the hard Paroquet and the EU.
birds got so drunk following down dead, drunk Jimmy was sitting in the audience with Jeff Age Agenda back F and said this is a good. Its thing I've ever seen. I want to be part of this year and the ban fell apart that night after after the show, they just distant what they were bout to disband. When Jimmy said I'll play with you, we don't be like two guitars Jeff back and Jimmy page with the yard birds, man and they now, we D, like one record, that right fitted with a tool that we did one record and they also one on a Dick cork caravan. It was a nightmare because Jeff Jeff, I think, Jeff Back, is the greatest guitarist. Walter, I know I can listen to that. Well, he's ahead case, you say and He never showed up for gigs when, after after that fell apart and he joy with car, minor peace and in Beck Bogart apiece?
Am I told me we had this huge tour after the outcome came out, jested, two or three dates and decided he wasn't gonna play, and I like the jet that group record truth yeah, but what truth to me one of the most important now bombs in the sixties, probably because it changes everything it room. I like the way place right. All gonna find myself listen into the open. They are given something funny story, those easy top. He said, because they open Brandreth some one hundred zero taxes. And he said that Yankee One, although Tower Hendrick sustained and again Hendricks had had a full life. The stereo causal set up in his bed yeah and I M going over there. He says and Henry your figure out what Jeff back is doing exactly what I'll tell you a great story. It's in my book here where carry read said he was sitting in a bar in that the two I had: no isn't the bag and nails in in the UK and his he sees the sky
He said. Oh, I know this guy. I met him in the United States, its Jimmy he wore silver and Jimmy here. What are you doing here? Jimmy egos? I'm gonna play night man- I'm gonna- play here- before you say- the sudden the doors open and who comes to watch this guy point. Everybody PETE towns in Asia he's gonna story, Terry retorted, history out. Will you tell me the story? Flagpole Macartney area, everybody is there. I mean Clapton Clapton, Jimmy Page writing. Now, as is Mr Brian Jones, is there everybody in there all sitting in the front row, but he said Jimmy says the cherry red. He said I'm gonna play tonight. Oh no he's one stage and is yours. I'm now play a little song tonight. That's all dear to your hearts and its now number one on the charts and everybody's going number. One Could it be? What's he gonna play and then you are wrong and he goes into wild thing and Terry Reed said we all
aid in that song. We will love it and all of a sudden Jimmy turned it into the greatest rock n roll yeah. swine, but it is never the salutary Toby was accused at the bar bright and Brian Jos, came up to the binding was bright desert said I get out I was up front. I had a leak of the flooding private ones. Are I ll the world? I was crowbar deterrent boys shrine. Yet the stories in my book told from about ten different people who there are that are really yeah we're in indissoluble that book here and why do you set data because it's the it'd? stone. It's a turning point of rock and roll. What's going on in the sixties, you know what was going on was first, you know they were all in these little bans that played Schiphol and then the Beatles start, and then the yard birds in the stones, replaying blues, and so What's an amalgam of everything I had to go back to the beginning, to show you what was going on in the U K, so
that you'd understand what was happening by the time Jimmy put sled Zepplin together. so you know you have to go back to the beginning. I always believe in every book I've ever written that you do no, who someone is until you know where they come from. Now after I and that's why I always go back to two. You know what what what are the roots sure sure, and so not only do we see the Jimi Hendrix Terry read at the bar, but also there's a scene in there that nobody's ever heard before and it's a nice eight in a riddle, dingy trap in, in the EU in which right outside of one in northern London, London, in a bar, where a guy Elmo Louis has come to play Almah. Louis is really Brian Jones and he's play. with Paul Jones, who is the harmonica player, but the lead singer for Manfred man. Yes, replaying blues and there's two guys standing the boar watching this and those two guys
you're making Keith and that's the night. They meet Brian Jones Real, and I had five different people tell who were there that night tell me the story ha so I, but I thought to set this stage for lead Zeppelin. You have to go back to the beginning of all this That's why the book so long, but that breaking the important thing about capturing what is going on at that time, where everybody was sort of like you, the year that it was active. growth on everyone's Marta guys, like you, Terry weeds, do in his own weird kind of world music yeah he's like a lost in this. their zone of of sort of what is a kind of rock folk, weird shit I'm in the course of their fair poor convention, which is either when merger Tumblr phobia also those kind of like old school belt heresy I Tom Jones, and yet that school of British Frank I feel the same dollar grassy scrutinise all music right and then you ve got the whose stalwarts stew
like with with May all and then the guys all the guys come out may all right here who are now going your full on? blow it up with liking, clapped when he finally got hold that less Paul and end there. You have that that be a record is like that's fabulously, last good clap record. You bear a man, you know everybody came out of the onboard straddle. I mean everybody, you know of Jeff. And gradually right I see what I'm doing yet now european terms even would skilful that you know like and even with Roy Harper, that there is All this stuff was going on and in Jimmy's like we're, gonna wrangle it altogether. You bet and he will he robes in folk music yeah. He brings in the booze for sure he brings in traditional and he brings in shit, kicking rock and roll with any kind of is at the forefront of of rifts driven rock you better. He kind of that was
young around, like I mean I mean that's pre Sabbath royal agree: Sabbath Jimmy had a sound in his ed that nobody else had right and he wanted to give that sound out and that's why it took so long to put that band together. but when he did he controlled the sound because he it was it was in his head for years and nobody else have this sound. This is the big it. I know what you hear on Zepplin one. Is it or was it? I went to buy things up when two, he airway aerodromes appointed by its the beginning of stadium rock. You know, that's ever they didn't know that, oh of course not, of course not, but it's there all the colonels or there, and you know if you say red, Zepplin change, the culture, they change the culture. You know they really did they. It was the end of the sixties. That ethos is, gone. Peace in love is is finished, album, on, had happened and
They were ready for a new sound. You know the epoch graph of my book is it's it's this strange one to quote from John Vandam Bruce's managers, who was a critical time, and he says this will pass. All this greed and avaricious loud noise will pass and it's a review of lead, zeppelins first gig and under Jimmy, says FUCK, the sixties, we're going. chart the new decade, he was leaving all those guys behind. He did not care He wanted a new sound and he where he was going to spark it. While they did in. But you know it's interesting that it's only really five records. Isn't it a year? unworthy by its like any band other than the Beatles it's it's Any ban only has four or five great records, but they were that the era of rock you they were.
They invented this thing. I mean you in this sense. I, like you, was always there this sort of like the idea, Hank Williams, all of em the jury. Louis. I everyone there were a lot of fuck ups all the time, but that didn't with the money the Zeppelin had an end and how you away- used it and how are they showed it often and what they allowed themselves to get involved. The decadence of it was new. and here is why, before this, it was boys, we'd rock, it became cocaine, rock and that's, which and joke yeah and that really changed it in a big way. That's what you know it's it opened up a can of worms and then, when it let him drink more, it did hidden I mean that was really the thing about Coke for, like guys like Bondman from people like you know who bruisers is that, like with coke most we will talk about coke as being there, that ruined action, sound in the eighties. Why? But I think that
What coke we enable the seventies to do when it first came around was you can see? hurry up and get fucked up for longer and Megan weirder shit. They stayed up for weeks were times Jimmy said. Oh, I haven't slept in two weeks. You know or He already would go into the studio, anchor two days later without having swept her just tribunal produce something right. So so that's your! So that's what this zeppelins three and four Zeppelin, three four and houses and houses really yup, When did you get my window right after that? Morocco, yeah and and come down. You have her. He needed some sleep pride and get it got really dangerous, because There's a scene in the book. where they were about to play the silver dome and they go to get Jimmy in his room and Jimmy is, he is gone. I mean he is- he is practically in a coma- they see.
Captain. They threw cold water on em, they walked around the room, they couldn't get em up, and- and- and you know he he barely made it and yet his eyes, blinked open at a certain point he goes out knee plays the two three hour. Gig I've seen avalanche on case I mean there is likewise. There are definitely shows for in that time where he was so Messia, eight any look so lean and weird and thin, but but in terms of of added, you got sloppy too. I mean Hey was always on purpose, sloppy, basing get real sorry, he got rid of their work. There were times lying lies. Yes, there were times he's, got the double neck, guitar and he's courting on one neck, but Stroman on the other neck already know that he was doing this. I said yeah, do you remember he was totally. Why me he sort of master dissing like I, when I listened to two pages, a guitar Where is interesting because there's always it a weird kind of sloppiness distortion to it that I have to assume was intentional, yes and its work.
Gives them a garage ban, sound which has great yeah. That's what we always one out of rock and roll. I dont know I got the records. I will go back to the most our houses. Rob I go back out of the holy houses, a fabulous I'm omnipresence guy myself the target year, autos into that today, I loved it because the recorded it and twelve days that's the way. rock and roll should be made. the Beatles would go in the studio and they would massage everything, but they wanted fucked up his Jimmy on present. Very, very because it sounds like the production seems like it's done enough. I guess storage contained around the world. Oh he'd heap, he was what of it from most of it and then boom No, he blinks awake, he comes down and they cut it quit You know really fast. What tell me a little bit about liking oak is throughout the book I mean really when you talk about Zepplin, you know all you know. The master, mind side of the music was Peter Grant right.
our year. Yes, and no I mean you is the road manager, he was leading azure rider like either there's these stories, like I talk to, I think, was near pressed in the photographer. I know who took that picture from the helicopter. Zepplin concert for Peter Grand who brought it to NASA. They have them years there their technology to figure out how many people were actually be able without getting paid by the hair. Exactly right, that's fucking, love that yeah I've. Oh he did there all the time I mean there were. There were he's goodbye that band he with a manager managers they have a road manager, but the road manager handle everything gay bathrooms in food and why and the managers in the office and accept the Czech Dr Peter Grew- never left their side. He was one every tour he made sure he was back stay, Oh Tony, hundreds based on from spinal tat, ass, the others and, of course, that you know that last
answer if they ever didn't America had built with bill gram that is spinal tat, because Bill bill all kinds of NATO stone pillars? Who ever saw that decided here? that's why they would do the spinal d already yeah, but Peter was a dead right Peter. He is yes and he didn't go to Heaven. He went somewhere else. Well, let me what is the method of the myth around him? I mean. Did the ban get along with him all the way through what I loved him? They love Peter Grand, but it his Peter who really introduce the band a coke and was Peter, who always had a barrier to pound bag of coke, and why Oh, my that is a modest amount for what they had on those towards. Ah, you know
they had so much money? They didn't know what to do with it. So a lot of it was just spent on drugs. Now, what now? How did did ban start to like what what was happening within the band and in terms of the unit? I like between page implant, wended Wendy things be. I'm strained. Who is extreme between well, it all again had always been Jimmy's Band Robert was nineteen year old kid. You know when you start when he joins. He has no come: one way of losing her. He was whose singer, but then he got into hey Dashboard, typist of Moby great behaving like that's good band, yeah, really love! You know, get really really great yeah, so Robert comes It is a total novice, not only it does he see this guy, who was an amazing studio musician here, but Jimmy What a wealthy owned a house that was on the Thames. it was a house boat. He had a gun. just american girl friend here he had umpteen
guitars Robert was broke, and so You know everything was Robert, had no confidence through the first to welcome all the sudden Robert Robert realises he's bringing about to this ban on three yeah. exactly and he's got here starting right, Jimmy putting to look to him turn till you know produce great wearier and as that develops its assent, that happens in every band. They grow up and they grow apart. You know these guys are, kids, when they start well the sudden there, twenty nine year old men here and they ve been together to along here. They know everybody's foibles year, but it started with them. I would say when, when Jimmy got into heroin right after houses, yeah Robert checked out, he just checked and then, of course, when his son dies, Robert clobbered starts to boot
everything on this bad. Rarely for every bad. You know he was in a in a terrible car accident with his wife, before she almost died and his kids a broken arm in a broken leg. Yes, it is Robert starts to feed the elder there's some bad mojo and he he started to blame it on you know The way Jimmy behaves the way the pace of the ban on Rwanda. You talk about the Crowley Shit the crowd wishes to boy, and now we should talk about that. No courts out Mr Crowley, Jimmy starts to read out Mr Crowley's whether was he alive No, he will, I add, he woke aired and his he is in one word in a contest. Yeah yeah did do with thou. Well, shall be the whole of the law right gotta do it. That will also be the whole. The law is a wonderful thing for having your old boy here. You know Jimmy reads this: when he's eleven and thinks this guy, this guy, you say,
and I can do whatever I want in my life here. In fact Jimmy had that inscribed on the run out around the second Albania have on us, yeah yeah, and nobody knew what it meant. That's from Aleister Crowley Crowley. There was another job I mean it was all. About sex. It was, every ritual ritualistic witchcraft, you like a primmer on the full arc of ritual list of witchcraft to the, to the extent that he said we could sacrifice a young boy on the older, which would be the aldermen Jimmy read this stuff and had to be a part of it, so he a vat eleven. He which entreated eleven the same way, I was in trade with a hearty boy. I assure you but he grows up. Jimmy starts the have whips inch
aims in his suitcase and handcuffs when the tour de France is or the Ladys yeah media early with the arbour. Dear you now. Ok, so he's is easy and he's reading Crowley, darted arts guy he's gettin deeper into it. When he get some money, he buys Crowley's house, he buys chrome, please robes, he had Crowley's of original sets of books. He has it Harold cords I'm here? really into this, and so he was doing ritual. He was he. Why not that also turned round away from rely more that with that. Would What I'm saying is that you out, if roberts. Moreover, a folk minded person, a man of the people. You know- and you know you're your your band made is- is opening up the portal
to the dark places you write. The mojo is going, do yeah you're going to get paranoid of the Moselle release problem absolute way and Robert knew it was all mumbo jumbo belies Robert Angeles until he starts to get freaked out right. He does but that right. but saving grace was he's a smart guy. You know he was rate student. He reads incessantly here and and he's a thoughtful guy, and so it just it didn't work. It just wasn't working and like the stones white with key Jimmy always kept everybody waiting, they never what was gonna happen. They never knew a feeble, it's gonna show up for a rehearsal and that pissed Robert off too, and and the other to the rhythm section year I mean bonds as do in his own trip. and you know it they just the way they deal with it. Bondo is a third
twenty eight year old man with the league temperance of twelve year old. You know he He was a man out of control, the aching, control himself. He what with his fists all the time he never gave any area as much, but I told you I'd never really listen to alleged seven Ip there was cancer and I wish to him and bonds or with the funds was the hardest, over that ban physical graffiti tabs bonds. So you listen to drums, they are so sharp and so in control of the big record that was before houses. Wasn't it was your like, so they went, all that Europe. While then, that's a record I mean they won through four to Elsie for You know our and then, and then graffiti, and then has you bet an end. No I've won gap pre amazing me out here. It's agree,
story, I really love writing this value. Is you wrote another Bible? I did, and you know we all day If the hawk the Riot House, its name too, and in a way I mean it was we called the high it house before they not every night. I work at the communist or almost every night rises. Look at that place I mean so late. They change. The whole culture that is well on the whole groupie scimitar grew up around them. Well Congratulations! Thank you. Bark thanks. It was fun and now I gotta liking I'd I'd, read bits and pieces. Now I gotta go in read the whole book, my it's better to better that I dont before I talk to you. In the same way, it was for you not to b to India's up when I get it because, like I would have been just sort, I tell the story. I get. Ninth we're talkin. It's been a pleasure, I've loved it.
Smith. I was good our daughters, happy! That's up when the biography comes out next, Tuesday November. Ninth, you can prove right now, wherever you get books, go to pods, dot com? George W? Do you have to get our new march? We the holiday sweatshirt sweaters there, there's sweatshirts with sweat sweater patterns. Are we the new Hawaiian Sammy, invest your shirt and the bundle packages of some of our old favorites. That's pods wide Compromise W p ever go to w e F part that guy click on the March TAT, a french writer varies with fish and chips in a cup fearsome guitar,
rumour that Mug Vonder Jennings everyone.
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