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Episode 1277 - Felipe Esparza

2021-11-08 | 🔗

The challenges of standup comedy were nothing compared to the obstacles Felipe Esparza faced throughout his childhood. His family was caught crossing the border and sent back to Mexico. When he finally made it to America, he found himself living with an abusive father in a Los Angeles neighborhood being decimated by crack and PCP. And as Felipe tells Marc, even when he was getting good standup gigs, he couldn’t escape his past. They also talk about Felipe’s vegan journey, the big comedy lesson he learned from the library, and the difference between doing his act in English and in Spanish.

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tickets are all gone, that's w He have pod on Twitter, at twelve noon. Today you hear me for the free life podcast. in New York City at the Paris Theater and West fifty eight street November Fourteen Sunday bring your coffee get Nice coffee may be a beggar with some ah Could you tell us a little more? Could you please mitosis over for a few more minutes? Could you take this back in and toasted for a few more minutes, you have a cloth, a cloth napkin that I could put out try were gone impression of space. if a person does not a celebrity alice. This fuckin nailing it the other. thing I want to mention tonight I'm Largo here in LOS Angeles, for thee.
last time. I will be doing this full set like this, so I dont know if there are tickets or not left, but this is it Before I go, looking forward to go to New York, I ve not been New York, since the plague, I've known dear what to expect. If anything like LOS Angeles. It's going to seem tenuous at best. Think about that man. Fucking a year and a half or were, however long, took on going. terror and trauma and fear. lock down. And we're all jacked in we completely acclimate and damage to a day to day Engagement the computer in a way that was wife sustaining that was our life streaming, zooming reading, whatever it is,.
whatever rabbit hole, you choose whatever activity, you were doing the internet, Became our qualifiers, that's codependent talk. That's our non talk. That's programme talk. For who you are codependent too, Who you are enabling, who you are trying to fix, We are trying to make behave differently. The internet is our core. Our fire, culturally. We love em per it. Sometimes it's scary, so times. It tells us things, we don't want you. Sometimes it behaves in a bad way and we can't really stop it. That is who we are code, but that is a symbiotic thing and it became desperate. an essential during lockdown so in the middle of all their trauma amid over that fear in the middle of being ripped open. And facing the unknown.
On a viral level and also on an environmental level, we depended on that connection. so imagine what it did to our fucking traumatized brains. A man Did that interface now. Imagine there I've talked about before. we volunteered for it now. pimped out by the algorithm and your reality your sense of reality. Your perception is guided and defined by the choices you make streaming a choice you make online The choices of content that, curate. and allow into your brain that is the parameters of your perception. I mean outside is outside there your car, there's your hose where's, your cat. That's a store, be careful, fill it up.
One take a drive, fill it up, plug it in a cook. This thing, that reality has a contact. that's the reality. Reality slow going, but the elect you're fired perception, of what you allow into your brain in the form of cancer aunt or information? What is it the text of your perception, the parameters of your perception. What do you logging into the choices of you made that will then enable the great throbbing algorithm To mine, your desires, your brain A fucking whore. turned out. you let it happen, I liked it free thinking, whores yeah, you're, making all the choices. Big boy ye up,
Ebay, Esparza, is on the show today I use a calm again. People may have seen his stand: officials on networks or when he won Ass comic standing, he's been irregular on superstore in the Eric Andrei show, as was seen, FUCK Series gentrified. funny, guy Ah guy we're going A couple of times rose. I sort of fascinated with him. worked with him once was happy. You talk to one people. you're struggling with grief, relationships, stress are having trouble, sleeping or meeting your goals online therapy might be for you better help. secure online therapy that offers videophone and even live chat sessions with a licence. Professional therapist. If you ve, never worked with a therapist before this might all seem a little daunting, but look everyone? Can you some help, and sometimes all you need is a little prompt to get you going. The great thing.
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He pays world dot com to see the dates and get it gets also is podcast is called. What's up fool you get wherever you get. Pod casts funny. So what do you play in practice in a piano ever keep about a keyboard here, so I went back to the non it. I love you too yeah allotted the colors go down in the EP an appeal, a beginning of ARM Commodore easy, and the big at another Inga. I dont be the beginning of a lot of song they're just to fool people. Sure man I gotta give way near. Why should I not relocate alone is amazing on the fucking you to that just learn anything you want something you know back and legality. Humor predicted I'm fifty eight. Shall I go our kids you to go, get guy!
Yeah go, take a lesson. Yeah, I'm fine! I'm a hang out with a miraculous here here I won't know: that's a great music. Have you a guy that, within a ragged Iraq, bad in corporate Christie, Edward the bartender yeah and he joy Nicole, good or bad yeah. Well, that's where I come from TAT. It he's a drummer. So what even doing man I cite the airport look like you're goin at it. We started during again, to call the unmasked towards the next next year. doo, doo doo shows in Spanish. When I was work. I did exposure, size Valkyrie and have that like? How does it wait? What do you see in terms of the difference in in many people watch it You get a bigger audience. I guess I've noticed you! Don't I get even you can tell the Netflix some further email from a guy like in Peru, ways that Irish. Thank you. I got it, but other people surmise English one. Yes other spanish One and they like the spanish one. Better really do you know why
probably because my Spanish is more of a West Coast is delay no Span Asia West Coast banners. Then there that's banning these begin, like Spain or yeah, but as well. Our like you are like Mexico. Yes, yes, most buyers valet makes it go by because I noticed that the dilated in work and a lot of a spanish words that I use here in Amerika here don't exist in the spanish language really that we made it up here. Yeah like we want, we say in English, Yankee freak my breaks yeah, it is, now? Maybe grew up and Boil hides or LOS Angeles Lincoln High in a word cause Albuquerque. You say, amen gear for my but it does we ETA S, but that we're doesn't exist. That, with the right word is our friend was really somebody. Rectum Mexico brackets, but it does yeah yeah open New Mexico? Second despite the same Spanish, yes, but did you you
we're going to Mexico? Oh boy, Mexico snuck in furs, where we're headway, How do I go? What's it? How old are you man, I was like for four or three ray I met with four, because when I got to amend ago I went to kindergarten, so your family come over. did my mother amount that my dad and made three brothers? Do you remember it yeah? my mom my I came first, he came over here because he's not. can we are. We had a family member that already here ready we as family members, come on make a run for Somalia might have been at work here. What am I as causes and brother were working for rum, Warner? Brother records are really. There were staggering. I knows, in about in the box, this uranium uprear machine and never look put the plastic over forty nine years ago. Yes, though, they seventy nine awhile am I my dad
he went wrong with world. We live in a similar Mexico which, like eleven hours from the border, unlike at a late hour, drive way down their weight on their here. So we drove Omar, Dr Weir little to Mexico, My dad's at lived there, my dad cousins either and his sisters. We owe that to our we move, My mom and my brothers for five of us, we moved into a house They already had like seven cave in Indiana and you wanna see another twelve key. As an there's like four point: three parents and one I was too bedroom house again who stood there for two weeks. your cousins, yes, He crossed the border with them. whether that will now. I remember the medical care but regret the border and we get caught like we might otherwise have sunk Clemente but there was out they had. I got there.
Old thing going on back then I other of meal, the allocation of Zonia or men at man by their border patrols, tab there too here did you made it and I did it. It is that we are doing so, pull over therein we're pollyanna hello jail insane commander, yeah yeah and they were deported my or that my aunt who live inside a pseudo California. She gives you a visitors MA. Am I don't know what they these? Are? Those plotted were asleep, but They came to was and is over. the border. I'm in two weeks, to my little brother, to one the european identity already at one or two, what they and papers Yes, so he had to draw up a little like a little girl and I would therefore party- and I talk about my second part, special Badia which without Wonka. That's called translate this that will now my wife and now we produce that ourself bud
my little brother will just like a little girl with my aunt Miranda. some of the little girl and she were low, address and a light. A practice, his name he was a dreadful, but a week We get to the border area border patrol ass was her name. he says his name again Will we get in here? He said: Patty is immense. What we do know boy here MA am a party that was it Ambrose Gay now, but you know that did it now. the dollars. You dig it out, particularly being ever since what is it like I've, no understanding of that work. So I can. We gave a right, but we don't. Just that's a border illegal horse and where they who, where was driver knows the elder took part in California. Here and there there was a house around like a lot of family ledges us in therefore rooms yeah, I get there waitin for their money and if you
that their money, you no matter what they do, you mean that the hub yet so that the guys you took your crossed yet mules and when We call on coyotes where the call yo YO these priorities, music. our guys right? Yes right so you gotta pay em, so were that happens, yeah yeah, so Why do people meet family members who have the bread? Yes, it does immigrants we have our own taxi service in a bootleg. Like my grandmother were she she was yet a visa yeah, oh come visitors from spontaneity witches, that's even try the hour, drive in the air. three hour drive ass. You would just dumb. She will the United States an issue right there on it by the animals Angela's in their Streton later the gray, Anastasia Buddy. It's on Santa FE here, there's all kinds of light: boot leg
see Gabby of Mexico. The area in my grandmother will just talk to a guy Ngos, I'm going to talks by laddie. How much either to take me all the way home I drive a wedge is drive her real criminals Angela's. Although Mexico for twenty hours, for twenty hours and on the way, hoping up another person and as along the way so is picking up people on the wane and little car and then then he'll it has with way back to America. Well set up around you did it, but she knew this taxi service. So when you get here, that situation? How long are you like afraid like our own document or how long they have our little sorrow, remember our just to run home here, I'm just going to! U get. Do you venture we get to citizenship? Yes, my father got his arm. His green yeah, he settled yet a visa about Working Warner, brothers working, Madame a pike so we will have a louder. Ok, he were for these metals shop plays
I'm only around told me that there were like working for it federal projects, and there we got our papers also in nineteen eighty one, and how was that? and then I saw you Mamma and that our work is there is no yeah and my dad because there is the ship glass test in Spanish. Yeah, because he's been here over twenty five years. So when you get here in America for over twenty five years- and you go take your citizenship class and your test, you take it in your own foreign language does tat set out what you're, not gonna, let the law, then I wonder another thousand euros for raw us only Blanco here. What other but others rather nice days reliable. Are they both still life? There was alive here gather minimum my daily than the old folks home so earnestly and my mom? Has she live in their home with a little Alzheimer's of their birth? Alzheimer's did my mom, yeah and take care of her. No Mamma has a nurse. They shows up here
My brother shows up assisted to you here. My brother shows up every arm every other. We everybody about one among other brother lives there as he gets two brothers yeah I'll. Do one One brother lives are the other, wonder ages visits we get older and younger throb. There are young and old higher. So when you get here, Marty but diversity, when you get here, so you grew up the whole time in LOS Angeles boy highs Boil Heights, and what was it? What was it like? Aren't you come up and like so used you here since your four years old, We we live our. I want some special united. It sounds like a pretty gnarly, pretty heavy yeah, They ve been different parts that reverts live. There now boil hides a general hospital matter, freeway MIA. there were moved to the west side by the big in Washington and then we move into the housing projects over my little village, particularly so people gardens at how do you then?
five six. I want to start a second grade. you tell immensely, which was and a low alimentary insider housing projects Thea now, where the price It's terrible or they are. There were bad amount of another little kid. It was I remember when I was on an fourth grade we couldn't go outside for every recreation or nutrition here, because there were thou shooting outside a thin. There was a grip gang in flats Gang, so thou Wert, latino gang and a black and yes, a gazelle time are used to I still have. My own parties be bad there. If it s bad back then, and when did you, I did your parents, data gathered all tie him up, I stood together whole time really. Separated like later on, when other, no doubt then get back together. Now there are together in a more area then, yet the wars or another that we go on? My way for my dad dining get a social didn't
I didn't have no complaint waiting game now are in work. well you're not going to remember here. So what did the When did you start? Could I get what I want the special which wonder? What's the last one? was, I call bad decisions? it was really funny, but it sounds like you know, from the get go get go through, you, kids are in the house and it sounds like you're pretty crazy yeah but what was it like was a boozer. Why my another harlot ere. He will today, and he came home and drank yeah and then yove you'd, be everybody up yeah he to fathers up yeah. I remember one time mom, was, were living across the street from peak in part now, before moving to a broader yeah, poorest, gonna stay neighbourhood, but didn't move into a project. We are the man. I was a job that mass I'll play with a soccer ball here and I,
the real hard and I broke down our window, front window right car, where am I drinking with his friends like like next or enlightened radicalism lay is watching with our time no outward Beer there, he saw me. And then it was all right around the house, and I am My dad was China like buying beat me. Where did you know like how about or air or water holes, or whatever rightly was dry you mad in my mouth? a calm him down a come down. You known banning commanded power on a local I'll come down. There might does my mom, they might delay could have real freaky now because we could have by not an enemy with so loud future or hook the work in the home whose fund a washing machine. He all angry, just carry more here and they were up our motto: stop him in Asia put on
I'm not the way, and then they come. We just oh uttered a cry than about I cried and he freaked out in He don't hit me, though, here right now, a crime that we have ever. I can see a unified effort that the heirs below the second time I broke the window like in a month. first time? Mom we're play in the house- and I am I once guy owes grew dark, though the wooden piece of my mom and dad barely that their back board here. Have you heard the aboard and it was a long- would in a pull up after him, my brother with it, and that through to him like a spear year, but it went through the window. It broke here so that strike one, those red one- We are about our people, I want so those just like a lotta beaten, yeah, all the kids out of them and your mom yeah. It's terrible. Just shove it offers, but their fears, yeah yeah.
The kids are your mom, my mom, just that one time whatever, but an especial that. I remember that was at one time, yeah, that's it. He choked turn yeah. So when did you start check it out so that our lightwood drugs. Oh sorry, legs laid Estonia where no nineteen brow drinking right. Sixteen, you know our final beer would Regular Fraser now already Mickey's he Asher and yet again, high school but they're like your high school I thought you get more, my friends they after school year, but then outspoken power, no night data at Christmas spoil my friends here that smoking weed every day here I thought it on those lines crack in my neighborhood here and pcb Let us almost heroin is pc p and he cried ass. The rough ass, a rough ride and I never just as of now lay out and a lot of my friends. There were selling it today, like it
they were saying they were, they were selling it mere good. My neighborhood furs well known for four Tiber. it was called Thailand, so good we'd go. We lay, I was called Thailand where they were here and there were just our we'd we'd we'd Wheatley Arable show up, but they match aims to crack than either. I would like zombies on my neighborhood leg. It went down, you remember, yeah, it was bad. They use a whole family, go down. Man really Yakima watching man. I was studying the streets, an egg. I saw a guy show up. without Jeep Cherokee here and then later on. We saw the Jew, Cherokee Dollar to somebody with big slip. Two hundred And then I saw him with diamonds are saved, enable another asylum to later same clothes. There's someone vice of Gore with rib shoes, is kept
goin worse and worse and worse, many naked yeah running down the street, limiting your role to bed. So what when it so it's shifted to crack, but you did. You do. This pcb idea, that of the other pcbs more crap card to handle their pcb yeah, pretty crazy for awhile. You think, have super mastering here people are in he's, not the crack yeah I support the grand where my brother shot, which brother my brother angel. He will Norma rather angel. The Bible, with no regard to border he was right, yeah. He was shot for being, a bad person. You know em. There were no brown eyes matter for him. He deserved that will happen. Humanist me visible from rumours. You not want to put him in given to give him another record here, though, just driving around doing doin line. Looking for a rival gang China by beer here, look
for twenty year product twenty twenty one- and I am This all a car and followed in a car I don't know who shot furs but there we're not gonna like in a twenty minute car chase, shooting each other here, but other cover the sheriffs car there A cover air was worth the penalties to hear it. So my brother was shot like another head, the mouth leg- oh my god and he survived, may survive. He was up twill friends on the tour de France passed away in that same shootout, yeah, but he survived, survive. How is he now? he's good. You know he walks little Crooked Mexico. Now yeah they can talk and everything we can to argue with the normal late as sooner length, I remember he was. We went to visit him in jail and job item
Joe you their normal county general, but our county hospital here, but again the jail war jail part. How do you know they had that pressure so that chick ideas and we want to go visit hideous it was had lay- was chained to the bed and now he was in a low coma wake him out of it, who then future for a while in all we could avoid legs. Rice, a memorandum, Father great Boil, yeah, he went off. He grew up in our neighbourhood. Why are we Robin his neighborhood yeah, his his church yeah. So he grew with him. He we nor have they were little blue. So we were little grateful, the great boiling affable he did, the more industries, the humble industries. They do all the stuff right, yes, bakery to rise. Yeah. We start we, we grew up with. Father brave Boy- and I hope he baptize our friends area- he their first convey your whole life. He backed by my daughter, your home, I fear I knew him. so you know all about. We were ready yet
What about him in your browser? You took my brother prepare Biotic near the hospital Barbara for the same path, but where leeway for brain, brain injury, easier and Lhasa, because the latter was amigos and so a brother when they believed them. It was a full commitment. Legs already Don't turn What is there for a long time? They have about their longer can't you order your foot here here so so when their father gray shows up in here. A blessing here with the holy Water and he does a little cross air and in for the great throws a war holy water legs and my brother then to the active at birds, yeah Father, where freeze out that's funny
did. He go back and ex go like after he recovered went alarm after recovered I'm here he was in the neighborhood, with a village of where how and I'm being still when his day when a wheelchair, Lionel Due in the budget year was they can again without a word now. You just dumb created dude man, he loved drugs love drugs our Bulwana Wheelchair man asked histories is due, Do any thing: Madame has some guy to have a say in a wheelchair, we'll put your programme on top of him in a final position on the stairs the will for love. How and why? Back in the background, Mexico, my brother were put long story short on other, less common standing here that the data, a thorough background check on other contestants NBC lawyer, the private investigators swear.
I came back with a check on my my criminal record. They said many believe arrested recently and you have four bans words. I said. No, have you been the rest is probably ninety one year and other the it rejects order, went to court, and I will well said the show me all these things. Well, there might be my brother. He stopped for this to my identity and yes tomorrow, the brother day to do so. locate his daughter somewhere, and she said a photo of him send it to the private investigator, enabling people of the name and follow together that match, so they find out it with him. After only let me in the show, really yeah The answer in that's why he had to go to Mexico because you hear them were present in our present, so they funding deporting they reported him baby. the good job. He was waiting anti at the in Mexico
now he's got a good job, yeah my brother told me that I had a minimum podcast. He said that as early as one of the report? It there's a colleague centre in Mexico, the priority in tee and a call Americans and then they lead em spanish speakers. English speakers have, to You don't have to teach English to right, so you gotta, dogs getting report it in our from Emma's thirteen flat history, and it makes a guess Why now we're gonna call me sooner so so, above all day cause people tell them about their phone and hopes among citizens. these criminals and murderers, yeah yeah, because my always gotta give great and the girl, So what this is all the starts it would you get busted for all our Zalm home. I was bursting. Ro Leggy younger here I had no job and no money, those there was a drug deal between three guys here and I get drafted
dope when he ran, and I will happened to be. There are now so that where's, that Romania will allow the running so they gave he followed a thousand. A have like Larry relate twenty feet. Me and other had ran them. So even your dope yeah limit They took me forever and those guys that are evident. sky. They belong to me out. They are without the next day. without the same day the guy's a ditch yeah, they re afraid They knew what they were out as they were. They were by the largest at an hour. They were so that was it didn't stick. No, I didn't come up to. I want to tell you, went to care for them all drug first of all, and to open up a rustle Peters, I didn't come up and then, damn, but I want when I went to a travel alone, it showed up as we have been arrested in, and I will say no because,
in our view, if you were not charged or of its gonna come up, he might hear now and then, if they find it, I thought oh yeah, I didn't hear you reject what does it mean that this, the district attorney of accounting to reject the case because it was an unwinnable case, so that means you're never charged. Although jars to allow us a shelter court and I saw my name and it was damned nor you go home with their revenue. So what do you like when you talk about an especial this sounds like he had the cocaine problem, pretty bad yeah more, how it with us after you get where you dont comedy I! like God, my stop, when I during comedy, I lay tenure sober and then I picked it up again now Bakersfield. So what's what, if the story so like when we started talking, about drugs as like nineteen? So what we do on, when did you say
don't comedy I'll. Do after a comment. Commodore NOS twenty four when you file so from nineteen to twenty five you're, just kick in around yes over here are you are You yourself are twenty, four to thirty l, a sober Friday, twenty one to thirty one, o sobered nine. Ten years. Twenty the thirty one yeah she gets over twenty one yeah like for real yeah, like nothing other than a church. Why get with with have with them boil your father Boil came to my house and they taught me but does rehab called live again: We were so you really fucked up. Yeah this was on your kind of a kid though you yeah you're twenty. I got it FI was somebody in the neighborhood older jump me yeah and he knew so maybe you should get away from the neighborhood for awhile yeah, so like ie, but you eat. Do like your family are easy. With that, it's good to everybody! Yeah my mom went to go talk to him. To the okay, see you go talk to the priest, the average guns and talks to you. Yes, minister, you gotta rehab, and you
Ok, yes, and then you, you got straight and you were doing the programme- everything yes here for a while. and they went out and when other rehab we waited, Have they bear the rest with our arab rehab would not the nominee, and so he could be. Muslim, a Jew or whatever you every Sunday are being left to their own church. Now. So we had to this guy named Mountain TIM, who live in them, who lived in a valley. He was catholic. a brother. You know like a kind of like Naturally, the type do require a brother here. He will not a priest, he will. I got you did a byword for the priest. Sorry, go further and have programme for the man. in all other grown man. My activities, gonna legs, Self awareness dinner, like maybe about yourself. No wonder he raised the tellers you guys to write down five things you want to do in your little.
You're goes, would you be here so alike? but a heroine that a sum that sixty to seventy here, I'm young crackhead here Our heroine out. Is there a way to look at crack legal or losers? Yea we live. There made the road. I make it easier and everybody's dove, like fire man, I wanna be Superman our. I wanna be theirs and myself to await me Superman to reassure our we Batman ledges, He looked at Eleanor Knowledge. What you gonna be like before his beyond rugs president or astronaut. I swear by in the back, soon I wrote in a first want comedian yeah go to ITALY, stay sobered. If bore be happy here, fire have no idea that the blank those for good for now that the first ever ever wrote down goes So you want to see a mouth today will just keep it in
He will know how to live boy when I ever go in life. So why do you want to be a comedian who're? You were you watch and, like you were you guys like what made you want do we have when I was in high school. Somebody with personal around the edges, tape yeah, Of seven hours of comedy, just Somebody wrote their eyes beheld better, yet it was our poetry area how I'm endowed with a hand. Handbag sure arrived you're too young to mean a special year of the warm. the other one was on Williams, hosted everyone especial as some Kennison the Archimedes oriented Dangerfield them, Canada that one and we were watching them all day that we watch important too. ma- am my friend, Jackie Cholera here here, he play down the album for us, which one we'll call bill: Cosby brother, Russell. How you, whom I sleep with here and there and then the model of Friend Emil
Bertha he played up. which a prior that Edward is crazy. Here we memorize that one here can never get. You can use embolism project level if we allowed five five, people killing a white woman was a body that one. So we are to stand near so the thing we you and your friends area, California, my brother arm Angel, who the gear the kid by the way, my brother angel, the one I gotcha, yea with a menu, the magnet kid man and he would you ve, got to see or a parliamentary ba smart here and there the way for eating go to them schools in the projects. So on it. found out without mother cares about the comedy show on on came a tea On Sundays, and from seven o clock to nine o clock, the doktor mental show, ok and then that's all mental you're, worried about a top hat yeah, but radio show and hopefully other comedies. They George Carlin
and our word I'll yank young well yeah yeah, I get so. We will listen to That too, is in doktor demand to see geyser comedy. Yeah my brother with of angel. Besides being now who then exchange to them too? He was Like my brother was more men are innovative, Gideon and fit in anywhere Where was the intention at their part at their schools you're a park you signed up for a foreign exchange programme, you feel it. application himself here. Just had my mouth sign. Her name is big, the English. She was still a Mamma bullock, but to signature kids, I want to know molecular mass so she decided always dying away. And then one day, brought up a mile away me some money, in other words, go to Mexico. What yeah my there were. Forty change to the imo ethical. I will live in Mexico City for about a week and then that, we can probably with us and man, my brother,
where to Mexico, eight or me here, to pay for nothing. They give him an allowance and he had his own room were here to share a rule. He saw pyramids year lobster. You would poor neighbour, to job ass. He traveled eager coach in a Mexican cultural yeah yeah that we don't know for a week yap, but then to the other. kid you had to go to our house and we live in the housing projects for bedrooms like he s a share of room with two other people now and we have bug beds You get the other more the bottom here. I said: no mother fucker, you top. If oil rich man like he always cash in his pockets, are you. He never share that he will buy one ice cream, but he got different education yeah may was rich and what the, culture shock to hang around with good.
Our big rich makes it getting rather poor makes it get in Mexico, with AIDS, He did a new in the states, all my God, Bro like he went from taking my brother to a lobster here to standing in line to eat free lunch at the park. Did there Did you have a good time, accurate here man, I will be dead man there's a funny thing. We went to the part in other city park air and address a poor air and no code ass. You know, and they give you a butcher year, clothing or their green bag and take over there. Man he's a this kinda thing wrong with us. He speaks only spanish and what we're we're the pool and we're looking around way what worse, Javier near. Where was Javier and I'm afraid our man look at it. before there. And if we always beetles bro
speed, owes they pretty much for added underwear and he lay on a concrete floor like you than the Bahamas, like he's doing, at the city for that you do not tanning commercial, my shop accordingly, I lay in their manlike in his head, he Kapogo may hear back or over to get her by laughing over their aid obviated. What can you make it yeah so you guys are losing all that comedy any get you in your sober. So when, he started twenty four year? Sober yes and it works. start doing the comedy at first. I didn't know her out at a place called dumb, The name of area, it was a coffee shop, the Arab League in nigeria- and so was. I got alternative room yes weight so were years at though they ninety four, oh yeah, yeah, cophetua yeah. Who else was there
Jimmy Kennedy, oh yeah, arousal border reality, sourdough Ha France, Adele Levine, here all day, our future? Are the low coffee shop would like Paul Grog, music first, and they were there taken down their instruments. Took me: is and there were the lineup ban, will show up hot wonder waste out was There was that it was right there at our fountain avenue and now is how the fountain avenues theater, but back to nose. something out. Ok in you Well, you just put together set. Were you dont stories all MA I I would like Europe wants them. I very near with that in the current library and ass, the library at all eighty year, an edge at all. I wanna be a comedian a year. They issue the career person lives right. So you take me to these books, I refer comedy riding lay some of them were less Duval in
and one of them was I'm Jean parades Year Round comedy radium step by step by Jean Parent here, so that that one here and now one time in a row, it's and how brainstorm comedy really like it. I will say that he's a rifle, I just Johnny Carson HIV Valentine these older comedian member NEO, these Jack, something Benny Jack, Benny, to show you say, or Jack PAR jackpot: yeah yeah, so Jack, Polio, gonna role, jug portuguese arena book so Jack Portal. Why Java BAR planes or travelling here? So I hope you're right don't columns, they all other play. They could think of an airline they ve been on and on is calling all right I'll stop that he heard air guess overheard. I always thought we was to her in his plane or here, but the windows my little thing they remember doing here, and then I somehow all that he'll come up with a jokes, my raised or me
and you tried that yeah and at work. Yes well go back to it when I'm lazy. Really, when I'm going, elaborate. When I words what a fool I got: one bombing mentally and writers black Adam. I took the book in the library and then I bought it. Then it was another book called on comedy right: here's to combine secrets by Jean Pierre, p r I've been around forever yeah. I not just one. I never heard of it in its oh there it is Jean I'll teach to join a comedy class, Judy Brown! Jeanne Perreira Dean? How was the name of the book coming right is step by step. You can revise the original budget. Had these daughter revise their already, which is right now, it's crazy man ever her that Fuckin book yeah basic Bremer much out to arm. I need I need I always feel I gotta do right me too
it all. I wanna hear sought a computer run a great job of all. I feel like I'm, a writer yet nine, because I Oh man, I just talk, you know in and it starts to come together. I don't know. looks down. for all these years. Every member here joke about why the fuck. Now I gotta get the book and I get a book and that only the book will you read the book yeah they in any still help restructure the shit yeah the structure and that's crazy man, so you got it book and then you just wrote to act in any one of the place on fountain paradise. I saw it. I saw the Alley weekly we're in her lay open to media we already here and now they are these rooms to do comedy. That was that day. For you know anybody nor anybody and you just waking the easiest whatever makes. Yes, I went out, as our other wanna go. No such it. My friend, A fair Rodney knows yeah, and he was my first presented to do Kommeni, air and so
I just started hit those over MIKE's yeah coffee shops, all your place in coffee shops and wherever yeah. You do I once or twice a week three kinds of avoidable. I vow of Monday nights. I will only go there. Monday's toilet toilets I'll be borne item about Tuesday, somewhere right and their ways a Thursday. So who is the crew? is to go in the beginning, the beginning turn around with Jimmy Canada, Brady, sourdough, end when Friday was just starting to starting a real who already funny yet allows about it. You should start into, I guess Forget we are with you know. We were out of allows abortive of merit our job about he got down here. Madam I wanted, when a dove Java, the NFL, a guy holding the court for the football coach another call though the poorly I owed. So he so you just starting to what I said that group guys and then just started
going out every night. Yes, and once you start did you get when you get a break it a club ever we goin now ninety six Thea somebody told me that there were arm auditioning for our latino Comedy festival in San Antonio and also be poetry gear, then Nelega LAN Sugar producer of some others show that we are under jam and Valdez from Colorado. You'll have ever there, but also to air and. they told me about it. But there were looking for comedians lady at at at at their play. Brenda she told me So I want to know where to go so I won't. I what's wrong. this one day, and I said oh no, sir, then I saw a newspaper that that is to have a pike media's, so they re they needed a budget of open Cathy. At the last time you saw these makes it in Cuba. Are they let you know provincial up, and I shall have to
do well, and I mean I'm Pat buckles, and then she will rooting for me to be under show air I don't know what I said Lizzie and she rode down of settlers, formulate she or listen do this job. This showed this job. Nigel individual glass sees the producer right. He had attended coordinator for she rode down my first settlers and I were settled back. three that wasn't in the book. I know we're not sure variety label that here the show, so he gave You put together the settlers, yes, and it worked in it I was on like twenty, Madame less than twenty. the material one individual here, and that was what was it up, but I will let you know first of all on Showtime live from San Antonio Tax, that there was a big Lion festival man like poverty. Here's from all over the world Daddy's committed- that's comedies banish,
I made great arousal their job, Mendoza, Mendoza, yeah, and I've seen him anyway, when all eyes funny guy. Here too ral, there was great Eric Estrada Latvia's Agar powered radius What did you do advantage or non English or the English one good yeah? So then, So now you often running yes, but I will go a little, but I feel a little bit micro regions that tv show MIA, doing later. Somebody was chiefly by you. Wanna go here, hell. I women now Houston Texas. What what is that remove anything like the second, a second, I will first love. Second, you. Gotta have an hour material, they have twenty man he was the average even appear live born dollars each and they a flyers, you that accommodate candle. and I still man Ok, then nothing
go up there. Man and is an. I will rum I'll alive audio that was packed tuna people for their taping here and there. open MIKE was like thirty people, forty right, but did, I've been out with seven people here. I wouldn't didn't know who didn't know so you gonna headline at seven people you have neither you have the time to promote aware there are. We worry about whether the traveller black comrade gloomy Houston, coaches, joking, a man? The first light who saw two girls come into the world with a budget Jake's there are thirty outside Maggie Cigarettes, Madame Hutchison, come to this. And then we go in now the wages are leaving because there are not enough people for them to work so there now for a real. I wonder whether a mad dog in Austria, a dog you're, a dirty, looked right, so they're like so they left and I will just one waitress one bartender Andy: manager, though nobody there, man no crowd so man,
I'm done in seven minutes. So let us do that at all levels tree if needed, you from getting but thirty yeah done yeah. They know the guy. Does the same thing laid up certain questions to this region. it gives them going yeah and than the last night it was man like it was so empty. here like the ice mouth and fall down on a beer added. while the second night we just don't laugh in May. We saw a beagle bunch of keys It's a beer in eyes which lad. Let him come about due to many people here They paid us, the guy was paid out in tears near the euro that money, we leave and my friend or they may. Europe needs a massage partner. Has it never man? Never. go to one year.
We want to almost partner and burbage appeal. This end the police already there there already there. They they busted it by what I know who arguably glad aware, but there are no better one and a better one. We go there and adjust says Tokyo studio. That's it we're, notably Can you not blinking lie the lower. You know the mayor here we go under lock up how do Norma Size parlour. I guess Neander bids you want here some lonely in there in the bad when my clothes on just sitting there and I don't see why she was off or nothing here, and I guess a personal message me. He just sitting there too, that you do not leave pose. Is here, but I'm just sitting there wait visit map and irregular no money area. I paid for them aside, budding enormous eyes here and and pay for the last just over a year now then I hugging about a water would do nothing here and they leave
However, my friend and we start back to the candle and man I laughing. he's too the candle. The comedy kind is locked the idea so yeah, so We don't know where to get in here my friend says: may your big guy man he's a door down like like, like Mammy Visor terms that I in Krakow, Hooker, who I want to see the door down man here, come on. My we made our money today would just makes it more here Google, many people with operational problem just little door down here, I tested me but we do want boycotted order here so lucky. The door down Adam like a really like that, when it comes to it, I could adored up in a dora, just flew open and then- The little short redneck look into seventy SAM Guy can
What do you mean and all the wrong kind of we kicked out so we're taxes? Man lives, Jagger Shooter. Now he could kill I ran Oliver. I let my friend there my friend is talking to him and it was a man combat is our good school school afraid stolen the guy man. That's my friend. He kicked on the door who both we thought it was our conduct warfare, the comedy candle where they're. Here you go go down, kicking handles and Why do you know how to guideline younger than me here? but a comedy leg: six when it was sixty like air he's. Your around data is a man or to call the police officer in her police. for the destroyed in his ass. You go up police report of the other door being kicked out right kind of police do want this door breaks with enough fix this door tomorrow. Okay, ok, we're gonna faced this door,
We have cash it up. I you want cash, we're gonna pick, this door. So what walking around, and now it s all right, but a prison than a year the phone number and give them the address of the worst thing here, and we will that we went back to the Congo and its get better we're down to those are locked up for our luck. We were there. We just kept laugh and about the guy Leah. How he came are scared and insurers defects Adona, we flew back home. yeah, who is that comic Jerry, Garcia, oh yeah, yeah. these are after a while he was cool man as you know, very well, you can buy back, did take it. Take the didactic that door down back to those you first headline in gay men, so so what happened so after the headline in doing so, that's like you baptism into the bullshit life. And then you come a clear and you what you just start put the time together, yeah
I met with another committee knew at open MIKE named Carlo Oscar we're at done the natural but a moment. Might I guess it? I will be opened. My women really were started here and now and then in Hollywood they had a comedy show at an Hollywood boulevard, nor highland right there at the Hollywood hotel here a comedy wow. Those ok and while those and they paid late? Twenty five bucks yeah some Willie Barcelona there and Willie BAR senatorial bottom, the laugh fact yea, and he told me about it- a comedy room. They had a mind to battle yeah, so human I started Huguenot. Haven't you? he's doing good Maggie. Here he's. The turing It was alive, good any either army he coach of baseball now get for his kids ass good ass hither older now, but he loves baseball but we need more Ceta because my leg, the guiding role with now one year.
Hey, Willie, Barcelona will heed, knows this that pointing knows what's going on, the man saw. You learn the job, yeah he's doing colleges. Let me check stuff they, while here and I'm impressed here, and they like I'm here, I out What am I wrote, a joke and I guess wrote it for him. He wrote me a chair. for forty bucks here what other for his joke ever thought and down It was a joke. It was calm Catholic. I would. Two. I will confess for stealing a bicycle one time and for the great well tell me, I'm what you feel bad about the year by year. The Bible, with a bike at his way outside the church? I don't believe it outside mathematics It is ironic that Julia there are many other community enjoy Medina yeah. You like a road comic, these two wherewith Paolo Francisco, Pierre one man, one desire, so we were all active at latino night, Paolo Francisco Torres.
What really more readily over like dvd I've were like the better it is that they had. They knew, if you knew the guy's yeah you're gonna, make money for their room that paid right right. There were no one in the area yeah Stevens Day House in seed of Commerce Dallas. I gum Rudy Moran, no end they whenever they need a comedy saw, so they, like one nighters, were nighters Bruno one matters all over the Eu Asylum leg all over the east, I'm on a bad law. They paid send a borodino cycling out. Circular may not what I meant day out San Diego and they are paid by seller. California matters we are like the guy made of these guys, would welcome and produce some yeah for money, and then this can be If people there like who just addressed Cumbria, let latin comedy and nothing else. and saw a guy named, but but you know where they stand up, shows where, for twelve years, and then I was a guy named lender Velasquez
does Thysel yet and the fox, look at me that he bit book in me for twenty years, and is it mostly latino audiences yeah was worthwhile Thysel s here. Why so that's whole network of vacuum chose because the ice I noticed that when I talk to you, I will not so much Lopez, but that there is this all other world man yeah I do know black comedy too. It's like there's a million rooms. You know about him, I don't know about em cause, I'm not platinum, you know and they pay yeah if you do wonders in Boston, was a different thing body. I never knew that there was a whole one, neither thing here, yeah man alive. though the one matter, and now the man they play their their pay horrible. It was at the let be in Diego every Saturday Saturday, yet further headliner, two hundred dollars they were paid. Our future work, fifty they up either opener. Some of our rate of seventy five year and three three three committee, it will get a nice little room right in the end, the downtown yeah, when you go to the shore, there is
eighteen hundred people deschaux, really eighteen hundred people, always she eighteen hundred drunk people. as in afterwards, and you have a check that you cannot cast or sometimes the chicken the Miller checking they have no money. If I remember many other comedian, man We were hanging around with the boat people to show just to give region brings here and give free food for them and we will get to the club eagerly. I covered it now They got to get out of twenty bucks. Our cats yeah ripped off right, yeah Bay, but evil. You learn how to do it. So when did last comic standing up, There may still be held at this whole time to yeah when white, Easter, Don't talk again are turning out an author freaking out in half. Who s come to tell them tell them to which this after last comic then asked turn Montreal.
So between other violent mantra, common everyone did you do s come to dollar ten hours, but I saw would open. Oh nine, ok, so to them So he ok see you get new faces. Yes in all five five so you ve been doing comedy a couple years yeah and your new face, yeah and you got there. Need you see it all. Yes, now looks like a never been there man. I was there with them that the new faces of year jasper, red, oh yeah, Natasha Lodge area and a bunch of other people here Joe Coy at the end of a new phase, is really yeah as rights, while we're all kids huh yeah. So Oh that's! Two thousand and five. I want, if I was after a month ago Another five grandfather was there, and I think that the two committees from New Zealand other deal their value for the Congo. Yes, yes, I was walking around here about all over the world, guys here and so well then why'd you freak out.
we're on our doing drugs at Montreal. Oh you are yes with who South, whoever wearing a crazy here and by debt, is that where you started doing them again, not doing there like a month or three month before Montreal, where somewhere that, as is the wind down you after the blow yeah crack too, Are you a great blow at great when it was around? So that's very six! I do that lets. You know, Lafferty, ok, right sand. That's all you give orders, thousand to CBS, somehow their errand it on CBS it through the morning air. Can we? find out about it makes you know, sorry after guess, Bob they said check, so they sent me a big fat check, abide by a truck yes or no role in here, so them I'm making money from the from that show. Still, you know me, I'm Byron Alan. I check every once in a while for eighty bucks says the show
but that pay CS monies rolling in Berlin? And then I'm getting book to headline in no way Vegas near before last comment. Ok, whereas an egg on planet hollywood- oh yeah, sorry, Hollywood good gigs, yeah I would open up for committees which one rigorous yeah, Peters, that's a big crowded, parallels yeah, when but Powdery Gimme a check. three shows, and then I saw the check and I said the unanimous statement I like to download ashore only delay six men only that their check and they like our I'll, take it but then I got a little and then I call them back again like an hour later, only. I won, I d Oh, how checking account
the only anyway of cash it at that bank. Here they are telling me to join that back here. So I don't know back to his accountant and the bag in California whether the egg you got it settled. Monetary or no one open of apology either Reno near he goes out because we are because a what is this about. You complain about your room that is too small it now how to nerve cooler than no fruit. Was this shit man? You know you're doing six months ago, and I said they shit man, you got here, oh they complaining. You were when you see my room anyhow, and they were room like a palace. The whole floor. There's a piano hygiene, he did not pursuing a hammock So I just wanna fuck we're yeah. So when so when do you have to like?
this time you married Nor am, I will have a girlfriend, but you still using nor I thought you d N, O nine. How bad did it get really bad? Yet I was up our light disappearing. five days a week MRS shows: yes, not a modem. Is he shall I get to the shore with two days of no sleep and kill it, they lie, argue with a put disobedient. It's gonna give me a vice a broad majority watchers, although Yarborough light later you get a standing ovation with today's honestly. Let me know me: it's a year warrior yeah like even out the lay Ralphie may like he jokingly. He gave me advice, oh yeah, Heather body. what are you gonna rules, areas and orders, ambiguous Oda. the amount of the hours late, one iota out of a man like the last tab, comedy
there were they to headlined me. Beef in No ma am I used in our history. A mark Maria marked Babbitt Babby, a good guy here, he's he's the one always he was a historic book me, one of the guy that will take me on the road the phrase Odo enjoyed the other one percent a year So he was a really yeah. We do show enough and Bakersfield and what we are about it when he would run it romantic yeah. What do you want with why? Whether think, ok, yeah? I remember that guy Mobile was good man. I have I want them he, but where do enjoy Houston? a hundred dollars. light, while the machine, this council? Three days later, he still said millet check after a while. You have to remember that oil me man, yeah yeah, I'm never Minetta take over by some a weirdo guy yeah. Now great guy I've been on time. Those gone right, skylines close so
Where are you cleaned up, because you're a disaster did somebody here yesterday who died collar room service and I order of sport and baking so what'd you do that here and in yeah and I thought of the hotel and they loved the account for the hotel, and that was it yeah man you're, like I gotta, do this. Do this so where'd you go back to rehab. Are you just stop nor I just started thinking about it and I stopped in August It is not good Finally, a focus. So when all night I stopped in oh nine and authority focusing and oh dear, to me about this movie with I'm nectar too ro. The hard rigorous year saw the wreck thereof that movie producer yeah man We may hear writ read for me. Yes, he I gave her my my comedy special that I recorded off at nice house. The reporters they record your video,
As at thirty three minutes, she made just a tape: yeah, ok, so I gave it to him. no. I did a cd rifle butt. Then a produce special knowledge of the audio asset demanded by our south over twenty bucks I'll make a hundred of them here, so I gave her by my show urban the movie one year, and then he hated listen to it this move beyond drugs or nuts, but without a meal Philippe. How would you like to do a movie, based on this audio it is audio caught city and I says, orator three, three men as you do a short film awoke saw yours this to a right now, these nuts, So I go on and on a bench in on this here for a while yet- and I will return phone calls here, so he corners me one day with no still know under the movie we'll have dinner with him. Yeah, why?
wife is areas fish for later Mcdonald waited for me, I'm at the dinner play them Beverly Hills with guy any by me. These big fat fears with purple saw us in no add that that fish with them, this is even a bone was good here and they give you a check and I sign over my comedy to him here- and that means that thirty three minutes yeah yeah, give me a check, and I, while I pay my rent, but the next couple of months- We are by groceries. So he hired other a writer director named Christians, asthma, yeah and he pretty transfers accompany into are. Eighty me, and it motion picture and then we should the movie and nine days is called. I'm not like that. No more here and I'm the star, the movie with poetry, a play, my father and I material the net movie and it was a good idea that we went straight to straight to Itunes and then disappeared. We had a big as premier at the mood big
with their real names, Arclight yeah, with the red carpet in everything. Oh nine yeah and they would set another premier at the record of Malta Bond Theater and end up the audio messes up and a sad man for the people tat? Were there man you don't know what you know: that's z, the ending of the movie, my bad. And what happened in moves to make money will know that I only saw here then disappeared we even I own copies and every once in a while Christmas. I release it. Are you two very vocal watching area and day that guy doesn't matter? I know you know what's happening with, listen you I know, but you you feel good about yeah, just Here I am Madame like drinking, and this thing shows up I'm in his movie, like I don't expect What happened to me, but I have my own movies, Diane Felipe as far as it was on one part, rigorous, but one did thus comic cabin next that here, ok that in turn, I almost eight after the more is done together. Ten star
and then they got the audition and you, but you you're clean, then yeah, and then you win it yeah. How that? What is that process I two months. How is a fucking do by three months? Three, but there was over by June by August and those that, like the second one, first one third, every seventh so desire now I gotta house period Miriam came up and photo out of forty people. Instead, guys we're living, have a house we're gonna have a general comedy going. That each other so use computer. as each other nor out no I've. Just our fast better who is in that year, other people that were in it, who didn't make it through our stars now activity had, is low row row row row of top ten yeah and gives you they had. It was top. to me. We still are also a top twenty. I showed willing or sitcom yeah yeah, and I was out.
top five worth Felipe Esparza winning. Second with me It is the final, no second, what Tommy John again, was my death a funnel. Fourth, were them? What's your favorite, my cabinet we are aware. We all want a big tour ABC detour. So I won't even Regan says two thousand and eleven. I think just because no matter I was gonna, lose weight on the Atkins Diet, without a didn't, do awry legged at that? I didn't do what they say they egg without opposition here such as ours. Eating cheese and thy coax enemy. yeah, no water and no letters and autonomy so I was constipated like for about four days the are going to the bathroom. like, like I hoped you gonna Mars class. You know what rebuild Bab RO dear, so mad I know you ve got tired man and I just
posted are allowed her myself and I gotta hemorrhoid beer and my brother bleeding falling I'll read by a ghost and night. Just ass. Oh bad thou o the fragility of shit after a while. So just up eighty man for three days now here, Sir said I stopped eating a lot went away and, working on this movie called talking shop yeah, so said I'm gonna need no more n network, me no more money, anything it's hard to digest. Totally cheese or meat, and you feel better yeah. So Where is it? What are you where you had now with the drugs? Just we just wait here at the moment for the first time in my wife like four years ago here, how was I thought, re out alive, run when it was all done. I followed newborn newborn here. I would like a new person I felt like. If someone were to give me this without Hoddan cracked, now quit yeah
as someone who gave me live endorse, a junior outages quit right, Keziah, unilateral needed right here, and you got my kids, I have three I have one when other tools. I want our luck in high school one later on here and I am a stab son, the apple, my wife and you still married everything down, my wife. We live too. Everybody together to the other six s good and you produce stuff together, Yes, my one of you like my manager. She they exhibit who serve on my special has good. The special daylight hours, good, LISA, Esparza, and what's here, what's a pike s call the park, gather I do agree with our rapporteur that might result in my wife is called what's up for podcast but my wife- and I we were all biogas, though do we differ a couple episode of the outcome in Chile other casserole.
About a relationship which are about to have a baby? I am with the bar miscarriages inevitable: bugger going over or violent parents are used more personal, India and behind it a couple of those yellow. Ten did you answer when was that now, like man signal so you were able to have a baby. No we'll have a baby. My mother haven't hysterectomy. How should it yeah we're a mist, barely two to three musketeers discourages as what was in the car. While we were driver to assure turning into the town, and it was, I will receive a rather more dogs. You know anyone they shot was to rot without Pasadena but you're bleeding from a uterus like it. As you know, I got those babe I personally was that you go wiper
over and they were traffic, we're almost there honey to the hospital yeah. We got. No it. We went to the hotel, hotel? She had the miscarriages I started as terrible, but you gotta Jochen. Yet why that's right? You know it's funny, whereas watching the latest specially designed you be dirtier, and I and if you there is this time, are taking a detail. people are, you might be to blue, but there was never that many guys doing it like you know why, because I watch your stuff in my eye. Like this honest, fuckin, sex, weird shit and I use Do it myself and then at some point I got older. I just stopped doing it, but did they there is always you sing like you want to be rude, but no one was doing. I like that. I mean your guys, it we're talking dirty, but when you really talk about Iraq in it they would for many of us, do in it? And I like soon it again. I don't like to me like
My friend told me, like a young, the committee that I d, better India, my will and embroider were clean, brought out a word. You gonna cross over to where people rightly that it be clean, then I'm what's up How do they told me this man, the where bundle of that stuff we If one you enough eventually did I just cross over to you ever That was the right now. The right advise my dear, but our we're ledge oilseed. Your ideas may destroy being dirty here. seven about The crowd were it eyebrows alike. an eight hour working clean all the time. what about that stuff on the death of, but after a while. You know what these images be me right. Nobody can be better than being me. That's the best way: yeah yeah yeah Joey's character to unease at you lived the life and then you know you talk that you talk about this stuff I don't know, I don't know if I got less dirty, I just nicer and but there was a time or you just talk about all that shit.
It gets a very specific zone. Man, you see it that much. It was funny man, so you doing good yeah. I'm doing I'm doing good man like a man. I saw on the fight him in one episode, unethical had defied gentrified yeah, as a brochure showed us Our oil hide had been have been identified by the bye. Why people, it's happening, yeah, but also the community. The who lives are also part of the justification, because a lot of the killer, not moving so yeah. Upstairs, why makes again who live with their parents? I introduced while heights, because there were some like yours. Actually. Some friction. Writer is a documentary ears in as short a series that do directed and written and produce via Linz. a virtuous and Marvin limits are good, so is is, is father, Boyleston Life, but five boils do alive. You still kicking it at the homeboy industry, the general work over there never work
over there I, when I will then rehab there was now it was a beginning, a homo homeland is drawing back. Then of cholera, DOM jobs for the future. Now, ok, Jobs la jail. You still talk to that guy. You gonna do our clear mom, but donate money. When I want less commas dandy light, I dont Lydia my money too. If you recall him for advice sometimes I start. Why wasn't away the busy man? You know he travels? He speaks a lot. Asia is always nice to you. You know I ve been nice to me. Oh goodness, guy. We dismantle talking of Yemen Ebay. As far as recent before you go, I want to remind you about better help. Its secure online therapy that offers videophone and even live chat sessions, but they licence professional, fair, this visit better help dot com, Slash deputy, often jointly more than two million,
People who have received help from one of better helps experience professionals, Debbie you have his sponsored by better help and our westerners get ten percent off their first. online therapy at better help dot com. So I w T that's better http. dot com. W Tia, You set your clock back yesterday Ass, if he did in your late or early. I guess you'd be early right, how come no interior fuck space in Qatar,.
there's Magee Fonda CAD angels everywhere,.
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