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Episode 1281 - Ridley Scott

2021-11-22 | 🔗

Ridley Scott has a secret weapon as a filmmaker and it probably has a lot to do with his career longevity and versatility. As a young boy, he would draw everything, and to this day he still storyboards every one of his films with his own drawings. That helps him deliver the finished product efficiently, often under schedule and under budget. Marc talks with Ridley about how he worked his craft on films like Blade Runner, Thelma and Louise, Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, American Gangster, and his two most recent films, The Last Duel and House of Gucci. 

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for the least amount of aggravation. Do you put a plan in place For thanksgiving, don't enter the ring with a strategy for a game it out figure out. You're gonna go how you're gonna go out it, how you gonna project, you know where the problems are. You know how they're gonna canasta. Are you ready? Are you prepared put a plan in place before you enter the ring on Thanksgiving Do you understand me? I think you understand one of San today talk to really Scott now reduced. God is one of the great directors. One of the great a titan can, I say, tighten as I use that word he's a tight, directors you he's a director tighten and a you. If you don't know his work, I can tell you a few. The movies, maybe you ve, seen alien, maybe or perhaps Blade, runner, maybe or maybe three in the wheeze or how? I've gladiator or maybe the martian. The list goes on was interesting about talking to really is
how much you of his own work. good I'll, take a little something away from that, because I'm sure there's somebody Scott movies of you guys know and you Edward. We got that you are now a net grape, according to really hurries. Every time I make a slightly poky joke now I feel like crying, I get a little part me that wants to cry a little bit, but I laughing and that is the best laughter the I've set it many times. I have stated before the boy a kind of laughter, the ones that are cries, but this the personal preference anyway. He Let's talk about his movies like a like is like a fan of his movies like a fan and it, this kind of fun I recently directed the last dual and also the new Movie House of Gucci, which open this week, which I saw Jared Lando. I had no idea that was Jared later
I saw the movie at a screening, do any research. I didn't look at the cast I'm thinking Doll Movie who's, this guy, with the boost above guy with the weird hair. I've never seen, and before Jared laid out under a lot of make up, and I didn't know him. Fuck it sad away as a guy who does kind of journalism rid. We God had to tell me I was I was, Genuine, we surprised, because I didn't fucking know enjoy touches director, the movie in real time the vows Jared waiter, while he's great Are you kidding gladiator? How many times have you watch gladiator? I used to watch monthly just to get my spirits up, you know, no it's kind of weird sad any he does make it to the field. Whatever that field is its pretty is kid and his wife were there, so you get were you if you want to end, if it eternal looks like that. No things are important. You know. meadow kid wife
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that's a p s key dot com Oh my God again thank you for all the positive feedback for are cancelled. Comedy episode looks like I might be too fucking do the smothers brothers in person at some point and I realize this more and more and it kind of unnerves me about the whole issue- is that I don't know why you need if you got into comedy, but I got into comedy because I didn't fit in that. Well, I wasn't awkward guy. I had my own issues, I didn't like authority, I didn't like having a boss. I don't really do that. The team player thing that well, I wanted to speak my mind in a way that was uniquely mine. I wanted to not answer the fucking anybody. I didn't want to work with other people. I wanted to have total freedom to express my mind, but, however, the fuck I wanted. I wanted to figure it out solo
I know, a lot of people who got into commie ended up. Doing sketch ended up, show running it. Look I've done ensemble working for idle minor, but stand up was my way to have my voice that anybody tellin me shit ma I point of view so that a tea sport I mean what the fuck but the idea that there are these now there's an aunt. I woke comedy and that's it. point of view that to me Many people want to have that's a team so now these team players, these fuckin sheep, these anti war, guys in Gauss, are just fuckin hacks. They don't even have the courage to have their own point of view aunt, I woke so your team aunt. I woke as our Europe fuckin comic. If your guy or a woman with your own fucking thoughts the imam a free thinker. I do my own research yeah, but you're free thinking sounds like a hundred other fucking idiots there,
what the same free thinking the new team I woke it's like so many people, their quota, comedy fans are just fuckin these hack losers? Looking for a later I've, never seen so many kind of people that work. Their freedom that respect their freedom, that it's all about this freedom that like really wanna, fuck and lick the boot man, really want a week. The boat- you ET. I woke boot liquor me what the fuck excuse for hacks. is that why we got into comedy to be our own people and look man I would say that my set right now is darker and probably more provocative than I've ever been in my life But is it woke? No, it just comedy I'm just big. In my own mind, and I can handle of theirs pushed back, but I'm just say a man. If your team aunt, I woke. Try is that you try the tribe aunt. I woke you kid rock, you don't think
I thought your a hack, excuse for why you're failing anyway, Has anybody have a good thanksgiving? Ridley Scott has just directed the House of Gucci, which opens in theatres this Wednesday November. Twenty fourth also, the last dual will be available on digital platforms, starting of ember thirtieth and, as I can that's a great movie, and this was a real honour to talk to this guy. This is me talking to rid we Scott. Oh you, I'm fine, Where are you I am in LOS Angeles, I'm not I'm not afraid I'm gonna get covered for me. If you one take them ass, surrounded by people right now. Have you taken and you got the devil job. I I've got
the triple jab, my friend, so why I got the Medina czar. Take the mask of ready Amateur Ba dollars a year ago and the very There is various where'd you by the way, The guy behind you yeah on the wall. Mick Jagger well I used to go to your ticket and rugby Club for in a boost? Friday night, yet and I went one night, not a genie stage and onstage these school teenagers see a little red roosters the rolling stones Hey Danzig fry a great version that song I love, that song by them. Yet you know it so weird you I've been thinking about them a lot I mean I n you were there. I mean you grow through all that you were a conscious Ali Ager in your twenty or in your twenties in the sixties.
Must have been very exciting to be in London in the sixty, though, eight sixty, no because thousand the Royal College of ART, and, frankly, I was on a grants. of tunnel live on three pounds. We wish encountered the flat this is a room with a wash passion. I share the bathroom with three floors. You got to to have a buzz you take it to them with you. She's got the best of I didn't have a very nice, a student and thank you very much. Fuck. Honourable, not nodded. Sixties for you. no money, sledges and working all the time. So like I've, talked to a few guys year. I think from your generation like I've talked to, I thought, maybe maybe doll trees, oil younger the I talked to Eric Idle, but I've tried the guys who sort of group Dropping the bombs now is that some, that sort of defines your memory of your childhood. I we were closer than because We used to have a steel
it shows the table in the scullery, which is like a kitchen as plate steel, and then it would sleep underneath it in case you gotta direct, hit, really illnesses in the instant in London proper. Well, I lived in aiming and then out evacuated are moved around did Ealing Newcastle, the lake district. then back to London again, my dad was working with my dad became quite important and he was working I'm planning in what is now museum in our multi arch late, what you were downstairs in Churchill would cover once every evening they could smell. coming as it could smell a cigar first on the icon. That economy the arrogance and he if the cover the cigar that's a brandy and a velvet a siren suit,
so your dad was, but he was also in the in the war privacy soldier is well well. He was he was. He became brass, pretty quick, ok and so war, use, enacting brigadier general, then the war. So you are like the english equivalent of an air force brat for a while. Yet but my dad's thought of as a clerk in the shipping office in Newcastle and when they were doing quite well, because it is all to do with Baltic shipping Right and then one day the guy you worked for, whose had own resources, but couldn't sign his own name so my dad every Friday the Butler Johnny Walker, the be a pilot checks is high. this guy calling subset? What's this former does I will read. It took a look at my dad's his wish. Then he put his thumb print and put across my late father, love my dad like a son, so
eventually give half the business summit fathers doing quite well just before, oh broke up one day wore done come at length. Said, did my dad. I'm closing up were lying on. The Baltic is all overdue. Sorry about that here and I never saw him again that joined the army and that was the beginning of a military career military career yeah. Almost he would in Germany, our journey united, forty seven troops ship how so Forty seven to fifty two The return to England, but I was in I think our minds, merganser knife was forty. Seven Madame work illegally found building with how're, whose they were planning. The Marshall plan, you know the rebuilding of Germany. I answered that is involved in that, while this high level stuff- yeah I mean, I think, because
moved ten schools. How could you do too? In my life including college one. Two, three, four, five four! So ten never got to college, I never got because ten schools, you are completely confused with everything. There is no connection between one school going to another, and then those days you no parent didn't worry too much about that here. They'll, say: you'll, be all Did you catch up and I don't know what the fuck was going to. My parents always had a great deal of faith in my ability to pull together, but about by dollars about twenty three. It became problematic, yeah servicing their mothers to set pull itself together. Before my dear, I think, that's it. That's a british. My mother would just say like he'll, be all right. Let's worry about the other one and it would just you and you, two brothers, none three That was my elder brother, Frank became a sea.
Captain wow and there was the about Sammy. Twenty eight he had a is ticket. They use head hunted by chinese company at Singapore. So Frank with Singapore. Got a shepherd twenty nine. I knew it the Singapore right up to Commerce, China, oh my god, that's exciting yeah. We are. How are you on boats never sick now levers at other, I love being by the sea. I don't like being on it under the idea. I dont like not knowing what under me: it's not problematic. So what, What was keeping you together then during all this tragedy, all this moving around him and I imagine it was hard to maintain friendships and stuff. I mean what we're you're, the one that they are the ones any there was none, but what I did Oh, my career junior I drew incessantly outside Kirsty drew from the edge about four or five weeks?
actually my hands on our joy was crowns or take half so about tomorrow's. I went to obviously boarding school firms hum which is the submarine submarine back for the Baltic. The german Navy under I want in their because my tears but to get really mean that send me up to schools and My mother said my son, my son. I say What we can do I love going to boarding she answered. I was doing things paintings. It's still then for being axed particularly, you know, I couldn't Now today we would say I was dyslexic, but I couldn't cunt, pain or remember anything and I couldn't concentrate, but what I could do with that, sit for hours and draw a paint
are you yet a sense of of painting what kind of painting a good sense of color and all that, like into snivelling nanos, severe cuts, sophisticated everything from the oil tanker to Baghdad sore? I was particularly you know interested, and so he sent me in Hamburg turn a army What school did an art school Hamburg certainly like to do it, so I ll never forget, when I entered the art school? They could smell of turpentine, entails and the oil. I love that a funny get away. I was, imagining a might become a painter yeah, but by the time I got two serious at school. those so academically stupid dear, I went to ask what kind of a college of art in county job and honest We? The sun, rose funny metaphorically. I
just adored school from that moment on added seven years about school for years it hardly poor and three as the Rocco's, you loved. It, more than I do ended up doings five years. And I schools a week- just passionate Consequently, I got in everywhere on the role of culture in the academy, a garden slate, mostly painting well was a general my heart caught. Yes, the focus would the painting but I was, I fancied graphic design because nonsense said to me: you know: there's money in posters, Dolly he knew what he is saying is. What are you saying was there's gonna be something called commercial tv and not giving money and commercial advertising it didn't it. doesnt. But that's what he's talking about then I caught the wave.
so that was your entrance in so into had this great sensibility visually, you could paint, you can understand graphic design, and then it was time like now. It's make some short movies to sell shit no, let's make some money outstayed, nothing has led a pay at BBC. I am directing briefly, One hour live tv and after tax weak as earning seventy five pounds weak. I said fuck. This is something wrong here, so this before you went and advertising and before you got here, you got out his art school. You were directing television, a no, no, no, no! No! No! What, when I left at school, I finish without school. Having traveling scholarship nurse nineteen sixty one sixty two hours free. Then I came back to the? U s I spent a year new assume what actually interesting I worked. I worked together. in the New York I work for them too.
Document turns called Don Penny Baker, wretchedly cock right, yeah this rule Dick richly cut was the his camp other partners and talk moving got a job. Their interests at my portfolio from there college, they looked the portfolio There are little baffled, but it was impressive. They said you and Java said yet. after seven years is ass, good, ass, buying coffee in Hamburg making. You know food at lunchtime, that's right up doing my first year. What was penny Baker Workin on when you were there, I will end up doing a little but a sinking up, colluding, multi cameras and our flags, and I worked on on the toes so sinking rushed on Jack Kennedy. Beating here, Humphreys under in Massachusetts, I think, is when Jack was heading to definite towards the present as it. And were running, Russia's like what is like what falling Jesus Christ, people from such a debate
Then I worked on Nehru, the president of India than I worked on some amazing football game where they took too high. Schools is It was a two big high schools. There were red hot it forbore turnout, lotta prose. They that is world, so the jockey. Many of these were amazing and adjusted my whole thinking to I want to go into some so that was it that was, it was also just hearing about the multi cameras. I know you use it water cameras I mean there must have been, m, but were you a fan of movies in any passionate ways, a kid or other do other than passively beyond beyond I would one thousand hardly pool I mean a deal with the local audience Cinema which, like that you know the chain, and I said I will do all pain only outside posting working in the lobby. If you give me free tickets, three year,
sure that's how we got to sit and watch movies, not sit. watch him round the room, but all Hollywood father. So, my passion, my lovely was what is how he would fodder mean it. I mean that that period and film history I mean what what does it mean, its general material, and how can I law, I adored any saying that from Hollywood sure I remember watching selves with you ve only Carlo Danny Kay Rita, Hayworth and then thing really got me well western, and I want to make a western. I haven't done. How have you not made a western yet well You know the magic is getting shit on paper and ones. You get the material answer, script form ass, you boy,
who friend, that is the heart of single thing to do get nonpareil seems like you know, if you frame it correctly with the right intellectual sort of contacts, you could look at them and Louise is a western. Yes, correct, you couldn't yes. Indeed, you can look at the duellist, whosoever sure right, right, insane reason for fighting this forgotten, what the reason why so I want to do a russian Fisher, how that would be a very exciting those because I think, like you know. Well, let's let me just start at this point which is the map in the last month, into a year. The two most recent films Why do I saw- and I just saw the Gucci movie and is a boy questions in the sense of get you- you obviously had something for Adam Driver, a new, his capabilities right, fantastic right, but like of being that these are so different, it's in there, both great movies, I mean, I think the last all was spectacular. Coming as I do
I don't know, I don't know where the drop off was in terms of how was promoted or what happened, but it no Disney did have fantastic promotion, job which could, unlike them is somehow arrived at Fox and therefore Disney. but Disney the the guys, the boss love the movie cause. our concern is not for then, but they really liked the movies, so their advertising, publicity etc. It was excellent and I think what it us down to where we ve got to day lives. the audience says, were brought up on these fuckin cell phones, the millennium, do not one ever be taught anything except unless it's you told us self right. The sum is abroad, stroke browsing What we're dealing with that right now with Facebook right Miss direction, and this has happened.
where is given the wrong kind of confidence to the latest generation. I think, but I thought he'll like this movie was like, like a beautiful adult themed movie that that should have in what should have brought younger people in was obviously the excitement of the idea of the period in the and the action we are me. I I agree with it and position would not Damon that afflict get out a rival and this new girl journey coma. I in oh, that's the call you make and thus to call the fox made that we also traffic scrap and we made it, and you know you can't win all the time, but it's probably as ombudsman. when I made movies, I've never had one regret on any movie ever made. This wishes. First, stop nothing never have almost no because I learned very early on to be your own critic and the only thing
you should really have an opinion about is what you just did walk away make sure you're, happy and dollar back. That's me well so they're, so the inner when one boy runner gets Regan, figure to be released, and, finally, you kind of put your stamp of approval on the last one that that was, not your doing in terms of How that will you I got killed? I was going to tell you this because I ll never forget it. I made it don't call blade runner moving here, which pay you fucking great moves so might know. I was killed. I killed by pulling ok. Ok, ok Who didn't need me me me, She has ever met me and I suddenly read this article. Any new Yorker, which is a very classy column, might still is Riah. So my feeling is the four page series of insulting insult. the articles and insulting
I framed it s in my office right now and every time glance it. I never read criticism on every critique. You have ever again she was so wrong. I was just way ahead of us, okay, so, but that what's up the movie still great, so what's that got to do with, Well, it is played disastrously, those Norman. It did not make any money whatsoever. I get it back. in terms of I guess the rue de my question was you said you, you have Odin, no regrets yeah there were, you know you did go back in and an redo that movie and away correct. Well, I went back and cause. I had a great idea for a second movie is and we should re ignite What is now populated, riotous things number one, the library Congress most requested. So, does a tv show called the dating game is something that was not my. watch that shit and give it the other so- and I thought that this
man to rail. Who probably has one of the two companies the word that will run the world? This will be run virtue by threec corporations are sure, maybe to worry in that way and his small part of it business and his ego was playing God, so they like, to create humanoids and I didn't want to come humanoid, so we call them replica so the very first. Blade runner to me, Dating Game, in his arrogance enone created people like Roy Batty people who probably a working on trying to make Mars livable then, but Surely he went further than that. Any credit as a female and a person who did not know user applicant Harrison Foot and what he was watching as he wanted to see you wanted. She is cable.
Having a child Harrison was designed, asked it was having a child, and so that began the formula for the next movie, so that was the reason why you went back in value cause us. Those a great idea is wrong, just to seek olives a kind of interesting legitimate I did it work hand in hand side by side with today's technology, because that that is happening today, not only that, but metaphorically it works in terms of you know. Who are we really in what what defines our reality? Yes, yes, yes! So in these most recent movies, and what I'd like to talk to you about is just that, when you have say: ok, so you see the last all you see the script you you know an end it. When you look at when you take on a project, like I have to assume there is an initial reaction of something If you feel that year, that's going to justify you spending, however long it's gonna, take two too to manifest his vision
right in an alley, I fairly simple right from the get go in my mind, so because all these movies at you do their different there, not you know you. You know they're already Scotman related right, so I have to assume that when you, when you taken the material something probably a singular idea makes you go, oh fuck, yes, ok, what was that for the last two mats had had a good time with Martian. That was it. any call me up sake, oil. I know you ve already done a so called the jewellers, which We love the lot. You said it this is based on a very good book, which is it caps. Relation of the trial records from thirteen sixty. It's about a woman who is perfect. What did you have been raped and shit? he claims. It was rape, but the the protagonist claims it was complete.
I said you know I'm already. It is such a great piece of its. Great, singular idea that somehow she's based today. The causative me to run and the argument would be. We didn't make it for that reason, because we just thought singular central idea was amazing that she's, a key, accuses someday. This was brave enough to do that. The time she was proved wrong. She would be punished horribly, Be burnt alive so that so that was the driver that was the engine. The engine. You need a great central, not here Thelma Louise was an epic goodbye story of two women who or what who are becoming made themselves completely, independent of any opinion right and therefore it became Epp. Ed quickly beautiful, because I felt was the lash drive. It was the last time
together. So you know I. I can't help trying to make them visually a spectacular, countless were do so So with the last dual, like you know you the construction of it. Yes, Ultimately, a fellow ass. The movie rights are enough, that's something, and that is that you, I think you probably, I think, with alien we well. You know you, you do anything, you do so many ways, but use people forget is one very good fun. John with Jimmy Merkel gee. I generally I was mention that one at ensure That is the definitive challenge for female to try to enter part of the army, which is the male bastion of of of masculinity, and she want to be part of that because she felt it so to add. So what are you? What is? He said? What webcam? What wired? We? What compels you to do as much more so than any other males.
rector or at the level you write these these these stories of strong women, probably because Irish, my mom, My mom was five foot oh, she insisted she's, actually forfeit Levin. She insisted five feet. She brought up three sons. My dad was a way, a lot army and sure she was both male and female in the household and war as a tough guy and we respected her London, never forgotten. She told us respect and I, but that with the last dual that I mean each segmented that movie yet we was a profound movie because I didn't know anything about it going in. So I'm watching it and from the beginning of my cuff me, I'm not a huge piece kind of guy, but I'm like here we go was just going to go put them by the second chapter, I'm like what the fuck is happening and then like start you, as a man, question your own perception of the save your life right well,
the choice to do to borrow. A little from Russia on playing the story through we. turn off time. You seeing her version you seeing Adam drivers version but you also getting married Damon's version, because he, Why certainly he is theirs. He assumes that she, it's her fault yeah, and the acting on behalf of all of them through that year? through the different points of view was kind of astounding. Well, you also because I didn't drive and funny Callaway have to play nearly the same role that's why we had the investment in the we added a lick glimpse. a couple of orgies. The reason that was not titillation, but this was to say in that room of one orgy. Anyone in that room is happy to be there and will comply with everything. So that's me and I see now show it saying This was a norm
right, ok, yeah, so and yet she wasn't. She was right, in that sense Adam driver assumed a lot which is completely wrong. I thought that you are mad. Damon he's, These great, but it was all, is if it was a very surprising while he is eating at a bad guy. He said I'm gonna be horrible, set you sure. So I gave a scar and terrible. Her good because is oh come to have shorthand helmet, but the one. Line that summarizes who he was when she said the man came to our house. Who was it was agree and what happened. He read me and the man there reaction from corrosion Matt right away. I don't want him to be the last one. No, no worse than that, he said what is this man? Never stop right.
Fucking utterly mitya. Then he said I will be the last one on the bed. Emily was disgusting, mad and embraced. That's what you want to be a real malignant meet head. Yes, exists, that's right? We should glimpses of battles to show here is a very day bloody, Viking, he's crazy and that's The crews was, he would go to war because you'd be paid by the king TAT. It's too What is the state right, and I thought it was a historically just to the whole thing was great a. I was just six if that elected thrilled, to watch it. So then, like I know that now we're here, I now saw house of Gucci. And you know I am again you know yet what you look at that material and also like you chose driver right so I cast everything our customary, but I I found myself completely enthralled. I found a compelling. I found that you, You know I didn't know the story.
Gucci it. It's almost like a it's almost an aristocratic story of moneyed royalty. setting a modern era right, there's a pool, political battle, family battles, but what made what was the one thing and that story they made you go like Alcan and spend a year on this shit. Well, I I knew that my wife uses films is well we're. Never with nation done one with Will psmith about contact in football You get brain damage. I saw that's good she did something called felt. With Liam Neeson years ago. She did trust and the song in carrying this idea, here for years and shit. And I would the Gucci idea had a year earlier. Twenty is hot, went yes, an out helper by, What really for me.
But out her by suggesting writers and people that I might know right. So we we we actually put as a company Some of the money behind for such scrap- they never land that not one script got it too one day this young guy, Roberta Bellini, who is new. Need written summing small for us and I thought well that's kind of fresh, an interesting idea I said you read this thing ton what you think. So we give the lash tubes Material Did she crept? Anyone wow? It's it's! I know the story because he is italian and he came up and he with six weeks how to scrap Christ ye he hit. It does it had to be the right balance of. Driven by the characters, but within a fashion industry and that's a hard thing to you know
I didn't mean one where the other and its significance fashion movie. Our son becomes I didn't want to lose the fashion aspect, but the powerful cares alike, finally met Ici right or the bushes right is exactly that, so We somehow got that where everyone is trickiest shit and yet you ve gotta. When you watch a film you have we had some level now like him, but at least being used by them. and I knew that all these cards knew were not likeable, but the cat. Asked was so unbelievably good. They were really as musing a shit. So so it was in a way the way said earlier. It was the sense of I met you like a historical story and the ministries in the border areas, those those are
infinitely interesting yeah. They went on for generation, so us so that's what spoke to you really have an exact modern, the modern Medici manage add, and the problem is now cider comes in and makes them mistaken once she marries royalty She assumed she is royal she's not when she says I am a good teachers. No, not you married Gucci. That's that back in the job that will never repair itself. From that moment on. You measure call today the correct. I think that really was what made it such a great movie is that you know you're on. standing and screenwriters understanding that dealing with you no family, intrigue of of an aristocratic royalty that that was never quite frame that way right. So when you spend so much time with that buffoon of a brother over the cousin,
no really admission you! I can this guy not act in euros. I know he's a clown, so you know I am it's the way that goes is always that one kind of loose cannon- loose screw in family, and you got an amazing performance out of her Chino, who is always pretty good, but I think he really did some with this. Well, then, don't forget Gerald Leto is underneath all that make up, with our legal. That's just a little bird is amazing. No idea, amazing right. I'm signal look at I'm going. I can't I've never seen this guy before I'm an idiot acceded yeah copied They add who this guy's, we copy them with great ahead of the porch everything and you I really believe, sadly believed use tonnage. Of course, everyone was embarrassed You say you are
yeah and what you're an embarrassment and that's where it begins and ends and Lady Gaga was like spectacular halo. Did you ivy obvious? We knew that casting her, but what were you on? On? Your honor a daily basis, surprised by her work well and where I met a little bit initially it and don't forget, had seen a stars born and at which other Bradley she did a great job, and also she is a perfect bill. She, Did you good she's about five foot one year it was a bit of a bombshells shows. Stopper was You're kidding me, your dad was transportation. Probably then use connected out? Think generally sure don't drive on illegal be connected? So there is a little bit of money, but
you are you deaf come under the expected New wretch right, so she wouldn't play the parties hoped to find an appropriate guy. Who ideally would have money? She was a bit of a gold digger and one day she met somebody married sure she had no idea was. I think she was more impressed by the fact you so polite and gentlemanly that attracted, to him there. And she raises a good. She tried what so that's what she went from so I do believe the initial Instead, they fell in love for sure we're I've mean, I feel there too, and I also like I thought it was very interesting that sort of white that the air who has to step up, though disinterested and then he died, does turned out to be a little bit shallow and kind of it. I'm dumb business why's that ever did a great job that I knew nothing about it and just the straight that these area, the family and weather, coming, is so compelling and it's not a story I knew going in and
it also like because it so compelling you, you kind of get excited. At the resurrection of the House of Gucci by Tom Ford. Like I never thought of you all I know is I I you know, I don't know many expensive clothes, but I wouldn't gotta come forward soon, which cost me a fucking fortune, unlike that guy's that guided did that. Well, yellow food, but the guy who is very smart and throw it all was just so lay they always a lawyer. I is annoying. that yeah. That's, Mr Houston and and then he sat there watching this man, who was the natural air, gradually self destruct right and during the self destruction he realized you better, hang in there, and I believe that this may be true. or not somebody say, maybe fiction yeah, I heard way back when one researching the decision had been enough to put it
five million dollars of his own money early on and then was responsible, by bringing in introducing Tom fought to Gucci and so from a company that say, was on the stock market, certain point with massive debt. So Four hundred million overnight It became a billion dollar company over that Tom Ford Fashion Circle wild. So I I talked to Stephen Shoulder Burg not long ago, who is sort of defiantly against. Having a specific style. You know what you think about yourself. In turn, yeah how'd you approach. Each movie Are you similar and that that you, you do just respect the material and then decide yeah? I gotta go black hawk down. We put me broke in North Africa first before anybody, sorry didn't know, a goin on black hawk
his colors for a little bit dodgy the ground there. Were you going to Sally taking town show thousands specific style I used to play this commitment that son enough called Vladimir, its yak Blue, is very interesting and he said I only should one camera and I hate sunshine. So we got a mirage. Gonna use eleven cameras and did you know going in like see? I consider that, along with maybe three be kings, hurt locker. an american sniper to be defining modern war. Pictures like you reconfigured more than any of those with that story. I imagine the book as well, but it must have been in your mind that, like this is what war is now and it's not about country knew exactly right, but it's you know those one moment I should say one, but that was a moment when a moment
I just sits, went in there had gone in to stop genocide and to Mogadishu, and the opening seen lays out some Shepard who I love to death was fantastic guarantor into the guy was representing the bad man that say this is not. This is genocide. Mrs answer, so weird stop this fuckin nonsense they were sucks answer successful they didn't get the guy built, withdrew them immediately because he could see it could lead to Vietnam sit and watch it scattered ever get so suddenly, get that of EAST Africa anyway, and it was a secret mission. That's exactly no you're right, you're right to withdraw but the maiden very unpopular with the army. I think right by, but you know I did sort of export these ideas of the army, that this is a corporate undertaking on behalf of business interests in the United States, and this is not about pay
tourism or anything else. This is a job we do exactly well, it's a job. We I used to think we did with you. Don't already go down this route because I'm very dismayed what's happening to the United States our two meteor. What he can me it's, I can't be hurrying dirt. We cannot let this go. You cannot let obviously slide off. The table are you fucking kidding, Bf fascism is, is, is organised and shameless, and and in its it's it's rising, then it will be the only country in the world that has had its head. the idea of democracy. Think about it what kind of? But you know, Englanders an insignificant by definition that size in it I at once, but you know, my God, my God, my God has to stop Why I'm I'm with you on that? There's! No! Yes, I it's a very scary time, and I dont it becomes
harder and harder to understand how you, how can get people engaged in taking their brains, backing and trying to understand. What democracy entails? Yeah yeah, but why staring at the love intelligent people. on the other side simply convincing and says that these wise other truth. That's what crazily insane right, They know it's not true, but over through repetition and rationalization, and I think they I think they doing it to make sure they get back in that's really sick, craven, that's sick, yeah, yeah. I hate you, I don't. I don't know what to do about it They do you go live in France, Eleven England had Ireland, we're not islands. Great, I made last July Islands great, you have it really
well loved it, but his second rains everyday now going back What we're talking about before you working on? Oh, you were gonna Napoleon Movie right, I'm shooting thirteen weeks. So now with the world with Microsoft hanging in the balance, Is there some way you find an outward for that in the story of Napoleon that you are pulling together now he is both. You tell the truth here. Both genius. bad guy good guy what he invented french law today. it's still stands for fuck's sake. They still, you must have you did they have got the rosy fuckin planted today. So you know The reason why bill all the straight lines down this obsolete, because you could cannons and literary. put down any revolved by just firing down there. The avenues, so fascinating. I would never come a cut, conquered
the monster at all is a fascinating man who I think was started by wanting to do the right thing by briefly since a line bringing back onto equilibrium and ship get away from the idea of the revolution because the revolution was much needed. It was indeed, we need of change then, once you got in the seat sudden, It becomes the benevolent dictator. Then becomes the not so but everyone dictator, so he adjusted so whatever that is he's one hell of a guy, you're right I think I can also see that a lot of the lot of the film is even in in House of Gucci, that you know, when you ve got the opportunity to explore the arc of a life you a figure that out yes I've got the best in the world to do it right now is lacking Phoenix. Yeah, you anything at all in a love into death. When working
it comes to the table an all, Free for all with me, and then I think we can have, Russell it out and come to where we want to be cause here. Is a very good. intuition for himself a brilliant brilliants lackeys. Berlin was that that experience suggests that experience with him on gladiator as well, but oh yeah, because You know, as he says, when I take anything on these. Oh he's gets intimidated by anything that's that's his engine. The engine is that the insect here is what drives in Vienna? Yes, assume, as I do I'm insecure about doing no point but are not get it right. fuckin better of us I gotta, find a new day. Job it would be very worthy of you make big movies dude. Where do you find all this energy is just you know you don't
I just wanna keep engaged, and now I mean I that's when built I mean I I still after all these years, it's kind of primitive, but it's great cause us story got every movie have now got struggle. Stick Napoleon Bonaparte, drawing everything so you can't I can really draw so I dropped. Thus as mediator. Why shots- and I worked Siena on Tabling- forget that one of those on behind your those that is at the movie on the boards, while these are the running order, the board, where we have seen here the whacking last week, and we re going through stuff those good, because when he goes through something yours, fines, something else. So when a boarding I also find, I get an idea. Could I'm assuming on paper it's it's a great I couldn't. Do it any other way, because it proves to be a credit, the economic, also
France on good she, our borders gucci. We ended up two weeks on the schedule, yeah, which, as you know, several million goes under budget. I tell at the pond budget because when I eventually I know exactly what to do so- so that is where you know that the sort of experience with with commercials and also but more debt in in deeply the experience with your ability to draw an and see story and even meeting you think so I only have everything to drawing rights anything. So that's how you stay. You know efficient on on time and lily. I know exactly. I can start Napoleon on Monday night. My friend kid has this theory that day in a lot of your movies, you I things to fall out of the sky, like flowers, water, Ray
It is still every fraying, with some even an alien, the resort of some liquid, always kind of falling in an area where a hurricane stun working for landing leg, Romania's looking up- and he goes Josie end up. Its water and sorry said: ok, what's wanna doing in the Laguna said condensation you twice exactly: oh right to say yes, so I like what, as does the fact that you bring in like all these things on time and under budget I mean I imagine that because the ears, question- look man you made fourteen ninety two, it didn't do well, you didn't make greater nervy yet white movie of coral, but you didn't you don't seem to be stop a bull in this sense. I gave my theory. Is that like yours, so goddamn good and you did you show up with the work and you do it on time. You do it on budget and everything looks great. Was ever
for a time were you there is a risk that you might not work because of a box office. Failure tat, while I had the yours. They made seven prince A got, a bit the British became the but if you want, I can and I go at a price, can and then we had a small company like focus all their? I mention wine steam company meanings resting at nearest could have taken that know what to do with it paramount to be. I did not know what to do with the Napoleonic some Russia image, seven prince so then desert so that it was an eight hundred thousand dollar failure didn't make it cause eight hundred grand and I got no feet by the US and the completion but shut. The fuck me welcome to the sum industry. We answer, then, as it alien an alien very, very, very, very successful,
That is a blade run, allows a fuckin disaster than I did legend with a twenty year Old Tom cruise as such, as doing Disney movies twenty five years before Disney allows a failure. And suddenly said to me. You know what are you gonna do films about normal people, normal subjects I went Shit, maybe they're right, so He then went down a road too much sure budget out, did a very nice. Don't move vehicle White Squaw, great movie, white school. I do black rain with Michael Douglas. I think fucking great Nicosia me Michael Douglas, always good yeah and then gradually start to climb up is suddenly. I was gonna produce salmon, Louise and often families of five direct. Because they all turned it down saying I got a problem with the witness it. That's all funding point you don't answer. I said you know what I was it out.
I was interviewing aid, an actress for families, and funny, if it was Michel Pfeiffer, she said This is quite right for me, but why? but you can't use senses new directed at our door I did I so why not I'm gonna have a ghost I had to go and then that suddenly start create new left off, so then we're moving into Hannibal, and I am glad that the whole thing and fourteen ninety two, yeah. Well, I love fourteen editor alone. It was a definite yes! Well I you know, I didn't care that he couldn't be good English. I don't give a shit he's so good who cares who the fuck cast it right. A gladiator like I used to watch a movie like to three times a year. Just so you know feel good about, but did you like? I love can never have decreased
Yes, your age and envy the king of em was taken Muslim and infidel together. In Morocco and I had a after me, and I had The war criminal for guy Who were moroccan to protect me cause? I was I thought Jesus. Why link that cause? The famine, in fact, is in support of sailor who dean, who was one of the great leaders, military men, politicians and philosophers? Yes, Didn't you go back into a directors cut it out, one? Yes, the they caught. are we remove that seventeen minutes of the story- the princess of Jerusalem, which I shouldn't have done as very wrong to the studio. Insisted ok they said it it's the film stops. The Senate and they were dead, fuckin wrong is about. her brother had
leprosy and had to wear Silva masters? True, be Chris, and if you like, an infidel, we're the infidels, leader of Jerusalem had to wear a mass to hide his face. and then his sister had a child and the sisters challenges have wondered. Charles obtain you'd, but you should a burnt. If somebody felt no pain, and so they tell us This is the beginning of leprosy, though she did not want a child to go through what brother had gone through and she actually euthanasia them. So this tragic see put them back in yes, MR go Ass, a great when we have Jerusalem being invaded by solar who dean who took it back the most wanted. Blood because what we have done to the Muslims was just
Personally, I was terrible. Sunlight in either, I think was ultimate a marvellous politician, realized history said: no, he so we're gonna. Let him go, they said, then we're gonna tax them when they leave, and he said they haven't mostly deal. We have no money, some didn't take the tax for each, so somebody in ended a banquet. You of these historical stories and we we we will ensue history right now. We're going to our ultimate stew. Did he now by not double Pfizer? What are you fucking moron? I would not for shining and people realize vanity. We have twenty three twenty four. You ve already got a covenant. Sixteen injections anyway, I gotta believe me, but I do like. I know I dont know how these people dont want to put a vaccine in their body, but they'll, let their brains be fucked.
do. I didn't get this should mean over a year ago. I know and you get when you get control of it. You still there where a mass for another year you gotta. This is a special, this one yet in, and we have a special kind of stupidity happening to. Ah so now when you wait when you do something like magic man is that just for fun, at a pallet cleansers, I mean nor I loved it because I was we're gonna, do Tripoli with Russell Crow and something happened in my family. Somebody became quite ill, I refused to leave side, close to film down- and I thought I must still essentially these vehicles destiny. Family I stayed here and one of my wife on Sunday morning, should read the script schoolmaster menacing the sun, very interesting and I loved it to death
is the great little sounds of its kind of fun: dark Movie, yeah yeah. Nick cages. Terrific he's, like I love the guy I love I just saw that movie pig that knew that as I see it as a good, I loved it. to see him and in in good form, as in others, SAM Sam Rock. What I had in Gaza, as you know, that guy he's a good guy and what One thing, though, you don't know: what's going on tourism in hospital, a ghost hello gets out of bed and because these on the roof, a cop, I love the good times so like american gangster, I think, is one of the great underrated right, grow performances russen hose amazing that movie roughly crows, amazing, each time, yeah he's just one of those guys Is it all? He was great and single body allies and play
He said. How do you want to someone you to put on a bit await like Dublin II? Yet but like american gangster? That's another one, those movies where you ve got. You know you'd be covering what forty years yap. and Denzil. What we I mean, the two with Mme Denzil, why man, he's, I may each one of the best taxes we got. What are you Is it that you think? Why do you? What is it that he does? That makes you say that well he's a perpetually. I can say this? I think he gets very and secure What are you doing a row Do you really want said soap is so new? What's he saying what I know of so many, a kind of showing. exposing myself ourselves, nobody, it's kind of- intimidating because he gets angry. You know under. but I like that. I, like that that few is a great deal, I did one moving. My brother
and I was at the root of the Royal College, my first there, was no phone school so in the cupboard and they are defined, was a bullocks little clockwork. Then I at all a new camera? Can I borrow it, but you know what you want but you gotta, bring your script. Side took a mistook the fine. I wrote a script and I took this: could the foaming oh wow. Ok, so I got it, the camera the summer holiday yeah with a light instruction book and soot filters and a try. and I said to my brother us I, like my brother, then, was a vain lie in bed on Saturday morning kind of kid was there too what he became. I said get up we're gonna go make a movie: He said why get up we're gonna make movies, got that's car we made a movie and six weeks called voyna bicycle, and that was you
anytime? You guys work together on a movie here, you know, and what's weird is neither knew that we are planning, the life ahead of us? What we do is Tony would lead to do top gun, valleys of cotton and he was great regression- I feel last year but that movie american banks, that's another one while watch it every time. Every time our guy, I like isolated, flip around and start movies in the middle, I don't give a shit and how all your movies. I watch him from the middle from the end look here- you know them I live in. That is with the term that way, but even the cafe says just stay, yeah and he goes that those words are watching any. We gotta address our, but it's done the same. Hey. We can do shoot me frank, gonna, shoot me Frankfurt more people they use was born on the spot. it was an accident, It was listen when I put the gun. yet lean on the gun,
by where this is a gun with a solid battle. There is no appetite, I have never risk it, and but when you polish trigger the recoil, There's no blank, nothing! Yes! I said I want you lean on the gun, any pull the trigger the export ban I just thought you ve been shot drafted. The site work, savage shop. Created. So many you know truly memorable bits of business and behind them and the martian which we can get the dogma. That much is it an amazing movie and you seem to work with the with just most amazing actors. This is really great. Try you know working with actors. Its partnership should try and make it a friendship and upon shit, that's very! But what would you do that? I was five hundred Russell. Once you do that You can say anything you thank you. Say what you think a logical move,
That's a good way to end. I really appreciate your talk and readily great. Thank you man, good to see you. Take areas of good luck with every met before I mean you learn that before we had not, have fun with it in you would Napoleon break alike. And the end of a great scrap, great script. I enjoy all the movies, it was really an honour to talk to you. Take care of yourself. Thank you Here you go. There was good. You upstairs all movies that gas and he's a great directive. We should love them before you go. I want to remind you about better help its secure online therapy that offers video phone and even live chat sessions where they licensed professional. Airbus visit better help dotcom, Slash w e F, enjoying the more than two minutes in people who have received help from one of better help, experienced professionals, deputy F, sponsored by better help in our listeners, get ten percent of their first.
Month of online therapy at better help dot com. So I w to yeah that's better hd lp dot com, Slash W Tia, dementia cookies, regular bobcat Bob cash Bob GSM guitar right now.
in the fund, a cat angels that was one that came out of nowhere carry Because everywhere.
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