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Episode 1283 - Bill Pullman

2021-11-29 | 🔗

Bill Pullman’s upbringing in rural Western New York prepared him for a multifaceted life, since he always had to keep his options open. So aside from being an actor, Bill’s also been a theater teacher, a rancher, a fruit grower, even a traveling Shakespeare performer in Montana. Bill and Marc talk about how he incorporated dream analysis into his performances in both David Lynch’s Lost Highway and his current show The Sinner, why Spaceballs was actually a great crash course in movie acting, and what’s the root cause of the timeless Pullman-Paxton confusion.

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my man it's Monday. I mean that was what Friday salary stun down to four days ago. Get rid of. It did to freeze the pie What what are you doing that Turkey is not yet any better, just throw it away. You now agree to potatoes, get rid of it, get rid of it I'll be a nice thanks, giving At my mother's house, leftovers get thrown away fairly quickly, bill poem is here. You know him from independence, day sleepless in Seattle, the accidental tourist, the equalizer in every other movie lost highway right lost highway, that's what it was! Yeah he's been in everything. he is currently in the fourth season of the USA Network Detective show the Sinner Bill Parliament. I was very excited to talk to him Why do people get mixed up with Bill Paxton? Who passed away also, do it had on the show great got both of them great guys, great character, actors? I guess you would call them character, actors
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And two nuanced to add to the butcher watch the Fuckin movie and don't blame me four spoilers or wait to listen and cumber batch into after watch. The movie I'll give you a heads up before the before the end of yours. Well, what can I tell you There is a very good conversation about the movie right. So if you check it out before you here is talk about it. Wednesday is your chance you hear me power the dog Netflix Great Movie real poetry at one now There's something else now the Big NEWS is big NEWS: I've got tour dates or the this may be the last time tour I that start in January, and pre sale starts tomorrow November thirtieth at ten a M local time, the priest a code is time. time general ticket sales. Start Friday December third,
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tickets and all those venues go on tomorrow at ten, a M local time, aright. who man wow, I am happy to be home. I was in Florida a long time. I went their Monday. I did it differently. Different attitude. Different approach to the cooking I didn't freak out, everyone gettin, weird, every he's getting weird they get older. I got John Mark on me here come limitation. Let me tell you a story: When I was younger, I worked at the sheriffs. A traps I used to sell out on the street. I would sell eggs and cheese and other proteins in Harlem. I'm sorry and being repetitive, was a different time. I sold eggs, you sold eggs, I sold eggs and cheese on the street. You just yes in Harlem Y gotta be a wise and I'm not just like we were worst.
That story. I mean that as it is, is good, but why I can't talk to you. You stole. The eggs and cheese was a different time on a street different time. So he's he's remaining the same. My mother is fine. Had a nice time at a good state of mind, I had a nicer low key hotel, and I had a rent. A car saw my brother spend time with him. Girlfriend Juliet sometime, my niece, came down. Even though I never see my, These air shy and cousins. I got there's been time, thereby at nice time. That's all you say that, complaints. There was no arguing, my own I was a little cookie with dig watching too much. Fox news. I don't even know if it's easy Republican Orpheus conservative he just sort of real. over these things, but you I find that a lot of stuff is fairly shallow. It emboldens a disposition
anger, India, but once I press drew it was like whatever you know domain it did. They went away day. think they went arguments. I don't know I dont know what it is. He was always short of this because I can only be diplomatic because I told him That's funny I told him of doing a bit about John. on stage goes. I said you're next, because yet, why shoe and MIKE ok relax buddy, that important. I shoe that's gonna guy. He is, I sue diarrhoea, how deeply your pockets, mother fucker, how deeply your fuckin pocket! hey! If you ever wanted to make your home feel safer. There is no better time than now. This week
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supplies are limited. Take fifty percent off at simply safe dotcom, Slash W T have today that's s. I M p l, I essay F, P, dotcom swash, W e f. They're getting older everybody getting older, throwing stones are getting older. My mother's, getting older her boyfriend's getting older, my aunt non core, getting old everybody's, getting older and I gotta be Really I don't like it I don't like it, but I got along pretty good with John and also like Hostaqua my uncle the difficult uncle You know I've got. I just ask him about restaurants down there as like. Are there any good restaurants here, because wherever goal of Emma with my mama I dunno may I think, is good. I said I Think people remember what good food is after turning point you down here long enough, didn't we umbrage like that's true and he said all they want is for the guide, the rest. drawn to no one- and I might I know I did a bit about that. That's all it is
a big servings and they when they walk in they want to hear my theory is his gotcha table right over here very comes how I could see a regular table that makes up for everything you can put give them a plate of garbage. but if they come over go Hausa garbage good. It was a garbage good tonight. We always They carry on with the garbage loved it which aware Lapierre come as a table good. Yet we love it. Thanks for the garbage. They know me at the place hilarious hilarious. so have you get home and cook mild food holy shit, the tour, I even realize it like em, it's actually happening. I only agree to these things and I dont know they're gonna. But until the non paper, this may be the last time. Thus that tour right,
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a term commitments are contracts. You hear me you get in this just goddess. that's not come quick, the microphone at the top of the page and enter code. W e f arise. Buster and SAM. Your fine everybody's and there was some dried puke on the stairs of take care of it, see and put it off my get to it. So we adopt the United, not my path. That's grows ah, look out to ship, my pants, just coffee, deco, up a classic ad from back in the day is a different time different time, for, Bill Pullman is here and season. Finale of these sinner airs this one. Stay December. First on USA Network from all other movies, a magna wisdom go look it up, and go see power of the dog he's not in that, but I want to speak Billy about a Thursday, but right now,
bill. Poland is here and that, as I said, the finality of the finance the finale of the sinner errors any day December. First and I enjoyed talking to bill so one if you do that now, how are you ve lived up there you're the one hope. Ninety one is only moved in their had found it. play sector as well. We're looking for a place it had. Some slope behind is like a build, an orchard up there, and then we were lucky to find it in that little one of the little canyon so you knew you needed slope to build an orchard. yeah I had been in Silverlake and there was a little bit of a slow, but that house, but I just thought I was
I really think that grounds Mandalay as this sir, I can grow things here on my right from Western Europe state or a single climate, and this is why- will grow anything from ran world here seer. So what are you grow? the growing things still greatly Asia, and what do you spend tie you go out into the garden and you need well, you know I'm not around, do not really a gardener. That's the orchard is more forgiving era that something that doesn't require the time of intense thing. It meant I can't be they're all attire aid has to take some brutal neglect audio for their trees, though didn't we handle, it is on You keep water on B. I already got with fruit. Well right now, I should have brought some persimmon. really the hardware software. What do you do you? here, the harder one sweaty do him:
Well, you know you right now. Sometimes I let them go until the really sofya and then you can kind of make allotted jam and stuff jam. But there is another kind of perception that doesn't get soft welfare Do you even crisps? But if you wait longer, figures of the higher at issue is the one that gets laughter and that you can only eat soft? Ok, ok! I always love that word. They apply stringent astringent. Unos luck! The moisture at your mass, like I thought, that's a word only to fruit people don't apply to people, but maybe it would work here and there a stringent emotionally emotionally stringent. He could certainly be led you're getting suck the exact quantity around us, emotionally astringent people, so it's weird I kept MIKE, but there is some sort of cross wiring in might like in I, if you had to deal with a euro career, but you know with them to you now
happening again, Paxton oh yeah, the maximum Pullman problem. Yes, I interviewed bill you're, not long before he passed what a great guy back Just like I don't love, you guys knew each other. What, but there is a cross wiring that happens between the two year. Does them? Is that something I'm making up No, no, you know I think it's the play sound diet? Our is bill Yeoman Bill Pack, the others as something Mariah did you know yeah. I did. I really was We were always fond of each area in his wife. They knew little bit by tat, mostly from the early days. In a way we have made a movie together, which one it's called brain dead has Roger Corpsman, a classic corpsman class, a late Norman climatic and
yeah it was mid, actually had a little under ground of crowded like watcher, but He he still. I had a poor, a picture from there they add that I kept at my workshop. It was, I was playing character who is undergoing surgery and my head, so that the at a certain point, I could dig my own fingers into the sutures of my head right and curl back the top of my head right. Black butterflies came out. Nice and I was in the hospital outfit bill. Was playing a doctor in this in the growing in the heat. The two of us are hanging out to her. I think my favorite, it man, whatever that writer, the guy at the black butterflies that seem Scanner, Charles Charles Beaumont, how really your resolute again while he was kind of a famous writer, further twilight zone. Ups
who rode all the original twilight and the director of the film Madame Simons for your corpsman said you go into the head, show with all these groups on out, he owned. That are all these kind of weird idea. Ryan Adam went through and found this old Charles Beaumont script, immersion got it was called paranoia, but that was not marketable rainment noise, a brain brain dead, the iron by set of Paradise, strange, but I guess brain tat, was the way to go in the offing wow. So really got. That was that was your baptism into the film business. Now I worked woes early on Euro was already. I guess you everything you did that after accidental tourists, oh yeah yeah, I don't know where you got released or what the what happened with whether by day, there was also allowed actors that I had been hanging out with anyway, with the actors gang
yet always item Robin steam rose, guys through clear, and so there was wheeled bunch of what I came to allay do play at the others. Can allay tc, the LOS Angeles Theatre Centre, which was eighty five I was just its multi theatre complexes downtown and fifth, it's not what could now to get the mark taper down there right here, several theatres ere, I there's remarked taper theatre Then there is the Red CAT Theatre, which I did a special and take the Black Box one. Ah, that's great there it is man really area. The sound is sound. We operate very intimate. Where were you You doing a record to stand up special there, my last one in two thousand and whatever was twenty ah showed that we were going to shoot it in. I can the theatre, embossed him but tat the director Lynn Shelton, could not. Do a shot you wanted, so we just moved it of their while
specifically, it was just like you always idea what some of those old theatres then wantest our policies out, you can put it Dolly her boom or whatever you need so was a hassles advocate. the Irish, the red card to everyone here to open I think right up You know. The thing, though, is with comedy, though that place has, a sort of theirs. Those kind of fears have a kind of dramatic expectation. What did she say that that that intimate in that kind of that? at crisp. Your expecting intensity. You do you know threatening to laugh. You expecting to listen. I think. That's really! True, I think it's a broad stage. But I guess we commonly you can keep in the scent way and we were soon it's EEG. We built around anyway is ideal, Sadie, really the anchor you now you create something on there. We are. You came out for Theatre like what what's so eighty five, how we hold green eighty five?
my thirty to thirty two or something I can't wait. Starter starter Herbie business had a lot of their adventures. I guess it Think of the movie business is the only thing it you're gonna get to what I tat for so long. I had no thought tat. I was gonna get any movie business any grew up where Western near our state like what like nearly a range of Rochester Springfield. Familiar mass only. I went to school near Springfield measure. What do you mustn't? Amorous for gradual man? That's a nice will cover. cosy, rewards college were are no amorous university. Umass amorous is big yet and there's amorous university were deserted. Little carve a hippie school then there's enough. Your hippies go out there, which almost at red is not mandatory. Hampshire yea, you run around the will try college area five times
oh, my god, you get time, you did you spend time up there. I was in Boston, I start. I went to Boston, university boughs and went back and started my comedy career. Boston driving around everywhere, so I do gigs places, but I've been out and are sure yeah. You don't have much of a Boston acts. I didn't you grow up there. I just went to college air, my family, Jersey, people there to New Mexico South all over because some jersey- and what do you get oh, I guess. Midwestern thing of Western Europe state has popped up it. Is people say when my wife, budgetary, when I get close to being back in my turn, If you re out, I start with because when we did actually alters, were doing looping any said. Do you know what you said he I had I to what he mean a headline about her. Thirteen I in his refrigerator s eight hours ago, some coax and some cans of penis air.
He wrote that Midwest getting a job at the continent's at the end of words in these and we're gonna have looped extort its yet peanuts, peanuts, nineteen penis a three year work with hurt. inserting the peak of his thing: the identity of hurt the intensity of her Tipp, the hurt of her tat, the weight so Rochester, like the upshot. Remember I've been there. I just ass the land of the garbage plate, mackerel, the cheese and potato salad Our wish for his kindness version of that. dean radiant thing is garbage play. I endeavored that's right. Gravy, at least in fries Yeah I've worked in Rochester Scares, Rochester Albany, Troy sort of like? These weird cannot city scrambling back out,
We were we're like an hour and a half south theirselves to really rural part of deer status then county, which is its horn. L is the town where I grew up in incense doing county in either it's the highest dear, it really in New York State, so its wild there. Really, what airlines disease yeah, it's starting to be more and more as a good comes up from the same. Why why? Why was you're? So weird people are realising upstate New York that it's like literally Appalachian, two pairs. Like definitely help poor contingent, yeah yeah raised ever Vista Volunteer in our town. They would help too I civilized. They know really. What is it most of our dear that was the domestic peace corps Out- had existed a really the sixties and I think it ended in What is going on in the New York Data required them to hang out with
oh dear adjusted in marine parts and is still the true yeah. There's no economic engine thereby happen in sir people are living off the read the grid, and my father was from Brooklyn and he went to University, Rochester Med School and when he she's residuary. He wanted be closest coolly drove south till he hit hills so, They dug in that's where he dug in a kind of dock. Was he hears a general practitioner? Withers internal most in specialty also, he was like just a burden guts. I guess we're like. I could do anything, Inter Alia, the internet. In turn, right I use a good town, doktor yeah yeah. He took care of a lot of people I had diabetes. Diabetes is an affliction. Our people have shirt area tat. He would be the one to initiate them into outer
each give themselves insulin around about their house. Calls the duke of scarcity of the big black bag yap. I added. Have the big black Baghdad sit outside our kitchen door tat? It was the one thing that we didn't have access to answer. I have a little luck on it now. Just Don't go Lord, though the code you know, of course, of our family. I guess you don't go, don't go in there. Khazars syringes and medicines are the my dad was a dock use. It worth appear gonna he ETA, but he had won by bags, for I guess for medical, so I don't know that he made many housecalls, maybe when he was doing his residency. But your house calls are really weird thing of the past, but they did him yet those guys did you ever go on. One was on, nor about which a hospital remember me. I used to go on rounds with Mr Gallagher taught a lesson about motorcycles when he entered one of his patience. You know interaction. He said day. Are you sure you want to write a motorcycle? Let me introduce you to somebody Skype pins in his book.
his legs am, I gonna get it said MIKE my brother's a doctor, and he says to my son, always produces. Oh, you got yourself a donor cycle Nothing like the hard truth from the medical donor cycle can adopt your brother he's He also has a general practice. Buddies. Infectious disease, Doktor Butte Montana, so is a year. yeah busy year a lot of Europe trying to sort things out. He keeps a low profile by their heaved spend kite into thing and not more Montana in Montana, or what's that the vaccine right now, Montana, there's no there's. My there has been a tough will better slide in that department ray. I can do some, some very vocal, dear monsieur Hitler reactors resisting they're. Getting
more attention than they shed by peer reviewed now outlined a bit like will see nothing New York, and we're? How do you decide that this is the life for you everywhere have what was the evolution of the west? The Pullman evolution to get to add the unknown Raymond Street here, although I am area I am in point I realized, this finding the theatre thing was a citizens, Europe. like my own health, I think very, like comedy for you, where you find your voice rang something here. Oh you just gotta have it here how you get it or whatever version of art it is in horrible idea. He got a secretive calling seated theatre when your younger. Now I was yet of dialogue. A lot of different possibilities for myself. When, when I was seventeen long, did you think you're gonna be a doctor, for you know that
so one thing I never. Never really did I most of my ferries in some kind of version of medicine, but I just never never did have that in inclination I think I think about what they were the culture they I have yet of being kind of humanist, Sir being generous in their own, and I tried to various times model being We will follow that my area in terms of being actual practitioner. No, but I but was in building construction as in a two year for building construction railing white, with some of the contractor Did we re building old houses and barns and restore things at certain points, and this was but I was dialing up careers. At this point I go on then, month later. I wanna go to urban planning and allow him a lot of different things, but I got into play very charismatic.
I built Campbell. Who was the drama? director there and you ve, just by five, would scorn me the Sunni Doha. I would you I feel, like I've heard the name before they'll Campbell built. Amble receive a guy in the drama department. He went on do the job? stay in there, but he was very, very your eyes employees need somebody just say: look. We should do this for you Yeah yeah somebody's gotta be like got so as to turn your lights on in a way yeah yeah, yeah yeah. The guy and I was willing to go wherever somebody pointed that out will you could actually be do pretty well. They gave up the urban planning dream. They are very negatively reconstructing the barn dream, then can't he,
but done behind that looked like well. Basically, he said you know Pullman, we should do but I did. I went to college twenty two miles away from die, only enter a degree in theater and then get some kind of graduate degree and then come back and teach in a place like this it's good life. He'll do well here: haha went to only enter, and then I was in graduate school when he called me said Palmer come take my job and Campbell Yeah said take my job for a year, because I need somebody. I can trust and that growth, The Oviedo want to back now wanted baggage avoided and I did I went there. Did it and then I said I then he came here then he came back and he took it and it's been near, they ve been great Brenda. My life is still remains one of the most interesting area That's great old tat, three taught I was thinking well aisles.
It was a student activities positions I asked directed plays cancer. What you are I got, professor, you is like the air with a non dramas, schooled drama people at that point, get into the euro. I did get to guard graduate school and that I'm sticking out go to New York at some point, but I was in Montana my cannot wait with worth jump there, because I was one of my graduate did Visor Adieu Mass at Amherst. I said I'm not gonna do any theatre this summer I was gonna go west there doing well. don't you go west into a player a guy who runs a theatre Montana tours all round. Montana Ash is committed, Montana Shakespeare. In the park soy, the guy that runs that took me in, and I dont Shakespeare Montana Shakespeare in Montana, touring around two towns.
That are too small them old town. You're staying in people's homes really do they come see the shows they came to see the shows regular ears and the are less as tradition in the West Euro. First love of Shakespeare, you idiot and some western see- I guess that's true. I guess a sure. Yeah we read I come roughing You know that Mark TWAIN Book about his experience and unless there is a great sequence in their of him and countering shakespearian company arrive, I think I I don't know. I read that book, but they're kind of Ruffians right, they're kind of like the Shakespeare as a kind of idea, unique yeah. Somehow yeah I heard gravely revere dear, I could travel through with it. book. A shake in Lahti. Cowboys would carry view we Tat- makes it shapes barium plays in those days. I I can't read my brain around. It usually thought there it's a mix, I do in Shakespeare
I've had good certain kinds of engagement with it. I don't think I'm like really the best person for most shakespearian productivity, as in that I find it one of the hardest things in knights to pull off yet, and I buddy I've had. few encounters within society you're from Montana too. You know how he would mean they. It sounds like that. Wasn't the ad What what did you think your plan was just the wild West Shakespeare guy? Well, I'll have certain pointer realise out. I just kind of took the job in front of me. I was teaching Annie. I thought the old wooden we got to make a living with some for a little while puts money in the bank. Before I go to New York and J, I taught for two years have learned a lot Euro and you teach when you first or out there. I was really mad, doing some things, whereas tried to develop, plays that were Montana specific and not
writing memory are yard or curer or who rogue ramming urging a documentary theatre, devise area after we were using resources that worse from Monday history, just so that people weren't doing Neil Simon plays Plaza Suite, give her there that we ourselves, I was on their minds and yeah. So we did at the guy John Doll Direct film director. He was a student mine, a mountain, the guide directed though ass deduction. Yes, yes, and but he put you in that he did your we kind of he was. I know him in Montana that I'm then eventually I'll I left air, to go to New York and start and theatre, and I thought that's gonna be the thing they at in New York Theater, and then I got it. play out here and now lay at the LOS Angeles enter Centre and came out to do the play, and then I realized
Maybe I will take that. Don't even get a job on a tv show for a day, and you make some money there I'll do that and as an Cagney and lazy, wealthy and agent at that point, yeah. I had a pretty good agent, sir, Montana like this. Are you when you when he, when you start but I've shows I didn't want. You knew Simon, maintaining on deciding whether they could relate to yeah, yeah and what did you know, we were Zurich. He proximity was there some great writers of mine, it wasn't Jim Harrison Montana yes did over an hour was now you movie that he wrote with Tom Grain was another great Ryanair. I am acquaints great nobody's angel and ninety two in the shade yeah yeah yeah. That's it! I'm a he's having a great renaissance with his short story, acquainted way: bodies a novice, hee, hee, hee hee, where's my answer them sometimes did you, you knew those guys. He knew those guys
We did a movie that Jim Garrison and Atomic Wayne wrote it in eleven days, which movie is called cold feet. and it's with Tom Weights a Sally, Kellerman and Keith Carotene and by Sally Dear Yes, she point my mother and my show, and I see I wonder how she is a I was wishes in that was a couple few years ago by you I saw I dont remember seeing that movie, but it was interesting that was like I don't think people realise that you have waits was had the foreign into acting or that early on These become a sort of a character. You know like when you see him in a movie. Your kind of mass waits, but like again, it was our goofy right. Yeah, give definitely with a great energy something I had really been very differently actors, energy, more like just raw, his character character again,
So how did he's in Nepal, Thomas Edison? I now movie, I now grown if he greening of next week. I hope I was going. Did you know I have seen, and I always like seeing and waits he's good net the com in their common brother, saying that, with the five stories to Scruggs Buster Scruggs, the ballot Bastards grey ass, his vignette his peace, his story waits. It was great yeah that arise Becker. There is currently no talking the EIA vis very little that you yourself is always give my skin more fish have Alzheimer's. I arrived so Jim Harrison, though, we would you think of that Guy Varig very live wire cook, you know he'd, they were living in crowd, witches and there I just out, on the east side a man Bozeman I've, always men- and there is an enclave of here I just
People there and he definitely die, is great. books. You, I really Germany at night and he was decades money for quite a long time now and then and so that that Experience was they were there's a bunch of writers in Miami nay. I got me interesting think of he's great man, cvs. He of my records, I paraphrase overtime, the mind is not a boomerang. If you throw it too far, will not come back.
that one's held me through life. You ve been tempted to give it a heave years. Sometimes you don't know you thrown it so far with repeated there you go looking for Russia must, whether any pushes somewhere where's the steering wheel of air travel. Sad you get out of there. You are you. Ok, you come down here for the playing any do Cagney and Lazy go out just a little bit of work. I got cast in ruthless. People really was the thing in allay that there I went to allay and eighty five to the play and then did got castor. Do you? right by eighty six hours. Already euro. I've gotten did the ruthless people thing and then was in baseball team. We shall re Navy sick right. so that would have been after me.
At last. She explained thoughts and you're doing Theatre in New York. So that was so. You really worth the kind of life. You thought that anyway, did you always know you were going to act as it does sound like in Montana that, like the acting, we wasn't acting with it acting No? It wasn't really, and I think I just kind of drifted away from it, because I was doing the teaching thing and then I had always acted on three of these university academic theatre. Things in them this realized. There was, I didn't, give myself permission to do that, get on so to really just I am now produce acting or you re.
now I think I just was trying to be no eat a hot dog in front of me and there was the that was go at the flourishing area. I am right, did that and was good enough. It was like playing a part and it could be a. Can you be twenty five years old and be a professor. I don't think so. I made a start somewhere, you gotta believe as half of it after your that young is twenty four. So many what you're that when you are, I don't get it. Do it and then act, I take it I was after teaching for two years and I realized I can't watch nice. It was Montez State, university, beautiful, campus and people were dying to teach their they'd, think Dachshund salary, our aid, a teacher and I was lucky to have a job there, but I also If I don't leave now, and they were gonna get out of here. You know who I am also us had met during that period was them. Per se Ghana, who roads and in the end, a motorcycle really and if you that book you know he makes the journey to
outside of Bozeman Cottonwood Canyon stays with this family lived deducing climbs the mountain at all. If if and I a was friends with that artists couple that had the highly got got and I tried you know they had offered. Why don't you live out here this evening? We have an apartment out here. I just that I really love the MILAN night that that would be really beautiful, spot and I could see myself more and more important in roots here in a better, not I'd better go. I want to be part of the sort of it. hippy intelligentsia of of Bozeman won t. He always tempting went right again up there to richer brought it,
and was the area he used to come to. The Shakespeare plays we'd, seem levies and he was living thing. I know shit and I see him out the edge of the audience standing there he'll come in to see this at or production, judging it, the updated man are you. There was a year that you're young, your new twenty. You need to see. You know, there's really weird hippy royalty, yeah, really very that generation of writers that came those who, like all important, guys, yeah yeah. Harrison. Maclean brought again motorcycle maintenance guy illiteracy books. We are merely and they were a mere ranging around in Montana, set felt like it s kind of like a little bit of a stop and spot and move away from you can adjust. These could be that guy, you could still be teaching young. but had done that three all live. You still be. There would be an urban planning, but you did
We are committed to acting anyone back to New York and that that will happen well, I've wanted to air and then out here. I just started in width here I can. I did think I was always gonna, be an EAST coast person, but I've come to really like allay the most people do eventually where the eight year. Initially you I'm not gonna. I know it does people are alike, but then you get everyone here has not a bad You know they didn't. Do you ever miss like the deciduous woods. Well, I mean I grew up in New Mexico, so I do miss it a bit that there's something about home. At the environment. Even the air, where you go back, it's it's, it's like it's like it's part of your your choice, It's part of your life, so I can t connect with it. I mean I don't need to do if along the Arctic, if you go, I guess he had inspired me for a few days. Come back. That's what parliament much Albuquerque
Oh my gosh, yeah yeah. Why these? Where people who act who have this impression of Albuquerque in the last decade. Do you know I get very different cuz gone through some, it's kind of a beat up place born I was growing up. I was just in town, I grew up in. There was a university, and now everything happened for me there and it was beautiful and you drive up into Santa FE and all that shit. But people generally that I talk to you now who acted like enough. For a month. You know I mean he's weird feelings about Sal head- would really hunting casual euro mood. Sixty six go their air and yeah, there's still vestiges of those kind of old periods of reactor. Sure my treasure that Korea have you doctor, shot there, bunch of them definitely have the young people that I know that our living there now unlikely interesting life. You know that young issued in young people and authorities or Movin there and do what in the business
the heroes are doing a lot of different things, one so young, a woman and her husband, cheese, a therapist equine therapist, unequal, inherit assure its course therapists course. Their purpose at all renovation is happening around the old town which iser I could walk there. Some disdain in hotel near the kind of near there and talk about Vinos sketchy dodgy turf, but it I guess it felt like it really interesting to me. I'm glad he ever nice impression of Albuquerque I've thought about going back there. I don't know what I'd do there? You can't They have garages there sure but like but you're, not there can be hard to pull the guests. I get away to someone Shootin Netflix shower the after. You have me how many people on better call saw. Can I interviewed my son
most yes, their youngest son is an actor no yeah. He was their January through July and they were shooting a tv series called the outer range any out. There is always. The question is: what are you gonna base yourself in Turkey, our in Santa FE or a LAS Vegas? In a word there, all those western sir sets in things are up there and that Russia is New Mexico. Pneumonia yeah, let's slap, your husband's, where you identify grasped that unites or echoing Mr Boden night by the House to Brent Yoke, is like all show business is moving their Amelia Netflix set up shop. There is a permanent production facility think they got skewed stout stages right yeah, so I got. Will me like an idiot? I should buy a house a decade ago and just like right did it yeah Now you can finally there's one for sale up behind the mountain navigate like there's parties launches. I just like forty four acres for sale.
Between Santa FE in like manner it the ghost town of fourteen surreal, but like I mean, then I think about it's like what I really want to go I'll just go air being be or something what we need. However, my going to go out there from that shooting he go go sit in the mountains for what? How long do you need to own the house? To do that? I don't know you have another, how someone bout the up in Montana. How often you go, for periods Ed. This ranch with my brother for thirty year also word so he's up there all the time yet he's the after that rising up there and I live on the ranch. They live on the result of working ranch. Yeah. It's worth mentioning, white veal is the rancher of all and what is it what's what he ranching cows come English causes me cows, so web pastures, up in the mountains and because get driven up there in the summer and is it like high and me did see it? No, I think I ve step
about six seven years ago I am now I'm just in charge of my giving fences up. irrigation up and up there, debt up, then symmetry and back here back I have my egg foo market. Don't you have a fruit tree on this place? There's a line to right there and just like me, there is too much pressure while that car HANS. I mean just happened: I've decided just layer and then you're sort of I can. What am I going to do with all these lines? I don't Frank I can't make Marguerite is how much of each hey can I make? What am I get a count? How many the line so this can I make you suggest it gets a little bit, but then you start realise what look man? It's not do not act from what put em in the composts fruit rights we have to eat all the fucking mind. It's
in a way I mean everybody has fruit, trees and ensure their round the trees. You deceive weapons falling on the ground everywhere, but I still by fucking limits on it is unlikely that I don't have a lemon tree, but I could drive around a bit and go pulse him off a tree somewhere, but I don't do it What other trees yet be robbed I was always impressed by how many trees are being picked. India show eleven years ago we started thing called Hollywood Orchard, which was gleaning free. from trees that are not being picked. and then having a volunteer pop up kitchens and we do week so you're half the time get volunteers there that show up here and go and half of them go pick and the other half goes in a low coalsack. We have made up of kitchens, have chefs advise and how much
like well wait. What are you getting you gettin, lemons, limes, autos, we're summons me of it in a way of working and exercise in community, where a right that are really there's other organise all citrus based dishes. There is another opposition started same time called food forward. There does that in a huge wave of their gleaning trees from all over away in bringing the food to people that need a touch, Gerda you're, not making preserves I would point out that big part of my life here I like being in the kitchen meteor. Doing, however, can carry a big party arrived, making puttin up fruit yeah, you know, so they can later yeah had mangoes. I say I've been. I was in Love Scotia for five months so doing, and I just came back really in what we do not there. We shut the four seasons centre there, its own Nova, Scotia Nova. Scotia. Do you know that was going to be a serious? Did you know now?
the surprise career boost man, I guess you I I was even ride. I never really thought of myself as like the detective guy loud it. Maybe I planted deck detective. I realised more than I thought I d Artagnan Lazy always get to show our comes around bill. It all comes or autism round think they could zero effect. Was this? Will Germany, I still am That was a detective I realize I am. No, you are adding. Is your Policia Asia in France, the view I do in it? I think that's it. just interfere because there's always this sense of what betrayal is and what lying is in that area It's better be doing. The sinner, I think, has been a level of both zero have to provide lot of story,
keep the thing going around all that, but inside that is it is it that deeper can commit. the two psychology what's going on in people. Why did they do what they did? You think that, and made me made it like. I really like doing here because I never thought I would say, I really like doing showed. It came. Year after year. I thought I would not I'd whither on the buying your ire, throw my mind in wooden boom boom. Wonderingly back will share her anxious just sit there on the set yeah yeah without you going through the motions Leah, those those but it doesn't seem like there's any real shame anymore in in doing the work like that. Well, I No, I think, there's so much more interesting work. I give up their everything's kind of evolve dear, but I like it. That idea, though lady, like the thing that makes it interesting, is how complex how complicated people,
because as an actor I mean you ve got it. You gotta puts a meat on the bone for yourself, so you got the character so like. How does that guy, you know, main compelled the right here. And so the writers have to keep churning out these things that make you as your character going yeah. Well, I think that the premise always is is is built into the euro. Why done it s eve? She? Some crime has been committed. He only then, or something is violent act as happened, and then the you're trying to pay back the onion and so that in itself Derek Simons is so the creator of it and very interesting. I young, in Kyoto, he's mind always needs those kind of anchors talked about what philosophic. What is going on now that we want to include and weave into the story, I talked another guy yesterday about young in the union. Come up twice
and today I would like to talk about dreams. Did yeah I'm talking about it. It cumber batch yesterday and what do you say he was talking about the power of the dog that Jane Champion Movie and she had him. go to a dream analysis, young in dream, analysis to to do some preparation for US part. Did he say he, me. I love while you're here he said the champion, told him some of her dreams and their very amazing an explosive and exciting in his room or just panic. Stricken certain regular, simple things. But he found it interesting, yeah you. So we did that. You did because said Derec Actually Darkshire Mozilla show visa he's trained as a facility, data in dream: analysis, young, Andromeda, young infant dream and did not with him. He wanted to do it. Portugal last season was involving quite a bit of that show. I did it for the first time he had done
with them just bill in the first Caesar, and I was like a kind of busy my own wrap in your own way. I really know what it was and he was not yet a forest get out of my head man. It is afraid that way, but we are then I think it a certain point. Some a lot of people think they aren't dreaming anymore wishes at all where you do with their there. Maybe you don't remember on raising, but I thought I had stop dreaming and that's very good facilitator. The Derek set us up what you did yeah we do and what you did you wouldn't freaky outer or that interest anger. Digitally was wrapped. Regulatory regulatory was something and because we're also had the thought that it might integrate into what the season was and yet my character, yes, that there were
right away. As I said during the Europe that first, we did three day works TAT first day you do these exercises and then she said is true. see what we come in tomorrow with a dream, and I don't think so. I can't just I lit up lay ahead. It's not gonna happen issue. Just before you go to bed. Think I'd like to remember the shaman bang, tat, yeah really and that dream ended up fuelling the whole arc of that Caesar come. I hear that one is just. What I know is the third idea that one was just for you were not in the story, but in terms of your character, you used it in your prep, somehow yeah. I had never gone to location. That was my characters house, for that season was ill and being an old stone house in upstate area and aye, but I'd seen location shots and
forgotten right, even seen pay out in all sudden there I was in my dream. I was in this house, and I encountered right way, richer gear and I never dream about celebrities or give a couple movies with him yeah I sighed I know, but I am run into unreasonably there regarding that was a long time ago. Yet why richer gear and then a five year old girl came out of a room with a terror on her head. She came and read my hand. We walk down a long haul way and at the other end was door two and then the back was a pond and she was kind of mirth fallen, saying, come on into the parlour and I'm we were both immersed in the pond their ducks at the other, and then these duck started to come towards see ass if they wanted communicate with us. I had then they flew off here. That was the end of the dream, work and but the analysis of that is what are you
that sounds like a random thing and yeah regular dream yeah, but when you're doing these facilitated workshop right all of a sudden, years use dart with like what condemn mean what seeing when you see gear, what is in it does you ought to be paid for appearing in then that's her well and then the second year of pirate. Another part of it is what does Richard gear see when he seeing you yeah, what does the little girl you come up with you a whole set of? Is a cosmetology start to create around it and Roger passed around? I passed around how I'm fused with aspect the character in there? That sense of where are we? It is to be spontaneous and was kind of at the core of it. Was this investigation about it? being available to thinking about Euro just
living in the moment more with this five year old girl with the tiara, yet are realising that aspect of me. That's it goes back, thickly. All these elements, are you re a richer? Is me righto, a version of me. I hear that unite. I've heard that before about dreams, are there all you by Adam? I can't quite figure it I'll get it. Maybe it's a metaphor, Europe. I have also heard that about play said euro every character in the play is a fig aspect of thick of the rightness of I don't understand why that tell focus to me like I was Louis just then I don't know you but, like you know, you worked with gear twice. He was a big movie star, you're sporting actor gathered. There asked me whether it's you or not you of that to me as a portal into whatever that dynamic was time in your life. You know whether you know you're I did. He has his serve spiritual, sighed out you're right he's a Buddhist got Rhodus guy and I think that right may you knew that.
I had known that. I have followed the air a little bit, and so I think there were some aspect of What are you waiting for me? A lot of reasons why there is in your dream, then you work with guys. Like you know, you work with David Wench, what twice in the neck guys like you he's making dream you like, he builds from dream. Yeah, like I mean I suppose it was more William how you I was highway sacks of hunger right. Did you yeah yeah, I'm not replaced showed up into his face. Computer. Yes, and I didn't killer. I didn't killer rats. but he says in real life, but am You get that relationship with Lynch well, a girl. I had known his daughter Jennifer a little bit there was a there's more. Boxing Alina GAD ended up being made, but for a couple of innovations we forgot made, I was Jennifer cast me and Madonna Hut
and I got to know Jennifer during that period, the money didn come through raised the point, then, by the time it did that I was available and later, but she is who said to David, dare to check them out for our last highway Enzo when you know when you do that, you weren't doing any younger and more care. So when you get a scrupulous highway, is your party that, like yeah. I was the opposite Everybody was saying you're you're going to read this or the agent that I would say. I don't know why you read Itsy what you make of it, and I think I understood it pretty well may, because these two readings strange, plays and hangs like dahlia right or end. I didn't need a lot of psychology right. It was obvious yards. Make it potent I'm trying to remember it.
It's really starts with the Euro, a musician in the in the basin of away saxophone guy as living in narrow, pretty good environment with a wife whose blonde hair Patricia cat brain damage. She you got some things that maybe he's worried about him. That's not going well. That deserves seem to be some trouble in their relation up and then said. Suddenly these videotape start appearing area of in they realise that someone is video in their own house, while there in the house and was Robert White face in a sir, my making that it will eventually he appear sera but death because into me to see him at a party and that its rate seem very yo. he says I mean your house right now and I say no in April Can crazy man here have won my favorite delays, linear and then he says I am call me
my phone call and he picks up on the phone and the other in while he's watching me at the party and laughing, it's like a dream. Maria I would really like to drink z like yeah. You were so but you're used to ever see my kind of a mediator. it was gonna gave a young lawyer and your dog him with the theatre. You know at the trip, is you know that you know Weirdness Ma Am B of abstraction abstraction, be that have sometimes it easier thing to discern the truth and more real, asleep then I'll be place. I mean that you another. Those are like that stuff, like that's. Let some open ended, I mean you, don't know what the hell are. You happy multi level, but it is tough their work with comics Euro. think in terms of really understanding where they're coming from economics, comics, YO, YO, YO, YO, now they're. So many people who are acting good actor that come from com.
we are, and that is a different impulse than how I start I gonna sell, but you like early on your in them in the middle of olive Mammy, did Spaceball zooming, that's like they're all their vineyards, yeah surrounded by cloud yeah and but how they go about their day in their work on a set, is so different than what I ever thought really euro, and I hope you have words so much in the moment our show much given to like an and and having slant euro on things Irving, having a delivery and having thinking of the kind of and very verbal really what you do on set aside. I think I come out in terms of light more like a circumstance that I'm thinking about an elbow. This is difficult sense of what I'm doing to the other person and that. But I think that there's a lot of really interesting active come about euro is, but the others will Pharaoh
Steve Growl, yet all that I really worked with. Did the battle of the sexes with is corral yeah yeah Euro just watching that process work at a Mackay style? You know which really comes born Emmy that some of the more they will look at succession. That's really really sophisticated integrated work that feels, but The process of working with the immunities come Mackay yeah. I think that the heat about that with well Pharaoh about and that I did I did a part in them, what became vice and an ice. He offered the atom that has offered it to me, and I said: yeah, I'm not going to do it tonight. I just going to listen to small parts, probably going to be tight. Then he wants to talk to you, so he I talked to him. I said not come and do this Saturday,
these, and I can't guarantee anything you I can tell you one thing: you're gonna have a good time on it. I did I went there and I had a good time on the set and I was cut authority way out. Does he work that you say that the unique loud in providing the proviso Euro he displaying Nelson Rockefeller, who does not appear in vice, but was a part in the middle chunk of it. Yet one Cheney and run fell were doing their mischievous. Yes, in a part of the first one of them, first derived you know from prizes was said they took out now Siroc valor? He was gonna, be running for president right. They wanted a more conservative person and they got bogged all right. Then that went from there, but dad journey of Round Nelson's. Was it we're of kind of a critical little Libya, and but with? Adam Euro ear you're in a spot and oh he's on a God, MIKE
So he sang now say this now say this now: try this so you're in the mortality of being in seeing, but your hearing, these where's. Your theory ideas and pretty much line in writing, very immediate, very immediate, very discarded ball. You don't get hugely invested there, that you can just throw up a lot of stuff and then choose from the best. I think so is that the only time you ve worked on the direct or on the God MIKE like that yeah it's like I did. I did a little pardon in p, bergs movie Europe would be burgundy. I seduction. I did their whatever this. It's your for higher. Whatever that movie was. I just do what I do partner Wahlberg thing he did answer confidential, awe and- and he works like that, isn't that is because he's an actor from actor and letters a bit
How did you feel acting when being kind of everybody's hearing but like if you're in it? You know in your ear euro carry a character. I mean like it. That's part of you. It's almost like more fun to to have that exchange in and made in make different choices So I tried like this great ok you can do that we're here, hey? How committee are you like in general, is inaccurate rewrite now this is the way it can be, of a year, I mean somebody's just how your brain gets interrupted. Darrow if you're use, did not being a lot of that external they off and if you play you can't be allowing a lotta right guarantee is you're not waiting for somebody tell you something so your kind of bread to not be really that flexible, and
but I'm comedy, I think, like that. It's kind of makes sense, but a place given also by shooting tv or or movies, I'm a huge burden through takes you gonna, be on that camera, one angle or another at least two or three times a year. but plays it like that's that's real life. I mean you're in it here, there's no turning back but, like you know, when you doing like twenty takes of two lines You can do a lot of variations. I guess you're looking you're looking for something to see, there's a level of like not just area if you're in a zone and realise with Mackay, not watching everybody, you do for you he'll, say. Ok, I have to say this line. I'm just gonna. Do a series of rights of your stoppin yeah you're, talking to a person whose off camera, yea and dear just arab gender
heading self, motivating there, while five different versions, airline show you're just saying yeah crazy to be here yeah. It's really crazy idea right and you throwing out a lot of improv tied a moment said yeah. That's it very intoxicating area where there s a sight of it. I really really like a lot any work with both castings, yes, father father and son, I work with both the David lynching Jennifer for luncheon yeah. They really did you stay when you see generations can throw you feel that way what you work with that? Did you work with that Bert, Lancaster? Yes, we're toward the end. Ones is last film really, though Gibraltar without amazing, though with amazing experience here, just to be around him. I was very nearly always aware. We are fully was insured, but by the time we're making MA Rocky Gibraltar, yet others people who
regenerates yet. We didn't know Bert link, lawyer of just watching him move through the world of your somewhat becoming ere. He was a little bit not recognised in public situations and things at that point now fear in depth, but still such a bearing and such generosity. Here you were real poise is a person in Greece, after he was a huge movie star, a huge movie, so he'll any so good I like watched. Your first is first couple of films recently and it just as now. because you can do anything now beginning. type of role here, those guys here give way have the way than a lady rightly another, taken the swimmer the tremors crazy movie, freezing it such a site, add weird movie, yeah guy swimming um yeah through the pools in his community really just like it
it's an ending, a gift to the house right, it's empty and his wife is Don radio. God, it's cheaper story. I think I think he knew euro. He treasured talking about what things he really like. Zero eve was part of some directors, vision that he really admired. Yet I wasn't bout, him right, it was about being in Europe, get working somebody who is your create this world that he got to be part of in general or that movie, I think, in January our Euro. What did we went to a couple dinners with our own day talked about here, but there is a real I said, and then he said your, I would add my own production companies. I would do what was really popular with my own production company to make the money of the pirate movies and things like tat, and then that would allow us to work with other do you really admire the? I may I think that when you talk actors, if I mean the ones it understand,
I appreciate that that they are this sort of like they are part of this story telling process that is the directors vision yeah, it's kind of a. If that's the job in a way right, yeah, I just watch a big too. I an old documentary about Kirk Douglas. Then that was an animal I'm. He did a million movies everything about Kurt Douglas and let that intense They work together a lot I mean Kirk in and a bird, and they were friends yeah. and Michael's in it in its is it was so touching. The did you forget that these guys made a hundred movies yeah, really huge, You ve made a lot of movies that Euro that's the thing about television. When you talk about Euro Duke due to the God my Then there are the euro you're, there's a part of tolerance That really is I'm not wired for which is amused to a director. Here I can use the one vision and the television YO directors can be each subordinate right right,
if they come and go, but that this already has its look that was laid down by the first director. Yes, other honouring a template, yeah and sorted by the numbers kind of thing, all the time it's real delete challenging. I have a lot of empathy for I'm on the side. Cuz, you realized. I think I've hurt you enough something there at about critics there at the party Jesus like wow get fun. Does this fun right come in to do this or any have to be so obedient to the producer Ryan and that some people have a knack for it? You know what I mean come to really appreciate the ones that really can come in sea the limits of their. They know the word they go off the road. They say on the Rodya stay on the road in there they are. have their own investment in it and they find their own territory that they can own. Yes, I'm with some of them are clever like that at me, like that, in a sense it like, if their, if they're, not if they're not, going am thinking like NASH Gig like, but if there's,
like. How can I find a few rural areas where I can do what I am building for myself, the Erika, but there's a lot of broken washed up, or who are just kind of going through the motions, and then they ve been carried along by the business for years. That's a big machine tat yeah, my mother, used to say Europe where they're gonna there you get on television, your sullen soap yeah. That was yes added its change. from those days pleasure, still there's something corporate about it. Yeah absolutely, and I and I guess what some movies or is too in the bigger budget movies bite, but still like as an actor you're, still able to kind of focus on your thing: yeah, yeah yeah, you do those like Bert, do those, and then you had to do the more esoteric acid so, outside the sooner you do, but yours org, you, ok It is interesting that that's baseball thing is cause, I don't think
you can do comedy beyond do a ton of it right, but you like with candy and ran as in others the right at the beginning or career. I mean your memory you're like you. I can't do it anymore. every year I get or like I'm gonna, do cavalier ear. I always think of Europe, as I think I like Lynch because there are some humor and there oh yeah, there's just so much, and I love that Maxie. I add some kind of twinkle right right already. I will odd to young area but mailboxes different yeah dad did. That was like working with a whole gene level, creativity and now, I think, of his power. Naps when he would come out of power nap with the ideas talk about dream, I dont whatever he would do and ten minute that come out of it loaded to bear he added values, brains on fire, yeah, yeah, yeah, two states like me,
the entire history of jewish, comedy threw him at all times the Europe Just in terms of worry, I mean talk about just hours I could do was just do whatever he sat calf, but he, We do line readings, but I just loved his line rating cause. You know that some guy wasn't asking you to do it exactly like the right you're. Oh, he rightly he would do a very jewish version around Chernobyl observers. The Milburgh never love of a bad here, and I think I get so distracted by cause I'd so intrigue like when he would do the jewish princess. Agnes Niggers part. He was so brilliant.
with added to day, like arrogance and he'd, throw it all in one lining reading not he was like a big learning. They cause even Saint Paul Menu just taken too long. You know you gotta. Do you gotta, commit to something you're gonna be doing press for this in Japan, you're going? That's how I should have done that lie. I refuse like. No are you gonna? Do a line and allow really interesting training for me coming and also I could people I candy, who is like an established like he knew he was communicative yeah, but He was also a little scared area around to be I mean both he and record come from such different quietly right right error. They were committing. There were box office, her face yeah. I now was actually on the skids right, so at that point, yeah yeah, just in it, was a challenge for Mountain bureau. Just say: I'm gonna work with these other new comics and I'm gonna LAO them to do whatever they want. It was much you tell
there would be little for cancer yeah sure I do it. This way, yeah I'll get my face around the John, so gentle Tal. Comedy was just these small little grace no high ready just bubbling along he. I am, could squash him in a second. You know our very sensitive and very sensitive as too much, but he was he always looked out for me, John. So here you know he knew he had power right, but he just was not comfortable always to assert oh right right right, so you are you in a major even get crushed. yet he did what he can't. He consoled me so did her to go to a trailer to have his critical dialogue, diet, lunches, new we always zero, we'd break this real, cruel hidden brought the kind of guy. I think this is good, and then we can then his driver Frankie, you guys with him on bringing
doughnuts over finish up with doughnuts Betty was, you guys would come down from the no storm together, yeah yeah, its scope you take the man in here, yeah yeah, just I say I had the same talk about other things here, that's nice! It's nice! they have a metal these guys good times. So I could now with what he can be doing now you can you get theatre on the horizon and with it I don't try to just clear this he's cure the darkest for little better. Do some canning, yeah I just get back into the origin further. While Europe got a few things going on in an oasis, I'd like to stay and allay for a little boat yeah, Ben jails been lucky to get a lot of work, even during covered yourself, Marit Paulsen, which
that's right, ipods, secularize did lateral myself. Yet that's with Macgregor in Turin. Macgregor. If I get a dance, interesting May at her name was man but, but it made now. I think it's gonna be good. To use, can wait and see. For yeah. Why not relax hearth yeah yet how many kids you get around me and there are on town the up there all anyway isn't a business or no? No, no less good! It's nice to be around the family, just Vienna. I I gotta go. I got a New York for a few days in us Are you guys you act like cuz? I do some acting but like I get offered stuff small movies. There I get psyche or six weeks neuro into my. I dont know if that life man here that I must be, for you Jake. How do you like my rhythm and was but that's it but like if you're, an actor used to that I mean you know you get offers its values can be like six months. Yeah you're gonna hear that here we are. Maybe you can see your family. You know
Here you are you're worried about as I get my can be comfortable, but you have to go away. I go nuts yeah. I've got cats, I'm way for four days and like what the fuck you, the cats going to do it, but I'm in a lunatic. I almost didn't move at a mild houses. The cat was comfortable outside there. So I got it. I've got a re figure having surrendering whole too much power tools. These animals. I don't give a shit about it, but yeah I mean it's. It's a weird job. Acting you gotta, be willing to. You know like right. This is part of it. I'm gonna go to Ireland, for a year yeah yeah, which I would love actually have bigger, yeah yeah, there's a to get out here here. Refusing might again die this way.
Go on down there that I need time to find another land. I see your neighbors are hollow. Wean people, big new hollowing, do give out only make up a pumpkins covered. A couple. Pumpkins yeah give our canning places. It was crazy this hour when it was nice. Yunkers. Last year was a sad, but this year, I dare out with a vengeance parents with their little kids coming over. Yet I buy for bags a candy I went through. All of I didn't get the stash any for myself, oh yeah, I almost priests dashed it that was like MIKE I'm gonna put this in the freezer, formulate the twigs parts, but then they kept coming. Unlike that fuck, I guess I bought it for them the idea, but it is the gift of a lady you could be had gone down. You have this neighborhood till you get out of it the sense of community. I let it be. I know my neighbors, you guys that he's in the business, a guy with all the stuff on his yard studies, I think he's a Disney does something by every year What the hell wings yet hello,
operating room set about their this year's organ. I he does. He does a thing. This thing, that's beautiful! cheap- and that is what we are talking about now good to talk to you. your parliament, the centre, the finale this Wednesday December first on USA Network, Don't forget if you ever wanted to make your home feel safer, now's the time get act. you all have simply saves black Friday deals like acre, wait home security system, starting it just over a hundred dollars. There are no long term contracts or commitments if they really easy way to start feeling a bit more peace. Of mind, hurry hurry supplies are limited, take fifty percent I simply say: dot. Swash, W p M today, that's so I M p: Ally, essay, F, p, dot com
w to yeah. Ok, here here I'm gonna play Maya banker. Custom Corina, explore, yeah straight into debt, dirty old man, app I'm not the dirty old man, the app is the EP. Is I have my moments
can I use was everywhere.
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