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Episode 1287 - Halle Berry

2021-12-13 | 🔗

Halle Berry wasn’t supposed to be in the movie Bruised. And she definitely wasn’t supposed to direct the movie Bruised. Then she wound up being in it and directing it, but no one wanted to take a chance on it. Now it’s such a hit for Netflix that they’ve signed her to a multi-picture deal. Halle tells Marc what it took to get to this place in her life and career, transcending her childhood of abuse to create a portfolio of performances where she breathes life into broken people. 

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not to the brim, I'll. Do it's not to the brim. Last week took me. Oh, it was kind of a rough weak, sickness, wise me last week I got the called filled me knock me out for a few days and then I flew out New Mexico to see my dad, and I was out there and that the cold was sort of holding on, because I don't know man be I'm sorry. How are you. these people. I can ever get called the last three days they last week, at least not me, might not feel sick, but you're filled with gap group glop snot, but back on track and back home got my dad but Livia. Maybe I should talk about the show little a couple of things. How he bury is here Of course, you know her she's amazing actor, Oscar winner and now she's a director her.
direct debut, was called bruised and It immediately became the number one movie networks when it their pro here last month, and then right after that how he signed a new multi picture deal with Netflix. I will talk about this stuff heard this new chapter in her career and about a lot of other stuff. I d, so we got in pretty got into a pretty deep with there Are we bury she's great? I related to her wedding they open conversation about a lot of things and to be for the EU. The movie is kind of visceral. I me right away, I mean we talk. About the nature of that genre. You know the underdog fight movie, but she's, very aware of what what's up with that John Run, how she want to change it, but I'll tell you man, the movie just goes and she is always fully committed as an actress really kind of astounding.
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I wanted to get her a car. and it became a real fucking problem. So the car vomiting fell through after a month, she's taken fucking bus in the train, which is not bad. I mean you know nothing wrong, public trust. four, but still I just one get a reasonably priced used car that some fucking juice left in. So this kind of is convoluted story. I go home to visit my dad who goes after what you need to go to look at all these symptoms can remember anything. He was shuffling his gait. He had dead, no balance, there's a lot of things going on mentally and there was a lot of assumptions being made about what he might have, but it turns out, he had grown, old man, hydrocephalus thing I'd say said this water on the brain. That was your causing. problems and you had to get a drained, and it's just this type of. Coincidentally wasn't when I was there, we had a couple of days together at some great laughs, ate some food
great see my old man. I know a lot of you know that guys have been at odds with him in my life, but I'm shown up for the guy the best I can and and always enjoy making them laugh. I think he was my original audience, but when he had got spinal tap during the food, and apparently some is brains coming back. So if that the problem- that's a fuckin miracle- will see. Then I realized, while there that my dad's I've rosy has nephew. who would be my cousin by marriage. I dont you to deal with the my my cousins from birth. I don't feel like. I just don't deal with family that much. It's probably a mistake, and I dont. like to deal with them. When I need something, if that's the only time you deal with him, but this was sort of a good introduction in away her nephew. Gary Medea over their agenda. Houston wholesale. Otto on Lomas, Miss working, you max you got my gloomy talked Gary Man maybe can maybe he's got a car over there cause. I know him he's family he's because you know
now. I know where the car comes from this you might. The best idea could pass. We come up with and I went over there and there is a fucking toothache, twelve hundred. the sparkly blue that somebody loved the windows were tinted. The weather seats were still intact in nice, the interior with great there's, nothing better than finding a used car, especially reasonable, used car. That's but clearly care for you can feel it, and why This is a man and he was like. I know this. Is it now? My guess is it was. Do it? Can we not get out needs like? Let me get cleaned up and repainted. Am I gonna time, for that is a just. Let me take care of it, so he got I'll check out, took the attack? DA the windshield left. The windows, because you know kits cool, and I actually did have some paint put on their on the windows, were just whether worn. I went above and beyond great deal and then it was sort of like. Should we put on truck and have ado everytime, I know fuck man I'll deliver it, I will deliver this car
so my friends of my country to buy this car and delivering and take it home, give it a kid. So we got paper together tell my friends or equity twenty. Who does that? Unlike what do you mean and then it was like really weird, because I got up Fifty five in the morning, I'd guide, put two hours in before the sun even came up in this car may, and I got to Flagstaff we have before noon. It's like an eleven to twelve hour drive down, and I just got to like I don't live a life like you were people, my age is even a matter feeling my age or being my justice. I don't live that life, this life. I live where my Phuket drive this car to Us Angeles tomorrow,. and I got around my brain run on how to cancel flights had returned. Rental car and I had to be back yesterday to to doing a moderating panel and talk to Peter Dink, I drove their car back man, I drove it and it is also a way to see if it was a good course great car by just start, thinking man, you know
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Mister Hales of the film as an absolute masterpiece in the guardian, says it's compelling and visually brilliant. The tragedy of Macbeth comes to theatres December. Twenty fifth rated are under seventeen, not admitted without apparent I drove that car garment. I drove that sparkly blue twenty twelve handy launcher, like a cowboy through the desert baby. had water in cash use in the car. Thinking. As you having either your driver or you're. Not. I come from a fan and we have drivers runners. I dunno just get me my brother. We loved drive my my father, Dr Hours hours, his wife the driver so stopped at a truck. Stop I had been so long. This is a big real a allotted truckers after I now have to assume because of the swamp,
Clyde chain back up now, there's just an overload and also known, leads our house anymore. So everything has to move. It has to be delivered, was always busy but it seemed really fuck em busy and I started a truck stop and I was like wow. This is in the middle of fog in Arizona or whether maybe western you, Mexico is like this is the most diverse environs I think I've been in ages. There was like you know, indian guys air, maybe pakistani geyser black dudes. Chicken goods asian dudes, like all kinds of people in there, drivers I didn't. I just realized is right on the road community of people in sweat, pants climb out of fucking Vessels. After hours and hours of being in them to shower and wash your face brush their teeth, get some coffee What to the bathroom? It was crazy things. Just people like waken up everyone
Waken up together, people of all kinds in their sweat, pants their driving sweats. now just wait: music, stalk Zaga, rather some guys in performing this like three forestalls. So weird This huge dude was waiting to before me into a stall in psychology, its filthy, it's fucking, filthy truck, stops What are you gonna do a lot of movement in their lot of people coming through so some dude leaves a star This big dude walks into that stall turns around. and runs away like right by something in their terrified him. or maybe the guy who was in there just before got something I don't know what happened, but this guy lit out of that Call- and I look around in my what's up. And I went in there might what could be in here that could be so terrifying. Now, I'm a groan person, but this happened,
I'm grown person. I've seen some pretty nasty shit literally in bathrooms, Whether they be port of parties or public restrooms, what goes on there? You know you can't. Account for what someone does to their insides, but this I ran out of there, but I walk There and there like girl automatic flesh toilets, and I guess this one was workin. Maybe, but there was like there was like it Ouch I say there was a go. a turd the size of like, like a forearm in there. and part of it was out of the water so that that scary anymore, that would guarantee by you. Guiana can jump out at are young. You know it was look like it was poised to go so By the look it. I think I have made that guy ran out get that guy's autograph consisting was like proof
or maybe just gonna handle it. I don't know, but I tracking. You know, there's a button on those kind of toilet, just push it in a flash in there, and I was free as free do my business, which was you know minimal in comparison, the out. There are people than do the big Work then there are those of us who just. Hope we can do the work at all, and you know I one be healthy. ran out of there. The major? Why shake that guy's hand, not sure there's the as leading body. It is what is the real story. As real memory, and it might be a children's book how Ebay It is deeply talented, socially present and That was amazing to talk to her new film bruised that she erected in stars and is now streaming on Netflix, and this is me:
talking to her crew Spencer, says high, yet his second? Why saw my site? We have no, what we do comedy site year. He was on before me. I work at the comedy store here. I told her. I start news, I go tellers and am I d really know her miss? Yes? Yes, I do. We did when he said that He said that he's directing a movie is: why is he yes are. You know that I didn't know that will now you know, and he said that he was using the sentiment. I refer. You used Unbruised Frankie, Denmark. Why do we always the other guy? Unfortunately Austria's? don't found either one of those sound familiar you're too one got.
Let go half way through the air and then another one showed up on a Monday it. It was something rare that hardly ever happens but rule on this movie here to tell you the truth here. If anyone could have everybody said in all my years, I've never seen this happen. If I heard that one more time my head was gonna explode like about what everything- oh ruined, this crazy things that were happening to me, People were saying in all my years. I've never seen this happen like war. Another day later in all my will like that, have an area only peas wondered I getting garden another guy showing up that. I never met. Never talk to, and I'm saying he's your new dp anaemic. Oh wow, nice. to meet you right in the middle of shooting. Why? oh, it's crazy is so many things, but you are the movie. Look. So great! Thank you. I mean like here. It's got a very liking. Other disorders
vibrates electric you know, and I like all that close of snuff in the hand out stuff, yeah how'd, you really go yet and the budget you know dictates allotted ass. Sure now, like I thought, what will be the most effective way to shoot this movie in TAT. It be greedy and dark and real what would be the best way so was pretty much all hand held in a budget. But what is the story of this movie because it seems I kind of a like the little movie. They could write I really like Guy Office and there's a movie and then all of a sudden, you know you get this great opportunity to make more. These four netflix, I think for a while there. Now you can't even get moved. You can't even sell this movie right yeah. It was hard to get people to believe that movie about a woman living in this environment was worth telling. You know anything,
the classic, thereby Ruby yeah, that's really true and being a woman of color. Absolutely true really because I could just seems like in the culture we live in people were watching. People beat the shit out of each other, but not women and a woman who never seen that before I don't know. I know it was something they never seen and that's the problem because nobody's ever seen it. There was all this trepidation. I argued that's the reason you should do it because nobody's ever seen right, it's a new version of old genre. Why do you want to see the same thing over and over? Aren't you tired of that right? Can we have a modern day like on this? Joining in the genre is a sort of proven success, the genre area and the only when people love the giant eleven under dogfight we'll be right. Now my argument was, but let's tell it
from a female point of view: you ve never seen a black woman. Do it, let's make it different wars. It always was it scripted that way? Now what were the wider story of the movie? The history was, it came to me and it was written for twenty one year old, Irish Catholic girl lay lively was attached to it. I love these Dore yet and it wasn't for me at all, and I read it and I said to my agent: it was my first script, my new agent I just had gone to W Emmi. They handed me this greatly and I read it over nine said came back, I love it. Let's let me change it and then I want to do it makes it well it belongs to Blake Lively, so you can't act. I thought as a director as an actor I reactor Sergio just came to you as an actor yet, but it didn't really come to me because it was with our anger. I just said what we just wanted to know. If this is the kind of thing you would like to do- and I said this
now, fair legacy is now we're. Gonna start a who genuinely right. You can't do this, isn't it amazing? You guys. Is this what you want to do so they said we don't know. I kept saying I have to do this, I'm gonna die die. If I don't get you re imagine this later. This is cool. Up here and I said well, you have to just wait because Blake was also a client and how they handled. This was very important to me. You know if they backhanded and it and took it from her in some way, because I was passionate to poach meek as I was a nuclear watching ain't it weird as an actor like an even doing this a long time. We realise these, like these people that are working for you, you ve got a second guess everything it away like. How is this being used? How am I being used? What's the gay, I hear what are they doing here and you If they do some shady should to her, I am going to be the shady shit person. You know Don T write in about five minutes ago. I was
a keen to watch here how they handled it into their credit. They said, look it's hers. We can say anything to her about it. I suggest you don't even say you read it if she passes on it this was a really attached here. She was was she was already to do it and she was gonna. Do it be said if some ah chance. She doesn't. Her will make sure because will have control of it if she dropped it, that it gets into your hands. Oh, I had to wait six months before you know She decided that she wasn't gonna do it. So I guess you feel like the commitment you under she doesn't want to do it and they weren't gonna. Ask her, because I didn't want to hurt, I feel like they were turning you don't get rid of it. We have to leave it with her and will lead are the same, and so finally it, but in that six months he gave me a lot of time to work on my re, imagining oh yeah, and just believed that she wasn't gonna. Do it and I
said when she doesn't. I need to be ready with my pitch my story. Had it all flushed outside go to those producers and like them right on my head, where we were somewhat lower, try guess what the changes were was The train are always a woman, yes, ok, but it did not one in Africa, nine having obviously near and what of water what were the changes, a big change, the little boy. You spoke a lot. Lot screenplay there. So heavy man like you, take it so heavy that vat that dynamic? Like I don't I'll, tell you, like one thing for sure like you, your great, and, and you really commit to the emotional way that very rare and seems very risky to major. Do you feel that when you do that, when you I love you do like that. That just gets me. Feeling Alai put it out there like that and go to those dark places and dare to expose it and expose yourself in the process, but also expose these
really real emotions at people who are really struggling well, yeah and rapidly, it's really fit it's not it's. What every day the people, the Argo with in all walks of life with my again, why it's a truth of humanity survive. The kid talked a lot. He talked a lot here am and because the original character was so young, she gave up the kid because she just too young to be a mother, so I had to rearrange the story of and makes sense out of. Why would a woman and her thirties give up a child Failed when she's got you know so Do you mean to two two summit maker adapted to your yet, and I make us under like you understand why a young woman would give up a child ready a mom, but you don't really understand why thirty five year woman would give a bright I'll drive to it, which we don't do that as you. So I had it. Create those circumstances as to why, A woman would do that right. So that meant you know that not all had to be created.
and I had to also get with which he doesn't get credit on the movie last even Atley Girgis came in whose you know Brilliant playwright Roca had to come in and like help us with the world with the colouring of the world really and the dialogue. India, like immaculate, wasn't immaculate thrust, even Atley Girgis figure. In addition right, you know he writes these worlds and on did you ever see between? reciting, crazy, remoteness, bolter, for I mean he writes this world and these characters so beautifully and their trade Jake and Unbroken yes, such humanity in them, and so he kind whenever the script yeah over this. With me and did a real dialogue pass to help bring out these characteristics of really yet, and you have done that already. I had worked on the story, but Stephen, you know into Michel's Credit Michel rose in farm. You know she this world original scrivener, they re script. This wasn't her world is blocked.
Inner city, Newark yeah work. What wasn't her Ottawa Newark movies now not have good cell. You know Stephen came into. You know just color than up colored that dialogue, whose realisable fer. You know that that's it in between the mother and daughter, where you were you you find out what that, while bad that mother is because what your character saying you're here I mean that was heavy here. Man yeah was at all in there. Now. That was our added. That was our you and stealing yeah, socially May, because that is, you know, What I know to be true is that so many of these stories, especially with women, which why the film had to stay. I wanted a female director before it was me. It had to be told from female gaze, because so many women have abuse this way guy throughout failure. You know what I mean India and were marginalized in so that had to be a part of it. For me, it had to be a part of what their dysfunction was all about, and
when you say that bad mother, I see it differently, sought a bad mother. She was the kind of mother she was based on the lack of love she received the I you know, I mean I said so: there's no bad there's just people higher survive the damage that has been done to them. I am now, I guess I'm not Adami morally bad, but I mean she was not a good apparent. No. Also highlighting does that run on having that's what I mean, I don't either. I know that that was carry that you are careful day, LEO exude and capture empathy on all sides, Emily yeah cause, I don't think, there's very their bad good people were all people. trying to survive and struggle an answer via the wounds of our past of right, but where we were given a not given the love, we got the lovely Rio right, the things that were poured into us in the things I spilled into liking us not always under. I can within our contributor uber, like away. We are just been a little nutty about, like you know, people who
don't take responsibility for their fuckin mental illness. Well ya out in the world. Yes, there, it is our responsibility, because when you grow up realize you had a fact child and you didn't get all the love right and you have to do something about it. You can't states hard duck. Ah how using that as an excuse for one hundred percent agree. I think what Jackie was doing. She was holding her mother responsible at the mall. Don't tell me I didn't know. I know you knew where I sit right and so healing only comes when you for somebody to face their dysfunction right, and so you feel that the Montana softens towards the end- and you want to believe that may be. This is a first step in the healing in her taken some possibility that so I want to believe that, and it was definitely a touching moment, any sort of like because of the genera you gotta, know you're hoping for, like all I've number. I turn to my producer on watching a thing like this: better, not go down like million dollar bay, because I can't take it
You should know what we gotta be initially by. I ended up in a wheelchair, cannot be older Viking deal with this movie at this pace. Pennies and I think it's. I think he's going go the over, but you got here but the moment when we have seen a lot of movies way. We were, you know you get. The underdog daddy's remains the underdog, yeah yeah, but felt that moment. You know she's watching the fight and you feel like you're. Also so when you go get the created the butter but I had this argument. Would then it can come a batch. I guess it's it's a movie argument where you know As that woman become a a person I dont know like in my experience of people in the region may be, I judge harshly is because most people, even if they know they stay in their shit. You know, make, this has got nothing. Do the movie answer either the idea of empathy through issue and they stay in their shit, but some
I'm the idea of movies and art is to get people to look at it more cry. Nor do we have to stay in our shit yeah, you know, or can we make small size that's that? involve us to play here. We do have more understanding. We do. We can. You know when we also saw that the mother, when the fight was Gunnar on we saw we saw that their love, like it's hard for me to be a very worthy, a child, and you don't have in a love when your hard for that, of course, and she's also drug added to make compromises. I can't live with herself yeah. You know it is human, it's what we do with him, I know I am now it's what I think no other times I get judgment I get angry because in minister. I don't wanna do of my own shit. It's easier, go right now: that's fucked up purse in Ireland, but that just the that's just the nature of a two: that's the ebb and flow of it you grow and then he dropped back a little bit. Yarrow! Yes, so when
Because I'm the one questions I have, because I really I liked the movie- and I don't want you oughta movies like that- are not. There is a movie like that, but I know a giant generally watch action movies right but how? Can you not like that movie, doing very well right. It is as if all like our getting off on it because I think a lot of it has to do with, because I thought it Just a fight movie, but it's not it's all other things, you're talking about liking and right away. It seems very, very real stuff. You don't even know why. Just the widow suggestions about what happened to the kids, father and that's all which is heartbreaking itself, heartbreaking, em, what about that choice you made on the street. You know that when you guys come across that speaker plain that song in that kid curls up, but you chose not to hug yeah because she's not there yet, but you knew that right now that we enjoy your choice. Yeah you're, not instantly a mother, when you give a packet and you don't know the child when he returned. He was a stranger. She gave him up at run or you are also very self. You know selfish right, yeah
selfish, but also not knowing what to do and doesn't know that's what she would do all that's what I thought a good mother. Yes, it painful choice. Man yeah to sit there, an audience reverend really but she knew she had led him grief. Yes, she are you. I got that taken him to decide and letting him deal was. It is important to preserve rushing morn right, but she didn't know what to do with that thou with a lot for her among so what power? when you took this on their first movie directed It's really good. Thank you. I think so so like ways so like this. Let's get back to the the history, the movie, so you that she gives up the movie you get to have you. How do you end up directing them?
well, it's not something. I wanted to do really judge you straight. No, I mean I had a big acting role. You know to play a fighter. I spent to draw you, you spend your do always wanted director. You never wanted to direct may be, but I was gonna do a little short first. I was writing. There's our last accessory and that's what I thought I was gotta go out. It's just about plastic surgery and my take on like what's happening to women and what in Vienna and certainty of it all of Virginia a comedy, yeah tragic comedy That's interesting that that was the approach of a woman of yours. stature in your experience in acting your only make ashore, maybe you might get into festivals just wanting The festivals, like I'm dreaming, to go to work, but also, I think it comes from maybe a little insecurity yeah not being sold. Audacious. To think I can just go, do a feature in just because I'm an actor doesn't mean I should be able to direct a film but it's interesting as an actor. You know you ve been watching people direct you for like twenty or thirty years. Yes, yes,
I have so much respect for what a director does it. I didn't think initially and I think many women, especially women of color- I don't think, there's enough That's ever been shown to me that made me think I can sure I can do that. Don't I think, as women we often don't think we can it's not. I As a man, you probably don't see it that way, because oh, I don't know, men are men, you guys think you can do everything. I do and I do not. I know you'd say: do you guys know your opportunity? Yes, where I got no, that every man thinks they can do a bit right. We know we could if we wanted to. Probably, I think so, I think as women we don't. We don't grow with that, knowing right seller knowing I thought I could I thought I would have to prove myself every step of the way well exciting opportunity, MR freaked out so has have. I did freaked out because I buy went to the producers. I gave them my pitch. My re imagining they said great. We love this re. Imagining now go find a filmmaker to tell the story- and I said ok
I knew that I wanted it to be a woman to ski gaze and I met with some people and The problem was that this re imagining wasn't on the page. It was only in my head, so I had to sit down with filmmakers and say: ok, here's what it is a problem I ran into was they either? ACT, the Indy ART House feeling of the dramatic story and smallness of that, and they then quite get, but why does it have to be a fight movie? Can we just tell the story of these fractured, broken people, you era, or the other of directors would say I just want to do a straight up. Fight fell on a one off this drama. I do. I want to do a simple story about a woman getting her kid back and then that's just it, and I that those two were connected for me. You can't have the drama without the fight for and the fight was only happening because of the drama right. So I couldn't I'm someone that saw the totality of the vision that I had in my head, so I finally went home and I was talking to my producing partner Lang Goldsmith and she said I what what what
Will you just do it and I said, are you high? Are you? Are you smoking but bring me some of it? I know I. Can she got absolutely you? Can you just don't think you can she's the trainer. She was the trainer. If she was the train or you absolutely. You love this story. You know it. You ve imagined it now for six months you been, training Europe me? You can pull off this role. Yes, you can do it with an eye. I smoked on it, have forty eight hours and then said you know what, I'm gonna go to the producer to say hey what about me and I fully expected them to shut you down on the right now is prepared to give em like smoke on those who might be clearer and, to my surprise he said. Yes, he gives yes, yes, yes, you do, you do seem to get it so, yes, why and I had to go, do it now? Who are these producers? That's all I wanna from thunder Road, ok, Brad Feinstein from Romulus and diamond chastity from three six
the three different ways at very different place: Zachary devalued three different dudes, three different dude and there Why not? Why not it's interesting man, because, like food, It must have been like a thrill. I mean that I get such a great opportunity for something you're nerve. About and then you just gotta dive in and do it and you too, and you know it is That'S- was curious about the deep you think, as you know, you ve been another set. Snowy directors are great, but deep reason, oh my dear, but what you need. You need a deeply always imagine the how I felt when they told me they came to me and said: okay D p leaving at the end of the day, a new one, coming halfway through how exactly wait so, but the new dp could look at the dailies right in the end, you could see the out the tone was set, the tone was set. We're here was I just didn't. Never had a conversation with Google Yahoo didn't work out all right, yeah,
Ultimately, I mean, I hope it I feel like it did, but but it was still very unsettling. I'm a first time director and to have this happened because I had built a relationship with my first p, quite new owner and you you would watch movies together like we were asked it of any felt, supported and you know, and so to lose. Him was destabilizing to say the least, but it turned out ok, but I can't say I didn't you know right. Vomit that will weekend and also the acting in directing its in time is crazy. It's crazy showed. Were you looking at dead shots at right? After did you ever play back everything I can. I had a handheld that was attached to my hip and you know. it slow down our process, which, for small movie like this scheme, could be detrimental met. We didn't get to do as many take says, because I always had to take time to go back and I look like I don't know how you do that, because, with the of the emotions of that particular character. How are you? How are you in that? You had to go work? We outcries how you gonna be in a moment and direct other actors,
and you'll be in character yeah, which was difficult? I had a woman with me who was our dialect coach for everybody here, and she proved to be very helpful because I would find myself in the scene and I'm talking to the other actors and I'm getting them satin and listening to what they're having a real working, and so we run the scene and I'd be watching like watching the other actors and I'm listening and I'm figure out of what they're doing is actually working until my little angel, I called her Denise would come up to me. India say: ok the act These are all great. We are how you act right, I'll, get erect. How good you in the scene with them, then I will go out and they are right acting too and then I could you know, forget about them down. Up into my character and forget, and just do my part in this they. They actually were all pretty great day why they were amazing, and you know it always no jacket on whether from the stage. So you makes such a demon Mckinley you, you know
well you're pops. Yes, he oh yeah, that guy yeah course has been a referendum. I gotta stay out of the way the old train you gotta have an old Georgiana. Have the all the trainers, I've good guy. I am watching movies Sheila, a tin she's, a british actors, great quick question. I just now, for my mind, was over a conversation where you do consummate that relationship. Yes, yes, why, That was why did you choose to because I felt like that? character of Jackie. Knee It love like the air to breathe wherever they know how to take it, though no didn't know how to take it easy. I never had it really right, ok, but she needed it like the air to breathe, and I believe that she could go on and stay in that fight without getting that
about how to tourism relationship with someone got her that validated heard that a firm turn some way they gave her strength to go in that cage and realized she belong there. She deserved thrice s. You know, I think it's hard for broken people to realise they believe good things without some form of love, some form of support right right had happened in my mouth to make her. Whenever they re not run low. It was a sort of interesting choice. It goes and I gave my mind. from the genre? Am I You gonna show up in the corner, see. I know I didn't want to do that. You didn't want to do. I did and I wanted. I wanted the message to be. She did that all by herself and the fact that you know The movie end like it ends there. We need to feel like that. She's gonna be able to go back at her son and she's gonna be able to handle it all by herself. They're gonna be about a man to be about this woman. It's gonna be about her standing on her own two feet, believing that she strong enough. We cause you know that
half the reason we don't do things in life issues, but I believe we can write so like now that I've directed my first movie. I don't think I could. I now believe I can do this again Gunnar. I know I can cause I've done it now, right without beautiful, weird happy ending the knot. the movie, but just a fact like now. You ve got a deal to direct. How many more I don't know but what I said I you know this like it seems to be some sort of coalesced I have a lot of the work you have done, but Yogi Coterie, honestly and openly focusing on broken people right thinking about broken people. How many broken people of you played. My best characters have been the most broken right it. That way. That's why I mean I blog where I live, Dorothy Dandridge broken. very well. I know you know like in it, so I
strangely enough to say that I come because I remember watching that when it came up- and I was watching it again- and I was like oh my god in the oh gotta mentally, challenged kid and she who is abused as a kid. My wound, then you think about you, know the other one. The one you won the asker for was minded about that that's not a healthy person. you know, I love digging deep. I love going to those dark place. You can go wrong yeah and you can do it so liberating it's so freeing you know it other things I loved about even and bruised is that However, I showed up every day great right it creates being being our truest selves. Those are the characters that really resonate with me, like it seems like you can also do the superhero stuff in the action movie stuff. Andy when does release.
someone told me I got. I need a physical release for my anger. Maybe that's that's what you do those movies. Well, some I'm punch a pillow. A bunch of boxing bag IA, robotic some shit, but when they were highlighted trainee, I I learnt so many disciplines now Jujitsu tat, Condo Judo Wrestling Boxing, my tie kickboxing, really. I practice Oliver Mme yeah, are. You can do it yeah. He's just trying to do is use it exercised once a primary Imelda, I'm still studying jujitsu I'm working to get my purple bout. My lawyer. So where does this all start? I mean: what do you come from to have this deep understanding of the broken among us? Where the word you grow up and Balkan? Let's be honest, I grew up in Cleveland Ohio in the inner city. When I was young with a white mother, black Father, my father was an alcoholic and wildly abusive really so unbroken
yeah, and he saw the yes understand where it lives and understand what it takes to rise up. Out of that, I understand how hard of spin do have sightings Ivan older sister, with the same parents so like? How long did it where they, together your whole life for known they divorced when I was three but my father stayed in our life and he came back and nineteen seventy six. When I was ten Mama, I thought my kids are going, off the rails. We need a man around here, so she brought my dad back real. He was now more abusive than he ever was and more or in his alcoholism and addiction and his raging in it. Was probably one of the worst years of all of our lives at one point, my dad through our dog against the wall and the dog bit its tongue off. clear was horrific when you're that little and it was frightening and
That's probably why I'm drawn to these these. I know where this lives. I know the reality of how some people live, but how long did it take you to develop some sense of some sort of empathy? For that I mean how long were you angry? in fighting your own demons and a in a very long time, but my mother, who was a sight nurse honour the Ivy Hospital on the sideboard for all of her career. She He had. The the clarity of thought to put me in therapy that year after my dad left, she saw when Euro eleven I was eleven yeah. She put me in therapy so that I a healthy place to deal with. Of this and she knew that it wasn't with her. She as part of what allowed this to happen to me by ringing and back, and I can't say she really protected us you know, so she knew that the conversation didn't lie with her, so she got me someone to talk to that. Really. I think, without that I dont know what path I would have taken really here.
and that's been a part of my life. You know since then not that I'm in therapy constantly, but I now I learned inveterate age that I have a place to go when the ship it's the fan, I'm feeling like. I need some place to you, no talk and get Pino recalibrate it. I have some, ways to go. There are eight year that help And you didn't eleven alcohol, I know it. I got Gideon like a control freak, maybe maybe just it's like my life armchair. Psychology is sort of like. If you grew up in an erratic alcoholic column, you can end up an alcoholic you're gonna end up, like somebody just wants to control the environment. On the one hand, I want to control my house, the yellow, that's my life yet may maybe a little. Maybe what I like to say not controlling, I like to say someone that knows that I have to create Maria
but it's not gonna. Just pop up. I learned early that I have to create my own circumstance. If I sit back and unjust victim of it than that's the problem, I have to create it for myself and you are you have rejoined. Do you have to stay on top of the ship, I can terms of, like you know just like drifting back into whatever your bad behaviour on which the bad behind can my controlling one, though I mean just like in general, like from from what you come from and from European like because, like I don't know, but why, after the therapy when you were eleven year. How did what we will outdated affect your life. The way you brought a plague, your relationships and so well I think it made me so one who looked for love and all the wrong place ever, I need her love so badly lamp languages of lighter character, air to breathe. I needed it, so I wanted a man to love me like. I always wanted. My dad d love near always wanted that. You know my dad was so
handsome. He could sing like Johnny Math ass. He had white teeth like Chigglewitz like. I could never understand why this man couldn't. Let me why did he have to be a monster. Why did you have to be a maniac? I couldn't his physical self didn't equate with whom he was right right. So I I wanting a man like my dad to love me right, and I realized that looking for all the wrong any found them I found them, but if you're right- they were, they were incapable like he was it's just I, I didn't go about it the right way. I didn't find people that were right for me. I'm not smashing the people in rise. They weren't right for me, the worse. Its worst feeling too, to be kind of emotionally hobbled in particular way, because a lot of times
on the same way, not it wasn't as abusive my background, but if you do, if you have that weird, you dont know how to love her beloved because of what you were brought up in right, even when think you got a good one. I was on you like now. we could tat. You could turn bad others only like becomes exactly yeah yeah like here yeah! We because you know conscious We send our representatives into the relationship but subconsciously where our real selves and thus up that real part of you comes out eventually right only realise ocean, and until you really get the healing, you keep choosing the same kind of person over and over and over and over. But I guess that's what I was asking about vigilant. I was doing that and I have worked well worked really hard at it with all the failed relationships that have had about some good ones along the way to, but the failed ones that I've had. I done lots of work around that trying to figure out. Why do I keep calling in the? So? What do I have to learn here? This goes back to knock,
staying stuck in that broken this and being a victim would grow. I play a part in this work and I need to understand what that part is. The scan responsibility augurs well go. That's gonna, keep repeating itself right. So right, it's right here and it's hard, because sometimes you get your boy. Rio, I'd know unduly were no hired, yeah yeah. I don't think you should have to any more, but the truth is you do have to until you ve really happy, though, of you do you need all that and you gotta figure it out for yourself, you No, yes, you do. So how did how's, your older sister. She yard he's vocation struggled. She struggled with alcoholism, her issues, You guys go on. I welcome here, if you around my mom, is around yes, how that that's? Ok! so you feel, thank God for the for the for the therapy. When did you
dark getting involved with acting. Not until I was probably nineteen, he was a really more your interests before that I want to be journalist writer. Did you do that in high school certain Riera for the paper? I was the editor, on the paper really yeah. That's all what I thought I would do and I wanted to see the world. So I thought I could lead travel and be a journalist, and I could see the world Airport and, like you know, I was gonna work. You can go into that radio that that's a bad thing to be. I rise hard hard game now. I know it is so yeah you're mad and how it turned off soon nineteen and what what? What? What does it? I am living in Chicago. That's what you want the school or about what now went there to model for a little bit, and I met going at our bears out when it became a big time model. Now I've never become cause. I was always too short, and so it was just something to do until I decided to go to school Roca.
Was having a gap here and I went there and I met a woman who said I you know You could really do this professionally. If you really want to do a deep down, I knew that that really wasn't what our motto yet I knew I was too short. It was before Kate MOSS. I knew I wasn't gonna be very successful at that, but because I was in Chicago all by myself. I went to a class. at night I went to second city a real and I started taking classes the improvised improv glasses. Just two. Because I wanted to do anything with it. I thought I need to meet people in the town and to make some friends that's what improves good for a lot of people go for those countries that have I went and d with other any people that were there that we know that, like big comics, our big comic actors- you don't remember not not not not in my class that you would know so you were you funny I think so. My teacher, there said you know you really should Have you thought about doing this? We're leaving us? Oh god, no action.
This for living is another one of those are you hi lawyer, and he said I really think you should consider this there's something very natural about what you do in your timing is pretty good. I think you should consider this Who was a teacher? I remember he had just been set and I said now. I finished out the course and after that, that state in my mind that he thought- and I thought I'm I'm only nine- T hear what would be the harm ingesting and then out of the blue, a guy called me up on the phone here and said: hey Are you how we bury? I said yes he has many movement insurance, Yonah, I represent a girl that you know from your beauty, pageant Sandra Ferguson. I said yeah. He goes, I'm looking for a black or on a soap opera. I want some one kind of like her, so she said to give you a call. This is a sign of a manager calling me up out of the Blue rose in the moment of decided. I should give it's a try. Ok, so I food in New York.
had come for this audition. I said on the way: did you get it now have embedded? So you can take that as a sign now had internet. I behave and said you. You ve, never audition you're a little green, but I think I also think you ve got talent. I think you should consider come into New York and let me work with use. I went back home thought about a foreigner dog back. You can't you in Chicago. I two years has good town re. Think it out here I loved it. Actually but I went home and then I came back. I said, ok I'll come and I moved to New York. It did. You start classes, nine o clock, where'd you go and studied esper, I Asperger's everybody Meissner. Yes, everybody I studied for a good year and then little by little I started getting little It is interesting that their guide, the first guy this second city guy, because waste How about you? there? You have a naturalism nowadays is really true and it's a different thing than most people have Enoch has
Our people, you can you act. make choices. I get it but like with you, your emotionally. Is it so miserable visceral so present so immediately it sister, it's a rare thing and it's very its human and it sort of stands out in a way for me Like I said I, when I see you am, I have an immediate emotional response in writing. if you like my, I see the choices are making ah Take that do not only yes. So so you do the Meissner. Yes meissner! Yes, you're in it, I'm in it and studying, and now I'm really wanting to do this, I'm really now wanting to do it. I believe I can do it, I'm enjoying it unloving and it's a conscious choice and then I get a job. On a television show called living dolls, which moves me from New York to allay because it was shot an early hour or was it was horrible sitcom, for Girls- and I get on a show- and I realize it-
Nothing could be worse in a sense it. I was happy to have a job I had never, but I didn't you know It was the token black girl here, I started every saying, hey everybody and ended it would come on. Let's go, you know, and I was just I was born and I thought, oh, my god, it's gotta be more than this year. This can't be what I signed up for. Did you do any stage work now? No interest in a no no ever little bit, you know you little small production is not real stage or Kyle some a bucket list yeah these measures are Minamoto yeah, like you In this movie Gisela stage, actors, indifferent game. I have a different aim, but at the same time you know I wanted actors that we're just right for these parts and it so happens that the actors at I gravitate towards or state act with a new Yorkers, most don't smell of Stevens Orkut.
No, she lives from London Adrian Lennox, yes, sir, but what I liked about them, even though they were stadia stage, actors are often bigger and what I loved about them as they had the ability to take all of that stage that history in and make small like they were able to still make a small and fitted fit. There talent into this world, humming kids, you have to look for you gonna, give hundred, probably really a cleverly nailed it yeah. He was amazing, He wasn't. It was a revelation when he showed up regulation, but it's weird when you see these key actor, especially that age they are, but no more than they should to begin yeah they I'll come in like geared up in their parents, are geared up here right, but he wasn't Now that I had no idea that wasn't he was such a kid and he had such a wonderful mom that kept him grounded. And centred, and he was just a kid. He wasn't one of these precocious little kids that you know it's kind of way too much for it to be so.
yeah yeah. He wasn't like that. Just a kid in when I would say cut, he wanted to disco jump on the bed and went up and down, and why do kids do I grab some candy and like shove, it all down his right leg. He was very child. Like what he really got it yeah then he was able to stay. We lay bright, yes vote. Mozilla child, but he's very bright, so whether you are New York was it did, was tough times. Were you right? What are you waiting tables? What was the job? They were tough times. I d tables the. I was a bartender, the island before I was twenty one. um yeah there are sometimes there was one little stint where I found myself with. No rat money and nowhere to go, and I had to go to the whims. Being the shelter for low join, I miss you park air, the big one. Make burning vague one. He was over. I get Yea Park and ah
That, though, is a rough little patch and then my manager at the time any funny, let me come sleep on his couch for awhile, and here I got through it. And then the role started coming they started, and I got a television show that I told you about when one is I got without than my every one: the Wendy the first movie come thoust by please dongle fever area by drug attic yep I did crack. How was it to be specific? Was crack o number one found Conan metallic mercury? Do you remember working what spiked you remember the excitement of online? Do? Oh, my god. Yes, I remember that spiten want me for that. No no! He said I didn't look like a crack Helena. So what is a crack? Who look like he said not like you? I am a crack hull. I am a cargo drives me and he goes none are now. I want you to play the character of his wife and I said no, no, no, I am the cracker. Let me go in there
I threw him wash this make up off and you'll see I'm a cracker. So I came back and you let me read it again and he was like you are back, had grown up a job Greco you all of your wife, anyone we I know that I had to his wife: it was his wife, and Veronica web got the pardon she's beautiful in it, but I for me. I knew that I needed to shed my physical self and be taken seriously, and I knew that I needed to start taking on parts in fighting to get parts debt relied on my talent, not my physical sell, for I would be put in this box where ever you know right away. I knew right away that I had to dispel that as well that's right to dispatch policy to use a word, probably not correctly. Yeah, but you know I mean I mean to make that decision to protect your future. I knew that it had to do that are, I would just be the pretty girl and all the things, and that was the last thing I want it and be so do you feel like cause? I'm
get. You went back and forth. You do I tv and you did a lot of movies when it. What did you feel was the first, though, for all that we really were like their igniting. I really did This is the role that is going to find me a bit It's hard to know. I thought dongle fever defined me a bit me. Oh, I write a play. So opposite the. What are would type cast me ass, bad defined me. That was my first rolled her out I did it. I did Alex Haley's queen. I played his paternal grandmother that kind of defined me in a way as an actor. You know the item not just what I looked like. He up movies like losing Isaiah, also did that for me well now,
remember that majority Dandridge, even though it was about playing starlit issue, was a broken starlit that there were so many layers to her into her life is complicated, the other towards a hundred things like it's. I don't know much about her ear and it's like it's all. Those stories worry. You read the real story than you see the movie. It's like this as an end. Well, yeah! No, I couldn't, I guess she was wet before her time. There was You know. Hollywood created this starling, but there was no place for her. You know at the right time there was no place and when when you got that raw how'd it what what? What Who had up to that? Have that happened? I, my manager that same guy that's couches, counter use to sleep on. He said what role do you want to play and I said Dorothy Dandridge I mean she was one of my euros grow out of nowhere without their project existing yeah. Now we put that together, Frage Bia, we produce you. Did it I have always had the sort of make my own up follow.
though this was the first time I said this is what I want to do and we put that together. Sean rhymes wrote it before showrooms was shown to ride. She wrote it and we took it and shouted to each be oh and they picked it up and we pay and I produced the others One turn in that were you know like where you see just because, like I always associate you with this kind of rawness, but in that that's a very. Opposed role you now because of and retired you're right, but That seem we use it. You're not gonna, perform zeros and then, like you, just turn on that night showbiz Jews. I was like while she really got that in our mind. Where is more, that decided song and dance alley it's in there. It's in there, I do and I left it- I loved it- wants to do a musical have done in musical. I haven't we gotta get you do stage working again musical yeah
state aid. In when I'm older. I wanna play MRS Robinson onstage. Real in design graduate yeah Irene Stage role. We can make that happen, you're the producer, so I didn't realize monsters. Ball was after the Dorothy Dandridge yeah yeah yeah, without it, that come together that crazy movie, Ah I see my agent at the time told me about it. I shall, of course loved it in a minute. They all gave me this unknown or just kidding Dax, probably going to ruin your career and neither are they so yeah. I felt I love it, but why is it that will it's? You know it so it's racially charged. You know what it was about. India there was twenty years ago. And there's this love seat. Theirs is its nudity, its gratuitous. They felt, and I thought this is just not where you should be. After Dorothy desire, interesting because I quoted because they were afraid of doing what you like to do, which is to be
those at rob. Vulnerability. Take the risk and take risks yeah I've always known. If you don't risk big you'd, never gonna win big and yes, you knew would make people uncomfortable. And it made me uncomfortable, which is why I wanted to do it. I ll How can we not make anyone uncomfortable yet, and I I It's like I'm a moth to a flame. That way. I love to sit in that I'd love to sit in a challenge myself and challenge the others see what's gonna happen it's a nice. It there's a healthy context to do that. Yes, yes, in the end, this is it right. You know that there are going away out airway did you know that deal with these deem keep it in the fictional zonia? Yes, yes like Billy Bob was like you know out there like. That must be like you know the level of commitment, both he added pull off for that year were committed and we were both extremely common.
Nobody between takes was it sort of Al Qaeda and yet what we had talks about. You know how far we would go, what we would do, the very comfortable when we had to be had agreements about certain things. You know and we you're? So as a safe sat? Yes, yes and both We feel for that. My producer said he just three washbowl worth and he said like it. It defiling like holds up while he was when you think of what happened in the World Centre, and I think he was ahead of the curve on that his interesting man. Don't I've never talk to him why they are to an banning yeah and that warrant a couple times. I can't seem to get em like tat to do an interview with me. That guy knows at all, but the worst thing about him. He knows where all the bodies are here he's, so so smart yeah he's you haven't like he plays a sort of almost adieu fist. Sometimes yeah, like you know he's got this weird way about em, where you wouldn't?
No just yet how smart? yes, how politically, as with other stuff, do you Yet to hang out with, among other things, I love him dearly. He always your friend. Yes, yes, yes, he's! A good guy he's been always supported my corner person to talk to me, I want to know anything call weren't. You know I really need us and you do not get my guys you're still. Yes, I can talk to me about superheroes. do you, I ok outside of their Catwoman debacle, which I think you handled well and disgusting. Yes, but do you think would happen there didn't work. I wasn't on you know, but but here's the thing now I have unfairly, I believe, carried it as if somehow I directed at. I wrote it I produced at aunt. I start in Rio known, I mean I worked hard during my part as the actor to become a cat and do what I had to do. But I also believe that you know
because it was a woman for a superhero yeah that by May storyline by making Catwoman and aversion distant, a woman that was saving women from having their faces crack off. She wasn't saving the world like superheroes due regard. The story was small, small and and didn't transcend, like all the superheroes do, not that that was a big part of it, but back then The idea was, but if you making one movie about a superhero woman that it has to deal with women's issues like It was impossible for a woman to save the world the ranking. Wasn't there tat rights? I think that's what happened with that. Were in these other, a superhero movies x, men in those movies. Do you like doing them? Are they fun for fun? You know it's a good night It's it's a nice break from you know the the things that I really like to do and its physical, its physical. I love physical. I love
You like? I did John Wick before I did this, and it was just a great physical movie. Where I got suggest you know you. That part of what I do? I was a gymnast as it kids I get to use all of that Europe deal in my body yeah, it's still there, the muscle memory. All of that I love it. You can write Can you do that for those whips? I can t simple appear there. Were they Calvary just check out? yet that Diana women yet again about what Can you do Katy? however ass a parallel antiviral went on in a long time. I can't do that in my back yard, but I get an flipped might induce cartwheels, of which you can do its job. So, how's that Keanu Guy great the yeah. He really is. Mystery that duty. He asked he is, and you forever be, that I'm sure too Two major oil matrix franchise. Now John Wick thing just keeps churning amount, billions of dollars billion. No one knows what the fuck's up within a guy he's a good guy, no, he seems like a guy, but it's like it's one of the things were, I'm sure
work with a lot of people. Are you like? What's the magic yeah some people just magic. I don't know what that is, I'm not one of those people. their own arguably were opened stalker. He thought on the property, there's preventive work very hard, but but but the thing is is that you can't but be yourself to right so all that talent now that stuff that in you is gonna, be there hiding it now the magic but there is always like to fuck it up with them. I can't hide anything either. I'm not I'm not interested in hiding The idea that the ways that thing about not hiding is like more people, then you might want to know about you. Oh about you mean yeah, but that's ok here That's ok, but like em, there's a familiarity that young people think they know you and a lot of times like you do kind to know me about you and that's the thing
You don't know them right. I do know you exactly they do now. It's all a weird now with like all these social media, wherever we say there are very few people if they want to get to you they will get to you. Are you on such meeting? I am you yeah. I shall follow me, I'll, follow you I was on. I didn't live Instagram this morning. You did of me. Doing there. I have Jennifer Hudson on the package tomorrow. Never ruining she usually, Why guitar at the end just dick around them. I get her back. I'll sit here of the dual live, one of me playing and talking to people and I've gotten very snippet them. I will get you home. You people watching, but over time a few thousand people look at it, but I'll do I can hour and a half. Sometimes if they're, like yellow people, when their trolling me. What do you like? I will get the comment. I don't get into the fight with the people. I refuse to what do you do on yours
with the fan with the with the social media. What do you do all kinds of things I do Instagram Twitter? Do you like my twitter haven't? I the ten year, I'm not my daughter, my thirteen year old, keep saying mommy, please do it please. Let's do Tik Tok subdued tectonic doing together because I don't like young were made a deal with her, but one on the internet. Now to keep my kids out of that Africa. Has that worked? It has its good. There yet tik Tok I'd their certain things. I have to hold fast and say like unto offer that and I'm gonna, that's I'm fine. But that does not need to do it. I'm gonna be on Twitter. You know nothing you not on Twitter, I am out, but nothing comes good. Familiar. Nothing good comes from it yeah. What not a real world, its twitter world, the up there it's not real world is like it's very kind of slow, and you know I p. Well, deal as soon as you open your phone up like yeah yeah, it's terrible, and where do we?
You think it's going! Where do you no place good? Well, I don't know where do you think I mean I think. My concern is that. The world reality gets more more sort of compromised by. People engaging with social media and in using and playing seeing at us sort of video game like denied the thing I've notices that my life is relative we small it's kind of slow and it's ok. But you know you get addicted to the pace of engaging on social media or on your phone and stuff, but like use in the other people said it's not really reality, but eventually it starts to define reality night and what? What reality is a sort of sad and lonely, and I think I may not have hired Riah Become Oddly, not enough. What's a dopamine trip, we Romania and I worry about that
for my daughter for the kids? You know we're coming waiting grow up in this world, so we can kind of see the difference. This is kind of been her world she's thirteen. How many have to Helstone eight well so yeah you gotta managed at any time. here they also have to be, of their generation to another time. You know my care and I remember the dinosaurs, where I don't allow them to walk to luck, Gimme, that phone yeah, you know. So it's a care. Imagine scary, yeah! It's gotta worry! and also just scary, like how how do you like, like I'll, have kids and in and oddly it's one of the greatest things I've, never I've never felt better about a decision that we are the that's really real, I just knew how to panicky to a yell aggravated too impatient too selfish. To do it. I've been met, Ray twice. We have no kids, but you know what bravo then only then about yourself there.
You kid here and just really fuck them up and give them a shitload of problems. After When I don't do it, you know I really really respect that and what their Are you overcome a lot of problems it? What will you just? What made you wanna have? Kids? I just as you say, what makes people want to have children, and now I get to know you I knew I was meant to be a mother care. I just knew it and you feel, like you know in in parenting you you're able to, sort of like a like right. Like you, stop yourselves, sometimes like there's that you know that part of your Blair, I fear, so being my mother or doing something is functional, and what I ve learned to do, though, is one be go easy on myself, It's happening there and also in moment be able to go to my kid and saying here: I'm really sorry, let me have a redo. Let's talk about this another way, we I fall into some behaviour that I'm hard wired to do that. As we said, you have to work on your whole life as a magically go aware. I bought it.
Some aware of it, go to them and say aiding handle that right, let's let he walked out and let me walk back again and went through and make my kids find a funny now, but we appreciate that I'm you know. Apologizing erodes always love, whereas apparent when you say you're, sorry that you screwed up, but there also patient with me. They know that I'm trying to get it right. that's a funny when in those moments where It becomes apparent that up up up, I know, is just lucky So what are you? What are you doing now just run around promoting this movie here you go you workin on some I am now working on. Anything right now is a good. That's really good! I feel like I'm taking a little break have another movie coming out, ironically in February. So beyond this again,
and then I'm gonna go away and work. We always bring yeah like a big movie. Repair talk about yes with Mark, while bark we're gonna go, do a sort of action comedy together a really paper. We now know this directive does not want to set yet ok what he's visa hard worker he is, and he can. very funny. Guy is very funny and in this role he's gonna be very very funny. I had a little hurt net movies Spencer Confidential, the dominant folks here, but funny Guy Anita good actor. Yes tat. Is he very consistent? Yes, yes, steady! Yes, yes well. This has been great, I'm so glad we talked to are you feel good about it? I do you not going to play the guitar you three, only that's what you do I do. I get the weird and I made me all vulnerable on them. wandering, we ve talked about that. I know, but like ok, maybe off maybe off. Maybe after my death,
You said you play for behind them. Maybe the next time we hang out I pray for people on my phone wafer, three people in real. I thank you and I drove all the way out here to your house. You want me to serenade, you argue periodically and this way I do not like the kind of during my me a little thirty blues latest. That's just cover. Thank you. Yes, Are you can't like six m over there? I know I know it's gonna get you out you mean
Need I see been playing your whole life along time really yourself Tat night questions arise again. People have taught meetings here and there, nice. That may be very nervous on this, but I think I did it ok indignantly. I got it took me by the odd. I tell you next time, prepare something. Ok, nice talking you thank you
great great, to meet her great to be with her great to talk to him and I enjoyed the movie bruised, which is on Netflix now directed at start in it. We just talk about it and don't forget this week, our friends that simply, they are giving deputy of listeners early access to all Their holiday deals, forty percent, author Award winning homes, security. These are simply takes biggest discounts of the year. You can get a complete home security system starting it over a hundred bucks. There are no. Long term contracts are commitments, it's a really easy way to start feeling a bit more of mine eyes so hurry supplies are limited. Take forty percent off it simply save dot com. So I didn T have today that simply safe I can't flash devotee of all so shows were added for these This may be the last time tour in San Francisco. But the palace, a fine arts January.
twenty ninth there's a second show added and in San Diego at the Observatory North Park, which there has been added on February eleven tickets on sale. Now For all of them, a deputy of pod dotcom, Swash tour, all of them lots of different dates. Go look I'm coming near you Here's some! Why? Why.
The monkey in the pond.
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