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Episode 1289 - Peter Jackson

2021-12-20 | 🔗

Despite multiple Oscars and billions of dollars in box office returns, Peter Jackson still has the same interests he had when he was 10 years old: First World War airplanes, monster movies, using his Super 8 camera, and The Beatles. Peter tells Marc what it was like to be entrusted with more than 60 hours of Beatles footage to make the new documentary Get Back, why he was filled with dread when he started the project, and why he was surprised by what he found when he went through the footage. 

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Put yourself in danger, but everyone around you talk about a buzz, kill, stop kidding yourself. It's not ok to drive high. If you been using marijuana in any form, do not get behind the wheel. If you feel different, you drive different dry If I get a d, why the up? Let's do the show a guy. all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck Nix what's happening? How's it going. I mark marrying mark, and they are see Marin Emmy, our oh and nine, twenty seven sixty three! That's when I was born. What am I. doing just reel off details what's happening, I'm not trying to I for something I have to prove who I am too you do I
You see my idee heart. Do you wow how's it going I know for some of you were coming down to the wire on this Christmas business and there's a lot of pain. can fear in the world. New strain is upon us ripping through the population I want to tell you I did everything I could I do. Everything I could. I got called the people and I guess it was just no stop in it. There could have been, but there The dummy problem are needed. Rail about that. I'm boosted. Beer bolstered up you're, getting here family to see the light a little bit Peter Jackson, BS. he's on the show They show TAT Peter Jackson, was on the show from New Zealand Asia. score winning director of the Lord of the rings and the habit. King Kong, the Beatles get back. We talk a bit about his whole career.
But a lot of this talk is focused on the Beatles and get back in wrangling that project Good interview, lots of stuff what? questions answered about the process as of working with the Beatles in the way He did I'd What else can I tell you? I had a dream: I rarely remember them, but this one I remember I was on it big fan. and see sort of like it like a luxury liner giant jet and that was the idea- was this huge plain, but it didn't look like a plane it just look like this huge, your kind of like beer, if we decorated dark Oki. Situation. What a nice furniture around huge, though but in my dream I was under the understanding. This was an aircraft
and some are another was seated with a fairly lofty bunch of artists. I don't who is there, but I remain. it was not quite my crowd, but This sort of happy could be there to be accepted amongst the high minded art crowd and then my ex girlfriend Sarah showed a bizarre walk in and she was what some people and she saw me- she's gonna, dealing with this in the house. who's gonna, walk away. She was clear Just not gonna engage me, but I was trying to be charming answer like coming. Put it behind us a bit in dispute people talk. Can we do that? but sorted wasn't happening, and then this this giant vessel takes Often I can't feel flying its making me nervous. It seems too big to fly so there, I go out a door You are apparently there's a deck on this aircraft and then I find that it's a boat and I'm at the back. both outside on some sort of. What do you call them?
DEC. There's a guy there smokin smoking deck, and I might isn't this a boat saga. and then like I'm working in the water, this giant per power under the water, that's not moving. Like. How are we moving and then somehow or another- most intentionally. I draw. my phone into the ocean. And I had that moment more MIKE Fuck- that's that's done I got a deal with reality. I gotta really being the present like I had this Feeling like there goes, my phone Then there is a minute like what what if somebody finds it and it's like, dared it's at the bottom of the ocean, no one's going to find it, total years and years from now, perhaps of the ship sank, right then they'll find it when they ask of eight but either way I make men now I've got a. I got a walk in what the hell am I going to do and then had this realization in the dream that there's nothing. I have to do that. The funds that could make my life that much different other them
people can't get in touch with me now, starting to wonder like Debbie, My computer is, I can do the find your phone thing and then I realized I put those acting to give you just want to see if it works. for the bottom of the ocean. And that was the that was the extent of it I'll take any input I usually kind of I've got my own dreams when pointed out there and pointed out there, wasn't a applying turns out giant boat There is no better time the right now to take the plunge and get comprehensive home security this week. our friends at simply safe are giving w g of listeners access to all their holiday deals. That's forty percent! off their award, winning home security, simply safe as everything you need to make your home, safe indoor and outdoor cameras, entry, sensors motion detectors all monitored around the clock by trained professionals who send help the instant you need it, you can easily customize, a system for your home online in minutes and even get free custom recommendation from simply safe make twenty.
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the main room when setting the original room and It was just one of these nights where, the maiden was great bunch of sweet people and some our another. That makes me kind of edgy when all the com to walk into the dressing room after their saddened sailor guy, what a great crowd of my enough fuck, it's an odd response, but it's true and I why? I think that I guess I don't want to know that I just want though, there attentive people I'm not sure what I'm looking for, but the Mai impulse, Inside of me, someone's that's a great crowd- is out not fuck it up all ruin it we'll see. we'll see that it's always like a bad omen. Somehow in my brain wins comic say great ground. It was good, though I did our my shit so dark right now it S. Wake us dark times. so then I go down the hall, the original room, and that audience was awful like awful by
this kind of I've been doing so much comedy. If this is like an actual breakthrough in a way, Were you realize that, no matter how long you been doing this are how good you ve gotten at it. on some level, it's gonna come down to the material number one and also its. come down to the audience. It just is: I'm not all these people that sort of like there are no bad audiences. There's deaf really bad audiences. No doubt and I got up there with all the confidence of jabbing, just kill, in the big room, and I got nothing my first few things and I was like nothing I just sort of like now he's pretty full room and just kind of right now, not not the alley. Maybe a polite polite go far from couple of people, and I just it was. I know, that's like you, it all comes back in that minute. Were you like? Oh my god, I am,
I've just grounded myself in fuckin failure, I'm just like This is what this is gonna, be I'd done this a long time. I know exactly what's happening, they're not gonna give you fucking anything why I don't know. Sometimes audiences don't come together, they just don't materialise. As a group, But the truth is it got going and I did find the people that were laughing in the room and then it was enough and it was interesting to me- cleanse myself. uptight myself. In the waters of tank image, just the vacuum of the classic tank and there's no. sort of more present feeling. Then Sir upon a stage just hold the joke that usually gets laughs to nothing and just sort of like wow feel your heart. China Cringing
crinkle around the edges and. The great thing was, I realize I get this happens, man enjoy it lean in to the package this part of the job. and at the end of the show, I pointed out a guy in the middle of the room who sat there, who, for some reason, my gaze was upon cause use in the center of the audience, in the centre of my vision, you just sitting there middle this guy and his wife arms crossed look at me. give me nothing, nothing you feel, like you was doing on purpose to China. Fuck with me. I don't even think that he knew that. I could see him, but I did tell him At the end of my said, I said you, sir, you in the middle of the room. are the worst audience member I've ever had in mind air career right up there, just fuckin awful you, everybody laughed at that
and in tat moment I was kind of serious, but liquid. she's was he really do you ever know what their thinking about now? Could it have had something to do with me. Yes, feel good to say that to him him be a representative of a pretty fuckin, lame audience it did. Was it worth it absolutely absolutely just took a load off man. Hey listen, ok that aside, if you
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it AMC, plus Dotcom, AMC, plus only the good stuff. Jackson, man now you guys, I thought about this beetle thing, I'd I shall say it again. I say feel like I've known them all. My life They were exactly like thought they would be, and this region, the first time I've got to hang out with him. I really was They changed it change my entire sort of bearings. I think in part of my deep self, pretty deep. and I enjoyed it mention that the Beatles get back is now streaming on. Disney plus This was sort of like the turn him on any goes kind of thing. We were all zoom by do I tell you that there was a notification sound happening during the thing was drive me nuts, like ours too.
I tried to turn it off my phone on my computer and my other computer. I could figure out, which one of my machines was making noise until tell the interview end. Didn't I realized it was coming from Peter it was him. and we just want to bother him with to make the adjustment, as he was on a role but day, it was a pleasure to talk to him. It was, trusting to hear some of the year. The process of being with the Beatles as long as he was on film and why he made The choice is he dead, so this is me talking to Peter Jack. What an ice framing you ve got there. Are you in your castle, I'm in this house? If you didn't, I just I just I doubt your window makes me want to live their lives or grain inertia in these boats
there's no way I could easily ass. She does it hobble with without european boats on earlier it all very red restored. Nice did you grow up by their I brought about twenty miles. Well, yeah the address to use up the ghosts so You know, you're, no, stranger to boats, I hate, but you do I, you? Aren't you you grew up on an island. Are used in the boy scouts and need our boys got? U has little ten thousand pollute decided They voted somebody by lightened by tribute day, but they want to become a sea scout unit settings though they became see. Scouts drivers have dragged along had one. One day when I was about- and I threw up all over the boat in a house is in front of all the others. gaps in it. I never went it was. It was in my scouting, no more votes. I get Teresa Seasick, But the world is nice. If you look, if, if you see it from from a distance, is very nice, but you have no, problem with planes really what plans.
But she's dominated fly, but really outlines Betty. You fly yourself, not forgotten you just let me just be able- and I, like you, I've. Never I've always wanted to fly, always had a romantic notion and I've got some water. One aeroplanes and I've had disability asked this romantic notion of being able to fly in these fisheries warplanes, but I think that if an emergency happens, which I think is what you have to make your decisions based on what happens if something goes wrong here, the injured thought living, and I think I just panic- I dont understand incidents. I don't understand what pressure knowing that stuff. So think when the emergency happens, I'd freeze, panic and go straight threatened ground. So I've never really. I just don't have a natural affinity with that sort of thing. So am I fly implants, but I dont know if you fly them, but you Like the machines. You have a as some sort of you. You have a passion for the planes themselves. I have a passion the history in the first World war,
to get a visa waiver with other browser history and the summary I grew up. Well, When I was young, I saw em maybe to include the Blue max oh yeah, more that might with it Maxwell inside our somebody who is your the purse prepared right yea and is the andreasen close which which, when you, It will be dissolved. She's Annapolis, yeah and so between us, the rain dries in the in the planes. That made a huge impression on me, and I should have I should have when I did not pass the building. Some facial do planes and then he got a little click show those somebody just have a guy. When you want to go. Look at em, you got a friend you go flying around for a year will have got a little caught him in the team who look after them, Gaga gossamer, so engineers there. They will have to pass inspections and things than in wooden. They fly I intervene shows what we got a little group of Pontius Pilate supplier, but I actually data plain that George for lies in the blue max I
about ten years ago I found out about the states. I wasn't, it was in a very bad. condition so in Algeria all right, so I'm actually got the the existing exit plain that EU fleets that have proven that movie, so that's exciting, Elliot Azure do you like model. Planes is well worth it immediately. It began with models that began with the little one. Seventy second revealing apex models and expanded into full size by India. Do you know what you know the comic Jonathan winters? He was kind of a improvisational, always all your Ojo, oh yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. They mad mad mad world that yeah yeah yeah yeah. I interviewed him when he was in no near death. and I went to his house in Santa Barbara and Weary and after we talk to go so let me show you the plains and he walked me down the hallway to his bed. Germany's get this for poster back, but on the ceiling he had about a hundred model planes hanging like it was like,
use like seven years old. You just stay you so proud of my love them in and if any pay is a heated built, he had built a guy like I don't know. If I got that far, I just know that they were hanging there and he and he loved that its very weird with people. Remember when you talk about nostalgia, which is sort of you know where we're going talking about the ways that you know walked him down that hallway that old guy who had a life in show business and there so hallway just filled with pictures with him and everybody you could think of from the history, show business all Miss Swann? He stopped and appointed a picture, and it's a little kid. It's a black and white, the picture that was barely was very grainy a little kid. a dog, and he just said I, set dug out of all pictures of his entire life. The thing that he held onto worthy planes and that little dog it was so touching You know what we hold onto it. It was a priority, a childhood dog open right right. But after you know after the walking down in that hall of everybody, it was just so such a ban
for a moment, the things that make an impact on as one were young- and I guess that sort of what's driven a lot of your. You know what the beginning of your film career, to was a sort of nostalgia for something you saw when you were a kid right. Well, by patent friend remind we will never. I need a little telling offers on issues remind me that I'm dead, I'm sick, the that I've. No, I have no interest or Hobbes that I did. Haven't the age of skin ten or twelve will I have friend, which is done because I didn't know who over that another. That's not a hobby. That's a person! I've been oh, oh my everything, I'm interested in all my passions. I have the same ones that I had been. I want you to know tat whereby I haven't actually developed at all as a human being since What is it is? Is it something that bothers you, you're? Ok, with my very very happy, I I'll upping twelve back then I seriously I can I can them. You know
and locked them that we wait we Chinese even last year we are, we were locked seven weeks and we couldn't win and I thought what what am I gonna do? Yeah you know in a house, so I remembered when I was sixteen or seventeen. I tried to build right, re hurry house and stop stop motion models and I can't back then I tried at night and I was very happy and then I got busy. I got stolen work and everything else took took took over. So I thought well here I am she twenty I could spin I shouldn't weeks, trying to try to build building again. So all of us a so I bought a couple of skipped. Skeletons oh well, yeah, I those are those like the voyagers him bad. Yes, so the devil, grammar images and undermine yeah. How would you that, where the shield locked up or arrest projects, I went back to finishing off. I pray
I did I abandoned without about sixteen, Are you gonna use? I'm gonna shoot em will you because I also sixty like shot film of short film with me as soon bad? we were right so go ahead, a shirt. Hansen wouldn't sorted out. I was I was fighting the visible, you're saying, because because I was always intended to them too- and I made it- The alternative proposal, but at that point in time it was all tat you have set out. So what that some of the sixteen year old me, oh good, fighting, an invisible and of will bullshit Skelton suddenly idea is to open polio forever. Chris got some time, Allah Annamite those into into my old chum, which is, are you needed to do with green screen and all stuff? Now, to finish up by a movie that I've been that I began when I was six sixteen so here we,
while that is that's the longest production schedule ever hurrying to every, but you know I mean I just I just have no interest in. Everything I love is is permitted I fear the timing is their fish or planes. Ray Harry, hasn't monsters movie separate from London. Making movies it just beetles it'll do about them. How much I mean. How do you are you, my a? U my age, how are you I'm sixty two and sixty I'm fifty eight, so we caught the bills were very young. I remember it so My experience in watching that thing is very interesting. Imagine everybody's having some sort of experience when my parents had let it be had the album and another, the Beatles Second album and let it be were the two items that were in the house when I was you know five or six and I remember eight there's something I talked about it on the show the other day that
If you love the Beatles you you don't even think about it, it just in your genetic structure, it's in your soul, Your relationship with the Beatles is something you can't really even understand. If you have it, but you, if you haven't you hadn't, it's an odd thing. and if it is my, experience in watching the movie, and it's a weird, because two weeks before I started watching your show your the movie, the documentary I saw the rolling stones live. So I had this these two interesting experience. with these heroes line to the one of them I can still see, but the feeling of sadness and and humanist asian of these eyes of mine happened in both cases with the star this sort of like people, like where they amazing, like no they're they're old in there still doing what they do and it's it's nice. But it's sad, you know and their painfully human, whereas with you sure thing you know you watch. I think it's like there is a sadness to a, but do the thing I couldn't
It pass. Was that, like a, it, was almost like I've already known them? My whole life- and I there is pardon me that wasn't surprised at all by anything. was happening, is sort of like up. This is exactly how it should this- is what it was. Finally, I get to hang out with them here for the same idea, I M owes us into a poker ass, the other day some handle fancying. just you and I have seen edging get back in what whether the guys come at, which which I might make me laugh. But he was yet it essential thing, for I felt that I gone back and spend time with The middle landed initiative. Gaudy should I I have to get used to it that I'm living in a world that we were a twenty seven year old Mccartney, and I simply nine year old Macartney exist in the same world, which is kind of a just put. It does play games with it with your home, with your hidden. They were really is weird wait for me, like
I find it hard like attended, develop some sort of. I guess it's probably my own fear of mortality cause I've interview Paul and I beg of you. Keith Richards at different times. What I start to get not so much with Keith, but I but weirdly, I'm John Guy. I I mean when I went to interview Paul, which it would he's a big deal he's a beetle, but in my mind I MIKE I'm still a John guy. Don't I'm still younger interview Paul, but, like me, not my guy at will Is it likely? How much interaction did you have with him for the process? I could have as much as is as I am is needed. I mean I didn't, need a huge amount apart from just ask him. Questions like there's that little sequence where he he appears to us to concoct, get get back at the back at us. It ever said Mary disrupted by the air borne come so I Will that clippin I soon and I shouldn't terminals in cities as well? I think I think it is as it didn't know, did you have.
The idea about the song beforehand. Did you have a heavy, a slip into the summit? Someone you hid it to her to a common then he should accept, because he couldn't remember the exact moment. So he looked and accepted I should have an he should know that less that may make it making pulling it out of the air. Yeah. So he could recognize what he was doing. So I mean he was always available for those sorts of things. So I knew that I had my ex right. but why? Why why you young guy? What see? What what's the regional aid well, I mean, I think you know as grow up with, and I think about it is right when I was in like school. I member I spent hours, do drawing a picture of his face. I think it was from the urgent, pepper period, and I want an award for me. I, like I spent hours and hours you know. their John face an because I I I really to his sensitivity into the to his emotional volatility. I think I relate to a without really knowing it, right. Well, whatever
were attracted to one were younger in terms of beetle. They probably rep some of us I liked his wit. I knew I think I knew innately. He was angry guy and probably a sad guy and a you know, and I and I just I have to back load that because I assume that's what it is. I mean Paul's great, I understand, pose great, but he always seemed so oh yeah, I does he always student. She modestly a shirt showbiz beetle. We, but also, like you, know, he's not the type of music he liked to his kind of like your march on bad stuff. In but the one thing I loved about watching the documentaries like they love rock and roll those guys area and a year there and their only like you, we gotta figure you're. Only ten, eleven years away, from the beginning of rock and roll in earnest. So you know them sitting around playing Wilbur Harrison or whoever a boy, Jews or whatever it is. I mean you have that's away, by ten years ago, those your songs a day, that's how they they got there. They weren't there chops and-
they just love there- I mean I had to cite the strange experience and loving rock and roll, and even before they became rights, they must do their economy. rose all all kind of them. They all kind of that kind of imploded. L L between the army Little Richard had issues Mary, had issues. Betty honey was killed. We also by some other time that they were playing in Hamburg and in the cabin club there Iraq and all his hearers had kind of gun. earlier. I never thought of that. I think it is right that trade experience life I heard an interview that was done with John They made Elvis Presley when twelve eighteen sixty four sixty five and they had their fight. that's not the light without O Elvis and dumb, and I found it. then to be with John the day. The diameter and the guy said the Johnson So what are you- and I will not talk about- endorses what I just told them- that their food is his eye.
Wriggles before the army and in anchoring. Please listen more, those here in Europe I was told that were hit with Elvis the wild? So now wait like I walk through the what what compelled you to do this I mean e in a way where did that I'd? Where did it come from? Did you I mean the because I remember like it was weird when I watched the first one can talk you the first time it always seen what the press set out that one One thing that you like the hour long trailer- and I really I have seen that footed, John and Yoko Dancing, because I had seen the original documentary when I was in high school so what made you decide to do this? Well, I I mean I've. I've been a beetle fan, since I was about twelve right, so I just like living my life as it is, and I have noted that shit, but I'm just the are still following my patients. The kid so I don't have any interest so doing so good grownups operating
ends are, but I never really dream that I'd be doing these things with the Beatles producer. Think at this point in time, for what is it, yeah, but I was we have because I was working on this will rule one. They show a row. I saw that and normally on New Zealand base. Betcha made me Jim taxable trips to lunch. to go to the archives and upload a film. Is that so I was also must I mean I'm just piecing together, Concord remember the. However, I was also doing interviews. I guess at the time where I was the interest, and indeed technology ray. I doubt whether the glass is needed money. She things which I'm soldiers in Belgium it has contracted to get off your bed anyway, the guy's, an apple epochal, the vetoes able not, but the other who we are, but I must have seen the same message because I've never met
than before and they must have federalism in London for something like that. I don't know how. So anyway, I get an invitation to oil regular request. Could I pop into apple and meet with Dr Jones? using fly because they at that point they Hedda Beetles exhibition. I'm sorry mission that they were thinking about going from what I could understand and never got. Three farmers is going to happen, but from what I could understand it was light. You walk into an excellent holding you see original costumes and good time yet, and you say a replica of the cabin club and you'd right. I got some of the walk through thing. And so they were interested in using the hour or I technology Do you spell that you don't you like to the what the door? Why you'll be getting some glasses and you guys when you see any asleep? was doing things said they just want to pick my brains about will wither cheek each of that zone, which is really a major chat and em. So, when you I shall at that and its administration,
all is that the common history raise smaller as a weary than he has some shots of it. It's a nice, it's like us, as other homely place, is below this beetle posters, derangement potent, I did actually well or maps analysing don't act like a phantom I'd like you to make your you're here to talk about a year and react. I've got sick, just be just be a problem so you may. I sit in the room and I shared with them about the ivy ass things were so David, a brief description of what you can do with it and then I had one question. One fan question that I had reuse and using is that I want to ask, and so I just sort of high just up to demonstrate our by the way. If you need some footage of the vetoes- and I was never seen before him whatever happened to the outtakes. We did it big, but I have now idea how much survived it was it ever Logan Juncture, the idea I just didn't. I so they said no, we but we got along. We got sixty hours of foam
about two hundred and forty hours of them what audio and then they should all stranger. You should mention this because we we had a meeting the other day and we thinking about, but perhaps we could do to a film. I tell you this. the internet we address, they would judgment about eight days a week, that time and I was sort of in the last year or so they shut. Go out, and so I did the one thing that can only be done my life right. I stuck at my hand and instead of looking a filmmaker VM go somebody attacks. shit, I'm just policing! Think of think of me, and so that was really they disappeared into another room and I came back and they should have you'll want to do it to some of your camera to ITALY He was, oh, my god, I'm so I got a book. I walked into the meetings to serve to give them so it's about. I Andrea when I walked out would get back but but even then I I didn't want to commit to a cause. I knew the reputation of the of the project. of the misery and and squabbles, and
will the books at our rich did they couldn't stand spanish company in old, already backslide arrive at that point. and I said well, I'm I'm help. How can I look look at the stuff and I said: well, we got it I am server yet I was already state security was already I mean they weren't gonna, give it give it to me to take time, and so at that point I extended, my ship in London. I was supposed to be working on this issue, shot, Girlbride took by took leave of absence, really extended like when I went into happily every single day and I had an office for me as to arrive at eight in the morning and sit sit so little six and they glow fish, which fits reboot business after lunch. What was the first feeling Nan Emmy, what wait like when you first period during which it was dread? It was trade because I totally burden to the reputation of the little bee period and I would- and I keep thinking what the hell am I gonna seek as I keep thinking, if it let it be able
which I ve I had seen it was pretty familiar with athlete at Bay, What did I allowed Michael Energy hoped to show what, Hell did they not but I wanted to show what horrors and I got the same language you dont want because people you admire dynamic jacket for them, he Rosebud and they were all when I was younger. They were here, I believe, like the other day, we just people that I note that whose skill and tell it to my mind this story was great: I didn't want to see. I didn't want to see the real people, because as I was terribly worried, that the real, whenever you may you heroes at their yeah? You You ve never been in not what you hope hope it be. I was Cobb is excited because this Feldman never been seen by bayberry for fifty years. so I mean I was immensely curious, but I was also reading it and I hope- and I said to the guys look at this- is this film is That is what is supposed to be
in terms of the year the mood in the here and now that I'm probably look look, look I'd do it. I can't believe I'm saying this is doing a bit of films lifelong dream online, but I really do want to do a bit of stone, was full of arguments. Hand. Misery and and depressed me. Those are really that's, not the former from all around the. How are they take you before you realize that wasn't the case well, it was slow unveiling, because I didn't heavy scriptwriters. No actual script is right is and in his opaque awake they had the film organised day by day. So it's that's on the first aid us to get here and what was sixty hours a thumb? when the audio that they didn't, I wasn't hearing that it was a step forward with the video. Yet with a family. I was sixty hours to go through and so It was a slow process. We are each day I'd set deficit, similar eight hours and watch, but was it right out get through day one coming the next day, I'd be on day to day
today. Three has got the argument, though they did, that the thing with the Poland Georgina. Shall I watch thereby- and I thought well, this is naturally is bad. You know that the operating you wonder I went level you just tell me. What do you know? I watch the whole thing and then a movie, that's about we've extended it to Valley, eight hundred and nine thousand eight hundred and nine minutes. But the actual thing is about an hour and a half longest sequence: should I thought I would like this is building up to that exchange of saying in it they and this is not feeling too bad and din, and indeed the famous which happen it carries once he worked sexually hung about his bed is bells. I thought it was didn't, but I was way still waiting for the stuff. It Michael wasn't allowed us yoga software. I swear each other with a shouting with airline things or grey or got good night. What am I just never happen and it got funnier funnier he I just got here and I was laughing and and so I got through about a thing I got through up to about when George lift the ban that first week undone
and in so doing I didn't mean to several Roy. I got the first seven days and I sit unless it's a look. I have to fly home, but I'm really. Keen to do it and you're gonna have to seem suited to me. You're gonna have to break up, your security protocols, you're gonna, have to go trust me. You gonna just in Jimmy the whole thing, because not because of any sane yo the fish seven hours only to keep people. None was watching it, but looks great and I knew that them from what I've written the books of the civil rights that was gonna get better. so I thought well has actually pretty funny in certain arose bitter some great, so they she wrote to me- I had long Ipad in them and I want should enter and it took me a few weeks to get through it only right that I what should again twice, because you know you up, once and you don't pick up all the little their little who's about stuff. That's gonna, that's gonna happen. Let us live! There are only I reckon what should again and in them either I slowly gives them I slowly Buddha. This picture in my head of this this this
what I assume was more like the truce of that month, and that coincided about that moment in time and I've seen it a couple of times pull whole comes down to use even to do a concert. in virtue Devil seventeen. It was so they arranged for me to go may pose, so he was the first time they use it. This battle that I had the right. I met on data for the project and I go and to the meeting before a show, and I am He looks at me and I say: will pull I've seen all the objects yeah enemy heap. He he hasn't. He had seen them. He had a memory or whatever has his memory. which is pretty grim, we shall its emotional memory differently. I memory is made on seventy amendments in memory of the breaking up in them and they will be coming out and It's not a memory of generous six sitting. I answer as ever discovered for quite a few show the people, but some so I, the poor look. I've seen to see the whole already every single frame.
a film and minor payload minute. Is he really look? He had a I really should always childlike fraught affrighted frightened look on his face and I just use it to look whatever you think it as I know what you think, I think it is the same as well. Because it's not bad actually really really great, has really funny, its young, this friendship and everything else, and I had my Ipad, which I had the footage on so I showed him some bits and em and he was so relieved. He was so happy. He was so happy. I mean I mean what not to do with a movie or anything, really ass. He would just happy to hear that the film that was shot didn't show. Fightings What building swearing at each other arguments, which I guess it his head over the period time hid hid, hid it built their dumping picture. it has hit because they are. I think everybody had taken the movie be at its release. In my mind, definitely the headlines of saying the Beatles about breaking up and
If taken that is, it is a core anais extrapolated that you know up times, Pass it's gotten worse over time. Outtakes must be really really at. The whole thing is solar built. from that May nineteen. Seventy, I've been in time when the film came out after they broken up, and it has no relation with the with the generous shit, I'm showing his old. Why? I think, like what's amazing, what's amazing to me in watching it is like. I don't know why I didn't bring any of that baggage to it. Like I didn't you, it really put it in my head at in framing. Historically I just sort of entered it. I knew that they were going abroad. Gub soon so I didn't. I didn't go in with any of the dread that you had. I just I took it at face value and I thought other friendships were intact and I thought maybe they were. probably I wonder if they ever really yelled in scream cause they're, pretty british, all of them. when an anonymous on two hundred and fifty hours of audio, because the real story
next year, the Maghreb tapes, India or audio here- and I wish you get that which I rode audio most almost of old all day. Long, end and surely you know I mean I don't know what happened in own evenings or we can really aspect. So during those twenty two days list into the idea, which is pretty much starting- an open the beginning of the bank going through to the end and they had an Ebay machine. So if one who to change the type children's guy, there was not one moment where a beetle happening. We were to another beetle one moment where I went well and swore short each other. The communists were not, but I swear so funny scouts. Why didn't you actually swearer him in an aggressive way so, but they, but that these no there's no ship shouted here. I didn't feel it at all. I mean I, I felt I felt sad. I felt sad. You know, because I knew that you probably NU, Yok John was struggling with his addiction problems and Yoda George was unhappy creatively, but I didn't bring any of that too. I kind of notice that during it
and I didn't realize that John was in the throes of the addiction that he was in until after I watched it and Parliament was Paul and even Yoko, like from the gecko like I was able to sort of not pay attention to her at all. I think a lot of them did, and it seem like that. This idea that she was hanging over this ban. She almost Skype became furniture. I mean she does she does. We shall be you see up until now. Up until this film has come, what you see of Yoko is buried. A little tiny teensy confirmed here, where the way the ban in his hair and your mate did. He go. Oh my god. Oh my god, you should write right there or don't photos you know, and for fifty years has been little clips or still photos and and you're right it's only when you see the enormity of all of this of the young, the others, the links with a thousand- that's some that it's just like you just realized will evolve certain. So what she's quite sure she does
the fear there. She doesn't till pull how to play space based it's just what what what the hell is, the Amish right over there but if it is a very different or either to the fifty years of beef of photo by gay thought this was gonna, be it you know, and it also those moments with her in the Linda that were kind of genuine and you're. Just you know, wives, the band kind of moments. It didn't stifle any the creativity now when okay, so So when you see others footage and start going through it tell me: why you know. What did you do it Peter? What was the magic you did to it? That made me feel like. I was hanging out there that made there was no. The emotional interface were so immediate. There is some way that you treated the film. Did you take out any keep me like. I don't know like, I know, there's the magic of the Beatles, but it's a lot did through eight hours of guys you doing bits and pieces of songs, even if it is the Beatles? But there is point
Why? Why pick up my guitar, my couch and right go get something to eat and I'm just sort of like what they're just doing that now? What did you do? How did you did you visualize I can hear how you are starting to put the story together, but how did you visualize the effect of the film itself? Well, I think the effectiveness, services related is tied to the story. I mean you can restore the film, but you still gonna have the story glaring with another pillar since with them, and you should have done on this journey with Them- is also story right but in terms of the technical staff we em, where we done first of all, may be restored as out hundred year old footage. You know, which was Pretty hog of black and white scratching in the end. You did they say a Europe. You did this at your magic loud. I vote both, which is about a mile among them here. The road here and in our own internet risk molten, but a really really tat, shouted engraver, very clever and was soon have just down the other in the world. So we don't care what
even asked as we just develop their own code arranged around, an area team and we just. and we go for it so anyway, we done the world, will one film and what we ve got. It happen after as we work going through the towards the end of the fish will be of the first World war from I I had my on my first three movies, which I made when I was younger, serve the horror, movies spit platter, babies world your on ethics. Sixty male live never come out any sort of a restored form here. You know that they got they got released in on Viagra, especially in writing It is a reality, and I do so so I said to the guys you said I love what was my all here. I love to get mild mild six. Sixteen from some like tat made the fables and bad taste and bright and brain Bianca.
and so I said I'll get the original name for the sixty. No stop is not. There will be one of the areas covered, its existing, no megan them and be great if you guys can start to work on it, So we just begun that when the Beatles thing thing arrives so we'd origin which now so the pipeline from from the will one thirty five million, so nitrate absorbs something to sixty no color based based on my ma, am I am, I all her early reason and I was shooting on pretty much the same format, the Beatles and so on it's a case of just the they, It was removing the grain and trying to make it look as shop. It says that as I can, it was actually a deliberate one, one that people should of Heaven the news about the seventies from greater enthusiasm. The idea that all the fun go and everything else, but that I, had a very. I had a very different goal in mind, because what I I I
as I was looking look at a few minutes before we got started because Apple Kip, precisely what What's the story? What's the story shall I was not here when they meet. Let me see it vision that we see it and have everything I ve always of the kid fantasized he goes over the young below ten fantasy. Surely we don't? You know as a sixteen year old, Toby, logically noble, very a schumann By the time I got to be an old bastard like I am now a time machine will will have been invented and maybe we get to all get to pick a day to go back and I for one am but I'm I don't know exactly what they belong. Gonna go back to two, We rode I'm gonna suddenly owner of the studio, asked and spend a day watching the bills at work that that was my. If we grow bigger a time machine the trip this one, that. Would that would have been miner. The I'd have to figure out what what I'm out album exactly today, So I just looked at the start of God. This is this is this is this? Is it this is like
he taught a time machine. But it's not like a time machine win its. But its grey and stretches it's like you know. This is a film is a film or film. So you don't like it. Then the film becomes something unto itself not what's on the film. Well, it becomes that look. We found fifty year old room. Of the Beatles and look at all brain bidding, hospitals, demons, and so I what? If I really want to pull off this time machine thing I've gotta, remove as much Bulgaria, us and them here, and I think that involves removing all east wretches. Any I'm imperfections any here's negate in the gray and try to make it look as Crispin clean as I can, and if I can do that, then hopefully will feel like we're, where we were in the room, a diamond- and that was also the reason why I made the sea area not to doing modern day interviews, not gonna, be Ringo a pole. Hoagland genes or anyone else, because that immediately, as is the fifty again the guy- and I just wanted to tell you
the time machine take. Interested parties, along with me, aid any Disney plus subscribers, Looking at this point, hump We all go and Bush and watching the work, and so I wanted to look It is always hits based, but that was I just. That was the thought behind we're doing all the streets. The due to restore to the level that we did not at all. So I think the decision not to engage with any the survivors. I mean You would run into the liability of the emotional liability of that dead, fifty or gap again that, like obviously Most of these guys have ever have refrain that memory you did based on events had happened afterwards, so lightly why bought why? Why screw with the purity of what you already had and there's there's theirs, much space there well. Well, you see they didn't want to the narrative indebted to the storyline because of course, taking
on this budget does not strictly I don't. Normally. When I make a movie, you ve got your user, you going to, let you go you got the movie, you finally get into the czech government to cut it here and at that point you written a script every sea has got a number. These a storyteller threats structure you shot at each day You know every frame, a film you shot, you know the mistakes, and so The cutting is like a pretty. Slovakia is fun, it's my favorite part of it, but it's. This does no mysterious thing thing to it. Right now is this, so rises, but it is you you're, following your script and in your following what you want. shot an image, but here I have here a head, some two hundred and thirty hours about what we are really in the end in the chemical sector switched on on on. After answer It was like a hundred thirty hours, no script and the thing that I realise as soon as I saw it here. I realise that old, all the books that I read were very young unreal Also, it wasn't like, like a change to some extent.
It'll guy has written a book and use it, as is my guy, because I I realise just how how wrong there looks a bail out. I've made some of the book say they could they couldn't bear to beat to be each others got company John was off his head over time. They were fighting it in. They were coming finish songs. Any. we are acting as it does not mean they read, every negative spin that you can imagine the effort on on the sun, so I could rely on book showed, I hasten to add to them, Jane is also who can it was just the two of us we set in a room for what it was but really- and we listened to the hundred and many forty hours and we listen to it again and we had to build up their own storyline from the floor. what they were saying. So we were we were even eavesdropping on fifty year old, conversations that they had no idea we're gonna be heard the I s and fifty years
and we were trying to figure out. What's what's the truth, what is it we have new. Why lay there? What are they doing what's going wrong? Why does usually, why do they go somewhere? Why? Why why why I'm and the answers were all coming from Saint things, things that they were saying, so it was until we went through the audio like twice that we pieced together. What we thought was the true We are more or less the much more accurate net Our definition we decided, or just tell the story day day by day, for you like an example that would be George Waves, any track it back to them. not listening to their songs, his songs in a serious way. Well George leaving is interesting because, William, you know there's a day where he has as little Kitty exchange report, but still today, three I mean I've got another date sets. I just state they anti sleep of those days. great Georgian leave today, seven. So
I spoke the ringer when I should. Why did George leave when he should well? We ve seen it in them there'll, be maybe he'd yeah. He imported George George and pull had his angry words and he got up and left right. I should during another then Heaven on day, three Ringo Impudently probation Is it not I'm gonna hit, as we are now going to argue with Ringer, because he's actually I'm coming again, just just his memory head, admittedly, the movie with it with them, with the facts and its fine it's a long time ago. So Why Georgia, his election day three day, for he is Georgia's regionally happy day, five is very, very happy because they do any mine and I have some fun the sixties having a great day they during COP Commonwealth and exhaling around and doing hum bathroom window in Georgia is having a good time so yeah. So by looking at the sudden, say well he's gonna leave tomorrow. His watch
the day six stuff where he leave tomorrow? What were wise? It was weird where the closures no arguments were so we can today seven and I shall start with the James, the publisher than words on this guy being there from meeting George, comes in a bad light and thank him for the glasses that he gave up Christmas there, and then they didn't it working on two songs. I sat with get back in the agenda to us and we We got a really I've. A fairy six examination. We could tell from a Nagras where there was a time time with them. Was. I thought we could tell us that if the tape should take machine, had been Chechen off. We could do it. We could, because, as the coating on the tapes answer, the film it dealt with them was shot your change on an awful lot of the time, but the for the sound. What you can? Actually you can track them the the actual time of the day that the tapes run. And I hereby examine it, and I should okay so sudden sought where they recruit. They re doing it, but they spend three hours after the change lives. Here
Then they break for lunch, Georgia's I'm leaving now Is there any break? Is there any thing that, where they could have had an argument where the tapes- I didn't even role. They should know that this is this is the sunset centres is Continuous is no there's no stoppages in this in view in the area and so jabers I looked over, I regained army, we I mean the deal. because the industry is a favorite, a functional and just look like well. To us. It looked like George was in a very depressed state, yeah right at the outset that I hear he arrived, an end and from what we can understand, we didn't want to get into this report. He was having some some domestic issues at home, I would already nothing riot petty ITALY. It put it a pity. You just walk, walk down on them.
when I was now revolving, our clapped into that was a little bit later, nothing less another year and as it is with some sort of thing, but I you know, that's not what I'm sure I mean. I've never been interested in the penny I ate or private lawyer, and I shoot you didn't wanna make a movie that, because this option do not know which one should I wanted just to stick with what we have done, so we don't have written in get back, but from what I understood he was french and british Mystic Job Brian. Didn't you don't do that. You know you can add ons or there is much of the of the disrespect. The other two and monotonous reason is that you're not ready. True there's a thummim holdings must pass, if they do like six. Sixty sixty seven takes her. I know a way we have abundant wait. We show one once so they really ride back. They they spend states been at least the beef products. the entire day is where we can already see. You could definitely feel the though the love like when I was
much too. Above us only sky. You know the imagine documentary. There was a moment that goes unspoken between John and George, where you act. They were oh deeply connected in in such a way that yet you I can't even fathom or understand, musically and emotionally that you know he felt TAT Unum I like felt that, through the entire thing that yeah, they all knew each other pretty well and they all had their roles. I guess, but emotionally they were very fluid and very connected, and you never. I never felt once that you know they're. There was a real hostility on behalf of any of them towards the others, no search. So we were so we studied George Debt morning and we Stalinism so carefully. We looked at the thought we had. It was no trigger. There's no moment where they go pose. Syllable is a little bit blunt. We talked about her so we yet how to play the base are how to play the guitar via other things, get back.
If it is not right, router that little bit and George you're Georgia, take it right re. Well, he thinks he is. I argued either accept that in Georgia. Sickly were now yet is see because everything everybody's, a human- and I think everyone for the four black or white never black or white, is always shades agree. So I think got George being abandoned, secure and you should got him. Maybe feeling that he's only ever gonna get to songs on on an album, no matter how? His sons ironies now do now are running so you ve got some things behind the scenes, but you gotta, since it did not respecting a song, perhaps to some degree and then, if you got you got stuff at home? If you gotta domestic, right here you just sit. You gonna sit there. Thinking I could see, I could die Can I could sit here all day with these guys? ice and doing get back doing doing to doing there This arms Kazanovitch, due to those things, must fancy I were. I could just leave, leaving go solar so at my home life because I've got some issues on each, so that's why
you, I just kind of think that George George sits there that morning, looking exactly like right he doesn't a film that those shots. we did with it we're pulling John sounding around in there in during each other's faces in Georgia. Suddenly a shepherd looking pretty recitals this step is the real, the real friend from from diet. Something go we hit because we could we couldn't cheap, we couldn't Cheatham shot. from one day to the next, because because the irregular closer checking I'm right? I'm certain, though you know that morning George was sitting there exactly. As you see him M, from the others. He just feels It just so happens that their working onto song, gene pool we're going to sound right up in it yeah yeah yeah. I tried to get back in, and two of us assumes that really do not really interesting Georgia's emperor there. so he figured. He looks like he's on his someone the outer, but I think he's also feeling with feeling that himself he's he's a lead. soon as well say one
it's. The most George Right fits the most George right thing when he replied? I think I'm leaving the ban. May I have the wages. Are, I think I'm leaving depend? What's your favorite beetle No, I didn't really have a favorite beetle, though I like George, I well, I mean I like them all up after the foolish, but I understand George a lot more from right now. Another with another shoes for George reminds me of a survey of a key. a New Zealand Mile, very, very I'm pragmatic no romantic sort of flights of fancy yeah. You know when John and pull a saying I will. I will get the without. What will go to earth into the embassy that when we get the key, we too will take all the fans. Your desires, a bloody stupid idea. Here, he's gonna pay with Paypal, Georgia's always by the end and in a film sit or or are you
these guys, are really important. Guy you gotta have the one that stops over all the visionary kind of talk, and I am just catch this. That's never gonna happen. He I already far too expensive hit that those people are very, very important and in imports, people have and so on. So you ve got Sir John Paul doing thee the sort of these the visionary kind of kind of stuff I'm SAM speaking out on onto on all the amazing things at the bay and you're, just a pragmatic one, who's gonna pay paper that that's ever gonna happen. I which which make seem grumpy but he's not grumpy he's, just beer, hey just saying what what the police these we sit. So I actually love George. I love George. A lot More now, never never understand, because we always he was always a quiet, beetle legal but now I should have liked to see he's very insecurity. it's interesting, wouldn't really when hid within his own songs, are our up the over
if a rehearsal here very, very net and insecure, but let us get back or a pony he's, but also of ideas. He's he's incredibly got confident. We can improve the songs. I suggest things and in Poland very happy to get together. Citizen knows that as well as his own song, he is very, very insecure and it never should. I used to feel fear from users here. they're, not even thirty years old semi courses in secure they Let me ask you a question about these, about the credits like you know the EU. They had all these fragments of songs that seem too that needed to be attributed what was at. Why was that I mean that was me. I wasn't anybody turning me to do it. I just thought that I mean It was me watch drawing it could not a huge musical climbing up the Beatles. I don't really know much just about anybody else, I'm on a year and be a single band guy on a musical more more on Beijing. So slow your sword If I'm watching this- and I hear a fragment of the song- that I don't recognize everything is it
as is. Is that an unknown met them? Can't you some various members have already done it was what's what was it like? I just know that I'd be immediately one wondering so I don't want anyone to do the same as that. I just want to answer so. If you hear a fright, whenever song in its quite good in the Beatles? Only do a lot alone or two. If you got the name that you can go by by day and by that very other, more right, right, literature and he and here the whole thing, so I was just really a sort of a saloon from information thing. It wasn't illegal thing, ok, we'll just up and how excited were you when I was like I was very beautiful. I must have an excited to where you know they mention yes, working with Little Richard and seeing Billy breast in early on- and you know that Billy presence we neither within weed- I was going to have any how great a nose and credible and he'd every changed everything. He changed. Everything Billy Billy, Israel. ethnic. I mean I, I again, I didn't really have an preaching
Billy separated the Beatles. I knew it. I knew his wife Andy, because I heard the songs before is a reality with the books, but that I haven't seen believe in any other in any other way. I haven't you got that you couldn't you his possessions, raining so young, so I knew TAT he was yet again. I knew that he was always. Creditors is really getting up uplifting, their sports and stuff. I knew that from the books the term it wasn t until I saw it on film that I just thought holy shit. I ain't they and it's not that because I've I dont want. None of the book say that he has, amen set in, and they began to to behave themselves on a lot of the books and say that it was burning with Billy arrive. They stop sniping at each other, and that is because there is a suspicion that impetus that's just not true to say what they begin on final before when he came in what believe gave them is it
this is right, rush rush of excitement. He just gave them the songs such as. Do I just lift yeah they go. And being what I ve been rehearsing and they suddenly Belize, please playing. Then they and as the songs getting getting improved by playing, and so Sir John Paul you're, so thrilled an injustice, is rush of excitement and believe such a goodies It is regrettable. Guy I'm here I don't really understand in any music, but he just seems to sit there and that now it yeah merit fill out the songs like they they he said. I remember he said it was John Paul said that they want, the piano and all the songs. They wanted it there, and I had no idea how much based John played it took me a while to realise that fender six, that was a fender six during base. They poison based on that, rather they played base of poor. Always on be absolutely every piece. The grand piano yeah there, but you see,
drink here from the film like, I said, TAT gave us a cable, wind, blew arrives and they say hi and, and then I say, shit, they only subsidiaries playing. I should we're gonna, make sure that the first time in the movie that we see him play has gonna be the actual for the first time you place. You know because I didn't want. I was very aware that I could you, because he's Does he comes at lunchtime today is about four for five thousand plank I said I don't want to hurt you, I don't want him to sit there and then we suddenly caught to Turkey. Does fourthly, the afternoon at night you give up. I should wait. We gotta make sure that the first time we see him play is the real office first twenty plays. I was pretty always pretty careful at being responsible for, because It seems- is important from a from his from a historical, perspective, the way not playing thing. I get games here. He sits there and he said is playing in the face.
What line up and they get so so so excited so excited three and he just ass. He he's got no music LISA, no guide. I mean they don't give him a practice run. They don't play it to him. First, They just play the song and he's looked, and he just makes it makes it makes it up as he is. Your goes for the first time you know it's interesting is, is by the time you are we through other stuff in all this up the idea that the story of heading towards the roof? is that what I found shocking wait. You know, after I'm, having the experience it, you were having watching the Beatles in an end and feeling the chemistry and and and having everything that you believed about this period, your kind of meal the approval, false and and having a great, warm feeling but nostalgic in Germany get to the roof, and you see the onlookers in sheep on other ruling. You see the cops and you have this weird moment. You're way, wait doesn't everyone love the Beatles. How can these people
There was a very weird thing, then start to realize, like what rocks hours gotten trouble all the time and and then he started to realize, like you know how far they it had drifted from their there? There beginnings, as you know, the the pop group the Beatles Majestic the reception around just on people's faces. I wouldn't going crazy, but most people is it. What is it a couple of things because you gotta realise and a just right, you don't think about a solution, actually shocking thing about you realize those people on the street. When I hear the music their hearing get back for the first time in their lives right there, they have been. They ve never even heard a pitiful that its young. the hearing, all those below songs they hearing the very first time so is not they hearing. I want to hold your hand all right right or on paper they not hearing the old. The odious and galleries a hearing, these sums that they ve never heard before that about, now the beetle so did not able to sort of group with the actual some themselves, because if it's the first on it,
the people on the roof. You would think like they only just an amazing you, nobody, I guess it was it. different, tell about about Africa, I think their amazing agree in the very Bert british way I mean they gather they do they do flock and they do so sub standard it was very strange faces you gonna get inside this. There really excited, but a debit, because the british they're, not gonna, write at an end and the other thing I was gonna say: is it some the civil rights police station goes a police station. At these guys come from is about a hundred yards of girl was twenty five years ago. That was play station where sergeant poachers, was a base and he was the drug cs, rockstar planning, eggs guy, who had already Buster John the year before But here I think you who did I had got Donovan come come about. His name was gonna bust George of a month or two later hate this guy the sum this
guy was leading the some some british police drugs pop star task tassel he was based in this? In the same way, station is, as these two cops come from it with a simple row. Similar open station was was his base, and so there is a lot of whatever they. These cops him in here, bring back there about the rock stars in the drugs in India, you know you haven't IRAN they're bringing a ring, bad influence tomorrow. Use I'm sure that that in the cafe please station picturing, his other drugs God guys would have been Blair blabbing, let stuff so these guys are coming down with it. Not nothing Thirdly, the best impression for other up up up up ribbon, We also had some guy got busted dig up a poacher who originally stories rock stars and sixty eight sixty nine? He he's been about two and a half. he's in jail, he got so he got now my offer for what happened with the wilful perverting the Kosovo conflict. I can, just as it would clearly be planted the drugs.
tat. John swears reply that he found the drugs drug those outside the area so, like one, has a filmmaker now like you, given these two documentary projects you know where you you took these these, like fairly Dan and and an epic bits of the past. And an thoroughly were aid. or to extract, something very humanizing out of them, How does the? How do you see that affecting your ear filmmaking going forward? Because when I think about you, even like going back to the bladder the horror movies and then on through the Lord of the rings and the habit movies at it seems like theirs. Two films like there's the heavenly creatures which was really kind of a mix, but it was a human story and end the lovely bones as well. There is the elements, but it seems like you'd, rather create worlds that liking overwrought. When I just do
I just don't have a plan I had once and I mean I, I grew up the reason why you don't hardly these when you were young filmmakers. Is you? Can you haven't got any money, I mean the first for my maid bad taste. I finance myself. It could be something grandma should over four years and weakens you you you, but you may horribly these with a lot of veteran blood, because you don't need very good actors. You don't need a script, need rigour. Production Design and you can get a make a maximum impact by going the butcher and getting some brains and Levison kidney has a height blood tat. The Atlanta o you'd think young filmmakers tinted, and I also love love Why don't you be wrongly night? I grew up have a horror movies and enable didn't. Let stops here completely into it, but certainly horror movies are a great way to bust entirely from history, causing it effect for a little production value. I believe been using your skin into the phase where a year
right. You writing something. That's a bit more sophisticated you. now realising what got the script has the best to be good. We're gonna need a cost that really well, because we're gonna have to have actors who can really deliver and saw everything. Just gets you hear the stakes. The stakes go up I mean heavenly creatures. Would heavily creatures was done because I M, I met my partner friend vouchers, who's. My unfocused Vernon, although she and I made around the fables time seldom. Well, actually, I showed a bunk bed penetration. I've got some advice from within the fiscal, a bad taste, so not right now the age driven solely by so we were together and we had. We wrote them, we re branded and together we today and then she was very interested in the sum in the you- see the moon- a case that the package him made away these two figures motor one of in I hadn't really hit heard of it, but she She was really were really ready, inch really interested dinner and I had been forever for I'm. So she patch me the story.
for you, which are never heard, are we went down to crush you? What happened just threat this friendly and we We made a lot of people who were involved. I wish you luck. but the majority of the constellations we went to a lot of the locations and She should help to amaze me in the end, the story, we interviewed a lot of people who were involved and dumb, and we just don't worry about me right away from so that was just here That was how it happened them in and in lean Bob's would make, one of us to do episode of tales from the crept his little? What there was a. He was doing. A series of movies. Each other's tv shows that he was in a series of movies. Is nine? Ninety ninety five or something and he was gonna Davis, that we can be labelled child from the corruption films organisers. There was the branding, and so he seek. He continued. I think he's in great Britain Renders them here that I am so we gotta at first at first Hollywood experience with Bob that make us getting
that's your saying. I'm do what you eyes and recently the talisman Krypton for me, and so because, while we as Bob who who we love here, who did a very good, I wanna help put your hand by the area. The owner of the old, all the other ones. Didn and so we were excited- I mean I wasn't- you know it wasn't something we have never. So we we walked around four but we came up with a story lying about the sun cited in this. yet a guy who who he's a guy who pursue him. He looked shaken. and I'm in she's can see Goshen and it looks like he's a con man, but then he really can enable hull house had little story. We into the way we pitched Bob and he said right, we should do it and then he said, but I dont think it fits the tales from equipped I'm so bran, particularly it's not that I don't. She has a tells Magritte movie about this. But there is a standard form so that It was done in them and then at women syringes. That's out just work, that's how it works. We s biggest dribble for you, you see trip
then stagger from one form to the next. Is no there's no grand plan really, I'll, be right and right now or never having done, they shot growled straight into the Beatles. Divert no, no idea what to do next. I mean I want to go back and restore an end, because we started restore my wild films in the beetle showed up and That's buttonhole! Never Phooey is solar, said the immediate some work for the new year. There is to try to finish off restoring wild films finning. Job shooting my my eight million, this gets yields and fights explained so well and oppose ones I do know about and from their own would suit you haven't. Why am I really appreciate you talking to me? Then I love all the stuff, and I love the beetle stuff, and I really which you are success are making those skeletons walkin dance? I am a bit concerned eyed. The idea of animated coming out. I built them, which was fun to learn how to build them, and now I gotta learn
how to animate, which does does consumer, but at least it just me and a Cameron them. So all the mistakes I make can be just kept quiet. And whenever she showed short to anybody- and I, like you- I want somebody- do a diet of you doing that take areas, our Peter great argument, things back! Think that love. What arrive we get I'll be finishes: stop action, work for Interesting is You know what he wants to do over the holidays, the skeletons its I talk to her the Armadale Toro on Thursday. He too is before spending some time with some model I think I'm a long chain model that he needs to paint over the holidays, a little similarity will back a little bit.
You can watch the Beatles get back on Disney Plus and don't forget this week, our friends, it simply say forgiving, deputy of listeners, access to all their holiday deals, forty percent, after award winning homes, security. These are simply saves. Vigorous discounts of the year a complete home security system started it just over a hundred bucks there, no long term contracts or commitments it's a really easy way to start feeling a bit more piece of my hurry supplies are limited. Take forty percent off at simply safeguard com, Flash deputy up today that simply saved our com. So I, W E F let's rock out man, let's rock, man Rock man,
Burma, lives, monkey vonder getting those everywhere
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