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Episode 1292 - Rory Cochrane

2021-12-30 | 🔗

When Rory Cochrane started acting, he knew he didn’t want to be a movie star. He wanted to be a freight train that keeps on moving. Rory tells Marc about the practices and measures he put in place to attain his goal of career longevity and artistic satisfaction. They also talk about why it’s important for him to work on productions where the crew is treated well, why he asked to leave CSI: Miami when it was still the biggest show on TV, and what led to some of his pivotal career moments in movies like Dazed and Confused, Black Mass, and Argo.

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Hey folks on parts unknown, Anthony ordain made you feel like you are right there with him, traveling the world meeting, interesting people and learning about new cultures. Now you can listen to all twelve seasons of the award winning Series in your favorite podcast app rediscover the passion, the wisdom and genuine curiosity that is Anthony Bourdain parts, unknown, listen wherever you get! Your pod casts ok, let's through the show all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck nix buccaneers, what the fuck cats how's it going seriously. How are you closely this year, looking back at it, and what looking forward to the new one with hope and an open mind, our way
so happy new year can I talk to worry Cochrane. tell them the main reason I wanted to talk. You worry Cochrane, it's really, oddly, it's because one performance and cinema? that a lot of people- I don't know if they'd seen its the black mass movie with Joy- The Dep is Whitey Bulger Jesse clemency. and right Cochrane plays a real guy. Who is one of Bolger's henchmen, a gangster, a killer and I had never seen a performance in my life and this because I've looked in the eyes of killers before I know it sounds odd. Have I yeah, I'm not talking about a meeting talking to a vat or something I've in New York. Arctic was a couple of times where I've I've met or spend time with gangs, it's something that happens in show business occasionally, if I yourself in a room with a gangster for our killer, who kills for gangs
there's a gangster killer, it just happens to aid is not show business, they ve always been around. Show business and there's something about the look in their eye in the sort of matter of fact of it all that you know in your heart that they have done this thing but it is what it is right and so, some times, even in the best mob movies, that people love Godfather Scorsese movies, there's something not quite authentic about the nature of a killer in some of those movies. Your movie stars. Don't always get it right. right, I mean Deniro has gotten a killer right before, but There is something slightly elevated about the myth of the gangster but somehow or another Rory Cochrane in that movie, black mass and vertical I've never seen a performance like that. To be honest with you,
and was hard because you he's working with you know this, insanely made up. Johnny Depp was wearing this. The make up was, it was not. It was almost other Worldly and in it was supposed to be a regular person. Whatever the case was There's a scene there there there's a fuckin seen in there with lorries, prostitute girlfriend and and deb, it's pretty grim, but there was just some about their these interviews. Segments in that movie, where they have interrogations of these characters. just never seen something so natural and so fucking real in the nature of that character. So that's really. The recent won't talk to him. You know you been in a lot of stuff payment women's know each other very well from Scott Cooper movies eyes. Black mass, also hostels with that of employment, is in their care member, but with the christian bail by you
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king about your conversation last night in the in the green room of the comedy stored. Some young comics is talking about a guy, a middle man. Somebody will facilitate view. If you want cooks put up on, social media platforms to become viral yeah through a facebook page we can get a million views and he can make like fifteen Twenty grand a month through just reviews, add buys a year. I get just there's a whole world of new show business at that sort of borders. In short clips and people are making a lot of money. it just listening to this hearing uncommon go out. Man gimme his name version. I am. I am I'm done man I'm pass that I don't care because always wondering I have some of these people get three hundred thousand fuckin Likes, Annie it's because they have people working. This angle of new platform orient did show business, you know to sell tickets, but our
so to make money in their own right by numbers in Ireland. I get it, but I dont do it I'm old school- and I just don't. There's no reason for me to do it. I don't mind and being on the other side of this shit What I ve realized lately is that you know got this small window right now to be grateful for what I've made, what I've done At your appreciate, I'm going them to bring this up again, the stuff that I've accomplished. and I'm ok right now. So How do I, as the world fucking, do in issues as the earth dies people become worse. you're. How do I find a pocket to at least at the very least look at. I've done him, whatever fight that I have fought for whatever done it for entertainment, the people, the fans, whoever. How do I put far enough to say like awry, so I'm ok, somehow I made through him. Ok and I don't have to fuckin,
re about this shit? I have to worry about a two minute: clip getting a million views for what I got me people hope we shall be able to do this tour. I planned maybe I'll shoot and other special, but its we because I know like even last night that the comedy I doing now is great. It's the best. I've done, and I know that to be true, and I do for you your people here and there are now at this rights- is odd. Now to this, during these fifteen, It sets in the name of the comedy store with the young alma. out there. It is on stage. You know I'm boosters, I test frequently black If I do a good job, you I'm bathing in, what's got to be a co it missed up there on stage from laughing. people yet- figure. There is at least a dozen in every one hundred to two hundred people who have it Why am I doing that? But because I don't want to live in fear, I guess I like what I'm doing right now, community, I don't know I'm just
trying as we enter this new year. That is no doubt going to be another difficult year for a. a number of reasons it's very hard to have illusions of thing sort of like get. Better or things starting fresh. So I tried to direct with a practical mindset, A rational mindset and kind of put- the focus on what I can do and How am I gonna see myself? You never know fuck another. She was gonna drop, trouble sickness, whatever. All I know is the last week or so during this time of holidays, one on each side celebrated zero. no celebrating. And there were days where I had nothing to do- and it was fun King glorious, I mean that that during the pandemic to but then- No one was doing anything. I felt it again. Like you know, I I don't
knowing tomorrow is empty and I don't have to be fought dragged about getting somewhere doing something or talking with somebody or fixed. This or that or fucking you taken care of something it's just. I have no problem with nothing to do, because I, fuckin, make myself busy man. I do the work I enjoy things. but I guess, at the very least, as you enter this new year. Try to find some grand dude and again try to be decent people, hey folks, It's what your time and the sun is setting early these days, at least it is were all Northern Hemisphere, people, but wherever you are, it's a perfect time to get The gaming? Yes, I'm saying that it
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If you do right it out, don't freak out go the hospital you have to buy. I sought out worry Cochrane and he was nice enough to come over. And we are, we have stood a little bit his new we encounter is now streaming on Amazon, prime video, it's an alien bacteria movie, alien organisms. That come on like a sickness visit me talking Roy Cochrane. I noticed that you can't do much of this, because there is no information I knew of good. Someone our enough here. You ve met do I
remain anonymous, somehow reset it. That's the guy do put effort into that. I get. I guess you called It is more like a protective measure for me here were a May. First of all, I think that as actors we always lucky to work were right. You know sags, like one percent of union members work ever is yeah CS kind of press ahead. They fit my my idea. My game plan is that if you don't do everything I wouldn't front the: u right, then you can have longevity. then so yeah. Sometimes people now get pissed off a few pass on Sunday, yeah yeah, but you know there now. Living your life or in your shoes right in a hopefully they'll, get over here, but you I. I I tried to do. I did try to work with good people.
and I ve never turned down an opportunity with your That group bow I plan to like saying sort of under the radar in terms of public personality, like public knowledge of a view is I do you eat you? Just don't do so you don't like to watch me. I don't think it's important refer me. I'd actors, far too many people the all out there giving their opinion on many opinions out there. I nato nobody there's enough right. there's some people to get into it because they want to be like a movie star her eye when they want to be fame right. I don't
what those things I'd. I'd like opportunities, yeah right right, an exact some of those people have right, but that was never a goal of mine right. So why would I want to come embrace that right now. I'm getting the money, these guys are getting, and you know what I mean is that it seems like the worst part of it right right in thinking about that as after you need to have organic experiences with people who don't know who you are right, you don't, you know, have pre judge you or what have you like, you mean in life in those can be good or bad. Hers is, but you need them too, to kind of be human and to be able to portray humanity away any aid if you're living kind of like the tar writer, you know not a real existence. You'll go to the grocery store you I have
Students may hold out umbrellas for you right, you know. That's, not. Euro have an umbrella marriage, the very way steady I'd have an umbrella older, and then you get there he portray an umbrella of it. Why me? When did you like them? the reason I was excited to talk to you in, and I cuz I'm a big fan of your work, the work I've seen of it of yours and in a way that I think, I think, addresses what you're talking about you know, when I saw black mass specifically, and I like Cooper, I think he's a good director. Yeah me too, there you having been in comedy while having been having met a couple of real gangsters, the betrayal of real gangsters or of gangsters in general, is always sort of heightened and you don't necessarily believe that their killers, yeah, because a lot of those guys are just people, and I felt
that's the way that you did it, or embodied that guy. And just a work in your eye and in this sense of I don't know where the very subtle almost sympathetic performance of of that guy, but you I knew he was a killer by you. In play him is, it is a killer in away yeah me later. I dont think that people wake up in the morning and yet I'm a killer, I'm no longer our luggage, the killer. They have feelings and Ariane and being there may be bad. human beings you're, it they have families and new, probably Essen. just their job, it's just their job and in an funnily enough I was in Boston and I had bottlenecks is very, very difficult to do. I mean Fanny. I've done a bunch of different access. It had the worst gives it a you can easily make a mockery of it.
you could also there's a different view of the acts, ensure some people? Don't you don't have that are? it goes on rice, have a regular, aren't something wrong and of regional. They ve nothin yak he answered Would you go with just when with god- and I would just add a dialect courage and that's not the way that I can work related Loya jirga talked so I found some guys in Boston. We hung on firmware, which part I was ever years: Boston, I'm Southie, oh yeah, ok, and- and I knew these guys from how one was a used too- there was a box in Jamaica Wild Card and Friday? You Roach used to run it and there was a guy named Tommy Barrack. Ah, who was a box in coach, and I was literally like in bars in Boston telling
like old men that I'd buy them a beer food? Just talk to me and I was in this bar southie- they liked Atocha yeah. Well, I mean, if you buy my beard and I saw Tommy Bert sittin in this bar called why these ironic in insolvency, awe and Hughes's Lightyear yeah. I got you, don't worry, aha, yet so easy such guys yeah? We just- you know. He was darlin you that that South Korea, India, guy. You portrayed the real guy, yeah yeah stiff, lend me they come a rifle man cause he shot a bunch of people and the Korean WAR was very accurate and that's how he got that nickname, not because he was so called killer right from work bearing yeah. Now, when you go into a world like that, what's gotten you know and nay you work going, would deepen, I just have lemons and near you know,
Jesse Yea Grey areas in a wise talking about you might be. Has great any Please tell me how I gave he says he like to talk like on camera like you'd, rather just act like you, with his we as one Elijah's past one like one. Suppose the interviewer music and of a lawyer, Why he's right about that? But I Sometimes things or overridden church writers are right, but people, I can show you exactly area and it's not a no offense to do writers yet times it's just. yeah! You want to try to in, and away the porter somebody, that's not giving a more loggers thought because they wouldn't do that right. You know it's all the time we now rocking outside, not gonna. Give me a dyed, tribal stuff. You know to Fort talked about the car, that's what that's, what we will do
but back to your new point earlier yeah, so I got to meet. the real Johnny Moderato. Now this guy in a went to prison the guy you portrait. now. Another guy goes another guy real character, like the other gangster. That was it was he in the movies online movie on every looks more mortality working I yet so he was really the hit man flower for. Why for why? In those guys and a wide I got to meet my own just sort of through connections. I may the place called Daisy a Daisy Buchanan, and that's where red Sox players,
a key players would even go after their games me out anyway and Joe, who was the owner that place at the time it's close now here, but he knew Moderato and you know I gotta meet made him a couple times and he told me I mean as killed. Like me, a hundred people is in prison. He wanted twelve years, and I think it was an inferno the item existed a plea, fear, anyway, he told me again said yeah were like we're hanging out go. These girls, together, we do see, word and go, kill guys together right, just the thing that they, you know, it wasn't as it didn't think of it What did your whole life yeah? as part of their loose part about his living Leah, and sometimes they knew the guy's overkill I'm sure they do so
and how did you integrate data? We went what allows ass you before was we. You know when you read the script or when got reach out to you to do the film. You know how kind of information? Will you given like what was the colonel that guy that you're like this guy? I get the key to this guy You know I am. I read his book. I did research, I'd Medical Emmy wrote a book would they wrote a book on I'll get yeah I met a son who really enough in Boston, Random Leah ran away the headline pool and he was a great great guy. Stephen AIR and I just sort of trying to put. Pieces. Together, I ended up meeting. go? Go an older go, go dance. We have used to hang out with Steve Fleming and she would tell me say: yes,
he's in prison, our I'm not quite sure, right I think he still try to reach out to him at that point. We had already one. I had met his son, yes on offered to two to dry about nobody knows where this guy is apparently, but of course the sun, no, yes you're! So some was I we could drive up there. It's like five six hours earlier at that point like three core the movie was over right out. There is very little like it fair. I wonder, but we tell me stuff, like my dad, you know scare cigars, you didn't smoke, cigarettes see, did the area You know you wasn't nurse, how did did you get feedback from him after the movie the Sunday then one day I but I believe we all liked this tricky right. It is, tricky and you're. Not you know, you're not searching for the fate of worth nothing about but like when you play like. I just play Jerry Waxwork Wreath of Franklin Movie NICE and you
anything you know, because you do this, that kind of research where you get your each I get into the guy and figure out how he talked and what you do, what drove him in you know you do it, and you know when some but he will know em says good job mean something Are you now flattering yeah yeah? I got a positive, I guess complement, rather it was amazing, like. I don't like so we're. If it was ever to be like winded Like obviously you know you work pretty regularly. You know I seen a lot of stuff in and I just I watched part of the new movie, I'm glad I didn't watch all that I got. I got the link. A little late, but talking about movies, have seen that, your promoting his map embedded spoilers by the eye, oh that there's a parasite problem. That and that day you know there's aliens and I'm assuming that somebody.
If the world, but I dont know I mark I, oh I don't know you. I'm actually going to see it on on the second, so love so the premier. What does that Thursday? I so I'd? I dont know what of above find out. I guess the actual I can tell you. What I do know is that the director did a movie called beast knows, is, firstly, a movie Edna. It was terrific. I am in a beast, Ba just beast ha. What was that about? I feel like I'm. I've seen them I did see that that's kind of Norway movie I thought it was excellent and in you know your name, brought me the sickness. Italy told me, is our man in the Arctic. Yeah Spencer looks good Scot. I look, I thought the young men sure so If the agenda is not really become a movie star like when you start cause, I remember, you know you when you were a kid, how did it start
as the current one did. Dr Start were due to be an actor was? It was more or less? I guess I fell into a little bed. There is We grew up in Jamaica, Queens in New York, our gear. and her may in the family at that. My my brother, my sister, my mother and I we live in this crummy Benjamin part here and there idea was like my local school, I remember, being in third grade area and they shot some. Six greater shot, another sick, greater in the head and those I can't I don't wanna go to that school. So I I I just kept going further and further away from my school from where I lived here and obviously your here, your your mom agreed with you. Maybe you should go to that school? I be
why? I don't remember the conversation I just remember Goin once again, stop here and then going three sub right right, like Junior high square and then my Zoned high school was hillcrest, gash was a very dangerous school so there is a school called the performing arts and only argue, Syria, and so my brother, had left audition here and they are five departments and he got was going for art and my sister was gone for voice here. Well, I'd want to miss out on this so that they are all in the ata. So I went war drama and are a high end up getting from in for both and what kind of art painting yeah just here all around and My brother was always complaining about the art department. Sciatic. Let me try this drama thing and I,
we ve got off. Oh by the way I mean just or do you have it start? Just you have tradition, will remember what you did. I, if my logger organs just terrible, but I was always never. Good at auditioning anyway, they took pity on me me in and The knowledge that was that again way so going into it primarily to escape you know any state yeah escape and that yeah, I guess at it at a relatively young age. You realise that their life is pretty fragile. And and and things are dangerous and you know you, you sought their this sort of other world. Now not really knowing whether or not that was a worldview necessarily wanted to be part of when you got terrible, what change, for you in terms of light. Did you were you like in awe of people, doing that stuff amnesia
different world me? I wasn't in awe of that, I mean. Did it was all kind of Billy and doing the executive size sense, Maria and eyes, and just stupid they s and now, if you went therefore all of high school I and then day they sir, I had this some policy where you couldn't audition professionally, if he were in schools reallocate school may again. He added the was thousands of kids. I wanna go where they would accept. Maybe two three hundred here but so one day a friend of mine was like, came and gone. The Saudi this audition after school in the face of pizza afterwards and here's what we're not supposed to do that uneasy at doesn't matter. So I go with him and they Ass, they worked resides aid,
read too, and I said not just here in my friend shoes like war were saying a lotta people. Maybe you should re air and housing should like ballistic along side. I read for that's like I got good news and bad news, the bad news. not bringing you friend, back good Newsome, some brain you back get in a thing, what was that, It was a year. It was if show called Saturday night with Conny. Chung do remember her yeah, and so they did this, Doc you drama write about, Marla Brando. Yet in half the episode and then I'm in half the ep Marlon Brando, ya, gonna cool did you meet him, I didn't mean to me just he had done an interview with hurry and half of it was me playing this crack dealer in Brooklyn HA an end so that with you for every year
birthday was like a reenactment, yes, well, yeah, sort of yeah How are we to register the out of every day don't matter was like Marlon Brando. Now we're going to take you to a crack corner. Yes, we did you is there? A story was ere it in need in you. Just let me there was a story is based on a real kid that was like a fourteen year old cry, what a Marlon Brando have to do with it? He was just doing the out just so you just another part of the show. Yeah. Did you watch out part I I don't know if I watched the whole thing ethically Monday we are today. I am so so that I got your rowan. I in a way it was interesting that you sure yeah yeah I am you something I could do. We know in my sleep here play a drug dealer greater. So many of them me out yet nobody knew of you knew of them. You knew them so then, after that
did you get in trouble at school now for doing it now? Now it did so the policy doesn't hole and your wife, sophomore freshmen. I was a junior reacting. and then decide. What did you start rolling from there? Did you stuck on a more additions with that particular casting director? You are now well, no, I I went another thing and Rita. I got that now. It was like to play a transvestite this movie Matt? No one! maybe a little tiny part now as a whole thing. I was a sort of lesson the industry, of how people there was an actress and she wasn't do the single Sir brother got apart. What was is there no guy with a doctor's like put this fuckin guy, he's gonna, be your brother and they do this whole scene. I'm tools have one law here then we turn into this whole, like law see India, because this guy's forced to be in the movie, so regime
This is why do I was part of the negotiation. He never used the thing because it was just to satisfy her. Your brother and movie right and he cut ever need just cut that out a Matthew. I think my line, still no I dont know I mean I didn't I always it. I always wasn't want so this was it Guess before dying, yes area, so do sometimes not read the whole scrip. Ah, yes, MIA. What does it depend on it depends on. I guess how heavy I am in the scribe right and I mean I don't I don't believe you you have to is not an area of laziness, not just that you don't need to know what happens after You don't need to know what these people are doing unless it affects you or there they are talking about,
you in some way that shapes your character. For the most part, you know to almost better, if you dont now sure at night. I think I agree with that. Now, since now did you brother and sister stay in the arts. now they were actually my brother continent did he. I think he has a production company, our economies. Dewey. I say yes, we asters lawyer ha, and you did you. Whizzer was because, like you know, when I talk to people who are in the arts and staff, did you get supported on? Did you come from already people now now, now, as I got royal house now, I wouldn't go to college ok. So after the case before dying Why? When do you like, as I remember you and dazed and confused and in a way, it's interesting when you see
we ve, turned out as a grown up that allows the rose you take now in Europe are weighty there in other heavy You bring allied to it in that characterise kind of this, sir. You know I care and the obviously your kid, but that seem was at the big break. Thou. That was, I mean, I guess I guess you could call it that where were you serve enter into the Zeit guy saw, but how did that on? Why didn't wear what was fathers and Santa camera? That was, I I guess you that's all of my first movie that was Jeff Cold blue lawyer and I played a son. I was thrilled to get that part. The am I wish New Jersey tourists in Asbury Porno yeah and I love Jeff Carbon,
the fly and identify with great actor Varick Corky, interesting actor. I think so. It had really. Go anywhere. You played his son, yes, our you out of school bs You still use some of this stuff. You earned when you were a kid in putting your shit together now not from school necessary, but we from is growing and in like what did did. Did you come away from that experience at the at that high school, with some some craft in place, yeah, I don't want to downplay the intentions here. School has and you know a lot of people came out of that secure. Germ, did very well. You d have basic solar things there that that don't you
pick up sure I aspirin laughter for years right, but it was you is. It was a good plan ace, especially for yells, some people that had soared challenging home wives. and and yeah? I mean, I think, any thought He felt that that was a common thing. There were lotta kids in that school. Were you know it good thing that they were there right round yeah variously go into a different direction. I mean even in that school they had kids yeah. Some kid asked me: the cell crack There are four hundred show me guns. While what what what the department of you the crack department here and now so then I have to assume that when you get in, opportunity to work with go bloom that you know there. You know your pic and stuff up. You know
that you know in gauging. With these other the out, he was he's kind of an interesting, accurate. I mean three: did you find you or absorbing stuff? I'm not really I mean you, you you know you, you learn from things our memory doing a scene at the end, and I was right you go and they both for lunch here, and then we had lunch and then, after the lunch I just didn't have the same. I feed go ahead when I was starving it, and so it was a you know, it wasn't good, but its those kind of things you pick up our wouldn't do an emotional seen Ali afterwards right. So that was the message you couldn't. You couldn't fake it here near zero able to Look at the post once seen in the movie nightmare yeah for food. We know that as sure as the actor you see Gaga, maybe nobody will pick it up for you now. You know, of course you know everything you know I can like mine, and I wait one second before I said that, there you are you able to watch you shit. I mean
I do. I walked too because I I'd try to kneel, learn d or is there something could be done better? Do I am, but I don't watch a lot. I don't watch movies again because I feel I gotta Guiche Keaton. Moving forward. I get that so what how does dazed and confuse happen? so I am in L a year and for what the other movie or what promote I'm just out here. I owe you move. I moved out I'm working Jerry's Delhi out in a valley in the value of a closed, and I think so too, yeah and sell? Do you any moved out here Nineteen are an idiot, you didn't know, you had representation, I guess He s all of you probably wasn't the strongest, but you know where you you had a you had a reason to come because he had done the two movies you I mean I was really IRAN game
but that's not old story allowed people do that you're but yes, I was out and then I go in for this cause things I I meet dont Philips peach casts a fast sums rich one here I see our precursor. Oh yeah do smell one hours, that's a great movie here, his died on Thanksgiving shit yeah, how young, at the call that wasn't. Will you stay close Rebecca? I did but more like he'd call me a sack, roar and on whose body series of time casting director yea and producer and concern he he was lasting that and you If we just had a process where you wouldn't make actors re, he would just talk term and get to feel a sense for them and then you'd bring them back accordingly. Coordinate.
And then everybody was like four or five times you had to go back and then everybody Red the main character and all the girls red, Demain girl fur days in community area and then they sort of put you. Are they thought that you should go, but I remember- they had a pizza party for all the final list. They basically told everybody. You got the part accepted except for me I went back to new york- and I was and then I thought you moved out here. I did, but I I had gone back to your just to be like factor yeah and then get a call. Where do you want to go Texas, someone else? Yes, I do Yeah, it's great to me- and I was a blast selection you're gonna, lit up yeah seems very different than you yeah I mean I knew like hippies
and yet you know me. I knew the rap here and why is that? was that all scripted, a lot of it was in providing the air but one that movie came out. It didn't do well in the box office, but it became Agricole classic yeah, and for about a year afterwards, the all they were doing was offering me. Do that part Dude where's your car right, half bag in all the other similar, because you are a character right and I thought while I go down and it goes back toward Tonia than being right, I've got I go and take all these jobs now that I'm that guy right, as a kid almost when I teenager and will you get box, then yeah and yeah yeah? that then, that monies gone right right and nuts. And then, who are you worry at your end answer? You knew enough to avoid that made sure that the next thing I did after that was completely opposite base
oh, you were given at least the opportunity to read for a lot of stuff and you are able to have a choice and you are we'll take whatever they came next Levin, a forty five or whatever again that dawn filled, certain cast that, but he introduced the director and me and some other people together and he sort of Lucifer response. What four make it not happen so he's thirty year champion that guy I mean he champion me. Definitely temperate alot of people now, but he wasn't. You know I wasn't not gonna eat right because it dawned. come through something he I didn't look at him like none arise, right, pow, right, yeah, yeah, baby, I've. I guess the point as he believed in early on. He did yeah yeah, it's good to have those guys. Eighty, the end. He I mean when you look I'm up later. He he's he was who alleging yeah, I mean just even this going out friends, multiple
friends are in the business here. They can tell you about Danfield and do you guys hang out too. I didn't like it. He share story about the area, all yeah, yeah, that's great yeah was wonderful optimism. Were you able to an he was in mining? Is peace and choose? You know, you're tells you what's right, yeah, you got the real story, the air. So will you we'll. Do I like it? When you were coming up, I mean who the guy's it you look up to one you when you watch movies, are you who you were so guys like? We were right, that's the guy I ate when you're younger. You always see no think about Rob, Deniro Heroes, Garcia that she know when you were near the business for awhile people can be the disappointing very soon
times. If we mean a more have, sometimes you just see yet so you kind of an earlier to handle goes out right, yeah yeah, it's all. like what you are talking about when you do get to make them. You have that human experience it you were talking about and that's gotta play into the mystic like that. You're doing. Do you know what I'm saying you may want these guys. You thought was great or but ever and their disappointing or they're just enough painfully hugh manner. Not interesting, I mean that's, that's one of those human experiences that that disappointment. yeah and yet no one, I think, should be put on a pedestal. I now think they wanna be put up. The Paraguayan, if you didn't know, probably a fuckin, asshole sure yeah, but but it is gave an interesting thing to do, because I imagine over time I don't know the folded
Filmography, but you must have met a lot of guys. You spent your child had watching yeah sure you know it's. It's not a swan that happier if you or fortunate do you feel I mean it would listen. It's great to work for Johnny Depp. Also, collars shit, you're, fuckin, Johnny Depp, hey guys like the biggest moves around the world and with good night nice guy sweet, we heard here and you know the interested the problem with the media's that they they portray were but I want to portray, but they don't they don't know no sir? I use people sure and they paint them in these. the guys I wouldn't come to work as they were Trudy a tree near the crew badly You know we ve learned was content me out during this Michael Man movie.
which one is that public enemies Oh yeah you play that I played FBI agent and adapt sort of went on strike for a day or two yeah. I mean every to fly in the studio heads because they were true just because there he didn't want to go to work where you are treating the crew battle here. You know, I mean think about that yeah right right, so he doesn't have to do that. yeah, but he saying I want peace PETE, you normally amiable trader, irregular character, thinks you're the one one they assassinate somebody's character area. I think it's awful because people believe whatever they. You don't worry without the sure why what are you take from like. When did you start to feel Obviously the actor you were dazed and confused. You know your younger and you know you you've got the character whatever, but it seems that light. Get some point you started to sort of
realize I gotta won't be a movie star. I mean it, you did. I guess you knew that pretty close to a right. After that you are going to be tight cast, but at some point, you're sort of approach to acting must have expanded, in terms of like how you were going you know, utilise your experience and deal with these guys at human. When does that started where'd you get that I get. I mean- I guess I decided after that, isn't he asked thing that that you could probably clean up right now, financially right, but if if I want to be in it for the long haul, though, is a business decision more than an art decision I mean, I think it was both a it MA. When he was never part of the. process the end. Just how can I do this for long time right I'll, give you an example of said:
the castor actor name Mally fin dear you familiar now her while she is no longer with us, but she was since movie Titanic here. And she, brought me and ends ass me straight up shoes. I do you wanna, be a movie star and I said no, because what do you want to do so I want to be like up like a freight train. It just keeps on moving in It is our right. Well, there's four or five act, Instead, I am considering Fer to meet James for this. They didn't need a stark that two hundred and fifty million dollars here and she's like I won't bring you in to meet James C. I said ok so no titanic
yeah. I mean who's to say now, a corner of course, but but you knew with the point, is if you knew you wanted long GNP and to sort of you know, I have I've time of work. Evolve with the work yeah, you know, as opposed to you know, ego driven right here yeah, so you don't eat Many different station near TVS, fine, I mean now days or their JANET, I show, and so, when you started you know let me do. I owe you did a lotta csi, but I mean by the wind, but can the day you imagine your hanging out with some actors right when you're younger in your twenties. He had some friends and he had that sort of business. I Don T tv man, nor is there any that gonna eat
back in the day there were producers who still felt like a will act as a television act. Here you know the brow days does not get out, are not what the hell you do, but, but when did you start doing tv I took them, job. But when I was thirty hours I add move back to New York REACT. You know who I was like good, really get money for me in applying it s kind of crazy. This, yes, I am- I am here, and so we did that and I just do spend our time forward now. Not to my trade. That was fun. It flies now, for upshot Ariel Sharon Affair, but We did that and it was the number one showed the world, not just America in the world, and you know everybody thinks I'm nuts. I want to get off this thing you know you did want to get off it yeah several, but you did like a lot we
did two years and so after two years you can negotiate, get the really get money here. And they said do one do I said no, I sir, I just want. Can they let me out, and they said everyone thought I was not. I mean really there would they had to kill you. I didn't have a wide and asked him to kill me, but that's what they decide to do, but then a part of you didn't ask a busy, I I I said what year while they let me, I said they say ass, they said, but you have to do to apple. Votes for the remainder of your contract, which is that in a six year contracts, so they will they shot me they're. Not gonna, do add that in this area and so three years later they brought me back as like a ghost with anywhere
I did it because I read it in an air and given that that was the thinking of how to bring you back. That's probably why you left in the first place is a dead end up. There was a number of reasons why left did it did? they in three people were very well. You know you sort of when you seven wardrobe departments, while in my two year really ye stopped sort of like bringing people than aims because they were just fire them like bright, left and right, and in your you know You're you're you're, getting into I felt like I was getting into bad patterns. Why'd, you didn't care about, that's it. I think. That's the thing is, that's the that's! The the thirsty and bargain that you make. You know that most people make for the money in your wife. Why bail? Well I mean if your told that in your sweeping, through the thing and end in you know in any united honouring your your heart woody after certain point, that's gonna crush you right
and yet I don't. I don't have children, so if I did, I'd probably would have rolled it out and wrong here. I probably would have made a lot of different choice. Sure sure yet want to have children. Would have been won t yet what I mean so, but my most of it was because you wanted to the honor, you know what you got into it for me was a good gig. Got u solvent and you know you you're, grounded and got a life and you get some money in the bank. So now I go back to doing what You know the things you want to do as well, to be that guy. For the rest, you I mean you avoided being that guy before you. I mean. I don't regret that one bit bite. I certainly don't know how I would be you know I had I done it for ten years we have It seems like you, you know that have to assume, that every job you take you know adds to us
an amount of experience right? so I guess you know whatever it was for those fifty episodes you I got. Some chops Yes, I'm now you know you ve become more veteran India, this their certain habits and stuff that there are good to have in place, or you can kind of free yourself to do the other shit yeah. I you're always yours. we're getting down our for it, like you know, wait like with public enemy, so you work with Michael Man now in terms of directors did what's your experience been in terms of good I've talked of directors, talk to actors with directors. Have there been directors out of me at a profound influence on you? Imagine Where does it mean? I may mean coopers like it for free take a chance on me and plays thief. I mean black mass witches. In that way, be bolder story belongs to Boston. May I it's their thing yes and allowed we'll try to major for a long time and not only that when they're making it yet
the agency's obviously pushing their clients in China package you know, sir, so Mason at their I'm in John Lasher, I d go around. Yeah yeah. I say we want Europe to do how'd you meet Scott, that he got you and for that I miss yeah. He he even knew you and he wanted I guess he knew of media but yeah, one side being we had over poor. I was like this is fucking amazing like I am worried, it how yeah you're gonna do I met him on a plane. He told yeah, yeah, MIKE who's, that guy What is that guy? Alba? You told failure there, I was like even back then I was. I wanna, be tat guy. What cheers
So, yes, so as an actor view it when you, when you work with a guy like scar, yeah it's year, you just your free kind of feel. Home, you feel supported coffee, nurtured, yeah, there's a short hand, ye feel like you're able without any you, have nothing holding you back and you leave the freedom to bring. But you can in court. do you know? He knows what he wants. I hadda manipulate, you know, certain scenes and stuff payer, but yea since the very freeing expiring was it. Would you say that, like one of the better experiences you ve had yeah, I work on both films, yeah hostels, s grave It is a good movie and you know just the x variances that you
that you have when you make these movies like in Boston. I met all those people in the Mexico I'm here we at this sum this adviser. This he's dead. Chief in the northern shot, Cheyenne names she, Philip and yet he's a good friend of mine. Now lawyer, we ve been out to the reservation in Montana and I've been with him. Other place, America yeah just dumb in a way you that's the beauty of part of this businesses is developing these relationships. Are you if you do? You would never yeah, otherwise you know come across. Probably so it says that what that experience been like for you, like you, know, having a relationship with the contemporary native merit, in culture. you know a grown up in New York. I'd never met, I native American, so it's
It was very powerful hum expressly. subject matter of that movie, it's just in terms of the history and again. I wish there was awake. I think that a lot of Americans don't even know or understand what what what still happening. With these reservation, yeah, what that with their drugged. Drug problem I mean it number one gas by by police or we're missing women never get yet. I fear that that wider was missing. it was only minutes here all over their lives for, like a month till they found a guarantee killer. There their missing all the time and nobody's down abounded the S behalf we and in it is, I grew up in New Mexico.
Not from New Mexico, though they brought a man, Yeas Vermonter area, beautiful there right and when you do like way like Michael Man, what was that like to work with him as a director? He it. You know it's. It's Michael Mansour excited me he's very, very particular MA. Am about what he wants and it he sometimes. I think he treats like incentive of chaos that doesn't need to be there really yeah? But you know, he's made so many good films that yeah, if it if you figured works for you right or I get so you get her out of it. There were large frustrated departments on that phone. Just say you seem to be, sensitive on the whole operation, which is nice.
I know you like you seem to have a sense of the community of a project works important, I mean, as you know, fuckin catering is very important. Deuce yeah, like a affects the morale when you get that through he asked the worse and yet crew guys go out Magdala to the food so barrier, then Nor can I have a happy sat yeah, you, no good cable is not behind the way should grow even craft services. If that thinks it's like, you know, it gives you it embroidery. Chip people should be cognisant of the whole group, not even like it. you know they're like you're alive I answer your understanding and these are just relation is part of the job to know these. Casting directors and We stand, you know what they ve done and where they come from and who they are, as people is important, because there. You know very your portal,
They are going to be the ones that are like. Let's bring that guy yeah yeah but what about Argo was. exciting yeah, I mean I am. I love we achieve assemble, which has clearly been there before I had why so that was really great and you Ben is a tremendous. thereafter above the town, oh yeah, with fuck yeah how long I like them of year yet- and I just saw indirect- I just saw him in that cloning movie. I saw two movies. Good actor do yeah. He was excellent. How is that set? Was there? Did you did you feel like you could really do the work? yeah. He had us live in the house in his Hancock bar the flat somewhere down their fear. Had us, the it'll be the five six minutes:
However, many was of us the hostages yeah yeah I live in the house. For a week we know each other had the wardrobe, Ria seven knees wardrobe and is see and a weak anything new as food and right right, He had a sort of a slightly upscale hostage experience, yet we had to figure it out. Play ball games tell stories drink a lot yeah, but by the end of it we had a yellow sort chemistry of forced artificial bond, was becoming a real and enacted. Completely that that was grounded the the roles. I think it helped yeah yeah yeah, I guess So I guess I guess you know you go to a stamboul at the end. You know geyser grabbing these girls in the street. There terrified and I think all that
stuffs or helped. Oh there that the culture itself was yet will we as it's not. You know the heights, it's not do not use too These foreigners are walking around. We are showing scan right, so they you're just saying urged can't control themselves, Am I saying all I'm saying what happened there right? come up a lobelia idea, so is there something that you like, as I know you just want be afraid: train just won't, keep moving, keep getting opportunities, but there's something in your mind. You want to do or accomplish your eyes actor or try that you haven't done yet did you I asked. yes he about ass, you I want you guys. I thought like the two you should do true, west and recycling onto theatre is United there's? No one like you, I thought Are you two guys should dare do? I could play a SAM shepherd boy. I really was
pitching him hard on it. He says Roy stagger. Do it is dumb, God bless us feeble led! Do that? That's all I can say I I I have fun no desire, no desire, it's interesting, though I mean right Keziah. You must have done in high school a bit. yeah yeah. I wasn't dumb put down about that when it? What is it essentially about about that type of acting? That is a turn off I think it's a lot of risk is very Lou reward. There are plays I've seen were there a tremendous performances NEA and their real on an amazing and then there's mothers were now they're using their dire frahm to reach the back of the room. Yes, it's kind of all, so
don't just exaggerated in it's, not your bag. It's on my bag area, and you know I I I want to watch a movie. You know watch a movie, but also acting a movie so much different, because you know you can bring it way in humane way and you can do it again. Fuck up here so that sort of part of it to yell too big part of it. They were doing. Shakespeare plain high school, going Jake ways you from as you like her and my mother somehow goes. Backstage before the show you nobody else is parents were there she's, like I don't forget your lines. It never occurred to me to forget my line I didn't know that was the possibility. So I author. I got the famous speech
they all the world's a state of war and nothing. I forget my fucking alone. so my holy shit there's like seventeen fifty people stress stage yet fan Juilliard on moustaches in sugar and, unlike holy shit, you're gone nothing and an oval groundlings or like China. Why is it I got through it somehow in the next three nights were fine, but that was scary, because I like a site, you can't stop Shakespeare, Vienna and our teacher said: oh well, free online to say, couch we awhile and mark you can't fucking do he can't do end Shakespeare. The edges up make an option, Well, I mean that's allowed to unpack in terms of why you might now to do theatre it.
your mother and forgetting your and that'll, do it So this role that you did just now with the encounter thing, the cop now when you get what? How do you decide that you're gonna do project like what like what is it? you did is you know who the people sure good whose director ok and it s like linked up any like the part enough yeah, and You know I love, result mad, who yell fair his since the night of yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, really great yeah and October, he is raising their work with she's, so cool and my professional in nice in just shoot just like a dream to work right really when you work with other actors way what what determines, whether its great for you
third, there better, not an asshole you're, all right, all right, they're, fucking, weird and they do their shit and care how we're people oriented they gotta do to get where are they It may be that don't fuck everybody else No don't fuck me up, don't fuck other people up cause if your bullshit right, you know right, that's all yeah, pretty simple right now, I wrote for everybody? It's like America, just be fuckin decent, get your shit together be decent here, that's all they matter, there's no rule with Verona, venom and fuckin hate and division. Just get your shit together. Lamby, decent young, a decent person right at the outset, level? Is not that difficult across the board? Yeah we're working as a good point? and could talk at the map. Are you to loosen the one you ever go by the comedy storm, always area? Why not?
come down I'll. I do I love that puts our young there almost every night, when it's open, really yeah. I don't have you been since the pandemic ended once oh yeah, I you know me, I'm usually there, like I put in for like this. We have got a fly. two were Sonoma tomorrow. The interview this mothers brothers, but up a bribe me there this weekend Friday and Saturday night yet come down, say hi if you're there I will, which rule you hang out. Well, I mean they all depends what she gives me I'll, get your, maybe we'll get switch numbers and I'll. Let you know, ok go to the after this good thanks man pleasure. there you go very gangrene, going all the way back: heavy dude heavy calf, laying a tight You can watch the movie encounter streaming on Amazon, prime video and also don't forget this week, our friend it simply say forgiving. W e, F listeners, forty percent
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