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Episode 1297 - Nicole Byer

2022-01-17 | 🔗

Nicole Byer hosts the hit shows Nailed It! and Wipeout, is working on her new standup hour, hosts four different podcasts and is starring in the new primetime NBC series Grand Crew. But she still had time to join Marc in the garage so they can try to figure out why they both have such a hard time with physical affection. They also talk about Nicole’s days as an endearingly bad waitress, how she coped with losing both of her parents at a young age, and what few things she actually knows how to bake. 

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all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the tablets, what the fuck nix how's it going? I mark Mare- and this is my part- guess how are you have you gotten over your own mccrone, yet have you ve gotten over your covered. Yet have you got the covered? how are things out there are you freaking out? Are we freaking out is anything getting better. I don't know, I don't know my guest. isn't it called buyer people, love Nicole by everybody, seems to love Nicole buyer she's. The host of now did on Netflix her stand of special, I believe its netflix as well she's got four different. The gas going or or wipe out, which is They game show she houses. Well, what's other things because She's she's everywhere, she's our place, Nicole buyer she's this New NBC Series, grand crew answer.
also be hosting the crew choice of words were Tay digs and I talk toward today. I talk to her so When I spoke to you, what is the last week last Thursday I told you, I was planning on going to Bob Sagoth. funeral going to the cemetery. I don't do that. And I've had a realization as of late. It's a policy by haven't, found self. It funerals and I've lost a lot of people that I know that are close to me and either there It would be a travel situation or I'm on the road or whatever I just Felt the need a deep need to go to Bob sag its funeral, because Bob sag, it was a great guy. We weren't best friend, in this, but the time that we did talk in the ties we did hang out just stay it just a loving person and a miss him, and I think one thing about him. It makes me sad and I miss him. I wanted to go for closure, I wanted to go to the funeral and I went
and it was a lovely service. Rabbi was funny killed. Her grief, joke right right out of the gate. I think the joke with someone somewhere along the lines of he said like it, yeah. I'm sure of Bob were here he'd be wondering same thing where we are. We are all wondering why why why couldn't have been stainless very funny opened with its strong but it wasn't the obviously wasn't a comedy show, and it was a bit it was heavy and was sad and the after saying that this, the songs canter saying in the Hebrew you get to, where the I'm, a gos and his daughter, Your spoken was devastating and some of his friends spoke the funeral and his wife spoke in just a few. All that grief the weight of it and then to a kind of sitting that space and that that that cemeteries V close to me. I drive by all the time, and then it was
sure thing because I still find I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me. Do you know what I mean this like did this funeral was so pleasant, and so clearly this guy lived the life you want to live and loved in an and had people but loved him. I can't imagine what my friend will be It's gonna be a lot of people saying like more Spiegel, then, really no mark the way I knew him, but he was, he was a good guy could be difficult, unite people in the room they had the cars. all parked in line, so everyone could kind of leave the parking lot in procession right. To go to the the burial site. And I was about three lines in Then they were lined up and there or people cutting your people be pulling out of, their line two to go on the procession. He'll be or their turn. and
I immediately was liking. What the fuck is that guy doing what the fuck like what's the hurry, but I still had that impulse like these people are cheating. You know they're gonna get what what are they gonna get do not end up, the ground without everybody, the egg I just have to. I have to check myself. Man but it was heavy man. It was obviously heavy, but it was like. I said. The service with beautiful people were therefore it and I watched them put him in the ground and I drive by that certain by their like. I see that cemetery from my hike three days a week and I was driving back from the comedy store. I actually what did comedy then. The funeral- and it was not good to raw- can speak from the right place and I drive past it almost daily That's something I just couldn't write my brain around the idea
I was driving home like on Friday night that a week, go Friday. Bag. It was home in his house living his life and I just saw them put him in the ground right over there. He was in his house in his bed. was in the ground right over there. I can't Can I get that I'm ahead? I'm gonna miss knowing he's alive in the world. I really am. Something happened the other night or day today, Monday Saturday night I had a spot at the comedy store. Nine fifteen, Jeff ROS your text to me that that he and John Mare and Chapelle we're going to take over the belly room, which is a small room upstairs at seats about eighty, maybe in the car
many store fer you just for We have some steam for sag its family and friends. So it is with all kind of private show upstairs he said, look I tell John Mare John, Can I bring another guitar if you want to hang out and there still Pardon me, sort of my nose is set up. But every Ross has been very nice to me and he seems to look out for me and he wants to make sure in part a thing. So, oh, but- get to the comedy store down. Yeah, I'm waiting around to do my spot, the run in a little weight and people are starting to come for that choice. You Jeff, and I talked him for wine and who, out of other, people that you know the. I saw them at the funerals while, but do you know, where his family's coming his daughter show up who I've never met and Jeff. Introduce me to his daughters and one of his daughter said my father. like your lot, and just like you know looked up, and unlike I got it, I gotta, go, play guitar now.
I did bring to picks with me because I, like all Think of it like the others like I'm, not that can be so. I'm not gonna have to get on stage and you'll go toted. Oh John Mayer, it just be might be fun to play low guitar withdraw marrying for a few minutes because you Looking fucking good budgeting. He said through the pigs in my pocket. I went up there and I was just watch him from the back of the room after I did my sat in Japan Look in the back of the room, he's talking and Jeffson stage talk and in John marriages in there with a guitar they're talking about Bob Zagat, they're laughs here and there and chapels like is Emma Marin MIKE? Yes, yes, he's like. Oh oh gee What's up man eases, I'm sorry I didn't get to see at the funeral Wigan get to talk. I know you had some loss in your life as well and I'm sorry is greatest. I'm glad you're here. Yeah this is like infront, everybody railway. Thank you man. I appreciate that
and then Ross is I come up here. We got another guitar John Mayer's, like I brought a guitar and I'm like I don't know you know come on man, I'm not you! No! No! No! No! I got two pics in my pocket. nowadays is like go now. I get up there. Put a guitar on sir. At their me next, a mare next Ross in between Ross. in between me. A man may enjoy our trade in late June, a boost and yeah. I did our I held my own, it wasn't like a music show, just sort of like Davis, I Jeff was Talkin, Jai John Mare, which I mean, but the truth is like. Despite what anyone thinks about anybody at this point in time. This was a knight for Bob's, friends and family. These were comics getting together. You know too ball off a little steam after an incredibly difficult week for friends and family, abide, Zagat,
and it got racy and got interesting and got fun and it got real and there's a lotta smoke and been around that much smoke weather Chapels cigarettes are we'd or whether whatever was gone. I left we have to. I only hung about an hour, and I realize, like This is what happens you know like. I know these guys sometimes tat stage for hours on like they just give fucked up and they go in and go and do they don't want out yet there they'll be alone, and I want to stop her But I gotta I got out after by our neighbours, are added extra k, myself and others. There are few gone now I gotta go. I felt the smoke in my head in my head. I felt it, but again, I was happy to do it. I was happy to be part of the community. And part of the show. and was very sweet of Bob's daughter to say that it was good to see everybody
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de L, p dot com, Swash W E F. So. As I mentioned earlier, Nicole buyer is here and a new series she's always called grand crews on NBC, but you can see IRAN or other stuff, listen Jura on our If she does a lot of stuff. grand crews on NBC new episode. On Tuesday nights this meat talking tv, a very funny, very charming kind of exciting, Nicole buyer. I was not a baker, neither am I do not know your. Try I have tried. I can make booby gooey butter cake, its APOLLO dean recipe. I know she's bad. She said, then, work
couple times you know on record a euro clay with I'll, be ok with it. Just for this conversation is tasty. You get days. The racism is just the way I can make that I can make makin cheese manages baked. makes a MAC and she's. In my day, where like him in a like, arresting pan the whole layer of it yet yeah! I, like the rule, oh yeah, right report over the noodles, my mom used to make any I'm on a quest to try to make it the way. My mother guide, you get it My sister has said good try, so I think you did not allow quite but other onion in it my mom put on your right. Yes, that's part of that So I got a joy of cooking recipe. Yeah kinder I guess I don't know that you have cooking right. Now it's like that classic one. Why here the period thereafter. China bake nor just not bake, but could I cook lie so I was just asking
The question is not because you hosted paper people maker fucked up doing anything cook irish soda bread pie, I can do a pie. Ok just trying to get an issue. I gotta. Do you ve been able to item? Not beg leave to be bad no way back can't do it improvisational I got arrested me people just get on there and they they don't. You know how much flower to put in Canada first couple seasons. It was people who, through Lee, couldn't reed directions had no art stick. I guess it's like you, gonna make it. Kate building you gotta make it into like a shark or something like that, one, those it's because I you know, I get the idea here: you're basically like before signing up there. I am ok, we'll can stoop and yet, but I think that we live in is like I get I mean on the job. This is fine. Yeah, yeah, yeah, illegally but her cake. Let's good, I can make
cookie is pretty rare. I can either I want to have around. Oh, I don't I don't want cookies in my house. I got chocolate I can't I screamer descended system. Ongoing battle like I now? Look, I'm crazy. I've ever had a group of an annex it mother. So at my my ideas about tat, eating and food, or not great, how an ongoing, like last night, for instance, are sad. My buddy Bob Sagoth Pathway yesterday and I thought like maybe I should go, get a pine ice cream unjust, ploughed through it yeah, but by May the different choice, unlike you know, there's a basket and down the street just go. Get a cone, oh, Ok, I like that. I thought you were a bribing yourself, Emmi Treves Nano when issues when I have them in the house. Are we all of you fast
I'm the same way. So what happens? If I got nice in the freezer I'm just right, I'm gonna have to get rid of that by using it now yeah yeah. were sent me pines and pints. Oh yeah places. Oh, like this guy up IRAN Instagram somewhere Jenny. This enemy for a while and then there's this place and I have a problem with journeys. Really. Yes, I either prompted by be different in you. Ok, I wonder what your problem is so I went in. I asked for it, half scoop, because I have portion control issues and later I'm a character. We can't do that. I said why I just want to happen. The kids do she said we don't do that. I have to charge you for a full scooping. I said: that's, ok, I just want half of it and I don't want to throw it away right because I won't thrown away underwrite entry, for I can't do that. Has so angry I'll get nothing. So I have a lot of indebted. against Chinese. But of zones. Look let's go to journey lobby like no thank you, so you even painful pricey when Gimme the half now
She can system giving me a full scope, even though I didn't want it survives. But from a journey. What that's? That's more consumer problems, I got like a big problem with their policy. Yes, I'll this way, I was gonna, come from in Saint Louis they're, sending it to me from Saint Louis, his voice, clementines a few of them in the Saint Louis area. Ok, it's our tis! No ice cream now, nor, call something artisanal has to have a certain amount of milk FED, and so like eighteen percent or some crazy. I like most ash from me by at the store, like sixteen percent, so ye this stuff means it has to be made by hand in hand. Hi milk fatty acids. Like we'll talk, and the woman who, on their place, told me with these other places now have hardened ass, Nope Jenny's nope used to know more. When I went court Rick because, like art, you have to do by hand? Oh, oh, yes and time consuming, but you can cut corners with milk fat.
You are in the trick. Why not save money? That's where they care about interesting, so it's Ivan deciding topknot shares this place in Brooklyn called the social, so they used to own ample, hose cream ray and then I don't know something happened. They left that and they are at a new one called the social, maybe there's authorities. While I feel there is as handmade probably out, it's very, very rich good rife among how do we go about it gave them some imo is coming back to you, it's my favorite, a lot of them do that now the butter kingly, it's so good. So, we like? I want. I want some, the stand, a boy I mean. I don't know you hear me. I didn't know you just stand up to some old, though I'm old age. I don't. I don't know any other kids and I think if we want to make she said. But where do you come from? Where I come from middle down, New Jersey? Will I started doing it rob in New York at that brain citizens, brigade, theater and then moved out here so doing like sketching improv drew up in Jersey, monk from Jersey
what measures are you for a while but Jimmy? ethically jersey. His I want you to say my parents from Jersey has borne in Jersey. I lived in Jersey, two eyes like six. Ok pumped in weeks is where my mother's front from more stats Morris County. I think maybe virgin ogoni- that's North Korea, yeah North Jersey here and my dad from Jersey, taxi and withdrew his handsome central jersey here, but you have a veto on north tourism, link that South tourism, people's attitudes, ailing that's the north, but we're like way central, the realities of a is not by Patterson I'll think. So it's funny people from Jersey have no idea where other places in Jersey has now we're some part parts of Josie. I know at Princeton, as were also through there, my thoughts by like red Bank. The area will silver worthy account. Basically, yes, yes, it's a dream, a mile and play the count basic theatre, real, because you grow up I quote, it is a fine yeah. I think I'll go
back to everything, hounded summit. I think they're calling something. Oh now that makes it very the Red make something centre. Maybe now oh yeah where's count base. You have now is a on basic idea. Who is count basic. You know companies, I shared Oh, I see you have to remember companies you as a piano player and bandleader believe started with due gallanted. Ok, There was the count: basely orchestra, swaying and stop pre bebop kind of thing: ok, yeah, bigger jazz orchestra round, the Son of God. It was an account basically you right now we have that you can do it but I grow up. I like how many burthen sisters, you big family, just one sister, one older sister, whose very tiny, so she looks younger than me ass. You do and she's good she's a teacher and she's really sweet each her. Yet that's good, it is a nice job. I could never out of work held the very young,
I think they're like six, maybe six, seven, also real kids, yeah sure right, I've horribly then, or their I horrible, by the horrible kids arable like bad either. Not terrible but she'll tell me stories and, unlike gives urges their unreasonable. You can't reason with it. They say sudden, awhile willing, you're, like that, and I'll be true, and I put it is, as you said, it is true. I couldn't do it, she is, I don't have any character. I can't spend too much time with them. I don't love them. sticky and stuff. I just give imagine, having one of my house react, wake and they like staring. I M ready, ready for you, I'm here or like at night. They like there's a man in my closet. Like now, I dont a deal of our haunting go to sleep on it. I did I found early on. I think that I am to self two panicky into angry yeah to have them. I think
Can't a lot of people who do have them are like like that, they may be, should not. Have I say that on stage, MIKE you'll have to you, I mean you can make choices, you're, not a dog. Yes, make a grown up. Georgiana. Damn you do anything you. I don't think I want them, although if I too, fifty and I'm still a single woman are probably not like an older can be like you, my friend, right yeah, you're, trying euro aware, maybe like thirteen fifteen, you all want it to your mother budget to be around here. You coming to call. We travel in good time. Maybe go school a bit! People already aware thank you, my job. If I adopt to overcome this manoeuvre, if you buy an older, why figure older kids don't get adopted often so it would be nice if I got one limerick sure from offering was good for an idea what we I do I guess who fry reason, while you kids get adopted its assent,
reason by their kind of setting their ways already year by are you saying your ways of nice, lady with money was triggered a moral I've been do any of this fund? For me, Roger is finite. Twenty or twenty one year on year of legal aid was now before us Have you twenty more, not show what like what worldwide you grow up in our no one knows how little town yeah Middleton Minecraft in middle town? Would you like folks, do or was the story over there? What was it I mean and isolate smoked, lotta we'd? Why do we and they went to Chile's and would say it was one of our birthdays another day go and get a free deserve? That was your child yeah yeah yeah hastily lied about your birthday of a lot of it, Total Ottawa in high school english as the lot high and my teacher would be like Jonah read this.
the book I laugh, I will now have the same thing how'd it go to the nurse Songbird Cosette was in English. It was like some other, quite like social studies. She asked me to read, and I would We couldn't handle it, but I felt so embarrassed. I said I gotta go the nurse Matthew High high. giggle and really sorry. I can't do you have friends right or probably havin fun, yet no one knew I was high is doing to biogas out. I will know I was out with other people. Ok at lunch when they weren't there little cloud was in part of a crew just alone still and Thursday. The outlying measure could do worse feeling it is weird feeling to be alone in an early setting clear. Like sorry, I can't functional too high for the reasons I can. I
I remember the teacher MRS Wall. My weird, I think MRS De Marco Did you do anything in high school, my Other was like you talk a lot, so why don't you do the play like? Ok and I wrote- I got into acting in performing? Well you? How would we, then? I think I was fifteen what your Monti lifting my mom, The same measure also like was a lunch. Eight at my school can locate obsessed with me. I couldn't get away from me erotic when we come to school with you yeah. She would you like. You want to treat your adopted ashes like I gotta go everywhere. They won't get really yeah. What is it won? T do during a wines, yeah you legs, watch over the kids. Hang out while thou interesting. I don't remember everything. Ok, this table, I didn't Afghans, maybe look xyz! When you need evolutions lake violent
dear parents to dislike watch cave while teachers like I've, gotta Eric s eyes, is just hang around school. We were. I was your mom do and here is hanging now we would you dad do my down why he were to eighteen t as like. An engineer I want it is you a rope programmes computer guy here, like very smart and really want me to be smart, too and, like I did think I'm like kind of smart, but, like academics his heart, you only serious problems. No can do now. Do I math I cant do yeah it's too hard science. This isolationism here I've got a knack for it out on a site like I've got it f, r and D. The teacher was trying to families. Are we giving ie and catch the eye and was kind, but I just couldn't because chemistry's like math, I couldn't do it. yeah what my brain is broken? I get an algebra I can't figure out how to Algeria so hard in Algeria, algebra algebra, then they put me in.
Basic matters are like friend, who really gonna work. Do you really bad? I feel bad about it. some part of me that things like woman adult now I think it's time to tackle math now here is the only thing you need in math as an adult who's, not in the field of mouth or whatever quantum physics is to figure out the Tipp. You move The decimal point, one play some in double it must twenty percent right. That's the only thing you learn to now right right assent. I'm recipe, so maybe some fractions. Maybe how many tablespoons is in a quarter cup kind of deal, make those kind of transitions, but ya. you have a quarter cup you have like, I hope, but likewise zone calls for six tablespoons or can be like. I can Jesse's a quarter cup and tuna It was better because I see that would be nice, not I I'll. Do you six spirits or tablespoons or wherever you can make those kind of risk decision. Oh see, that's an. I know
so I too your mom pushes into determine what what is it what's happening in? What would place? Do you do so the first play a day. There are so many people who wanted to do the play is that I am I dropped, the Germans certain she she did up over like a bunch it plays by Christopher during so remember those here so like there's like factors, nightmare dm, be tyre. Oh, I can remember any other ones. Young forget the one than the one that I knew who but a user's like ten of them. So like there is just a bunch of them and I did he'll be tyrant, which is just like a frustrating lady at the DMZ Characterless, a very character, peace and peace, laughed and really loved it, and I was like a baby. This is when I got to do with the rest of my life would agree that was given the left's yeah. It's too dick.
Like what I think, maybe shootin heroines like react, chase and high sure, but you I guy, I think, when issued Heroin in Europe. brought civilities end? There, oh sure, yeah me do the shot with a laugh. You gotta keep working. I keep working age, I do how our and get their tis a lot of work. It is so you just words, Mostly theatre in high school, yet just theatre in high school with spring play a foul play. I would do that
and then as also doing track and feel that that time I was going to that girl sport, which is shot that's right, but all of that is that, go you probably strong right. You big. They did that and then I got was doing pretty good. My coaches frustrated music, if you just like, worked out and worked a little harder. You could be really good at this and I think I'm an actor practical skills throwing around you could fix or somethin, not for you now, given The heavy around now hysteria. Stimulus to every day have to go out to the field of civil war, throw the heavy bile around here. For you now for me, then but you're able to gradually Highschool, somehow barely yeah. There is missed. Ernst who worked in the office she was like near call, you vista the many days school you're not going to graduate you'd like to too many you ditched?
I went to school. Would you guys do show we lay good? Now you go to the beach during school, we go to the beach or leg, so we in someone's car or live what up just like. I didn't want to be there having talked about ditches gonna, while he had a sort of figure it out, though, you. You definitely had a ditch scheduled in you like. I can't did just one again this week, No, I really was wild with reckless abandoned. It was like. I don't have to go anywhere and my mom died my junior year and this awful, but I would just like my mom's dad. I am sad and people never knew what to say to me so Billy. So I get the leaf and I'd get out of things and am is earned it was like my mom's dangers. It doesn't matter, you miss School, you have too late, there's consequences and I like so the tears another. You can't make me come back here and I should like, if you shut up and just come school for the rest of the year. I will move. I will remove two of these or whatever so she's a reason. I graduated while little sympathy
I mean you're, probably tell the truth. I mean it's terrible it's that when your mom pass away- and there is nothing there like they probably at that time at this, what then have anything in place to help youth out through that? Did they know? but I did have a really great guidance counselor who you like Let me sit an office just like talk to her Elia so like that was bell. Focus was like ok, there's an adult here. Who cares right? yeah, but it was. It was weird, it's weird to deal with legs on us, sixteen year old is going through whose grieving I'm because, like a grievance, hard anyways yet started, an adult eyebrows it here and you d have no control over a year and its horrendous and What what about your dad was? He helpful quiet per se I mean he wasn't unhelpful by now. He was dealing with his own share here. I guess nobody knows what to do now, so you did you become a like just to terror after that.
Not a tear out by this stinky, remember because my mom. She did most of the lake curfew shed on intervention or you can go here and go there, my dad was late lag. I fear that some of these rules like what is your her view and I was late at night and because there is like ten He goes. Ok, Nicole comes home at midnight and Catherine comes home at ten. I just don't think he's like brain was like firing at all cylinders cause. I'm younger also like in once have ten, that's probably correct. Right nights carefully, not correct, record high school, this is funny! We just like my sister headed she wouldn't lie, should tell the truth, so she would below home at Terry later in the true yeah, I was like women a little weird world I'll make it up like on the fly like you, I'm allowed to go to the city alone. Yeah, I'm glad to leave this person's yeah no hurry, so here is really kind of man.
Brain guy yeah checked out yet and your mom was the one who is on how very oh, my god, liberated and sadness. Angry to problem yeah yeah yeah, have you given Doug any that stuff I may I have. I guess it was leg. My mom was religious and a lot of religious people like she's with God or whatever she's in a better place than are like, I dont know why anybody things. That's like a good thing to say if anybody area, because it's like How does that comfort me? What about the place where I was that the air tat is a nice place out, but you come back here and say I guess I was angry and I truly aliens are going to church and Stuff Isaac Newton for me like I, never I don't. I don't find it that car no one knows what to say you know it's right there trying to say thing I made her memory will be a blessing and, like you better point what any of that stuff the when I talk about
stage, one word sort of like we know her. She still hear her energy people don't leave their energy still here am I, like you, do not even a human. The arm I dont know what it was like. Weird goes to energy. I don't want that. I wanted it this then I wasn't tangible exactly. I dont think people realise how unhelpful they are like. When my mom day people kept bringing overlay castles and show your leg we're not lay. the urban still works its, but it's like it. It's They want to help you and I think it's it's nice for them to J. That's what people do they try to show up for you, but there's nothing. Anybody can do you're going to go through it on your own, no matter where you I just got. I had a crying and furnish strangers again. Anybody would walk up, ok, yeah yeah, I think yeah
the EU will have to say. I heard you, I think. Maybe you just hug somebody other thrives like ok, baby covert throws even guys. I am crying my porch and fraud. Everywhere. Like I'm already, let me now you like human touch, that's what I mean. Why actually, I'm I'm not great with a human touch. It worked out for the even touch fired. You know when it's just as supportive in pleasant denies like you. I am. I'm gonna help you out squarely fair yeah yeah being touched either? How do I make an owl people? You don't make it and I don't mind that now I kind of touching eyes Yoda is neither just sort of like. I don't understand why what's happening yeah I'm trying to get better with human touch, we're just my best friends. This year she was like yeah. You know, I've talked to her she's one.
my favorite people, Mahomet Honor, you do park asked whether the area where she said she, I told her. I was like a friend of mine told me I was. I was not very affectionate she's like you're, not as like she's, like yeah, you know every time I try to hug, you run away and you act like its bit. She's the only really a bit like coal. No, I guess not a bit so now we hang out. I like make an effort to touch her in its really calculated because like public- oh yes touch her to say goodbye now, billy- by and large lift my hand up in areas like one day I'll be natural working on it, but so it's not the impulse. So you got to now. I have to like really think about Eric there too. I guess I've been like that for years, like even in working relationships, romantic relationships- you know I just sort of like when people snuggled answer. Yeah, I'm not really a snug worry there trying to get better at it, but it's,
doesn't it supposed to feel good. It is supposed to feel show. Does it give it doesnt quite feel good, and what are we getting better at you join you doing it for them and maybe you'll get used to it. I liked it, I don't know why they feel so. Fuckin intrusive I don't know. That's a good question. Because I can to me I'm just try and figure out what is it? What is it why? Why do I? Why does it bother me either? I've thought about it. Maybe it's like I because I'm this person you're that person, and why should we touch that yeah? I also like because of my insane kind of body image she hadn't. Like I don't like when people touch my body, reminds me of my body. Maybe that's why I've do you I, like my body, I wanted my body on and off the way out of touch it like. Unlike what what are you thinking about it? and once you lumpy
it's going. I did you feel of that role that you didn't like that. You know why I don't know why have these things is getting my because my mom, probably, so what happened so you're here mom pathway, you're. Sixteen ended you did. You continue doing theater and stuff in like yeah, so I e told my dad my dad. Why me you gotta rockers, Brandreth yet and state school. He get like so much earlier. Whenever I go over this abandoned, they had Mason growth, which is like their acting programme via an ice they had no need to go to New York City reactors. Go for no college know why tricked em. I went to the conservatory to your conservatory. That was like in conjunction with the new school university size
I'll. Do my tears a conservatory and then I'll go get a degree. Was that like the conservatory? Oh, it lays a bunch of bull shit. Is I learned more at U C b than I did paying just like Tripoli? MT I paid for unity glass was it was more traditional, acting thing kind of tradition. I guess I'm gonna. We did improv acting for tv and film acting for commercials and acting for the stage Just look at all people who are just like our ban. I just mean people also so was like when those classes, radio scene and anyone talks at you ia and they were people. There were new school people, so there appeared so as american musical dramatic catch me. I dont say the name often cause I don't want them to claim because they taught me not then got it, but
Yes like we would do these classes you at work outside of class. If they are seen partner present the scene and then we will talk about why it was good or why it was bad, your people, the teachers vs right anyway, I don't know it wasn't for me not helpful. It was not a marilla you shouldn't audition, while you're here and inflamed by that's why we're tight where America, you need a countryman. Your studies for that was like weird. and then after I graduated, I leg lives like fucked around, you work for a minute. I dont know how do you actually my one or two years of the two years, while your commuting or the island in the city where you were their dorms Stratford arms, which was on Seventieth in Broadway and then moved. Two they had to say hotel, that they like rented out, which is unlike ninety, second and and Broadway and Kitchen now now
no kitchen images like this weird shared kitchen that we all had? That was disgusting right. This is like a bunch eighteen year old who, like the clean up after themselves, and then I moved to Harlem after I graduated emotionally one forties said Send Broadway, then one twenty fifth Broadway say on Broadway Broadway and it was how is it like? Where I don't even know sensitive? Can my buddy teaches a Colombia so he's up there, that's he was way up. There did you, I got there. I did. I was like by Colombia S like one twentieth of Zimbabwe. El Colombia, territory size. I liked it But then I just went back and we will all easily huge fuckin buildings and it just feels death. don't feel homey. It feels nasty owner who lives in New York anymore. It's weird sure. What's goin on their, I doll different. It is right: but not because a covert. It was different network of ear it just lake, acute. Restaurants are closing. Kilos. Shops are closed because, like the people that work
the people who work in the city can't live there anymore, you seriously like who want- and you feel like a lot of the buildings- are emptier yeah. It's it's weird. It's like a lot of people just like holding it. I think that the area where it is I have done I was a downtown guy enabling where downtown I've gone, second between a and b for a couple years way back in the eighties, and I had a by was at sixteen in third ok for a while in this old building yeah those are the two primary New York residences. Sir, after the acting you get a decent, auditioning. What happened out of the acting scorn you I gotta know how to do this yeah this yeah, around for awhile for he had caught lame giant. Its policies were called Bryant he didn't like it. When I said aunt their work, therefore, back quit there was a wager, is a man of reaching horrible. Ah
as bad at it like that. I don't have a good memory. I have hd, I will go to tables and forget my little patrie things down and then they start ordering and I never knew. Gonna, be like our remember this but try sometimes when I get to the community Billy home now go back to the table? Billy? Ok, guys sing, and did you want to change anything maybe like now living like? I give it to me and then I would always to put it like a kids orders, like everyone have their food, a cuban cornering Santa Billy the kitchen, so I made chicken figures remain bad. Bad wages made good money about the by agreeing on a good many money being a bad waitress charisma people were like she's funny. You did. We gotta get out of here, get out of my as you have no way here. No more is a euro idea, the endearing barrier interests very that illegal enjoy their apiarians. We may yet.
I would drop drinks all the time. I could, balance of trade. We bring drinks two at a time. You'll Billig. Are you giving me really know? No one taught me how to open wine, so I would bring a wine bottle to a table. Have them do an idyllic very gal? Leave the lanky there at once I've never forget, served a table white wine. In that way, can we have a bucket nose like you and you're gonna have a bucket now a bucket with eyes and ears like you, I am, and I went back to my roommate general- also work their noses. Jimmy's people want to drink there, one out of a bucket, but they keep looking me we're gonna, keep saying they wanted to get a bug in she's like to keep children recall as like. Ah you like the bottle, go then, and it blew my my pearly name, so damn but then I you see they were drawn up A Google will do actors do in their not acting nose like improv here and then I looked up improv years. There's a pit the magnet and use Ebay and
hi to be an internet, the pit- and they rejected me who, in the years that this swine, as my dad died in your dad died two year, twenty and I believe, as a move to allay and no two thousand eight. Think of you is how they hold on. I have attached to of the day, Ok, two thousand a boy is the daily died psyche. Remember belaboured, terrible memories Y yeah that my mom on my ankle. Truly just the awful memory as we will be debating, I remember how they died. My mom had a it's called deep vein thrombosis, so on her leg, that travel to her heart stopped her heart. Just like a sudden thing ends. We don't know is happening and then my dad died of a heart attack. While how the view he was fixed
the he was sixty years, so yeah is the above them react both them MID fifties, and, oh, my God, Sir, must have been devastating yet really fucking insert yeah and any just started doing improv. Yet so My dad hated the city with like just up he just like a year when the people you rose too much too dirty and Thirteen classes and I assume that you come to my graduation show it would be very meaningful for me and he was, ok, fine and then he died. The third week of my class. Among the first joke I ever wrote was
it was my dad- would rather die than watch his daughter. Do object, work which was too dark Friday and they did not like because other, because what was would you have to say that the programme of you, I know you die, he's actually dad guys like TAT Billy. He did not want a lottery dribble on imaginary basketball. He dead, then it so here too prime, processing grief with comedy is so it's it's nexus. Very for you know, but if you dont have the right distance from it, there's no way to do it, yeah you until you, you have a little bit your little grounded like even just so. You know I gotta do you know. Like is if you don't have any sort of leisure unappealing we're going to know what it is
Now she about to have a bright, her age, exactly I've had breakdown of data. Have you when I was younger sure, but he's usually anger residual clock? You people oh I've done that I got real burnt down twenty nineteen, because I was recently yeah. I was on the road I would say almost every weekend about year, like truly dislike hammer them, special well yeah. I was trying to sell a special entire ninety or one that was the material from big beautiful weirdo, not half of it was in beautiful weirdo and then half of it. I did during covert cause. I was like I guess I got out of love and covered Stepanida. Things are happening, amazing, o thou, be interesting to put in the special, but I was trying to sell a special until nineteen, I'm just gettin, tired, the audiences you they forget but you're a person sometimes that later, if you
let me sure, maybe I'll roast year whatever, but I say like. Maybe I had a really bad day earlier. I just don't want to deal with that right. There is one area where I screamed: you're all trying to break me, and then I lay down on the floor was like we all should stand like up and they were like ha leg in my brain. It was like, I think I have No, I'm all right right now, yeah yeah! For sure I finish, the shell is fine, but I then probably people they re notice. Yet again, this sort of like ours, interesting, is fine. What's your audience most, we like because you're popular yeah my audience is gay men. fat women. black women, whose sounds like me, Well, sometimes people go you sound way or ever wooden leg. I don't know I'm black. So to me I sound like a black woman insurers who I of you, so
we women have been told their whole lives that they don't sound like our Dreyer lack another area, black enough or whatever, and then women who drag their boyfriends than their boyfriends at the meeting we go. I've never heard of you one day in my life, but you pretty funny should keep going in that area. I've never needed that. They were here, think you anonymous man, hallowing couples that want to have a threesome them and has that happened now? No, it's never! sexy. After a show. We are worst I've. I've had there been maybe twice here. You ve got a couple when their activity do not bear not this I'm going to sleep because I had a few shows tomorrow. Just the idea like what are you thinking now you just done what the show I still have some awkward time: air fuckin. How No! No thank you, but I imagine that is done
or do I cabaret stuff. Now my jet being somehow generalizing. It just seems that, like the gay men audience he's a very specific yet sometimes I want our eyes and times are very unruly and really one be part of a shout right like to yell at me, but for the most part, they're pretty well behaved idea. Just they must love you. I think so it's good audience to half a guy money, a really good idea, like a sometimes I'll do shows, and after the weekend there like so nice, they tipped why they were very grown up people while they have their money. They do, but also upon can we talk about bad shows. What we like we gotta. Shall you be quiet? You chip well ya, to push through appropriate time, scale, people so I've like kind of train my audience. Other authorities are doing more crowd, work and I'll. Ask a question and I'll just be met with like blinking elbow.
You can talk to me now. I'm asking a clinical trial honour at spot training today that it too many times here. So what are the the heavy Ladys expect? I just think about it get the more MIKE representation is important, and I think it's when you fat woman who may be doesn't have com, finance or doesn't feel calm, on their body, watching a woman who is pretty comfortable majority in confidence, and I think that my you like, a little how regional beyond science, racial. It seems wildest about yourself and of people, said about you people been my leave inspired me to wear a tank tops and the summer crap tops, and I mean I only really started dinner in twenty four hours: oil out viability because they view they will not present economic. That's what's good for you rebuilding homes Kimball in cloud, but it is feel good when people are
yeah. I woke up one day it was like forget who Lego? How did did you have to wait? Do work around the stuff. Necessarily work by We were like a short please card again like a cap sleeve in the summer and then once I was like I'm just hot air and I dont think my arm that is really that offensive right or like my stomach and think that super offensive and then I went upon brings with a friend of wearing a beginning. Is older? Man was staring at me, so I just looked in Amerika you like, which is then he like really had a moment like I was like. Oh, I think I like unlocked something in what he was like. I do like, when I say you broke, I did break them a little and then I was like also says something nasty two may or like stares. At me, I'm like I interrupted their day, means I'm kind of and I, like best, haven't you really your promoting obesity and like how I'm
I getting money from big obesity like nobody really mean Paramount. All I would add I just called food industry. I am I getting occur when you go to the doctor, not gonna come from king people up, but promoting obesity in at the thing people liked to say no kin he that, MR that's it that's a whole different Hyper Karen, it's weird, because flag, even as they did so I'm wearing glasses, like your promoting glass eyes and ears like knives, they wear glasses and, like I just exist as a fat. Do you want me to not wiping the I think people associated with poor health sure you know but I also like Paul and some shit and I like, pose those videos and I'm like I'm strong I'm a strong person and I do move my body and people are people just brood. Yet enough no question did you have to. I would guess, with wine terms of like what
your period were you needed to. Did you talk to a therapist about processing stuff my body now I when I worked a lame giant what we're lake skintight start under my manager was like you know, it's not appropriate nose like there's a fat people store where the fats come and I'm sorry your fat. She was like Shreck, I loved her fast. She lay edges, was so wild see that she was like bats and appropriate tools like. What's that confused. I was one of the things I kind of unlike my brain, but I was like even fat people are uncomfortable with fat enough here, and it's like it's just something that you have right and you can change sheriff you. Why? If you don't want to
for work every day. Machine is a lot in a lot of bullshit wrapped up in bodies the valley and put the you like that the matter be added the fat to come, and no, my mother's terrified of my mother was an obese young person and her reaction to that much she destroyed the pictures of herself that existed out of her with weight, and she became yoke fairly. profoundly anorexic away, but then just sort of made her way of life like she's, not apparently that unhealthy, but maintaining our weight was like her priority for most of her life have bums me out cause it's like shine me crazy, yeah, yeah, about. She said she once said. You know, or fat. I don't know if I could love
that's a while those fucking thing. I've ever heard how interesting cause her own shame, but it's like if you're a nice person we're over a fat legs of. I don't you just so uncomfortable with everybody. Else's fat hinges staying here, there you go hate me. Do you know she likes people, but each just sort of like in her mind because of her feelings about herself image or whatever it was. She assumes that you must be going. You must be just feeling as bad as her interest Maybe I don't know, I don't think about it too much. I just worry about my own fucking, tough food. I may add. Sometimes I look in the mirror and, unlike my boy like this today, then I put on by Jamaica Plan for our family vows dumb earlier. You look really thought so When did the said it, the classes who is
teaching their who the people when you were there used to be. You went through the whole thing, yeah, so severe Sylvia Ozal. She was my first year Kevin Heinz as another teacher, importer Mason was another teacher, JANET O, Neil curse. Who is in your classes, people we know. No, not really. I don't think any of us people perform any more they did meets a sheer through you see Bay as Sylvia. My one, a one teacher and my three o n teacher, had to put together a group of women from different levels and dried means the sheer there- and I remember Coming with her nose like boy she's cool, oh boy he's funny. I want to make her my friend here, which is now in saying that I was like I'm going to make this woman, my friend I then I did it. I've done that before it, something it's it's! U private. We are one of the five year.
The other four like no have you no garden calls here again, if you so happy about it I want to talk to you. I thought she was targeted, smiling at all on at least three year. I wish you good luck to you you in the rise of the air yet mean a group called apple gang or it was me, is this year and another woman quiches Aller ends. Are, we performed a lot for years and years and years, and we like travelled and didn't festivals and stuff with the EU should be so leg how you are an act yeah we were a travelling and rather than saying Ah, Bulgaria, we will get a leg, Canada and stop relate canadian festivals, and we all know that your first right sort of like touring stage where an
Who do most? We sketch festivals, what were the huge improv vessels and even know they exist of course you're. The one we win, but they weren't competitions, noble we do in best of the best at one of them. I think that was the Vancouver Improv Festival. I that don't happen about Vancouver Alley, Vancouver to the nice friendly town, very firmly, Pia, almost too firmly sort of like what's goin on here, love it that is why I think your joke of their looks like the whole city was built. Advocating here. That's why yeah you got everything a diver, like a horrible, imperfect, modern, general, modern architecture, So I guess he improper awhile and are you auditioning d start to get stuff? Yes, so I was auditioning Van. The fur then I got was this now play commercial fur israeli nationally, and
They flew me Sheila, Romania, resumed it and it was like a five thousand hour by hour and I was like five, I was in dollars and a trip to Rome. It was wild. Romania's crazy, I I mean not crazy about like my first time out of the country is crazy to me. I picked up in a Mercedes. I mean really that there's so much cheaper over there I was like this is cloths eaten receives, is crazy. What kind of her desire? I remember they later had to? mean a harness to make it look like I was flying and stop man was like hello, I mean. Is it raises They do is ask them. How can I know I mean I don't I don't think so. I think that people know romanian acts. Ok, I'm having a bad one behind his leg, hello, but the biggest mom I could find in this harness and hoisted him up. So I noise ready for you. He was small,
or the new. But I don't think your fault like why thank you I'll, even though many of their public services with ably where you got here in harness, but also I was big, then everybody in Romania there are small people. Everyone was so tiny and I was like boy, oh boy, but I have a bad death reception problems. Maybe it wasn't as big as I thought. I love. I love five. until this year in five five, five. Five too, So where what were you doing in the harness swing around like a like a fairy and they use fishing wired to like maneuver me around. I had to help a little bit of that, not on the internet, I think it is I had it on my Youtube page and I thought it was private for a very long time sitting with a and he was leg. That's not prime
like you: it's not private! At all here that we can all the views, and now that I made a private very admirable worlds and then it's a wild commercial is truly live. and then, when I like the very firstly tv jobs like I was like little egg, there is a website called jester exercise. We will calmly videos here. Oh oh yeah, what with Josh Jot Josh shot Jack yet, I remember when I started that it was like they try to get everybody on board member. They approached everybody Reggie Watts Priscilla reunite the core people buddy. I don't Did it go anywhere? I don't remember ass. She was around for a little bare and then it went away out of any of those remember why you remember there's like meetings ip. It was one of the like his orders about like a lot of stuff. You do. If you definitely of the age of like new media business,
but remember Josh was the first sort of like you know they were trying to make a comedy content mill. Yes, that was like fun your die. I don't know which was first or why large ash was first and then color. humor and then funnier Rikers, Joshua sort of like didn't you I'll be they were really found their footing right. Where I live. I remember I went to a meeting their dad. I'm real money at the governing right seated suffer. yeah couple videos here and there than you c b. We would you videos when we as a sure did is a man I gotta just a little bit part on thirty rock, and I was like she's a raw arrived here, Jim in the tag when episodes alike de Blanco mess it like. My mother was like yours. I had about that now like bit, yes and then I got a girl could on MTV. Then things started to happen, and I was here He goes on those talking had one here where we were girls. Talking
my period lank. Oh my god, when Lindsey your boy year, themes never go bad that never go away, corrects always cause universal theme that never expire. Yes, so yeah. One among many yeah. There is ten. was, I think, something fat and I addition for it, I didn't I like wash innovative Geico Julia. Ok, I get the show like I don't know this auditions gonna be like so there's just talking, so then I did audition I was talking about. I think I did bad, I'm I'm I'm Andrew Hollows, like now you got it out. Like. Oh ok, am, I moved Elliot that plan, for whatever reason they flew me back to New York to shoot. We just sat front of green screen right and there are green screens and I'll answer today send Lastly, the was in away all there's one in Santa Monica there's an office there, but they flew me all the way to New York. I might have been competing. The two officers-
Maybe they asked at New York New AV, you never know who love for you, and then how long was gone forever. maybe two three years so you'd, but do a bunch they put in the can yet- and you never know it- does- show up indifferent episodes yeah you never allow let what you said, what make it until, whatever you're picking up some traction. Ah well that attraction, I didn't know me episodes I was doing cause. I never asked questions right. I book this one coming central commercial where there are like meet us at fifty. Fourth, in Broadway or eighth or whatever, and getting this ban will take up. Statements were shooting. I don't ask. A single question lag even over was comedy central. Who knows, I was a? U can murder somebody that lay leg. Why do you murder people? That would be a DNS, a single question and finally, as opposites am I doing
like all of them as a real, oh wow, that's a dream. I like those empty river, no money in our knows! No, it's not it's not an unknown thing. I mean it's. I'll how little they should honour because they did give me an opera. That's it that's what they hang over. Yes, silicates exposure and you're like ok he did say one episode. I was like it's funny on television, and I still baby set to pay my bills and rape that was funny and left that map is like. I that's it. I d rather less body could be, doesn't make you a girl now network, I babies for a very long one with that was two thousand and thirteen year
like. I have no idea what happened like ISM. I again, I'm might the age differences enough for me to Ike. Aren't you know what MTV was allows on and in two thousand value that gelatine MA? You got your jersey shore, ridiculous ness, no music anymore now has gone. Having gone, oh yeah, I thought about it now. I know I know by the time you were. There is no means. No music are funny, we are gravity. So what happens How do you start these dark in recognised on the street and stuff yeah right? it was very, very, very strange people like are, you gonna, be like, oh, my god, ok high and then people village. I want a picture a little and I didn't delays how excited yet when they see tv library was overwhelming, fire enforce shaking in front of yeah and then I started doing stand up specific we because
colleges relate of there's the popular show, kids like it. The cat there was come to stand up and I was like academia sketch and embrace my manner. The time was like no learn. How did you stand out? Who we're out of her own? This listen. I do no word within you, see an employee, but the one think he did say to me was like people are offering you money and it's as if you're not walking to the table, to pick it up so freely. do it anyway, and if you don't love doing a you'll have to do it, but, like you might like it, you like performing its colleges here. So yeah and he came out. I want to say you can be shady at college, but there is a little bit of a grace. Period has flag, it was twenty to twenty three. Very. team were kind at the same pinnacles of our line, also like those crowds, a lot of them were dark too young to go out and do other than yes and
yes, sometimes lunchtime shows weird, you know, and they don't really know they're like there. new bees alive and it's your first time Why? So there is a vulnerability there. Then I do not gonna buoy, but some of them do I back than real, but really cause what bad eggs in the audience channel? there are just like. We know why jugs we want you to talk to us I was thinking Louisiana India to show their. Where They just went into jobs, and then I did some crowd where a kind of kick up stage. They like love that doesn't tango excellent material. There, like, whatever way back to a chair there, like no, supposing ugh talk to you, then they loved that. So it's like it's gotta figure. It out, sometimes crowd work. So why did you go out and do clubs? so I started doing colleges and then I started doing clubs and clear. Where I could stand? If I do, I do I don't love a club. I
like in the beginning. I think I still avoid PTSD from the beginning of doing it because real it. I didn't know who I was so it is people coming to see whatever comical are there for the week. I know that works, and sometimes when you're in a republican city, a sum you now willingly quite republican people, we'll go. I don't want to hear the opinions of a black lovers whose opinion even has a point of view or whatever we get called by them sometimes and like get like. I got into an altercation with a couple people where I'm like what is it? is it you don't like me now great you can leave no, oh While we at a crossroads here, you know I leave, I don't want you here. You have to go and then it's like I got to spend my set yelling at pupil wow, but you can get to the bottom one cup to what the hell, the problem, although there was one incident lair,
I knew if I brought up money with this manner. What really made him angry. I said I make too much money to deal with you, you have to go and they can finally laughed and then the out his leg: did you bring up money again? Issues like he did? Did you call me a large is a key to again exactly what I thought it was so dealing with. early on was a lot easily. You could tell which towns the really range. So you do the colleges and you do a lot of them. He added you and then the managers sort of like. Why can you get you on the road and then she had lining headline in private they are the vibration been headline. Www Prego like what forty minutes, maybe yeah, yeah and then stretch. You try to do different, but it was at my heart. look, I would add another point, my life. I would have been more critical of that birth into company because it was really sort of like the idea
what your manager said about leaving money on the table. If you can pull this off because of YO yo recognition van, but I mean working for It's in your playing with college gives is one thing but doing that the railroad is like another but yeah, but it sounds like you weren't you, Essen. Somehow I did what I ended up doing cause. I was like her vetoes. Go differently that my colleague shows and I was like They know me so they're giving me a little bit of grace this year. People who don't know me, I like go fuck yourself bitch, this isn't funny right so then I would do shows during the week and allay to be like. If we his people like me hopefully, people on the road will like mayor, so it was a bad for its way to get into it, but I knew at some point I had to get good or like Figure out. How to have a point of view, and why would I want to say here now I love it now. I love doing Santa I like doing theatres. I did the Wilbur imbue,
ah stands. Good one boy, you're fucking dream man. It was NICE Boston, love, Boston right, it's a good town like I lived there for years. I started doing comedy embody and you know It's weird town it's it's a little more segregated than you'd think by death. But like they have their student population of about a quarter of a million every year which give any allusion. of a progressive but they're, pretty good, dug in communities there and people of exciting it's a good audience. Town yeah I like them. I do like
some clubs, Helium Portland, really good to me. I love them. We're goddamn, redo, comedy work. I fucking love comedy whereby I had some of the benches my fucking life that leg or just so nice. It's an electric room, the feel of entering it so good at sea improv is also I've been. There was room, love that actually do acme. Ninety Annapolis but you didn't hear do. Why would like this? like transition to doing like small theatres. Here I just there's like something about somebody paying like a little bit: extra airline, there's no food minimum and their their decisions. We physically all. Yes, no one's wandering Juliette eaters referred in his bed yeah. So the point, Have you kind of evolve? Cuz? It seems like you are fully sort of formed comedic personality.
You think so, and either like it. If you don't like it, and that's fine with me, you know of criticized my special or bear, but also people seem to really like it within what is it bad about? Oh they're, just like you're, not funny or whatever, but also unlike did you watch enough that Canada is a view cause that's nice. Thank you. Thank you, the man, and so you just keep doing a lot of tv bits here and there and you had your own show idea. I had my own- shows called loosely exactly know cause on MTV then, as on Facebook, why the above six people watched it, but I'm proud of it. I thought it was a very useful righted with other people you I had a show runner and then this guy Christian he wrote the pilot covered the pilot the main room in fun to be in a room and resolute in our area.
About titles. I thought story. Editors were like the people who figured out story as opposed to know now. You ve just been in a room. Now, that's your title bump. I learn about that. I learned how to break storyline had outline and when you got a script and staff here, it was really really like interesting I can advise. Yes, lies, really loved. It is interesting that there was a like Facebook read without a wiser were facing that. I want ya like like that. It happened. Did it I mean they add. It is really our defiant on Facebook just so these weird things. I remember them coming up and Lily, while this is a new thing, it's like is it though you live, like everyone, so that network, whenever you like we're here to day, was that looks like he was, did. They say that about every few governing vip, whirling, logistical environmental. Whenever when they which totally derailing it just for to evolve yeah. Just remember. I was excited to be able to rent dvds. Me
until it was nice. They come right dear. How you guys I don't I guess it's interesting cause. I can't really remember what the transition to streaming felt like language is a lot of you will be like if I were you, I got so now, just it's just on the day that used to realise their work will not on the tv was on the computer right, the computer, I wasn't looking beauty is a matter of travellers is to be lagging variety way yet these monumental. If in the way we see everything happened unfairly, What day was sitting on a gradual it was there a weird, gradual thing and now you're gonna hit show on Netflix yeah which is really fucking, cool and hard. It doesn't happen much A dozen ends. They seem to keep doing it. Yeah people like It was funny because there
its greenland or, like ok, housing only know had a house on anything but baking, and then the show who came out. No billboards nothin and then people just fucking founded our how and then It really snowballed into this. Like really like it's a thing. It's and there's other shows that are definitely like inspired by it, which is like really cool here, and then I got an area for in any emails. I only got so negative this route policy year, which is obviously very cool. You can call me we're not like friends, but I've got to be under a grave and rule is a very kind person and find me. we are so funny, so you do the acting with living thing about hosting it very seriously. I think it's a skill, so you realize Some point because, like one, when I start doing comedy what people do. As talking about this. To my producer, there was a time we're game show host was a this is a job in entertainment.
On television, primarily there was there was game shows there was a lot of them. Most of them were broadcasters of some kind, but I'll be shows of evolve to a point where the the host is half the show, we usually there, which is driving the thing and they can be funny. But now it's we want you to help shape what they show is cause they had idea. They didn't know what they like out of my head. Actually you have guessed tat, guess elaborate. And yet the regular Schaff, yes giant. Hitler's, yes and then you have the people, yes and the website either gonna, just Try, men or not or not, DR anything else Edna he kind of in the beginning. People are like what is theirs and we had more culinary PETE all in the beginning and now its transition to more alike actor. Comment. A bird was on an episode and he's really was leg
a friend of mine, so this was funny. So I came Catholic Indiana. He was so fine, but yeah. It's been interesting, it's it's I'm having fun and what about the other one. Do you now you? I give us another one to yeah whose way ballot John scene. It keeps going. Yeah, the new season premiers. I should know this perverse month, but that's one, those one, for people like aren't, you gonna, make it to the other side. Yes, without hurting your ball, yes and then yeah yeah. Any military, the hurt and the way some of these people follow my poor boy Will you be ok, but it is while till actually is equal, did obstacle course because there's obstacle course people get. I got a friend that this thing really a grown up person does horses, they have teams in the mud yeah. I could never too hard yeah
I asked to do the obstacle course and they were like. Maybe and then I dare located my ankle- and I was like this- is a sign from whoever is out there that I shouldn't. Do you get to certain age? What sort of like, if you're gonna hurt yourself really consider me yet you I don't know like he had the older. We get the you got it you gotta, be You get trained. Do shit, yeah, ADA Stretch, real fucking, Russia and the US good after I know yeah. this morning, at a stretch after my God, I don't know, it's gonna be so I gotta have you can't be sore and morale. Always always. I learned how to do a head stand the other day and I did not stretch very well afterwards, and now I'm just very sore and this old, oh yeah yeah, so the now you're now you're doing a straight up, sitcom yeah the grand view, Gran crew and B C, like a real now,
work, its advice. I watched a bit of three there's only three yet right now, and I dont know why Garrett Morris doesn't open all the shows, I mean I don't know either by did you watch you yeah? I was there as they really did it funny he's going. I am very kind and really nice, though the way He delivered. I thought this guy's like this guy's gonna present epithets Z out here. come back. Maybe he comes back next. You then I mean. Hopefully we get, as I can see that You shot, we shot tan. is great. My friend, Phil Jackson created that we used to do Improvin York together, and it was just the real to be able to create a fuckin network show with a good friend that I came up weapon.
A column is also an issue. Please my brother. We run a sketch team for four years, the other out here and then call tarred with us on the show we ve done. Improv together, you see we airing Jennings on the show he was on loosely exactly Nicole. My show em tvs like I knew him and then just in Cunningham and Gracie Mercedes. I didn't now, but leg truly are great. There people who are nice to work everyone's nice? Did you put our you part of the creator? Are you now fill the heat real that an engineer just can't. Yet I was cas here, but he wrote it for me. Oh yeah, we had seems like a show where young people are just young people going through Life Clinton. live learning about love having a good time you drinking wine who doesn't love line, I drink a lot of last night. Did you hear what is good I got home and I burnt a pizza. I put it so,
forgot, I need to put a leg. If I use parchment papering, I put in the middle and not close to the top, we're like variety or is the parts from burns. We had burned and I opened the other was a get smoky, and here I open have another debate of fully on housing home now that you're a fire extinguisher as they are now just turn off the source of the firing close it. So it can get oxygen to get bigger right then, possibly putting you. Do you go to sleep. he was burned. Your has obviously for other people. I oughta wangle right about your punishment. Is no pizza, So now I ve been, are you done with state for the time being away? I was supposed to do, is show earlier this month, delay test out and you our two like go to war with it, but that I canceled
because of the disease, yeah Amarian or whatever on the crime? Yet ever which you have a new hour when was big, you for weirdo was at last year. I shot that sip timber Labour day of last year and you already knew our about. I say forty five minutes we ve been working that out around town, He had been working out like fifteen minute increments, so egg, I open fur, make crawl and I did ten and then open for tag and then did that ten again also announced fifteen India and then so now skimming twenty minutes on another show, ok so made that ten is now twenty year. And then I have added some to it. So I think now is highly twenty five and then I have lake half hour of old stuff than I had in full? back in the m. Until I get like a full hour that I'm happier how good here now I will now feel weird.
Billy com see me: maybe you'll die now, I'm about to go out. I don't know I would do the store. though, like every night there's some pardon me that certainly fuck it he may have done. I like yeah I mean we're just gonna stay in our second, I guess I know now I get like we don't I'm into an outside shows, yeah. I didn't do anything like that. Why just felt like it just felt like too much of a compromise like even during the peak of it I was like. I can't. I can't bring myself to you now love comedy, I dont care of its during over them. I got enough I'll ever do it again. I will, I literally had that thought of, like maybe I'm all better. Maybe he d, I don't need you don't need to leave my house at an I write to get on stage in front of people really. Can you please laugh at me, so I can sleep tonight exactly, but without or shows
this that I dont want Niners like when I was just starting out when you do anything, yeah, that's how they fell to me I'll do anything yet and I wasn't it fair near the new do Denham you liked it here It was just like any to figure this out and, with my view, future so yeah, maybe we're all in the five forever. Also I was thinking of a real say because I smoke I used to smoke a clear line. Get yourself now I quit I quit on the third floor better, I quit years allegedly as negative? I for over a decade area. I loved him, and I was I haven't smoking on time. It's only been a couple years. Often negative I mean it is tough. May I read those locations like your addicted that book. He d book the work, the easy way to equip island car ready. I dare did it work, not I mean kind.
if, in a way where a leg in the book You like people live and I never wanted to adjust their out again. I finish the book and I was like Ok, I get it. I will I have to touch cigarette again. I would love to fuckin smiled but leg. Now I'm not good Logan knock of rain. Now people like you stink? and what am I really give? No smokes anymore, yeah fuck, who all nothing not glowed, hurrah, yellow snake exiles leaving us, for me. What is in that I dont know actually and for whatever reason I was like leaping seems worse than an actual cigarette. Suddenly out of schemes. Thug remember now I doubt good, and would you replied, Edward Nuthin, near the aggravated? How about the third was today the third year today is the tenth so seven days here I'll show you just
ok, yeah yeah great manage your pretty well pretty well, building things like I have like routine if some of that my house, we would hang out or whatever they will even have a cigarette before, but out of a cigarette, so like now before better like what do I do, Now, Sir, my Walter, I fucking, fall asleep. When now, what will you try to eat a pizza sounds. I tried then caught fire. Didn't you get slogan I did so. I just tell me the other. How many puck ass you do nine too many So there is. Why won't you do me best Frances years made a ninety? a bay with my friend, Marcy retook by ninety day, fiance and then newcomers of Warren lap. Guess where we talk about movies that heralds a new jersey. We talk
it comes out every now and again. Let me tat, I heard it these are weekly busy ass good, a heavy I think I'm happy who's. To say I guess. Maybe you here. I have the last word up. I'm happy good was I mean stock in the business. We did, that wasn't a call always bunny, always going again her series Grand crews on NBC. You have said on Tuesday nights began to Europe All the episodes of nailed did on Netflix or stand up special, our pod, but it was a lovely and a reminder. This biogas, sponsored by better help online therapy better help is customized online therapy that
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yeah Burma lives Monkey Fonda carrying. those everywhere
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