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Episode 1298 - John Mellencamp

2022-01-20 | 🔗

John Mellencamp considers his whole career to be a total fluke. Maybe that’s because he never planned for anything in his life and just let the chips fall where they may. As he releases his twenty-fifth studio album, Strictly A One-Eyed Jack, John tells Marc what he learned opening for The Kinks, why he had to take the name Johnny Cougar, why he still hasn’t written something that makes him proud, and why David Letterman’s mom attributed Dave’s career to John.

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Hey folks, listen just a reminder to go to w e f pod dotcom, Swash tour for all of my upcoming dates. I just added dates in Austin taxes? Lahti dates lotta different places, devotee of part, dot com. Swash tour. Do let's do this? a guy all right. Let's do this! How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck licks what's happening? How's it going How are you holding up in these times of terror and weirdness. What is going on with you? Are you make through our you through to what what's the big, pay off. I don't know man might not be good, maybe maybe today, obiang out today's okay. So look! Here's what's going on today.
On the show John Melon camp yeah, I heard you wanted dared to come on, doesn't usually do this, John, no income, sure I saw John Melon Camp open for riches. Black moors rainbow. Indeed, Denver, Colorado, and we were there to see rainbow. No new John Melon Camp was he was John Cougar then, and I want to see the shock is my buddy Dave. Bishop are Ip big rainbow guy and we drove all the way up to Denver from Albuquerque would know. Tickets and Dave just walked up to a couple in line and offer them, fifty hours or a hundred hours for their tickets, which was big money back then there I'm sure, and So we went and I saw John Cougar Open for rain I wish I didn't care about rainbow, but as very tight. John Cougar to the point where I went on, but that first record the John Cougar record. I think it was his third record like the guy,
now, of course, I don't know every record he's done he's. One of these guys is done my twenty five records by, but each moreover, and he was actually early, which I guess was surprising for his road manager. Whoever Rosa handling I'm in the EAST yeah we went in through the house went out bags. Are there smoking section, I'm like right here, man, we get you an ashtray, I sat there. We talked a bit while he smoked still at it, with a cigar Hats, and am I now tell me shut up because We then we have to get on the MIKE's, but it was a he's, a character that I can say a character big hit maker Jakin Diane hurt so good pink houses, small town he's gone No, it can't be John Cougars Johnny Cougar he's a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame founder of far made. Sold over sixty million albums Worldwide, but this new record called strictly a one eye, Jack.
Which has a duet on there were Blue Springsteen called wasted days. It's one these not oh, why but a deep groove, you know Old guy, who seen some shit type or records you, I can get you hear from waits or www, older Dylan, but You know it's clearly cougar I mean melon camp fuck. Don't tell her. I said. In other news, I'm sick, so what happened so Sunday, I'm fine Monday. I don't feel great, so I took a covert test in the morning. No cove it. And, as the day progressed, not feel angry? Low energy felt like I was getting and then? The next day I wake up yeah I went to bed early, went to bed early cuz, I'm like am I going to get this fucking cold again? Is that going to happen the Cole You just said so. I went to bed early. I woke up and feel great took it up.
Covert, test, positive wow. to see those two bars. Your two years of not wanting to see two bars after two years of work, every two weeks going to dodge your stadium with complete panic, the evolution two years ago, just terror to dealing- I don't know we ok yet to vaccines see those two lines. It was like. There was a moment of and a blue it. I was doing So good, I was winning the competition but I got covered and I'm ok, I'm. three days in dumb recording this on Wednesday. I would say- and I feel like a fool first, it was weird it was like. I was I was tired and they kept the I got some of my nose like my nose was irritated some easy and I woke up.
Next day I of tightness in the chest sneaky. this very congested and night, but I never fully got so congested. I couldn't smell, never lost my taste. I pulled out the old oximeter, the thermometer just to be ready to check if things got bad, but it's a kind of remained steady. I feel a little better today I don't I'm quarantined. I've called everybody was in contact with that. I know the immediate contact with I let them know if I called but I've let them! No. I don't where I got it? I'm not sure that matters I can make assumptions, but the truth is is that I got vaccinated. I got booster denied decide they do with my life. And as safely as I could that include working that included being around other people that including working in a place that require VOX Idee, but after a certain point with democratic. Obviously, that's just a crapshoot.
so. This is where I met. It doesn't feel I feel, like I'm gonna be ok, I don't know, but it feels like I'm fighting something more than I have something which I guess is probably true because of the boost, because of the vaccine, this I shall sauce as Brandon COM. but tat, but I'm doing Ok, I can report that with the covert. Yes, I got covert final finally got covered, If you ever wanted to make your home feel safer. There is no better time than right now. Our friends, it simply say, are giving WMD listeners access to all their new year's deals. Twenty percent off their award winning homes security and your first month is free when you sign up for the interactive monitoring service, simply safer, everything you need to make your home safe, indoor and outdoor cameras comprehensive, sensors all monitored around the clock by trained professionals who send help the instant you need it. You can eat.
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quoted in some way there there's a little bit a shame to it that I'm trying to identify there's a little bit of terror, which is you're standing, given what we ve all gone through. there is a little bit of a failure feeling do I'd thing is yesterday were Debbie Yesterday, when a when the covert came on my ear got better, I dunno what that but I gotta figure that I gotta figure out my ear issue. If, if I get through this covet, I feel like I make it through the covert. I'm pretty sure I will not go. Would or would veneer in this case, but but still would write, still would dont go it for something, ok, I got it much air. I knocked on the wood but on drinking water fluids from pay attention now I feel, my thermometer I've got my oxen eater lotta water lot asleep, taken it easy? I guess here and allay at five day I will see I feel and test myself and I guess
once I cast negative, I can now get out with my life, but For the time being, I'm gonna be doing some work here at home in just a recovering I've covert. Oh my god, just saying it yeah. It happened it happen. but I'm ok. Today I will keep you in the loop folks. Ok, then listen into our records and doing some research doing some writing in doing so watching the tv I you know I've doesn't in change much of it. I can't go the store. It was so weird. because I do I know I can't go anywhere by this dream. Last night I knew I had covered and I went how to an art, opening and I was walking around and it was almost like. Oh my god, I just a I have covered. What am I doing here There was pardon me that was sort of like. While there was a couple people they are wanted to have covered with it. I don't know, I know it
It's about a who those people were but TAT. It was a dream. It was a dream and I'm owning it can't I cannot answer for what my unconscious does I'll work on it, a figure. What was going on there? Also Moontower Comedy Festival just announced, and I am I'm gonna, be there in Austin, I'm Goin Austin, To do this, I guess how, but that's how we worked it out. I think still allowed in Austin yeah. I think it's the twenty second of April, go check it out its. I think it's should be on my site by now. I'll, make sure it is, but I will be at noon tower in April in Austin Right, that's the news that cover I've covered so like John Melon Camp is here was here. This is him gonna try.
German you're gonna here in a second, the new record is strictly a one eye jack. out tomorrow? You get it wherever you get. Music is fun talking to his ease, I think he's an event a kind guy this talking to John now camp I've been playing guitar a long time, but I never never really was in a band. I was of doing it and I never made it my dream. I still yeah iron enjoy it is none of these are hunted with failure than he can and I try to get as many of them as I can for free, that's mind, and I think you go
and I put my guys now- I just started doing it, because a figure you're gonna die at some point. In its a thing, I never really did and I have been playing with them. You know Jimmy Bovina, the guy who plays with the cones band he's a studio guys been around a long time. They say he's been signal with me and he's been show. Me looks forever in its fun. But again you notes that, you guys do it. I really don't know how you do it would give, like I can get in front of people into comedy and in front of people on play, but to do the energy that would take every night to play for thousands of people, I don't. I do it. I d as far as I'm concerned, Amy forgotten onstage. Now there me for leaving home right. So it's just stay a Is the pleasure for you just an added thing Dennis I was. I was in my view, man when I was twelve twelve. I was twelve years old plain in a bar, what band riband called them?
crape soul, and I was twelve and the other singer was seventeen. Everybody else was twenty one, the crape soul, One thousand nine hundred and ninety, like one thousand nine hundred and sixty five hundred and sixty six extensive name, the crape soul, We were so bad how you ok, ok, now we so badly black id, and here with laid singers, I was gonna like little monkey well below there, and so That's right! That's really! Sorry where you started like a with that kind of Detroit Soul thing yeah, we did salmon day value no bad and Jane Hosanna, common Bonanza Bobby and James birthed, pure in re neck, and so I guess that stuff, like an oak as I always there are we identify people who come from around that area with delight some sort of Mitch Rider trip. I produced Mitchell you do a men for from a trainer back in, like nineteen eighty,
If for how sad experience I'm produce was writer, however, that guy, when you produce, will try to use pretty still pretty are here, you know you wouldn't like an old guy who I mean you say it like air, you chose to do it right, yeah yeah! yeah I got through. I could do for me. I'll bet in America Deal right, but. Well, it's just leave it. I producing a tray. What's the name of the record, so I can go, get it never kissed! sleeping dog good, so you're crape. So it's weird, I know you're not gonna. Remember this, but is it was crazy story really must have a nineteen. seventy seven, maybe I I mean- Buddy Dave had driven up from Albuquerque to Denver with no tickets cause day.
Going to see Richie Blackmore, Rainbow God and dude. I didn't even like rainbow by liking and I would Dave so we go and pay. Fifty bucks is some couple in line to give us their tickets. We could do that then there's a lot of money and we go and an you open Maybe it was I who the fuck is this guy after that, I went back dead that that Album John Cougar record Do I get song Sugar Marie raising as I loved it imply? a great show my Jesus Christ FUCK Rainbow nowhere we it doesn t work our limited case on I've been mood off stage. Probably two or three times happened that night. It didn't happen at night when it happened in an open with Richie Blackmore, because they had advertise some other heavy metal ban right. You know and we didn't last long. You know it's weird
as I thought like disguise. Jagger is doing the songs jumping around and I guess I was in metal guy. I was like that that was my style yard in our mental guide. Has house? Am I gonna hafta how'd you get stuck with that? Did you back? Then they didn't care about. You know pairing people are primarily of his dislike. You know this guy's onto her. I may not. I have opened up, you know in the seventies, for some the weirdest for combating site, whose idea was this like the who Oh What's the ban on, I saw Listen I'll bet for Kisyak that kicked off that in the seventies yeah yeah I got kicked up that or Wendy you fight was your point where you know went on those first, three albums if they ever linked you with somebody that you eat fit and that you had a good time, never ever there was a gather there was like in the, but there wasn't there was only occur.
four booking agencies, and- and I was with a guy named Jeff, Franklin and think ahead. The company called eighty, I add in New York and they give and care. If they just want, they want to get anybody, they could undertake. Acts is rightly just you know, end and not played in Europe in front of Nazareth. Allow me to my final terrible. Is it the Alps terrible Blue? I should call terrible terrible and here's here's a diameter about new. I shall never personally, as is right, but there was- you know I was just learning. How to do. Shit now is like a fuckin I was in fact in bar bad idea and
I would want she's older bands and try to learn from where I did open up for the kings and that's where I learn law right. I learned a lot from re, yeah yeah. I learned how to work an audience. Oh, yes, it's unites, easy to work, an audience in a bar bad here in a discotheque egg, air business and it'll go Yeager Seneca, Indians, but re was released, showman end and he was really and I did a hundred some shows opening up for the kings on what record. the first one, the first three issue, no seventies, Maybe I don't I've made something I want to record. He saw no more, maybe twenty seven, so many This may be like thirty six, while chase it's a lot of fun. Yeah man, but the king. You must, like the kings. Kings are good ban. Yeah. I learned a lot from them, but re and Dave were enemies their brothers. I would
spit on each other, onstage really a bit but but but re was re was great? He was nice. You know now, ok, but you just watched watched him work and they didn't like it could. Sometimes we get better reviews, the eminent really pissed royal. Back when you play you know not at night and the next morning there would be a review in the Bay area, avenues like that that claret right and so It has gone on year, plan and without What, by those fucking face it Mallika blows off the gang like good, who wants to lead the way this time, yeah, I remember like when I want
When I go to high school, I went up to a booming to know that college. In the end, it was like your town weapon blooming in Indiana. There is from some ways I went into, might have been a record store and I get wages. They look like you live. There is something I do live. I still am stuff on the wall. The dragon was like a shrine. Now, as I was they're still bars. The area that I used to play at the Dutch have pictures of me when I was like twenty years old saying in the bars were you when I was going through stuffing China figure out. You know how to approach the conversation it just stem I mean you really have you really thought the good fight early on to you noted to sort of pursue this? Fuckin dream its usual. It didn't. Nothing was easy, Nothing? Nothing is easy ever, but you know the truth. Racism. I went to New York to go New York student leg. What year is that nineteen?
seven D. For so you were gonna. You won't be a painter yeah, I'd already graduated from like a small college in Indiana and European in college or paint your whole life him in Paint Mahal. I really am. Where did it come from? I guess my mother really. My mother, there's a painter and should Rayner. Now now but- and I was a little kid, her art studio was done in a base where I, where our bedroom was my. My brothers in me shared a great big room the day Pamela was called a bedroom, We had one those panel basement and my mom ahead. Five kids now she would paint a little bit. and then she would stop unhappy two or three days ago Bonnet the thought these this fuckin oil paintings take forever right. So I saw
Eight non were truly poster John fact finding out my paintings here, because I saw a bizarre to New York. To really see how much it cost to go to the art student legacy if, if I had whatever it took to get in and at the same time we've been singing in these local rock bands, I got some demo. Tapes live tapes of me singing and I just dropped him off It is all band. Her mother, another kind of another kind of tabs and all but Japan's which one would you demos did you bring in New York? a ban called the Mason. Rather Turkey and we would The groups can air shitty shit yeah, I got you had a shitty demos, get she. I assume shitty o made demos area, and I dropped off at a management company called main man and their vantage boy
the end and in red. Yet I yet- as it turns out, because I love you know a lot more, but I'm the luckiest fucking guy. They don't you ever talk to you in your life. I believe you are on the way this guy ere you like- is what is it. Luck is thinking you're, lucky is the way you look at things. I get letters sooner. Ways turns out the girl behind a desk main man was from Indiana Shit and she thought I was handsome, and so she said she said I'll- make sure that Tony to freeze years these tapes, and so she said, woman I'm better yet better yet, you're back and she gets the guy near him up in, looks and meaningless your new router you, you know that was that was it not yet I well that's it after I saw my backed Indiana and then, a day later I got a phone call said a you to come to an end
talk to us and I went on in India. I hear I kick I can just drove fuckin eighteen hours. I can't come back, so so they so orders in your plane. Ticket women, you're gonna pay for the, and they said yes, I said Paypal, hotel, Rep, Ray Nicolet yeah. I said: ok I'll, be there if you pay. If you got the money money, I got stuck here and you go and I got was twenty: we want and you ve already very got like a family right, yeah a moment: I've. Seventy got married when you seventeen of still in and but You stay married that one for awhile right a years. That's good who do you carry weight? I got my remarried twice for eight years now is capped out. I was married much for twenty years now as better and I always hate when people say to me-
I'm sorry about union is like what the fuck you sorry about twenty years is good. you know it's really. I mean it's, I mean like it over the last one. And yeah. It's like it was good and I got to two boys out of our great, which won the first one. Third, a third marriage to voice Yet you boys and I had one girl first married at two girls. Second, marriage ass. My second wives from Glinda was from Glinda for my here yeah and then lanes from Pennsylvania. Some small town offensive into two boys from that yeah and you get along with all of them. x y, all the kids, the carrier, the kids, Israel greater yet, but I'll talk to my first to on here I guess you don't need to anymore lawyer kids are grown out of the window,
much talk, but then you were american, which is it. I guess why it worked out the way it did so you want to you fly back to New York, Tony, turning to freeze and then all of a sudden he Ok here, however, is a good deal. You know up until he gave me like sixty grand and said, go make a record and I I had never made been an studio before. Would you producer, if you made Then he said yes, but everybody they just got your studio in Siberia, go where's, your band yeah! I didn't. I didn't amber. discussing guys, I knew, and we went to a little studio, there's a jazz position in Lymington, name Gilroy and he had a studio. We win a neuron in and made a record are recorded in India. and then I thought it was a bunch, a demos which is what you know
what you like in the studio like in the shirt, and he goes, it's fucking great when you put it out loud, it, was just a bunch of cover shocks which would the terrible terrible son. anyway, I go back to New York at his request. I and he said well, I said you know these are just talk of her. Chauncey goes with the first first for rolling stones, rockers rock upper socks, yeah by the way we're gonna call you Johnny Cougar like whew, not what I'm gonna do that here and then go and they kind of went well. Ok after being about Indiana. If you why recycling Let me see you guys are gonna pay off my college long and you're gonna give me a retainer each man,
that was a deal. my name anyway. They put me up with my grandson, who was always Tarpey, another guy ransoms, great guy, Graham Player right. I'm great got yeah huts good anyway. So then we took that though shitty tapes in and ransomed domestic good, with a pink that the wreck a. And then I was fucked. But how are you fucked I just thought your Johnny Cougar, you gotTA hovers record out. That's very forget it and everything was going now. I M going badly and Anna get in and in Denmark or get worse because they said you need to start writing. It sounds like white right. My own solemnly hadn't done that at all no address. Maybe you know I'd like once into my parents. I wrote universal soldier
put that but interesting so again coming into it, you really want to be a painter and flunked out. Total fluke. A fluke is too perfect work any follow through with it and now you're you're in it, for seventy year shut me implemented workers for fifty years and the music businessmen made maybe should go back to art school. Now I paint everyday. I paint everything I've been is at the passion really. If I would have had the money or whatever, to support myself as a painter. Here I would have been proud, pretty good painter by now, but now I'm just can yeah. you're good, I mean, did the either the cover this record right now. My son did the record, he's twenty four! we have twenty five energy, then the negative
We'll deal like he's. A graduated from a risky wrote out, I'm yeah he's a rope aigner, I mean it, but that's you on the cover here yeah? He painted me good to today's. Took him do it, two fucking dazed. I like that. I mean he. This kid is such a good. Patriarch admin go fuck you leaving lead, is dead visualizing that you, like three generations, a painter one way or the other near. You know it painting makes life there it down can focus. Is it makes life bearable because I've been around so many people here. I always admired you can media engineer. I know a couple comedian though buncher from up there, midwestern guys like them or earlier, and the GDP, whether man, oh yeah,. Carl and George. I dont know George, I knew
Georgiana boy are you I can ask. Is why wouldn't get it? You know he's gonna fuck encourage you got no sound again, allied sooner, she associated promoters. No there to at least in the seventies arise at comedians open for guys has just there people are still sitting down and then about paper to move jobs or nothing. I saw some comedians opened up with people right in the seventies right, yeah yeah. They didn't, they will listen where we are I was wrong of the ladder. The artist is always the lowest it's weird: you realize that, isn't it you, no matter how big you get to a certain degree. I mean it seems like some guys become mythic and above it all, but it takes a long time, but I don't live of em. I don't think that any by does no kidding. No, I know a couple bans whose head records the rejected and sent back
none that we're not going to release these records. Big gas, those guys stones, I think it was tat to you or something they just said Nora taken. Did you that boys record they made they were all blues, Yorick nine over that one. Just recently the blue and learn some that they put out a few years ago straight up. It would all covers in no big publicity on it, but they just knock out there and it's fucking great Well, you know it should be great those guys her. They know what you're doing how'd. You get better. The elder you get people, a people, only realise that, but you you get better at what you do. I think that's true and I think it's difficult for fur, guys, India and people, women, whoever who have their bulk of sort of mainstream success when they're so young. You have begun as I think you write like this new record, that you got here is great. It's a grey record in I think I'd also like their record even the later. What the one record
it was really transitional. It seems to me: was that one you do a t bone that record fuckin beautiful because all the stuff, you did kind of it. gets into your pours and then you get totally comfortable and you have complete control and you can own yourselves in a different way like on this record, like you like you and Dylan, and and wait Lynn, Willie guys who are an ashamed or on trying to hide at all Do we pays off? You know it when you, when you older, because its honest, and an end you become like a vessel in all right. I don't ever
sit down, any more go underwrite a song about mark. I did not anymore it isn't. That was the old they. Obviously all that going to see those songs. You if you like you like anyway, so but I'll, be painting and said in a voice, and I had a good new department breakdown and right to stand and be like now. I don't want to nominate talking myself went to and is like and then right up. I don't even know what it is interesting. I don't even know where I come from. But it's a barrier. So on this new record of his above, I was in about four, songs and I realized it was the same guy talking here about himself as we know, is not trigger not about me. If not now I always assume that Ray. I do now. Miss onwards have told me over and over again it's not me. It's not me. I mean you know I've. An observer on that. Do not you're, not sad and dark, and she I've come in.
Oh yeah. We all do that was a little bit about you. It s a little bit about all. I want you once you reach a certain age. You know kind by using the narrator. Using? U correct, direct, and so I didn't realize that the same person was sending or the was sending me the same song visa. all these songs, or else I just finally got to the point heavier after thirty albums? I finally got to the point you know cause we, To be honest, I mean I've talked bobbin, follow, don't fear and other people, s sake. We reject all really right the same for Fuckin tsar over and over Iraq. Lobster that Bob Bob Babo, kick he's not afraid to put out twenty minutes or so. Yeah. I guess he's Britain right, you ve written a few of those in his career, but that last twenty It's all about the canopy assassination.
Eleven days, I'm afraid I know what. Why should he be? Well, I mean you know, he's out there points date. Fares dude! because he wants to- I imagine, your play a hidden, Jefferson audience or not. You know ye. He could do what they do? I mean it out here: he could go out there and with a gruesome guitar. I play blown in weighing Ryan Juggernaut Laden. Do that right and I admire him for the big issues become like a fuckin. Do barks, I'm you'd he'll go out there and play an entire concert, and you don't even know. What's on your mind. Well, I know because I me Willie Willie me and Bob added honoured shows together. You did, oh, my god, Baseball stadiums last summer played outdoors I'll, never plaid doors again, but it must have been great now Well, it was better than now
four rainbow it's better than that. He gave it get along with those guys it would seem like. I don't know how the road works. Do you speak to them? Do you have a lot of my ribs butler, but come in my air into my dressing room, which is so you know why a trailer, really the the silver trailers Airstream Beer and he would in and around and weed, around, but Willy always state on this bus and so the bus extra weeding the bus hyaena nice? That's no secret, and so I wish well Saudi outlined here We did one summer, Willy De Bob right the next summer. It was me and Bob
I think that's that's all I'm Jose. I learned at me in Bosnia, so we go on like you, your bob, like it's nice, when when you were told the right songs now that you see yourself as a vessel in these things are coming three, which answer some questions for me, because I am I like I really was in the where Aquino and I'm not a lyrics guy- usually I'm just a melody guy if guy I've our time of varied from, listen, he's works and I'm thinkin. I what seemed like good Johns Gaunt do some stuff, but first you don't think it's you I think I'm seeing some stuff, ok, I mean, let's face it. I know you're like fifty five. Fifty eight ok, you, fifty eight yellow eyes. So how many more? because someone, I know anymore Sonny. I gotta ETA niner I get like maybe ten summers of, unlike Emma's I've, been on fourteen air,
so they stopped. I smoke sets out fourteen I stop summer why it took a long time. Nicotine lozenges, the candies, discreet, essentially went away Sometimes it miss, listen! Here's! What he's? Ok emerges. as is what you are with Mama I used to in seventy 70s Marlboro. Marlborough Red, big red they Gretchen No big red drank cabinet great. I am a big idea the she appear cigarettes. is what I lived on was bigger, like cinnamon soda culling bubble above bubblegum gummy and went by it. But anyway I drank for five of those days smoke free access, eager and eat, Potato ships, that was my dad and then I would wonder why can go to sleep at night
I can I go to right. I don't never drug data, yeah when I was in college, but I quit taken drugs eyes, twenty one. We have just said just cause. One cause was get my speech too many times with that's what happened This is like a good. I wasn't I would get stoned, I'd get drunk and then I would be trouble rack and then you're always if I can trouble here. I was one of those guys here when you would go. Into a bar, and you look at the guy and is grateful for that You have already been given you. You can be trouble without liquor, drugs, game by simplifying troubled in most places. They go way waving. There is an,
I'm not for everybody, Agraea have barely for me either you got you gonna feel sure, I'm I'm not for everybody. I know, I know not forever, then you ll find somebody that that that gets you in any way where I'm down that's that's pretty much the long and short of young, the killer, write that down fights of either get you knew where I'm down that were not put it in his long. Ok, Give it to you that I am sure it's when the guy tells you to go right, songs I mean I know exactly what I said to him because it was like I just a chemist, and why this idea is this more solidarity. Then I could listen do or saying I work here. If we started today,
Emily beyond Renee. Listen dear all, and what do we need more buggies? anyway. So then a short range sound and any other for divine. Now, with this drug users, struggle has like anything. You know if you went back and yet and you looked at your first say. First, jokes sure our are either even to bring the point more harm to MAR. Let's go back to your high school I'll, get back to the first girl you had sex with dangerous terrorists. I started to see how good advice is. It was pretty bad for the first couple years, yeah yeah yeah finding its way, but is Fraga that would be, you had a fuckin kid
how do you know why? Because you weren't good, because I would know going right. I was a terrible loops I didn't know that was my remember. I dare tell me he goes John, the date. They know why people, your bread they figured out the aid should be doing right into a yet. So when did you feel like you had a handle on the record, I saw you to that John Cougar record with I need a lover now, nine ever that must have major some money that were at song her yeah, pat Benatar his I did it hit Sheikh she covered and had given I added the record with India I I was so foreign debt, at that time to the record company that matter beginning and see it yeah. My
old thing was that I was so foreign debt at one point to the record J Ai there was just like they would go. Well, you're gonna come out here all these and I got yeah yeah. So say you can find it in you care, I'm not going to ever break even anyway say out. Yet what do I care from ten million dollars, and so what I do, because you're a moment at least where you're like fucking we mean it was your mind always unwritten hit records or how to work well for me you know I never was a critic star like in the beginning, but ass time went on. They seem to line up, but so I needed it wreck dry. I knew that I need to have it right. so you know how to hit Love area had a song Colleen, Madame the night that was kind of a semi hit. The then and eighty two I release to record that had a budget records on and at that point
air by just left me alone, really yeah. How is it that was an american full and that that's one, oh yeah as big record, They they weather. Record company came down to. I was down in Miami making that record and why and they came down and I played M threesome I've been in here guy and banned I am fuck in their early eighties. You could imagine what was going on shirt and we had been done. You're, like I don T weeks and had three socks, with what always the band the guys you were with forever yeah. There's still with me, some the guys are still in the band anyway, they came down ages, said John D, songs on any good, and if you do get a record of these with ease
you dont, straightening, Yanza or we're gonna drop from lay blind is common drop me from the label hack gender such a that right. So any the three songs that they hated was Jack and I heard so good and hand hold onto it three chopped in reconciling the aid and you need to put the Memphis horns on this on. These sounds man do so So you just said: fuck you and didn't anyways ended I think I do it's what you gonna do fine night, now. This is in our I'm joking with you but there's another made it. You don't want now. now yeah. I think I heard about that. Guy I looked at him. I liked it again. I said: look Fucker ere. I make the wreckers do your job. So so don't tell me how to do that. That vision,
that another son I already have and of course they left that Laos sessions, you know what kind of a bit tasted, Ria right now, but There were a couple people who believed in, couple, those songs and they worked worked on, I'm really harden and while a big thing, but you know when you think about it when you're dealing with the general public. That doesn't necessarily mean that the songs are good this means that you can write a song that the general public of the general public wants to sing along. You have a commodity like it seems like you're pretty hard on yourself. I mean why are there? So? When did you write a song that you just thought was good was absent? Scarecrow. Anyone when did you say like this the whole album its conception. we solid and I'm proud of it. I wasn't I know not that one, but ever such not yet he had now now
my God, I I I one of those guys is strictly believe in pushing job all the time, but where do you get any sort of a sense of like you know? So do just think you're. Do you think? you're, a good guy. I don't care about them right ok. Do you think they will your professional? You did good, there's gotta be good things I'm not saying there are all right. It's not it's not my eye and I can't control what people think about. Of course, of course, by just would hope that, like you know, because they there, you ve done some some pretty big stuff in good things for our farmers and you either elevated a lot of people have done. You made people feel good and have a place in the world. They would hope that at some point you be like. I do some good cheer you at hope you know, but I'm not day, I'm
still pushing and slogan or like Ok, so it's talk about Lake focusing on putting your Partner right place around raising money for fur. These the farmers and for others who you seem to have good will in you, and it seemed that debt that the scarecrow record was a big shift with all that stuff. What what drove that wall? it just so happens that when I wrote scare All the small towns in Indiana were spearing and we're going out of business all the little I at her wanted. When I was in high school for Girls Leah starve, there was like you know, the Post office was gone. Filling station was gone right. and figure out what going on, and I realise that it is to the family farms and had been. Can it kicked out of business. Fifa your state was dying. I felt like the whole,
it was dying and had alike do you know dawned on me. Even back, then they have you know. If you were going to buy a car, you would study the car over. What's it what's his car, do we had a fastball to go? How many miles a gallon to get from a tv you stood up. Will you put any mother fucking thing in your mouth? you know any kind of shit, and I and I you know I thought, worried If he's got a lot, we go into a grocery store. You see a bunch of colored stuff, you share need it. you now here, so that's asking Your girl came about and then But you know the troubles scarecrows again. There was arm twisting going on with that record and I didn't like it and I didn't like
people down there, you gotta, do I had a song called our oh. She k in the USA would have weeks on maintenance. Why an item and put on our right, because it was too it didn't fit the album right. But I got arm twisted by the record company same record company here, you, ve been with them that long been with him forever. I left him went to Colombia, which was a huge fucking mistake that I stated four couple rackets and I went back and if the original record companies, which one pot we so I go so then you was another was so they they got used to make big hits. So when I read a payment piss me off, because I was trying to make a good I'll go right and I will walk in and then go. How many hits on this record. I go want why here there. They are gonna, be it so, but the sea. very fortunate, with songwriting lyrical content was hard for me, but I was
lucky that I was unable to make melodies quickly here am. I can make up a melody rockwork here again and a hooker I heard a very good at her clear here I mean I can target our players got at at at at at at at room data in the area and they'll. Do it on and and and they work so very fortunate that, but I struggled with my messages. a poor job? I think a lot of time like they work to this new record and think I'm finally getting to what I am, what I was meant to say we're because I've been right, but does it like a sailor Miranda same for buttons Ollinger ever and what you want. What are those about so bad, not giving fuck you know: how do you go through life and not give a fuck you'll be able to give a fuck winning.
Need to air? You know, your hand, and then bad growing old wits. Some sort of dignity which I find most people just either give up give up way too early here. Are they try to imitate themselves when they were kids? It's embarrassing. Media in Serbia is embarrassing. I am in view of the skies here so that anyone in this a couple songs about girls make yet and then that's about it at solving its button smile again, so so when you were when when something like scarecrow, happens and you know you have this sort of broader concept break. I mean
I mean going into that you're. Not thinking of the same four songs mean going into that record. You had a vision right. Mark I've, never learned anything in my life. I've never planned anything in my cap work and now I am. I am a mark. I told you that when we have really I'm lucky, I'm lucky I keep thinking you're lucky. I think I'm lucky so I just go with it, then don't try to my best songs. My best paintings are when I don't try to control I just let them go. I would imagine that your best on stage generally remedy, when you're just latin gal shirt yet yet when you don't give a fuck when you don't give a fuck because it is only so many things you should give a fuck about, and if you can the fuck about too many things than when he had come signed a really give a fuck about something you're out of it. Yeah yeah,
You run out and nobody cares and you're the kid decried warfare March mad again, a cycle who gives a fuck is always met this up like that a lesson, hard learned. It is it's hard being the mad go by NASA. I've done a monologue. You didn't tell me that song of a new record when I have many friends in life the strangers. It's not about you now I always I love that unity I'll just dawned on me during the pandemic of action right before the pandemic. There you know when we had that president here fucking, Liza's guy, go to tell you no and then I thought and then I thought well, you know how many lies it you know. Do we hit that? How many lies? Do we hear a day and so on
I looked it up and they must like. We hear of almost five hundred lies a day and we tell like a hundred and fifty or so freely, yeah, there's numbers on that. There's research yeah regard data science fiction I think, you're. I think you're lying to me right now, Chancellor, odds are yeah Janshah, that's interesting! that's what drove that one year. They always lag strangers an end so do where I get more worried. If you lie to yourself, you can light others. Because you know what are you know nothing I maintain manure. Seventy years only really realise that you know how much will it psycho like a sound man, because I was interesting about what's wrong we currently choosing to me in this? It's like when I was in two. Let me see which one is it, because I can't What did you say such a thing with data bracing away? But what great about that song is the other way
kind of like another big, the Calloway. Heavy in a way that the sound spaced out your voice is right, but that songs same toned production similar, but I grow in. That's never comes in your data. Gmail encamped, snare You say that you know you know it's funny. Is that can fool back to that recorded spent for ever creating that sound, that's their yeah and people who told me at the time that they would pull the car over NGO whet the fuck is making that sound. It's only causing we're, because at the time
I'm all drums were recorded in drum booth. How can we didn't go into a drum booth rise, so we we came up with all different kind of ways of not traditionally making a drunk it. You know less less can figure out a new way as opposed to this MIKE on this thing and then be an end, but the german Little Bach right. He was in a great big fuckin room, again canny yak ay. And how do you know this shit? I looked it up. He agate ok, I can we had MIKE's everywhere. Yes, ambient, my child, we just twiddle round with a two week gobbled we liked, and then you know, I told I told the engineer I said: look when you hear those o motown songs. You hear the voice, and you hear the fuckin drums, and so that's all there are few law. You can hear me saying it and you can hear the fucking drums gig and that's just Dorothy. With what was on your mind that that that was the inspiration I don't know
that, but that you are the idea. John Foger D told me listening that farmers. Nobody knows no way to each is similar in that grass them about the production in those into guy. Get some of those all records on fantasy and they hold up. You know the other and I said: how do you approach reduction aegis it? Well, just thought about the music coming out of an atm radio and a car so- you know when you find guitar, even the guitar, a prank one thing and you ve got this thing and have no other Dutch. It's exactly right. I just I does address conversation two weeks Koko's, oddly enough spin Forty years the scarecrow came out and the record company is remixes. Yet now this Hungary release it here. Anyway, so they would send it to me. I would go you know, and I look
and the falcon voice. Isn't there something's gonna take its place, it can't you can't just had voice rang and then had the song. Say you know, Mark that acquired the voice is the more Rock in the band is the am because you pull the waste back near, you hear even a new year by year, all that yeah yeah, but if you got the voice over top of it, you can you can take it gas track. Sound like one thousand nine nineteen timber company right here. Right You can do anything and that's what I really don't why about music? today is like worst saw. What on the record, I definitely like, lighter things you like you, there's, grooves and stuff where you come from you know and in your mind and in view of the history of you, but
it's interesting that these eight equity, your voices right up front, but you're, not you're, singing you put it all in, do it, but it still softer right right MA am Do you know from smoking so long? Yet I am. I mean we laughed about it and that effect we a beat it to the end in the studio we laughed is like a man. Your voice sounds like Louis Armstrong now and I thought great, but out all these guys. I guess they know you so well, and you know what you want is a lot of space, their universal. I space with everything and all that the rhythms you have that weaving country rhythms did met the blues rhythms. Al Qaeda: well, you know anybody can fill up the space. It's the space, it's the space, it's not for that. That really matters. May I think it's too space around that you can hear, you can hear it, I used to say less, don't take the living room off the record, yeah right. That makes sense, when did you feel like,
I'm sort of fascinated with their with that Tiburon Burnett Guy because I think he's like he's is kind of like a encyclopaedic. generator of of tones and sounds bag think he's got his points of view for answer. Very unique and interesting thing is a lot of guys like him The shot but then again in Ireland. I know team on very well. I made three problems with me and I learned a lot from from DE right under the lovely Bulgaria because, you're, not, My musicians are so good and- and They ve done it so long that weaken it. Wanna, put music on everything here and t bone came in and cottages went away and was the first recorded aware life I'll get freedom and then he did know better than this year.
Executive Britain, but he was in the studio with young life death, eleven freedom. He was there for that matter. He was her for that. and so what you, what we saying you were learning what you guys are so good one that the musician Diana. We were so good. I said the musicians work right that they can play at any. right again, They think in seconds their plan rice, and so you can real busy. I know you lose that space that year enjoying off this new right right so Oh, he would he can adjust it. Do we really need this guitar, the second guitar. Do we really want to double this too? We route So are you I learned a lot from from tuba and making it more sparse? Yes, maybe sparse and letting the song speak as a pole, which, to having a good song and covering up too much music. Yeah. Well you you can live through the worst of the production years when he died, Just I mean in the industry, like you know,
adoption as evolved. Hasn't it s, got a meme Do you know how many times I have walked in the studio and said if you guys drunk with talking about this bucket machinery, I'm gonna kill all I'm here just like you guys kidding though I don't care about this river. Being I don't care about. It shut up about a guest talk, that at on your own time, for making a record here. Do you is in a music the Syndic yeah yeah heightening records. I listened to lots we're lots, I'm not unless I'm an indiscriminate listener. see just let it role here I mean indiscriminate, listen, I'm not very ice, big kind of judgment about other people's material, but not now I dont, like I don't petition they like what I hear on the radio today
Is there a radio? Next, that's the point I had I've asked myself before. Maybe would, but maybe you stop listening. John, maybe you stop listing. Maybe some good shit out there, but you're not listening still alive stuff yeah, but an but the roaming that? But I made that discover by myself. I thought we write. I quit listening. I couldn't I, you know it's hard enough for me just to make my own records. Let alone listened other records that I have to sir myself into listening to you. Do you find yourself like throughout a lot of your career between competitive or you just angry disdain, had I didn't I didn't, I didn't really understand being competitive with other musicians. I just I thought we were on safety in air I found out that when the gaze ah know during the
Ladys and early Ninetys there were some competition is going on and I didn't like it not just quit. like what like how'd. You find that out, like what you mean in that particular lived. Her just you know guys doing. The same thing is, you know. No known are known would be like you know, everybody was doing the right thing. like I got ass, do a whole bunch of about things like far made here all right, then she started thank you I mean well Willie did again and I'm really was employment, and he called me up and ask me in a scarecrow had just come out: that's how that media But there are a lot of of do goody things going on me, but when you pulled the curtain back, they weren't so do giddy. Here, known as I will, I my gonna be under prime time tv spied and my gun on you know we're is an reciting, our department fair. This is this, is it three Emma, I member the one that I
they did money to clean the statue of liberty and an Coca cola response had now never made a headline is again that in its scope, your national tv? How can you say? No doubt I I don't care, but statue of labour. Do you really do anything damage to make whether its cleaner dead matter, lady Liberty, why were you know that was more were to ask? now, some people gotta go up in there. It is out there or have some kind of phony raw right right, American Jerry and there must, our came from France, Why said mostly, I knew you probably about was acquitted, seven, zero. I win revenue servants
seven servants with seven servants here and what is it? Forty, nine over my goddamn y know that now I did media Nan thought was a trick that there is a turn of some. I don't know. Seven seconds you don't do. I guess that's giddy! Didn't now. I didn't know what I mean there are sometimes seven is forty, nine Bertha, seven, seventy or like there is going to be some sort of joke to it. Indeed, the multiplication, if you really that's the trouble with you d, think I know where I can for deeper meaning, meaning just forty nine I learned since today, John thank you just get I got take it easy just deal with what's happening now. Yes right and remember the always lightish change, so you got burned out on that this sort of phony,
You know raw. You know where the cause thing was a little bit. The interior we have? It was not true that great and it's an denotes like I just did a painting called no Heroes in America. Is you know then celebrate. Allow anymore. You really believe that any really blame the death. That Edison was such a good guy. Now he was a monster. I fuckin monster, important ass, well, yeah Castle was lured by that we're gonna forget Rough go! Ok! Well, that's just Henry Ford monster! my sister for GLONASS, near back out I think that even took away his day, may I did they. I think they did negative only took away to get a year. He killed too many people. Yet
like the people who lived here. Yet I got for you. We fuckin kill our man everything we got. We still what what was good samaritan tour that seem like earnest. There was. I wish I tried to figure out. I had a summer that we didn't have a tour booked casually plain the summer back. Then I used to play outward. You need to do it now. I do it That is what you do, because what am I live in our dislike right. I've never had a strait jacket Y know, I'm sorry. why I make something. Every day on I paint every day I write songs. I write poetry, even if it's just a matter of hay market, sir, change, the slump in pleasure, but some color on an entire damp and dance. Yet doesn't look so bright idea, shirt so just in all kind of stuff up
I was only conversation. My wife and I said what we'd witty get three do. Today what would be the equivalent of what he gets gwynplaine for the fields for the workers, and when a conversation and came to the conclusion that it would be go play at lunchtime in the metal. You know town mere minister There were people, go to gather, to have lunch here and sing for free for air. and sir that's what we did and we have to decide on the towns in Algeria promoted, didn't know oh it's you run into where they work and, like you guys, jawbone camps outside exactly that's exactly what happened in the first show. I think was in Boston, and I mean nobody knew about. Was I Quincy market where'd? You do it, you didn't, Harvard Green Pastures, ok and eight hundred people showed
Harvard Square where the buskers our area the site and people by the time we finish because the internet was just starting, we ended in Chicago. Never thirty thousand people in the park now in now, not square again in a moment, but do so all these big I rise you Jesus. What our reason for amplification without we sit, I mean. I know nobody could hear me because you know we were disuse and little teeny acts that big since the day I got champ like a champ. but they that they were battery powered awa. What were you really made? It? difficult for yourself there. Well, you know we didn't. We didn't you think twenty people were gonna come why, Oh, I mean, let's go
but on the corner, and you still tells him jokes announcing to songs they enemy people will get together right, you're, not gonna, be them any right off the bat, and I now and nobody knows where you gonna be anyway right, so that we didn't even know where we're going. I told you, I never planned anything. You me and Alain would look look at the thing again willingly. Piss were o NGO Cincinnati living in the car. You were deciding but we have here we had about share. We were deciding on. I never even told the guy in I had two young kids playing with me: and they would go under proper account tomorrow, I'd, go over Yonder Mona got back, vinyl did that was fun yet was fun they require anything yeah. It's a matter of fact. You can watch it on tee, Cm Turner, Turner, Glassy movie, has a website idea as a channel, and you can watch I fun we can do it. This record, are you gonna go out
you wanna, where castle I had ceased, is the third time I can smell with the covert yeah so easily. gonna. Let it go no to like his head this, my first here so Are you didn't do any visa much so I'm gonna do interview amended. I dont want on tv that nominally some tv I gotta have been invited to do some stuff. We are saying we will see here, we'll see what they want like the tonight show its cautiously not anymore. There's been a couple of guys since Jimmy Balance, and you know this my biggest snare regret. I was asked to do the Carson show. One Carson Was- and I said, I didn't do it with Carson either. I didn't. I eventually did it with J right before he left. I like to on their yellow, at the moment. Miss Rennie out here.
You never got angry guy. You know nothing of easy for Dave it and make it easy. I'm not a day of what is mother told me his mother had dinner at my house when I hear of her she died and she got It's because of you Dave went to allay and I said as that and she goes well because Dave was doing a local tat. Tell me in Annapolis, and my first record came out and in Indiana that was like a big thing any in them, His mom said day never dominance. His mom dominate the David. This cake? And if I can do no wrong and he went there, he went at New York or where you did it, nets it's always been so kind to me. Dave has yeah, I'm sorry, things. Eu is like a kindred GM. Exactly. Another Indiana guy tee, thou, honestly that that Jimmy found on the tonight you're a big music van loves it loved it. He loves music.
and he loves you have rock eyes. He knew it. I'm sure he loves you and he gets really really excited about it yet. Monday excitable person he's very excitable person. That's his whole charm. It said he's excitable noticed tat, baboon, exactly why tat. It was great talk. India, honoured that I'm your first podcast and I put this on opposed to for you find someone that gets you and where I'm down I'm exhausted do, and the worst part by reddening people are exhausted with us, no they're not to hurt people, don't know you, Well I mean I mean the women that we go out with. Yes, it always happens. Dude like that like right. Now, though, I M in a situation where am I I'm not, I'm not going crazy. I'm like I'm keeping Some young keeping some boundaries were not fuck up each other's way. I M just promises like eventually because of insecurity,
but you ve decided this sort of situation and then eventually back what's away over and then Sir poking, and then they start going now and then and then tone changes And then I was an emphatic, no more fuckin, just fighting someone's, crying and then eventually their exhausted and then a cigar here and it's your fault. and your mind. And then you write a new record gotta go Virginia material. I did I get. I guess we're not gonna change, there you go his grey this does not seem is as dug deep. It doesnt seem as deep as it probably once was so like it's kind of just hold on to it the new record. strictly a one. Eyed jack comes out tomorrow, That is where we get your music and don't forget our friends at simply say
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get time type of monkey in the bond GAD Angels,
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