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Episode 1302 - Sam Richardson

2022-02-03 | 🔗

Sam Richardson thinks desperation is the key to comedy. His characters from shows like Detroiters and I Think You Should Leave are a testament to that philosophy. Sam and Marc talk about his childhood being split between the United States and Ghana, his days performing on cruise ships for Second City, and his friendship with Tim Robinson, which began with Tim as Sam’s improv teacher. Sam also explains how his role as Richard Splett on Veep went from a one-episode guest shot to a series regular who winds up becoming the President.

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Hey folks. It's time to bring your creative ideas to life gets started would Squares base squares, This is dynamic. All in one platform provides all the tools you need to have. A memorable online presents build a website. Clay may domain, sell your stuff online and market your brand, with, whereas bases cutting edge, easy to use products head too. squares based dot com, so Ash W Tia for a free trial and when you are ready to launch use the offer code, w e f to save ten percent off your first purchase a website or domain squares base, but through the show all right. Let's do this. How are you at the fuckers what the fuck buddies, what the bottlenecks, what the fuck stirs? What
happening. How? How are you doing how's your cove? It has the code How are you handling your covered? Are you the tunnel what's happening, I'm just asking that cause. I got to assume at least happy is: has gotten that call with, but there I am what is it now, two weeks and two days out from my positive test that was a day after I felt a little shitty and had a name give test, I feel ok YO like I'm through the air and through the tunnel, but I dont know the more. I talk to people the more similar, the the The actions and symptoms are over let's do that right now. Let me live, he tell you about who is on my show to day Samara. It's in here, SAM Richardson, He's he's Richard split from deep.
He's long time, friends with TIM, Robinson and created the series detroiters with him? He also is TIM Sketch Series. I think you should leave, which I I'm surprised I like, but that guy Robinson kind of fascinates me, but I'm sure projecting light into it, because if you watch it characters for this sort of way character. He does in all ask is used to like what the fuck is up with that guy so good TIM Heidegger situation any meet them your eye. I should guy you're guided NEO. That does things that aren't necessarily who you are. I can get to I do know that I I pestered sound a bit too much Think about ten miles I see you know these came guy, so Why won't you tell him to come on here? What's TIM doing I he would I do that them mildly fashion, it would TIM Robinson you would because my kind of comedy, but a kind is
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Contracts are commitments and I'll be honest with you. Folks, I can tell you from experience watching the outside of your house from your phone is a good time when I The on my phone that there's something on the camera, I'm always excited to watch could be anything most likely just a truck passing by customize. The perfect system for your home in just a few minutes, get a free indoor security camera with interactive monitoring, plus twenty percent off at simply safe dotcom. So I should w e f that simply safe dot com, Swash D. Will you will you do with your life? What you you to do with your life, if you had a choice, we go. What are you gonna do, whereas there to run whereas there to hide his height? necessary. That's the one big question. I think I've asked before it's like: hey man, you know we gotta figure out how to survive the apocalypse. Why who wants to live in? fuckin bullshit world couple, a things out
but still come bells for part bill cause be documentary which I think is the important thing to watch to really kind of You understand the context and framework in history and the sort of move along the. the historical lines of of bill, Cosby Career and the impact they have on the culture and on the black community and also to look at the time line of when these rapes happened, but I think them The important thing that commands documentary does is give the victims a lot of time. the victims. I he chose to talk to or that wanted to talk to him or her to know how the Yahoo It decided or how it was booked. But there are several victims who did not know each other or did not want to tell anybody, because no one believed them. Then they have the same story but to really here those stories told and fleshed out and lived through, again through the narrative of the victim, is a powerful,
That leaves no room for any sort of population, but it is. It is an important thing too. watch to put com. As be into contact and then hold them accountable I wasting your own mind, so you whether you most people know that he's guilty by, but it sort of like how like what is at me when he really look at the numbers, as a lot of attention paid to the victim the number of victims, the timeline, the victims, alongside of where his career was at. So it really gives you a full sort of picture of the arc of Cosby. In the knowledge that the rape he was going on the entire arc and then how'd you. How do you deal with that? How do you deal with you? come now wrestling with it throughout the thing and at the end you know. How do you sort of except
not accept cause before what he was in a good way against, except and and and process The fact that he was a at a tory rapist it was. It was no easy trick and I thought that the dock was effective and I like come out. I should actually text them to us. graduate him and then and then I'll text Godfrey and ask him like white. Why so much Godfrey in this documentary? In other news, nah, nah, braggin and I'm not to my own horn, but I you know, fortunate to be sort of a mid level, celebrity Andy, a kind of a low level influence, or I guess whatever. That means either This is not a paid plug, but something happened. was given or a oak, Homer, Jos, Brow, I'll go drum smoker I got a massacre
a sort of a vault like garbage can with a thermometer on it and like of unladen. It's it's it's Impressive, looking thing, but I was, I took the returning to take it from them. Because I've been using this trigger a pellet grow which is sort of a suburban smoker in a way which is not bad, but it requires. There's zero skill, nothing and I'm not going to go down some service smoker rabbit hole. You I'm pretty basic, but I I can be able to use the thing I have what it is, I'm not going to start working towards competing If my ribs, I'm going to enter the war, Oh championship pulled pork play off, I'm not! going to enter the bridge. Get bow, oh go through elimination rounds with my slabs of meat. But I do enjoy some smoked food. Some,
times and have had their trade. I used a fuck added, a trader man. You know I could chickens in there. I cook stakes in there. I cook chickens and stakes in their oh and I smoke fish. I use of time them it very easy to use new pudding. I just you're from France, phone but, as other smokers like, I had like weren't how to season it and learn how to situate the coals, cook all day I just basically what happened is a couple days. After I season the fuckin thing I just was like I'm gonna fuck, I'm gonna buy a brisk it I live alone man and I went. I was at whole foods and, like you, got any briskets back there cuz. If there was none in the case, she will a whole brisket with the flat and the point the eyes about Bobby twenty pounds of me and I bought all goddamn thing. So now I'm stuck with a guy. I got my twenty pounds of me and unlike our rights, Ben Dollars, money to work. to do this, so I just I just did it. I just mean I just
was. I did a little research. I ice, I rubbed it down, like Franklin. Does MIKE Aaron, Franklin, duchess, salt and pepper put it. I waited be rubbed down over night, they took it out, got done room temperature figured out how to light the coal, so it with you know we go, oh for ten hours I just stayed on top of that shit. I swear I got a new thermometer that damn register the inside the smoker and also the inside of the meat, and I just watch that fucker its smoked out my eight and a so like I wrapped it six cuz Aaron said so: errands genius wrapped in the wax reboot your paper at six just gotta stay on top of that year. So could you gotta work? Those dampers the Erin take to control the camp. The slow smoke- God be on top of it. I may I say
they're watching for longer than probably necessary by death and then, when I took out, I thought like now to a burnt was so dark, but guy day. That was some world class me. I invite my buddy Dan and his wife, Jennifer spontaneously kit was here and they came and am I gotta know woods what's gonna be like, but there's got to be some great meeting there from the outside. It can't tell, and we cut that out, and it was so moist imperfect and fashionable seeming. It was so fucking good. I don't I can do it twice, but now like started still got the other half, but there's not a fat on the on the flat, to really do it right. That's, moreover, as more of a Jew style. Brisket event, that's a of an die in a liquid brisket, that's a Jew, brisket style, not Smoker non jus, brisket style,
the ways. I just wonder what you know that I was proud of myself couple times a week. This way we got very proud at about the interview with Tony cushioned that you heard a month, Andy private slab of me- and I can I can feel it. I can feel the fad coursing through my heart right now, there's a big fat, weak couple, a big fatty meal, and I made a chess pie- does for kids birthday. It was belated and I just got down to my fighting way, but hey. I think may help with our standards are working. Hopefully this status will hold they'll hold all right, so sandwiches and nice, guy interesting backstory that emerge of another country, which is always nice to talk about.
The first three episodes of the after party are now streaming on Apple TV plus new episode, its premier on Fridays. And this is me talking to SAM yeah, I guess it be an event, would be kind of a brutal. because every day you just right. It's time you see in animals at their worth when people are the scared us away, but nobody's going there, et in giving aid. Just they can't. Active like an animal to strike in everyone. The answers I started crying and from this that the other day yeah yeah, I expect to you. It gives me like. It's also like relationship with your pet is like not with because it's it's! It's like an uncommon, unconditional love Van also known, even really know how deep it isn't all that bad. I just was not ready to to be in hospital.
Yeah has again, I had two cats go and I was I was. I just don't want to to deal with a dying cap for another two or three, because once they start going in there, that could go on for a while right right and then that's your life. Will you now to get that idiot to eat hill to eat exactly what we pay? We build Gus every morning you do or yellow he'll guy the old guide There are the new and the ends Conan. He adopted us so gay. You will have our side and, like we put a little thing out for him on the porch. Yes, there's relaxes lived out. Five only came in me. I, like now he's gone round, was also ballot maintain but he doesn't need Gus his food and I have never. Biogas is amazing. Food is medicine food for ya. Get me a fucking Vienna. Have that the idea that any food gimme food. However, the up our barrier kidneys yet is drink on water eyes during a lot of water. Here, remember, you know a bit puke every here and there to worsen the Kenneth like here.
This again do the fluids what's going on. I don't think so I don't know I don't know. I think we're trying to avoid that, because, unlike this like steroids, which so that through it like you, so you skinny, but I was gonna, run away. I am a good wait. I think unless it's like another, it is another thing for economic effect, a tight got. Then it's never problem is, I know I know, but you, I guess, I got these leading to bed every morning and make waves meet these last me awake every morning here. So I gave you the site. I have my check in time with him every day I so that keeps on happening and that in that case you ve known for awhile of everyone that cat for awhile yeah, so oh yeah ass, you did that movie with a woman. I was married to o yes werewolves with India and who does it hates when I talk about an hour away from me,
I bet years varies with her was located in different contexts for me now, but you are a producer on that. I, while yeah and the star of it, lays down a video game based on a video game adapted by your x Y, yes into screenplay yeah in May that an it we filmed it and we ve. We feel that in February of twenty twenty here- and so we wrapped it and then everything shut down soon, as we rather like the next month like the next week or why now here The annual have covered on their now mother, we re all right. Give every dividend was the old rhino right or a flu right so as before it? It research
We like, like you know in a zombie movie at have tv on the back and would be like oh told him up with this big condominium again right, right or eight cases in America. The away way. Why innate him- and I am so- then it was in the can for how long before, also like who so within words able to edit. While what do you know why you are part of that process, our yeah black, not not directly like not in aiding room, but I funny people in their Mikhail as an area was in as you so funny, George Basil, so funny everybody in that movie, you just soften her begin fun right, yeah, Baghdad. So I got one weaken the theatres gonna, no one, no one was going exactly and then ended up where the o day, so you I, I think it's just hit Canada Netflix we're not just Uk Netflix eyes. Exciting so hope was IRAN American Netflix written not yet Mariette. Now it's all right. don't even rent it
how does that workers are? You have now works now that you're producer not entirely even like them. I go MIKE Ache, Youtube email, let me know, is going on and is like here and I'm glad you ve done enough shit. Where you get your things out through you, I can you still get tat, usually like worker. She that movie measure drew up my own. If you can get some weird is a moment in time. You know yes there to be there weren't, you can pretty much go like well. Yeah thinking get Itunes. You can add to what I said earlier that I've ever dynamite in pay three hours in getting up that, but so I watched an episode or to ever so half of the new thing we're the efforts already so this is nothing. It's like one of those murder mystery think we got a bunch of people, somebody did some or maybe they all data. Maybe you know why did he mean exactly you gotta figure out who you thought we gotta locked door. Mystery is out his call yeah. Yes, you
happens to me when I watch out after about two twenty minutes and like like I've got the patient see our now here, that's gonna relies on little bit appraisal. Why is it right? People like the form so like the genre, the so they're just waiting to see what you do with it. Exactly that's like part that that's a big part of this one as they like it's all about generic as each episode is a different genre of like film Rikers connectivity. care to. So I tell me your mental movie exactly exactly: what's your movie inside or whatever ear was remit, your meant mental movie at the idea in my ears. Assertive might around com right right, and I also everyone has a different mental move, exactly like you, so you so like. Maybe it's like everybody's got different perspective, but even that perspective and put through like how they were that's right through yeah rain, but you know who did it yeah? I know
drafting Michel. Why do you want to spoil everything by just gave me the screens yesterday so much? I could do you. funny and intervene he's funny Tivoli always pretty fucking always is always so good drivers, yeah yeah. I don't think she's ever going. Do my job now now because, like I mean really nowhere comic come. I am ever seen the communist or sometimes she said Margaret. Do you show some day? I am. I know you think those my attitude now she's the biggest star in the world and I think she's, my marriage, not gonna, do you jump drip other foot, every girl going so wordy, our view of ten years February. First yeah
you have before the hub forth, for here I lived in Chicago a really for, for you know New York Times no new, your time Chicago she kind and before that Detroit in that was well. That was all that's where I am from Detroit. The whole first party up part one Detroit em and got gonna write. My map, my mom's from Ghana, so I grew up going between what does that mean for food, wise, Oh god, I'm not gonna gun and food is a lot of us dues and soups here you know. So that's what you grew up with aggravation of that some fish yeah by fried fish yeah, your Mario version, good cut my mom's a good It was gonna food that being added. I gotta do not matter matter. Nothing else it's not like burnt to Chris stakes, area burnt ever Crispin have assessed before I fried fish like it for private issues, soup, stews, perfect, gel rice thing. What that mean job rises, like a is a sort of like a saw. How do I describe your Dinah if, like a
A spiced saucy rise in Jennifer ICE exists in Ghana and Nigeria is a big rivalry between who has the best one that's better than some firm horrendous tribal war, he asked the. I think, that's that's what that's what kind of boil down to the end of it? The big rice and other commissioner is much better than any of the other audited. I think he's gonna interesting, and I know why I'm asking you buy food necessarily like I. I brought of indian filled with many killing one thousand on the worst interviews ever will because there's some part of it like when you just being generalizing, be right here. every different powers like so so would it black people love everybody wants. You are what kind of work. I appeal to you. It's like a piece goes back there. I think we would mainly concern like you must, like those bread, and it was very specific issues, India, we are fuck up.
To live? I mean I think I would have some sort of at least a slight expertise when it comes to demand food we Ivan, but why did you go spend time there I did I spent. I should go back and forth as you have. Grandparents is happier vanka live well but, like my grandmother on my mom's idea died two years for Osborne, I my grandfather die when I was about six in so I live there from when I was six and seven cossack here he was a chief is again in chief, so we had a big. Yet funeral wake event like a huge chief achieve tribal chiefs. Aha, do you come from a long line of that kind of thing? Yeah, yeah minor family were chiefs. My family street, like Metro Leno if its natural Emil, so my uncle would be chief. Now and it could be me or my cousins mobility. May it hasn't going a step. I don't speak the language issue in our eyes. I live well. There's your next move behind adaptation. I think I've been working on it.
abby everyday? I might. What should I do get out and another get older is like less like the reverse of coming to American, exactly that going to Africa yeah. How can it be I don't give a funny things where I by you theoretically could be cheap, your cousin, lives there MIKE Mike. What might my cousins I'm also the youngest of like my cousins? She have to kill him exactly Annesley go out. I was like rather do myself, but what is it like? What what is it like there I mean I can't I gotta know anything about anything well it's your big city, Valliere, Craig, I saw em from Ghana and across Gonna, is like a very industrialize right, west african city, so I know
thank freeways? And yet now I went there a few years ago with the current o Brien because it had gone abroad, and so I am I hadn't been unlike me, but fourteen years before that has his is reason to go a yak of ECHO's like they there did. They are doing a come back to Ghana, crying and may invited him in him, knowing me and him knowing them from gonna. Hear me with him right. So I went mouse. Garlic is sure his leg guide for the unease thing made us prevailing. I dont see language. I sure didn't, have the back of a voice like had the ear for, as I can understand it yet, but I can't speak it yeah. You know what we hear, but what's the base of the language is, it is. The tribal African really has no other eight years
french to it or anything like her now we'll ever it was an english colony. Was it showing whatsoever by speaks English rights, Ngos as a national language, right, you're, so many tribal languages in Ghana? Keziah Ghana is isn't like a maid form from Africa. No european scheme to all this is a guide and it, and so I would ever tribes and within it I've got to get what you're organ Andy. I wrote will now we're fancying we're we're gonna museum of sudden are all part of those either difficulties amongst them United story. I manage you're not from the gun tourist initiative if their very safe me. Let me look at my talking point. Eighty. Either book for you to be happy, let me get visit gamma, but Europe, but does your mom go back there? She is she's there, maybe half the year. Oh wait!
So she's there all the time your parents aren't together are they are but I'll, just like always just get in the way they do it. That's how this house has always your dad's Detroit Gangarides, ensuring guy way back, although in there for wild boar born in Detroit March AIDS, eighth, nineteen, forty five, where they do My dad was a restaurant you're, really yeah here he was, he went, he did. He was at Michigan State for Hotel and Restaurant Mannheim and then, like Sir, get get, airlines in hand. Hotels makes for the service industry that, but then he started doing Torres, though that would do Torres too had a kind of combat company called lifestyle. Torres yeah you take people from the stating in travel over gonna, win them Orilla over asses gonna based shows
It's gonna, gonna base year your mom and dad or in on it exactly ass, where she's down their six months leave room to bring the uncouth down. They haven't done it and so long. I think they were they retired from that, like maybe, was wanted at world ago. They work Now rebuild that's worth in. Ghana gets to tell the truth, right to help a trip, and is it really is really a beautiful trip so soon ass? He dad had restaurants to yeah. yeah and you get a red they're. Gonna unrest, mandatory, called Junior me house with popular, not incredibly restaurants, of our business. They were people who knew it beloved and now but
there wasn't gangbusters, where we re going around Jain Open, no, no franchises. As of yet see Europe in the restaurant business candidate, oh yeah Jason! Go you dad's restaurant government as we had. We had an apartment upstairs from it. So while they really, you strike out stare at exactly you, you go eat breakfast in the kitchen at the restaurant, yet exactly exactly your mom there without exception cooks. She couldn't response. You like taught him about how to make the things was all guy man food round here, while yeah. That's it! That's nice! it is I really I really I enjoyed those time. I was very young right when I saw you know it was like. Isn't it looked like this with the three things in my life were like that restaurant yeah I got a nintendo like is all about us, Mario Brothers and then like yeah Simpsons
tv, that was it the restaurant Nintendo Exemption and he was your like many others are sisters. I have half brothers and sisters here so my dad had chosen before me. So there I'm separate about fourteen years Why do you now yeah with the old guy made? My dad is now seven, the seventies seven year, so you know, but you ve got these brothers and have further sisters after fifteen years of Newton D, I dunno I do. I do. I don't mean like we're, not we're, not soup, a super super close here, but you know you're. My there Mister Bell of them very much. I am closest with my older brother, who is but twenty one years older than me. Oh really here. What's he do he, so he was he he so he's got his doctor, informal tech, toxic ology hears what matters agree. So he worked for health in like public Health in Seattle. Vermont, gotcha, virginal, toxicology terminal, taxicab sheet, you'd poison. You give.
from bug from bugs and lying rat in rats in that sort of thing and better go. But I put so your trip, that's what is doktor. It was in holy shit. What a weird focused sand like he was like right: there smack dab income, ground, zero kind of where, like the biggest spread happen of cold, it is their right of you had a sitting here, watching it right, knowing what was coming in what was going on? Really you now. So he knows it will be about the the epidemic. Mathematics DE truly does it's very column. You d say you re doing heads up get this, get that do this She's coming in this is going in. This is coming in Arabic. Whatever is, I trust me really here now, You generally, he deals with rats, I think you did that a while ago, and now I think you ve got his bill. He's he's like he was ago, a professional students. longest time. You know, mba that word, if I know I know that I didn't hear and I M a vermin
environmental toxicology air, while I'm in love with great regret it so, but no four brothers, sister, no forebodings, so special. Exactly exactly how they work. They call my mom one baby, mother That is a good thing there. Well, it's because you don't owe me a lot of a means whereby the EU african mother, very that, like a bunch of they re like doing separate like my mom is. I hope this is and we ve got one baby mother he's gonna be fine, seem well adjusted. I think so so! Well, what
Are you two were good? I didn't know who you are enticed ivy banality, whose Acta and now now it's more like there's a guy again, if you look at every movie, I member and somewhere right yeah, just as they do in everything. You have therefore like a minute. My right word: you weren't, you start where'd. You start doing this, so I started at certain high school, no fee ice with theater, but there is a second city in Detroit. Let's, like what happened, did you see Detroit fall apart? I got you in the suburbs her I'd. I was that I was in the city proper, you know, but, like Detroit sort of decline, haven't made a mistake. these he ever like! Dude, I mean I was there. I try like a collapse. Second collapse. yeah like for real, like we're going there not. I went there a couple years ago and it was like the there like it's coming back. My position
Why is it really truly is? But, like I I may say said nothing is true like Detroit is usually like. pretty good as it, but the were brought, Mr Ribeiro at what happened to the rest of the country in like maybe it out five year. Loafers does not great you known here, so I Detroit saw like a real economic downturn and then provide lives, but we, also one year but like now, because of vague deteriorates. there's so much space there. We're insomuch landing like the prices of everything had just dip so low. As you buy a house for nickel I'd buy a house for nickel abide by it. I bought my might my parents, I M appearance, yeah condo, and then I M always trying to see what the writing is like now the prices are going back up back.
They were at their lowest. I didn't have like the money there like by, like I seem like it was. A things are actually by nine houses he and how in Detroit yeah just to have. But then you are property tax and you know you got him, make sure. There's you gotta get their vermin. Knowledge is exactly exactly whether now how many rats around while doing like I worked No, but it's you might there's things happening in downtown, but none of them seem so they seem almost arm experimental. Well, yes, I feel it was a place where you could try a business retrial whatever and like fail, but like, though the resort to high sure by think some those things did stick and with quick in loans going big, making centrally headquarters downtown to go. That guy owes a whole thanking my exit exactly within a Steve Summit Dave wow?
as we all remember lens. You owe me I'll. Never forget her. Oh my god, I d quickens get written, May I would like the whole city here any owns the the Chiquita Cavaliers so that you can do with the whole city very good question as they regard the. Why did it showed the masonic Horizontal yeah that places not see? It's not. I graduated mare, graduation has got a hundred shit hole that they had. Skiff. Really incredible is like so many like hidden who theatre there too, The area of air, like I played in the one little the smaller one, but it's not very much yea our cavernous actors. I can almost like a circular irish theatre got me. Are you graduate, I think so? That's than in there, and I got like like a standard structure theater, but I'd anatomy Nikolay shit hole now, can only like a haunted place it will there separated them like spirits and stubborn around me, there's lake ass,
hats, and maybe I, like a house dooms, we are for a firstly, I don't choke detroiters in Detroit without him, rather within Robinson. The end of the second seat was a second season. First, you know the first are the first season. Our production office was in the metallic temples well really and we shot in their. So this ep so called happy birthday, Mr Dovey and that way that we filmed all that in the Messiah Temple also real. So we were just like spent so much time, and there are so many like doors then led to like an hallway. That's like hidden grade like stuff. It's huge its you- and I don't like it. I just remember down there and in the whole area it just seems kind of death. no way in there's this is random buildings. At her I thought that's a new restaurant MIKE Air and then we went to some food hall nearby and it s sort of like it's kind of a food hall.
I just remember- I had a pad tie burrito without so much. I think manoeuvre. That is to say anything. I guess it doesn't like everything seems like they. Just everything seems like a pop up business. What right does I think everybody uses gonna, give it their best shot like like there's a lot of ingenuity in our people in the tree like I won't. I think I can make this work sure you know me, try and like, of course, it's hot. What you don't have like a lot of foot traffic yet too Have I gotta get up here back your place a day I think his danger, you know yeah so like that that's what I hope helps in isn't. Jessica. Another sort of displacement thing of agrees. These stadiums go in there and then, like you, know the ideas it may bring people there, but that is how to bring people there. have him leave again and also like who then comes there? Is there not a room for the people who were you know my commitment that can can the people who live in areas that have a city themselves, a wearisome beta?
from our dialogue and like equivalent sorted out like that, but Cleveland kind of built, a little area by the stadium Third street or whatever we were either the restaurants and stuff yeah. I know what's going on since Without I mean so, they had to say and second city in Detroit, so as I can see deteriorate? I started classes there when I was in high school at fifteen without includes anybody. We know in those classes, not in those classes, but what was it like? They actually out a theatre there tell yet as a fourth theatre knocking I did it. I was of course outworking. Michael key came out of that. That February Troy out deteriorating. Second there's a guy, he up, Larry jokes, Campbell came out at theatre, given Jackson here, I M a funk: Josh flung out another guy data there, all the traits yeah second city folks, so the enactment of is this. Now their own show business now, India, so
you do then high school. I did so. I started there in high school and then get cannot work. My way elements as I started classes there in high school and then work my way up like under studying for you. They like regular theatre in high school. I ned and then and there, like you and me too funny Guy event What kind of foam found that they got me always like I've been? I was always loved comedy and I'm leaving you ve, never done serious. If you like, you could do serious. I think so I think say having done that, I haven't done. I am always like war, not worried, but I always want to make sure I don't make that transition just out of eager oh, your enemy rhythms of, like take me Sid, recently have, or are you try it once in their like? Why was much better at this and we are now to be exact drifting racked with you know, you know no more funny for exactly how about you just be it a guy crying. I order so what who were there? Teachers are like they come from Chicago.
Neither did Detroit period. In fact, when I saw I was in class, monasteries team count left came back and then I was in classes. Why was maybe seventeen and TIM Robinson was moved my level, a teacher, a bit second city hell? No, I I get guys kind of new to me. Yeah you ve been is like Other people know him yeah, but, like I watch his show, I guess we're glad the last year for the first time and who the fuck is this guy producer loves him here, and there is some sort of back story on him, but like that I don't know what it is. I guess he was almost on us and how he was honest enough for use on a framework for a season and then he then wrote a mess enough relate forces and after that authorities airline target is there for a bit and then moved out here as he couldn't get screen timer. I think this was a weird fit in enemies. Is his that's. Why he's a weird
you know you realities likes, it is a! U unique guy! You know every specific, so where'd you meet. Him use your teacher, so we we met at second city. He was like my level. A teacher I will mean level is like the first. Alas, us answer you ever been in may adopt like I did a high school class, and then I did the adult glass to use living in Detroit teaching at second setting out on the right. You know, sir we're often are here so cause. He has certain sensibility what're you learning from that guy. I will well we who have because it there's so using improv. Unlike Saurozoic thither, should have rules of improv, and unlike had for facing a normal person, oh yeah, he is the most normal person. You know they just like. I have a very strong comic sensibility, unlike very specific usher, that's a bit men really not just now. You ve match up now that you are now and we were on the jobs. I guess you know, like you know like there's a is a world where there's people they do.
sketch and then there's people they do like some other thing, that's like one step beyond it into some kind of. Creating an entire time zone for themselves right, right item in our human, Eric and more Eric Andre TIM's, usually one those guy well yeah, I think, is a we get bored and took the form of just sketch, like you know how to set up, because this will pay off my or you know the inner ear, here's a set up and it then we lose control of it by the You know you're right exactly, whereas light doesn't land it doesnt languidly really going because it because I got by that by now. We all know how sketch work so behind an audience you're watching you like here's a while here's, my friend, he's a little crazy any companies going ahead months ago. They had. Can I I don't understand it because I don't like I'd, think a mixed enclosure and so much of sketch? Certainly modern sketch rely he's on premise? Yes,
repetition of thin repetition of premise, which also I feel comes from improv. You know because, like with improv, you can do a up all you need your premise. I saw us all because you don't wear noteworthy and rising the white people get louder, you don't exactly hatred, lattimer disagreements and sweeps and then a year. That is all I would sketch. I feel it needs to not just be a direct overlay of that you know I have you have to like quick keep on. breaking the athlete TIM does. I think I've I think should leave is either do you think you're going one way and then you? U turn left and right now, you're in a completely different thing. That's a based on that small thing of an now you're here, and so you ve made fun. I've turns your or you realize it, and then the closure happened the end or doesn't happen, but you ve gone this journey and onto the next thing right, yeah and also their justice. This element of light by my friend My producer Brendan thinks it there in an analysis of it is, he was sorted. This perfect kind of Edith Antidote to a trumpet.
because the committee is guided forces, everyone around him to adapt to reality. He s exactly the opposite bank. The premises of mostly sketches is a person may some mistake review is to admit it and then doubles down on that refusal, right, Siena, destruction, ass, the structure and efforts of a very fragile a person makes a mistake, a public statement, then apologizing or admitting it. He then try factor that hat, and everyone knows that in the writers you know ye idea. If I say that because I think ass was the funniest thing is a person who just can admit they're wrong. She announced I think that that that that he came up colonel yeah yeah I mean it's. His character passes Gara, that's ok, I think so he does like the best yeah it is these. These fragile ego people lying hacking. When you, madam, is just a teacher, yeah yeah and we did. We did a bunch shows that at
second city and at this stage call the planet Anthea Detroit in Detroit, he went on you and him did the outdated. Institution to us, and sometimes we would do shows with our friend Exxon Chalk, see Indeed in Britain now when I people saw at an early hour Detroit folks, yeah TIM and I are like the ones you ve come out here and my kind of I made at the most, but you went ashore go first throwing discomfort and we both end up in check out at the same time, but like different paths here, but all both second city. I worked on a cruise ship for second, Jerry. You are crazy idea, crews for, like I did to contracts at both five month long island.
Surely this Cairo world a show business? I don't hate man like. I am. I know right now, there's entertainment on crews to begin their those people to do the bus they get on the bus. They do all the national touring, oh yeah, yeah yeah right is also suit. Acres did ass or, and women than both of us did. The torn companies well cited the only the crew of India, but we did to deliver their three torn companies in second and second city in Chicago whose weaken our money second city, given you, there never use the money, but they are there. Giving you opportunity there giving up duly grown out warming performer immediately. All these places you now have not yet I guess right is a truly did I wouldn't you're on about with him Robinson. I know I would that's. Why did I did a but either boat? Did it do to from contracts in a boat in TIM then went to Chicago but a joint wanting to await the bow. Guy gets a improv crew. So it's a u doing like best of sketch. So better second city archive for one show which is like,
from way back from my from asked our back as wake you just I'm going to the library in our that you have is a director who then my camera takes all the stuff. Goes. The archives in fine like makes a show basin whoever's cast it. Oh shit, you could be doing stuff that, like Brine Doyle, Murray did, I mean true yeah outdo Ichorous, Farley stuff really do I yeah, like this deepen, but those were not so that that all that stuff with scripted such is on paper, so export so like a second city show is scripted. Ninety minute show where scrutiny sketches and, unlike made me with some most times, windows of improv. Ok in all those sketches, you know
I will now have a note. Michel have a name can get like a director and sometimes like a through lion, narrative or whatever, and then all those scenes then going to the archives and might like any of you like a aficionado you'd like know, all that seem is from rhino indoors laughter. I exaggerate future with it. I can sit inertia convener and you know like so many words. They have ownership of all that the Iphone it all and they just send you guys out- and you just do unless there are many people in the course of their five of us and in a music director is presumably play piano, wake up to accompanying and they still goes on I think so I dont know everything ready. I have no idea, but that such that's, the racket high really just get on these youngsters on the road can just get him away like what else you do in it. For me out and making the most money had ever made ethnic making that time. It like my dollars a week they well you know, living on, have no no expenses for the first country like living, because on vacation MIKE
I enjoyed above Barbados, I'm going to have any see the people they saw you exec for every week. It would be different, a reset so Sunday, the people down the ship, you know manner there this their way through major way Monday arrives at Gonna, see sixty as crew. We would cannot just go and liked enjoy the sheriff Tuesday people can I get their sea. Legs are doing it in and when they had our show right and at that point every by Michel knew you here so then so have from whence they you go you drink in the crew bar down. There I mean that's, like dollar beers, know that, but also you'd get lake. also you everybody's buying you drinks. There are you're the one who that thing aviators into every certain time and you are over they all sorts overdone Sunday,
was a. I was too weak along as a week long things we have to do to or three show he so so you do they ever about your. Can I pay again. I gotta get. What was your friend you do the written show em in the end of the week. You do the improv. Shall we just like improve as an end. I work yeah and then he did the bussing two. Yet Did you end up teaching I taught in Detroit and then I thought I'd about didn't each in Chicago cause I was like on. I was wondering: companies on the mainstays stage, so you and TIM do the shows in Detroit yeah like when you're in Chicago he's doing what you do so went. So he came to Chicago. He wanted Chicago to do the torn countries. He went therefore touring company, I went out and the ships and then they hired me from the ship's deodorant company, the Earl now then we're on different torn companies, yet so he's out in the bus. You know your evacuated above you fight mood five ways. So how did Wendy did you?
Would you guys were made friends right investment aid liked him is my best ran like I like little kids, where best friends right. So why when did you get us he got ass when he would so he left the Chicago main stage, and I left the Chicago stage? Maybe like six months later, I to allay, and then he I did it for use Bill Chicago in the audition, and then you get us now and so so he got. He got the August that would have been like two thousand and thirteen to them. Would you owe you didn't do? As you know, I didn't do anything. I thy additions, idea defect to screen tests where you got that far, yet the worn meaning no meeting directly with more and just now, but data whenever I never did the shell but Lorn produce detroiters yeah, because
The item was part of that is Broadway videotape exactly exactly, you audition, but didn't get it around this when he was on, went to my nose before so I'd I'd. While I run a screen test, what, while I was in the main they disregard of that's weighed, and yet when he went away, Yak vows economic, I'm Agnew could thinks it can sitting and keep on like trying to be. air to audition for us now to they would come to see the shows every year and others well. The only reason, though, do another show would be to have as an elsie me drained it, and I don't want this to be that I really enjoyed my time at second sitting here. So I let me just leave and also had been doing some sort of sending tapes lifelike pilot seasons of can I an alien allows an agent. Can I got my age, Jensen stuff from my first. My first went to do my ass an hour ago, I think of it like the ones you name goes out like these are people auditioning. Then it becomes a surgeon in the bushes NEA. You know some doing. Taves amalgam closed their eyes. They all we hire somebody who lives us rates cells they are trying to move. When did you do it?
writers ever you out here already. I was out here already yet he was living in New York. Writing it s a now. I was out here and like doing shining. That's when I was on so it was. In fact I wasn't even a cast member of a et I will I was getting on visas and I would like us doing stuff here and their rights, and I would wish the pilot of that that would have been detour it detroiters yeah, two thousand in two thousand and fourteen I think near then maybe two thousand fifteen, he it so we came together to like you not right that with Joke Allianz at Cannon, ah answer than we made that pilot and then, like a year later, it got picked up two series into twenty, while twenty two seasons, scared by you. I had a great and we want to do. We want to do more, but you know said such as life.
and so you got cast on V Pow, just by doing a recurring and then so I saw I was on view. I was posted. Just do one episode ia and then I think the key, It worked so well and has much fun. Vienna wrote me into the very next episode and then when we come out the carry me here out in Baltimore here in Baltimore, and they like maybe in putting this episode, does I'm unemployed outcome and hang out and stay the four seasons and I always uniformity and, unlike the end there like and then Richard comes up and is like a year as I also owe something's up in an asthma joined the cast. The next season does ray, I was terrific. She so funny. She's drew it she's so funny and like she's like truly the most dropped down to earth people which I like Suppurate. It's it's like shocking. How chill again, like nice of a person's vary in control of her committee craft. Yes, sharp precision right
you now! Yes, anything so like all those choices, and she just so fucking good at did. You earned from her so much like, like just like some at precision and like most precise choices here like like watching how she does like takes and how she like point like you know how she like analyzes, rehearsal script. Markets are like the rhythm of thing. Oh ok, interesting right, you mean if physical stuff, like physical stuff, MIKE, even like pet and timing. Unlike like chemicals like azure like talking over each like there's, some things that I feel like even just watching. You wouldn't realise how it's made unless you're doing it watch, employment related, there's, gotta be this, especially with hate her India. What's his name Tonia, Tony here, is that the other dynamic there there there is such a rhythm to end up. If you ve got it
figure it out exactly that happen now, so I swear that I like that to be pretentious about it, but like very like commedia, we're like you I think these roles, and they also leaving bit, may know how the rights that they have the relationship is, and they know like what this personally immigration, lots he's like that. You know how Gary here will knows what the thing is that she wants and what she says she want here. Am I what to give her and then like she's, gonna fight, that first thing that really want that second enemy that yeah it's so interesting sea, like the math of it in the bud but then it's made Lou yeah now, sir heavy structure, but then it's like the music and everybody right by, but they ve got to work at the fact that no one can it Direct them did give yet, and I think that there is no way the script is. Is there and everybody is a kind of paradise poor? You can. I became peered up of TIM Simon, bright yeah any like that that sort of way,
gate was sort of the charm of the thing. There's only several different comedy team working at all the other great thing about my characters they get like kind of like have dynamics with different by. I had my care. To my mind, a dynamic with TIM. He actually my main one, but then I would also be with Red Reed or read, and ridden TIM, our Red and Amy right you now yet that level of employ you exactly, I that good so funny. I got an idea I worked with back tell how would you know began, but we thereby make it all back at the idea of the citizen. S names always he's a nice guy. I know where he's right from the he is like the angry version. I guess you'd like you, could consider you gotta goofy guys and you get the yellow Katy. I mean that's a handsome out. That's the recipe down certain slots. Will each of them three guy, you yelling and if in the,
fat can go either wagon go either way exactly and sometimes even all three years molly. If that Yellin Google, that's right, you know, and the real yelling guys go to step and works is absolutely clear that Chicago that cargo worthy. He up that's a nutshell whose so what what starts to happen like after we did you get em the show got em is here maybe get one person lighting it when personally, but then after me if you start like to show up in all these movies yeah, this kind of problem in these things? Detroiters didn't go past weep and that it should not champagne oh yeah, I'm in showing the chinaman movies and keep on trying to do their champagne, l, shaming those who show they with Adam Polly. I know a guy, you two realities roof. I do. I am here, did we data
was a show for Youtube. T know him before I didn't. I did I like knew him like kind of like remotely. You don't seem at party and the guy, who are your generation guys like Sedateness, he's there's an egg is older, so so they can produce detroiters, so hee hee hee. We, he was honest. Now when we were at s wet when we're on right secondary So he would come to second city and like here friends that we, like all you guys, are good yet kettle ass, I was well edited lasso, he up those written by its lasso, so Jason. Joe Kelly and Brendan hunt those. my pals Joe Kelly creator. Detroiters yeah, so he's also creator of tat last and so the character thy played I was gonna ten billion out of a day. They were like all we have found something for Santa. Do asses says that the key there I mean, like my life. One of my things are so sweet to me.
happy that big that care to sample beside you named after me, so they all s. We intend to do to interact with that character and it didn't go nose like really fun thing. It's nice on your friends to carry a really is like buying something for unity, regain our make something for this guy. He can now bullets suck about, In turn, again, values like I won't understand where this fucking comedy comes from because, like I, like I'm, not I'm just a static imo. I'm not really. I don't understand the evolution of scotch, even though we talked about it to some degree by It does seem like you know, but whatever s- and I was doing, is what s to know and is do yes, acting as an elder own grave sketch, but its old school already ass. He was then, like you know, whatever timid Eric were doing. I who the fuck knows what that by Avons Onawandah levels. It's it's cinematic. It's you know it's comedic, it's you know, there's some
it created. They create a whole universe, yeah of different tax, like it just seems like that timid. You do something that does create at different times like there. Is that the one sketch were you I would your house, devaluing maybe a year yeah I mean what is? How does that's enough had he and decide on with that shit? That's what I like that was an essay now sketch. That term was working on it like this, the candid and works of them when it when I was doing the show you say I know SAM, knows how to do this sort of energy and like this, again a character who has like these sort of like wait. I have this this hosted. This show whether the premises already like a weird thing, we're picking, who best baby area. So when you put, then you put this level of the who's. This
Also, the show, even even just let the baby thing be the sketch like all these babies and then they look at the baby's busily the babies are aside what tapping by like really it's this, whereas weird we're guy, but also the fact that there's like this history that happened in the sketch like a bit sketches bingo, oh, that that, in this world, this thing has been going on for a long time. The judges are all confuse. He ain't like upset and riled up and the keystone of the audience hates one baby as they all these levels just makes. A cacophony in ITALY is like my job in that sketched a sort of well I'll. Only months to manage, because I know he's is either go wild guy. He's like not really managing aiming his own thing here. so it just seems like what it really is about commitment, yeah, yeah that gear if it's all its all about commitment of the lake at some point, the assertive element,
discovery must be kind of fine, because you know you guys got to know it's funny. Yes, this thy sight necessarily gonna be funny on the page as a right exonerated of you're. Not writing these jokes or whatever almost never write jokes. That's the thing, though they won't be jokes year because complete commitment and like the person but leaving the thing. The situation exaggerates was never a wink. Never a nod always is. The person is like doing that thing in they believe it entirely, and so you can kind of do anything ridiculous, so like if here, if you just sort of like whatever you decide, is going to be whether its to be a guy only cells, remote controls right for it. Like even just something that simple you or TIM, were to be scope all in disguise
all in community. Those guys like solar, more controls is because he sold everything you ve got to like sell these remote controlled like any, really believes it, and people like remote controls are done. Is I know it trusts me? Would you use your phone, as does make sense ITALY a person's dives in he believes it? Is I and I'm desperate housing who was it with you- have a better more than one iron guarantee and promote is not going to do what this remote can. Do it please please. When we come to your house, what did you not say so Also, the desperation is desperate essential if we send a exact. Do you like? Do you de right on that shows what we know now, just you just cause on some time. This has me I I go out like like he'll he'll, send museums driven back. That's quite maybe do this. So that, like he's out here too, he's out here. Yeah. What's he worker is giving it a pitcher couple show,
oh yeah yeah. If you can do more than anything, I think so, I'm not I'm not sure you're not represent a matter representative method. So what are you got going, I've got the so called after party is coming to me and we talk not very accurately but you'll be cast in there? You at a very young comic heroes in their yeah. I've been alone. Ironic, laser Ben Schwartz is, is Kiowa physical business going? Does he does? He does that's a good way to but I had a good guy. I know I've interviewed him, he's a nice guy, I'm watching my watch him in everything's a lot of things the fact that hands or moving but as we have, but that is a lot of things that things are moving, but it's all like precise, we're, still lay its eighth, it's pretty fast. I think if we spent a lot of time together on the show Google forcibly shut their show in the height of covered
Should that share worries, get not like cut mass mask exactly a minimalist like all here zone, a zombie like altogether mass on. Why are you know? I spent so much time on this honourable for coverage in true if we shall show from Like October two February, so it's like tat Hight near by everything and so you know I've always been only people say I go home and be at work basic, no going anywhere else. I too, if you want to catch it and bring it in this showed here I am so you did a lot of work with him. You'd, like as you guys, your buddies, yeah, yeah, half eighty eight. Didn't him super well before now, but so I ve given shoveling. Ok, let me look like a workers I like this, you really get to analyze and like sort of like absorb purse, yeah and I'm like. Oh ok, so like all these are usually like, like a lot of media MIKE over. All these things are like very specific here.
I am so quick, also yeah his brain and come up with a four things in an instant mimic. That's right impressive and really good these like, but he's like a full on improvise or guy any yeah. It's here, she's, not Chicago Argo improvise. We in Europe need already you see the air is yours, did you guys get things right, should be some competitions between there between Europe and Asia, link b is born of Chicago exactly. I knew those original easy beers how ya yet area. I remember when they showed up Walter, big idea, tat before of big ideas and then they built through had there will theatres and now they ve they run. The model is still out there were any that is going since covered by yeah,
the franchise being- and I don't know, do you she be: have the road show business Taipei they do with, if not the same as like. Second seasick. Second, cities like if you're on torn, come your touring fifty two weeks out here. You know your gear gear, get your job here now: and maybe I'll get out? Did you have to have a momentary like my yeah? rose I am now. I know what you're doing the main stages of Coca COLA and our Did you hear so so? No but there s a move. Now I made them asked me a joint made us out of the tragedy in the family, exactly really that are meant to use later. Ok, I move now. I know nothing we can do but gave him that we gave him the best of it. Given back I've like Ireland, belief that crucial and I was like I'm of an and they like conference on company rare, so this the m after part,
who, who shows that have their causes at Chris Miller, wrote and directed at in sources as its Lord Miller, who produce have where they re the show they did The legal movie area and clone high Emma than the twenty one Jump street move is re really, brilliant deeds in Rio. Like I arrived, I really of those guys are they really nothing very tight and in the characters are like very specific. It's almost like we're talk, my before there's almost a committee Adela our day think I M monies occupying a fairly familiar space. Yes, yes,
right, you know every has there. I do like sort of troops in energy and their job, because that drove them fits into their genre of the movie that the memory exactly that's all hooker the thing that if I've watched more of them, what are you mad at me now, I'm out here by pretending that I'm here after watching one about when you told me that that was Yang on like oh ok, you can see it. I didn't together by fair behind you and it's not my job, to watch all fuckin Syria. Now it's me your pleasure. I'm gonna get back to jump through a lotta hopes to get the apple screen or oh yeah no looks like a fund show, and I think that those things are like, especially with the success of like knives out was a popular thing here, and this is like this is like you the two younger folks hidden
there's familiar archetypal here in this all revolves around a high school reunion exact. Then there's a guy that nobody knows that you that is set up to make you think he did from the beginning. Maybe our whatever live any, had a razor detective who's going here. Those who come to tell she interviewing everybody. Even but you factor, when factories in everybody's memory rights- yes sire, embraces recalling the story like Russia, mind you'd everybody's, like telling the story through their own perspective, everybody's therein buys involved. The universe was like who Everyone has everybody themselves, innocent, been everybody else's suspect to each person. So it's like you watching, like oh, how peace. This story to go, but by his thing, fuckin
yeah my line of visiting that upsets me yeah about these things. These days there were any kind of mystery thriller, even even if it's a comedic one there is, it possible to figure out who it is from the evidence given that that is I'm I will say yes, I would say yes because I guess so. Pissed off I went when we're gonna last episode. They like, oh by the way there was a guy yeah right, wait a minute hum. I hear half like mare of these two reasons, which I love l of her, but it was sort of like there is no way to figure that out well I'll, say the like, but the. But this is true for, like I feel any good, mystery, gives you the pieces, but then it has to it. to unveil more. Just like just like any investigation, you don't have all the evidence at the mere that can't be easy. I get in a bid to protect your narrative and happy watching? You can't
and use a who had yet and that it is cheating it doesn't do that now get it doesn't do that, like by the end of after party, be like, oh wine. I see you know those pieces in the whole thing we're like up, if you, if you are paying attention- and there are some things that you wouldn't know, even to look for you now, but it's there So how does your like? How do you folks take your success there there We are proud that air you like a star in Ghana, kind of yes, I can I when I was there. I was there with with Conan and then like my I would do so during the day I ain't gonna, have you not just on the show? a few times and then, like you friend of the ship and friend of she likes eggs, I need your cat after I did. A relating to him that I haven't opened by the agri, I'm gonna be was an early hour tat of named after you,
but I was I was there in uniting of my cousins, you know, and I would go to wake and now there's a guy. They get Burger King Malaria KFC their disgrace, eradicate, see them as a basis rich them as a wow, yeah yeah yeah, I'm gonna in Ghana, like ok. How do you know you from Visa from Detroiters Real House like bats? Wonderful, I will show business is so international yeah, it's gonna. Whilst there that's good and bad, but it is right. People can watch anything anywhere. It used to be the only like big action stars like round the whole world, new arms words now you're sure sure, or of indecently Marie's or the other Jason straight them. He had rescued, name, your Bruce? Well, that's all. There is the boy at any event, the aim in the asian guy.
Jackie Chan out, be judge and Maria? Oh, my goodness you I'm gonna every movie here it is autobiography. Really! Oh! Yes, I love that guy. I love that guy. He should do martial arts movie. I won't do next year you're gonna be in one, have exactly the same within this pop up, because s care by what we do and Jackie Oh no, you ever do standard, never evidenced Nanda. I've done like us stand upset where I did like a character. You know sure: hey are you cared the area is coming. When would you know a lot of my element? Why don't you I don't: U. In TIM and Eric Andre and timid Eric do a movie love that that love that
pushy envelope and where possible, because like what you describe about how you work with when you work with TIM legacy like Andre, is just a balls of the wall kind of like fucking destructive guy. Even that's what he's got his commitment is like, what's great, I hope, something's on fire and driving time we're done with this bit behavior. You have not been world where we would again. We got a rented car crying by attire. Otherwise is not complete, but not like this, but it was argued, timid Eric. I am very myself and another guy. I do. I know I know timid onward very well. Kim, seems to be the more accessible, even timid and comes out terribly doing things Eric
We we came up watching the air. It just seems to be cooking. Here's looking and hang out, you came up watching him at what illegally when we're a second city. You know they were the guy's, therefore, that they are there, and I think what they're doing was so new and unlike internet, like they merely breaking form so Oh wow, ok, and so I think that what we do is you know born of things. Matt I wouldn t like the eggs. Copy of and what they don't you get it bullying way. But when you were young like here there, Each generation has these models you now I get all starts with Del close right. Everybody sort of all you gotta do this. Do it this way to get to this place, but I guess for the people who were into the former the possibilities year, TIM and air It must be like we gotta watch what these deeds are doing. Details is reckoned out there in his words, go right. Can we meet ok, we're we're like a better we're at second sees really in mecca of sketch comedy we're like in it
what are these women? Were these guys doing what it's like it it a lot about like it seems like one thing that happens in second city and now what that created weight it still about that weird commitment, and what are you gonna do with it right once you ve got your character you. How are you going to push it yoke beyond what it's you can hold exactly like? How far can this bucket get the in and how persistent can you be with with two? point of annoying? Yes, because, like with him and Eric you don't even understand rye anything tell me exactly exactly there any better at any event like on top of that the Minister Edit, on top of it, in the other, weird, the different cameras using like they're playing with sort of a lot of that Local access via up he up, which makes everything sad and we're and desperate death where I guess, that's why I think that there were Evolving is used to hide the.
that's right, you exactly what is gradually to hide it, but, like that's, what's also funny, it's like you hiding the desperate as a liberal like knowing that's what you doing up say that every fucking improvise or he desperate yes, yes, now, there's ownership and ass. We re do our own after the tone he d up. We figured it out of us here. Guitar me: you're, thug, dog, India, oh right. There you go the after party, streaming on apple tv plaster. Three episodes at their new episodes. Mere fridays and don't forget simply safe as everything you need to keep your home safe from entry and motion sensors to indoor an outdoor cameras with simply saves new wireless outdoor camera. You can see what's happening outside right from your phone.
the your home system in just a few minutes, get a free indoor security camera with interactive monitoring, plus twenty percent off, at simply say dot com, swash, deputy up that simply safe dot com. Thrust. W Tia fears look. I couldn't get out of my head. Yeah
yeah, lives, Monkey fond caddies everywhere,
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