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Episode 1307 - Andy Garcia

2022-02-21 | 🔗

Andy Garcia says it’s surreal to look back on his early life as a shy Cuban exile who was idolizing famous actors and filmmakers, only to be reminiscing now about the work he’s done with Sean Connery, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro and so many others. Andy and Marc talk about his years in LA with no acting work, his improv group at The Comedy Store, and how he was supposed to play the henchman in The Untouchables. They also talk about Andy being part of The Godfather films, with the original being the movie that made Andy want to become an actor in the first place.

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Hey folks, I'll be back at Largo in LOS Angeles on Thursday March Third, San Louis Abyss Bow on Saturday March, both at the Fremont and Santa Barbara on Sunday March, a sixth the low barrow then I'll, be back in the northeast new. In Connecticut at College Street. On March, ninth Troy New York at the Music Hall March. Tenth pony and New Hampshire at the Colonial Theatre March Eleven and Burlington Vermont at the Flint Centre March. Well, come on out. maybe we'll be stuck in the snow. All right. Let's do the show! all right. Let's do this. How are you what the voters, what the fuck parties, what the FUCK Nix, what the fuck's theirs how's. It going what's happening or your eye good morning: how's breakfast, you are I yet lunch hour Eugene,
going. Are you running we'd better? pretty good shape to run from you're. Gonna have to run from out of eggs any get away. I shook my pants just carried out co up classic plug we're doing the classic plugs. You're doing Adam and Eve plug in a minute So I want to aired man I'd my I'm old, my shoulders hurt my shoulders her because I did the duffel bag thing, I went to San Francisco for two days, meaning Kevin Christy doing the shows Bay area. I want to thank everybody who amount to the shows in Napa at the Uptown theatre What a great show had a great time lot of excited people to people just getting out for the first time, San Francisco, the paths of fine arts grey people working at both venues by TAT. I was happy everybody came out. It was great. He you can just
definitely feel obvious worry. We were still in the pandemic in a lot of ways, but but people are a kind of get their legs and I appreciate everyone come into the shows right, I want you to know that just wanted you to know that hooker today the Garcia is here. You know Andy, Garcia. You know from the Untouchables from Godfather three the Oceans movie, scary. trysting background, which includes time at the comedy store. Did you fuck it? that. I didn't know that he's always grey, whenever he shows up in movies, isn't he in this new movie, big gold break in these the best thing in it here, he acts the fuck out of things and I don't know why I never talk to why I don't know it. Does anyone talk to him that much publicly? I never see him around. I remember watching him in that movie in internal affairs. What Richard gear out, a nasty movie, man, nasty movie, I got to watch this eight million ways to die. I didn't realize it was a how Ashby film until he got pulled off it,
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thing wrong with making an appointment. Even if you think things are fine, better help is cost nice online therapy that offers videophone and even live chat with your therapists. So you don't have to see anyone on camera. If you don't want to its much fordable than in person therapy and you can be matched with a therapist and under forty eight hours, give it a try and see why over two million people have used better help. Online therapy and w g of listeners get ten percent off their first month at better help that calm, Swash WMD better hd, lp dot com, slash. W E F I want to ask if Mama Tauber, Tao by tell by our back there huge Retrospective, a full show a forward. Surveys show of tat our back. She worked in all the mediums she paints. She weaves. She makes sculptures, she may a giant like
I borg an instrument? She does graphics, she does writing calligraphy all sign painting. She does All kinds of surfaces, so giant exhibition you It's immersive, it's fucking. Guinea is totally fuckin new. totally while reference in the history of things and of art but just mine blowing an amazing thing to go, see new art and don't set So don't say I dont get it. There's nothing for you to get shut up, take it. You have to get it just take it, Open up the mine, oh bozo, let those ghosts in Yeahs the art worker, but it was so great man so much stuff. I bought a poster. Even I bought a book tat. but our back. I can't even
explain it to you. They just she does all things, colors all abstract theirs time for fur forms for people there's some letters. There is definitely some letters, but that's it that's all. Dennis viable things get. This would organ there's a hanging thing, but just lot of colors textiles, things that look like computer things that aren't computer things a king? I came, get my mind rather than there's a big photography show there, which is great Kevin Nosey Shit about arts rewritten great. It was just a relief here's your happened thrive there a long time and never come back, and while some friend Jack Bull wherever hung out with him and while they, where do you want to eat and like you know what they're? Let's do it still burrito? Let's do it, let's go. Do it Let's go to the burrito place we always went to when we were younger and we always
go to. When we hang out it's been years. Let's go to Cancun. Down a mission street. So we go. I get this straight up. I don't get the super that no other Cardona sour cream, no cheese straight up. You know rice beans to meet pretty much Gotta be Gabby Ass with the about half way and to my forearm sized burrito. I realized. deep in my heart, Dat that was gonna, be the last burrito I ever eat? That was it it's over. No more burritos for me is audio out of him, but I'm talkin any kind you Get half way into that last Brito, that's the size of your arm. San Francisco style if you're gonna. Have that moment we like this is it. This is over. It happened.
So that's pretty monumental moment in Napa about a few records at a through a store gave an antique. He kind of you know upscale for a store. run by three Ladys. It seems like middle age, Ladys that bunch records right try by right by like five records, bring up to the counter one of India, is tat, got it might. So what do we do now like? Well, Ah, My god he's someone else's records? Yes, she's! Not here, maybe your name, Jenny. I don't know. And I'm like okay. So what do you want to do? I kind of want to buy this Mary Mccaslin record that way, up on discards to reassure nineteen, sixty nine record them came out nineteen, eighty with a different title. I looked it up. dear. I knew what the price was, the highest price paid on discards with ten bucks. This Well, maybe we should call Jenny, my guy right, so
the call Jenny and they, a siege, I'm standing there. I don't have all a black more time than I should give them their early. and then, when the other woman says I don't have Jenny, we can get her. That way. Did anyone text her cuz I'ma, don't think I think we have to text her from the Ipad. Send this becoming a group effort, this much technology involved to try to get hold of Jenny, to figure out the price of a record high, no tops out at ten bucks just given them twenty in, but not enough you wouldn't believe me, then she checksum Master with one of the Ladys said I it sixteen dollars and unlike there's no way to sixteen hours again, just paid and got out I got one can track down Jenny and then some other woman from across the room goes. I just got all the Tommy, whose Tommy what Tommy is sometimes they're kind of boyfriend girl from big easy, like he sort of gender boyfriend and maybe he can find her and I make this is really something this is gonna some time in the ones? I are. You gonna be here tomorrow. I am, I know, I'm not going
be to Morrow. I didn't. I was being a deck, but it was a kind of face that I was not used to wear this could again on awhile and I realize this is why people living napa- this is exactly it not always is happening, but it's We talked about later. We, then find Jenny any to prices record. We ve got it maybe shifts our policy around some of these refugees. We got a double check, their records and advice he Tommy. I guess it gets hold a genuine. And the woman who is talking. initially about sixteen hours as well. It's eight hours, I guess you're right. I guess I was, I guess there was. What a day glad You have to stay the extra day to her to wait the price of the Merrimac Ass on record. So Andy Garcia. Intimidated by he's not that intimidating. Maybe he is he probably his bag and feel it. He was ready to talk. You seem to be a. seem to be into it
his daughter. This sometimes happens. If that is the offspring, kids are a fan of a show and they talked dad's indicator the moms. So I think understanding is his daughter, the actress one of them like this podcast She got there. She got the old man to to make an exception. basically, it not doing much press life to do my pie? Gaza was an honor. The film is in that days out, promoting is called the big gold break its in theaters and undermine this Friday February. Twenty fifth, this is me talking two Andy Garcia. Thanks for coming out, I watch it. The movie, the big brick
I don't know. Maybe you I gotta watch movies erewhile, it's someone somewhere There comes along like how do you make a decision, because your great told things kind of interesting but its it odd movie, is a very odd movie stars, up another. You did the edges sort of like the its group, the gums view and well ask rise, acquiesce in the film playing the soya hawked Strangelove territory at the end, and these the good friends without direct or by pet cells, the several shorts together. They got a lot of attention and silky, so he and had already say I'm doing this thing that I'm also producing and Brian, and I would love for you to take a look at it. Tat is character Floyd, so I read it and because he knows Oscars a friend I respect today, cities a great actor fear. I read it and I call them. I said I have. I have no idea what this is.
I said I don't. I don't like. I couldn't get a Handle Edna character, as I was really have sometimes get hooked dignity. I kind of Eu Data, you you have that for experience in the red yeah. I got to see yourself right or the stand that somehow or at least be touched. You know some. Such touches. You that you got. You say I don't know this case. It was like a clue, so we talk a little bit. I think it's like and I think gets this axis. I gotta go like yeah man, that's it that's it now. Are you sure you anyway, I started talking to the director and there was a safe they unless you're Finally, I say what you know The thing is that you have to do it in order to understand who he isn't gonna, throw you.
Went to it than that. Basically, what I did well yeah, but what were the things that you think this is like one yet Lenny. First, got a handle on that guy, who is sort of inside of you com, a con man or or again. So what was it that? What was the handle to the guy that you just started to realize? Well below? it seems, as I reflect back onto the EP in a while. We recognise that I did it. You can't of UNICEF, Sanford Meissner used to say you know, live lived fully within imaginary circumstances here so, first of all, you got except yourself as the guy right and you had to step into the situation as the guys to accept. I I am is due to have to deal with here. What's going down everything that comes your way
daily with it. You know the idea and so that some of them important thing in any character. You after really accept your so that it sort of funny the confidence and the guy, but also that this strange sort of vulnerability to the guy that he cares about this kid yeah that he hit with the car yeah. But there's a but there's boundary see another something it was. It was kind of endearing the whole thing yet, while he you know it at the end of their guest at the overall sort of metaphor, earth or underlying current of the obvious that this chance and by maiden hitting this kid air with a card I take them into. My home happens to be a writer, so I figure, as you know, my characters well? Why did you write my biography that I've been I'm going to make up all right, I'm going to make up my life and you're going to write about it, but maybe we'll make some money yeah yeah, with the traffic, the trappings of your life, become very interesting like right out of the gate. It's like the hell is this guy, so yeah I thought was good Meissner. Did you study with that guy, not with our
commissioner. That guy No, no! I mean. I know I've got to a lot of people. That study with him directly, but it seems to me, I'm sorry, we have the right to regeneration older than yeah. I study with people who words student students. is there, then you know also taught afterwards without that was your primary canna. That was one of mine. You know I tried to expose myself. Do you know them In the end. I sat in in some classes, still added ever. Actually, you know put work up and of her, but I heard it here in LOS Angeles yeah, so you know. I there a lot lot a couple times sorry, whether with without taking taro, I study with bought a guy's first, when I first got here. One things I did was in a lot of talk about LOS Angeles. He added seven. These I started up I got involved and became a member of a house Improv Group at the comedy store what year was at. Seventy eight seventy nine or that you come the comedy story you never did comedy. Did you Judy stand up? No genetic?
No, so how does it happen because you hadn't did you? I started yeah you're, trying to find places I can exercise my shit, but but how does it happen there? Because it's weird place and I spent a lot of time there was a doormat there. I've yanked that someone told me about it. You know the that they have these improv groups. We started study with some of the guy's, a k from second city. You know and workshops and over their ha over there in their houses. You nobody I'd much Amerika. Did you meet Missy in other people's ashore? I work for her for a while. You did me. I was on the phones, region. yeah and she fired me right away. who's that guy with the axe. With this I got I got the verge rivals, icing pith from nineteen. Seventy three crazy because they did a document we honour in my gun. Kind of I'll do have settled with the place, because I was a doorman there for a while back, but I still work there. Everyone was were you there during that time? Seventy seven! No! No! I didn't get out here that first time until
the eighties and I was going for about a year and got all the in screwed up on cocaine and left, but it's a good place to get screwed up my cocaine, the comedy store. It's the only place better. The phones. I did the door. I did all that ship s interesting gates were therefore while yeah. You know that time we were there in the main room near performed in the main room in the original room after we perform We had a lot of guys like Marty Short and Robin Hood, used to come by every time you mustn't communist or players. We open for them. Ok called it invited guests and sometimes it would cross over people wouldn't show up, and then you would gotTa Joanna was crazy, but. Marty. Shore was their Betty. Thomas, a lot of cats would come through, but can we do our are said? I would always go to the original area and sit in a watch. The comet air and what I did was nothing to do. You know I'm not another night. I would swing biogas, always
friends already that were there no performing, but you know you can at any given night in those days, Yad I'll, leave a lot of people out, but Bob sag Russia saw us away a jury, sigh failure. You know David Letterman, fur, J, Leno, yea, Larry David, my they, their Michael Michael Gate, was definitely discarded, buried diamond those bearing diamond yeah. He sings at the end trials, flasher, Blazer, sure, yeah, Jeff, aldermen, Jeff, all men, yes and Kennison, Sammy by my partner, that I did a lot of sketch work and writing with Larry was Fred Asparagus ready asparagus. I knew Freddy, he was a raw really use around a bit. You know yet mean very talented guy. The angry we tell the passed away human I yet we sat up there in the crest tell you know the House dimity onward, though comics with I've been up there. Yet you know he threw up there during Freddy Road ready. Would I was I used to walk by
Yet. Why me? Who is women? There then die soon? I mean the ices around there. That's crazy! Do you have this old lewd deck was a guy. There lived a long time. Argus Hamilton targets are still there. Last night, oh my god, I never made the wall. I didn't stick around long enough to make the world took a long time for me to get on. That was very important that the different imagine, but you were there for a while, then a couple years these at the FAO seeing you did wait. Where'd you come from to what was the right before here when I in Florida, in college, in Florida, Florida international scene, all four year end you for your folks were from Cuba. Yes, we came in sixty one. So after the debacle, we were on the Castro for two and a half years. We got lucky, we gotta. So how old were you there? Five and a half? So this must be a story in your family of what happened the history of you has
is involved with being pushed out a Cuba. I would we are talking today. If I didn't get out here, what would you was what was your father's disposition around it around Cuban? they are what we wanted to get out. You know nothing wants to leave the country they love. You know here, but when, when the promise of the revolution was betrayed, you know said you know I, like it record marked degree. I think we're going to give you a new them accuracy, respect the constitution and I asked I fear, and then it turns into quickly into axis. Leninist dino, tab, indoctrination, religion goes away, they confiscate all your property and finally IRAN that time the press that past alone they did the rights to your children went to the state. Why so, once her children were of school age, I got I've got age, I was here, you would go into the state run schools. There was no, did you have siblings their older, so they were in a They began yeah and, and
state run school is not really. Education is doctor nation rang out. Yet there was no Gaza. You praise Fidel in your praise check of our on the wall that kind of stuff. So why Father mother said we're out of here. You know that we had by then they had, since they had now penalised everything in the country. You really are nothing you they other than the house. You lived in if you chose to stay and there, so we got in a plane and went to Miami Army were my uncle was already there. We boarded die. My father and mother bought barred a dime after they got through customs here and called to say we're here. allow so does that light. It does not mean that they arrive as refugees have. As I work with our Cuban Reggie realities, exiles, petty political exiles is sometimes people come in immigration permanent immigration the early wave of gear we consider that we're going back there, here go they I we're going. Borrowing a weight to this
America will not let this guy continue in this manner. It's gonna resolve its here. You know and obviously with there were things like the bay of pigs, ear and the missile ices and then that before you know it, you know he this relationship with Russia and it became a whole cold war. Yet any in and it was out, your parent was your father. Wanting to go back. Yell occupies always want to go back there, The authorities with the old country yea, I wanna be buried in polar Mulvihill. Have you been back to Cuba I went once after the about around ninety three. They had, hence the wet for dry foot. new law were now the only way If you came on a raft yeah, you had to touch them land or else they'd, send you back right. You can beat When you feed offshore, doesn't matter really so there was a lotta rafters to this day, people still coming in rafts now they're coming even in through maximizing around in here when I- when there was about sixteen thousand refugees, that will
caught at sea and they did you know they could send it back to Cuba because they would be in prison, and God knows what would happen so they had em at one time or the naval base near tried to figure out. Where do we put these people and that they had relatives? Then? U s some, then you can have I'm through or you went in Spain area and we want do accosted for their mail with I went with her Gloria familiar Stefan and a gentleman, I worked with many years a hero, my name by Israel, Lopez known ass. A child is a cuban based player how's your father or the mumble kind of guy here, not actually father the member with his brother. He asked so we went wanted that caused the only time had been gone, but I was on the naval base. Obviously I was on the island here and all the island as we approached it from the south side and when, when for a swim, you know cause it's this? There was a Kostas there's here here. Now is the only time I been back while is I mean
MA am you in the last few years you can be a people go, there was appeared. There is a window, there were people here, Wade S, but you know I've been very critical about regime on the money they my let me but my now. Let me out and it also what happens is you know you go and if you in this happens, the time, any kind of person that some sort of has any kind of public profile yea or what you might call a celebrity profile and they go to Cuba. They exploit that because they're going there just two two no Cuba, even though its master, but the people are great ever here and they get they get experience the use as propaganda. You see how these people they approve of us. They they they think we're great. They think We're doing is greater use you there. I would never, who is a Fidel's brother, still he still alive, but there's a dozen appointee about president that he he still there. the party as well he saw not public heavily itself this guide? The US, Canada, valueless, Dino, another Lloyd
through our regime, see diver. whatever their anymore, no yeah, no and the other there's a lot of Eu Brazil that they say there. My cousin allotted Garcia is there, you know it's a typical thing. You know what you say. You know mark or yea eyes like yeah, so How did you, how did your family may do like when they got here with what were they rebuild their lives? Well, my father was a lawyer and a notary which is different. Cuba, notaries, you not everybody here you can be a notary. I can be an order to eat you gotta be a lawyer. You had to you know: have that degree, green or how it was a way of keeping back of what goes down in your in your region, United, the kettle was selected or selective title right, no right andor and also farmer? Ok, what did he farm potatoes, cucumbers, real? If, while dairy farm for further small town, we live outside as property. He had properties that worth that were confiscated. I can't
again then so our house, they are the interests of the total bill Ghali's nice. Once we left there, and into her like preschool. It's not all. There is a risk, so what they do and they got here. How do you we hit the ground? You know we literally, I remember them, barring a D. May I thank all we all my uncle and then then I godfather. Who was here one named after at the near, and I wish it were here- is that ok, you know come this we're living and we went to eighty forth in Harding, I may be too Harding as a street parallels Collins Avenue which, as you know, on the on the beach and that areas filled with these vague weekends. I support the north or come down here. Have what you can efficiency, kind of things. You have like a sweet you have a low level Jeanette where the kitchen idea and one bed Ria one bath and we ve got it and you play paid by the week. You know my right and we go into that worse, six of us six,
a grandmother so grandma too, to ship things where they brothers. My older brother Renee is older than me, and my elder sister Tessie Ass, older, ok, bye cheers seven years. I was younger accident, not ok. My mother was an english teacher in Cuba herself. She was able to also help my father, who did not speak English. Neither do we had to learn, say Adele family that were you grandma to yeah. My grandma slept on the couch in the UK, slept on the floor and my parents left in the bedroom and was All community of people they are. There was a small community of eggs, I said I'd come already air alive, the cuban Jews that were there, you re not allowed other cuban jewish communities split. when they arise, breezes only Liberty but also they shut down. The gods do yeah yeah so that so that we I grew up in an extraordinarily beautiful. environment with the embrace of the of the American is, but especially the jewish
community, because that will leave the round me here and was blasphemy. Miami Beach was paradise. I was a block away from them each. You know. I asked my brother and I used to go at that yeah. You know he was. eleven and I was six- that's a We used to go and collect empty coke bottles and Pepsi bottles ass, the glass here on the beaches we grow and we in the we put it in or out food, fair cart. I go bonds, Carbajal the food fair here and there we roll it out, filled with bottles yet, and we, money in exchange for them you know nickel for general ones and that we go get a burger at Royal castle. You know that I brought to this day was a graded entrepreneurial and, to that end he hit the ground you're right, I was too beginning gear and my father, like all exiles, he just got detective
our job available, which was at the Fambly Hotel in the janitorial Fambly area is eyes. Did they really that one is still there still air? You know you, you base your land than you have already Zaza there. They go and have a job come with me to Morrow. They needed help at the farm blue network, and these started there. The job as a janitor lawyer with property goes to being that's to hit. You know, domain and all the other more a lot of the other janitors word all Cuba's that were already there. There were doctors and sure and they had together degrees again, and you know startled you can't you can't they are degraded and at a guy who the building I lived in queens was dominican, dentist yeah and he couldn't do anything you know, but it was funny. Could he have yet? from what you stole Vietnam become fixed at me. Look at Inga was a mouth. I can fix it again exist of the executive. So what did? What was the family business? What evolved
Father, began to do many things that a deal dealt with that sort of distribution. He would the first he he went from working. He got a job, At a caterer here, and it was that it was a caterer, though, that dedicated himself that the data dedicated its of to the cuban community, and you get these like army tins in other stacked one on top of the other. The little in the other, the Who put the bottom and then rice banana like a lunchbox yeah thing? They are stacked, real, yes and is called and Tina basically ear, and he went work for a guy who had that business and manage it for while this is after you know, several men at the jobs anyway you ve ended a binding business from him. I wanted to get out of it. A lunchbox video in my father really couldn't find egg, but he could manage the business at the end of my mother was not the coca the family for it, but we
after a while. You know, and we will never get a regiment. Everybody well knew right and left over J Ai. We bring hot Malta Miami Beach, people couldn't afford, it would come and get it at the House owners area and it from there we got a job. Putting very cheap sneakers from company call leads very chief sneakers good bye for a buccaneer hair on consignment in grocery stores in different places. All around my army, three white go rather than in a forty four drug policy makers and he going to a grocery store and all neighbourhood seo. But you know over You know that Havana Liberty, city everywhere, you as culturally different Roger and he pulled up, and he said They sneakers it yourself. You saw
for you or me, five bucks, you keep the other three. You know it's a Simon theory and then he'd fill it up. The size, eight were sold out and there we move on to another, and I would go every Saturday within two how regional to help him that was the sneaker racket. Yet I was a sneak Iraq it again because he had that down somewhat Belgium is say you can come you wanna. Do the distributor of these socks that were popular in Cuba, yak all they also eleven, eleven and casino there, like you, ve, seen under like nice, the kind of transparent Ojeda Regenerative in the air and sea dont this now curse and use that same idea as for that, the sack Gaia these I've got. This guy became socks and patios oxygen, undershirts, Saxon, became the business continued to grow and grow and grow and that we got into the fragrance business and that took off and that was it. Might you know my brother is a became. The fragrance tycoon,
because we all we all worked in that in the end you know in the family business like import business with the fragments, wavering women from France. Yes, I wear grey market yeah, ok, so that was it that's how he built business and then a growing to other parts of the union. he was ahead of all stand James had a what it was. It was made distributor of people like us. They are not great. normal people came dad as he was doing very well knew the thing yeah, that's great, so like so you did. You end up an act, your brother's, a business guy in what you sister do. She's editor designers retired now, but she award winning Interior Design I've got a new appreciation for that recently carrier design. Just Hotel in New York and empty. I thought my cheese I gotta is beautiful near. It makes a big difference or sure we live in a place where you like looking out. Even if you don't go in the room, it's nice to just look in the room like they're, pretty room right up, so
and affordable and beautiful about sleep on the tiles If so, how do you end up by deciding to do acting I was already acting college. That was a bug I had in that in high school. You workin out all through high school and stuff you workin for your father. I will learn from my dad and play basketball play basketball, Highschool, good point guard. Ok, Miami Beach see and then my senior year. Here just got to the yearly go okay. This is my year going to get omega. Some decisions- yeah, I know so like. Maybe I can play it a little small college. Somebody say: hey give me nice cool, yeah, yeah yeah key play any and I am sure I got a very bad. The case of modern nuclear sources and hepatitis. Almost, I know Now I was out from area, right at the beginning of the possible sees aside and play a lick, a basketball though, and then I took an acting class in high school during that time. When you compare
right, any whatever it was. I was. I was Ireland, elective weak and tired yeah, which is the best place to start as an actor easier, vulnerable, yelp and leave us alone, air and so took a class, and I was a lot of fun with it and the teacher J J and encourage me aloud. He was very encouraging. No one! school that ever been encouraging before to me in at anything, basketball. I was good, but I now goodbye like study I area and, as is any You know you you should take. Does anyone have any privacy is like you know how it is you it this thing inside you like a virus taps into it and then cut it. if you don't deal with it bared or in the sire to learn was very intense for me to learn how to do this and and the dream of, maybe
ways. I might do this for a living in a right. Why I mean you have that Dr Kaji, you know the way you came up was the another way came up with you, your dad go into all that and having to make yourself, but it's interesting without because it's a tricky thing to tailor I mean you got right- is hard yeah I mean you got, you know you gotta have an there's one, a natural talent, obviously, but but when you new apply yourself with the same ambition and folk, you said you would business, it's all over a great completely vague, really vague, and you know, even though you have you might have you know like give sports is like he's coordinated. you right sure. Anyway, you just say it. May I shot east but, as you know, You gonna learn the crafty knows. You know it's yours very this. You know it's a thing. You gotta go through its arsenal, choice to like it, how you do it right? Yes,
no one craft basketball. You know you run around you. Do the drills young! You take the shots he of night by learning. Learning the craft of you know that sense of truth. You know in the sense of being able to be centred and grounded in comfortable and create a character. You know where, where to go with it in all, stings use like it is, it is an art form. You are here, but I mean, but my point is this: I gather I talked a lot of guys ear and women too, is that you know you take you build your own craft from the stuff. The absolutely right, the Uno, like you, now, here's the template. No, no! No. We expose yourself to all the templates and you you started the getting, hopefully deeper understanding of them and so of yourself. You know my guess. That's the truth of it that finding the truth, you'll be honest with you. so in high school you got the bug and you were doing I gave you imagine the big work. no, no. I didn't, I just said the run, glad When I went to college from there. I skipped studying. Imagine how that go away
It's nothing, not good, but I was very enthusiastic. I wanted to learn about acting yeah. You go to university, which Couch Miami Dade. South. Ok, college and then a two year university. If I at that. Time was only a two year school carriers and they had an acting program. That acting class is that the community college and that the F r? U they had an acting proof? I bet she there are even have those any more at the community. Ecology. Actually do you think so I think so. It's good selection. She now it's not important, but was the teacher any good it did did. Is better than me, if you take yet the advice, then I was drawn and then of course you things in your life that change your life. You know that and the films had done that for me. Since I was a kid there was, I was very. I don't know how into it I was, and that was
inside of me saying that's what I want to do. You know here and it when it was awaken. Then I realized it's possible it's possible, but that's what's calling me, you know we're like when what films said them impact of started early on obviously well was even knowing you know started with you know: on category and then James Bond. The greatest Ethan? Maybe get the work within all of em. I got to work with him. I got to work without with James Colbert. the big hero. Mightily many, our man, Flint if his savage yet allowed at and of course later on. If you know the godfather, was it so influential that everybody's life is sure that I got a chance to work with Francis and with AL how do you know what kind of while the is busy? It's it's it's absolutely everything notion that. that sitting here with the? U S recalling they stop, because it was just up
I dream of a somewhat shy kid. I guess there too hey that's what I want to do and so that within the UN, when did you first year for Alice and having some altered reality? They might be after that. Maybe he might answer to me. I know all that, I'm just imagining all my my entire life, while some people think that's, that's it, but I am pretty sure you live in it because I have witnessed some of it. My wife oil, but where would I guess, if you're is also part of that reality. Someone who verifies my own right, dementia party, your dream- but wait. We I wrote a character that then raise catch. You want anything says it's kind of a walked out, and he says you Dreams are a way of escaping reality. Unless you, Things are your reality. How a grace That's your day. Does my guided the guy. I wrote it. So when did you do your first show like a play?
did you play with their own college. Young college I was doing, plays in college yeah yeah. Did you of it yes and credible data, every done much theatre. Lately I did right before the pandemic hit week. We closed the show at the Griffin based on an idea? I have for a long time on putting doing an out of date. However, the movie key Largo for this day, I am. and I was having lunch with with the guys they are the artistic directors and at the given. yeah and they said we would you go away. I like to do something here goes well. Would you want to do it? I said you know always this idea about. You know key Largo because takes place in one place at everything, Robinson, yea and vulgar area, and it was based on a play initially Did you find it the play? Yeah an answer was a play and then there was a screen play and we use both those things and and also some new ideas that are not in screenplay and they're not in the play or the movie. You play the heavy. I play there
would you rob, as are also a message to him. They said. That's a great idea, we'll get a drama told you can work with aim, or can you do it? I want us my big mouth, so we did. It was great. It was great to get back stage at ministerial level. must have been amazing. It was so much fun. You so mediate ray it's the best thing I like you forget, that will not a guys, don't do it all anymore no is did it did it would be back in the day and yet organ and it's done wisdom yeah. So you are in a new Argus. I loved warrior. did you residential area sure? Did you go see Ed Del Torres? Yes, of course, great great, want amazing, you know, he's got a black and white print to hold yeah he's been taken and around like to see that its taught yeah yeah he'd, they added grain. It yeah I'd like to see a too, but I got you didn't get out there to see it he's
in his rent, a lovely guy. I met him very when he first came to allay long time ago, Tom Bloody who work for Francis and. and runs the Tele right from first said. I young direction in from Mexico. That yet, maybe just gave me the time I said. Ok, he came over to to my love. It wasn't my old house, and he had a book and- as always the sweetest guys. We again he had this big book TAT are opening up and it was all he's like drawing near story boards of all the movies made yeah, and I saw them there for the first time they all boy at all these director ere. He already had imagined that media and I said I want to make us it call me. I was the finances have to call me now. I can call you and we still have a work together now, yet
I mean, I think I did a voice in one of his cart. Duly. Does I'd like to museum Netflix here, so one was the first. So did you get booked additive, New York, initially where'd you after college where'd, you go. I came here right away. You read where the register no not a right away. I started. Yeah alone. I started my Rather, I just open up a discotheque that Miami with a bunch of friends here that you rather the entrepreneurial, see I called Alexander FEAR, and it became the hottest thing in town really had a dance floor that they build a bait built. It isn't the bottom floor, the Omni Hotel, They had a dance for like with hydraulic I get a gas station. You know like getting around yeah you can get on the therefore on the first floor, yes or Plexiglas here, and that it would take you up to the second floor size. Your dancing, though this is the disco time like seventies, This is the seventy five sought evidence? That's it. I know yes, big seven we're ready to go time. Yet
and I, there. The summer. of seventy. Eight aid must bring crazy for like four months was a crazy yeah. Really crazy, and I made very good money- you know Tipp lies in those days. I had one one com that would coming with an entourage every night which was in he was the time the largest marijuana importer, listen to the southern states of America. There must be some real characters earlier and heed go like into me right away. I attended to him. I was like the Maitre D. Yes, oh Molly area, an area and she told the my brother's partner, Alex cudgeled? who had been the breath from business all their lives as Cuba, near re, close friends and he said I M coming back them up When I come, I want and need to take care of me. Yes,
he gave me on it all- is one way from the door. Any shake my hand said. Andrea, worry, less other, very good to see you he'd already have a hundred dollar bill in the end, my palm when he left a gimme another hundred now any was their basically every night us good. So I would money that I made in those three months before I got an appeal. We came to LOS Angeles. Did you have friends here Stephen Bower, whose look we from Miami, we were friends the am. I am. The aggregate scarface yeah he's I was there all right here he had been come. He had come out, maybe like six months, Miami Guy, the jewish guy. No Cuban Cuba, such a body as his father's it is, real name. Bowers is grandmothers name? Ok, so you knew him I knew him and he said: hey my commodity, there's a lot of work. So does you gotta you? They are yet to contact with a manager that new- and here we have a show in Miami on Baby S called the Basa USA. It was a bilingual White Managua.
It's got Arcadia Emmy setting come out. Here is a lot of work. I got already got account. He landed. He got a contract with Colombia. Pictures television, the better what I said I'm out of young lawyer and I got a united work for seven years year volume I got little Tessier, thereby where there was really out of the comedy stereos hard. It was hard. I got my first one of my first because of our beat me up the casing area in the Bible. the pilot of history blues. I was on that you and the pilot yeah degenerate like a big part. No, but Did you first? Did you have an aging? What do you do for seven years? I you know. I tried You're working there was very difficult. We jobs were you doing loaded trucks and euro roadway those drugs essay roadway at sea? city of commerce over them, aside from some like a night, the seven o clock in the morning either load for either load or strip a truck. How the hell did you do that job and still go on additions,
I don't have any additional now by Brian Crested work with me on that really at the truck wait here and then I would work for starving students. The movers I share high, why I laid shingles I work for on time as a waiter at the Beverly Hills and hotel begging waiter. Yet would go away. I was like permanent. I go in, I calling you need someone, they always needed somebody, but that's that's determination. Gee! I you're acting like a comic. That's always what I've been I'd always sort of, like I don't know how actors the resilience do you not only not get the job or get the opportunity, but even when he s going out on those additions, there was very well. You know the opportunities warlike today, certainly because it was fun studios where I was It's beyond an old cable will and three networks and PBS. I was it right and doktor with spanish surname. You know yeah Garcia. They
bring you in only four parts. It pressure the you. I didn't have a good agent you now, so it was hard to even get have you know. Is your first agent like I know, you're very sweet. A couple of em tat there were so boutique is so small right that I had more than one the You didn't care letting them even though sought. So you get an audition, and you know those days. The only audition for Hispanics were basically gang, right? So, even if they buy by mistake, did not look at my picture. saw Garcia and they said call the goddamn Garcia. Do it and then see me when I walk in there go what what are you doing here? because in the hallway there was real gang members outside India. You can sell it now and I couldn't go on agriculture. We understand him actor. Thank you Ok, then it may be something else that there was never something so wended deserves first row is the history books.
that was a little bit at the beginning of mean getting into fire. Some create an account because by and scream at it sure I did like they think I ended up doing like maybe one or two or three more of those over that hit on tv pieces, the tv bits, yet its young and the Ladys casting people Gallipot on those guys they really they, May I see me stage so that you know they have me info. Certain thing they say the merrier highlight the maritime moulder laborious guy. So you know: I get a little bits here and there and just gonna stay in the game is much I got a real. I may Finally, a manager how they have. He was her name was Phyllis Carlisle and she was Stevens. energy and I got to know or just receive just casually, and she just said you know a melody. Griffith was also with her and John Malkovich idea.
the phone. I am just a very strong good people, good, stable, yeah, yeah and Melanie Stephen would always say to fill us you gotta see. Could we we were starting together, Meissner with David Profile and would see my work on stage. You know and Melanie was very supportive in so that you were in ear. You got it. Where is your daddy? check out area and the DNA. Finally, she said I want to help you and she was very helpful because she oversee had could get me into the general meeting with somebody area. She had a lot of you, no contacts at a great step and one we started working. I was able to give a start getting the casting. for a start to get to know me, even if it just casually rag general meeting already self in their head, yeah yeah yeah analysis out and it began to build offer them. So he started you studied acting right when you get out here, it's sort of started stuck with it, went to a lot of different place in the area. For short, always, ok, so now you
This good man drew you got all these peers. Being people know you went so any start doing bigger parts no, no, what happened was unique. It was kind of like you know you just stay in the game. You know what I was doing a lot I was doing. I was a member of a war. My group, while a while the background voices you put on the more? Why why they want to all the groups- and you know, and you gotta fill it all the groups right so that guy I'll be out a baby girl. So my wife, when you bridge me wife, it Miami, oh she from there. Yet so we had a game. I hear she came out with after we got married you she came out. Ok, you know I was making us pain the rain and make some money doing wallet. Three times a week with another great lady gimme that opportunity, Barbara heresy in a room full of people just guy. I know you actually say. Nay, I do America Mobile Year Day. I may get cedar dial down, fill all this stuff background area, but you get, you know you get sag
ex teach having to scale and then, when it re runs out, we would do it all a tv shows a couple bucks. You do it yet another full pay right loud, like three. Fifty three, fifty four and after moves were got the insurance policy ashore. So we did after a while and then what happened Oh, my my saw on tv was entertainment. Tenaya first year the here and they they they read the kitchen. She has look I'm aware that doing a movie in Miami Kurt Russell unmarried Hemingway call the mean season. You should look to that goes. Maybe there's a part in there for you, you know no gang members, it MA am easier, but this Cuban seen yet so I said again to her. So I called villas is he said the major you're right, there's a part there for a young detective. The two detectives are this case. Yeah, there's a sir
he'll kill her there's a journalist who has a relationship with the serial killer there, and I was cut Russell here. Maria was the love interest of ass. There was Richard go to play. The serial killer me enriched Bradford, meet going intimate me Jane, and you know in this case I was the guy that was right for it right, and that was it. was it. It was a simple s. Job to get in the world. Did you feel like you a distant? We have prepared a break. Yet I was a break goes the breakers. It was an actual part. There were people saw your work. You, NEA from there I was able to get in to audition, for Jeff Bridges movie that how Ashby was doing? What am I here is called eight million and I got that part- and that was that was like how long without his last movie house was less movie. They took the book away from him. It was a bit of a mess. Got to meet him in and I got I would like a got the jam with him. He was amazing, yeah yeah. We provide the whole Aussies arenas yeah, you liked you in a year
So what was how bash be like he just encouraging? Oh yeah, completely guardian. You great he's made a gleam of easy oil, amazing that a lot of human gray, human behavior lotta resonate. Yet it is because of that approach. You know, he's thing is that you have an objective to the scene and you get from take to take. You can go out from different so long as you achieve the objective ended story continues to be told how cases I use their, how you got them didn't care. You got there, never pass judgement on anything. You did for Georgia you're fly by the city or pansy S there, so he would never say like I didn't. That's not you know. No! He never he just go to go up by was and we got try some mouse and walk away and if he was really enthused, if something happened, you go like go again, but he never never put that the the judgment in your head so you're always free like someone was like gonna catch you in Britain.
that's great- I get it. I wonder if he always work idea do a research with other people work with them and John Voight Richer Bradford. You see it, performance. Is all the way back from like the last detail, ass, it has to be asked, and you see Jack so free and that movie right yeah being there, the being there's the gray. My rose outtakes it at the end of being that he told me that you know he told the story that, because I is brave. Being there to me was once a masterpiece of my driver, the idea Peter sellers of you know another world guys, I grew up with in the sixties, all the way through the air, and he said I said that script felt like Shakespeare euros will precise is his own or no one Peter would come but stuff. You know he says you know people all the costs. With just see the improvised. Something is a thought or whatever here and they just took whatever he said they would take it as the profound truth right it is.
don't never deny right at the age of beer. You can you yesterday yet Andrea? Yes, that's all you can say you know, I feel the All's are moist and they go that's so interesting Chauncey! Yes, the boys walls. That's all improvised, So I guess somebody get fired so good online backward ridable, incredible film? I encourage everybody has never seen that movie to go there. I watch any ending was new ending the thing about you know walking in the water that sets a tag he put on air. Based on that story, he told me the wit, Rob Bobby Jones. The writer was because he could do anything he could have walked on water. They would about it right. They thought That's what I'm gonna do. I went back and shot that. Why not good tag? Oh, my god is a great show when so then, after that, the untouched. both happens in that's like that's. I think that's when I first remember like that was
I got a lot of attention with this crazy character than that movie because he was a in IRAN, today I gotta watch it he's a Coquette drug dealer area. You know, a full young, thug kind of guy in and tagging. So they got a lot of attention and what did? What? Were you saying about? How loosen the movie heating get to finished a movie? No, he they took it away from him because he he wanted to finish. Later he laid the movie. It was a wonderful split rights like Foreign rice were sold in Colombia was and then deliver the movie in the house that I'm delivered about data anymore cuz we had and they basically took the money vanished. they hired. An editor does show is already shot, those already shot, but he they pull the plug. So we had get like ten days. Or in four days and do you like the movie? I do. I go I do and I am working with Jeff in those
It also seems to me a deaf want to pass and Rosanna cat Jeff Bridges, so good and improvising with Javary to improvise at night at his trailer. We would record it earlier and that we give it to how in the next morning. So I really like the other thing you guys we're talking about it so that we must have been a blast. They have that freedom to argue in touch with him how's he doing these half year, he's doing much better. He went through physically, but he's he's come the also in a very good good. What now you gotta go to diploma. That's all different trip right I got. I got word that debt- Did you see me and playing frank unity? The killer in the movie, and I read the material- and I said to my age and no, no, I wanna play that other guy over there either Young Italian get a sharpshooter right area, the onion Diane for Israel The partner that attracted me, the play there you're gonna play killer, I wanted it
that guy was one of the untouchable he was that was the James Colbrand part. If you think about the original magnificent seven year, James Coverage, because a fence, a somewhat challenges unto a dual here, any as an ideal guy has a gun and the up does with that, I write so beat me, the character of La George Stone had that same seen him the thing at the sharpshooter seen its there. The recruiting senior Cosette struck in other movies, like a magnificent seven or the seventh samurai one guy to write the wrong recruits a bunch of people to go fight right, yeah. And so I met you. I went to meet Brian, I told my desires, I audition for the part in it, and then I got the part in the movie She was very successful so that helps you out a that seem were whereas Deniro effect I, with the bat re memorable. HU. All those ties that people get tractable with about that
all the others sittin there with a mammal dialogue. You have anything to him now with the north, His trial in his trial this guy right. Yes, yes, very much, but would department was out different bow wax in terms of how he worked? Yes, yes, yes, he was an old. That movie was story border. When I got there it was. He had story about himself a little index cards like stick figures. He knew what it was just like form. Faces yes lie here, sitting in a pure here. You're on horseback are used, as here you're gonna, be on horseback, we're gonna. Before we attack the- and I said that wasn't in the script, and I said you know, The character is from the south side of Chicago Italic never been on a horse let me now either expert horsemen
and I said ok, what are we doing to see any salad by four weeks? So now I hadn't, you know, get on a horse or cargo, figure out how my an expert horse, Minos actors stuff here. So I'd like to the customer- and she said, can you find me a typing? the horses had on it. Like I put a right there, I figured out, I realise, what can I get in there a lessons you weren't? We were that through the whole movie here. So I will. where can I get equestrian less then I found out that in the Chicago Central Park, this horses there. So I said perfect. My grandfather, when he came from ITALY. He came from a rural background where he went to took care the horses at the park. would take me there on the weekends here, and I would help him and he got me on a horse and became a whore expert, horsemen NATO. So I had the box but I needed to learn how to write oars and did you
started going home and whenever I could in here you know right around and you know you got While I stayed on the horse watch the movie with I gotta watch it again. Why there's a moving was at the last time you went on our nano I've written a lot since then. I love writing, but the funny thing was that, We got to the top of the hill. It was for horses there and Bryce as arise. Shon pick your horse. Like a patching, ordered a sham gonorrhea ensures and then the right you said I choose me mister. The bomber I brought this on the big largest horse, Sean of dishonest, like over six feet, fanatics two's! Oh my god, one he's at all got here and then he said Uncle John you take the black horse and then sell ride care and you pick a horse. It covers a writer, so he started look not the horses like she's, my horse, yeah yeah yeah, and he picks up Horace near and then he says all right, Charlie volumes
we have always like the fourth pick out. We gotta be the left overnight right and the Erasmus is almost bomber, if I may say I brought this pinto horse. Smaller gonna pony here for Charlie goes he's the smallest of the group. You know our eyes, I guess in August and Anti will take, source here- is just not colored horror and turns out that s not colored horse that I got was the wranglers horse, They was like the MIKE, Jordan of horses go sideways backwards. Their love do a flip. Let me this horse was amazed. It's great yeah! and what we did offers run across the thing. Evan very graciously came over to me said: hey man tie your rains, so if you like, call them. They don't fall down. They'll just hang on the neck and you can grab of again now I had a Tommy gun like the way like twenty pounds. A real time begun. The egg I could not hold on to the debate
I got the saddle with my other hand, the gun in my hand and the reins yeah and Michael Jordan between my my leg areas go in and they went, the guns went off in the horses went crazy. We ve started going across this grassy. You know, area that you couldn't see the ground goes. A grass is like three feet. I guess you could be in a hole and you felt the horse. They go. She aiding the holes. at full speed for Gallia GO and I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die here. Carbon also put a match. Stick in your brim of your heart inside so tied on your forehead and it blow off. So I had all the tricks dahlia. We get to the end. Of course. I got there before everybody currency never give up to make us. What's it MIKE and I'm not going aided across you try to have to try to look cool. I read your privacy that bit. I ran away from all of the five on funded the fights, but I read
cool for you. They re I, and so I got to the thing it covers it. Hey man hold your course back. You know we gotta get there to save them. I said my oars back. Do me. Man knows I'm on city on top of a city, Will you take the job to do as we did in several was it was You know it was an ordeal to that learning her. Oh, my god. That horse was amazing, ets exciting man like a ferrari that so exciting I remember you like there's another move, their morale browser to my producer, that internal affairs move yeah. There's some thirty shit net movie cos. easy they develop that, for me, a paramount going gear gear placed a bad guy. I had cabotage. Radio your half year was incredible in the film really was. It is thus the narcissistic like malignant narcissism, yeah yeah.
What they do they develop. Therefore, you ve done. You know the untouchable Yale, Mr Fragment Crusoe over at the paramount the end guy Lucchese was at a production at the time. Then I done black ring with them and Michael tackled at again, with a big can broaden Michael telescope after right, he is a great joy please God was number so they at me, and I was kind of there. the blooming they wanted me to stay there, so they develop this. This lead in the US protagonists in internal affair. Yeah yeah and I turned them onto my figures, a director which add met and, like the is first movie in and gray Cast Richard after that, and then we would off fragment junior my produce, the film was great game were close friends and we're like brothers, this time. You build in a family criteria on good kids. You know four as well. yeah. I had one doing the untouchables and then slow internal affairs. I had to two bs
later the third girl that my son was eleven years ya. whether my youngest daughter, so I started again as a couple it there. in show business right. To all this are actors, and my youngest daughter, my daughter's girls are actors, and the youngest daughter, a model, and my son is a perfect. Little DJ using the wall is right now, yeah. Why I'll show business in a way? I guess there did you Well, I guess you know position as an actor to say, like you sure you wanna yeah, I've always know I never no one to follow their passions. Unita I'd time to prepare for the career like if you're a doctor, you gotta know you gotta, know your shit, my ass, you know you're not gonna get hired. I can help. You What I can call essay market does my daughter, sexual check it out. Yes, I do. I can open a door like I open doors, for many actors. that that I admire here that I can go hey you need to this guy. You know yet, but you got
when you walk inside the room you're on your own area to learn how to prepare for that, but did you also prepare them for you know like how shall business comes out? It seems, like you know, very protective of your private life, You know an end, your public personality, you know day it doesnt seem could be any any like you know, it just seems like you haven't a separation, I guess so. Yeah people notice as well will be through it all. But I do I don't really You know I have many friends in the industry are doing it for over thirty years. Gaza and I love the industry and I respected- and a lot of friends. will you make along the way, but usually a movies? You know You have this intense relationship and then You gonna go on your away and family. They got the fat and there in the world. Occasionally you might cross passes it living in that in a close vicinity of one another. Here, it's hard to keep sort of connected
legally. You know yet emotionally always hear hath interesting right because, like you, I only the final ships are deep, even though Euro Siege, because you got a movie for a year yeah and then you know what you can do that during the foxhole know- and you know, if you ve, shared- that that expired. It's in the foxhole watching each others. I can giving to one another and looking out for one other within the Eu You know any life at the time. That's that ever goes away that experience and what about direct You did the one film you want. Do more I did a movie lost city which I directed in our personal movie yeah, but you about my family. You know that the cost of the revolution hear you talking about the sort of the way people direct sounds like you won't do it. What I do I written enjoy directing done people sometimes of call in tv show. Save actors from them. I will you do a show and I go yeah they pursued like so much and other peoples. Cereal, Sonia the losses took me sixteen years of my life to do it. So I have a couple.
badges have written three. Actually that that I was wanted direct and acting. And the process of that. I try to concentrate, my old things to see if I can get him done, that's great and Oceans were visa were found right, yeah. Of course I talked to cloning, right there, like the best kind were iser. Ism is amazing, mention a wee I'm good friends over the years. I don't see him often, but he knows I came to that kind of thing. Were there the mutual respect then the you know I love any. I buy player So the play a lotta gulf, a grand has love, is partner. Ah, I see gather alot gurgles where're you going the Gulf here but, like I fully wrapping up, though, let's talk about this, the cope with India, yeah nominated Oscar and that was like a big movie and was in it was trysting movie and yeah you're part of a franchise. It was changed all of our law. Yes,
oh come into my life here I mean you're, the guy, by removing, still watch, I still after incredible godfather to I think, are worth more than anything a celebration on Tuesday next week, a paramount there's their screen godfather one August may be restored in their naming a street after Francis at that and so had. Apparently, a yeah show how that role come about a minute. You know that men like the threat of a lifetime. It was amazing near because reason. I've decided to make the leap to become an actual. When I saw The common moment was Godfather the first caught fire. I had all these built up in said aunt stating that I saw the guys I wouldn't like many actors, so maybe people, but I probably said I wanna, be I want to do that. What I want to do with my life here and that without was the The template I want to try to aspire to be. Do that kind of work and to be in that kind of film? I do know how to do it, but that's my aspiration so how to come about.
Well, I had been working with Paramount for while made on them, and I was doing internal Fares are behind like halfway through shooting the movie saga. Watching daily. Do you know AIR France My Crusoe Senior, whose b is like a second father to me To this day is coming over dinner and his wife tonight, oh yeah he's my second fathers likely and what were you aware? It was a present other studio. So Frank, Michael Junior son forgot, my brother is, and he use their lost city, he says: hey Butt, chief wants to come, have lunch with you today. As a great you know, May I come over. You know because we already had a friendship in air so we sitting down at the catering table like that eating, and he said what are you doing in September? This was like, may I got. What are you doing this September you gotta think on and because he didn't, is thought because, because I want to talk to Francis Cause, I want you
play Vincent in the new Godfather trilogy now there was already a rumour who that that Vincent Character was ever I mean sunny son. Yet I Sandia that takes over the You know they gave the family it so it was kind of like a real rumbling and he said get a play. I'd like to talk to France's about you play Vincent, so I was like this choice. You know, and I said, let me check my schedule going right here. Right now, no said diamond Umegae. So then it became a process of you know getting you know getting the party took. It took four mate to labour day week and I got the barred done Saturday. I will. it was the last person to screen test. I was trying to bring to met France's once in that period of months. What was that, like the great yeah we talked in these, as I saw you in intolerable here.
the other one laptop per year like one of the first IBM laptops IA, and he talk to me a little bit in any kind. I go to the laptop and he type some stuff up. and then he keep talking. Very sweet surprises like if you had your your ultimate Dar mentor ethics, no area and a teacher philosopher he would be the mould of youth. That person is created in your mind here becomes Rio that so that president no kidneys, so it is sexual, how we approaches the art form and dinner, knowledge that he spills out of him out in an arrogant way, just by you know he loves young people, he loves teaching you know how I got is I got it there's a lot of great directors in Mount Olympus erect sturdier. But if I had pick a Zeus here. That's the guy I'll, tell you my Zeus kid, and yet so again, and in that way- a collaborative vibe is, is what happens on said
you just you know I was in office- I got a chance to I had I finally got did the as well as the last guy in here. and I did a screen as with Madeline stole was greatly that she for for the younger over Sophie's Volvo's part. One Her party was went on writer, but that about later and I was got a great partner. We had a great greet us and there. Fred Russo. No, my work was also encouraging. Francis in, He said press would like us, they ve been use up a nap. At its earlier in this office. Take him wardrobe off by time. I got my was back on Fred opened. The door has said has been a change of as you can go home and Iraq as yet now is that you can go home. That was it the. It is enough for me It's bad. I got invited to dinner, you stay for dinner and this invited. What was that about?
and then and then the next more. I said you know, I know my I feel good about the work of the elder. I said I gave it couldn't have done. The audition me better than I area and the next morning phone call setting yourself, you got the part and you need to fly back I got bigger starting this Monday. They change your mind, getting one. I've done it, but I realized what, but it did the poor. The boy being is that it took a long time from the point where the head of the studio said you're. My pig for France is to say to make that decision and people were screen testing and you know everybody wanted that Party- wouldn't want that borrowing, one at one end and so you're, the guy and then like being onset with Francis. It was great, and now all of a sudden it's kind of a bizarre thing. That's why you have to give it up to a higher order that gives you the enemy. of dreaming dream.
Instead are not practical shirt and they- If you the stamina, stubbornness. I guess you to Cuba to keep going and get in my end, for me. Also, my father always say: never take a step backward, not even to gain momentum. that's my philosophy alive. I fold, I've fallen down many times, but I will try to fall forward. But I am, I think that true- and I don't know- I never really thought about that, because I don't necessarily give it up to a higher order, because I am not really a spiritual guy, but but I dont know I I don't know what drives me in aid. There's one thing: the somewhere He thinks like what is no plan b once you get into it. You know you're going you die, but I had a family sino. Imagine that was all I died. There, definitely out a plan b out of business. I could have gone into business and done very well yeah yeah, It was in my it was.
My calling, I guess I do not, who knows, is like a virus pics, you you don't forget, I know in and hopefully it's you know, a good virus. yeah yeah, and if you gonna, where Mass, let it be sorrels there was great talkative. Likewise, my leisure, that's it. That was nice is focused guy man. He does the work. the new movie big old break, is in theatres and on demand this Friday February. Twenty fifth and don't forget this podcast, sponsored by better help online therapy. Better help is customized online therapy a phone and even live chat with your therapies, more affordable than in person therapy and you can be matched with a therapist and under forty eight hours, give it a try and see why over two million people of use better help online therapy and double dip listeners get ten percent off their first month at better help. Dot com flesh,
yeah, that's better hd, LP, dot com. w ts here, guitar here here, guitar communicator coming in
monkey in the Fonda and cat user everywhere,
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