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Episode 1308 - W. Kamau Bell

2022-02-24 | 🔗

W. Kamau Bell has talked with Marc before about his life, his comedy and his thoughts about the world. But this time there’s a single topic that needs to be addressed: Bill Cosby. Kamau tells Marc why he decided to make the documentary series We Need To Talk About Cosby, the obstacles he encountered in getting it made, the comedians who wouldn’t talk to him, and the backlash he’s received for making the doc. Kamau also explains what happened when Cosby was released from prison while they were still shooting. 

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dates on those ones. That idea give you a sea out there. Let's do the show, a guy all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck Nix what's up what is happening in getting we're all getting old every day goes by where little older, not bad, not bad, but you know closer to the end. How are you I'm sorry manages it seems like there's been a lot of past guests? passing away lately, it's bound to happen I mean your people get older and we ve been doing this a while. I mean we ve been doing this over a decade, some of the people We talked you were all we're old when we talked to them, but some of the people who were passing away now are not that old and it's scary. And it's sad and it's the way like,
is sometimes depending on how hard you ever the choices you maker just genetics, sometimes it's a short of any want, four times the seems to go on too long, but that's an outsiders point of view. today on the show: listen up its W Kemal Bell, he's been here five times. I think got. The record because we don't do repeats that often this is the fifth time, he's been on the show factually for good reason, people he directed the new documentary, many series we need to talk, Bout caused me which I watched, and I thought it was great, now want to talk to him about the sort of process of His thinking around it because he's pretty well inserted in the thing he's part of it. It's it's his own questioning in a lot of ways drives. It and there's. Some people have been on the show in documentary talking about Cosby. Here
story in Cliff Nestor off Chris Spencer, God free, but it's just a two provocative, and it's very thorough in a certain way, throw in the way of the history of Cosby, but also thorough in it enabling these survivors to tell their stories are you to hear them in a way where there relatively comfortable, and and not like Whitney stand or or in a uncomfortable situation and in its beak. So to give the survivors at much of of of an outlet to really relax into the trauma and the story, but all in all, it's very provocative and- and it really is a challenging to people that of course being which is a lot of people, it really is about trying to figure out what you do with the monster
against the guy you loved when you were younger or grew to to look up to it it's over. It's a very good. I commend we talk to em, we Doktor Kemal bout. It we're up an hotel room in San Francisco. He lives in the Bay area. It was one of situations where I don't do a lot of those kind of interviews it beyond the road. I've done a couple lately. I did Roy. Would Junior now did the come out and Brennan was what we were? I would, but it was when these things were. We got to talk in and I realized about five six minutes in that we are recording it and it's one There's one those moments where my fuck, god dammit, am I gotta, ok, he's like I get it. You know we ve all done this before. Yes, we have what started the frustrations of being out in the field doing the our views, but there we got it and we had a great talk. It was it was. I didn't know how I will go on for, but it was good. It was good to touch base with an old friend and good too
about this work in the process. Making a bill I'll be documented. The the that wouldn't talk to him, how many people he had planned to talk to us you in surprisingly bill cause gets release from prison before they finish recording challenges, but it's all in there and we can give them background this conversation. Are you to establish your online presence, but not sure where to start look. No further in squares race, so airspace empowers the dreamers makers endures of the world by providing the tools they need to bring their creative ideas to life, on squares, this is dynamic. All in one platform, you can build a website claim a domain so online in market, your brand score spaces products combined cutting edge design and world class engineering, making it easier than ever to establish your online presents. If you intimidated by the thought of launching your ideas into the world score spaces temple
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our New Mexico checking. with him. While he still is aware, air of who I am, but I got but a friends who have aging parents, I guess unfortunate, I guess, was enemy what what an asshole I'm fortune, that my folks are still alive. I can still talk to them, but you see it common man, you see it common. I guess we ass. We all know it's coming, but when you see it coming and people are passing away here and there and I find it's kind of tweaking my brain in the way where MIKE, I gotta. I gotta make sure I'm doing everything I want to do that. I can do right now, exercising too much and now I've gone on a bender of girl, scout cookies that I didn't even asked for they were sent by a kid sister not complaining, but I I'm kinda does in I'm going to have to throw em out. I have nothing against a girl scouts. It seems to be a
a tradition, a noble undertaking, but me a fuck, their cookies right, I mean cause. You know, you're gonna get a few boxes, You buy em cause. You know it's really more about helping the girl scouts out gimme a crate, I'm just trying to help you guys out, but secretly, you just seen the monster I got all the kinds. I got all the kinds of work, come out, bow the host of the United States of America on CNN, I series we need to talk about. Cosby is now available on Showtime. He directed that and I thought it was a message- to talk to him about it, I talk to Chris. Answer a bit about it and then come now we're. Thank me for talking to Chris like. Why don't I talk to you man, so this is me talking to come out about his documentary. We need to talk
that cannot be so. I want to documentary, and I realise that on some points at some level this this was a personal wreck so like when you, what drove you? do it like www sitting around for like two years, you're thinking like you know, someone's got to deal with this? I'm not sure that the committee community, the black community, the community at large, is really process properly. The conundrum of of of how we feel about Cosby Israel way to still like this special Is there a way to still light the records I mean was that there was that what it was really festering alone for a year and a half two years we have been at, they have been festering since I first started, cortical make it in show business in every report be like you know, so.
HU the community's. You liked growing up any we're talking about when I sort of broke through, like two thousand twelve thousand thirteen right at a time when it was like you couldn't just It will cause being keep moving right. So for me, it was like as a kid who, in bill caused America and was the perfect age for the cause we show and buildings He himself is the greatest end of special for me, pearl, I never was a prior guy. I was always like, though, that's so that feels closer to me. It's I guess that makes you like Cosby kind of the only way I will take the, but that's. But yes, it was everything where I I was wrestling with because I'd have to do these interviews with people, maybe like any, that your had, I say, will cause without sounding like I'm like denying all these actions right. So, ok, right! Ok! So then you you, you decide that you're going to do it new pity it just like. I said it, so it's not like a thing that I was like. I went to pitch nine thousand people. It must happen to be the weird thing
if you're in this business. Long, if you know sometimes you end up in the right room at the right time, and so I was talking to the producers from boardwalk right. We were having a wide open conversation about comedy, dykes, right right and the idea came up. Well, how would you do a county doc about me who fell cause bees, what the top of the list- and I always thought my own, when I saw as wish main America discipline that eight do cause me right doctor that guy, I think that there you know that that thing was was something in like magic persuades like it's one of my every watches, aerial time wasn't for parts right or five part of our powers, and what was it about that thing that you thought was so amazing because you, first of all, because it eat because every all of us went in going. Why would I want to see a seven half hour OJ duckling areas? He was not compelling enough as an individual right, but when you look at it America and go here's what Amerika was doing the time, I'm always didn't like it or the like, how did Amerika had America sort of crime?
This circumstance accelerate this circumstance and then it also has a deep dives. Everybody else that I had no knowledge about, like Johnny, Cochrane's young career rights, like step that the Likewise, you tell me about Watts. Oh yes, from walked right, you would go over. This is interesting, but but but how much of it was about this idea that year, he has presented, and what does it seems to me that with OJ that the difference between the the, the black and white reaction to the verdict. What was different, and there was there was a certain amount of like who cares what the truth yes he's hours and you can all fuck up or not even he's ours who cares of the truth is he's black ignored coherent with our goal, because some of it with ours was always like just black period. Just the fact that he's a that this is you couldn't get this letter, right you don't you know you ve done a lot of Us Canyon, that's right, so that you in an in- and I think in that sense, when you do
what caused me and I think it was very ino, careful and and not careful, but by correct of you to say, like he wasn't just a black cars, He was everybody that was part of the strange thing about his personality and how he designed it at an end right. Also like they're, there comes to appoint words. Does he even want to be a black guy? does he want to be every black eyes, but but but so how was what was the original concept for structure? I mean Didn't think I would be narrating it. I didn't think it would be a. I didn't think it would start on high. My name is the rights are on. I thought it would be sort of like Oji sums and may I was really like looking forward to the opportunities that behind and not be in something and so is really like or I'll get acts, just be be a directive, because I thought you were gonna just line up a bunch of gas, which is what you like go, get the get all the p
but who would do it? Who are could and also those were cause? He was in prison when I started this, it was like I thought. Oh, we can have the discussion now, because he's going either spend the rest of his life in prison or India is a very old man and I felt, like maybe The time is right for the discussing how we can get away with it does my body would knew about it, but I didn't think I was angry clear what this could. Somebody will possibly as its attic. Opposition with bill caused me it's a conversation about. Where can I get it in any because by you thought? So how did the booking go? The guests booking? I mean, I know you a lot of Godfrey there's got free and that that would be the best thing that ever happened to guide for God for Godfrey, thank God for Chris Spencer, but I do know, got free had world more openly. He was part of these, but the Cps Cosby show those after more money used.
Guy so yeah. So when I found that, as always connected also God reason outspoken comedian sign, it will have something to say: yeah he's not a freedom do impression, and you can do anything. You do a good coffee information which we didn't know we would be so excited to have. But then I was like: let's bring that throughout its great ear. Here's my from knowing me because I'm a dynamic Europe comic and I'm watching this. There were moments from a good forgot, well. I was like, I hope, good forgotten, because he's got it he's also experiencing the backlog. The backlash or black lash easier, there. Really there the percentage of black people percentage of people for the wall but certain exerted by people who either they don't leave the survivors, which has its own problem in my mind, or they will leave them, but they do this math of like it is better to have the good that he did then the back he did so. I got a ride with like what I think that was a driving force. It seems from watching it was that the unit,
to give the survivors real time. and also for for them to have the opportunity to talk about the one thing I've talked about was like when I heard her. I was like. Oh it wasn't just me when I heard her because that's pretty damn when you got five or six of the year, and I dont think that anybody in in one sort of lump or one sort of contacts has any of those survivors go it unless you were in the courtroom or wherever those things were. Or what are you were their lawyer reality a deposition from Korea So- and I thought to that- the natural thing that now the natural human zation that happens When you don't, you can sit and watch somebody talk or tell a story and the nuances of things you I found that yeah. I only want to use the word damning by, but because this is in trial, but it was sort of like there's no reason any these women would make any of this shit. I ain't s
There are. A lot of this happened to them thirty forty years ago, like why? Would you still be riding on a lie like what the end a lot of them didn't even want to talk about it, didn't what is on an end to be fair. but like a lot of them, were like the owners. Thought they would talk about it now because they were like they. They believed in. They see my work before, like with anybody, can pull this thing off its use where I was like so like they were, like I'm gonna last year, which is why, even though, I often wanted to quit potent like. I can't do it because these women have trusted me, but what were they trust with what did they? What needed to happen? that wasn't happening? I know one thing this black lashing there's a. I think that the worst thing that happened was you know once you got put in jail, There was like ok, that's done with and then in also there was an apathy in general. After a certain point d, I mean, I think, the thing, that day that we were trying to pull off within that they had agree to cause. I like we're, not just gonna talk about the US
Colts in the rapes, yeah we're gonna talk, you're gonna, be anything that also talks about the good. He did right. Ok, which is a very unique rating we had to present. That is not surviving our Kelly, which is a doctor. I've also inspired by for this. That had to be like look. You have to understand that there can be portions of this that are about the good. He did or his career in a pot that will become off in a positive way, but also, if you want to you, can way and on that stuff, which some of them did like pretty blown away like we have like. At least a lot Lublin or Lily Bernard who black women and even an internal all black. and who are all able to talk about like the good stuff, and so the first time you see them on screen there to sort of like the coffee shows great or whatever You don't know that there are also survive, because we don't idea mister survivors at that point. So as I do I do in some of them were like I'll be in this parliament. Targeting the goods are fine, fair, but with many of them we were able to like, so the audience does even know who there who their hearing from until The stories happen now who were
the people so how many times have you reach out to that we're like not like you, I mean we talk before a little bit before I realized. I wasn't recording sure that there are of a lot of comedians like the idea was like you know I can. I can cover his his influence on comics by talking to yeah like. I had this idea that, like because I really vapour lose. This, for me, was to release talk about Bill Cosby himself as an important comedy statement that was for me, which is why had a hard time thrown it? All away is like I'm still inspired by that for you I mean I didn't come to that till later, and I know member that I have to talk about that. Yeah diverged diverged dogma. Now I got you I just. I never really dealt with Cosby that much and the records and stuff, but it wasn't in. I never watched because we show much. I knew him and you're you're a little bit outside who had two for a couple reasons. I just I don't remember watching much tv meeting was not my age group again, I'm still I've seen it before episode. Seinfeld, I'm not being you know.
I know you are you're out in the clubs that point you are you hurt strutted, and here you are how much thirty or thirty minutes featuring in headline in uniting something. I just watch your regular television yet incisive little kid, but but what finally set down a watch workers. We himself. I was like their day. What I got out of it was you know you decide yes so there's, no there's no rules too funny. It's like you want to it down and tell your story aside. What's funny aiming funny, you're take your time! Actually here you want. You want to just sort of just one alike: will get there when you get there now, and then you bought the audience secondarily to the thing area. But you know their takes a lot of confidence in answer to focus to do that. Deliberate, but but I get that ok, so I thought I would have a bunch of different comedians and there's been articles written but of comedian side when how great it is that we will get the queen. Is that article to talk about and it just those they didn't know I know,
but these are people you know relatively while some of them not meet some of them either. I know them relatively well or I know they know who I am because we ve interactive occasions or people who I am It's out Tina some people you just call calling reaching out to but yeah it was, and then people who all levels like has. I think it's not just like but it was just the people. I thought all they'll do what was waiting so what did they say? I think there is really there's overwrought and there is a variety of reasons to get here, but it basically what it boils down to is like this is two thorny. This is too there's not like. I gotta get in here get out safely. Was that surprising to you that this morning it was surprised me at first and then after more people said it than us. Oh I'm the one who didn't get it when you I was naive, like I came to this too naive to go. Oh, no, the guys who is in prison. We can talk about this and then I realized I'm one of the select few people who thinks this way that
they're still like in, and I guess I'm gonna keep hammering this by a please do, but there still part of primarily the a community that protective of his legacy, I would say, become comedian community like the black reliefs specifically, but I'm talkin. by means of all like a lot of different Rachel groups. Ok, fine, I don't quite understand what they think it's going to happen to them. They use it doesn't seem. Like bills, got a lot of friends. There are going to cause any damage. That was the weird thing about all of it. It's like knowing stand up for this guy well, I'm in show business work, but there also- and I think there are also not coming after him- there- not also not ex they're, not like standing on top of me. That's right there like this, would have made a lot of people a lot of money. He did and also adjust easier to go like oh, that thing happened and
It doesn't come up in your regular conversations because nobody wants to talk about it yet, but the one thing that you are really able to get out was that, as we have learned over time, is that none of the shap- none of this kind of shit happens in a vacuum Guillermo, but no one was willing to say like thou, yeah yeah, everyone knew he was a. I don't remember the documentary everyone you people talked about. That assistant was a facilitator. That's it man, and you know it- you ve got to assume that more than him knew well. I think that's the that the thing we we got to run the cause. We showed that it was like. I think, a lot of this was sort of. Two things. One is framed as infidelity, which I think you, the ito and had a Sakharov yet so, and who you don't be mad at? You might have fucking around, like you just look at so I think a lot of it and I think that that helps lineups cover up a lot framing it is like does like covering it up the casting couch with lines, dean covers up like the others, is the thing we do here everybody's in on it? You don't understand. I know many people
I want to be in that room. So I think a lot of it is that animals have been creepy. Do that That's where certain point I mean when they win, just as he Philips who was in the car we show and whether Bernard was one of the survivors talks about the parade of women after the rehearsal, a parade of women, but just parade to the green room and disorder line up outside of his not the rear outside of his dressing room in one or two time go in and just sort of way. They were closed the door and though I think one of the bill, the steam. Work is one of the stage measures as his door is always open, except for then, and then you, her Lily Bernard story about being sort of escorted into his dressing room and he's right of veto. Snow grabs here, and she should have just doesn't know what to make of it. You imagine how many times that happened and how many times that person not get out the she did. I tell you yeah, ok see you finally starts CMU who's gonna show up for you and you it's it's. It's Godfrey. It's got. First, Spencer, viewing Feder men as a historian, gleaned federal level. Really reweighed veteran
the story here at Bay Highway and then cliff who I know I learned about through you. Esther off now ok so these year, these are some your guys, even a comedy, be right. So once you start in on this thing, you know: what's how do you outlined? What were you start? I mean a very clearly the first meeting that we had about it it's like. We knew a sort of, even though you don't want to do things chronologically. It is so too felt like his career, so massive there. You have got away it out the utterly it out and then you can jump around within the chronology which we do a little, but I was kind of genius where you had either actual photographs. but the women or or these suggestive yet is avatars wet year, yo that that you fit in. To a timeline, so you can kind of sea like when it accelerated. One was yo at his most. predatory and your how many women involved because
those numbers or their their available there there. Yes, the other end its any easier, pretty prolific, rape as well, and I think that the thing for even those of us who believe the survivors you don't ever see laid out right anyway because it's been more than sixty and address certain number to sort of sites out there, but to look at it in a graphic in which we decided at the end like we have to see something that really put, an altogether and also like it. The weird thing is is, like you know when, when you see numbers on their own and any adjustment costs, be sixty seventy segment how's that even possible, like it's possible, how long is that she had take? Why did it? How can one night one hour and life and you're also talking about the fact? I don't think we all realize it went back so far in his career right but like it's like you know like if Doing then you're out in your in environments where that can happen, the industry hundred and sixty five days in a year. Sixty is even like it's it's it's not that big. A number mail, as were nay grab, says if it sixty have come forward. As it's probably more here right.
so ok, see star chronologically and in what are the first sort of as the guy? Who is you present yourself at the beginning of the things I look man I have caused me. We all have caused me. A miracle have caused me. Look at his amazing grades, the first black eye to be this black eye. Movers work, I too believe that black guy so, like you know, we all love demon and the white people start in eleven. This guy was amazing at what point during the process, unfolding this stuff, duffer, unpacking it and then presenting yourself as the guys like I've been wrestling with how to How do I reckon text wise cause be in? I hardly my mind. So what? When did you? What were the first obstacles? like where were you you're like a fuck? What what am I doing? Ok so for the first obstacles is realising like ok, I'm not gonna, be a negative. Have a mayor a list comedians or lots of comedians in this. I'm not gonna have a lot of people who worked with him, and I had a conversation with people who
with committees, reward them great conversations, adults. We ended up in no, How can I have so they're so this? So the thing that, like I think, Showtime wants- and I want Britain is like you- can have a poster- the wench, a famous fuels names on disorder, go look at all these people who showed up for this and then up Endemic hid in the middle of all this that we. So we like the challenge of like still make this. Ideas. We're gonna fly around the country to launch a survivors. Women has been a long time it Philly. How do we do that now the week now the hold that the whole world, the shutdown, and so I think those two challenges in particular were the ones of like and then like will we get enough survive shop? The survivors ended up, and that was do my producer Geraldine and He became an Keller Rafferty that they like really the survivors relaxing that being the easiest people to recruit waiting at all. Sixty we didn't, we do expect do, but we got enough from different areas that it felt like we could build the filled up. The picture car there out name are all those sixty names out somewhat
Mary Jane DOE right, but there are, but I would say most of them as I understand it out, and I think we will also try to be careful alike, but some of these people came forward and indecent, never came forth like said their peace and haven't gone out, and then a lot, so we didn't want to be like go look these people up. You know you can go find a, but we don't want them to feel like we're, bringing it Cosette We all talk about the negative attention they get from it, and so some of them have really said. I don't give a shit, I'm gonna be out hindu activism based on this, but a lot of them. I think we're like. I said what I said, and I must say I am not going to take the heat anymore. I'm not that's not going Catalan. I, like best now, I'm not gonna, be defined by that right right there. So so the obstacles were the pandemic. You know the need not getting support or contribution from from major in show business and then, but but what so? What makes you go on because like when you, about the Oj Doc
they are almost everybody strict when it happened. We also talking about the kind of a free. Be framing of of story in a way where you are forced to ask, an individual of the power to reckon with me. What is really the evidence right yeah. So On some level. I took it when when he said we we need to talk about costs. Be that in some ways? It was a direct appeal, communities to do this sort of like what are we doing at the moment. I think it's a direct appeal to people who specifically black unique as is very clear, that this there's pieces of this dock that are about black folks and I'm talking like your directly, but it's also like again. He was America's debts are all of us who grew up in that era and so took him in his our dad or
our people older than me? Who just like? That's my guy right into that we need to all talk about cars. Ok, I guess you know in as I'm saying it over and over again, I'm realizing or maybe I'm being like, because I dont like you're all looking to like, not just comic me, but like white people Our looking do like what he black people than we do, how we admit that stated It's not just our front. Oh, I know that the natural thing you don't like what is the reaction because like? But what is what what what It seems that media will always go that way, because what is it you? How do you generalise the white reaction to Cosby? I mean I think fit? be the levels of reaction or just different side? Think like this one say you could find me a very famous white comedian who up right, a so an autonomous somebody, young Morton. Let somebody who is who is a faint. my comedian who exist in the world and God you want about Bill Cosby in that guy's gonna say: no, because he's also under the Umbrella Bill Cosby. So for me,
when you say that we need to talk about Cosby. For me, Was this thing we're like? I feel like these conversations are happening either not at all or their happening in segments, and we have an eye they, like there's valiant having the whole conversation now for some people. They don't wanna, have a conversation. Will they luckily there's other programmes, programmes for you, but I really felt like there is a sort percentage of people, largely people who, like I haven't, been able to have this conversation figure out how to have this conversation, and Embedded in this to me is like before survivors and help her we changed the structures so that this does not happen again. the industry spyware, we think would happen to me. Two things haven't slept in a whole new way. Things have the energy as a rebuilt, so so in terms of Is there a way for the two year for the two the realities or experiences have caused me. You know pre, you know, revelation in anything else. You know acceptance of said. revelation to do
Do you still have a place for this guy that that can exist in those two worlds? I mean that The question was raised requested because I can't remove caused me from my culture or blackmail dna. I care move the good stuff there is so they think for me, it's like how do I then live with it, because I can't act like lobbies. Gonna pretend like I was inspired by, could built out of you. So I'm gonna, I'm not I'm, not gonna. Think about all the. The things I got from watch the cause we shall. I can't do that, so I think there would be this idea that, like will now these than this, you have to do that mistake. It's not possible. So how did even live with? It is the question, and it was that with this was this. Did you realize that was a question that you are seeking to, in it before you made the dock, or is that sort of you I mean it started? On the whole, I mean, I think it started on the art, verses artist, thing and then, and then once we get into it, it was like that's. It felt like sort of like low hanging fruit and really became about like we create how we start this from happening. How do we create more safety here? How do we
believes what I will say so so that so that the whole argument sort of exists in the world. There is Niven argument. It's like you know, you're going to be able to still appreciate the person that turns out to be horrible because they did some amazing stuff, and you're going to be able to separate. It whether the EU, in terms of retrospect, the stuff amazing? they did still has an any any credit to and who knows, right Are you doing with that and we even on some level? Yet there have been people trying to date to kind of, like you know, Martin Luther King
people get too will mark. Will you I mean there's there's the many was he was. He was a human being sure exactly, ok, not now be cleared, not as murky has caused me notice if they do not murky it's that human beings, one thing it sort of liking of the roads. The row here at a rate, this is a right yeah. Now this and I will be cleared. I wanted by little. Isn't it there but Martha the king was a do as a he's. A man he's a man and he was a popular man who was apparently on the road as popular. Riah. So so that's different. I mean you're sure. Why would we have that? We try to be clear that, like infidel we're not making this documents about infidel? I know this is about a sociopath and a predator in in a way puts right. So it's about consent. It's about yet buck lack is about not respecting consent and infidelity. That's Debian yet, but of thy infidelity impulse does infidelity implies consent. This round, rightly agent yeah. It's it's hard ass for consent when someone's unconscious, but ok so
so when you're way out the history of costly, because this stuff that pre existing your life my life yossi. We were young yell and whenever he makes his first break, that was like sixty what to sixty sixty sixty two sixty three resources only met each yeah. That's what I'm born in Europe. Not even an idea tat note nobody. So this is something you ve gotta look at in that anything room YO We are building the thing it sort of like holy fuck. Yeah yeah in a sort of make the connect not even Andrew on my computer, my house, with files being mailed them, because there's no pulls the pandemic right, but so, but like this just sort of like the history of of Black America. Alongside of what he's doing, because there's there's a way to approach, it critically is well in that some people spoke to it, and I remember the woman's name about that. He was in addressing it, but by ultimately his existence is addressing yes, yes, and then, after that, his actions are very progressive in in in
in in the name of the commission, would also that's the thing that mean that the first story that made me sort of Felix somebody's gonna tell this story, and this is where, before I thought I would ever, the opportunity was Ass in the way, while the accusers coming forward the survives going forward, I read an article: this woman named only Robinson whose a film director, whose directing affair about the history, Blackstone performers and how Javelin interesting sidelined yet that what to me, that's where they start see it as a bike, had it like as a lot of this, could be more than to whether I do want to be about do they cause me funny about that? It's about what do you think about his career right and he specifically during these his free eyes by he saw there there is. Your wife stopped the former to do a stance anyway. I've been blackmail, validity, legitimate blacklist, painting his arms black and everything, and said, I refused to do. I refuse to be on the show and they should get me Blackstone Performer and the people in that in the strategy the Blackstone performers a that's the moment. Things changed it wasn't about like. Oh, that was a piece of the thing. That's them things changed
For me it was like ok bigger than whether at people think he's funny. That's actually a part of our history and she added documentary that abysses cannot now yes, but like that she's couldn't fear, What to do with the sheet interviewed bill caused me for two hours and fairly you couldn't you that any of you now, because, while the stories of the accusers and so was like we're going out with that, She is apparent, I think, because of our film she'd now she physics, you can figure it out. It will come out of that point. Words like build caused me, get black people, jobs and didn't take credit. Didn't go. Take credit for didn't, get a headline Ford. Nobody ever more. I've talked to them anyway. People expect quickly, but also you would think about mid sixties. You might be a black eye who want to get some good press a champion of, and here he didn't do it, and I M is, as you know, so I think that was is and we are like.
people who don't know this story, and then imports are about black history right ends and end also he did these other things. But how do you can't let that story go, but that was sort of an interesting kind of like points in our sidebar. You know like you're, like wow, that work had we get here and you find that woman who's got this other issue. It caused me, so I'd, say you're moving through this stuff That's what I learned from Ezra Peace like how to take trotted copycat. Can you take sidebar, send you back to the main road sure, an income You put somebody into historical perspective, and it doesn't overwhelm. You know the black then we're talking about our own to media. Try the private always thinking about like we always act. I would say that the editors and the producers, we are my view that another she was eventually drop. We can't make people think that, like we get them trick them into watching a different document, but you by president. You know that this done thing. Is you have there is becoming leading man. His coming yo YO, definitely the black. White line. Was you know it?
wait for him to a degree and all the stuff with poverty. And like then like then at some point, you started, dropped the timeline when did this in other leading start higher are also you so that members can say is that you really started to build, this family guy yeah that he built this family publicly built this thing. So that was the other thing. Is that there is that that some textual argument of the the portrait of a sociopath which is like what was you know compartmentalizing and injured him. What which what was this all wish affront to facilitate his his base intention, that's a hard argument to make, but you you definitely positive. As a psychological assessment, I think Johnny Cobb puts it. The best is like their people want to make this dock jack. Doktor gently, MR hide, but there is an argument that it's all, Mr Hide
I don't think we can. I really would like I'm not going to try to answer that question, because that's not I'm not in a position to do that. This isn't that level of this isn't your crime, it's more like. How do we deal with all these pieces and I just want to add the audience go. Let's lets you sort of sift through the stuff and, let's see let's see where we come out on the other side and we'd all come out in the same place as long as we agree that these things happened, I dont think anybody is necessarily cable. I'm not people of diagnosing him What no I right right right, yeah, there's people that are capable narrative, I'm not, but I say I feel, like I say, as a pursues making this Theirs item argues that are presented here right but see both. But I guess you in that sense. You know like with psychological assessment or framing it yeah. as all a sham. What what press? then is set for us passing you. You know people in jail on artists in general and people united mean it's like it is about they're just to say like what you Now he had this mentally ill problem, but if we do need to say that you know a doctor
That's the ball would resist all you'd have that we, just as so, he can rate people Well, I mean this is where we started dig through what we call the bread crumbs of like in this strange that he can. many job on the cars we show that he wanted now. Ok like a fixed nor you gonna is the only way it where's as it is. I mean an end to me. I'm not in warehouses, where's his office, its tv, it could be anywhere in the basement of his house. It's just me. Our like, ok! spanish, fly joke in the native sixties. Swinging sixties, what's PETE, what's family friendly is differently, but I'm Larry King you make when we ve all seen they lived. It makes a juggler spanish via an older man. At this point, twenty so tell me: don't you think you would age out of this joke and then what we find out during the series that he was their promoting a book called childhood? That is like several IMS it into mentions of spanish flying the book you like this is just a lot man here like it's not like to me. It's like that's why I think we
you start to dig the refineries breadcrumbs. You start to go like this does it. What is it? Is it like that view that, because you're doing these bad things that you just pay disorder leak out of you, because you can't stop them or is it because little boy says: he's a narcissist. I don't go. That's right! He's a narcissist! Perambulate cliff is like say: this is what I see from this perspective, because if I do it, it's not add any! Oh, that's one side of it and enjoy Nikobob. Says me. it's all, Mr Hide- maybe it's all in a baby. You know you're evil in you started doing all this manipulative. Really, I don't know the answer is there, but I do know that all of this exists that's true any, maybe I'm being a little too were critical of of that assessment because like- You know entertainers there, the other not yet really moral, known for moral integrity in general. But you're not also, but but I am a bit mark, I would say you don't claim to be moral authority and we have a man here who cleans debt? Will that's next twist right
is a legacy valves into this other thing like we all except and I'm not I'm not in any way indicting I'm not saying the about. We all accept that Richard prior was probably not the greatest dude you don't even worse, but with that would it, but because he, the first attempt, but that's the difference right, there's average prior sort of owns is like I'm, not the greatest dude. I've told you Bob not the greatest, do not how like hives do I get a text equity, and so we sort of we sort of have room for him in ways we might not if he was also saying I'm the greatest dude, whereas with this cause we story. That's why I think it gets into this like well, what's really going on here, because it's a duty, told us he was the greatest dude and told us. He wanted us to be the greatest people and then, and then you made you realize it there's no way you can be great and then, when you say, there's sexual, that those women who beat who claim that he assaulted and on the set of his show till on a set of his children, TVS your picture pages like that's, exactly
but their oh, my god, like it just like how do I have as others live in my head, and to me always thought of this dock, as I want to get into a once. Showtime was like it's. I will there is a sort of Eddie of like ok, none of these famous comedians in all these people directly. All these fuel couldn't directly connect. Cynthia was acting Kemal. You have to be in this right and as I do, Can I talk to my lesson: she's like a ducas. Otherwise, it's not gonna. Hang together, sigh sort of the the most nervous. Having ever quarter for veto in my life was when I reset my wife's closet, because, as the veal booth going my needs- become about another child, a bill cause because, like, however, I will be at the top of this thing, like I didn't think causing me. The tar sands, like I'm, I'm aiming at all it Mina, MIA and but also led the thing that I sort of really want the dock to be like this. bunch of smart people who have thought this through who are sensitive in empathetic. That don't want those people who are not, and if you have
the bill kindly conversation, these are all different versions of the Bukavu conversation. Be, I think, like a lot of people, you can actually see some. I remember that we who they were, but there was a sense of inner struggle. Yeah, there's a lot of them are black people around my age so that they like when they have they have. in the same way that I've gone through an end. You know end, but they did come out on the side of like day day what which to me is like again: that's if you don't come out on the side of damn. I don't know how to add a note I dont want. I dont know how to bring you those countries now. How is it in in terms of company survivors are in that you spoke to her What I mean is this means others in in the first episode Victoria Valentino gets. The lot gets is like the main survivor than in the second episode. This Patricia just dire Janis Linda Third episode its lily and internal and also LISA Lisa Lot Lublin and
yeah and then there's other jobs. We talk too in the timeline, so there's probably, but those are the major and how'd you hand of those those interviews I mean what but was where you nervous. The very first every day was with Victoria Valentino than the first episode, and we were all lie in that was actually in personal interviews. We're not cause, I was in my house, but so We were all the whole crew was like really like upon our toes sort of like she's gonna, be here in a minute. Everybody ready like this sort of like deeds, actor my legs are like they were all cool, but it was like occasion she comes in. We don't how she's gonna be given space. We set up again before we bought her flowers. We d like it, was very much like the letter tell us what to do. Let's ignore used in Pretoria walked in, like everybody knew about different. Just like you gave us he's given hugs their body. She gave me a copy of replacing magazine, like you know, like ADA. She asked me questions by United States used like all of us relaxed and there we sat down, and then we see when we sat on the couch. I was I
a clear that before we get into anything with bill, Cosby where you from what do you do? What you're lifelike? What was it was like grown up there and then the more you did this, whether from United Shades, the more you do that, then, by the time we get to the thing, people are actually a more open to the conversation yak adjusting its its is injustice thing and in another thing, in the conversation just Bill India, they know your building to it. Instead of like being nerves the beginning and then what happened is inside of that we stories that we do know we're gonna get cause. We just took more time so that conversation was over two hours, the first one and We didn't know my producer talker jelly and didn't know that her son had died so close before she had met both Cosby. That came up in the conversation, and and then we also all that, I want to get others about. Playboy from urban she'd been play, made an a part of the play with clubs as they are. We can actually use this stuff in the south. We talk about Playboy he after so
but you just sort of like get all this extra stuff that I was really clear on. I want these women as much as possible to appear for the first time not connected to build cos. we see just go, there's just a voice command. A voice out. She's, of course, is an expert. She talks. He worked playboy zone restoring yes so far, but and then so by added how we had that victory won and then the rest most them we're done. Leases was not promotion, we're done over soom and it would just you sort of like Am I going to really get their level of intimacy or resume, and it's weird, but you did we did I mean you done it here with the package you do you do sort of like everybody's aware its Zoom Minnesota make jokes about zoom in Do you say up some muted and new sort of certain, like you know, go into her stay focused, there's, not other people in the room and stuff. You can kind of holdings and everybody likely everybody knows what they therefore, so it, and we were very clear billion, like his widow highlighted like day players to do the p. just as it was covered, we can get the same people and you make everybody The door knows what they therefore and knows how to be is. As invisible possible, and
you know, but like I interviewed like Glory Hendry, who was the first black bond girl and she was having a great time, is great and she stood up and did the thing she showed like nobody asked or too should have stood up into the thing she bent over. The label now lay both here and there was like a boom offer in the back, and we shall do it again and I think we'll I don't care at all to let these people be my whole style of interview furnaces. Let these people be don't already managed. Them into an answer here, and so yes, all the survivors like they were they. by the time they decided to show up. It was clear that they had already done the work to be there sure there are grounded themselves and and and done whatever medical pray they ve done enough for these things, were they sort of like the morgue boy, the more you make it clear that that you're, not here just for the sad part, the more they were like so like when cause be takes at turn like, and I dont know, though time wanted Cosby. But you know when he made that speech pancakes.
the package as a whole year that change everybody's mind about him lots of people yeah like like what so by the time, You know Hannibal somehow, Dumbson did the world in a way that resonate twenty forty. What is this, going about cars in general I think I mean this is what is it? what you and so in causes pancakes beats me like a lot of black, be. Why is it two thousand for which is the same in an age of consent, came forward and said raked or so, like all of this has happened simultaneously, general It must facilitate the pancakes beach and not really paying attention is Andrew, yet so when he does a path, it means a lot of them kept. You know Kevin Avery, we were both This is such a barber s. Throat like lake, man like is anywhere. We know a lot of older black. You will get conservative but you're like not cause be behind it.
I also mean like it would didn't feel like didn't feel a calf love it, because I dont, like my guy, that you established throughout the documentaries being guided. Concerned with educated and had, is an educated and believes that it believes in all of us, not just the ones of us who are doing well right and then almost any turns into this. He turned. the two like, like an united, we would ring American or so Black America's angry grandfather. Unlike one of the ways in which black it will mean their kids in one of the aims are used to make. Fun of them is Mohammed. You like that name quicker than all the names like fused, like they You know it's just felt. It felt out of touch it, dude who was super rich and was all those bitter about the fact that did
I tell you all how to get super rich and you're, not all super rich bitter that going around these, you think it's more than we realise yeah. I told you how to get super rich and how to I told you how to arise out of poverty, and you didn't do it in a mad at you and as also is sort of such because there is a significant portion, the black community. When you listen to those from the parties reach those Blakeney lions, cheering and clapping. So it's like it's not just saw it all, it's not just the Cosby made all black man he's a created, a rift in the black community for the first time in his career, but also that was the same sort of riff that that Chris Rock artfully very much floor and its funding, as I did a documentary about Chris Rock, and we talk about Blackpool, verses that bit and
I've made all your sake as now. Organs ruin the inward, but the idea being that, like tone of this you may we get you gonna, take the inward back. We give intended for propaganda ruined for me unless they were all of us, but but there The agreement, like Chris and he says the dogma, that with him I'm of that community, so I'm criticising it. They know, I'm a hip hop guy, I'm not a guy he's, not common added he's not command from outside it caused me does not live in an age old man now ran at Christmas, even admit like he wouldn't do that bit now rise in that it sees a different guy, but when he did it, he was a dude who was in Brooklyn. Allow you know in, and people saw him around the ADA, so he wasn't. A duty was able also very much then too hip hop, is that are doing the same thing in their so yeah where's Cosby, it was like it came out of. Nowhere came for like you every time we tabled to that point. He was telling us how to you better that we could do better, if argued reaching his hand out to us and that
four and also those there. These are critical. He wasn't turning on all key all parents in America who were doing poorly. He was sorry, black mobs so was like using a lotta. You parents at here are Mechano here the inner, basically turning on generally black moms, who are struggling and their kids, that was sort of like that was the big. What would you call two point may be. I was like a seismic shift, but in inserted like how is costly, but I saw cars. We do stand up twice after that. because when you saw him do you stand up, he wasn't doing that like meat, everyone saw again you have to accommodate these different sides of cars. We were at our, and this is where I think Hannibal did so well, as that we were allowed to because of the media landscape and we're not on twitter and social meat is not telling us what then yeah like what you're ladders go. Ok, I'm going to see this cause be undergoing this. I'm not thinking about cars because he's rape allegations, I'm not thinking about the causeway whose don't packets, meat and whiskers
in two hours of this guy talking about his grandkids and his wife in the remote control, what I did at the Paramount Theatre know how that is great. He closed on the dentist, everybody laughed and we never heard it before. Like you literally at the end of like at the end of his bed? He just went the din and we always he knew he knew a stick, and so am I. Annabelle goes? No you that anymore Let me think about these things separately? Nowadays, that didn't like, like when I heard that for when it finally got to me. I was surprised I didn't know anything at first. Why do you think at that moment it picked up I had heard these because by then, but he doesn't. Foreign Constance case had been around. There have been other women who come forward. So like Ireland, I definitely was one people is like yeah. I don't know I haven't been able to put these that. I don't know why. I'm sorry, I have been able to put these things. One place my head here. I think it was like it just the perfect storm Hannibal he's.
Black media he's in Philadelphia. He Youtube is. it's a thing there, sir? our phones can now get video footage here. The person you gotta video footage was also a journalist. I it was like the aim. Just like the perfect. and the great happen it couldn't happened in either way near its. If business, of one footage of it, maybe the story gets out, but it doesn't play the same because never comment on animal he is generally comedy through policies, but I don't think he ever Gee. I don't remember more there's that one weird bit in when there that the day the art election was being shown. Yes, wasn't it asked about animal? He was asked about. Yes, he was he was at the human Camille at so like there's a period of time would Hannibal does his bit and then its before the accusations are coming forward in mass is like a few weeks in there and so Cosby. The end or an Camille, we're doing your hanging there art up at a museum thing in fairly, but they were gone, maybe in DC there, given there are questions for Sonia Thinker lending it to them, and they
just like Camille and bill, and I was excited talk to them in its bill, cause being again nobles the impound cake it just America's dad is here and we're out his art with his our wider for art and they're talking about it in their smiling in adults, punish those mine, the other journalists smiling with them and I remember hearing on mp- are got Simon. Go he's talk about the art- and he goes mister- asking for that. You have to ask you something, and we have fully the thing: I'm not a Scots I'm, but an ape reporter doing the same periodic before I let you go. I have to ask you something and it's about There is thus a comedian and argued the idea. The idea that we have the peace doesn't get animals name on the thing I think, there's a comedian who did and caused me just like. No, no, no, no. No. We don't talk about that yeah, which is one thing to say, but then He then tells a guy to scuttle the worries scuttle. It dont use this bit. Where's your man worth where's that
where's your person here, where many he doesn't think over years. Her to somebody who is clearly said nothing, but what we need to get talked his person immediately and you can believe you barely changes, town but its intensity and that in just Camille sitting there, unlike wow yeah, what work kind of like gas waiting insanity like you. What does she know? What she does you know just appetite. Did the most amazing joke about that? Did you hear him do it here? yeah Camille? Do you like a lion forever. You know, whatever judgments you have of as a comic there. That joke is like these,
with me and you know it. That's what makes it like probably need to be done by white guy and another, the black I can get away with that german cycling. How do you not know is hiding newspaper you don't like I mean we have a low section. The doktor, I ask everybody who was like you: did you know it's family? Did you see his family and there's a very consistent between the people? I talked like. She was never around so However, their deal is I think she knew and not be around any would use are to survive. We, like you, have to go Camille Runaway, like there's a cent like they understood the commitment I had to leave. You have it, but now I wasn't even troop rapture. Maybe I'll get out. I don't think that's a real sense of like that in cages. he's do whatever it takes to get this person out of his us out of his house right so via, but yet so that their We thought we ve visiting. I did not know until we are do the doktor cause. We had a history of bullying, reporters and and Macaulay reporters in demanding attractions in and threatening
jobs, even varied, and after TAT he didn't have the building threaten their job and Markleham anthill tells a story for visa professor, Temple about Cosby called. I was good yeah marks great Maastricht. His ear Hazan underwritten resources as that woman that the other here and a male while yet no, that's what I at some point I was like I dont know if Showtime is gonna, be one famous people, but we have good conversations in here. Oh yeah, we have people who speak well and thinker and big figures and people who were clearly wrestling with the. Why talk to them and once comes that once they said wealthier once they were. Never they were always supported, but once they were down once a site and they let us do the survivors sort of without extra music without archival without recreation they'd? Let the women talk. It was like when we I know we have something here. I saw you do all this, and you get these amazing like that, this sort of respect and time given to survivors and to the anti types of of people.
trying in wrestling and assessing it both from a female Point of view, a male point of view. You know all of that of fluid point of view. You know but when you do this he's in jail on some level of these people are speaking from a place where, a certain amount of justice has been, has been hit. Doled out year ended, it's been, justice has been sir, and then For you finish it. He gets out on a technicality right I mean two eyes were declare our lawyer. Lawyers say it's not a technicality, but it is the way that we, the most, was we're not always understand. As a technicality rights lawyer say it's like the truth is that, he struck a deal with one with wide. with one day the ass dear that deal,
The next day I came in, and business like, I'm gonna put built out of prison, so he opened so you violates the deal and then a new person comes into those. No now want to go back to the original deals with getting at present, so is like the part that is ridiculous, how're afforded him. I think that the power hundred percent like as the first the first the deal was as it did, Robin Entry and reconsider case of India was, if you do deposition about her case, you can say whatever you want to say, and we won't process which is not a deal that a person without power gets yeah, that's not a deal. Something of that because, They were trying to wrap up the aid, reconsider, trying to wrap up Andrey contents case and aid. That was how they figured out to do it. You come in here and tell us what happened. You tell us to answer our questions and then we will be able to wrap up and reconnaissance case, and then you can go. live your life. And so that was as the DNA You can't say I have a simple case against him, but it was the idea being that like to do that? so he did it. Three says in the deposition.
if companies as one he admits giving women quails for sex. But you can read that is like they want to have sex aeronautic party ran back these as it. I e that the dogma that I had didn't know to a dark was about the fact that when you with Andrea, constant and she is drugged. He says: he's a protein sort of approaching her. Have you put it he's? Eddies says I enter the into this. ACE between permission and rejection and I'm not stopped it far as I'm concerned as like. That's that's the game. That's not a thing! There's! No space between permission, rejection, the specific drug somebody already so that for me it's like. That's him admitting to his what he does and another Why have you heard that that way before you, and so that to me, was like I know plotted, we will focus on the first part, bow and focus on the same part. But yes, and Then he gets out. So do we care NEO Michael Corps, israeli lawyer, and we did not second interview with with Markleham out there that we do after you get out of prison. What we?
You feeling, then what what happened for you when that happen because you are like nearing the end of the work Riah, we thought we were like our last day of filming and we are like. We were inferior in Philly here and no one of us. There is no sense in this might happen we gotta Philly. Could we thought it would happen, and I got text message from a mutual friend arouses comedian. Billina here who are? I could tell you later because he's a heated, anyway, your Doktor Scott, more interesting and I was like- and I run out as in the bathroom rather better, like everybody, I have news, would of course everybody was on the phone and I like I don't know what this is anymore. I'd is done here and I can there are calls we dug out there that they have done who plays there's one. I know that I heard that is finished, but it just stop This is sitting on a shelf somewhere, so I d like. Maybe this is what happens? Maybe it's done also. Maybe it should be done. Could maybe it's not gonna? Maybe this is really not a good idea for you to do this anymore. So you thought, like you, had nothing
why does started the store was too complicated and also to charge now tat he was like may be legally. We can't do it. I don't know if any of you says the king, we just heard he was out of prison, but he was exonerated which I didn't understand at that moment, like maybe we can't say, is maybe up to put alleged before everything, but he was an exact now you, things it was just about the deal being violet the deal for him. Do you say when everyone the same deposition, it wasn't about his guilt or innocence ha. Did you try to reach out in now? we have one. There is a lot of talk. There is, are we talked about it yet, but one. It was It is about the conversation of round bill, Cosby, not a conversation with Bill Cosby. There is plenty the bill. Cosby footage in their he's never wavered from what he what he says he is he's completely innocent. I dont believe that, and I dont I can have a real. I dont it doesnt back and have a conversation about his career. Now and would have to be pointed all the women who were all the women who are invited in do that to them now
I'm not going to see their guide and do it yet had them go. I know I told you that he was gonna be in it, but now these out and guess what he says he didn't do yeah and what does it mean when he also said that he named you by name and that are damaging lawyer there and to me it was just like that's not what this is exactly so after that happened you're sort of left with you? Don't ever you ve done. You ve got more hours of this that you money together and you you What you really left with is, I still have figure out here. I when I We want this birth. These two sides of the sky will appreciate this sort of version of it. I thought of it is like, as I started seems I. This is like that tv show chopped as these are the ingredients I have here. I have to make them into something. What do you think that you be like. Now that we're talking about it, it feels to me: culturally, there is a verdict.
and that for the most part you know people believe it pretty? I would say that I mean who yes said, that there is a there's. A large is people who believe who believe the survivors, but they haven't that. I think the dock, if they watch it makes them. Dig into an believe in a different way and also, but I think that one thing that it may addressed it in it, isn't that isn't really spoken? Is that You know all the people that loved him. You know there There there's a shame equation to there's a shame equation to to continuing to of him, he might have, given that you know it, It's it's a hard reckoning at four visual. Even if it's not that important or or approach YO to love somebody. You believe did whore couple things repeatedly and so have empathy for
the victims- and I mean this virus there. There's there's got to be shaman well, and I think that we are sexually way to pull out for time mostly or we ask their body. Would you shut? Would you wash the stuff again? Would you showed kids and so where we had lots and will go through cow they reckon with like what what stuff could you show episodes cause, we showed a kids in your life. Would you watched? Would you listen? Do you stand up again? Do you do that and the idea is to show like how people reckon with an end is all everyone has their own way. Most people said no, but the when people say yes, but the idea being that like and this is what I sort of come to now- is it for as well. We all separate from the artist all the time just in ways we don't think about it. We I don't know about to what we don't know. What are we? Don't? We don't judge thing, that's some things: we don't judges, harsh other, be large, edging his half I make of much and I'm doing this on purpose Eric you're right now, there's a whole lot of lake.
I didn't know, I don't know the racist or from the past I dont Pisa. Nine eighty backs are corona virus conspiracy guy, but I asked for forty years of music that I've loved, it's not me now, nine Hendricks is always better than my private crept into, but I noticed budget but a great deal that, like we are short of, do we do with it? We did we do it a lot, but the problem with the cause we thing is- and this problem generally that when somebody else doesn't separated the way you do, then people that's where the problem lies and ethical we have to have their stay with them. Empathy for the fact that, like I'm gonna, say waited here, but that doesn't mean other people in a separate in the same place and right now we spend a lot of time, argue about these lines on social media ways at our productive and what I'm saying is like look here I feel about it. I can think positively about some of the step, the cause we did, but I'm ever gonna forget about the survivors, so there is a universe in which I show my three daughters at some point that seen from
cause we show where there were there doing the lips income. I Charles because that's like in me like them like, like. How somebody over the moon landing- that's in me, but I'm that's gonna, contextual eyes it it's in whatever age were always necessary at that point it, but you know it's like. I think, that's one of the things it like. You know, as as much as I like, a documentary, and I like you, it's it's tricky because it's like you know, I get, you're saying- and I get that you're saying that you don't we do it all the time with our nerves but like whatever captains transgressions? Are there not sixty RE, not oh! No, I'm not! I'm not saying. I know what I'm saying, even without the the clap an example I'm trying to picture you shown you kids this and then trying to say it is a problem with this I mean I feel like I've, really we ve done, we ve done I've done this with my kids. There's a problem with America. Ok,
America's not doing the Ray Charles whip sinking America has here's the good thing about this, could I may I be business there, there's people who are like. Why would it I commend her on a black man. Why would you do why bubble blow all your turn him down? I think I have heard people say that I've seen it, but I also think you're just you know conceptualize, but I feel like this. Like as a black person whose country and this is, she's even drove Jews. We have the ability to go. Here's the good part about America. Here's the ban, part about Amerika and you have the building a little heart is winning it. Could I feel fair economic looked into the zeal in ITALY S New Zealand hit me but, like I think it's it's a. we do that regularly where you go visit, the greatest country on earth I mean that's true, but that we sort of grubbing native country. I believe- and I also don't go out at ST cause. I don't like your people down nature and I think that, like eight, there is no good at that stage, but I do think that, like
SAM like today, I'm going home to play this thing. My ten year old I'm saying there are some point, her life where it might come across her face. They have to go yeah and write, or some comes up a conversation like words I innocent happened. You know we sat and watched all sorts of things. Words like these people are good people, and I think, It's actually more capable of understanding that are these people did bad thing. Kids are capable of understanding that cause. They do bad things, but they're not bad. I am but I baggage that basic, I'm not here's what I'm saying all this stuff dies in the vine off all comedy dies on the vine. Eventually, Norway's paid attention to the biggest dino, whatever but right now, as a person, is people of my generation to achieve a black. If that causes doves in you, you have to I can recognize it. It's in me You recognise that even when I watch for the purposes Doc and I sat and would watch like the dentist, I would be like man liquidated there near but
it doesn't for a second. That's why I was talked about the other. Shoe dropping mean that going to one forget about survivors or to that kind of tweet out everybody Let us remember: Cosby, be pilasters clip from himself quick yeah. I know I know I know I know I know I visited the mean for a second cause. That's that would be naive and down on my part to do so, but I dont think sitting here in time sitting with myself talking to trust people in my life. by the way is technical and group chatted. I speak in the world that there are ways to have those conversations that are ultimately and for me the purpose of having it is to go what can we learn from this and specifically with Cosby in show business? How do we limit the damage of this right, but This is also an argument to be made for that that woman's interpreted the psychological interpretation that like yes all this may be true, but clearly the sky was putting on a show
cover up. The fact that he liked to do this other thing: India, Zimmer neighbour, anagram, yeah, yeah, that's another way to teach your kids about showbiz, exactly yeah because did the lesson you trying to do it like the thing is is like with them is a way to have empathy for survivors sent this guy's a guy who was a progressive in important voice and- and also you know- I had this horrible sickness is- Yale compulsion I really want to put it on. I could live like sickness, makes it sound like they look at me. This evil compulsory. Did these things? Yes, yes, is predatory nature. You know, but like it's, it's a delicate line because you're saying that, how do we shift the environment? make the environment? So this doesn't happen when, when so much about the ego of performing is about getting this love or doing these things are having this freedom take to take. liberties that r are r, predatory and disgusting. You know what,
What becomes of at all, if you can't just pathologies, people say like that: guy was a fuck all the way around This is how I thing about it is that I think showed This encourages everybody below the top of the above below the top. The call sheet to look the other way, just generally, why but dead, but but what we can do and what what is correct is that she said is that this is this is its intent. Corporate oversight, yes in the name of profit- and I was happy that she said ass- she said TAT the whole industry into the mother Fucking Sun, which was like my like. I want that on a t shirt. Yes, they did that. I we- I really did not want this too, and it may have skewed this way, because it's about Cosby to be about one guy. It's about one bad guy in an industry that that allowed him to be a bad habit it, but, but but the corporate decision making about over decision making is like if we get it, there's a problem tat we can still make comical for sure, and I think you know the thing I've insane is that you know when they built
show business they didn't go before we are making dreams were do but the Human resources Department, that's and so forth. It's about like prioritizing that version of it. That way or go online when we start making dreams with arises, can be allotted dream debris exactly yeah that we need to figure out. What do we do with other dreaming up during the off gas of dream? Is broken hearts and busted people he added and criminal intended Chavez has never done a good job of that and we come out of the colony club world where it's like. You know where there's like you ve seen the thing on the like in the green: worse as don't have sex of the weight staff or whatever. That's that's the human resources departments. Please don't do that someone's are coming back to this club again, yeah yeah, ok! So now what what? What's the push back then I mean you know. I have like I've withdrawn from lots of social media Desgas. I there's no reason is sort of like I mean it to be fair and our red the Good reviews either, but I definitely like there's there the cross and watch it, but, like you too,
because it knows I care about Bill Caspian me. We'll share this video our two and a half long video about how Debbie Clara Belle is the guy. We need to talk about Nashville Cosby yeah and use, go hurry, I'm a go head and skip Alan Gainer, so there are certainly there are certainly people. and I have seen some articles gotta get Showtime shares like the the brakes of, let them all the things we come out there. A good, but there are certainly people show business and relax your business people, cultural commentators and many who were black, who just who I we have seen it, but They have dinner this videos, where, as you know, that I'm a sell out or arrive in industry, shill of or I've been here urged to take down a black man and I began it. You have, if you see it, you know, that's not a black man. We would also like those people like, even if he did those bad things. Why are we talking about it? Now? That's the point for me, it's like America, does a good job of never thing it's time to have the big. Conversely, also I just feel like they were time
now cause we're talking about it. Now it needs we talked about a year ago. And if you don't wanna makes and the thing out that I've seen clip to other places is like What we're doing, because there's also this idea This is all white women? It's not. We trust that in the case that if you say we what did your prior dozens of your prioritizes one black man's voice? Third, a third of the survivors are black women. Why? are we prioritizing his voice over their voices itself? maybe it's like. The push back, as you know, is play type of person who is always gonna ride for black men over black women and also made more complicated than that. The black eye, who made his way to widen so like I'm, I'm not a lot for a lot of people, that of top I can be trusted you got it. You carrying a lot, am I mean you know it's not of editing, believes a marvel movie. You know, and that wouldn't be- and I also understand that, like
what I'm getting is not anything close, what little survivors get, but they have actually reach out to meet it receive they get. They got my back so it's great, but here it is there's a part of this. It is like it's the best reviewed thing. I've ever released it's the most claiming we got we're for believe, but I can't sit here and celebrated, because it's about some pretty intent, shit that for the rest of my life there, I'm gonna walk and rooms and have some people go that mother Fucker near and so is like and I say that to my wife, my friends like I can't go, there's some sense of like you and I have not made I dont know if I'll be there, I'm happy that there are people receiving the work. The way was intended. I'm happy that the survivors who were in it, they're. All I've heard from have been like are really appreciate. It may be able to watch it even though its not just about that, so I feel like there is building they can come off this work and people do like I'd. accomplished a very difficult thing to do in substance- and I was not perfect, but it's also like here
as I say, do my best friend Jason, unlike well at least I'm not the black. I talked to the clan anymore, like my my my my o bit is going to have a different starting line. I mean I think these are just the it it's a cost of doing something like say the states, the cost of putting you without their taking the risk and in an end you know in trying to present something in it in a journalist, where the provocative you it's always going to be. You know this working yeah. I know- and I the funny thing for me- is it like I'm literally just a dude whose, like I love they'll caused in our lab Eddie Murphy and I wonder to be Serna life like that. That's where this all started. That's where this all started. So your career income. Yes, I just like I'd size. It isn't like how did this in what was ideas on a lot of it has to do with you know a sense it just a quest for you, no justice in June.
you know and can also be a quest for you have the floor Why are these are ideas? I would we wrestling with my own, roughly and now in the US and now in a position where I can wrestle with them. In my work, so it's like it's not like I wouldn't is not actually came to me like somebody like Hollywood made him. Do this or white Hollywood is like not an uneven you in any Murphy and then built caused me an end and ass. I now you're by the time you started doing standard that wasn't without now, you knows ages, we're doing other. It was too late to do, but I got shit to talk it was. It was like I gotta find my truth in it. Can I gotta find my voice because I read prior convictions and urgent prizes. It's all about finding your voice. I gotta find the comedy octopus. I think you called it. I gotta figure out the fire that, yes, I was always hated down, even if the truth tat, it took me a good job, thanks man,
There you go. That's it. We need to talk about cars. We is now available on Showtime it's good to see, come now, I'm alive, I hope your well. you're some guitar, like usual, probably something I've heard from me before I don't know anymore enjoy.
Our lives given the fond cat angels everywhere yeah
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