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Episode 1310 - Mira Sorvino

2022-03-03 | 🔗

Mira Sorvino has a lot of talents beyond acting. She speaks Mandarin Chinese, she dances ballet, she plays guitar. But acting is what Mira believes she was born to do. And then for almost 20 years, she was prevented from doing it on her own terms because of a powerful man and a complicit industry. Mira and Marc talk about how she went from winning an Oscar to being put on a Hollywood blacklist by Harvey Weinstein and how she didn’t learn the truth until 17 years later. They also talk about her career renaissance, including her scene-stealing turn on the new series Shining Vale.

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is it ok? Is it are you underwater, are you on fire the two windy for you to stand on your porch, what's happening where we Yet is it raining ash? Yet it's been kind of nice out here in LOS Angeles. The last few days I don't know I've talked to you wonder let's talk you, I went to New Mexico I don't think I've talked to you since I've been there. I Kay time, it's weird go on home. I looked at some property. I thought. Maybe maybe I should go home for good, or at least spend some time there, but I dont know I dont know I do No, if I want to live up to out in northern New Mexico. I don't know if that's me, as my producer Brennan Mcdonald said when I showed him pictures ever. He said that this is for you, you're gonna live there and MIKE Maybe I could spend every few weeks every month or psychical out there for a few days. He said you, the guy who,
during quarantine for ten days was texting me like he was the omega man. I I get it does it mean I can't change right. Look I have Mirror Savena on the Show- and I just want to mention- obviously I mean a many of you know her she's, an Academy award winner for her performance and mighty Aphrodite. She was in german delta rose mimic spiky summer of SAM, she was recently in Rhine. Murphy's netflix please how he would and she's in the new star SIRI shining Veil, with Courtney. Cock Greg Kinnear, but it's it's heavy man. You know she had a big chunk of her career taken from her by Harvey Weinstein's director. There's white Peter Jackson have admitted they were told by Wednesday not to cast her in projects years after she had endured sexual harassment by the pig rejected his advances. Winston it's heavy man. This took a big toll on her. He's a great actress but
here to tell you it's all still very raw and difficult for mirror. and when we talk about it, we talk about all of it, and I just want to make sure that you know what's coming at a time here too, who stuff. On a lighter note, I couple of nice. Things happened this week, you're late, one. Let me take on New Mexico. I saw my dad he's holding steady at not a lot of change good to see him, I'm glad to be their for unhappy to be part of this process as he sort of he's now, while the sun. Listening to my podcast, I use reality without knowing it, but now you sort of, I think his I've rosy has got him finally figured out tat. How to to hear me. but but I'm glad, I'm sure, going out there and shown up
taken him out for luncheon sit around watching him fall asleep on the couch. While we watch a movie that guy stuff, you know regular add son stuff. all right, dad you're right swans. Either there. If he's is listening, I love you is good to see you and I back soon. In a until you forget who I am then you're on your own that a deal we make that deal, albeit Largo tonight, thirty p M your LOS Angeles on Saturday I'll be in San Luis Obispo, California, Fremont that's March, fifth, at seven o clock pm, few tickets will have to be in Santa BAR, California, on Sunday March. Sixth, at seven thirty, p m at the low barrow in the neck, we go out to suffer in these coasts. Newhaven can etiquette March. Ninth, that College Street Music Hall. in Troy New York a March tenth, the cologne. he'll Theatre in Laconia, New Hampshire, a March eleventh and
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The slow, crumbling the social fabric. I have to take a minute sort of enjoy my real life, and I shall tell you you're coherent eventually, but I I did another interview with Keith Richard yesterday on Zoom Scott at every issue of main offenders coming out, but we took the opportunity of their right to autonomy. Keep go, make of course, and I pressed him. I pressed him I'm where he gets his penis. So. Look forward to me having at answer and also to that coming, but it was just a thrill because no one, I talked him on time. It gonna just completely lost my mind. I thought made you have got it together, but I dont complete. lost my mind again by got him. excited? Finally, get him go in and also another hero give Richard. Since I was like fourteen fifteen, when I get home keep my shit together, even if a unzoom, but not unlike Keith Richards,
Your David Letterman was the. That was the bar man. That was it for talks. I was in for being on a talk, show I spent most of my life as a comic wanting to get on Letterman, eventually getting on and and then I haven't, really had the opportunity to talk to him here at the house It was great but I was on at the comedy store the other night at the end of main road, and it was one of the sets were it was a produce show wasn't a regular show was a comic produced show I was filling a Jeff Ross, even. and I don't I you know the audience is ok, but it's always weird with the produce shows cuz. I don't know where they come from there. Not an organic audience are all reach through the same avenue and I'd idea, I don't know they were fine, there were good, but which is different and I was kind of saudi at first- I was kind of like fighting it, but then I ended pushing through and doing the shit. I'm doing right now, I'm doing the shit. I'm due This stand of comedy work, I'm doing the real work I will
doing club work actually that's cool, but anyway, so I get off stage secure. the guy from the club comes back knees. I e says David Letterman wants to talk to you in a MIKE what David Letterman, wants to talk to you MIKE. When you talk about easy here, yeas here and my then I said that we would get my trouble. Respect joking, but am I dead simply raw? Am I problem right what you doing here I went out and down the back patio David Letterman was air with a couple of people, and you just errand even just want to say, hi and tell me that I thought that that stuff. I was doing right now is important in summer. he's, gotta, be saying it nobody's, really saying it and it was happy. I was saying it then we can the few laughs and chatted a baby told me about it will be about his time. There were having a few memories of the place, but this guy was you're my hero,
doktor to euros of mine in the last week. One surprise: I was surprised that it was a surprise visit. yeah, I was planned I'll. Tell you it's great. at this moment with Eddie Murphy too ready to begin its great to make you rich, laugh and great to make later in life I mean you know we are all familiar with Letterman's laugh because I've been written into it. For half my life just to be right there with it see it happening, real time, what a fucking tree, what a fucking tree what a life from living. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I saw a mirror sore eyes in this new star Series, called this, an invasive premiers- this Sunday March, sixth and again, listen to me. This is a content warning that our conversation deals very frankly with sexual harassment, abuse massage any and the general mistreatment of human beings,
some. I want you to know that ahead of time this is what we're doing. We also have some nice things. Now, there's nice things, there is fun things there. some great experiences spoken about, but we're ok, where people here this is me talk to our marriage or Vienna, I watch bears in his shout ass. If, on shouting like a fun child, I had a very fine guiding valley ass. I love it, yeah I mean you have to I mean in terms of like my character, you have to stick with it for a few episodes to really meet her cause she's certain hunting, the edges in the beginning- and you know really see or much before unfolding, have the ghost presents who takes over the writing process, how work kind,
yeah not just the writing but yeah. She kind it takes over here and is a fine work. with the current, it's amazing, she's, just a doll and so TAT, TED and so humble and fun and beautiful in just the perfect straight man like she's, so oh good at playing reality, but making it funny She doesn't like a big character. Anything I'm more like a create, like the big, weird characters to be funny, she's, just funny as then Normal person dear, why me I guess that's what she's been doing forever but she's, provided that that's that's what makes person a star in areas like they're sure he old movies, like you I need to see that person again and again the area and career to write, arduous hilarious, he's a good guy. You know How long have you have done here? When do you, your New York, when I was in New York full time until two thousand one. Then I bought my place out here and there
by coastal until two thousand and fourteen, and then we had to choose a coast because- Sir, in school we are, for, and so once you're. Really in a school year like you can't maintained to property, and two coasts like. Why be there for three weeks: ear like it as makes Anthea and like it, but that's crazy at the how'd you how, but how old you all this one, seventeen so the pandemic. must ve been a nightmare. I mean Why did you get tat you get closer while we were always close around. I think It was very hard on them. I mean, but we had each other. You knew. How do I need some people who had no one during the pandemic. I think fared far. Worse, rug actually having a big family made it more bearable, even if everybody was getting cabin fever, but I didn't know one went totally crazy. Guy said degree so when you grown up. Were you around actors? Oliver actors?
be friends with my parents- and you know my mother was also an actress and then she gave it up to be a full time mom, something which I never understood as a kid, but now I understand. If I had the luxury, I could totally see you never gave it a net now. Well, I Might I never gave it up? No, I couldn't yes economically. I couldn't write, but You know, there's but we did have a lot of we did have a lot of actors that my father worked. With the new your house, Sir opera. Singers are person you, politicians and, like you know, there is all kinds of culture coming in and out of our dining room a hundredweight, my parents with her dinner parties, while so they are very good at entertaining, like that, I I don't have that skill now I use do when I was a young and single, I used to throw these apartment parties in New York Fit like a hundred people into it. You know
hundred square foot, Larry walk up, you know, I know not how right I don't know. I just I think, with all the kids and obviously with the past two years. There's just been no entertaining but of course, fully will open it up again and put the logo back to normal. To some extent I mean I don't know their day. I think we can take the masks as of today inside Well, everyone can finally get it Why does at its I'm only to kind of glad in a way because you spent two years afraid it's gonna, Carlyle yeah, and then you have it. It's not great, but I do die. So I am very happy about that. Weird come in on the doesn't feel like anything else. Does it people are saying. If I can call the tv I can now. Let me like a call now with I have one to a more vexed up, but I felt weird, like I felt weird but how is your symptoms back while the first? I dont know that first, the first a few days. I have this extreme lower back pain that I thought was might kidneys failing, while, but rather a reason for this. It might also
because I had just broken my arm men. So I was taking painkillers for my because it was like really extreme. I think it was too much for my body to process and I think my kidneys were just complaining area as soon as I stop taking them. It went away right now. It could have just been a weird early, covert, symptoms you're I dont now here in I don't know, but I was I had like blood work done and I had like a thing: a scan for kidneys. Scott stones and now here nothing came up. No, nothing so suggest to you. I don't know what that maybe we could go over the generals in France. I just felt kind of congested, tired check, tightness, might cast a little. I had like Fever time, but LO, like never went over a hundred bra usual temperatures like ninety seven point something so like for me a ninety nine point. Eight is a fever or somebody else that, like all your barely ever in a right for, but that lasted for like eleven days Yan and I've felt that kind of her that
No one understands and my family when I describe it, but I get these little shocks in my joints. Like a little now yoga, like these little electrical hunting, jolts when I'm sick, and that was happening a lot and I was sort of sweating and- and I had the I had a car. Ever it never went into anything like you know, pneumonia anything, but I still have this residual cough that you know it's like do arise again, but it I mean, I'm poetry, of untested several times I owe you took me like twelve days was twelve days. News drive me nuts the comparing yourself other people outcome that personally had a three day we're going. just like you start to feel even there was that filling of like five, I feel I lost is winning for two years for him. I ve started to think that I was naturally immune like I was like area around nine I'm getting it like. I was sad swear like eight out of ten of us would get it. I wrote at it like I had it. How do I not Abbot Mozilla Amazing Show art
do grow up in this way. Salon of talent and excitement I mean how many kids in your family, I was the eldest of three. Have a brother and sister Michael Survey, known Amanda, serve user actor to Michael's an actor yeah. And now like brilliance, I had to be in show business. Yes, I mean, although I came to it through doing like my own, plays in school like that's how I fell in love with it by writing place, no actually wrote plays. I was really little. Actually, when I was six, I did a play actually with the actress, Hope, Davis, lived across the street for Hungary, the ghost of runs- we haven't seen each other a long time and when they were friendly. When we see tat about women, we moved away from that street. When I was tens or reside in the or ten apply New Jersey alligators its beauty. You appreciate once you ve, left it at the time. I was like can't wait to move to the city, or you know,
I can't imagine, living here as an adult and now I'm like. Oh, it was so nice and it would be wonderful for the cats right now. You everything changes yeah so, it was the amazing play. The EU is stopping you, Davis, how they judged doll. I girl my had a doll. She was the dire and the doll was sick and I had to go to the dollar Doktor. Ah, never said a word about it. If, yes, then we performed for the whole neighborhood intermediary did the door with the dollar have yet, but thank God so, but did you what were you doing? Ought acting in high school and so yeah? I was a means not professionally. I just acted in all the plays at school and then at sixteen in a half talents came to my high school looking for girls who could horseback ride and act, and I, happen to have a horse and compete in my country, jumper shows or you do, and I was in all the place and some ice. recommended me and like six other girls. Apparently there were a lot of us and it was this. It was
sickly, like a reboot of national velvet called Sylvester, and they were doing this nation wide like search. Ultimately, I had like three callbacks in a screen test, but then they gave it to Mister Gilbert but that started my career because we editor the family, who was a child manager and she heard about me because of having clients, I guess in the mix- and she said you know I had through, encouraging the mirror got that far. If you want, I could represent her and so she ended up being my manager for, like a decade, are you yeah Where was acting as like. You know, it's you get into it by being rejected, since he had its, though it's a fucking worst I mean I can't like. I could. I have always done comedy and I've enacted now a bit, but this what matters go through to eat. The rejection is insane yeah yeah, you get rich well, it sort of like baseball, though it sort of like you know how your batting average, even if you're, an amazing hitter
you're going to strike out like zero percent of the time you knew. I guess I just so. Europe will the context. I d like to compare Malaysia much just as a young person like that, like is not really on you that they don't want you. I think. Well, my father used to it he did not want us to be actors because it was so personal and because pair to another job where, when they region, do you. It's like Erasmus is strong enough, for they want sided with the scale of that are at issue when you're an actor their rejecting. You know, I don't want you worry, and so he would. He just really wanted us to become anything but actors, but then when I was twenty three and I was at a college and I was taking this course. international centre for Photography in New York, and we had to do like we do so Marilla fell Mary Day in writing. A journal untrained like sort of keep our creative muse awakened and, as I would journal. I realized, oh, my art
all right now to say whatever it is I have inside me is acting. I really need to be an actor who, just yeah, it was very basic pick this calling that came to me. While I was in this I mean I had always been acting. I never stopped by I was doing a lot of other things too. I was, I was in turning it Tribeca productions and then I got hired by them is a reader, and I thought maybe I want to be a director, and I thought maybe I want to be a photographer Madrid studies, COO Ee station I got a civilizations mazurka. It was chinese studies basically, but tenement square happened during my senior year. So it really there now had just come back from China after having lived there for a month and what was the compulsion, though I do you know what what made you started out was the fascination regionally. Ah, I think, freshman year I took this incredible course: by Casey John Miss some famous archaeologist polity, certain mythology and bronze age. China and I loved it so vile and
We're, like you know, there's this concentration. You can study anything you want as long as it pertains to EAST Asia like you could stay the politics of Vietnam, more japanese like Shinto architecture. You know tat tree you anything you wanted as long as it pretend to EAST Asia and science at writing. My thesis about racial conflict, but with anyone, in a chinese context, and it was basically like a sociology and throw kind of fees. This, even though I had been like humanity's, like literature hither regional Tarbert Harvard yet so it was like multi disciplinary concentration at a time their warrant. Many other causes traces where you could study more than one or two things like you could do. History and lit, which would allow did you do history and lit of your countries that you spoke the language of you, but you couldn't take like art from same period, and have it count, whereas anything we and under this Elsie canopy were- and I can't
feel like I've been chinese and another life like. I was very good friends and still am with a woman named Angela Long, whose now a doctor and were still really close here and she is to take me with her family to Chinatown. When I was a kid and heating, Opera and playing module with her grandma and for some reason I really connected with the traditional culture and when it is funding is only one went to China and was living there and studying there. I was like where's, the tradition Culture, like communism has changed it so, but then like when you really got into people's homes. That's an element was still there and they were actually very much like a talons was kind of funny. But, unlike chinese people are super, warm and family, oriented and touchy feely endure food is love, and you know great boy. Tourist belly laughs and I felt very very much at home once I became close friends with chinese people over there are things or language very that makes us and unaware of their emotional nature. United me. I think that for a lot of
regular white people that there is like get justice, it's hard for some reason for us to understand. Why think also, there might be, conflation between like japanese culture and chinese culture, because the Japanese have much more ceremony and like higher, Marcie unhurt language, even the others, grammar of like you're in fear barriers superior at this anomaly, whereas Chinese is, I mean there's differently saving face and being polite everything, but but there's a ton of warmth it's very warm heart, very warm people and he spoke it. Yeah yeah by the time I I love there was pretty fluent. I was dreaming in it and I had rented a room from a chinese woman. My second half of the time I stayed there and dumb I wrote like I edited- chinese language magazines and sang jazz with chinese european bands. I had like Facebook, so ready wanted to be. If you like
in their ban, so they could get my music federal ha. Dad would send me like fake books of all like the job standards, and then I was singing like satin darlin from a baby and one for the road Chinese, I was singing. I sing like autumn leaves in French arrested, I sang in English, but the funny thing is actually in shining veil. They but be seeing one for my baby and one for the road in the show, and that was like my it hit song and China emerged on the show, not in French now autumn leaves was in French, but when, for maybe one for the road, like the phrase in ituri aloes do of the same I do I do I mean I don't have a big voice here, but I do love to sing and dumb did you ever think doing, Cabaret act. You know I was in a didn't show it don't tell Mama's when I was in New York and I I always plan two like do singer. Songwriter staff and I have written a couple of songs and then just
life gets in the way, and I don't do it and, like you know, like I have a guitar and then the guitar cracked, or than I broke my arm or you don't like it, but I always have these ideas and it's some. But when I have a little bit more time, but in the car text. If this happened to tell Jeff Ass draw, you know, you know, I sing a little, and you know there's this song and he's ok well, you heard what you said and I got to record it and then and then I told him that I danced and then he created this incredible opening, for I think it's the third eight or nine and shining bill in shining valiant, where I get to do in homage to like its short by dear, like you know, Fred Astaire dancing with the coat rack reacting tally with the mob, like I do. This whole sort of little fifties, style, ballistic, dancer on the house with various household impulse
and second mop and other duster is the time my life like. I was so happy. I can't even tell you how happy I was it was like I had stepped into an old movie like I was so happy really do they bring a choreographer yeah yeah. That's writing. We and I take him like eight years of ballot as a kid you know. So I had some Taylor yeah yeah son doesn't go were now now, especially, and I as an adult like sometimes I study with, RO me rap import, whose just an amazing teacher she is to be part of the New York city. Ballet. Aha and her sisters support also sometimes used to teach me, so I kept up the ballet a little bit as an adult rule is so much fun. Yeah, that's nice to have the ugly pointed her two year, but not well. I play you, like it's a hobby, you know it's a great thing: they have one of those like an outlet. Yes, that you're happy about so do have demanded that stick. I you know If you drop me in the middle of China within a week? probably UK shouting I can speaking fluently again, but right now, like I'll be speed.
here a sentence and then in the middle off forget how to say, like magazine, I again, I know how to lecture like, but I can kind of bs my way along for a little while, but like my reading and writing has gone to absolute. How, like you know, it's all men radiation. It requires maintenance, Siena, so the characters I've really lost. But it was it was a while ago I mean like I graduated in you, know eighty nine ninety lecturers class of eighty nine, but I took a semester off China longer so their total eight months yeah, and it was an amazing experience, will resale by Canada, that happened right after I left once that happened. It really changed everything for those of us who had been working in the China field, cause we couldn't they go back because we would endanger our chinese friends by associating with them real happened, yeah and therefore, Are we just be going over and being like expats, together with experts in China like Y Y? You like the whole point if you're going to be in China,
has to be with chinese people live that you know within the culture and that because very dangerous for chinese people to have foreign friends at that point, so it was. I will also, I think, all of wanted to kind of just show our disapproval of what It happened and not be like. Oh it's business as usual, so, if that hadn't happened, I might not be an actor. Today I mean, maybe I would but it like pointed me back into the world of like entertainment and go back to New York and creativity in that were yeah, whereas I was kind of war in this academic track, and I was maybe gonna go. teach English again in China, when I graduated may be in a different province and learn different dialects and although while I was in China, did seeing and and I became friends with one of fertile Lucy's, like assisted directors on last emperor, and then she
I'd like a Chinese, reverse beetles story where that shooting there, when you there wasn't shooting there when you were there was, I think it had got out there, ok yeah area and and so she wanted me to play a sort of american like adjunct like this sort of parallel to like yoga owner, even though your voters japanese, with chinese beetles ear and I'd be the american girlfriend, so strangely like acting MR kind of finding me, but I wasn't looking for you. You know here, but if I had you know because it might parents got divorced while I was in China, that's one of the reasons I state an extra semester as I wasn't ready to go back to school, because it was too hard for me to be in classes with like. I was very depressed, so I just took time often lived and worked in China for that. Second to measure- and I had been I kind of righted myself on the other side of the world. Like I made myself functional. Happy again, processed the grief without without having deal with the drama. Guess how well
I mean other, like em, you weren't in it right. I wasn't in it that's good yeah, but that you know it it had its costs like they packed. They sold the house and packed it my room without seeing it again. You know I mean like does everything was gone. The whole of your whole life room? Yes, the well known from I guess from when we move from the place where we live near her Davis too, like sitting always left. No, maybe we move when I was eight yes of eight to seventeen than they are now. There was a divorce and I'll get the boxes. Did you get the some of them? Some of them never know others loss yeah yeah, One decided it was garbage rate like you know, like scrapbook, sir. Yes, like got his answer, it's ok you know life yeah, it has once- and it does indeed it it's not easy life It's not you it's much harder than I thought. Actually there is right yeah. It's urgently
you guys you get older too. I got fifty eight just sort of like this. The big path and we would like what what are you worried because like when he finally get a handle on shared? It's your was done right. Maybe that's. The point you know I got it right away that takes this long time to learn and then sort of like nothing you can do about. It enjoyed your wisdom, yeah so when you have the epiphany at the Photography School in the programme. So then I went to my dad was a dad. I I know I need to be an actress like it's very clear to me. It's the only thing I want to do and then he said, but then I give you my blessing that's. When I started and then I can. Turned around from so we always talks like the mob boss in good, fellows like a more cultured version bucket, like a more shakespearian version. You there's nothing about him. That's thuggish, but he is imposing, was
movie they do when he pointed Heroin addicted, lounge singer. That was good. The the advocating Alec Baldwin it was amazing yeah. It was rough. Sesar sad for it's hard to what yeah, my old, like banging the table, the his vexation area. You know my dad add, while deed ever seen him like that: no, but he got their hunger how he can do anything so white term, so you tell, give you a blessing and then I just started really focusing look, as I had been I'd been enacted, class been auditioning for things, but it is also doing a little modeling little wait. You're saying you know like all kinds of stuff as soon as I was like. No, this is the only thing I want to do and I cut it, took this chance and dropped everything else just started really focusing on my classes and my additions. I started booking things within like a month were classes win hangman, oh yeah, he was my teacher. I went to Bill Esper during the summer while I was in college, but
This is a two year course and honestly my dad had already taught me most of what he was gonna teach, because my dad was a graduate of bill and Meissner, so original Mycenae. I said in my area he was, smaller ships to that schools or your job raises. Do I go waste of on you like you? I guess you, oh, he would teach me like any time I had a world of her foreign high school, you would work. they for hours really and then he would come to me ass, you're a performance and give me like two hours of notes and yes, what I appreciate it to be like the other. Parents are really high, and I was wondering if you would take honey that was terrific. Just have to not a need to sit down, and then you get a two hour lecture about what you hadn't done right, but it was from those sessions that I learned you know he would be like every time you go like
then say your line: you're letting out your first instinct, your falsifying, whatever you're gonna, do healing your first instinct will, however, take never exhale before speaking, just speak. The light, just let it come out were stick with the other fellow you'll never be wrong. You might be boring, but you'll never be untruthful. But like everything else, there is all over He's these notes that would really where the fundamentals of of acting and but when I was eight, he taught me how to emotionally prepare cause. I had to cry Annie. Had we sit sit in the middle of the stairway and think of Something very sad. Until there is tears streaming down my face and then come downplay the real yeah yeah So I had this I dont know that I could teach my kids the same way. He did because I dont know if I'd have the emotional afforded to to to I'm upset themselves at at young of an age because for him it's the form, and it is the art form, but I think it
gains me. I think it made me burn these neural pathways to sadness that I would not have had had. I not been an actress like I am such a sad person. Sometimes, and it's because I need to access it all the time for my work, like all my characters, cry for some reason, whatever I get Caston they always cry. Even if it's a big fat comedy lay Bromine Michel. She cries like four five times in the show and Maybe they know you're good at it now, but it sort of I don't I I think I have this weird sweet spot between like zany, invulnerable, further comedy stuff in the vulnerable side, there's always a crime scene, and so so I had to get to the point in, and my father also always used to say the day. I use the tears ass the day I walk out of the business, and so
it was in that the mud. The idea that I would ever for ever use glycerin tears are camphor to make yourself to Europe. Has a lot of actors. Do that sure you know the lower right? You don't look out now below it in their eyes there as a kind of glass up and then right in the middle of the scene, the Tierra World down perfectly down there. Should I cannot do that I'll have to kill myself it's right sexual planted and has so. I just have to sit there and destroy myself emotionally and bring myself to the worst day of my life and then I'm sobbing, and I have to do it for hours and hours and take after taken. That's that's the legacy of. Also Serena's. Eight year old, daughter, learning to cry in the middle, the stairs survive, that's interesting, though, that you think that you actually carved some some sad path: oh absently because of your ability to access it and then get when you're not accessing it. You still got the thing. Yeah ha, I mean I think I already am sort of like an path or like somebody feels things a little deeper than your average Joe, but but it definitely made
those sensitivities heightened at supper, like I have some of those tendencies where people can just like it. Why? mom projecting now, but like the Empath thing or the sensitivity Tart maintain boundaries and people are we are taking the. They definitely see you as an emotional mark right. Yeah I know now I don't I don't know, I think I sometimes I would hide it, but what are we ve Emily and we hide it? I dont know why Colombia and stand up their legally with the well the way it is like I'll stop in the middle of my act and going, he chose to start to make me cry. Yeah, yeah, Catholics get every yeah things our heavy now and it's funny casino. I've been watching all the academy films costs in. I have to vote and good for you there are things I was your damned well. It was great that I had that to do during covered yeah
I basically couldn't get out of my bed, so dislike aright documentaries. Now I do it all you do it I'll wash the foreign films, everything and but I was really struck by how negative, mostly the were. I was so surprised about the tone. The darkness of so much of the most fetid stuff out there because it, but I think it's it procreate for what we were luxury assure you know, it's just a mind. What address you like? What do you mean by just like? I was that these funds are so negative with spot and I dark negative and dark lead. You watched my car yes and actually really like DR my car right yeah, I took you know. Took getting into cause. The pace is slow, but it's dark, but it's like No, but you have not his dark yeah, that's not what I mean that were not negative, that one, whereas a life of firmness and or a sort of a assertive, since what life is and we have to make peace with it right. I like doing the check off
You know and all my guy with the with the sign language and oh yeah, and then we will rest than we do. We will look back on how we suffered and let it that's like our fate like we all want a we can't have. We want to change the reality and we can't we just can undo what is real ended. So heartbreaking, though, like life, that's why life is so hard because you know, I think, were soon fed with. These happy. Ending you know, if there is a will, there is a way you can dream it. You can do it and then certain things cannot change, no matter what and certain things befall you which are out of the sky that are so hard that you never could have imagined them in a million years and there's nothing you can do about them. You are. You are Disant powdered, you dont have agency sometimes, and that goes against our culture, which always tells us that we can do something about everything, but there is not always something you can do about laws death. You know betrayal, like that change. You can't power structure yeah. Yeah. You know that the world turned
on its head and your people going crazy and becoming racist again and more. Maybe there was war which has done no mandatory. Something happened on stage wife. My word you strike because I was like a disagrees. Nothing there's nothing weakened exists. Game folks do not try to avoid, and then we can cry. I guess Grier Crier Hugger something yeah just yet said. This has been like a weird life lesson: pastures There is the idea. Well, I just didn't see it coming. I feel like we're about to drift into sadness. Came in a heart, yeah we're we're we're ready on. I don't I don't just waiting for each other to cry, but you can do it on purpose. Apparently minor can't control so Wendy. So it looks.
Like when I was looking at some of the movies at you did earlier on your part of that, like New York, crew of of actors and stuff and people. In that time I was definitely in New York and make imperially those guys and which are guided when it is at that guy's Neri. When a year I waited sweet, nothing he's dead. I now brain cancer. but he wake he had a little did yet. There was no casting operation running out of his office as well, and we have remember being at his office for some reason, Megan area some he may have. I mean I think he was the son of somebody who had a lot of money Loca and there may have been a family element to that when, yet, when you start working there, that seem like a pretty vital. We, like your generation anyway, I'm putting you in that. Did you feel that oh yeah, no one and I was working over it, try Becker production chain, resin, thonged, Nero like reading scripts and You know that the Euro is reach our Robert around our huh yeah an end, my daddy. I was friends with them in the area.
he's a good guy right yeah. He gave me one of my first jobs and in business area very note as a reader right at first at interned in and then I got tired, so that was awesome very hard, to Scrubbs. You have to make notes, read them and then you, but a boil down their plot to like, like three words repaid, and then you have to have a paragraph like you, I just consider, or decline, and me, being a non decisive person who doesn't like to destroy people's futures. I always like. Well, it's like a b plus there could be any minus if they just did this and then, if they just develop this further curio horses were low different and they were like Europe You know one day because I'd I'd suggested ones, script and Sarah sitter on to others out of like a whole we'll season of scripts, that I was reading and generous and thought called me into her office and she was a mere an order for you to say, consider this script. is to be worth ten million.
of dollars and two years of my time is up got it got. It did not yeah, ok yeah because I was very bad for the writer is like I just wanted to give them shot and is not the job of anything where did choose anything is not my job like. I can't choose between anything. My kids always trying to make me choose my favorite of something, and I can never choose even my daughter when she sends me picture here to post on in Scotland. Choose your favorites, I dont know they're all cute Mattel. yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I why it's weird ye I my eyes I experienced over there to frustrating I wish I were more decisive, must be so nice to be decisive. I find, in a pinch like em up. If I'm up against the wall, I can make a pretty confident decision. If there's a panic, I can do it so well tried to get myself into much panic us what this. Given that all exactly does everything feels urgent enough to decide immediately so when, as as it evolves so
Why are these we? The big break, is that Woody Allen Movie right. Yes, although the first be egg ways Maybe what stemmons Barcelona has great movie. guys interesting guy. He is here. I mean I don't know what happened to him. He still working year makes long periods time between projects, because there was a couple of those movies that hygiene now- ass, disco together was a toned. Those movies at work, This is a very specific he eventually it was a wisdom and movie yes, and so I got cast a man, and then I got cast by Robert Redford in Quiz show, and that was a huge deal for me as a young actors or how is it working with those directors? Are me, like you? You know you did those like, amongst ok, so that that was like an Indy movie, but then you're in the big time so like working with the witch oh man like what would cause he's like a real tonal guy, how that work Well, I'm a lot freer than he area, and so I think we you know at the time perhaps like, but it had a little bit about my mom
are slightly improvisational stolen. His saying you, Mr Comma Roy, but ultimately You think he was very happy with what I did and We have a lot of mutual respect and fondness for each other. You know so I would work with him again. I think it would be very interesting to do it now world now yeah is used to like the guy. I was thinking of his Christopher with heavy social Britain argument, Agamemnon yeah, he's an intense guy. He is, and with that biting humor yeah airy bite it here and then there's Taylor nickel sooner, but but that was a super experience getting to live in Barcelona and play a catalan girl and with your head for fascinating, so in that and from that, and then I got Woody Allen Movie, but the question I was there. I was working with red fall, amazing, but terrifying because, like he used to do like twenty takes per angle- and I was coming
from India World where we were working with short ends. India, like the last bits of Kansas film, while we were still using right right and you never had time for more than five takes ever and so when we were getting upon. Take eighteen nineteen, twenty I like, oh I'm, screwing up other gonna recast. I can see the casting direct over there there looking at me. They're gonna call the other girl and say we made a mistake. Can you be here to Morrow like that's how I felt and then I can't came home from work and I was despondent and my dad's, like we're sure wrong. Well like after the first area- and I was like dad. I think they're gonna fire me like they did so many times and I felt like he was getting when he wanted and I just felt like, and he said well, look you go in there and you take your best swing at it. just say blanket just say, the F word area. You know What's the worst thing that could happen, you could get fired me. Everybody gets fired at some point their career, but if you don't take a big,
artistic leap ya, like you, take a chance on something you feel strong about. You'll, never do something interesting, you'll, never fly, you might fall in your face, but you'll never fly. If you not take that big leap of current sure- and that was the best advice ever and like just to have. courage of your convictions and really go for it and what's the worst that could happen so oh and I didn't get fired and in it all worked out. You know he did tell me that I had to start like using my hand so much because she was jewish, not italian and and so so tat. He said a train catch your hand, because I would be talking like this and he's a catch. Your fingers catch a catch it what we were terms: wife, yes and catch. Your fingers I did like you'll see, I beg your guy Irving instead of like are so then woody cash you did he do Did you have to audition for listen? I am the first addition: I was told that I was. It was good, but I was too far
way from the character and my ear it's more like the way you know cause like they only handed us the sides like two minutes, before the audition we have nothing about the character, except that she was unfettered and I had no idea I had to ask in the room she was like a call girl did not even know you know right. So so I hadn't come in with that. As the carrot do you know I have for real buddy I want and then than marry. Just like wait. No, you don't understand. She's real chameleon, You gotta see her as this catalan girl no had stolen movie, and then I guess Woody requested to screen imprint of. Barcelona really and then he said, wait a second. This girl has not to do with the girl I met last year for drink the water. This, like not the same person, your hundred water, actions or do they did a revival of don't drink the water? I did college. I point the old man yeah and so is
have her come in again, so I went in in England while I was working on the buccaneers, which was an Edith Wharton miniseries for the BBC, whereas playing another like a four hundred and thirty we in you know I only use to get characters with like vows at the end of their name. At the beginning, my career, I could only play ethnic people, I could never never play just Nondescripts non specifically ethnic people. Wiser your work, a veto because I died my hair blonde- that I dont look it like a room, it's one of the reasons why they want it's weird but like I was not cast a bull like people, people would say weird things like she's to urban urban I grew up in, like suburban New Jersey went to Harvard like what am not urban, unjust, italian half Italian, my mother's english scout Scottish, whilst our german right but
because of my exotic name, eras or Vienna occur because I didn't change it. I emailed shows look in my box people into yet at that point as you actually now now I had play half the roles that I played then because they would be seen as taking them from somebody who write latina sailors nature and have been able to play at least therefore the roles in writing early on, because I was you know ethnically not authentic. We are still at a plague Catalan, because she's european Spanish, anytime. You saw the big deal about, have Barnett even yet we'll tricky you know is the there was a whole controversy that he's span. spanish and as playing Cuban like but it means I dont know their rights as hard, as rightly so, that that was the kind of thing that early in my career, I couldn't play a girl who wasn't either italian. So
finish portuguese puerto Rican, like I couldn't play Joe small girl from middle of America right all change when I called my hair blonde and then I could play anything, and that was why I like I did it for mighty Aphrodite, because the character should should be blonde videos. She was, this sort of you know, did he character, but like a bad blonde layer on even a well done die job you re performance? Did you feel good about the reform I did? I did. I was very nervous about it the whole time, because that was one of those ones where I made that huge leap of faith forms of a big, weird artistic choice that voice like it was a very strange choice and It was even questioned on it. Like several weeks in like five weeks in. I think by her. What are he was. I did think about doing a different voice and I said where and he said? Well, you know like Diane waste. She changed. She played around it, you different voices on bullets, and you know
after doing one for a while, we switch to another one. That was the one we ended up doing in them. We, you know red, you shot everything, it knows it, but we ve already shot for like five weeks, and he said oh I've gotta built into my budget that I can do the entire movie over. I can wreak shoot the entire movie. I have that it my budget ass. I call care and then Our people had been via the naughty cider and fired already seven, that Irish, yes thing and one character had been recast like three times and one on was played by somebody. I really respected and she got fired, but then like so I said so. Do you want me to change it cost I will I just want you to know that if I change the voice shall be at different care but I can do that whatever you want me to do, and he was I, I thought it was like a put on thing like rich little, like you know, impressions and ideas, or no, stand by that this person talks this way. If I do a different
boys she'll be a different person, but I am happy to do that. You want me to do it and he said well. I was just thinking out loud and how sick ok, don't tell me next because you just what the fear of God to me, keep it in your head merging there. You know it so hard to talk about it. Now, because, like I now have a very different opinion of woody than I did then and I blame myself for not investigating further into what happened. Dylan and was it? Was that information out there then I well. There was the whole custody battle and there it was in the press. It was pre mighty Aphrodite, but everyone in the way that the press had kind of skewed. It was that this was. Addictive, possibly drummed up as a reason to punish him for leaving her for Sunni ran just the fact that he was with some ye should have been enough rear. It should have been enough for everybody to be like a daughter. Why you know, but I
have become since friends with Dylan and she's an amazing person- and I have no doubt in my mind that she's telling the truth so so really kind of in a certain way, ruins Where is mighty Aphrodite for me, ruins my Oscar performance ruins that, like start of my career, because I I treasured it for years and then it's like, I should have denounced him, and I should have known it. Then I didn't know it then, but I didn't look deep enough to actually educate myself to really make a real educated opinion at the time. It's not excuse I should have, and so I wrote a public apology letter to Dylan Vero dinner. On woody and sang and home. If we have to kill all the old God so be it, you know like just because he was, as does he was just because I grew reading his books and performing his place in my high school and just idolizing him. Doesn't mean he's not a terrible person who heard his daughter who heard a child, and there is no forgiveness for that were so, but it really takes it sure
it's so crazy that so much of my early career is tainted by that man and by Heavy Weinstein's, like just just really it sort of breath came those two. It's a movie right, but I did for movies with hearty baby s, but that was that was the movie on which Harvey started. Paying attention to me and making predatory moves on me near it was during the press for Might Aphrodite had already made to other movies with him right. Nothing, nothing! No, but he didn't really take notice of me and others which movies beautiful girls, and I asked smart. I, however, focus was a blue in the face for your yes, yes and then later I did mimic with his brother, which is a whole other story, very well. You worked with datura ran monitoring yeah, that was amazing, but they fired gamma in the middle of it, and I got him rehired. I really
yes because they they hadn't consulted with me in my agents in my lawyers and who the hell I was going to direct a movie or labour. and off from within my go as swedish producer, who is on it, was gonna take over, which is actually against the director skilled Rosa. So like I, ask your more. Do you want to keep doing this and he Said yes, and I said ok well then I work in a fight it sent my lawyers and my agents came in and they were like look in. Follow the contract. You risk To give me a list of twelve other directors, give her twenty four hours to like over the list. If you were gonna greet you don't do it and then Harvey said to Burma come down and re cut the the assembled cut rear. look if you eleven hours, so it came in Europe has an editor had been putting together. They weren't happy with what they were getting on. He was over over budget or overtime rider. He went fluting York, Creek cut it an Harvey said to Bob.
Of this is fantastic. I don't know what you're, who what your problem is he's back on so gamma has told me that if I had not done that, he would not have a career, warlike, causality, being fired, from your first big movie is is a huge thing that was his first big movie so products but regret you got your careers, yes, but my career, you screwed up, because I really wanted to sleep with me and I wouldn't, and so our that's what it's like you so terrible, because you know you can see where you know after the Oscar. You did a few big movies and they were good and you know you'll lose any money or anything and everyone you're doing your job and it was great and then just blew just dropped off. Exile dropped off the face of the earth, yes couldn't what did not work in a studio movie for twenty years. Twenty years from thirty to fifty,
that's really or thirty two to fifty two. I don't know, but initially you didn't know you were being exempt or blackball. Now just was bad luck or just not going my way just each time off, came down to the last few, but no no, they want they want to go different where they don't get it what they told you sure yeah I mean I would. I would even go up for a bunch of things, audition, the a for bunch things all the time. It's also weird you know not we're but terrible, but like outside of finding out, which you eventually did yes, anyway, we label, even like the even if I could say the day you the excuse: waste she's difficult. That was the code right out the cold yet, but you have there's no, of course, though, I had made three movies with him and was never difficult. You see, and then, as soon as I rejected him sexually. All of a sudden, I was difficult enough, so right, no ones that I was difficult. What it means I was difficult, spike maidens have is difficult: but all of a sudden he told
Lord of the rings, people that I was difficult. They were gonna cost me and when I producing them he was initially and then he They moved on to two new line, but the well already been poisoned and Peter Jackson was, like, oh Harvey, said, she's difficult. So I'm not gonna castor, even though He had moved over to him and he wrote me a huge apology letter after it came out the whole me too stuff, Peter Jacks, and his wife wrote me this gigantic beautiful apology letter about how they had been all set to cast me and they, did not do their due diligence and they realise that the only source they had, this information from noise Harvey and they are profoundly sorry and that they should have asked me and that they would whatever they could to help me if I needed it suffer cancer and then the next day, Terry's wipe off called me and made the same. Call bad Santa said that, like her who is considering casting me and then they would hang up on him when he brought up my name and like those are just to that, have admitted it, but that
bad reputation thing like it. It's so pervasive. You know, like gherkins, the relatively small business right, and if you know, if Harvey's out there telling everybody don't work with mere sir Vena she's really difficult. I went on to a blacklist, there was a blacklist that I was on for you There is an years and years and years in the studio system you all I could do was indies. I did indeed I did television and I wasn't willing on that could be seen as my but I wasn't willing to leave my children for like a full time network. You know procedural, that would make me away from them all the time when they were really little here. So I could have had more success on tv than I did had I been willing to take those jobs that would have meant me, please. He sacrificing my motherhood, but I would have made a lot of money during its like a double whammy, you were getting, you know, slandered an maligned and and put on a black lace, and also you even if you
were difficult that doesn't stop that people from giving men parts right, but I wasn't that China by, but then, on top of that you had a family which is another weird strike against women in this business right. Well, I also lost it that several several parts of the years from being pregnant is soon they fight you're pregnant. They took they offer a way because they, just oh well, it just doesn't work press. You know, romantically the characters Hackney sexual and you'll, be like eight months at that point next year or you know, but like it's a thing where you can't tell people that you're pregnant before You get the job here because there supposed to be able to fire you after the fact. But if they know beforehand, they just will find a reason not to hire you because insurance wise it's hard for them to. But you know, factors obviously to visual medium. So if he married at work in the second half the pregnancy here I mean I've made several projects pregnant it just it was in the first trimester right, it's fine! Look! I'm not here to complain! May I, like I, just dead
you guys, who said life is hard. I just Didn'T- I just didn't know this in a certain way knowing it was happening, is better like I. I just ended up making peace with the fact. I guess It just wasn't meant to be that I was going to continue at that high level career that I hadn't beginning as just wasn't meant to be not unite characteristic got was the what were? You get yourself then yes and I was so happy with my family, and I got my activism that I do with the United Nations in our human trafficking, and so I can altogether really meaningful life for myself that I loved and I still got to act it just wasn't it that high visibility level, when I found out that Harvey had done that. That put me in but tailspin, because everything I had told myself. First, seventeen years here was oh wow it wasn't just feed it wasn't just it wasn't my night kid there was an does malevolent hand blocking
my career completely thwarting my ability to live out my dreams and to engage. My talent, as I do have my own unique talent, I'm a of a strange actor. A thing like I have interesting, characters that I come up with it and I love doing it and I think I can be moving and again can be funny They have my own gifts to give the world at you and he took that ability to give that away and that is so like when people think of sexual harassment is not being that big of a deal, It is literally life shattering liked it twenty years of my life and my given clear when I was an Oscar winner man, I had a golden globe. I had Emmy nominations. I had other golden low nominations, all of a sudden just gone on off off the land ass gods to because of a bad man that I would not sleep with and he tried three different times and the third time and was right before the Lord of the rings thing. So you know I just I just that
something that people really need to understand that harassment is not a small a thing in a leisurely how it took a way took away my livelihood, my Billy, to feed my kids and my ability to practise what I love of two like fulfil my own personal destiny. Like I was meant to be an actress. I'm good Let me name has proven that I was good at it and to be able to do that, to me, imagine someone with less power in a smaller industry where they don't have any notoriety, they don't have any Oscar men, he's trying to gather, and some man is like. If you don't sleep with me, I'm going to destroy you, I'm going to get you, so no other company will hire you, I'm going to say that you did. There's somebody like it is so evil. It is one of the most evil abuses of power. That's out there, it's his oldest time. You know so I mean I am. I am proud to have been
of this generation that that stood up in an and started to raise our voices together and make some Let us change change legislation changed public opinions, but It was very hard for the first like year and a half after learning that, like I, was in a bit of a tailspin as I like. Oh my god, my life wasn't just certain happening it. had been driven into that having enforced until that point, like you, I just watch that will cause me doc that EU the documentary you know we need talk back cause being in talking about survivors that its it some eight seems like when there's this many that everyone's isolated in their own experience until somebody YO says like that happened to you to night. Yeah now did that open right when he found out. How did you have to sit alone with this? told everyone that I knew we are when he had first started making those advancing others, because our physical, it wasn't just it, wasn't like without Judd where he just said,
you know. You know they. They talks about the possibility in arriving at a fair growth he did stuff today. And I. so. I told my agents, I told my best friends, I told my published. It's my managers, no one was like. Oh that's illegal, you should go to the police or you should have a lawsuit against him or you should go to each are like no one was like. You have a case that they were all sort of like. Oh you know, you know just Tran. Let it roll off your back kind of like systemic apologists here as ways. Italy, everybody knew it about him already, but I didn't know how extensive. It was. I met one other person a year later when I was doing publicity for the buccaneers who told me a similar story. That was it. many years and then I started seeing in the late odds. They were article supposedly brewing that they were going to him and then they got squashed. And I was a car you
people are starting to Novia or like Fabrizio his pampering ITALY. In always liked. You know there were rumours like stuff wisdom, to come up and he was so powerful. He would squash area. I had no idea, there were so many of us. I had no idea that was it was sort of stunning like, and you know that they always want. Blood but like I went on some New York talk, show in a at that time and they Surprise me with a wall of images of like the ninety eight women that had come out so far, and they didn't tell me they're going to do it and just seeing the profound interfaces, and I just started crying like I god like it. It was so overwhelming and I have to say some of the most lovely people I've ever met. I've met through the six IRAN's unlike gracious, incredible women and most of them had their complete careers completely flattened like camp
work in the industry, anymore, dont, work in the industry and a more do something completely different. They were all actors and now they're not you know, one of them was screenwriter, but also not working in the industry anymore, like everybody had to leave, so I am actually one of the very very few lucky ones who did continued to work at a low level and now is finally being admitted back into those Howard halls of good material like and with with high level people like Can't tell you how much it means to be to be on the set of shining veil or something like Hollywood or impeachment, with Ryan Murphy like working with these brilliant people in every parliament, all the other actors, the directors I feel like I'm, so happy like I get to do my thing with people who are so terrific and the atmosphere is so positive and professional, and it's not like making some. tiny Indy were
first time. Everybody and there's no commitment to quality mean. Sometimes there isn't sometimes arisen like there's that just run and gun like we don't have the time we have the money, we're not going to do it right in here. Every things about doing it beautiful, amazing and creative, and an like why so happy like I'm literally like like joyful here and make working with people like Jeff asked is the best show runner the most loving person and so funny on shining veil and the fact that he was like. Oh you sing you dance. Ok, I'm gonna write that in four you what's he like, which he me and capture you know, but it's like I d pinch myself, because I was locked out of this situation for many many many years and like to see my name on a poster like courtyard script, here mirrors ravine out like it's like? I mean I mean that conversation again like where I'm one of the leads that you think you can hang it on a real on my name like it so
surprising to me and- and I think I am- I farmer humble now. I think, and also I get everything on the table like you know, culture is shifting. Things have changed the you know, it's it's transparent now! Well, who you are and what you came from the stigma of either of of the stigma of having Harvey ruining your career or the stigma. Having talked is behind you yeah and an end. Because both of those seem to be some is problematic I mean. I was very, very, very fortunate that speaking out did not end up for their worsening my career. Actually, strangely, I think people gave me up. Fresh look because they're like oh, what is the reason that we never consider her, maybe we should consider her. Maybe it was all a pig spewing lies and strain people's lives at well, because that's what he did Maybe there's nothing wrong with me. I let let's, let's give her an Irish. No
Anne and those people who took those chances on me. Those first chances, like I mean, start up have you seen issue start up. It was on crackle, but it finally got. Discovered by the world when it went on to Netflix, and then it got to like number three in the whole world like an and I'm only in season three, but like those we'll take a chance on me. They need to do that, and that was right in two thousand a teen right after the meeting stuff stupor. That was my first, and only studio movie that I have done in twenty years. Ok said I was right right after that, now and then Rhine Mirth The casting me in Hollywood in a sort of life Imitating life part of it, aging actor, the has been serve unfairly, kept down by a relationship with the studio had, although hers is consensual, not right, but there's still this imbalance of power, but there's this scene. I don't know if you ve, seen Hollywood but there's a scene where I'm with her on Taylor and petty upon in the commissary and telling me that they're going to
give me this, like really MIDI Part- and my characteristic- like be movies forever and and starts to cry with gratitude like that, I'm so for that. You see me and when I came along doing- and it was so Mehta you know is so does like. While this is me, banking, Ryan Murphy, for seeing me and knowing what I might be capable of doing anyone- and it was super moving for me, but also very vulnerable- NATO's like well, everybody watching. This is gonna, think about how this Late to mirror certainly no knows this character and our those tears were those like what I mean you are able to draw fear mediates at you. I am not, of course, have its interest in having to hope TAT trying to keep him in here. Rather than having to bring a mob prevent. There is no. There is no intention, Amity Lechner. I know you gotta criteria, it was just You know so I don't know if I'm in this new phase were you ungrateful I am aware that it could go away at any time
but you're getting a do it, I'm getting to do it and getting to do what I love and what I think I was born for and so that really special I'm glad yeah You know our mouth like a more emotional, I'm happy for you think here and it was there with great talking to you and this shows very entertaining, and it seems like the other things going on, commit, make movies a year. They, while I have all these indies at a keep doing, and they keep turning out surprisingly well, I did Medical ISA, mountains, which is out right now with Tom scare it in his first leading role in always all arrived, who directive as Jade Shiro, who I know her shoes. I guess she sure I know her. She was friends with
with my girlfriend who pass away with with wooden Sheldon. How was it's? It's terrific and it's it's the only way they have ever been in that as a hundred per cent on run rotten tomatoes gets its certified fresh, a hundred per cent. Oh my country, not one single negative review and your bad ever watch. What's, ok and in it it's like settled down, you know on Mondays, cold knights and watch it, and he gives such a great performance, and you know by his daughter? And you know I don't have a very big part, but it's still emotionally important to the story, he so wonderful and to think that a man of his stature in his talent never who is the linchpin of a movie before like himself and he all year round know of your weighty data. You know so so He finally, you know has is beautiful. Day in the sun is really wonderful and had so many accolades. It was too small a movie. I think, to really get into academy consideration, even though we tried, but he did get we know nominated and honored by other. You know awards and festivals said
that's so outright now and then a movie. Today's opening called butter which acts It is also really terrific, its directed by Paul Kaufman. a very strange bird in that it's about a supercilious topic, and yet it's a comedy. So it's it's about a boy a teenage boy who is like morbidly obese, really really really heavy like foreigner pounds who Has this kind of Sierra Leone a burger act. Cat fishing crush on this girl in his school and he pretends to be somebody else online. Meanwhile, he's being bullied really really heavily and if it causes butter because they tried to force him to eat like a stick of butter, and so he decides that he's going to. commit suicide online. On New year's eve by eating himself to death. It's called butters final meal is that he is on line plan an odd because of any becomes popular like all the cool kid
like they can't even believe it is doing this and they like at first as a joke, start hanging out with them, and then they end up actually really liking him an assertive about, bullying, and it's about body shaming and it's about suicide prevention. But it's a comedy and somehow it works ordinary boy I play his more nowhere at his mom is very like she's. Slick. She stuck kind of India's antiquated version of what a mom and a wife should be in very feminine and always kind of babying him kind of infantilism him, and she makes him like Smiley, face pancakes. Yeah sure it was kind of forcing food on him like food is love, even though he's got such a problem and dangerous problem here and as this or he goes along. She really shifts and starts to understand how she can be there for him in a much healthier way in its very beautiful it's really mean it, sleep weaves together, like comedy, and certain teenage intrigue and then is real heart felt growth
and in Nepal, cabin really wanted to do a movie that would can have influence the national dialogue about suicide prevented and teens, and our body shaming in line bullying and management consider it yet today I saw it's gotten really wonderful review. So that's another one of these small movies that you do because you love and then some of them turn out really great like every day, and this is one of those ones as revision back haha, yes busy and back, and I really love Rosemary my character and shiny villain, and you won't have seen that much of her. Yet if you ve only seen the first few episodes but as the season goes on, she becomes really crucial in it and she's a very. a strange person because she's like is the dream of The former dead person like Rosemary, was a real person. The fifties housewife very repress kind of abuse by her husband, just without hope.
but she dreams of living like a like a movie siren. So when you meet the ghost of Rosemary she's, fabulous suggest one parties, it lets. Trinkets dances go to Paris, but there is also an evil side. Turkish she's, a ghost in Kosovo sure but like what was your perception of a character, was at the back story with was it the divisive the dream of that person you're. I I think it's sort of mine answered in writing, but definitely took her on this fifties. Silver screen Lake Jack to re she's, always in fifty clothes and she's from the fifties. Her, like, I dont, have her talk like a modern person she's like she's living her best life as she imagined life was supposed to be while she was alive and miserable, but she's I have a combination. She's, the real rose varies in it. The dead whereas in their visa. Then there is the Spirit rosemary who is a much older entity, but also has hopes and dreams and then There is also some. You know, like the score
We and eventually she's gonna stay outta she's in our Spirit and a house hides Ngos yeah those things that happen not only says you angry, she does exist in her nature. To dress to cause, may have led us to cause disruption for gross responsibility and when they had to help he has come to an end, and you know the whole show is full of tipps of the hat to other famous horror movies, and you know, like rosemary baby, the shining nightmare and ELM street Tina, he's gonna watch the thing now: you'll love it, it's really fun. I fine thanks for talking to me, sir. You feel good do I do, Ok, ok, ok, he's. Ok, the shows fun and with great talk to her, but it was like it was, The show she's on its shining veil stars from years this Sunday March, six and
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Bomer lives, monkey the a cat angels everywhere. Yeah
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