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Episode 1313 - Keith Richards

2022-03-14 | 🔗

It’s been almost seven years since Marc smoked a cigarette with Keith Richards in a radio studio in New York City. Since then, Keith gave up smoking, continued to tour with the Rolling Stones, released multiple new albums including a blues record, and is now re-issuing his solo album Main Offender. Marc and Keith catch up on all of that and also talk about the passing of Keith’s friend and bandmate Charlie Watts. Also, Marc revisits his full conversation with Keith from 2015.

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In bus down peacocks new original comedy series for friends working at a midwestern casino are aspiring to be mostly where they are created by installing Jack night Langston Carmen SAM J and Chris Red Bust out is inspired by the crews real. I friendship the reserve doesn't irreverent, offbeat, unpredictable swirl of high jinx, an absurdity in a moment where everyone has something to say the four friends relish saying not much of anything or, alternatively, the dumbest thing possible bus down a streaming now only on peacock right, ok, Let's do the show all right. Let's do this. How are you at the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the FUCK Nics, what the fuck, good, Alex how's it going and tired. Can you hear the tired I'm tired? I've been out I've been out doing it
I do in the road on my own, live in the life lotta reflecting but was a great weak away. It was almost a week what days today Monday for left, I left Tuesday. It was it was real deal, man drive into one nighters. Just one The old days but great shows before I tell you about that, let's let set this up, but set it up. either it yours is on the Sheraton. Now I talk to Hamas. Week on zoom bright fifteen twenty minutes loved it. It was great break, really thought going into that talk that I would be less of a family than I was in two thousand and fifteen, which I just was. I was beside myself really honest. Beside myself, like almost out of body experience, it turns, out, none of that is changed What right when I got a museum, and I saw my just lit up it was just too. I think I think I do
I kept my shit together. A little bit was like, I think, busted balls at all, but just a little skill couple laughs couple adds at old keepers. But that we decided that why not just run that one from two thousand fifteen to so. What we're gonna do is we're gonna. Do the new one and then we're gonna run the older because many of you haven't heard that even if you have heard it you for I wanted was to again that's what I'm to say. Sorry. My speeches word I'm tired, and I think I may have a tumor my head, so that's happening. Keith is happening big Keith Day today but what a weak man I did all the road things did the shows. I did the shame. I did it. I did the road things. RO four miles hours I flew into New York rented a card Tuesday night drove the new. You ve been checked into the hotel Ike eleven at night, up in the morning. Coffee up went down. Street to the Yale Gallery of ART spent some time
Roth goes in some other paintings that I met up with their friend a minor dean val cone. Who was a pizza guide music? I so we went native Pepys P So with him he had a crew people there, some guy The bagel place a cousin who wrote a book about pizza, we gotta sallies the last time Pepys we sat there. We ate like ninety pizzas acclaim. pizza, white pizza, sausage, pizza, margarita pizza, a kind of pizza than the other thing all pizza. Just it was I I don't think I've ever be able to repeat again so that night, with a belly pizza and italian pastry. I did a show. Newhaven a college, St Louis Great Great show was the first one that since New York right I'm just an I'm, not doing openers? and I did it New haven. It was great. I must die thing done like I did like an hour in thirty five. Everyone was happy. Great show great venue, good people to work with nice,
its saw brine Jones. The potter up there that crash out in New Haven get up the next day. And I got a drive to try New York now try York. I've been to I've been to all these places actually, except for Laconia New Hampshire, that point the hall in once before every time I go to try it such a it's a beautiful old city same with Albany. There's part me like I want, and I want to move here. These are cool or buildings, but then what What happens then. I just become the guy was isn't didn't it. Mark marriage, wise you. If you're now, I don't know I thought this was. did you get here and then he never left it's kind of weird. We are happy to have met first, but now he just kind of kind of moves. Round from coffee shop to coffee shop. Talking to himself we checked, he's not talking, he doesn't have your pardon, but by actually did see in all comic their Ross Bennet who actually does with up enjoy with another. Who, I think out of their married obligations, are none the less them. because a magic place it was built in it thousand eight hundreds does Iraq for a top hat the reach chair this shawl
we shelf not shall for what would you call it the tower like a shawl rack on the back of a chair, its wild, it's every timeless, we should do esteem, punk show their of some kind. But I've been before it was magic. Then there's perfect acoustics in the place, and I think I did like an hour and forty may be our forty five. I don't know, but it was a great show lot new things happened. Every show is different. Every show was just me, and then eight and a voice aid it night hawks cause the guy who owns a play, she told me to come. It was good and then the next day I got early and I drove from Troy to Laconia New Hampshire by stopped Mass mocha first, which is that massive Museum of contemporary art out their North Adams. Amazing them. smoke as its huge base, its many different industrial buildings that have been made into this museum. So a lot, the art there are installations, things at only happen there and only happen for a period of time,
theres many them. I can't name all of them, but they're all kind of mine boiling and what is spectacularly, it is spent by two or three hours should boom. I might I did realises that art doesn't the fuck about you? You ve got to go out and get it you ve gotta go get the. Are you ve gotta go get it I didn't even know widen, realises when I did it a painter for years. It's an insulated world and their planes back of the room a lot of times their own. concerned about themselves and about me how it's going to be received by critics and by people in the art world. So you You gotta realise that you have to that. There is a certain language to it all but TAT just gotta, let it go in there and when as I say, punch in the brain, and if it's good it I'll stay punched in mine got punched the fuck out at me. I mocha. So then I continue on. I weep mass mocha, Nagorno Acone Duncan D. It's all the way every day Duncan doughnuts coffee jacked out of my mind, and I party to spiral on the way.
who accompany it, because at the beginning, if my career, I did one nighters, that's how I learned how to do comedy. I've all over the New England area, whether was a new Hampshire, Vermont main of stay New York, Mass Western Mass Rhode Island there. Just need never Connecticut, there were just gigs, one nighters that you would go do and they were always because the time in my life. And what I was trying to do? They were always pretty. horrendous away, always a terrible justice neurotic angry jewish guy running around to these pub bowling, alleys and- and motel in hotel ball rooms in an just reg. who are bars and dance clubs that had comedy nights learning how did you comedy? so it was weird as I was driving around the interstates and rural highways in doing when to these gigs theatres? they became sort of the neural pathways, leading back to the trauma that too
experience starting out in this business and as got closer Laconia and the more Barnes I drove past, I started but a flashback and and spiral into that plays Roma, disconnect suck how the fuck is this going to be good? How many bar Am I going to drive by? I mean that I was enjoying the Barnes in moments, but I would also like where the fuck am I going even text agent? I guess what the fuck kind of gives his words. We that I did when in the weight eighties, when, I started doing gigs, I was doing I'd, come full circle, but this not connected anything. It was real fear and anxiety from the old mark from the old days and I had a real it in man- it was wild as it were as full circle. I was driving the one nighters. I was staying it of Taos, which you I didn't do back in the day, but I got a colony. Is beautiful little redone theatre, the colonial. The danish they just opened a debate,
few comedy shows there. I think Jimmy Norton was there and I think Whitney's go in there and with great again there's three rest. Once in the town and the out of couple, if he shouted, there's a record for with a bar, but but they die it's a great everyone's excited. What if you haven't been out since covert? I think I did like an hour, forty sunlight, that their our forty five and I enjoyed it, but I was I knew there was going to be a snowstorm in Vermont, and I start to panic. I wouldn't get out of her mind on Sunday. I knew that was going to supposed to snow all day Saturday, so I got up at six in the morning after Laconia and I drove to go head of the storm I did it was raining bright by the town, at the interstate adjust started snowing and then it Are you coming down harder and then it was like really kind of blizzard, and then the road got snake I haven't seen snow in years. Eighty live in snow all the time years and years of snow and ice. it was annoying, but I always liked it bans, you didn't years was very exciting. To drive in the snow had rented suv, so I could pull it off by the time I got do I Burlington it was like there is like a lot of
fuckin snow on the ground. They, let me check into the hotel early, I saw some friends and I ate with a pal act, Hence the woods. Maize Restaurants lodging through the snow in boots at weren't career, for the snow trying not to slip and break a hip, but the winds? better. I guess I got about six hundred people in there or so and I like almost two hours, our and fifty minutes ripping, doing the idea that the straight, how many stuff doing performance stuff. I know it night than I did the solo thing without an open or felt like I was doing a play. It was amazing All the audiences were great on the way site therein Burlington some kid says you remind me of my father, but I like him I'd, like you have already said, all the people were great. I did payload tribute. I think it might have been in Laconia
because it was on my mind, the spiralling out from the old days tat I do, what a memorial will eulogy for Teddy Bourgeois, who is a Boston comic? that was around when I was working there. When I started out a real character, he was really kind of a mythic guy, he was the first out of Boston to do Letterman in Carson, and you had a big. future ahead of him, but he also had terror alcoholism within him and he was coming. We a battle with that and with himself and with success but he always had swagger, no matter how perfect, the good guys Teddy always had swagger and he had great jokes, great jokes. said if I listen to now still hilarious, dark jokes about himself about his father, beautifully crafted he didn't have? I don't know how much he wrote really and I dont homage how much you worked. I cuz. I wasn't around but we did alive w e f at the Wilbur, and I had a fine somebody that find him. Somebody had to tell me,
I had call another teddy, who was his cousin teddy to get the other caddy and I didn't know if Teddy Bourgeois was gonna show up at the Wilbur. This was like in two thousand and thirteen alive when we do live ones there's bunch other, Boston, comics, on the panel, and oh Teddy shows up with his ever red hair and he's weren't sweats and he's antsy he's right. Guy, simply you Grady goes yes, I'm great yeah, just riff with your mark MIKE. Ok, that's good! Now get out there and its, Eddies, turning any fucking killed now sit, might next room watching it happen and it was glorious. It was great. It was a great experience to watch teddy Kill with that old act that good act. Those dark, ass, jokes for a crowded, didn't know who he was, and it was this term. It was really a beautiful thing. Really was a beautiful thing.
Right now is my pleasure to bring on a guy. That is legendary is one the funniest fucking guys that ever lived? I haven't seen him in about twenty years. I didn't know he was still alive or heave. It would make it even. why you see this guy wandering around town will we were both drugs which Europe in a moment ago look the marinated. Man The marinated man is here. teddy version. On and gentlemen, you George Orwell, I'm doing write Teddy terrific boss yeah. I love last year. Are you sure?
everybody loves blog, absolutely ten, only like on the road or be working in Texas yard. A message from Boston is always someone a really item, Boston tell and unlike really, what part main working so glad to see. you it's good to see you gonna. Let you do you. What we believe is also surprised as if we look at the energy bringing yeah yeah percentage is important. To know that I am ready and lie. Ideas like this would have been well. It's
negative area right back a bloody fight with it happens. To me, I see a woman positively. She wants me here that the negative energy company avoided. Beautiful woman like her well with somebody like you that the positive return, maybe she's a nay because they gave energy spoke of a comedy or that the energetic peertopeer they play the other side. I would disappear. a Broadway yeah, there's always some guy. I don't want anybody up. Fine right, right, ok, yeah! Now the kids are excited enduringly. I can you sure about Blue above the ground and all the kids, like all look at fly, look at a flat, Mozilla Jack about a deep voice. Why Why was and why Why
Why Would you like to be? How would you like to be an olympic performer? They perform in front of those those guys it never work. Causes little negative of critical gear. You wanna get diver and he's off. The board and impacts of pseudo doubles somersault we spent at left and right upside down triple cap? It led the water like, while in the air that's the shine guides. They see. I am its moderate? You would do. I got up for their work and gray eyes right that I had a track. You down, you not easier. They have websites and phones. Now, actually I gotta
tat night. I talked to the dog that me Africa. You know what I mean. I can't believe this I remember used to talk about your father over while he had they had no p was a negative guy to no pay than me. Ok, all right glad about Christmas morning. What appetite for kids that by new toy I'd run a classroom show what it daddy and its violent say. Let's say you bastard, I got off freaked out and dropped at you, no matter what The dinner table and ask for a glass of milk gas eastern that's my little regains obviated a play by play over the edge a lot of fun at five. All data fail going backwards. My son, what drop dead
son of a bridge he's gotta pick and arrive at, but I gotta talk to you later. Amy it it's a good stuff. You ever you ever with your horoscope, my all thy heart, lung cancer and the kids. That's How can you look at the other one in Europe where we take a vacation deserve your year? Europe sagittarius you ve worked hard. You know you should do. It lacks a good thing to happen for cancer. By I've done glacier Moldova barrel and pull the trigger you have your friend, many birds are laid out in those beautiful. You feel good. I had thought I love it. I love those jokes. I still laugh at those jokes rest in peace Teddy Bear
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its unreleased live recordings and eighty eight page book, guitar, picks stickers and more, and you can order that one at Keith Richards Dotcom. That's when I got fucking beautiful and here's the deal, to this talk, though, when I just did last week we're going to go out and play the full two thousand and fifteen interview I had with Keith in New York City. Now that was a I. Couldn't I was beside myself. I was literally almost out my body with excitement and just joy. to sit with one of my heroes? And I thought you in the last six years seven years? That maybe I got my shit together. I grant and myself a little bit. I could be a little more professional but you're here going into this interview. I did last week. That was not the case. Equal he's excited only this time. I think I busted his balls a little bit. I did try and get get some laughs, nothing more fun. Jamaican. Making heave Richards laugh, there's feeling more fun. but it's pretty great, it's pretty great,
So this is me talking to keep Richard last week on Zoo Are you mad? sign. Are you been man? It's good? I haven't talked to you in awhile. You remember, I got talked to you a few years ago: I do I do remember. Then there we have ensured that we share a cigarette exactly years it and we were at the NPR studios in their offer. Economic as we were smoking give did you? Did you really for real scupper liaison my god, they d feel bad guy feel better right. Actually, I didn't notice anything men and so and so I started rehearsing for the stones tour and they are now When I started working, I realize I had a lot more air in the lungs and avoid more stamina, yeah yeah.
it ain't always crack jobs away. You know why not smoking here the alternative man in a church where you want to try and stay on this side of the grass for as long as possible. Yeah. I work another. Why I'm sorry about your friend man, I'm sorry about Charlie, it's terrible man that was of no, yeah. What a guy here? How do you deal with Dad did you got away? You ve lost a lot of friends lately, just kind of just deal with it. gee. I don't deals review and away they No wonder that was the guys. You know get cropping up in your loosely spectrum, rather Cutler Jasmine Charlene on India, nice. So you get a lot of people who bring memories.
I you know I saw you guys in flowered. I think the last american show O nanny yeah in vain for Lahti yeah I was there. I visited my mother in France. p. I talked to France and, like I want to go, see the guys and I went. With my brother was fucking great. Now I got ask you question, though, so oh, you know, you're going to midnight, Rambler Nineveh, son in less I'm hallucinating you went into Hell hounds on. My trail is a right that we are due to its true bill, rubber Johnson in there and make an I've been fiddling around, but that justice save it out, you know I couldn't believe it. I would. I was out of my mind I couldn't, but I was the best thing because I me I wait for midnight Rambo every time. I see you guys who knows you doing hell hounds on my train, unlike what the fuck is happening? This grand little. There is always a left sort of its being go in that way. Lately you know- and you guys just come up with that yourself when you were rehearse in it,
I think one Johnny rigid Nick said something about how nor my trial on. I played the leg majorities around man, that fits really nice and I was so good a you play that. Will you put the cable on this frightened, just a regular tuning, regular Sunni, seven through the air. I figured out how to play a finally got a couple. Another question for yoga, doesn't check the area where you see this, Where can I can I have that had one you'll never got around the corner. If you like, where those you get me beneath your eye, gentlemen, my daughter's might get them off of on line somewhere Mass liner somewhere out their ears. the thing I gotta see this thing. That's a french photo show by that Dominique
target on a year is a friend of mine and by when we look at an ex right. Why? I don't know where I saw it or somebody sent to me by got the book you the gallery and its. Family album for God's sakes of age that should be called parenting with Keith Richards. So many pictures you and Marlon on the boat hanging around and they knew in the basement playing guitar. At these men. Were you remember. Rule very well to clearly as the wrong people. rough down there in the summer landed no better, but it was worth. Oh yeah. I definitely think so so look and this this three, this record of main offender. Ivy listen do it. They sent me the box beautiful man, Beautiful box and not like I'm, not a big, collector guy, but all the picture.
there's a great, and I also like you, get the photos and in no handwritten lyrics and in the drawings, Everything is just beautiful and it sounds great now Who decides to do this? To someone come up to you and say it's time to do this, or do you say, let's rock, and do this that Jane rose, my manager, Congo, as is the they do. They want reassure and we got involved with really really gate great search box at designers and surf. Meanwhile, man, it's like an hour book. What what I'd I observed me about this main offender one is that they do so. Life show strong men from London, which is spreading out no, that was red recorded that promise me, you didn't know they had the machine on some guy. I probably just forgot what
there's a lot of that around where there's just all these tapes of bans in that, unlike who the hell knew that they that they recorded this but I get someone whips it I mean recorded. Our cells is myself that forgotten that we down that goes out right after that I wasn't stones with back into full, tell how fur was every launch yeah, within the line upon. The wives shows that the same line up as our main offender on the live on the base, your unchanged Jerome stressed here, has because I'm gonna wherever anyway there's one band Otherwise, all the same people Bobby Geese, IVO, nobody now. You know looking at it like I've listened to words of wonder like four times I mean you really saying the shit outta that thing, and that was it seems like that it's been a while, since you done a reggae song distinguishing reggae now
I do I listen they'll classic reggae glad you're going to live there. I just got back from Jamaica better than I incline reggae down there anymore what's going on down there now, man, usually just about in the usual found rap, but oh yeah, yeah hip hop. Ethiopia was it's weird I think I have that that box at the early I mean you know who put it out that wingless Angels Box set where it sounds like you got your in a cave with a budget to its, So what Was it like playing with Steve on the tour I mean you guys said about nice things about Charlie, but what's a dynamic in terms of how he plays different and Charlie stay very. Can a man made a complete right, Watts, region, the same song. He was trying to do, make somehow Charlie how things and then
that's right in his own doing. At the same time, any He's a master meadow mouse is flooded in immediately that Thou Bastard responded the acid rain over there simple mind you. We have been doing a lot. We all know each other. He sees no stranger to the stones and so but it's loaded in as I wish our money. Hopefully you got in here right yeah. It sounded good, maybe I'm good energies, but feel considering the circumstances with the comb and another great oh yeah, yeah with great yeah, far too late and give a fuck about covered. It seemed surprised not to you guys got covered in Florida. It did you You manage not to get it there. Careful memories run a China very pro
try ship Bruno under circumstances like that that neither our whole crew, nobody, everybody burn. You know, That's how you get through these things, otherwise, bomb, Ria anything I'm pretty good are the last time I talk to you, thousand fifteen and I'm not gonna. Take any credit anything, but but I mentioned that you really need to do a blues record and you know within a year you did a blues record right. I mean I'm not going to think that I had anything to do with that. But you can tell me getting caught black widows? You when you were talking about it, I don't know. I thought it was over a of time. You know that one thousand five hundred and sixteen I gotta tell you man. I got tired of hearing the same. That's what I was saying. It's a great, Fuckin record Keith. It's a fuckin right here is the stuff you know, as is our United man alone, because you,
it's amazing about it is true- and you know this right so like really anyone can play blues you I'd. I sit here and play him right, but that's what you I came from and that's what you aspire to so the to do it like, whatever it is, fifty years later, to do a record that could have been the song list of your first record and judgment that that the way you guys own, that music and its uniquely the stone playing booze. It's like it's such a gift. El, thank you sure I loved it. I was into it all the time and I like I, and I tell people about it and why cause some for some reason, I'm, like you, don't know. but boom lonesome like I got it, I got to spread the word that you I made a fuckin booze record. That is just because you're blows band less outside are. You do another one another whose record
You cannot just like that doing. So, I'm not captain, not not it out, so It could happen by Saddam Hussein. We are planning one right now, but Drakos than a studio when everybody led dead period and somebody picks up a starts plan that stuff here and the boy. You know your car no. I mean you know I just I just love it. Man and I just like who sit dawn was, did he did he wrangle? You guys, yeah how'd, you like how do you like little rain? I mean Pardieu. Anyone knows that Jimmy Resource and you guys guys in its gates. It sounded great dude, who'd how'd. You figure it out barely these planets favorites, my little rain has always favoured avows way back soon.
The two men will relay Eric someone a. What will you just down the hall where something any job I ever by forget, which is slightly? it's so wild man. I can't. I can't believe that record and I could I believe didn't you never listened to just watch it documentary on how and wealth and holy shit That guy was amazing. He was I've been reading about funding and SAM Phillips gowned in it. Are you reading it damn Phillips, autobiography yeah order. That is paid. What's wrong. I am oh yeah, that's a great book. I just smart guy, oh yeah, we get a tv show with move on the West Coast nineteen sixty four, I think That's where we met him yet and also we
recorded so stuff in London. Without were you on that zero bill in areas where the sun stunt Charley was, I think, up bill organ? Steve Winwood AIR Clapton. We had pretty good one. That's a pretty good record man Do you ever ever talked a bill, you ever say hi or what yeah. I saw him last time or London. Only Erika Disease are right when they say more so when it so it's a big plan matter. You got it so this records gonna come out now after you do a tour like you just got off of like now. Doubt was we usually when it's over? Have you had enough and make for a little while
naturally not to others. I, as I soldier veneer Jamaica, seems to be your with me. We spent a week together, put in the cereal together and as hanging around. I love your neck there that's nice, everybody. So nice. Where do you you get nowhere near everyone's nice, guys, nausea, What are you putting together stones, material, Steve Jobs- was down there to you all. So you got some songs Golan, oh yeah. That was the idea. That's why I'm dear? How many got man. I really can't count more than I can count no reserve very prolific, weaker, that's fucking. Great news man, so we,
you just sit around two guitars and go away at a set up there. They ve they strands and when we got a pretty good sound going on here is a different age it is good for sounder, it's way notice about main offenders that you know it. It's pretty timeless it doesn't. You know you didn't do any weird production things just sort of their and it's like it all the songs or just a great key threats. It's wrong. They just hold that near what it is. What is it what's with the planned with the new music? Is most we lay a stone sound? You try Nathan New Bay days. Everything takes on. I was playing a lot of base, so it was taking on a sort of another angle. There is quite interesting that the same it's time stones, and you know you re right.
So it but a great fun. So we are where we are getting up. You know I presume I hear that we apply here very shortly holy shit. So how are you gonna go out again now? Don't these? Do you love it I mean? Are you I mean? Do you feel IVO once a year? I love to keep her hand and managed at nothing like a planner, said sure so great is so great. Like I like out, I like everybody's, got a different. You know like it's funny all of you guys, are well yeah, you and rainy and make any ways are sort of like you aging into an almost newer timing with each other. You know like there
they're? Just something happened, naturally, is so beautiful because who who do you know like? First of all, you not you a great, because you know I ve decided on a beanie and you stopped in a weaving, your hair and would beads- and I like that. But you know the beans nice clean sides to, but but everybody looks great so how's that wrongdoing as Ronnie good. Not very good, yeah, absolutely area we're rearing charter there in Jamaica. The phone. You know the eyes, he's getting ready for the german writer our I bought it fucking great- and I hope you do another booze record- throw booze cover on that New Record and take carry yourself, it's always great senior, and I I I really like. I really like I into this record again and, as I said, yeah I'm not, big box at guy, but Jesus thing is beautiful: it's beautiful, you can just sit there and look at the picture. Oh, I remember this pictures in here. What's with this
brats, I didn't, like. I dont think ever see what a strap there's pictures you every now and again, at the events on the song. You liked IP ninety sound recently, though right there dirty sounder areas. It sounds great man, but I just love a man love. You love senior, glad you well my love. Ok, not thanks! You take it easy man. fucking, keep Richards man artwork. Would it so funny it's over. I get there either you can order the box set from keep virtues, dot, com, okay and someone tell Me- We say I'm serious about the beanie. I want to know where to get the beanie I want they get the beanie our ears full interview that we did, at the end PR studios in New York in two thousand and three
team that was where he was talking to morning edition? I just got a piggy back on, and though he I smoked a cigarette Keith Richards got me to smoke a cigarette. I knew it I was getting. And to do it well, anger. I got my nicotine candies, you got yours, you got the real ones! I miss them more. Our bureau reds. I actually thought about their about some Ok, I thought if there is a time to start again, it would be with you
let me just old one. Look at it Thank you very much. What do we drinking this afternoon, nuclear waste, perfect, that's good! You adapted no problem at other guy? I figured you drink nuclear waste is, you have to write, just keep going just a job for you, I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna like this fuckin cigarette yo. It's interesting, I don't live three of you can hold out. Ok, I'll, try I'll, try! It's been about a day. Came back and guy I talk to you briefly on the phone out of you. Remember me, I'd like to think We would remember we talk I told you that I started smoke and because you as thirty drinking all you're the one I know I don't want that's good, but it was funny. Is our member rain and interview with you and I in the they asked you guy cigarette smoking. He said well, Newport, sometimes Marlborough Reds, so I was about
fourteen. I went out and got a pack of both unjust. Your played out What style? I don't know whether new ports need never said it never try the mob Reggie right, while ever whatever I was when I was walking around both in high school trying to figure out how to be keep Richards. Who is a rough? It was a few years by may not. I was in school trying to figure out of the keys. Were anxious to see these strange and I figured it out, we that you, like, I interviewed the president a few weeks ago and I'm actually a little more frazzled about this, because you know President's come and go but day your Keith Richard, you remain forever. That's the idea that serve on the blessing yes like royalty. Man now that there are no crown yeah. I assure you, do I think you do What this is like a target through the nerves in a minute, that's a big deal to meet you your big idle and mine. Now you, when he started plan
you guys started yesterday, come into your. Do you remember the first idle of yours. You met let a rigid really where I'm going ITALY, where you ever we suddenly, we were thrown onto this tour. I made before that. We ve been work in clubs in suddenly we had a record near and they It has shown on this too. We live Richard Low daily. In the every brothers shot I write suddenly met. Half of my childhood mentors all in one, and I am working with them, Sir, which was an amazing education. I mean that's, that's all university for me, I did. Did you talked about? Did you ask a question? Is there anywhere on the rover? Three or four weeks real yeah, I should say gave Jerome Green was his America's play.
chrome is great lush here, and it is my job to get him out of the poverty getting one stage. Aha way. I think those roles changed later in life that guy made AUS willingly. These arose a loose cannon somebody had to do it right, so who ended up becoming great bodies and bow literature It was amazing to watch a stage. Stagecraft alone is music coming? He had an english ban within which they won't bad. I picked up then yeah yeah Basically they were. They were pretty good other wished it at his own bandwidth. But at the same time, then
the way you you never knew where he's gonna appear from right right I mean he let that ban play Lucille that the riff right five minute sooner nonstop right in total darkness, and then he in and the back about thank God, the auditorium in over the spotlight island. And walked through the crowd yeah world through another loud away. you can work aroun. Then I'm learning and learning fakes right. You ve got your last been learned things easier and the everyday brothers so meticulously beautiful. Thus harmonies writing louder, and you were with him for the last three weeks, you did that to sixty three, so that was before in one's news had makers around the same time. It has just come out about the same time. Most last time you listen that record.
The draft again, it's weird thing because, like I listen to their record a lot and I came to the stones much later could on the actual fifty one of the youngest right, but that record, I play the shit I record to me. That was, you know that was the the pure intention, the birth of it all in a way, I guess it was for us anyway, and unease recorded in this little room that ass to call itself a studio. And the whole walls were covered in egg boxes? Bonus culture, improve right, movement have nice and Grundig to track, but
was hung on the wall instead of, if it was on the table, it would have looked. I am pro time on private professional feel yeah every cop out dancing on that is so I started to Tracker rewrite the attic. Did you do it? honest I do now I can't get a witness. Can I beg witness, tell me tell me yeah, and I bet you set out to be a boost ban. right. I was the intention pure straight up and in at that time, you're what I don't know if you guys are friends and I ate a couple weeks- go talk to Richard Thompson, and we're not were friends was hardly ever see. But I know you like us to use a little younger, but he was talking about the scene in London.
That time there were so many bands, and you guys would all see each other late at night like a restaurants in NC, each other play all the time, and what was his seeing you were involved in was all blues right, I mean we restrict green at that time. In the beginning of the sun, strictly in a river, almost Jesuits, I daresay Missionary Our aim was to turn London onto like really blows on the blues right, but was lovers cite the scope for the whole universe would be right that Andrews, three or four or five gigs weak, and
That would be that's it. Who are your guys early on, were who were there the do that you're the most in trying to emulate on the guitar like before chalk straight up, blues derisory t, Beaumont Car, yet a muddy orders very simply body guy yeah swim are ours. I lay and debt slim in Jimmy Ray. I was yet Jimmy Rivers Hoddan Jimmy, Ria big we were not so much interested in being. The virtuosos was how those guys got that's right right. And at ass it was the thing China get close to making. Current siren yeah and we still
Do what you and bride was sought, an star Vieira, always Brien's thing. He was what was he into most? We, both Browning Ryan, very big and Jimmy Red. Ok, yes, without came fire so make, and I were also indicate that Brian had reckoned Swag Railway didn't miss had the muddy waters, and I had the chart very Brian Ed, The Jimmy red. Ok, I saw mean there is an obvious collection connection, but Jimmy reach stuff, I still think, is some of the most beautifully recorded stuff. So simple pleasure. He doesn't weird thing right on the on the five he fired. You re leaves at obey because, if you're playing any when he's bearing the five cord, eight lets the three core that the sums
still. Rather, he leaves the ale memory the Asia Open. I learn that from got it via the gulls. Oh really here see you hit me. Do that because he'd been on the road with Jimmy, read so he had me to the weird thing that makes that down is like E. Does this data open a strange? China get that for years. I will never forget it. It's funny how those moments happened. I mentioned they must have been a few of those moments. Wait when you're putting together you chops, where you're, like all thought, that's echoes! Are you kidding me keep looking out at the early pull that liquor even with shop. When you did a movie with them, they have easy we're. The argument about the beginning of our Karel, though, is touching. Go man
That was. I was intestine me out and push it. As always, has always has to be right in the earlier. After all the movies about job. Every right, It's me I'm living my childhood dream of a second guitar behind shout bury you never knew what a pain in the ass that would be. I guess I tell you at the same time, there is a funny guy just what material near one minute out and the need to suffer half an hour, yeah, and you come back in a babe. contact either. What would it take? I had also nothing. I know it is a great merging of read of or to work with and
I think my my best feet out of that was when I said the jug very Germany Jones so still around, because is to adjust, died that use the stones parents from the beginning. From the beginning I mean actually I consider the stones to be an spanned, really put it together. Really he ate porters together without him. We wouldn't of colleagues and and he only got to put in the east of being in the in the main line up, because who what light weapons are? Well, it wasn't good, looking enough, never strike the six was too many stew. Having the largest, how in the world said he. I understand, but we still need we recorded. It still is and for an age any became our roadie manager, road manager and everything
take care of everything. I say I think this, they ensure that considered ass his baby, and I in considering my dad, we better your relationship with the enemy s story made. You reach, I'm fine, John yeah, because the last thing that the issue of a television- and this was just before I die- don't forget case that Johnny Johnson is alive and playing in some Bush He said that he and within a year I am working with chopped very arising in my mind, untenable without Johnny Johnson is It's never gonna, be the same as I say, the chuck, in Germany around again then shot? No, you very dead. There were in town,
any chance of getting them together on this, the core and the next day there was Johnny, and then I realized I had the ban this. Yeah- and I realize I had the stuff actually made shocks, records and sound, so good and now he then he literally learned how to play those links from Johnny's piano playing. Their Johnny was first it's weird? When I watch a movie because I've been a fan years, my whole life, but sure I could. I necessarily understood You know how complex aided the rhythm of chuck barriers, and how you deconstructed that to get your shit, yeah a variation on the name, the check and I basically played the same- vision, the raw right, you know, is syncopation right. It's, and for that you need a drum
you can totally rely on an ambitious unfold Geneva Chalk once used, take up, dance, went away, yeah because it can rely on the job. They were just badge. He'd never met a right which is unfortunate in that respect. because, there's about to arrive, no doubt shot worked out the money in a brief case in a girl. I know that route guys, but that's it that's about it, is about right is it is a cop against the environment. The drama is to be right on for you to be able to like chop the beat around and move it more. I make it row ethnic, the role and the rock in that right and as Charlie I count on their man. I want yet ass. You know, I imagine you you. Nobody, I think, was abacha reissued a few.
they all once they re issued a get your eye as outright size. I citizen that shit in high school right and I put on the real issue. This moment my living room are my holy fuck Charlie or hold this holding the right now What did they do? Nothing like a good realisation like until I heard there that we master in the way you guys raw, fitting together. I was I Jesus Mass of solid, but I don't know why I think in the life situation I think make even said some about it, that they were now in it. That night, you have. You have memories of those nights in particular that you recorded when Euro stage now quite honest,
do you know that I'm not thinking about with being recorded yeah or film lives even worse, because people aware of the cameras on this, that we start a titan, no tightening up, I try and forget all about them. No, what's going on around me, we're just do it again. yeah. I saw you in San Diego. I went just now the first I got better than that. We had good shoe. It was a good show. It was great. I was nervous. I would refer you without. I love you. I love you. I love you. I am going to see in a long time. I saw you guys and eighty one imagines, where garden when yeah guess his private tat to you tour in three major Hawkins opened for some reason. I think James Brown was supposed to an end at some happen. How to what happened,
but he didn't like revenge. I don't know where we are describing Jake comes out. The buddhistic. Do you think you're, a fucking bandwidth, everyone s square garden like what's happening in an you. Guys came out, and I didn't I didn't go see because I don't like it was strange for me when Bill left with a strange review, absent I was furious. I just had a hitman, they said I love him so much. I can go that far Yang I'll just break your legs. No, this is a hard coal and equally tyre out. Yet It is in there also developed this fear of flying really. It was like driving to every game which is like you know. Sometimes they were so far by your right. eventually he decide areas his decision, the idea to court the day and you
hidden name, who? What are you gonna do right here? In the area of nineteen February wrapping around and The aim is adamant, any any in May it is a decision or maybe is right. I am right now and I can say is that whom I get down javelins yea as great with great it was the first time I've seen you guys. In a long time and like I said, I was nervous and senior thirty five years and man would have fun. can you sounded great, and I mean it, There were moments there were, you know there. Have we ve improved over Johnny good? I think we really guy you're good right now, you're going to take it up, but the experience of it was like. There were moments way where we're make was run in IRAN and back and forth. You ever
like like at the point where you guys right now. You know I mean more mature gentlemen. Your were more mature, the media moments where I hope he doesn't fall down. No, I never worry about. No man is so nimble, woman, crazy. I mean Charlie Is- and I always watchmaker encase. If when you get out right right or is that yet hearing the be right right all aim as drivers there are actually expert he's he's cross debate. We think it previously. I always like a safety net and it doesnt realize it. In China- and I always eyebrow guy, we gotta go, we can actually do the various lies with the job of a band is to support the front man we're here and now You got your cause out and when we talk before we talk a lot about the band and end your band and Andy banned, but
I have to assume that when you get started out beginning you you're, just a bunch of bodies. Right yeah just evolved into this room together by the music right. Who is the guy that you guys used to play with her played his club and when you start with the Alps corners I will get Alexis collects, is corner of the evening called there and he was like a blues impresario yea, a bow. A time probably had the blues. Neo down in Lorraine Interview wanted blues. You went to see Alexis is the only guy playing basic right. it was. I had several Davis's a great heart player. And the air was they were good Alexis wasn't the That good- and I remember Alexis one night It is making me up to a number of MECCA
am gonna, do roll over Beethoven Lex This made an eastern Asia from take I'll, get you a cottage strain and leave it to you if you took it yet now, I wanna play that rock and roll really. So is a real cures. But China, also appreciated rock n roll away? But I mean he knew that you couldn't you wouldn't be here addition allow others, whether down the new record United and to listen to her like a couple of times across our hearts, namely the record idea. So the first song, like I noticed like if you go away back. For that I mean, as theirs pre Jimmy Red doesn't dream. I was rather genes as rubber jobs because I noticed, like idiots Sybil, that rather like hell hands on my trail almost man's like it is just a piece like that you you can hear you breathing. You can hear every squeaky fingers in every pigtail, it's very
it's all very raw and organic, and then you just right. That's all. I gather that the river and note If, though, even if it's ok, it's almost like a bluish meditation I thought you know that I will be when we got all the tracks are gathered. Vigilant. Put that blues in matters will be the spot. the end and then there is like, went deep, awoke in the moon. the overture lizards, a subtle overtures in any book candidate with good night Irene, another blues, different style, more folk blues buddy, in both sides. He gets you got better. labelling, Robert and Robert, just it all area. I wanted a color classic American yeah folks
and the weird thing that happened is Tom. Waits sent me big book on lead belly. The just arrives right, just put it on the table. And at the same time, a few hours later in walks, my guitar meant here the Boatport. How are you going jack. I million years right, yeah, yeah yeah, since ninety ninety one then bring what guitar I mean, I am lost without building he decides, which guitar gonna play on sums that so much I trusted. You Watch him with this Tao strings, I'm looking at this book of lead barely a year Tom it suggests sent me and I'm looking at this twelve string, and I said I have no choice. I've been ordered, good night, Irene, yeah yeah? It is pretty hunting music, some stuff, her? Oh, yes,
Lead Valley was very deep and I found the original Eric you know, which are not sure. I know them yeah much Rancheria than right, because then it became you know you get the black and white minstrel singing. I mean right and it became like an american some people, the war, Is that what it was kind of a dirty sought, the real sure yeah so with like you, gotta guitar God, guy this guy Pierre, but like you, you pretty committed to like a handful guitars either for five that you play pretty much all time, yeah pretty much on when it comes down to work as watch out trying to figure out on stage, because I am about to tell you, because you were back one and now you're good but if I had it for having your on the cover, guitar player, but ya, think he had one that was altered. I remember at ETA the the rhythm pick up was.
Was regular, and then there was a hamburger now on the on the wheat. Picker reduce, grow Roma, redo, rewired yea. I may do play around with the take up of zero point. Fifty four, our time that with ice cream, one right here for years is to have them. Thus, in the hell out of what are you going to tell you, I guess you don't get a pale guy now I know paddled known straight in an area is enough to stand up straight loan poking around on values, just change the volume when you need an analysis in any of those facts that I need actually can be done from behind Piazza every need triangular. The area will deliver on this. I need to know where to put my feet, are you know I mean as tripping over those box at the just ties down near? I am What made you decide guess why Turkey before you
we're may be gonna do sticky things. You're gonna run every, but that died in one night and day. The recording of assigned a great so what made you the next night design? Now I went well we don't know, maybe better Lando ask on that, but now ages thought, and I think we all thought that in doing it, The whole thing once was enough and leaving here that has swept now was now getting at one end of the day: thou them Niger I just wonder, play and among those beautiful ones is. I got the blue sky, which is so slow and its varied in the hardest thing for a band is to keep a term slow tempo down. I mean everything tends to speed up so as to be in that.
Steve grab that was greater, is right here and our Jackson, the drama when in man are you guys didn't just don't even want to drop into that, also known as I think that there is a there's, you have it to be the greatest rock and roll band biggest rock and roll show you. How are you gonna? Do you know you gotta be big? you know me, you didn't you did Moonlight Mile which LEO for he hit those fucking know it sounds crazy. like playing that first, I shoulda. Going out on a limb here, make little bar room we got into is as beautiful reply and the great fire naval love and speaking Otis I was thinking about like his ear. He could lay back on that on a groove by, but it's I was thinking about. What did you think
after the satisfaction was hit in the he decided to cover it. There must be a big fuckin day, now put another crown on maybe you're. Right I mean for one of our sound to be covered by one of the greatest tsar, and these singers of old time was Irene. This time go to Heaven wherever because that was basically the cream on the radio dream and then a Risa did it, and I know where I can double Heaven: No, It is great to get that respect to respond reciprocating back from a after play black music. I mean why does can be found that group like to make that a soul song was somethin heart. It was,
just amazing that these people are respected. My so much would take due on allow songs, and then you play with on this record on the new record, did you the spoon or Oldham right furnaces. Play with a wreath of some of the big here right now to muzzle shawls salon, been amazing and work with that guy. You work with them before. First time. I've ever met spoon. I've known him. I feel like I've known him for years, because he's been on so many river as such Grand Parsons Furs pointed out spoon or Odin, some really that was nice, seventy one, if he knew it in a new country musical spoon of his basically a country, music player. That time I didn't even, They were still around and a couple of phone calls Steve. Jordan bless his heart. The man I work with and in Kosovo,
some me and produced it in a great drama test been playing with him. A long time on your eye was turned shoddy. What said to me in there that eighty five I say so. We need this. Lemme. Take I like high ages forever nation, whatever you want to call it. Charlie lot said it's gonna work with anybody else: steel, jaw, consumer, oh yeah, and I took him at his word. I listened a child. It has and as Stephen I started working out. No new Regis LIVE work together we fell into each other's arms and is a great friend of mine
It's beautiful man game it's nice to walk into a studio with a bunch of dude. You know and trust anyone we're gonna make something as though you are the winners came together. Even now in Lahti walked Chow I have never ever you play with that guy. I love that long time, great great player, great tat, simple, to go now and then- and this was the last record the Bobby Keys played on. unfortunately yeah. I'm sorry, you ask your friend Mandy. Thank you. Very much he's probably laughing his head off? We had no idea that was going to be his last record in Stockholm. We did it now Bobby. That's Mr Rock n roll. Yet Largest tax cannot larger between the two year. This year we have developed, Mr Rock and Roll He certainly live the life he suddenly
yeah yeah now that when when when, when you say that you ve been with around with that long, but you know ye, I guess at some point you realize that we're all living on borrowed time and he certainly don't waste any right right you got no John loose but not before you met, Graham though you were, you were in the country music, but do you think Parsons really blew your mind on it or what ashes and I met Graham and in London he was naturally with the birds at the time. They don't wait on the road earlier area. Stopped in London. I did a cobbler gigs and then they were destined to play South Africa and I I'm in the grand that now I went to see the show ways we gotta talking after and he said
this sort of feeling about South Africa, and I dont know I dont understand a donor. So Spain is a life is like another south on Yahoo. But even worse, is like you know, segregation isn't. Is it a pot hide and once he done, this is about at an eight the birds that day and stayed with me in London. Really you just let them go on their own on principle. The matter had spoken, beautiful we gave, a very very close friends, have had it. who called Turkish the as well as until the guy died, so young man ass another Nina, but you still be like it's interesting. Like this record, you know it's got all the stuff that you love on it. You know you ve got, you ve got your soul ballad. You know you got,
can't you musing ragged reggae was really good. Man I got I was like is like the ragged again in it, but you love it. was not. I've lived in Jamaica for many years, yet you know got that place anymore. You still haven't enough. It was at the time you got it. I didn't you have to get it. You can go home right that the task of legislative, because I got someone sent me that box that box said that he did with those guys in the cave or something with what was that well? The wingless Rastafarians does recordings you're crazy man like ours of, like you, I'm sorry like, unlike others, keep back he IKEA you're lucky there. You know, I'm just. That cannot be right has in the guise of wild men, and their luck,
because the nearly all of passed away since it's an ice box out great, it was a great experience and he was so is to catch. some of the last moment of this particular part of Jamaica and I and I managed it and they loved it we're great fun. I mean It cannot find me a in your life we want a Roman meant Zoe, In terms of being, the age read now in insert this type of songwriting you doing Khazars a cup was on January go on a new record like amnesia and nothing on me. My gratitude.
what sort of liking celebrations of being still alive and aware of what I guess there's nothing on is basically about, a busted right right in and it wasn't all listen thou records. I realise that the cops crop up, A lot in this record go rubbed blind eye. Oh that's right! We may, You maybe you do you know it anymore, you're, good, there's no warrants! You sat silent let's talk about guitar, whereas from Antlike as I'd say you asked Brian and then, if you bring making any toward, would make a bit Mc Taylor. Now I guess my question. If I'm really gonna focus it just at a mile curiosity, because there are some shift, where were we you guys sort of invented, modern, rock and roll. There was some some some shift. We hope I'll, be right in the middle right after Satanic Kanak Majesty's where
entire sound and the groove became what The modern stones. Are we waiting for what happened disorder, make that happen. Was it It was a moment we are like this is where it's at I mean the difference between how you cover, like you'll love in vain or what you did with the booze in country, music, on unleaded bleed and an beggars in. Exile like it, it's just that that became the template for Rock n roll from, point forward in one in a way I can put this in two words Jimmy Miller producer younger.
How did he had backed out here? What did he say were after satanic Majesty's were we were Mick and I were like them. We have to refocus Lenin, though, in that was imagining, since there was such a preference society majesty's well, I guess her all on acid riding high and we just sure, as everything oh they're gone to India Area, he had got up with a duty. I waited nowhere to refocus like thither and at other times thinks that was the end of you. Keep up with the beat you like, we gotta do our shit, yeah arena. I couldn't go right in here, then I realize that they are the best. the boys themselves outpaced themselves and re Laden. They will. Let me go
What they were they were globally. There was a legion wanting to do what it can do. You know about noon, although no one, and so they started, I anybody else. Play around that sixty seven thy severely sixty seven right those years, it's crazy when those ls deal rising but if you read it I guess it I had a couple: a good dribs and governor bear arms. Just like anything else right That is not something that I'd wake up in the morning and others. I must have tat ever. I did then, when you going to do for the next three days, this crazy. It was interesting- and I didn't say I read- I mean I know regret any of it, but it is an experiment. Riah,
but how do I think in a way colors shook make an eye up. Yes, we have by now we really got to tighten up in. This is where we got beggars. Banquet and- and I gotta say the Jimmy Miller was the key in in tightening the band of reform sing senselessly. What seems like you guys, like you, said about doing now. You know yeah you want me to do it about smoke at first cigarette ten years, would Keith Richard. I don't know why. I wouldn't do that thanks. I our bad inflows night. You dad that sounds. So not you you're, not a bad influence. so but in terms of of because when you talk- yeah. I got the blues.
Here they met laid back thing. I'm somebody relaxed the band if it was Jimmy Miller, how did he do that necessarily you know I mean get you into that group is pretty different aftermath to Vulcan beggars, it was, I think, this. A cherry emerges is, I think, that reach the end about tat. I ve been working three hundred fifty days a year after, like four years ago. Did you go, and you have occasion to cushion about if want, and everyone on the road we're in the studio. I didn't you. usually even at that age. You know we're pretty much water. selves out the year between that and bringing back and getting beggars Banco together was.
They re energizing get some rest ray rising and refocusing, and, as I said, to me, I was Jimmy Miller that guy put the lens right. In the end, the focus sooner as your aims of drama. He was rich sense of sound and they loved the band right on me and he brought out the best elements and it really Brian die in the middle of that somewhere around the bird who is it a guy, you loved. I already knew brilliant, but annoying. Is that what you're saying brilliant and in Yes, the alone annoying
my mother and I would be in Chicago play a game, and ah I get asked smiles and Ngos I gotta pray three weeks in the MID west. Without another guitar player, I guess so guys, gonna girls, your screaming, like I mean I'm trying to cover all day and then coming now that it was out of the hospital the next day and hanging around screwing group. Isn't it scarcely where we need a little more than a k, a guitar. We got a job job here in a band where I come from there I mean the Davis, it became a track and then when we tell our comes in, does all different kinds of tar playwright. I mean It's really interesting, be the difference when you know like Taylor and would like Miss Taylor was like he was.
big part of the sound for a cup worms was already a brilliant job. Player yeah how's he doing. as for the last, I saw Miss doing all right, they're bit chubby, that's his approval. Right here, a place great. And we will work together, Africa. yes China I mean to me make a toddler but on my own. I re Emily doesnt interests me my interest is playing off of the other guy all right. You, together, because two guitars can sound like an orchestra rival the right way of each other. That's really you re, I was running an ice is Mitya, call it the ancient form of weaving
right at the idea. Is that way you don't know whose plainly displaying rhythm? That's what you did, which is true, and you may Taylor was a kind of his own. Do right, yeah, I had to readjust for that year and at that say return. I just got into the five string things Ives rearranging myself. Where'd, you are net I tell you what right good. It was the first cap that I learned from now. I saw a playing yeah. I didn't know it because he wouldn't teach you can see. We regret I placed his heart still finding out man. Do that, because is how different the to me. Re interested me in playing guitar. Could I urge pretty much of the end of the night possibilities. Unjust straight churning
right, I'm not gonna, be Charlie Christian reacting. Thank you said, and I don't wanna be right arena that when I got to the open, Jeez out enough really research. It yeah, and apply a minor cord with open gene is a new all of these resonating notes the area and drone here. Yet fascinating still do in us. Oh that's what makes that's the genius Keith right there! It's! When you talk about the about the views, I can't believe I'm smoking my first singer in ten years of keep Richard in an NPR studio. Ah, ah fuck everything were smoking and empty are when you you're out my love that that was Sanyo, others we play with George Jones.
Below their dread. Web aren't roundly thing. I fucking listen that all the time I was only now Israel for me was in India to work with Georgia and the first of the grand past. You know that Grand George Jones D, It is these sing the greatest thing, amazing. What what is his therewith era? Never another caviar and can use the voices of its Ethel anything with it. Frank Sinatra? I'm said: He thought Georgia for the second best singer. you're right. I would take such right amazing voice, the amazing voice and a great why crazy is not know that
because playing off each other in the studio it to say that if you feel to Macedonia is a beautiful song nears talk around town, smoking gray anyway, we did it, either directly with Jerry Lee. Jerry lay is another great friend of the still he still lay These delaying and in a man is amazing I guess you old Devils guessed it together a little bit. I guess that active similarly Jerry and I are weak as a recognition of the summer ourselves again and you played you, are able to play with muddy replay when buddy still around see play with him, sometimes hear resigned. Body was only show with his sin, Minneapolis on their Wilkie, Did you play the wolf? yeah once shindy.
Well, we didn't actually play with him. No, I! Otherwise there any watched yeah. I once woke up in his house how they happen I know I felt a slave modest. I woke up and how we were discussing, Our party must have carried me from one. We can do with these white kid just taken with There has been a lot of last week's Keith because we're here and have you love love? How do you manage? I mean you, don't you will need to get too far into it? You got pretty strung out for a few years earlier and deliberately sparrow gear is, are you view it an experimental years on the laboratory, where'd. You realise that the experiment was over has gone on too long. I threatened with sooner
seven years hard time. Well, do I love my band modern. I love the stuff, so you re all these the taper off and get into a management system bone. I just ass, kicked it what a relief I mean I've got sick of dealers junkies sooner because that you end up in that You end up nets. You realize that Many people you're talking to like others, struggle That's right! You're, no tell him for people, you don't know who are waiting for a man right right. it was. It was time to cut that out do here. How did you know? Sorry about that is. If you're in IRAN for five or six of those due to whatever that attract. If you go down, if you like do you know what you're gonna be alone in that room? No one's gonna Fuckin Calcutta nosey right!
now, she's down was going the bodies. We suspect If I can work my gun I read it. I didn't realize you, you put out a new book that I you downloaded red on the plane Gus in me. Yeah. I read your children's book. I thought it would take a little longer took me eight minutes, but I downloaded a reform is to read and write it, but it's really pretty book. Emmi. Did you ever think in Europe in year, in your life that you'd be a children's book writer you now you see, I ruined the idea came up. I don't you kidding me with that idea: the publishers, life is available there somebody a day they come up. This idea about. There was a chapter in their about my grandfather and they did. This could be it really nice channel story and I doubt if I'm gonna write anything and do anything for kids yeah. I can only
Oh there's something I love it. I wish my granddad and get some air so it is in a way it was. I take. My hat off to gas is great to me. He drew a line. You dare I say, birds of prey and secure little book and your daughter illustrated yeah yeah. India is a family affair when she did a great job that are really. It is pretty it's a pretty little book. I can't believe I have read. The idiots gum can choked up Rina keep Richard Children's book. I love love, does Australia. They are always in India Record Rhenea children's book like what the fuck I want to do with drugs. When I write an unbroken am I rise not saying, then we ve got some grand Katharine Guide, five, do you. Love hanging out on the air, but here is worth is worth hanging around their grand at the German think you would limit.
Certain jobs, here I am in those five grandkids and it's another thing takes on another level is one thing banner one thing being that Finally, now you get a couple shots at that two sets the out and They come out that their their great little kids yeah here. Let me name for you just grand, Ah granddad guy grandpa yeah him in any get along with all your kids yeah sure, very close family in that respect, tribe? How are you with your dad grown up?
in general. I think, as I know, you love guys, but what your father, you guys fight it out for a few years. I didn't. I grew up. We just my mama, my dad we're, sir. I grew up in a very adult area, so I mean sometimes universal wished. I had a brother our sisters- oh, I didn't have to understand about the arguments about the rent and they ensure rarely in Romania, but there's no way out of that burn, so easily grow up in adult household, whether you like it or not near, and they treat you like a kid. In the same size, you know that have problems. but between themselves, but just like day to day living in Rome? In my dad he worked his general electric making tubes right so
of all things are getting around to remain so I leave home seventeen light. The bird leaves the nest and within a year, my mother, my dad split up I think the only reason to state around that site, Sonny, I'm making some bread and, as I have made it out of take care a mom here here we're dad for twenty years, no contacts. What's really Eighty two, eighty one eye to eye sanitized and a note and see if you can get this through to my dad. Do you know why what have we seen each other asylum, so my dad? comes down to my house in ice and knew I'd taken Ronnie would with me, because I wanted
protection of others. I made my dad after twenty years as scheduled, really yeah in a way I mean I need, is some kind of a forward here. outcomes. We dad you know twenty years old love, blue Gray and we snap to re away, we re just gone on. I have more funding for the next twenty years I showed in the world, you know get only Clean government needs got brook, should sit on his lap and I gave him the the now a word he hadn't, seen and and for the last twenty years of his life, with a light measured play down
I notice and of other guys- and he was a united rum- they that Eco drink us all under the table is amazed at beautiful man and your mom blessing. Yes always sore and the funny They have that my mom is that cheese. She knows she's going around. I went to the clinic. When was it is two thousand and two I think As I pulled a guitar with me, on the end of the blood bed and she said Keith. the small things not bad
young. Ninety three allows you to do so. The new records, great man and coal love everything you do and It now gives due to finish up like you when you were back not so much about regrets, but ending, is still pissed off about losing stuck in your cross about the way things went down. I couldn't I gotta be invested. Without being too putting things in my pocket stuff that haven't yet. I sat on those terrible remember now, without the first big bust, but not a second one what have we got here? I really
but I did have the pleasure of that gentleman whose name was timers constable and police constable comfortable. Have we got the sergeant was saying before It was finally check nothing to do with me by then by just read in the paper that is concerned. Five years. You know I forgot, of poverty for the same. They suddenly harass corruption. Wang is a ban. Station and there is one of those things in. I cops imperfect, Norma, so so Ronnie,
running curve is always good. You'll make a good everything's all right look in food dunes, and I would thank for talk him years, real on a really fucking leisure and run the last major first cigarette and gave a bank man pleasure Richard man. Sometimes I love my life. I really do so The deputy of POD dotcom swash tour for all my have coming through dating go to keep Richards that come to give that a beautiful Superdome Xbox set and now I'll play my stinky guitar. I just is Keith A, but you know it's rock it's what I do. I probably done it
Burma lives monkey and find a cat Asia there beware.
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