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Episode 1315 - Jeff Foxworthy

2022-03-21 | 🔗

Jeff Foxworthy still cringes when he knows other comics are watching his work. That persistent insecurity and the desire to always stay funny is why Jeff has a new Netflix special and a whole new act. Jeff talks with Marc about the drive that made him quit his job at IBM to try and get on Johnny Carson. They also talk about how he formed the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and how he feels about being known for his “You Might Be A Redneck” hook even though it hasn’t been part of his act for 20 years.

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In bust down Peacock's, new original comedy series for friends working at a midwestern casino are aspiring to be mostly where they are created by and starring Jack Night and Langston Kerman, SAM J and Chris read bust down, inspired by the crews, real, I friendship. The result is an irreverent, offbeat, unpredictable swirl of high jinx, an absurdity in a moment where everyone has something to say the fourth, friends, relish, saying not much of anything or, alternatively, the dumbest thing possible busted. Down a streaming now only on peacock. Alright, let's do the show I got it at all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck? Next, what the fuck a doodles how's it going how you're denial holding up. How is your fortress of
I have rationalization holding up how's that holding up how are you through your life. How are you managing your blinders, so you can get a little joy out of your breakfast. What are you you doing. How are you keeping things away? from infecting the rest of your goddamn brain every time Can you turn on your phone? Give me some tools give me. Some tools. This is the way the economy works. How are you what's happening? Welcome to show a mark. Have we met nice to see you no I'd. Maybe I did put on a couple pounds, but it was worth it right anyway. Look today on the show Jeff Fox worthy he's got a new special out Jeff Box, where the EU, even if it was popularized in american culture by a tagline, you might be a redneck. If, but I've known him. I don't
not known him for years, but I didn't one of my first paid weeks as a stand up either opening or featuring for him and Albuquerque New Mexico, very nice guy back then- and I still hold that thing in my brain- I talk about in a second what I did to distract myself from everything is get obsessed with beanie. Is someone into my Keith Richards Interview and I I just can't stop pestering him about. That beanie was wearing whatever you want to call it. I call it a beanie, I don't want to did no man. I wanted to know where that beanie came from it and in the same way that when I first Keith when I was at high school. I want to get a guitar like is it just? It is what it is in. Its it? Had it's a good old guy? Had he look great in it and I just got obsessed with it and I know it some of it had to do with it being it's me. I get it back I was annoying to the point where his people yeah, I yeah, I really get myopic selfish or what the guy was here to promote the goddamn reissue of main offender, which is out of the box, set
but I just don't know where the fuckin hack came from Guess I was a little. I was a little persistent cuz. I asked the publicity maybe find out where that came from and then as somebody who is follows me on Instagram works. For the stones and she's like all right here. this is where he got it now. Basically shut up about it. We've had enough we don't want give any juice to this company. So just you know here do what you will I'm like Jesus can a guy want to hat I mean I'm not looking to promote the hat, but The bottom line was is, after a couple of false these my own, just poking around buying beanies yeah. I thought I'd spent too much. a couple of beanies. But these being the actual beanies, a knit cashmere pricey as, of course We would. I think that he got it at their urban outfitters mean he's fucking key he's, going to get that the most expense, beanie there is yeah.
And in dont think I didn't buy two of them. Yet these We need better. You know, I don't know they, when I put him on my head, they they better be magic. They better make me a fuckin magician. They better make me a better guitar player. They better make me. I don't know fly I'm not cheap man and look and I'm trying to enjoy my life and also trying to keep them darkness away by guilt. Actively engaging in our economy. That's that This will for America. That should be the progress where America were trying to keep. darkness away by actively engaging with our economy. Welcome welcome, Are you sad by something? Are you? rest by something, are you terrified guess what you can just get online and buy something
pow, I just shoot my pants, just coffee, dot, co up a classic plug that was unwarranted, unnecessary and I'd for okay, so you're like a I gonna, give you the name of the place where you can get the beanies and you want to spend like three. Four hundred dollars on a on a hen it cap. I can help you out, I can, I can direct you. There go blow up. Their website go, buy some beanies. If you want it's elder, statesman is the name of the company that made them. and I'm not here to promote them on behalf of if anyone make that clear, there are very sort of like you know, we don't wanta. Ok, As for I get me in trouble, so I get me in trouble with one stones, people but workmen It was a quest. Was a journey and my since it is when we did a great deal of the beanie, and I got it and that's where I got it, so be it folks. Let's talk about stress four minutes, it's what I ve been talking about.
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ash, wtf, who stress, I get them a headache. Back of my head I went to her. I want to see in the last night look I've got a but again gang of four. I always like the sound. I love the guitar sound. I wouldn't say that I was like a crazy the fan or anything but they're. You know I I've got entertainment and the other record, and I I always liked him, but my friend Nicole said you want to go and I'm like all right. She go out and do something when we go I do, is comedy, hang around with comics. Maybe she go see. A show my go k and I even then I was like out here. We gotta get out near the against a year, want to go out and want to get too many people around me. But it's not I don't. for post covered, but there were certainly fuck covered and I've been in the world. Doing shows obviously for months and months as you know, and I got covered a few months ago, but it's been It was amazing to be out
watching a show, there's an energy to it. This fear that that's people have it's like. I don't even know how to be in an audience anymore. You know exactly how to you know actually how to be around people. It's what we're supposed to be where it were work were kind of like people are. He sees it needs to be around other people. It feels good. He feels good to become part of a bunch of people comes right back to a man. I mean it means terrified. You still terrified, don't do it. some people wearing that some people weren't, probably smart, to wear them if you're still afraid, if that'll make you an egg, you to engage with the the group, the group species activity, but it was great it was great in at the beginning, when one when, what's his name came out when John King comes out the front man of gang before my wild, and everybody's old that we're all old, but that guy leaned into it and fucking kicked ass,
and I guess the other original members Hugo Burnham on Drums, SARA Lee, I guess, is played bass for them forever. She was great David had he says I name. Is it POE? the guitar player, which is the driving the the rhythm, the music of nothing is more respect. the vague really than gang afore music than the sound of it that Qatar sound the drums. The bass sound in they just nailed. It is gang of four, but I dunno what they were like with you, with Andy Gill before he pass your agenda tar player, but that guy pay. How? If I'm saying oh right, David Boy, man, he fucking nailed it. It was great, It was a lecture vine and it was, and I left before the encore, which is amazing, get out get out. They left the stage. I left the venue with my friend we walked back down? I will left my car at the comedy store and I had two slices of pizza dimension, Jeff Foxworthy's here but he's a nice guy- and I haven't seen him in person since
I opened for him back in probably nineteen eighty six hundred eighty seven or that crazy. Is that crazy? for its carved, the good old days he's a real deal. His he's a real comic, and this is some real comic talk coming out. Yeah right now mean Jeff Fox worthy. Here we go. We met before where I e g. I mean this is gonna funny, but I am one of the first weeks. I probably got paid to do comedy I can't I don't have to be. I can't remember, for was after I back from a getting all screwed up on drugs or or for in between college. When I moved out here in eighty six but I was emceeing laughs, comedy club in Albuquerque New Mexico, my goodness
It was probably eighty five or eighty six. I just right, and I think it was me and you and Jimmy Woodard, Woodward or maybe but doesn't matter, but it was. I was one of the first page shows and you were the comic We were closing with that kind of remember. It was like maybe your dad on a boat that was on a trailer. He was scared. I'd get pulled over by the cops yeah for to in a boat and they were like no, it's not against the law to to. But but how does require you put it on a trailer ere? I remember the bear and right was like. Can you ask your friends to get out of the boat. Please yeah, my god. There yeah, yes, thirty five years! Isn't that crazy? I remember, I remember you know, because you know you're just starting out and it makes an impression and We were talking and hanging out which brought was that before you were married, even he probably
I got married and eighty five, so it was right around the writer of the attitude I you know I didn't have you ever noticed this. We tend to remember other comics, material better than we remember our own style sure. Until someone sparks it like even what just happened like it, how did you set it up? I reminded LEO Leno of a joke. He did here clay see- and I used to just go for this year when I had it joke about the new member there amazing, colossal man. It was one of those old Sci, FI movies, where the guy had drank the formula and he grew to be like ninety feet, tire and it showed his wife was like at home ironing with the tv on in the corner. We interrupt this program that there's a ninety foot man pushing over the hotels in LAS Vegas Leno gives his wife steps already and he goes. You know.
Bob's ninety feet. Tall yeah, I'm lazy and I were just what our parents have collaborated in Jason. Yeah, don't remember do with that currency, so many jokes yeah he used to do a joke that I used to have. I remember about the the about commercials from the they were commercials from the cling peeling. The queen Peach Advisory Board depends like this must be some jab hello, Queen going VG advisor. He has okay. If I can equate beaches on my cereal the morning, we have no problem with that. You're. Every though I do know is that was like and that again It's like the eighties when he was doing claw bright bright. I remember I thought he was so good in clubs yeah. I remember seeing him when the eighties, when I was out here at the improv or something I just kill. I got I gotta check a story now I dunno. If it's because I remember you telling me a story,
yeah? I don't think it was about you, but it was one of these coincidences because I was a drug guy. If I remember it, but it was about you on a beach, staying on a beach and all these drugs washed up on the shore? Oh I've lived on. I lived in Sarasota, ok and I have I had gotten. I was young, I had gotten divorced, and so I had this so you married play for like I got married at the age of twenty and was married for like six months. He has this stupid show, but I had- this place and I needed the money saw rented it out to two german foreign exchange dude right and they were, get up in the morning and they would go walk up and down the beat right in working at I b M and I get up one morning and the two of them are in my dining room and they've got a bale of marijuana and kit and like big butcher, knives and they're chopping it and I'm like what
they're like we are so lucky it washed up on the beach and I'm like dude, I'm going to work. This cannot be here when I came home and when I came back from work idea, they had made mandatory ready. Sixteen grocery bags full apart, while when I remembered the seat of the storing, oh yeah isn't intervene, yeah I'm like, but you could smell it from the park and learn it. I think it paid them to stay in Amerika for another six months is still here. They're big marijuana during that year and all they did in they would cook liver and onions every night. That was it. We remember, I just remember a bail apart and river and idea. So it's a where'd. You grow up. I grew up in a land, I'm going to go there soon. Are you where you Buckhead Buckhead Buck area. Bucker, like a will, fear, I guess it's like you know the theater Buckhead theater
yeah that way, you're like timid It's where my heart really yeah, okay. Well, we I it's it's. I I don't think it's entirely family friendly, but I I you can say dude. I got thirty eight years in this business, I started with a rod why you can handle it. I can handle it yeah. Well, I just I think it's interesting because, as I watched the new special last night, or did you idea that just makes me cringe really yet for another comic to watch it yeah. That still makes you cringe. What do you think? What are you worried about honestly. The very beginning I used to tell my wife Tell me when I'm not funny anymore. I don't wanna, be the comic. That's not funny anymore, do you know what I'm sure you're, like everybody sees the old guy? Get? No, don't get tell you, she did and it s he's not. You know what she told me. She said you just listen closely. I know I know it
I was great. But what is the name of it again? The good old yeah yeah yeah we're at the title of my go as you can get nostalgic, but it's not quite enough because there are some shitty things about the girls. Oh yeah, a lot, a lot of shitty things like it was kind of a good mixing and you still got it, but he's very like I'm always sort of amazed like you, after be dirty, but I am not like I'm not blue, but I you know language wise and I you know, push the envelope a little bit, but I don't mind it, but I've worked with guys like Bart that's used to open from here Before you know, he became a huge star and I love it I for some reason always say like well, you know I'm going to warn you I've. Never you come to the show, don't bring your grandkids are in right. Well, he's one! So yeah know he wouldn't go get good, but but that's your reason. I say that because no, I thought tat. I thought How long has it been since you ditched their redneck business on stage you haven't done it in twenty years now, in that way,
Well, it's funny that that's. The thing everybody knows me for hi how's it not going to be at the height of it dear. I probably did it five and it's, at the end of a show at five minutes out of a two hour shift at its peak raptors bunch, books, yeah, there's a ton of books and I run and are doing a page. It a calendar on it and surety. Ninety, and still do it, is big hook. How may not gonna so, let's get ends so I'm I sought now not like I'm ashamed of it or I want to get. But it's like a fairy body follows me as a common, I think, of myself more as a storyteller, coarse and their one liner, sure, and- and I think that's why they were populars. They were going to see to remember. You were easy to retail ye. I remember a line and you carry it alive in the break room. People can make em up themselves there, oh yeah, and then they do. You remember: didn't you, those books I mean wasn't wasn't: can we helping you out with that stuff VIC and I were buddies doing that passed away right? I did he died
about six months into into cove. Really it was that soon huh yeah, so from covered they don't know for sure he was living in New York. I mean I knew him pretty. Well, I mean we had to comedy salary for years, a funny guy. He was a nice guy, yeah, nice guy here did you have people churning that stuff out with you, a lot of them myself in the early days here, and people just started, sending them to Marion yeah mean like I said they were, what it wasn't until I'd been doing them for fifteen years. One day, rich shiner said to me: hey you? You know you you're doing the punchline earth than the set up in He goes well. Have you right. You should say you might be redneck. If you have complete Sarah, our bowls and they all say, go up. Others are easy, you're doing the other way. If you a complete, saleable how you might be written righted.
I have rage. I never thought about that. So it worked. You know over at shiner the technician revealed will craft a Google shop. Talk, show Atlanta, you grow up there. make how many big family. Now brother one sister and was there were out? When did you start known, you're gonna? Do this narrative? I want me I was one of those people that didn't know what I was gonna do in life. You know it was kind of like a family, they, the middle and the oh really, I came back. I probably should have gone to like an art, school or somethin. I add our voice drawn and painted oh yeah, but in high school. I didn't have any money to buy. My girlfriend they present. So I entered a speech
aunt S. Words First prize was fifty bucks and I want it yeah. So do you may live up it was it was now it was a serious breach of something about America, but it. But I've put. I kindly do not worry. I could write day and I knew I could make people laugh, but I didn't know what I wanted to do and I flunked at a college where my dad was working at I Bm, and so I threw away. He was he was like a manager for them or something my folks had been divorced for they got divorced. When I was really young, but I think my dad called some his buddies and he's like my son, kicked out of college he's working at a grocery store? Can somebody give him a job I wanted to hear, but he's got come round IBM fill out a thing. How do you get kicked out of college? Why
because I had no money. I was living at home and and I was working full time at a grocery store, so I would work from three to eleven, so he just couldn't. Then I'd get up in the morning till eight o'clock. It was just too hard. Georgia. Tech was hard anyway and yeah. What were you doing there? Where were you going to go for? industrial management which didn't didn't didn't do anything. It was the easiest course that they had industrial management. The closest college to my house, but it was an engineering car. Looking back, I should have taken, journalism or art or, but you don't know your kid. The regrets about that or worked out our worked out all right. I know it was easier. Something in your mind. You like that, really would have one rather of I am not really. You know. I mean it happened, the way it happens, but I learned real early in life like I, I would say my allowance and I would buy comedy records. I ought flip Wilson and Bob New hardened.
It all is and as you get older you about Carlin and prayer said so, and I learned very early in life, I could make people laugh here but I just never envisioned that it was a way to make it. I didn't think you could do it right and you'll hear ye hear, and I thought you had to get a job and- and so I was working at, I B M carried a tool bag. It sounds more glamorous than it was. I was fixing machines and like well what kind I did it some yellow big computer somebody, some members through the yeah right, the legal route drivers take the power out and stare, and, but I was guy that it was at work, do impersonations of the boss in the breakroom every office has is a troublemaker one that wasn't on the fast track to the top and a bunch of guys I worked with, would go to the punchline, the local comedy club in Atlanta at his place and they would and they came back and they were like dude, we're funnier than a lot of people down there. You should go. Try this and it
so they entered me in a contest called the great southeastern laugh off it wouldn't like an amateur night. It was working comics and they did like a makes then had the semi finals and in the form is like were eighty four. Eighty, four, and so am I correct If you entered me, and so I went home and wrote five minutes about my family down there on that Tuesday night and a won the contest. The first night they did it and now, was scared to death. I couldn't look at anybody, but I knew a minute and a half and I'm like crap. This is it. This is what it is. What I want to do, yeah it's like a Wesley an acquired, a blessing and a curse at buddies cause you're like so I where am I I mean. I went up amateur night for four or five months and I actually met my wife the same night. She was there. She was acted night of the contest here she was acting. She just on a tv thing with a guy. the committee comedian and he was in the context of heard who and your people Garber Peacock and stood still
France when them so they went down there to root for Robert and one, but I met her when I came off so I met my wife and my career form, for it's apart, which crazy that was a Tuesday. We went out on a Saturday. I moved in with her on a Monday, and that was thirty eight years ago. So If you move in weather, I can within a week now then, two days here with it it was a good first date. I would and we're still together four decades later. Well, that's the good part of this area cause they're gay. You wouldn't put money on now. No, nobody would have put money on that, but but I knew I just like man. This is it, but you know when you're from a working family, german mom work here, but they're in separate houses. what kind of gear back and forth and yeah, mostly with my mom cause my dad lived out of state
it ah, but but it was It seems so flippant to not have a job jaw, sure yeah, where they get nervous for you. Oh yeah, that's her for my mom's first question. When I quit I b m she I can remember sitting in her kitchen, he said: are you on the dope? Oh yeah I rather do pay you to do a variety yeah, the broad ranging word for dope in general drivers. You want to do yeah and I should know I said mom. I think I could do this. I said I think I can hear you fine When, a half years later, I'm Carson in the same mother's going you wasted all those years at Abbott AM and I'm like, oh really, yeah, oh yeah, then then it was like wow you get into this early. What gay boy you're you're it's better than the ones that are like. What do you make money on Carson? Does that mean you're making money, while my mother still this past Christmas, because I
won't out. I made it through three years before flunked out a college s Kristensen, I'm others like. You really ought to go, get that last year, the cat Many things go on our right ma you just for closure and can have that degree. Here. You ve got that something to fall back on. Just think why That's the thing it's like most people. I think most parents are that I have found when I talk to people, it's not that there now I supportive the just nervous probably right a course of things tat he had of it. It's a, but what does security really mean? I mean you know what what kind of life you want to have. I dunno we're just unique people, there's some part of us that just doesn't give a shit we're going to go. Do this you're right you're!
you're right because even if we hadn't gotten paid we'd have been doing the. I too weird thing like eight, that people don't really understand is like people who were sort of like what, if it doesn't work out, your comics, don't know even think about now. So so does it ever cross you're mine, because you're like me, and you ve, gotten away with this for every year to do you ever to civic hulk hell, I didn't. I never had to get like a real no. I I did it the other night in a hotel room in Laconia, New Hampshire and it could have gone either way. I could have been grateful or I could have been like what did. I do what had put I but mark. I think that, unlike why now I can around the world yeah? I it's like when people talk about jobs, and you start to really realize, like the last one I had was at a restaurant in college yeah, and that was it. and the other ones have been in show business. Somehow yeah yeah crazy. Well, and there's something within us. It's Like my wife's sister, her husband was in the military and they like knowing this is
we're going to be doing for the next twenty five years. Yeah can't well if at any point in my career, if, if you had said to my wife and I what are y'all going to be doing in a year, we diluted each other and giggle and go on one hell. I dunno exactly. I have a hard time now with tomorrow. Yeah like I like. I don't know I gotta look at the calendar. I dunno, if that's an age of my brain or what, but I can't I can't can't think about it. Now it spreads.
Wait. What are you going to be doing in two years? Hell I dunno. Are you kidding me man? This almost all went south for me, it always seemed like you were on a pretty good trajectory. Most of it I was in my forties and I'm like I'm in trouble. That's the first time you wait, wait, wait while it was like you know. If I don't turn this around there's no turning around and I don't- and I didn't even know what to do. That's when I started the podcast and things turned around yeah that it seems to be going yeah. Everything worked out, but I mean dude. I was in my forties. It wasn't. There was like I got shots I was in. I was in the loop in the game, but but it can go anywhere, a big management. There's no one's going to take you. No one is going to be like gay they're, not your parents right do you not yet they're not gonna, take care of it? Yes, so like so once when the contest I mean what was a cause. That was what year, eighty four so eighty four, so the Cobb boom still kind of happening. So how do you pay your dues? Where do you start doing? You've got five minutes, a we mean us dyke, everybody else. I start I quote the last day at IBM with New Year's eve, and I d:
from my be em to Birmingham, and I open for Sinbad for their new year show in Alabama. How is that well I used to get so nervous. I couldn't eat the day of the show, as I'm introducing Sinbad he's cramming an egg roll in his myopic, and I thought, oh, my god, that's my goal in life able to cram it that guy can just do it. Oh we murdered he murder, he could perform eating murdered, yeah and but I You know. I worked wicked. I've always I'd like a black crowd. It was a makes, but he would it did matter ear to killed anyway. I've arguing about you, I'm sure I have got complete confidence in Zimbabwe- is one very scared of black. No, no. I just wondered how, when no fear, you went all right, you know, but I, like you said I had him Polly, probably seven or eight manager. When I started that's all you have to do it
and you know I I used to keep those remember those little calendar books and I would have shared at work Tuesday, through Sunday, I'd drive back home to Atlanta, wash my clothes or money and go back out. What was there like? A a one, nighter thing too cause. I have all my old counters go through them and I try to remember those rooms cause. I was in New England. There were just dozens of one nighters same thing in Florida and North Carolina. There was just one Niners rights. Really, that's you did that thing I found new person show usually like opener and the headliner. I found the book from the, or share, was on the road yeah. I did four hundred and six shows now that counts like two on a Friday night: okay, a four hundred six year first year for year, eight thousand- three hundred dollars.
your education man. Well, that's how you learn to be I and- and you know I say that it's like. If you want to be an actor, you go to acting school or be a musician. Do you go to music school you're going to be a comic? You hang out with karma that you want to be a comic. You go to the shitty place at a comedy night. Yes, and it's you and some sad bitter headliner, so you're doing those one knows like who are the guys who you open for killer bees for me, but I think, like Billy Elmer there. Really oh Mary right use. Many ended up in radio right, didn't Billy, I'm Billy! Yet I wish there was Frankie Pay shoe membership. Frankly, with had little hat the ball guy did the mining piano, Hanno, yonder only frankly button. Don't you guys from New York, Jon Heyman, Jon, Heyman wow on man. I remember that guy who's, Johnny Heyman made me laugh he's funny to hang out with for the night yeah yeah he,
Do I care he was like a pre attached, a towel kind of yes, he was yeah yeah. I remember him and- and I would make myself I I think I was smart enough even then in the beginning, to realize that this, boom wasn't going to last for a writer, and so I made myself get out of my comfort zone. I didn't just stay in the south, so I'd go to New York and do the cr at gigs and in Jersey, and all that the Roger Paul Camacho Gay, Tony Camacho, with the biggest tongue on the plan. Already you know or go hang out at catch or what? But I wanted for people to news of at some point. The bottom was going to fall out and I didn't want to be one of a thousand guys calling say you don't know me, but right, so you want to get in New York and stuff. What I don't know if you ever felt this way reality slight in your own hood, like it land tat her I could look at
pictures on the wall, and I knew where I fell in that list. I my I may not be at the top, but I'm a these people was the top guy. When you were coming up in Atlanta Atlanta, James Gregory, probably really I don't even know that guy he's still doing it still kill an original yeah. I never, but that's the thing about these. Like I came up in Boston, there are regional accent, kill Kenny, Rogerson Kenney's great, he was a Boston guy. Plenty Kenny was down there. Now now I dunno where Kenny is, but he was funny as hell. I'm going to share many visual funny, yeah, oh yeah, Don Gavin, you gotta, give there were so many funny people from Basia, oh yeah and MIKE Mcdonald. Here groom there and some of them restore doing there Imma put and Eddie. You know Gioia yeah. I do know Joe very very well. I mean I used to do open, mics after college
It was me and Julian Eddie and who else so? You are working around some really good, comics back well yeah, because I started doing it that the first time ever really started was eighty four, the summer of eighty four, when that was Poundstone from the algae. I saw her do a show at the at the yeah Paradise, where you someone centre like a million like one hundred boxes of those are those ding dongs or whatever their shop. She used to have those it was some sort of pastry, but, like I started. I only did it that summer and that it did not into until I graduated in eighty six I moved out here became a doormat comedy still. So why was that? It was too hard. I'd put I'd gotten into comedy with another guy and we did a team thing in college and then like when I, when I started doing it myself, just eat the the hammering of the open mic at that time, and I was drinking and I was a kid. I was twenty one, but I would just like waiting around to go wrong. I can't he by governmental one I specifically Kenny was hosting an open like he got shit faced and he just
bumping me and then all of a sudden there's no audience. Whoever is a guy for God after I've been there three hours and it was just, it was kind of brutal, but as soon as collagen and I'm like a woman and then I came out here, you know, but it's always brutal when you're, like I remember one night being a catch I wouldn't go there because of gay okay, you're going to go. The George Wallace, wanted do five minutes for an azure, Georgia's never done. Five medicine is one year or two gives up there and as fifty and it's like- no not sorry, I know it was to me that twenty bucks, what's the deal between eating and not even that night right now and also there's the did, the idea that you did catch.
yeah you had this like I I would like you were some star because you did say that I couldn't I couldn't. I couldn't deal with that point and just that guy having any power of my wife or couldn't handle. So I just did the downtown rooms. I'd go. Do silvers old in Prague. We didn't do the strip yet Sometimes you know Lucien, but Lucian was very good and angry white guy and I'm like what do you want from me rise? I was sorted down the Boston, comedy club and silver when she had the in Providence dying days on forty. Fourth, exactly right in the middle of hills: kid yeah yeah, but there's alright, yeah yeah. It's like that. It was a funky little club area was great and it was over by the time I got there. It was. It was just me and uncle Dirty and Bob Shaw. It has this IKEA and I remember I was so late. So the first time I went up there to work, they said, oh, it was of Jersey. Getting this and we'll pick you up from the improper yeah York and I get down there and of course it's in Hell's kitchen and as I'm waiting for my ride, I see a watch.
guy gets stabbed on the come on guys jumped the guy bump real. Take his wallet here comes the police, the ambulance, and now I am this southern kid or so they pick me up. I go. Do the gig I'm telling the dude. They generally stabbed him. So I thought there would be now that it's like why guess you're going to have to do is time, because that would be open. You know, so we get back and they drop me off in front of the mirror all right and it's like two in the morning, and wife and I are staying at a whore. This is before they cleaned up times square, so we're staying at the consulate over there, one forty, nine and I've got to get from the improv over there and I'm no money. So I I hid my money in my shoe. Miss my hair up and I walked in. I walked picking up cigarette butts talking to myself, because I thought if they thought I was crazy, nobody would mess with me. It's so funny.
The perception of New York, but you did season, will get staff, so it makes you care of the shit out of me. So I'm like pick it up ass. A beauty here could be till I get the last fifty yards from the hotel then ran yeah. how the hell did your wife stay with you through all this broke ass, stuff? You know she, She always felt she said. I never wanted a boring life. While we have what I would have a bow, he me in life. She never cared about like money or whatever she just didn't, want to live in a box or did she come from that? Like what's her background, I mean like he's from New Orleans. She was. She was asking so yeah, so she lived in the real bohemian she lived in the bohemian world. She was the one she knew, though, about you. Is that like no matter how how how dire straits got your good guy right you know what she said if it had never forget so
so we so we meet so she's there. She sees me the first nine on stage when we start going out and do in that area and in we ve been going out for a couple of months, and she said to me one night. She goes you. have all this creative stuff near just, crammed inside of you and if you don't find a way to let it out you're going to have a real crappy life and so she was the only one that was saying you could do this. You could quit I b m and you could in an end Margaret felt like a man, it. It's hokey I felt like somebody was actually seeing me for who I was for the first time in my life, and I might really you think I could make a life being created has always ever said that to Morocco, roar here, and so she's like hell it. Let's do it and we didn't mean hell. Those. First few years we got married in New York for a hundred bucks. We want, down to the
City Hall in New York, cause I'd one, the contest and when I got to go, So this whole marriage and relationship thing was spontaneous totally spontaneous. So it is so so where New York were like. Oh hell, let's get married, so we go down to City Hall and we get a marriage license we're standing in line for the justice of the peace in this girl in front of us. Her water broke right there and I got so grossed out. I'm like I can't do it in here. I can't do it in here, so we went onto the street and I found a phone book and I was looking for like justice of the peace and couldn't find one. So I'm going to churches and I called the church and I said hate you marry people and like Al Maria, it goes I how much She said three hundred bucks as it we don't have three hundred bucks. I said why is it so much he sought to and for the travel one hundred for me as we don't need the chapel we'll do it in the hall and he started laughing. He said he said you know what he said. He said I'm right across from the garden at Central Park on Beach, all there, and so on.
wedding photos are two polaroids of me and my wife, Andrei. The park sweeper with his broom who's got one arm around. My line is how he was the way he's got the broom and the other hand for a hundred bucks. If we didn't even have enough money, we we split a non trade tavern on the great tell the sweet story, the yeah, it's all sweeter. Can you still get yeah like these? These stories would not be great if we do not, like my daughter, got married like three years ago and it protocol seventy five billion dollars and I said loan. how much your mom- and I you know- I swear to god- marca- don't because because because like when, when my wife's name is Greg, she has weird name but with so Greg my daughter sitting there and look at this tent. Isn't it pretty? I've got that and I go. How much is it in my wife would look at mega you've taken all the fun out of this? how much it is
It said the morning of the wedding we up and an ice wished in. There coffee and I looked at her. I said- I said you do. I don't know if this is costing a dollar or one hundred million take one hundred million and you're going to be really happy. So I have no idea. It was alive. I know was different there, it's nice to be able to give your kid that right yeah. So how old are you, though man I mean I'm watching you on this thing. We can't be that far apart, I'm sixty three fifty eight! So you just you had kids pretty I mean we've got grandkids just I get my first one he's one year away: it gets kind of late. We were like thirty three Uomo Cashman and they had so. Your daughter had kids pretty soon yeah sure was like twenty seven, so yeah really yeah. I guess I don't really realize I don't have kids, so I don't see myself aging I can't hear I don't see their progress in, like oh, my God, voice kind of weird cause in your mind from unpacking yeah yeah. I can.
When I look at my grandson who's one. I can still see my kids at that a genius well it's that way to you in my mind, still the new guy in comedy, You now get there's something it doesn't change inside of us. I do know to set that there. For me, it's a yes sort of fundamental weird insecurity like no matter how successful or what happens. There still sort this very clearly the new kid I'm, the old guy were definitely the Oregon, but I She is more cause. I'm out, I'm doing the other comedy store every night and there's all these kids running around. I'm like, I really don't know who's doing this anymore and we used to know yes and you know you don't know- and it's when they ask me for adviser and I go well. I made most of my money
when comedy records and dvds, which nobody buys records or dvds anymore. So I don't know what to tell you yeah, I think there's lot more. Ways to get scene now, but a pie Why is split so much smaller? You know it was back thirty. Five years ago, if you got on Carson and had a good set right? It was like the mafia you were made. you do Carson yeah. You did it with Carson here, no shit, I okay, so you to New York after you win the contest. You get married in the park. You see UCF. I get stabbed and a water break. Big get married big deal yeah, beginning of life death, marriage.
you go back to Atlantic and what you become, what you just our workin out upon. I myself know I'm a road dog, I'm all over. Who is right, who is running the out? There's the patio heaters depends managing ogier. That point, and I am on the road every week, because my Whole goal was to do Carson with Johnny. Right and I know he's not, there was a window. I know he's not going to stay that long. Everybody was saying. Well, it takes you ten years to be good enough here and I'm like I ain't got ten years. He stay in ten, so this was that So that was what was driving everywhere, because you saw your heroes on there yeah, and I knew that was a lie and a kid yeah, and that my mom would watch the tonight Show- and you know how adored, like not Oh all the way- and I can remember I didn't care about the actor, right, but when I heard a comic again
at bed, now go watch it through that crack in the George Goebel, and you know, obviously here in the Rickles yeah and so Rodney. That was my goal. So I said everybody said well it'll take you ten years and I thought to myself. I said I'll: do it and half that I'll do it in five and it took me five, isn't too much, but I started out as a feature. our short ass open, but I didn't open long open for like for my blood, then I was feature but I was but but maybe it was, but I had a work ethic about it like I can I was I'd go over my set Num riding Universe way before you were according your stuff but I am writing every night, so you're, the guy writing why the headliners drunk or have sex and oh yeah yeah there, everybody else someone's sitting at the table doing blow and you're like no. Thank you know. working on my set. So so this is.
Well that's the picture I was wondering like you: are you texting now? Oh yeah, look at that and he's laughing, yeah. I laugh in unison, tie yeah, that's great shout we. I did did a foul on a few years ago and the lady said hey, I was going back through the files, and I found this picture and I never got anything from Johnny so had been there for twenty five years, and I said, oh, my God, an actual picture. She had a photograph that she gave me that picture. That's. ray, and I said I said you have no idea how much this means to me. Oh that's, beautiful yeah was funny is like you know what I was in the hotel room, because I did a string of dates last week and watching the late night guys I gotta be honest with you. the really the the most fun to to you to play to no doubt when I
you foul him, like he's, really he really looking at you like he can invigorate as you get it. Are you going to do as they always do it? Yeah and and Jimmy loves, stand up comedy so yeah he's excited yeah I did cause. A lot of people are going to hard on him at first, but I'm like he's the most fun to as a comic too, isn't that chair next to him he's working for real, like for real like and me laugh, and he also knows how to save people have Oh yes, so he's good at that, but see like you. Do, like Letterman loved you. What I mean I did a few times in our know that he really remembered me. I saw the other night. Do is very funny. some brought him under the communist or to see me specifically like add again reviewed him like. He knows me by don't think he remembers. Anybody's was on his shush, her more than if you or even on their like five or less times is but have so far because I'm backstage the comedy store and it was like a weird night. It wasn't even a regular night. It was a produce show like that. I agreed to do and
The manager comes back goes David. Letterman wants to talk to my feet here, he's like yeah. to talk to you. My first thought was like mine troubled. Go to the principal, though am I out not but I hung out with him. If came down with some people, and he just always wanted to tell me that he level I was doing because no one was doing it and it needed to be said and, and then we'd just talk for awhile and he needed to IKEA. We laughed, I got him laughing as the best thing, even in that picture of you and Carson. I I was on the patio, the comedy store and I got Dave laughing and you know that laugh from your whole life. Yes, yes, turn wake them laugh! It's like! Oh, my god. It is inside you great. to five years in you're out there it's the middle and the what you were the middle when you did it Well, I guess I got to the point where I was no ice. My first
headlining gig was a year and a half into it. So well, okay, so I was kind of headlining like a terrible gig but yeah. Now it's like a k c, the tree House in Kansas City really so but I was like headline funny bones and punch lines and improper things like that, but I was living in Atlanta and kept mail and tapes to the tonight show, and they were just mail and back we get depended in Heaven it now and they were, like environment I finally said you're, not gonna, know if you can do this are not less would go to Hell. I so we load. We like the clamp, it's in reverse and we go We go to L a doing for work and this one at this point she selling milk for a local milk. Come she quit when she's doing a little bit of acting as she's but we're starting to make enough money to live, and but you gotta go out for it, but Leno. I will have to say MIKE Lacey at the comedy magic club liked, I went down their work and MIKE had Linda you moved out. You watch me yet moved out here, you hall and
so Lena went in and put a word for me and then we'd been here about three weeks and I did a set at the improv. A gym only follow me out the abbey, and he said why haven't you done the tonight show, and I said, because you keep then my tapes back, you don't even I am here and to two weeks later, I'm on the tonight and at that point like that's what eighty six is like eighty nine, so it's almost done so it was it did tonight. He I don't remember when he realized. I think he quit like ninety or ninety one so like it was weird because you talked to the guys from the seventies are like that. First, one just make you better, have nine other ones, ready yeah. That was a whole different tier those as they do five and enough either going to call you in shall hear they in which they might buy, but but so you had the one shot with him one with him and then with Jay took her over and I did a million of them with Jay is so funny cause. I like, I just drew a line with Jay, as I am not doing it like you
because Letterman was my guy yeah like so I had this loyalty thing and, like you know like, I need those two got problems, I'm going with Dave. Well, remember! Back in those days we we almost had to declare you either. I had to be a J guy or or a a a letter, definitely vitamin guy, even though he wasn't like putting me on a ton, but I do it. Definitely didn't you once it was Letterman weird for you to do like I remember like Letterman when almost tried a trip me away. Why didn't do much panel, like I remember like I just like I did four episodes. I think I did for stand up shots. One panel towards the end the stand up like you, I work with Eddie Brill first time, Zoe three even got me on first so and we work with her and I work with Eddie on the sets, and I remember one said I did it and they all went pretty well. My first Letterman was great, and I remember going to the annulled by like you didn't we didn't do much of it, but like right, when I sat down he goes, you make our work on the road
applause we said we were, the cameras went out. Yeah I wasn't sure how to take it that I remember it like. I always preferred to do stand up, but that kind of went away. You know I love doing panel, but I did stand up stand up. I was in control of the pace in an hour is, is opposed to somebody set new up to while the story about your vacation. I always wait like I did. I did like fifty shots on Conan on Colorado. I was on Continental. I hear it never did so one ticket but cause I My hair, my too much I would out my heart. If I could just yogi whoever was on a hairstyle in some way of dressing. I would be sick, so I picked a hairstyle when I was a junior in high school. Never to see it moustache, he said, but but
yeah the guys always liked watching were like Richard Lewis, on Letterman and like the panel guy, because then you could build this character thing yeah, so I just did panel of time in the other benefit of having If they got stuck, they were com, can you do it tomorrow. You got anything on my bunch, a bunch of half ideas you on go on with half ideas, were they were funny enough? deny my right didn't have to be developed under eye. There's part of me that sort of like a wonder what it'd be like to do, one of the cars by the time. You know the nineties come around you're talking about four and a half minutes. Five minutes, you're not eight minutes, panda I'd minutes and I will say like doing that thing with Johnny Cash. You you it stand up and then sat down. But what you don't know I did. I got called to those who don't know if you're going to sit down, but you stand, but but so your butt, but you know how it is you gotta, prepare that set and- and they say I'm not talking five,
fifty five and I'm not tonight have so far it has six minutes you're doing it around you're, goin, all over town in making sure the things exactly six men and yet, as you pull the all at a contact, yes out of context, pieced together here, so I go up the opening. I find the star- and I get about three jokes in and I get an applause break now I'm just mile and let him I'd with rubber going home. She that this is messing it up and I'm thinking yeah three minutes down the road going all right. I got a tag on that joke about my dad I'll, throw that I'll get rid of that cause this your point. if you're yeah, I'm pulling stuff, and then I get two more jokes and applause breaking I'm like crap, I gotta to get rid of that whole joke, so you're smiling and talking, but you're really editing too. Three minutes, a heading I've studied cause. I would just
I thought would be like just talk over the pause. Just stop the applies. There's no way, I'm rewriting this I'm not going to have to step on this applause, so I can get one of them clapping, exactly yeah. So after that your maid guy here and if I made a kind of tapping pretty fast, I in ninety I won t American Kommeni Award the Club comic area here and then I got a when they still had the book that would yet how many clubs yeah the punchline magazine or whatever, and then I did a Showtime special that year it was like ninety one, ninety yeah, so and who the guys you're awake around like it was so Jenny still huge back then, was a Satan Leighton was there yeah yeah and cause you're going all over the country right. So you see Jake Johansen, Jake, Johansen Drake say that Aig yeah
that was one of our work with Drake. Quite we did some Loaf Comedy festival thing together for awhile he made me laugh our guide, Dark Larry, Larry, Miller, Larry Mailer, you talk about funny grey MIKE firing Historiae marks. Mark Sheriff of Nottingham MACHO. He talks he's got that word. Wisping marked told me. I worked with him his anus in Nashville early on and he took me to do. Back in the days where we were more before less was orthodox and said. He said, you know, I just decided, if I ever headline, I would take the other guests not making any money, and so I'm do that. That's good! so, when did now, how does it really go down? You know like because I don't know like. I knew Dan Whitney for a minute when he was. The communist or when I was a doormat when before he was Larry the cable right and I never knew invite. I never knew work at all.
And you're wrong. Why I kind of knew by reputation, but these guys by the time you guys decide. Do that thing are big acts? here at least while using only the biggest guy on the Funnybone circuit in rising exotic tag, rise and people when I started doing funnybone, yet they were kind of compassion era saha some people, though, whether it was finding somebody people, outing ball was funnier and they met, and we went oh hell, we like each other. I thought I hated your guts or really because of what you hear about Ethan I knew Dan, but when he was Dan Whitney right, you know he was like that. The opening act at the comedy corner in West Palm Beach or boat braves fan, so I'd scheduled The weeks down there during spring training, we go to ball games there right at the outset yet and rod I saw run the first. Ninety ever went on stage with his first aim and checks. Is it yeah and only didn't Arlington and Katy, now major towers, Sellen windows for live in an area.
I use that guy and I went and found him in the corner, like dude you're, funny you to be doing this yeah, so Also. You saw him like going pay a very first time on come on here. What are the odds? Are there saying it just kind of became friends. Then he like quit his job. He started being a comic down there and I worked down there a law in Houston right well, this was in Arlington cause. He was kind of living between fort worth and but yeah, but he hung out with the Houston guys a lot and Thea, they'll than I became bodies and in Dan and yeah. I column, Larry half the time of day and half the time, but we had in France, and so so yeah knew each other, but like so you're touring you he's doing they headliner thing, and you are you're peering needed to show TAT special. I had a sick for a while, which I hated you did It had sought out once again. The jet fox worthy show cleverly yeah, but
I was never one of these guys that wanted that kind of. Like somebody said, hey you should we would you like to do a you out here when it happened yeah? So how long did you have out here like seven half years, or so you are really doing it, yeah and and and then you and I started doing it and and then they didn't want me in the writing room, because I was a comic you know and I'm like what make decisions? This is tv gym, I'm like it's called the Jeff Foxworthy show. So I hated it because like reading something that wasn't funny and then Saturday night I'd go out, do stand up and I was say what I wanted to say and making more money anyway. So who, who it started my first one was on a b c and then I did NBC the same show went from one network to the other. How weird was there
then it got cancelled and then I thought look, I'm just a guy and I was happy. I was happy being a comic. I didn't care if I did to year in so I'm like, if I'm just going to be a comic, I'm going to let my kids grow up around their family, I'll, just move back to Atlanta and I'll be on the road sure and that's where naked. That's what I do they're doing yeah, and so I and I had people out here that are going you're, killing your career you'll, never walk you're understand when you just want to be a what they don't like, that's not enough, but to me and still, to this day, I think we're! Ok, mixed the greatest job in the world: the AIDS better than being a tv star or movie star yeah, it's less. Yeah. Well, it's weird: it's weird home go nowhere. Kahane do we have to go up and grab my can think what we have to say is worthy of everybody's attend China and the like. If you're me, you know there
something that thy resent them for that. So I always started odds a little bit yeah dial developed it do what do you, but I I'm pretty funny wisely. I like it when I go because I'm not I'm not even taking any opener right now I'll go out and do an hour and a half hour but see I don't want an opener, I'm like if I'm going to go to all this trouble get here. I want to I like being on stage at all and also takes my show yeah. He has taken it well if you've got the time just do it, but I think that's really cool that at this point in your career that you go, I'm pretty funny right now, yeah yeah, it was cool. Thank God, took a thirty years there.
How would you know it? You're, you're cocky enough to know right now, but all it takes is one show Jeff. Oh yeah, you're right right, oh god, yeah there's some nights I'll say to my wife and I still got it then the the next night I'm like. Maybe I should just hang it up. I think I think I'm done, and then you get one new joke here. I come back back yeah exactly so. We know now when when the hook happened, like you know ass, you know ice I was lucky because I had an upward to jerk. Projectors, but it wasn't steep. It was kind of steady drafter. So after the tv show you just stand up there Well, I'm in I'm right in the redneck books and oh yeah, yeah and you're already doing the blue collar thing. That's a now that started in. When did we start blue collar mic like around. I moved back to Atlanta and ninety seven, we sort of blue like two thousand and one or so really yeah, that's big. You may guys made money
but we never saw it come and marked what we had our first, Gig was in Omaha yeah. We at all. We had all tat in three months since it will do this for three months and we ended up doing the first one For three years we had no idea was good, but but I remember the vicar: it were promoting it. They wanted some big production number at the end where we all four came out and sang a stupid song or delay, and I said, and as a and always will be with us and not just a comic I'm a fan of comedy war as a fan of the Carol. Burnett show I love it when they made each other laugh right, and I said as he can we do the opposite end to end just trusting your instinct sure I said instead of doing something big here. Can we just bring stools out and just each other laugh right right and they're like want to know if it'll work or not- and you couldn't practice said you know, of course it's going to work. You got RON and Whitney out and so that first night we got
Nine thousand people- and I get to the it I was doing that was for Arab, and so I get to the end of my thing and said: hey, why don't we bring the other guys back and they came out and we do it. A little thing and at the end of it, nine thousand people stood up and we looked at each other and went holy shit yeah. What have we stumbled on here? Yeah, just the she knew we were having a blast sure you know it's one only to railways. You know that the only negative thing about being a stand up, his half the time you on the road by yourself right this. You will hang out with your plan as funny in ways that you no way a how how often with everybody like where's RON every day Finally, I would like the dad the grew, so I would tell wrong when we had to show some like, first show you gotta mix coke and sprite together in your glass,
you couldn't understand him during the second man to do the fake, booze yeah they show and he would do it he'd. Do it he'd do it. For me he loves me. He wouldn't as anybody else who told him to stick it, but now he'd do it for me, because he don't wanna, get them to loopy a half. He has always called me happy I'll, do it for you, but yeah, it's great. So all right, it said what about this show with the with the the fifth grader thing: what's it called are you smarter than a now is a something you do like some light sound like a fun thing to do for while I got caught, I did it for like five or six yes Margaret, call me said: would you have any interest in doing a game show, and I said no was my first right and I said: what's the premise, he said adults taken an elementary school test for a shot at a million bucks and I started laughing. I said you know what actually that's.
Because everybody's going to think they can do it right and and I'm my I I'll. Do it and but what I like about it is supposed to do in a sitcom wish. You could stack them. You could shoot, a bunch of tyre area and and I got a lot of lady at home that you now here and so I went out and all dish and for it and gave it to me and I fully enjoy, did I was. But I was Quit shooting we we're doing If I were syndicated where I was shooting eight a day here, I'm like, let's just get it over with. Let's run him through the thing and then let me go do stand up in so and that was something I never saw coming, but I kind of enjoy it because it's still be funny. I can still kind of mess with people. I could still be funny and I still do my standards so when you are building this special what's your process. I mean like you, you know you're, not are you doing small rooms? Are you doing fifty minute sets? Are you just going out? and adding stuff on how do you build an hour? I got to know.
Alex approached me about doing it. When I knew I was am I the only way I can make myself write a new hours, I've just got to say I'm not doing any of the material. I've been doing exactly and you've got a job yeah. So now you've got a job and I said: that's it not doing it and I started doing the note cards and started going to clubs on Monday and Tuesday. I stay night and you know literally holding them up going. Is this on the laughing skull? Yes, okay was no cards in hand, so you go to an eighty cedar and just kind of figured out yeah. That's the way, there's no other, there's no other way to do it. I'll get a black box cedar and just riff like I'll? Let people know what's up in and fill it up with my fans and I'll say Like well we'll do an hour or so and sticks with you do what I do three boxes. One of them says gold once says silver and the other one says certificate of appearance, and I get up there with my cards and I'm like what about this Bubba up above and if it gets,
if it goes in gold, if it gets a kind of a chuckle would go in silver if it dies, it goes in certificate of appearance or something as a theatrical presentation. You've got the boxes, but the thing that What fascinates me about stand up is after thirty, eight years I still don't know, what's going to work and what does yea it's eat? How can you and that's what makes her fascinating? He adds because if you said to me before we walked in by pick the four cards that are going to work. The best I'd be dead wrong on two of 'em bright. Well, I don't even write cards. I I have outlines of things and I do it through talking yet so like and a lot of. My writing happens on stage so when it, when it happens for me, like I have the corner myself into a situation where I have to be funny to get out. So when something's delivered to me, it's literally like that, come from wow, I feel like he had to do huge and run off stage and start writing it down or I do, or I just keep repeating there until it's over, but it all sort of organizes itself on stage. So it's almost like the muse or whatever it is like. He comes out of the air and I become
and the fascinated with that. I know it's my head sort of, but it's in that moment where, like you know, I know I got a funny idea, but I dunno where it goes and I'll do the funny idea, and in that moment, where you have to be funny it'll come out. at some point and you won't. Oh it in your going where the hell did exactly that It's the exciting part that is the exciting part, is when you're you're taking something like. I don't know what to do with this. You just remind me, like I did some last night, I got to write it down yeah. This is a story of my life, no cards and no books would think scribbled on it. It was just a funny. Moment about you know like not knowing what woke is like what is woke, really mean and and then like, when somebody's anti woke and you're talking to him. The ideas like the you're the knotwork that well then, then I'm definitely yeah. I don't even know what I am reading right right, but it's sort of like I know, I'm not like you whatever that is, but how to frame so when you, when you go to do a new one, I mean it
maiden yourself to a year of of hard tone. Well us what I did I got into or I dunno about you but like during the pandemic. I had moments where I was like you. I miss it, and then I got got booked on the New York Comedy Festival. So from the day We could start working again out here. to November I was just like I got to do a whole new, our I got to figure it out, so I booked the rez, see at dead dynasty, typewriter, small small theatre, every Tuesday and just hammered out comedy store, hammered out billion out of the workers from Jack, and I did, and you never know, if you can do it again, You don't know where to thing. That's it is that's the scary thing about it right scare, right, you're, like I don't know. If I can get it in me and then he started did it, but you ve done
how many times when you really look at it doesn't matter, though, does it well every time you know I've done like seven or eight Albright. So if you do an album you're starting from scratch exactly, but you don't think of it that way. For some reason it's like it's like you were saying you feel like the new guy all the time because everytime you start that process again you're like I dunno. If I can do it or do you or do you have like one little piece of it that you cannot make work in your like crap. I know this is funny, and I cannot make it work and then one night one If something just comes out of your mouth and it gets a big laugh and you're like holy hell, it is work. That's my whole process. Yeah! That's the only way I can do it while, but that's
good part yeah. That's how it is no better feeling in the world right. This is not the polished end, it's better than an orgasm, absolutely hell. This is awesome. When you walk off into a no one would even know which it was now because it's usually one moment like you know, you've got laying in the bed that night going to have crafted a work where'd that come from yeah yeah. Thank God, thank God. Like I have to assume I've done a little homework. I knew not much, but your faith as got you through in a lot of Thomas, just always about with always bear air but like like in dark times like you know any event, like D feel like do you hold it responsible for further being caught,
It gets get screwed up. You got a nice woman, you got you know what I mean. Is it always been there in in a real president? I guess so. No, like I mean it. Leno influence smear and you know if you work clean you'll, always work well. Okay, well sure I want to work so but strike me as in a fundamentally dirty guy. Now me, if If that's what you are, that's what you're going to be new ride ride, even in the new special you know, you take it right up to the edge with porn. It really isn't. I get that, but that's always the guy I've been. I walk right up to the age my mother used to say: if I told you not across the line, you would walk right up to it and balance on one foot over it, but I wouldn't go over and I can feel it. if your audience I can, I can feel like you know, you know right, worry, you gotta stop and they wouldn't they would be disappointed if I went over it, I think I'm no. I think so too that you like what that got a little. You know it, but it's like with my face. I see what I mean it's faith, it's like
we either believe we're an accident or that we were created right, Eureka, Ryan, so thou me, that's pretty, which side of the fence or you will write had think were pretty amazingly complicated to just be an access. Are there? So, unlike ok, we were created wolf. We were why what will be created with some kind of purpose? I think mine was to do this. I was my get her. I think this is: u give yes young people in their good and wiping old people's ass, his yeah. They asked their give. You know it. You know. I think a lot of people can ever do that, whether its or give me a ride black and white, but you I am not one of those people if, if but I believe makes me be kinder to you be kinder. To my, why be more
except in both the people that and how can you look at it and go that's a bad thing or not, and I'm I'm not here to judge, but it's just so funny, because I know the way I work. If, if what I'm doing it makes me kinder better to other people better, my wife is usually because I I really did a bad job. Is that because I learned some lessons from that from the Bible. It's because I got a lot of hurt. People nectar, yeah right. That was my dad. You know married six times a year. He just couldn't keep his pants zipped and every time he had zipped them, the world blew up and he just kept walking you know. So is he still around? No, he died in a car wreck at ninety nine. He was a. He was funny the year he must've been. It was funny he could yeah. we could talk the women here. He sounds like a sentient. Do you have a lot of steps, a sibling? No, I actually have I don't, but you would think that I would, but I didn't last that long. No,
any used to be like a deacon in the church fact. I think again why, when my when my little brother was born, I think you get caught in bed with the church organist or so he was a player. I mean you're doing that in the church. Yeah if any of those letters guy snare by any left. You know they get divorced when I was like eight or something inside your site, a rough. So for me here for growth Nope without a day write. It became but once I had kids year, it was very important for me to not let that happen. So, even though I had a job that was taken me on the road, I was paid to go home that night, so I could get there and take my kids to school the next day that was oh yeah. That was the priority, so that probably get me out of a lot of trouble, you're sure responsibility here and aid and in in honouring it well,
isn't having kids changed. I I tell people the day. My first kid was born. That's the day I became responsible yeah and they turn out okay to great I'll get a great congratulation. Air can especially got good kids. New grandson am. I gave my kids Dick My kids even want me to live close to them, they're both like nine minutes away with yeah because I want you to baby sit here, and I am I do recognise what was certainly a great to catch up been awhile yeah man very much. It's is via the already five years, but but its, but thrills me because I know you're one of these guys. We can't help it. This is the thing that this is the gift we were given and yet I, what are you gonna do with it by to see you? do so well with it in the successful with it and you like yeah, that's cool or thank you- and I I think the older we get. We understand it
comic mine to understand each other comics. It's like we're secret society. We are we we're looking like some we're brotherhood, even the Betty. I give the fact that liking or whatever it is however, anyone judges us or, however, they does the fact that you know you and rod. Why are on road- you like you- we there's a tolerance in an acceptance in a weird understanding we all have, even though forest of us in the best of us. We know all the different kinds. Weeping there's still believes that people ask me who's the funniest person you ve ever known ass. They run why, of course, by I e right up there with me, my god, he's made the funniest just naturally funny he regional, so that guy we're you're like how is he still lie here? Yeah. Do you want him to marry your daughter Hale? Now God tell, though, how he fucked up the last marriage I Mary is Lamar might run just day day go on how it is that what you get you still get that sir.
I make business down and may I think I think the ceramics grass still got one of his ceramic parts. From that vision, the to kill a business still say is still in the two key Libias say: how do I will, but nice talk value for Heaven S, oh, by the way that whatever how, much it? You had to go through whatever aggravation that you had to go through to get that last story on that special is special ed. What was once a special collagen is called the good old, the good old days that last story as worth it yeah. Thank you. Yes, sir yeah, that was Jeff Foxworthy nice Guy, new stretch called the good old days on Netflix and don't forget. Stress, shows up in all kinds of ways. Here's your reminder to take care of yourself. we try some therapy better help is customized online therapy that offers video phone and even live chat sessions with your therapist. It's much
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