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Episode 1326 - Trombone Shorty

2022-04-28 | 🔗

It’s normal for everyone to call Troy Andrews by his stage name, Trombone Shorty, because he’s been playing the trombone since he was a tiny, four-year-old boy. Troy and Marc talk about the musical culture of New Orleans, growing up in the Treme, touring with Lenny Kravitz right out of high school, becoming the frontman of his own band, making the trombone a featured instrument, creating a musical education academy, and recording his new album, Lifted, which is inspired by his mother.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you was the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck makes what's happening. I mark Mare- and this is my pod gas- I'm broadcasting for a room, I'm not at home, I'm not at my garage amount in the world amount in the MID west. Am I in the MID West, is Madison Mischance in the MID west? Is that the definition of MID west? I believe so. how's it going with you. Let me let me let me promote this part cast if I may, today, trombone Shorty aright. His name is Troy Andrews but, as you can tell by the states, namely the master, trombone player and also pay trumpet drums organ tuba he's been playing in concert, jazz fast in New Orleans infuse like four years old and started to bring with Wendy Cravats right out of high school, he's been on the Simpsons incessantly street and is one of the highest profile and asters of New Orleans Music and he's got a new album out called lifted and very good.
I can't I it was weird listening to her as I remember it a note in me a core to me, the whole Court, because our remit- it really is sort of Iraq I could, but I remember when I was a kid there is: there were big horns: there were bighorn rock bans Chicago I'll players. Average white band or of power they were big horn. Bans that we're yet they were armed, be to a degree or maybe so, but its deadly crossed over in Iraq. But I just I it reminded me that I had not heard in my enrich some days, the a horrid section on what's basically or ISIS, it's a mixed system. But it's a lot of its rock Rocco Ernest baby, but yeah. I got to talk to her to Troy bout that music that source that the word The eternal well of of music dick that is a new Orleans,
It is exciting, is a lot of stuff. I didn't know so. That's gonna happen. That's gonna have for you shortly tonight, I'm in a walkie at the Turner Hall Ballroom tomorrow, I'm in Chicago at the VIC Theater and Saturday, I'm in Minneapolis at the ten t, age is also another thing: I most likely postponing trying first boner or shift my dynasty typewriter dates, because I've been offered a role in aid Apart on reservation dogs, which is. It show that I think is brilliant an exciting and am to be part of it. I dont generally ever cancel stuff but tat for It was a hometown series of gigs. It can be here you can see me away almost any time, but I will try, to reschedule those for you in a couple, we shall be in Pittsburgh. At the Carnegie of Homestead, I may Twelfth Cleveland Ohio at the Mimi, Ohio Theatre or May Thirteenth Royal Oak Michigan at the music theatre may Fourteenth Washington
you see at the Kennedy Centre on May twentieth red. New Jersey at the count base, the centre on May twenty, first and Philly at the Keswick Theatre, a mate when he second there, some more dates coming in the future, but those seem to be enough but a deputy have pod dotcom, Swash tour for ticket links and other info all right, is that all good is everything all right now. If I could just stop worrying for a few minutes, I ended in Chicago, not a great Dr Chicago to Madison, nothing that appealing about it, but I am here they'll, be here, have lunch my buddy Ben Sidra, the jazz pianist in jazz author. We talked about tat, we talked about this, if he's been older than me talked about, mortality. We talked about worn players, we talked about, Steve Miller who he was in a ban within college. He corrected something's corrected. As a nice word, I would say that it is it came up kind organically, but it is a year,
Steve Miller Interview my yeah like yeah. Maybe I'd tell you a couple of things, so that was nice, You know it's nice to know that resentment brings eternal. You know if someone fucks you you're gonna, remember it. That's that's that's what thing I've learned from myself and talking to other people, no matter how much peace of mind you have no matter how much you ve let go if someone Scrooge screws certain way, it'll stick Stick there for the lifetime, and That is not always right up front, but you know anything for you to dig too deep for people who have been too or snow about this people have been fucked over financially yeah, it's worth my. my dad's mind, sort of disintegrate I guarantee the lasting Nego is going to be some version of fuck that guy, that that I, I have to wonder how many people's, alas, words are like you married. I doubt that did that thing Falcon be resentment
brings eternal depending on what the injury is. You have trauma. I think that, if it happens, young enough was sort of your molds, your whole personality around trauma, but when someone fucks yeah, it's just it's right there. It's like a it's like a you know that those those weird flames that that just never go out. You see in the night at those whatever's factories are likewise that fire still on of that is mad at somebody and is never going to go away because, never gonna pay and there's nothing. You can do about it, but just watch it just you can turn it up? We can turn it down, but the flame is eternal fuck that guy. I got one of those, maybe two of em. I think. Actually it's more there's nothing I can do about it. Here's the other problem, I have. I have to stop this in this has happened before this. Just some element of anxiety. I don't know if you haven't get an I'm driving men,
I'm driving down the highway. So I have time for this. I have time to think about it. you think I'm a reworking a meal. Working stuff, and I d go way back, I'm going on a almost doing some version of of mobile, M tiara myself, where, since I have time I've got the highway spread out in front of me, I got the car and have always thought that Driving is meditative because you can what's interesting about his you. Something these days, grounded as you sort of go off into the life of you know. I guess it's really not meditating, because it's something processing. You can process in the car. You know if you turn the car author still say some party who has to drive the car so you're connected and there's something about that that its something like it, something like the empty thing in my mind, is it with the empty our treatment of these buzzer's? At your kind of get you
into a different place, or you kind of I I dunno they can go into some part of your mind. The motor part of your mind gets sort of distracted with the buzzers and by think that the Our serves the purpose of making this up some going overpass points in my life tat I thought, were who renders we embarrassing painful, were too terribly dramatic! That sort of how I spend my time, sometimes in the car working through that stuff and I'm kind of following thought process and trying to figure out whether or not- I still have sort of process feelings about those things and that's how I spend time in the car and in whatever time that I dont doing that I can yeah. Listen to music, or I worry, the things that have happened, so it's great enough, the car just great be like alright. What am I gonna? Do they're going to have a listen to some talking heads process, some very painful stuff from childhood and then think about it.
Oh, what am I gonna dying while not home grown? what a fun ride and then they will some coffee, so we can really so to turn Heat up on that process. Fuck me Jesus Christ, but I like it man once I get out once I converge on the point and I am happy to say that I'm I'm a little lighter in my heart- is a little wider, because on the road from my we Chicago to Madison, I pray process. a nice chunk of childhood trauma with Maya mobile version of E m d are locked into the the engagement with the car. I was free my mind to a sort of stop and start the process of making connections of feelings. Getting my myself into the place of the trauma moving through it, with the help of
knowing them, grounded by driving the car and then and then sort of like feeling. the fields and yeah. and I got here and I had lunch. It was. It was a lot of processing. I worked up a I worked up at a nicer appetite, had some had some sweet potato hash with a cup of poached eggs and a biscuit panda ate some of Ben's potatoes. As we talked about the weight of consciousness, Good morning, when you listen to this, perhaps why don't we talk to trombone Shorty, his new album lifted his they'll be tomorrow April. Twenty ninth, where we get your music and those horns will lift you, Jesus Christ. Listen to it now jazz. Ups man music help. its serious. We helps. I don't know why, but I've listened to talking had sphere of music almost daily for weeks. What is it about that record? this I am speaking as something of the time give it a listen. There's some
Somethin relevant to it outside of life. more time, which is the time I don't know, I just can't I know it's a great record but had a nowhere. That's the one that I'm spinning, constantly anyways trombone Shorty brilliant musician, brilliant. Be horns man that horns. That's words at that with the US. and this is me talkin em, back in the garage, its greater made him a great immediate Duma is just think of the people. Can you try yeah, Troy Charlie Trump Shorty Trump, some grabbed by my dad. How would you say Mister Trump? I would like mister work. Mister Trump trump yeah yeah. I it's weird because when were brought to my attention. I've heard of you by you know the music and then I too specifically and then like I
I thought I could trombone guy we're talking. Trombone re read like this who is in a jazz right. I just have this weird breakthrough: in this, the usual. How works when they before I talk to somebody I was in new out of Bob. I was in a hard Babo young. I am no scholar rhino, but you not pick up what I can have a lot of records and and I started realizing after listening to your stuff and wishing into specific because people who were, who are honest to New Orleans Jazz near Noriega that what evolved out of that, which is everything, but the New Orleans Jazz as as a form is, is inclusive inclusion as well right, but once you get to Bob it's all right, what are they trying to get rid of me? That's right Is it yeah, because when you really think about jazz as a culture in the fifties where it became know in New York, in L, a or whatever, with with that crew of Bop guy,
You know you really have to be held in the Inn crowd or have a mindset to take that stuff. In to do that right, but with you do and what you come from is thy everybody's welcome is clear from the first note from the first note as right as it a new all as we never forgot that music, dance, music and the seller everything TAT s very. Like you said everything right. We we we play. Ah, when I to school and a new all incentive for creative ought yeah. They were taken as the Bob Stuff all that well learn anything about new all his music there, but me come in the neighbourhood at I came from two where we got joms into was in Barbados and rights, Absolute right now we can JAMA. It was very difficult for me to see when we started a plane as other music and to hear that no one will reacting out up. I was born into people dance yet. Well, that's interesting thing that gives you did go. You had a kind of back load that stuff right. That was
what you are listening to know. You were listening to everything that you were coming up from and I want to go. I want to talk about the early step. I do want to say before you know. I wish The new record. I wish all the records, but I mean, am I wrong in thinking that this is the one we're really came together for you? I reckon I try to do that for every one of them, but I think it I think you might you know I think we went in the studio with the mindset of let's, let's play like, we only stayed with the Alec show as tight right hand because, like I felt that the vision of the record and the consistency of it and the amount that you put the trombone forward? I mean you do because that's what you do, but in this one you're like it's time for my lead, yeah yeah. Absolutely I was thinking more of a you know: Lenny cravats was right or wrong so right there, What does where my mind, because it gets feel that, like any other records, your blended allow to starve yeah there's a lot of different kind of stuff, I was going on, but this one like it there's a consistency that you go right to the way you ate the record out and then
like, there's, definitely a point where, because you wonder about that with with a trombone in general, so I guess just feels like a support instrument. Yeah yeah it as what it is and most of the time was in New Orleans is still is a support instrument. Gotta have someone like most trumpet players. Have I keep trombone play right. Ok, here Louis Armstrong, beer he had, they had a guy who's, this guy, Terry Glenn. He did some stuff. What a guy from me young is a bunch of John Bomb Play, but normally out of that. the thing bone trombone is decide man, so Thomas like it. It keeps. base almost did they ate it tail gates around and display around a melody that the trumpet plan rights of trumpets? I keep it beating you happen to be there. I just tap dance and ride around it and hidden at the melody every once in a while. So when you tell me about that because, like again yegg I'm an appreciate her of music, but am limited in what I know. What I know about you know
no one's music and act like I know, as I too call bed. I know Doktor John Hanover meters. I know Alan too, Tucson, never brothers, you never bother a bit, and I and I know the people professor Longhair, oh yeah, you, I use you deep now, yeah that stuff's great yeah yeah, but but like I don't know about the the history of that of the neighborhood of tremor and what you know what it means to grow up there you know, like I mean I can see it on t v or I can get a sense, but I have to assume the the community budget. it feels like not always as tight as a community spiritually and an interest as a neighbourhood, but that the musical everywhere all the time. Absolutely that's true, that's very true grew up there. And I remember being a kid whatcha Elementary School room went to school in a french quarter which, as one block their separate there, coordinate. Romania has ramparts tree yeah, so
The french court is only about three four blocks from the Treme yeah I live, then I remember going to walk into school Well then it would be it a funeral second land, jazz procession, Second, like in my area, while people to dance and industries and we see about it, I'll be gone, and I see that and then, when I'm coming back home, there's someone celebrating the bird day right and in the back yard plan and in my family we had a rebirth brass band and dirty rebirth rebirth, whereas I remember the dirty: doesn't raspberry does so they come after dirty. Desert, ok and they were very influenced by him and it was always music, and so my ban, a map of causes and family members we'll get home. Do our homework yet and we'll stop practice in it bother. You know the musicians in there we were always at so like you, just an assume thing that Europe be a musician. I make a bee you're like with just that's what happens then But I may most people
there's a lot of musical family, so I've never had a choice by the outbreak. When I was born and gave me some drumsticks a satellite there, so how far back does a music on your family another's bear popular acts it that I don't know, but who are they like whatso countervailing muff? Well, it all started with my grandfather, oozed Jesse, he'll, ok, and he made a song back in the sixties. Oh Papa do yeah and he was I was it was song bag in those days when you could write a song in college daddy, I caught up with data, and it was. I guess it was a big song. During those times I think Tina Turner covered it a few other people covered it so, but that was before me of course, Dan, I have no yeah. I knew him, but he was much owed about Tommy, where I'm really active right. I was done you come over to rehearse and and try to tell us something that we would. Gonna get it together. So that was a pop song. There was a pause absolutely so might on the right by time he's going out there trying to their taking it like that's. The end
same thing about neurons in the whole world. Is that all american music most of it, comes from there. Yeah and in the if it doesn't it eventually mixes with that address and comes from a mix of country, become some that's right so like at that point, he must have pretty close to the source and just figured out how to make the groove into a pop song. Yeah, that's like fats, domino yeah. Yes, my my A grandmothers brother was worth while to now said he was fat domino get time. They are really I share the doubts before my time I know, but you must it did you grow up with the records? I grew up with the ragged, yes dear, to day ass. They listen to him and he always say: oh you gotta listen to this particular song and as an added, so it using lives in the whole family and we list we grew up all reach all my grandma loved that in fact domino of course doctors I would like also to me you knew very well, I grew up on the need em and you come over by my grandmother house and hang out and eat gum
in red beans and I'll play when im on a road do spoiling the he was like a real family member TAT, John, MAC, Ravenel, magma value remedy Erica like use another guy where you know I kind of guy. I thought it locked in and I got all the old records I had. I had Doctor Jones gum. the is a relatively hard record defined, which is weird, it's a later record and etc. It's him covering the allotted viewed as I go. I go. He does, I think, Tippecanoe Banana Big Chief, the area and his grey record. Those old ones Where he saw do I taken it out? There were I at night tripper and in the first three records yup. I commend the names of em where he's produced into it and he's like he's using that time, you're drunk. because sixties, whatever trip on and he's elevating that New Orleans saying into a psychedelic shit, show Russian,
as a good way to put an end it is still funding mentally New Orleans, music right yeah yeah. You hit a dearth of Anita. You got the big dirt in ST sounds in them then you do that on the new record, a lot there's always guys talking. They make sure that every song it's like. What are we doing this? What are we in a way? Yeah? Yeah! That's right! That's just what we do. That's the heart of it as a part of it. You know, because if you think about the second line college wound from where I grew up in Theirs other people around you speak in a ban is in the middle but everybody's dancing and having limitations about what awaited Goin Nega. What was so? No one had a ban and we just he allowed a channel. While we talk while replant the street. Here I wanted to capture summit at that as ragged. Get that atmosphere guy, What what is second line mean exactly where they come from wall at first it comes from bed the funeral procession right
and then of the regular that sad one yet say I wanna get they'll, be the ban right coffin and in a secular, is normally people at that join and from the NATO. Okay. I see, I see a pain I so that is the first time I saw that and nor leans funeral procession in a James bond movie. How are you getting with diamonds and for a care member which, when it was out of sight, I remember they kill a guy industry when they were there the coffin? I hate him up and I think there were a day. I think I was either. It'd, be a brass band. I was in now really, I think so I think it was was it diamonds are forever. It was a Roger Moore, James Bond. It had to do, and I know there is a lot of like you- no kind of problem rightly raises moody stuff, an area yeah that happens through, but but I like that's the first time I I I put together that there is as culture, yeah yeah that that was celebratory celebratory I mean even in in in in I think in some of the language that you've been quoted in
talking about your mother's passing, which I'm sorry you is she a transition? Right is everything as a transition? She gone and Tibet A play Bulgaria is always a celebratory transition, and new, honest, like is very of course, be. cry new orders bright and we turn it around really quickly. Yes, oh you. We might start when it dirge, rye and use. The everybody fallen, because that does the outgoing brain, the drum kick up and now as a big celebratory SEC. The sending them off? We sit in a mafia highs, we do We got a part where we do in a procession the carriage window with a coffin. Anyone we'll will separate half of the band, some of them on his side. Some ammonia left some a right and we call that cutting him loose right, as when you said, and as the final thing here but as you know, but said, the man is dealing with the euro, but it is a different thing. So we have the soldiery in and present pleasure clubs that permit
it every Sunday as a different they as not a sad, ok, ok, justice, just New Orleans culture right yeah, but by a does like, like my ear, first memories of it are around funerals. I guess both I'm right most What happened in my house and in my backyard with my brother, James Andrews and his band, what tip where he plays the trumpet yeah yeah he'd come you can play trumpet too or yea. I play trumpet too, the show you yeah, both of them trombone and trumpet, but so that it happened in my house and then I think I got introduced to the funeral just goin out their play rise out of him. I guess I guess the connection of trying to make is that there it just seems like this is the way emotions are Ex breast Worley, Eve door or entertained like that. The language of music is directly related
Two wife in a very immediate sense, absolutely is very spiritual. Yeah. You know when you gonna. Try me, I knew all ends and you see people Well, we can be having a second line parade down at eight and you'll, see somebody come out of their house. They were just fixing something. Some and they all come out being an automaton pot and just the dance and leave the house. If I get just join in that's how emotional it is, and that's real life as real life as every day gives me cause like you know you think like. I think I saw that in a movie, but you're telling me that's real light as real life. That's what I see I prefer it. It's a community thing, you're not putting on a show for anybody, not a no, we not putting on a show. You know some people may hire a band to play, for their shirt for sure are generally speed and noise is just for the community and and we go out there and we players. You know if you have some camera, a cool. If not, we still do right right, but it's not a tourist attraction. Nine pre exist did all tat right. Pre exist at all. How we do it every day
like you know, like after a certain point, like you think of the french quarter. Neither I've only been there a few times. You know, and I you know I got the powder Don't I hardly knew her behaviour, but by you there is an intrinsic tourists culture to that city at this point right, but it seems like when I was there you cannot nothin's gonna turn out new Orleans do you I get like this. Many tourism use does or like we're just visiting green IRA any you don't feel like it's like being your they're playing this, It is putting on a show that cities got some vibe to it. Yet, where you're like, if you stay there too long, you just going to be absorbed by it. As what happens, I know I see people at eight, they come down and they end up moving now. For some reason. It's me agile but like as is magical. I always tell the people go. Hang out in the french quarter. Get that out the way, even though it's a tourist attraction is still really rough. We just
and so I say, go hang out in the french quarter and call me after that they will get into the other stuff because, like I know that, there's a balance there to to that energy that there is a magic to it. But there is a darkness to it. There's a weight to that place absolute. I can't I don't know what it is, but you know he yeah. I imagine that you'll grow. Not there in dealing with music that you're pushing back some dark spirits that that this their good, I'm sensitive to that shit. No, you or you know you says what it says you can feel. I don't know what it is you I don't know. I thank you. I do not know what you mean. Yes, in the spirit of very much alive there at some the abs, because it keep all the dead people up over the ground. Yet in the compromise and grapple with the average is there that the night, you know sometimes I'll, be with some people and will go by the cemetery near and they are naturally start to be quiet as if we want to do. Therefore, the day here is a wise and we feel at ease.
incredible yeah. I am so so you, kid and get all the surrounding it? And obviously year gifted guy, I mean you're, the guy you're, the new trombone guy you're you're carrying the horn for everybody now. But how does that reveal itself? I mean cause, there's there's footage and pictures in and you know, recordings of you with that that trombone. You know you're you're like a little kid you're here for your needs any bigger than you. Aren't you just waited at. Why that that instrument When did you realized ever whoever realized round you that I've is gay special with this thing and when it goes back to my, I was telling you about having a side kick right, so my brother's a Trump rally. So I guess in the house, we didn't need anymore trumpet player, so he with a trombone, an I I I stuck with it. Just give it to you who gives it to you who says it's either my mom or my brother, but it was around the house, so
they are my cousin. My brother play music, the instrument so a stay at my house right and it would be like my play. and gravel corral inside too was an arms and stuff, but adding once my bread, to go away and want to mean a play: music, stay on his side. The tremble was the thing a kept me with her, and I think that this is the influence of the city trumpet play as always the kings. yeah right in a band. So he put me on a trombone gray and maybe needed a trombone player in a band at that time. Well, it sounds like it I mean that's the traditional place for the trombone right right, right on side, a trumpet player, and how does he have a recording career, your brother? Yes, yes, he has a few records out what type what styles he actually are, some of his best music. He dared to me, as with our allies to San produced a yes. Oh, he s record cause Sacho of the ghetto daddy. He did back in a nine is in his to say that I say out into yet another song, To that end
feature and actually honour, raggedy has added to set plan and piano yeah and Doktor John on organ whole record and what you do. was named James Andrew. Oh man and he was a part of the Newt Birds, Brad Brian she still around the estill. Alright yeah he's only like fifty two steel around any place did all the time he plays in a city alive, and he come to jam what me whenever we can and said, if you it seems like the people that are in that community. Like you just say like your brother, then you know how and to satin and Doktor John there I mean do it here? Is that easy is daddy's? Less do has just going to studio and as recalled and right, your you brother, you five four, Four is how old is how much older than you are think? Maybe sixteen years sixteen years older than you, I think so, how old are you I'm thirty, six, okay oh he's, while the needs better was was it like the airplane trombone unexplained,
as Trump is an easy now and he's like twenty one year for right right right. So was there a novelty approach to it? Do I get the sense that sort of vaguely this kid? No, he didn't I was up. There is awesome. I mean I don't think I could really play that well at that age, because you know like the Derek trucks yeah yeah yeah like he was one of those kids. They put out these like eleven he's doing all the joint on the bar, but he had to reckon with the fact that, like he's, if he's going to stay in it at a certain point, he's like. Why can't be this? This, like this novel, yeah right, your eyes, you just get this one trick re ran, so he had to figure out how to be a genius. I hung his all is an incredible. We did a few shows to gather data, but my brother, so My brother, allow me and taught me on the on the spot. Ok, so so new trombone or just new horny. Didn't you know, you're just knows a trumpet IDA, So our learned by a first rate, so he play in my ear and I would play back to him, but I, as as
all in all, all of those years of that I just kept strong and strong and barren and gain in more air gaining more knowledge right so from playing Yes, I have listened inside and have a trick avars right. So I just maybe try to like your daddy and then it is developed over time but he doesn't. He doesn't he couldn't tell me what to play on a trombone. He could just play it for me on a trumpet and I would have to have any figured out how to do all this around ya figured out by standing next to him, but there's no. There was no trombone player. That just said you gotta do this with your hand, they had a few of them that that I stood next to in his pitches up looking up Adam trying to figure it out, but my arms were so small. I couldn't go all the way out. Ended on all around a hard but faster, next to allow a great trombone players in a street and not just listen Tom. Do you have guys?
you, like, I, don't know a lot of my a bit. I am, I think I've heard some J J Johnson stuff. Maybe he used to play with it with Bob guys right here, a couple of Bob Guys, rapier, listen to him. When I was in school, he added it hit me two minutes of various right. Anyway. Spend your whole life playing music and then you go to school and there I hear the guys it what you're doing out this way, other direction area for the lower, the guys that you grew up liken and guy I like are Fred Wesley. Okay, you know who I dunno. What's he about he's the one that was behind a lot of James Brown? Music? Let me see your pocket. Okay, yeah yeah, yeah, yes yeah, but he was like the first trombone is that was into putting it on funk music. Right. Okay, yeah! Would that whole thing and that how old were you when you started getting hip to that when you knew those guys where you will listen to it, where you like? I gotta, learn some shit from this record. I always heard James Brown in a house array of
a family and everyone listen to it and loved his music. But I was in listening to the HANS at that moment. I was just check out James Brown and everything that the sound was to give a good point area. As soon as I got older and my it started to grow a bit more, I started focus on that and then I met him and talked to him and we recorded and done some things together and he's he's a nice person yeah. He had Fred Wesley, whether it's injury, king because their it seem like as our thinking about talking to you, that there is a difference between like were evolved out of like our and be corn sections were punctuation ray. and then it seems out somehow evolved into a more elaborate lyrical presence in music, as it became more funky and more you know almost aggressive, they are, the very it I've forgotten.
Was this a new and MIKE I'm fifty eight? I grew up with some of the something like what is it and then you realize through the seventies, there was like a bunch of really heavy horn Bay. The area right tower power through an impartial cargo. Argo that wrangle Heil, Ohio players. Ohio. I mean like this, like the the the history. The legacy that you're coming from in terms of bringing this stuff together. It's there yes, they're right, like as I started to realize like this is this- is there's a familiarity to this right, which is good yeah. I, like you, haven't heard. You know why right right, absolutely! I can remember like in a written into this record. It was reminiscing, but I cant remember the last time I heard like a power horn band like that one, it's true. I ain't about their yeah. Well is now for me, I always had especially in New Orleans, but but deplore it all, together with the guitar in our area yeah, but going back. When do people start taking notice? How old were you when I watch a picture that video you playing with Wynton when did
take notice you. How did how did the outdated evolve You became prominent. you know been, a new all is Winton will come back and in and see as planned, and then you take, I wear at all over. the street aware we may be when we just walk out on the streets with his brother and he said well, we I mean it was always some type of musical thing I was going on and here I be in town for so he was like a big supporter days. The Porter Community in general of me, is it yeah yeah. So when he finds you was he say to you well when he, when he, you know he just we were planned. New Orleans jazz knew all his music. So how are you this brought about five or six, that we would that out, I met him in it. Was the outfit you were with, with the Bam bam? Were you with probably with my brothers band and what would they call the Austar brands? Okay, and we would just plan if street phone brands, but it's a part of the New Orleans thing here and
So I've been known him since that time, air yeah, but we will little bit more loose and he and and yeah, and he brought you out there. What was that? Where was that done? Where's that that thing taking place now somewhere in Europe, I think it was probably in. Jazz Viennan and France did he take you out there with them no, I want my brother's ban. He he a new that we would any. I invited me to play the last song anyone now, so when you see how would we then I don't know when I video prowler Light thirteen right. So when that happens by that time, you can riff. You can improvise yeah yeah, I mean we. We grow up improvising in New Orleans, so and when I got to Nokia school. It was very strange for me that people will plant other people's solo. Could that does not What we did and try me here like when you hear people like my brother, Kermit reference you can they coming down a steep,
five blocks away, we can tell which ban was bought. A trumpet play a sound right right, yeah, like every part, was coming up the street. We knew the language that karma reference was plant on top of all that and we could always rebirth here and when they come up the street as exactly who it is so we learn and improvise. First, that's because that's how you get your own thing, your own point of view, your own sound, you get your sound and you development and speaking you know. Like I speak with my new Orleans accent, you speak, I you speak! So that's how we think. If I keep talking to you I'll, be speaking in New Orleans by the end of the year, all those people yeah yeah, we'll get you together or so that's interesting, because that that approach gives you a voice. Yeah where, where is like, as I always noticed, tat music in general, that there are people that can copy other people brilliant, but you know they're they're kind of lost when it comes to expressing themselves. Yet it didn't know we are here at all as honest,
now don't get me wrong. I like leak technique, Ariadne right and in you know, but I don't get me wrong. I like to listen to a lot of music and once you listen to some of you to say, you'll, be speaking like Alexander, that that has not happened to me in music. I get whatever I'm listening to what our without trying to copy it it'll be admired your absorb out absorb the air like a spy. I am naturally come out. Away, but I'm not carbon in the one I'm just I just learned and enough lyrics are adjusted. we have much to where rice coming now what also grew you grew up at a time. You know I mean you know what it was like. You're too isolated I mean you get all the music coming in from when you are grown up because, like this record, the new record lifted minutes is much Iraq record as it is anything else absolutely, and I have to assume that you have despite the roots, and this sort of
I could give one as reception a kind of like almost as romantic idea of that New Orleans. Music just stays the way it is forever, but we call on all time that's right and we in Florence by every right. I think you put in on this record for sure I got Gary Clark on there and you got your regular guitar player. I get. Are you and what a beautiful thing about new all is that we have this new, all his music, and then we have sub jars of new on his music. So I mean we have like New Orleans funk, which is the novel brothers in the meat, as indeed I have new all in Iraq, which is like Cowboy mouth embedded in Ezra Bell: writing okay yeah! Then we have the street Brad Year and you have some jams or that you have a traditional type of brands. Then you have people in as more of street funk, which is the burden buried, it doesn't. Writing you have like preservation are so we we all fit under this new all his umbrella. But we are speak, a different language and it all to get us out. Even in the city
not musically speaking, we have people, that's in certain neighborhoods that when he When I go to visit my family, I have the all lingo d on re language that I'll understand the musical language. No no Jesse outrages are regularly at an hour or so We very that some people very influenced by their neighborhood yeah and they re all meet up some time away and we have this common thing on the need as New Orleans, but we all speak along different media to wear, I go to my causes in the ninth war and its and something that I'm like. I don't know what you're talking about yeah soda influence because they created that they all have each other speak a year and a some people stay in that neighborhood for thirty years Ryan. They don't go anywhere It's all a weird re, oh yeah I mean, but does that is we would as what happened here and so we I'll go down and I'm listening to him and they even played a tambourine different rail. You might have some people uptown at that play with their finger Tipps and when you, I'm downtown play within knuckles here
and the Mardi GRAS. Indians is just small little things like yeah yeah, it's big and right. It makes a big difference in the sound yet to decide notice that with washboard player yeah it was booklets that were like everyone's got their own style and that washboard abs right everybody got their own style. You know some people play with spoon. Some people have the gloves with the the metal yeah yeah, so as different things, but it's all one city. So at some point we influence one another. So some things that I learned in the night, while that I didn't know find a way, naturally to bring that to the trim you're, not necessarily but you're, not necessarily conscious of it right. It's just the influence you just pick it up just pick it up and then one day you're like oh shit, I'm doing that thing that guy's right so we'll references like oh man, les les les played is beat like when we do something play it like a haughty ban that right now from uptown Yedo, they got a different. You do you want you come down and you see a you'll be able to tell for a while you below it, has up uptown Yang at an M from downtown
you can see light. If I show you some video, you could be out, they devil by Peter the second line at which is a dance in New Orleans. What is our improvise right in? But what is all this Aguilar? Lesbian with, but it's been going on long enough style to their style to it right or it could be like. Oh this guy's from uptown, and then you can see how smooth the downtown and you could just tell by the way they approach the dancing right and we are five minutes away from each other while, but the influence of the neighborhood is so impactful that what is that something to do with the like there? There isn't- representation with. Like again, I don't know the history of the costumes of Marty broadcasting bodies in their history of slight differences around those costumes that have been going on for generations. Yea were like the chiefs yet achieved in the story. They always have a story that did a meal threerd non? Ok, I added nomadic by Indians are just a start. As a tribute to native Americans that that helps
this is the way that the black people in New Orleans paid tribute to that Canada, India and then it became what it is today right, but yet is always difference in as it did, in the street and do real battles I can the day was very, very dangerous will yet it might not make it home. This is a celebration. while it is as Mardi GRAS, but as we know it is a celebration but, like you say, there's some darkness yeah, but it's it's a beautiful thing with that culture, so you'll have people from downtown MIT grad tribes of right by Indian. You hear from uptown and he'll walk and he'll go down the street some type awaiting meet up and then is a real battle. I think seriously date did. They are Indian sing in Vienna. star. They might say something about this guy's suitors raggedy, very right in the guise of some back in the day here you have real hatchets come out, and people in that's it that's enough
festive game of the dozens yea right now is on right now and that will be about. I think the point I was trying to to play at is that there is sort of a cultural tribalism asian around, like the music by everyone like that's, passed on food. Conditions in these communities and then, even though its five minutes away, it's like a home different language. Did I'm using two? Exactly that's what I was telling you right and in this record it seems you know. You can really feel that your Poland, in at least from you, know, from rock funk straight up nor Owens Jazz in N, you no other place. Your hip hop arm like it's all like eight I always all the records, but this one a MIKE. I can see it all. You can see- and also I think, it's great, because you just step up
the trombones lead in the same, whereas before your eyes felt more like you are conducting yeah yeah. Yeah absolutely is that is that true, yeah yeah? You got a good you're, so Well, how do you evolve out of your brother's bandy? Now you guys? Okay, does he you and your brother? I think we're okay he's not he's not jealous. No, no, you know he'll just come on stage I'll, just hit his trumpet player yeah like I uninvited in sometimes but his big brother. He he'll come on stage and stop plan and had a gig when I'll just look to the side and he's walking out and now we are I do like a low aloft big bad again. Oh boy, now he's gone These are he's the one if a person- and I have to give him a lottery, a lotta respect. love because without him on a think I will be here to the horse. So who is the first major star that kind of used. You brought yeah stage what It was probably a novel brought his errand now we're and then from their work.
Actually, now as for bottles days by boat, deadly yeah, yeah, Getting eating out. Does it desert as it allows for our so smile know what I was doin there and then They would a few differently talked about I don't know, I remember remember I was like for our Jake. I was up for our thing. I was alone nervous escape because if they crowd serve me to this day and age, I'm like this little kid and any like with the horn with the harm, my mom Lahaye, and it put me on stage with him and as a picture of that, but when I was eighteen or nineteen, I graduated high school and I joined Lenny Kravitz Band for a few years. Now was this like when you talk about the education you are getting around jazz when did that happen? Was that in Highschool note so there's ISA is education, a kid Jordan, educators,
taught a lotta musicians. So at the time that I was playing with my brother's ban kids, Follow me any had me in some programs: ok, my whole life when you start now like five or six travel around eight and now guy doing that time, I started to go to the programmes with him and go to her. He was teaching at Suno. Ah, sudden university of new on, as I will go to air every Thursday air and play with light all ages. Ok, cod is doing right and I was taken lessons with him and then there was a guy I climb occur in KIT John, who taught me. I knew all the centre for creative. All those guys are the most prominent people my education interesting, so you come up with all this sort of natural talent in ST talent for family in watching and then these guys, like we added right this guy's got. It was teach him what's up
right so tat. They wasn't concern. They weren't concern with me plan. They wanted me to understand what I was doing it right, who speak the language in and get in the memory. Musing read music. So that's where you are and all that all that with them here and how did you take it? I mean why would they You find it a real like ready. If you like, learning to read music when you know how to play music governor, I therefore no, no, not me. I was so young that out I always excited out New Thea. So that's what kept me guy and I went about, learn some and I was able go back to that remain neighbourhood and play in front of my friends. I use it and in that, I perceived degraded an integrated and I was able to do it. It may be even more excited. I think you just now think you just in very kind of I think for way define showing off what
my friends, so they will play because we we all battle each other. So whenever I learn something, that's how we got monetized, so that was that telcos will just you go at each other. We go at each other all the time and try to outwit each other and try to our refrigerator or you know something, then we play like some of my cousin and I like he played the trumpet he could play very high year and then I I got to a level to where I was able to play very hard, so we'd find ways to try to play melodies. very high on a trumpet, but we all in the same manner. We really really like you know, like basketball pleasure. If you go learn a new move, a sudden you wanna go show it all right. When I was learning stuff cause, they I didn't go to Noac a witness. They stayed in the street and and natural, so you came in and she you came and showed them and you showed off, but you also, you also gave them a gift. That's it Whenever I learned some here, I will go play it while our battle in the back yard. Oh, what about what planet belied check this out and then I would break
down to them and show to them in the right place. So that's why I was always excited to learn. something because some of my friends didn't take the journey with me to go, learn right, so I was able to bring it back to them and make it understand. I make an understandable now bought it in whenever the practice all of us are getting better right and I'm able to bring that knowledge dad I'm getting over here, yay to them that's great, thereby Cal comes out in both teaching, but also in battles, yes, battles and also but healthy competition. It held the competition it, and we still do that. You know we go on the street of I'll. Take you on a SEC Atlanta, New Orleans, there's a tin these ban another ten bees ban, even though we all planned same gagged as division, so we have the first. If you in a second division and a second division and knowledge nominate a most popular, hey Leyden back here and at the Inn maybe so it is the state so we re for four hours. I don't do it anymore. It's been a long time by a so we
Ray have a four hours like these ten minute breaks where people get food is to have. But what happened when the ban suppose they break? We take that moment to line up and face off here and so you got thousands of people as what you and thousands of people without a ban and we we goin, add it while at the same time how many members in the band is gay could be from eight to ten twelve p way, one out of that break down a brass band like that classic one. So we got happily to trombone has maybe three but the moment no more than three here, acts Blair and you got snare drum base Sousa Font that we call it a tube air, and but now honest and have like to two was on her lap get more power here. You know so, but we will face off Oh fine, you know, and we all have we all friends who had the now would be the year. Yeah. I got us on a further. That's where there to Buck S funny. So that's where they too will come from like him I mean you know,
roots attitude, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah and that's a new Orleans ass, a neuron is dying. We put a to buy anything washboard player. He got a tuba player in. I wonder, where's that come from the Germans brought those things over yeah yeah the european instruments. Right because, like you know all those horns, you know in the in the german and like the accordion and stuff. You know it's funny, because when the Germans came out how they came or why they came, I think it was, but I know is in Texas in amazement Norway's, but I what the Mexicans did with it in verse is what the people New Orleans it were with the black people. They would alienate everything so that everything that is for some reason the Mexicans gravity into the pockets of negative impact, reliable, remember in New Orleans it became a mouse as happened did it must have been more people
if melodies row right right, yeah that vibe right there yeah that's what we were feeling right now and that's where the swing comes from, while the Mexicans are coming back from the bank right and that and bumper to bumper it'll be a that type of thing while, but it's all that's regional, that's what that goes back to! It goes back to that, then, Abraham was you're an m wow. It integrates with whatever the dominant music. Is that right? So I too, you do all this you learn about this now. Do you feel proficient like? I guess big, Duke because it seems like the traditional horn or the traditional New Orleans Horn Van Day, I think it's gotten one four or five trip rice of blues trip viral, but most yeah, mostly gray, with a couple of added kind of ragtime. What I dunno, what you call it? Well, it's not his inner but does very. Oh now, Now the music is,
fluent by modern hip, hop in, and I hear your arm be so there's a lot more change without that it's what we hear in french quarter, right more tourists ride at that table. I won that's ok, but that sort of on those on the basis of that rock one that one, but one that there that power I went on the record. That's almost got like a whipping post. We have to it as standing here yeah when we're doing that. Like that's a straight up rock blues, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah and that's it you use to get yeah Gary. I've talked to him he's wonderful. He had an incredible person and an amazing musician I rise. We guy is on its way but where they're going with this show- oh, I know so like when you Your learn about this are the kind of jazz. Now can you can you hold your own in above outfit, go up there you're? Here I mean that's what they taught me to school here and we want the primary difference,
I mean you know like in New Orleans like we were saying you hear more Louis Armstrong is more Danson sure as more for the people yeah and then, when you go to play the artist of his as he really and for the next musician? Next t and they're barely listening to what is listening, but the crowd might not be it's just so funny when you see those guys that were players in the Bop outfits because, like you know like if, if shortage going into sacks right, your mouse is just smoking a cigarette. Do you know what I mean like is a win yeah yeah, no there's not no trying to perform no dancing. Nobody says you are going to wait, which is waiting for you to finish your expression exactly, but I learned that's what they taught us at that school. You know a lot of people went to the school Harry Connick brand for MOSS the MOSS and his family there yeah Ellis Marsalis. May he rest in peace. He taught there before my time, talents Andrew Jean Baptiste, everybody
it goes to that in a teach us that so we we can get up there and do that. If that's what we want, but when I was dad- and I didn't come from where I'm from. I was excited to learn a language, but you didn't feel it. I didn't feel it, but I learned it because I am always a student and I love learn assure so. We have to do that. We can get up then do so when you go out with Lenny How does that happening? What what do you like? Is that, where I mean how does he decides to use a trombone? Well, you know It comes from that seven, his Dana with Tom, I would arise out of his health worker. Ok right he has. He had horn players before me. Ok, think I may have been the first trombone playing a high, but he always had a saxon trumpet right, ok by me, plan boat.
He, oh we got I'm trying to remember the songs with the horns. Yeah we got our momma say: oh yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, I that makes sense it ain't over till it's over right right. So he does that, but also on the songs. I don't have it. He allowed us to make some arrangements and make our pods on it, and but during that time? When him it was. I knew that continue to be a musician, but I didn't know I was already, discover and robbed in and play what people in New Orleans they Atlanta type amuses me while I was that no guy was listenin to like cash money records, and no limb Iraq as nine and now haha, a red, hot, chipotle pepper. So. I was always interested in that future, figure out how, like I guess, what the request to become it's like. If I don't but the life of a side. Man. You know what Am I gonna do well I was really turn a copy off my brother, who was a front man, but he
is a front man, but I will because I had so many other influences of of what I was hearing and when I was a pot of I just needed figure out a way to to top. but it together and his gamble right in the end you, but you decide to sing at some point yeah I mean you can saying, and you do sing I couldn't saying I've heard my band and my brother and and a great legend are a new Orleans musician. Deacon John. You lie man, you should sing and I'm like I don't. I won t I was even afraid to even entered. is the ban on the stage and knows that so they learned over time and I got more serious about it, but at first I was lifted low too nervous, but they told me, look if you do is you can reach my men for people. That's interesting about singing cause like I did I perform last night, the Imo Comic an idea, and I have always play guitar, but like ours. The phrasing to sing, embarrassing and vulnerable and where it is, it is the thing you know
I'm telling you like our early on, I just would like into the ban mammas, I say thank you. I was just so nervous. May I see my brother? Do it all the time and I like, where our be like that are better start doing it and then, of course, Doktor John. And he has his own personality I would like well, I can do that sure sure is he's no he's no virtuoso singer, but he got his thing. That made me more comfortable and I'm like. Oh that's cool that he had when you hit at. You knows him. You know as him yeah, so he was hanging around your family all the time way before I was even born. He was a part of the family. That's wild man, yeah he's because he's such a character.
there yeah yeah and you know, and just to get it. It must have been nice to know him as the dude it is. He lived a long time. He did it he he. He would call me on the road and check up on me and I don't have to go, get dad and I were in a studio and he was like look. I gotta go but put a little trick knowledge on there for me, yeah yeah. He always had some saying that. Sometimes I didn't catch it into a five minutes later, but oh yeah, it was always wonderful to be around him. I've been so blessed to be able to im up under a lot of legends. That is not here with us and learn cars as one on one one on some of the other ones are of course, Allen to Euro. He just passed, not too long has not too long ago as the our brothers year. Our group plan redemptions hours like thirteen years old, so up I've been able to be the airlines so like. returning goin gone from Nova yeah. I had another parallel experience of plan with these guys.
Right. I would actually have mentor yet an act of mental should learn and honest spot being on a row with them. and also so that the girl I mean that I guess the chair, I wish there was to keep? the natural ability in enacting a canoe activity here to the people and also learn as other technical ability right, I had some friends that go that went into the school with me. The hassle much fire. We at attire. We finish, they were technically provision but they didn't have. No. No! No! the sole anymore I so I lost it, they lost it. I became too. get to technical year to book? Why rail and Leyla, but I'm I'm glad I was able to keep that area cabinet but no, it seems like you, have a sort of commitment and a growing vision of what you're doing here now, but it's open its open air.
Also. I think it seems that you have leadership, qualities that I think that in the sense it like you maybe the same thing, It made you nervous about singing or whatnot made you very aware of of what was going on with all the instruments yeah, you know Lula so because you have to like you. Clearly you have to be a a ban leader at some point, if you're gonna put that stuff together the absolute and if you do in the arrangements that you gotta be like this now this goes well. You know you have to be a student too, so I had to do a lot of study and with different people in my and and watching people. So when I do go back with my back cause I had at seven eight years? Oh, I am my neighbours across the street salmon way we put together at his brows, been out. As I tell you, we will try to imitate the way out and enable hoodie, a bird and my brother, and I took Democrats, do not be. It able to technically speak to them at that age, but I taught them how to play the Bass drum and snare drum year of what I was hearing in the family and from that tire they stole
the growing on, and then I was always the person in a group. Though we we had a bass, drum and snare drum da me on a trombone right, but then we didn't have a trumpet player. Then the guy down the street could play the trombone. So I will play the trumpet and we finally got a trumpet player, but we didn't have a tuba player. Then I switched to tuba yeah, and so I played all instruments in a group and it was it was a beautiful day. Man I'm thing about and realise that we will really development and do something together without I wasn't able to speak, but I can teach them the way. My brother taught me at at at at a right envy and out of necessity, you are able, to kind of you know, take on all the instruments so gave you a very nuanced understanding of what to expect from those Estralla, absolutely yeah her. So
it's like you can play any kind of horn. That's got that that mouthpiece on it, I guess yeah. I think so. I haven't tried a french horn yet, but I had one I hear: how could how could you not have just tried it? I had one when I was younger when I, when I was learning, but I'm not but the order, a bunch of horns or just play around with them or really just have to have them around. Now. What other different types of trombones like, I would notice. There's a couple of different times: ain't gotta, you know the standard trombone out to Trump was a little small. You got an F attachment, which would you see in in a classical music law? What is that his efforts? Actually, you ever see where the guys ever like a lot of pipes, yeah yeah yeah, what he saw as like They use that in classical because you can so weak get certain You can just ate it sort of unplanned really fast, and I want to get to see here. I can keep it a secret. I can get it in and a firm position while stretching my arm. I can just hit the no here the idea like Affairs Year DV like that.
Cheating. No, no, no, not, and I have one of them is not cheat net and you didn't wanna do two or three knows what is like of your, but rather going all the way out, but usually just use a straight regular stand around. I value the area I gotta be rock and roll are now and if so, when, go out with cravats. It seems like it's right around the time, the Katrina. Yet with a couple of months, thou join a bear? so you're away. What would happen I was in a ban. We had just started the South America and we were out a couple of months in and I went back home for a two week break and doing at two. We break three. We break Katrina here and I had to get back on tour without knowing where some of my family was. We still was trying to locate people and really indifferent Asia. So but thank the law that I was a net ban at that moment, because I was able to make a living near when what a superstar here, play an arenas, indifferent things in
and laid on one thing started set out here. We we would know an american tour. I think it was many an hour and we will and on a road Arrowsmith. Yet we we've was like a callback thing. I was opening up and one good thing about that is that we traveled all over the United States, and most of my family and friends were displaced in everywhere. Really so I saw everything the whole neighborhood got flooded out that yeah the neighborhood, my my neighborhood of Treme is close to the french quarter with the highest point of variety. Okay, so we add some water in that neighborhood, but nothing that that was that was top in the house like it was in a ninth war, as he got lucky yeah we got lucky. We just had to change some flaws and some wooding around. He found everybody. We found everybody here. We found it. It took some months, but we found every balance, as some people, you know maybe about a month or so that we can hear from everyone and after about a month to waste, I didn't know everyone was Andy.
Do you find that they did it change any? I got you already close to the city within that did did at changed and necessity of EVA is sort of how you feel about the city No. No, if anything in awe. it made. Everyone from New Orleans realised that we had a magical special place I was telling you before before Katrina Yet there was some people that never their neighbourhood and even seen arrest, wrestler- all Israeli, yes here so that this mean us feel closer we just how good a low tire yeah And- and so this record in, I read some of the press net, you know, you had your mother and mine in the title lifted yeah yeah: when did she pathway? November, our couple of months ago and my grandmother February, right after that yeah and did you did you play it there there
of course it was very high- is very hard to perform the. Why of gotta play at hundreds of fuel is banned in new on, but that was probably the toughest Korea and I I played all the way to the rear yeah did it does it help like, I guess in the in the same sense, it will Do they do a week a week long? You do Don't do much anything. You know your work, you know, do nothing differently reflect, but I imagine that the spiritual elm with the support of the family in the other musicians and everybody in the community that knew that the decease that, like once you get done with that plan there I feel a some relief. I imagine yeah yeah, you you, you can see it and feel it so. Ah as soon as someone passes away. I knew all as I was a cultural barriers position that weak things happen. We do a whole week of parading over that Ankara Hooker only for like the cultural baron.
The people musicians are Beata cabin along, but you will see as us. Agnes and once we start plan and we finish it. It is a sign of really right. Music takes us Dan. Then we got through because we ve been down when it all week, but we lie, we don't sit down and and and sitting a dark room right, it's like an immediate way to deal with the trauma of grief. Yeah cause great, you know it comes and goes, and you know you can't you can't manage it, but I imagine just that sort of right. Here you go every girl given to them to the sky, that whatever as it were, so this wreck? becomes out is not out yet no doubt. On April twenty ninth yeah man at sight, the whole thing is the plows along. Thank you it's all is all the horns to whose producer on this procedure, any record this at your own place, yeah in New Orleans. I got a place. We call Belgium, which is another where for second line, and we like the bug. Jumbo Jump and are about this.
we you're from a better than Ezra, yeah and yeah. I know this. Guy has already had it for many many years and I was recording a man who said that he was getting rid of it. I told him to have whoever call me a year and then we started it, so it was already set up. It was already set up. Of course, I did a little remodeling to get it up to date and a half and wiring and different things, but as it was already ready in their New Orleans guys but I don't think they're from New Orleans, but they they started a career or less at least they've been there for twenty thirty years. How dare they are part of us right, but that's interesting though, because, like you were saying earlier, it gives you the option to be, if you have space and you the keys you could just you can get an idea in council and in the middle of the night absolute and say I guess, work out this rift, that's or whatever it happens, and it does yeah just call my engineer, ah and eyes.
Am I get up? There are sometimes not allow just go by myself and then I'll try to create all of instruments by myself and they'll come in and play a much better than me right, but I we wanted a ragged on America. We do song might not make it home. We were The plan at the house a blues event for the school that I went to a fundraiser we probably off at Midnight- and I I had five! In my head. As soon as I got off- and I just told obey me Yaller right, like less gets in the year and we went to the studio and we started session about two am and we recorded that vibe really yeah and you got it and we got it. We just stayed to like six in the morning I got skylights and that sort of sun started to come out, but we were the thing and as the beauty of heaven it I just added, makes United Governs got mad with me from them. I coming right out. It was, you know, make sure they understood where they worry understood were worked. We work and as I well of light,
so I better to have that than to try to get on your phone yea absolute. I wanted the sometimes and I get ideas. I can't sleep until I got at least a music, a hundred percent complete right. So I have the door right then be able to feel it in a few hours as take it home, soggy move onto the next idea: top. So we went in there to regard it as if this is the end rise. But we need to do. I am not the now right, also in east, that, like some of the other records, you know you get kind of the material. It s about you how everything needs to be in the studio this in this record. It's more you with me and formed by the energy that you guys get when you live acts as a world. You have to do to stop yourself from over in autumn inferred, from being too every year we are just over producing it. Well, we did it.
while we learn the music and then we performed it. Ok, yes, he performed it live in this duty right yeah, so I like less learn. Oh I see, let's see where we are We did very very little overdoses, mostly like tambourines and and hurriedly. So with all that, how many guys in your band, I got ten people in a bear or twelve, but only three of eleven was on his ragged lie. We use One drama got two dramas. We use one drama here: base guitar organize and and but the guitar and most times I played in the road and as auxiliary without the horns me on tuba trombone and trumpet, and we added a baritone Saxon. A tennis. Few did three once I did three so you're saying you displayed the basis the core of this on live yet, and then you layered, then we put the highs on how well we
play together right so because studios not that big, we could have done it, but I let the rhythm section Who does the drums bays keys and get all they played? And maybe I was singing a scratch, vulgar just a guide on beer and then me and HANS. We went back and there we planned alive on top of so we can get the same room so yeah. That's that that warrants our new jacked up those horrid yeah. Well, I do a lot. A doubling in trouble, and so we will play the lies. Grey area will play it again. In then play it again, but sometimes will you recalled in HOLLAND expectantly saxophone you'll get it. phase and thing when you double it. So what we do is we double sometimes we'll see parts, so whatever the sacks played on a first one hour played at all my trombone a heel play what my trombone his plan. Ok, so we had the same court
in the same sow yet, but the textures differ our that's a lie, and you know I think, like its timely, because it seems to me that, like some things happening within hip. Hop in arm be that there is a kind of slightly retro movement going on the area right right. You know I could silk sonic and shit where you know you gotta get back to that too. That type of I'll, be there was little more easy. Listen in here you re right, and so maybe, like you know it's time that you have that that a ring of assertive renewed interest in that kind of seventies. Horn ban neighing, because really wanted was listen. My this is to happen. right doesn't happen any multilateral
yeah, but maybe I'm in the wrong tie. No, no, maybe you're at the rear. Your time is perfect for writing that right, yeah, because all of it comes back around yeah yeah, this new, indifferent as new, indifferent, yeah yeah. Even like sly, man, sly and family stone does bighorns yeah they hide the there, but at b heard anything like a long time and in its it's totally its own thing. You're not do you draw not drawing from anything, but it was just sort of like the whole presence at present, the Horn ban has been around what aspects time. That's what I'm saying is definitely try are we leaving a pack, so we could get some more yeah, so nobody is. What do you do like to you, because I know you have some day teach the other school. They have a foundation rival foundation and we have our academy as a connected to the found. Oh yeah, so we every Monday night in New Orleans after school, we get a bunch of children and we teach them.
A high, a lot of local musicians, because I'm I'm always on the road. I ain't be that's our drop in when I can, but we put some of the older musicians to people my age and allow little older and younger to work to teach tat yeah. So in the programme not only do they learn, learn music, but in our music business, an audio engineer and also at a young age, I wanted to make sure that those keys had all the tools and nothing was far too them. So when a cause, that's beyond as some of them not going to continue to play music via some. I'm gonna go into the music side of shirt business, that's okay, man and as but is all in an entertainment business. So we try to give them everything now way when when they become professionals, none of this is completely new to them right cause, there's only good, it's a good option to to integrate their understanding of what it takes to make music. yeah have recorded music because, like get some,
it's not gray or they they lose their esteem as a musician, yet they can at least say like why you know I can put my talents in this other area and is still in the same area they're going to give that give that to the kid yeah. So you don't want it. We don't need any more bitter musicians around. No, we don't need that at all. Petty we've got to have plenty of those yeah. Somebody told me so you know how to Get a musician complain ass, a hard as they gave him a gear yeah definitely experience. There was some people what you will get yeah. You was at home to chill, and now we own the thing and okay, alright yeah. Now, then you understand why they don't get work. That's right! Yeah, What did I understand? Of course, that was good. At any event, Samia man. Thank you for having yet
the trombone Shorty. That was exciting. I learned a lot like that. It's like worrying about music right. That's in I like that. Guy, like the new record lifted, which is about well tomorrow April, twenty ninth, We get your music. I'm gonna wtf pod dot. That compromise tour for the dates I'm gonna go I'm gonna go the Walgreens. Because I'm in Madison Wisconsin, I wanna go, got check out there While brings some I like waterings, That's what I do on the road man. Let's go. Look at the travel section travel section time, nowhere, no music, I was in trombone Shorty. Burma lives, monkey La Fonda CAT angels, everywhere cat angels,
in every way
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