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Episode 1327 - Tony Hawk

2022-05-02 | 🔗

Tony Hawk walked into Marc’s garage on a broken leg, the result of a recent skateboarding trick gone wrong. It’s everything about Tony that’s on display in the new documentary Tony Hawk: Until The Wheels Fall Off, distilled down to one cracked femur. Tony and Marc talk about why it’s so hard to stop doing what you love, the fear of being seen as washed up, and the feeling of being a kid and finding something that you know you want to do for the rest of your life.

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Hey folks, it's me mark. I've got more dates on my. This may be the last time Tour Pittsburgh at that. Carnegie of Homestead on May Twelfth Cleveland, Ohio at the Mimi Ohio Theatre on May Thirteenth, Royal Oak Michigan at the music theatre may fourteenth washing in d, at the Kennedy Centre on May twenty, a thread Bank New Jersey at the Count basis centre on May twenty first and Philadelphia. Because with theater on May, twenty second go to WTF, pod dot, com, slash tour for links to the tickets and other in. Oh come on D, see that's a big room that Kennedy Centre come on. Andy see our right. Let's do the show This, all right. Let's do this! How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the buccaneers
what's happening? It's me Mark Marin, I'm I'm still out there I'm still out here, I'm in a hotel room. It's a beauty, the love this place the hewing hotel is that what it is in Minneapolis is that where I always stay at the hewing it through here, I know man there's something that noticing about hotel, especially cause chasms, I'm staying have we nice ones that if you stayed a really nice hotel and your road person, and you spend our time on the road. It's it's fuckin, beautiful You like you get in the room you like man. This is great. I don't mind being here at all Madison Scots in what was that that was the Barrymore theatre, great time. This is who it's what I do it's, what I've always done and right now I soon to be full minded.
Into it, with no resistance and complete control and total comfort and end. The shows have been all lane all in for like two hours. I love not having an opener, it's fucking joy to just go out settle people down, get them in a focused and and just like a whole show, because it's starting to unfold is a full art show Oh just emotionally, there's a lot of up and down to it. So Madison was great that drove on into milwaukee- and I've talked about this. I think the last summer's air years ago. That's a great city, the audience is that come out to see me in the MID West really are great audiences, their good people. Why people have come out to see me in the Midwest earth are some of the nicest smartest
think they know how to be an audience and they d the appreciate and understand performance. Every fuckin night man some was amazing and no walkie at what I would say that cities seems you have come along. I dont know going back to the cities after covered the ones that were sort of kind of bill. Bring themselves up before that in the last hour. I was here, I didn't know it would be levelled by covered, but no walkie actually seem like it's starting to happen even more there's something about these old kind of India story of cities and then want to know where to go back to Chicago Kip, Was there met me there? He she s family there so oh yeah, and also my my mother's this friend and her husband in their son sons, all with their sight, it was kind of the US able to hook up with kit drove in from no walk. And you I did the Chicago thing. I did I went to Louisville Noddies, that's the old stand by and here's the thing
I know people have their favour. Restaurants in these places, I whatever that's where I got you gotta try other places why I like the people there are treated, there and I know what I'm gonna get. You can be loyal to already Whatever you want, you can have your choice. I've tried a cup whether places as you have been to Chicago like, but I gotta be honest with you, I go to Louisville Noddies, because I know what I'm going. get, and I, like it luminosity south african butter crest at first by, luminaries, deep dish, whether even you think it some people, don't even think it's pizza. I don't give a fuck I'll give a fuck what it is. I only get it there as the only place it exists in my mind, but that butter crust pizza on that deep dish with that first one they will hint of used to it. Almost it's fucking amazing, so I did that I did it. I did the loose and it was great I didn't eat. I couldn't eat again for the rest of the day,
that's alright, but the show in Chicago at the vague, which is a place. I recorded a special and a place also that I've played many times was better than its ever been. I don't know how to explain it in whatever I've worked, my whole life to do I'm doing, and I'm fucked in good at it, and I don't even like saying that. That's the other thing that that sort of freaking me out is I'm not a person. That's going to continue to be sort of like cranky or angry or harder myself, because I think that it makes me funnier or that. I dont believe that being unhappy. They are being miserable, is somehow where I. need to be in order to do the work. I do usually it's just the way. I am but I realized TAT the other day and when it might meditative card rides and after talking to some fancy, If I'm really happy- and I feel good about myself- I'm intolerable. Ok, it's like the way I try
it is sort of like yeah, I m pretty amazing. I know it's great that I'm so good and logistics it's not exactly that, but is it would just when I hear myself being happy about who I am and my place in the world. In my work, I would not want to be talking to me you it is contemptible. I'd rather people say that guy's difficult that guy's name. Tall or, like you know, very intense You know I keep my distance except for the people that really knowing in there just sort of like yes, some ease up and down, but it but pretty level for a long time, but when I hear myself really sort of be satisfied or content or experience joy, I would I want a punch, a kind of face if that guy with me. But I guess I just brings us around background to this so far. Duration thing, but a link with the tone of it. Maybe I'm just
comfortable with it. But if I'm not mistaken, it would be unbearable, for somebody did listen to, and I know a lot of people who know me who you are brooding for me or whatever our you know, they're like we did Why did we have? You might do you, though, because it's not it's it's it's hard to hand it's hard to listen to me, satisfied, happy or or okay with myself, it's really or just totally open hearted. It's really really difficult to put up with, there might just be speaking for me. I don't know, I'm more will be revealed as they say in the covering racket. Today, on the show, I talked to Tony HAWK escape order here probably the most famous skateboard in the world. Even if you don't know anything but skateboarding you know, tony HAWK is because you ve been everywhere for, like thirty years, the Ex Games, the tony hot prosperity, video games, Jack Ass,
his company birdhouse all of it and these the subject of this new die humanity Tony HAWK until the will fall off, which you can watch on HBO Mac, I do I don't know anything about skateboarding yeah, I didn't know I didn't know I'd. I b I withdrew. It happened in my lifetime and we knew that Tony was available. Like months and months ago MIKE I dunno anything about that shit. My brother was kind of into skateboarding. It's so not my life, it's so not my world, I'm not the guy that look. If I'm going to take risks that that are way threatening it's going to be emotional is not going to be physical. I don't want to break and, like you know, if something gets too intense, you know we're out of my can add a control. Why give its on wheels around skis like generally out all sort of like check out in just wait till I hit the wall so
oh- and I do that emotionally, it's it's not as dangerous, but when you sort of like just relax into nothing. The control, Skeezer escape border parachute or in You're, climbing a rock with your fingers and no rope, and you just give up, then you know you're in trouble you're in trouble, like I, I've talked about it before, but I think that if I was hanging off a cliff and it was I forget situation. It was nowhere in order. No one there to help me, you have the idea. I kind of would I sort of like find that amazing inner strength and physical ability to pull myself back up on top and survive. I think I would I would sort of be like I dunno and now just slowly. You know kind of like let it happen just the go. So so I stay away from those challenges the
that require wheels, ropes, were skis or or any size wheel, but So I didn't know that. I didn't think that I could really have anything to talk to him about to Tony. But I watched a dark and I really like there's something about his composed of nature that identify with their something identify with him as a as a person, others in intensity there So I was like fuck it yeah. It's, let's give it a try wits. What's what's a station, it was it was. It was pretty great Neil here that in just a second, but let me just say, out of you, listened to my ever so last week with Vanessa Bayer, but you should because she's very funny- and if you do they probably heard is talk about her new Showtime original comedy series. I love that for you
in the show Vanessa plays Joanna Gold whose dream is to become a home shopping channel star, no matter what it costs. Maybe your dignity herself respect. Definitely her sense of right and wrong when she gets the job. She's determined to redefine herself but finds out the road to stardom is not quite As seen on tv, with the pressure being put on by her boss played by the great Jennifer Louis and her idle played by us in a legend Molly, Shannon Joanna blows. It live tv and then delivers a massive lie to keep her job. When that line, snowballs into an avalanche that threatens the whole network Joanna as to learn the difference between selling herself and selling out. You can hear me and Vanessa talk more about the show unless we accept, as only can also watch it whenever you want like right now
I love that, for you are streaming now only on Showtime go check it out alright home. I got to the show, so I gotta show tonight I'm recording a couple of days. I got shower shit, I gotta drink some coffee, I go. I gotta be over at the Pantages Minneapolis tonight been here many times. It's just also weird to realize how many times I've been to these places. It's it's. I don't think time is flying by, but it's Hap I think people it's getting away from us on so many levels. I talked to I'm going to talk to Tony about this about I I think you know just about the nature of aging and in continuing to to sort of. throw yourself down the ramp man on wheels. The documentary hark until the wills far off is now available and HBO Max, and this is me back at home. in the garage studio. Talking
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perfect system for your home in a few minutes at simply safe dotcom, Flash Deputy F Go today: the free indoor security, camera plus twenty percent off with interactive monitoring that simply safe dot com. Slash W cs I watching and awaited jackass movie. That's it! I wouldn't go backwards from that. How? Because I didn't realize into our starting to my producer today that those guys it's all intrinsically connected escape boy, oh apps, at the end and punk rock to a degree, but mostly skateboarding. It just seems like the ledge, the logical extension of skateboard culture. If you give up if you get rid of the borders, just a it's just distance, bring yourself yeah, but for the sake of humor, I know I know you like, but there there's a point. Would someone that's upwards sure that both bit was funny thing here,
you don't like didn't even seem necessary. Me Steve, always sort of like why we do in this, and I remember him telling me when they when they first started filming and he said and belongs Steve us viva yeah. He said the only rule I had was no more concussions and the very first your thing they shot. Cassio like that book back, How did you get tied in with those? What is that the back history of like that crew and skateboard? so that crew essentially started with big Brother magazine was love a really edgy skateboard magazine and edgy until the point of a fault, because no one wanted to advertise with them, because they were just dissing, everyone like oh, so they were okay, so it was just total like fuck, you, everything, Ok, including companies that when preparing them for adds right, but they started doing, videos and videos were filled with hijackings that's where Knoxville came in. He was gay border not
gay border, but he he saw he had some mutual friends and he for to do some of their video stuff, and he would do anything he they loved him. Exactly. I get area, and so he famously, I think, probably does the spark to that was he did the M self defence too, seeing where he was needed, this maize in his face, and then and then he eventually he did the bull professed him that when he shot himself of the blue professor was like these guys are: the craziest they'll do anything. We need to make this a thing and then, at the same time Bam was doing his. it videos in Pennsylvania with a lot of highjinks. How does he rank as a skater? Ah, he was super goodness yeah yeah, oh yeah, absolutely yeah. I mean it's it's it's weird because skating, so subjective and Bambi they compete, ok, though all of his stuff was on video, but he was great yeah, no competing them Now I know that's that that's true for a lotta skaters, oh yeah, yeah, there's
A core group, you, nuts, that kid, competition. Well, in my era, it was necessary, because that was the only way to get any sort of recognition, orb or really to getting started gathering right because it was such a small scene. Now, social media, you tube right, you don't have to it's weird. There is a shift where none of that stuff, the established methods- recognition, yeah yeah through either corporate sponsorship or awards, don't matter, right, because you can count just make your own world right, but at the same time there is a hard core group of competitors that, are super technical and very consistent and that's what they do. Right they go compete. They went big money during the Olympics and and all that citizens, the it all exist. The vehement pigs are big deal still well the dead, that was the first I'm hearing was in the Olympic Airways, it last year
What did you were? What was your sense of pride around that I thought I was cool. I am, I wasn't a big the format, especially with the street event, by your way because the way they do it, it's not it's not like a routine. It's more! You give five it says at one trick yeah, and so it was a lot of just bailing and and the general public did not understand that concept. Hardcore skaters understand it, but that you can just keep going until you get it yeah. But yet people known as I want to watch that now I mean imagine some others point where you watch in ice skater China do egg. Try again try again do that legible out now wearing throughout our running back. I wonder why they did that would skateboard. That was the format they come up with with the street that was working pretty well and they just carried over, but but with the park of that which was more the ball in the period that was like you have. You have a forty five second routine or a fifty say, Anti India, and if you ve all your penalised, but right
it seems like I was more traditional it. It seems that, like in turn in format in some ways, its most white gymnastics, he ice, RIAA, yeah in that you know they removed, and there are things that they can judge you on technique or what you bring to it or how you stylize a trick that everybody else at you know that anyone can do right right, that's exactly it yeah, but it's just less compulsory. It's not like there There are certain sets a tricks that have to be none. So ok, so the film making it like you so going back with Bam in those guys who, with a filmmaker Is it came out of that thing? Out of you know the skating thing well, so, sir? ban was hearing these. These sort of video committed videos. You ought not a lotta hide some hygiene, Spain, but also some just sort of script. the seventy years really be is a creative force, and so it was spike spikes, beyond the area wrought, the two together because he was involved with big Brother magazine and the videos she saw. what ban was doing any package- it brought him tv? Ok, that's how down-
and I can get spike started period. That's wasn't. He was used a photographer ways all he was a silver to him. He was actually are other before or big brother he's. He he's took part spread, can underground scrutinising called homeboy, ok, yeah and he buddy was stupid, big and be a max. Right, so you will actually be MAX photographer and be an ex writer right, and so those words were somewhat connected and then became this obvious very odd successful photographer through that ok and then doing all this other stuff through he started helps our girl skateboards here the Loci shoes year, so all of their videos had the spike magic to them. Oh, where the we're doing. I they got own Wilson, doing cameo lack, and yes, it was like wait, a second what is going on here, but so there's
always been this network of people that are young, establish in different fields like that came through You know skateboard. I think so. I thank him through you guys. It became through whatever the generation was before you can like look idea, I'm not dead. That kind of risk take her. You know I'll, take emotional risks. and do comedy by can't do not the skateboard guy, but I what should documentary- and I was like you know, because I remember you came up as a potential guess. What am I gonna know anything about that, but when you, what doc it's not It's not really about that. Somehow it's about you yeah, but also. I think I think that I hope that the message of what skateboarding is comes through in. That, of course, is a history there. The history is there, but it's also it's this individual pursuit, but there's a community around it yeah and it's all d. I y right, all of it, for the gecko. You know just in terms of figuring out tricks bill,
in places skate where we are today in video. Is that the this sort of almost Van first the van devising nature of it originally to get you jump over was skate empty pause, yeah, Was that was D. I why and also punk rock it all kind of well matched up YAP, but in terms of I think the reason why I found it interesting is is that I how'd you I'm fifty three, Ok, I'm fifty eight and you know I don't always know why I continue doing things. He thought and I you know like I go out and do it do to stand by king. I keep pushing and I dont know what, but you do as well again years is much more dangerous, but do you as I found out by very recently. Would you do I broke my femur. While seven weeks ago, actually suddenly that's the top bone, they are going to have a big idea is that it is doing
trick that I do. Quite often for anybody or just for yourself when you alarm when they staff. Now I was getting the friend sped on me. we're challenging ourselves to sort of do it in a different way and and when I went into the trick is, two, as you saw the documentary, so you might and to understand it's like a it's like a five forty spin, yeah and but I didn't have enough speed going to the one that you're you're pursuing the entire document? No? No! No! That's a nine hundred yeah yeah yeah! Okay! This is something you've done a million times. Yes, yeah yeah I'd like to think that I'd put in my ten thousand hours in yeah, but didn't have enough speed going into it, which I knew in an accepted and in my younger days. I was never problem like its ball up and spin faster and make it work right, for I knew it I didn't? I didn't compensate like that. Like a use do here and not my board was on the wall before I was ready for it, and so
May I found myself trying to sort of fix it and next thing I know I'm sliding across the bottom, with my leg, literally JAG behind me, I knew it right away, it was, it was zero. Really dioxin. There was broken young family ties, you broke the leg, as it is for the first time now woody tribute this. The issue you had me like I it's the way you talk about it. It seems like like when you are in the chair. Becker when you're in the moment that it's almost like so emotion where you have time to adjust and cuts this of it Think. What I shoot me is that I I anticipated that I could fix it, I couldn't my younger days and I don't usually I don't mess with that trick. You know what I mean like everything's gotta, be sort of on point as I go into and cause. I do know that it can be dangerous, so every other time that I've been doing that show I'd. Seen the last. For years.
I know that I got plenty of speed. I got the right take off, I got the gravity, all systems go and in this instance I just was like. I still got it and dont pay the price in there. I do feel like this. There is a big lesson. me in it, and especially that was one of the themes the dark idiotic. How? How far can you guess take them? I am at your age, beyond its leg yeah, I can't I can't just think much. Best are gonna happen where that they're gonna happen. If everything is not perfect, perfect I think when you were a kid I mean it. It was all pretty interesting. A matter know how much you you dig around in yourself emotionally to figure out why you do things, but not much, but you know it's, Shin yes, yeah and- and I think that I understand it better now than I used to mom and especially for me-
the more I opening thing about that was hearing my peers and also my mentor. Stacy talk about it with such great concern. And I guess I never I never want to hear that so I'd blotted out here you heard it out loud and clear young, and we have is that of that and the messages you know he's got this compulsory if probable Murray's is gonna, keep killing himself yeah in end, I dont like I'd. I dont have a death, but I do I do feel like I can feel like At this point I was flying to close the sun, like I with the femur yeah before. That I mean that in the last in the last year, or so I've been kind of progressing my my tricks like have actually been learning a lot of stuff and thou concern of of what the consequences of that could be yeah and then I paid the price, but you know I mean like the guy was more than I at this sort of blind faith that
Everything was fine and I'm gonna keep going upward with my trajectory of trying to figure out you maneuvers and new techniques, and and at some point I do an end ironically, I literally broke my leg. The day the trailer dropped for the documentary and you're like wait. We can add something gets go back and he had a this is the end. I found the ending I'm not hope is not the end. Now it does. You might be seen to begin around all right. The nice came with the bird skylight officer. I found not an end you did pretty menacing, but when you were like. When you were a kid I found it, I mean you're, your parents, had you wait late It's very much so by surprise and what's the difference between you and next sibling, my brother's thirteen years older than me right, so that and everyone still room right. I once did not my parents bright, but may I blinks yeah yeah so you're, just like you, no single kid.
In in the in there sort of like being raised. My grandparents by here for the most part did you find- I mean emotionally in that situation. You were sort of on your own right eye. As yeah do and but but is like my parents were neglectful. They were very supportive right and my dad was he's drive me to baseball. And better I actually to the park, so he was supportive. I think he was just thankful that I found something to focus my energy on, because I was so I would have been diagnosis, hybrid. Denver a or something like that. Right and I was so- just always moving, always want to go and so was always like he would just exhausted both of em and their old. both of you have in my mom was working for the most part three day, so my dad was one whose sort hearing with the aid of us anyway, but like do you ever get to be problematic, is the one thing they answer me like one. Is that the kind of power
sure you put on yourself? I mean cause, that's not necessarily a d h d or a d d. No, no! No! I I in- and I I want to be careful in in I'll be diagnosed with something like that. Nobody I mean it's probably true. I mean you're, not saying that you would have been my daily seventy, so everyone said, oh he's hyperactive. But then they say you're. Also, I get too smart right, yeah, two but I don't I don't have that played into my my approach. skating I think my approach skating was, I want to say, do this and I want to do it at all costs and and I'll take. The time, but will you good at others sports hits? I was ok? I was a small, so I wasn't it wasn't that I wasn't good idea. I just didn't: have the the size too
to make a big difference, but you knew you want to be athletic. You are eating, go another way was you were gonna, be they are guitar player or the year in a row now? Well, I did play violin here a lot until I got serious about skating you. How are you on the violin I was, I was actually pretty get. My my teacher would have me play these sort of extracurricular events. The weekends here that's when it came to a head because he wants you to play at this event, and I did I I have to fly to Jackson to go to this competition yeah, and he said well, you can't have both I would ve been amazing if you kept both yeah brilliant idea of island virtuoso avis alienating rightly I do Miss Eyre. I miss being out I'd, try to pick it up again and you did you. Hadn't worked nodded air, so you try. Baseball! You tried, will ass fast, while basketball now at that time, like I dont like again. I because, because I know know skateboarding by it was they were. There was a group there were people doing.
Sure, a certain way yet and that no one really knew about it, which is a strange little crew right. Ah yeah? What was it when I got into it? It was the end of the seventies era. I'll do you, I mean how old were you about ten? Okay, then the seventies era would have been her like the Dogtown Z boys. So that's where Stacy Peralta, yeah and Jay Adams and what was their notoriety? How did you know about them because they were the there? Were the pool scares they're, the ones you pioneered the whole pool move that was Thrasher magazine in that day was actually skateboard a magazine. I just started, because I remember my brother was kind of into it and he had he never big Board like a Bonzai board. Was that a thing yup yeah? I remember those, but he never really got that far into it. I I think that, is because my brother was a surfer, so I knew of it through my brother visa heat. He skated like you, man, where we were grown up. Where was in San, Diego, ok, so that that that would be were would happen.
Ah yeah and then and then I got a scoreboard, I started. Writing Rama neighbourhood is transportation. eventually got to go to escape park, the local he at one week, graven on the cars with the board. Now I didn't know. I was that confident now and I mean the the boards were so sketchy there were set like the trucks are so small you're going to have speed wobbles over here, no matter what right we're now they weren't doing shows or anything right. No, but but this Scape Park in our time. I was called OASIS, says yeah, it was. It was fairly prominent, so was, I knew It has been around for a year or two and by the time I got there ok here and then they would have event. So a lot of the pros would come to the events ia and then I got to see all those guys here which was blue my mind we're the videos happening. You know it was just noticed, live you, because I guess I'm trying to kind of get a sense, what it does
not unlike punk rock or even like certain elements of stand of comedy, which I'm doing there's guys that, owing to people who love it, no and it's out of here, bunch of people right right I mean it could have. It was very soon an end. What little I know when I got into it and really dove into it shrinking. Exponentially. that's where they were like this weird expansion when it first got recognition when they out of the first wave of scale, part us and then, as I got into it all those poor for closing up. They were you, many kids breakin things to regulate already below I ability and- and it would just go out of style liability, so the parks would you couldn't afford it? They get. Oh, the insurance yep, no shit, That makes sense. I remembered that being talked about the dock, but that's like that would make complete sets how many wars can you absorb anyway that once the first key, Its parents sue the park. It's over probably yeah, but also it was it, was falling out of style too was it was very much
it's considered la trend in the way that frisbees or Yo Yos were really even with those guys flying out of pools like that yeah cause. It was just like. Oh here's, your toys, skateboard and then once you're I mean I remember when I was in when I got to junior high idea, people, like you, still skate right like it didn't you grow up that we have a but but but they I guess a thing is. Is it? Is that Those people didn't know the extent to pitch which we were really skating, but because we are aiming to me that if geyser fly I got a pulls in doing flips- there's going to be a lot of kids who are going back what the FUCK heights. That's funny. You say that because that's what I always thought when I was a kid and all through the years, especially the sort of dead years, I didn't understand why it was more popular. I was like these guys are they're evil, Knievel yeah they're flipping around in the air like this is incredible and Why? Why doesn't even care? Where we're? Why didn't they? an answer that I mean at some point at some point, I think scheme
being fill out a style, thought out of fashion and went through its cycle of popularity and in at low point, was a revolution of techniques and moves and that's, when people started literally start to fly out of pools, okay, so so why, during the dead times are hard, I would also like eighty one, eight nineteen, eighty two like a three. Eighty four is: when All this stuff was happening, and this was in the valley. I mean this was not in the peak. This was during the tie us so so what happened? Was Yeah everyone was skating, some kids took to it some kids din, some kids were another's, but the people that work The where was calling like yourself in when it was ever left the old crew and some of the guys you started with was that debt during that time or no one seemed to give a shit. You too
get to another Weber personally and then all of a sudden when people came back there were this. There were these handful of guys that were doing insane. Shit, yeah and the equipment had changed. The styles changed: how did that evolve? Who started fixing the trucks and the boards it Just it was just more. Out of functionality? What gives rise like when I did part? casting there was no podcasting re, not much right right. So when you did boards, were you guys meeting with guys were making boards ah we worked with what Stacy was one to put me on the team in and we definitely work with Stacy and his partner was George POW, who is also an innovator of products right so to Stacy's. Team was work, Mozart, Collins Brigade, so that was so he's kind. Retired, at point he's retired, is a pro skater. Ok and then he came curated this team- and this is eighty- he started that and I think it was eighty one. Eighty two ogre I got on the team- let's see any yeah eighty,
one I got on eighty one so wiser. But but this was the beginning right there wasn't really a bunch of teams everywhere was there. There were maybe three big big: there are three companies that hit that were surviving here. and so was like. It was popper alter on gene S. Santa Cruz hand, vision those are sort of and they had teams, they are deems yeah, and so, in terms of technology you guys would kind of. We we were just sort of as tricks. What All that would be like, well. I need a longer nose to do that. I like to keep my front foot on so then we would extend the nose then, but now it looks like a shovel. So now we got to that. We should sort of side cut it, and you know it was just all like that and we are all over the place here It did didn't level off. Bore technology ass, it did you and arts and when you do in their. So when the it's weird time, where it's not popular but you're,
Did you feel the day where you're like this is my life that's hard to say, because when I turn the pro I was fourteen and all of them That was that I was competing in a different category. Four hundred dollars for first place so it wasn't like. I thought I chose this career, I was young enough to know how to career, but you you did but I'd, but I mean I want it to be. Yes, they answer is, I will I wanted to be, but I but I knew the reality of. I can't make a living like that like it. If I'm an adult ripen yet, but we really think about a living. Now now Amy I kissed like there. It seems to me that when, when something is your calling all, you presented with is the lack of choice for the rest, you have your liar, but but also the expectations then, especially with my parents was like. Will you go to go to college sure and you might have figure this job and it was like. While I really want to is this It just guy got lucky in that when I was reaching. My love
last year's of high school things started to blow up what was it about it, though, like you know what like it, I like you, I can Yes, the answer, but I mean like outside of like a lot of documented fishing in the movie, in view being too hard on your, dolphin not giving up. You were made it worthwhile. Was it? Is there that the the the creativity of it and what it was. it provided me me when I would go figure the new trick or new technique that buzz that I've you didn't have nothing else compared to that, and I mean that that was the dragon. I've been chasing the whole time right now, feeling like when I first made a trick. It was. It was half way up the wall. It was I know I have a pool yeah. I had to reach down and grab my board on the way up and maneuver it around, but I did this trick that had never been done and when I did it in Atlanta I was like whoa holy shit, you know
I just wrote a song and I'm eleven. Right like that was unreal. I hit Oh, I wasn't ahead, but I liked it, but no one else could have done it. Yeah you're, like an astronaut, you made it to the planet. I did feel like that and so then, when it start when it started to evolve- and I started to build on that yeah that was it like- I was- I was stuck in it and and well yeah that's the thing man I mean like whatever you would have been diagnosed with as a kid. The only thing that's going to make you feel present and connect, It is that that a violation when you complete something right, yeah guide end like is at an end product chased it to a fault. Why me? But there What do you know attics? Yet? Yes, I think that's the because there were the know what to say, especially in the what So some of those guys tried allotted to the debate, I think that some of them look like they were pretty hard yeah, but I think that's just part of the character of it. You know, if you have that thing, that you know you have that
singularity of focus in that compulsive need to to perfect if they and then and then fly yeah, you learn how to flout hours it. How do you mean like when one eyed, when I first it an aerial out of a pool. That was another Mama words like this: I'm stillness forever, there's nothing other compares of laughing with every with joy for you that they fear of because it seems to me that even at this age or how wrong it's gonna, take you to get on your feet. Even if you is to them that the simple, where tricky out, you can still kind of fly when he one idea I've I'm looking for it. It just getting a baseline of tricks, I'll be fine with that I mean I truly will be discontent. It's it's. It's called. I think they called maintenance in the recovery game, yeah yeah, exactly yeah, I don't wanna, I don't wanna go to. I just want to you know the I just want. You know trick maintenance. There's there's a trick that I do that. I did
first gets my ram super basin. Sure just sort of, let me feel out how my body is doing here is basically like. I slide along the tail on the on the coping via an nowadays like all I wanna do is that oh yeah, I just want to do a tail slide. That's been you just go, do it right? No, not yet I mean, but like before this happened, you could do it. I mean right now with your injury. That's what I yeah does that's what I'm driving as to how many times have you stepping on the board right now and I just feel it out. I have yeah a few and I paid the price. Actually I was almost. I was almost done with his cane last week I was, I was probably walking half the time without it, and then I sit on my skateboard on Friday and push the two far and I had to step off, the brows prom had established stepped off on my bad leg, Oh and I came home and my wife's like what the fuck is wrong with you, how many as we heard that
a lot in the last six weeks not usually before that she's very supportive understanding what It said she grew up skating. She is from Detroit Punk rocker. She grew up skating too, so she gets it. The woman that you came without path. username yak, rather than this, the forthwith yes target. Trying to keep trying. Now we gotta figure it out, that's good, so what struck me too, about the other guys, who I didn't know, and I and I imagine I dunno how many people listening to this show will will be like how the fuck does he not know Steve Caballero or whatever his name is his name yup, and these guys was that song they have. They all have such distinct personalities. In such specific approaches, to understanding why they do what they do, but they're, not unlike you in that they clearly, many of them are still doing it. degree that you are but but they all
look up to your ability in the things you ve contributed, but I'll have a certain you know. understanding of why and how and in what they're doing yeah and they can't none of them can stop it you know. It's amazing to me is that a crew Stacy put us together when we were in our early teens and all those guys, all those guys limited, mystical guy Ronnie moment he caused something the dinner with him ass. I yeah he's amazing and you ve known since your fourteen hours, I was twelve. Because we both had we were. You know we have different styles escaping we're both very much in the same mindset. It's almost him how I do it yeah if I felt that, but there was something about him that almost it almost seemed like a it was like some sort of a zen practice. Oh yeah, no he's he's like a super genius and very philosophical are you really is like
So, smart to the point of the boy we Well, I don't think tanks and stuff, but really I don't ever level yeah like what kind of smart. What did you do for think tanks? I think just Ideas are really an yard. Some point they're asking him to start purity exhibits for Smithsonian, aiming Aroun YAP. So that's interesting, so he sort of some sort of savant, some thirty of yeah and you have your highly intelligent. So now I it's been dealing with this with his peers from my past, so when guys. How often do you hang out? the other skaters, would you in him, but we try way. I'd say: did its wits rare of every few months or so a really yeah but their liking, but there's no distance right now jump right back in your right for fur, where forty years, forty years, yeah that's crazy, yeah! but I guess what I say is: yes, I'm sorry that whole crew creators so skaters have come and gone, ensure ran into Its personnel issues in an all,
of these skaters that statement together are all still skating in all kind of made it through the fire, which is just amazing, Brazil, I kind of aid of theirs. I would say this: six the core of us. There were, the bones were gay, who are all legacy still rounds, angles thieves created in raw Lance Ronnie. it later on yeah me, doesn't scare so much, but there wasn't. He wasn't a bonds. Bigeye MIKE like Miguel Skating Goin, I think what Dwayne hits is governance, some hardships and some some physical he's, but but I do see clips of em skating still here and with you one them was he a bones were gave no, he was before he was. He was anyways generation right before yeah cause idea. I like that or threat of tension between perception of you and I we his life. It looks like he's run into some fairly heavy obstacles yeah, I mean I'd and I hope he hoping it through. What what I thought
that that was a kind of a beautiful moment. Documentary were, were it wasn't, so much that he conceded by eat. You know, there's a a humbling that happens with age and life, where you look at things differ they may be correctly any Riah. He sort of I sort of guys are eighteen on the idea for their, but But yes, all these guys still do it, but they also Look at you, except for four Rodney, you who seems to understand intrinsically why you keep doing a yacht because he does he do that the thing is, is Roddy still skates every single day he just doesn't do it in public because he feels like his skills, are fading, a bit yeah and and he's he said it to me privately like I don't want to rot in public right now, SRAM, none of us do and but but I, It must not, as I used to yeah, mean I'd. I know he's still skating, but I want to know if useless, still skating as regularly easy, every
Ronnie is like a vampire he's only sleeps during the day he goes, skating at midnight every night and is done like three or four m. Where were you do it in parking lot? everyone has run into Scary situations are really cause he just out downtown allay or wherever in the middle of the night, we seems like you like doing something like it's almost I guess I can hack almost make it a dance of some kind like he does yeah don't he's not flying off. The walls noted them, but all the all those jury in three. Personally, he s very personal. Yes, but let me he really. He created half of the modern skateboard tricks. In terms of what what kids you with their board under their feet on flat ground right. That's all right! I really yet and what You call Eve created most of the areas that are a lot of it yeah, but, but I feel like right needs rotten is contributions are much more rare. nay much further, because a kid like a kid
skateboard. They were now to kick. Let me I didn't want learn I'm a twist, they will know how to care flip and have to do that. First, the karate created to kick flip. Yeah, we used to call them magic flip because we didn't understand how he did it here. So we're like what? How did that flip goes? Oh you did it and it's like it's magic, the magic figure it out, it, will eventually, yes Now most of the skate community figure it out yeah, but I mean were those times like. Did you all like where you all kind of standing around going like way? How'd, you how'd, you do that? Oh yes, yeah that was that now is the weird thing in those days freestyle I was more considered dancing and just not cool. as we were skating pools. We were doing aerials weary grinding. We are risking our lives and then these guys are doing terawatts and stuff, but there. Something about Rodney that when a resale Cotonou happen. Everyone's is kind of
scattered yeah wandering on or whatever, and they would say next up is Rodney Mon. Every one would come back, oh really yeah everyone and everyone would stop what they didn't like the skatepark was all the bulls is up. Everyone stopped skating balls Nguyen Watch Ronnie could really. We knew was something so the think special and something so progressive the we couldn't even grasp what was ha yeah, you kind of wild cats out area flying in the era of Cumnor Watches, guided she's gonna, be him in his board: yeah wow, but there there was also some tension between the old timers and new flying around right, because, while I die just in, I don't really have the the ranks or the size to do the things that they were doing the way they did them, which was what basically what when they would do aerials it would reach down and grab their bore before they got to the top and then yank it out I didn't have the the Borg or the strength to do.
that at any sort of height that was, that meant anything that was significant So I figured out how to how to into the air without Groton my Board and then grab it at the peak. just out of inspiration it wasn't like. I was thought I was revolutionizing how to do this. It was just more like that's the only way I can do it right and then at some point, the older skaters, the one of them, gave an interview in the magazine. So what do you think about Tony HAWK is like? Oh I mean he just cheats. So he always in those areas and then- and then it Higgins. rapid, however, way like it in soon. But I was thinking leg is not good. Then I can grab a different ways, Stan you, but it was crushing too. You know I mean it wasn't like I was fighting for it. He was, or the voice of people are gonna hear, but that, but that's interesting. Because that happens in every field where the people get dug in you know, and they did. This is the way we do it right
and then, when new kids come there I fucked ass. We do the real way, yeah we're hard core. I it wasn't like. I was fighting against know. I know just it was like I dont. Ok, I guess they like it, but I don't have a choice. We ever that's that's half the problem with the country, as these old guys you're still I kinda holding us today. This course it is ridiculous right, but Emmy just a nature of of bright those old guys came around your way I feel like most and we're just already stuck in their style, a really like even with so they, stuck by that line. In year there was a great there was a pretty clear separation, and so the new generation was was all about. Doing all this may help to the line of like they stole it? I don't think I dont think that they wanted to, but did they defended still know that as time now and they know it is more like to sell
the others. What we learned when I was too. I know I'm twenty something, and I can't do that. scary evening, you twenty two get scared, why I think it just trying to completely revamp how you'd scaling that's interesting, though, because it so I get you give it that way, because you had did understand how they did it not to do it. You did right, but I imagine, most. We fear on their ban at some point. It's gonna be happy for banana, but I think that there are there it there. The things that I see new schemes there's do where I think man. If I had learned that technique right going up. It would be totally different, and I cannot snap into that. The like this like now, Now you know there are things that they do or I'm like what What, for instance, when you win, escaped when this
it balls and ramps and stuff yeah. There's a chick called a disaster here, which is basically on your way, and you hit the bottom of your board yeah and it called disaster because you can easily hang up your trucks. And saw gangway trip when we get to the bottom. Oh you mean that that's why they call disaster area, and these guys do disasters in a milliseconds. like there, but you see their board, you can tell it heads, but it's like they never stop moving, and when I did disasters as a kid and intimate twenties, I stopped up their rear and pondered it and then came in yeah, there's no way. I can just learn how to do a quickly. The way these guys have in the way that they did it from the gecko right ha This is one example: I'm getting the weeds there, but I just you know, that's not what I mean by bow. Why can't you just for a switch and just do Cutting is because I am, I also have the benefit of experience. and fire of what then have.
And these guys I've been doing it and they have this rhythm, that that does not concern them right and I don't have that rhythm and if I screw that up I'm getting caught likewise your question: it so they're not even mess with disasters anymore, like I don't even I'll even do slow or fast. That's good yeah, it's good for you, you're able to give those up. Yes So now you guys are all making these trips in this dead zone of like a lack of popularity. What turned it all around? Was it the videos first, yeah, I think so. You know what a big a big callous was back to the future, really yeah because I did the microwave I character here he did. You know he does thing we rips off the the scooter handles and rides, escaped skateboard. He presents the future to here and then they had a couple of guys Pro skaters, doing stunt doubling who were doing job.
Amps all these things and kid saw that and now is there first introduction to modern skateboarding. So they right this is the future is the future yeah and in a lot of when I bought the exact same bore, he was riding but you guys are already doing in that. We are already doing it, but it brought a whole new generation in and then, as I was there gateway and then, as they came in, they saw bogus what really morning gown. What's out, what was that Oh, it was, it was like a biscuit up a big store It was called a veil, Tara, we're but is kind of thing. You buy a target group not an escape job shop bigger than on the other yeah me was a good entry level board. We was just one of those ones. It's like it is like. oh you're. Very first bike was a Schwinn fright yeah yeah yeah, I'm Kafka. So those you're gonna, they were hit mistreated, those boards yeah and then ever and then, like I said, exerted brought the man and then and then they ve.
they got a day, but it really seems like the kind of sport which it is now that yet, in order to really do the call shit I mean you, ve got it, take some risks and I, imagine a lot of kids by the board and they do a couple of things and then they just get intimidated or boy, and I put it away yet so like in order to fight in that core group of of crazy minded kids. You're gonna do that shit. I may I would imagine that some minority Yes, and no, I think that some some people's is found. Comfort zone and stuck with it because they loved they love the the culture around it yeah, as much as they loved the skating aspect of what's right I like that and that it put in the movie even why, when you're, when your dad was like running those tournaments and stuff? You're really competing against yourself and everybody was relatively supportive, yeah I obviously you know each had issues, but it seems like whether you admitted it or not. You would all watch each other and become
I you now oh yeah, I am also it was. In in those early days that wasn't my town. We all got to be together because there were it. There were these pop its escaped scenes through the? U S, but not many of them, so we get to scale with the Texas do it's and the Florida crew, and then it was off we're all finally, together for a weekend, so it was more like whoa. Did you see what that one day and feeding off each other or that's great? when you're dead was involved with the tournaments, did you ultimately end up very close to him, as as, as close as I hear, as close as I could get to a war veteran from that was in the navy. The grub during the great depression fear and was also much older than I am much older ye. He just wasn't warm and fuss. Yeah yeah. He never said. I love you here. You know he wasn't like, but but I think in his eyes he showed it through his actions, which was to set up the what
but what was his contribution on? He was the one who organised what became known as the National Skateboard Association. He got off of the main companies gay companies to ban together and to give money to put on an event ochre- so he was the one who was was the the organiser of getting them He never made any money from it right, but he did get everyone to agree on a time in a place and and funding and prize money in banner is. Do you think that that that what do you think drove that was? It was primarily the fact that you he knew that you were going to donate. Give your life there's, no matter what and he wanted to substantiated. Somehow Why did he be like, while all I'll do everything I can to make this a bit? in a way or sport, I, Think it was more. I don't think he's
Todd sought as big picture like area, he saw this group of of misfit kids here who we're good kids, who had no sense of belonging anywhere else in found each other, because that was what was my friends. My friends were the mohawks and seventy eight and in the early eighties and he saw TAT, they were all good kids and they found this thing that that the idea in a fight with that that they've they there was an extension of themselves yeah, but there was a community around it and he just saw was disorganized completely. So that was that was the goal for him was just like we. I need to for all these, the skaters to feel like they belong right because who I, I imagine that being a guy that there had been through but he been through and also sort of and this one to a certain degree and what what it meant for four kids too, to have a team or to have you know
port like that, because I imagine, alongside of Miss with kids, you write these kids could get into trouble, here again. We plenty did yeah, but it was real. I mean you know to his credit. He, like you, said he was much older generation and he put on these events and embrace the chaos yeah yeah, you know as much as he was trying to organize it. It was you know it was punk blasting all the speakers and and people like not in their turns and going after time and and as much as he was trying to contain that he enjoyed it. Yeah yeah yeah, that's good but there are so there is some resentment on behalf of the other competitors that you were. You had the fix it the flow always yeah yeah. That was always very hard. because they were down on you, because your dad ran things and you are winning and I was winning an end.
yeah. It was like you're getting more practice, though I show up for my time practice. You guys are all sleep like, though, is the thing, Is that it so thank you, morbid ideas was, you were driven yeah! I was german, but also like I play by the rules right were set forth. You guys didn't wake up in time for your practice session and are you trying to squeeze into the last one, some my fault? That was the argument were but they are in the old men. They all seem to found a lot of appreciation for your father yeah, very myself, and- and it seems like there, that the Bygones be Bygones around- you know sure yeah, absolutely yeah. Well, that's good yeah, alright! So after back to the future, that's when the videos happened yeah. That was around the same era, and then it was outbreak yeah in a big way, especially specially late late eighties, like eighty six to eighty nine, because those videos were like you know any kid could get him in.
Every one head of the agenda. We like the ill is Bessie never seen copying arm in their their table together. You know it was. It was awesome or stealing of risque sharply That is the way to do it and then became this huge. Any doubt did it was that that the upward trajectory too to the video game and everything I'll know that was that era ended very roughly around ninety ninety one with verbiage xbox. Now it just again. There was an escape parks escape parks. There was, there was a whole new crop of scapegoat, except bigger ramp, something things yeah, but mobile, solve more private and, and they were built by in wood and skating thought a fashion again, and this rotting would the liability insurance was too much and and so and liability was even more litigious then, and we're talking about late eighties. Everyone is suing everyone, some kid snuck into my ramp- maybe saw the documentary. Broke his elbow and then dad suit me why
I was the eighties near the giant thing you bill the up yeah he went without permission, I was in Europe and I, HU. I came home to get served papers of relevant happened with it My my homeowners insurance covered it, but then drop me throws through your responsibilities from the outset and wild he was the eighties psych, but you can the Gauss trespassing right, yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely with man? I don't matter because I guess it's an attractive nuisance, that's what I learned an attractive nuisance, the up. What is at me you were. You can see it from the highway. Slovakia, you couldn't help a metal gallic had drawn to it like a magnet. I must go job in on the twelve, a ramp, it all fell apart again and now you're. What twenty I was twenty three twenty four happens. What do you do with your life? Keep making try.
I see the rams as long as I could until they finally just word Drawing me, I mean they and whether it and I couldn't afford to resurface them. Nor could I have for the property they were on. So I I refer to my house and Dardis Gay company with the equity that I pulled out of it here and that is what I saw I sold the house. Where did the word this gay company? Do we we got a team together? So that's when I finally quit the Bosnia went out of my own. I got my own team together. I felt like if, if one thing I have through all those years what it was an eye for talent with Stacy debtor and so on, put together, a team that was large Exeter, one of the best talented teams boarding, and No, the industry was super. Small sales were nominal, but that's I thought, I'm in my twenties now I have to move away from being a prosecutor, and so I'm going to move into a position like Stacy did right and what? What? What wife are you on at that point?
which wife now? Why would that's that's right when my first child was born? Ok, so oh yeah, I had resigned bill. I am married. I have a child, on the way here and to mortgage is one that can afford and it was like. I gotta figure this out. how to make ends meet. So I saw that housing and just we ray calibrated, my expenses and my way of living, and and do whatever I could hear and in how and what ultimately happened and doing competition, it was lies, and you still the other. The competitions word were few far between with very little prize money. I think I think the The extent of what I was doing then all are blaming. Was big. Read them early nineties. Right himself, though, is the better it's funny like with the with the bikes and with something I grow waiting I going to really anyone can do either those things skateboarding, nuts, I'm not sure about, but and so it became beauty copyright, but but
The silver lining of that was that I was still a no names skateboarding, so I got invited as especial guest to all these rollerblade events. Here, where was leg they? had half pipes and they you know they were doing the same types of we're doing and it was like a special gasket border, tony HAWK, and so I see I kind of cruised along for about a year with that income Well, I mean I would imagine that even like that the skateboard ultimately is gonna win out, because people watching that sort of like of states or skates with this guy's flying yeah, but they were also flying emulated. Do you know they were surrounded? It ended. That was the crazy, so negative. It would take us. I was stuck to be getting paid skate. That's all that mattered to me like. I still get to skate, so you are a special guest and they were special guests. At one point, we were doing demos in six flags parking lots here. three shows a day for a hundred bucks. I see nothing but
that was something that pay. The rent was something wow. That's a lot! That's right! That's like paying your do So then what changes man axioms, games- came in ninety five. That's before the video when the video yeah well, that's so x, games came in. Ninety five start hit a stride around ninety seven, ninety eight, but that was almost like that looked like a circus to me sure like when you guys were touring nothing? It was crazy, you're talking about your time and hug Jim thou. My tour valid my arena to or that was later acts gaze was like the extreme surprise. It was MAX and it was Motor Cross and it was rollerblade Ing and it was rice, sky, surfing and bungee jumping in Bonn. In my way it was all one thing on so, but but luckily the the sort of run away, heads or the despair
that seem to resonate, were skateboarding and be a max right, so we had got a big boost from that and I was still I was too of skating well innocence in making tricks, sir. I rode that wave yeah and then ninety seven is when I started working on a video game with Activision and then ninety nine, when it was it, was a month knows two months ago and being released here is when I had my big nine hundred at Ex Games, we have totally spontaneous, but it was Like the better, for you don't want him did you happened for the first time yeah so that then we were just a few months away from the release of the first game and so on add to email, the the the studio via the game, studio and say: hey guys, the ex games- and I just do the trick and I feel like it would
it would be an omission of you to have it in the game, even though I know you ve done what you know, you have to submit games way early, be areas because they have to be improved, Ella, consul manufacturers, so therein beta of of sending it to the constantly actors- and I remembered this- same day, I got an email from the president of never softer he's like we're way ahead of you. You fucking rule yeah. If they put it in there yeah, they knew you're going to get it. They didn't know. I was going to get it, but they watched it live okay Oh, I see. Ok, says arabic. We get the next day. There are ready, trying to figure out how to include this new trick and again why they did to their credit? Why mean I see again my guiding grow up gaming, but like even the woman I'm with whose inner thirties, she's right, byplay DEC everyone had yet I was wild. It was it. It turn into the massive who came with the: Council is that how that worked? It was first released on Playstation, ok and then went out to what was in the time and sixty four Jean cast in everything, and that was
that was the life changer, the gif or BB. Yes, yeah, absolutely yeah cause. You had a piece of it: yeah yeah it changed my life completely yeah, how so it just gimme freedom, yeah well, but money, obviously by, but also as the then ended the agency to say no RAG where I was three hundred dollar parking located. I was yeah I mean I was definitely still in that mode. What do you need? Yeah I'll, be a consultant on that I'll? Do this and sure and then and then it was suddenly like? Oh, I don't need to do that to make a living yourself out for cheap. She, or order just spread myself so thin, and so that's when, I mean I knew I knew. Ninety nine was probably gonna, be my last year competing anyway, because at that point in my life had done it twenty years and had won everything most of the at the big events. The wierd events and, like you, kept winning Vert events yeah and it was just like like it was it was like Rodney like mine, got a rotten public. Am I going to write? There was a bunch of kids who are, like God, damn it.
Tony shot, he's gonna fuck, I don't know- maybe maybe the avert events good then, but then, the success of the video game, the following year was a huge boost, and that's when I decide to do that big arena to her that were crazy, It was crazy. Three wing fucking it well, it was wild Was. It was huge right. He, your success, should govern the video video game. You make choices when you put together this like rotten, this punk rock, yes, I did. We had diva play at two over shows of flying bikes. Skates fly I think, flying a bmx, motocross and Skateboarding yup. I know yeah the there are actual mo motorcycles going through the air. Some of that stuff look like like three Evel Knievel is like all he was it was. It was really crazy. It was, it was the the choreography. Yes, we would spend two weeks in a in a airplane hangar and riverside figuring, how to time everything, because It very much was like Annie said: if you'd, if you're, not the right place for a time a motorcycle is going to hit you right,
and he wins the battle to. Anyone get hurt. Yeah yeah surprisingly I'd, I did everything I mean we do that we did that to her for four or five. five summers and you're still getting the juice you're still getting off on it. I mean, like you know it was the best now that was when I was definitely in the groove yeah like in it was fun. It was cell phone and in that way, is that what we are today at the end of your first marriage? Second, second yadda, just there what what was it like? If it's not if it's not too personal because it definitely isn't covered in in the the dockage, is all of a sudden like he's got a lot of kids and we only met this know. oh yeah, why have for my own and then to step kids? Ok but all our adult age, sure figure, daughters. Thirteen both like with like I know in show business, and I know, and in certain other jobs, Viking, open relation. jobs are hard laser thread that dissolved all of them.
But was it is. I think that you can change here, and I just do I didn't want to face myself to and and would obviously pass I am a what nod and I suggest justice. Choices and and at some point drinking in partying and- and seeking attention and unhealthy wager and and really just but, but only because our willing to just accept who I was well, that's the say with a boarding right away. What you know it's like it know it's hard to sit with yourself, but it's easier. I guess if you're flying and you think about this year in end and anxiety, Hager and general compulsive behaviour, and it just one at some point you're. Writing so high. You dont think of any of the fall out. What that way, you know and in an chasing this this dream that no one has even created yet right and then
have kids I'm not really giving them my full time or if I am not really prior, you Nosair like at some point. Did through those years. I was Disneyland, add yet how bad the boozing chick irritant. Wasn't? it was distracting. I never let it really affect me so much that, like I couldn't perform like us, it's the one benefit of being addicted to escape boarding, first and foremost, that you don't want to do anything I saw. I saw my peers how it affected when they went wrong, Yeah yeah ended, they lost their skills, and so I was always very aware that, but but same time we had. great show than bs our party here and, and that was just all nonsense- basically, I think he made a sort of I talked about it a little bit. I didn't. I didn't I kind of lost the thread in the doc. Did you do some sort of treatment thing? I did yet what for where? just because I felt like I was I kept- making those same choices and countless compulsive behaviour at an age. When should have
this all figured out right. So what was it like? What was the treatment just sort of how. How do I deal with all of you? success, but be of an effective father and effective partner right and- and it was when, when Catherine I've I had first started dating and I and I feel like I've got to figure this out. I mean in my whole life like everything I ever wished for. Wanted is right here in front of media, and I keep making these two of these choices that I'm not proud of right and I need to figure, how to paint on that in and do it, for, I feel good about it, and I was in and I just needed I needed to go somewhere with no distractions, so you got some tools together. I didn't of the cognitive work yeah yeah I mean I leaned into it, have Well, you must be your your discipline, guy so yeah I mean I think that was that was probably one of the breaking points from year. One of the epiphany, as I had was just like you can
but almost anything on skateboard beer, how this with your life that you, you haven't figured out for decades, and did you feel it find yourself experiencing like a after the whatever you were holding in the grief and all yeah? Yes, yes, yes, very nice and again it came out in bits and pieces and yes, wow yup. You feel better It was like a it was like there was this the release of of baggage that I felt it physically and it was like. Oh now, I have a foundation to build up, something that I I want to be proud. the day that I want to do that I'm proud of, and that I can be way more in fact mean this crazy. How, when you get that clarity, how much more productive you can be yet why when you're not running from yourself or Allende ideas. Is going into that innately and you can choices around that. I guess the threat of it is. Is that,
once you find yourself grounded in yourself in and in you have that wait. I imagine the thinking around doing things that are destructive that you needed to do in order to keep doing what you do. It's a different thinking. Like an oh yeah. I didn't do it. I can't even imagine going down that path anymore, and well, that's good, because I mean this is where Europe older, older yeah, but also, I think, just I dug out the tools I got the tools to figure it out an end. support and- and I mean in and my wife is she's amazing- he already kind of how to figure it out her own life and end She believed in me in and that in itself was enough great, and you were able to make a right what all the kids I like to think so. I remember there are most of them. Are there there there? All of the house, except my daughter and but three are two out of college year, three
we are still in college and then my daughter in the ongoing in high school next year. We are, though, she got the sugar. but the best version. I guess I D. I don't like to dwell on that yeah, I think it was probably the hardest for my oldest son conceit saw all the various You know all the shifting around as years she was getting shift around himself, but he's young wait. What's that you're close yeah yeah, that's great yeah and in the league. When you say you don't like to dwell on that to dwell on things like. Oh, that's, good! No, there's no trick in your brain now. No I mean it. I dwell on skate tricks, that's what I'm sure, yeah yeah yeah yeah real psyche China sad because I was working on a video project before I got hurt and every thought about skating goes towards that tonic. Am I gonna be able to finish TAT video Britain should I do
not in my gonna, be able to get back on my keyboard and making to be able to do the best years may be able to do something enough to make that video worthwhile. Yea and is it all you are you gonna tell me a while and where what's the angle on the video What you saw you some, I ran see you see, there is a gap in our one, the enormous area I see, there's a guy. Do you? Yes, so I was doing only tricks over that gap right a lot of go through one. Did you hurt yourself? I I not through the middle of a happy, and I think I know where it is by now but yeah. There's one show they are all it's all you using checks over the gap and and a lot of them are ones that I hadn't done before or tricks that I'm just learning, but but I took it over the gap and so now it's like. I don't. I don't feel oh, like I have enough to warrant putting out a video over and So I don't know how long this is. Gonna, take right, or from ever gonna get back to Why can't you just any one of those like you, no kind of you to release is breaking out. It's all. You do releases of it.
oh yeah there's. No, we can't do bits and pieces of. Why cause you know? I need some more complete nut. Nothing aunt! Nothing in there on it's own is a standout. Okay, it's more of a you know we're moving towards something yes exactly and we're wearing. Skateboarding is a business now and as a sport, it's in the Olympics is a popular again. Are you yeah? What is there's a lot more support, there's a lot more resources than you help build a lot of parks. Today, yeah yeah yeah, with our a nation that our project and that's work into still yeah. May we leave help fund over nine hundred scapegoats, known and kids are doing it ah there I mean those. Those facility is, if you go. If you go to escape park, it indeed light. It's getting use can't say that for every sports facility, raw right right, because like it, on those beautiful things at a kid can just be like I'm a go and yeah yeah if the early in the morning, it's it's dad's with little kids or
or bomb sending their there. There are toddler out before its crowded. You feel, like you, ve, given a gift to the world to a degree and like you, ve helped the Is there a part of you that appreciates the service that you did cause it feels like he did. That's the work, I'm most proud of yeah, as is the skateparks, because that's the I found my sense of self was at the scene: park is where I spent most. My time when I wasn't in school, I'd go at a school straight to the park until they closed every night- and I found my sense of of community in my sense of purpose there, and I felt like when I finally had said success in a voice that could affect change. That's the best. I could do It is to provide the same facilities for kids, not that they have to if they're not training, grounds yeah. It's not like we're trying make prose more like here's a play for everyone to gather right and dangerous and do this thing that you're getting kicked out of public facilities
yeah yeah yeah yeah? You? Don't you jump a wall? Yeah here get get a ticket yeah well great talk. Any man thinks round me this one The that was intense is intense enjoyed it. documentary tony HAWK until the wheels fall off is now available on HBO Max and a reminder protecting people when Their guard is down at just one of the reasons. More than four million people use and love simply say from as some one dollar a day and no long term contract. You can try simply safe for sixty days risk free to see if you like it, if you don't send it back free of charge, customize the perfect system for your home in a few minutes at simplisafe dot com, Deputy up, go today and claim they re indoor security, camera plus twenty percent up with interest. The monitoring that simply say dot, com's rights, wtf, no music. Today soon
go sheath reservation dogs next week a week in Oklahoma I gotta part, I got a part on the show, former lives monkey Fonda CAT angels everywhere. Our I talk to you. Yeah
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