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Episode 1346 - Jerry Stahl

2022-07-07 | 🔗
Jerry Stahl is one of Marc’s best friends. But sometimes you have no idea your best friend lived in a cave at one point. And that’s why you sit down with him in the garage. Jerry talks with Marc about his years of troubled behavior which led to a life threatening illness and doctors telling him he only had a year to live. Marc also finds out more about Jerry’s life as a writer, from his days working for porno magazines to his celebrated books like Permanent Midnight and his new book Nein, Nein, Nein! about self-discovery on a tour of concentration camps.

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site or domain that squares base that calm swash wmd up overcoat, w tee ass far right. Let's do this all as do it as do it, as do the show all right. Let's do this! How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck nics what's happening? A marked mare- and this is my pod gas- welcome to it. How are you are you guys are? I did you keep all your fingers it's ok how'd, you dogs, recover from the fireworks the cats all right your hand? Okay, did you treat that burn how's, your How's, your toe, maybe should be careful next time when you're outside with no shoes on what do you think right? I'm sorry that your pied in work- said to himself. Might I didn't work yeah, I'm talking this is me talking
and I almost lost my fucking mind. You know so few things we have control over and it turns out that baking a pie, it's just another one of those things that have limited control over. I just wanted a pilot work. It was a interesting turn of events fourth of July, I don't know how years went. but here's where I was invited to a party that I go to almost yearly. We haven't I've been there a couple years because it hasn't happened. My buddy dan gimme, gimme dan from gimme gimme records and his wife jen, the acupuncturist have a part, the up and up up where they live, where you can see all the fireworks in the neighborhood, my old neighborhood and it was all it was all going to happen so I happen to be going through a whole foods the day
Before this sunday, before the fourth of July, picking up things to make the pie that was going to bring to the party from from whole foods. I text jen And I MIKE you want me to bring some brisket and I was but other piece of brisket in the freezer is just the flat, not the whole brisket I'd throw it it is bringing she goes, yeah sure not bought that big brisk, and am I fuck it up on bringing the whole thank them. The full brisket. so the next day I'm coming around here: to introducing my guest because each he was up in the story now introduced him. Thou tell you who it is alright to wait. I'm going to do it today. so Monday morning I get up at five and I are yeah for fifteen, actually
and fourth of July. I pull that brisket the night before I salted and peppered it that's all. I did half and half salt and pepper did that's the rub next morning, four for fifteen pull it out of the fridge go back upstairs I'm downstairs at like five hundred and forty five, I get the traeger going to twenty five super Can I put the brisket on there and after about an hour and a half, and I get a text from Jen the party's cancelled. So now we've got eleven lb, brisket smoking in the traeger, and I got to have a party. Oh a party together, I gotta going. So I I texted the friends our people that want to come over a sort of a scramble in a way, but the first people I text guy taxes, jerry jerry, stahl, Your friend, jerry stahl, the writer days, girlfriend Zoe, unlike you, guys, want to come to eating brisket and he immediately I get more time. What do you need anything now? do this now, but jerry stalls on the show today, one of Michael
his friends gathered. The three is jerry stahl. and he's a guy on that with boots on the ground here and our way out of my close friends out of my two or three gauze friends he's right here, bestie right here in l a now, You may know jerry he's written quite a few books, ten to be exact among them midnight I fatty plainclothes naked many books. he's written for esquire magazine new york times vice the believer the man been right. Rockman I'm telling television writer films, he wrote Hemingway and gellhorn. written for cs. I he did work on escape from data Maura that Ben store produce thing with the benito and near the ark cat lady, received in amity nomination for that and I was got there's no workout, nine, nine, nine, any I n one
tale of, depression, psychic torment and a bus tour of the holocaust, which is disturbing memoir. As he takes us toward all the major concentration camps, but Jim. is a dear friend truly one of my best friends out there. I'll talk about that more in a but the party I invited Dana goals and his fiance cat invited, Kevin Christie and his girlfriend myself, I invited- Lara bites and her boyfriend, who we met once, but he couldn't come, but those words was the core group and I fuckin made this brisket. I was just going to bring to to a barbecue, and I ended up can a brisk for ten and a half hours doing at the hour and franklin way rapid it midway through taken it off, put it in tower put an end to beer course of statehood and old people came over. I made it, spy and here's, I know my brains working pretty. Well,
cook and all day long- and I notice that you know a third of a cup- the plastic scoop for a third of is dirty, for there was no call for the cabin and I realize like oh fuck, and I I looked at what a weird the pie was fucked up, it was our runny was fucked I miss measured something so the pie was toast. The pie was garbage kit, quality, lady obviously came eye to eye. Make this pie her cause. She likes the chest by I like it too, but she loves it. I was show fuckin mad that it doing come out. begin to tell you how fucking I was a virgin come out. even tell you beside myself that I fucked it up like that that opportunity to beat my too the shit out of myself see the world in a negative way that didn't take much work. so the pie goes right. The garbage shoes I can we still hear my night does not presenting that by its garbage garbage. I have time to cook. Another
I reached out to everyone. It was coming, bring some dessert. It all worked out. Everybody came over brisket came out perfect. I made a salad as well, and I cooked is big piece of salmon on a plank and was fucking beautiful brisket was amazing. Everybody enjoyed it before go on thanks to everyone who signed up for a wtf plus you can click The link in the show description or by clicking on the dublin ii have plus links at devotee of power that come in for everyone else. I hope your enjoying the hundreds of new episodes we put in a free feed for future devotee of post bonus material. I want to start doing more listener mail bags, member. You know what those listener mailbags, it's it's a classic listener no bags, so send me some stuff email me. Maybe I'll read it and talk about it on the mic, even the stability of potted gmail, dot com. I guess I'm going get some trolling.
but sometimes those are all right. So it's talk about jerry county, jerry stall, as been there for me. For many years we've been friends. Jesus goes back. now they really do. I remember when I got here to l. I met him at one of the secrets. Is a secret society meetings? you know I was familiar with him, but I'm like. I want to be this guy's friend in opposition, were you I would, if I could be that guy's friend and as a grown up, that's not easy and I don't know how long it took four- I doubt seem- meetings are trying to be cool. Gazette struck me that jerry stall was private, dark is mother fucker around? and you know- and I was in town over that. I would see him around my god, damn it man. I won't be friends with that guy. Guy'S- got out some dark wisdom and I think us.
Passed her an immunity debts you just sitting in the back. saying be: what's up, you know just trying to be cool, trying to be cool, and I know where returned, but we just became closer started, you know became around sobriety and I start calling them and stuff and I'll tell you, man. the evolution of a friendship, it's wild. It's wild really. Because I would have never known that we'd be as young good causes. We've gotten because you know word were difficult, ices is, is it is not the eu, his guy in the world to get to know by It just started to evolve in the end. I'll tell you, you know I got divorced at second time. I was at the end of my fuckin rope in that guy jury, stall, talk to me every fucking day
every day after my wife left me, there were a couple of people that would talk to every day he fucking talk me off the ledge every fucking day, never forget that when it shows up for you for real for fuck him, real man, you now when everything's on the line he's around when I started the podcast And he we had a deal. Other age be. Oh. to create a show that we came up with we were going to ride together, and this was like right roger strike, this sort of the lack of it all. We wrote this amazing script. I alighted and poor jerry. He was. That time still for of the hep and struggling daily with just the the option of that and the sickness of that and then the writers' strike hit and I just
We couldn't write nothing and then he just leaned into writing this novel. The painkillers massive book almost killed him. I would talk to him But Jesus it was almost killed him. We couldn't write description, I remember I didn't talk to him about this in the interview, but we know we haven't really thought we have one fight where I talked to him with the wrong tone during the process. As of writing the script I just remember man: he snapped snapped on me so hard. I was like fuck there. It is let's not when that door again and both taught lesson man, you know it's like you talk to people with respect when you aggravated people, Work for you, we were working together. But we worked hard on that thing and then the writers' strike happened. He wrote a novel and when you know the writers' strike ended, they changed people at the h b and We no longer really had it anyway our corner just went away, but that god story in that by which group showed up in the shell marin on ice
which jerry rope with me. jerry, was on several seasons. Of my tv show. I am writing the writing for, for that, show. And I don't know man, it's just business I love the guy one of my closest friends for sure been with me through divorce. My hands on and through the death of my girlfriend and through you just the day, ruggles and then eventually became sort of a kind of an and two sided, your friendship and and you don't get a lot of laughs. Go out. Do some stand up. He'll come out with me, like you know, over the years, this was a guy who I met so many years ago. I just wanted to be his friend and I didn't think I would ever get a laugh out of him and now we just fucking crack up all time.
And now he's written this or this great book. This or this concentration camp. Tour memoir, and this is price third time on the show, but there always sort of this sticking point of like I don't know never felt like he got his full episode is finally, after so many years. best friend jerry's full episode and I'm glad we finally got to talk. We always jerry, and I always talk it I know that there was some part of him that was hung up on this idea, that interview we did was like it was back when they the show had three acts, then the second just a shorter interview to promote I think, oh dad, but yeah this this is the time this is the full, the full treatment for jerry stahl on the LISA this book, nine, nine nine now from our sponsor better help. You have to take care of,
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as is available now, wherever you get books, and this is it this is. This is the big talk with my good for jerry stahl. What are you doing I will put it in a bush and then go away where I put it real well did that with drugs. So many times like why you know hiding it on a macarthur park yeah, I know exactly which bush I'm hiding this under. Then you go back and you're finding like. Can Adams yeah, you know the guy who watched you hide it. Yeah is sitting narrative a lot. Yes smiling doing it right. In front of has the the tim I my voice in your head loud or is it alright? The timber is spectacular. How good
My list is coming through. So that's good. Now you need to you need that. That's what the that's! What indicates you thank you. I don't I mean denial in real life, but I to do so yeah, I do I do so, don't have a lit. I do have a lisp. I have a lisp, it's a louis but and I roll my r's. Well, that's gonna hot! It's not it's! If I focus drives me, nuts. I don't rolling your means, I don't do it there ours, a la LA I roll my ls, which it means I don't use my time For my elves I don't go la la la LA I do for my throat and I got allow year Julia w so all in all all due respect, I'm not here in a w but nine. I know I've been doing it all. My life I've I've adapted, but if I was you know, I'm not going to get any of SAM elliott's gigs doing waste overs. I think primarily note some point life. You just gotta accept. What's not going to happen, yeah
you're not getting family. It's gigs. I mean a lot of fish. Are it up man? No peabody's, no peabody's. For me, you know what what I think you're speaking, we've seen with the peabody the final couple of people on the committee, yeah yeah. I I talk about you constantly. I don't I'm not. I don't think I would at this point because I've I've gone through supply of like what we should have gotten one, I'm okay with it too act fuck them. I doubt they'll give me a. I did it's experience? I've had with wouldn't both publishing and reaction. Business no fail in old John was being the outs, leah, fuck and allow this, but the mean we would never do this, but if I could lie showed it to my wife: oh you're leveller s, but I'm getting on cooperating media. There is no future for this, namely women, and not only that, but are you ok, yeah yeah yeah yeah? That's when the sympathy one! I find that when I'm on states sometimes I just see people too close to the stage we're just looking at me. Like
yeah. It is it's not a sad thing, but it is- If I, if I let myself kind of getting that moment. Unlike you right you're, seeing the correct thing yet, will I'm up see the close, sitters and other affected so that the comedy still and I'm not feeling that satellites now a kind of ripped it up last night, a little bit now. I don't know why I have found some. I don't if it's new courage but there's certainly nothing to lose any more. You know after this this the the tossing. Of the roe v wade and what is it the decision. Is that what they call it? So you know as I, started doing that material by immersion You are you. Are you talking about angel fact that the angel? at trees and and I've been good but like. How do you respond to this or this roe v wade thing? How did it affect you
Well, you know our deeds dudes. I get that but like it seems to me, like I've, been saying on stage we've all at some point kicked in for one of these Oh I mean look, I'm just going to say that I've I've done enough, there's actually a seat with my name on it, the inglewood woman's clinic yeah. I know so and yeah. You know I'm not bragging that things happen. Yeah yeah, you know and some of the probably mine, vienna. Yes, I want to have not always a mark, but it is interesting that there is not a lot of a male voices in the year myself, including other, should be though, but you because, like there, there is no bigger proponent for the right to choose. Then panicky men know that, That's the I really it's a different in terms of that is the irony. I think we should. At the front of the line and every march, because there is an equal, we don't have the same kind of skin in the game, but right
Absolutely me there. The ida is just weird when people frame it is a women's issue and, like I don't know, wait late about you, but I guess something sort of shifted in my capacity for empathy in general. You know around I an ovum may be had something to do with when passing or whatever, but I'm also able see women in a more full contact. Somehow and I can empathize in a way that I I don't think I was able to for whatever. Well, sometimes, life will drop, kick you into enlightenment, yeah, yeah yeah, and then it's a horrible price to pay. When all you're thinking about is fucking them the empire is limited. It's tempered. Well, I suppose it depends I get so when I and ealing see you the killings are, but like I did feel like an incredible despair for just the fact that they eat. You know that more than half the population,
it sort of robbed of their physical autonomy. Absolutely and- and specifically the ten year old, raped by her father? Well, your old rating, her bro great and has to carry it yet and have a kid and now sit for her life she's done, but I found myself despondent and I would have been waking up. This is like you, it'd be between us seemed like you know, and I've talked about it vaguely before. But, like my brain, like I woke up this morning, you know with the our hour of pseudo suicidal ideation through our friends like, I don't feel like like Elveston that the distance between suez thinking about it and doing it it it's not. It doesn't even seem that dire. do not mean like it. Doesn't it's not that I don't know why? No, what you mean it's not like, I'm planning it, but I'm saying it sort of like there's just two
this position? That's not even fundamentally depressed. It's just a throat like sort of way. I'm. Even I can't even explain it to you know it's like yeah, of course, This is a matter of time. It's it's! Not what time is it now if it's not drama, it becomes like yeah yeah What keeps me from doing it- and you know this is one of the few defining rules of my life, as you know, the blood sprays on living. Yes, they are fuckin everybody or you might be out of it. Although who knows You know it is a terrible thing to do. Is that thing is like. I always think that it's like you all began bitten like that. The only thing that will you, though yeah, but the only going to hang with music. If I'm not gonna be gone, I'm just going to be a disembark consciousness. Just where and what? And what do you do when disembark it disembodied? You know how act look depressed of god, I'm assuming I won't feel fat
Can you really assume that, and I don't know if I don't have a point of reference. I mean I love the cockeyed optimism, but I don't know that who said girls can't I mean you know I dunno if it's the closest thing, but it's a feeling. The keyword field, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, feel I know but like you, if you're not looking at yourself and there's nothing to pinch and you don't have limbs or I mean look at casper, he was plump yeah. But finally, I'm not going to I'm. Not I'm, not thinking, there's going to be a body like I don't think there's going to be. I am just thinking it's going to be presence. But you're talking about feeling so you're going to have something. So it's going to be even more expect. Maybe all you have left on your sense of growth, task self awareness, and if this is it, that's real hell, that's not how to forget start hellas. Other people are, you know, is dying and feeling fat exactly. We figured it out like, but still see, but you come from suicide. I come from a guy that never shut up about it, yeah. Well, they different techniques.
I mean yeah, I mean I dragged the living down with you, while you're alive so much worse, Never I never ends and its I mean stories you tell about your father, sit there a practice of the bull, assyrian gun. I mean yeah, I mean look it's hard to say who wins ass. Its relation one I do not rule out you're my fucking dad's, total ours is, I guess brain is dribbling out of his ear. Well, that that's a whole other issue. Yeah I mean lucky me teen. I had an excuse to feel it's fucked up, depressed alienated and loathing and weird, as I already felt by our like lucky me and blame the like garage door and carbon monoxide situation and that was due to add yeah. I dined down dined out on that baby here. No, but like did find him.
No, I wasn't living at home. At that point, however, I was sixteen and you're already gone. I I had been shipped off to a episcopalian school, oh really, yeah, from pittsburgh from pittsburgh. yeah same place. Oliver stone went not to brag couple of the bush. Kids it was weird. I never end up there. I'd never even seen a stereo yeah, and it was all these like rich fucks yeah. You know really, and you know you want to talk about being the only jew we to go to chapel every day yeah. So I just started doing what you did. Yeah looking at a stained glass lawyer, lau talking about dribbling out of your ears yeah he was at. I was a senior and junior in high school wow is somewhat sick. if you were born yet I got out of high school. He was older than me see highs everyone. Sixteen from one thousand nine hundred and seventy seventy one. We can use only them, that's right, get to the day reactor twenty, seven and twenty eight right so
that's why we have a you know we celebrate her birthday, so that's right and yeah. The leader kill yourself now wait another year or two in maintaining the balance of that fine balance between your thinking about I've been doing death doing it. Just don't? I see, I think I would fuck it up. Yeah. That's would be bad. What I think I told you about that story. With this guy I met when I was teaching at san quentin for two minutes. Sky got a lot of time we tried to off himself, Lou the bottom half of his face off and then gets bus for a third strike on weapons possession? Really because The suicide of then does life with like half a fucking face, If there's no there's no end to the possibility and there's no guarantee our I'm, not I'm living horror, I'm not good, mechanically yeah. No, no! I I don't feel like either of us are going to do it, I'm just like it always.
Concerns me that my brain does that, as as as a soothing mechanism, Really it's like when I feel almost like its philosophical self medication. Yet if I feel hopeless it did, it makes me feel better sure yeah. I guess it's probably not that unusual know so, when you're at the prep school perhaps go as it was called the hills school. Where is it pots, home p, a mine Father well treated out the year, but death. He was living like an philly near half the time. Yet and mother was in pittsburgh eta now really getting along with you know, mom had her issues here little bit electroshock action that too, oh yeah see yeah. Why can I know standing for the sake of the interview, yeah and then the battery would like drain know
The electroshock would work, it would work for a little while the battery would run down. You know why am I laughing? Because what else you going to do. You know if you have to keep from crying? Well, it's it's like Hemingway said you know the greatest gift an artist can have is an unhappy childhood, so lucky fucking us, but let's not bring him. disappointed yeah. He ate a fucking shotgun because he had had electroshock and his memory started to go. This is shadow. Put net financial movie, buyer and his memory starting out, and he was supposed to write a speech for kennedy of all thing. J F, k, yeah and he couldn't remember anything and he couldn't write any more than it left will have him yeah but the only thing get the were bottom, is no. I mean my dad had electroshock like
know, in the last, in the last five or six years, I'm just saying the last five or six years. Well, yeah. There was a period there. What will they do it differently? It's not! No! I think it's much more. I don't want to say benign it's that nicholson style. I think they might even put you out through it yay I think I once heard, and this could be mythic, but I once the bernardo bertillon she did it. Recreational we allocate as a team. I guess yeah. You know that I got enough. That's a hearty down. I think there is any stereo tat there are used to buy. Now is the time to be. What is that even behind the second, I even applicable like where the french, but you know why you get away with asked so will you know I was thinking french yoke is afraid french come on what you have in mind you would have. What came to mind was: is that the the artist that dare come just
Thinking about it was a cocktail. I think, like cocktail came to mind for some reason: cocktail yeah, cockatoo heat he did that he could make himself company. I think- and here I think that was the gonna be messy and I think that, but I think it was like boroughs reference date like these wonderland out and I'm not known. For some reason I don't know, I guess we could look at have like in my brain- went to a cocktail. Men re should then of a sudden. You said that they eat or to lucy lighter electroshock, for you know. What's good night, I haven't gives out with a copy Adam, and you know what he says out over that. So it doesn't keep me from saying it. No! No! So I don't think I got this backstory, so you do an asset at the prep school, with the with the the risk is ions of the american iris stock russie young, some of them alive is that right. It's one of those words of written science, the unseen desired ivy fucking idea, but it there s cia, oh right, but in our view the legacy, the sure the kids it's yeah fails
Yeah, kids, you, like it sent area yeah. I felt the words I think this'll business should this bissell kids here vacuum cleaner and yeah. I know combo that the bissell crew they were there yeah knew that guy. You knew that kid. I knew a bissell and I seem to remember the nice guy, but my memory- a little shaky because I was doing mescal on every fucking day and acid and shit. You know in highschool yeah, whereas the masculine coming in from that seems kind of exotic oh, you know you're getting that from Philly from new penn right cause. If you get the rich kids, rich kids are going to get you to change it. She got it from the labs in philly from the labs where they made the old timey. I said right this tiny acid and then once I was a senior and all those guys who dislike going to ecology, affiliate pen, yeah, I mean forget about it. Yeah, you know, I would just go out there and stay overnight. Yeah come back and did you get college?
college. Yes, I attend columbia. Thank you. Yeah dropped, so that worked out the prep school. Helped you, oh yeah. I am look at me. I'm an academic I condemn absolutely you ve done some teaching eve written some books. I have done a couple things yeah, you know here, but so when you go to colombia is I went? What so that's nineteen june? It was like the vietnam, vietnam war era to have to do yeah how'd, you avoid the draft I'll
exactly how I voted the draft. I didn't avoid the draft. My number was: seventy three, that's back when they had lottery yeah and it ended that year. I believe in the fifties I made. No plans would so fuckin ever so you almost where you almost went well, you know there there's always the guys who like stick peanut butter and are cracking down there and then act crazy. They get down there like scoop it out and after that, the draft board for see that shit before like hey is another shit. Eater I mean bring it. You know, bring toast, what's gone on yeah. What is it with these cute yeah? Here we go with the fucking shit eating who have seen a buddy try apple butter next time I dunno yeah. So I know the plans. I made no plans and I ended up. Dropping out, anyway, for a year or two here going to europe, when that all thing being a bartender in london, living in a cave in crete. I never talk about this shit and motto law there is like, but was like the tail end of a happier. You can't do that real long hair. My hair doesn't get long. It just gets worse.
and then I can't say it through the jew, for I look like the ace of spades, so you level I have white hair, yeah yeah, yeah yeah out onto its kind of the land yeah mine. Does that too oh yeah great herrmann, keep it trim, but like it's flattering on top and then the sides of bush hourly you get the side for yeah, but start a band called side for his thorough, more aids in june, applying rock music. I really mean it yeah well they're out there, but you know so before. If there was a tear a time where you know you are caught up in the times and you were at columbia and you were due your on the road to some sort of a artistic. Had of within the margin the right kind. I remember taking over a building with some sort of? Never she guy and we're like the deems officer something and He sees his file here,
opens it. They have like an assessment and it's like great material, amazing. Nothing. Special, nothing special is a really depressed sadness file that that was their lives like we. You know you need some of these at high school work. Well, that was the college's assessment of him for admission and they think that we need a little fellow materia. We need these guys guys did just in the middle there. Just get just like do not going at waves, yeah yeah, but so what and so you go to europe when you're a college- I mean I don't I'm down to europe, but I beg you to write it out and then for a while and then went back in finnish ras basely in writing, fr the voice, naturally, what I want to do to be a new york happier, writer, riah wooden, exactly right, whose at the voice at that time, who is the voice, not hand, tough was Hence our stuart. The voice What have I to a bay elliot? Fremont smith? Was my book editor here. I don't know what happened to him
and yeah not great with I mean I'm l a mainly star, but he was wagon mail or did you and this is, seventy three, seventy four, you know the date thing when you hit me with chronology up around there. You cause you graduate high school. Seventy one, seventy, but I think I staggered out of college a year later than I should have liked, be sex okay, so new york was on the rebound. A little new york was pretty intense, I mean the seventys and new york was like thing on the sub ways when it's like the wolf pack its- on the one hand, yeah it's a bunch of little kids like fourteen year old. Yet on the other hand, there seven of them and they got blades right and there's no way to look cool. You know: they're gonna, going to take your shit yeah, so that happened. Oh yeah What about like the so redoing the downtown thing leave? You know it was the punk era had nothing for I knew a guy. A guy went to grade school with here who's since passed. He was the like first first for his first drummer for blondie, okay,
So go to sea be james, you some legit and then It ass it together and then it fucked him up. He dropped out, worked like I don't like a garbage can factory or something is in pittsburgh. I am thirty and blamed me. That's the kind of event is lame to me that they hadn't became like a chemist or something or even top dog in the garbage business. Garbage can busy wayne do for his mind. Well, yeah and but a losing your mind. I don't know you tell me your ex officio so, but that back then did you know. Did you meet tosh his nose guys in that time? You know I never met anybody cool in the day. I was met people later right in your like we would that show. I was it that show you tat kind of a kind of thing, but I didn't go with the global I mean you know. I was in the ship and I was never never joiner. Yes, oh punk was happening right, down there. I saw it. I saw like patty smith trudging through these valea fuckin big old boots. Still see that,
absolutely does, and you don't even know if it's her so many fucking great my the hare alone issues fantastic, like she's out there doing it the ocean means it, and yet would love like really the joy seriously. I mean, like you know you go to her shows in its up lifting and awaiting like she's like like present isn't that we'll say when they leave your show, what they feel uplifted I gotta go. I think, cells of an insane. I say what I don't worry about it, your favorite that I always alone is he ok, if you're going to be our way to you. I don't want an autograph. I just want to see. If he's okay. Well, you know it gets pretty heavy in here man. You know, I think they think- I think I'm in and I'm on. I'm now you're totally. Okay, now they're okay, but what body you cover, not in in the seventies in new york, like what are you doing
I tell you the first store I used to write for the new york press, two yeah. This is no longer a acceptable word, but the time and media not acceptable. How to say there there There were shows, I think, up in the bronx of porto rican, we're going to measure wrestling little people rest sharing. That's not a good work wrote about that. I wrote about how I covered that somebody when you and he s a me their first or how are you ever gonna forget yeah, covering a little people wrestling. I can't puerto rican little people, resolute, very specific if it was a cultural phenomenon with the puerto ricans. Don't think we'll just put it there all kinds of people there and it was just like wow. This shit is going on. I always like subcultures. It is going down. I love colleges, and then I had kind of a. I never journalism score, and so I wrote a thing for the voice of confession: magazines and remember, of your members policy through confessional cheated the cop, it's right here I'll. There was
guy. Who did they apology? I know the apology hollandia. This was confession: mags and I'd that the woman wooden see me. You know the main editor. So I write- elevator with her and I hear her say to one of her co yeah as slap that workers the difference between me and my readers is that my I q is over seventy awhile I put that in the story nice quoted her fucker. Oh now, man that is not journalism. Ethics. Now I had to go and apologize I mean I just didn't even occur to me can do that and I couldn't remember we record nato eavesdropping. While on an elevator with some woman, I mean she probably felt safe and that only their fuckin union leave issues even talking to you, not even in the slightest. Didn't you I was there. She did later I heard from yet or do you want? You want to work and if they want to go fuck and apologize, yeah and I had to I did you confessed yeah
I wrote a story. You know I eavesdropped on the editor at this very magazine, yeah yeah yeah, so that happened and why, is that when do you start prestigious, doesn't it I mean really ripping the lid off stuff? Sure oh yeah, there's powerful work yeah I was going just realized. I think that the little people have been involved in wrestling since the beginning of wrestling, there's always been sort of, like you know, little people tossing and all that kind of weird well, that's a whole other thing that, and that is our having a member in the rock videos near death, that's a whole other level, I mean these guys dignity they weren't over and we can talk I cover music, I think the for I wrote about ry cooder. I I started writing for the santa cruz times re dollars an article when you come out here that went away ended up out there later on. So when you go to the cave, when you're living in Hayes caves her when I dropped out of college didn't know if I was back I'm living in a cave in mattila yeah.
I have a lot of money. It's an interesting thing to do. There are other people living in a lot of old hippies had been there, so it was a lot of feces if you went too far back, and I remember I was with a bunch of british guys and when they were gone, I looked at one of their journals and and he's like I could do the accent, but I can't read: it said weird american bloke is latched onto us. You know how I felt like an eighty. That was you that was me. there are other people in the cave gather. I was like sleeping, but you know I am happy that howling of power one we there and I think I like it for a couple of weeks, okay and then worked in. Where were women? I don't think I qualifies a cave dweller. No, no africa, tourists. I wasn't get yeah just passing through. I wouldn't get my mail there, so cave tours, worked in a restaurant. You said worked in london. I ended up its wealth to deliver. I worked
It's called the brush and palette in london. Yes, where the if a product over there is something called the profumo scandal now I don't know anything about that. Just some scandal, the typical shit and prostitutes net, okay, but the gimmick right this restaurant was they had a nude woman you're sitting in the diners, with like a fake french guy like the little boy and hating him silence, if the dishwasher, so I just you know, got the straight view here, but then I started going. I was going out with a woman who was is the model eliza american idea and you know I felt had I had conflicting feelings right about doing the posing yeah I mean, but you know we live. You learn what that was the first. That was your that was the beginning of whatever the fuck you. You ended up evolving, stop along the way except in smart market accepted. That's right, that's right, drink it
well too much. My head was the size of a basketball because I was working. You know, then I start working in a bar and you're living on like rashers and bangers and guinness yeah have ashes and bangers and yeah. yeah don't even get me started here, let's all sex with you it, but you know the weird thing about that: gig, whereas every sunday all the pregnant ladies, would come in to like hammer the fucking guinness, oh really because they thought it was packed with iron. It is it sure I don't know what's in guinness, it seems healthy, looks healthier than most be all that with the real gonna. You could put a spoon and annual yet rice, narrator alone tests. So- while, but it's easy to be a bartender, because it's written that a lot of mixed ranks right in and out in England yeah. So when do you? When does the problem ever? You me back me back, When did the problem? Start? Three four when, when mom did the animals,
stop that I'm just say whether the problems yet you're gonna your problem, clean inside of clean and sober he acquiesced sideways. I was well yeah. It's like you were talking the other day with ms berlin's yeah yeah about the cologne exceeds the collapse, which is really weird almost an early adapter. She was more like a turkey based her. It was like harpole horn. You know what I making and no lou, but it was weird, were you know when I was over a couple years ago in poland and you know all over like rocco and also berlin? You know these soundly these, like signs on little billboards like call on each and the accent, russia sounds good yeah, oh really I mean, can you imagine the craze get a fucking german colac with that was impregnable? Surely I would german instructions again? I don't understand. It's all seems round. The me like out can
it's the only german I know yeah. I didn't even do it right, but it's a it's definitely kind of what was the word what does it say? there is the idea that I got her Is that what I want very guttural like the noise is coming. If, if you like a men's room stall and port authority me and somebody's you know having like an emotional bowel movement in the next lot of that, but Does the I know the three sure I don't know when my somewhere in there- but I mean like when did do- did you were you writing for goldstein or no. What I for steam. I was writing fake sex letters for, Poland has loaded on gucci, ony hosted a lot of those wanting a lot and I don t said by penthouse yeah. That was make the face only early work Xavier hollander is calling. Oh yeah call me, madam
the happy hooker, the happy hooker yeah yeah, but she used monthly com and can only madam, I believe so well and just you know it was a a column that I remember reading when I was a kid that is my dad got that she did it get you lay out cause. How are we talking about summarily? I owe his fright thirteen fourteen yeah yeah? Guess it rather right time to start seeing what was your earliest jerk off material like pictures or reading dirty stuff? I don't even think I don't know if it was associated with anything, I I think it was just associated with the feeling I got a but when I started become conscious, It was mostly my my my brain thinking. Yeah yeah then it became. I think there were some pictures yeah, but it started off imagination,
yeah and then I someone got hold of a porn magazine and was like. Oh, my god, that's a that's when you learn how everything works- oh my god, yeah and then you know I got a hold of these. Like a fucking, I dunno Elizabeth. Victorian era, like you, know, poor, like the pearl, you know and he's weird Where is you know, and on a biography of a flea? An air of is that of the seas. Weird stories with like everybody was frigging, I didn't know at them and accordingly I agree, isn't like Alexander pope or something I don't know somebody but like it took like two years before I realized it. Wasn't public hair was pubic hair but this is a widow churn like isn't the autobiographical fully? What is ok, it was there were these paper backs the other, It's a is an anonymous erotic, novel first published in eighteen. We seven in london by edward, A very nice now know what that means. Well might not have been here.
No, he didn't write it. You just published it, so that was the first, the dirty books. That was you know. Oddly, let me dirty books and we're elizabethan, english, so you're. Just writing the fake letters to penthouse. I wrote the fake static sex letters in penthouse back and forth. Just go to the other side of my desk, yet the answer Yeah yeah, my girlfriend is into scars and then the greatest hits and then I will like beaver I was so naive. Beavers have that was the as a that was allows a lot of meat in that one lotta yeah and I remember I was such an idiot. I wrote a story for them. And the guy, said to me. I don't want to use a different name like now. he's like you am proud trust me, because I was just I just wanted to be a writer yeah to bad. You want to be jerry stahl from beaver. A well at which I ended up being so it all worked out.
looks good on a resume and it opens doors what I'm say open. Something else say and it's not that that was not a that was not it. One of the classier convenience store, porn publications, no eve, mag Well, then I ended up. I ended up how I got out of new york to l a with a brief three months. Stop at the Y m c, a in columbus not to brag was that I got a gig is like a humor editor at hustler right during the thing called bits and pieces where people send in like a picture, like erotically shaped vegetables from wisconsin. Oh really, no and you'd have to write those dirty wisconsin, oh my god, those cheese monsters and you know what the classic gig and that's. What are you here? Yes, six today, I got fired by Paul krassner and of all people? What the fuck did? You have to do to get fired by that guy? but I did it. I did. It
and that Larry Flynt had got shot, I mean it was a lot of drama and you were there when I was in ohio, he got shot and then we moved out here: and you know it form, lifelong association, late. What what was I wanted the debts were, that's where he was that was I lambeth. So that's how I remember it, because we had one party where he invited the whole staff via his house and like beckley, which is this upscale section of Columbus and in the base. In a diorama here I recreated the shack where he grew up. I just thought wow, that's that's money at right. There wow that too yeah. So when does the dope start does the dope that will dope was in an out. You know I've always doing shit. Yes, somehow and my kind of bloomer late, twenty thirties, again chronology cheetah destroying out you really know you just realized. You can start out yes and yours
written dope every day, and this was before aid, sir, so do not share needles near it. Like an idiot, we did the little like alcohol swab right. And then I got the habsi yeah I a thinking about that, though cuz I just watched- earn dolphin documentary. Ah karen doll, she's amazing. What that way, oh she's great but like she was strung out, I think tim harden got her strung out, but the only by but yeah was a problem, but the way they all talk about. You get these old focus talking about. shouldn't speed and dope in your james taylor, you had Michel rave yeah but, like I just can't sure it being so excessive, Oh, and around that you know there just pick a your gathering for people just hanging out booting dope that were like. As it evolved, that became like a shooting gallery situation, but it seems like it was just a regular party and somebody
would pull out the fucking works slamming and jam and yeah, but there was to me. It always strikes me as something that's kind of sordid and fucking creepy, but I guess It wasn't it that's where it goes, something I don't know. I never had folk parties where we are michael row, the boat ashore. You know you you go. I missed that, but, like so many movements, I just missed it. So the dope go a little slower to the folk dope party. I miss them. Wasn't it but they're, probably going on and I lived in laurel canyon for awhile. I some folk created, but nobody invited me yeah. I was. I was doing the correct by then to you know: dragon do whilst trying to get off the dope. So I thought I'd switch to crack to smoke in the correct yeah, but both the best decision idolatry adventurous three. Oh, they were ventures, seer yeah, that's it you know that's that story. You know I thought I was getting arrested because I lived in the bottom half of one yeah
I'm coming back one night and three in the morning to go to the landlady. They like waving her hands and the cop knee on the cops who pulled up, and I just kept one pull over turned out Landlord had a heart attack and needed a ride to the hospital, and you just bailed and he died, and you're running, I didn't know. I was evicted because I never open my mail to. Finally, she came downstairs and why the fuck we're here louth centrally and that was in laurel canyon. You killed. My husband was right across, from wonderland elementary slow, hear them sing. You know when you're up all night and it's not just the birds. I had its kids singing america, the yeah yeah, and it's like oh fuck every day is it five days a week? Is eight o'clock again yeah yeah? I used to live near schools a school when I was you know what I'm talking about yeah, but I wasn't. I was sober by them by a was right over there when I first moved to l a it was right next to a school was the bells
We have the ringing of bells yeah, that's right all day long yo. I live next to a place where they built a large building That was when I was using an in summer roma situ system. They don't have the construction bright, Paolo de homer and your and you're in weight at seven in the morning, and you got that call cadmium night night work, the work, the depression is unsound, beco, the worst and its. And oh my god, the house yeah So you think he's in this in seventy. Well yeah I grab probably eighty seven. You know I got it I mean the guy I started out with who ended up doing like weird movies, with him stuff like a flesh license stuff. He he ended up having a liver transplant which guys at it. His name is Steven stadion. He is a total genius at twenty one yeah. He sort of did all flint's ads with those weird ad parodies and I asked crazy covers and shit real, just a great guy. But you know he ended up having the transplant you know, which is.
Where have see goes, but somehow I got lucky because I was like all Oh, I know we hope jogging and drinking wheatgrass yeah. So you know how to balance. I was covering the water like a true libra, just trying keep the balance. Does that make me I guess we're right kind of like you know, dive never had balance here. I mean I've had it rise, you strive, the guy can dream yeah. I mean the good example of the weak grass in the running in the heroin. Yeah sure lot an inner people. Don't notice what, but you can shoot open, get a lot of energy. Could you just don't feel you don't fatigue right. I was in an otter, it was a jogger yeah, yeah, sometimes yeah, and then it went so well. I mean they're allowed to do the I used to see in the old when I lived down there, one second between a and b that yellow you're, so you're doing the real thing with guys lowering the bag out the window yeah. That was next door, really yeah wow, but like where that we're old dudes that we agree. I think, if you maintain your habit
you'll be all right sure, but not not now unilaterally. As it's like borough said, you know it's it's it's not the drug, it's the lifestyle at which you gotta do to maintain the crime yeah. Whatever bratz whatever you gotta, do, that's right, that's what gets dangerous to say that about drugs. Is that as soon you get involved with them. Your you kind of Naturally we are adding to the possibilities of waste. die outside, is true and not just die, but fuck up cause. I I relapsed a lot air. I was a guy meetings like people want to sit next to cause they'd get like relapses took me a minute to lock in a like as soon as you relax suddenly lose your wallet. Somebody at tea, bones your car and I didn't like you're responsible for any of it, but just cause movie the unit like fuck you if open. Yet it is again yet your flock to your off your If your grid, that's right and it's just chaos, it's not safe yeah. Why?
so one day since for the kids come out here for hustler and then like, but the thing, I have see because I don't I don't think we talked about that was like I mean I knew you when you were dying. You know we're riding that thing for h, b o and you were like sweaty and pale, and we you know you are a fucking like it seemed like you were very sick and I and then the writers' strike happened, of course, just another jerry story where it's like we're close now now writer strike and then you wrote painkillers and it almost killed you later down. The line I was I was I was cleaning no no you're clean, I was dying and do you know, taught. I had a year to live for a very long time. You are very sober mew, like fifteen years, sobered our. Why it there Pepsi is weird because the main symptom is, you feel kind of hung over and your super tired, your swear, I member you say like we.
I glitter about like the marin shirts like I couldn't hire him and you were kind of sweaty and green. He very well. You are sick, yeah yeah, not a guy. You want to be around what was in so much about being around you. It was just like I didn't know if you were going to handle it, but you can hire a guy who's. I, I don't know. I don't remember, but I remember you being sick, because when we wrote that thing you pulled out and then you must kill yourself writing that fuckin book that yeah Mengele book yeah now will you get out of my first brush with another, not yeah? That was about I've been going like deep. You know, rowan like nazi deep for, like a real long to us, a few books. It goes a huge book and his men were still alive and he's in island park. But I guess the point being is that now they can cure him if you got the bread, but you were on a drug trial, yeah yeah, really lucky you can you won't even get the policy but will know because I defy doctor's orders for a year- about the va getting other stuff. Yes, what's it called? I wouldn't do it because
I knew somebody I had some. You killed themselves a woman, we know, the program. Had this crazy thing, where she like on mulholland like? kill cellular, landed, on all four wheels. Unlike a some life, a pool, daytime soap, stars, driveway, ha and just had like it out of the car and call aaa god, and it wasn't guaranteed that I was more thirty forty percent, but they kept telling me I was gonna die here. I mean I paid plankton. when I get excited some dough back there I paid like twenty five grand like over the dominican republic. Get it get a bang, stem cells. You did, which kept me alive for like a year really yeah yeah, yeah, It was wholly illegal, but you know a doctor ostiense allowing an. I know, a guy who knows a guy but out, and it was really weird yet when you go to like the dominican republic for a day the and come back and they're. Looking at you, you know, unlike custom media bodies, yeah yeah,
I try any long story short I get on, trial, drug program at cedars yeah, as I was interfering that naive and I get this drug, But this is what of an acid heavy episode, but it was like doing bad ass. It yeah like I would. I would, dr, I you know I had tracks yeah cause. They were taken blood like every couple of years for, like twenty years, sober fifteen years, sober at that point. Yes yeah, but it felt like. I was doing bad ass, yes, yeah! I would I would like clutched the wheel and tell myself the road is solid yeah. Because the freeway felt wavy you know and but a worth, I think that's a like on a philosophical level. I think it's very solid. It's way towards the way fbi, it's worth powering something if, if any one thing is solid, let it be the road that we are walk on. Is it anyway long story, short abbott pharmaceuticals? They came up short
I wish it was so unpleasant and fucked up that, even though, unlike like one week like it, was zero really me out was so atomic. So if you're doing it for twelve weeks, but this was the first version of this drug that is now readily available. Yes, harvoni, he ashes like Jesus, like, I think it's like nine hundred a pop or something or less you're in canada, in which cases like twelve or something or yeah, twelve dow, yes, yeah, not twelve So I locked out it just fucking cured me, I mean it was a nightmare, but our fine, like you, know, creepy sweaty, it's on the natural yeah. I can't blame absolute. Did you feel a role did. You feel like a me, On the other hand, because you feel, like kind of like I'm looking death in the eye when you defy the doctors and don't do this shit daily to do here and they're telling you you're going to die yeah.
But yet I kind of an outlaw mode. What but then I got it, but then it was like getting like I'm now now I'm not dying yeah now exactly yeah welcome! What's your, he's now yet, but no no excuse, but no, but you didn't. I had energy with change airing wild and I was no, I might be slightly green, but I wasn't like no european racing green, not enough ya. Think you a good you! You hold disposition. Eventually change! You went out had a new baby. You can all kind of weird shit out of here, but I mean you know I got on that medicine. I didn't know. I didn't know the my wife for the time with pregnant, nay, said, oh and by the way, if you so much as touch a pregnant woman like a drop of sweat, the kid will be born with, like you know, antlers in a three day, beard wow- that was a total mutant, so she had to you know the poor, poor woman had to go like moved to texas.
that was during that week, because you can she could she couldn't be around the med. You can even hold the pill. I mean this stuff was beyond toxic, but that's why I worked wow, yeah, but I guess that the version they're using now is a little more men. Will abbot didn't get the gig If somebody, the harvoni people Abbott, have now they got the covetous gig yeah they that they land on her feet. The abbott did yeah yeah. I've used a main those kind of it's like I jus farmin sure they had slaves, making their pills, outfits yeah, but you know what they did. Ok saying with bare: they came through bear yet. what bayer yeah yeah and all. Braun right, the machine, sure yeah and grinder like grinder huh. roblox every bar mitzvah boys suit- is hugo boss, who designed the ss uniforms and they were shot there. You go by really yeah, I'm at an ever ends, showing I'm such a boring fond of this new great thing about this book. For what it's worth is I gotta go
alright millennia, I gotta march out lot of this stuff that I I love these crazy fuckin, deep, the rabbit, the rabbit halls. Why? Maybe it is and is indeed a rabbit hole. The first book was permanent midnight grey and then it goes on through was the perfect love story now I think they are short stories and yeah. Maybe yeah, I guess, was perfect. Love story. Yes, indeed, was an end. make. It is right that the cargo wire won the item. Then I fancy the genius I fatty the out, which is still soon to never be a movie well another show business story that isn't a physical seymour, hoffman god rest his soul was the initial guy who wanted the option to first well drilling the option to ear for eternity yeah. Okay, so that happen, we need the bread. So there you go yeah I sure did it all worked out, yeah yeah, but now it's in development, how basically it'll be in development forever. That's part of the joy project, but that's a great book, because that was one
those things were when you have to do research on something you'll fuckin. Do it like you give away. You the the way you set up that of how we would was so meticulously because you were all up in it. Well that this is. This is the grim back story to that which is not to drop names. You know of all power board and you know, was doing a series Anthony at will ass, it were dane, was doing a series for bloomsbury books. of like nonfiction suitable. Unknown icons yeah. So he did one on typhoid, Mary weirdly enough. turned out to be a chef and I I started. Do one on fatty are but away like a fucking term pay. yeah, it was so dry ryan. I looked at it like what the fuck is wrong with me. So I just threw it out without telling them. I invented like this weird fake, autobiography
telling the story of yeah. I got his voice yeah. the dew and ovaries ever heard him talk shirt. I have a little room yo here and you know it just freed me up in it just do I got lucky, it's great, it's good the painkillers which the god, you almost died. Writing it. Like we couldn't write the script and I would talk to you The government of on line of like soccer can I come rainest where we could right, because the strike was like all happening, but you were, but it was a sort of like this thing that it was almost like. You are racing against death. The men were book die. I did The feeling in it sounds so melodramatic that I never talk about it, but I really thought lake I to get as much down I can't yeah. We always right like that. Well, I do now because it's like, I said the other day, I'm like a lot closer to dead than forty right, o r through to be another title, and I like
I seem to have this need to like right with his fuckin naked desperation to just keep going at. You know me up and end the mega It was weird because I had to live in that and it's so dark, don't think it's affecting you kind of is yeah but you're kind of that to begin with right, so its view, no, it isn't researching when he did in the camps. Yeah all that stuff. What was done, what he did? What happened to him? I mean he fuckin escaped. You know air and allegedly drowned in south america, but some say he still alive wow he's from Brazil. Then I saw that movie, nice huh yeah, it's great yeah, the same kid hey! There's that kid again for did a lot of movies. Now he's like kid, the hitler kid all these different and just in their who is it. Large parts of europe. the you as the nazi hunter, the jew nazi hunter
in the father. Who can you remember he was due. He played Zell in marathon man, the nazi dentist and he played is: is it safe yeah and then he played the like some based on Simon wiesenthal in boys from Brazil he just covered covered all the base. Sure yeah movies, it's fantastic. I love that error. I love those movies am here walking down through the diamond district belgium. And he's got the the blade had she thought of the right as we would have wanted there's always a young one. I have one of those when you see you first, which way you accordingly get those the attic go but I too then you you do other books and leaves morbid and then you mass of non sellers that I described doing, but he made
big bread on their own with the bad boys movies, and I wrote a lot of movies or my name's not on you know a lot of those bad boys too, my put my daughter through northwestern, which is great. and then you work with him for the tv shows to write which will yeah some added some see us eyes and stuff. But you know you reach this weird point: man air, where you're like making, do a and I'm writing script after script, yeah knocking him out, and you know I can never do a casual. I always gotta lake. I find a voice. You know little pretentious whatever, but then nothing. Smitten. You gotta make this decision, Do I want to die with light a great house and cool living room, furniture, energy, or do I want to fuck? I'd some books and actually have a shelf right. You know the ep went the shell formulae. Yosemite flunked out of show business or engineering held under the house royal yeah. I was good, you know so art so now, I remember when you went on the tour for of the
the concentration guess that was initially for a magazine article. For vice yeah. I did a six part thing for vice, not the video. This was the online print year by they sent me over there. I did what was the assignment this? I was I wanted to go over there You know for me the best kind of travellers when somebody else's paying yes, so vice paid for me to go, but the catch was. It was a bus. Tour right of the camps, yet dachau, buchenwald and auschwitz. So I'm riding on a bus yet for nineteen days eighteen days yet with a bunch of people, many of whom who had never seen a jew yeah so that letter yeah but you know we are all in the book that some of them are new book loosely based or not aimed no reading and rename all you know idiot, but true, you true and
it was fascinating because that the first night were there when this, like a kill, bossy, grotto, some restaurant goin, on the table like why get well, you know I've always been interested in the Jews. You know I've seen a lot in the history channel and There is a lot of hitler's list- hitler's list- ready slip. Me schiller's lessons any errors. Lessee, I allowed issuers vans and some are interestingly, were more interested. And seeing the hotel where the stars of schindler, stayed actual, and how does one idea which camp was at that he saved them from that shown were saved them from which camp was in that movie. That is a great question. I wonder torn allied, I do not now I I think it was just it was. It was in every camp situate
yeah, I mean in others like a camp within a camp, for there is a lot of camps that we're smaller, that you don't even like soccer housing. We always I'd vienna, as I say, tell I say it and at but not all of them killed juice, no example. Auschwitz was a death camp right, but buchenwald they didn't outright kill them here. You just worked him to death right. So it's like Do you kill by like a bullet or putting instantly in the chamber? More, do you work them to death right? So auschwitz was a right up, death, camp and and and a manual experimentation centre. Really that's where he that's where he that's. Where he did, you know he showed twins were Eichmann. Was there when wasn't specifically at the camp, he designed the entire program. If I understand okay yeah, he he was a planner mm yeah, they got him.
so this is sort of like the the arc of this book, which I think is honest, and it is that you're, your own self preoccupied with your problems as you move through these neo jew killing. yeah. One thread is the horrible truth, Would you want to go? And you want to feel this? Yeah really want enter a it's like I be To think that any emotion is unworthy of of like what these people went through. B. I got my own shit going on and inappropriately being a human you know, and plus you're seeing humanity I mean it. On my first day in Austria, you know there was a selfie situation where this these they. You know young, these younger. I think they are filipino young, ladies and they they come running up to like grandma cry, and I thought I was Michael richard wright-
yeah. So on one level, that's creepy on like let little look at this year, my provide that I looked like Michael richard out, see it, but other than be that I'm even thinking about that and see what is the etiquette they want to do a selfie, I don't their language year, Emily It's never covered that. So I just did a selfie, Michael rich as a celebrity sure who I am not here and they were happy and then I go back in the people of my group. Will look at me like the fuck is wrong right now have a little respect yeah, but you know that free quota averaged oneself. Oh yeah! That's what people do. I mean it's a date, they had to put a sign up. Like you know, no pokemon have you're one of them, yet so that some people are wandering around looking for, like rather pat rabbit. I order the fight that it's just, but then you realize what you get or and you're you're going for this emotion and it is there. You know you've seen the pictures you know now you the but then the first thing you see is the
Its snack bar right was like these people you know dressed for, like you no fun day at orlando disneyworld right having a slice of santa right. They have that that they need he said. I pizza pizza, pizza, outwits, alternate title I mean, I imagine, that these white they all have to have some. That they are memorials to serbia's vehemence museum. Loca, ok, but you While you were on the place where the the crime You know, essentially you know. trudging around a crime scene and I always had this random biggest yes, but you know will you know Merrick is founded on a crime scene so that the divorce been her yeah. I just acting to scope of it like I asked I think that there's something about, then. I think the book speaks to a little bit that there is, it is impossible. to wrangle. You know an empathy that
kind of destroy your entire sense of of morality. You know that it's a good way to put it ok cause it's it's so overwhelming, and any your brain when presented with something like that is just going to one. Focus on your problem, MR on pizza? What's immediately going on, yeah yeah meets. How do you meditate on yahoo answers as young as exactly right, and it's so found and so real and so soul crushing, but I got off the bus and I really had to pee yeah and you can see the guys on the tour buses of a certain age here, the prostate or his shirt. You know just making a beeline shirt cotton right in here to like the auschwitz toilet right where, I had one of my first of many revelations where it seemed like the the thriving industry in poland were like toilet attendance related over their yeah. I do No?
paid on the way in air or the way out the japanese, after you wash your hands, I think is the etiquette really think so I thought I had to pay to get in less interesting. Maybe you did. I don't know I'm surrounded. You know what I did was I I I got pee shy, oh yeah, so I couldn't go at that one why the gutter standards? What did you think I'm going to permit up? And I don't know you? it's like I just kept thinking like if there was no holocaust, this guy wouldn't have a job haha. You know the pie, guy yeah and as he likes third generation. Fourth gen denoted. His great great grandfather hold handler's helmet, and maybe you know, while he was there that there's a I mean. That's those are good questions too about the legacy of the whole thing like how many generations back who was part of it. Yet are they? Here will that us it's funny. You say that,
this. This is something that I experienced and maybe of experienced. If you've been to germany, how have you like having breakfast this. You know buffet some ninety five year old. You know the snows near monster whose like giving you use and unite fleecy, give me stink, azure and there's no way not to think you know like somebody go eighty years ago when the sky was a teen, he like bayoneted jewish babies yeah, you know and then it's impossible not to think that. So it's if you're a paranoid, it's a great place to be the killing countries, because you really feel like you know any of these guys if you've never felt more jewish absolute while my grandfather, used to say if you I forget you're, a jew, a gentile will remind you and it is an ever more powerful and profound than out there at those The worst kind of gentiles the nazis, I think, that's established
as people used to say about george wallace, at least to know where he stands the was something that without is like. There were men, because I remember in the book there is definitely more it's where you you actually I felt what you're supposed to feel, oh, absolutely and then and by judging by all the research you did in the rabbit holes in and also what seems to be happening in this country, a debt there does the possibility of it see a little a little too possible is actually and painfully true was right. You in a the dawn of the trump era? I know so it felt less like during the past year than visiting the future. You know with jews will not replace us. You know the proud, but the whole upfront, in your face trump released antisense
doesn't mean he's just a symptom here, but you know to him on some level, this shit was unleashed. Here we are and You know whether it's from row on down christian nationalist state is fuckin here. It's well underway at on the state governments and now the supreme court, and then then, kind of radicalized drifting mother, it don't give a shit and and enlarge corporate business interests that don't give a shit. But you know what guess, who made a lot of money to like a nazis there, griffon. There were stealing shit from all the apartments and houses they took over and they got all that art stored at me. Consult mine worthy of what the question becomes. I when does other ring, become murderous. Do you know you cause? You know if, in the sense of cause you think about like will people are people are so capable like when you look it painted pictures of lynchings yeah, there's a hundred fuck him?
People stand there posing an island. You look like a guy. I got a postcard once that I bought somewhere and it We shall you're show the guy smiling and waving and it's so grotesque, but guess what that could totally happen now we get we're just like groups of people, just kill people. We, you know, that's that's interesting revelation. I had that No, I was going to have which is like the holocaust is not the exception. The holocaust, the rule- and you know grateful you're living in a time between, because the axes always falling mia but yeah. That's that's a nice way to go out to uplifting like to leave you feeling positive No, I love the book and, and I'm glad we kind of got the whole thing going got whole the big piece. The big talk, I think, covered. If you feel like get, you feel good about it. For now I couldn't feel better.
it's so great talking to you going to see him at good to see you, man, there- you go nine nine nine one minutes, tell depression, psychotic, torment and a bus tour of the holocaust, it's available now, wherever you get your books, all so alright. Well, here's what I want to do right now. I want you people to to hang out and if you do out you'll, hear some previews of happening next week on the show and some other closing thoughts and some guitar just hang out. Okay, look. Here's what's happening on Monday show. Got naomi me experiment. I, where I met her once when she was getting a guest hosting to dump queen, I believe I was on the show with her and that's where I met her, but then I kind of knew
from our stand up she was right or on broad city, totally biased with canal well. I never really had a long conversation with her, but I knew her and we met, and so this that's going to happen That's that's going to happen on Monday. You can hear He talking to naomi at paragon, it was nice, it was a good talk. I enjoyed it today I ain't are viewed ornery Adams. Now many of you know that I have a weird history with arnie atoms and am I I don't if it was resentment, but I've been awfully hard on him because he, you know he bothered me. It was just a personal thing there is no foundation for it. It was not in anything that he deserved, but I've been a dick to him for decades. And I'm like alright. Well, it's. I should talk to him time to talk to him so
well. It turned out to be one of the the great to the great kind of comic conversations that this show is built on if you don't know where any Adams, many of you might know him from the documentary comedian about jerry? Seinfeld ernie was the annoying guy in that kind of the villain of that documentary, and we talk that and the impact that had on his career and and people's impression of him. It was heavy man have because he didn't know what to expect. He knows me, and he knows obviously he's completely so seldom that he would know that was kind of a dick to him, but he showed up he showed up and I knew he would. Why wouldn't it Ah, he didn't know what was going to happen, but he showed up. So that's coming up. It's something to look forward to. If you like what this show is
next week for wtf plus subscribers will be playing a part of my town hall show from last november. That was a big deal. That was a show that I put to. the new hour that I'm working on now that was the first big, a shot of it. I got the New york comedy festival. I got the gig to perform at town hall and I set my I'm building a new, our postcode. post linz passing to perform at town hall to do it. There, and I did one show there and I'm going back there this december to shoot my h b special so I'll be at guys in las Vegas friday and saturday enjoy fifteenth and sixteenth next week, I'm back at dynasty, I write or for two shows saturday and Sunday July, twenty third and twenty fourth I'll be a just for laughs and montreal from my gala on org, However, you want on Saturday July thirtieth I'll also be doing
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the song and I'm allowed to cuz it's public domain. It's also one of my favorite songs. Ever I just love the melody of it. Apk Not gonna do something I don't usually doing to sing a song and I'm allowed to cause it, with domin? It's also one of my favorite songs ever I just love the melody of it. It became sort of a I think, kind of in a protest song it at some point. I think it's a spiritual song historically come a out of the a spiritual tradition. I believe- and I I just did Tosh Mahal and recruit covered it. I just love, it serves a few verses of it. Yeah, I the
the The and a tree and the the
I mean the way that shall not be moved. The the iu me, the show the I sanctified
ooh. I'm saying that passion man.
In the EU.
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