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Episode 1347 - Naomi Ekperigin

2022-07-11 | 🔗
Comedian and writer Naomi Ekperigin is a cheerful person who also finds herself paralyzed with rage. It’s a balancing act she has to manage, just like she balanced her time in writers’ rooms with getting on stage night after night to work on her standup. Naomi and Marc talk about her family in Nigeria, working for the National Theater for the Deaf, editing an art magazine, and her time working on shows like Broad City, Difficult People and Good News. 

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All right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck mix, what the fuck is, what's happening on MARC Maron. This is my podcast wtf. Welcome to it, I'm broadcasting from a bouncy room, not a bouncy house about c room, a room where the sound bounces around there's no carpet, there's nothing stopping the sound from bouncing all over this hotel room and albuquerque new mexico, my home town, where I am here. I've come back here. I come here pretty frequently these as for one reason or another, but generally it's a good, a good excuse to my dad. Sometimes that's. The intention is this my dad. It seems that lately I've been look, yet houses. in the area and
Also seeing my dad. I don't know why I come home. Why does anyone get home? How are you are you? Okay, look at me. Are you okay, look at me. Don't it's okay to cry! Look at me. Are you okay, I hope you're right. I don't know what to tell you, I just it's always good to go, see my father, but I have been looking at houses. I get it I get anxious and I have this idea. My head do. I know he's on the show today I can tell you that first, naomi. A comparison is on the show today, yeah That is her name. Maybe some of you know her meant. Maybe many of she just stand up comic You ve been a writer on shows like broad city and difficult people sheet, regular on the podcast, two dope queens and she actually, one podcast called couples therapy. We met once before
when I was a guest on unto dough queens and she was filling in for one of them. I can't remember which one, but she here I talked to her. That was a nice talk. I've been talk, to the young, the new generation of comics it somehow. I seem to miss between covert and me, this kind of being in my own world, it seems an entire generation. Comedian- has come up. and I'm I am engaging with you seem to be out there and doing things of a few of them anyways. Obviously I can't get to all of them. But yes, I'm in my hometown, how you know what I should talk about james and died. Also, give out my father. There was a time my my father is of not quite the same cloth is Joe combat easy, a a curly haired, the jew, with with with the with the I, with with khushbu, but there is, there is some sort of
continuity there, but James caan is dead. He had passed away and the episode that I did with him is available for free now in all the podcast apps, it's one of the episode it came out from behind the paywall. Just last week, when we launched are our new stuff, our new thing, so I sounds available for free now. So there's no need. sort of jack it up. Take it out from and the pay put it back in the feed. already there. I will alert people to them existing but to do it the same way. It was a great interview. It was great fun to talk to that guy and it wasn't that long ago And he was, I mean, he's a little younger than my father, but one of the great tough jews are you. I don't know we gotta find to figure out who the talk to. You is there's a couple there's some around but they're not like him, and I watch those movies. I cannot get the movie thief out of my head really because
why so many of his movies. When I was about to talk to him and I ve watched that was tremendous. so why does one get depressed when one goes to their home? well. First of all, driving down rio grande boulevard. And you know I live down there towards the big curve unreal granted me. I grew up there. So theory We have driven down that road, hundreds and hundreds of times to the point where the hotel I'm staying at this time you got Come off of I forty you take a left on rio grande no less than three times have I taken a right out of force habit from so many years, but you get depressed and it's not mister gee. I don't know why you know what's Compelling me to look at holmes here, to look it up, maybe a place to to have a house to end up in I just have this idea about new mexico for a while was albuquerque. Then I realized I don't need to live
in the city. I grew up in. It would drive me nuts, but then I started thinking well, that's all we really, It's about. It's not a nostalgia trip it's because new mexico beautiful. It is northern, suppose beautiful and it has a profound impact am I psyche, but I've been looking at is up behind the mountain up in of old fourteen up in rios in that area. In between. in santa fe house, came up up there in the pictures, What kind of amazing a little two bedroom house with that was one, with a lavender farm and there's it's beautiful. An scaped and it seems to be situated in in the middle of the kind of rocky sort of hilly mountains back their up in that area but I swear to god. You guys, when I get just with my own thoughts, found we sat and its heavy heavy hearted and sure it's about my dad. But it's us
but new mexico and I started to realize like what do I? What am I look for here? Why am I looking at houses here? What? why would I want to come back here and I find its necessary for me at this point, my life to re engage my memories, but not in some sort of weird nostalgia way. It's an I'm, not nostalgic for anything. I don't think But I do think that coming home there was something comforting about the idea that when this was your home, you go out into the world and then you come back home and you see people that you grew up with in any be like what are you doing where you ve been out has been here, you know your younger people, and this was always sort of a home base in the net drift away. If you leave home for good, where it's like it still home, but you you know it's not it's not the same you're, not some returning you know no warrior with from the world, not really you just a guy. I grew up in a place who comes back looking for something
to give his life, meaning in a way to see him. Remember where you come from two readings your memories are to activate embassy can remember. We were in how you behaved different points in your life. You know in well today, when we're just sort of saturated with garbage, impose shit and drift down rabbit holes in and in destroying our brains daily with with the with so much information that just becomes almost eight, I get a chaotic, like you, dumping a psycho into your fucking head every day and on top of that were dead jointed we're not in touch with people work isolated in our own weird way, maybe resuming maybe your texting, but it's just there's something about wondering about who the fuck am. I really who in this world? People keep chattering that keep talking or people keep looking in in scrolling and streaming in and swiping its Who are we? How did we behave back
in the day when you actually talk to people in person. What were we doing when things were pace differently? and I get into that groove when I come back to new mexico, but I think I had the realization this time coming back home, that there is nothing from here, then my memories to gorgeous The work at this house I mean to real estate and sir at a gate off of old fourteen. we drive like a mile and a half on a dirt road into this pocket. The real to representing the seller. Thou said it's like the hole in the wall gang and unlike oh, my god kind, is from puts sundance you, come upon this little pocket where it surrounded by hills as little house houses a little piece of property. A mile in on a dirt. Road is really nothing around. There's another house, maybe half a mile away, but it's out there it's in the sticks, the woman who owned the place was just leaving, and I looked at the place in it cute as hell used to be
having farm she's used to run a little lavender business out of there and what these women real estate agents what were talking about, but I'm just looking of standing out on the porch, as is wind, coming through in there's a silence that was amazing in quite as in case there is a set of a wind to it, but there was. This is almost like prairie cos this mesa quiet this you know off the grid type of quiet, just and- and it was so peaceful that I realized in that moment that if I lived there. even for a week. I would lose my fucking mind. I can't a week I mean. Maybe I have things to do. Maybe I'd garden, I just don't know if I'm cut out for that life. Maybe if I really want to live out here, I should move closer to a city cuz. If
swept to get in there. What? If I fall down in the yard- and I crack my head open, I'm just going to lie there and rot. Do someone finds me and then like were driving it? I mean it's beautiful and I really want to be the kind of person that could do if that life. I just don't know I need to being each man. The internet is out there now we're driving back. We see the woman who owns the place about a mile down the road sitting their car, using her foot because that's where she could get cell signal. I don't know man so that fan slowly dying the living off the grid and serene that might be slowly dying. I don't know what to hang onto anymore. I guess I should do this you know how valuable your time is right. We've all got more and on our time than ever, but they're not making new hours in the day. That's for sure right and one you're running a small business. You can't afford to waste time any time, so don't at least not
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but here's the odd thing it. I went up into the attic before I left for this trip to find my diploma departments. I need my diploma, I'm applying for something that requires my degree. They need to see it with What about other stuff. And I'm going to these box up in the attic- and I found this humble pictures of my father- where of that and where I got them, I must have got them from his aunt or maybe for my grandmother at some time, but pictures of him when he was twenty three years old in college. Just a big bunch of pictures, childhood pets, stuff. that him and his father when he was Shazam when he was a teenager that completely forgotten. I had Colleagues, shit I'm going to take this to Albuquerque and I'm going to go through this with my father To sneak in a memory test with a minnow.
Was fortuitous or serendipitous. I think serendipitous better. I think it's. I had a conversation with the kid the cat, lady over what which word is better but price serendipitous, because I was leaving- and I decided I wouldn't have remembered having that thing. So I got here that and I went over to my dad's house A few hours took him to lunch. The chinese place and we talked. About stuff. You know and, like you know, ease, engage their stuff there. It's not unique. It seems it seems that maybe it was just he's having a good couple of days, but we get back and I put the mics on him and eventually I think, we'll we'll we'll We stand as some of the bonus material for devotee of pleasant members, but we went through these pictures And he remembered man, he remembered all his fraternity brothers. He remembered his childhood pet stains both of them. It was
touching any in that envelope? There was a hand written copy of his valedictorian speech from high school and he read it. ready. He can believe you wrote it. It was kind of his. Is it sweet It was a sweet moment and it was just like it was and you know this is what you do man. This is what you do. This is what I'm doing I come out here. A melancholy first I get pressed him weirded out, because I don't know what to do here anymore. This. It's like a it's. Terms of my history. A lot of it is like driving through a ghost town by you know it's not empty it. Just in of the ghost suggests that just other bull, so it's just a very they're they're chunks of time that disappear between hey man. What are you doing since you graduated from college? It's been a few years and now it's like how's, your health
is everything. Okay, are you, still alive, no opt? I heard about that. I'm sorry! This is what since man I'm spending time with my old man. That's what I'm doing so here we go. Naomi, I'm going to ask about that name, Oh see, podcast couples therapy along with Andy becker men. She has her own half hour of the netflix series this and up since he's also on the apple tv plus series, mythic quest. This is me talking to naomi. A comparison. Pets are right. I can't it's. It's also harbour and because I know now I would world ending and stuff. Yeah you put more focus on
That is why, my god, don't you you can't go it's terrible, it's a little. It's a little difficult! difficult! I you know, I didn't know how How was gonna go, did not know. One will run this, but this is the day the world was dreading YAP. The the lay overturn roby wait now at what what's the immediate thing? Do you feel? No, I am filled. A rage, We knew this was coming right. They leaked the the remix, weeks months ago. So it's like at the same time, to just know that you know your rage is kind of useless.
Have you need some action only in just the extent to which I don't know all I see around me his rage and tweets and correcting each other yeah. I dont like that's. The horrible thing is that kind of like that heartbreaking powerlessness? Yes, yes and It's like the rage goes right to almost like, like it's very hard, not to turn it not in word, but it's theirs for to do here lies the ets. I've read to not be paralyzing, then only have pasta for breakfast, I'm not lying. Is that how I live no mark is now I live, but its half filled. Governments want emitted. Today's fast ah said forget it. I know I am finding I'm doing that is. I got some more butter. What's the point man hook like mark? Did you think I'm it sucks living through history I think I was going to live through some actual history like I could see the book being written as I live. It yeah know I do a bit about that. You know like about how, like you know, I most of us didn't think we'd see the end.
The world that looks like we're going to get in under the wire exactly yeah I'd you in and for me to realize that this was in. acted and this and overturned in my lifetime? Yes, but I mean I was eight years old in seventy two, but it is something that was given and taken away in a lifetime right and he'll contextualizing all this stuff, it's just it's just and I dont know you're a person color, I'm a jew. You know they're there are things that are happening more frequently now that you don't eat sort of like what am I supposed to do exactly. I mean well, of course, because we all talk about what we would have done if we had been there shirt back in the day, and then you realize the extent to which well, because you know what it is wires, collective action, that on one hand we hear each other's mouth all the time on social, the. On the other hand, we all know nobody we're not going to step up for anybody. You know women need to do. We need to all
go to work, get a email chain going yeah here but I don't think a lot of people are, I think, there's a very complex shallowness going on. I don't think that people really know impact I mean obviously, with this most women know the impact, but with generally I think people are very annoying, formed and there's a lot of information out there? It's hard to contextualize wiser, it's hard to know, what's real and what isn't, but most people don't give a shit yeah. It doesn't directly affect them and most of the time they can't see how it directly affects them. Exactly will biggest nothing. I hate more than when you hear a politician say as a father of a daughter right. Why is it should be, to literally have made a woman to get the plight of a woman. I know infuriates me like it has to be personal, whereas, like some me issues like
we all need the right to do with our selves. We, with ourselves and national need to be personally because also to me, as also the triple it is the it is both roby wade. concealed carry a miranda rights all in the same week in its appalling. I think that's why, need more butter rikers because, as a uk like bats like a triple hit in a way that, if you do care, he I feel like, I know what I just want to date. You just want that yeah, you can't breathe yeah, it's it's it's! It's overwhelming, I've been I get with the the choices I've been telling. I've been saying on stage. I've been talking to her Men specifically in my mind, where might you know most you ve guys have paid for one of these where's, your voices? I I don't. I don't know that's so
I did it for me, I go right to ike. Is it time to go yet? I know I know, but then I go. What else would I do like? Unfortunately, I, this dream, and like only skill in one thing that I guess I have to stay here, maybe one by london- I don't but so great over there. You know it's like I'm. Ok, we began. Canada, my by you another five years, a great that in my time, a little I think canada yeah with as a lot less people encourage true, better but it's not going well up there either. It isn't like. I get the sense that it's not cause. I'm hearing things you know especially racially yeah yeah yeah, so it's like what are we going to where we could go, I mean I was talking about amsterdam just cause. I get an, they speak english, so maybe they'll. Let me do stay at up. Amsterdam. I dirty here
lot of levels at the world, like a tourist businesses, really sort of gotten nasty away. It's a pretty city, but I was like you know: if you don't want smoke cash, yet not twenty! Yes, they do not fascinated with the legal prostitute bright right. I don't know it doesn't seem like a livable city to me. Why, if you look at one of those like really expensive city, right. It almost felt like to me central amsterdam, which I saw has at times were element like debutante, when alone midtown right that old sleazy times square our that I saw dude. I remember seeing a guy haggling with a sex worker and it was just like, oh my god, they pay the price pay the price. if you already game here, don't you dare try to talk somebody down from the cost of what it is, the liquor taint you've got to pay, give her what It's on the menu prices listed less air word now, where do you? Where did you come from our group?
new york, yorkshireman, harlem yep, rule out far up where what ones narrative it yeah yeah the nice it is now yeah, yeah yeah, you know so it's funny cause. You know. I definitely you know. I grew up eighties, nineties, harlem and it wasn't good. Then it was just starting to get good or what it started It's a little window red ruse to come a one twenty fishery, always throw into the gaunt wended colombia start by more places right, rover that way, What's that guy's name, the red rooster guy? the market- I am you say, the watchman shocked. I thought he was a smart guy. I never eat their duty to the idea is a good shore. You know, it is interesting to me. I always think like real imaginings of soul. Food are like key, are funny to me like that's, not what I go to soul, food yeah, there's. Never know that anything that any time something re. Imagine it's like this cornbread, those small like it,
corn meal soup corner bring the these aren't coward, something Robbie a black eyed, no bacon, yeah, oh yeah! So but it started, but was it did it shift up there because of a occasional thing, yet it severely. I was you know it's when you just because growing. So I grew up in harlem. I went to school up there until fifth grade. Then I went to school in the upper east side and you know parents or do my mom's, a lawyer from she's a family court attorney when you're dead. He was O'Reilly not around anymore, low chow? We probably it got dicey for us around too,
One thousand and five kind of a grown up already exactly know. So he was gone. For maybe like five to eleven came back and was like hey I'm out, How a rehab you have a allow- and I was like okay, Wait: your alma mater rehab. You have a brother yeah, I didn't know it had some other lady and a younger brother, and so we kind of interact like I would see him for awhile in high school and then, as I got to college, we started to drift in the way. I think you just drift in college. But the differences like I would go home to my mom right so arrives. I saw her whereas him he was like you. Never call me right, be your anger takes a different shape as you get older. Yeah right I don't understand when you're younger and you just want to be, can be a connection.
but when you get older, you're right now, fuck that exactly exactly and there's also that feeling too, where it's like. Well, what, and this is the thing I constantly wonder: what does it look like now as a grown adult yet to be like Abby. Why well yeah? I know lawyer, who are you so you don't that you are howled when they got divorced? Six, maybe I'll see you kind of amber kind of remember and then, when he came back when I was like in my, but you do have problems you knew like was it like? I didn't know he had problems until he came back. Oh man, I didn't I didn't know what was going on, Under tell your ever nancy? On the flip side, yea you, will you know it's so interesting to tell them right because of course, I'm telling someone else's story, and you know how some fake black families can be about telling people business, but but I'll tell you, like the moment, saw sitting at home one day I was ten years old, I was probably by myself from all of two hours like not much, am I going to do something, but the phone rings, and I pick it up and a melvin. hello. Whatever he's like
is this naomi and I said yes, he goes do you know this is, I said: no, he was it your father. I hung up. The phone screamed, almost call the police. I said I'm about to be murdered. Who is this person? What is this person doing like that? my internet. That was him, I guess being like high yeah yeah, and so then, when my mom came home and I told her what happened yeah, she was like okay, let me sit you down and tell you where he's been and what has happened when you were ten ten eleven and what was the low down. There he had drunk probably had been a rehab gone off. You know I was leaving made another baby you're, never he was doing right, like I don't think he called me like fresh from the bus station right, like I know now and done where yea area, but I don't know how long there and so ok and then he was back. It was kinda like okay, cool, bad everybody. Just back in your life back of my life. They were together. No, no, no, but I'm always history,
emmi wordy you, like you know, was he from new york he's from nigeria like real during an agenda, yet my prayers met in law school in new york the hour he grew up, born and raised all his family and siblings, and- everything like that, my grandmother is his mother is a pastor in africa, really yup yup yup, that's kind of interesting, though oh yeah, it is, and it's one issue to me this morning, your grandmother year. She tells me I because ok, so I was. a little bit of an unplanned baby and so when my mom after she had me here. I lived with my grandmother in nigeria for nine and months. while my mom took so she study and take the bar exam. You went to nigeria yeah,
his mom could have the space to do her work yup, because she's not going to raise the baby had to get dislodged time of day. Has it so she's going to have to go nigeria for nineties? That seems like a hell of a trip for a newborn. I know I had to have been a couple of months old at that point, but I still wasn't a good twenty hours like her lungs and apply yeah, who took you your dad. I think member Might she rightly would have? She would have maybe took me back interesting are no, I think, as It also think about that, while that my mother had to do had to say to my baby when somebody noah ya get, she didn't want to trust anybody to near bike as that He wouldn't get the space. I wonder I mean I assumed you'd want to be over there, you, Kevin asked her. Why? Why did you just get rid of me for now? I know why but yeah I was like. I guess right where I want to ask, or is he? What did it feel like yeah you couldn't right. Why can't I've been closer? Yes or that feeling of you know at times our relationship has been contentious, and I do wonder you know
now again now, neither side of being an adult knew. She had me at twenty four to go drop I had to go to africa for a hot minute, well, I would like to take the maybe to africa for a minute. That's a lie. Sewerage account and you can't remember Oh, I mean I'd, pay an abuse. We used to go when I was younger. Oh you did when my parents were together and then have isn't a divorced year that such a long trip I loved although, like I am, I am a like put me on a plane. I mean I hate the process of getting on the plane, but I actually love being on airplanes yeah. But for I mean like I've flown to like australia come on more teen dating hours might never enough of the plane. I know what you mean, but you're just gonna walk as for meadows stretch your legs, but the bathrooms get so nasa is true, but it's just sort of like what is wrong with people. Do you ever find that in like a plane bathroom, it's like what is what do you do
but markets, because we don't care about each other, there's no class solidarity and we're not forming a coalition to keep the bathroom clean after we use it. That's that's true and I think people like I'm, not going to clean exactly exactly, but have you been to africa's an adult? No, I have not. I have not been back since I maybe a sense of what they wanted to like it? I like going to hold from world I think it's a sports interesting now right, I deciding what I know and what it is now is so very different in terms of you know having been built up, and I like nigerian round the whole like knowledge. Nigerian film industry one thing that, even when I know we're family there still year you want to come with me. You can come with me and everyone can be so focused on who does ran away duties that will have to have hard conversations.
Well, I guess it yeah yeah I'd go for a little while I I it'd be a not for a few weeks. Okay, to plan okay? Okay, so when you say turn up your mom than most yeah and no siblings. You knew of yet nope I mean I had the two younger brothers, but we sort of fell away. again as I like graduate college and went off into life and my resentment for my father took over may I end with a word now adults. So what was a school? You went to high school, you merely mills, bicycle dalton, that's cool! It's like a fancy. She answered upper east side. Private school is woman's nag of my mom's, because is, I was going to catholic school up in harlem and then my milan found I think we are all when she found out that I was grading spelling tests it no longer allowed like she was like. Oh no, no, no, are you a payroll now, then you cannot be doing that and it was all about. You know
challenging me. I need to be childcare. You're. You are a gifted and open waze, yeah yeah little smart yeah and how was dalton. It's funny it was terrible. in the beginning and then think I learned I made my way I think I left kind of ok, okay, that was fine, but when I look back- and I think in particular, when I got college and realize, like there's nothing wrong with me, it was them. Maybe like that space like we are like what may well be girl. You know there was that's that's a level of wealth on another incident level. How many by people were there. I was one of eight migration yeah and also too like when I started because I started in sixth grade, he had to be six anyway, but I was ten because I'm like a little my birthday yeah, but I was like already like five four, when a bra like able
when I had all these like little skinny white girls who are just like you know like they will make and have made fun of for wearing a medium medium I'd kill for medium right now, martin, yeah, yeah yeah, and it was like in the shame I felt like just being bigger- and you know no boys ever liked me. So I thought it's hideous, and I got to college that I was like no, I alright, that got corrected yeah yeah. So but of course I learned a lot and I feel like in a way given that no home in a busy where I'm judged by white people all the time fear Dalton was a good training. Ground, yeah yeah started me early yeah I it's like. I can't imagine that I mean it's very hard for me to to know what that would feel like to not have to feel isolated like that in a way, new mexico year, but like other Jews, a few there. Now, if I may now that we want to hear schoolbag being jewish, you can sort of pass yeah yeah
but depending where's on now they will lead the jewels. My eyes, I always think I could write, but yet I mean I wasn't there was enough of what did he risk? nice to have friends who I grew up with that are jewish yeah it's still, a high school was just three years, basically town yeah. Just now it was mostly in new mexico. So when I was growing up his price sixty or seventy percent, tina. So there was that yet, but in there I felt like you know we were the right. You know menorah alone, re re re. Why are all the jewish kids sitting together in the cafeteria know now, with all the Jews were spread out, and there is my school and maybe we weren't, but it wasn't really what we want to consider. It wasn't like. Why can't you go out on Friday night? I can exert but the eight that I mean it's gotta be well. There was also a different
remember so distinctly before us. Before I started I was like I fell about. I thought white people would be nice because they were nice on tv and I knew that white girls wash their arr every day, because that's what I heard on tv like that's what I knew about white and I certainly didn't know you know people are like I'm jewish. I didn't know that jewish was different from white. or in it's own way right like I guess I mean, as it was described to me, like okay, we're a group doing our own thing right right right right, I didn't know that and then I I you know, didn't understand like so you know I started sixth grade seventh graders bar. But mitzvah season die and that becomes you're doing the you're doing making the rounds making the rounds. Honey yeah still remember a half Torah portion after all these years, but that if it was up- or if that was upper class stuff,
it's been themed or the tavern on the green we've got the knicks city dancers, coming through the highest classes. I've never been to a party is great, as of arbitrage. To this day because when I was a kid I mean I was in new mexico didn't have those themed. He was like fc. I've heard some crazy stuff about that. That's where my that's. What my fiance says to he's like cause. He grew up in pennsylvania and he's like oh he's, like mine, was at the temple. Okay, calm down, the party was at the yeah yeah he's like that's a different thing, if you're, jewish guy? Yes, yes, yes, yes, I mean, I say husband and fiance interchangeably, cause it's been to over twelve years. At this point, but yeah yeah, that's hilarious, it is, of course I but growing up in new york right Jews were minority in Israel today was everywhere was and then he was like. That's new york not is the right way with all this attention,
paid to anti semitism, because there seems to be much more of it. As a do. You start to sort of like a like really there's only that many of my not enough. It's not enough. Ivy bananas are very low. It's when you percentage lug, if they re, focused yeah yeah, it's scary very scary. What are we going to do? Should I buy a bunker? I've been trying to save money to buy a house, but now I think I should put it into a bunker. I dunno, like a bunker that sort of for, like I think, more of an explosive ending if you're going to get a bunker with a turret and guns yeah that if the thinking of the whole car pound, I am thinking compound, I just think that I'm mostly gotta be living underground. You so young, because also to you know, think about her son is gonna, kill us all right, it's gonna be so bright. The heat is unending. I wanna be underwear, it's cool. What will see our right? Maybe just a rainy place. I settle for water,
it's just having some fresh just having some freshly nearby yeah. I get that yeah for sure. Well, you know they say ohio's, where we gotta go yeah great lake is that it Apparently we're in the middle, they got that lake, their fresh, fresh, oh yeah, oh hi. Oh, I heard Montana, maybe they'll Ameer ali my. What does it mean data we gotta vermonter vermont will be good for us, but we three whole yet will be raising the line offers you enter than coover. I like now does that get really cold. You get really cold, but rainy is fuck. Aha, so what happened? Where'd you go to so would you like? Would you aren't that practical? Did you do theatre anything little a little? very little bit put. That is definitely where I started to get. It's like I went and was on, like I would audition for the play I didn't get in but I'm going to go to college. I want a wesley in in connecticut, middleton connecticut, which is, as some other fancy school liberal arts q feared see. It's definitely also to you know, well,
like back then, when I was a freshman, you know the gender neutral pronouns rizzi and z, you're okay, that was before, We were saying they them or ze yeah like you mean. I missed the whole thing here. Mr Langen, doubtless like beta. Oh, you know the whole year reserves to doesn't one. Oh, my god. I'm really starting to be that guy, like whereat at what we're when. When was that? What? How did I miss all of that music? I don't keep up with any music. I'm definitely when it comes to all that, I feel I try to like go on Tik tok wednesday, even if it upsets me, I made an account only because someone was like there's a clip of yours on tick, tock It's like going viral, so to speak whatever, so I said. Oh I better get onto talk right. I can't keep up with Dan. He clicked the clipper. How does that happen? It was a clip from my late night.
it yeah they kind of took down to a minute it was. It was some account that was like you know, like daily life, just like to oh, okay, just like finally, you know they just can kind of kind of you. They do. They need rights. For that doesn't mean, I guess not yeah, we did it. Go viral over a million and people are like funny funny funny and I'm like when those me didn't get it some know that partner I have, however, their understood that the business he part the online part, the bananas grandma. I am only but like in terms of making Q thing. exactly I don't have a concert. It's like I'm not sitting there. So how do I build yea? I don't worry. I don't either of these some live in the grounds and hey out, but I don't I don't. Like the other day, I was her. I do. I need to be taken, and I come on fifty eight years old Like the weird thing is. I could probably do something weird enough for kids to enjoy, but then I'll just get hooked on it. help me any just be feeding it every day, but then also to do you want.
Do you want them to come to your show real exactly. I've heard that there are people doing sets specifically to get Tik tok videos like they're, doing crowd. Work like I know guys who have people open for on the road or local comics that just do crowd work with their phone on. So I can get Tik tok end. Then Ribeiro reposed, don't give a shit about the shower. I write about what it means to be part of the show law. No, it isn't cooling great to be here, as you watch like everything lower towards is a complex issue. We are debating time, not nets, I just don't even the opener any more. I just go on and I just do the long sets but see you I mean I just I just want to get to a point and I'm looking forward to a point where I can fill a house of people who are there to just see me right. I think I think it can happen in the major cities. You know yeah, but I think it's that feeling cause I cause. You know it's interesting cause I started stand
like. Oh a would you do in college. I was a film in english major, but I did improv. I did theatre, that's where all the acting in everyday. That's where it all popped out. There was an improved group on campus yeah. There has ever come on now that large scale had been there for a while you're a long running. Yes, it was called god reflex have we were we re long as a good one, and that is a bit of a mixed nuts. The other one was desperate measures. Its pretty, and then there was a third and I'm blanking on them. Heating was our competition. Nah, not really, but you know it was like each one had to do their own kind of thing like we were long form and they were short. As you are doing, heralds no worry we are doing our man does. We are. We would and that's kind of how I found stand up, because that would be the forum where someone would give a word one of us to do a monologue, and then we do scenes of the monologue, and I was like. Oh, I just wanted to the monologue part. That's called Armando yeah and I was like that's all I want to do, yeah and I kind of like these. You need other people. Yeah there's also like these other people are wild,
Are you going to begin to the scene? I'm like what are you saying? I have no control over the others exactly. I need to focus on what I'm exactly like I did improv a little bit to add I used to be in new york after I graduated partially just Asensio. I didn't know what else, Did you make films in college? couple of shorts, but I am writing iris, like screenplay moving, yeah, and that was like. That was my thesis and that's kind of what I thought I was going to do when it was all over, and you saw it no, I didn't sell it moves it about. I can't even tell you was like so bad. It doesn't worst screenplay to me, it was a lack woman on a journey like really kind of like yeah. Where did that journey? Take that black woman back to herself Was it a comedy or very serious? I I will did they grade you. Well,
Of course they did, what are they going to do? What is exactly a black lady? You don't know what you're talking about sounds beautiful. It was so funny. My film professor said to me. While we were at a, we were having a meeting about this ripped it. I think I may be given her an outline here, and she knows this is really meaningful. You know my sister had a blow. Boyfriend and nineteen forty eight hours a week family, I think, that's the funny part about certain types of white people, imagine you must. I think you kind of talk about it in your activism in one of the the jan and with susan as is enchanted by his palm springs, the greatest crimes inspired declarations they make to blackfeet to try to make a connection yeah haha my brother dated a woman in the EU. Oh okay, congratulate good for you. What have you
done for me lately. You know what I mean yeah, so so, when you Now, what's your mom, the lawyer think about all this show business stuff that you're thinking about doing in college. It was fun, One point I was like: I want to drop my anger, Major and just do film because it was like. I had these, maybe two or three english credits where I was like this is the pain in my ass to try and she was like absolutely not. I am not spending money for you to learn about movies. Nobody needs to learn about movies. It seems like you- are aping that english major super and you know, and when I kind of got back to new york and I started doing stand up and my first job out of college, though I was an actor with the national theatre of the deaf, which was based in connecticut
Is that so what it was children's theatre? And it was me and two deaf actors and we would travel the country do not assign. I do not as well now, but I did then. I worked as an interpreter for a little bit after I got out of that at after that to how how did how did that come about? I literally just like got into it. I took an after school program and they taught us how to sign yeah america. beautiful. They were like we're going to teach you guys this you're all going to put it on for the perrier and I just loved it. I was like okay, we can talk with our hands yeah, okay, this is happening, and this is happening among people here, and so I got really interested and then I got to college. I took some sign language classes there. I was a counselor at a camp for deaf and hard of hearing. children one summer and then because I was already at school in connecticut and the national do. The deaf was pretty close, I'd seen them perform, and here I also knew when they were having audition than I was like.
Also, am I gonna do yeah, and so I just- and I did I just auditioned and then next thing you know so you're acting by signing the allegory waiting in signing voicing and so for the deaf at the Democrats they be signing. I would voice their lot it's either my lines. I would sign and speak at the same time, huh yeah yeah. That seems like a very rarefied skill away, as I really still lights it like. I really would like to keep up with If there's a comic in new york named Andrew fisher, who is deaf and he and I would sometimes get together it could just I want to sign, find someone, and of course we would like talk comedy in. Yeah, just silicon omitted, a coffee happened in our work and our need correct me who happens like what's this pretty good. Does it evolve? Signing I guess, there's two kinds right, there's a there's a standard signing then there's, aren't there too well, there's a sl right in Amir and like signed english and a sl. Has it's own syntax right right.
And so signed english signed english is spelling no signed. English is like, for instance, in in a cell. If I wanted to say I went to the store, I would say I was signed yesterday store. I go right right here at, whereas, if I was going to just sign to you in English. I would say, like I went to the store, and I asked her how ok I'll get me one. I think that where one is just like not new- or I think it's just sort of deaf people with other deaf people are going to sign a cell, and maybe, if you are talking to a hearing person or their sign, Is it in great might signing the should? They are officially helm? Got noted languages hide of by Iraq, as if you re a book the book as an english, I guess book as an english than tax write, reiser you'd have to I guess we all kind of have to earn a few languages in turn if we talked to well ain't that learning learning with a, just stop changing, because I definitely use change how I interacted especially white people.
Which just really let it go with. What was the difference? I would just rain it all in cause cause why people are sensitive. and so I wouldn't like be as like to tease a little bit I'm a little overly familiar yeah, I'm a little like I'll. Tell you about yourself here. You know, and I used to just really not do that. I also used to just be a much shyer person and now I think, I'm just kind of like whatever, like it's funny to me. Like my audiences white girls, love me marcher. Really. I thought I was literally roasting here for forty five minutes and yet they're showing off If you've, then they feel like they deserve it. It's perfectly. No, when in Iraq, when you get that that anger voice goes yeah, it's just a deeper kind of rage. Oh I love anger. Don't feel good, it's like stretching it's like stretching your legs when you just get to yell. If it targets
okay, see graduate and get your degree in english and film yup, and I do the national theatre of the deaf for a hot for like a year. That's a long time, and then I and then I come back to new york and what's your mom saying get a job get a job, but did she ever wanted to go to law school? Well, she thought she was like. You know, anatomy with my english degree. That's how I you know got me to law school, so you could do a lot with english. So you know It was funny because it was at times when I was there. I would be between jobs or I would be temporary, and you know one point she told me she was like. I didn't work this hard for this to be alive, it was like booboo like you know that to me is the difference between you know again I didn't grow up poor, but I certainly grew up with an awareness of what money was and what right had differences between you know it sort of being awoken from the illusion of privilege. Yes, yes, yes, I just like. Oh you know
people were like your twenties are playing like some people's parents feel that way and like okay, you're put her around for a little bit yeah and it was very much like you need to work, so it wasn't until so. I'm doing stand up right and my mom would ask me alright, but then she was you know. I'd be like oh yeah like I was fine. I was like ugh there's not load of like all small crowd or norman there. You know like a bar show. Where were you doing it, though? How you are you tv for how long you just took some classes? I took some classes I'll say like a couple of years, long enough to meet the nice jewish boy of the guy who didn't get outta dodge yeah yeah, but you did you. Did you didn't like the sketch work that work at all all of them brought us again. As I said I didn't like. In a rely on other people. help. Your writing. You don't think being around other people, not really to just the like, and then my the final class I took was in fourteen dudes? That will not
last class, and I was like nah. I'm done I'm done here. I cannot continue. This lie. Interesting was a dudes yup. It was just me and the tina lam and I actually ran into. I forget somebody. He you here I and he's like. Do you remember in our class when we did that scene about a clitoral convention or something- and I was like yeah? I, too should like to thank them. It feels like there should have been an apology that right absolutely it's like and I'll? Let you know he's like? Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed. I was like well y'all really kept at it like. It was a little where were you doing, stand up at the beginning, just mike's instead, yeah makes a lot of you know. The east village was village bar show the area, and I think I do you know, I wasn't some one thousand eight year two as an aid,
I really wish miles first, five years right, like I'm just kind of doing bar, shows and stuff union hall and bell house and all that nas and popped off. Yet it happened. It was like kind of it kind of came Oh sorry, merlin wasn't doing his thing. He was no no he's right. He had his shows at, but they weren't there yet weren't they at and what was the name? the name of the place where I was those it was an image, those people. They a little yeah yay talk to somebody else. I talk to her who's I to like, the generation comics I just missed, because I was I was already doing this and I go out you you you comics from when I started this in two thousand and nine yeah you just starting yup, so wait for me to know you would have just been like open, mic ers. I know, and now it's like two thousand and twenty you're all grown up comics, so I missed his whole like now. I've got this whole other world, the comedians to talk to or actually have chops and have paid some dues. Oh, thank you. So much well, I mean cause. I was listening to you and it was of course
My husband got me into this podcast and I will listen to it like what the saying oh yeah, the road of their working hours later. Did you take anything away from any? I mean me, I am if you let me get in kinda like talk about it, I can get very em didactic in terms of like you need to be able to stand up and make a crowd. Laugh with your words. I don't want to see what else I want to see no powerpoint, it's, not new, no, not no or amplified charm charm. I just I just want you know what I also like, though, then I do think that you are part of this shift. I like people who are being themselves. I want to watch somebody and get a sense of who they are even if I don't like it, it's like. I love feeling like I'm taken on a ride or invite her in, and so I have a hard time acting with a lot of character, stuff, yeah and ironic stuff, which is like not bad, but I'm like. Well, it's easy. If I just say
Ella. Well, that's not me right what are just sort of snark, even yeah or or jokes for joke sake is different. There are guys that I know that it whose character like there's some just joke people, but it's so specific I can see their point of view you can kind of see who they are, but there's nothing better than watching someone being authentic, fail. Yeah, then you really you're really really get to know. that person. How does the? How does the authentic guy tank I love it though I did it. I did a last night that was where lucy permanent records over india. I no proven records of ants. yeah the little blonde haired guy that I haven't in years. It too,
there yeah yeah yeah, I I know him. Doesn't that show more show their records there. Now he asked me to do them and I'm, like you, know, dude as much as I love you, I think, it'll be on record store, shows I'm not going to do it, I'm just going to do comedy at the comedy store where comics do you know what's funny, though? Well first, my very first open mic was at the comedy store and five monday night, we offer three minutes yeah. How is that horrible? And it was so funny cause? I because I was visiting l a visiting a friend and I just finished working with the national theater of the deaf and so of course my three minutes were just about working with the deaf. Did you do any? and bits. No, I didn't sign just talked about that, but it's so funny cause. I went up and I saw the subito lining up and I was like oh fuck. I didn't realize that I may not get on it and then the woman she had like long blonde hair, older white lady. Here she looks at me. She goes you're, pretty you'll probably get up tonight because you are
Girl's name is like what she said to be like when they're picking the list. So I was like okay, so I guess I'll wait around rare, so I did get up. I did my time like two friends who are with me: they came and the few people that were paying attention laugh. Okay, so I was like okay and that's weird, because the pilot they keep the lights, half Yup you have you did the everybody. You can see everybody executive because I've I actually did a spot on the pollack, as I just was there. I got their early. I just went up for a little while, I think for the fuck of it yeah it's I got a look. I got nothing against like alternative spaces. I just I don't I I liked the context to be solid. I don't want to struggle for some hipster anymore. That's so interesting because for me I find it like. I don't try to go to clubs like I've. Never, and me, I'm like, should I try to get past the seller? Should I try to like get past the comedy store and all that I don't want to struggle through people who
Don't have the sad it's just come see comedy today I get it They are now less by these sign it. Well, it's a less forgiving, but yes, they have specific expectations. Yes, yes, and, if you're not going to land a joke, every fifteen twenty seconds up, they're, not they're, not gonna, have patience, and the thing I like to go on a low german. I know you better relax, but at the same time I do feel like for me as a comic. I. I need to go into the spaces and stop being so scared. it's a holdover of the early days No, it's time holding ever of like bringer, shows flogging Gotham bit elegance. That kind of feeling I get it I mean I, you know I came up in a time where you had to do the job so like the for better for worse set that put in a lot of work ethic and also made me sort of realize, not all really realize it all the time I was a guy that would like I'd blame. If I, if somebody work, you fuckers, but
he started island. As I got an older now ike I can navigate it. I can do the thing right that you like to do in and figure it out right, because if you like, your writer, you be beat it out, like whatever anybody says about ya. You just tell a story of this that you know when Have a good story, there's a joke about fifteen and then, if I have that in your head. You know you can do the other thing, but the problem with the comedy club space- and I imagined it- it's not just a a silly fear- is that it's a attention span thing yeah, you know to do long form shit, you know you gotta hold these people. Yes, yes, whereas in a more supportive space, I kind of know the score in the by the already going to go. Yes, exactly they're there for the love of the game, meaning for comedy itself. That's right, whereas I often feel like in a club setting they're there for specific person or the promise of specific people right or or their idea of comedy tell you that we are the main stream idea
in the end and then also in a comedy club, you might have to go up after gentlemen right but that's something where even now I have to overcome is at that fear? For I just go up in if you're stupid or not you're, not twenty two, you know the other guy, and so, if it sucks for a few minutes, so be it yes, Is that like, when I bomb now or is not good, I don't feel bad anymore, and that, for me, is the sign of maturity more so than like the actual things I quote, unquote get what I mean the ability like to eat it and then be like all fine, whereas before it'd be like kill yourself, it's over. You can't hack it. You know I I still get that yeah like I said I don't like it. What like, I hate the feeling as cause as you get older, like you realize that, like sometimes it's,
happen and does nothing to do. But its nature of the audience here is that either is not. Audiences are good. sometimes you're just not going to give you the energy, but it certainly stinks to have to stand up there for an hour at at new media manager. Oh god, yeah cause. You're like this is just the way it is. Nothing to do with you, but there's some party that thinks you're fucking. Oh and I do, oh god I was at the comedy, They can blow maintain the sort of been prepared to have their place but went on, now you know they had to paper to get people half my africa, so it was like the friday like so and it is people who were there. as they didn't have to pay, and I could see it in their eyes and it I lied ride to win them over and what you're, just like, I'm just looking at these then ass to power yeah. I got to power through that sweater on the back of your neck to the front, the upper lip, it's quick and it's a write up. Job yo, yeah mine, said if it starts coming out of my forehead, we're really in trouble. Well, so you you,
back in the EU. Do you kind of avoided clubs, leah and you are able to do it and others alternative space? As was there a lot? You know again, you know, look out never a you know, five spots a night running around Certainly I love to show night in new york now get em a train. When did you start the writing, though, how did you make a living in show business law, and this is the question, and this is the thing that you know. Sometimes I feel like you know. maybe you felt as is somewhere in order for you, but s sense of like when I started. My goal was just to be good at Stanford yeah undeniable sand still there now, but but I felt like in the course of that changed and it no longer it was now it's like they are now but where's, your ic script, where's your online following where you know all these pieces now yeah and I really still feel like it was up until like two thousand and ten you could like. wanna get away with just being good up here again. Have you no film made
english and all that, like I do like to write. It wasn't like some. I was making myself do, but basically what happened was. Was working a day job at an art magazine. And it was called american artists than I was the editor of its quarterly watercolor magazine. Well, that's very specifically. What you know is a core hetty. I was coming out. I said fun with mickewa I said how to make a critics work. I say: let's go landscape. I had editors notes that everything mark. When I don't know nothing about our shout out to managing editor brian riley, who I know is living with this, because he would listen to this work out he will literally be like on a spreadsheet like you're listening to podcast. He gave you the gig. He was the guy and like I would I knew how to write. I knew how to interview somebody and get the basics opposite. Basely, like tell me how you paint finding yeah workers, nice, it's pretty it's! Ninety! exactly like there's a wider range of people. Who can do that? Well, watercolor, colored sort of impressive. Could you gonna work fast,
our backs up color without getting money going. I don't know you should know that well, I got laid off in January two thousand and thirteen year, and so around that time again, you know I'm doing stand up bits and pieces, and I'm and I met Ilana glazer through and so when and at that I mean abroad. City is about to become a thing, and so it was made when he heard thirteen I have a job of collecting unemployment and I was like telling everybody. I was like I'm out here on the streets view of job and she said so. We have this writer's assistant job If you want to apply for it, you know, I don't know, I don't think it's going to be high, paying whatever I go, hunting if it's more than unemployment I'll, be there yeah, and I didn't know and to me it was like oh cool I'll, get to like work on a tv show, and I didn't realize how lucky I had it to find a writing job in new york. I make a good you know. The job of the writing is isn't that sort of a tough job. He hadn't you didn't
as I sit there and write everything that everybody says do I know the room stenographer and also I was older than everybody was older than everybody. Really I was twenty. Nine yeah, so there may be twenty four five and I you know I come from having a real draw bright like I knew, and I had internships and all kind of stuff site. So I knew, but it was also like it wasn't just a naga. That was also kind of the bare bones. I was getting lunches and getting groceries ryan mike. Pa android area, but that was sort of the I'm into that, just knowing that world and then from there starting to them like in the next season. I was a staff right. On season. Did they give you ways? Are they give you a script? Second season now The staff writer ochre, and so that was good and then it started. You know I was whole agents and then you start to citizens. But I didn t after after season two, I think so your writer systems, even once you staff writer and then, like you've, got hooked up.
Knock? You work in a cup knock at my enemy seasons. You work on the show or even three, so what that leads to writing one. You read yeah riding wear saree. It then led to. I worked on difficult people for just that first season for a couple of weeks, just more like My colleague consulting in all of you gonna quit shows that we truly clouds or billy ichor on hulu on one, but I'm just a couple weeks. I It was more again like giving jokes and is yeah yeah and then I moved to play and like then there was like I wasn't then I was like temp. Are you doing? I end up all through it, yeah yeah I learn I had to learn that the like you know what was interesting is around his assistant, like I wasn't speaking all day ray I'm just take notes, and then I get up and do a show, and I was so clunky cause. I was like the first time I'm communicating with people really like subs substantially, and so I was like. Oh this
weird? And it's always been, you know, I love performing olive stand up more than riding, and it's always for me about that dance of trying to again. It seems right What kind of place my bills? You know where the end up is like for us all here, and so am. I very particular about what I write on and because you know a work until ten eleven p m. You don't want to be able to do spies. You know I want to. I want to have a little bit of free, in my brain? Have you had rather jobs? Are you can't leave and network we ve ever done some late night does a late night for which show great news that will move me out here into than seventeen thousand he's into an NBC embassy, yeah How many seasons did backup realnetworks. I was like this is the real deal, I'm in hollywood baby I'm on the lot was how many was a huge staff. I feel, like maybe twelve of us, wow yeah like a decent addition, a decent number.
we were just like a learning that like oh, this is how they do it here. you know there were some way nights on there and just learning how to kind of balance at all. So there you know I kind of try to like do a room or work on something and then take a take some months off and try to get into my stand up again. You know if I can, with a stand up that I like. Would you do you did to recorded specials added a half hour for comedy central in two thousand and sixteen and a half hour for netflix this pass that dropped the last december. I saw that one thanks mike yeah, so the other one like what do? How do you feel about joined in two thousand and sixteen comparatively speaking, he look at him, be like I wasn't ready or anything. I know it's different. Okay, because the netflix have our you know. I got two months notice to put that together, after not performing for fifteen months because of a pandemic right. Where is that twenty sixteen half hour was kind of the conversion of head that worked, my building, I'm ok, that was that of straw.
that was it. This one, I think, is, I think, is a little more crafted. Yeah I mean the new. Yeah. It feels like a little just more like The one thing for the whole time, like he kind of stayed in one one story? I try right to give em a journey. You that's what I really like what it together, I'm always like. Well, what does this add up to is like? Not? I don't want just like disjointed jokes were like you know, is the laugh to transition because Heaven help you. If they don't laugh right, how do you get there right? So I really wanted it to feel, but I felt like that was good. The thing too, with comedy central, you know those goddamn commercials, barn kind of ruining everything. Bet it's hard to take another tags. Do it. I know I mean where there is one specially shot. I can't remember who was for it was fucking nightmare though because they actually laid it out they the year before the only time this happened in it was the worst for their. I hear the times of each segment, so you can get the pre thing
like for a minute laugh. Then you got six yep and then any got six nanny if, for whatever the hell and you're trying to build an act around that you know it's disaster yeah, I had no idea. Also, I knew there'd be commercials. I just didn't know they were going to be cutting that right now, I'm not not have anything. They were maybe lift out a whole bit right and then they could just put the job in like no like they like in the middle, and then come back from the commercial and it picks up where I left off? And I said what is this flow? The flow was too important to be Bart yeah. I yeah, I was very hurt. I think it was I I it was the does it. I did to those fucking things for coming,
central. Those half hours have premium blend, yeah yeah yeah, and that was what it was yeah that where you have to think about that, so they fucked you on that yeah. That was tough. That was something I didn't know, of course, until it was up- and I was when I was like- oh, whereas that's what I also again the netflix, I said: ok, because I know it's not going to be cut yeah, you can just stay with it. I can stay with it and I can be really specific about how, get from one to the other. Can I know it's going to matter yeah and the theme was being in one of those novels, think of new, they would meet with Nancy myers vibes yeah that I think No it's funny when coming back. Yes died being a jan. What is fabulous city? Can I live up to it? Yeah? No, I can't, but we always aspire right and then What does that look like trying to do that when you are I like a black lady who know india. When you're sad We hear that all the time now the throw you did talk about depression.
Alright yeah and he got live near depress mode. I mean that living, though, when I think about clubs and stuff and again cause I'm not there, it could have changed. Please tell me I always felt like I wasn't the reich. I wasn't a black woman, they want it for the club. In that you want the confident, brash lady and I'm literally like I sit in the shower and I'm not doing well. it's funny, though, because you have that that's that you have graduated lady in you and you use it. You d- currently at different points during your set. Just don't live in that? Yes, yes, exactly you have won. I visit our weapons that are envisaged are just checking and see her she's holding right. Why? I think that with clubs like, I think what you are saying is true that, like it, we're coming to see. You then they'll know what to expect, but just to do the job, I'm sure you could I'm sure your citing yourself up tom coercion certain to grow. I know, but it is hard to do to get through the first five minutes same now, because you could really
if you're on boat right now, do I eat, try, try, try and then you just some part of you leave home again. Yes, do you have isn't it wild how you can disassociate while fully talking to a room of people? It's been awhile but yeah. I can literally like I'm, not know some I'll always know like my husband, he'll know when I'm when I've jumped ship when I start doing old material, two thousand and eighteen, yeah, I'm like my brain, just went on autopilot instead, once the joke. I know where yeah, because the alternative is get angry, which I used to take as well. He I'll take I'll do that. I used to do that but I know that feeling where you like, but and do it anymore. I dunno I'd rather give them some sort of horrendous experience. Just fail you yeah and pretend like it's not. We have never been able to do that. I just don't know
your bombing just finish the job, and I know I know they have to pay. I've been telling them. Lately I go there's something here do your hair shirt go, go, okay, there's something here! You don't know yet but you can say you were here when that's right, just so you get the premise out and get enough of laughter back. I will that's going to turn into some. Did not tonight but not deny the come back in six months, so what? What are you doing now? What are you ve got like several of you got a point: so I hope I have ass couples therapy. What is it that is you want to come to it. We talk of about lives for a little bit and then we answer listeners relationship questions initially start as a live. Show a rude of comics do sets together so friends, couples. Exe siblings it we are we to do.
We did it in new york at hi, fi bar, which was on the lower east side and then moved into the Virgil. When we moved here and the nasa guys are with you, the husband, Andy Rooney tobacco mignon he's a writer. Yes, yes, you haven't know that name probably I you I did a long time ago. So the together. That's right! What you time beginnings! I wanted. It was like early problem. Or he's like, I just feel like you have been in the same circles. Some way am I alright, so you do couples I have couples therapy and then I do. I love a lifetime movie podcast, which is a lifetime movie. Podcast recap with any right: you do it: okay, yeah you do to do come on. You mean they're out. It's actually, nay, nay, part gas. Ok, yeah, starting in the. Can you be hard on the not nothing. Much is a real
very here is our elder good answers. You know, I think we can. Certainly I hosted with it. megan gaily, whose very funny- and I think we can do it- and you know Lord knows, though, cut it if it gets too near yeah, but you know, I think what it is. You can definitely make fun of. The general and the aspects are right, but certainly don't like who wrote this track rail if you can't do that if you like I've been here to I want to I love it more. I don't I just I don't drive mark. I don't know how'd you get here. I took a lit, oh okay, that's what my hair's a mess. He refused to turn on the air conditioner and the wind just took it away. So it's alright! We do. We have to do no driving. I have a license, I am afraid,
I am afraid people are lawless here. Ok, they can mark was with the turret turning left on, yellow then red, and then you turn right on red when his car stopped mark. I know when do you stop? I know is mark you just have to get used to bar okay. I understand that, but it was almost like. You know, for instance, getting a drive offensively exactly exactly, but that's how you have an accident. I dunno yeah you're overthinking. How long you been driving. How long did you give it a try for no, not at you when you took you listen and you got your wife and I drove for maybe like a couple of years, because I got the license right before I was going with. The national theatre of the deaf are driving. I drove as I drove for the tour and then went back to new york. Didn't do anything and then, when I got here at indra,
we're a little bit. Then I took driving lessons. I did ten hours yeah with Carlos, who was very patient yeah, but then the moment Carlos was gone. I just couldn't do it got spooked I guess it will also you know: cryo sat us in a ratty like ninety. Ninety five honda accord once I'm in the thing, I'm leasing and I'm afraid to scratch it right. As I forget it, I also don't have great depth perception right now, okay, when it comes to turning into a space yeah and scrape, scrape and scrape it really alright. Well, maybe you're just not integer? Well then? How am I meant to thrive in l, a I dunno, I know see yeah see. Well, I dunno I I just to. Could you go? Back to new york, I mean what are you doing out here right now? It feels like This is where I right not to work anywhere every day here, yeah I'm starting to get settled you, the dog, got the two cats and
now. I know I know I don't know what's going on new york, but either I knows it's gettin dry here and it's getting hot it's humid here. You know they used to say it's a dry heat, but now it's a humid heat a little humid some days. It's really coming it's coming through. What you you're not working we're anything now. So I just finished shooting season three of mythic quest on apple tv, which is a show about of it It's a workplace comedy about a video game company. Okay, I play the put upon hr using the rage that I enjoy, so shooting that and the new season will start. Fall. I'm hani recording couples therapy podcast lifetime. Podcast. Writing some scripts. I will be in a little motion picture that drops on netflix in august yeah try trying what movie it's called me time. Stars mark wahlberg, Kevin Hart and Regina hall, and I play a parent and I at one point use the phrase be fuck. Which you know is you know it's fun, it's fun. What kind of name is ik in nigerian
it's a it's a very memorable name. I can't get it on my head. Oh good! You! Never! Just you don't see e k, p much snow, I know I know that's all I do you know when you have like sign in for something. What's your name ago, e copy yeah, that's all that's all you need do we have to get into every and how's your mom feel about your career now. Well, now that she knows I work and if money she's, yes, yes and still working, yet she still working and it was ego what it is it's her. You know, of course, as I do things, that she can see, there's tangibility in that, but I think it's even more. So just feeling you got money, you like you could. I think, of course, like go to church, you know, and so I think she feels she comfortable now, knowing okay, you can pay your bills and you can do what you need: sure what about manzi? Now, oh, he knows well. There's the problem that bearing and may mark of a sort of dealing with every. Alas, Indyk, we're related I am you kiss like that you're here in from everybody,
Suddenly he heard me rightly, and that's so interesting and tough, is like ok, as I become more front facing so to speak here I saw it bringing people or have to be mindful. Or how do I tell the story of my upbringing without. Offending someone else. kind of like I don't know. If I can control that and so it's just interesting cause. People are paying attention away now. You know, like my grandma nigeria, she texted me once years. Say hello to jew boy, which means or ju I call india my address. She must have her that somewhere and you know she's a ninety two, so you have on georgia willing and why yet, but it's like oh she's, hearing my comedy somewhere right right now, you hope
I need an international down the data that are our livelihoods. Isn't it gives you just came up? Would you but about noise? It's it's an interesting dilemma. As to you who has the right to what story about who, because I've dealt with that yeah with my dad, especially in in a book I wrote. I was kind of honest, but it is my point and when you are forward facing or whatever you're saying or public personality, they don't I have any recourse like they can't go. Wait! I'd like to present my side, so yeah becomes tricky yeah yeah, but it I I'm of the belief, though, that it is your story and that if you think you're coming from a place that isn't spiteful
then you can own that. Well, that's what I'm trying cause! That's what the new that's, what I'm kind of working on new material wise, I feel like, I feel I'm getting comfortable enough to kind of delve into family things, but also for that very reason of you know- and I think it's marshall to my mom, because I think she is a little more. not just private garden. I've there is that little kind of like you, nothing! That's like a black, a cultural thing like that. personal s, family right, don't be tat. Tell him pete, don't be telling people business. In writing. do it in a way that you'd sort of half generalize it right. Do you know It seems to me that there are storytellers, and black storytellers that do it, but either abroad or they kind of you know kind of like we all know what this is. When you know what I mean: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm sure We're gonna get its use. I give like that, but when you somebody who is really wants to be yourself south? The specifics become important. This was
I was just this emigrate have gentlemen. The specifics are where it is. I know, and so that's the tricky part, so I am trying to figure out how to say it and I think, for the most part cause it's funny cause. My mom used to say this to me a lot like roses. If something was happening like we're, fighting or doing whatever in the middle of bicycles, and don't you put this at your copter, you should always do that and my response when people say things that it's like Wouldn't don't be bad because I'm you don't talk about the day. Everything went well on stage. You talked about the day shirt. Something fucked up happened here. Whatever you know me yeah. They should call that that's what your special should be called. Don't be putting that in your comment. I just throw them all under the bus and if, when I, when it's going to be recorded or something, then I think it through yeah. I usually do what was see. This is the difference now right, especially like first of when doing your podcast for over a decade? You know this,
Another way things get like this is recorded sure, and now we tell a business yeah, but it's a conversation right and it's like you know I was like this is a conversation that a lot of people here, and perhaps even people who know my family. I will write my right. You got the reach mark you clear each week, be surprised it'll, you know. So it's like interesting. That's what even as I'm as I say things, I'm going. Okay, what's real was It did. I drag anybody that I drag them in a way that wasn't appropriate. You know exactly, but it's like that's what you have to think of even before right, not even doing it sure, and I wonder, though, if you having done this for so long, also in awake kind of cow, give you that strengthen! callous lie. Don't talk about I'm I'm sort of careful to talk about relationships because
all and some not well yes, and he you know, and then all of a sudden. You just stop talking about it, because they don't have they that you can. They can't defend themselves or they can't have a place, but I think with family you have that shit. Iz is dug in it's done and, like even you're talking, you know in a in a surface way about problems. You know it's it's gotta be ok, yeah, it's sort of what defines as well. We just supposed to talk about that. There be a ready. It is our story right and you on some level somebody fucked up aid that the true. So do you know it's sort of like you know, I gotta be honest about it. I'm not trying to hurt anybody exactly. You could have done a little better well for me, it always feels like it's going to be funny as fuck meaning. If because with I'm going to say something, that's going to risk me get an ear full or an attitude or not around trying to some extent a bit of money is version at ease.
In a word, yeah you'd better, be able to live with it and defend it, yeah yeah. So it can't just be like you know what happened, and you say something: yeah yeah it better. Do something. That's true, I think that's, I think that's a good policy, oh okay, great megan, funniest rug, thing, you've ever heard and then the various feelings like I dunno. What to tell you it's a good, it's good! It's real good! Sorry! They like it yeah, it's not it's not about you anymore. It's actually bigger than you yeah and it's helping people try that one! It's helping people People feel less alone, because I threw you under the bus enjoy that one skewed talking good talking you march, okay, that was naomi origin for podcast couples. Therapy check it out Also check her out on the stand. Ups on netflix or mythic quest on apple tv plus good talk in her
it was a good conversation and if you could hang out for a second. okay, listen on thursday, show I'll talk to ornery Adams. Yes, this happened. I didn't. you would ever happen not sure I wanted it to happen previously morning. Adams is really, quite frankly, a guy who has rubbed me the wrong way and annoyed me for years, and I you know- and I honestly am not the only one but up, but I started to realize like white, what worked this out the guy's, a real comic. The guy does the job. What is it, why did its there's a couple only a few people in the world right now. That kind of like annoy me and I've not been easy on this guy and it's always been weird, weird intense, so I said fuck it man it's time and I talked to him and it it's really. it was like it was one of those episodes loaded with a certain tension between was there it was interesting, I I don't even I think I think I was definitely
emotionally ready to do this, and he was, I think, pretty excited to do it. That way. I think we have a little bit here I'll play it for you, here's here's! The truth! I'm shocked I'm here right now, like you explain to me what I'm doing on your podcast this one today I wanted to connect I've been. You know, I've been hard idea, yeah and you know- and I knew that like no matter how fucking hard I've been on you for no real reason other than you annoy me that that given given the opportunity you would come over here in a second yeah. Well I did, I did have a conversation with my age is: is this a setup that we don't think he does add the people. Otherwise I wouldn't get gas, but I also feel like there comes a point in your life. I feel like as humid sure we're not as competitive as we want
it's probably true, you're more welcoming and we're probably more similar than dissimilar from when you looked at how many atoms in a hat, you said god, but that's me at my will know. I think it's true and that's why I just texted my you know when I was talking to my produce. Like. That, usually is why I mean I understand we thought grew up. Similarly, you know we're probably sort of there's some sort of scramble to kind of put ourselves together in a way that some something's missing and and and I I think I identified your quest for selfhood. Ah, Whatever means you had, whether it be hats or you know, act like other people or whatever, as as something I I I understood I mean I think I was going through sort of a dark period, and so that's where that whole sort of when, when was the dark. This was after the comedian. Yes exactly So that's that's me and horny I'll be on thursday
this friday and saturday I'll be a wise guys in las Vegas its July fifteenth and see then I'm back at dynasty typewriter for to show saturday and Sunday July, twenty third, twenty. Fourth, and I'll be at just for laughs in march I for my gala on. a july thirtieth also be doing solo shows. Up on July, twenty eight. In twenty ninth. I think these are my gower big Of course, in nam, rosebud baker, the squire brothers there's other people I'll, tell you as we get closer, but they released the list of who's going to be on there, and I'm also doing two solo shows that I mentioned that on July, twenty Can twenty ninth, and I will also announce that again, as we get closer, I don't think there's been a public announcement of it yet then August and september I'll be in columbus, ohio, indianapolis, indiana, Louisville, kentucky lincoln nebraska the moines iowa iowa city, iowa tucson, arizona, phoenix, arizona, boulder colorado and toronto ontario canada. They do.
Cobra london england in dublin, ireland. Also this weekend wise guys in LAS vegas, I'm bringing pavelski with me and bringing easter you can go to wtf. I come swash tour for all the dates and ticket info all of my shows, Remind me to tell you about my trip to the Chinese doctor remind me, okay, I'll, send you emails to a wtf pot at gmail dot com. If you got questions we're going, reopen some sort of mailbag situation. Alright, here's some guitar, Boomer lives monkey.
the fonda caddies, the.
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