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Episode 1353 - James Acaster

2022-08-04 | 🔗
Comedian James Acaster caught Marc’s attention when he released four hour-long Netflix standup specials simultaneously. But in watching the specials, Marc quickly recognized a likeminded comic with a compulsion to express himself. James and Marc sit down in a Montreal hotel room as the Just For Laughs Festival churns around them and try to figure out why they get so down on themselves while doing an art form that they supposedly love. They also compare notes on the tribal divisions in comedy both in the States and in the UK.

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all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck mix, what the fuck's there's what's happening? A mark mare- and this is my gas. W e f welcome to it. well I'll, be at largo, in los angeles that I just want to make sure. We know that it's gonna, get to a point where everyone, in LOS angeles, between largo in dynasty, typewriter, will have seen me somewhat. I think I think dynasty on the fourth I am actually going to do some sort improvisational a crowd. Work show an for that august. Fourteen this element is Do I, even though my own dates with my own calendar, yeah, fourteenth same day. Apparently my window, cleaner comes so look too talk to a james, a castor a comedian who I watched for a minute and stop watching one time when his four netflix specials came out. I thought
the audacity the the swagger, the confidence of similar drop for fucking hours on netflix it at the same time, this boy, this kid in his corduroy jacket, I'm not having it now ten minutes, and am I I'm out I'm. How can this go on for another three hours and fifty minutes I thought to myself, but then it like I kept hearing about him and then he was at montreal, felt like it wont. Let me get get over this dude and I watched more of it. I don't want for by definitely watched a couple annex taken with his microphone and cord material, was pretty great too sitting weaving of certain, spending reality into nonsense and then coming back around to real stuff Andy, the newest one was sir, was pretty get there. Was some power hitting there he's smart guy, very clever, guy and and courageous guy, really in terms of material, is happy to talk to him bite.
Before you do that something happened yesterday, Many of you know that I have sammy samian buster still being the black cat cat smart cat knows what's up, josie human inside that head he might have Kenny problems its unclear, don't know how much kidney a juicy has he went into reno failure is very young, doesn't matter for the story, I'll drive, sammy the very sweet, sammy widows. sammy, the orange and white tabby he's a little will tough guy sammy, as is easier, easy squat cat. busters lanky cat samuel stout little guy nice guy kind of dumb, but there is a will, do well nervous. Very smart anyway, doesn't matter, What happened was. Go back to the house the other day day before yesterday, and I heard something out back.
Can I go out back and unlike what that noise, and she goes oh, my god, and there was a cat underneath the the stairway is this cat runs out from underneath The backyard staircase and am I What the hell is this and she goes. Oh, no, there's more, there's kittens it's like three kittens in there and they weren't there. I would have noticed this. I noticed his cat a couple of days ago, running across the street. I'm like who's fucking cat is that. Why knows? It is, but now there's three kittens under my staircase with this cat freaking out. So kid feeds it and then add this morning. I wake up and there's only one kitten by itself under their she fuckin split and move them. I took the one kid now tiny wilson put in a box with nice mikey and took it over to the humane society. Feeding getting on its way to being domesticated we have in the life, got but where the other thing that while she must and somewhere else took the other.
you're too pipeline. I get another, the gaff, your bad, but the right thing to do and turns out she I looked at the first place. I looked. I found her under the deck down the at the end of the decks I suck my head under. There is only about a half a foot of space where you can look under their into the dark in there. She was just glare and amy I could see a kitten side fetter. She it now she's at night went out. There were kid down there, we can at least make out one kitten, there's a gray one, a black one, and then when I got graham white. But why in order to do and apparently because I can't get it those kittens down. We can't trap her and get the kicking kittens cause. Not that easy. Now gotta wait a couple of weeks feeding her. but then I run into the lady from next door who I just met. And she's carrying her dog she's, like oh yeah, I gotta tell you something if there was a cat with four kittens in my car port, and I saw her, we movie- I, my god, she's under my deck and she said, were fortunes mike for when I saw them, yes, the the next day, there were three how she was
kitten. No, I don't maybe the counties where maybe she got three under their. I all I know is. I got one out, and and now I know, there's at least two kittens under my deck and a mother that I'm feeding and need to feed. couple weeks. Why me why me do I get to take that cat is that I feel I feel an almost immediate attachment to these cats this little guy that I took out of their little gray and white guy. I don't hate, you, don't even know what they are they're, just a team game. Their eyes are blue. The ears are weird: none of them are going to be heinous they're. All be cute but am I do. I just haven't emotional attachment to the spectrum of kittens starting it weak, true, weak three. and may I can assume that have a particular attraction to this particular. me think you do.
like sammy- I was a little nervous about sammy. Had this patchouli worried face, and it was. It was not comforting and it was not cute, always like sort of. What's the matter man, what it's not that bad We looked worried all the time when he was like four weeks old, five weeks old six, we soldiers, total worry face, constantly blue eyes, worry faced and then went away I don't have an end up with this cat but I believe we did the right thing. I believe we did the right thing. J, J, castor, but coming out this year. James, a casters guide to quitting social media, he's also announcing tour dates today, so you can go to his website. James castor dot com for details on tickets, and we did this in a hotel room and it got good yeah. You never know what's gonna happen. This is the one thing about what I do. I do not know how it's going to go gsm, relying on a conversation unfolding, and it did
here is me and james ay, castor, unfolding unpacking andor, stacking The usb, how often do this, not as often as I used to because exactly the type of panic I'm in right now, the fury and the panic of having no control over what's about to happen outside within minutes was that that the beginning oddity, but will we also like clay, excited about the poker oh yeah yeah I'd say it was I going to do that, but it is more of an urgency that we have to deliver a new. episode every monday and no matter what, time that I did an airport. I didn't I was going to make it home cause. There was a problem with the flights and I was supposed to record that day for the next day, but I had equipment. So I thought you're fucking I went to
One of the lounges- and I said I need a conference from my paid like couple hundred dollars, Sit there and do can intro, because I didn't want. You know there was an urgency to india and I'm starting to realise as they get older. I don't know where you're at that I'm probably totally irrelevant in the big picture, for aid, the boy general life had forecast asea, but I don't like that's. That's the new struggle. Yeah he's like dead if I can matter what I'm doing on also just how quickly I'm very discovered how just fragile I am mentally without how quickly I go to that thought. Yeah I pulled my back first time ever this week. I do and watches bed down upon us put in some rubbish bin jacket. The arab summit banana pick it up and absolutely is killed, but back and
last few days having to deal with it the amount of times or do I have a map of like mozilla it's over now, it's all over now, you've pulled your back you're, not gonna, live forever. I will that okay, so that's and I'm not going to wait for everything. The thing that I think is is fucking, my head up, it's like I'm fifty eight to you, many years younger than me. What is just like an I've done a lot of work. I put a lot out there. and but there's a never ending appetite for the work. There's no there's no pause where anyone can. This would have looked back at the great work that that europe seems to be over yeah like there. There were guys that you grew up with it. I grew up with any kind of look at the great work they did, but now it's just sort of like we just need more, just more shit And aunt em there's some part of my brain that exhausted, but you seem to be able to generate plenty of shit. Kind of like boso, like you know, into things that I believe, if I, if I'm enthusiastic about it, yeah yeah skype,
and any time said yes to something that you know. I just saw pound signs or whatever their then that's when its back tonight- and I realize I have said yes to this and I'm making something that's bad or or because of it's not going to get anywhere. I've been in the situation of white and save something gets the green light and gets commissioned, and I'm hoping it doesn't because I know that if I have to do this, the dread it'll be bad. It'll, be bad and I'll be making that bad thing. However yeah for as long as it. As long as the bad thing goes on for you here, A couple questions like I had, because I remember when you were coming, Did you twelve specials her neck will follow. Yet I just overweight yoke is there's a whole generation of comics. I don't know I don't know where they come from, and I dont know what the british guys but but I didn't want it came out of sight this guy, just it for he dropped for. In my
who does that right? So I immediately resentful, unlike whose who's, this young dues again drop forcible. So I'm a writer. to watch one. I was like I m just not going to do it area at venice. Quite I'm, not gonna. Do it so then, like I, I realize that you've done all this other stuff. So I went back and then I saw that clip that was going around about the you know the christians in the parenting which is like an area where I like to talk about, but so I went back and I want some this vessels and like that, first thing I got is where'd you get that mike, yeah yeah yeah, so that was a This one of the sugar or for thy shows was chosen. I did over cooperate. At a time and then found them all at once, but those like article six years of torture them and enter the next one. I think one of the ages happens that, like
that stole that the venue had for the month in edinburgh was using this red stole anyway and then the back door. job last minute, we're It was too deep, and it looked Matt said that without we've got this red car and annapolis. Look stupid have got a red curtain and a redstone and an inside slant into it, and all the closer to my suit case, a war for the showers well for them for the one in edinburgh, the area so that when it came to do in that show untold, I think my tormented justice suggested it, and just when John is to get you a mike There is also the same color with everything else, and I said yes to enter my and then just like this, we are at an if you ve got. It is tat you can look for stuff and you find it so that had to binding mike cord and then found when that much to the west this shows a yellow one, that much of the man of my tie and then
in his shoe laces, I walked into a shop and it was like the exact same as my mic cord shoelaces, which no one has ever noticed. Obviously he's watched the specials but yeah, and then it just went right and that's the only film in the specials. I was like that. Stop that gold for them and it to the color. I I notice it right away because I'm like that this is the only thing we work with them very hung up a microphone, so I only use ones with wires. I use one with no wire because it bothers me yet I feel untethered they're, usually too fat, they don't fit into a mic stand primarily, so So when I saw that Michael, I started looking for colored might like where the fuck. What kind of mike is that? Where would you get that? My yen someone? That's a spray of some guy braided at yes, sprite at first celia yeah? That's what I realized. I couldn't find one.
that you had, it was a. It was a set deck job yeah, somebody from props, did it yeah yeah. Some of the data do have good. It's still somewhat hollywood vote for developing sleep. Take it with you when you know for for the last tour just use whatever might have had and in the venue and then when we filmed it, and I but with the same production company filmed the netflix, maya and thy are, leaving more meticulous over data. Then I am so they were like you can't issues in normal. Might she used? Despite what the last months of I got a my concern. The colors of that shy it is obvious used it for the the type and right so you're, now you're, the guy that they like we go spray and mike I sit knife I ever do is show this a normal michaelis in a guy. I slip it instead, a moment above a watch, not nice on the fires. Could these clearly did not care? I am varies civic about mike's, you get a sort of get attached to things. don't bring em. I dont know what those guys it brings a me to the gig, but I
it's a weird mike mike what words even get this just to get a fifty eight anyway, there's one mike, I boy fuck with that. I don't know so, but I dont know about a lot about. What's going on with the debate periods? Ember, ok, to go, and I I ran into the woman who put me. It last night the gilded balloon, lady. What's her name karen kaplan yeah yeah, I I I've been to the other, but she was Fourthly, I didn't know: that's the way it works. Like, I would add, my wife had just left me. It was like a two thousand and seven, maybe brought me over on the double bill with Kirk fox, which I didn't realize. Ike already out of the gate, strike against you, double bill means these guys, your green than I full shows and their americans who cares yeah. So right where I had no idea, so but
produce. I didn't need a flyer, but no one came. I was there for a fuckin month. Anyone a maxim out like twenty two people, and- and I just been left and the guy was working with, was annoying me any we're living together and during the month I was there. His mother died got ya and I thought well this will open up the time. For me, I can Yokohama of do impossible without first vote about yeah straight bad cause. I was like what are you going to do because I just assume you probably go home, it's like now, I'm going to ride it out so now I'm dealing with them slightly sadder guy from living with it. I'm I'm in the middle of a separation sell out just now we're doing to show every night for nine people is fuckin devastate awful. And then you go. I don't have you have this problem to the issue is not enough about me generally at any festival. Ok,
Yeah like I go to festivals. People are like it's great. You get to see people all. It does is remind me how many fucking comics are are and how again how little truly matter in the big picture. You grew up in festival, culture really kind of yellow away. When I started stand up, I wasn't that web of edinburgh year, but people said to me straight away like you need to go in and oh, my friends would go in hawaii when new friends in committee- and I a night, but the other fashionable I went to yours is last minute decision, yeah and I lived in catarina in northamptonshire in the middle of england and I didn't live in london I got a twelve our coach to get that, because I can afford to get. The trains is very long coach journey and camped outside of the festival for two weeks in the wilderness. Yet looking a little campsite that was in a bottle shaped failed that recycled and it was torrential rain for the full two weeks or night. One might say
Scott washed away and all of my belong in scott soaked and flooded, and that was like night what two weeks and I don't have any gigs boats. I was gonna, go and try and get on bills and turn up and asks to get on in. I can you do that is a bit like, but I have to go. free entry mixed bill, gigs the two different lineups every day, right I'll. Just show up asked to be on most of the time in the first couple of days. That tell me we can get you on to mine, put my name down, and it was about that by the end of that two weeks or one six gigs a day, and I was I've been. In comedy since january, and it was august- and it was by far the most inviolable two weeks of mind. Tycho still, it was like Mary I found my first routine. The actually repeatedly would work given that too yeah and london. about out. Maybe this is who am is a comic book, but it was you know, put a brake on the need to definitely felt like me. I didn't
and on the grand scale of things with this festival. I'm absolutely nothing because I've just started at euro yeah. I have. I have a gift of feeling that Throughout my career, you can always fall. I can also say that like yeah yeah, it is always possible, but that's it. So you were doing comedy how long when you took that on says I yes, six seven similar and what was it? What was it? What we do before I was in bans are paid to drums in a series of bands. My mates, so are you did drummer. I was. I used to teach the drums, unlike what was like. Why did after school? I taught the terms I worked in a kitchen part time and by one it's been about like out in a ban with some friends. Didn't go to university and we just would like we're going to be. This will change the world with our music and he's going to be that that you believed it. We really believe we're going to reinvent and yeah. Everything oh like it was
very lofty ambitions. Now we were only funds as well: no lights us it was very badly gigs. so you're modeling yourself after way. What was the word? What was like you know, we're going to do it like who yeah? I think we want it to be like a more can clean my version frank, zapper, would but with the focus of the beach boys, and we were not talented, of market. There are only two of us, so it was very hard to achieve that queen version of, for example, the outcomes like the beach point. What's funny is liking oki. Those are both relatively that, like I imagine that the beach boys you aspire to worthy and have Brian Wilson driven deep yeah yeah get like that. He, it wasn't just the pop beach boys. It was like right
I constantly every bad practice would have a lunch break at some point and every lunch break. My and graham it was also in the bandwidth per on the eve of the pets. Recording sessions, so is just by emotion. Talk the star in the concrete. Open it telling them turn the others tried again doing it again or it was into a documentary about smiled, awesome. United, so is all it was that for every so two entirely esoteric american musical talents in a way yeah yeah there. It was, but there's a certain type of people that, like just I can't listen to Brian Wilson's too sad. You can't it'll, not really, but so it didn't work out we didn't work out. but I want it, stop was like I just up in china being banned. Since I was thirteen, not let the drums it was only the twenty seven, not fighting school as trying to make up. He was one of my friends being bands of me trying to make people care about it.
The end of that band- I was twenty two and I did not. The energy to try and find more people again treatment and care again. So I started to stand up because they have an equal occasions didn't have by any backup plan by on new. I liked spain on state in a light travel not doing gregson seen different parts of the uk. So what what about your folks, you have his sister's yeah, I've got younger brother younger sister and were they supportive of the whole yeah? They all went well. The thing is, though, I've done one or two stand up gigs while being in the band still just to see. If I could do it for like cause, I was a big fan of stand up and just wanted to do it for the fun of it my sister been to one of the gigs I came away. Go in, I think you should do. That My parents are prohibited, the cutbacks he's padded said: you know a cypher that might You do stand they were like yeah. Your sister says you saw you at that gig as a baby. Do that cause before I cared about stand up and just took gigs.
Again. I always had a good game because I didn't I didn't care about it, so a gallon stated. This mess around. I didn't care how good it was or how, and so oh, quite well we're an eye for, in my very I ve had always like. So that means it's easy, so I just do and they will be easy again as soon as I started, trying to do it properly. Abrogate went badly very, very difficult because I was I us gamble gonna. Do this, the foregoing from being in this ban. Gonna change! The world now do something that has at least some autistic merit. So let s think about the routines. You really want to do and what you really want to say on stage and, of course, good enough to do any of those. Yet so It was fully that was what that was supported. That was the intention you I mean because like who, like when you didn't have any other jobs really well
Does stand up like always like welcoming kitchen still washing up and not teaching drums know what a piano was teaching drums for the first year of maybe doing stand up, and then I moved to london and I was a classroom assistant in the daytime at school for autistic children, which are equipped with them in the classroom assistant suggest, like not the teacher, but the passengers like this, helping out the kids who need extra help like that. I had where they are causing, insisting that it eddie you can just apply the fact that our talk, kids, the drums and I've done some respite work with a kid who had down syndrome sought where the paper with special needs before so it will it like kind of made it ok. You can probably did job the and so that for nine months and look out at the end of it? and I mean enjoyed it like I didn't I because I, like my evenings, free to verdicts, not with me now
We also moved to london just to do cakes, there's no point doing a job is going to get into by it. That's all work and then tickets in the ethan yeah, but I rarely got in stood in and really that site problem solving in it working with the artistic, its yeah light. You gotta, you learn what each kid, what what trick then what will calm them down? What I'll go when I got the wrong guy, how they communicate, and that would be really. Fascinating in and enriching each debtor ear. I mean like there's something that really grounds you about like doing with real service work right. You know what I mean like when you're really working with people that they have out, and it's not just as simple as like. You know what my problems aren't that big or whatever, but it almost it makes you understand what it what it feels like to what you're supposed to feel like as a good person. yeah well. The whole thing is an exercise in empathy. If you're working people with autism, that's right because you have to think in situation right. What
This room is potentially going make them feel uneasy, yeah and had how am I gonna do with that is say, you're having content, you think. How do these seven, individuals or fail in this environment and and it would I definitely for that time it was working there. I was more kind of forgiven it with most people. like just outside of yak, why if I would bet baby luggage the idea of light, the abbot spoke because of all these factors, and were I not just cause that generate bad person. yeah I'd oda unite, could be quite intense it. I've working one could one on one who wasn't autistic. Yet emotional behaviour difficulty they asked misdiagnosed and put in the school, and it would be quite difficult all day long and I would go to a given the eighth in and if anyone heckled me I had to not respond, could
I know, I'm a bond. It's gonna be ever thing that I wanted to say too that kid the day, just at least this one person who is just wanted to join it, that's it that's it that attitude of white girl this british attitude by hackers I just want to join in, like that's, that's not good, either not out of its good it. Yet I probably chosen unloading heckler. Yet than some kids worked on a maybe really. I don't know how you feel when you please to let him have it, but more often than not. I I why going? I really wish. I had done that already. That signed the things that person. I know a lot of time now comedy go comedians upon it, and it's like quite a small minority of committees, but a very vocal ass being like, I give a shit how the audience fills on this say. Whatever this is, capades, has come away good. I have noted
said I should have said nothing about her person statements all night, even that the real revolutionary sylvia and they were the I've I've. I've made some very bad choices because not, unlike I know that I have a sort of, eternal well of of resentment, an emotional, weird, emotional neediness. That underneath, I guess most of us very sensitive so, depending on how sets going like you, things not going well and somebody the speaks up it. It's it's gonna go badly forever. buddy, and you can't win because there's at lyme, where you're dealing with them- and you know that their It'S- you have a very delicate balance to have the rest of the people still with you. But you cross that, as soon as the audience is gonna call for god's sake we, I don't think I thought I did a thing I also documentary once were a group of chimps
Jungle chased another chip down and killed it of its that the gene good all thing? Maybe it was a jungle thing all of the members that the chimps a kind of walking a white one point and there's the dead body of the atom. Yes on another chimp just did the last chip walking away, decides to pull back, go back and disputes punch to the cops then continues to walk away, others that image sometimes that gigs, you feel that line where you ve gone out just now back and punched the corpse if everybody not was, as too much vapid like that. That person is already at olive garden, have moved on anyone's fault, I'll, be moving on now, and then I've gone yeah and by the way you a piece of shit either. Let's go back again. Why I'm trying to is my main that about you like german lockdown I was really realized, is my longest about time not demonstrated. We started to meet you and
I really liked it and I didn't just under petal, as experience. German not answer was very much like. Oh, I would happen. Never do it again flying neil. I don't feel a need to philip. I decide I feel healthier I feel, like my body, not being put through as much every evening and the brain that like cause. I I I dunno where you generate, but I mean you, you seem more able to to generate from he. He he you know to to sorta. Like you know, your your craft is very good and you know you're, I think, there's something about the the way long like guys and in europe do on form comedy you, I think because of edinburgh in the in these that there's, you see it as a show, you least, are gonna die back around somehow and ye. I pick that up eight or my career, but you can sort of go fun things that,
I don't I'm not my brains not going to think of liking. It might indeed be existential important to me in like in and I'm not, your entertainment was always my intention, but you seem too found peace with finding relative. the mundane things that you can make into to heighten, and I wish I had. I had that skill. I don't know that I do well as netflix shows with that but then the show did after whether clip his form, the immense should die. While I watch the first half of that yeah. So small game if that half is just whimsical jokes, but the First, half of that is as true stories and in the second half is all true stories of a personal, and I all that will now step tyrant, if it was weird bain, onstage stage and not doing that being personal yeah just for the odious. If it was weird to be light, why is saying you an undercover cop again or whatever, because I actually, we know you now so
that makes it well. I I well well that's interesting, so first to walk down like you, you felt good, comfortable and he felt late, but also didn't give you brain arrest. Yeah gave the un's, like so much less anxiety and less self doubt ike, I get very again. Myself so much with less than a my confidence, gets very lie very quickly, and it doesn't necessarily matter why on so people are dying the people who are correct in that behavior what they say to me saying that yeah. I will try and go a lot, but this is going on in this gun and people like that, and I know that right yeah, but I also know that how unfeeling isn't a logical is not logical figure then for whatever reason fill out, why do in one of my stand? Epistle? Whoever is very far away trite. This up
not seeing someone else do is higher, is beautiful, it's perfect or just watch doubting inside of your I'm doing right now you know yeah by I watched. a film the other day. Just made me go on every now, and then we do that. What film it was amazed develops a lot, but it was. It was a glorious passed its lead. What should again be? I was I I. What should this be fun here then? it has put myself or other ivory. Seen in this, I did the way shot in the eye. I like to think about you. The concept of it is that I take it for granted, but used on this whole fictitious story, but by stephen, like the nazis in the second world, warrior, as that she saw Big achievement at the final shaw. Is it my is perfected? The fear.
Down to like page I Novak's little smirk, the internet. It cuts things like fucking light, so good unlike that pause in the own, never gonna. never do that load. As about my fucking net, special, was a lie like that and cares about that. The banks are, that is a bad, that's later layered for me, because I have actually a personal kind of insecure, driven resentment of bee Jim novak, so that we might experience with that would have been like there's two reasons why how the fuck the decade, it's a success and I'm never going to make a move yet that about help but I see, but I try to deal with that. All the time like right now like I'm in that right now and I've been doing this a long time and I don't understand it, but you understand, and I think,
right that it's a part of the brain that sort of this useless appendage. It's like this self loathing this hammer that we had ourselves with even others give are our experience and in what we ve created already. Why why what why even have that anymore. You leave Like nine shows or, however many hours, but still are, this thing is like I dunno how to do this, and I'm going to judge myself against somebody who's doing something that I haven't even set out to do yet yep the event, but then the rp the useless appendage thing, well convince myself. Sometimes these useful cited. thing of like it's like your butt
characters in whiplash, so you apply for the side like you have both of them yeah and the whole thing is like the whole debate about film of, like you know, is that person that does that help having somebody yell at you that you'll fuck it all full all the time, but that you'll useless piece of shit. That does that drive me to greatness, and you can't achieve that unless you got so sometimes I'm like well. The reason I work very hard is because I feel insecure and look I'm not good enough, so I'm constantly trying to be good enough, but then, but there's no there's, there's no capita. That is not right. So so you can't win that one. You can't win and also like it. It's not going to there are more important things so is trying to buy that last toy dead. What were with that than than light, especially by the end of it? I I just Hey it being on data, hey don't stand up and it made me feel bad about myself. I hated the repetition, and now I just hate it. was the most active and how does TAT ever worked on a show with two hours? Long
I got whilst of cinema comfort zone to impassable stuff. Until about my mental health, when before just head behind this thing of or doing jerry service or something fake ends, Welcome progress shows had gone very well, work in progress. You always in front of very delicate. it comedy nuts who live to see the sea. The process yeah? So, even though your material isn't that great, yet they don't they give you a quick, generous with laughter and and for me every time, every time a then told the show when it's finished, that to the people. More casual comedy funds that I must say you on one or two things right and they would turn up and on this last toy did all those people turned up and I package from the star they heckled. If I was talking about but you do, in the mental health bet said hackle with somebody with inappropriate stuff that work very kind. Yes and I, don t give a board and very like. Why did I put that? Much
was tired. I didn't seventy time off the air I'm target very negative I'm. So why did I spend? you know, over a year honan this idea to then go out and tore it People who I may as well have just gone out and roasted everyone in the audience they would have been happy. I could have gone out and been shit and it would have been just as to them, because I don't care, I fell asleep much time this year. the fucking point it s like. I don't do it anymore. but also, though, the thing that you do It is well, and I do it as well as you made yourself vulnerable too. for a fuckin monsters, so, like you know there- there's something about lighten. If you didn't, if you're not doing well with stuff there the only risk is. Making something funny but give you if you ve, made it a thing words like there's a funny bit, and
My emotional risk is only that I feel a shitty because it didn't get the laughs. You have that action that that sort of baseline, the job of comedian rejection in. However, we deal with that, but once you start like putting heart out there, which I do fairly often you know you ve really got to find a trustworthy bunch, or at least an audience. But so I mean you have an audience, but you ve taken this shift where you're showing more yourself and then all of a sudden, the audience is sort of like they get uncomfortable because there's they gotta hold up their end. They there's an emotional responsibility to them receiving you know your honesty. Where am I am alive, the right but the, but then there is always one asshole in new and they are the people that we ve not like our entire life yeah, but that does that the problem with that, especially going back to being brutal to hecklers yeah is the you know you go for. You know you just coming
at montreal at the abu there's, a lot of awful people at the airport, cushioning queues at area and right up to the buggy chemist thousand known us and say that bag statistics they want their so glad labour and you hate them all around. You can't say anything to them because you're not gonna, passing on the confrontation, but when you onstage die, bay in the audience- and you can say it sure- and it seems like a great thing to do other, sometimes of airlines of miss wet that they were not person and now settled that stuff. This open and I feel sure how about yet, sometimes through just a drunkard they're just have moments. Eighty, I dont imagine that, given where you are in your career and end is that you're not, not getting a lot of those people that the bad guy? I know we but like I was a minority, but I mean that's the sort of logic of got going back to the artistic experience and anne and having a certain amount of empathy for everyone who does ass all things like I'm, I'm I get living very quickly and I know it's it's not it's not cool but I am also like you gotta, find em midway point for yourself in that
pithy thing. We get his walk around apologizing for everybody in giving everyone that the leeway, because that's how fascism happened. So you know what he's got that if the guy he just believes what he believes. Sorry, but the, but the satisfaction is, is limited to you know it's very hard when you're doing that kind of material to to distance yourself from the show itself, because you still have to do it every night and you still gotta put yourself out there doing it every night and that there was a new. Like kind of exertion not had experienced before the egg I specially for went out in the first half. And someone would do a kind of dumb haeckel The first ten minutes and the whole lorries would laugh at the haeckel. Our Could decision in my head of right now- not doing this routine, this routine, this routine or that voting on under and none of them, and I'm not gonna tell them that petulant, I'm gonna go oh yeah. I guess There were four routines that I was going to do, but untrusted was not breaking daddy. The yeah yeah fucked it up forever to do that, so I'm going to say that to them I'd make the decision of a
we got into the bay material for those bits now the obey asia on may, and I wouldn't even know because I d tell them that I have services for some time, but I want to tell them the you know that I had a breakdown in twenty seventeen. I want to talk to them about any of that, because I know I trust that I don't feel comfortable in that that's all sometimes I would be ploughed into anyway, and then they would The way that I fear that would behave great trust, her and stay. I should have nine that, but but there's also, but then don't you dare do the argument of like, but that's it me tougher yeah if I'm a fine knots Physically and mentally exhausted yeah on saw when, on that tie, it. I just got a guy, I think I think like all of us what collectively wake up. If I do this like off your eye, so tired, nothin comics, when I start out and stand up
The reason was able to quit that job at the school was cause Josie long ass, municipal onto my favorite comics, ever It was a very big deal to me and she was doing a show that was like an hour and a half long, and the first half was like at the time He was known for just like very in depth in Egypt. In a whimsical, retains the already delivered in a beautiful way and in a sense half was what was this fast times? Never dive into politics, seattle up, uk politically and had a lot more like righteous anger in it and frustration in it, It was a real gear shift and she would do it every night answer. And regardless of if the audience like sometimes the odious were quite clearly not there for them oh, they weren't very like a very comedy audience, and I just come to the gate and you'd think why would bail on that? Second half naked eye would be scared, but she did. Every single time. and I remember watching it as a new, adrian and every time been really blown away by the
what she would do it nima matter, walk right and after that she did two shows that were just pure political shows, and you saw the fruits of that. So all that's why she did that because now she can nail that stout she did in the hardest environments and now she's got to examine more shows. There are good But I will end up in those situations now and guy on now, just ejecting undue undo something else, because. I have sometimes I will put fervent do that the aid- down the heart of europe here. I find that like, as I get older though, and I think always like you know, whatever I'm ejecting to just a little less I don't have like you know why you used to have liked more cap material, so I think I do it points in certain acts were because I what do these levels like now, I'm talking about you know the the death of my partner, yeah yeah over covered and why
There's a moment like after I've just talked about my father's dementia, mike: let's do the real story so but like. But I think the weight of that is what your talking about. It's just that it's it's the true emotional risk and and and the exhaustion you're going to feel what it does to people who we have thing in common, were whether its insecurity or or or depression or whatever that eight add insecurity or or feeling that you're not being received for doing that. stuff it ill, Rigour a shift in the way we see everything for our along the happened yet and I think, ultimately it can stick for longer and then you have to deconstructed to get back to just a fucking regular day the thing the the ice since the solidity stand up again we're after upon nothin,
that MC after lockdown see alike, is. I knew that still gonna be there and as especially having had those two years away from it on me, appreciate you need the brake yeah needed the break, but going like all without it. I feel better. So if I'm gonna go back to it, number one on the left, the things that got to do is combat that figure that out of car figure, How not to end up in that night. tonight again, but do you think like do you? I guess my question is not unlike what I felt during the anaemic, which is maybe I'm better. You question your intentions of sharing that I mean like what I've grown to believe. Is that with my pakistan, with what I talk about on stage that there are people get an awful lot out of it in the sense that they feel less alone, we talk,
suicide of thoughts. When you talk about your breakdown, when you talk about like whether its substance, abuse or whatever, whether I do or or my suicidal thoughts or my break as icy, do what was that the ice but about how? I can I think, about suicide over time, but not because I want to kill me I just better. Knowing I can, if I have to you now in in in I in and that's the way for me to compartmentalize suicide ideation, because I have it all the fucking time, yeah yeah. What's your experience with it? is it it was. Fro, I kind of like not very soon stuff what slip and stuff and that in twenty seventeen when like still kind of figuring out What really happened to me at the start of that year because something that was like little Things that were not we're not little things but light on the surface. Things that were short term triggered spheare happen it quite quite bright down but light
I know that my head, this wasn't any good place over years of populist and it's not gonna therapy. Not ever really. doing the work we are looking after myself here and what the the breakdown manifest gist. Destroy into just self hatred at the beginning? Really, not I can myself yeah, I remember being in so I went to disengaged new york, the us time and start twenty. Seventeen That was a peak really not feeling good about myself walking on new york, first time. Thinking like this this bridge, That place as the islands and then go in, and I merely catchy myself, I'm veinlike, ok, fuck unita. Right sort this out so that when I told you that was coming from a place for me
My suicide ideation is usually from massive anxiety, and it s sort of like it would be easier. You know, like you know I just one another. I can do that to get, but I don't really want to do, but it sounds like you're like it was the first time now is like like that then, but in very quickly so light as soon as I get home on. Finding a fillip is right immediately re like because, like you, and I heard it before I had a break up in like twenty thirteen and after them I would like to add that wasn't I start going to the gym so my god knows I like we need to do something. You can't sit mountains. Sad I have to do so when I'm feeling like that, it's just that in the past. I've always let it get that bad. Now I don't let it get that but I'll try and keep on top of things just in my day to day, but those two instances. It was like: here's something I've never done, and now I feel very low, so I'm going to start going to the gym all the time and then the second time without knowing to start going to therapy, because this has caught up with me
its helped massively Yeah yeah yeah you're, fighting that most of it, you don't you can you can most of it is cognitive and not chemical, yeah, I think so I mean an I. Sometimes it can be one of the other and, like you turn of work proofing on a case by case, I haven't had those kind of faults since teresa ten veil at night- that's not true! I have I have had moments where I've maybe there are serious a thing that was like my brain. I was like idly almost planning stuff in my head. I don't think I would have done it yeah, but It's never been hasn't got to that level before. But now you know I'll have like every other awake therapy session, if I do, have a thoughts that is like that in any way
yet break it down right. Let's talk about it figure out why it was the what why why we they talking about that? What was thinking about it and and yeah he for a lot of it can be like a fitness alive tough tied up in a maybe some of you can look at like. Why would you stand up and and figure out as some self worth things going on. Now that I can know how much you, like yourself and they're kind to a waiver. So, like you know, it's like you were talking about before, like I was working on this material been working on this hour and a half or whatever it is for a long time and I you know I was thinking like this going through, while it's all coming together and then like I'll just watch, somebody do something much easier, yeah, and I think like what the fuck am. I doing What could be so easy? like any kind of, even broach that, like I get bored in it. I feel like I'm out. being disingenuous, you know yeah, but it also I watch comedian see
it is something that I might think that's easy or that some dinner and then I think either side. I just I just don't see Micah yeah, I have the same stresses, but then you have a car journey with one of those comics. There are other yeah and I like ice good with using paypal considerable. I do to be idle this year that will ya doing that, it ourselves so yeah, I to say, except for the ones that are like there are guys in america and I'm sure there are guys that, were you just realized right there, just in no way with something making a lot of fuckin money and they don't give a fuck. Yet they just gone the duck they're not trying to do art. It's shallow shit, but they're really good at it. Yeah! That's the problem! There's a skill set with of being an entertainer, especially the comedian that, like, if you're just a guy, that's sort of like wants to get away with it. You know which is like, if you think about why a lot of people get into these jobs, whether they be musician or
it's easy to get. Girls are not work. Really. The idea that there is a rare thing for in for a comic of they'll pay lip service to richer prior bill had to whoever yo certainly you know but clearly, whatever them What might have been if they journey far away I am sure you know, but by the about intent in it sounds like that you put on yourself and as I did too because, like I'm, church guy right, like you or I aspire to having a impact on stinger, at least as deeper level. Is that there was an hour to it like what made you think that way. I mean the music. It sounds like you're well, on your way that you decided to your heroes were yeah yeah. I made it basically. Veil obsession
early on with classic albums and light. I just loved. just type something about an album. There's resonated food generations in vienna that most people an listen to it and feel like you're it That is something communal with all those people ever listened to an end that is magical moments, had been caught: specialist music and this level the stories about that it was an accident and that that was you know that that sound from doing this, and it was so yeah safely and in the end they were lucky to capture it all that stuff. those are something, life affirm in it's. The. Can I just magical about those things and then I wanted stuff online music movies for music and that's why I wanted it was the in a ban doubling its head make sure an album that would be perfect and
Heavy truck is, is amazing and the whole thing about the journey and then up go out also get that way about films on tv shows your hands, the ape, the the a few books that I've read but, like you know We're doing stand up at the beginning; it was just too too Andy gerda and try, learn this and get better at it, but definitely why I wanted to do from the time started. Don't stand up was so solo shows, and I wanted to do our long solo shows and guided the emperor festival and do just me, and I was very interested in doing a twenty minute, spock yacht a club, and that's not, understand why, when I listen to comics, are you a company store data. Honourable comics, like talk about This kind of thing is the legacy of the story, the people there, and
I love it and I think, like sir, oh yeah, you know that those moments are incredibly special on that the craft in and of itself and there's so much. august wasn't naturally. Naturally all I was thinking was well below twenty nine. Our light blue trying to go. That's right did the other right and what the difference is that, like, I think in america, you want to do an hour or two. You can headline in a general sense like that It was about that first hour. How do you get to the first hour, so you can do the job yeah, headliner, whereas I think that the benefit of the sort of edinburgh sensibility is that you know The job is like I gotta get an hour solo show, so I can get. The attention and ensure the solo show yes right. Yeah, unlike bozos like Adam, But the first day of edinburgh, especially if you are a new comic, is so exciting. If you've got a solo show on there, because the first day suddenly doesn't matter what has been going on. the last year right. Everyone is that those In line with the same point, and I hate to like.
Illustrated luck. It's all right. So it's a competition, but it feels like I could have on could be the tool This festival and no one knows who I am right now, but by the end, right lie, everyone could be going to say. My show is just basin, quality of if I really work hard, and I make this shove as good as possible is how thought in my head and I know that's not always true that might be made his list into this. Who alike I have taken. incredibly home chose to to burn f. Would it not make me so there is? There is luck involved and there can be bad luck, venues and times and all that stuff. And also who the hell knows what makes people like people who knows, but I didn't but what I would start working on my show in september and then take it twenty one august, the whole year would be working on the show- and I do have a lot of bad club sets. I only with age and pieces with bits and pieces enshrine new material out, no matter what the gate was right, for the sole intention of putting it
you have to drive it piecemeal right, you'd have to die like this junk and then yeah this bits, not working at the minute every time, I do a work in progress, this twenty isn't. Well, you never just get a theater in and work it as an hour or improvise yeah, but then like when I was know most of my diary at that point, when I was starting out with still twenty minute sets and so on They pay twenty minutes set, so I for debate being being paid much you might as well get something of this. That means I get to go away and night in right. I've got a lot of that pits better. So that problem cause. I don't there to be. Ten minute lull in the show whether materials not as good run out, didn't mean that that wasn't those moments in the show, but here we got inside of it. But in my head. That's why we're like. I really ignore that bit angle not us That's fine, that's not as good as the rest of it investigative estimates. Good. You know and so on very someday dukes abroad, the bar rain to do it, but
it gives us some comics, why, in the under cover top shy and inexplicably in front of us The british experts in a vote be club using to go out and say I was an undercover cop and of course, this absolutely in shit for the whole sat and come enough, let what they were never gonna. That was. It does you're never going to get anything out of that. That was stupid, but in my head I was like all I want to do at the minute is crack this undercover cop bit, so I'm not above all to anything else right do not necessarily have the attitude now but like tat the about, then, as I what how it sees this as a month? in the year. Well, I can really go and get people talk in an open. yeah right in the end, but but in a way it seems it in that model of the the european models like that's also how you're going to make your living for the year again, hunk of it and also what- I I don't into in terms of enjoying it. We talk about me and I
which we don't enjoy it sometimes, but also equally, I love bits, I love style. Yet when I love divans, none of my eleven right and development and the any time and the main thing that makes me love. It is worth doing the work and silent, if I'm not, we'll make a man making the work work yet My agenda does actually figured in light of improved. This is going better, and so, that was how I would enjoy gigs as well, because I knew that the most enthusiastic of ever be after gig biggest when I solved the problem or a new, works, and that was why that was what got makes. I do not stand up in the first place right with when do but like when you're doing like the above. Your commitment to through the undercutting habit was that you knew that was going to be the first. Look at the whole. Our tiny, but in the star like it when it was just stick with the he's trying to follow the thing that you
whatever is incited, you wanna do that. You think that, funny, for some reason is not well now, but trust its money. Slight That shows that the of the last retain in it for show is me with of a wooden duck, and I hold at the audience, got my back to the monotony of a long monologue and that was actually must second oedipus shocks that shows might have a bunch of the orbits from past shows and my father did wish. I was a night you often it is the best stuff With most new nukem, as he does do, yeah here's my best material and you kind of hate it by the end because of a sick of all the stuff. I want to do different member, remember doing a cake with that duck and I had to minute spot and trying to What was funny about the duck? Nolan news that are stolen the stuff from apartment. I wanted to do something whither onstage and I didn't know what it was and I was trying to do about and talk about it, and I did a thing about feel guilty about stealing. It can't look at in the eyes- and I turn my back so wasn. Additionally, the onus will look at the duck and it was signed.
And no one was laughin air, but my friend The trend is a comedian was on the bell and I came off and it was incredibly helpful, he did. It is a kind of said that and he could have mine told in the dock at the autism. Looking away from you and that's funny, It is really helps us like yet that is no one was laughin, even even you, weren't laugh and david right, but like about there's something in that it is of value and it was a very, very For a moment of governed lie k every showing now However, the thing it you have that in about does do that's. The undercover cop thing was a site that something funny about telling a moment to cover up and it wasn't going wealth. stop, because it was, it could be a routine about just a minute a cop and one that will retain and then leave answer some stuff. That's what my shows up before that was bit betty bits and eventually, It was stumbled along just coming
scientists are for the whole thing and actually doesn't have to be a voting right d write, but like d write on stage eureka, the way to be so. You don't write it all out nigh on. Like you know, But recently, since I started up again and going like, maybe should go back to excise device. A foul am, Second, it must show which is mainly what that forth shove is made of. I sat down a vote at all and it was also it was like for whatever reason that year That was the easiest thing for me to do, and I just found I'd sit down and get so much done or thought well. This is how I work now. I will sit down and write everything, and this is great and then my show off that I tried to do that and it was like it was this
polish said now in trying to think of stuff, and suddenly I couldn't yeah hey it's that show and which want it wasn't on than it was like some of the retains made it into the fourth netflix jaipur. It was a shy when I mainly spent the majority of defending yoke alone for the whole. Shea nuts doesn't ended up anywhere. You like, oh, I see so, is it ain't brazenly when I got my first show in edinburgh? Ok, I've been also like at all Well, I I don't I've, never like I'll write out things. I mean never got. You know like your pages and pages of yeah, but it looks like that. Yes and in, Maybe it's helpful but better. And abide by the there's. Some part of me that, like the ones I seed on paper, it sort of dead or something it's on paper, and I remember saying out loud on stage. It also can recite in some yeah yeah yeah and I'm not communicating with them right and so much of it is. I have to be actually communicating with the people in the right with the opening, for you know something to happen and
yeah. I imagine it probably you saying that you rode out a lot of stuff. That was the heavy the show that we took the biggest emotional risks no, so that one wasn't meant. Now you got that one was you don't even know. If you can say it work in progress, not wanting to do that show in the first place wanting to do a show. That was about the best year of my life instead, because I was just not that ninety nine. Yes, this whole thing of ass. The worse in my life, I've just had, and I hated it so powerful lobbies tell the mountain stages: that's not what you do as a reality You don't do that here already, so let's go out and do a show about the best year of your life and then maybe at the end, you can reveal that you only wrote the show cause you've recently had the worship of or whatever sure, and I would go on. Work in progress shows and try and talk about the best year of my life and and I would start talking about a happy memory and are very quickly the jokes always adding on stay to improvise. Onstage were about negative stuff about the present, and that was
they just resonate with more click. It tell that's where I genuinely was, and then I started about the stuff that had happened, and the early kicks without went well. It was the most whatever enjoyed stand up. Another suddenly, like. Oh, this oldest, like a whole new thing in this video site, to the honesty of it, yeah yeah and then you know well, then you tried intentions, do not show, and then you have they gigs. Where many do an hour and I just really upset by air and you go. I don't go. She told them any of that. You think you have set the. Why one guy in the fund. My I merely he does. It show genuinely ended of me holding crying audience member. While the audience is filed out in silence said it was like. I wish I is that the end of that special yeah I'd said something? I'd talked about how I kind of watch from such an idiot. I always talk about getting ghastly while my agent and this guy had just had a similar it's with a family member
damn. I was basically not. I was not finding what was funny about the retain that night. So it's just ten and the story I was struggling to find a joke and he said is on the front, and he said it's, it's really hard, isn't it and I thought he meant comedy yeah because of the defensive and what yeah please welcome problems trying to he went. No, I mean does this such that kind of situation. It was really hard, oh yeah, and then he started sign up every something similar than burst into tears. And they liked instinctively with I'll get the guy what I mean, I don't you like, so that we do this now and then what we kind of when you know, wife witnessed
it doesn't have a shy, got start having a second than others vague whereby stuff we don't get of a cover up going to find a big closer after this. I think we should just don't go I'll stay and talk to this man for a while, but that might become a guy. Like you, you know, I don't want to do that people every night. so I have to find a way of talking about this. That doesn't do that to someone but right. But that's like interesting me because it is not. I people were appointed. It was just like you, you didn't know if you could hold your side of the emotional interaction, oh yeah, and unlike because I'm doing I'm talking about the death of a love, one shoe and I'm talking about stuff- and I mean I can feel but like for me, I guess it is a matter of recovery and I think you probably could recover from it and that you know the only way to do that is to use sort of your kind of take them in, and then you know, kind of ease them out so
the overall experience, because sort of emotionally nuanced with you know like laughing and some sort of laughing crying in an laughing. You want to make sure that crying is laughing. Crying sure yeah. Ok, Much of it is if, if they want. it makes no want what you about today and with that show those who work in progress is they didn't? This is they come for that sort stuff out. Suddenly do that. I guess I do now. You make a change. He can't tell me boy, you have the in the problem, can't you like. This is not what you it's much different. You might not like it come on down there to re, write it so that it to meet them once. To find a middle? You give the moment said it. When you think about that, oh yeah, given moments that kind of gives them the option for Go down not load, you could go down that road and then having them go. Let them realise that that vote is more interesting and then
given that running, right, I just building it so you can go weaving in in there in the materials not literally offered up to them the choice but like how and having moments in the storytelling that makes them got all the yeah. That would be good, actually kind of sneak, unlike with you like, with what you're doing at the minute, like you know that. a busy they already not via that's right. Everything before you sure got a site like that, and to be thinkin, if you, if you, I want to do is show now that wasn't about, but that's what I thought like. I tell them right away like the whole premise of the bitter marking as like. I thought about other options, but I'm a guy who talks about himself I thought, like maybe united this whole bit about. Maybe a serious one person show the jewel, theme like marc marron, scottish, a prayer for the dead, and I build that out like I know, people walk out of. Let's just say, like definitely wasn't funny unhappy did it. You seem to work through something and then I do a riff on, like maybe a ted talk, but ultimately you know. I talk
an end as it begins its it's not essentially funny, but but it does get funny funnier. Once I can establish that you know, I went through this horrible pain everybody's been in greece before and it's very hard to deal with an you can't control. And most people don't really know what to do with. It people around you, but the revelation is in a most people. Don't have to do anything but witness it, but stand there. Times. You know you nothing's going to make you feel better. But if I say you are basically the premise of that bit that one piece of that I got tired of crying in front of strangers, but you know they just stand there and you realize liking when you're done crying. That was yeah the media but but yet they know that, but but I'm also operating on the premise which I think that I haven't really hurt. You talk about
because you're very conscious of of taking care of your audience or at least presenting something that they're going to want to see, which I dont think about as much, but but irene more on the premise of that you have these feeling. our common and and you know, they're, not feelings of many people talk about whether they are grief, depression out there, but a very common. and I imagine, there's a layer of resistance just in in a british way, yeah right that our know I dunno how true that is, because I don't live there, but there's this idea that that that british people don't access that emotional dialogue. What is different- of like in a week, We definitely more depressed, not like so fast that some light curve, he's a right, but. But there are certain things I should like to know when that shown america. I had, but about my therapist behaving appropriately with me here and
Everyone in the audience already know what the lines are with therapy and what lines you shouldn't cross shirt. So when I did that, Eighteen in america right it would, so many more ring in the life of the place line after line because they would like, they already saw she shouldn't have done that you should have etc stuff I'm. So it was really fun and then I'll do it in the? U k amazon a case of different retainer, because a lot of people in this audience don't know, the lines of I don't want to admit. I've not got the carson shouldn't, have done that right and have said that so I kind of have to rewrite it and change it for, for this, explain it a little more yeah we'll just like you know, I I tried some stuff: what make fun of them for the fact that british people never go to therapy but then, like. If I didn't really suit the shower, point in time I know so so much of that show with a type might walk deliberately of. Like you know, I will you do me.
Things. What could be out of order to people in and but no not being the moneyed manage into work that the line, with that site, since I am ashamed to get to the end and disable. job at the audience for not going to fairer pay when it some right. There's a lot of problems in the uk have let you know in this type of our people who were not been it afforded a you know what I can tell you heard that you should be or go into when that they can all guy. When you just show you, while you ve, tried to be as mindful as possible. So that was as well as like, that's right, not toe the hunter, but for all of this industry and what about like cause like I know in the in the last one there's. You know there is politics and we do have a sort of an issue that I think you were addressed in. I think what you were doing was essentially a character for a minute or extension of you, yeah yeah, for a character that lives within but there is sort of it and a tribal nation of a way of thinking, that's happening.
Both in committee and and in politics. That is problematic and fascistic, and- and I Don'T- I don't think, a lot of the comics. were towing, that line relays how easily kind of co opted. They are by fascists sure, and he you know it in it's. It's a real. It's fucking, a problem yeah in that you know there these this group of people. That thanks are somehow championing you know speech. are really sort if you're trying to decay. what comedy is unaware of the more people have of europe before doing something that they see is more creative in to live in hand and tower and or stir empathetic are sort of europe. Being bullied by virtue of the existence of this momentum yeah. It is. imaginable, but what was it like in the states of the minute? With that?
just wait here, and there is no like there's this idea, that sort of like of anti woken is that aren't even a really what that means other than a lack of tolerance, a lack of faith in democracy, a lack of of the the need to be empathetic. To see that yeah yeah I get it was a time where everybody was sort of on the same page culturally, where you could say things like in your words, are just words, but in a world where everything is fragmented and small bubbles or existing to nourish and maintain communities, everything is is a sort of a relative to some sort of assault, and can be, I think, an integrated and and and talked about, but but ultimately look man, yes People dont say you know oriental they don't say yes, There's no reason you can evolve pass tragedy, like theirs,
and complaining like that, since the beginning of entertainment, but I think in a bed in a book, an emotional and cultural and an economic bubble economy where everybody lives in their own little worlds and and there's no, that the only approach creating common language with any sort of momentum is the bad guys everyone else is just trying to nurture their world and and and find their audience, whereas the broader picture is not about like, what's all be together, it's liking, you you, you, babies, babies, in its happen, I dont know how notice a role is to everybody I just. I realise that whatever resistance there should be to that culturally or even community is, is fragmented and not not really there yeah, it's just people trying to do their work in in the shadow of this shit. It will mean anyone is like
anytime. I meet someone who doesn't do comedy, especially if there. Out of the may by. However many is like the, first question the alternating phenomena comedian is: are you worried about what you can? say any more. And that's how they think that damage now. I think it's all, and the waving about it seems so babyish to me really that that that there is the whole, the main argument, a lot of people who support this kind of, buddy that punches down a law or whatever is that they they might out like it's a freedom of speech, issue and people china, sonnets them and stop them. Then no one, his side what you what you have said be against the law in uk exact, random person. If you can't survive exact but dislike it such as such it. It argument
if only up to a stranger or even a friend and pull their have. Rarely hearted hurt them today. don't do that and I'll go awol, I'm going to go to prison now for doing that. But it's such a weird jump. Clearly, what I've done is hurtful to you. It hurt you, it was malicious, it wasn't cool, but no, but if I may unpleasant owed or take away my light to both peoples, but they have allowed to ask me to do not do that. Hurts I didn't. It seems so to me enough anyway, is not about a routine about it was too big wild. a number of reasons, but definitely the initial reason was like this will be an Till comedy retain a not just something I talk about and introduce a stuff it occurs. It seemed There are two to it, and so that we can. I can put it in my stand up sugar because it. So it is so logical. This argument, It gives us again put up for an and seems
Because you want to make but with, but the inability comes down to like who, who is really threatened by say what you like: to me it indicates a peculiar lack of intelligence around what the this sort of its a right wing trip. yeah it's it's not like Lenny Bruce yeah. What is it like? It's not moving the culture of forward to sort of to teach you create more tolerance by by demand. seeing the power of of of stereotypes I mean that was the intention of that was get everyone on a level playing field. The intention of this is something very different, but I don't think it they are one of the people engaging go back that far he or think it through. That much is what I mean so so like it in what you're saying you can't say, whatever you want to just might be consequences in and you either at the live with that or or sadly what happen, because it's not about bringing people together anymore that or just talk to people that want to talk like that. Nea show, and so that it by
of itself in powers, a sort of tight, democratic sensuality, but those who is hard to say if you stand up. I knew on either side of this argument. Near will ever saw you on the site that, where, by far and always taken there a conversation with the people who don't agree with you on your part ass, we are advising them when you're poker or going on their peculiar. the way the internet is now and algorithms and your your assistant that person's commitment given them apart from her help and do not just have in right so no you're, not you're kind of stuff. Between this thing of all the only people who are going to do, outcasts, together or in he's together. Tv shows together a people who agree each other and are taught to committees. I disagree with of stage Stuff, be friends of people who agree with, unlike have, those conversations,
but I want to say, go come on a podcast with me and I'll give you that platform to say this to cook. Has then you you feel it suddenly it's not just that you'll have in that chat and it'll, be because there's a real opportunity there to have an interesting conversation and maybe a useful conversation and one that could be helpful sure has changed people's minds because that's what a lot of us are yearning for now, because it seems, like you know, we live in this world to make any sense to us why people following this, but as soon as I have that personal know. What is going to do is boost their career, they're, not gonna change, and it's just give them more more people. These ideas are needed dangerous! Yes, you can. It beat up again and again and their you and they're gonna get excited and then not only is it like not giving them perform. Then you're gonna have to deal with meal. Who knows how much shit, social media problems and platforms, and for how long and like you, I don't know how your built for that. Thing? I mean like it,
You know I've learned how to deal with that shit. If I say something, And in an I get it you have just like and I don't push. Might I don't push it too far, but then I saw it hundreds in- and I start to I question my own, but I can I'll talk about it on my podcast in. But you know there is such a division of audience yeah that It really has come down to this idea like anti woke ism and these sort of waking. Oh, I can say whatever wanted to make sure I mean You definitely can, but it's it's almost hackneyed there's no risk to it and they think. I think that's why you, out of its become appealing to to sort of like media your comments and end. Mediocre mines is it gives you an ideology. and it also gives you an excuse for why you may not get work yeah. That's that's me often not the rate of it. A lot of time but some of them is a novelty. Thus, massively success
commitments have been doing it lightly, but I think it still comes from you. We ve been talking a lot on this episode I don't need security outdated, how we feel sure of it. I'm not heavy comic acknowledges that within himself up in becoming has it there, but not come on guys I think, I'm good enough. And so this is how the manifest onstage sometimes when I act out, and I think law of comedians, who don't usually tighten himself will constantly. Vince himself that the audience of the problem that the idiots the then himself as a comedian is completely. In the light, the I'd efforts against them and then not reflecting on themselves very much and then that and then they say those things. cause. I know I blame this group for our plight and yet they might do it yeah they do a routine without thinking are often you know the genesis of if he got trace it back without these comedians, and you find the thing that started. It is not
a patent is not something that obsessed with. I just did it. They did a joke that I, for all that be funny, but their own right. Yet their own life experience and there are many the blinkered to this. The idea of a groups the ape the way of your. How do I thy life experience has made? It should therefore be funny. Then you today the ipod People guy his, why that is actually What will our people and then cause They put the same insecurities. We do but I don't joy, I would go oh shit yeah. Thank you for telling me. I shouldn't have said that, and I see it I'll, throw that out. Yeah. is more helpful here, a routine in that show. Why had the routine about transphobia comedians I was out of routine about periods, thinking up in the same house Admittedly, I was very general: the language about that of. Like you women have periods mandate.
and then- and I didn't say that there and someone came up to me after those show and when I know I should do it not, but the top about twenty five acquaintance, but if you do that, you should know this, but here we assign yo yo. Basically saying we women up. It's not a definitive thing, that's kind of guy against that doesn't really make sense damn Often there are some. There are some people who would go. Fuck off like it. I like ya, can't do anything that I did not bear the otter. Now you give me shit for that nit picking I'll fuck this, but but you have to kind of go because it nothing the loser. yo you such got out. I call balance it. Thanks change. Langwidere done irons, stick works, maybe even better yet doesn't doesn't hurt me in any way.
does anyone else with its sensitivity thing and you have to sort of decide and in you you can make the decision to be like I'm not can change. I definitely do get we belligerent at times yeah, possess an idea that my first reactions like no fuck you up and then I got him, walk back issues. It's the same thing is when you feel after you should honour heckler, you maybe you're just going to set this up and get you know and let it go. what are the main problem with the minute. I think, with this kind of stuff is the all of us who we were goodies were hopeful we're the good guys and then We didn't realize that so much of clause of the eight the world it is geared towards people in a privileged paper I didn't realize it at that got toad. Actually that behaviour that, if it is completely normal, fucks this entirely, but people cause. We see ourselves the goodies off ass. We have,
I definitely had this year is the the good guy Spock you this whole vague. at that I learned to em like the whole jake. I value thing is just like. If you look that timeline of her how she to where she is now basically her car proudly announcing double doors guy by the way everybody and then pay o connor going. Ok, that's a nice gesture, but the books are done. I know point, is double the guy in the books. You talk about him, so you know it's. Nice You ve told us by a double dossier, but it would have been called if, like the look seti, wasn t yea, if the boyfriend at some point and that could have been no normalized and hold tight, we would that would have been better. I that, instead of kind of going okay I'll head as she went on the fucking,
go fuck yourself at its. This got to pay this vague that slowly over time, just escalate to someone who is deliberately antagonize in this entire community, because she was like because you that she thought you did something good, but that's why now in like so many films ia and they mainstream films as well. The villain in the films isn't it to be a cartoonist just out body, yeah, hey we're just why it is to be bad, the unwanted website everyone wanted to to cause pain, but now. But she's insight, social media and looking at people differently and a lot bad guys, oh see themselves as the good guy. That's import most marvel films the final system of that one of the biggest there may be many years. You can see it from his point of view and why he thinks that what you do. It is good that he's not like high up
the bad guy he's thinkin interesting. This is because we are starting to see that a bit more. We like these people who like occurs in a lot of pain, data their. I think that the victims utter gets even that Elvis movie ways down from the point of view of colonel parker sure yeah at its most exploitive fucking horrendous yet and it, but it's it's most of it. It's really just his point of view. His has the story you played against the allurements, your kind of broken depiction of of the talent of it yeah yeah. Those are the two sides. You got a deal with yeah. And I can solve them yet. His guitar monument You too,
am j caster in the hotel room talking getting down to. It is announcing tour dates. Today you can go to Jane J, caster dot, com for tickets and venue info and hang out for a second and I'll. Tell you some more stuff. So listen Brandon- and I talk for about an hour, we went down through my entire filmography title four title I, and even I did that much and will do this in the future to talk about actors and directors. But this time we went over the mariner graffiti, Which was engaging kind of getting that memory working Here's what you were his little taste of it and give your tasters a bump have a bomb of the mariner graffiti. How did thing happen that you doing the bob dylan like a rolling stone- I don't know you door, you part of that. I was not know. It just happened.
fuck, I didn't even remember, but that was like a big deal like it was like it was this montage of people singing. I didn't even remember what song ran like a rolling stone was a. It was an interactive video. You could go to the website and switched the channels on a tv ad. Every channel you went to sink up with the person on vat on doing this all laughing ganda song. To every moment I was a big deal. It was nine new, unlike the like the pond stars and drew carried on the prices rising are there was no big deal So if you haven't subscribe to the full marin on deputy of plastic, get all our bonus content, plus the full thy beauty of archives, click on the link in the episode, description or two devotee of pod, that come click deputy, F plus,
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