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Episode 1372 - Jann Wenner

2022-10-06 | 🔗

Jann Wenner’s life as the co-founder and publisher of Rolling Stone Magazine has been chronicled in other books, but Jann says he needed to write a memoir to declare what his generation actually stood for. Jann and Marc talk about the importance of San Francisco as the birthplace of not only the magazine but of ’60s culture in general. Jann explains why the Altamont Free Concert was a turning point for Rolling Stone, what happened in the cocaine-fueled days when the magazine moved to New York, and how close Almost Famous was to reality.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck nix how's it going a mark mare- and this is my pod guest yeah winner, is on the shore today he is the co founder of rome stone magazine, he was known for candy the rolling stone interview in the magazine. Any gave dozens of two Did writers their big breaks, yasser cafe, Did the rock and roll hall of fame he's got a memoir out called like a rolling stone. I got it. I got a copy of that and I was given the opportunity to talk to him, not knowing how I felt about him exactly. But no and he was he's like he he's like the the prototype baby boomer guy who went through the full arc of boomerang this year, starting with
the the publication of what was essentially a music max, but what sort of writing the crest of the subculture all the way and do cocaine, fuel insanity and into corporate showing of of rolling stone it. Just the full arc. Coming out late in life two lives and essentially to- different re, just he's a consummate boom, however, you want to take that, and he knows it. But you know it's also rolling stone magazine how many of your heroes, rover, rolling stone magazine? How many of your heroes were profiles and rolling stock magazine? How important was rowing still magazine to you as a kid I mean I'm fifty nine, how important pretty an important right I'll, say. So a couple things tonight: albion, livermore california, at the bank, the theatre and tomorrow friday, in carmel by the sea, California, at sunset,
center. You hear me can be a few of us, whatever man just knock it out, just in the work. I'm just a road dog road dog, but I would like to talk about the movie, I'm I mean that's coming out on friday to leslie A lot of you remember me talking about this. I shot this during covered. It was kind of the un I read about you, know having to do an accent in you know, taking a risk but eh. I did it took a lotta cajoling by the directive, but I did it and I walked in retie men we shot to sing on film. He shouted three weeks on film and I'm you know it was a very funny experience. I think I told you about it Yeah yeah would trying to figure if I'm gonna do an accent meeting with the dialect coach, because it was attacks inaction, There are several. If, if any so, taxes on have accents at all
the the dialect coach went with lubbock gave me yeah a bunch of videos to watch, and they were all of mac Davis, talking mac David, the singer songwriter and actor, who I think since past was the best example of lubbock, I guess and I studied MAC Davis. I studied mac Davis deeply. I made it for myself- that she sent me on paper of enunciation pronunciation, but the movie to leslie, which is a raw got, wrenching movie with Andrea aye, sir. I play opposite andrew rice borough, who is in just a fuckin, acting wizard genius actress, sir The movie is opening in theatres tomorrow. It's also available to rent on digital on demand platforms, and it's it's getting some feedback. I was told that howard stern sets nice things about me. He
I enjoyed to leslie raved about. Movie and about me and about andrea. even routes in the movie house in january, in the movie Andre Roy, arose in the movie, And I don't know man, it's exciting its exact because people are digging it and that sir, that's what want them adieu and listen. If you have any questions, for me about the movie or anything else. Actually you can connect. Beauty to our next asked mark anything episode for full merit subscribers there's a link to submit a question in the episode description just go to the episode notes on whatever app you're using and click on the link for ask mark anything. Send me a question and I'll answer it working geysers, a ton of competition for people's attention these days. So if you want to create a website, you're gonna need to stand out from the rest square bases of the all in one platform for building a beautiful website
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I guess I just talked to you guys on Monday, I'm just trying to deal had a road or guy wrote a router guy of these still com that guy snakes, my drain and hasn't been done a few years. It needed to be done and there's just that moment where I come up, and am I how's it goin he's like well, I think I think everything I've got out his here. Do you want to look at it? Do I Look at what I've lost. Do I want to look at you something the length of an arm can one of my hair, I dont do I. I know I'm losing my hair bit They know that much! That's like it in you're being but their yeah exciting. It is exciting. Citing to get europe drain, snakes in it Yes, it is My god shot out. father and his wife rosy. How are you bury? How
dad. How are you old man what's happening with you, after he heard me talk to him on the lash. I talked to him the other day on the phone anyway, this does so impressed My word usage and because side himself. He's gonna talk like that. Like I've been do this a long time, and I think about things like I just don't get it. I could never do that its one, those beautiful moments where, in this sort of mild haze of of those issues, and you know it in him, so being a little more open. Somehow in a way you have it's nice when he can determine that. I may separate person from him that does different things, not just some kind strange psychic appendage or actual limb. It's it's nice when he realizes in his cell phones way that, like oh, my god, you can type you're an entirely different being and me yes. I and my own man
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After filling out a brief survey and switch therapists. Any time when you want to be, had a problem. Solver therapy can get you their visit, better help that come slash. W e f today to get em sent off your first month. it's better. Eighty lp dot com, slash w E f so. Yon winner is here was here we asked it out, we talked a bit. It was good. His memory like a rolling stone, is available. Now, wherever you get books- and this is me talking to yawn winner- who I didn't know Was jewish. And Our good market could save you.
At the book. They got to sign copies of the book. They usually send galleries. I didn't get those, but I got two signed copies like two days ago and I'm going through it, but obviously I grew up. the magazine. I grew up knowing who you are and I I kind of went through the book and a united there's a lot of stories. Never like my what I was curious, that's right as a gay. Since then stone interview with such a thing right way determines whether a rolling stone interviews, good interview, what he wanted. Standards for that live in this interview is based in the first place on. the playboy interview right at times is long deferred and death. Personal profile, Asturias. Very soon, is kind of interview as most every other kind profile Also, there was something called the paris review interviews or writers write in which they talk to them about their craft and how they wrote yeah they write in the morning at noon. Write all this kind of professional trade talk really, and I just thought
accommodation. The two right with these. who really legitimate musicians like I mean, take Jaeger, here for anybody with legitimate musician, so how them what they listen to who info some in great their music and then who are you as a person and a thinker that makes you write this stuff and take his attitude approach, so I was meant to be a deep dive into into the craft into the present somebody's head. You in you'd want. We would risk if you really to people who, in I thought were thoughtful sheriff deserved that lengthy examination, what you know not everybody did right wait. You mean surprisingly, depending on your most people,. people and they have stories to tell, but you, in terms of its craftspeople you gonna wanna somebody that's got some depth do by. guy, I knew one of the guys I interview one of the guys used to do the playboy interviews. I mean he used to go out he'd spend weeks with the peter weeks
guys do that to begin now. Now, this kind of unnecessary indulgence right, because I knew people who did that here and didn't think the results were any better. I thoroughly and I dont know what they are doing a lot. Our hang around. I do the garcia interviews huge linking we spent the essen spoken pot here on his his front law What back in his enemies rain here- and I am also upon him- who does everybody who did he kill? Who does illegal dude? Where have you been, California is illegal in watering places I mean, I learn the people just local we'd like it's a goddamn breakfast, I can't anymore, but in any case Why can't you smoke by any more closely linked to be the one thing that is it some too rough on my lungs and on your were arise. I was four years and then just I coughed and unpleasant. and what happened to your leg
fell down the court and I broke my femur, oh my god here, so that bitch air is getting old sexual. Yeah, but any interview I mean, I think the trick of it was there has been negative, interview that could connect really well right and only understands legible love. Obviously I am an iron, the players. I think people eager to do the rolling stone interview he act as such a wonderful forum for something who's. Never for a musician, as rarely given at length are taken seriously and in any I think at that time, at the beginning of the sum culture was becoming v culture so you know the type of music was evolving. That was exciting and new, and I mean it seems said: will you guy that was used. The magazine with ruthless right now, He was a jazz guy right. Here's a jazz credit very prominent, well known.
now how old were you when you met that guy? While I was in college when I met him and when we start rolling stone as twenty men ralph was forty eight, now, but it was jazz your thing or, like you know, jazz, wasn't my thing and mouth kept, trying to educate me and used to take me all these jazz concerts and see people play restraints of alone your kid when I was a kid and cause I get things. Jerry, garcia, the ends of the earth, s worst wear garters started up Take me around, but he at the time just raise your very snobby towards regional didn't like with the accredited right, but ralph saw the art in it sure the beatles and singers size. Oh he down Simon and the war. And why was saying its purpose Our farmers are on a political socialite form, but there, as a thousand mocked him, and so they are. He was forty eight years also, they would say. Well robbed me a forty year old man who can decide where these
if three sixteen year olds are twelve forty, four twelve year olds, yeah yeah. He loved that and I thought that yeah, but he had that spirit of youth and that and that and what he would you learn from him. Just alot, Giuliano moon, mainly about ethics and integrity and journalism, and the fact that you They should know yourself going into it. I mean there are no excuse for inaccuracy, sloppy stuff. the only experience you had in dealing with the journalists were nowhere and I had been well with the journals, I the year before or for ramparts. Oh yeah, and which ralph got me that job and they were exactly professional girls, but it did that define your politics now, not on my politics or opposite the ramparts politics. The ramparts bothers are like stridently new left black panther snub to have for you not that it was too left It's not that I disagree with any of the policies of the ideas, but the approach was one not and are not the
payments are not saying as unsolicited e on any other group like pens but generically approach of these. This kind you laughing was harsh and punitive and sometimes violent as evolved into violence. And, a day his riddle brittle understand how they get young people on politics and my point of view and roused by views it margaret had its claim innate politics of of consciousness, a sense of human justice and what we should be taught I hear what is a good resolution comes from culture right, an which happened in the end. I mean sure, but that that will be the protein unfairly kinkel and the embassy, well, you know, does all kinds of different sure do the bills of stones or there is a different kind of a thing, a kite say what these who else, dean conscious. us, and so we were there.
Evangelists about bringing this message a message. if kind of nonviolence, with a message of joan baez for right. When you were you, weren't involved with the protests that are all in or at berkeley yeah. Oh, I was very involved in it and but that's different. That's not kind of what I'm doing. Of came after that. We are now ok and you just strike the jury, reuben s, behalf right, right, dang, bunch, we'd like to that in the end and mighty hard thing, which really also vary last year way? Is that we're how you grew up? No class here but steeped in liberal democratic path, part where we got, would you go marine county, see both your folks, her or the way he relocated? There were you. Originally new york city was or they are from and was that's where I was born err. What can? What was a? What kind of business where your parents and my dad mother start after the war yeah they came. They are
each in the army and the navy here get married had made them. They moved to the west coast, they drove out the sentences francisco and I like a post typical, postwar couple pig in advance of all the where boom- and he had me his eyes, the leading edge of the baby boom, but they started a company Sentences go that may be Farmers has supplied custom made by before my eyes to hospitals all around the bay area and up until that time, hospice all had there formula rooms, hi, dad as the house was that they we would make their former he would make, therefore, is for them they can convert that room to a bed, and then they had this big plant in terms they did nothing. It turn out baby form. As in Kosovo, the round the clock. Were delivered by trucks with stocks on the side and to hospitals There is currently a crazy emmy like even want to hear about that generation when they finally knee she said you were there
lizzie inspiration come forth on, like that. I don't know I mean I wasn't from me. I think I was a baby with the last item, but it was just a classic. I am sure the story of post war, yeah oaks coming out to California, having three kids three lying. There dream he announced around yeah they're all around here, and I thought that was it. It was and away kind of model story for my jewish generation? Yes here and marine county in classical suburban sure or not not a lot of jews, and I know that a lot of san Francisco gee. Now we were, we were the minority for sure and neighborhood yeah, and you were aware of that. You knew you were a little different yeah and that there wasn't any active MM anti semitism. But. were they new york juice,
but not not practicing jews, sure sure. But it's interesting because there is like a history of like sort of bay area juicy go way back to the eighteen hundreds and they were mostly. I think german Jews were different, then sort of the sort of ashkenazi can enjoy your trip. You know there was that and I think, an aristocracy jew there was the that was what they were in san francisco. As that I mean it was very important. Family says zeller, box and so forth. Levi strauss was an absolute yeah, so that was never if there is any sense of ostracism right there, and I think also that the the temple there were pre elegant here the community was priesthood and pretty integrate into the city, so I don't think they had it now other other other places, hymns, has always been a very liberal. Oh you crazy. I lived there for a couple years. I never had any area what the fuck is going on there. What? Where do you live? I live done. I lived like south Van ness in twenty second?
in the early nineties, an emission I moved to the pan, handle a heifer year at clayton and yet I'll throw it away, but I will always felt like it was kind of floating. Then I always felt like whatever made that city exciting is exactly made, it kind of it'd, be I mean he was really. I never understood the power structure or the grade or anything, but there was a vibe in san fran gosh, I imagine you the capitalized on very much so I mean Frida, it was like you come here to be a freak. Not yet they free rivulet by you. There there's freedom there. Right and there's a history of freedom in services come going back to the gold, Should we not bar rico sphere and in modern times in the fifties, is the home of the beatniks right? and all kinds words as a very liberal city sure is a city that could give, birth to the rock and all seen there. It's a sea that who was too all kinds of people, and you could go there and be cave who you wanted to be an a and dive,
you know how to shoot caesar. Then, when you put that together berkeley, on one side and stammered campsite inside you a breeding ground for iraq, rolled students and share rugs and all you have and was one of us a moment in history, and it was it was a laissez faire attitude towards life and was a wonderful place. So you got you start the magazine, sixty seven yeah it's crazy early. I mean, like you know right at the peak of it. Well there the beginning of the beginning to sixty seven. They recalled that the summer the love right and the If you, I guess, I just took off that something was around like moby grape quicksilver ed the debate over the nerves were quicksilver messages here, the dad. Steve airline. Now there came a little bit like a little bit later, immobile came later than abbot, janis yeah. Ah, who else is run their than those are the same as the basic reason
Then, when similar moved a town, it was really seems to have gone there. they want a separate, came across the bay, whatever stockton guys re somewhere in oakland, open, glinda oakland. I am an moby grape came along during that. Like sixty eight time period, that's held a record efforts movie that I think it's the only moby grape jack yeah. That was a good man ray yeah. I like that. So When you put that you and through you and Ralph, what did the magazine together whether it was the first issue is that with the John Lennon cover who had Jonathan on the cover and was that, first interview with him, no we'd have every we move to start from scratch. We know nobody had not. I would know the warehouse, fine job aid area, an m, but You were previous scraps in pieces and things, and here there is some of local movie studios local record coming distributors head,
still there are no still from how how I won the war, because that movie was not a threat from that time and I are as such, promotional stuff having emotional cheese so, but we chose out when I was at what a wonderful fortuitous choice here, John Arguably the premier. star, the rocker, so the debt, in a movie about politics. Rhinos art became three largely helmet on riah Candia wendy's. It start to pick up That momentum immediately I mean. When do you start? You know I went and interviewed Ben Fong tours you know really years ago when I started the podcast. It was about midway through. I went to his house, but he just was very it's been unwilling to talk about anything in a way that yeah he was sort of like I'm, not gonna. Tell you that story not going to tell you that story now. We want to talk about a little feet and my car I get in. well, that there is now the senior statesman of shares in iraq, writers,
So I guess, but he certainly wasn't it will even really. I don't think he knew what the park ass wise ass. He thought I was there to bind zine him somehow my cook, but here was that it's gotta be five. maybe too that it is probably too nightmare. Twelve to that twelve to thirteen in the I don't know a long after we left there are now look. How we already are ya ya know, maybe I'll even doing this at any price, and I have such an individual. I think he just written did the big book on little feet so it was I'm probably on that junket, but he was just sorta. Like you know, I don't wanna talk about that stuff, I'm not going to. I got some great Janna story. I'm not going to talk to you about that! That'll fuck it! I can talk about anything. So now this book, the euro, I mean how much of it was a reaction to that hagen biogas, not none of it, but he wasn't you know it all market. Now I mean I didn't skipping what my felt about that book. I always felt that in reason I commissioned or let this other ones start, try
I, the story of rolling stone and in myself, as a person, postwar baby and yeah. I sat in the car It sometimes have you sought to the eyes, of rolling, somewhat rolling stones purview was the as wide it was right. You can really tell a locked antics, true story of this era, s generation rife and I'd read so made it were any good, but he is setting capture so but I to write a book. It did who who we were and we stood foreign and the importance of it points iraq involved here and there provisions it is made to america's aside here and to the world which I think has been substantial sure they have been ridiculed a lot by the adult press. They can only be to day you ok, boomer some raggedy ann. Is it's not true, and what's not true, the the rock n generation- yes came forward, stood for an Eric
for rolling stone and yet browsers right, all kind of equal rights. Yet the all the student, peep kids, who went to the south shirt as the sixties. Beer and freedom rights were from berkeley and from why campus right, but that women's rights, gay rights, blood, black rights, the whole movement towards human justice, the getting the drug war, I buy this into entire move towards a humanistic. You thought through rock n roll through rock, was one the great advocates of an in times a great middle class popular. these ideas about now. Do you have any sense like when, like because was a period there where, was idealism in the late sixties and then years somewhere in the in the early to mid seventies, your things got a little dark, didn't they yeah? Well, you had you had a behind. As all the backdrop was worn. Vietnam, which he said
violence in the of broad violence at home assassinations, riots, demonstration that was done yet. I am Angela. Drugs got out of control right. They shifted in the hay like in san francisco once speedy. It didn't get. Can crazy, that's. A separate issue mean yeah yeah, I mean, The idea we have arrived, I was, but it was a kind of psycho wasn't like us eyes social phenomena, the use of speed. Do you know I mean sky head twenty years, cocaine became a reality that we have different. That was a different class, but I mean where you go out each year, but I mean, but there but the nature of it. I think that no. I will run for out. You are there for all to much. You have part of that. No I'm! Now. I wasn't. Therefore, I didn't go to it now, but you didn't and when you haven't, imagine their yeah absolutely clear and we will
part of our rise to fame was our coverage of on here, which got us national magazine, worn lot of attention of taking a very hard you of it, but I don't think it was hard ass few how it wasn't as has been promoted, wasn't woodstock west. No, when I woke up on Monday b San Francisco examined- had coverage of it. They were calling woodstock west before happened or the day after before and after you know, that was the that here we have. When people there and I got I have some money cause. I go and people calling and it was horrible zach and no bathrooms. People are out of control again harder. Some are going to be to got murdered and it was a tall bad vibes situation. So I just read your silvery book on the pound as really good. I thought it was great book d ever I feel, like I know, really now maybe occasionally barrier so what a turning point for the magazine in uncovering a great sense. Yes, because I mean it that we have
stand up, and, despite my friendships with mick and rolling stones, really can tell the truth is about what we thought. It happened and lay the blame at the feet of various These were evolved, irrespective of what any based personal fields might have heard or make my get upset and we'll make friends value of friends then and an end, and we had been in business together, putting out So in england, oh, here's your phone or in that area, so it was tough call in a way, but not for me really. I just knew what we had to do, and I know that if we do right here my friendship with mic, would go and paused it will resume and that are Integrity was and honesty as perceived by the rears buyers health and by the artists we covered to be the crapsey critical to the exit
as an importance of rolling stone to everybody, because so many have so then we had to stick with. That was a big moment. Then yeah. It was a big moment because he you know you you couldn't appear to be that honest I mean especially since half the fucking world was air from the town, and you know your readership was there that you everybody, you had the experience. That was a horrendous if you're gonna gloss over it- and indeed in depth and deference to make these be, be it be done. He couldn't it couldn't be done so that so the journalist integrity of the thing was that with that, do you think that was the first time you guys really kind of god to see real journalism. I think we have been in it before and less does after second, after we ve been doing before, but never as powerfully and as thoroughly as that, we have done some really good journalists who things. But this multiple will involve the big take long piece. It was our back we have every way there was every opportunity to something special and at one
for us in our little publication, the national magazine war that here we are competent for when the yeah pollys big. What is europe public? What was your numbers and willpower? How many? What was your publication when he got things regulation circulation? Yeah I under without me right right now, we're small. When you started lies it. You have power well,. I think, as we start to cover the ninety seven two presidential election, hundred with another year, was it First time you use him no hunters to writing for the magazine and nineteen. Seventy when he ran for sheriff in aspen colorado, he's going to make the road dirt again. With his campaign slogan, he was going to saud the streets of aspen and put up stocks or bad drug dealers or rename the place fat city so that the he'll say those couldn't city highlights a little after the hounds, but you can't sell that city but
under started men when eighty come to your attention that year we are here angels yeah. I read for someone, so I run ales angels and might have a lot and then either at I had he wrote me a fan letter here and I said about how much like rolling stone here and really really nice, and so I wrote a max and asked him if he would write a o bit of the terry, the tramp on one of the angels that just died and you always have we could do that, but he was very busy running for sure, as your wife right about that, and then we met after that we mean It was see in this wizard coming at a a as crazy, so that was sort of when he was shifting into that gonzo approach. He probably facilitated balance of them yeah. I think we gave him more freedom for birdie. He had started by accident. He only came to leyla gonzo when he started at rolling some, but it was kyra.
It's always a prodigal is discussed in an billion only to put things and the we'd throw them together and call that guns are right. Book hell's angels is pretty straightforward, yeah, that's any of the straightforward reporter. Here he was a newspaper, Julia anna, during working hours and then vegas, which really that shove off during loading you he did. In las vegas and there we have if you're learning on a camp right. Seventy two can't yeah, then he was brilliant but a masterpiece and that it and you could see that he is worth having that big, a voice in poverty, I mean, people really pay attention. Other members of the press govern campagna and we really inside it there. You start get the sense it home. this is me falada, division of much deeper level, the rice meaningful to the public? upon of record company or or just music press yeah, yeah yeah. So those- as a fuel oil. Yet this is the new field.
It's er, you are able to balance it out. Did he had no straight up music press right and you had a big pieces investigative pieces. Your child, in peace, so that was where he felt the juice. I yet leading up to their yeah, so Now what about like the the these other writers that you you sort of nurture? I mean all these people were kids, again, we were, which was a kid right. Always them were kids, who are I got tom wolf, I mean he was kind of established right, but he was already established by the time right right right. He had done a few things, but growing market must have been a kid graham r. If the katy somebody I knew from college, we were in school together, berkeley, yeah yeah, so you see all the all. These people come up and the same with a lot of the artists. So we I may was it was a joy. I was really generational thing: it was it a climate sense of sheer purpose and identity. Then, because I mean this is the largest best educated wealthiest generation americans in history, videos
coming into a system just ready kind, taken over by sheer numbers and by package. As I said there smarter, we have a lot of money that yeah and not individually, but the country as a whole career was as important. Then people, an ambitious eu law, street had to get this. Not did we different it. Buddy I was into that, though I mean that generation I mean like I, I know you speaker, like I'm a late boomer and my you. I have a mild resentment too towards you early boomers only because it sort We had a better time, I'm having a hundred There are drugs, better music, not get out of here, get it. I guess but you know you also it sort of like you now get out of the way already well the, but there was a shared sense of purpose, ranking those shared with the audience and with the musicians and that's a galvanise. The people of the young people who, the rolling stone beer either came. He came with a sense of mission.
they carry a lot of more newspaper reports like Esterhazy house, linda who were look for a place to work with a new bargaining space, the apis freedom to do things, and we offer that two p, and we are open to young people, and so therefore people come to at the time when we can sort out that more talented among them Every sense of the word conflict of interest. I mobile and win relationship with record companies or the artist. Sir, did you just pickle you liked, and that was that we picture we. I did. That was that in an and we this house is that we are isolated very pretty much from most the record business, this the pressures that we could be bought tube Nobody really few people ever really try to push our sir the other the usual handling fur. Cover artist or coverage. Will you do what you like, as you hungry and record privilege, to have started? We didn't give away its stuff or will we were now
movable in that way. Everyone knew that, and so the very few people would have approach us about it because, as I said, our integrity and are an art, activity. We are becoming a best. Sars only was critical to the success of these are the best artists only, but you know it was a handful of artists fur. For decades, some man there were a lot of you not there. on a good artist around and we gotta remember used to cover the stones in the beatles dill endlessly he and his own too, for decades, yeah, yeah great. But true I mean you yet. There was a good debate on those guys yeah, certainly doing sort of evolved into something interesting than you springs, in his while you guys are seen to be good friends and can have been on drain for a long time. These revolving artisan, as I call the rolling stock record reviews. That was the star system right. There was last hour to started so you end in seems like you covered most me, it coming in. That department was active neo, but then,
slowly. The number of workers being released outpaced everything in a somewhat everything was kind slovenia, groups, lectures inaction, sorry alarm, gloucester and sharing out there a flower club and all the stuff. India is too much stuff command. Are there but hard their bands, and I know you ve been accused of this before our their bands. You just will not you know indulge at all I mean I obviously yes, but I mean but like each other, there has been talk of a view, maybe stifling some people's membership into the rock roll hall of fame that day I feel like they desire. Is that something that when there is talk of that, but I don't I don't care? troll, that I'm not all that dominant can be have nothing against foreigner per se, nothing against farmers. In fact, I was very good friends with mick Jones sure, but big dude and the and I'd like to work. But you know foreigners name is for come up in nominating committee to be nominated me are you? Are you speed wagon now now
There's that era knock knock them right. You re not boston and sticks and sticks no money. Does that whole or no? It doesn't come IRA? I grew up in that, I'm with the high school and later on you're, not gonna, get involved, and what can I tell you? I tell ya every china gonna me that takes you: and pretty quick, but um, you, know what they're so I mean there's kind bon jovi, it's a gear for him to get in, and yeah eventually, you'll run out a guy still I'll get in villa they might not be around. That might be one guy le without getting wet moved to new york. By the time you moved to new york in seventy seven, a decade in you well established making a fortune everyone reads the magazine: it's got power so what facilitated move Why do we do it? Well, yeah I mean I mean san francisco isn't like weight at samara. This lost its relevant bullets. Let's, let's start there. This wasn't governing reason. It was in the background- and that was
something I hadn't believe in thought through the at the time, but it. once again be when those fortuitous by that, I am san Francisco had really not not. was no longer the centre of american avant garde right, cultural activity here, in fact, that kind of shifted back to new york, yeah newark, which it in fowl for the decade, then people more weight. Sixty seventy scale was economically compromise, were punk rock was sort of started that was until late in the wasn't legal seventies. Seventy yeah when we got there but the the one for this so seen them dead and moved moran and he added jobs amply had become the governance starshine area, but the railways. We moved as I had half the new york half in terms of an eye to run the place I had to consolidate both operations in one place, the business in hand toil sides and the magazine business in new york, so for us to grow and have access to the taliban pool of writers and have,
rising salesman, people who knew about the magazine as we had to go there? They wouldn't moved a sample First of all, you, your own operation is was still all our operation so that it basic was it. You know I had to consolidate and had- in europe. For the future, for my ambitions for the magazine to grow bigger any brought you at that time. He had three kids ready. I know had nokias already, o nokia, no kids We alarming you married ways with you from the beginning on re or banning ass. She was a writer not written though she was. She wasn't. She was sort of stars, the subscription rector by somebody why men ramparts working erewhile, hooker, Jane, Jane, eyre, and she wanted to move to your cause outsource. She was from and home second year. She also didn't want to be around when the earthquake struck. Sure right, I can't really not have yet but also there's. This sl lay in a zodiac killer near just time again,
getting dark and I've been going back and forth in europe for less three years. You for that. felt at home in europe. I am wrong, and felt more at home, and I appreciate their more really well, it's a magazine, town. Well, that's the thing san francisco, though san francisco ip, once they turn on here, they'll turn on they didn't. Journalists, but we were, important there. During that time I mean it was the era of bill. Graham yeah, you know Frances Coppola was there campy x was there, you know a case in the present, but What what was your experience in seeing concerts in san francisco? Did you meet there at the beginning of the acid thing? Oh yeah yeah, I mean so you were there at the first experience went to the various for a very second, the second acid test, which was with the grateful dead. Ship submissions hall, what was that weren't? We launch romans, how that will. Surely I was well into it that we are all really. If I was in college going, the first one And it was in San jose, following a rolling stones, concert yeah, sixty six hours
but those who asked tour before ultimate. They came back in sixty nine right, yeah yeah, probably so so how's that acid them pretty good pretty good. I mean it wild. That was the hourly shit right, the real shit. I don't. I didn't identify that, presumably so here and what we and so did you find not unlike a like a couple of people yeah, the guy who stands out the most to me in my mind, in terms of really I a fine. What ass it did to his brain was. Were our crumb like if you look at our crumb before his cartoons before acid in the ones when you know he saw, the way of you on getting those feet like. I could see how it shifted. His perception did shift your perception. I didn't
I like my feet, getting longer. No, no! No! I'm just saying your way of seeing the world. Oh yeah! I mean, I think, you're, absolutely I I I think we take lsc for the first time. You really understand how interconnected every bit of life is a right and frequency. Well, just it. You know all women things are connected by air, field and I think at least brings some a perception or like that these are the sight of that. You should respect all these things, that user respect the natural speck things orange, using my daddy insight sure as that kind of thing, and then plus the others, the vividness, with its which it's music, all censier aspects of earnings and when you feel things that intensity and DE, I think you always understand them to be of that it has he at some point along I mean you can't run
recover that info sure they know it's their point of reference yeah and I I I I feel greatly. I benefited from it sure and I think people wouldn't, I think, on the question of managing a correctly and before doing it again, micro dosing, save asylum alaska. I would hope it. You know comes under government regulation so that you think impurity, purity and and dosages are yeah. You know sorted out, says not all underground thing and or we don't have altamont again well, yeah the keeps make up the aim behind you. So I mean, I think, a lot of tons of positive things. The share by drugs So, but by the time you see here in new york or seventy seven punk rocks happening right I always kind overturned or no is now starting on a rise in here when we got this new york decide mood. I saw with the headline eddie I knows for de city drop dead we were welcomed in the city is the first time new enterprises. I spoke
a young when they come to this year's yeah cause a message is clear and then he a punk rock arrive from england me up and we had to decide how to deal with that and a couple you later disco- and it means the kindly old there was just a dream. up in the vitality of rock role at that time, yeah. Ah, this aeroscope groups were not we may get a big or small shouldered nothing right in all those who have the late sixties, early seventies, a big rock bands were kind of they kind of I told you I did not answer out action. Appeals were gone, zabulon was not allowing you know was towards the end of jacqueline, then at the same time, over movies came alive and remember that's when star wars, this whole new generation of filmmakers inspections. cobb, luckier lucas, radio, barbarism and come up with movies are really interesting, relevant to come here and driver, and so I kinda sarah artistic young people,
philip from rock to movies. At that time you hear and then back again and it was moving around, so it was a if in a lot of things, will moved to new but like for you, like you know, as I guess like do you consider yourself a writer. I was right and when I started out, I wanted and then I couldn't get anybody polish, my writing american moment so I saw my magazine, so you you see yourself as, moreover, a publisher and powdered came editor and then a publisher? And you know now to being a writer afterall Aslan, and I must say I enjoy it now. One people like did you ever like? There are other magazines around? Does your feels that the competition ukraine just started up again? I saw No, the only competition we ever really had with spin. Happen later right in the set much later here but Well, because we had everybody beat by that, I mean the you couldn't compete with,
level of talent, the assembled here, the loyalty in what dax wine to be with us, and we came out every two weeks so we'll be anybody is putting on monthly mangas he area cream or spend. I mean in the artists who- where would you rather goethe kramer rolling stock for christmas? a dirty anyway, I did you request or bangs at all. I you didn't know I mean he was it talented man by I fired him. That's what did it well. I just thought a lesson The clever writer body has just riding rifts beats savaging groups auguries action just got. Nothing you with record but gives a good referendum him, and I didn't leave the mission of rolling stone. Our mission was to support artists and analyze them. fairly and critically and objectively and treat them with respect. You know, yeah lesser bands didn't give us. You know anything about that. So so in interviews when you're entering new york is predisposed to this is worth cocaine happens, kind,
yeah. I guess in that time, because there is started before that it was, I remember, ran alonzo risk, oh yeah, oh yeah, but death, but it seems like in terms of the of disco culture and the sort of the new york mingling of that that sort of aristocratic wealthy class with your nightclub life that all starts at studio, fifty fourth sure sure, and that obviously taunt based nonaligned cocaine, whales, hoppers in all sorts of how you see, but just just to the point he s, cocaine was getting very prevalent and sam cisco by seventy two three oh yeah absolute. It was all round and there is a lot of it in the office you liked it gets us it's irresistible in a way at the beginning, cause it's just fun likes you up and you're. Only after a while, you start to realize this, you don't get enough sleep and did this, requires an income of ass in vienna
in my book, I explicitly say right the question? How do I feel about now? My right say: let's dont do it. It was a waste of time the energy and money in the area. I wouldn't recommend any now when you doing what people I counter who's, this bag of drugs. All the time I mean did and exploration was sort of interesting. I mean he seemed to do something with it that no one else really did well remember. He was a doctor. Yeah yeah he's a doctor of pharmacology, hundred new. You know an unusual ability to use. Stubborn resistance, absorbing balconies of professional drug trade career, but destroyed him in can drink, I mean it it further his talent in his ability to do things and, as it does with everybody now nobody has survived. That's right! It's a big bout of king coca, jerry too jerry, jerry lot of arrows Helen, look at people, lie: stolen, tina, turner, yeah yeah. What was your like when you,
back on that. We which deaths hit you the hardest well John lennon step up my god. I was so harmless rule anna gazette when needed. Common? Yes, young everything was turned on us. I was just terrible. That's the end of an era. Yeah, that's the only talking about end What year was at eighty nineteen area wow? That was it like Nansen killed the sixties and John one is there of the seventies, he could kind of say that you know I'm in a broad sense yeah. You could say that as John said. Is the dream is over here? You have it Nancy represent hippy jug, gone too far, even though he was just an ex cop yet no yeah, I wasn't really an it was, I think it was. It was represented at the dutch five mainstream press. I represent as somebody who was of a five about it. They felt that way.
He s a dirtied up every year and if so, when you come in new york there, three years Nan Lenin dies. Has that change you as a change? Cassettes was to be the beginning of you add an a when wolf wrote bonfire but, like you know that exploration of of the beginning of eighties access, which sort the wave of that crashing now and crashing with trump and away right, Wendy. start in earnest well, in nineteen. Eighty, when John was killed, he wrote we were seriously establish sending your gun our feet on the ground. Where we were you know in in the mix of dig. Gold near groove, had settled into a kind of who we are. When you have an event like John dying, it really. Makes you think about all kinds, things that really set you back and makes you think who am I wrong? What am I, what am I gonna? Do you have find myself relationship when I learned from this, this syria,
It has you as a person or you as a magazine have both yeah. You have to really say what do I really want to get done yeah? This is what it's going to be of this life that can happen yeah, so that really shippers, tom and bonfire came after that there my idea for tom and he added bra jobs, brilliant beyond what I am and debated or had expected. Did she racialized? Didn't you suggest to him that he make him a writer and not an investment banker? We were and deadline after year and I had it was supposed to, but then he said you know I've thought this young. I gonna change it from a writer change a hero from a writer investment banker yeah? Well, I don't care what he was thinking. I was going to say it was a bad idea because I wanted, if I knew if he changed, that character be another year with that idea to go research, a whole new set of circumstances this whole world. That's me it takes me a year to research where, when we publish it the main character, sermon or have a close, a freelance writer and he changed into an investment banker, didn't make any guarantees
want anything to happen, but but or two innocent term? Totally I mean it, I'm saying: oh, nobody gives hell by events because, of course, it'll, be in the media, gain and gogo and yeah, where they call me there there, the people made so much damn money, masters universe, masses universe. Were you one of them now so so in the eighties, like also like you you know in terms of your friendships. It seems like you, many of your friends are artists, who are your best friends these days here now I went it. Mink like name dropping. I thought I'd want to do that. I always has no name dropping it. Just it's interesting that yo in light of of your life I a lot of times. We don't see. These guys is regular guys. it's not really name dropping the just these guys. You came out habited by the book to get that. Does the juice I'll say that I'm still exist. the close friends at some old friends of mine from Sairsville yeah. His name's me,
nothing name by either the animal was all his friends, yeah yeah, I'm really super close friends with german down John caught her two people were at. Install on issue, one, that's right that they are both cause: students, Lando Springsteen's gangs, spruces manner, here an alien and then them all long time, friendship, various heads of Michael Doug, it's? I met my douglas when he was streets of san francisco gone. You guys, still friends, tall great out, as I don't have you him. When he's as Kosovo, I'm not and you know that bruce yeah nah and I must say, I'm really close with bette midler and her husband, oh yeah. We we travel all together all the time and yeah. You just have a great time, he's still friends with mic yeah I don't see, make as much anymore. Mc move back to european new york for the longest time and states anna we're in touch all are life banging together, which I've put law.
in his book. Yeah ended when you move back shirt, so how does the the Your involvement with the rock roll hall of fame happened. What is it that advocates dwell ahmed, and had the idea of soil Ro hall of fame and some showed way. You know, I know what was an invite a couple. The work with you do it via the idea of putting together an annual induction dinner and an actual physical holiday the museum and it took about ten ten years to get this, maybe longer fifteen to get a bag of In the meantime, we were doing induction nursery, which were the most wonderful things in the world are pulling together for one night only year. The great one is my eyes and paying tribute me combination mars plenty of the never ever seen before. We start where we started aberrations of ours and guess I now it's a usual, try anything but then you'd neatly again. Are you I'd like mac and bruce and bob
I'll think like rolling stone together sas cycle. was tat. I showed you have form yet, and then I made this. It into televise it because the distances too good, yeah you keep to a thousand people in the waldorf historiae, pianist tape and put on tv v people say it now become bigger and bigger on a sober. You are you and I were the river. They instrumental people and an almost I ran the thing and put together an almost kind, the guiding spirit, yeah, say he was quite a presence for so long. Like I, you know, I was in a portrait, jerry wechsler in their recent franklin movie and though you did movie yeah, I had like I gotta, I gotta. Without did you see? I saw beginning about it said: payments there are three with the I call and sure they're their dad the hotel yeah. We got the fighting yeah, it's all in there yeah, but but, like I had, I was did a little research on the arctic and brothers and and Wexler himself and how he fit in and how they fit in, and that drifting because that all pre history
of rock and roll pre do when you start right you have a fairly healthy respect for all that was close to jerry. He was very helpful to us. He was. He could aptly good friends landau. He signed up When I bought emboss gags, you two are you these bodies is further korea, the so a record, and a rat muscle, shoals yeah, oh yeah, annum and I became very, very close to him. It was I'm real meant to me in new york in new york anum how so yeah he's a friend arousing. Don't we just rascals janius from could use your other owns a jazz got his brother's, a jazz guy s way, and then over the years we just you know, we became very social friends and when we did the rockwell hall of fame, we started working together on a daily weekly basis, and so we see so much each other and we traveled so much. I gather and is so funds. Erudite and sophisticated and funny I mean so, did you want a wonderful man?
It seems to me that my gear, somehow at some point in new york, just by some, stories in the book, and also the picture is that you are sort of elevated to this, this world of of creative people who are extraordinarily wealthy. You you were in that circle. At some point, I knew that they were all extraordinarily wealthy. I mean I dunno. They were. Everybody was quite successful and people made money for their success, but I wouldn't call nor any the art you need either. They are well off there I'll write you would you seem. The lifestyle shifted in new york from cereals oh sure, endlessly area. You know me your coming us where people go to make there years of an but these. These are not like billionaire type people in here, but it's a it's a it's a did did you know dollar drop in new york? I now a couple times. I found them despicable. Even then you I really wouldn't really have anything to do with it, can he keep it anyway, yeah yeah, you don't have to
you have to talk about him now. What in terms of legal waiter- obviously do you feel couple of. Do you feel, like you know that you stayed there too long from your down do exist in the magnitude. Where am I saying, with amazing I had always thought you get to fifty years. I'm retirement just absolute retired fifty bow take a bow and leah and almost there and ah, but then that intervened and it really started to foundations a magazine business very soon. actually in a new quickly This gradual, but am went very fast dominate they really suck the life of magazine exposures, stole all the apple and prevent microsoft and he's come, is Google earth so all the contents free didn't pay me a dime form right right and then took them ass. You re purpose it. So those with readers, our readers to the advertise without giving
at whatsoever of the life out of a right. But in any case I think I went you. It was time to go for sure. Maybe I could retired a few years earlier, but what year to return I'd about three or four years ago, our chief justice, there fiftieth anniversary, in nineteen and twenty seventeen and you feel I get. The magazine maintained its quality and integrity throughout the entire. None that I was yeah yeah I mean we, have as much money to work with two the end, because the advertisements shrinking and going to the internet, but we're still play a high, all the work here, young good for all the stuff. Just much less of it and all the same thomas harder in a way to do magazine network has more people. Obtaining was internet less money on Ebay? When did you change your size before that? I I forget: when
it's like those big sizes. I remember buying it. When I was a kid with the newspaper and then it became the magazine for now then became we changed format, a half dozen times yeah. I honestly think, although the big from great and as still high class of feel classical the magazine, style format was just easier, better read, we can manage the pages, but I fear I liked it better as a magazine media, The newspaper lasted a long time. Oh yeah, I mean it was we ve been telling with shrinking I've done, maybe four years before, and every time I bring it up. Everybody scream at me and yell me know you can. As the herder rowling's, I mean I was going to destroy and really when we change. It was for the better and ability now is sell your item by what you mean It is easier. I don't care how many, how many these did you guys do Dylan. I dont know think about eight or nine years, and over the years he remember bob,
famous for oh, he doesn't give interviews, deathrays, mysterious listeria and talk over the years ago, ten party long sir with that the later once you you know I think in the eighties you hit, he was pre pretty candidate, very straightforward. Yes, I mean we put a book called essential bob, Dylan and these interviews, eastern together, you really got a record of bob. I mean here like everybody else, we in our right, we were the one he respected. As irish, we respected him. We really want to support him. work on me now is the core of. install was that can set a valley that attitude yeah anna I did two of them a both were really quite good here, even though I am not talking a lot from his hilarious an arm. He did surgeries Michael, go more jobs and car. lower and bent on torres and, brinkley, an novelists charlatan, not france, and leave them here. I mean
and they went on every time I and some indifferent to do bob to get a different, when you view aiken, and was there a lot of it relative to how he felt about the guy there? No, I mean each one, he respected ice and these were all serious people. They all had a different point of view, a different thing they wanted. find out about european area and so is always exploring from a different we're done. So I didn't keep doing the same, undermine the same interview, how's your relationship with him. Excellent yeah he's all right, he's great good get along great. We have when we see each other has just laughed the idea as easily Funny you he's funny. Guy refining yeah I it would now also you know I was in almost famous for a minute. No wait till all my movies yeah yeah, I was in a. I was the that was the promoter at the concert when
the guitar player gets electrocuted and they leave before their set is over. I'm the guy chasing oh yeah, yeah yeah small apartment, I'm in there I'm there yeah yeah yeah, that's right! I'm the caffeine got bigger parts of line. That's a little bit quicker! but then again speaking lines, he meant speaking like try to remember where you are God gate. That was me. I was in the and towards yanhamu weaker, dig the royal report his chasing Some, as a grammar see part o dell near can go from taxicab. If got a fucking misery am now I'm in one taxicab cab. I'm times I don't give a jury looking round is not always a crazed, thou, say ya. Wanna as legend in attacks can be a re was definitely I it was for people who knew, and so how close was out to the reality. It was very. Very close, it was first. I always think of his love letter, rolling, stir and too these days we all work and it was cared about rolling. I mean that's what some reports did they go
and hang on the road. For while you hang the man get into it because I loved the ban. Thou must not always a good ben was not like loosened laid back and taken ass ever, but it was where's the sphere the times there was a true story: sorry about cameron and yeah camera came can't camera for us. I think when his fourteen and a half he had an idea right I'll get a letter from his mother for permission from to go on the row. There you go yeah when he's in high school yeah, run away. How many pieces did he right for you guys ash ida, ally's latka, here lots of them and you guys are real staple barriers. Are you friend to his the area? I myself now In terms of your personal life, you made tremendous shift midway through. Yes, I mean a tea When I was working at the book- and I was thinking about It- just seems like you, just the almost of us made a decision do to do this party or life differently yeah
and I was in the old days for to command the plaza warrior in agony our here. These things you read about, and I just you know I knew I was gay, bisexual will recall here's, your born net way here, and finally really impediment to my life rear how living my life for, and I am married I'd three kids and men. Wonderful obstinate! You have just actually wonderful life here, but then I with somebody else here made. It may complete sense in cairo, different their way and that you would you had this other kind of The social component became different area and more filling in its way and went on had three more kids yeah. How did you do that to surrogacy so you'd there, your kids, they are getting. You had to hear
to, and you had one written that we had agreed to gather ok me. Oh sperm got used how'd, you has more your business, I give you just look kids and guess: yeah, that's that's that's you don't have to do, and so we We live work and work Varick, we live close by the families here kids are all intermingled in being. Together and their much older right. The overheads or nurseries and kids are teenage. citing everybody fun. Everyone loves us at all, funding your ex wife, sorry area yeah, so everybody gets harry gets long great mice, there's not gone. Would but yes, turn out just go I'm turning very lucky was a tough thing to do. Who is very tough on my wife? Here and there and noticed hard on older kids for while year they adapt quickly, but you know so. I can very well and where do you remember your time
I live in new york and in long island the end of long island, montauk yeah, and try and spend as much time there as possible. It's pretty out there yeah it's gorgeous and the beach and yeah yeah yeah and then you're. It is wonderful, but it's pretty dirty energy boy. low world. There is a welcome. men and waking up one, never looking at the ocean yeah, it's pretty so like now as you get older and in your hobbled now, how you know the hamlet, yet habit. Do you do it back with any particular specific nostalgia about the past, that, due to Heaven, regrets? Well, I don't really have any basis read so things are changing. Matrix, I'd be happy of and all that money and not use the cocaine and waste all that time. Why are there a couple of people that I hired? I wish I hadn't hired lawyer disasters, but in the course of building a business you go through p,
of fire whose right and wrong hairs articles that current better complexion been published, some like epoch overall? No I don't, I'm a great life of had one will time is still alive and got great kid. me under the money in the roared to be able to live, complain and still enjoy it. Name thinks I met amazing people through my life's la amazing music participate in them amazing times both sir Vienna made with seeing you in political parts of american light from having a small any voice, but tiny, but still a voice in national affairs. Action in the country. Are you concerned about that now? Oh yeah me is thin. Now, yes, overwhelming issue. The time is really climate change and that that tie straight appalled and fascism. Well, straits ties To that I mean, I don't think you would have this
I miss you if you didn't, have fascism and never the state under the control of these wealthy, wealthy ear Well, the multi billion a year and internationally. So I may. I think that if you had it, really democratic this? I represent the will of people now yeah you wouldn't have caught have we would have solutions for climate change? because the demand for this none people our businesses want dirty work. are dirty aaron jersey, everything eroded by a rich people seeming certain many very wealthy people oil come. You don't give a shit we're. right here I mean what we're gonna do with their money, where their spinnet, by the way and in the arctic circle. What stores are gonna be left here? How do you sort of account for that as a guy who's who's been around as long as you have? Where are they that disconnected a different life or as they rationalize it, or they are if rationalizing while, they surely they rationalize and then they and they really want to believe that the science is uncertain or they rationalize it in terms of well
it's be a little erosion right. Yeah Yuki come to some type of just patient with yourself, but the basic fact is that they're greedy know and the money and power means more to them. It's like what are you going to do with a billion dollars, but what are you gonna do with one hundred billion dollars and what are you going? I dunno and it's greed and it's the same thing that supports trump. It's not just the crazy people, the religious fanatics or sign that it's the wealthy people like the cope brothers. Who fight yes, yeah sure cause. They don't want your taxes, they don't want pet. The task and ask is greed distance disease. I think your eye estimations, that's her, and I know a lot of people who got the wealth that libya some of the very nice, but it's hard to say what do you. Why of? Where does it end? For myself, I feel be very says I right I mean I, I still feel active
in politics and bitching about all time. Here. I love to have Roy some back to committee, a voice heard, but that that doesn't work away anymore. You know on internet is fast buggy news and sure deep analysis and behind the senior move whose every hour but It's coming around. You know it's funny. It's like I, I was in about rolling stone of my life in there was one it's weird whose people, but I remember a few years ago, I had to go- find that peace that somebody wrote in rolling stone about John holmes. Do you remember that It points out here here out, right yeah. I think I think mccartney was on the cover, but I just remember the article being so disturbing in it sort of like that. What that whole movie was about and Henry was yo. Indeed of an error and an end los angeles at a time, quite a piece man. Thank you. We did a lot of great journalism. I mean I talked about cultural stuff. You know which is.
Like that. I'm here and torres the edward who they are he is free and alcinous. There's so much good yeah. Well, you actually give life to talk any yeah. Thank you. Mark as here you go yon when are the memoir like rolling stone is now available. I thought Ellen pretty well, hang out for a minute. If you will and I'll tell you how you can ask me anything. This special story is presented by amazon and a cask creative folks. I want to talk to you about. gift giving like gonna by someone, a shirt by some one pants. by someone you know a set of spoons That would be an interesting give that would be a memorable gift, but but also
We they'd be like. I don't use those spoons, but marin sent me spoons. It was weird, but those are the marin spoons. They show people, but they wouldn't use them. Though the point is, I never know what to get. people and the holidays only make it harder. It's a great season to spend time with family and friends. But if you like me, the anxiety of getting the wrong gift can be overwhelming the ones gift. Being experiences stands out my mind as just being terrible it was I first serious girlfriend. I was in college. Her name was sarah and shoes, pankey but kind of him, but came Like you know, westchester jean grow up like that. No one grows up like that. So far, I have a reason. I bought her a ralph lauren sweater. It was not achieve sweater, it had to be a four hundred dollars, whatever it was just a a cable sweater, a heavy sweater like a irish sweater, it didn't it didn't reek of being ralph Lauren. It was like a nice sweater. I liked it and I gave it to her and it was like she'd might as well have opened the box and there was like a dead rabbit in there and it was one of those moments where she's like
Why would you get this for me? Do you No me at all there's a lesson in all of this. Why you might not be able to find the absolute perfect gift? You can take a lot of stress out in the process of getting them, which is why using amazon makes sense for the holidays, the grating right away. ordering things on amazon as gifts as well. You could just do it and then it goes there that you don't have to leave your house or wonder about packaging or anything else, and you can write a note with amazon news other than you. There are things you can do like when I order stuff off amazon. I don't. I don't write a note to myself kay man happy day, but but is exciting when I get boxes could actually never know what's coming. That's me so try not distress out too much with the holidays. Coming up, you ve got give shopping at your fingertips with amazon. Thank you for listening to this story, brought to you in partnership with amazon and a cask creative shy. The legendary deals at amazon now back to the show
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