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Episode 1373 - Zahn McClarnon

2022-10-10 | 🔗
Zahn McClarnon’s early experiences with reservation life helped him add some personal touches as a cast member of Reservation Dogs. But it was actually his experience with the musical Jesus Christ Superstar that got him into acting in the first place. Zahn and Marc talk about their shared love of working with Sterlin Harjo on Reservation Dogs and why it’s a history-making show. They also talk about Zahn’s struggles with drugs earlier in his life and how he actually used psychedelics to help kick heroin.

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A guy. all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck lakes what's happening, welcome what's going on? How are you today on the show. I talk to her zalm, mcclarnon great guy, to work with that guy. You guys have seen em in the second season. Afar fargo, west world long meyer dark wins and he pays off your big on reservation. Dogs he's been in he's been in a couple ass. Darwin hard Joe movies, but I got to work with a monroe's dogs, and it was a great he's, he's. A great actor unease is funny It can also be very, very intense. I've seen in many roles. Dude can be scary, but the as big unrest, dogs unique frequency of humor. I was very happy that he agreed to do the show I'd talk to him about it. When we shot,
and as I said before, it was such a great time to do that. was really one of the great experiences of my life an actor speaking of which two leslie is out. You can get it. On demand, you can see it in a theater a few. If it's near you, it's it's kind of exciting. It's got a ninety seven percent rating on rotten tomatoes. and no one has said I sucked, which is nice people. That usually say I suck, but they usually don't say anything, I'm not sure. What's worse, but it's all around grade also I'll be on court in tonight. I believe I know I'm recording it today those of you in london there are still tickets for alive taping of deputy ever the booms, re theatre on Wednesday october nineteenth I'll be talking with comedian and writer and jus David be deal in, go to deputy of pod dot com, so ass to her for tickets, also for
if you sign up for w e F, plus we fishery, satisfied all our promotional commitments that we had prior to the launch. So all episodes of the deputy of archives are now completely ad free and for those of you who already subscribed thanks for your patients, while those few adds hung around and for the rest, You now is a great time to subscribe. You get every w E F episode, ad free and full marin. Subscribers get bonus content every week, go to But so description on your podcast app and click on the link to some scribe or go to w t have pod dot com and click. W t f plus so I worked last weekend. When you go through the whole thing again, because I can't really understand how to explain it in in. I am always I'm only trying to explain it if, if people can sort of relate to it there, there are times where my my anxiety is compounded, my inability to compartmentalize you makes
a tsunami of small thing. Things turn into one large sort massive anxiety. fire and I am you have I got a travel this week. Next week, but I went traveled. Last weekend I was in livermore great show up there. Wine country. I think it is its unclear. We drove up me, invites a drug The car up, as opposed to fly, drove up the din drive up the coast, drove up the the Five one of the worst drives interstate five between here. In the bay area horrendous? it's like driving on mars until you reach a the cow, and then it's like driving through mars. If mar smelled like manure, and then at some point. You reach anderson's p soup and you ask yourself: has anyone had pea soup at anderson's it? Why
place still their wise at sign still there who the fuck drives on mars in ninety eight degree, whether in this sort of dusty shit, smelling strip of highway and and think, like a a apiece soup sounds good. This is a very regional, very specific reference. But if you knew you would know that anderson's p soup on mars has been. Forever and I anyone whose Eden there someone, I don't know what it can't be a front out there in the middle of fuckin know doesn't matter so we just and, though shows were good. The problem was last week, I told you on tuesday afternoon in my cat, my new cat, the kitten early, charlie beans, roscoe just was Eating am was pukey and Look I've owned many cats, I've had cats disappear, cats down. I've had sick cats, I've I've.
I've hospice cats but It makes no difference when one. Get sick. It's just horrendous for me, because I do I just assume that this is it and you just sort of like white. I get a dud. Why do I gotta Doug? but this cats great, I mean Arguably Sammy might be dead, but at its another story, but he's our yeah I'll figure it out we'll work it out. We ve got my probably fifteen twenty years so, but charlie sick and I gotta go out of town and amusing. You know I'm having a Cat sitters come over and sometimes we'll stay here, but that the whole thing is, if I'm not here, I freaked out and Can't we just get reports back is still not eating. He still little beauty and I'm sure he's going to die on the road. So everything sort of run through that I wish a stout, and I was almost in capable wrangling, it. Okay and everything worked horrendous,
and life did not seem worth living, triggered all by my kitten. being sick and not eating so either we drove home. the bay area for carmel by the sea I was waiting to hear you know the cat eight and then I heard back from a vat, the vet who I took him to who I am You know he still second back as well had taken, do an emergency ass. What are you needs a different type of, treatments on my guy got into my head and then to be home for just a few days: aunt em, and I'm just gonna hope that his fucking kidding and die or whatever is happening now taken the hospital today, no prior to be their overnight can be a fucking, cortisol fucking. it show through. Over time I leaving them, maybe even when I'm gone, that's where I was and then I got another email. It said charlie eight, he ate well and then my oh, my god, the it was like it
been lifted up. It was one of the better feelings in life. It was all lifted the cats, okay, every he's. Ok, it all went away start to realize. Like a looked over my life and all the stress and all the the should I put myself through mentally anxiety, fear My imagination, when left on tethered is really It's going to generate amazing things to make me feel shitty and panicky. And what do I get out of that? Why do I let my brain do that? Why does my brain do? That is the relief That good is that what life is unhappy, good day, because I was able to stop beating the shit out of myself for a few hours and also Four things weren't as bad as I thought they would be that's a great day, wow. It comes and goes, and I've got the capacity
who put my binders up and not react to things, I'm making up or my brain is making up without my consent, and you just stay the lie Hold the line mentally trick learn from meditating the short period. I did it, but I don't let thoughts drift by I stopped them in realise dude Your brain visit car that your brain, that's the road That's your brain. Look at your fingers. Your brain, hey, move your seat up a little? your brain. This. It's me choosing a song to play on the radio. The difference between happening in the immediate reality versus the just fuck screaming shit show of my brain. Screaming shit, show of panic, anxiety and fear profound. Obviously, so, All that to say charlie,
ok he's you are right. I don't know what the fuck it was, It was a cleaning product or just beanie uncap. I'm a little nervous now see. That's where I went. That's what I did. I thought there's gotta be a cleaning products. I think it's that thing that my the lady brings whether that that yellow fuckin stuff I've got to get proper I've got to have a totally plant based fuckin pet friendly cleaning products arsenal. There can be nothing made. with bad chemicals- that's regicide, so that solving panicking about cleaning products. How hu. I e go my cleaning products I want. I want a reason, but charlie's, ok, they're, all ok,. My god, oh my god. What can I tell you?
very exciting. very exciting. Zion mcclarnon is here he's in reservation dogs. I did it I didn't upset with him that show streaming now on hulu great show, and now this is me talking to a design mcclarnon you know it's like talking to a mike I'm workin on a cartoon. Now you are what you play. Now, our a rabbit, wolf, a player, a vampire empire rigour as taken vampire, they had a they haven't. They had to make it a brown vampire yeah with green eyes, we're gonna,
what they do now, that's right. We got. Everyone has to be represented, yes in the in the vampire cartoon inclusion, inclusion and we need the aztec he's gotta, be real, he's to be a real native new digital person So he comes from a a long line of the horrendous humans sacrifice and whatnot is that on the backstory? Not really so it's a show called the fuck. Am I supposed to talk about this? Ah, ah, yeah think so is it is done. I don't know they just keep every back in and that's the way animation is can be of. I know it's like you, don't even see the whole script and I actually think every time I'm in there I'm like is this. It is good to see his on again will see later and then get off There is no human, we got it. We we ve added more staff. We unjust,
the character better. So my episode you're on a lot of the upstairs, but our episode of the now you are you gonna. We are rather dogs our on her here, with what we ve done we were almost done. of this room. So am I For me, a fan may there for me, you're done Also sure have wants it. Why spinal thing? I did it with the right spirit here. In terms of you know who I who was guiding me or or eight. I just don't think I I was younger I was in college of his you're, not really a fully formed self. Yes, so. I was just wanna fuck you strip been just freaked out, didn't do the ways through the site those are wasted on the youth. That's for sure yeah I mean did you do I've done recently? Oh yeah yeah for medicinal reason dismal now what, let's of every minute like it. But when you do
indefinitely, do you trip balls or did take a bit and it's a queer me what microwaves amuse me, the judge but little notice. This, was a micro dosing. This was for full on, but we are with the centre and somebody a sitter from siddur yeah, so what somebody's got a degree in swimming guy. No yeah goes not only room is guys would hundreds of people before, but now just somebody who's trained in second alex it and trained in psychedelics, well, not just to ignite get it. Where did he get he he comes from and I can remember score comes from air, but you just somebody walks eater and you know you do. First, if agrees that there is a whole?
a whole outlined that you do you yeah, especially one You know my past with sober for twenty two years, yeah. You would think there have to be some framework there, yet tomorrow. You know a lot of work, but you know that's how I got sober was through psychedelic, whose through various piety yeah. So that's how I kicked heroin yeah through and through pay only yo. It was one of the first can underlying base that I started off on was purely meetings and then you know We are back into twelve step programmes as well yeah which is so I'm going to take you to kick the parity,
It's almost like the last thing you want to go. Do again, it's so non addictive. Just like cell assignments like I don't want to go. Do another set yeah! I mean that's what I went through and when did you get sober? Two thousand, so it's been a while yeah. So what talking through this mushroom thing, when you sake is like I've waited go for a reason, I did some empty art therapy, which is the there is in the chair when the light when or how are they doing an end, it seems to me that trauma focused and if you what the trauma is anything, there you are. You can move through it through that process where I think it's helpful, so when you do a guided suicide, been trip for a specific region with work on a region and what's it what's the process I
personally do for health reasons. Some some underlying issues earlier about dealing with. Ok in that that that fear of death is crept up quite a bit the last few years, and I was having our time dealing with it really and now the main reason I went and did a said here was it was it how manifesting panic, anxiety the fact that tab. It is all a sudden, his right here on an everyday basis. Instead, her somewhere If I can help you with that, what's up thinking about killing me. He always have control of an era bite. So how did it, how did it help it did help? yeah yeah. What did I tell you? He didn't tell me anything really that you do or use your trip and he's like grow up. Yeah get it together. Slapped me, on the hand, have had to answer
in a baby. You know our zion, you get to mindset, when you're under that medicine. I do call a medicine and we have to. Where are you? Are you kind of realise? It is not a big difference between here and there it's kind of a one year awake for here, I'm assuming or not Is it the same away? Yeah, it's very difficult to obviously put into words. You hear that quite often sure it's very helps you calm me down and call me down quite a bit and do here but what I do now as the meditation to kind integrate that experience on a daily basis. If that makes sense, sure I go back, there went to meditate here and remember the experience and that expert never leave me that, except that experience of almost a spiritual understanding of what was implied by that bet, there's not much difference.
it's. It's a yeah. It's a pollen talks about it, a lot it's just a reboot of the autumn and I recovered such you are here and yet did quite a bit for me just the things that are really important to you in your life. You realize that's, that's yeah think about that, yeah and- and it is that important and- and it just kind of kind of the onion lines, you're a bit to what's important. How long does the reboot really last so I find that reboots in general, only last, as long as to when I upload or mail shit, say four legged, clear the disc, and then it's like what I want. I gotta keep this exactly where the meditation comes in rp on a daily basis, keep the clean reboot going yeah exactly and it works yeah, it's worth quite a bit. so our episode of rest dogs on wednesday. Here I have no idea did you. Watch. Any of you know I am
So many of the seas- and maybe the dear old, kick me really who live here. Listening now giving me a zombie conscript, everybody would have you know you get those bundles you asked to. I lost hulu on the bundle must win because you rebooted now you're supposed to care. I guess I dunno, but I was pissed off. I was calling hulu so give me back my do not use the phone to call them. Yeah, actually carl know I have the account for is disney, Spm, plus and hulu okay and they answer their phone and had customer service and all that yeah there's all we've had to quite a few problems. Past them no shit, we're getting a lot of people are getting booted off and will do something about it and they they haven't done anything about it, to renew my sister until the latter, as not your dad. It's such a funny show up with. Is that the funniest role you ve done? Would you say,
as a character, it was the exact I, the funniest guy, yeah right. So could you so uniquely funny Yeah, it was a. It was something that that was kind of thrown into at the last minute, really yeah, I kind of just said: okay, I dunno what the fuck I'm going to do. yeah, let's just jump off and see what happens the night I basic character and people who grew up around and stuff. But oh yeah Yeah yeah did there wasn't my job. I was forced to play uncle brownie sterling your house. Why Gary's party ass forcefully Gary's part hot? He wrote that hard for me sterling deaden in something happening when their shooting the pilot one. The actors got cold, and he we oppose of montana and hiking in stern like three legs on. I need you big favor firmly, I know what's up sterility like? Can you flyer tomorrow in and do this part noisy
gonna pay me now I was I do I'm glad it worked out. That way. I love I love playing, big and and well. The thing is that, like mm, it must have been based on that. You know him leaving you and you gone down there. if they didn't know how big that character was going to be, but I imagine, like you know after you did it there. I thought we got to. Providers guy and yet sternum is amazing and I've watched him cannot grow up in the first time I saw you, I think, really and noticed was in that movie me go make! Oh you! in any. I was like holy fuck that guy means business I've never met gay security. I was when the only ports and of I really felt into hurdy after I do it then doing yeah yeah. I took it, took me a couple of days to shake that one. It was weird you know I mean I was moments were unlike spitting and be on sunday in the alley yeah caught now often unlike tear covering animals.
It just. There was busy. I go there right, yeah, so big bubble. I mean that was really me if I'm recalling correctly an incarnation of an evil spirit is always outweigh the ugly one. Was a witch pronouncing aurora skint scan nagy. Ah, I think, is pronounced, arguing, creek, ok around the yard? Sized if he'll be? I have you as long as among you guys, I dont do it remember leominster turn out China say that word be screaming us. Scared that crises creek craig. Yet a seminal and you are a la standing rock sue hook, papa yeah. I most people don't understand hook papa. Quota So you say standing survey. No Stani rock He knows the tribe sue yeah, which
kind of a derogatory word. Is it yeah we were named, the longer word than sue, but it was the french and another tribe up in, northern minnesota ah that damned de su mean something like the journal or something that cross in the ground. It's it's! It's! It's a native, swaying, it's something that says nipple. We are yeah the the tribe that I can't remember that The two french try foul. Yes, try butter, They named a sad because that in That's why you get laid down by the oh, you. I accept serve a financial year. So the air dirty word. So Why can we ve sighing yeah week? We call ourselves lucky what is in the others, not quota, dark quota unlock hooker. Those are the three god is its three: the languages of different types of language.
Is within the luck to people. Is that word dick? comes from near the cottage to stay up a version of the language and not putting in the right words here in others dialect of the language yeah these? These in the lakota use the owls and the non quota which The girl, unrest, Darya alexis Is not quarter from Canada who play so? Will you jack scrooge she's very funny so where did you grow up a gap in montana, while in nebraska was so button, Any reservation life yeah my grandparents lived in browning Montana, which is the blackfeet reservation. They left north dakota understanding, standing rock fifties here and
two browning montana, and basically my mom was born unrest in forty eight start dakota and by graph got a job on the black sea reza mechanic, so he moved or family from forty eight to browning in the fifties, so on Aunts and uncles are still up there. My mom's brothers sisters surrounding idea: there they married into the black we try, but there are like A family of la kutuzov live on the black sea reservation. So I twenty miles off. The reservation so that unusual for multiple tribes to be so nah I mean not. Really they just they're gonna ARBA grandfather, gotta job offer misery cities ate up, there is or is there that kind of tension is dirt tribal tensions? Your I mean there's. I guess. There's like joking between tribe. Here you know, like the pine ridge they oglala lakota will make jokes
at the rosebud sue. The second, you Emma clutter, ruin right back so degrees in the black feeble Joe ground. Are you there's a lotta teasing involved, but not any more. I looked upon me were arrival enemy of the lakota and so were the corral, but you know it's just more teasing stuff like right now, as opposed to territorial, so I mean what's your earlier memories of of cause, I I can't you know when you watch reservation. Dogs a year has a white guy. you kind realise like. I have no idea how native people live at currently, nor any other way I mean like I talked to sterling about. I read a book years ago called on the rez, which I thought was good booze written by white guy yeah. I've read the fraser as you, and I there was a out of things in it. That made me, I appreciate that outside of whatever
of conditions, the natives are living in. There is a way about life that is thoroughly unique to them and I I think, stolen captures. He does very much so You know the humor, especially here, which has never really been done on a tv show before he ever theirs. what's humor involved within it, walter in a high people, family. Just like all cultures. Just It was a binding, but there's there's a lot of ok, teasing around a minutes were you know shit ass comes from. Is is my uncle my grandma? call me little shit ass. You see That is why I brought that I've heard yesterday. I I was improving is seen with the kids. The me pie stand in walked off, and I said
damn should ask and similar issues can we came out of a thing or running thing? Why mean I mean all of it? The thing that I noticed the most each it's the humor. It's the food needs to weigh the generations of respect each other. There's a spirituality, that's lasher, broad friend and animated here, and it's completely outside of our experience, and do you find ways in when you think back about being on the reservation? When you were a kid dear, we're being awful or good Why me personally, here you know I had this thing were, because my dad was a was she to which we call that's what we say in my language. While I'm here, it's vs his by my language there, but I dont speak a fly.
only for my language is officer here. You know somewhere to say a word on the language that line either. Why she toories awake- I oh yes or no, yes, are mixed and where's he from from Denver colorado den here is an irish little irishman looks like santa claus. Airy was is instead now so now, along with that guy yeah. Well, he was, he was pretty cool old, hippie beatnik obeyed dick worked at a gas station in the fifties, Denver and then, while that way about Neal Cassady was a denver guy. I think neal Cassidy there was a he used to have dizzy who have higher vienna are willing, as equals Damn. I know he meant miles: oh yeah, as a jazz guy. It was jazz guy but became like a hippie guy yeah, it's actually one of the wo
not only when the first people there late sixties, too early sixty to become a part of native american church wishes peel way He met my mom endeavour. They out. Took had me and my twin brother, my older brother endeavour and they went They ve got commune in santa fe new mexico, then my little brother was worn down there and then embassy there knowing how to donors- or I could never make it between town and santa fe boot up our little just a little community and was a commune goes down a native coming, just as he knows you here, because they were, it was partly native american church. We focus purely way. Hey anyway, we s native american churches call, but, as you have thy at what you gonna do with private parity. Well, that's that's! The sack Others have medicine that they use every week.
I'm not really not very weak out. It's not like it's now. I guess I do it the with the with the with the wafer they might daily a on sundays or another, don't sit there anything or your priority button for your sunday enjoy the next twelve hours yeah. It's is quite a ceremony. It does last for twelve hours, but it's quite a beautiful ceremony, and now he went up to the I ten anyway anyway. Do you wear your memories that do you remember the commune? How old? I don't remember the comedy. Do you have a twin brother and an older brother? I have an older brother and a younger brother, a twin brother, an older brother and younger, but their while brothers Rory, which is a good irish. As great irish name wrote roy to Tom mazuch, which is means iron hawk, that's his middle name. Here, my my twin is format. Is younger me four minutes. and he held out of him
no idea yeah things were going through in our fifties now, because of that really, oh yeah boy! You are dealing with. I love me such a beautiful guy. What's his names, hocker coup, which means the last one to come on It's a you didn't do it, my mother, who was the first to gums. Really, though guy go in your mom. Did that yeah, and my little brothers, spotted ores, which is to schuco glacier asked miss bonnet his name's j J after CHE guevara, ok and now he's kind of a kind of a little bit on Iraq boeing said: oh yeah, so he he's like don't copy CHE chariot. More, never fear around these people know like ryan, name's, Gerald Jr, and I say oh kj hey. You grew up with that name, but
There we are Montana was basically by first first memories. Europe and glacier national park, which is twenty miles off the rest, so you're dead up there, I failed to work for the national park service. Really. I were lived in yellowstone for a couple years with no kidding glacier national park alluded cuyahoga, valet national recreation. I note we I'd my friend dean. He was born in yosemite is his old man was party here we would see it or private europe or government school schools were like thirty. People in there just governor, employs from what your dad do on the park. I he was a trash truck driver. He started out as a trash truck driver and he worked his way up to a contract specialists which is like a genius fourteen So are you worked ass? Often in may living great living and captive? lansing and took care of his four boys and your mom. My mom is programme, Maria Theresa thirty. When he almost forty as our came from
yeah. It was forty years now and She says she went back to the resin integrity, merrier now big divorced and in the nineties. I think so. They were very full thirty five forty years. It is time it is Oh hippy beat that guy and in the gotta had a government jobs here, real use at all those values in yeah state of mind, that way of thinking and and working for the man you're visiting the park yeah he was in the park. He had to cut his hair. That is one time when the park service hired him to there was bringing marijuana into yellowstone back in the seventies. Lay out of india and who were kids it'll. Just it'll delay delay to the the seasonal workers work at the church, in other words, instead of the park with seasonal park rangers here and.
they sent my dad undercover because he the way kind look here was a little bit right here. I at that, but the cinema. Because he had experienced doing their best make yeah, but he was an interesting into in human being, I didn't have the bug the Ah, you know, I beg you, The buggy just was able to kind of keeping under control? And I don't know he, I dont it s room the cinema handful at times really really loaded area, and he just took care of us. You know no violence ya, some of that more and more just there is great. I urge you to remove your dad I'll go ahead, but They said together for yeah, but my mom is, she listened. Rascally alan and I was able to set her up quite well. That's nice,
he's very comfortable one. What town for ma hawk I've ever just in lincoln, were near. the cornhuskers yeah, it was okay. I did show there was pretty good yeah yeah. They were happy to have me yeah yeah, it's a good place. I you know I I go back. Quite often, people in the whole state where he was worried about those big states. When I don't play him on my comp, many people, women, this whole body ask is very, very similar. The tokonoma yeah probably a little while tosses kind of liberal, but also has a pretty liberal town. Is it so when did you kind of like come come of age. Was it the ear you'd amur shine? Did you spend on the reservation verses park, how thou work you relative in both places? The other thing is, you know, I'm being half why? Yes and being again my grandparents and take her a baby sit me whatever suit
really fit in either place. You know that, but it was it looked down upon or judged your were foods, your family, you know who are you you? Don't you don't look? You know you don't look full native. Where are you from? Are you mexican or what it seems like the native culture? absorbed a lot of white people out there f laid me at the about the in the seventies injury, but more racism in Tat are going on the board of towns etc from the natives are from the website. So you get. If about say they are not one of us from both shy area. So I spent up quite a bit. You know him being culture and I, when I became of aids like thirteen forty ass old, I started. getting more and more into my culture with ceremonies and ending ceremonies and a navy ceremony which is a sweat libya, son dancing, which is very poor.
for seven did you I do, but, like your old man was in part that right boys, he ordered right or american church in the suit all ok, any draw a put it away because he was white and bright. Colored said I'd need to respect this. leave its native people for the safe go with your mother's family and the end of this, a more you know when I lived in Nebraska I started getting into, more into my culture NOS twelve thirteen asked going to ceremonies and stuff like that. My mom point to me that way reign of shoes of supported it and you have uncles and cousins, I'm not uncles and cousins, all most of whom are open and browning my close miller and are still up and running life. He rose what system the situation up there. Now, like I mean what is it like, you know in terms of living conditions, and you know how I feel
Do you not in theirs? I mean there's a lot of community air, but do you know the living conditions? Are it's it's in the middle of the planes in montana, right right below the rocky mountains and media holden there's, not a lot of money and got a brand new casino up there and can become the the thing thing the cultural. This is about the money around I know I know the politics I earn browning, you know vireos, but does it doesn't seem like it does? I don't know how they are really sure I've. Never really, but your people, relatively comfortable. My mom is comfortable when other rare area with the, their cousins. Here, whatever is going to lead their fine fine, so Where do you go wrong? When does that started? around my room move the city for the first time which city nebraska
nebraska pause, hard streets, velma anything else. I saw out those weird, I alike, Ellie. I my house, I never seen an alley before, but I was here. alleys sure I had the streets run him. Well! Everyone here. Eleven ten, ten or eleven anyhow family mover so that was after browning our way out of our montana, after yellowstone after ohio for for two years, Yeah. I lived in with your dad jason in ohio, those national part. They open our national park and I hold Kyle valley, not recreational. She is right of cleveland, beautiful hair. So we moved out there s actually the first time, We have there no higher, like ten, I think, goes fifth grade sure way. So seventies. nine. Seventy eight, this
things are needed as one older kid I was drawn to those kids. Mr Van, are these guys are cool? Oh yeah fit right cigarettes like we read everything I mean it is Because then that was still, there were still like some of those it wasn't the hippies, but it was their generation just post, just rock and roll yeah, oh yeah, all wms, homer, rock and roll cleveland home with a buzzer yeah. I started listening to rock music yeah man, it's a great time, sir. Down behind hit the alley. three to run and all the families that are so I did you about your brother's a two hour. Everybody go. We all had the streets or, if the crew, with the crew, with Oh, it was an experience I I'd. Never. I literally grew up in the woods
I'll come into the city city of assisted public schools and just a bit a new experience, I loved it follows a gun those damn woods analyzer good was a pretty big news population mars, gonna big big native population, omaha roses, but forty miles, The roma sugihara big big man knew no idea so way. It's a windy. You start realizing, how long between beef between hitting the streets running and visit before you. The wall and or figure out that you want some smattering pretty quick, yeah, lily s, fifteen we have ten years old, when I first my first one try to sober. It was a strange.
Periods. Eighty two ways tat was one guy strung out of it. Not now I was an hour s, smoking Yeah just got fucked that we get busted drinking and young. I got busted a few times. Yeah they threw me in jail. Is fifteen years old, oh yeah, you're, literally sitting in county jail like this, can't put image very scared. The shit out is what they're doing the alternative yeah you go. Do this or you go, do that you know, and I I took the the drug rehab. Oh you did at fifteen. So I started there states over that time. A few years, oh yeah, here we had a really cool pocket of young people in a hat in Nebraska S, pretty cool sure we a lot of fun and we all we all still some of my best friends, Some were still actually sober from the first time. their own alma. That's why
That's crazy! The old story in itself, somebody to write a book about it. Young people in asia and the early eighties, when the drug reacts were were opening up in these days you know courses the outgoing, these young kids here had smoke and we re in high school year in throwing them in their fear and in a lot of work Do we really have a problem, sure now they're kind of normal people, but base their life? On that? That's they learned and the end of the year taken, it knave is gone. Directions with it may still it's our normal right, they're, just normal right and they don't have a problem yeah. They never had a rule and also they got to experience that, like his back then and was still like just there one program, dude
As one program that was it, so you had to deal with these old, a a asshole that didn't even want you talking about journo right right, yeah, they didn't yeah. I spilled more new drink all that yeah we used to go. We used to go to conferences and stuff all over the country and young people's our europe of you act in our locked him for a few years. We want- tuesday and met Lois and is that bill's, wife and bills. Why wow? You did the whole thing. The whole day the whole fan club went to the fifth fan of riding go, I didn't make it. I stayed no highlighting allison friends. Well, the bodies went up to the fiftieth anniversary in I think those draw a really there it didn't start in ohio, yeah akron, ohio, akron, yeah, yeah, so what
dead. Did you start doing any acting in that time? Now now now what? What? What took you back out? Girls, is being young because you're eighteen yeah, I was eighteen years old when I went back out tried some when I had a blast. You know I was this young. He I am still in alma. dawn, omar but ended up down in phoenix and then into ally in the lady? How agenda? In fact I would school down there to morrow ever was those I went back out that I got sober again and said I wanted to do something in my life and what their phoenix arizona to go to a lexical school on with my aunt down therein and fell if again and kind of woke up in los angeles,
I yeah the acting bug study. So did you brothers get clean yeah here and there after they're all doing alright they're doing great man. That's great great yeah yeah, it's kind of fucking wild right, yeah, so you're in you're in phoenix electrical school and you just end up in l a yeah, I kind of fell off again a little bit yeah a little a little bit and kind of woke up and lost angeles in the eighty six Oh my god, that's when I was here at the comedy stores guys get more bovines crazy, that's where he ended up here, Where were you when I lived in my car and wilcox in hollywood boulevard, she just drove out here. You're a fucking ended up. Staying with people met a better girl. Here, ended up living with her and really yeah. But did you have a plan? No no plan,
I know he was just going to see rock shows, go and see rock shows ageing out in the scene, that scene up there on sunset and the roxy and all those places that was pretty crazy. It was crazy and it's a lot of fun is pretty unique time. I mean since a boulevard in the sixties was pretty magnificent in the eighties. What the aromatic hair mentally ill, fun and I wait wait good times you don't play an, What guitar you do little burma- and I you know I played more when I was bad- out there doing my thing that So what do you just? Hang around doom blown shit yeah, but I did blow a different way. I didn't do it up the nose right yeah, so it was a special club. He weren't sharing it with people. That is, is a solitary endeavor yeah right no hanging around in bathrooms, with three guys. We're ties,
you're on your own, we speak balls yeah, ok, stubborn man. I was those pretty far into it. So but during that time you didn't really have a plan. You're just you know, hang out, we workin no! at that time. I was new thinking about our sing about drugs, havin fun in yeah, the drug yeah. So I went. I went back to nebraska eventually and eighty nine off skinny and fuck done and, and I had a car that literally had a dead battery and I got to do recall, colorado and I'd have to push started here, saying to get a going we're as long jealousy and you're running away. He I'm going back to nebraska Craig. I head straight it dubbed endeavours are causing a mining egos. Your batteries as I know, they're just give me a push me out. I have actually brass, you know I got clean again cleaned up and
no yeah Oh, but that's when I got the acting bug really felt good for a little while yeah a couple of years. I was good. I started. I did some local theater nebraska, really audition audition for Jesus Christ, superstar. That was so okay as you clean up your human looking in the paper, I love Jesus Christ. Superstar is one of my favorite albums ever oh yeah and my dad turned me onto when I was a little kid and I knew every song and every Larry. I really dug into your brandy idea. a grudge. Could songs at great dad was a tim rice. You don't have to be christian or Jesus Christ, yeah, yeah, TED, neeley and technically with Jesus. So you had to You had the movie soundtrack. I bet you yeah. I was even gilan. Galiani purple icing Jesus tenure.
We did the broadway and he's still doing it actually to to this daisy yeah. I met him at a martin Elian in the lemley theatre. It's gotta be seventy something he is the only still alto, songs, do songs. Doing Jesus is unbelievable. These are chosen like ITALY in Europe that almost a religious suspension of disbelief at ted new, we playing Jesus yeah he's still doing it, but it's just you know. It's kind of it's still down to that. Intent is more daunting to oh sure, slow down, take it down an octave, and I know he's still kicking out those screams oh yeah. Anyway, we would you play as possible. listen. I saw ad in the paper they are doing. They play at a local the theatre, vs, irreverent concept sire, and I said I'm gonna go audition for
I see why not, I can't sing a lick. I can't sing at all yeah I went and I auditioned I had to sing a song or did king Herod's song yeah. So with you rather cries, Jesus cries Bruno me, you're, no fool walk across my swimming, though I wonder then they needed they needed that they need a brown percinet, long, hair brown kid in all cast a war and I can give you lee, but we're gonna lie. You play in the choir an azure horses be representatives your represent and I fell in love with it. Man outside it is fun. You know the rehearsal pianist, yeah, yeah and and meeting the people and the camaraderie and the identity and and they're getting in for upon stage in front of an audience who's I enjoyed it fun and I just started doing local commercials
in nebraska on a local casting age. They did John Jackson John durban, whose, an actor he lived in l a and he moved back to browse could do that. He got me into it and he introduced me my first agent and in l a when I moved out to LOS Angeles of yeah ninety. So, what's that I doing now that Jackson johnny, you know you what's a guy from omaha the guy, you did great homemaker? I can I'm so bad, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, to gym and to nebraska yeah yeah yeah. He used to work with Jim toad. Oh he's a he's, a great film, a great writer. He wrote to now. I know yeah. He saw great movies. Yeah he's he's his casting director. It's going to drive me nuts, because I you know, I know the guy and I've new is writing partner. He did election year into the oven.
gender paying alexander. So let me do that, like a just, remember, alexander pain, right, yet alexander exactly pay. Now John John Durban or John jackson does cas all over arms anders movies and stuffs up acting as well? Oh yeah, I used to know his writing partner on election and on a cupboard. Ganem Jim Taylor used to write with a real with pain, yeah, yeah, bad or no he's demur de sondra, oh right, underhanded, great movies, eyes, brilliant at these brilliant dude, as you know, the the one with the family in hawaii, with clooney the descendants descendants as grandmaison, but also the sideways. His eldest side was holy. I know that's what that was with Sandro yeah. It watch a movie overnight, the wine
weinstein said when he takes to spit on the worry he's just like he finds out they're not going to make his book or just drinks of it's the shame just bathing in the shade doing what is brilliant. So so that's why, your was we partials and I came out to look? I got it make you do. I did locally college commercial. Okay, I did want for medical University, roma, medical, school construction workers, degenerate long haired. All time I did He's a venue a there again. The yeah and I came back out to tell you lived here before and new some people on
in the plane, with two hundred dollars of my I. He knew some people that you said now, man I'm going to do it. I was like in and out in l a so I knew yeah both are you. I got the queen people, the dirty people I had some support like I got. Iron got some support apple years and the road again in ownership for about ten years here, but but you workin during that time, I was so. I you get out here. You got representation governors and which is the difficult thing to do an area with them now, but so you had representation. Are you going out now? What what's the experience I mean? Is it sort of like yeah? We need a native guy year, pretty much dances with wolves came out so It will The thing out here called the american indian registry. performing arts vetoes a group of natives from all of us. I moved out here in los angeles, to pursue act. We had a registry and everybody would.
Mozart, hollywood, I learned with god, get together and would have acted classes really. You know you, dick casting people would come to this registry, fuck you for native talent. Really, so you were able to take some classes. Yes, some classes. There was that the first time you did it yeah, basically yeah and then I started studying with multiple multiple different teachers. Oh yeah, for the last thirty years plus they told me about this this or this. What what would you call an organization yeah? It was just a. It was called the american indian registry of store arts. Now so that is so that was in the eighties there was in the early nineties, late eighties. Early nineties will sampson wes studi. These are the ear. These are the people that I kind of came to l a not well but were sierra farmer yeah. We know these guys were word starting off in the early nineties so Whilst we know who's the guy who's, the guy who is in dances, were wolf
Andy grant here would have an ACA rodney Elizabeth, northern california, we're mary to travel. Europe there are clear so how many Many people you say was in that the registry there's problem, a few hundred no kids there I mean a lot of more living in los angeles at the time, but they would be contacted. Picture in the resignation of the poor, because you're casting could look at him, but the indians. There's something so this something kind of awful about the idea that you executives guy. Well, we need we're going We need a few natives now and Would you go down the registry and go through the book right? Go through the book of fun
yeah. No, I hear ya, but what are you gonna do now? We have you know we have native casting directors and we have well yeah. We do actually have native casting directors, Angeles mid, thunders assistant, engineer his name, Have you? No? Actually, I I can't tell you what what a thrill it was for me to be on that set yeah, because I could feel the excitement of every what did you like you? You were be. It was like almost part of history. It is pretty Two years later we ve never had a tv show with and we have but you're all off, but directors, writers, yeah producers, all media in you have affects credit for a fairer four take your risk here and say: stolen goods, thing you know I'd I'd, it was always a. It was real, throw fell, honoured, you know, and I could give you could just feel this excitement where it's almost like. You know it. It will. It was
It is the electricity of of actual representation in right now. I have to buy right Jimmy the network am, I still got old white guys it yeah that's right yeah. It's it's a great time. Market really is for somebody. So yes, Wendy. What are the first roles dude are you gonna, be the native yelling and the horse cut his stuff native number one set by the teepee our plane, because I look latino, I played again member parts, unlike the shield and oh yeah. Yeah and you liked it yeah. I was work man I was of his working and those pay my bills yeah. So and then there are obvious crept back in crept back in and he d kept a habit for decades or about decades.
Finally got to a point where I couldn't do anything so, oh really, just hold up in the house called the age in said, don't send me on any I don't get area, you know we all go war stories, man, I had some good ones. had to pull out and clean up again? I did finally didn't: did you go back out in nebraska again now I stayed here. Oh you did. I don't really know take. I was gonna, be able to do that, but I was able to do it with her. I you know I dislike myself ended the thing and are you they even check in again, I, of course I checked in, but reality did the initial detox because you got? but that was that the first time you got strung out for real, though like in a in a sense where you're like fuck yeah, now guys from Monday. This guy do the physical withdraw and all that yeah yeah the opiates. We were the programme now my guys here to kill and everybody
now? If only, they did them, but you gotta, So now we got out early. I agree: do we just you know any pill? you know I love. Is we photo jerry, jerry yeah, I just had ammonia permanent. Today, yes yeah, was. That was it. That was what I was doing yeah. But when did you know him when you were out? No, I'm in the area, not even in I met them at the gym over to how he would Y yeah with the hollywood. Why I knew he was. I read every book he's ever written yeah, I'm reading a no know: nine, nine, nine, nine, yes good, yeah, yes, yeah yeah, it's funny. I had him on here for that amazing guys, so talented, just as great yeah. I was just texting with him. I dunno, where I'd be, without that guy he's been a real sober drug. guideposts. For me
one guy in your corner. That's why does the guy guy has never? I can't talk about what the worker jerry Wendy. I really would yeah, hopefully happened here came close which is the last thing we, that shows doggone yeah we got a second season. Was it call called dark? amc. You work in a lot Things are good words you're every time where you had. We You know you talk to a. I talk to people from different nick backgrounds. And there is always a sort of like feeling of being of limitation. Type casting tour was there a point where you pushed back on that yeah and less probably ten year, yeah I've kind of pushing back on a little bit. I'm I rather stay from
feathers and leathers. We call it You know I moved ever got your call me, I'd probably get go back on a horse, but literally tonight I did. Feathers ledges on unless world, but with such a different kind of character that I didn't. What is first off you he's a robe, sure they would like, an image of what these people who made westward thought of sadly savage native year. Yet that kind of thing many realised this I these he's he's anyway. a lot of stuff like that? I'm that's something unique like that, but a typical kind of western yeah. You know I'd rather rather do contemporary yeah sure jobs, like it up. For me like when I first saw, I thought power highway was good movie. Oh great movie media.
I was the one that kind of like that was where I talked to his throne above that, to where I realized like was this whole world that we just don't not yeah in yo in yeah gary gary farmer and a Eighteen, as yeah yeah, I was a great film. As well as I do not like thunder hard as well when I first came out, which was john fiscal phil. graham green, oh yeah, I'll kilmer. What was that what is the reaction to the wolves? The I mean was a very decent housing and mixed reactions limits. yeah. I mean customers filmmaker yeah, I think is ceased. It's our general budget people thought it was a white savior movie and alright, because I think yeah that's right, because we mocked it and in the episode of yeah, oh Jesus, the first time you actually saw natives, speaking a language
throughout the whole maria, which was a luckily language here and down so there broke. It broke down, lotta barriers slide tat, always look at it, from that positive got me in the business here. what we can do it yeah yeah, first moved out here. Dances came out like having doors are open up for everybody and they did for a lot of us and what was the what was a long marcia. long, whereas any show we did for three season than the netflix picked it up for another three seizes just what kind of a country very western western share based on non craig Johnson's books called long. My area, which is a wyoming like that. Had a good run, it did succeed in. It was a great show, great people to work with the craig this is an amazing rider cunning. were to die. When's a little baby at dark ones is based on tony hellerman books,
two never will collapse and up long was based on a kind of the west. in setting wyoming we outlined. I wish that down his santa fe for six aided. The far goes did. I did the second season foggy at work with no holly, which was amazing, yeah, yeah, yeah, you you, you don't know what you're going to get you. You know you're getting each script, each episode, pneumonia, if you're gonna die or not, and you have no idea what they were know it's going to take this this season and he ended up taking the character quite far and and the color was a break our character. For me, too, I started working constantly after that show so yeah stopped in view of it Yeah yeah yeah. I know I do mark I mean it. I'm getting up therein and how I know trying to figure out what I want to do. For the rest, my like me to do yeah I know but lit
return to figure out? What I would do I want to do for the risk, my life. How do I want to spend them we're walking up your dialogue? I get now of california. Everybody from reason is. I am afraid that there's gonna be a water panic and everyone's gonna be killing had other over. You have water and you're right now, as we pay tax eases the taxes communities year, I mean, I know, really looked into until recently and realized hi they really are. The ita, no man, I is. How did you talk to say somewhere after one fucking and be fifty nine. This month have ratified. And I just started six next in october I officially started looking old, I think about a year ago, like I just started like have you noticed yet that hair's going yeah I've? I fell, I feel old. I I it's more nose will now you know there's one day when I woke up and it's like yeah you're old, now fuck.
No day mortality is right. There may be asked how we started immortality thing. I you know, I love the way I think about it more anything else is sort of like like I get rid of all this shit I got a lot of shit in summary, I never get rid of it. You know I really people more shit to me. Your view, it's funny, because my bodies gone to the same thing. I'm going through the same thing to I've literally got stuff that I can just I Take me a few days. The everything our goal in the garbage. My computer, again one all guitar. the pictures on the wall. Let's about that, that's what you got. You got on everything and I got a lot of shit, but that's a on the ground. I guy so there's. A weird thing is like pardon me, sort of like will have some come up here and sell it or you I'll give it away. I don't know what to do with this stuff, but their use, and I thought things away. Then would you go? I'm thinking I know
I'm gonna, do it. If I live And I hold onto the money they're gonna fucking, vancouver to ireland. Fuck you can. It cannot be ass David. after no arrange a lot up there. Man, I don't give a fuck. It is before them, and I was just until fino for four days feel its own vancouver island is beautiful. You got here is that where you want okay, well, yeah, I'm trying to say I'm trying to work it out, because I don't think aliens you get any better here I am here talking about the fucking. The stuff waters is water, but water, tat, you just wanna moved of their goods is beautiful, are not. Why and fascism? There is a big problem, your network into but I know how to get over the border, as I lived on that border, I can try and do it legally is that I, I know your home town on the trails,
yo. I live on the board of her for ten years in which would stay and broadside brownie montel. That's right. Their heads, literally twenty miles from the border and used just get around the guard post he's the by catch you another phone on YA tracker. I know right and probably dragged me after they listen year, five gas the guy ever, but no, I mean I here's what I'm thinking find a place a city in states. Then that's comfortable and has water, and you know the thing is like because I do they show you I'm sort of tethered to I could talk to people in person innocent were people come through. So as long as I im doing this yeah, it's going to have to be know. New york or l a or I'm gonna have to do. A lot of you know zoomed stuff, which I don't love doing. I think it's better yeah so within, but
two and a half years are between two and three years from now fast. Our thinking, like in there's little smaller cities it. I found appealing I mean it's easier for you. Do I mean you don't have to, doing out your garage in you can fly places. What are you thinking I don't know I'm thinking. I've got up to my and looked around. The wyoming wyoming is no state tax. No people either it's perfect, no income tax, no it's yeah, it's very small and santa FE is beautiful. I spent a lot time- is anything the wires knocking alastor nick I don't think he's gonna happen in our lifetime brother. You know how many teachers of a half empty lake means we have to see the new found in other bodies or what what happens if it good cause having anyone knows. I just know they're not going to tell us until the day before yeah right, Not this is not a water restriction. Do
use. Your water bad. She will come out of the faucet all euro? I grew up in new mexico. I thought about next collateral. You load. Looking. I was looking out there. You know in scenarios between, albuquerque and santa fe up. replace weren't. You know, like I drove a mile and a half off of fourteen yonder this. If a little pocket. You know- and I stood out there on the porch of this little house, with no cell reception and and just listen to the silence said that is amazing about three in its wider might back. If I live here, my from a supermarket wording, because I get like that two men, I resist. What are you gonna do just sitting out there by yourself by going I what what do you do convenience? You know you can't go to the coffee shop and I'm just going to supermarkets the beautiful area that serious and sure it's great
you're, not even away like a hippie town. Madrid Madrid needs our. I hear madrigal creeping azure address major dear commentary. Difficult goes down here, but also, as a swede, I think is a little mind tat but but like I was in pittsburgh, and I this is nice yeah. When was the last time you're in pittsburgh. I've been in pittsburgh. Ever gray live right there in ohio, too beautiful little city and it's kind of come in. I think there's a new wife to it and it's it's kind of stunning. It's in all their city water, bridges, hills. You know, nice houses, shady houses, yeah, there's a lot of this lot of a lot of people are moving out of new york and how to california and tools I go tulsa I tell This reminds me of a long quite a bit. It's great, but you know you start to realize like ok, I've just walk the four blocks and no longer in the city, a movie
but you're in the thick of los angeles. How many times a week do actually leave thou mark. I go out If you go. Go go, do comedy, I think, advert for the comedy store. Also do it every night. Oh you do yeah and and then wake I go out around here and like I'm, going to go to highland park today. I forget why I have a reason someone would pick up this traffic in on you? Does it? dude I won't go the west side, the I'm not goin. yeah, I wouldn't even take a meeting santa monica going to go going to sony in culver city complain: they'll, let that roll go yeah you'd have to give that role to somebody else. I'm not gonna make it over to the west side at four in the afternoon. Oh yeah, back in the day when we're really hustling going to three or four additions and weaken- joy was commercial law dishes on santa monica gods, fry aids for clock smiled at your feet, it's not gonna bring a tent gridlock at worst
the adding do a lot of that, but I just remember going It's always a sort of like a working to a general meeting at four. in santa monica for afternoon I'd. Rather You won for seven in the morning and I ll leave it four in the morning and I know it's not a whole day to get back, but sorry, I thought pittsburgh I told tulsa, I don't not something taxes, my think I think I will go with the new mexico dream, but you kind of have it still the santa fe little bit. I mean I spend so much time down there. I just got back from there. I go check on friday, for day and then I go back said late September format for what dark ones that's where the shooting. yes on down there time and people by houses down there all time low down there, all the time, yeah thicken, maybe, some down their staff had been not albuquerque, now I up in africa, I hope want to.
As people don't really love that book? It's weird because I had this idea of it's sort of like I'm going to go home yeah. Why do all my life changes area, reserving a second grade through high school? And I got it? back in my old man's ernie's, who is in his mind, you know, but I go visit and I kept thinking like ass can be I every time there mike I'm fucking, even leave the hotel. I go. We who mexican meals area and then am I put the fuck, am I gonna do here right? you're stuck in their labour them am I, for at least two years nine year for good when you do more. I'm Ella Ella is great, thank you and I can run out of water. Nonetheless, and woody it the idea of a source on this, and will you just saying that you would come cause you, we believe the illusion ray. I don't know man that maybe Pacific northwest- maybe I don't know I don't, but I with in terms of the getting older.
What I do know that I would like to not work, and I and people like you could not work at MIKE, I'm not sure, that's true. I would like to go somewhere and just enjoy peace of but people go, is not an inside job right now, if I'd. If I could, success. We pull my brain out of this race competition of proving the yo driven shit right. I guess at the big trick in its it's, it's a big one. with their own everyday know. How board would I be if I went fishing effort You know when I read by all the stuff you know you're out in the mulder from the boat, the big big, the bass boat fly. We get the best, the vast, the out the stuff I think you start tinier, advise that now it up a couple hours gang. Are you the guy? You finally learn? Yes
it is actually a love fun. It really is you ve done efficiently. I've done some of when I was younger a lot, that's how I got so were one of the four times I went fishing every day, yeah yeah bass, fish, I felt like a movie. Can I get is a river answer. Was that unlike visionary guy sweating, we wait for me. I dunno. I don't care, I'm trying to figure out where we want to do for the rest of the rest of our lives. You know I just to try it's hard for me. I don't even really know what makes me happy to be honest with you. I do kind of yeah I like to play guitar like to cook I, but I'm just really sort of like accepting that stuff like this is what yeah. These are the things that I find some joy in. Do you have those things I do I'll get? There are any of them healthy.
You are good, I had to drop out of iraq ammo for years really got off on that. You know for twenty years fast game. He has very fast game kept in shape and all that. But I had to drop off that little bit because of health reasons, but yeah? I own motorcycles. Lawyer, love, take off and dry the bike out I'll, take off long distance and I'll do a month on the road. Oh yeah and the motorcycle on and camp can't now the closer you have done that I have camped lloyd's. It's like Y Y, you! I won't listen in this town, for here we could be no to watch and see and understand what kind of bikes you go. I discovered two of em, but I have their own
David India, ethical hourly, You got a brother near go way slowly, she away whether feathers on the bike and packaging leathers those governments no further just do other good How can you man do men, and there you go. That was me ends on mclaren and you can watch seasons one and two of reservation dogs on hulu and I'd. Also, if you could like you, do a hang out for a second thanks. this special story is presented by amazon and a cask creative folks. I wanted de about gift, giving like gonna by someone a shirt by some one pants by someone you know a set of spoons, That would be an interesting give. That would be a memorable gift but
Ultimately, they d like I, don't use spoons, but marin semi spoons. It was weird, but those are the marin spoons. They show people, but they wouldn't use em. That's the point is I never know, to get people and the holidays only make it harder. It's a great season to spend time with family friends. But if you like me, the anxiety of getting the wrong gift can be overwhelming the ones gift, Being experiences, stands out my mind as just terrible. It was with I first serious girlfriend. I was in college. Her name was sarah and shoes. Punky but kind of him, but came from like a westchester jean grow up like that? No grows up like that. for whatever reason I bought her a ralph lauren sweater, it was not achieve sweater. It had to be a four hundred dollar sweater. It was just a a cable sweater, a heavy sweater like a irish sweater, didn't it didn't reek of being ralph Lauren. It was like a nice sweater. I liked it and I gave it to her and it was like She'D- might as well- have opened the box and there was like a dead rabbit in there, and it was one of those moments where she's like
Why would you get this for me? Do you No me at all there's a lesson in all of this. Why you might not be able to find the absolute perfect gift. You can take a lot of stress out of the process of getting them, which is why using amazon makes sense for the holidays. The great thing about It's about ordering things on amazon as gifts as well. You could just do it and then it goes there that you don't have to leave your house or wonder about packaging or anything else, and you can write a note with amazon news other than you. There are things you can do like when I order stuff off amazon. I don't I don't write. A note to myself ok man happy day by, but it's is exciting when I get boxes could actually never know. What's coming, that's me so Try not distress out too much with the holidays. Coming up, you ve got give shopping at your fingertips with amazon Thank you for listening to this story, brought to you in partnership with amazon and a cask creative sh The legendary deals at amazon. Now back to the show
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hmm. burma, lives, monkey and le fond carry angels are everywhere.
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