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Episode 1375 - Ralph Macchio

2022-10-17 | 🔗
Everyone knows Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso from The Karate Kid. In fact, so many people know him as Daniel LaRusso, he wrote a book about spending his life as that character. Ralph and Marc talk about his memoir Waxing On: The Karate Kid and Me, and delve into his life before the headband, as he worked with Francis Ford Coppola on The Outsiders, acted opposite Robert De Niro on stage, and tried to make sense of everything when superstardom hit. They also get into the protectiveness Ralph felt about the franchise when he was approached with the idea to revisit the character for Cobra Kai.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck nix of this is me Comparing this is my podcast. W e f welcome to it. If your new hang out, I am not brought asking from home. I am still in new york, I'm stolen hotel room in new york city. I've been here for a few days: it's been a great trip. I could tell you about it. Do they tell you about. I can tell you about it, but first let me just set up to show but today I talk to macho yeah that guy Of course you know who he is. He was Daniel Liu, so in the karate kid and now in cobra, Kai and in fact so many people Oh him is Daniel larusso. He wrote a book about it. It's called waxing the karate kid and me, and I think
Look. I had an opportunity to talk to ralph I'll talk to ralph he's one of those guys he kind of felt like he grew up with at a certain point in your life, depending on what age you were, I'm a little older, but my brother was certainly in that world, but you know he's ralph maggio and I'm I'm a fan of cobra kai and we are nice conversation also I'll, be in london this week. So if you dont have tickets to my sold out stand of, shows and still want to come to see me doing a live. W e f at the booms very theatre on Wednesday october nineteenth with writer. Comedian, David baddiel. It's been a long time since I've done live deputy. If we use to do them. I don't know how many of you know this. We originally did ride wmd. Have that we're not less the show they were multiple performer broadcast like I would we would do it at tat at a venue and there before.
Five guests that we just bring out in a row and do interviews with them in kind of riff with them and Originally we did it. This is gone back before we figure out how to make money doing the podcast without closing down and offering it for membership There was just limited things you can do. You could sell march you kid you could get. Nations out everything patriotic existed at that time or you You could do some other sort of performing. Why performance? We still pretty early on in podcasting. To wear that draw was you know, you don't know that we could make a living out of it doing I've deputy s, but they were special events that we recorded as content. That people would buy. We it set up, a pay site were those were made available and it was specifically done to try make money at podcasting, there's there's a handful of those somewhere, but dad
you're always exciting, and I remember getting artwork made for them for the posters and there was one that was like. I were glass I was so excited to have ira glass. In already laying on this panel and then, though, another one where we had a woman that was a robot expert than she made a little robot that that she claimed it stand up. many so I had her and I had george, those I there is some interesting bookings and they were definitely fun shows. But it's been a while, since I've done alive when I did a couple events as as interview, that I didn't love doing that. Of course, there's the terry gross one which was done live, but just by virtue of it was at an event in the Paul mccartney was done, live cause that was at an event, but the at, but the the multi guest live deputy apps. Our rarity but that's what I'm doing. In england, we were just trying it out David, but deals and interesting guy he's a big deal in england. He was a big comic performer.
In a dual he did the one man show stuff than he wrote some novel, some children, books and now he's written, he's written a book about being a jew, any sort of speaks out about anti semitism and in and how it how it, sir, framed in the current worldwide. In, but is an interesting guy in. I didn't know anything about him and now we know a lot about him and I'm gonna talk to him about it. Oh that's gonna happen, in in london on October night ethan, and then your eventually here it here so fuck. You guys I've been in this hotel how to know what it is when I get hotel rooms- or, I would say, six out of tat hotel rooms at I stay in. It sounds like the person upstairs is involved in some sort of, wrong game of marbles. I dont know if there are different size marbles. Sometimes it sounds like their small, glass or metal balls and then sometimes slightly larger once at a rolling around out there. I don't
going on, I don't know if it's a summons following me- and this is designed to make me crazy just like these- why would anybody be playing with marbles? I dunno batter, know what's going on at their sounds like marbles? It stopped now, which is good. I never know what the hell is going on in rebate because you assume like is there really a reason to move? Furniture were sex noises next door? Is one thing I don't hear much of that any more. I stay pretty good hotels, but ups, you're like why, why would they be rearranging the entire room? Why the wires playing tennis in the room. What the fuck is that noise I call somebody a bitter that happens, but I've been, since what tuesday night? What has happened? Since I talk to you, I feel, like a recorded, wondered record, probably wednesday,
but I did so. Yes, you don't know anything. It's happened. I came out here to play this gig for a kind of benefit gathering party at a loft We did the gig. It's called the soho session that takes place in this law often, and it raises awareness for certain charities and was me jimmy the vienna Jimmy VON who is a fuckin hero of mine from the fabulous two birds, so I got here in in an eye on that wednesday. On the wednesday I rehearsed I rehearse with Jimmy vino with the band with Jimmy Vaughan came in again a hero of mine. could not believe I was playing which we ve gone. I did too songs with jimmy vine and wine and the rest of the guys, but so we were hearst on Wednesday also on Wednesday dave mannheim from dopey the podcast he's over catches. They set me up with a way to meet, german meat into my face wednesday, big mounds of brisket pastrami corn, beef, rye, bread, pickles
if that happens, and then I went to the whitney museum, I am a member, I'm I'm a I I like to be a contributor- or I guess a patron of the arts and I'm just happy it why I'm in town, I can just go over there, but it doesn't always sink sink up with a major event, but they. add a members. Only preview of the show This edward hopper show edward hopper in new york. I think, is to show the whitney our edward whereas in new york. So I just made my way over there in that was fuckin spectacular, I mean just just unbelievable. And then on on thursday night we did the show there is great. There was simply I hadn't seen while their michael imperial we was hanging out. Loved his son played guitar was very sweet, good guitar player, and I saw some old friends and we did the we did a show and I only fucked up a little bit. I just fucked up the dylan song a little bit and it's kind of sticking with me. I've really gotta stop beating the shit out of myself any ideas, but that was
it was amazing playing with Jimmy VON and then after that than the net day what happened? We d- I did the tec run through or the beginning of the process of putting my hbo special together at town hall, kind of working logistics working. It set design meeting the crew meeting the produce is getting everybody in one room, so they could you break into groups and do their thing and then I went met brendan, who I never see because I'm in l a niece here- and we did this sort of day- hang we were went down. Avis alpha gotta, be honest as night. It is that you never salvos kicking back some bread to her to the ukrainian the war effort their food is gone downhill tremendously. It was just a bland plate of mush in different shapes. Some it entails on a very sad stories, thing You know when numb when a place set. You know you ve sort of you kind of hold dear and and
a kind of their trigger certain memories if its consistent, yet they they sat that moment diminishes. when ellison the foods, not as good as it used to be or that place is not there any more or that the stores now so their store her, what they do to the building the living where somehow or another. These were alive about. Time too for vessels compromised and it was a bitter heartbreak. Maybe bad day? I dont know. I have a couple of other places that work but Brennan. I we hung out for a few hours when Four hours the italian patiently place aged my grandmother when we came into the city had ricotta cheesecake damages your stuffing myself. I seem to be on some or to suicide troop of food. But what yeah we'll see you know? Who isn't I don't I can't seem to real it in writing. But yes, I also want to mogador, which other place that place. How that pretty good? That food was pretty good.
On Saturday. I spent the day would SAM website we do, will talk on the mike's and then we headed out to the tomkins where park talk some more their talks about stuff personal stuff than we went. Had the dinner at the greek place, qualities that It's the best, and then we went, saw ron carter tree of the ron carter trio at birdland. Spectacular because I was going to talk to him. Also sorry went to russ and daughters. Yeah got that covered too. The cafe had the bagels walks. So now, I'm just a you know wondering you know when my heart's gonna stop and getting ready to go to a to london today, that's how that's going Let me just take a minute here to tell you about our friends. It simply safe. They ve been giving w kiev listeners great deals on even better service for more than six years now we ve been telling you why we love simply say that whole time, because it's worked great for us, but if you ve been thinking about it,
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like simply safe, I gotta be honest with you. I've been here what so, what is it tuesday, wednesday thursday Friday Saturday sunday, so five six days and its fall- and am I fuckin love it, moving back to new york. That's in this. This the new vision for the future half time in canada, half time new york city and doing nothing but doing things that I enjoy would that be ok. I did zero comedy. Why was here- and you know what it was- fuckin tremendous it so weird about the the general comedy seen for me in new york city, like the comedy seller, I really think about it. It was just always kind of like I've got to know how to do this. I have to know how to do this room I have to I have to form well in this hard ass. Well,
It was all about knowing how to do it or or learning how to do it and just getting through it the best thing about it. Many sour was seeing your friends and I don't know man I just I didn't. I just didn't feel like dealing. I didn't feel going to new york city, comedy club, and just like you know hammering it out it just I don't know, maybe it's just because you started here. I spent a lot of time here. Just pounding my head against the wall and doing ok. I just want to see some friends, but I didn't even up many, my friends around maybe I'll go in tonight, we'll see just to say hi, but I just I just didn't do any comedy. I did all the other stuff, but the point being I want to live here.
It's you feel so alive. It's so great to be surrounded by all these people. There's no place like new york, where everybody everything is a collaborative effort it just being out on the street is a giant collaborative effort. The entire city, is a collaborative effort. You walking around with hundreds and hundreds of other people at every corner. Just everyone is making sure for the most part that things run the correct way? It is just a a petri dish, humanity as working. I was walking through times square last night and it's all lit up. It's it's. It's like it's almost like I imagine tokyo to be like a blade runner, except it's it's a little to american, but it's it's a spectacle, but you to see all these different types of people, tourists hawkers people on the street how's was people but also like you know. I am here in the Middle EAST. square, its twenty twenty two and I swear to god. I saw maybe a standing or an indian family moving through times square with their luggage.
They just arrived or they're, just weaving I dunno, I could project a lot of things. I'm saying that everything is happening all the time with thousands of people in new york city and it sir it's spectacular it. It is energizing and there's something that kind of makes you feel part of something bigger than yourself, certainly that being the city and that being the human race and that being the type of diversity that you see here, it's just it's just great and there's so much vital creativity going on here I mean just going to the whitney going to the bird. When club going to you know Tompkins square park just walking eight. I just- and I think I feel like I go through this every time, I'm here, but am now at a where I can sort of sea a finish line. I can, I can sort of seeing end game, not my death, but my pulling back from from
everything I'm doing just to try to enjoy life that doesn't involve compulsive engagement in stuff. I think I have to do because I've set out, do it? I feel like I've done almost everything I set out to do some of it. I enjoy some of it, I'm tired of some of it. You know I can take further, but no matter what I definitely want to pull back in a few years and the idea of having a place in new york to just take advantage of this. He then having a play somewhere else to to two just kind of with life in a relatively peaceful and destructive way seems appealing me that being I could drop dead from a heart attack or lose my mind at any minute. So look the book that ralph macho is here. talk about her he's here talk about his life, but he has his memoir waxing on the karate kid and me that comes out tomorrow, october
eighteen can get it wherever you get books the new season, cobra kai's. Now streaming on, netflix and This is me talking to a rough macho who we all know. awake now tell me is the lord in here. He saw my fellow telecast earlier. You have you have the the crossword yeah tell us there is even a is an old one. Even I think it is either I don't know if we ever got the year on it. They had that thing said never ever and people have offered you money. You never did a researcher another that I have done some research. I thought it was late sixties. I think it's early seventies. If memory serves, I need to have that right to issue back to that conversation, but yeah cause we
the media were looking at a word nor do do in the film on initially in trying to find a way out of your gibson. What kind of guitar? as big Springsteen van grown up still am, and so is always telecast or so that I won't tell em plus some you know gibson too big. Hard for a little heavy on a guy like me, o s, laws like the black customs, their heavy, unlike what three thirty five that would have been huge yeah. I like this, brings the connection. Yeah he's big tele guy, a big telling I'll tell you think that a whole tell her all the time, yeah yeah yeah. So but it's interesting to me that that there is huge, collector markets are actually ruining the the market for people they just sit in finding a cool guitar. I everyone knows that they have now with the internet, there's no finding that by really. I dont think that the period of time that that tell you his early at an important point in fender history, but because it's the crossroads, guitar, I you would do a certificate and take a picture.
right and then summum yeah when they saw the for fifty thousand. Our noses and listen I've I've signed many a guitar picks or they bring the men. You know of collectors and stuff like that to writing that light, lightning boy, martone or whatever yeah yeah. I know this is fun man, it's fun, but yeah. Arguably you know the ford seven for the wax on wax off car that I got to keep after doing the original karate people just take it, the the wardrobe yeah I took the headband and the car and a nuke. Can I keep this psu yeah yeah? So, but the more people ask about the the guitar yeah. I mean that that that, for I mean that's an old car
is that forty, seven or forty seven, I think that people who collect cars to drive on the street it starts in the fifties. Yeah yeah, those are the cool yeah, it's a rare guy that can be driving for yeah, exactly fifty seven chevies yeah, that kind of shit or sixties and the empowers and stuff. But I see you still have that car. Do you drive it? and being used in the cobra kai series of our money on air. It is the one it yeah yeah where's, that shooter atlanta, What are you drove down? You had italiana, how did it go down and they help to get the old girl back up and running off the real at sea? I was sort of a metaphor for my big, serene career site is sitting in storage about six seven, ago covered in dust on four flats and now it is happening popular inland. That's got his lustre back, that's great! You know it's It is quite a variety of had in my producer abroad to my attention that sort of, like you know you ve, leave puddle, and you ve done the work right and you
huge star. When I was a kid I mean. I think I was a little old, I think we're around the same age, but I think when you were popular, somebody was more brother whose, like two and a half years younger than me, I was like, was like in the same zone. Remember seeing the outside europe, but you always kind of worked. Yup but how you know, I'm in ups and downs and all I talked to was africa, jewish yeah yeah? Yes, I did I did I did. I just spoke to me last night and he said he had a great time and I listened to the steer. Whenever that was, though I just couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe how well he image that he matured that character healthy. Well, listen! A lightning! These guys who create the cat look. I show had such a smart angle in to sort out of peel the layer you off the villain and rail sudden dino put the ex here Oh n n is transit, midlife transition chinese, like you, have there they're both empathetic characters, but there but they're not as
as you know, defined yeah in the way that you are when your kids, like there's a good guy in a bag, is black and white bay. But now you know because age has happened here. Both guys have a little bit of both yup, you know in their own weird way now and that's and that's truthful and anyway, you know you're entering into you know, there's a little bit of good little bit of bad and everybody in. tensions of both our good, so why you route for both, even though your legions may change episode yourself. Is. He he's is where's, the enemy. Yes and your ego is your own yeah, exactly exactly right. Yeah he's he's he's still hanging it on one kick that got him. You know he's like the guy who won the high school football game who still talks about it. I mean not so much in the seasons now and during season five, but I can't believe a crazy yeah. I mean I just can't I was curious about it. I was just so tat and by the age of you guys, Eloy,
sort of it is the showing that it is those characters, but I think, there's an odd. he too, how you you're playing the age light We are as you have to and even when we do, you know any when they what we see in the script. It's time to go. you know, dropped the gloves again. It's like ok carried shoot. Isn't we play this as we would is guys in our fifty year? Not pretend to, doing the rematch. Like words, zero twenty years, only have that go, thou pretty well prepared, although they still on us in the music, the music the underscoring area is. Is it helps us with the youth in an energy and we worked hard at it. You know yeah, it's it's fun. We get these great kids, in the show, which is wonderful idea, awesome we have, they all seem really good. Now, it's it's a sweet show but like when you look back at the I mean this came did it come out of nowhere? Wake when when people when, when they offer came to you like we're gonna, do this again you in where you like. What were you doing?
What is your life? Basically, the three guys who write it? Pay it they picked the Billy first, I was the last guy in hopefully the most resistant, always real to an elite karate kid film has become a piece of pop culture and is of the many people's childhoods and as a as a comic, I mean that wax on wax off thing. Is the punchline know yeah, it's like the fallback. Just in case you don't have something fresh and new. You go to that. It's a home, writes a fastball down the middle. You always catch the plate. You know it was like, why mess with it. You know that was your visit and the great pat merida is no longer with us in that me oghee character? How do you move forward and a you know there. It was risk reward for me. The o a eyes of sort of held it and I write
At this, and in my book I read about the idea hell I held it to a certain standard and on a certain pedestal arm. So as to ms, quite russia, slow defined, yuri young, adult life yet, and it sort of it is different. It is a cultural touch me. I mean it's right, you know it's a pc history, yeah as it is exactly right and it's a lot of whether its know somewhere in there a guy in his forties, a woman in her thirties or someone in their sixties or a kid who's fifteen. It's like this movie meant something to me. So why am I going to fuck with that? and you didn't need the bread and then had not a lot, and we can always use a little more that I somehow he is able to string it all together. Over the years, even during the drier leon yours, but when they to me with this, you know I just seen creed
to a sort of the. How do you do the rocky bobo, how you knew? How do you do like wrongdoers, anne and not be rocking right right, and that was suitor kind of smart yemen through the eyes right, apollo creed, so air yeah sure so that china was was was relevant and presently at the time and then so the concept of taking ok who is Johnny lawrence. What happened? this guy after he took the crane, kick to the face higher thing and where, it larusso go now these these writers head had a away into the universe, but then, when they, about the kids. You know your johnny's son, who comes my students in, and gill- is sort of the millennial, Daniel rousseau, any I daughter being over protected now
Oh, I start seeing. Okay, oh yeah! It's not just these two guys fighting about ninety! It's not about you! It's not only that I mean you need that and it's tentpole, but it's going to honor the legacy as opposed to diminish exactly and that still no riot all right who knew it start on. You too now wishes it blew up now, but but when those mutations in those conversations when they were talk. my character. I am presenting to you how many kind of pitch meetings that you have to go through were you able to have any input. Due to a point beauty. His they see. The whole roadmap, their josh and hidden. Yeah and four billion. I you know, we see our characters We ve been walking in the shoes of india skins in stiffer close to forty years at that time, say thirty, four years away so you're protective, and I play the protagonists of the movie. The here
current quota, whether you thought the kick was illegal or not or bulgaria, whose a real jerk and whose there is no one to income. We have talked about that care in general because that's like, if there's there's any breaking news in this book. It's that that kick was nearly possible to release whose cs as written as originally written, but we are all that stuff, so we. The input was there from the onset, the guys in the very collaborative we are always talking that's up through, but they get the thai breaker because they are looking at the whole landscape, beer rife and there have. There has been pushing Paul throughout, but the long devotee of the cobra guy series visa is credited them save. I knew you're feeling this. But this is that way because of what we have here Well, are you here? You know you? Could you confront load every in front lord de guest stars in cobra. I is done in three sees it bright, bread, it
Some do you know it's been listen at, spend this franchise, his scots blessing from day one, and I credit John Adams, jerry wanta robert came in who wrote the original scrip yeah. They created a world that we go back to and now these guys are adding more colors and later in the benefit? Also, too is, as you know, unlike some shows you can kind of let these kids grow yeah yeah, you can get all read the yellow. That's three streaming service gay, give you you don't have to do the two at the two hour and fifty minute blockbuster movie right, but also just that, like because they're at a certain age, there's no reason they're not going to age out too quickly cause they can. You can keep doing karate classes, sure, like things is two years between him and you gotta believe that the guidelines welcome back carter like an eel you're, not all be sixty united. What happened there? So when you were a kid you grow,
where long island in new york we wasted on ebay for town, I grew up and dick self o ye. I play huntington's, not allowed the yet as yet era the pyramids great period, india, brick, they give you a brief. I've been Actually, I think I've seen the marin wrote obviously to break free of hiv aids right. They give you a commemorative to bricks. It's good club right near rock that you see rock. I am the last I was there and took my son to see god was an iraq show that now some mohammed am now is a bit like a rap lebanon and a lot of fun, a beacon of mainstream rack, wrapper guys blinking, outline and friendly for indonesia friendly, if yeah was your he's twenty six, now whilst my daughter's thirty, and shall be angry that you say that now but I'm only thirty two, so how this was done. It's crazy do raise you. Have these grown kid. I know, as it is crazy, but you you
seem pretty. I think one of the things about you. You seem well adjusted in an and also like I mean you Some of the people came up here in your generation. Indeed, ever made any bad news. Right, yeah, I'm the anti drew holly we get or, as I allude to it in the waxing on me yeah I mean some of that is my sensibilities, my upbringing, my parents, you how I brought my middle suburban, not tell you what you tell him, but then my dad's half greek, so I that makes me a quarter throughout as a lot of food. Let a mediterranean lotta olive oil yeah, but never you know it wasn't like sunday. Gravy issue requires that right of seven fishes on christmas eve was pretty american eyes ear, but everybody's on long island you get there. I am parents in the holy up yesterday. Very well. Then live has still lanes still home base, yeah yeah, but it's not not the massive big italian ensure fat legacy.
For this year way, minister, but but the fairly my brother and I about two and a half years apart and and my wife and her family was this summit like that is well. So that's I think, for me, I've kept one foot in one voice. out of it all right. I mean anything on very priorities. priorities like I hit movie about if the mets are in the world series, I'm going back euro until I was doing and eighty six You know, and once I got the outsider I came out to allay so we assume your brother's. How much with the younger two and a half years? And what's he do he? like my dad was sort of self made here. My dad worked a lonesome, you're mad stand, bought a pump truck when he needed to oh yeah about the the overflowings actually carry and then no in the biggest liquid waste
rio islands that might rather took off one that he's more than water, purifying, oh and on the other guy yeah yeah, yeah yeah. It's interesting that there be I do jobs and they may be great at their jobs and they may be great at starting those kind of companies and they seem necessary, but you you, you realize that some people work to have the life they want to have, but because, like I, love water poverty as far back as happened, one new done you for aiding and it led to something and then you just get a good business away. Then the life you. Why are you out of your job right? Exactly we do kind, I guess the true true he used to just work and not that he asked a trade, but I like tat, but it seems that we are so Stability is around him. I mean you ve, been with your wife forever at thirty five, you wonder: how old were you when you met her met her? I was fifteen, that's crazy, crazy! It was you know and we dated platonic lee. Is you know it's like kids, like kids from a couple of my
and then we always remain friends yeah. You know, well, my for our first date was seeing scorsese's new york new york with the liza Minelli, a kind of highbrow a highschool kid here, not necessarily just like musicals. I did like musicals wanted to be gene Kelly. I I write they write that early on in the book too. I that's what I watch musicals with my mom. When I was a kid really. You know the four thirty movie in new york. It was a channel. Eleven
and it had the gone with the wind music as the theme right yeah, and then you know it would be. You know whether it was fred astaire it was. You know you got to see all those old ones. Oh yeah, you still watch all the grub with that yeah, which is you know. It was like me, the instruments, chocolate, donuts, the milk home from school and watching movie musicals as ico, and the gene kelly was the you know he was. He was like the star baseball football player, a hockey player and yet dancer and yeah. His said he was your guy and he was my guy at that. At that young age. I mean late july, vigilant yeah, but did you learn how to dance? I did a little bit a little bit to a guy that could do a musical. I I did a No, I didn't musical car how to succeed. If that's right, there really great matthew, broad rigged the broadway origin observers at the revival, and I the national tour, but sounded go on for a year due by the time. How is this was ninety six nine july. I did
It, for you know, is like a little over a year. Firstly, ten and a half months, I loved it. Then I started getting exam seven job by then you're moving like one week, city to city at first you're doing for weeks in san francisco it's in chicago and hezbollah Schenectady in serbia, us zero million, and I warn you know I'd. Never you most of them. I did get the perceive draw, Will you have a lower, yellow drove vietnam? I found my daughter was fined for here. My son was a house plant at the time. It's like he added water and he has kept growing, and so that was it was an amazing year and so and then so theaters in my my blood, you know as well and you're like. Why didn't you do a thing with deniro or libor yeah? That was eighty six. What was that movie? What was that
but it was about a cuban american drug dealer Janeiro played on lower you cited manhattan. I was his son, yet the long hair in the matter. I ever read them motion gear and- and I was his son, who was to create a writer who is seen em sort of experimenting with heroin at the time and it was a father son trying to reach His son, like don't, do as I say, not as idea, scenario. How do you remember how old were you? I was just twenty four. Twenty five ok see europe, well apparent. Sixteen. I played sixteen for thirty seven years. That's that's the that's the dialect! That's why I go to it's a good one. Everybody like what do you like you, so you got to go study heroin. I got to go study harry you haven't, but it was funny cause de niro's like all pummeling, since you wanna go to one of these as emerged abruptly pretend
Now he wasn't telling me to shoot heroin ba about to go to his house to hang out again sharing gallery our my will resign. So I went down I walked. I walked the streets and went around miguel. Pan euro was clearly written. I didn't know that I called he wrote the pointed archive. It was short I should I sign or cheese assyria for so so one of the characters in the place or my dealer, vs, based on miguel, poniard, aware that until I, the sixteen year old kid is aspiring to That per hour earlier had been burnt. Young was in the play as well as might serve as a great. It was at the public theater. it was amazing. Run. It had to get a grip a week, ronald little. Ninety nine! we moved up broadway tanker and sooner was the hottest taken in town, and I had you know a crossroads was just finishing the theatres, not at last very long, karate kid
two was opening and the mets were winning one hundred and eight games, and I come out a little long ago, theater and be like you know, Paul mccartney, leaving shea stadium, for that was that summer. For me, that was like the probably the biggest of it all that was heavy. Were you peak adjust all of that happening here, then I wonder I get it. I wonder how that it's interesting that you have through that an end. somehow you did not. You kept here. Your ego in czech angle, you kept, you know captain your lane and believe you could really for the most part, Wait till we spoke about earlier, but for the most part, is its outcome. Asian of, like I said my utter ringing mice civilities and a maiden neuroses or my amendment, neurotic kind of knowing good and bad and may be being not taking the risky. well, you know you're limitation, though my lemmings regulate, and sometimes sometimes you.
To go. They are generally as an actor near it it. It probably benefits via too you go down those, whereas I would Always you know I really had to get past my you know what I'm cool when I was on the outside. theirs. They guiding the eyes wanted to get me a short and said: do not disturb because that was always on my door. I wouldn't they do the scenes I go. Sorry my lines and be ready. I wasn't it fulfil my ear mess this up in that we always online, but you have to relax a little bit and I learned that over time, a mighty kit and kept me out of trouble, maybe it's time to go the shooting gallery. I know him regularly. Eddie, it's happened here. Folks, it s going to happen. We hear you dear bigger you're you're. Here if your amazing method star turn as yet now yeah. No I'm just you know just a kid in a candy store. What so, how does it happen? So you're out there on in Dix, hills, yep, and you your way How do you get from there to the outside? Why, notably that was one ones? Were he cast it
over the country right her. No, not do not so much. I mean, I know he cast the bigs. The big casting story with the outsiders is that he had all the f it's a set, all the actors in the same room or watching each other, which is reno brevet with during his like use. Being a studio, yes right, where I had one from here apocalypse and one from the heart or in rumble fish right. Roma fish came after the outside rise, a double banger in tulsa. He shot them back to back and young. I was just in tulsa yeah in eight years plaques, however, the pay up, maybe the outside of their own, which also for fur waxing on do as he hit is going to do in conversation with me. No shared book made a book of Van book tore event and tulsa and that's where she lives. Now she still there while now. That's why man birthday it's fun. I'm looking forward to author to author now I could hear how I got two from exhale you commercials got a bubble. Young com.
sure above william, I remember Bobby, under a very low it. I thought it was. I going soft, curio urinary, chewed young robbery, if you didn't have to do any work. The flavor was gone, is a big deal to twenty second yeah and it's lovely, I'm commercial. I did two callback for the further for the reboot. You had the magic yeah I did it was. It was sort of like a song and dance here declare their technical skill in algeria. Then we have under lacking in every there. and then the first movie I auditioned. For that. I got, a film called up the academy directed by downy senior. Why maloney junior daily junior. As we know he was fourteen at the time and he was young on set in at the academy. Calm down a was resorted. I don't know that movie, but he was conveyed. No a culture,
about new york. Yes, yes, I mean. Is greece, whose palace and putney swollen honeysuckle desire grammar year film solos out one? It was at the academy of the academy was a warner brothers movie that was about written by, I think Tom patchett in jail, Tarsus, the guys you're, you know of the sit tom guitar says it became big, show, run a writer and executive D ever run and are always darted aiming at our gamey, tarts, air and sea. I mean I got the part, my carriages names, church bomb, ballade see, and I had a play. Everything like does. He was a mob kid and then there was so is for misfits from different areas like the rich kid from connecticut italian kid in the mob, the african american it was this is, is attempted making a syllable movie. I think,
think from my perspective opinion. I have the intelligence, but I think he jersey got. The job was hired to direct earlier. I negative pick up at one brothers, yeah yeah x, amount of of dough, and then they slept the mad magazine com because it- happen is as the ones who made the film animal house must have come out right workers, the poster right now right, so mad magazine produce did or now they just slap that on lesson that, after the movies cut, it also became med magazines of the enemy and any did some prosthetic ii Alfred E newman mask and they tag the little piece of footage at the end of it. He added it's a it's an r rated comedy. Our weinberg military academy is just weird is how it is a first for, but from there I went around lebanon was in IRAN. Libya was in it took his name off the credits
anyway after the luxury, great actor and hutch parker owes in it and please parker Stevenson's younger brother around the blood running paramount for awhile or anyway, so so that from their abc was doing some talent search. Ere I went in you know I had a little somethin under my belt audition and they put me they said assigned me put. on eight is enough. Ok, as I was rhine was too many and rising under that show. A twenty two episodes in This is all I'm role and with nigeria, and I just wanted you to only twenty one episode. They made money yet equal It's out to Santa Monica stated the actually. I got that port and two days later the actors went on strike screen actual industry. With three months I had an apartment as living bag. I'm calling the hotline for sagged to see if I was ever gonna working, andrea romania's enough after that, with the outsiders audition, and that was the one that no one here, living out here, we did your mom.
How will you know? I was just I was probably twenty or so you're hurdy, all enough. Noise in an isolated is nineteen torn, as you do that macho curved Xavier, like I was fourteen. So that means I oughta be nineteen or toys. and- and they came out, set me up and such right arm and they would go back and forth, but it Wasn't I wasn't a minor right, so the outsiders, go idea was the right so when I wanted. I read it when I was twelve year court wanted everyone. I read it yes and down, and that was still silver bells, a special place for me that debate looking moving fantastic, durham, cinematography and crazy cobler, but yet they have
audition go. Did he puts you? Were you in the room with everybody a wind of, and I kept, and he was soon Francis was very much like. Ok, you re pony boy. You read cherry red january, Dallas, f and switch ok. Now you read the rise in Europe that norway knows any. For me, the guys in the castor delay, Dennis quaid mchugh organs and the scott Those in that everybody will you? Those are our common area always come every one of you learn age, group, yeah, yeah and you, but For me, I wanted to play johnny and johnny only johnny, you johnny kate agri character and because I fully I, you know, we may regret about, namely with the guy. I guess I related to him being this or the run to the letter that the one that was protected area at a broken family life- and I did not- I had the antithesis of that- but
fear? I d say what are you so I'd challenges of blood and and and vienna, but that there is just a connection I just I gave a sympathetic characters. I sympathise with the and I m so having that opportunity wanting to only regionally in, and I talk about It is about that even today, the recent times talkin about how I wanted that on. He remembers me play Okay? Now I want you to read pony boy as they get, but just don't answer back the guy directed the godfather and apocalypse. Who do you think it's funnier? Youth is wasted on the young yeah, but do you know, and then they they went around the knee they want. I think he went to new york and brought a bunch of guys from cassia like Emilio estevez and rob lowe, and they went to new york and met and brought matt dillon in who got. Who wound up being the? both outsiders and rumble fish year.
And I didn't go on a trip. So I thought maybe I didn't get the non euro area. I found out later that that either we I was in the bank. Already I sit, I would argue, inherent in turkey. I would appreciate the call they my earlier. They they forget to call, but a lot or or maybe they were just looking for something else, but than eyes I saw good. It was a great gray. One on the reservation am super proud, so that what you like, I guess, Magdalen for sing was my bodyguard right now. I think he had over the edge. Alright areas should be as publicist than the man who knows that by tat he knows you. Are you friends way? These people are ones that are alive yeah I mean how do I connect with its weight? Man A leaf is still I've spoken to them in a while. So you talked to Dylan, I haven't in the last couple of years, but we connect because in new york we're both new yorkers and we've here you know I have such great respect for him and and his work and and rob lowe and thomas Howell, and
diane lane and doesn't love diaries, fantastic yeah there always Amelia. I was postal emilio for awhile for couple years after anytime, I came all the way out. Hang out, you know, hang out and those like me, being a hollywood guy in malibu coat hanger fantasy can be other good. Kids. Favorite is pretty good, is a good game yeah, but that must have been fun. It was martin sheen around did you he was a little bit. I did a film. I did a tv movie with Martin called the last p, o w and I ve blown middle martin through Emilio and and charlie, and it sir you guys yeah. They didn't. You then dinner. to me always always mutual risk yeah, totally different lives to leave and coast totally different everything sure it's so funny that the of that whole generation of those guys, because even like charlie sheen, when you think about using ferris bueller right, then for like a second guiding area, we have again been busted the stone or gay understand a year. This
cogeneration of you guys, but is down he's among that age right right, maybe I'll nea yeah in the surrounding area under lists a lump of ugly around there- and I was one of the oddly onward- the older ones meanwhile, on the outside is only swazi was the only one time older the air and I play the youngest smallest, but that's been my thing: yeah, maybe adds alike. Do you know how those records of india also already it's interesting? Isn't it, though, because you are were considered a child factor, but you really, while area that I didn't start anger. My first job till I was seventeen turned eighteen, I guess pride that pipe contributes Your ability to have someone jeopardy. Isn't I gladly child actors real child, agnes, its it? They they grow out of themselves, yeah you're. What didn't change your area guidelines, but it had yet, but it did, they became a double edged sword. I write about that. As you know, when I was aging Adam teenage stuff. But I didn't
mature and two young leading man right I'm still waiting on that, but somehow I see I stay working throughout. Well, I mean I haven't seen c thomas howell in in a long time, yeah in things. Well, he's he's doing his own, I think he's doing music stuff now and- and I don't want to- I know- there's something acting wise happening to him right now, but I don't want to be the guy to open up that Tom cruise. He still got his phone number. I think Tom crew. Is he still working it's doing? Okay doing he just had a movie camera. I think it was kind of popular once again just happening Yes, do that's what we do folks, I filmed it top gun maverick. Did it do it? Did everything right here right now? That's what I said: yeah yeah! I think it does it does everything right and we it's interesting in the press. Junkets fur inferred cobra. I now were hearing that like these are the two examples.
Do it right? No one is a streaming series and one is a multi billion dollar movie right, yeah yeah! That's! But do you do you? Are you in touch with that? Guy? Not not not really normally, but you know I bumped into him a few times and we you know, we just talk about how he kind of preserved, pretty well. Yeah, he was pretty good for our ages. Yeah, that's true and true, you know, and maybe who knows, maybe he is, it's been stiller, it's something you I'd never met in my life and he was he came up and he was talking about how his kids a cobra cattle rearing and he's here intricacies manages caught on a cool helium secondary walter. He looks pretty area he's doing I that monitoring Thank you. Thank you. Thank you got. The united states are now how cruises doing there are eager that some secret magic, their dark magic. Maybe, but so after the outsiders, karate kid pet merida was
various yeah. He was a stand up comedy the hip, nip right right, that's what it was, what they call Lenny bruce's my right about that right then, waxing on it was Lenny bruce's mother who gave him that that was his manager right to a wasn't. She heard his manager perhaps think Perhaps- and I know and start till he was like thirty yeah. You know into that- and he was you know, I talk a lot about levities yea and I talk a lot about day. You know who's arnold from happy days. For me, the idea So I mean honestly when, when I got the part of Daniel rousseau- and they were looking for who are we gonna cast as the great me oghee in this in his sir screen playin. It was too sure I'm a funny was the day a cure, callous our greed examines awry, that's m, as we were thinking yeah. They were thinking along those lines and air, but then was and they could not find me oghee, you know, and where was he was right in front of everybody
He was happy to hear I walked in their denied, for I had it so funny because now Oh and I allude to this in the second second third chapter I talk about The irony of my initial insight into pat merida audition, for mister me argues that this thing Emmy arnold from happy data, is gonna, be like you thought I had all these preconceived notions. Yes and The irony is years later. I went through that same o, ralph macho yeah, he's that you know you know you get pigeonholes. You're too, you know it's. It's conceive, notions, verses and then I work in the room and he is instantly biagi and I am instantly daniel rousseau and that union kind of chemistry was just from the from the first meeting where you could just see the filmmakers and just say this is done yeah, you know just the first time we read for four law:
it really. It was just so easy and so natural when, when you were brought in for it, how did we suggest a straight audition with him? I wanted. I do not know a bunch other. Do they re. I was in John appletons apartment giles in directive. Ninety, along with the chronically other, agree films, and he it was his apartment upper east side. Ah I do. I do explicitly go. Oh, what that guy was like for me here and I walked wasn't ere it. Well, basically, it was an okay sentiment, a script called the karate kid I was like seriously. Is this an after school special wanting to one knee a karate? any one year. The outsiders was out there, so I no I had felt on how the battery tread. You know you well, I did it. I certainly did very well. This idea was not. He thought I was gonna, be the biggest henriette world right great book in it well, but it did not too weird for people wait conceived of get paid
perhaps it is a it was a romance to to it all, but that was you was written by a sixteen year old girl, and so they shot all like we're. How much was shot I into studio now- we shall also all entails, one? You know what that asylum? Sorry if he was crazy, the sunset see with meat oghee. I didn't need nimrod official to her. Yeah now met. any right, so you and me back is ripped. So I get this at an eye in the title was just like I I joke about it in the book where I say god. This is such a bad title. If the thing ever works I'll probably have to carry it for the rest of my life and its and jerry launch of the producer. We see all the time when a complaint about the data use its eternal the title which makes it a great tied a here. Yet anyway, I took the train into manhattan from long island of studying. In my part, night go into, Wilson's apartment waiting, my turn
and their money. There is no just John John in a big way. These, whose way video camera the whole way, I think I met recognise some years later was John cry: a couple of people. Nowhere, yes, you know arm, and they were all lobby will making fun of the title and was interesting. I write about this. We were having the script we again preparing for the audition theatre still. additionally, the guy who directed rocky always gonna, miss major league. You know more about yeah, I know, but I remember, being kind of offended that people were making fun of the title. I made fun of the title or so, but it's almost like when you yeah I write, is vague. When someone says I can make fun of my brother, but you can't exactly yeah, and so that was starting to happen right away, which is kind of interesting. I I wonder if that's some sublimity, like? I was taking control of it. You know how that my morality adding more to make my sounds very good. I don't want a martyr will now. I think it was probably like you know you you're by the time.
guide to manhattan and decided you're going to you're going to go then go for it. Yes and I started falling in love right, so you had to you know you had to frame it in your head. As something worth doing exactly yeah, so I auditioned for Jon just talk and the mild dish and you can see on youtube. He posted and he inter cuts it with the first time, pat merida red, and it's really interesting- and I write about this and then you could have the visual too sure see the first time I ever spoke Daniel rousseau's yards unicef and Interestingly, it's kind of felt like the movie. Is it's not like? Oh that's where I, I did and I went to hear its order was not organic from Europe front. I put a little bit of east coast provide. Went to a mega little feisty next year. dumb and john was just holding those big james, bs, J, b, c camera he's kind of an age, ass, recorded, vs recorder and
reading with me, as he's holding a camera in his hand, he did that all he had the camera. All time ego out to lunch with them, he would be reduced yea and dumb. You know. He's to me basically goes. You know, I can't make final decisions, But if I were you, I'd start taken some karate lessons, as this is a pretty good sign on it. State as an idea, and I came out of the building- and I literally didn't know what to do myself yeah. You know that I that I didn't even take a cab. I think I ran all the way down to penn station and I couldn't call anybody cause. It's yeah. I didn't have a cell phone. Eighty three get you a phone booth, yeah right like superman you're, who you are so you didn't go out and start ruining your career. I tried exactly go down the alphabet, so so that some, you know that's sort of how it happened and then I flew out to l a and went no more hoops. I'm through better or but it's one
merida got in the room with me is when all of a sudden it was a sign, often minnows EL. The options were picked up in it were I go I thought he. I thought it was interesting if flipping through the book that the way that you came in frames that relationship in terms of you after pat past that you know what is left there is one of these, a classic sort of how we pairing yeah. That transcends you no time and an play sally, Now that you two guys I mean people will remember that and they'll be around forever yeah it. It is a. It is a a exactly framing of a of time a piece of pop culture. A piece of You know and I'll get I mean it sounds it. Sometimes they tell these stories and I I hesitate because they sound not in telling them, but as people get to like okay enough already, but it people come up to me emotional of all ages about me what
movie meant what that day, russo character meant to them growing up of what, not having a mister miyagi in a life or the mister Miyagi. They had in their life that they no longer have in their life or your dad and them would watch this movie. You know and what it got people through, and it says you know it's a popcorn karate movie, but yet it worked on that. human level it, but it is it they'll, because it is about a yo, a kid you you're trying to become we are. You know learning how to to be a good person. navigate, live fish out of water, yeah, bullying, medea mentors and having met them that per and to help using those stories that we owe that would resonate with a lot of lost your troubled, p, people that you had a certain amount of our brain on their family. Other georgia thoughts. It's really. resonated in and the I know got like I look at that. I look at the outset, as you mentioned, even if my cousin Vinnie is
whether you saw that one of those that kind of still hang in there. I just saw it recently now. So it's a late for dinner movie. I was flipping through and I'm like, I'm not sure I ever watched this whole movie and it was pretty close to the beginning yeah, but it's kind of funny cause. You know you, you start as all these people get older, like not marisa, so much but lightwood petty, you forget that he was kind of equity It's lighthearted kind of goofy, yeah, yeah yeah. You know what I mean now he's very you know, he's when you ll. Yes, he is because they all come back here, I'm gonna retired. You know it. Maybe not. you go out with him on that. So yes, very right, so so he would. He would come Alas, I met him when I was doing constraint, retiring kiev's. What I wear the worry is exigencies quiet you always to himself fear. You know who, as you know, they ve just got. Everybody does apache impression, airy whatever but for the most part, dino is very quiet, but he would at first
I first met Joe when I was doing cubans teddy borrowed with two near here. and uh you him. There are. Many was an uneasy get for me because that was sort of the beginning of the down turn of fort sumter. It is like so you go from the karate kid in so you shoot a movie and then it blows up and you like that, this kid in in hollywood, at twenty one, twenty, two, twenty two that boy you're. So what you're out here. Do by how somebody would it no no and so did the outsiders before the crotty. I moved back to new york, like my department, I rented was probably for two years on and off. Ok, the eight is enough, and I spent a year just you know, studying acting yeah. As I figured. Maybe I should learn how to do it. So I got the parts first and and figured out the crowd. You stop I so in that kid solace who is melting? This house's x Y you're? No, here beverly hills play how to care for you, no six months on off, seen, study here and that help it did. It did help
I actually brought in the scene from the outsiders before my audition to sort of ino playing defined, get some get some feedback. And that was here god you take me it's. It's is fun to go down this. open. These came here and closed tight for a while. Yet when he did that, though, that kind of teamwork would somebody I imagine was very intense and it, and yet I was analysed, it was away two or here's this I see now you do a great job has now. I remember exactly how this does happen. I auditioned for fred roofs Who is your answers? Scalpel is still pay. sir end and casting their he s, american graffiti outsiders. When do I get those dwyer alone- big cats dimension in all the godfather and apocalypse anywhere else, but I read for him and I didn't get a call back then the movie fell off and they warrant make anal.
did they were gonna make them then they weren't gonna make right. Then, when it came back and they were recasting again, I put that's when I went to acting class I was like I need so I brought in this scene that I didn't get the movie didn't happen, so no one got the pirate bay. so it was the way and the feedback was that I was in china there yet and I did I'd have you know why you're saying stuff- and I had the right look, but maybe not enough for the gravity also earth what what should be underneath here. So I took them. Hearten and started dumb data that when I went back in ah I mean you see it's not, as well is this, but I'm giving the broad street and then in us history would say I got that and I will always lie for that. I just think it was just about term. You know, living in it for their character and not just just because I had the law
of johnny Cade and I had the dialogue doesn't mean I had for what did she teach you do with wider needed to connect where I think some of it might have just been taking the pressure off reforming the audition right right, right, ruddy, hey here behaviour listening, I probably was so apt up that I was just doing lies Yang. The sadness are playing rye, the darkness, as opposed to the behaviour part of you and that's what the study helps you with it here just starts great minimum. Nevertheless, glass, you too as I got that part, I don't need this anymore. I done. Did it not true that true that so, okay, do karate kid and like what happens when it just killed? Well, I just you know yeah, I talk, it is a chapter in the book called the crane takes full. Which is sort of my the beginning of the afterlife of you know make the book is kind of broken up into three parts: the making of the movie
You know where to tell all a story how things have and then there's the after life. Yes, you know and then there's the lessons of data that are still giving back today, so That was zeal that was all encompassing a you know where to go into europe and doing the opening of the film there, and then to you know, karate kid part two, tell me a story about how the that you know in the script this crane, king Allah, here's the thing. I got that story, so the crane kick was written as you know his leg is injured, so he's got it not used. Leg at all near this is the best of my memory any of this stuff. You know like someone, your writing. Some from thirty four years with very five Eight years ago, yeah I'd say it's really about uncle. is what I'm remembering of these moments here so by, but for me it was. It was written that he had the injured leg, so he had to be able to throw the crane kick with one leg, throw it
and back on you like- that what it ended up being right. I'm sorry who's about. How are we going to do this, but they didn't exist? It didn't exist in my short, This is in no way the inception of the writer and robert came. I wrote his exact words, videos. It was cinematic. I made it up in our land, then he made up something beautiful letter that the EU could mention almost anywhere on the street and he added slightly medieval now reversal, so you know it was about how are we gonna do Argento with wires and and so, At one point I was like oh wow. This might not work I mean it wasn't like the movies, a disaster Make this area like ok, was more John appletons hands a director in and ass stunt. Later pad johnson at the time of finding the best way, Would she? Yes, you know cause cinematic the arms around ogoni on one leg: that's what everybody dynamic piano!
It came out of you that it is for a lap right away. You state still done any mme you'll see someone doing about ads on twitter and instead steadier, but so this Darrell fidel whose use a pat marinus, and he did the department a crane when dangled larusso sees it for the first time in fact suit, and he was doing it and He was able to to execute the kick and switch. His weight so quickly that are almost ceuta thought that he landed on the bad leg it all right, and so that was I mean it's it's not that brilliant affixed via its of what was done. So, how could you fluidly ex acute malaysia going up, throwing it and landing tack, and so it it was written eddie. Never you write, debase leg was the king. again I basic rights which kind of
awkward one. Anyone tried right, you know and that's what became of italy was about ok. How can I mainly Often we just get work out and working on it and it and we did and we shouted a zillion ways and really just played in low a low wide angle here. So what happens Comes this huge success? It now like. How do you handle your life? Yeah I'd, be enough their lemon. It was it was, you know, karate I did cried. The busiest year is probably crossroads. Karate could part two and then the cubans teddy bear on broadway. So those one two three That's when you're what I was aged door essays urinary, senile, crowded reality had deniro letter. It's not as I'm not taking credit for all those, but they weren't all holding their hands, but they were. They were all there in that. No, no, but yes, so that was you know it's a bit of a blur. Here
to me, and then you know that married and eighty seven ochre, I think, crews, married mimi rogers this same weekend, so that was for one even knew that I got married right, an ulcer. As you can go to each other's waiting. Now we do not let that my wedding was very much just family, friends. It was not. You know I had I had firstly, no one for managing those long island, long island. How do you get so that's a lie and, as the balance I read about is the balance in my life sure keeping we know one foot in and one foot out, and there were times that dumb, you know was ways by design It seems It was like I'm well adjusted and I planned it that way, but there were certainly year in the nineties and early two thousands when things were dry and I'm having to you know
provide for the family, and I have two young kid all that was some know challenging times. But how did I would just what you do? Did you take jobs? You didn't want, not many really, nothing that, unlike, oh god, you know that when a terrible, your area nominate- and some of them do come out that way, but it was the intention right going in life. I jumped behind the camera. Did some writing shoddy apple, a short film? how the hell did that is well, then reality around the nose after we we re connected it, sir. I I talk about this to one We went over twenty years without see each other and on paper passed away. We went to his funeral memorial and I spoke there and it was. You know it was kind of a wonderful seeing billy there and I had seen him. He was always we were for the first time on the same side of the matter. If you will see how it is when I write and from that point forward there
does it meant something significant to me that he was there could not the people were at patsy was in vegas in here it wasn't like every from the film was there, I'm here at sunday dad something else in los angeles, it was more widely intended right, but so will do so yeah! No that's when we started talking about I love of filmmaking and that side of it and he was doing his film most, which was nominated an oscar and I was doing a film called a love thy brother, got into sundance sold her hbo and ah yes away. I was that was about being creative and telling stories and but not having the money to make a picture in, but also learn I would show it to cope alone. I would show the John apples in india get some notes and me I had a great deal, you know and we get great risks.
With some years filmmakers, did you earn how how's your karate about the same as my guitar yeah, I make enough to make a judge to fake it yeah. I know I listen to dive deeper into it now with the the martial arts since everything it's more like you do in the cottage and now that ok now in classic emanates it that's good stuff to do physically egoisms. I tied Shia version of just me a body of yeah. I saw I I I want to continue that. Ok, you everything you know too takes longer to jesse. it up in the morning then, but it did. He added If the trainer to do yeah, I mean I have a trainer, they work with in new york, just kind of my wife, and I we just you know they serve it's not a heart. You know it's the injury prevention, just a long island, I'm a long island guy and you have a good deal get time doing, entourage, knowledge, others, yet everyday niger. It was with great, and now
The first time ever played myself and it turned out to be- and I was a good episode- are eagerly I, as the playboy mansion, epizootic sixteen hours into play. Well, imagine it was not the worst day, the officer, and it was funny at that time. I wasn't working much and said to my wife. You know when I got the pitch of what it was, and I said the you know what it's like: at the playboy mansion, I'm I'm that good of a long island guy wanted to check with her first and she's, like just get out of I'll do something and get them go just go with us. So what about Springsteen I've seen em, you know my gosh I've. Never, madam you haven't it's really into degeneracy mum broadway. I did twice. I got first I gotta serious somethin I got. I was up, charity, o serious special performance. So I got it on that after I bought my yellow fifteen hundred eighty neurotic as a year ago, and then I want a few weeks later. So
and was shows patty was and in one she wasn't. So I get to see a little differentiation of that and I saw him if said the elder sports arena out here. Back when I was doing aid is enough. I went with Betty Buckley, Who is on aid? Is enough here and there and I think our first or second assistant director or something like that, wants to see Springsteen, and that was that was when I was tour was that was the river. but I had borne to run at that point. You know from school we allow measuring to talk about I have the book I have regular and there I am, is promoting a book and I, after all I have I have that I and eighty or viewed em. I interviewed him around the book now I went out to his house but is crazy how to the ranch it was a visa because, like I you know, I love the guy, but I'm not crazy. A fan might rather gave me just enough distance here, nay, I do sir treatment. A person right right, good and there's a very funny moment in there because I go. I want to I'm going to go, listen to shirt because I totally am cause. You read the
Can you really see who he is in its it's? It's heavy man I mean I nodded depressive that's hard on himself in any. Is upbringing was rough yeah, but but I just remember, I didn't know how it was going to get in with the guy or who I was going to be talking to cause. You know that whole thing he he's got Oh Betty, does it guy yeah the the boys a wherever you get past that try? How are you going to get that? How long is it going to take, but I out there and it was like the week before christmas or something around their right, and I'm waitin and he's got this scott, the house, then he's got the. Where has it isn't right, so I'm out their families, inform he comes you. I see walking down mass zero guy held in his book the only walks in him we get to chair, set up with amazement producer set of chairs, so I go what's going over the house. What a christmas stuff cooking presents family, and he goes correct. I will talk to that. Guy fifa, get that right, a rat dry and, unlike in I just went in and anyway
it was good, it was present and there was it was connected and it was that great it was exciting yeah I gotta listen to he. He was talking to another musician who I know to call Wilken felt a woman who's, a bass player genius young who was talking to bruce a bow. He asking questions about how to handle press and he's telling her and- and she goes we talk to a friend of my mark marin and he guessed he pushed, that's good. I want you, wanna hear you're right, I did push, but this book is is gone. Fun for people to read me like I did the bits This is, I got out of it. Just see the story about the kick. I was I was excited it really felt. Like does anyone know this hit right, one since hearing it from the you know, I'm not that it was a hurricane, but I'm from the eye of the hurricane or from the mo getting the part, threw out near an ear with there.
Its relevance today. It's it's kind of Al Qaeda, also men. You know I talk now what a you know: it's a celebratory reflection. It really is and the only person who gets thrown under the bus in his book, as is me by me right, you know in a in a way and that's it's kind of a it kind of Made sense for me, because it really is the gift that that keeps on giving in his very specific to the Daniel rousseau of it all. What that year has been like air for me and would then, but what I gain from it in if and how I've had to em, you know navigate certain elements, sorrow or wanting to do certain things over, not that there are many examples, but there are a couple of do our work ample year at that I wanna that I should I shed some light upon and and so that that that gets personal and I enjoyed doing that through that lands- and I thought The survey by writing about those you have. We done to talk bankers and get people to buy the book, but a buddy
regrets around them and by writing about them? Did you put them into a different context? I mean it was more about lake. I took a few samples of that you know where I would dumb same. A little bitter about being tied in to these second seek walter. That was a struggle to make a script which never achieved itself here footnote season. Five cobra kai is using that chapter. of the original franchise and blowing up great stories. So the lesson here, even the shortcomings from the karate get universal bearing fruit. Handing out gifts- and it's all about and also the fact that you can call it a universe- is almost it's: it's almost karate kid cinema Do you know the item in its great? Arguably, let's alarm alma, I mean I want see the miyagi origin story, who was
you re right and it also like you. So you wrote the book that they're going to do musical. They are I'd, I'd, get what listen, we'll see, for it gets really don't got a piece of a thing. I don't got a bit. Listen! I ireland! I take I put that had been on. I no longer own myself this phase only as if they had been honoured, somebody else's, but it's you know end, and so that is so looking at. You know and scenes that I get to do in cobra. I from a different perspective of seeing that in the original film that I wish I had another shot at our that's a do. Over moment or maybe the way. I reacted a certain way when I met a high profile movie, Actor actor cause our little bitter that I had to be stuck in part. Three when I wanted to do, either. We look back on things like that where, like indeed How do you frame that now for face? I frame it as it's just a it had to happen, because I've gain this much from it. I dont look
is like right right out. If I only got that movie, there's a really good story about a Terrific movie made it made by city lament. One of my favorite derives. Who I got to me to be here, and I dont want to see what it is, but they the actor was nominated, and I know I was in contention for that, but couldn't do that movie based on the option peer, so I will say no more for our future. That's part of showbiz right as part of it and dumb. So when I was with us is someone else of high risk. In the industry. I was a little bit of nineveh. Look back at that. they may be a little brandy as little negative elements. It sort of I'd like telling that story mainly because it sir, and I learned something from going always over young actor resists or young person reads this order. some have one, it's just information about me that someone did know, and this has not deep and
nor did none of this is no furniture. I myself reflection at a time where youth might have been wasted on the young and you don't. You know a guy you're. Looking at your peers, it's just show business is show business, you working again becoming superstars, yep yep and you know- and you know you feel probably felt yourself being judged a certain way- yup yup yup, as about navigating all of that yeah and awakened, but you've you had to find peace with that. You know the crew? You had never out of nowhere This amazing thing comes in your old enough to appreciate it and realise that through a lifetime, having a relationship with this character in this movie that it has made an impact and it continues to make an impact in a very sweet way. Now that The way this story of of the karate kid and how it keep sort of going is, is actually you know who cares what anyone about it, because it has an impact on people's lie.
In a real way we I think every movie wants to think they can do that, but a lot of movies are just movies net absolutely right that people don't have a lifetime relationship with now. It's crazy. Not now it's very unique, very unique experience and that's why I sat down and start already aside it's! U unique experience. What does while their congratulations? I grant I'm excited dossier the time yeah denmark. Thank you there you go ralph macho. The book lacking on the karate kidding me comes out tomorrow, a cobra get it wherever you get your books. The news and have cobra eyes now streaming on networks. Watch that end of. Could you give me a favor just hang out for a second ok, this special story is presented by amazon and a cask creative folks. I want to talk to you about gift, giving like I'm, not gonna by someone a shirt, I'm not going someone pants
by some one you know a set of spoons, though at that an interesting give that would be a man mobile gift bite but ultimately like. I don't use spoons marin semi spoons, it was weird, but those are the marin spoons. They show people but they wouldn't use them. That's the point is I never know what to do, people and the holidays only make it harder. It's a great season to spend time with family and friends. But if you like me, the anxiety of getting the wrong gift can be overwhelming the ones gift give experiences stands out my mind as just being terrible. It was My first serious girlfriend. I was in college and AMOS Sarah and shoes pankey but kind of him but came from? You know westchester jean grow up like that? No one grows up like that. So far whatever reason I bought her a ralph lauren sweater, it was not a cheap sweater. It had to be a four hundred dollars, whatever it was just a a cable sweater, a heavy sweater like a irish sweater, didn't it didn't reek of being ralph Lauren. It was like a nice sweater. I liked it and
and I gave it to her and it was like she'd might as well have opened the box and there is like a dead rabbit in there and it was one of those moments where she's like. Why would you get this? For me, Do you not know me at all this less than an hour this why you might not be able to find the absolute perfect gift. You can take a lot of stress out of the process of getting them, which is why using amazon makes sense for the holidays. The great thing about it ordering things on amazon as gifts as well. You could just do it and then it goes there that you don't have to leave your house or wonder about packaging or anything else, and you can write a note with amazon news other than you. There are things you can do like when I order stuff off amazon. I don't I don't write a note to myself kay man happy day, but but it is exciting. When I get boxes could actually never know. What's coming, that's me so try Distress out too much with the holidays coming up, you ve got give shopping at your fingertips with amazon.
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Jimmy VON too? But here's a little bit of me and jimmy the vienna playing together jamming a bit. on his song, you ve got an agent for it back when he was on the show. This is in two thousand and fourteen. Will do all. Do you play a song, will debut a song of mine that still hasn't been? Can I handle it sure you can it's like materials, alright, except there's a little one. Little thing it's a yeah! You can play the phils you'd be the second guy yeah a little I saw you can find your girl company nuance though
god. I answer, you gotta do something in this case. There are more by china why? It will ask you got into it and you just sometimes do you
We must stop and then it is granted one apple mad
please please, I'm your man, but you can t have spread lab, but god no doubt have to play
god you just drag. You got you gotta agent you gotta, you got it, you got it in the yeah,
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