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Episode 1377 - Jeremy Strong

2022-10-24 | 🔗
Jeremy Strong can’t help being honest. His honesty around his job as an actor is what leads to magazine profiles where he’s portrayed as “intense” and “serious.” His honesty also allows him to admit that he was afraid to do this interview. Marc embraces both that honesty and that fear in this conversation with Jeremy about acting, Succession, finding joy, being an empty vessel, being in service to others, Daniel Day-Lewis, Al Pacino and the new film Armageddon Time.

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A guy all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck nix what's happening? A mark marin broadcasting, from london, england, still long trip has been a long time don't love it I love england, love london, don't love! long trip. I went to the tate I told you on Monday and I've eaten some good food and I've. Actually, I'm I'm just amazing much of my social life and how much of my engagement revolves around com, stations. I have for the podcast like today, two jeremy, strong, you guys know jeremy strong. He is kendall roy on succession he's in the new film armagh. time with anthony hopkins and hathaway and jessica chastising and
he's an intense cat, earnest cat, real actor guy, into the process like talking about the process, has a process is, artists, and it was good to talk to this- is I didn't record that hearing in england, but been very much a friend to me, I traveled to england. He has a lot of experience here in in london. He's he's at given me restaurants to go to give me suggestions. He introduced me to a friend of his who I have lunch with, and you know that was nice. It's nice! If I get out and do this, things with people, I just find that the one thing that happens me, especially if I'm alone in another land, is that I just I feel my own planet and I feel like it's not quite in orbit with the rest of it, and it's a it's a strange, awkward, lonely feeling I'm not that social apart.
and, in the sense of like I dont, know how to make fun for myself. Really I go do the things and I, We have a good time, but I don't I'm not a fun generator. I dunno, if you guys, knew that about me. I just am definitely not someone. Someone would call that. Will that guy so he's a fun guy that mark marin's fungi, but I'm trying to track it. You know s trying to track it yoke, as I remember like when I was a kid like a little when my parents would go away on trips, I would completely lose it. I would follow up I wouldn't even know how to handle it. I just assumed I I thought that they would die, usually a plane crash, and I would picture the plane crash over and over again and now in it would. I would it to the point where I would become physically ill. This is like before I was ten years old, and maybe that panic for myself of being away from
What I know where the patterns of life amused to just cause me to this case. There's a fundamental stress to it are not even a stress sister, Anne, an tenderness being not go. did, I guess I need routine, but I dont experiences in states really. I used to feel kind of estranged. From reality. When I travel on the road, but no I don't. I dont really anymore. I kind of welcome it. It's like if I can get home in a few days, and I feel pretty good and I m, I'm, ok and I can enjoy going to other states and enjoyed the things that they have to offer in doing comedy. There but when I'm away like this across an ocean, flying over water. To that each is sort of like I just my bringing jester now just kind of it. There's just little bit of a churning that goes, I kind of hard to stop it.
and you like, I miss at kid. I miss the cats amidst the routine. I miss you know at my house, just its long and I've gotta get used to cause I might have to go away for longer amounts of time. If I want to do a movie or if I want to live in another country, I have to figure out how not to latch on to worry. I just like I just assume something's going to Something awful is going to happen to the people and animals and my wife and I won't be around for interested in my brain locks onto my. I spent my brain lately spend a lot of time. We acting to think its generating against my will, not great things,
and you have to. I have to be a kind of step in and stop it and get into the fucking present. I guess he's just anxiety. I guess that's what it is, but it doesn't really quite explain my feeling of alienation when I'm away in a different country, the psychological, emotional and the physical sense of Alienation- It doesn't em. He doesn't you know I I don't really know. I don't really know what it is. It's an odd loneliness and it's a bit debilitating in terms of enjoying myself or getting out and about but the work has been great. I'm recording this Sunday and the show last night at the booms was: was it what a great space five hundred seats, the perfect amount Beautiful sound in there the woman who open for me was excellent. Her name is on you, Guano very funny that worked out. going again tonight, which will be last night by the time you through this and the thing.
I've done here in terms of work have been amazing. I do love, my my gig, I I've been loving doing the comedy night like love, talk, The people are really never know what can happen. I did that live podcast with David David deal, which very well, I did talks with the armando unity, which was great fun. I spoke in the day the prime MR resigned. I talk to rob Delaney, which was heavy about his new book in the loss of his sir, his child. I had court knew of over and we talked it's all been. The intense but dad thereof, very exciting conversations, and I'm excited for you to hear them and now you know today, I go to ireland would have noticed about being in london is that I don't want a move here generally, as those of you listen to me over the years,
recently, anyways everywhere I go, I seem to want to with whether its tulsa or pittsburgh Or ireland or canada, but I ve checked quite a few of the west I don't feel like I want to live in london, though it is an amazing city, just the lake, A fuckin history after being in new york and in here these are to the good cities in the world, but london h just layers and layers of history like all the way back to ancient rome for fuck's sake, and you can feel at man, I mean you can feel it It's a it. The way the city is sort of laid out is kind of a mess all the buildings are liking of. Some of them are like twice as old, if not more than the ones that do you have. This goes back to pre christ. I guess underneath all this stuff. I guess when they were building this new to blindly Elisabeth line that they found all these people.
Roman wall plague pits. I gotta watch this documentary. Someone told me about yesterday, but I do appreciate the depth of, history. Here I mean new york's gotta too, but not not quite the same you'll london totally unique and pretty spectacular. but I am going to ireland I'll be in dublin for a couple of days- and you know I did lived there for a long time until I realized that too, loneliness? I was telling you about even in the most beautiful, places that sense of being an alien or of being different or of being sort of uncomfortable would be met, demised, even if even if I was narrow in the I mean the landscape would be beautiful, but I'd be the weird guy. I be be the weird american guy who seems a little awkward out there on the
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We always great them of movie fuckin hugh grant anyway, Jeremy strong place. What did that? The greatest? characters on television really Andy. If you're, not watching succession, you should a candle roy. All of the royal, the entire show is amazing, but kendall. He does a hell of a job at that and in this new film, the armageddon time movie armageddon time with envy hopkins and halfway just adjusting many people. Why love and acting a real acting movie actors movie anyways? James gray directed it and he's directed some very interesting movies. But this is the most personal movie that is directed at the very specific story about a family which family it takes voice. I guess bring the eighties and there's it's it's, it's a beautiful film really and there is some undertones about where we are today. It's it's sort of its very personal, but
deals with some of the issues that we deal with today and then actually has sort of a a premonition or a pre or eight there, jessica Chastain? place marian trump, who is at trump sister and there is a trump presence in this movie in the early eighties, not not donald, but the old man. It's it's it's it's a very personal film, but it also deals with with social issues in a very personal way. It's- it's it's a smarten and well acted well, written and well shot movie. I liked it. I liked the movie the doktor james gray, that'll be good, but right now I'm gonna talk to her jeremy, strong, the vietnam armageddon time opens in theatres is Friday october, twenty eighth and this is me talkin a jerk, back in the back in the garage.
Tell you film festival this. What the armageddon again with james, graze film, armageddon time. Did you see it? I did yeah. What do you think I loved it, I'm a jew, it's so badly for you to be a jew, but I can make you would you well he made you a jew, which I liked my father's, jewish, oh obvious, and my grandfather. We have it yeah and my grandfather was a was. It was a plumber, lived in flushing grandmother owned a hardware store in new jersey through a new lived in queen for a while. United years area around here, so you if there was a plumber and flashing, he was here So did you see him off and I mean how close where you to that guy? I. Was very close to him. Yeah when I was when I was when I was little and I I spent some summers living in his basement on sir. Many third avenue
jewel avenue and mainstream yeah yeah lived in his basement and I would take the cure him for into the city. How old are you? twelve thirteen yeah, it's a weird thing right. If you have that experience, because I know I have family in jersey, that's where my people are from and but I grew up in new mexico, but always had a relationship with jersey and the hope that the in your teens, I'm older than you the bus from jersey into port authority yeah just to walk around yeah, like that. What I had seen in the movie where they just ear they're kind of free for the day. That's right, and there was a time when you were thirteen. If you knew the city, you can do. That walk around the city. I think you might might my buddy sam website, whose novelist journalists, great up an epoch, combine my my when the best friends, but you got kids and Kids are city kids and they just do that. They were there and they do it. Whereas when you come into it, which I imagine you were Yeah you go in you, like all my guide,
no I mean I think you know I remember I would take the greyhound the esa peter pan bus from Boston here to port authority air, and you know, I think it was a big active. trust on my parents, port sure, to to let me do that, but so that world is was a world so James sir entrusted me with this and end, but but I had a had had a reprieve. The time in my life. I fear that that was, Jewish oriented wished. He could be better. If you had the experiences yeah, we would have saved in his basement and why the basement do it was he who was the house in lahti was covered in plastic member those hauser yet with as one room does, that the living room is covered in plastic, and then there was the den right where my grandfather would lay on the couch and watch sports and my my grandmother would signal lazy boys do crosswords, My grandfather used to pick me up from the bus, stop andrew avenue and take me
to Roy rogers, which was like you know, a fancy meal. He thought then rogers thought that the fixin's bar was like a salad yes, I'm going load himself up with, nor have very, he was an important figure to me, my, as was my maternal grandfather, because He felt that he had this hardware store and he was at year end. There always use old guys hanging around the hardware store, not doing anything just talking and you just sit there and soak whatever the hell it wasn't near. You goin it we'll. Whatever was in my grandfather was the ideologists workin, the sound refrigerators, really yeah and washers. He had a guy that work form name hooper who used to fixed. If you know it's like a world, you know is all worth and he used ios to he one. He owned the hardware store. First, then he owned an appliance store and they will guide catty corner, but he sold the the the hardware store dave dover, so they were just
we knew each other, everyone knew each other and there was a luncheonette across the street archie's luncheonette. You know the kind of place at the counter with the food, but also as a toy store their model planes and candy and was one of those places with sort of a lost world really totally I mean I I've, He was familiar to me what was going on that movie. Those people is a little store little younger than me, but yet generation of old jew. I definitely what is familiar to me. You quite used before, though I did a play about Spinoza broadway. Ass, great feeder and on a searching street called classic stage created and it was a wonderful play by David ives about spinoza, excommunication, yeah and the audience the theatres, this old sort of horse, stable area, the audience was the synagogue and then the play is about Spinoza spin noses. Leaf system being dismantled and his his excommunication What do you do? The research which cause I've tried to read? Spinoza and
I can't quite wrap my brain around why I have a hard time with philosophy in general, yeah yeah. No, I mean what did you glean painstaking? What did I glean? I guess it's been a minute, part of the thing about this work. Is that you go you you really do a deep, dire and in an you, china saturate yourself here with so much you're standing right, but then it's like a weather system and you kind of rain it all out the wound. It goes away. But I remember there was something that Spinoza wrote there a couple thing but there is one thing that he wrote: air, which was there can never be enough joy and I kind of carried that with me, because whenever I started to kind of go,
you know spiral here into my own negativity, your doubts or fear, which I often do. I today you on the way here, yeah yeah, with real trepidation. Actually, because you know you feel exposed- and I was a tell your telluride last weekend and cape planchet was being given a metal here- and she said You know, standing in the wing at us now. I was full of fear and anxiety is the hardest role to play. As yourself, Well, you know we as actors, we want to hide. We want to disappear into a thea. I once had character. I once had to Jhansi row and he goes nah. I don't usually do this interview he's like I don't want to ruin the mystique, not even that. I think I just I told him that was, I feel like there's I'm not that interesting. The work is interesting but others never enough joy that we're getting out of it. You think about it. Did when He's doing it and it and hung with you will, and it was a sort of firm it became,
imperative throughout the process and I actually acting is something I usually tend to enjoy I've. I find it quite difficult, torturing, and some of that is probably the you know that that the press, first, that I put on my cell ia, and it was that was just kind of this great Levin her that I carried it that I carried a so you integrated that into the character, despite the it was a play. That was. That was a difficult time for him. Yummy his belief essentially that that god was inherent in all thing: yes, this moment. Here is necessarily this moment so that his belief is, There's no reason to ever not be joyful. because this moment is in in fact, alignment with the will of god
Can I get it right so so that you stop being an argument with this moment trial it right like right, whatever is happening, that's the curriculum and- and sort of being in enough. normally. I think we have these headwinds or we have these cross. Windsor were somehow at variance with with happening or I often find more or reacting to something that your brain is generating outside of the moment, yeah right and so Spinoza. I guess you know his belief in the exactitude and divinity of the moment and also ignores eleven it has been other. He said the desire is the essence of man than I am, and I thought that that you know that, while kind of gets a bad rap, sometimes not carnal desire, physical desire, but just passion, sure being the engine and the essence of of life, and so their youth
that's better than winning. I love this work. I love it because you get to be a student really forever yeah for sure I mean like, but it's interesting that you know It does seem that someone- I remained with you, because you know you, even if you just doing the work you know you are studying agree. Thinker you so you as a person, a student of life, somebody who wants to evolve as an individual. You know those things obviously stuck with it, you do have you did get it and it did somehow You know change your mind about things. It did and it activated something I mean listen. I would if I had known you're going to ask me about sopranos, I would have done a refresher or a refresher course. There's no pressure do, but no, I think you whether you retain things, I don't think I retain very much intellectually by, but I maybe not honestly, I feel like a bit of a sieve, but but but I do think things
print themselves on you and I think I retain sort of- scattered pieces of all of these experiences. Yes, somewhere in I unconscious or somewhere in that way. It seems, like you know, and in terms of like this, exports should meet the idea that you are fundamentally boring it because you know you make yourself that way. I don't know that's true. but in terms of doing the work, I understand this approach to it and- and I do think it's interesting that how quickly things do leave after you do them that once you walk away it's kind of odd, it is because, when you're doing it the most important thing in the world because european it yeah yeah, I mean any of you know you have loaded up and then, when you walk away from it, it's like it was It was always a different world. We would it does feel that way, aerials there's something about it that feels its.
like you enter some transcend you, you sort of go somewhere else and then you returned from it and and it vanishes feel it feels very real at the time what kind of aids it's almost like a tightened in its different like having done the theatre to know the theatres theater and that The context of that Is it you gotta stay in it and in soviet electricity of theatre, that is just sort of like I gotta get from beginning to end right, but you'll be? instead of a tv show or movie is, is sort of a plotting process, where the work becomes. A fragmented, and so you know the appreciation of this work is going to happen in these two to three minute increments. and an eu being able to maintain that world and you're gonna work in that world is is it is. a tremendous challenge, but it's all very heightened even the waiting is heightened because being on a set, you know it
You know what's up yeah yeah and as soon as you're in a year like I mean It's like I don't know where one gets that, because there are some people, they can't function at all in front of a camera or on a stage and I don't know that it's necessarily learned. you know the the empty ability to shift into that. Interesting. I mean, I think everyone approaches it differently, but part of it is in a way what you just said that you what's up, if it is about forgetting. What's up? Ah, I find you know if I go visit someone on the set here where I go sit in the audience of a play yeah. I can't even Imagine doing that myself. I find it like when you watch somebody I yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, I'm sorry stalinist by equally and then somehow you go through whatever chrysalis you go through in preparation and when you
enter into something and when you're inside enough, then you I find you can forget. What's up user of Bulgaria what you and you sort of virgin living inside of the the inside of a sense of belief, yeah that term? That is the the that this is happening now, then, the aerial. How do you do when you do? Do you? Ok, I find that if this sooner I get in relationship with another actor, then it sort gets real, that's interesting, do what do you do with desks dear you on those people are three touches, though the towns, where were you I tried, I've tried that I've tried everything. You know this is now now you know becoming listeners just being to be present. There is something I think we all.
that's the whole struggle with fear. It is the whole thing is. It seems that that if, if you can do that, can get away with it you a lot of work to be done before you gone to assert mia terms of tip, depending on the material, depending on the tone, the role to resist, there's a lot of work that you have to make uncle jason and an internal lies and lay in and all of that visa, but then it's really it's quite soon. I mean it's not showing us its mysterious here to me, but it's like there's this great, I remember being a drama school when I was eighteen in england and principal at the school gave everyone the four quartets that yeah, so he has. He has and said and read. some passages from it, one of them being about a condition of complete simplicity,
still not less than everything, and I think that's what the That's that's what it is that yeah yeah. It's it's funny that you do it depending on what your nature is and who you are and what our resonates with you these disciplines of understanding outside of math. Right, I kind of like gopher it. Whatever moves you ve now take it. You know to me and and that's how you sort of you build your understanding of the world, I think so near so wait. You grew up in Boston, in Boston. Like what part I was, I lived there for years because you went to b you I did go to b. U and then I and I came out here and crashed and burned for about a year and then I went back to boston Where did you live? at a time when I went back here when I went to be you, I've done Carlton street, which was just over the brookline Boston right on right of beacon there
and I ve done park dr weir, on the corner from there. But when I went back, I was in Somerville yeah of in an attic in some bill, writin Davis square before it you know, hip. I grew up in to plain J p before before it was hip mia end and I went to school in dorchester maria and, my father chester, why that seems far away from J p. Now there was a there is by would get on the bus. Go to elementary school, their eyes toward I play in west roxbury girl called gordon's deli yeah. I would. I was in west roxbury a lot. My father and my father worked for the department of youth services and he ran these juvenile jails yeah in Boston and and Really one of them was in west roxbury and I would go spend time there at a juvenile jail yeah. What with the what weight? Was he a social worker yeah essentially, but he was sort of an administrator of of the facilities
I think it was a really. It was a really tough heavy job here that he sort of protected my brother and I from the Heaviness of fear and but I spend time there. I got to know a lot of the a lot of the eyes who were locked up, How do they under eighteen yeah, yeah and what was your so, did you dead over like going to private practice? No but was beloved. I mean as as much as one could be. I mean he he what was his exact job title? He was this sort of facility facility administrator, so as he oversaw as the awarding. This is a there. There wasn't a title for that, but essentially ha, central. He had a really big key ring that I was one of my earliest memories. Ha so he was sort of managing several facilities here, gotcha. And my mother was a hospice nurse and worked at Boston children's hospital, but that's a great hospital yet is. I was born there here
that's interesting so here you know your mother's, bringing these people in the world and Hope is that they do not end up in the care of your father. You know, My father. My father got really close to a lot of the kids here who were there? but I definitely grew up with a with a very with a very keen awareness. I don't know that I could have articulated it as it as a kid here, but but of what I've come to understand as sort Vicious cycle send- and you know it Parents are both very empathic, people who they both I think, gave themselves completely over two to some form of sir Cs I mean in in that That is, I mean, in theory in spiritual theory,
and in the eu, what kind of moral theory the the highest thing you can do is yeah yeah yeah and you know whatever we were talking about earlier in terms of spinoza and the shortage of joy that I dont know like for me I think of service when in even just hearing about what your parents do they. There should be a certain amount of genuine joy in its in succeeding above those things if you're helping people absolutely I I'd, I do think you know, I think, there's something there's something in our society here that you know. People like my mother and father air while there, while that
work is valued and recognised its not the kind of thing that we valorize, particularly you know. Those are no, it's like the quiet, the de rossa. At an end, I think there is a lesson that I got from my parent there was about. What can you give? posed to what can you? game here, and I am, I think, when we place of of overseer. he certainly certainly that's something that is talked him. in sobriety, ya, know and service penny sobriquet. I'm I'm not, but I have a lot of close fishers who are in an and kendall mia has been. Yes? So so? But I guess I'm a bit vote. an idealist about created, work near, and I think that our There are
servants, who I think that, like that, I thought about that too, with this particular movie but like before I get into that. So would you have siblings I've a younger brother? How will decker these two years younger than me? So I don't know I'm under forty to forty three right now so he's Do you not believe I kind of without a cottage, just lost track, how you his ism Action is something still being worked out. Well, let me know when he had spirits. Your theories allowed where and when you were born the exact time the actors studio, eighteen say your time as rapporteur, your brother's, not in the show business racket. No, my brother was
working at a at a company that had something to do with video conferencing software that I could never remember the name of them than there was a global pandemic and it's called Zoom so no kidding, so he he he works. Yeah did all right. I guess the services I get so as to what I was going to say in thinking about this movie and thinking about storytelling and end in framing unit the work the you do in some way. As giving and being of service. I think that there it can be a truth to that, although there is a certain amount. I have assumed ego in show business yet of course, but but this you know- and I and I and I know that the the the phrase the term storytelling gets thrown around a lot now I am a storyteller he's a storyteller. We have a it's very important, the storytelling yeah, but this particular movie is, is an important story. It's done with a certain amount of of grace and and subtlety and in its of irrelevant story
that is set in the eighties and it at its core to get a kind of pre pre shadows. Oh, what worrying now exactly very intentional yeah yeah in a very you know with real ingenuity, I think I know for sure part for sure yeah. You know to me he's of the greatest living film makers, and I His body of work is, you know, goes the tow with with any living can Do you know any living filmmaker by like this one, this story in reckoning with his father, as opposed to the the one in outer space, where their oil joy that there's a theirs I did too, and and and and it's one of my favorite performances of of pits and there's real there's a thread that goes through his work through of his work about the relationship between fathers and sons, and this is certainly his most personal film and is about
you know it's it's it's it's an autobiographical the film and I think the thing that that's really thunder, struck me when I, when I read It- is that its both its both the origin story of an artist. in the way that we ve seen a lotteries. Film has recently the up, but it's also the origin story of our country, where it is now yeah exactly see in nineteen. Eighty, against the backdrop of reagan's election and the sort of emergence of the kind of market is god idea and and then the underpinnings of anti semitism anti semitism and enough in the fall lines that have become the you know the widening ratio. And social and political divisions that are, you know tat in this movie: fred tromp as red tromp, hoo hoo, who was in a part of the school that
Paul in the film the ends up go. Tat his benefactor right yeah when all benefit matters benefactors in the family. You know, and that school. think later James. remembers Donald, it's sort of around walking the halls leisure, like a rafe. Why we need this sister, who is this an attorney then I think, as a judge was, is now retired judge and I think she's in capacity with with mental problems budgets. Just any place. Yes, yes, and so, but all of that sort of exists in this very off handed adjacent way to story, but you feel that it in the the sort of substrate of everything that the soil of the film at his place on, like I had in a very glancing way right. You know, I love the film, you know and I've been I've been I've been very get to work on some good
films, but this is for sir, this film as a whole. The film is full of warmth and humor and love and loss, but there is also something incredibly piercing and its moral argument To me, it's a movie without being the deck in any way about white privilege legend says: yeah blindness of white privilege and the idea that complicity is something that we ve all exaggerates doesn't do yeah, as it's done very suddenly, very well and within the context of framework of gear, when you have somebody who the grandfather, arthur who has experienced the type of historic, anti, semitism right and and that within the family there is, you know, a stir. Adding up to fascism and away yes, and then there is this sort of your kind of june
premium put on helping the under yo ike, acknowledging your own privilege and helping others and also standing up for what's right, right and aid, failure to do that. I mean everything kid it's hard for the king and these a kid there, but I think clearly it's an event that is in many ways shaped and haunted this filmmaker's life, I'm sure that'd, be all it takes, is one daddy's what we think of as small event, yeah, oh yeah are really are colossal events and because they they they take up space in your heart and in your mind yet, and and they also there, the kind of genome that become the map of the other. World of your perception yeah as an artist or whatever you do. I think so yeah so I can going back to your experience. Having being that this is about because, if your character is it's a dick,
difficult character, because he can't control himself right, you know I mean if you have, that in your life is its honourable frightening thing for usual that individual doesn't recognize it until he's. Ve done something terrible, etc and feels feel guilty for it. But that doesn't necessarily mean. Oh stop doing up to a kid: it's brutal and and it's complete soul shattering shit, yeah yeah, it's there. There is real brutality. In that relationship and There is real. Tenderness yeah I and a sort of you know I'm drawn to people, but characters zero who are muddled. more. He finds himself, I think ill equipped and comprehending in
and in the middle of your. His us is esteem boiler europe. steam boilers here in this. In the film d ass, his father was an engineer, but but I thought about that just as it as long as it is a concept of the steamer we're of something that is when it this regulated. It will explode the just forty just yeah. Well, I see an end, and so there's an eye My father was never violence, but he had a temper and but he also is the most I He was under a lot of pressure. He was you know there were there were just the walls were pushing in on. You know on all sides and the economic pressures and and the desire to provide my brother and I had the chance at life and and
I you know, I remembered the sea changes of moods. How I mean my friend, my father is the most dora loving, benign, loving, affectionate man. Now in any anna and always and in and and so I dont I'm not drawing up. Parallel between that share. His father, my grand there vs was was quite had that. hotel with a plumber and cruelty the plumber and no. I think my father experienced things that it can. You know that are akin to to do what the character in the film experiences, but but that sense of corti ending of of of emotion. He I know, there's there's this character is goofy affectionate right and he also says, is- can be
can lose control. Sure it's a lot of its rooted in that fear, personal fear, but also the fear for the kid that You know there was a premium put on you working towards something that will you earn you a living that will put you in a better place at your parents. That's right! and it was incomprehensible. The idea that putting these kids in that school when you're on some for the one thing I really resonated with me, for whatever reason was that there is a belief that it would help juice pass. There is a belief that this is how we're going to integrate into the the the higher echelons of culture right, at the end and then yelled counter to that. Your reagan's president eden they're all sitting there going. This is a disaster I mean I remember when we moved. You know when I was in fourth grade year of the public school I was going to was and there was an incident on the school bus one day that was
towards you, move to we move to a town called sabrina, sat very just like a very affluent you know Go to seventeen seventy six and we rented a house and they went to good public school But my parents never really assimilated here that they were not welcome it hot. You know a lot of things and when you move what was the incident. The recent katy pulled a knife on the bus ass, an and you know and and and life, My mother wanted to take us some EL. The end And by but I remember the You know there was a country club and the man we went to, then you know we weren't members of that ensure and and the feeling of being an outsider and the feeling of part of my thing. I guess, because acting.
Is a form of assimilation right it. It's about chameleon, ing and vs about its about. Probably at a young age, Think all of our dear all fairly malleable it's like its frightening. How much I think it is. You know if you look at like phillips embargo and the stanford prison experiment, which have always been fascinated by the idea, that role, playing which will do and we're children. You know we may be doing it now, yeah yeah, so so anyway, so I think I you know, I I think what about that experiment. Just the plasticity of of identity. You know, and I think that you know I've. I've always thought about theirs. there's a line and hamlet where, where he said, for use can almost change the stamp of nature, and I think, as actor? What you're doing every time you take on a role here, irving graph. The candle roy
jerry, reuben, yeah you're, trying to cheat in the stamp of your nature- and you can do that through use through habit and work of course, and I find that, but I find that somehow connected to probably early experiences of trying to fit in sure trying to preserve a pretzel yourself re, arrange yourself somehow molecular lie to to to fit in an environment. Is your point like it's I'm sort of stuck in this in you watch net document upon them and I haven't eaten, I haven't seen it very interesting thing, big some because Paul at some point you as an actor as a young actor you once he falls in love with you. The genius at this joint woodward in ie out he's got to he's in the zone of being a good long, a good looking capable guy that fits on film, but here If you are up against brando and james dean and in all these cats and he's he's over there with sandy meisner doing the thing
but you know he knows you doesn't have what they have rights, as to reckon with that right so a year. There's this weird thing where you know Paul newman has to realize to to himself at least as I've only watch, one episode that he may be average right and that like eu. He has to acknowledge his his without haitians. Usually we issue, but also my who, the fuck am. I hear you're out way, and you seem to be in the same legacy of work as that, so What your point when you started thank you, yeah that you had to reckon with what the self is. I mean we're kind of dancing around that and you know you were you able to sort of you know a you decide that you're, boring or or or assume that your your blanks wading yourself right, but you also, you know enough about yourself to know what may have formed you. Was there a reckoning. You know I mean you have a life, you have a wife, you have children, it's a great question,
You know. You realize that ted talk with bernay brown yeah I've interview her alone. Oh, they idea, like you, got a dance with the one that brung yeah yeah that is right we big part of the work to become an actor. and I'm still becoming an actor. That's how I in vienna and what you mean by that aids are essentially will understanding of what she meant mia like when you were a kid and I fell in love with this and dreamt about this from when I was little fire acting yeah yeah I joined some local theatre group there basement down block and when you how in jamaica plain, maybe five six year, children, theatre jones, nea, and I feel
it was just stir, you know an escape it was magical and was there at that time that made it it made. It seem possible too. You know I mean I had no. I never had any access to this television at all, but then I think I think I just free media in a way that I didn't feel the in my life here and continued. I may something that happens. Within the within this picture and control of a piece of work via its eye found at least moments and experiences of of freedom that are that, are you know believing that our fleet in and
and war in profound sure. I knew when I do stand up when I m, provided I bet you sure, to lose yourself and happened. My nice shed you're gonna work comes from no I don't know where it came, and it's in that to me is become the the sort of I don't gun for it. But I I respect it. Yes, you have to because you can't control it, and you know you. Some in it and you can't command it, but if you can step out there, you can and you can be open to address when it does happen. Diego ear, it was like when you walk off at stage, is a right that I just I know I love any one else knows, but I know- and I No, that's ever gonna come back! That's right! That's what it's all about! Knowing you dont know. If it will ever come back, that's right! You know- and I think that it's it's quite humbling because it doesn't belong to you. You know it's an interesting thing about how italy, having quote success as an actor area, because which I you know which way-
I shouldn't put quotes around that beyond very fortunate to to be working doing good, you know things are great, but it doesn't. I don't he'll like whatever this ability is whatever. Is something that I that belongs to me. You haven't like also. You know, I think you coming up against show business in it and against public personality hood, that ngos are different things now kinda I mean the show business prob personality here or not that different benigno acting may be in terms of you know how one approaches in the art form of it is different. You know, and everybody has their. You know their journey with it. Yeah- and you know a I don't know- I I imagine you're probably not going to end up in a in something that you hey for a long period of time, but they know so question about stock, as I I wish. I could
I don't really know if I can pin that down, because it cereal feels elusive. To me. I don't know you know, but but but you have value, but I do think sure, responsibilities and more and more in the older I've gotten and I think revolved as it. You know. As an actor way from you know when your younger yeah, I think a lot of it, is about putting on disguises and essentially perform. Things here and there you see, certain peoples work and you realize there's a whole other dimension to it. Who was at for you, I mean. Really like the moment where europe holy fuck, I dont know if there's a moment, but some of that you know there were some moments, maybe when first saw that sea. in five easy pieces when I first diner at the end his father. When our decision I first saw
coming home. My when I saw tat seem where, where bobby, can't carrying dare into his veins yeah holy shit yeah. got, you know, devour you are young, you know and then and then it's also you can't help just start to draw from your own experiences. Sure I've said this before, but but it's something I thought about a lot the s, something I read and says you're having a real conversational say it again, the at the risk of whatever the articles are very been written, but exactly by something that Young said that only that which is really ourselves has the power to heal and if acting the service which I think it is that service. You know, I don't use the word storyteller, but I do leave that actors in a sense are wounded, healer, sale and and so, if something is, actually gonna have the chance to convey
with an audience or touch an audience it has to. From. a real place in you yeah, and so that's that's it. That's all that I really mean by that. Yet was interesting because you know you there. There is a spectrum of actor there's a spectrum of former yeah yeah media. Sadly you and I are in or businesses, but we're up in this a similar business as vaudevillian in jugglers right. So and there are people they get into acting for a lot of different reasons. Some guys this deal it's easier than working. Some ice. You, you know, I mean I've, tat a lot of and in the end in and in its difficult when you work, profession some guy could just sort of like now do any work. I want better cameras on what is this. You know. It's amazing is how some of those guys, then you know they might start out that way, and then some of them become The great of there are
If the tree is like yeah, but they don't look at it the same way. You do you know it's a, however, that's the one thing about this game is that you know everyone's got their approach and, and you know some of it be being a movie star and being great actor at the same time. It's tricky that none of them can do it, but we've got a quite a few that can these days, because there are some people that stay. Profoundly themselves, free role, You know they don't disappear. Then there's some people that disappear and then there's some people that you know are themselves but they're, not movie stars, but they're. You know they're doing the work. I mean it's like there's so many ways, yeah
Then they're all and they're all valid enough and yeah some guys. Just like you know, some people are just clowns. What do you? What are you going to do youtube but they're they're all doing the same trip in a way yeah, but you know it may not be satisfying to you but like for me in talking to you like I mean when I watch the succession, and I saw you coming up against Cox who I have interviewed and there are scenes where, where it's sort of like I I there was a point where I texted my producer on. Like you know, you know I was like jeremy beating him. The J Jeremy's ear he's winning this thing and guys in animal feed. like it. I just see the two methods go and at each other by but the was different and I could feel that doesn't happen all the time. But you know because everyone's do in their thing, but he was, the times where it's sort of like you know he risk. Did you know these some of these old guys? They don't have to risk it any more because they are all filled up all the time and they can turn Something on the
that it has a point of reference to fifty years of phuket work yeah and they can fool people. But you know when you're putting your ass on the line. Sometimes that's going to win and you can see it sometimes a balance out, and sometimes you know they- the dances, great. You know he is he's guess, prime all. These as primal and dangerous and actor as I'll, probably ever encounter, and so it is so. It was really. It has been really the one of the central relationships of my life to get to do this with him and you know we don't talk very much and none of those scenes are, were her sister and it's great it sooner and and You know one of the first things James gray said to me. We had dinner, I gotta I got a gun.
brought me. I got on a plane was in copenhagen, went wanted. Hunt him down in new york. Here too, you know too too, ask him about his family and his life here, interrogate him in. Does one of the first things. He said was dont nail. It yeah. Whatever you do, don't nail it and it's like the greatest thing director has ever said dear, because an alarm films and a lot of processes. You know making filmer television there is that so of that pressure, and I find that to only really- lt in a kind of tension. what we really want, or at least I think me. What I want leah is not for people to be perfect and bullet prove yeah, but is, as you know out, I see films, and you see work. That is a lie. I've and marianne raw. It's it's like the opposite of nailing it, but so when you,
you? Ok, you know your process, you you look at you. You know you went where'd you you were here for a while. I was a yell. Is it as it is an undergraduate, not the drama school? I was an english major, but I went there, for ouch mood you try to do the job. You know the drill because a graduate school how right that this debate would have tried here you know I thought I was gonna, be a theatre studies, major area as an underground here, but it ate it. Just wasn't a good fit for yeah. You know I wasn't. I showed, Then it was a lot of sense theory and it may have very academic and very amiss cerebral enough person, and a lot of the work I have to do is about getting out of my own head yeah. So where does start. The work like real earlier.
I think I had an experience of doing john osbornes play look back and angrier when I was a senior at yale here and I had done. You know dozens and dozens and dozens of plays yeah at that point But I remember having an experience in the middle of a scene where I actually work. actually listened to what the Person was saying to me like ice. You are internal yourself. I stopped performing anything and it went from performing to be yet- and that was the regulatory that was I get. That was more a big moment made him on it. If you do not realise that just something shifted again attention or nice nice it sounds. Is quite simple, but it is now a tiered. It's the whole thing when, if you're not waiting for you, that's why you're not waiting for your cue is the difference between the out of What have you processes of immigration?
you planted in your head and you like. Ok, my land comes after that line. That's it that's what You do remember. I write you're going to do some version of that for as long It takes you not to do that. Gay did the different tween hearing being said, and hearing the end of the line, the queues you to talk right, yeah, yeah exactly, but it I think it's just You know, and then I studied here and there, but just did did theatre in new york off broadway off off. You know all the way off who didn't study within new york I studied at be studio on bank street area repaired or studio. Was that bill s birth? It was no doubt different, but I studied with Austin pendleton. You know austin now great actor, great teacher, and talked a lot about, figuring out what they need yeah once you understand the need pursuing that
So I do believe that without knowing where are you going shirt and all that plant that think? So you you knew on your own breakthrough to you that you that listening was happening than It's sort of identifying the need was the next piece would you earn and you are at steppenwolf for a period yeah where'd that what you do get mad You know I mean, obviously those guys are legendary right. You know true weston, we ever do we. There were tracy They were all there. They all taught racy leno I've come to know Tracy a bit the valid admire, greg tremendously, great guy and is good, but but what did I learn? It stepan wolf, I mean again It therefore really slaughtered by any of this stuff. No, but I mean you went did I would hear version of the same kind of like a balls out yeah. You know feeder company right. We don't have in this country in terms of an ensemble right that have grown together and done really audacious year were but it's real
just about a practice like any discipline, is your act. There you go yeah, it's just a practice and thousands and thousands of hours on stage agent and The danger of stage, which I find no succeeding exciting and you know yeah yeah and you and you know you dig in like you know you do a thing with like me I know you spend time again they lose yeah and now sort of your somehow or another what was that experience must have It made you realize a couple of things I mean whatever that cause. I just read a little bits and pieces of like you must have seen how show business worked through. That experience will not even show business, but I saw I guess I saw an actor. following the line of their intuition with utter commitment and
and in a way I think. Well, it was It was regulatory to watch and- and I think, did was it kind of gave me permission to be bold. In my own way yet, but you know ultimately, you, I am sure you found this too, there's not a whole lot. You can learn from other people. You know, I think The time in my life, where I sought out teacher leah- and I wanted to you- know, get the magic india from from me. Grades and find the master. You know an apprentice steer the masters, but Masters like all of us here are on the frontier of their own uncertainty and confusion. You're, just like all of us, and so there is really no there. Is there there no kind of axiom that you can import, that's gonna unlock them,
fisheries right mother, sometimes there's practical trick, they were great practical, you know and not even tricks, but but but right, you're, sure things, because a lot of especially film work here is practical and then there's the and then there's the element of it. That. remains and needs to remain a mystery like you said, you know, you can only sort of can't summon flame. I know I know, so That way, I think that the thing is that the only increases you're possibility of summoning flame is is stepping out. making use of available for which is in an over coming fear. Yes, and- and so I urge you to hear that that's inconsistent, that is inconsistent. Yes, what do you mean doing it yeah? Giving you can't
prior too it yeah, maybe eventually get to fearlessness necessary, but sometimes destroy no if it is that that is the thing I think it is? Fearlessness is really the word here. You know I am a fearless person rise that I think I as an actor and have to be fearless or you have to find a way. I think too well too like ramrod in those fear, events right here he can go right into them because, because I'm never without fear right but put yourself in the situation, those scenes yet brian, somehow yeah and in others you know- and I guess in general, when I go to work, although you die, a thousand deaths may be in the van on the way to her ear, and there is something about there's this thing that I read that, has always stayed with him. That garcia orca, said yeah that. only when you rob yourself of skill and security might the twin.
Appear dwayne day being you know this the spirit oh yeah and I think, it is about that? It's about a surrendering to pay out with some power that I don't understand the way I think what what's interesting and what we keep coming back to is that you don't. However, anybody looks at anything we talk about yeah I think you had this experience. Yet it recently you fucker: yeah, definite, n and n n. The truth is that, like you're, what what's happening is happening. Is that, like you know the depth of anyone's appreciation as an hour, for what their work is and how get to where they want to get is a you know it. it's their fucking thing and ended it's our it's. It's our work, it's your work, so you know this nothing but judgmental shallow people out there who are working it shit over you things. I don't understand you it's like, like
I said before it's like: if it's not mathematics, then it's all fuckin poetry and you gotta figure out which of those things is going to guide you to get you where you gotta go, you gave. The liability is talking about it. That's right No, you know I mean, there is a sense, I'm sure you know this. You know it in, driving here, yeah there's this feeling of like in my going in front of a firing squad yeah. of course I'm not because it s a wonderful to talk to you, but but you write about all of that yeah and you know at the end of the day, you know this film, armageddon time yeah serious stuff. This is if this is a person excavating his life here and I have to earn the to walk onto that set and be this man's father yeah.
and and he needs to believe that I'm his father and son, The challenge of that and the responsibility of that I take, it is seriously sure has anything in life yeah I get one it showed you should yeah. No, we should you know, I think that is yeah. Even if, like you know, people, though, like the, I think one of the things with europe forget so in and I dunno where your egos at with that is that, like you know, you've gotten a lot of you know attention and, and you wanted a prize you know, and then You know it is sometimes I get the feeling is. Are you good with you Do you remember doing off off broadway and feeling satisfied was at enough interesting will it both. Wasn't. It wasn't right: ok, yeah, because the Yes, it was in the sense that it was
credibly nourishing to get to our and great plays in sixty see theatres above a falafel stand, and nobody saw, and you know that they pay you with a metro card, and you know you re enter europe, your living in it in a way that feels very prick area saw. Creatively. A lot of that was enough, and some of that work to be honest, is more fulfilling. Then and five percent of the film and television work that's available here. You know that is you know book, but in my mind it's sort of like this is where it matters, and then you look at the audience through like to these four people, yeah yeah and and and, I think, like any actor I'd, be lying. If I said that I didn't want to be doing what I'm getting to do now. Yeah, you know those are the you know. Those are my dreams year amazing to me that that the term that's great
denmark's denmark, you're married to a danish person. Yes a married to psychiatrists who is also now documentary film maker and she dismayed an amazing short film. These two immigration lawyers who are sort of fighting ice and preventing all applications, and she just showed it to tell your rights. We both had a film there, which is, which was really amazing, and you have kids, we have three little girls here, a forty four and two in one good yeah, it's the best, it's a lot, it's a lot right now, extorted everything converged. Everything happened at once in my life and a lot of ways you know: do you have denmark, I loved and more I knew I envy you spent time. No, I really haven't. I don't think I just picture in gas, minimal, now furniture
yeah sure. Well, that's not a lot of storage space, it spend a lot of time there in the last years sleeve danish kids, my kids, speak danish, that danish passports of house there is great. so very cause it's over here to very same there, tool practical by practical. For place. There really looks after its, people there, no, the median quality of life for everyone so if any measures to active re real, that's the thing it's like stress yet goes right on your to canada, and it's it's I'm sorry, sir. I don't go anywhere yards to your linda. I don't give a shit idea and it's like. Oh it's not here from the psychic answer is not its. You did when you go to those places its
it's around, but it's not you're, not the patient, No, it's happening and it's going to spread something, but it's not it's not gonna kill. You know in its very it's very restorative for me to be there and its become sanctuary s great. You know I ride my. Around and good for you. Nobody gives us about you, know here and a new yorker yeah, yeah, yeah and and- it's a very you know. I remember I took my wife first time I went there. I took her and her mother and uncle to Noma anxious that no famous restaurant. Yes, that's in denmark and we met the shaft towards india when the kitchen and they have this sort of triarii,
sport with all kinds of stuff on it and they had one. I think, number one, restaurant in the world for years in a row, air point something like tat and said something about how every year they threw out, the entire new rights because they knew if they tried to protect their success. They would achieve it again and and and mentality, that risk. Mentality air, his is really rife in that country in others a real sense of unease, understand that an end, so that something that really appeals to me, because I think unless you put yourself in danger. Somehow you know it's that thing stella- said I'm only interested in what I can't do so, what you do because then europe against something where you're gonna have to find some inner ledge year to go on and then you might grow, you might fail spectacle.
early, but you might grow by think, like wearing for me, which I I don't know that were which I think serve some defining is that you know you are able to compartment alive. in that year, that is the deal you know when you, when you're doing your family, gang or you're out in the world yet are not an empty vessel. You're not doing the work that no that's exactly what I know. That's right, that's right, and in that you know you, you you function in the war. I have a very normal rife right. You know, it's I'm sure you fight, you know it's that. Actually you not boring You know, and I am sure that you are you have interests. We ve talked about some of them. I wish you know I'm trying to make you a good thank you. Gotta get I'll, take it I'll. Take it but no I mean I'm when I'm with my family when he and my life here I'm all in that room, but we're
is something that feeds me here and it has has been an obsession sure you know, and that is where I am. I I get view Intensely ass with a piece of work and it becomes a real kind of you know it he'll, do you make your wife work double duty? Its finding that balance in and figuring enough, but europe but compartmentalization here is just be careful, because I got despite what we said earlier. I really too, I think it took, but you know years to shake scarface. I think I really believe I saw him in an american, buffalo and boston yeah. You saw that the aid we learn production year. Any eighty And I don't I don't remember what the distance was between that tony montana right, but there was a little in there. The guy hurt her a little bit a little bit, so you know make sure he
kind of amazing and as he gets older when he's when he wants to do the work when he really want the work credible like that employee patrick Kevorkian. That was crazy, good yeah he's incredible. I mean so he got lost in who were, while, maybe you could say you know, maybe I know people some people feel that there has been affectations- and I mean I just think that he has never stopped. I think that he has urging the, but he I think, he's one of the only ones he is no he's anyone. You know when I say about it, Is being you know what I said earlier about getting a student, I feel like he, He has never stop the other he he still takes. the risk of accountability. He does yeah yeah, you know, and it's funny because he came to school when I was in underground I'd I'd, been an intern on this
documentary he made called looking for richard. I remember that yeah, and that was my introduction to shakespeare, and I was, I think I was I dunno. Fifty you're sixteen, we added that and so later, when I invited him to cool, huh something someone asked a question: it was a very sort of intellectual question, and he said a couple, simple things that if state with me for them- my life? One was just about finding. to connect viscerally with a character here, not in your thoughts here and the other was about meaning. What you say that it's that simple, You have to mean the words that you say you can't just say those words and I think that that's. It's so loaded that concept here, it's like at the end, this last season of succession yeah? I add, to sit on the dirt yeah
with your settling or of a parking lot and joy. He had written the line. That said,. I'm blown into million pieces, you know I saw your work really is to mean find a wait. A minute. What's gonna happen, I don't know I don't know you know it's. I would simply like it's like I dont know with whereby halfway through exciting yeah, yeah and no, the fear and away I've made thirty hours of story so far yeah. The fear is, how do you continue to move a needle? How do you say staying something. what it feels to me that that, but they have fewer. If you asked me that it's it's They were at a ledge here that it feels that it sustain over the season for sure
I know that one after this, but likewise manager- I don't know it doesn't matter- I mean it, I'm sure they feel that way at these guys seem smart, their seeming, Jesse's, Jesse Armstrong is just a brilliant, his brilliant writer here and he again and again, you know, I think, I mean in a way that thing talking about about where, Come freer. Jesse also feels us of terrible weight of. How am I going to clear this bar and at this in time. Whatever that sources, I think, is inexhaustible really. I dont think immaterial for this show us inexhaustible, but I think that that we're talking about Wendy yeah. You know, if you self available to it right got it go talk near you too great great talk, the So that was the conversations that I had with german throng,
so here's what happened about ten days after I talked to him, he sent attack with a voice memo recording. He said it was something that he's been thinking about. which he had said it during our talk. So here it is. Markets, Jeremy just wanted to send you this I've been thinking about our conversation and something I wish I had said. I don't know if it's too late but here I am in a in our tell room- in stockholm jet liked to my mind, but but the thing I've been thinking a lot about is. You know all this stuff about me in that article one you know,
quote controversy and. I guess thing he thinking is is cares Who cares right? cares. What someone actor says our does it's, it's tiredly unimportant. And it's just noise and silliness right there's a war Ukraine there's devastating flooding, in pakistan Supreme court overturned, roby wade, fuck it secretary general of the u n, called the latest ipcc report on it the crisis, a code red for humanity
and you know we opened our news- feeds and there's all this stuff about actors and what they're saying and what they're doing? And it's just it's just silliness inter. Its harmful it's a distraction from things that matter and I think the work that actors do. can be meaningful and can be healing and can even maybe matter, but what we say and do and how many of us work, or how many of us get there it's just entirely unimportant. Ok, is really great to talk to you. And here is it ok there you go.
hermes, strong, the movie armageddon time opens in theatres this friday october, twenty eightth and I like you to hang out for a minute. Could you do that thanks? this special story is presented by amazon and a cask creative folks. I wanted de about gift. Giving like gonna by someone a shirt by some one pants by someone you know a set of spoons that would be an interesting give. That would be a memorable gift, but ultimately they d like. I don't use spoons, but marin semi spoons. It was weird, but those are the marin spoons. They show people, but they wouldn't use em. That's the point is I never know to get people and the holidays only make it harder. It's a great season to spend time with family friends. But if you like me, the anxiety of getting the wrong gift can be overwhelming. The ones gift Giving experiences stands out my mind as just terrible it was with I first serious girlfriend. I was in college. Her name was sarah and shoes
punky but kind of him, but came from like a westchester jean grow up like that. No grows up like that for whatever reason I bought her a ralph lauren sweater. It was not achieve sweater, it had to be a four hundred dollar sweater. It was just a a cable sweater, a heavy sweater like a irish sweater, didn't it didn't reek of being ralph Lauren. It was like a nice sweater. I liked it And I gave it to her and it was like she'd might as well have opened the box and there was like a dead rabbit in. There and it was one of those moments where she's like, Why would you get this for me? Do you no me at all there's a lesson in all of this. Why you might not be able to find the absolute perfect gift? You can take a lot of stress out of the process of getting them, which is why using amazon makes sense for the holidays. The great thing about
it's about ordering things on amazon as gifts as well. You could just do it and then it goes there that you don't have to leave your house or wonder about packaging or anything else, and you can write a note with amazon news other than you. There are things you can do like when I order stuff off amazon. I don't I don't write a note to myself like hey man happy day but but is exciting when I get boxes could actually never know. What's coming, that's me so try not distress out too much with the holidays. Coming up, you ve got give shopping at your fingertips with amazon. thank you for listening to this story, brought to you in partnership with amazon and a cask creative sh, the legendary deals at amazon now back to the show? So look folks on third hey, I talk to run carter. Who is one of the architects of modern jazz, one of the great double base players, one of the good
musicians has been on upwards of twenty. Three hundred recordings is still active and end and lucid and his girls are still beautiful and working I saw him at bird land in new york the night before I talk to my tried, get up to speed. I'm not a deep jazz. Heard but I enjoy it, and I was curious and we had a great conversation. That's on thursday, mad vicar street in dublin on Wednesday, this Wednesday october, twenty six m in oklahoma city at the tower theatre on Wednesday november second Dallas texas, at the majestic theatre on Thursday november. third san Antonio, at the tobin centre for the performing arts for two shows on Friday november forth in Houston at the common theatre at worthy centre on Saturday november fifth, and I'm in long beach, forty at the carpenter performing arts centre on Saturday. november twelve eugene Oregon at the halt centre for the performing arts on friday we're eighteenth and bend oregon at the tower theatre.
On Saturday november nineteenth, In december, I'm in Asheville north carolina at the orange peel for two shows on Friday December second and then nash, tennessee, I'm at the James K, polk centre on Saturday december through And my hbo special taping is a town hall in new york city on thursday december eighth: go to deputy of pod dot com, swash tour for all dates and ticket foe and since I'm still overseas and have no guitar, here's more of me playing songs with guests who have been the show this is me and danzig gains from the del fuego playing catch. That train
the baddies. Talking about ahead there about the guitar bass and guitars in the corner. When the sun sets greg, come on, gags that dream come out, get did get was dead tree the station, I don't mind, going underground kind of like symphony of a thousand different sounds in another. Twenty minutes without a country can stab me come home, get did get that dream, the alright, the alright, the topsy turvy work
I live in the woods, dig trip before the sun has gone history and we ride we ride together, and so I say again, the tree come on get yeah get the fuck out of the window. Watch the world go play in the pan, every river town and village as it comes and goes the day with memories, and I know they're gone laughs come on, come on catch it again that the big country, the kitchen, the guns that the kids that the ice-
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