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Episode 1391 - Tommy Tiernan

2022-12-12 | 🔗
Comedian Tommy Tiernan knows a fellow traveler when he sees one. Ever since he saw Marc perform, he recognized a kinship, which is something Marc notices himself when he’s in Tommy’s home country of Ireland. Tommy and Marc talk about the shared outlook of Irish and Jewish comedians, as well as why they both feel like they’re hooked on doing standup at this point in their lives, why they’re both no good at having fun, and why Bob Dylan remains such an inspiration to Tommy.

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A guy all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the buccaneers what's happening? I mark mare- and this is my podcast W e f welcome to it that co man, I've been back come a day or two. I got back home on Saturday and I recorded my hbo special on thursday on friday- I just hung around new york a jew Meat sandwich tried to relax, tried to feel like I'd accomplished something great as opposed to like it's over I'm done, it was ok. I tried to I tried to sort of ease out of it. But that common and exhausted today on the shore, I talk to tommy tyranny in irish comic
actor writer. You may know him as a jerry in the show dairy girls he co host the tommy during the recap. Pod gas is also the host of the tongue Tyranny show on t tv t in ireland he's a guy I've seen around and said I to four years, finally got a chance to sit down and to him on that last trip to ireland. So let me tell you how it unfolded. I can work. He threw it. I may I will a pretty normal like I know, I've been paying a lot of lip service to, making outer or not taking care of myself in order to comfort myself, which is probably true ultimately on the day of the taping. When I was going to do two shows for the h b, o taping. I was com and I think all of that comes from working the fuck out of this stuff, for a year and a half I mean definitely was confident material. I could have done it!
in my sleep. In a way I mean I just the jokes were dug in. They were doug into my neural pathways. There were doug into my son of timing. They were doug to our neighbours ready to go, but I wasn't really bored with them, which was good. So day of the show, I guess, up and actually ended. Up was weird because I thought my manage your text. Media have coffee David, martin I sure, what's have coffee and turned out with Dave mannheim. be day from the dopey podcast and it he talks to me I'm here, and am I why? Oh that, David but it is actually the perfect david dang. But before the show, yeah is man. I'm recovery guy, we weren't got some breakfast. We talked a real for a while got my head clear, got meta per some demons by talking to another sober, a drug addict. Perfect way to start the day special,
we did not record it and much to his chagrin. Probably we did not record that cause he's always trying to get me to be on his show, but this was just a couple of guys hanging out and he was grateful that I didn't make him go to catches cause he works there, but he's trying to now spend his life if he does spend his wife, it catches are hook me up with meat. I didn't need meat the day of the morning of the show, I did not need to fill up on meat so much forty five. A car takes me almost to the theatre, by taking cars in new york. Take the fuckin train just two the train, no matter what, even if you're dressed for the opera. Take fuckin train g? this man guy got me a block away said this a move into my guy I'll get out I'll get, with my with my fancy pants. They weren't that fancy. So to the theater and kind of took it in took in the they got the lighting up the backdrop of every looking great dad Bunch of still photographs dual heron make up a was
To close. I would I work the stylus this time. I've never done this before and I still have mixed feelings about it, but I'm told that it's gonna were great as it sort of awkward me, because I tend to wear my own shit. Hosanna and if you ve been listening to me for a while folks, you hear me talk about square space
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t, so I I the outfits on I get the hare. Mitya get hair make up a choosing, and then we do much is still photographs, and all this is going on while there is russen daughters, food in the backstage area. That's what I brought in by five. Six kinds of herring Sable smokes able smoke salmon couple the cream, cheese, whitefish, salad, big salmon, sound, ok, bangles pickles full can eyes were gone for I cannot for pressure, which is fine. they like salted everything tat, may be put on some water. Wait right before you get on stage now, generally, in my past, I been shredding inside, just kind of losing my mind in anti. A patient. To do this special year to get on stage, but just panic and worry and just wondering if anything, the work, none of that happened I was so. Prepared in my mind,
do this thing that was just sort of excited and kind of trying to eat is much smaller. Fish is possible because I don't want any of it to go bad. These were the two places, putting my energy. I was trying to pace myself, socrates, much smoke fishes possible, but also out there and focus on the set at hand we used to. good idea, composed with the fellows and have a name for it- came out pretty good really good. plan was to I abstained Brendan mcdonald. Did some of the oft stage announcements. I did Stage announcement and that we just brother it's down popped up the backdrop when you're sitting in the audience before the show is just a bunch of white screens up there and then the lights come down boom back. Pops up my big, If comes on bang, then I walk out, like thirty cons, waiter, do it so The first show us how this fuck
temperature wise the audience was lit up too late They were very excited all the jokes were you know papa and everything was goodbye does the opening joke and I felt like the will to act we too to excited it did for smoke fish. So this text of everything that's going on? Is I'm digesting the history of the jewish people in my stomach? Just it least ashcombe ass, I'd, fuckin ashcombe food buzz goin on showing great and We tried to light this thing a certain way. This bit, I was doing in completely gal fucked up, which is fine and then finish you shall. I went back out now, shot that again with the same adi there is funding. Is there and told the weight you know, We need to step up that also. So I the show everyone's getting up, putting their coats on and then stephen, my just go back after got, would go back out, go back after coming out, so I gotta go
How dare tell me hang out and we I told the story I just made it loosen. We re shot something I was fine and then of a sort of getting ready, fuck filling back up again for the second show, which was different because I was looser and away a bunch of vodka in between shows since our goal with their dessert, can and am regular. Some kind of cranked on the nea cookies and cake, but I get out there totally different show man, the second. was totally different in that the audience was not as lit up had to earn it a great audience, they weren't I'll jacked yeah. They it was, I would say it was in a more honest, show in a way because they ve, yet there were not hell I've been doing this for a long time. They gonna laugh unless I made them laugh the first, I'm not sure
I think the virtue they were just so excited. I probably could have done anything. But the show was ripe, had worked for it and it was good. It was good had to work work. It made the jokes that tighter and better and it made them. It made them work more. The jokes but I found room to improvise second show and a few things happened that I believe will use in some. material. I did stuff that night of the hbo special. This happened. Something there's something I do generally it all. My specials is that stuff happened that that never happened before and probably never will again that night, I know where they are. I know which they are maybe after the show, runs I'll, tell you, but I some stuff. I made some choices around the emotion dr of a couple of jokes, but a couple of beats, just over themselves out of either from the muse from the great unknown, which is how I generate material its given to me by forces. I don't really understand in a moment and then
I too time second show and one of them really brought along if the the lens in the grief stuff together and there was- The funny beat that wasn't there before. and it was delivered to me. By lynn, I don't know, but it makes everything very present very alive in that second show was it was longer, but it gives us a lot to work with. So all in all, it went great and I feel good about it and friday hung out Deborah winger and I'm not named dropping I loved ever wing or by we kind of you. to come around on my instagram lives, and then I met her. She came this I told you that, but then we were No some some cats his daily and just talk for three hours was great. Was a pleasure What were you know? Mike's. It was fun though thing was great. And now I just have to you- know start. Eating like a person get off
and cigars start hiking up the mountain and added. Take it easy. I'm gonna put in force said the comedy store. So here we go I've actually- that's my dear. I want to work up here if I like muds numb done it's over I'm just gonna go right back to it, but all. That being said, if you came the either the shows in new york, thank you for coming was a tremendous. Experience for me. I hope it was for you for them Here. You see it at some point, hopefully earlier than later next year, And the internet, you can you hear me talking to tommy tyranny and you can get the tommy The lorena podcast, wherever you listen to podcast dairy girls, is on. Moreover, that's on kit loves. she watches at our time loves it. but this is me basically talking to tommy turn him for the first time in ireland, ireland.
What I was saying about that expectations in show business? Is you after having so much resentment for solar the abbot, you're a fluent in resentment. I know I am aren't you know I'm a fluent in hope. Come on, come on, The immunity are they? Are they the same when your irish hope and resentment yeah there you go start philosophically doing Now these radio stations, these christian radio stations, conspiracy and endeavour good Heaven, resentment Well, yeah resentment affirm presents. Why think it part of what we do? honestly is, is that we are able to. I mean you can't process bitterness specifically on stage I tried that I tried to be bitter on stage when I was younger. I was
prematurely bitter and my I'm too much that everybody is a little bitter and That may be true of may not be true, but it's not entertaining. Will I fund I've used to find that very attractive? yeah yeah those. I love listening to stand up as post watching us there. So I We prefer a good cd rights rather than the netflix thing shirts. I remember all those in. Oh, it's still available the idea, had better work, not sold out shots of their trilogy, not so that ticket through available and what was the other one? I can't the one would the hope toward openness. I hope this is oh yeah yeah it's! This has to be funny, I think. and I thought they were all fantastic marker. I'd I'd didn't sees as our vinyl engagement final engagement, that was yeah yeah. That was one totally unprocessed material and in the middle of my wife leaving me
what a great two hours, passenger on the trauma for use? but I think that's why I know what it is brilliant stand up. So I don't I don't. I don't think Resentment, processed resentment. Might have something to do with control when you're in hopefully in control of the product. Here it becomes interesting right? so. You don't listen in my pocket, so so it when it's a little bit on process there, it's like a horseshoe does shape for the public. come in desert this space for the public to common sense I found those mortally, that's a shape metaphor. Not you might get it around the pole, yeah yeah, the clang and you don't that's it, not that I find out interesting. You know that just us, it's its power, we about in a sense
anticipate you know they want to be listening to somebody who's. Not quite I for me I hope you don't mind me been fantastic deed. I'll. Take this up, to be judgmental and talk to us. fellow traveller, yet do it so saying collins, laser stuff right, which I find it was so together. It was so chiseled There was almost wasn't room for the audience, whereas bruce's corner. He needed I guess yeah, but he was kind of he was. He was flushing stuff, azure himself right and in summer that was messy and some of it was unformed and some of it was oohs and aahs and it was more interesting, but he was always checking in to the audience like even when lenny he was always direct, dig, dig dig. He always take this year right right, where's carlin later was just like I don't give a fuck. Yes, is how I think you fuck you take it, which is just a bit it's a bit harder to spend time with its, but in
Actually, philosophically I found it to be satisfying and I and I dismissed him, it wasn't until I watched the judd apatow documentary recently that I really started to reassess some of the older carlin. area because I found a distance with him because, unlike you or I, that was a guy that ropedown everything and that everything was worked out like a fuckin math problem liking. What you work or When I know my process, I don't know your particular process, but you're gonna talk, and you're gonna see what happens and time something will evolve eventually right, that's the way I do too there's a tremendous risk in that, but once you know that the beginning of it is funny, then you're good. Think you probably more of, if I've seen, I think you're, probably more of a risk, take her type of risk take her than I am. I think I may be sent here in time. He just rode up and go. You know that
The whole idea of caffeinated yeah wits verbal dexterity, yeah, yeah, plus anger and resentment I've gotten softer, though I've gotten softer. Have you? Yes, I've broken a bit, I'm I'm I'm a bit more Open hearted out of necessity, added because you can't hold onto it any more noble, that's, but you ve paid a high price for that that doesn't that's not you know that it doesn't come easy not, and you wouldn't chooses now can be can say was in on This softening has benefits, but you know it's just one of the loveliness of age. She may be wiser and a little more, if I know I got you, get beat up, you get hurt. You get heartbreak and heartbreak and then you hear you. It agree earring grief, but I think, like you, I feel like I've always been those things.
But anger is away in. You know to avoid those things and also to to to express our sings, but the type of greek that I was in the last four years is different, because it's not you, you know it pre emptive, you not making it up real losses will lies in. I don't I acknowledge it is much no one. I got divorced or whatever, because you can still angry, and you can still be angry when somebody dies you love, but it doesn't go anywhere and eventually have to surrender to what life is right. I don't know, challenges on thus pleasure? What do you mean No. This is why this is what I am trying to understand. Why I like and feel psychically and an emotionally connected to this fucking country and I'm a jew and I need answers from you. I see this line dar. She liked the Jews, but not as focused right
right? So we're, like is efficiency. You know it's true, we're both people of the word what about the sorrow. What about the sorrow here, Well, drunkenness come into it. I thought that's a treatment. Is it that's what I wonder about. Is it ok again speaking very broadly here we people, the irish who had our country. We're colonized we starved out. We had our language taken from us and that's it two to be communicating in another people's tongue. Has it advantages because you with his within irish mind to the english language, so it isn't it's kind of like a It become more creative with make your naturally not
operating from the same source as the english, but we have we always had our own country in the sense you know. We were looking for a homeland. We were here, then the jewish experiences is right. Dickie different, it's of course those the the getting of the homeland in after the second world war, but those also. A key. a survival thing in other societies, that there a need to adapt and find the the the places where we could thrive. In the midst of a mirror and be protected and but the thing at the word is really interest, I'm very very drawn to the bible and those store reasons both testaments. Absolutely. and I you know I was thinking about talking to because christian mean something very different in america than it was here, not good at america note,
Little bit heightened and very sure of itself, it's half fascists too were yet is its anti bit keen cause. It doesn't seem a b, not about surface no tax, no didn't to embrace poverty. The way she might have suggested not it's been turned around into an anti poverty stance. Yeah, you know, which is how to transfer from the poverty. Like you talked about in one of your pity pot. You talked about joel osteen, and that seems to be the tone of spirituality and then politically it's just straight up. Fascist was over here. I think it is it's a bit more of its braddock. Agenda and for me it's but being a pilgrim as apply to a president It's a bit more burma yeah, both testaments! I there is an interesting map. It's an interesting interior map as much as an excuse. story of a people,
You know burner, find the holding fascination interior map yeah. Well in doubt that something happened with Christ. That was evolutionary thus north of transcending. Of making some kind of link between the human in the divine in an evolutionary way, not just in a philosophical, and we brought up with it not all we had, I mean I had such a radically strange. Upbringing that I'm only you to appreciate, know how so I was born in mountains in the wind and rain cold north west coast of ireland is the myth of turning the myth of turning Don't I'm just not
I was trying to lose again and the rivers were still going to sociological way or do I like it? I love it. Love either want the poetry or you don't want the poetry. I can't can't take a shot occasion know he can't just relax, don't be interrupting. take the tablets and every works well and good, but ok. So, up there, some up there and tat our impact in was I mean, american listeners its population are really so. What part it's Johnny gone at. That's right. I was that one went with when the last time I saw you been there. So it's kind of see if you can image that fifty years ago, wow says, and then the age of three? We must africa, so there's no explaining that to a child was up for what reason. For my dad, Madame madam said, he he taught to new- was to remote. So we went to africa.
For work or even my dad's work. What work was He's worked with farmers. Ok and he gave up there well he'd. I mean I give a plot like er, I dunno with the farm for working out. Oh no, no, he was. He was working as a teacher. He taught he taught religion and science okay, okay, so he's a man it used to living with paradoxes, man, why that is that at an extreme at the age of three, it's an imaginatively brutal thing to happen. See you go from wind and rain and rocks and mountain also a very slow way of speaking hush, wonder no tell me this is the way were wounded and not all this kind of talkin, a notch, all slew an easy. and there's no harm. corners or nothingness, just beautiful there's no, like you know, yet
it wouldn't some next to pursue you. I like it out very soothing even for four seconds, then Suddenly, I'm in africa and. you know I do line about which is. It was like moving from a photograph to its negative. So, all of a sudden, you are an uninterrupted landscape, its he's its red dust, its animals. It's different noises. So, If there for three years and all my pals were african And you remember from three to six: you have a sense of sense. I I've I've looked for. I I don't remember I am committed to it sue, storytelling, yeah so I know that it happened I'll wander with words to try and understand it. So almost memory, a memory less jaunt via, but it happens right so I can talk about. What's you imaginative, because I dont have actual expired
the stronger tree of that and then, as. daft and sudden, the move from africa to africa, Then we went to london its cement, big building. the rain. And then to ireland. We're back, And a few different towns in ireland, then what religion was never part of our house, never just siblings, I have three younger siblings and no religion, the dragon all of them, or they had thought that what my sister Anne who's, whose novelist was born in africa, m and m Neve and Brian were born in ireland, so I think that does What we do is, he's beneath us air. It is
it's a kind of a very. It's a strange thing we do mark. We talk but you know I've seen you talk about it and he you know he and you see it the same way. I do, I think kind of, like you know, people I never set out to be an entertainer it. He was more of a calling you nice two two. I thought that stand up with some sort of the high on our move from the mythology of tommy tiernan are to the mill mark mind, I was calling, I think, the way I look at it in retrospect, because when I sought when I, when I watch comedy when I was a kid made me laugh, but I thought I thought they were geniuses. I mean to make people see things in a way that was was palatable and manageable because it was funny you could break down the biggest concepts into something understandable. It gave me ruby whose point of view who who did you like when you were while earlier Just like some of the older. You know the comics aid to watch on tv, buddy hack, a jackie, vernon, I think, when I had record
they teach and charm carlin record here and there, prior records, but I think that the the room worth for me was you know, seeing when I was in highschool, I saw the richard pryor for the first movie. You know when it was a movie yeah and I remember going and just being just shattered by you know the power of it, but when it just knowing for myself when I started doing comedy, I didn't set out to be an entry Inner, like I didn't say, like you know, I'm going to go entertain people I need to figure shit out, and I thought I had something to say to who gave you permission to do that in the sense of who. Did you see that doing that and neither ok, I don't care if nobody else has heard of this person. The fact The I've seen their work has given. permission to try what I want to do agree. I think it had to do with going to a comedy club. You know. Maybe when I was in college I went to you know I I went to what in in also in college and who gave me permission.
copying when you started jews- probably I mean I remember seeing paul riser at the comic strip in new york and same night, that eddie murphy dropped by and it must have been in college early in college, and I sat with Paul riser and I brought this up to him when I talked to him cause. I said: how did he do it, how you start doing comedy, and he said I you just gotta- do it now was the end of advice? so when I was in college. I wrote a bit with a guy and we audition for thing me in him. if the comedy team yeah and then we were told to do it at a club and we failed miserably. Then we told the dude in another club and it failed miserably again, but but I think then I dunno. If there was somebody it was not when these things right looked at comics and I thought that there's no way, I don't even understand how people do that. I knew that were comedy clubs by the time I was coming up, but you know I started doing open, mics and started. You know
I remember I try to work as an active for that were worst. I also. I I saw a guy called phelim, drew whose father was Ronnie Jews in the famous arse belgrade, the governors I saw him in called love and a bottle by guy called george, far acquire an epa. This kind of. ni length, boot wearing rake, who was seducing women and just moving through society right nor, random and drinking I had no idea how that was doing what he was doing. I had I just couldn't I couldn't forensically anderson this performance and I've never had that feeling with a comic tomorrow. how much I go and see I can eyes in that ok so is sucking of
What you can do isn't gonna gone well. I know I can do that so that even the even the strangest, most brilliant comic I can go. I can, I see, so. I was never intimidation by rights and with the It's wonderful things were it's you kind of a kind of feel it's slightly unfair that I can do this year, because it's me like walking I wish it was. You know I understand, but I think I was intimidated watching comics. I think I was less intimidated watching act. I think I'm still intimidated watching comes. I think we're still guys I watch and I'm like fuck. I'm never gonna. Be that easy. It's never going to be that easy. For me,. well. All I still find you attractive. Why refuse as a com How good you know it means I am still very drawn to use as a because I think, I have always
the first one for me was lenny, Bruce I get in any bruce veer. I was in school, and I saw the sky walk. Past is nineteen eighty five with the cover he was. I am, final version of infidels by bob dylan yeah, ok, whose aka near so good dylan yeah, I'm dylan, then you twelve months later you end up. Hearing about Ginsburg ran the beats, and then you, get into how ya doin with the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness angel, headed hipsters, you know and you can go Jesus. What is yeah and then you can. Counted out a bit more and all of a sudden The skype call Lenny, bruce rise appears and you ve gone you'll. I loved him Before I even heard a word of course, mouth right, that's the way. It's exactly the way you know, and then I started listening to live a carnegie hall. That's the one last wages
tits anne S, everybody's vulnerable, baby, everybody. There supple grabs this notable you bruce is a sick comedian is rather that he comments on the part of society that are sick from the insurance. While krasner somebody anyway. So I didn't. stand. Bloody Bruce was doing. I am I'm in west coast of ireland, but that's the most accessible record that one bit. I don't think so I think the earliest office, but more obvious gonna, father Trotzky, is trying with funding bits and pieces, but like one year berkeley concerts like this, it's more difficult. Ray, I think that the fact that they were yearns test yeah yeah, but our connects if you listen to it over us, but what I I fell in still in love with the architecture of what many, instead did. Even though I don't fully get everything mere architecture. Would it? How does it so the dram of agent to it a fantastic piece? He does a comic at the
Lady and that's about four hour it was about twenty eight minutes long, but it's so perfect, the guys bombing, yeah yeah and then he goes. The irish you ever saw I think I fell in love with, I think that's the that made me fallen in love with standard that it was possible be dramatic, were to tell stories to heating We the one for me than that I was excited and when I started doing stand up it would I start I started in Galway. What was the scene? There was no seen those who come to club once a week who was there? The guy's rapacity issue were all want. Anyone north, I can recall, might have passed by every now and again right, general scott kapogo scott been to mike wilmot would have been driven out again MIKE. We would have
be Dahmer rare, or would we asked to all guys who were to set at a level of. professionalism, I could do here and you could do stand on a new common as an from an affair, acting background hamish eugene that I wasn't a faded, silently at all, really sociological guys. I remember, seeing guys get upon stage of us all. and the young, There was no enjoyment of the actual theatrical, sir of the situation, but I think we all start that way. You know there was. I started I I started to doing, I emerged from the silence to the word. We'll get you go now I mean for most your career, you, you keep go you move in nonphysical physical, but also you gotta pasty again energy too. Sometimes you know it's all it. Figured it out until an ill. So now my thing I
I used to breathe ridiculously. before going on to william it. Oh you mean freak out. No, I kind, I thirty minutes of of deep breathing and holding my breath and exercises in exercise yeah and it was kind of an as an altered state here. So it was like being slightly stoned, hyperventilate, yeah, yeah, you know, and and that worked for awhile you weren't drinking at the time. No am I Julia. First, let me take cocaine on stage I go I got this is Obviously this is obviously my method. Now this is the key is They always made me a little too fast, but it work. The first time, and then you go everything works. The first That's an embryo, necks out sex. I believe that you know you'll nail it, but it won't be. It won't work. You know- and I liked that
it's a good title, so I and then you know the first time eat your little bit drunk onstage at work so yeah I used to like weed that was. I was an okay place to be because then you can entertain yourself. That's what I got, Watch very, very you with sex nudge, my mask watching. Somebody did about having a hard time keeping it hard, but just that you brought it up dimensions where you might yeah in general, I I'm I'm trying to it. It means a lot to me still sex and having it be good, it means a lot to me still. I still, I think I put Jan fifty nine and I still think it. You know it is right up there with probably the most one of the most important things. in terms of making life enjoyable, you.
The mechanics others can be stressful, but the discover the physiology of it is a marvellous. That doesn't mean on skin is undermined and you just have to find something with. Croatia have thought I find somewhat patients after certain point. You know you re a level of desperation when you're certain age and yes sure it'll work with two people who want to make it work and is a difference, I'm married and how even married since two thousand and nine was a thirteen years poker study. De the familiarity of thus we're. Never If am able to say it out loud, because it's true it, ever becomes I never taken for granted and never becomes boring I can't believe sometimes this or that and being once
get naked with me. You know. I think that as you get older, it becomes harder to to be with strangers. To be out there doing that. It's a widower, a little sad little, exhausting by think as I get it that anyone in what I just told you, which, as you know, You know what you want. You can be honest about it, then work it out. You find out what the other prison once I think that evolves in a relationship is there as a kind of attention we do, what you want, what you're capable of sometimes you keep at it. You know near. It gets well sweaty, but you get there. a friend of mine, said many years ago. He said the comes a stage in your life When you move from the love adventure to the death adventure, we I'm definitely there and he said the death adventure is actually more interesting. Warehouse is the idea, the spectrum of that. What one of the vessel
posts of the death adventure. I mean at some point you realize you know I think. First, intellectually that we're all on a death adventure, but then it becomes very practical in day to day the death adventure. You know when you go to the doctor or when you wake up and you feel a certain way in your concerns become different, like I did it last night at harper, last night and make him a fucking die. My sweep in ireland are worse ways to go. Generally, the thing I've known Besides we wake up like this might be the night every day. That's no! You eve. it's gonna happen, but I love everybody in whatever em but it. But the? What is the death of is part of us. In yourself seriously. Taking your soul seriously. ok, I can run around the world and I can sociologically
financially creatively, I can try and make name for myself or feel good about what I do or survive boss. Actually, is there something else going on Melvin need to pay attention to I don't know how long if I met a friend of mine recently and he said, tremendous hardtack and was rescued from the edge and brought back said to me five die now. I know that there are two or three people out there who benefits, has benefited from the fact that I was alive so told me, the story, it happened when he was twenty six twenty seven and he was working as a teacher and a small irish town. a sixteen year old girl, that he knew from his hometown around.
his doorstep pregnant She been shown us and disregarding the objects of what it looks like sexual guy in a sixteen year old, pregnant girl. He said move in with me. And she more or less stayed indoors in the house for the rest of the pregnancy. went to give birth. He can talk. The parents had a big fat two persuaded them They have wanted to see her again persuaded them to come and meet the baby. everything was often he said, I know that that girl Sixteen year old girl, whose now forty five year old mother benefit from the fact that arms life, so nice I think that that is a viable back in my life and said something I can that I entertained people, I can say that I, you know that that may people laugh fur but the charter.
chat other do here that are that it was kind of deal immensely entire peoples but does the same? where's my life, lifelong on that kind of may scan your stuff? I thought I think, comes up and asserting their death. The death adventure is big questions of you, and this guy said to me that he, the death adventure was more interesting weather. So the list of people you might want to apologize to you. How came there anyway. I can great colon line, I know you can't forgive me, but forgive me anyhow, You know well. That was that's one, the genius things that if there is any genius to to twelve step recovery, its efforts step, you know they sat list of no, the the cat, the inventory of where your fault, You can see exactly who you are
A character defect basis in you can I make that amends less who'd, you others too. Who can you do this to work would damage yourself or others. Or your puts you in a problem. How what's that list look like when you get to do that? That's a good one, are you? Are you good at having fun get better That's my part of my death experience. My death awareness is that, yes, I know I have limited time what I don't know about fun, but what things at another, great out in title, but when I don't know about fun, but I think joy might be possible the inner ear in it in a genuine way and in allowing myself to feel tat, I ever I have a very pretty strong defence. and is against the vulnerability of happiness. Enjoy I dont know why I don't know why. I don't allow myself, doesn't happen, naturally to feel it
I'm I'm I'm curious about phone in her and how to have fun. I don't know, I don't think I'm very good at it. I have it streams Extreme of being on stage, you know that gallop of laughter tat is you can hear The the hooves. Are you still hooked on it or totally totally. I, if I could probably gig seven, let's weak, I've been gigging more than I ever have an in, and I've never been more engaged with it. In an excited about it, and I think it comes on the heels of you know not just a pandemic, but also you know the past. If somebody and I think it it, it is saving me to a certain degree. I have never enjoyed it as much as I do now, but I I in a long time since I've been like feeling yoletta people talk about that at the end, to getting the laugh.
I don't know you know I I've been sort of preoccupied with the with sort of like the craft of it and molding it in and in figuring out ways I can take off in eyes, and yet it bad Like you beat to beat a not hooked on that, you know, there's always a risk through. It would they still- and I imagine with you to that- like I dont know, if the next things gonna work, but it like getting in the groove yet in my approaches slightly different now, which is, I have a show, their talk, show up whenever avdotya proud of it a stand up. I have assess that you ve been work here, so I it's nothing then of ok how to make this fresh every night as you will have no effect on a few things and they're all sentences. The people say to me some very open to suggestions very taken by and something that somebody law
upon go the thing that I heard you say: that's been with me for years. You know so I take sentences that I hear and they just they. live with them for a long time. So a guy that I was touring with said to me one time he said, prepare meticulously. but once you step onto the stage, abandon all preparation for sure so lives with me at suggesting you remained. and not just the eye. its acting thing, Is this what mean that's the thing that people say that, like you know, You do all the work and then you know when the time comes to to do it. You do other preparation you you was the work here. You don't you think, the work here. Thing to do this it we ve been doing tomorrow. Our life here and I found when I was the power-
say for five years are doing stand up. it take me so much longer to get a show together, and I wasn't as inventive onstage as I used to be. I used to go on. I wish I would to tour with a fairly shit show, and I wouldn't know with ten days, it'll be flying there I just did that. Will you just have some ideas, some stories from me ass? It were interesting. Do you that you need to work out but in the past for five years after six months, I'd still feel as if the show was shit. Do you have less to work out or you mark know what genre was it was I I turned a corner in again me here words, no relax guy said relax as much as you possibly can, and I darted do not, and all of a sudden thinking of stuff on stage now said to me: was so now, I'm on that pose as most I prevent latent was got me through the first six months of the year, and now this relax walk ass, relax,
so you're a little rusty or something no, not rusty. It's just that each is your come you're in charge. Sure you're thinking yeah your work? stuff out, while at the same time, you know that in your arms you have these wonderful stories you can drop in anytime. You want your, although in here anyway you're you know, people love you, the thousands of people come to see you and they'll bill. They, they have a tremendous amount of patients and excitement. They know you Oh, if you relax, they rely and then you can all sort of organically move towards something yeah It's easier said than done. get it. You know you won't show up with new shit in vienna, be creative Yonah feel alive and were you ever in terms of disposition? I mean, like you, you know the arc of you and me how's, your style change. Anything I egg in more than one modern monseigneur neuron oppose if you're footing controller something it's not interesting. So I don't know what
the style is or I just intensely trying to question it too much. We are more relaxed, we a are relaxed yet, but without also does is Bob. and said this amazing thing. He said. Never Give a hundred percent more about the good for you that's and dont prepare that's an Is I found that liberation. Because I would have been somebody who try to ease the audience willows onstage, you know just I and gather them and claw them and devour of see you. As you heard this mid career. You heard that recently six months ago, oh wow never get one hundred per cent, and that is just so. If I've been watching some of his performances. You know our times and is just what he doing. He even understand he.
he's like he's he's there in front of your buddies? Actually moon walked off the stage areas in the Van den burg. I found that so I consciously try and do that as well. You're constantly try and just pullback, and what I've found is that that that, in terms of an energized performance, then you get like taking ecstasy, You do all of a sudden rush of energy comes up and you have no option but to express it. so I find it. That's it's not just the Not giving hundred percent in the whole performs is lethargic. Is it up? the door for other energies dylan is the same. Could be him didn't you. Did you three songs were gone I'll, get it something I come and then all of a sudden he's in its full body and his glinting, but Each one makes you the possible to amend some as a performer attacks.
Advice from anybody: I'm inspired by. loads of different things. Superman. still intrigued by it. I'm still oh yeah walk off stage every night going. Oh, that was great, could pushed up it. Are you know, so I see lovers. Well, I'm not in love with so much perhaps is the road it's hard for me internationally, but I I tend to like it when I'm at home. If I can stay at a nice place and I'm only away for a few days at a time, this trip has been two and a half weeks too long. For me, at this point, get I get a little squirrelly and but in turns way saying about performing yeah. I always try to make interesting choices with the freedom you from being relaxed after a lifetime of doing this that, at some point you can, you sort have total liberty in total freedom to To kind of try whatever you want an answer,
because you know in your mind that if something doesn't land eve got plenty to enact it's not it's gonna, be the end of you. Did that my thing, my thing is that is to give the audience is paradoxical, and I wanna go the I want the audience to be swept away. I want Two I want to show to whirl and lift and stuff and drive and quiet loud and but it's a boss, it's so it's not a allowing failure it's about somehow accessing. the engine my engine, that is, these are also sons. Highfalutin that is in This is insane particles of tandem, the heirs sure,
yet just is about to certain does not so much about embracing failure. If I were you I'd enough right, ok, I'm not! Maybe failure was wrong were, but you know that you're you in that, no matter what you risk you take, that unites going to undermine that. You know you you're in a zone so like. If someone if you're going somewhere- and it doesn't go- you want to go. You just go another pusher if yet its, but that setting that but finding zone sure, but going back to the this sort of liking. It like a lonely marker, we lonely people here this is an option. So so I've been a huge always some of that. I I would listen to wear not necessarily going to spend a fierce most time together off stage, but I recognize in you. Like said
a fellow traveller. So, Is an opportunity for me too. Talk to somebody, in an honest way: ok, I feel is somehow is you're. My cousin ok yeah. I feel that yeah, you know what I mean. So I'm happy you look better like in montreal, you look a little frazzled what I'm trying to make china to do. The Larry David thing of make of of been unashamedly balls, bald I think you will have a better when I saw you monsieur with frizzes. There was no cut and then we go it's always happening tommy does he. He looks like he's aged forty years. I haven't seen a miracle. It was like a danny, Devito closet. Nick nolte. Look, you know what I'm talking about was going for, but I was I was. I was embracing that I was going to I'm not going to hide my bald spot, I'm not going to you a great deal, it's not hiding anything, but the hair is cut and trimmed. I was like I was there. I literally said this yeah right. Yeah,
You gave me energy how I was It must have been hard to have a full head of tremendous hair, you're you're you're, starting to look like a character from dead wood, the magnificent moustache, great sideburns, it's stubble, it's fine, hair and anger. I'm lucky! Yes, but when can I was literally asking people like the what's going on with him and live with There is a decision that was a decision, but like What what are you saying about loneliness about just about? I mean you know the, and I know eve interviewed so many comics and performers autopsy. That thing of, if you at that moment of extreme communion with other people guarantee the act nicer, that gives you permission to be solitary during the day. Because you know you ve got this now Yes, even though you know the solitary, oh yeah, what are you you with it, though I mean I could for me, like I'm, really respect
when I travel at the wheel, of my head in the world of the world are profoundly different places You know- and I can react to what's going on in my head as if it's real and sometimes it's being generated, a guy so my will and in like sometimes solitary time I wish to be in connect like a like this, like you, and I talking like the podcast, has become europe. a big part of my social life and insert of nurturing to me in terms of the type of conversation, but if I wonder alone, eventually, I feel in cloud yeah exactly it feels like that. Vapor moving through the world but dared so wake in part of the challenge just that I've been doing with even in, two weeks because it's the long strip I've taken The term pandemic is sort of like you know, dude, you know it's you're still tethered in a year of the world. You know, don't we you're fuckin mind just cause you're way for two weeks.
enough gigs in the two weeks to keep you tethered not this time, but yeah, but I have had a lot of conversation. Also, I've had three there's going to be three stand up, shows and like five conversations, so yeah it's been good, and I will. coming. Here I like coming to dublin yeah yeah, I like the bread. I liked the feel of the air. I like the way the two during looks normal drink It's been having drunken twenty three years before we you'd yours, before, while for eight years, and my wife asked me to start drinking again and have you handled it sometimes a drink whisky? as to? Why were you sober I was we're, because I was a splash of a man, hence I was just splashing everywhere. Is it? Is it it's a nice way to say something.
I bet you do is the disney version. I imagine there are some violet we doing splashing cobbler closely, because there was a dream this there, you a lot of times with you flailing water. I was just Two, new this when you were young man, obviously, in order to stop. No, I I just, I think. Sometimes you need Three warnings young and I got my first warning a comment? Ok, that's interesting! at the second warning our near here. and the third one I was really easy. It was the turtle. Then came an ogre. His release him stop and where was I gonna tell you know I I'll tell you one of them, which are up almost turned into a.
Through the telling the story you dont to accept responsibility for the seriousness of the situation for becomes cute. Attain that you work at a year, So I was I. Started taking dips particular day, preserve taken taking coke about two o clock in the afternoon a long long time ago for any bus. are journalists out there listening and might want to turn it into a headline who started snorting some coke in the middle of the day, yeah, because you better to three o'clock in the after. I know that day. Yet then I got to the gig. and I started drinking and taken the coke and Dan anymore nice amount, a coke, yeah, ok and sharing those became started to it not want to go the dealer by five. You have proof set up there, and then so. I dont glorify any of this, because I have, of course, kids, six yeah. I don't
All I'd say drugs is I'm glad, I'm not curious anymore or now's. The terrible. I am doomed because everything could be the last drug you do just because of what someone puts in it. For sure that should be, I mean when, when we were doing drugs, when I was doing drugs, it was like you kind of knew, yeah. It might not be all the drug that you think you're taking, but whatever it wasn't, wasn't going to kill you robust enough, but no be no one's robust enough to fight fentanyl and they're. Just sticking that in everything yeah, so it's very powders and pills- are a big risk. Glam yeah So yeah, I'm a I'm a I'm. I'm telling the story in kind slightly light hearted way, but I am because I have the privilege of survival and you get to the gig get to the gig start drinking in deva and then I take ecstasy and, oh, my god. I then I leave the club year or two o'clock in the morning with rife with a full bottle of vodka. Oh yeah
I go to a twenty four hour pool home where I play by myself: more drugs more drink, can I go to an early house here? What's that poland energy has was, are they're, usually bars down by the docks where the sailors I'll come in she'll. Take him out again along with was waste, is currently an interesting story, I was talking to this guy with one eye who used to work on the second thing from it. I'm waits on unaware that this guy one I used to work under on the railroad and eleven o clock in the morning I went in and there was the last of the cooking and Well, it's a good amount. I when I went back my hotel and on the way I collapsed in the streets and woke up and hospitals and I dont these wires tick, anatomy, the big caught on my head, my clubs, I clubs outside a hairdressers,
the women side called an ambulance and I woke up. and I was still a bit out of us and the doctors or ask me questions and I couldn't respond to anything and I don't know the gig in the same club that nice so at six o clock on tethered myself from all the different things walked in and did next show that was the first warning. I got that was the first one. Yeah, that's pretty dramatically, yeah, that's it! but then it all I dont. Really I haven't. adapted its a story, the recent. I'm? U tell stories, of course, because you Don'T- and indeed when somebody comes up to. Oh, my god, Tat was horrible and you like what you don't. It's almost said like maybe thing you're saying that IRAN, where you use the storytelling as a defence,
mechanism of having to deal with us sure cause you are in control of the experience when it's the story, when somebody else comes at you and goes what can we dig into that little bit and how did you feel I can fuck that you know look at the story. You know I pictures I know that element of it cause like I've done. You know material like that, and people like. Oh my god, you, okay, I'm like what you're talking about it's history. Don't you Do this will afford yet totally here, So I was. I was eight years off drink and I started again lose all fine, really, fine stiff. I gotta get too drunk. Sometimes you know, but it's like it, that's easily done with whisky, but it's not life ruining drunk No, it's just well, but I realized I drink. Is that say? Oh, it's, a it's a depressant and I will go for you talking about. I feel wonderful the next day that you feel depressed, especially as you get older right. You know you kind of go
Why am I? Why is my mood so low a two class? afternoon depleted when there is no need for me to be this. For that, for me to be big seeing this slowly there's no need an acre, hang on a man I got. I was a little bit twizel last night I drink everyday. I drink, whiskey everyday war. I mean it. I guess the key is like when you have that moment in the afternoon. We are feeling that asking those questions that you don't start drinking, oh, no, no! No! I was awaiting everybody lovers in bed drink alone and that I've I've drink alone, a larger, but an inner So as drink alone, my hotel room last night, I was drinking whisky. So I kind of it's weird. You know people we never drink alone and I met this man. One time would have done his own in a cottage on the side of a hill, and he says I drink up lot rain. I never drink on my own in the house
and then I remembered a photograph. I solved bob dylan drinking we see on his own, assuming that that gives me provision, Does it really seems like he's doing as a point of reference? Quite a bit he's one of them. Yeah he'd be a star in the sky that I'd navigate by yeah. You know I a Ah, I'm a minor a kind of I'm not a star. I'm a kind of a local post, Sometimes local ports can be silenced when they get intimidated by the nobel bad, so I be careful with, say someone with artists were so much better than I am. I if we really care for that, I'd that they don't because they're so profoundly brilliant yeah like who well I mean I liked the local poet thing and I like that. You understand your place
in the world that you occupy yeah, so fast. But if I worried too much about Dylan or I just I. I can't and end up paralyzed by the fact that I'm so jealous that I'm not him. I could enable the popular centre in tone yeah. I went to do one or don't go to the it'll really yeah, but the weird thing is is like you know. I saw the this sort of from all the different, versions of tangled up in blue that no books in no per year- and my thought was I I rang notebook. I know I'm not going to be doing it less interesting museum, but but I do There's a sancho dignity that he filled a fifty. Fifty nine pages. It puts a format song and you just pick. Each of you know. end of comparing yourselves to these. Yeah, I mean he's a country in europe village and you just go.
any reason in my trying to do what I do so be careful, may be careful You have dinner would be the main one that I'm kind of very wary of of Becoming too enamored within your member things, he said: she'd, never letter Forget your kicks for you. You know me. So came, that's that's the thing, a mere stop listening to me. His way saying you're, not me, I may even a good boundaries exactly exactly so, but also intimidation, though, like you know, you ve been getting in trouble for first saying things before cancelled see. I got in trouble for saying things, but I never got to do with the audience. I was saying it so it makes it ok. That legitimizes it is one hundred percent. I'm in your room. I say something if I say something to you in new, laugh at the automatic glee judgments. If somebody here's what we ve been talking about and takes up sex and takes exception to this does
is none of their business. We were often in the room- and it would we made each other, laugh that's all we were trying to do walking into room of four hundred people and this I say something shocking near, but they laugh here. It's her off the hook. One one percent, even if two people are crying. They have complicated the nurse. What's really about two people crime that now that that's initiative to that. My in my memory, that's not what happened in my mouth there were all laughing okay. If it is to be blow crying, then then, the two people shook him up and say we took a session to that date. will say what an awesome. I I I am often I'm or upset by stuff. I say than anybody else:
When you get away with it, no one because- and I it's a Position of power beyond stage its so a position of extreme, possibility and that's it. That's the delight of us right is to come out and to be feckless and be be the outsider and say what ever comes into your head and for people no, that you're joking sure, but I would if one person in the room gets upset and what I say I feel off sometimes that one person is just me and I feed off me: It is not a thing of beauty. bullet proof blaster at all but it is a thing of going. If I've worked in the room, that's the only place it was supposed to work. You can't I used to say it's like, some of you might say something to your partner during sex,
that's not appropriate at the breakfast table where none of it is ok. So down the possess seem to me that it worked in the moment. Leave a move on give- ireland, in and of itself, has become more progressive than than america. in a lot of ways. Politically and otherwise, like easier, do Temper yourself, no at all, you know aims you're, just million about the voices you do about the approach you know he counts here have to be guilty. you at once. You start but you're, not doubling down you just being what Yeah I knocked on after anything, I'm just going out and see what happens. trust everything, because I I my intention in mind she is too I am you- can even of more than one intention by trust me Stefan stage the amount- and I know that if I stop
If I start censoring myself onstage it's over the you're, no longer energized on your no longer unpredictable to watch you're, no longer thrilling, because this deal. The instinct that can say the collegiate says you to say something shocking is also. Instinct, makes you re. for the sky in terms of saying something wholly no, yes, there's nothing better than saying something: profound, shocking and any new I even just even gone from reaching for a moment. Yes,. I saw there that is so transgression, not transgression new transcendent. Yes, now You can transgress a few minutes later, but it's just but he thought of this part of the impulse shirt beta. It's actually transcendence through transgression a lot of times when we're talking about taking that the rich.
Of of seeing the thing that you want to say even when you trusting yourself, but you were talking about controversy, we're talking about saying things. No one or two. You noted that no I'm saying that you can say something that people can't believe. I said anne ten minutes later that silence and paper what's happening, what the fuck and you know in your heart that, because you got a good heart, you didn't hurt anybody. It's exciting and ass a wholly and it's so. You know I see when you just unfair. Sometimes you know it it's unfair, sometimes for journalists to two: it doesn't Happen as much as it was a kind of a fever of us, a lot of people well. I the fever. I think it's, I think it's past. I think people in the room. think of people in the room get offended its down the is theoretically democratic, so there
title to say ass, not funny, and then you do too there and then right or they can leave. Or they can leave, but I really doubt woods I really do I remember doing materia before many many years ago that it, character, thus. Was racist and sexes stand everything then I would go to a list of his grievances and Through the telling of the story you realize that at the end of the character was on his own in a room, hoping and praying that people that he said that he hated She come and visit him was a kind of it was a very subtle revelation and it was I
Didn't do the character in a different voice. I didn't introduce the character I just launched into this trade via. I haste and just fill in the gap right. and I remember once a person walked out of the show and. I remember going, I'm not anymore or not. That is not working, It's not clear enough to everybody. What I'm doing it. you're to me, but it's not, here's them some dropidas. So that was a sort of craft issue We also heard to show that you do a conceptual it you'd rather drop it I you want to set it up. Different knows: what's going over, explains it, wouldn't it made sense to me to them. Ok, it's gone, wouldn't let us move on. What's the new show about I knew it. I knew she was about to be no point in danish, but it's coming It's ready. No doubt knows best. Bisbees been together for the past ten months. I united states there. It's it to me
but saying wants to it, it's about simultaneously be one step ahead of the audience. At the same time taken them with you, so you give them what they expect, but not in a way that the expected- and you Has to be times during the show where they have idea, what's happening or what's gonna happen next, so I tell Some very. Clean stand up, very well structured classic. Old school story stand bullet proof in the sense that I know it works there. The stories then, where we talk about darker things and you ever since the odious gone where the focus is gone and then we get into a bit at the end. To go titled attending just you know, and the esa. Does the shape of the shortcomings of the bill. Hicks called there. I think dick joke island Were you land after the the art
me and totally everyone leaves a friend of mine said something very interesting. The other day he said. the audience should leave in feeling better than they did when they came in that good thing to ponder on for a while yeah. I guess it's like up to anybody, forms of whose doing and how they're gonna try to make that happen bright. Member going to see you in montreal here and what made you feel like that? Wasn't a happy ending or anything but what I do when was the last I was in a very small room. It was probably- and you are- I tell you what it was you are two hundred episodes into the podcast, it can be. You gave some sort of speech in. Oh. That was right, the that that was the instant note. No, no, this isn't starbucks. He just sort of meta topic.
it felt like it was a very emotional thing to be asked to do that. Yeah cause. I was always so threatened in montreal that there were just so many people that were so much funnier than me. So I had to sort of be honest and I did that speech worked out? Ok is fantastic, got some good. I was a member, you mess your manager or your agents in the form of the hotel, hey ma I m a r o n member me yeah that's right and met with them anymore. I don't care what Becky do enough in america really too to justify having represent outages appointment you I I. I just want to. I saw I just want to do what I do That is kind of answer lost the I've lost a geographical ambition. But do you feel like you, I ride,
not. Really. I kind of didn't knock on the door, I'm going looked in the window, I wasn't invited in source it. Ok, ok, but I I'd like that through the share of playing montreal paint, who'd didn't really know me and I loved ass. I did a tour of the uk. again simply what people really norman I loved. Thus, so I did not know you, they came to see right, so it will either at the commission I'm it's coming of a days. as opposed to a ticking your wifi, to dinner, make sense, and I get it I get it, but I bet, but there are people not unlike me, like you, must see people your age in the audience that have grown up with you know. Eight, when I sees say what the montreal I saw. People maybe at sea me once or twice montreal before, but I was is seen a few things antimony here here, people in ireland in our
but different m part of the establishment here in right- ok here in that I started, doing, stand up and became very well known weekly here and then start to get into trouble for stuff that I've said, but that there was a delay. Some of that was accidental and joyful on some vote was It was like an assassination attempt by. scurrilous journalists and newspapers, and So then people did know, and then I went to a phase of being kind of wild and angry and that people kind of said I don't really like him anymore and then june in the past you this show. Is I don't? U of doing that? Well it doesn't look I've loved and because it is a little bit different again
no more than when I started stand up. Looking at Lenny bruce I'm gonna go home while I started the chechens because of letterman, loved way. He was able just to be funny, to do. That line again. Is it ok, well, well, to do something like that, but the twisted I have to my chacha is so goes out. It's it's prime time on such a nice. But the twist of the charter is. I have no idea whose working on speed, you really don't. I have no idea so this tree guests per nice, sometimes are famous. Sometimes there, members of the public, but I have no idea whose coming exciting, and that has landed in a way with this country. That is again
had fully explained the show or understand why people like us are its setting of It slightly beyond my control. I can't really define us so that is kind of a love it, the people of us, that is re established me, in the minds of most people in ireland as ok, we'll Thus, we he's he's. Ok, whereas I was out I was the lunatic with the broken vodka bottle on the hills screaming at the time We schoolchildren and they're gonna be like him, but now in the town making shoes yeah as well? Look the cobbler remember when he was angry here he still gets angry every now and again he goes at him campy, but you're, saying that when you go out and do the uk and stuff that that there is a new audience or if yeah trio, there is a new one. I love that. So someone said to me: ok tell me you what kids go to travel with you use when the next year trip
hang around the states doing shows I'd, say something flash, please I'd, love us I'd. Love to I would love to page people- I am familiar with me, I'm confident enough. It's what I do on stage snow, I'm not gonna, be broken by the experience and I have enough. competence to kind of manage the moments. When was the last time you did they do this date, I haven't been, but I did it in the comics I read comics comedy club in new york in the mirror a long time ago. That was a beautiful place that lasted ten minutes. Really, that all is the lebron love we played treated. You well paid you good. Absolutely nice hotel absolutely closed in a year or something like that. So I will do youngest kid. My youngest boy ten of fever Am I owed to twenty nine another granddaughters a to wife too? to one what what one wife one girlfriend for
with the three and three while aka sort of very young. You know get along with all of them. You're doing the mackenzie grace. I think that the thing about my spirits having children is thus it's a. It's it's the culture relationship, so opportunity for relationship all the time. You know, I'm not a great deal I am not practical, I'm not. pardon me. I she doesn't know how to be a dad. I don't know what they want a friend of mine said one time, shelter. It's the father deployed, shelter now can be physically. Financial. I wouldn't be emotional shelter bush on. Dare and is the call to relationship. So I,
I need totems and one of those people who need totems, so the other tattoos I have their all. my mind needs Tommy, don't forget, don't forget eggs. I can guess I can. I can it's it's almost like living. in a monastery. The has pray at seven. We pretend we have lunch at twelve, work from two to five desert the day is marked and in a kind of fucked up way, the tattoos like that, for me are kind, go gone darfur, Don't forget, don't forget so The next time I'm going get is just the names of my kids ass, a thing of relationship. You have this relationship, youth Because a lot of time in your own, you know hotel rooms in towns where you don't live.
Why don't do all day on by a book I watch a movie and then self indulgent, even though you have this or of an evening waitin for you, so I need the totems. I need the cover the tattoos mean so as it of a bird on my hand and to me suppose, instinct and that maybe your instinct isn't always bad tommy. Maybe in the way that you look at a bird fluttering here there and everywhere, obeying its own impulses, and you ever a bird on the other hand and then So I look down. Ok, you're insane did for my fingers at the four evangelists and that's a reminder that side of the church outside catholicism and the pope. I get something out of eden: the gospels ike
from dogma away from orthodoxy away from just a. I would encourage you between me and this story. and the radical nature of the gospels. I guess it mother, So they all mean something. So the city, so the thing with the children, is that it's a at an opportunity like so we say. a person without children is on their own in a room and all tat he had spoken. I think over more than usually and from when I'm in that situation. I have thing. Ok, six children and I can phone any of them up and have a conversation and iran tat and hotel again when well think one of my daughter's is definitely pay. There are you alone
Dad it's like tat, so it is its culture relationship. Where were you Jesus I don't understand. Most of us, I don't under eat, buy a lot of books about Jesus and I don't understand the vast majority of us- don't own when people talk about, I have a relationship with equal one, where, however, I see, Is it nine from the gospel according to luke. sell all you have and come follow me now. Not that is so counterculture dire. It's it's so feels like a tremendous responsibility. On whose his here, especially when you
he's doing what it looks like it come from. You, leave the hotel you're looking from I think, that's one of the reasons why I always keep people like like in terms of when we were talking earlier. We didn't get to the part where I didn't have a happy ending when you saw me. Oh yes, yeah yeah, more about you and also saying that, like I I I don't know what to do with flowers. I I barely know what to do with fans. You know alien. because, like it, it's emotionally kind of, I have bad bound Sort exhausts me emotionally. So the idea of someone, so things and following me to me, it's not that I'm luke, but even just for him. You know I do I can't let you get these people, you gotta feed them. You gotta tell
what to do with their lives. So if you might use you say, I feel bad for you. It s. Good local, yeah, ok, works out. I gotta go for the show that that's what pram I'm I'm he'd, be a hero, I'm constantly and entreat, and I would say it is no more than I am very interested in him. reason of him is the right word to Jesus. Yet I am very interested to talk about my unhappy ending and when I left that show, I remember it was in a tin room. Those are kind of a metal staircase towards the back. The seats were more than new, more than four or five perot. what was refreshing was the thought happy ending by kind of felt you only see other unhappy people and a kind of a kind of, The economist says: you're, not alone. That's yes, my job!
for the unhappy further. for the sensitive creative once it. I don't good, I'm not. I have seen myself reflected there, you go and that that explains my very specific audience, a glove lot, Looking for a little relief as trade, taken by that very re. That's an unusual voice and stand up division. A slave to the joke you're, not a slave to that rhythm that's very refreshing. There aren't that many people who speak honestly onstage. I think you do. I dont really. I play if you mix it up I'm just saying that only talk about yourself. Yes, here was good talking. Pleasure talking to let me turn it was nice nice talking to an irish fella,
tommy hadrian merida. The podcast is available, whether you get your podcast. You can also watch humanly. Dairy girls are netflix, and now we all hang out for a second. Folks, I told you we'd pose some stand up for you, but got the hbo special, and I wanted to wait until after that was done. This week were hosting more than a half an hour of stuff. I did the past year that didn't make it into the special posted wrote. Today Is what's going on today. hard to decide who to listen to when nobody shut the fuck up live in a culture filled with like amateur talk, radio show and wrestling eels. The fuck happened. this is from two days ago. when I hate myself, I hate everyone who has ever likes me
Ok, This is what I do, and this is part of the show it's not nodes dissolved, prepared we hear sharing when I do so. I do dude think bigger pieces of paper, the bigger writing I had to pull the car over to do that now. Urgent I share some of that with you. we are wired for duplicity. parents aren't who we think they are pull over for that right under its is gas lighting parenting
This is in fact, and light hearted shit. This is comedy. I think it is. That was my Yet from last year at town hall in new york. November, so you're in a month before I not my special town hall. You can sign up the full marin, if you're not already subscribed, go to the link in the episode, description or click on dvd have placid. W t have pod that come on. they James Austin Johnson from Saturday night live is on the show he just nashville and I was stage. I was talking to chad right and from the stage a guy who went to princess chicken with me for the first time, and I am almost how to go. The emergency room There were other people there and I as to who is with us and he said, Jane austen Johnson. What I remember that at all I thought you didn't know this guy and I knew this guy. Then there was another guide and even though there are no, I'm getting dementia, like my dad the or white boy, but I just I got got to talk to, the guy, who was great talk is very funny, his his whole areas. That thing you do
the dylan thing you did on found. Oh my god, the town to gain a good guy. Your summer, her some cords that are familiar to anyone who hears me play guitar, but by the way I'm fucked around open g tuning with just five strings. I keith so fun You know you can just learn how to play guitar on youtube. You guys know that.
monkey bob guardian angel everywhere.
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