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Episode 1393 - Rian Johnson

2022-12-19 | 🔗

Rian Johnson revived the mystery genre with his movie Knives Out and now he’s seeing what other places he can take it, both with the sequel Glass Onion and his new detective series Poker Face. But that’s the kind of filmmaker Rian is. As he tells Marc, Rian enjoys hopping genres, whether it’s a noir takeoff like Brick, a time travel riff like Looper, or the metatextual Star Wars mythology he explored in The Last Jedi. They also talk about Rian’s direction of two classic Breaking Bad episodes.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you with the fuckers what the fuck buddies? What report next? What's happening? man. This is my podcast welcome to it holidays or upon us ease in don't freak out try to have a good time, want to wish everyone. Everyone, a happy hanukkah. be hanukkah to all. I need to know what, annika until like midway through the day yesterday, it's weird when you Primarily live alone, and perhaps the person in your life isn't jewish and europe Parents are sort of onto their own things and I dunno just nobody? I it's kind of a little. to light the candles alone, I've done it
maybe I'll I'll I'll light them with kid. I dont know but I didn't know- and I do know- is the first day yesterday and I do know it's the second day today so happy hanukkah, and again mov, nothing again, just happy hanukkah, ok, good. So today, on the show ryan johnson is here, is the director of brick, lucifer, star wars the last july, knives out his new movie glass onion premiers on netflix this friday, caught up with all his stuff got into it got the vibe. Are you loop, her, I actually like armed and watch the star wars me because I think I would have had due to get up to speed would take me a lifetime. So command, exciting times we had into the holidays. It seems that three of the four narcissist of the idiotic lives are kind of spiralling out, flaming out
amazing, exciting times you know the singularity is happen. People is very disappointing, but genes are dictating what most of the culture thinks about, and it's ridiculous and stupid I know, there's a lot of things going on, but why do we need to know? Why do we why does anyone? I am so tired of anything to do with Donald trump driving any any part of culture and the fact he gets on tv to sell his electronic baseball cards. With him, you're shooting lasers out of his eyes in such a kind of like justa crazy. Any type of both mercer I mean, is he still your president man, I mean it's like that Your president, are you We're proud, we still follow that guy to the end of the world. I know some of you are so out of your mind that you think it's some sort of intentional diversion that is actually donald trump. Returning to being,
we'll drop in its purest form, huckster donald yo and trading cards. you, a dollar short that guy. Kanye is digging in the other narcissist of the apocalypse full on jus hating spiral some kind, just I guess I don't know- maybe he's got some followers do maybe he's still your guy conway the genius how a genius, unravels injustice, a year a fit of ongoing anti semitic statements. The genius other genius elon musk, that guy is paranoid. He bands journalists because he thinks he's gonna get assassinated. How much after all these to be doing he just sitting around shutting and down get rid of em they're coming to get me. We're a cowboy hat who's, this
to meet elon musk, it's more like Rita, fall off is something jump out somethin, thinner, somebody made bursts into flames, but so those three, those regardless of the idiotic lips are seen to be flaming out. Fine with me, I don't like it dictating conversations when I watch comedy comedies, like everybody, has to have their angle on all that shit net, so boring, there's more interesting things going on around the corner from me with regular people, I'm sure, there's a lady down the street knitting, some break it for her grandchild is infinitely, more exciting than anything going. Ahmad Donald trump, conway, west or iran must her sitting there reflecting and try You decide what color wool do use in in italy. More interesting there might be a guy around the corner. Just sit around in sort of a sad state wondering what's wrong with his dogs, dick that
who wouldn't want to hear that story, elon musk, sitting around by himself in an office people right across the street from me Some may have had one of their toes amputated. That's more interesting than anything those guys are saying or doing bring it back to the community. Am I right The show is sponsored by better help. There's a lot of pressure. people this time ear pressure to be festive pressure to set goals for the new pressure to meet deadlines. I don't know about you, but you know what You're does to me again stress and anxiety, and when I'm stressed in anxious it makes it harder to do all the little things that I like to do every day makes it harder to All the little things every day, so don't be afraid to ask for help. That's what better help is. Therefore, when I feel like things are, wow overwhelming? It makes sense to ask for professional help, even if it's just for one session like a tune up and better help wants to make it easy for you to do that, as well as the world's largest therapy service. better help is matched three million people
with professionally licensed, embedded therapists available. Two percent online plus its affordable, just fill out a brief questionnaire to match with a therapist if things aren't clicking can easily switch to a new therapist any time it could be simple, People know waiting rooms, no traffic, no and with certain for the right, therapist learn more save ten percent off your first month. It better help. Dotcom swash, w t have that's better help: hd lp dot com, swash, w t forget some button. My porch waitin for me: go look at my buttons so there is something I do on talk about in a railway in an emotional way in a person away, silver friedman has passed away, Now many of you have heard of but Friedman. We, I think we reposted has upset. He passed. way, not too long a month or so ago. Silver Friedman is bud freedoms ex wife now but Friedman, everyone knows, but
even without the monocle from evening the improv, but his ex silver many years ago before I start doing comedy the divorce settlement. She got the original improv, the region, one, the first improv on forty fourth greenhouse kitchen in new york city. That was the place started a sort of a cabaret kind of a variety club kind of a hang out for people after the theatre, a lot of people in the theater would come and sing and do numbers into bits and sketches and comedian This would go. It was just as a long history and many people when we started there, at the regional improv. This is enough. York city. This is before catch a rising star, For the comic strip, the original problems there forever and everyone move through their and everyone who for they left for a move through the original improv and back in the day with silver imbibed working at that place, nam buds
it comes down. I now silver add this place now, when I moved to new york city from Boston, nineteen, eighty nine after I've been doing- We started working as a comic and nineteen. Eighty eight new york was a tough city. Is it city to get work in. It was a tough city, get passed in. There wasn't disunity hundred bringer shows or ninety different places do all comedy. There were comedy clubs or was the seller. There was to strip. There is danger fields, it was it's a rising star and then, when there was what was left of the old infront of the old improv was hanging on down there on forty fourth street boston. Many club was another place now can get work at the sour for eight years, but silver, over the original improv. Let me work right from the gecko. She put me on right when I got to new york- and she was an intense person and difficult person- sometimes you just kind of haddock, who distance, because she was mad about something. But she had to say she was creative. She had input, she would watch you. She was
gauged with all of us all of us broken toys all alvis drifting jews going in and out of the improved some guys, you know, work the door there. I think a towel work, the door there. I think I'd Kevin Brennan work the door there. those guys from my generation, but it was not a popular club, It was just run down kind of realm, a different time, but it was still going in my recollection said the improvisation on the wall in letters and I believe the I was hanging was dangling forever. There were just tables this age is very low. There was a bar out front. There are these black. white pictures behind glass on the wall. When you walked in everybody was there ones that you know. You'd there was pictures eliza liza yours prior there was, guys in comedy teams at you, but you didn't know and the end would put us on an she's, very supportive she's one, the first people to give me work and she passed away.
I went to her memorial and I I you I've been out of touch. I her daughters, Zoe Friedman though in the business she booked letterman for be pretty time. Get me my first lighterman friedman, ladys help more than that, most people but servers gone, and I went to the memorial for a while, and I left I saw some by saddam nearing fitzsimons? Was air and some old face Is that hadn't seen many years mike ivy like. I remember silver, very well, because your shoe She supported me and believed in me and was hard on me, but but it's heavy. and you know, even I don't ya, at a touch were obviously for many years and she was out here with zoe, but you know and wednesday I want to be there. I want to go over there and pay my respects to hide it in just you know,
as you bud freeman as but silver friedman was very important to many of us. who are starting out new york and we're just trying to get a foothold in the club was you know it was it it had its time and she was, struggling to keep going. It was really something s run that damn vitality. I member, like time when bill Hicks was in new york for five minutes. He may decide move. There is somebody care minimal year was bosman. Eighty nine ninety. He was there that long, but I remember with new year's eve and we're just hanging around that improv and no. was in there really. I'm square thing was just around the corner and me and vitality. They're both dead, I mean vitale. We were hanging around hicks comes in it's like happy new year. Let's go down and watch the ball, and just remember me and vitaliy, and bill hicks and vita, It was heavy at that time. Big boy it is freezing cold and we're just wandering trying to get to times square to see something. But there was thousands of people, and then we Let's go back and we were back in
just right there was ten of us bringing in the new year members whose funding to see him there, because it was you don't do it. Was like nine ten people. Sometimes you know they just was in drawing crowds and hicks would be up there just yelling at them. It was quite stunning. He was a little too. he's too angry for new york, but I remember one time a citizen back of the room- there's probably twenty people in it. and for some reason, brain region had come by so eight eighties, probably and hits or just in fact there and you just sort of man. I love watching brain region with for a moment. It couldn't have been more different, both great performers but no subject wise polar up, but I also on the same way I like watching, there's people I like to watch that are just money anyway, the original improvidence final days very important to silver friedman played a very important role in my life is an early early supporter of me
As somebody who gave me stay shine before any else would- and I just wanted to say that I love you silver and rest in peace. Hannah busy this time of year? Everyone is, but if you need to improve your online presents, it doesn't matter what time of the year it is or how busy you get, because if you use square space you can do a quickly and easily. We data, WTF pob com using squarespace. So if you need a website like ours, you can do that right. Now. or maybe you sell stuff online, like crafts or artwork, or you have a business. It needs more exposure. You just want a better personal site for yourself score. Space. What you do it all, and now you can benefit from the squares based media studio, which helps you may professional, looking videos that can easily be shared. You can also sync your site to your social media accounts, so you can keep people in the loop with whatever you're doing and take advantage of the squares base. Email campaigns get your site visitors to sign up, and then,
stay in touch had discourse based dotcom swash, w e f for a free trial, and when you are ready to launch use africa, w d have to save ten percent up your first purchase. website or domain that squarespace dot com, slash wtf, offer code wtf. so what this guy ryan Johnson is. a true film, nerd and a true film craftsmen watchmen. ms movies, to see his here, evolution? Has a film maker Glass onion a knives out mystery streaming on netflix starting friday, and this is my conversation with rhine johnson the
I sit out there, I like smoke a cigar, every guy is worth it all. How many cigars you smoke a day? I want to keep it to one yeah, one day your cigarettes, I I was off nicotine for years and it's like you know now like cause. I I'm under certain mushrooms. and I was going to canada and yeah- somehow it made the exception. But it's like one euro nicotine addict- all it takes is one it's a downhill. So I can start to silence. Welcome yet again here when I might add- I smell well, when I go over to london, I basically I feel like a bootlegger. I am I've just pile up on cuba during a back. So are you like the cuban? Still I, like the cubans yeah, I dunno, if, as as I dunno, if the The policy, though effect thing just that I know that their cubans by swear that they do take sticky their civic yeah, and they all have some more thing here. They have different breeze have strength in depth, but there is a cuban taste, no doubt
As I started with, go, you buzz and they recently a buddy I'm. I got me into the particles so move and pronouncing the right. As for ignore the accusers yeah yeah yeah, so it's is beautiful as the other yeah you should. I like strong ones who try get some of those cuban boulevards area, where I just like to sweat and veal nauseous any of us it looks like he tried sick. As I was pretentious, my twenty years smoked a pipe, never smoke. I've I've smoke It's about everything you can smoke yeah like. I think I tried a pipe at some point in time, but there's really no way to pull it off if it also fucks you up like it's actually like leona, I I'm not a pot smoker at all. I never smoked cigarettes, just cigars for all, but a pipe like is
What strike looks so quaint, but it's actually like, knocks you on your arms. It's actually like yeah yeah. You got in all of them. You're gonna inhale a little bit yeah and you can feel it happening. Pipes are fun because they're sweet lot of people like those hookers that, like the water pipe that he has a big waterpipe sit around- do that business yeah the pipes are hard to pull off, were in highschool smoking, a pipe and I was in college. It was worse. Can you imagine the fucking shit and smokiness through the list? Yeah, I thought it was. I thought it was tolkien like yeah. It's no way to pull it off. Oh god, there's just no fucking, worse, no way to be like casual about it. I can't do it. I don't that's why I don't like cars, because there's such a bro culture, that's so proud, like cigar aficionado and now that she is kind of like I don't want to be seen, smoking them, but I just I just enjoy them. I'm just like a nicotine fiend and like I'll get a jones on the road and I'll go to a cigar place and I can smoke inside and it's it's like fire,
Six of the same guy, no matter where it s. Like a small committee adela our tat, a cigar broke Eric. Your faith in you know, there's always a fucking sports game on any. I just try to. I try to occasionally I'll have a good conversation there, but I'm just like I try to keep it around the drug yeah yeah yeah just focus on your own, so the movie came out liking me like a bunch of money in the movie theater it's alright yeah yeah, it's a good. I mean it was it was. It was a weird thing because it was kind of a it wasn't a limited release, but there was like only like six hundred theaters. This wasn't like a wide release, but it was like this weird kind of like like they don't because it's netflix they didn't have a it. Wasn't a huge promotional campaign. Know I mean they did they did it. I mean the big thing for them and this is of what we pushed and what we got was the kind of reach across the aisle and so amc, regal and cinna mark which they had, which had all three of those had never carried the movies before
get so so it was six hundred theatres, but it was in like really high traffic. it, is right. But for me it was just like animals, It's a fun movie, se, with the crowd as a being able to go out and like see a just like at the back of the theater and soak up the energy. Ass leg was real, It was fun, it was fun. Well, that's what I'm coming off like a high of the past week or are you just wandering around the theater I was, I would just go around and I would just like sneak in the back and soak it up or was it. How was it? It was crazy. It was people responding to wherever, oh, my god, yeah it's it's a it was really fine is like. Usually I'm like standing the back with another. My stomach lex is gonna work. Later after a couple, I'm like a bird, that sounds whereas, like outer yeah yeah yeah yeah, despite whatever amazing deal you made with netflix, isn't there some disappointment that it's not gonna run here? He could think of it. I get really complained that, but look I mean the reality. Is it's kind of
It is complex, think, is it like when we allow me first of all, netflix has been absolutely awesome, your act, that they did this right, huge, huge thing for them like it's actually really. I suppose it just naked into two screens. Yet it up for a war. Did you the regular thing, the ass they put in a couple of theatres or whatever, so the fact that they made this effort and actually really push them at it in an odd they just don't give a shit about the money it could make a feeder verses, what they would pick up in subscribers in two months. I guess I look at a number of us above my pay, a mad eve, yeah you're, asking me. Why cannot we may all the monday, probably good for stock, for that flick, start writers that I don't run net, so they get a third footage out, but is it for the actual run on the thing. Well, after a drops on the service or christmas yeah toll, its knowledge will do a full rebel bill. Do little real bid. Theatres will build abbot if they want it. I hope there will be little things here and there, but yeah. That's that's it for them. So like entering like. I do like get up to speed,
you pretty pretty quickly. I can. I have seen break it, some ike, I I what what did I'd seen? Why are you breaking bad episodes? Obviously, but I wanna watch nights out and I will most of the movies by them for this just in dealing with the two yeah I mean it seems like you took on the genre head on in knives? I give this was a mansion was a family it felt like here, but you tweet it here and you they were higher stakes. I think the the dialogues was had a better quit Then he old, tiny ones here but the challenge was for you to sort of own. That particular form Yeah I mean I e knowledge of of done kind of movies, indifferent genres before and for me it's it's kind of. Am I not sir may it sort of about having a
I that I grew up loving for ya, so I got an emotional connection to it and all are all I'm trying to do really. I'm I'm to do is chronic connect back up in the most direct way to what I love about a year on the screen and but that with the genre that has kind of layers of veneer over it over the years we have seen it a bunch yeah yeah you got We, where you gotta tweak it I'm a big part, with these ones is just setting them in modern day america in us. So many who done it I'd seen over the years and loved hour period, pieces sure in england, so just like our at its core the timelessness it's it's set in america right here right now and for europe the deal with the old mansion yeah everywhere there the trappings yeah of well with this one, though I may, as entered there's there's you know that there is kind of,
the whole sub genre of the vacation mystery. You know you think about like death on the nile evil under the sun, the last of sheila there's a lot of them. Now I mean there isn't a movie. The chef movie, oh I haven't seen it yet white lotus is, is really sand and sandler's a mystery thing is kind of like a yeah. It's a it's a whole thing. The destination murder, though so there there's a tradition of it, though he asked that, but that's interesting yeah. So so this was really more of like a compound. Croatia is rather like people sort of in aachen, uncomfortable place now or place it's beautiful that becomes horrible because someone's dead now, not really it's end of, but this one for you like it. In approaching it, as a writer I mean the other was family yeah, the other one was about property being left about a will, get so like this was
the entire device, and in this the sort of genre buttons word not there yeah it's this one is but at the same time there are other ones that I'm lina nozzle. With this one I mean. First of all, it was about a group of a group of friends with another trope of of the murder mystery it's a which actually puts me ahead like a lot of christie's stuff. It's just people live in the same town or people are vaguely connect, so even just having a group of friends who are trapped together on that island gives me kind of a density that, like yeah, he's really helpful right, but then yeah leaning into I mean it's all liquid with who done this all about the power structure. It's all about group, asus, rx yeah! You have a microcosm of society power. virus. I actually somebody at the top that needs to die you around her. And this one it was clicking in kind of ok, it's a czech billionaire up at the top so that kind of men makes sense like her.
group of friends ire, and we can talk about this- that and then it kind of issue Israel can the folds anyway. What was it about the idea of so many breakable things like and you know right at the beginning of the movie- are sort of like well there's a lot of glass and it's not just a place, but all the sculptures that you know that setup. For some reason, it's Chekhov's glass, trinkets spaceil, is like yeah the notion that kind of I dunno I mean like like the and I'll try not to like spoil it. If anyone listened it but, like you know that I, like the idea that would have said the unkind of very much follows what miles broad Edward northern character describes as disruption, which is, if you now breaking start working, suffer roguery Irian, it's also cheesy art. He told the area, you that's the thing you ve been staring at those things, the whole wheat, the whole movie on their tea, the ave little pedestal say I want, and by the way they are
is by sound. We got to the end of shooting. In that sense, we are on that several like two months. They were like dead Tiptoeing around these fucking things that were dying to start sweat. Those so is cathartic how they did. It arouses arrows like calling on millbrook thou by these good and that one day I notice about these guys. I don't watch a lot of them. There is really no way to figure it out. There's there's a great quote. There is an ellery queen, which was this series that was written by a couple of writers. One of them had great quote that year we play fair with the audience if the audience is a genius, but I I think, which exactly what you're saying it's like the illusion that these things are puzzles that are fair labours under the audience. I think actually really important in writing them to realise their not realise. That's, never, it'll be the source of entertainment. You have to build a roller coaster. Ride you gotta, build a fry, have a gripe with the same dramatic elements that make any other movie tech. Otherwise it's going to you're going to get bored you're not now get klute care about clues and solve.
and he who kerosene right for that for that genre. But I mean they're watching us a mystery series. Yeah you do on a kind. I think you can figure it out and it's kind of upsetting when you can't work. I think it's upsetting you get to the end and it feels like in retrospect it there's something unfair, but I still think the notion that you can solve The notion that that's what keeps you entertained is totally an illusion. I think either in the good. I think people know that too right, yeah, totally yeah lately yeah yeah yeah. I know when I'm watching any kind of who done it, I'm maybe the first fifteen minutes, I'm thinking who do and then I'm like. Oh, I dunno I'll, never figure this out just yet. I was watching that, though, that one with the kate winslet, you know the mirror of winning. Oh yeah marijuana yeah, whatever it is, and I was sorta like I was mad. You know cause like at the end of my
Well, how would we know the dad happy that I did see? I did says that gets me, I'm kind of thankful that I did see it, so I just thought she was great and it was all great, but it was not as like a who done anything claimed ever was, but I guess it's. This is why I never really locked into that medium, because I just get anxious and and just genre for anxious people like I get to that form I get on with it yeah how? How are we still waiting to solve this? Well, I guess- and that's kind of I mean my approach with these ones- is to to assume that you are what that way. I just described you personally are watching this movie and that the notion being, I want people to be having such a good time watch it. They forget they're supposed to be solving. I want to take them right off the audience as directly as possible, sure yeah, and so that's why, with the first one and with this one I train you things where its I take the onus off of who done it in europe.
or on a were following this person? Who is trying to accomplish this sure? Yet this out in it no knows very entertaining, but I have to like the one thing I notice about the space yet is the pace of knives out was so you connecting cutting thinking and india happens in the new one to hear what you have just the nature of the cinematic space is so expensive yeah. You know any sort of If you gonna, run nea, is so under the microscope. It's it's just alone in its illegal out of its based on futuristic thing rights: three, how to play that stuff out in a different way yet which were to meet. Also, I mean look that you will be made one. The idea of doing more of them was only interesting to me, a flake. I don't know if it could be something completely different. That's right! I and I want. I want the audience over different experience, but even more than that, just Firstly, I know I need to have a newt new channels, which way are you going to make more of them? Yeah I get I'm doing one more, at least with em one more, at least with netflix by that we're competing against
Waste is one under water. How not take the princess a space tat, it it'll do, and we have to make that very much under this open yourself up to the potential of too many bad joke. It's time. Why not? You gotta go to spain, the space time, the tickets a spade's, a moon, mystery that was well. That's the other thing about what was great of a looper is. Why get the end of that there's this moment where your brain wants to sort of like what could this really happy I put in it ass, it is. Does this makes sense? Is logic to this end, lamb, slap right. You got that we gotta you handle that genre very well, that's another one that I don't watch a lot of, but gothenburg where'd you grow up. I was. I was a kid in colorado by been southern california sense, since I was in junior high, really what what particle run of new number yeah ngo area. We know, I
the new mexico, I gotta call in colorado up, that's where you were born now. as for the maryland, but then we nature senator figures, the colorado and I got a lot of family still in colorado. Guy there lie yeah, so you we love it now my mom was in southern california. My dad did living in colorado bay. The deepest always sorry who gets interesting movies. I think I mean my dad. another my family was in the movie business like near my dad was in the home building business, but I think he was frustrated artists, artist, really yeah. He think he always wanted to what made you feel that cause he cause. He would say I always why? Is there a frustrated there is? I wish I could be vague about why my building and he liked his work. He enjoyed his work, but but he he love, love, love movies and my family loves movies, yeah yeah magazine, I granddad reasons was like a move.
both kind of guy or he was yeah, I mean he wasn't like a you know, deep, deep, deep movie, buff guy, but here he fuckin loved movies and he kind of an eye. He loved directors. Also, I guess that's the thing well, yeah yeah like each her, he would show you showed me, like you know, skurse asia's movies, but like even more than the movies like looking at your dad and like you and I wanting his respect via seeing him talk about this director scorsese we're kind of hers. It's kind of there was a really deep, powerful thing in terms of the director as the person whom oh yeah, I have a I'm. Seeing dad hold them in esteem, so he knew his stuff enough to know who he is so in. He was a scorsese guy yeah, he loves scorsese, yeah yeah raging bull was kind of his. He showed me a raging bull. Probably when I was too young. hey, I he loves per se, is a good one. How can I watch as much as they had once
twice a year. I got them movie like memorize shuttle cork, I shot le shot by shot yet totally. I complain in my head of those fight sequencing area, yeah, absolutely yeah, especially those but unlike the small stuff, like the eighth, I haven't seen island. I buddies like an hour ago right here, and I have seen every movie in the world have is yes, I prepared. yeah I haven't got there, but the movies I have seen I've watched a thousand times each young I like, what I thought was interesting recently about re watching raging ball in the criterion collection of fighting movies, that I realise that you, the black and white thing again you know I don't, if ever put it together before other than it was an interesting choice. He it's easier to shoot movies in black and white yank us,
make up, is easier completely. The blood yeah yeah yeah, yeah bugging you wanna, go to diagnose on a guy. You throw out easier in black and white dude. Did they never would have gone away without lamotta knows it is felt they cover exactly look at the light weight. A bed at grade see the see me, their black hole is also totally practically out of lily. I knew in also like fight movies. You are always the same. So, in a sense you like he did what you do with John raw way in that yeah. Why, in so many of the classic fibre you think about, like you know something the classic fight movie, I like the boxing, nor is it whatever the edge just redeem that black wait, tradition is hard to think of, but also the stories rather say yedo earlier wrapped. Let yet either the hubris yeah. That's gonna, bring the guy down total or is he gonna sell himself out crept abbess as I never went down ray the I ever when we re never
meda, in raising it out and like what you what's wrong with you, I will, I will add, half a marrow. Indeed she did. You started James Grady, savage idea. Half of my relationship with them is just us out of context texan, each other. Raging bull quotes yeah. It seems like half of my I've got a new relationship with images texting pictures of food we go to well, you know which is, which is healthier, know he seems like a real, a real he likes. He likes the business. He's isn't amazing. yeah he's smart guy, my god sofa making. Would I you're one of these guys. You started making movies when you're like three here. If she'll summit, it feels like boring,
about a cassette euro man, though so like you or authorities, are the directors you're gonna tell me he was your land discourse says he. I love cason. He loved learns Caston. He loved, like he's really. Oh chasms, movies, big, chill actuarial, tars body heat, a loved exile tourists, yeah yeah. I watch out again recently here hold your idea to get as our aid. Oh it's when you re grass terrific here that iraq twisted the oh, my god, what the whole thing just that kind of candidates sexual, in a way that hollywood movies aren't today, you know how do you are just that kind of lake humans? so even though it's kind of conceptual this sexual actual actual allies, a new word in sexual mutilation, yes said she,
It was definitely an amazing sexual tension, yeah which, which has kind of gone away from hollywood movies. Is it has it that's odd, because I notice it, I notice when it's not there yeah, and I notice that you know I mean it seemed like while I was Some of that uh called the robinsons. The the high school, now yea sharia, forty ready, I am well yeah, that's a very high perceptual. It is made also feels like that stuff, like television is where can exist now, whereas you think about it. So we are you think, about mainstream hollywood movies. It's just, and rightly so. That's it is added choice if any one makes, Do you make it? How do you like your movies? There's a lot of fucking on on is neither they are very sexual. In january I mean- and I dont know if of my not doing it, I mean for me it's just. I do I'm interested area nerves, indicative of some big right anger with, but I feel like theirs
You could theorize there's of things as at porn on the internet that suddenly its leg, you dont have to get that that source anymore? I don't know if doing like a whole series on her part castra now about sex in movies in the eightys and ninetys and like studying kind of which you come up with its fascinating maya, really really interesting. She's got using it to talk about like gum sec, in society in the eightys and ninetys and announced very Bobby alike, to reflect on you're just the process of sex. camera now here on a set of boiling it's a big deal. Even if it's minor, absolutely have you where ever you like worked with intimacy gathers, I have yeah yeah for sure I I mean look. I again, I don't it's not like. I had a lot of sex in my movies, but I feel like it's such a I'm, I'm personally thankful for it. I'm like, so I don't know I just because I my only thing is. I want everyone to feel honoured.
Comfortable yeah, just like it there's another element here that doesn't airfare creative later I can make sure I'm not done have ain't blind spots and making a rebate comes vs lake and you can I can suggest, you don't have yet been made. Maybe I feel different as making adrian line movies, and I was really kind of the thing that second was a part of it. I think So that is the issue of what nudity worth I am what is when? Is it expected? I mean a lot of those those systems. Fallen away. You know like this idea that, like are you going to do, the top was saying rabies is expected to do. The top was saying so interesting as an air is weird like watching older movies, where there's a lot of casual new today and if feeling the feeling kind of the effect of it in a way that its young feel numb to it. If anything, it feels more like what just because there's so little of it. I think these days and the hollywood product I think. But yet I thought it was interesting. What you did in a loop are actually young. You had seen where the
answer or that I've ever library? I am your crimes, but when I noticed like, I noticed it because there is a lot of sex in the movie again and it was so cold and weird for nearly four million, unlike its young, contravene like now she's? No working? yeah, exactly it yeah, drawing the comparison between, like him doing his job and her tragedy to inexact him or looking for a deeper emotional connection and her just wanting to finish her shift. You know yeah, yeahs kind of and, and I yeah and a firm is up for me. It was it that was YAP, complete, neither sexy signal that was entirely power. They get very work, a universal disconnected the area. But one do you start euro? Does you dad buy you a camera? I button sofa? I got a super eight camera in junior high and I started for school project, shooting my own stuff and then went, and I was kind of in highschool right when was like eight millimeter video came out sure
so that was kind of a whole betamax her. Now this age as it wasn't it was. It was one step beyond a jury. Is the eight million height yeah yeah desire, yeah hi, and then, whereas in college was t which were the little tapes yeah. So it was like a big thing of lake. Ok, We can also in high school that's just I that's how I spent most of my time on the weekends, with my buddies, it's just making stupid movies. Yet he now not even like making good stuff just or maternal. make like a movie like inequality, wait Lydia, just we'd, hang out and make a james bond parody like that guy yeah, yeah, so yeah I'm so you kind of learning the language. I think that's genuine! I mean that's. The thing is like where I talked to friends kids, who are like looking at film schoolyard ever, I feel like the peace. Swear. I learned how to make movies was just making hundreds of with my buddies and just it there's two things back then was like foresaw just getting used to telling a story with pictures with a camera in your hand, garbed about that, but also what
did like with tape. Was you were editing in camera, so it I taught you editing, you do one shot and you move over into the other shot sure teaching yourself how shots go together as opposed to gather a bunch of footage and figure it out in the computer in the eye yeah yeah, so they had that benefit also, I think, but yeah that was that mean that's really kind of where ellington and when we shown him at the house at that, were you shown your dad even really shone? That's the thing we did we'd make em and then we'd, like sure, our selves and I'd just yet so with video, so is guys videos that is totally disposable them here and there the internet wasn't around so yeah, LUCA, post them or anything sure yeah. We weren't even making them to show me just remove where there is hanging out yea. I am cassettes who we did. What we have here: siblings yeah got em the oldest of he I gotta get to younger brothers, younger sister and then a younger half brother, while lot God also, I got like thirty forty younger cousins and we're all super close, my cousin data
My composer would make a movie together, since we are like ten years old, really yeah. We're like. I were like a clan, so your music guy he is, he is yeah. My brother also was in the music business, but yeah really yeah. He was a producer for awhile yeah, no more yeah. Now he was is that's tough, tough business. He got out of the oh really. Oh man, heartbreaker yeah, dislike indy bans in just the whole scene, and everything is just too tough to you. You play I play alive instruments really badly, but nothing. I don't do not play geography appointment guinea over, I can see it. They, I think, for me, it's lie in a way history. For me, it's like a creative thing. I can do for it without expectation desire, experts, for nobody. I can just sit in general in just kind of records, bad stuff at her side, the idea, good idea- and I have been doing it all my life- I think it yeah but guitar my life- I mean- I think, I've gotten a little better like I've. I've done bits about it. How? Because I never had created expertise,
and those aren't, the sort of like broken dream vessels, they're signifiers of failure, yeah exactly. I think it's important to have a creative outlet that you don't that you don't ruin the oh yeah. Yes exactly so so you've got a lot of creative siblings, that's interesting, it must have been. It was weird all our parents were in the homebuilding business and we all kind of went into the arts with it. But We are supportive. They were totally supportive, yeah absolutely yeah I get well yeah. I kind like him. I twenties actually kind of lake roma do as a teenager. I kind of full. yeah away from my dad and n me making. My first feature was almost like a reconnection point for us in our relationship is, as we have heard He now you can't you don t, use a divorce. he laughed right and I had a lot of anger area. and sir, how agree I was eighteen when he left, but I was
estonia sibling so and my youngest vienna. and devastating. It was really really hard and he also- and was also yeah now to go. The agenda- and I were I was- I was very religious growing up. May I will kind. I was just like the orange county protestant christian values, but it was like It was actually like. It wasn't us. Like I went to church my parents, I was actually like oh yeah it that's not anymore for me at all, but it they're your heart filled. Yes, you have said Yeah yeah. It was a well it more than that. I would describe it as it is the lens that I saw the world through really totally was yet this relationship with your relationship with god and so that It may never be more judgmental and angry when my dad left the families so
there was the others, a child, long a how long. What's with the the anger, how long was the the the estrangement, the SH? It's not like, we weren't talking to each other. I think our relation ship really suffered through my twenties and I was very disconnected yes, but then I made my first movie when I was like turning thirty and which one brick, brick yeah yeah yeah yeah, I kind of had spent my twenties trying to make it and finally, finally, that in that brought him back around and requires a gambler us again. It was where we kind of reconnected us It was almost like forming a relationship with a new person, because at that point, It was stranger was it was kind of like rediscovering each other is hot as adults and away what may jeez drift from The Jesus I got to, college and just kind of got out of orange county and met, met people and taught targets. In that conversation, and just I don't know, I just kind of naturally varies Naturally, I am pretty quickly certified
away from sound, which sounds weird considering it was such a huge element. In terms of what you were parted christian groups, that kind of stuff- I was you I was a youth group could be- I am so, but I bet that was I go. Think them at ways is figuring out because you figure out something to replace out with you. Yeah it's something you chose moving around kind of I mean I I got really actually, but really help me out, was really getting into into young into reading and Carl Jung, weird yeah, I I the bigger the the the big kahuna, the collective, like the bug that was in the the number yeah exactly the years and it just his kind of while the fact. I think it helps that his stuff feels slightly mystic, which also, of course, was also contend to draw some some nut jobs to think. But but I feel like that. The fact that he takes sickle things very seriously. The fact that heat that it, let me
say. Ok, I wasn't in saying this jets. Just this thing that I was projecting as a structure on you're a being outside of myself, is actually a psychic structure within myself and also, I think, as it's almost genetic almost like psychologically genetic to want to transfer, you know, meaning I get gaily. I feel some, the difficult part of something bigger than yourself yet to give your life definition complete, because it's it's a hell of a burden to get airy. Have any of that. I mean mind changes week to week. I know you I get out of here, but but I think young is is. Is good for that kind of stuff? Like you know, you have this great sort of abuse connection to something you know in any, but the between him and Joseph Campbell. You can kind of peace, together waiting structure is another thing: banana manlike. That's the only thing that really
gives you a structure and in and kind of grabbing onto the structure of okay, the ego and the subconscious assure the sense of self- and I don't know, it's not like I'm a a young man or something, but they I get really help me kind of like it was like halfway house. Unmarried transport, had a formative, kindly agreed that did you eat synchronicity, the arid synchronicity had that go korea, as ever it means that it's grey? It's fascinating. I think that I mean I went back I'd I've I read a bunch of his collected works. I read like ion was one that really helped me out a lot cause that talks about christian, imagery and kind of the relationship of the fish them it anyway. It is yea, and I thank you it's interesting. I think people, young people, the mistake him for being, a mistake in the reality. Is he just like he s a book about UFO we're taking very seriously, but what is can seriously as the fact that people are having experiences a feel very real and these perceptions, and what does that mean in terms of what is that reflects inside their brains?
said, the psyche gains in terms of the structure of it, so any If but yeah, I dug synchrony doug synchronous yeah what people on a backward sense into things, which is why conspiracy theories are, are popular b It's it's got its own dogma and ended, explains everything, and it seems I guess special wisdom and an secret knowledge, something I've been thinking allowed by the IRA layer creatively ere. He idea what do you do with it? I don't know it's it's it's tough because it sam it's such and also in relation to my backgrounds, ya, having this kind of truly spiritual kind of like phase of my life. Well, yeah, it's it's fastened. leading to me kind of the the assigning assigning meaning to a structure that is interior, but the mistake as an an exterior thing back into his fascinating, but also gathered piped indy
Yes, I mean that's the other element of it is like you know. This has been an exploitable part of the psyche, since day, one that drift has been going well now I have algorithms at ard. Let like jack needles filled with harrowing going into our spines, and it's. How can I barely notice it yeah yeah? Not enough, though it sorry, it's terrifying, it slated slips. It slips in no it's it's insidious in it, it's kind of, but you're right. I'd like that. You said that it may. It is something that has been there and has been exploited since day one. It's just you wonder what these new delivery devices are. We what it's not a good at, but I find this very interesting because you know that to believe in and then sort of realizing. I got enough. I took it to them next level. Of what you're talking about is that it's something that were reflecting back that is something within our own psyche- completely needs resolution, it's all interior and the fact that were- and I know it's projection its- but that some-
powerful thing: it's not the amateur. Have we in any event, this sort of the magic? I don't know there are people into that were unaware of their people, that they take a serious look at number universe likely not just like. Not just I'm not talking. I, like my reading or or or something that something that transcends logic, explanation, because right, even what synchronicity, even the idea is sort of like you did. This feels familiar, but that's just your brain, reflecting on something within itself. I think that's what an end there it look. There are bits of young where he veers a little too close for my comfortably this, is an intimacy with synchronously were the cause of the sacred usa, but I why would I think is that is really just exactly what you're talking about. We ask that we all have a structure, try psyche the same way that we all have a skeleton in our bodies and there is a similar shape to it, and that makes a lot of sense shirt, how our brains work, they're, all the same right,
also in your geographical environment, is limited to so so like if you're sorta, like white, has just run into that guy twice and we only if you live in the same neighborhood there's. No, he a cemetery, Steve and iraqis mounties be my best friend since we're like eighteen. Yes, he had a great squads where he He was a! U shooting in the hotel. There are sitting at the hotel bar in between shots bar has a mirror behind it. And they're sitting there in their showing a period movie in their sitting. There ends suddenly all of them see reflected in the mirror this ghostly form of do there. I see the grass behind them here and then they all turn and look and there's nobody there and there's no exit on that side of the bar. There was no way for air to run and everyone that are like. We just saw a ghost right up and and if they had stopped there. If I just went back and like them, they called launching went back to the shoot everyone who walked away, telling the story of you and I we do so a ghost, and I know it- and I know I know
It's crazy, I believe it by thy but steve because he's Steve he went at the back of the barn. They looked any realized. There was like a one foot gap between the floor in the wall, and there was this mirrored ceiling and we had they had seen like a reflection of reflection, the reflection of someone on the lower level walking by and so he led by its I I dunno it's it's a it's like, of course, he was going to puncture that sure if it were a different time and fevers in a different part of his life, he could make it happen again in charge people to see it. But this is the lesson I took away from it as we can monetize this. As I tell them, that's why I think Walt disney already. Did it as true so? Okay, so brick after undergrad knife to graduate now, as I wrote brick like right of college after undergrad when I was twenty two, but then I basically spent my twenties working days. Robson and failing to get in orange accounted now. Elaine I wasn't
part of orange county, grow up in San Clemente, so the very southern tip, oh wow, yeah, yeah, yeah, so almost which it has or add then more of a almost more of a san, diego bad right. Well, that's, okay, That's where he shot brick at my highschool yeah, but you're, but you are up here like you'd, be when you went to graduate school at, u c, l a I know I went to undergrad at usa or usa. Yeah did film school there, you did film school, undergrad, accuracy, yeah yeah and that's the one right yeah. I guess so. Yeah and it was good. I did look the main I think the main benefit of is just. I met some great friends. Graduate and stuck around and away and were broken, struggling together through our twenties Were you part of believing
mythology of the us went to u s c. Believing and I'd read like a book about lucas- and I was just like this- is the golden mecca, yeah and and of course you know he had the eighteen year old kid you go there and and you're just want to believe. While you also deeply want to have your illusion shattered and be as cynical as this place, and so both those things happened, and I but I mean looking back it's a great program, it's a great school, it's a it, but I think I think the real benefit of it like is, is really my friends that I made there and the fact that we all stuck around it. And love that that is that's the way, whether you knew it or not, that the whole business works entirely. That yeah,
and I didn't know that and I just kept burning bridges through my whole life and all of a sudden, like I'm the asshole going after cities by myself to talking to strangers, I didn't realize that that guy's assistant would grow to own the place. That's that's the thing that gave yeah they. Oh you're, the guy, told to fuck off that time, but but the other than before. I forget it about young and ideas and in the ideas of the psyche in the ideas that are run gets mysticism is, as you know, I think. Ultimately, you know you want You have some control. Yeah yeah rights are, I imagine the shift for you just by watching your movies and seeing what you focus on that you out of your any sort of like you, real belief system that once that was undermined a bit that the need to control must have become pretty narrowly
I guess I mean yeah, it's it's a we're combination of the need to have some control in terms of imposing a structure on all this chaos, beer. Also wanting to it's something that you give control over to you now whether it's then where'd you find that. Where do you find that I may now know man you got, you got any. No, he got anything but I can see. I don't know anything that that holds more than a day, cigars, good, yes, but yeah exactly yeah, but I mean, but idea that you can create this illusion that film in itself is sort of this weird magic king. It's one of its milk, music and film arthur. Close to magic as we can get absolutely well. I mean I in from mate luck. For me, it's a yes in terms of the finished product and kind of it's effects as as and as as wherever, as as The eight were there is art but yeah, but for me the
Your thing is just the structure in my life of having a group of people that I work with over and over and having a process now that I go through over and over. So these guys you've been with for years. I haven't yet I mean a lot of 'em I've I've. You know Nate, though you said Nathan, we've been making movies together, since we were kids steve. I met when I was. You know seventeen, but a lot of the folks that I I work with yeah. I've I've now worked with for years and years and years, it's great yeah. It's good that you'd build like a family around you and I think, yeah and native community that takes risks together. That's the hope is that that base of comfort lets you yeah shared views I guess I don't know and also just go back to the unknown and then go back to being a kid just not with your friends, make movies to media and the stuarts bowed it's it's yeah it's about the movies, but also about you, want to be around people alike and just be having a good time,
so when you say you wrote brick and highscore. Now I read it right out of college. I wrote like twenty two and what what what compelled you Iowa's really into the movie miller's crossing the Coen brothers and through that I got into reading dash of him. At the end, it was reading habits, books ogre its geo. I, like the fella, get them punched in the stomach when I read like red harvest is like god. There's something wrong powerful here and that connected up with sort of my sort of emotional memories of high school house pretty fresh in my mind and it made sense kind of the notion of this sort of vat. whence cruel, very socially strata. Five year old, then fantasy of being kind of like the outsider, who can push through all that which none of us actually couldn't. school areas that was my experience clear emotionally in high school, but so
that kind of form, together into this weird thing that made sense to me of ok, let's, let's, let's get kind of the raw power that I felt, that kind of weird fucked up masculinity of late sam spade area than the sense by the continental, I am ends and let let's put that in this high school so and what was interesting, because the language is what it is. It's the language of that John raw yeah it all worked, really well yeah yeah like it was, it didn't, seem like we weren't watching bugsy malone, yeah yeah kid yeah. You know what you could have been yeah. I see I mean that's it's amazing to me that the young I mean those young actors like we are also were really young cause, I'm still friends with joke or and leva like we're, still tight, but we were. I think he did how you did too or what two movies yeah. We did that and we did looper yeah yeah yeah he's great, but but also all of them were really good, but it was interesting because it didn't feel like a goof. That's good, though that was the big that's the hat
get, that movie is a year in year out. Did you were you aware that all the way through a hundred percent yeah yeah? And we were- I think the trick? Was we had a look at you and this is something that would be hard to get if I made a few make them. If I may, the movie today rise. We had months and months and months of all of us just hanging. in that way, together rehearsing the eye as we rehearsed it to that and where we found my god really well, we found with that material is because the words are so weird: it was almost like they had, who usually that regulate and write them. You I knew well, you know it is the us psychotic about area knowledge there. If I can bizarre it like it's a bubble, meant was that we had said we drilled them. We lose early drilled over and over had together to the point where it like a piano player, learning just two percent, but your fingers moving automatically had to get to that point with the words with the act. yours, and only when we got to that point. Could they throw them away and actually put meaning into them because they weren't
juggling with the are the fishy out. The are the first one that you can definitely see that yeah. That was that was. It was weird wheat, but we had we had time to discover that through a bunch of rehearsals just because the actors were hoss we're all just like kids like, nothing else to do so that our work and also it seems like you learned like I felt you making cinematic decisions yet when I see what you're limits were well and I had also, I had had eight years its plan that I knew that movie like cold, coming into a cause. I've been story, for eight years, I tell you my head does having it ang to come out with storyboarding something you earned to do. I I well, I had a copy of scorsese on scorsese that that book and he talks about storyboarding a hot book and there are little drawings like sure Axia, as I'm like. Oh, this is way it's done, so I started doing it and so they had nothing to do. It's called your script, riding I'll. Tell you though, most of what I know about script. Writing my dad, who I mentioned like beyond make movies.
I was in high school. He went to whether these Robert mackay seminars, and that's a sure, yeah so he's, and he went to one of his seminars out here I was in highschool. I was like a sophomore year HO and he brought me along and so I was like this a little kid like the seminar ends, but I'll tell you meant everything I know to this day about screenplay structure and I'm like a big structure. Guy early work off structure I wearing them that we sure that was like this huge via this massive thing for me, so that so that was kind of trusting Yeah food. They want to write movies. He did not yet well yeah and he was like riding a skirt of his own and now he never finished, never finished one never finished. yeah. You showed him when the conclusion in you did, it is expressly but brick
got you in yeah break away we on the sundance year focused picked it up a sundance right now, you're. A force in a well now. The thing is I worked with, nor by the way she played my god. I know man and I was so excited when she was doing that. Yeah like taxing whether inches suez relate she's, fantastic man so now. I add yes that I got me, and the reason the reason I'm still making movies today, because I had a really good. I have a really good producer that I've been partnered with since brick really ron Bergman, he same guy amazing, same dude and he's, and He is the reason I got my second movie made and then, when I was at wonder brothers I was a tank. Nobody saw, I didn't you know existed until today. I don't know why I'm real eggs in the united states in a word on the azure, I'm I'm really proud of its really person experience and making it was this magical grown alexandrians for me as amazing, but no
I went to see it and personal how its I mean you'll, see when you see I try, I kind of just I had all this stuff bottled up, and I just kind of tried to put everything that I love about the world and one movie. It was just as kind of overstuffed sort of year, and but I'm really bad I guess I worked with like adrian brody in the actual vice and their fellow unjust storm. We cannot traveled around eastern europe like last movie, and it was just a magical kind of experience, bowed Am I going to watch it and nobody's yeah? I was upset that I didn't. I dunno why I didn't realize it until today cause I watched. I watched the other stuff, nah nope. nobody saw, but I sure that's the thing coming out of making sense in the movie that it wasn't like it was a huge budget, but it wasn't nothing reacted whatever like a seventeen million dollar movie and it totally tanked here rom got looper made, which I should have been basically in director's jail, and he figured out how to navigate this and getting looper. How did that? How did he do that
he just I dunno. If I knew I would, I would know how to produce he he just kind of light, while others they schedule stern, who am helped finance who finance brothers blew me, helped us out with where, but the reality is the way we look for mass we got presuppose casper said yes, and then we have a cypher movie and you got bruce. Will he added with a gun on the air stir, and then we did the hole in the film thing of patching together the foreign financing and then finding a studio to kind of take up the slack how'd you make. Face like that. Well Joe spent spent three three hours in the up chair every morning as prosthetics, and so it's not like that's where I find I fight like that. To do that kind of specific yeah see gee, I would have been quite an ordeal well and also. This is two thousand and nine. I think this is like rape as before her face was like really just makes just makeup: its entire loses genius guy kazu, hero leah. He did
Gary haldeman's make up in them. They just churchill movies. Genius, and so he yeah he created these things and Joe, like spent yeah hours. share every morning. Hang it on and then like couldn't fucking launch busy. I d like each through straws. What can I watch a movie? Not it's like you know, it's not necessarily the kind of movie that I go to a natural, the accuracy and I'm not sure which movies I do I ever you like. I get here as I do I at the edge I like brick, I like, and I watch I went because, like I didn't know, you know damn. Yet what what where would go, but you know it. It definitely has you know? It's one, those movies where, like it how's this gonna work yet, but I trusted you define, film logic that would sustain it, yeah the tight, where we're, because, like you, that's gonna, move your looking for holes, but eventually don't care why a
that seen in the middle riah bruce can just say, stop looking sets up, they give out of trouble. yeah that was like yeah yeah. Well, that wasn't what the movie was about. Ultimately, because when you look at the machine, it was like married that that's not a dig at anyone that gets to wait minutes. This is all he just got into a hot water, tap yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. It's it's kind of treats time travel that, like harry potter movies, treats spells, may I make emotional sense right. I did, I think, the rid that goddamn travel movies. Is that they all do that. I think each year, I love you seen a movie primer that Ching career movie. That's probably the closest thing that actually tries to attract the true logic of like a time travel loop, and even that I think, budgets about a year procure? But the one thing that I had that happened for me as a guy. You know,
Your modem or sentimental. I guess by you, gonna want what was effective in just the way my brain works is that you know when levity the do what he's gonna do to save the future cap yeah you, I sat like well I've already taken for me We should spend my disposed to realize tat the to believe that yeah there. The ultimate realities to existence there that there there? be an existence where you live o other different life, a right, which isn't really what the movie's about. But it's talked about a lot right, so that gave you a parallel universe right in the multiverse, the multiverse yeah yeah. So it's sort of like you know, that's true, yeah right so when willis disappears, I'm sort of like well, I get Why not yeah? You know like now, everything's, ok, that kid's going to be alright, he's going to use this magic for good. I hope someone weirdo. That was a good twist, so he didn't realize that we were
kind of new. That might have been the kid, but yet when he left everything up, it's a kid man, oh my god, sir ten scared. It was as it was in that kid would like pure sky. and he would. He was amazing, was five years old and we shot it and he would sit down with Emily blunt and do three page dialogue since all the way through it was the odd because most kid actors are coaxing. Every lion ad are a lot of them. You're coaxing every line out of them here. So as the opposite, he would give you, three amazing, takes of like right, paid scene and turned back into a five year old and lay you'd lose em. They really has fascinate Well, there's only seventy kids around taking due there, whether its with a guitar, something we are using all of you to. Let you go, I gotta get they may I, and I imagine they put the guitar down there just sort of like I once beset as yes like a real, I knew there. Musician really yeah except accepted sure. That's true! I I didn't realize you, u directed these,
raising the breaking bad air was. How great was that for you? I was so. I was lucky son of a bitch here because, like fur, I did so meticulously much I'm just an awesome. Also is Heaven for make his writing. Is you know in the inner writings, not the fun part european yeah enough. For me, it's yegg like having written but to just come into the city mission where there is brilliant scripts and great people, and just I just get to show up and do the fun part and the scripts just yet at man midnight I feel like that was a real education, make sure that once the fly was insane, the house I really would like yeah? I add the fact that I got to just leg: do this concentrated like unmistakable stage play with Brian the hour? in their india to work so intensely with those two actors. It was like and I had the challenge of like gotta have argued this visually interesting in this space. It was like I mean that was film schools. I was late. The idea that they are
simply because he had there. You know you doing something, almost new completely it, was his own completely self contained Yang like, but I just aids, I've fucked him love dead man as someone and you got to oversee hanks death, which is crazy. I now, though, I second, I still can't believe they. They yeah that I got to do that as that. desert scene was horrendous. That was, there was a man to be. That attitude to shoot it was ryan, credible man, Brian grants in is a force in nature. That is just incredible, is amazing, he's so practical about it. Do I give up large acting as some kind of like yeah utilitarian? Well, that's it. There is no like ramping into it. It's credible seeing someone who is that good peer who can just dial it in and turned it on, like a switch sure, there's more to it, but the fact that he keeps it keeps it behind the scenes and in his head. It's it absolutely not yes,
absolutely incredible. Yeah yeah, I mean I remember talking to him and he comes from a studio of family yeah. His dad was I think, a studio actor so there I, I think that it makes sense it. You know it was kind of the job was in his blood rites. That is a jaw yeah not that kind of like old studio act yeah he does, but in the best way, they're like a in in the way that I just like. I found really really incredible to just kind of watch to watch him. What's amazing, when you watch he, I watched the kiss of death last night with victor mature and richard would mark the area, yeah yeah, crazy movie here, which would march crazy, but the AL these guys we're doing so. Many movies it wasn't actually like his look is just the way it is so terrifying is like yeah, but also I keep very present yeah. Absolutely you know my god yeah you know, and it's not just like you know, you don't think I go plain crazy. Guy, like he's like reacting in real time, yeah in a lot of ways, it's pretty incredible the old studio, guys as they there
you have like a guy from like that you're like I wish I could. I watched him work. I wish I had gone back and like I would see him I got sat or somethin. I guess I am always curious about how all like there there was an affectation to a lot of it yeah. I think like when you talk about brick like INA. What process, if they go through to get the path? going ray you're different expectations from it, though, but sometimes the emotions with with land yeah, but there was a. There is definitely a wave staging a wave, pacing dialogue that was different. It's true there's a different mood but I'm the best guys would still cut you are that, like adventure tracy, I think I was like somebody. I am who lived a long time yet would have been interesting to watch work, the red mcmurphy. To really I love frederick Marie. I would I would, if I had time to if I, if I had a time machine, if I had my water tank and I can step into it, I will go back and then I would love to oh frederick, Murray right, bert, lancaster too was a fucking may kirk Douglas was an animal Jesus man, oh my god, mitchum.
mitchum, as it shows the great gems, the guy that if I could actually like summoned him up right now, I would love to just go one day working with Why not? You any lived a long time you just missed them kind of our friends eddie coyle recently, oh my god, what a wild movie his his late career stuff is fascinating. The places that he would go to and like there says, have you seen a secret ceremony that it is a secret ceremony with mia, farrow and and MIA farrow na and at air. It's it's so good and liz taylor actually really yeah, but she's. It's it was made in the sixties high, it's kind of sewn london, it's a really like messed up sexual dynamic between them and and and yeah and and mitchum playing like this creepy creepy dude algeria, leaning into just that. It's it's it's fantastic the weight of it may even like Henry founded. Do like yet is hat yeah you I can't gets us amazing. It really is so
again this isn't going to say it again, but, like you know, I I I've. I've enjoyed everything that I've engaged with that you've done, but I I don't I'm not a star wars, guy, it'd be funny? If I was like, oh me, neither are you a star wars guy either he had star wars, so so the opportunity to do that move in was a big deal. It was the biggest steals from how. How would how do you get that You think he did loop, her delivering cathy kennedy side and in colombia in any way like a weird timing, took his disney it inquired all this day they had paid a lot of money. They had done.
The plan right rear. Well, they had Emmy J J smith was was written in the air about start shooting said I was basically the plan of those guns. Were you three build off the idea so, but it was always. The plan was always overcome in due to an anti the second one, and then can the handed aviano ex director- and it was. It- was the best professional experience my life endless how much freedom did you have over it? I had freedom. It was like it felt like any other one of our movies, and were you approaching it the same way that you do everything else regularly? This is the genre how do I absolutely do something that in january was the fact that the general no its? Not? How dare you something new? It's? How do I tap into the essential power?
prove that chandra right to me means tapping into what star wars, how star wars actually affected me when I was a kid yeah, I'm thinking back to how the empire strikes back and when I came in kathy said we're looking for someone to do the empire of this series, or I I took that assignment. very very seriously, not like we wanna imitate empire ya, like you know. Well that would you I did right with the first movie. I read and I love it. I mean I loved the first batch. He was doing the similar thing. We have that were very different, storytellers different way into it, but but I for me it was thinking back to when I was a kid and I watch empire how it was genuinely unsettling and terrifying. How the way that a good myth you talk about getting to the Joseph campbell thing, there's kind of a gloss on it, which is the hero with a thousand is there a myth, blah blah blah here? The reality is the notion of was really about. You know is the notion
that fairy tales and myths are things that reflect the biggest transitions. We go through life here, because of that they should be kind of terrifying. They're, surely scare things. Yes, so thinking how empire was that for me, when I was a kid, I'm like ok, let's take this seriously, let's actually, let's, actually then, to this, and not just kind of think about it as a kind of doing the star wars. Puppetry But let's get into the roots of what this thing actually means to me and time, and so I was able to Are they really support those able to jumping into that and all with the notion of make great star wars movie I wasn't trying to like, but but but about by rightly in a deep yeah guy advice by either subverting or moving away from expectation our or by just it. or not being driven by expectations raised, the only expectation being I'm going to the I'm gonna tap into everything that I think star wars is it's like. I put it all to this one.
My girlfriend is a big fan of it. but I do know in I've talked to her about it. It's not my world that there is sort of like two camps gap very much earlier, but it seemed like the other camp is sort of like we just one thing I can adjust our words Why? Why do you look throw away highlights, I get like I'm going to be I'll, be I'll, be diplomatic, but also true here, which is growing up as a star wars fan I'm not going to speak ill of anyone for what they like and do Maybe it's it that's. The whole thing is arguing on the playground. People like things we will just but the harder that deeper than that it's what we were talking about earlier YAP its belief systems
Lately, a hundred percent yeah hundred percent me this gummy. Here you ve sorted. You entered this realm, yes of life, defining magnet mythology and you had control over it. A very large swathes of people who are like this was it man, yeah I was it's it's retroactive later, if a hate eating it at that, but it is also of it either. I think the only thing you can do is is turning the gates. is an inward and end because for me it was like, like forget about the expectations of it being the religions. People for me, It was the basis of em, it really was like the myth that I used as a tool de transition into adult it. It was that kind of bedrock, and so all I had to do was really honestly friend, look look inward and say what is this thing mean to me and how can I? How can I put down the screen is honestly as possible, and that was another those kind of all
yet that at the end, the painful that felt that received it that way it they do really and that's been. The incredible thing is, is the years since its come out talking to people who have connected with it on that level. It's it's a sort of I may, if you'd tell stories for a living you to stream about people calving that connection something the amount feels like one of those movies that over time has garnered respect here. Its own following an and people who realize what you are trying to do, which was to go deeper with franchise. It could have been just hackneyed. it's felt really really good. Just and I I mean I've, I dunno taught soup to nuts the whole process, but also the whole process of it coming out, unlike the experience with the fans, has been an I just as yet,
you've actually had to say I feel really blessed. You know that do some real ass white, sobering, yeah yeah, some girl, even that part of it's healthy, even with the the troll battles it is. I will in a way I mean look at this, is in the context of being, like you know, like there's. A lot of people are making star wars stuff now who are having or dead. Knowing that I'm, like you know, straightway do basically you're right thinks it is the greatest thing of his career right now lie I had been saving that series up. I haven't watched it. I keep hearing it's incredible because I've been so busy lately. I hear it's phenomenal. He he so I completely immersed- and oh my god. Yes, yeah he's fantastic yeah yeah, but even dealing the trolls you even even getting the notion that if somebody on the internet doesn't like me, I'm doing something wrong. That was a huge
cause before we are have to do that, yeah we do at some point. It's like a rite of passage was trial by fire. When you're in your forties, you are not to succumb to the infantilism social media trolling. I know there is hard dude there. That's because they'll push your buttons man, they know exactly how to play. But have you gotten to the point where the button pushing doesn't doesn't work if it totally doesn't work here, but I can is that you engage yet your coping yeah you're, I kind of like you. I would now like yeah ya. Stoa Yet I feel a sting yeah I dont have ignored nor you do it better There was a time if one person said something shitty about me. I thought I have to fix this. You know what I mean. I have well that's what what's interesting about the notion of internet yet that that there there's this weird thing happens in our brain, that you know you get one. People in office and its like the entire infrastructure yet of the internet doesn't like
speculated, wanted, flocking eggs or even ten I'll tell you it's like. I was amazing to me. I don't it's way. I'd get almost, release: zero negativity in my feed and over the years a man it's like I don't know. and I've. Over the past five years, I probably dynamic people I block, but it's like in the hundreds pro yeah, it's got it's like. I don't know yeah. It's like you, ll notice them more from message. Boards yeah is that unites hearted unnoticed on twitter, that it's really a handful of people It's like this huge number you're like. Oh that's the same guy. I think that's the same guy with those three accounts. You know the learning curve is so your your wife is Is this hollywood historian yeah yeah? She was a critic she will when we first met. She was a critic for the village to meet her, and while we kind of have a
I knew each other like on the internet, but then we first met when she is good internet is good or not. I can be good. We first met met when I was sheet: moderated q and aid for the brothers bloom for that and yeah, oh wow yeah, and then, a few years later she moved back to l a she's from l a she grow up here. Oh yes, I'm in new york and yeah then, as now she had taken in called assorted business. She's dig an end to the root of hollywood. Its is reacting to you it, oh my god, what it's it's amazing, because it's because we do very different things, but our interests, shirt overlap and so every you now she always has stuck to watch for her pike s inside it's like I get I live in film school. It's amazing how good guys favorite in a good way as great yeah yeah. What's this new thing, you're doing Natasha is called poker, face, kind of a it's kind of a thing. we're finishing up now. It's gonna be january: I'm periodic and it's a peacock peacock natasha leant back it's kind of a throwback to the case of the
style like rockford files, colombo, yeah, oh great, and so it's not like one mystery of her whole season. It's every single episode is a new setting and a new mystery that she solves and it's a yes it's actually unkind of channeling colombo, vienna as great as is superfine really proud of. It said sir colombo eyes were met either, there's an episode of colombo that I remember which one the one where murder by a pool, as I see it said the ice in that has my favorite ending I'm not sure I remember the ending its amidst this date, the aid. It's like a thing where he's figured out that, like the timing Lockwood would have been there if it on the phone call here, but it's they do it without any dialogue and columbus, just like holds up a finger and listens, and the chiming clock starts going and you see in the guy's eyes that he's fucked, your actual income goes like this, and then it just freeze frames. It goes to great it's so it's so elegant and so good,
just spoil it for anyone who so that you can do things better fifty years, I guess I'm alive, but you have it. I remember as a kid like the ice of cocaine like it's not climb out that moment, because there is no korean lorenzo guide crew right so good. It's I love the one. Any port in a storm with Donald presents witches him, as the wine salesman like the wine affection, very area and there they work it out so colombo gets him too, can to basically bust himself, because he can't help himself by leg, spitting out why It's like gone bad yeah. That is the good, but donald pleasance is just like so good at all these tv. All these characters come in and do it I'm like oh geez, but there's a water term over the water turn in what was missing.
In chinatown but yeah, yeah salt, water in the lungs salt, water. You got water, he drowned. I got water out of work, but but right, but then he ki trout. He drown him in the tide pool in the backyard yeah yeah yeah salt water bed for the grass that fed the gas yeah good talking Man. S was a pleasure month. I am excited about. I'm going to am now going to watch your your last movie. Let me know anything here and I'm excited to see this detective thing I might have to. I would have to do a lot of background viewing to really fully assessed the star wars movie properly. don't sweat it. He was brothers but you'll, be fine. Hey you go smart guy watch glass, onion, a netbook starting this friday. His detective series with Natasha touchily own poker, face premiers next month on P.
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