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Episode 1404 - Brendan Fraser

2023-01-26 | 🔗
Brendan Fraser is receiving awards and accolades for his performance in The Whale but his reasons for taking on the role go much deeper than wanting to earn well-deserved praise. Brendan and Marc talk about the many layers of pain, trauma and redemption that went into creating the performance, much of which was informed by experiences throughout Brendan’s own life. They also compare notes on their shared love of Canada.

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Like guy. all right, let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck next what's happening? mare in this. My part, gas welcome to its called w t up. Are you in there place, did you Did you did you stop? dial at the right show. Are you there? place on the dial today, brand, fraser is here newly oscar nominated Brendan frazier for best actor for us For once, in the whale which I saw and it's weird I do not It turns out I'm not really in the loop of what people are saying about movies bits and pieces do any real reading about phil films, I haven't seen yet. Generally speaking- and I didn't know anything about this movie- I knew some people were set that he was not affected by obesity, as he be to play the part
was playing. I dont know that that really one way or the other with me. I don't I dunno if I felt one way or the other I didn't know anything about the movie and what it was about. I know anything and I went in and I watched it and I found it moving, compelling and heartbreaking portrait, of grief and shame and guilt. Oh I got. It was it was clearly I would have liked to have seen the play, but I thought he did a great job that everyone in the movie did a great job and it made me realize some things. I taught him about it about how the Problem or the disease or, however, you want to frame at the reality of obesity, has profoundly effected me person, the end and two in a deep way to my core, and I talked to bring about this because it was a realization I had an outside of it
outside of that. When I was watching the movie, I very quickly was no longer your kind of focusing on your head the characters weight, but just hit the way. of his heart I like. The movie new cap, mugs from Brian jones, go on sale today at noon eastern today, This time, though, only be available for twenty four hours. So that's noon today until noon tomorrow, friday, a double. T have mugs dot seo. W have mugs. That's? U. I believe I dont know what serious he's working on. Sometimes he does the retro cat, mugs Other times you get the idea, the boy stir and sammy cat mugs. We gotta get charlie on their choice. beings, roscoe, is ok, he's a pain in the ass. There is an asshole all day long, but a fourth five in the morning he's and rubbing my face with his face and
time sticking his nose into my mouth, not great, not great buyers dandies awkward- and this is way of showing affection and it's the middle of the night but then the rest a day. For kid nassau, so, but anyways this design that won't be again, I am hearing and I've seen the design of the mugs. It's very. limit its a limited batch right. Brian Jones made a limited batch of the mugs, so I would go grab one. A deputy mugs dot seo only available starting noon today for twenty four hours, can you dig it? Ok,. What do I gotta get? You have two speed on: oh Eliza saw s and sometimes just goes by eliza. These days is a fierce and intense comedian and per I heard I have are our friends
We ve had our disagreements and we ve worked through them. but I get her and gets me, and yet she is force of nature, you know our eliza sweater, her huh and is a very sweet guy he's not I don't know- maybe intense or a fierce bravery isn't very grounded and is a big fan of the show and he's a chef. I've gone too. When I was in the middle of the grief, Me and Noah Noah lieutenant is his name went to farmers market yoshi, good guy. Am we text occasionally, and he has. Written a couple cookbooks with other people, but he written his own cookbook. It's the panic, pantry cook it came in the mail like and does not pay plug. This
supporting other artists disguise. he's married to eliza. You know what got to be. You know, be careful mark. Look, all I know is the sweet. Guy anymore this cookbook and he came in the mail in a box from the publisher with it, without a ban, of of what heirloom beans, some high, and pasta? some olive oil, a spatula yeah and so and ethnic and the book, the don't panic Patrick and I'm a cook I like I like to cook. And right away. I get into it and and em because of what happened after the colonoscopy I'm changing my diet, unlike right away there. It's like what about beings And there is a recipe for beans and This tells you to cook basic beans.
data? You doesn't so come so right away. I'm texan, whom we also diabetes. I'm gonna have to that's a myth mike really Doesn't it doesn't even stopped gaseous ghastliness, a really yup the beans like who told me too, in the door Patrick pantry cookbook. There came a great and then I made his two heeny dressing from the cookbook. It's me sweet that that the sub heading is mostly vegetarian cut for food. That happens to be pretty good for you and eliza The forward there's all pictures of them. Living, a regular life in their house, she sitting there having coffee and he's cooking things like rig where people anyway, I'm that's because I like them and and if the cookbook it just looks to be right up my alley and you can a priority where pre order, books, the don't panic, pantry cookbook noah gluten. Ok, ok but the forward by eliza a fanatic,
yours forward the intense eliza who s I'm saying this all in sway Noah. So don't Get her all worked up way. I know you listening because he was enjoys a show. Ok, then house. What else is happening? I'll tell you the truth. Wherefore. My special is out. We ve got a date for the special, the aged special is coming out On h, b from it's on HBO proper february the eleventh, I imagine, will show about honeybees max pretty shortly after, but I've pose the trailer onto it's a great trailer. The music sounds good, that netted stephen, fine arts who directed it did, pitiful job and I'm very happy with it and and You can watch the trailer of four special and get a good sense of what this who is it it just? I it's happening my special from bleak too dark,
premiering on hbo. Ah. february, eleventh, ok, also, Andrea rice borough comes in from the outside comes from the back see academy award nomination for two leslie fuck, an exciting is that she you had a good ran a grass roots campaign or people for her and she the non so the movie that I'm in with her is now oscar nominated movie. I've been in a few those by way of cabal couple: oscar winning movies, the joker, as in joker housing, almost famous the asker winning movies. but this is a very exciting for the film, because it's a small film and the distributor momentum pictures I totally the ball and- the movie hanging on all levels, all levels just the worst. and somehow or another through actors- coming together as community
deservedly so, andrew Iceberg has been nominated for an oscar for best actress, very fighting and thrilled to be part of it and happy for the body involved. The last time I talk to you, I was I believe I was, in the middle of the fasting and hoping for coal and ask me: I'm sorry decimate yeah. If, if you triggered by talk have. Invasive approach in exams then now with consent and this might not be for you, but here's the deal, so I go back to this doctor. I want to know I don't if I told you, but the doktor he's a funny. Doktor yes we tried to be funny this time I went in for the vertical and ass could be asked me if I was a virgin. You ok, yeah. particularly appropriate, but doctors or doctors, and it was funny enough and I'm sure, used it a million times. So he s
If you know I'd been if I'd had one before said yeah, you did. I get it goes. I go so you're you're back. why yes m and he said well yeah? I go to the surgery centre and Fuck me and I meet the anesthesiologist, and I the air the nurse who asked me: I did you consent to someone watching the procedure mike what is this like to buy tickets? Has his you run aside hustle, where people come in and watch go and ask is what are you talking about? While the as a new assistant who yeah he's gettin up to speed. I said I know anything above that, so he asked me and he said, can I knew just any introduces me she started, you might have she watches. Am I look man you sure? It's fine? Go yes, Everyone has to learn. If you want to learn from my ass, then I'm I'm flattered, I I hope it's out. I hope it's nothing terrible, but there's enough to
you do that you have to do there too. get some hands on hands in experience so anyway, I asked him uncle James, my buddy James. He says to me so get out again and- and ask me I doing you didn't ask me- is that we are going to be in their mike. What's in and ass could be less worthy, they go down your sausages And the same guy does it apparently, so I asked doc. I said shaggy and ask me said molly, and why not? I guess I mean you need. One are not I am not referring you for one. You do have asked me if I am right now, he says why do you have anything wrong I know he said what It can't hurt, get hurt, Mike our eye, so let's do the endoscopy and then he would have returns to the nurses just outside of the current in areas, I would change in this to a double we're doing a double I like that these like your sword for invoice items. not a single anymore. It's not it's! Not just at the bottom end foregoing in both ends.
Novel penetration on this one. you have to give you afterwards. You have to the anesthesiologist another fifty bucks. For my fine. Let's do it. So then I go in. They wrote me into words: surges can take place or the so. The procedure. And are playing the eagles, in the fuckin eagles peaceful you feeling and I'm like others, The thing this is what they do so that comes in the anesthesiologist. Get me get me. What'd up cause know, it know, is a double, so they just the sort of put put He was just gonna put a mask on me, but then they like we're doing a double and so that it put the thing, MT, so they can run the fucking tube down they got me hooked up on the ivy. And doctors like you ready for a peaceful, easy feeling like, yeah man, I am, and then a jersey anesthesiologist, like we're gonna, get him endeavour to give him a peaceful, easy feeling. Physiologist Draghi up peaceful
is the feeling of a is a great show. Fellas and a map is like. Can you turn to the side of see? This is where the show gets a little dicey. This is where it gets a little more involved turn over on your side, good and then the doktor comes around these working at he says I guide the. the anesthesiologist just hooked up to the drug guesses provenance. Is like anything and I'm like no not yet, and I'm just getting the dodgers like alright, while this is going to everything's, would be fine and we'll see what up into my analysis, I'll do my man come on Oh man, next thing I know I hear mark wake up mark wake up. How bout my eyes, the anesthesiologist, unlike hey, so hey, came home like Are we done how to go? How long was I out what happened? What we happened in here. How many people are watching us just that one lady AOI, I always said yes about one lady.
and I'm coming come out of the dark comes around like I feel like I'm fine in these, like what's up is that what you're some pictures looks? Good sophocles looks great Colin looks good, except we are benign paul appear, took care of it mike nice that she got to really learn sunday. They just if they just took off so One pileup removed no badness, everything clean and good five years on good for sophocles works. Good lupi as fuck me The jury stall pick me up got a free man. I'm lupi beverly hills, and am I let's go to the butchers daughter in just eat vague in food, some after start from clean coal and an buzzed on proper form, which is very good. I'm with it. enough to eat in order and talk? I feel good. I feel all right. I mean aged in the world.
and we have this huge milk that need a day half and were in beverly hills, and I believe I hallucinated that. We went into the john varvara store and I a suit with a jerk. That was a nehru colored jacket and nehru jacket, and a pair of I'll bet. Pants I wild right that I thought I was normal But I guess I was still kind of high in the pope of all because I I hallucinated I bought a nehru jacket, a suit and air of the velvet pants cats crazy and then I got home. Jerry dropped me off and I'm getting out of the car he's going to. He said you know: do you want to forget your eggs of and a mite. Why, and I had bought, a suit with a neighbor jacket and a pair of the velvet pants fifty nine year old man
that you will see in the in the probably near future, somewhere in public wearing a pair of the velvet pants full circle. I would, their pants and velvet neighbour, jacket on conan a long time ago, I think, I'm gonna, where a non velvet neighbour jacket and perhaps even but pants on fallon next month. So look out for that stuff, That was not a hallucination, but that that of all pretty good namely believe I could wear velvet pants, billina right. That all happened. and also by the way, get your. get your call and gets you're dost copies get your stress tests fell as well, We spoke on Jan speaking, get your prostate exam. Just just do it man. I write help me out help yourself out
work brendan Fraser and I had an entire conversation, it's heavy man, but it was again? He is isn't in the whale and that's not In theatres nominee for the academy award for best actor, and also I should tell you that we talk. About brendan alleging that he was sexually assaulted by the former president. of the hollywood foreign press association, philip burke, who has denied the allegation, but we we talk about it. So that's a heads up for a fury. but now you know it's coming. This is me. Talking to brendan fraser congratulations on the award words court, one no one has yet to first. For me the critics choice
I have never really waited to hear if or not my name's going to be called aloud yeah from the podium, so I mean you've. Never! Oh that's interesting way to look at it. You've never been in a room where you're waiting for that correct yeah, I mean I mean I, unless I was there with some ensemble were right, which actually I was never on stage for the couple of occasions as I was working somewhere else and the award ceremony happened, but I think that was for crap. Are you a sag? I think craig's choices that thousand big ensemble lord yeah. and although you guys didn't even work with each other recent was homeless, ashman story, but story by it's thread through lives. Yeah right it soon. it follows a thread yeah I yeah. I remember liking that movie, I dont know if I can remember the movie specifically. as they get older, I feel you
move her time with just vocabulary too. Oh yeah words leave it's the worst you mean like sentences or words words for me, not sentences yeah words yeah, where you just sit there and you're like fuck, I know a guy, I know does it, but why am I not yeah? It's a summoning, isn't it like my dad started this or dementia processor now cause I'm fifty nine. You know you you know when that happens like oh, no, is it happening? Is? Is it the beginning, but tab I'm ok so far Are you hinges and joint holding that minor? Look at genk, bad dude, like every day, to plus the weather makes him worse to joke and all the EU is going to ruin my knee hurts, but no, it really does. I was just rubbing my knee really hard in the car on the way over here, just because I've heard that- and I just I didn't know if there was credence to bariatrics barometric barometric
It's really something that makes sense. It was a slip bariatrics. It's a word, that's been on my mind, lately instantly. No, I I was talking about that. Yesterday, though, like I, because I try to exercise and because I'm denying I'm sure. Every day, every fuckin day you I'm ok. I wasn't a lot of pain for some time, but I took care of it was all surgical fixes and a lot of them be. You know if you can, like name mode. Delity of how do you do physical therapy? I probably knows I'm getting something about. If I didn't do it, when did you start injuring yourself movies and just growing older, to write, but all that because of the injuries that that means they're, gonna kind of hurt sometimes well, if you take care o, I mean I took care of it in mind. In the forties merrily in the new all.
doctors and advisors and whatever they were like you know. Normally. This is something that you would do when you're in your sixty's yet are up, but you can do it now if you must write, but it's good to pray actively get it out of the way because it's harder to bounce back from when you are older, so you mean it possible for sure, like there's, dirty oil to get hip and knee replacements by the time the bowling playing golf shirt, although I'll show you how to get all that stuff done, was just relative to injuring yourself on sets. Yeah I mean I was very good at pact. from my. Knees and yeah. You know with straps and taken on, let's go, it's like. I knew that one idol in the CBS really well yeah, like all the new risk based her out, we yeah so where? Where do you got knees and wrists not restrict restrict the left knee partially?
replacement is my joke. I couldn't afford the whole thing. A good one, yeah going the spine in one two three places is both together. with hardware, and that was from an injury, yeah well yes, there and that and I'm sure a genetic disposition for soft tissue right issues grinding away yeah. It was pretty much just like the sort of bone on bone, if not the spine, that had a man with a co don Let's not get, not noisy! and it hurts, but in an in running hard because you have no real spongy pads and between her derives with protect shock absorber. So do not yet have a medical conversation. Does that stuff just naturally start to go away with age? This, I don't think ok, get egotist components, area, you know I want to them of yesterday to the whale and I
your great and I liked the movie I went in with no preconceptions. I had no idea what the story was. I didn't read any press on it good, so my experience was pretty pure and I was in a very effective. Obviously, it is hard not to be affected by the film, but what was interesting is that in russia? back you're, having grown up as somebody who is you I've direct I just realized this morning that I've done. personality repercussions from a person affected by obesity. My mother was had the issues when she was younger and because of that sort of a life on eating disorders around it deprivations and my emotional construct was built by somebody. You know around food and and the issue of
city. in a very deep way idea adding put together till today. Yet what was that the deprivation the queen manifest into any other declaration. Emotionally, though I mean it's an a permeating kind of, it is anyways, it was her and is amy still she still around it defined her life. Sort of maintenance of a very supportive in appropriately low weight and it was how she judged the world than herself and me and ruler in radio stick to the world, kinda yeah and- and also I don't I, you know it's all new to me as if this morning, in terms of idea in uses mentioning idea of emotional deprivation Well, what kind of risk?
did you do in terms of because it's a movie about greek, primarily right redemption and love, also Netanyahu's five characters in the quest for self in their own way, ok did you feel that when you read it absolutely will I I get the same way you know so much about I like you and India, into a kind of eyes wide open right I know very little about it. Apart from working on a log line that there's man has been eating and harming him. He lived alone. End, his having regrets fur is like leah and in a sort of epiphany he finally owns that if he doesn't reconnect with his daughter is very saw, is at stake right for Or is it or is it not, but he's conflicted about that in the act of infinite human which I like, and am years ago,
flawed he's funny he's here We all know a nice I'll speak for myself and I've known many versions of charlie right. I've had to miss mentors at had them. As friends, family member s end, met for sure worked with people of you're coming gonna london admired, but Charlie turkey is concerned. here I credit, suis, Charlie Musselwhite, way yeah. He gave me that that's cool yeah speaking of charlie's yeah, so I thought that was familiar coming to the project sensibilities and mine in, but you didn't, I feel, dimensional so that he also has on paper at least five is to do. Me is no it yet, but the clock is ticking for him so that our priorities and health, when you, actor darren. That was a conversation yeah that deal that this time limit was finite. Yes,
like there was a ticking claude radio the fuse wasn't lit per se, but I mean it's obvious with charlie's mobility issues is clear, cardiovascular, india, health the compromised, shirt and active breathing and ambulation is extreme for the logistic to his feet requires almost like you're dead, lifter right oh yeah, and for how heavy his body was quite that very well. Thanks did you have actual weight on you? I know these are private questions. You answer to it. No I'll do my best oh you mean like insofar as all the costume opera. It was cumbersome. Yes, it might, but it was a he you know. Was it loaded up? No, it wasn't overdone, but when we rehearsed, I would wear weight vest and you know like one of those workout things and right muscle, guy yeah run upstairs and all that and ankle and wrists. Why can the amazing accomplishment of the problem
whence and and the writing is I in thinking about it the day after day Those issues are right up front. I mean it is on some level. You know what you see, but you fairly quickly. You do see this guy's a guy. And had a guy. You know with a broad emotional range and obvious. We d problems by you know it a counteracts. Why You could be seen as the hardships and the horror of the life is worrying because I didn't find it and I'm a guy that you was brought up by a woman who was terrified of of weight. And I didn't I very quickly It became a secondary thing to the emotional weight of your story. and that is a testament to you. do. You know, I'm saying I do I understand that this is a
can explain how you understand. If charley is a product of his, this order. Here is not necessarily obesity of the That it's more of. he wears on his body the trauma that he has been consuming in keeping inside of him in its manifest right, Wordly, I am so I mean it's clearly is in a lot of pain to talk about it for how he he presents to the world, and you know how incumberd he is I mean it is body weight is indicative of the issues that he has accompanying musical and spiritual soul. He's clock alive is cross to bear to adjust is big. Yes,
because they re there is all those themes is made. The Morton made a point in london. The oppressed thing she said he's like gees at the edges, keeps taking it and taking it in taking. I dont know christians will feel about that, but I would not. That scene with you in her was kind of amazing I mean that matters are appointed work out in our imaginary marriage vehicle because of our good samantha is see sykes handing. It was a lively little for forty year relationship in place, yeah for to end with thirty five, whenever yeah yeah, they were like the conflict emotionally for her and you in that moment limits what could have been yeah and she doesn't take ownership of her own was the average bear her all clearly her own issues with alcohol sure, so that intimate said she was obviously
a whole other kettle of fish that that was when the issues why they didn't stay together early on accurate somewhere. Yes complicated around the issues of action and sexuality What a addiction visa, but also just like you know, following your heart, you know I mean, because If you're carrying the burden of shame of of grief, guilt, govern a broken heart guilt right I mean did you see it on stage? I did not know I I did not. I didn't we. ready to play. Did it have run, didn't have a light absolutely is at an award winning play a brand new horizons in two thousand ten saturn darren. I actually in up on broadway production and the rest is what he says. He was very moved by any contacted samuel hunter and they start.
working on bringing it to the screen is interesting. Director man, you know like eight years last movie, a sort of making the book of genesis intimate and now it was a tough, watchful rice for anybody bear. So when you get offered something like this. I mean how much of your own experience are processing unit, though in this character I don't have the lived experience of being a man who has body weight, hundreds and hundreds of writing to you, but I think you need to be that guy. The best that I could do is made him half way very close to his eye out. So My own body was easily as its ever seen in my life here in two. You know whether knowingly or not have that be form of performance goes. I mean your! You live in your own body. So how do you know what head versus. Not here
It feels like clear when you're living that way- or maybe you notice it right when there's less weight, or maybe you notice, when there's more weight, but when you're living in it you're, just who you are sure, but I needed to look at myself as if I was a costume in and of itself same way. I looked at myself as if I was a costume when I was we around and vines, loincloth and smashed in the treaty. order was there was none basically, but that was the that's like. I was tired is he is as he he presents a very large man and to create that that was the conversation and ahead candidly have with with Darren yeah who had a plan place, which is to use prosthetics yet to come charlie, as you would do, is correct make sure that you dream euro did, but it's ok.
Preacher it's an alien or something that driver. But it's the same approach creating I mean it could have been painted blue or wherever and you'd be in terms of cost. You make up your mind something right, but per charley was the same approach, but both free you, I mean like there's something struck me without thinking about it. This morning is ino tine, passing that when his daughter finally does show up. That There is a sense that in her mind, she missed his whole life In your mind, eve held onto this relationship through that piece of writing and through what could have been an ino and during that time he is in a wet himself. Go but like
I was just wondering he might also be harming himself intentionally instead of just being neglectful with his health and overeating right now. Definitely it's like a a leaving las vegas for fear, but it's kind of the same thing todo unless a gambling or saks or cherry pick, your favorite vice it's the same the mean radical receptor that goes along with, and I mean I listening, I'm no shrink, but I've spoken to a couple of like yup same you talk to people and in doing your recess, research spoke people with eating eating disorders, specialists, our young people, with eating disorders. I spoke to people who were bedridden about one bodies weighed up to five hundred pounds. I know and convene can be more forth open hearted to tell me. answer the very most ignorant question of mine. playing amateur interview as zoom call before restores gonna go, you know how did it what happened
and and noticed that among the eight or ten they spoke to common thread that they had wasted. There's someone early in their lives, most often in it the end hardly breaking with me as their father, who spoke to them in a way that was recriminating were I say other ring you know making them, basically, just being a dick, you, don't you don't say things to a child to shatter their confidence or shaming them. Yes, without it, you can't do that shouldn't. Do that, but I didn't general sensor around weight this case it would be about issues and way, but that in that kind of attitude, perpetuates itself and at least in all sorts of other area, Those are the very complicated lives that their path steak and the people I spoke to. Let me know that,
ass. They were medicating with food till I had a keener, they were trying to fill avoid sure some people did the sensory issue. Might my eldest son is autistic and he's a big he's like six. Five and a half his girl excise fifteen feet, he's a swedish bore a twenty. Now, a big boy and you know you I told you on a spectrum. You can't eat this when you're just trying to get need something right, asia, you're all over quick here? Do not, then they want to eat it because it's tasty and all because it made to be because that's the america fast food diet process. Yet mass produced easily died the ball high rise early and calorie, salty fatty. I mean there are scientists who craft these flavour, sir, so that they target consumer that human tongue, in a way that, like read it
truth in advertising. You can't just have one right: you need the whole damn box if you're on the shelf yeah and that's what happens, and this has been going on for over one hundred years- the elderly- and talking to these individuals with outside of abuse of adults is they're, usually a history of other trauma I mean I didn't get into those areas that there were uncomfortable with, where I think we can all a test that there are overlaps in those he added issues, trauma actually yeah. I don't know how to answer that one, but I think that the very interrelated yeah, because, like it's interesting in the movie, that you know that the story unfolds in the second or that the third the year? Third, the movie, peace has found a place tat that, define some of york turkey's emotional and behaviour in england
because it with very sad and want to spoil the movie for anybody, but yeah, it's very specific ray action to somebody dying in a certain way, but but it seems like these or their previous right agri any you dont know what happens after wetter. Happens at the end of this millennium? Man is on board and it's not important in any day there I don't even know if you would say it's hopeful it does release ties it does it for the screening save attended with a question answer period. Afterwards I mean it's almost like it. trope in hollywood like oh, my god, there are tears near me, as I'm sure blah blah blah blah, but seriously people stay rooted to the spot, even if the credits have rolled or yeah some clap some sob and hold each other. I know the first time I saw this movie and I'm in it I wish I had been seriously move
just pieces around on the board and he and throw the border and go. I think about this. The more I definitely had to the feeling of you I just I felt like you really need to gather yourself after this and for reasons you might not. Even know why and means not that important outlet for sure it is If I have to say, if, if I do come out to an audience ever seen it. The first thing I would otherwise I guess ever cocaine ha ha, but you know. Certainly some people are triggered. What goes on in and You know it's an emotional body blow for for many people, but it's also a catharsis that I think is like I haven't seen it in cinema, for a long time- and I am certain you help me out from scratch- we're like what steel, magnolias, winded people really for whatever reason I come down relative yeah,
Well I mean this one so complicated because you know it's not like just someone. You know a girl dying of cancer curr, it's not terms of endearment, you know it's it's it's it's it's an aggravated and you know painful process, of self annihilation and and and grief I mean they're, there seems to be a lot of grief in the air. Generally speaking, right now after covered in after you know, whatever we went through his country in the world and what we are going through, the nether world is dying and there's no fish. The way to two, after a certain point, avoid that reality. So I think, grief in and of itself, whether your, however it's it's grounded in whatever character situation is speaking to the human spirit right now, right so I mean you when you say triggered like has like me,
yeah. I would be somebody who is severely triggered by by food issues, but it, but that's not that that is not what we got me emotionally. You know What got me emotionally was was just that need for redemption. And you know, and also the fact that. he's out of his shame, thought that he deserved what was happy, and I think that will struggle with their secrets and with them you know they're, are unprocessed grief and with air their own shame about how they behaved every day. So spectrum of triggers. You know is something so here it's hard to know coming out of that. What would cause anybody. You know react to it, but it is a human eggs densely true reaction,
speaking of existential prism. We we all lived under that. Clearly, with cover D there will there be a tomorrow right next week I dunno you about seriously. We know we were scared, fear, but I mean we shooting during that yeah. That was a covert foam. Also you you know you, oh my god, so on top of the prosthetic you had did mask up and visor up. I couldn't everybody else did, but I couldn't chasm, I once its fortunate, but I guess I was pre disaster, because I got it like january february by yet he added that before the vaccine, thea to get I lost smell, taste, serious, brain fog and come back. I've got it several times since then. Actually, I'm holding forefingers are really really like you smell back there, came back out of remedies, rogers ass might as well have been
I placed at one point I was like what is going on know has to dodge, but she's a yip there's so much. We don't know about this. That's neurology, where you re right You're right now, well, I mean it was. It was really tremendous work and I and I guess the thing that I got hung up on in in neo. Knowing I was going to talk to you about time and about you know how time you know gets away from us you know and and when like went Samantha Morton comes in after not having senior that kid shape your in and it just your whatever emotions she was bringing in terms of her anger. Just you are well aware of the insured. just thinking about the movie. so I am in in and looking at your career I mean, did you have you felt I mean like? I know that you know you never stopped working, but it did
veal like time? You know coming into this movie it and certainly doing this kind of work and now getting the reactionary getting does it feel like we even last years in terms of of you know how you approach, work or or work. You ve been doing Well, I don't know, I think our failure. Last year's I've always kept myself busy, no matter what I know whether I was away from everything here or philosophically it away from me right. It is an open question, but we all know the hollywood's always pinta he'd seeking missile leah and, if you're out of my sight, you're out of mind bright, it's a fact and and our careers go dip. No doubt it I, but I can't on all that higher and fur from me. my life, I
The interim that I needed to take was very helpful in bringing me to where I am and who I am now we as more confident version and a less anxious I knew who I was mia for having on through all of that and in all of the with the positive response to this right now. I don't know if I could have handled it back in the day when No, I just I'm, I'm glad. I wasn't given everything all once yeah I I emotional mail toolbox to deal with that. If I think about the younger version of myself sure I mean I I think about that yeah I I mean I I was chaotic, but you know I don't know that I could have handled you know anything and it is sort of it's to be able to go to a job, knowing that you're ready to do it. Yes, that in this case, that we were going to be very good at it too. For this reason, it sounds Fundamental, but we rehearsed me out for three weeks when you ever again,
much rehearsal time for a broadway action to prevent a movie, never a narrows in terms of movement and everything will stage we had it taped out. Wonder one mark up that we, grierson, just down one place, doesn't have one rooms to better apartment in anywhere idaho, nea up. On the second floor, where it always whoever was the training all the time? It's a story that plays out behind closed doors all across the country, the continent world correct, I just I know it's like what we don't know that much about it. We don't know what goes on behind those doors until this films hey, here's an invitation to come in may, People will look at that invitation for their brow and say not not for me and that's fine turn on the fuel and walk away or disparage collect the pizza guy near and the
It's filled with pizza, guys the world is the pizza guy, the audience I you know, let me and I want to see you I deserve to see. What's going on there, I'm curious. I want to know because I'm entitled to know you know, none of your business feels charlie and till he's, tricked and lured out to go and basically prove himself by exposing himself and then what happens. He's judged automatically and contempt is basically just viola, Disgusting had turned on his he in the you know, the world turned on his heel and stomps off into the rainy night, and that's the pizza guy and it's devastating, and also the daughter with the phone. Yes, heavy stating also how so when you started, I mean. You're, you're, canadian I'm a canadian born abroad so have dual heritage? I was in the? U s, but my parents are canadian. Do they, Canada? Now my mom's deceased and my father has lived in canada
it's too late, sir. I mean every one of whom has lived in canada since the sp. Seventy, it's a weird I'll, never understand that cause like I'm dying, to go to canada, I'm ready you've not been. Now I go all the time. I'm ready to leave. Do you feel better when you go to camp I know. Do I feel relax? If I do, I feel there's an anxiety, that's gone into the air fills I dunno not smells. Maybe just feels better to breathe immediately dude like when I got the airport sydney, airport, yeah, eureka. It's not here agreed a total? I know why would you want to be, and I do fuck it was getting only I'm relaunch, we all his colleagues rather like an ideal, never ever dude. I live applied for a permanent residency seriously, the air, but you have a dual citizenship. I would definitely be its limits in the plan for the future and on the word, my fantasy, you getting it
to better, but they have been in the east village in new york on a screw that I'm going to haunt you are mature anywhere even toronto, vancouver beautiful, could really good young thereof, and your family affairs to invent coover yeah extended fear sir the tune and- and that is is at north east saskatoon worsen, It is the scotch ones the scheduling graduate, whereas that radio graphical yet lived in a little both montana spiegel right, not cannon orthe. how boys very much it's a prairie, but its very Yeah, I don't know if you're in there is, I said to him and I don't know I've been doing. I should warn the geography if I'm really serious about. I have taken part of being america pity I wonder, but I've Linda I've been to yell Calgary Victoria, who now boy turkey, very shovel, airy traveller good into winnipeg. Montreal hadn't been up to the north EAST. I don't think that's where my family hail from in c b, I could
in nova scotia. I just did the ancestry show finding your roots, yeah! I do that with cap I dunno, let's get yeah, let's skip yeah, we get it before christmas. It's amazing eye opening, to say the least, really goodness what you learn. I learned that my great great great grand father put no father as a nine year old boy escape the potato. Famine his mother on a rusty bucket of a boat and came across the atlantic to Nova scotia come on. How do I in your old boy? Is?
if he hadn't made that journey hi noemi yeah? How was that? How does skip find that shit? Now I kind of don't wanna ask crazes: do you do your voodoo, but it's all backed up with fact. He tracked mind they track mind back further back than they ever have an ashkenazi jew into pale of settlement because all those records there is no, as a darren said, he's like yeah. No, the records are gone. Is I told him was going to cycle enjoy it because I dunno anything but yeah? Well, they got pretty far back with my dad's line like six generations in To belarus in that area, it's crazy crazy. The names are crazy, the it's all pretty much. It's crazy and I I found it to be my guy go take it in. I have to go. Look at the book. Yeah. Did you get your book? No, no. I mean like he gave me the documentation, but when you're in it you're just sort of like what what and you're kind of gone through the show, but like I really need to go. Look at the book. I do too,
I went back. What else is there? Is a candy salesman again pharmacist get this written brooklyn like a wholesale candy several generations back in germany, I'm descendants of vintners there. Still one country there that was planted, wow We gotta get cholera good. Did it get a bunch of stuff My great gray grants there was an artillery till every soldier. Further keyser who saw actions decorated one one he then went on. He survived that may grinder and went and landed with his is. Why if a little boy, I'm his son, who is your grandfather, and became a minor. I did the x that explosives underground could go to blanche at all, and so he went and neal broke up a call. There are, and they were minors, a lot of minors slovenia no kidding, that's
with gig man, I think about it. I mean I was once in a mine in louisiana was an old salt mine and they go there and they scrape the stuff up and it's like being in sight of a dark evil cathedral. It's been turned inside out. We there you know I was visiting with a friend it's it's. on every island in louisiana incredible place while where they make tabasco sauce I would have been assault from back in the day ass. It's just you mineral and react, but now it's I'd told it's. The song that's used on roads and stuff like that, they get out of the hole on the world market. That guy do nothing
I don't get the salt for wee. There's a tabasco tourist. I in a way I was yes, I took a tour of the plant. It was incredible. I love doing that. I loved it. It was so great what second you walk into the plant with these giant vats of just chili, vinegar and salt it and the man who's walking. You through is just like bred in the bone, cage in a beard and he's got like a beard cover on his on his beard and he's got a hat. I had that had ned on everybody has to wear and do it the second you open the doors and walk in there. It's like getting a must
If the gas attack she knows, like. Oh the set assault to the eyes and nose and sensors and everything just because it's tabasco sauce, you're airborne and me, and my friend really wow that stings and the guy's like breathing through his nose depot on one smell note- and you know- and if you look really closely, you can see it's about adapted a natural filtration system, because it's nostril area are so huge. You filter filtering. You know gas attack, oh wow. I wonder if that happened over the years. I wonder if it's an actual involved yeah to protect that's exciting and I'd like to think I've been to. I went to the Ben and jerry factory once in vermont, not as historical or exciting as tobacco. Sure man ice cream. Great like that. But tabasco seems like this. This great american factory, that's been a company that, wherever Emily business did you know yeah and they don't. They still do the same thing, but they've added some flavors. Yes, they've got their chipotle chipotle's one and the green one green ones, good agreements, good yang. I still use tabasco and eight you're, given the sort of the the spectrum of
available hats asses bachelor's very specific: here's, a real hot tip if you're going to get those little itty, bitty cute bottle, I love to bring them on the airplane. Chairman, because of lies, I think he can bring a really boring and bland and you're, like oh dollar,. well. You can ask. I think that the The first size is not, I think you could that's probably less than four ounces for the airplane. If you really want the terribly cut its phone for just little tiny ball and say also, I learned that those little tiny bottle here are in their plants. They have a whole. Did it opens up a whole area? The labels that are printed media on those itty bitty bottlenecks are dying.
A special needs, kids in their families in particular, they give jobs. How caissons ha too, I think they call their angels programme is right to make the little labels yeah and you can feel print of her wedding or sunlight. Your adders would ever put your name a number on his or business card out. Oh, I see everyone, but all all the young people in all the young adults who work there all have spectrum disorder is somehow they say they ve been touched, and so I take hair of the big, even irma job application in their so proud of with the two day, love with the working on that assembly line at nice is really really sweet. It's nice one companies, do the right thing here. So have you tried I've recently started using louisiana hot sauce, the everyday? Oh, that's, the red and yellow the yellow label runway yeah. I would see those on crafty tables all the time yeah like them, o work in Louisiana.
we can hear that rouge or different flavor, but it's the same ingredients better. It's it's a salt ellie It is so will. You got a bunch of siblings right, three older brothers. Had they done good. My older brother is grandfather several times over, my brother is little brother will two brothers: are you work. For always, he was blowing up into a penny. I could never happen seattle yeah, but then everybody can hit the road with her. Yeah oh brother, I don't talk about him that much by I hope it will, and you got three kids. Yes, I know I'll get. At my mic I say my son Griffin he's.
He's the reason why I wanted to be charlie and is the reason why I could do any of this stuff. They all are really, but that's because I had passed through the threshold of I'm doing my professional. Aspirations and all that, for my own, fish needs, and once you have a couple of kids are acre. We sort of switch flip my head. Maybe others have had this experience stupid, none certain men. All this is why I've been chasing my ass around all my life. You know, and I wasn't game film and from something that was a very good accomplishment or others perceive that debate, because I was doing it for myself, but once you start doing, that is the reason. Why is on behalf of them and then
What you can do it is because of them. I could only play this role of charlie because he's a man who feels love deeply and in a way that. Isn't I the way I, of course everyone feels for their kids? I mean that the thought that that they could be- my own children. May I be abandoned away that charlie is per cent. If they did the same thing when he left his mare, It should be with you, partner, whom he had fallen wholeheartedly in love with, but it completely shattered the whole ecology of his life to make it take that different path, and he just wasn't aware of the father that. could ensue for have not
done that before, but he again has to pay the bill in that one when she was back into his his life in peace, you or he tries to get her back into his life and the thought of of that personally doing that myself in a way that Charlie, that is so foreign to me, that it breaks my heart put in that position. We are home to think to be. in position by because you are experiencing because europe, a guy. You know if you play self in their place, even as an actor to think about you whether or not you know it in the moment of, or order month, that you do it here the heart? make of it. It's there. You might be from the action yeah, no matter how swept up you are. You know it's gotta, be there somewhere. Yes, I would imagine having the
this experience. You know with children and then really putting yourself into that place is gotta, be devastating, definitely informed, yeah, how I could be able to do this, and certainly the reason why I had wanted to do and did you see the movie my misunderstood odin learned it yeah? They sat in toronto. Anything no! No! They said honor and also the get it came to the premier in a link its owner. They add that was a milestone in life for me here or there there they were, they were like every other audience member devastated. They were given me sort of a like who are you kind of look but I know you because you're, like my dad bright what I did was actually brought us
Closer in a way that I wasn't able to appreciate until it happened, because he started seeing them- is more fully young men than children and in the world in them to see. Vulnerability that I knew it take to do. This certainly deserves sir on screen is, if far removal from what I was a cop. until I get brownie points in the works that I was working doing too, to my children. They all do an animal movie, because I can take it it's me and they did a lot of those kind of a year and their great their fun, but you know not lower movies fisher. At other reasons, but you know it's a Well, that's interesting, so fast food, commodity and again in its own way. I get that but but like when they were young. You were doing george and you were doing right. I mean they were not by. You knows what was around. You know there is sure to die pop culture for families and kids and
but that in all, but the right kits other, like largely unimpressed for sure, like the mummy was playing on a screen repeatedly somewhere in the house saying they got detachment from it up now I mean it'd just be like at it plays seasonally like thanksgiving loop or something, and maybe it was on. They'd- walked past it and going like trying to look. Look it's daddy, two billion in nice and young, seeing you in your underwear tragedy. I think you want to look at our injures and it's funny you say that, but I think it Let me know that I kind get out of my own way and not try and like suck up to them by giving them. You know I I candy in. And your and brownie points that way right, but maybe that unites age appropriate, sir, but to do work that welcomes this into that's more fully, formed. An emotional is published, incapable of anyway at that would know it, but it seems to me- and just like the this sort of small amount of of you know,
Overview, I kind of looked at that there was no point within you a few years there. After you had this m e, I and I see pauly shore a lot by the way you do. How is he okay, he's, okay his own vegas now and I work it is and the moms peter, Her older son or the middle son is kind of running the place and polly works er, but he he kind of got bought out and now he's in vegas where he seems to be having a nice time and friends running around with nick cage, and you know he's okay he's still perform, so he's he's still he's fantastic when he's on stage. it is the most like lenny. Or that I had ever hurt like he knows what he's going to be saying, yeah DA da. You know it's funny now, as do I can it'll do a few minutes talking about how a lot of people remember him is the with poor right
but then wakey pretty much does the wheezy. He still that we have the receipt till the we never not going to be the way he is, but he was always derived by moving man. I always felt like his older brother Paul currently In the yeah yeah yeah yeah, he kind of brings that out in the array. Man so, but but it seems to me that that some sort of in a major upheaval unaware. from france for you and I imagine that what sort of a kind of strange designed into a ted emotionally the big between the divorce and and the other sexual assault. In any day, you know have in that stuff I'll happening at once earning within years. It some look. It's not real easy to talk bout, but I'll do my best here you want to know is now
doesn't, and its guessing Emmi, we all have issues and, in my view, in our own way. I guess that, with my turn to our through those ones and. How you you own it and deal with it after it's over is this can be. This is challenging as it is, whilst you're going through it may end in a wasn't, but his life in I am. I know that it's absolutely informed me to be the person I am yet now for not having had gone through it. Then no kind of like getting those needs I came back operations in the air. I got it under way early, but I mean I I I I went through those all those emotions that emotional challenge. Relatively early in life and
think I knew I was had got it out of the way, but I may I would want to anyone to have to go through that kind of nonsense again in their life, any had avoided harmonization bit Heaven forbid and but you you know it's a I a it. Me and my memory that your new addressing being sexually assaulted, that It makes you wonder how many men you don't come forward. I think of that about because of the shame. that in their response that men want too two other men who do come forward is to basically I went to their masculinity and say why the fuck didn't you, man up and decked a guy at the right of outright, which would completely negate anything help for the if you didn't then you're dealing with an assault right and that's a whole nother violent assault in reaction to sexual yeah. So now we compare the two which are the, which is the less reprehensible a
no response is the best response. Clearly in that situation, to mitigate the damage being done. But if you respond that way, apart from protecting yourself here,. in the immediate moment. Would An instinct, of course here, Making I'm sorry, I'm a little jerry. In writing, I I'm just trying to say is but real responding that situation clear, something that wooden wouldn't help. Sure but the ramifications. Well, then, you have to keep your mouth, I sucker up now and you know and then there's the accompanying shame feelings attached to that end and feeling like you're complicit. Even for all,
like keeping someone else's dirty little secret. I right alright and then The fear of a bully for a bogeyman kind of thing, which I hope we don't have. What we do and is Of it being held over you, it's menacing here this medicine and anne looked integral aspect of the incident compared to the feeling of powerlessness, the desperate to say the least shirt when there is a moment of staunch mint revulsion year compared to what the ramifications the outcome of that is. Realizing the changes everything in You take ownership of that, can you or what's going to happen and the account being feeling of.
Shame were being attached to you in You know something that you didn't ever ask for you, Why to clearly word player, but it's the I find it I'll. Look at me, I'm a man. I know I I I. it made me among many things there appreciate. Feel more empathy for what, if you just lip, script or the genders yeah. If I was a woman, for instance, what would happen afterwards or if that was a woman who write the what would that mean that time is that two thousand and three three there?
Yet this a lot of silence like that. a lot of them in order. The accompanying recrimination that attaches to it. I don't talk about the seer or else weather. implied or implicitly expressed. Is there and I know that a little fat, your career, clue in all the while there may never be, would approve anything lecture, no, sport is a response, for instance, in your life, if things go quiet you do start wondering well? Why do you start thinking? Women are worthy enough? Am I not good enough? Did I do something wrong with a annoying et cetera, et cetera you personalize a make it a or eat your egg? Then more shame your fault. Will I felt those ways for sure. I'm gonna work through all this stuff, but that's good thanks,
Don't know how long did it did you come out immediately after it will allow ill? I spoke up. We will happen right. It was witnessed jill, so Yeah I mean there is followed the chairs press, press inquiry from like the times, and you know again, those just it. It put something in my prove you that didn't want that. I didn't like. Why did you do that? I want this, and now I have to deal with it. I don't want to have to deal with like. Why did right now, it's like in and its it stays on. You like of every sort, splash either brandy with this invisible, scarlet letters. Merrick everyone arose right and I guess what it.
Like I say for you go through all of that. Firewall of what happened the it brings, you brought me to another place where I feel it will. Now I know what My threshold is- and I know what never to go back to and I can see a path forward, which is the the medicine from the the And of the whole situation, and it was it, you have to be clear, it was groping incident basically right, correct, but it but the the act of processing these things and and- and I can see it still- you know dear treatment. Deeply emotional. But I have to assume that, like you said before that, you know people go through traumatic, stuff, difficult stuff, and it seems that
though you ve worked through some of this stuff, I mean it is You know what it is, but you ve had A satisfying good wife and you ve been able to be to do the work you want to do further, appreciate that, but I'm you know, I'm nobody's charity case and, of course, not I'm not saying you're thinking that now, but this is what I go on, and this was on my head. While what I was thinking actually is that yeah there is a an actual redemption story in in your life. around this role is a charity case, but I mean that as to rose, you did, which I thought were great. I saw Solberg movie took their talk. Him now is great performance, but but in terms of you as an adult, you know, artist, that this is a word. The story you arriving at this role that that's. What I see there's is theirs up. There is a direct connection to be made between the two parts. I see it. I take your point right, agreed,
I mean like eat. You know it's just sort of amazing to me that, like you know, I've been in and out of your work over the years and an eye- and I know you to do you always sorted. Did you know big, entertaining work for young people and then challenge yourself with more compelling and and deeper added roles It really seems that this this thing is, like you know, you're, not a guy that ever stopped working and and this in terms of personal risk and challenge as an artist is, is like. It was deep in crazy the adage from my training days. Conservatory was go towards the fear right, take the creative risks, that's where the most growth industry, every can be found, it will come from and unbelievers. So many risks in your own life, bright creatively, you know
he now physically in urban? I think now it's better to know and end the whale is that very title: the film is there to call out the prejudice of anyone who would think that's just a pejorative joke what does it say about what you think me out here? making the name of this move would be an insult basic whistler, Oh really, maybe she'll come and see the movie here and then by stories and ask yourself how you felt we walked in the door. Did you pulled any of those prejudices. Any of that obesity and disparaging it in word and deed and all that in our culture, our society is like the last refuge of where bigots can act and speak freely. With this, cardiac that the terminology that used is the naturally, that
and change were in a period now history, where we're going down to the check box and taking things up you just can't do any longer and think you can t escape the ant you'll get call that right and with good reason. I think that Wait bias is Those could, I know the damage that it does to people. I know that does little kids, who got told it they were fat, when they were small. Did deserve that, because they grew up in it affected their very health heads, there's scientific. Roof in how are minds and bodies evolve that changes the outcome of who we become just based on how we speak to each other here and we all know you don't tell a child that if you do you're morally bankrupt admire you, but it
do real damage our power of the word. I a plaque on a temple nearer outside of it the giant buddha in thailand years ago. Yet there was a black it read. Painful indeed, is vindictive speech and its aid with me here and it's like something that you would say: that's kind of obvious to one another like big, be kind, but that's more splits, ITALY, giving you a command and we'll good tips on how to get through get through this life with pay intolerance and dignity as here and I think those ideas, those themes, all Existing live within the world of this film, it's a journey of redemption yeah, it son, it's a quest for Proving that kindness and taking
the high road in the face of recriminating, discrimination. while you do under reach across the table and punch someone's facing or whatever it is, won't help you. You will be in the time kindness either here, but you'll preserving your very soul by making the high road now engaging on that level. It's hard. Sometimes it's got its yes. I fight the high road. What I'm just trying to say that its? The parallels of this fund, the will or.
similar enough to my own sensibilities and my own experience that. I hope my hope is that it's not perceived as being in any way. appropriate, appropriating my own life too, put it in a work of art too myself different or better or anything like that. I am finding a way to take this use it yeah. I got it use it for This for the third take those risks yeah. Well, I think what I was saying. I think what you're saying is correct and true- and I don't think I'm misunderstanding or any one will misunderstand it is that I don't think Anybody really could have played it. We as you did because of your own life. Preparation for this but I chose this profoundly riser. That exactly is that you that the depth of
flaked and pain. and your shame and all that stuff it was. You know I don't think, I saw, it is anything you were working through but, like I said at the beginning, this interview, quickly wasn't about somebody. affected by obesity was about a human who we struggling with a lot of of different things, and it was heartbreaking, and I just what I guess my point is that you know. Whatever your life experience was, it gave you the empathy and the emotional range too, this on and do it effectively as an artist, not as somebody working through their own problems pursue soon m anti confidence. yeah, I mean you know it's just really like it, One of the things were. This is what you do with your life. This is your art, and this is your thing. Man and you know, and you keep doing it- and this is one of those amazing cosmic cosmic convergence spray
do alone, writer, yeah man, and then you know each is. It was like the perfect kind of It was kind of genius fur fur for daring to think of you and for you did take the risk to do it, and you know I'm proud and I for an eye and I and was deeply affected by the film. I think it was really amazing work but it's not selfish work. Thank you. Thank you. That means a lot to me, yeah. Well, that's how I saw it. Thank you. and I cried. Let you're not alone for thankful I can in the opening dragged through them, not nearly lost ass. I said before you can take the invitation the furrowed brown and not go there or you can accept it. go in the door and find out what it means in the sense that you
melville, who wrote that ignorance is the parent of fear which effectively means to me beak, yes- no have knowledge. Shy away from it or you'll, be frightened all your life embrace sock essentially yeah yeah and hopefully and good will come out of it on the other, and when the forest burned to the ground, he had yellowstone. Later we see plants that have never been there. We see animals coming back assay, all sorts of proper. equality, everything in a different way, less of it ever didn't carpet something good comes up, something new you weren't expecting or dissipate. Maybe this well maybe I'll, take us to a different state, better evolution, yeah yeah, that's hope. Let's hope could talk talking to liquids. we can only do german one. What the fuck yeah we want. fuck your sword.
Catchphrase from doing ritual. Is it Yes, you do, you know what the fuck is, that good there you go back, I heavy by pay a you know it was. It was good and I hope I helped you got some at this. Stuff surface is rough. It really is The way is now playing in theatres and I think it's a must cease fire out, where you can hang out people not for nothing. But a lot of our recent guests are now academy award nominees. In addition to brendan on today, show you ve got Sarah polly from Monday show who is nominated for best adapted screenplay. Last week we had best director nominee todd field, and last month we had rhine johnson, whose also nominated for best adapt
Screenplay go catch up on all those episodes right now, they're all in the free feed and for full marin listeners we ve got the latest wrestling with mark episode is, is up this week feature eighty w wrestler Christian because if you can make a crowd, I will milk them to the cows come home, so you can just keep doing that the different. What the different parts of the story I get a match in Chicago read before thanksgiving with a she Germany's guy doesn't speak english, whereas really hard hitting- and I said, let's we're in a chop each other like slap each other the chest here for like fire, industry is just see what happens I do our chests were blood. I was actually bleeding my black and blue and for five minutes this crowd was going nuts and then they go down a bit and I said just keep going: call me radiation arise, gets the laughter, rustling repetition rose and they came back up and they just now the just going, but that is for this shop failure, and I think this is great- will not do anything just chop each other for five minutes hit it with the finish in the us has done to subscribe.
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