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Episode 1406 - Dave Franco

2023-02-02 | 🔗
Dave Franco is a successful actor but that doesn’t mean he was full of confidence when he began directing his first feature. Dave tells Marc how he overcame the fear of the unknown once he stepped on set to call action for the first time. They also talk about how the timing of the pandemic worked out for the release of that film, The Rental, and how his latest film, Somebody I Used to Know, started as a script he wrote with his wife, Alison Brie, during quarantine.

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A guy all right! Let's do this! How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck nix what's happening? I mark man. This is my podcast Debbie, He have welcome to it. I hope your well hope, you're well your hang in there it's been china, nice here and allay the last few days. It's chile. I, like a chilly where my overcoat in the studio- he's got his overcoat back, it's an old overcoat and needed new, but and a new lining- and I got them- and I rarely get to where it so right now, I'm in the studio with overcoat on very exciting. It's like a blanket I don't know where you are, if you're in the middle, of that arctic blast hope. You're, ok, don't drive if its black eyes
ices very scary out enough- there's black eyes out there, but that's real. I never really knew what it was and I came across it you. It seems grace right black eyes, whereas that even mean it means its ice. It looks like the road you're tyres have no traction at all. I've drift in all kinds of whether that's one thing god above allowed people out here people had now a year. There don't think slow down. A lot of traffic is just because people are idiots in dumb, really not drive and a little bit arraign. Also, there is a problem with the lines on the roads. I dont think that away ever prepared for any whether, as soon as the roads get wet, you nazi lanes at all. I don't know why, talking about this. Really it's coming out of the fact that I'll be all right. I hope you're all right. I hope you're all right I for those eu keeping up and I know sometimes I forget to do this- is that I talk about something on the last show
and then I kind of leave, hang it and it doesn't. Back around I will. I will tell you what's up, but let me let me first tell you that day frank. I was on the show You know him from scrubbs twenty one jump street now, you see me neighbours, the disaster, artists and the after party actor brother of an actor he's married to my glow coastal alison brie, and he just directed his second feature, which is a romantic comedy. He wrote with Alison called some I used to know, and it's pretty clever mad the comedy I didn't really, I until after I talked to him just how many romantic comedies kind of a little a little dark in a way in terms of characters in terms of intentions and I dont think ever really thought about it till near the end of this conversation, but had a lovely chow. with MR franco, who seen and met a few times, because, again, here,
mary to Alison Bree. Who is my? How star for years three to be. Act on glow, ok, getting into it. I was talking about my health, my tests and my new diet, poster The cleanse- and I told you- I was moving towards a blood test that I two days ago or on the thirty first and I got the results fairly quickly and I just to say now, I'm understand and my concern was cholesterol, really is I've borderline cholesterol, which I assume with genetic, and a stat and ten milligrams day now september. Seventh, twenty twenty two I had blood tests where I was told that dumb I had borderline if now with a high cholesterol and maybe a little pre diabetic, that was
september. Seventh, now I dont know what transpired I'm still on the status, but I'd a week. I did it without any meat of any kind, any dairy or anything just a plant based diet for the weak, leading up to the blood test. Not I still take the status started taking some red used, rice, which I dont think works, but nonetheless, doesn't matter and an exercise compulsively, so this is four months later or so,. Might my numbers on september, seventh, my elder yell was one twenty nine, that's high, not good! That's too bad es, draw my good cholesterol, my html, on september, seventh, twenty twenty two was eighty nine high, but that's ok It's good, am I not hd out of the total, where which is just the numbers in
in the ldl, I think, is one thirty, eight! That's on September seventeen twenty, not great the other, day my elder yell. Eighty eighty Are you fucking kidding me? It's never been eighty eighty down from a hundred and twenty nine now granted, take a small amount of stand, but that's not just stand had to be the diet. My Steel was eighty four again high, but it's ok. I asked why its high the docks. It should probably just exercise and the nine hd was ninety three. So those numbers spectacular inspiring and my glucose was good. Fine, everything's! Fine! its exciting and my pulses like fifty two and the dogs there, like it nurse was like you know, you gotta outweigh the was my drummer ned brower he's a nurse said: you're pulses, love MIKE! That's because I,
what a goddamn held three times a week. I Think doing massive incline. Cardio is its so I've got a marathon runners pos. I think that's good. It's all a scary. Sometimes I'm like that seems slow. Fifty two to fifty five, but whatever so that's the deal there you go very exciting numbers. Now I just gotta, stop smoking the fuckin, gars again got off the nicotine all over again I'll, be perfect. That's all we're trying to be right. People, that's all any of us, are dorm, are trying to get too. Is perfection complete perfection and yeah, I'm I'm fifty nine years old it feels like Finally, going to achieve perfection now, just stay in shape to carry yourself dad, but that's what happened? That's a pretty good ended that story. Ok, listen! I don't talk,
about something serious and something important. and in something that may be a lot of you don't know about. Not. I've talked a lot about this idea in america, culturally commute that their there's. This notion, among certain try of comedians that you can't say anything anymore. You can't you're not allowed their censorship? You can't say things now. What I have always said is that you can say whatever you want and I do not think I just in an interview with a guy four variety. A he asked me do. I think, there's ending can't joke about. No, you can t if you can figure it out. Tell Joe. about whatever you want and, and the truth is you can say whatever you want it just there may be consequences. There may be cultural consequences. You may get pushed back. There may be critically motivated groups of people that push back through
action because you ve insulted a way of life. or or decisions that people make collectively in a group of people marginalized people and that's that's the way democracy works. There you can say whatever you want, there may be consequences and you have to decide. You know are you going to shoulder those consequences? I mean I did it with my this. This special coming out in in a couple of weeks, february eleventh my hbo special from bleak too dark premiers on hbo there. things. I said there that I knew were calculated risk. I knew that saying some of this stuff I said on their though funny is going to make some people angry. You know I'm a comic and I've been one for a long time and I've never been one not to take chances. So, however,
one a frame me, the few that do as as woke or whatever, whatever the truth is I'd, said things that I knew working to cause some people to be angry and that there may be pushed back. I made that decision and I was willing to take that risk, because that's what we can do here, that's what it We means there is freedom of speech. You can say whatever you want there just may be consequences in. You have to decide whether can handle those are whether their necessary. And what is your intention, wider questions, but all that aside. there's something going on in IRAN there there anti government protests had been going on there since september, tens of thousands of protesters have been arrested and tortured and hundreds of them have been killed,
I'm sure you ve seen some this in the news or or wherever you get your information, but despite this or maybe because of it, as is usually the case because of the nature of comedy? There is still a stand up comedy seen in iran is small, but it exists and one of the comics on the scene there in iran is zeinab musavi. Now here's the deal about saying it. She was the winner of a comedy competition on state tv in iran, so that got her known throughout the country, and then she started up a weekly stand up show in in west tehran gained a reputation fer. You note doing what some of us do: tat shots at the government taking shots at fundamentalists. I do both of those things and she was already getting just from doing right at the beginning.
Right after doing that, she was getting violent threats well before last september, before the protest started when the protest started. She began posting alot, an instagram with the with jokes and sketches about the government about the state police. So On october thirteenth, she was arrested. Ok, He spent a month in solitary confinement, after which she was released on bail now that that Is what it looks like when you can't say anything when you do not have a institution that enables you the ability to say what you want and the government steps in and put you in jail. That's what it looks like in a country Were you literally can't say I'm things because you, imprisoned, not because
aggravated a community of people. Barely have a voice in the culture or you ve made fun of people for shortcomings that are, the the struggle of their life, and you say that I need to get a better sense of humour about it. I'm come on different different, then pushed back different. Then cultural concept, This woman was put in jail now since then, Zeinab learn that she has been sentenced to an additional two years in prison, although she is been given a court date and there's no word and when her sentence will begin the this is a country where you say thinks, yet she still did continues to make jokes. She hasn't Instagram page set up at, I am die
z, icy underscore m o you that's where she's got the new insarov, sir, up and she still posting their regularly. She doesn't want to go back to jail, but she doesn't want to be silenced either. That is behind us. That is courage that is truly fighting the power fighting. for terrorism. Fighting a government that may kill her for telling jokes about said government now we found out How about zeinab from an iranian american comic named Sarah that team, and we asked Sarah how we can open. The answer is frankly by talking about it,. Can't send money to iran because of sanctions in there aren't any outside aid groups that are going to stop the jailing and executions
The only way to potentially stop it is by talking about it loudly and frequently. This is a situation where social media is actually important. If you can they never musavi name out there. It becomes more likely the gun. will not want the hassle of going through with her sentence. In the eighties they mass executed. Thousands of protesters in there was no real attention on it. because it was the eighties and there was no social media, but now we can keep attention on them so whatever social media you use, hashtag the name, zeinab musavi, that's Z, I n a bee m o. U s a v! I, along with a message of support that will help
we'll post her name on our social, along with some other entertainers who are arrested for performing in her under the threat of execution. So let look whatever you can do to boost awareness about them is it is, it is helpful, could be I'd saving and if you, it doesn't help it does, and it has therefore even prisoners who were released because their cases were publicized on social media for all those times. You wondered whether it was worth it. I have a twitter account or an instagram page. This is when it's actually worth it. So I want to thank Sarah fatigue me for bringing this to our attention. Thanks to you, for listening and and and for taking action, just like you hear these whiny hacks in this country? talking about the struggle that their facing, because they can't make fun.
Of marginalized groups or people struggling or people making choices they think arts are silly or stupid or wrong. They can't make fun of those people with impunity so they wine like there, the victims. You know it's child's play, compare to what's going on in iran compared to what say, musavi is up against a child's play. All right, so I know that was serious, but now which two gears and tie to day franco his movie somebody I used to know comes out next Friday February. Tenth on prime video I enjoyed it. Alison is in it does. Whatever funny people,
and some people, some people, I didn't know It- was very well acted and clever. Clever story and This would mean dave doing the thing. You said Alice and Allison great cook. We we learned during the pandemic that I physically would not survive.
without her because she was just providing all the food for us. I and I am incompetent when it comes to that, but as she got like I mean she has to eat, pretty specifically to maintain her like zero or one point: zero zero, one daughter, she's in incredible shape, she's got her, go to she's got the the turkey egg plants and it's a lotta bowls. Lotta you've got your protein. How she doesn't yeah. I just remember when we were doing glow, was mostly almonds. Oh interesting because, like that all she's eating with anyone checking on Alison and she's eating more than our almonds, we are a big allman household to be fair, but she yeah she's a she's lean as fuck yeah he's in great shape. She could kick my ass. I mean I work with this trainer like who who's, I guess husband also works down that gmos? I was really a year, Andy and she's always like so strong- and I know I know, is know an increase Would you adds up these videos where she's doing like ten pull up? I I'm just like.
I come from. What's going on, it's been going on for awhile buddy, I know cause I'm in denial just cause. I know he's so much better shape than me. You don't do. I know I do some stuff at home, yeah yeah. I get a little intimidated going to like a real gym with a bunch of people watching and whatnot, especially treasury, that german sounds like everyone's there. It's insane cause I've never been over there, but I've worked with two trainers or the wives of people that train there sure to generate a trainers at that gm cause. Allison set me up with them. Hokosa I work out with their wives, so I get united. Crazy? You could be I'm sure they could do it. What are your goal is? What are you, what you really want to get at this point not to be assessed not to be obsessed with it away, it's an to you just stay kind of like in shape You know what I mean but like it's. Where do you get to like when you start doing it, and if you get to a certain point where you see results like us push it when it was that we had the creating. Are you mean
Yeah you can write all when william h h. I need to get big back and I do not know I do I'd. Like to be relatively toned in and lean yeah, I do occur to you. Re man will, for example, as a fifty nine only shit, and I I I I look at your age. I look it out. I feel, like everyone just stopped aging, And then, all of a sudden, I'm old, I disagree. I think you look in grey. I appreciate that. Yes, I mean- I, I don't think I look at but like I have a son like when I hit this certain age and I look at other people's ages, I'm like I always thought they were like closer to me, age, wise, but they're, not, but there are certain people who who really kind of grow into a nice thing and you're you're on that path. Men thanks fucking guy, so. I I watch new movie alcohol couple questions railway room the comedy now is it would what you thinking like. I there's a business deal. What you mean by that I mean
it's a tough genre sure to to make really work. and it's it's. I don't feel like it's done as much as it used to be it yes hard. Yet to point out that I think you did a good job, but I mean The last movie there was I arm of the earth. Yes, so these are very specific genre movie yeah there too genres that I love Yes, absolutely me with the first one: I absolutely loved or indonesia s ends, I like for a first time director there's something about horror that allows you to really put your stamp on it. you can just kind of july, one thing stylistically and like in horror movies. The stakes are never higher in Soo. I I just feel like you can push the limits and a lot of wiggle room, because you can just be weird totally
to the idea that the all you can. You know that in order to even take the movie and people are getting to suspend their disbelief, yeah a little bit yeah, so you don't have to because I just watched and john swab alone, director out of Oklahoma. What have you done? He did the body, but we are saying about their drug rehabilitation, I'd iraqis got a new slasher movie called candy land either. Those movies, when you want you old ones, are the actors, can all only half act got such a crime to it. You can think I could they really be these people, but he's using like a real actors who has ended, there's a clean. This do it yet, but you know the same out of one weird yeah, that's like like when you watch the original text. Chainsaw mass is actually it's like all. This could be a documentary exactly so greedy. Those are the rhine yeah. Those weirdos are very weird up. I love it. You gotta viewing your brother mayo movie about. I won't wait. Wait let's before we talk about the movies like I want, I guess I'd. I talk to you james years ago, but I mean you guys
grew up in basically what was it like? A hippie house I wouldn't go that far bootleg. Definitely where you were palo alto end quote still bear if Barry yes, great and unlike our our whole families, is weird and artsy for sure, where my my parents, they were both painting majors in college. I really met that's where they met like what college stanford. So high end. Yeah I mean they were serious painters, definitely go nowhere. Kind of were abstract a little bit, both of them abstract and custom figure stuff for sure yeah yeah, but they they both went away from that my mom became a writer and she's she's kind of incredible like she still around oh yeah. No, I guess she she takes on a new endeavours like every year, where I remember when
when I started to get serious about, acting in my brother had been doing it for a while. She wanted to like find a way to relate to us, and so she started taking drama classes at stanford and from eighteen. Grown ups. I guess so yeah, it's very sweet, but she ever she got so into it. They'd like she was doing this play at one point where This, like really despicable, character- and I remember call me one night. She was like Dave. We can now. I don't know how to get rid of the part is in me nowadays, just like a geo somewhat. He put herself into it, is very sweet. She got lost in the methods F, ITALY should come out of it or she still that person. So she actually she came out of it, but she he just this year. She wrote a screen plane. They they made it into a movie. Who did my mom that the two of them
or just I mean your mom just- is your dad still around my dad's? Not around I'm. Sorry, that's okay, but I mean it. She just produced it. She a feature film feature film. She, and so she wrote the book and then adapted her own book into the screenplay, and they just made it in the italy and had done the do you and your brother, my brother's produce ronnie. Ok, let's, but like she really push this thing I think credible for whom we reacted. In a norwegian audition, I did audition, no, I don't think there's any one you would know, but it's in it's incredible like at this age is still doing these and what then called that is called the out of love What's it what's the story you what's crazies, my mom is like this. very late, gentle wonderful! Amazing woman and she writes these stories like about you know. This is about these these
teens living on the street and doing drugs and shit. I've got yeah. I remember like she, she wrote a book. Is yours. Well a team books and she wrote as one book that she wanted me young adult. Yes exactly and she publishes. Ah, she does not herself, but you you mean to her bosom. We are about to get published. Oh yeah, yeah. What's her what's her name, what does she write and courteous betsy franco and that's what she writes andrea? Why, so she's like a popular at the young adult, he looked right is doing a thing. Always has been kind of always has been. She was too, she was originally doing even younger refer for younger children and it's kind of evolved boylike. There was this. A book for young adults dat's? She wanted me my brother to do the audio book, for I remember it in there and I'm like reading this book out loud yeah she's talking about kids get blow jobs and all this shit is moms day, but he's she's super inspiring. We lost a movie, so where's the movie working at the movie is not out yet they like.
Or in the editing process as we speak and she directed it. She did not know. really really young kid that she she worked actually like she met him at our high school. She she's always worked with teens, and so she still goes back to our high school. You, you went to highschool with your mother teaching there, no okay, no, she taught actually in the area, but no, she did not teach at my high school, but she goes back and like worked with teens and she's, really good with them, and so she met this one kid who It went on to go to n y. U and they they paired up, and they did this movie together. That's crazy, so you're going to be competing with your mothers movie. I guess so, but I guess she's not going to come over here in a in a limo I did not show up in a limo, was a truck. Is a truck of some sort who's. Here's the deal with this movie, whose putting out this movie they do near moving my movie amazon the amazon car, that's the
Yes, I'm going around doing the whole pressing drove him packages off too sure yeah. They want me to I do t v or just dress up for this. I've been doing some tv stuff, oh yeah, yeah, yeah or agenda of dune. Did the rich eisen show that a sports show or a sports guy? I like sports, really way across the borders, but I like the fall in basketball, alot, ok, advocating the view that guy yeah back, I show what else Do we did. I did a g q couples quiz with Alison this morning, oh yeah yeah, just kind of its word. I've done quiz show without Alison. Have you not equation? What an oh just fur like what we must have in promoting global number? They ask us, It was some goofy thing yeah. You know a couple of things, don't get weird that that would be weird yeah. Fourth season, though we would have been, I know damn it now, now the era, we are all ruin for you. It's going to happen now know so I took him back, though,
your brothers it. The other brother he's in It is well yeah. He is mainly sculpture in and low there painting Oh really, in that it. So he makes a big sculptures yeah. He makes all sizes in it's a lot of lake found art. Guy's name is name's Tom Franco pussy If googie you guys at your basic ass name, I know kind of classic. You call in basic, I call him class James dave and tom yeah. It's crazy. I get the joke, but it's good. It's it's tight. It's you know memorable. Thank you I go boys. Are you go, but so we The sculptures yeah get really incredible stuff. It's like it. It's really hard to describe their very abstract. It's all these. These found pieces of arts that that he puts together in these weird kind of him burden, ask sculptures and that's a tough living sure yeah he he and he finds a way, though, because he he does definitely sell his art, but he he does a lot of things. He like starts these kind of artist.
Commune veil over the place where you know already set, place to live in a place to show. There were just like just like a nice place for them all to kind of feed off each other's energy. To its it's while there are, you guys, are like communal artist, people. I know it's. It's everything like at thanksgiving dinner. Didn't james fucking, go back to graduate school yeah, oh yeah, or covering all basis man are you did you gotta? Did you study is what would it was this? Your intentions? Are you the middle kid? I'm the youngest yeah, that's rough, it's ok now, yeah there there's or older, not, you know their five and seven years older than me, which is that's a lie. Enough of a distance tat lay by the time I came around. My parents are just tired and let me do my right but tired, but also I they were kind of on their way like when you were in high school. Those guys we're gonna on their way here yeah. I definitely yeah and you are What you were well
you think you were going to do before. He decided to maybe writing of some sort. I like creative writing. Please do yeah yeah, I mean we wrote this movie me now. Some of this move together and I started, I started writing by doing this independent study class in high school, where I I it was just me and this one teacher and basically I'll go off and write poetry for the week and we would meet up at engine and go over the poetry? I wrote- and I remember the time all my friends were lake- wait a minute you're you're skippin lunch to meet up with MR shallenberg to go over your point tree and they thought I was all having sex with mister shaw embryo. But now we are just having a great I'm ready by it scared he ever go to my daddy regulatory under the while he won't have to turn around shallenberg by both sides. Poetry that an end, but that's that's good. He must have a good trip, friends that they were just like. Oh, thank god you're just writing, poetry, and definitely it was a very progressive school
how those found guilty, and as long as I stated earlier, when I agree, I think my style at the time was I lay school. This is high school I would write out everything in very simple terms and very simple words and then I'll take out the set, the soares air I'll go word by word and basically filing we're flowery version of that word, but it was just the poems comprised of lake nonsense words that in march to me let us now. Are you a covenant? Bassorah there you go it's so when and why You can start to do the act now when did your dad pass past about at eleven ish years ago, so he was around when you were in high school and yeah yeah was he in and did he stay a painter? Would he end up so he after college? He went away from it for a long time for like forty years already yeah, you went into business and he at his final couple of years of his life. He actually picked up
eating I had just as a hobby uk stay married yet, and I his last final years, I'd never seen him happier, and I was one of these things. Where lake you know, I think a lot of people kind of go away from from these like creative urges that they have, as they haven't, may be, made a career out of it or what not but like watching him that it would just incredible. for him to be like you know what I don't need this to be my whole life, but I just need to leg. Do this thing? That's in me and he was really really happy at the end, and what was business that he went away for he was doing a bunch of different stuff. There was like a bunch of startups that he was trying to get going, and then he was like doing these doing some philanthropic stuff, where you providing lake medicine and tell him the systems in india and Afghanistan yeah. It got to the point where, like all my friends thought he was in the cia, and I couldn't fully deny that because I wasn't convinced, but how did he pass heart attack? Or was it just quick? It was pretty sudden yeah, oh my god, yeah terrible yeah. I well sorry, that's all right so
When do you decide to do acting you just? watching James. Rise in your vehicle, wait not necessarily know I I you know, I'm right, you're you're that guy yeah come on. I can do it a weekend honestly, like I was a pretty shy kid growing up and I had no intention of performing in any way, and When I came down allay to go to school, I basically got forced into an acting class where'd you go I was at usc and will you We stayed in their english. I was studying psychology cause when you don't know what you wanna. Do you do psychology or communications rio ends? I was minoring in film, and so psychology and film ended up being like a perfect combo for aqua with the oba in psychology, and we had no intention of following
druids you're just gonna interested, I guess it yeah, I mean I've always been interested in. I've always been just very curious about people and that have a staff, but I don't think I had anything in my mind about lake go on that There are big exactly at take this acting class busy I do to for the film minor or what This was truly my brother's manager kind of like forcing me was that whose rose around this was an old manager. I'd rather not say his name, yeah things, things happened, but I I remember auditing this class and seemed so funny. He saw the anger both of these fuckers working for you, like this cute looks good, got little traction with the older man. So so I remember like the first people on stage they start crying and screaming, hitting each other, and I remember sitting back there and thinking fuck this. You know I want no part of this, but I stuck it out
just because I I love I've, always loved movies, and I was sure maybe this is a way into it all year and I didn't like it for a long time just because I was so nervous. I couldn't wait for, but at that point your your brother had already done what he had done. The major things were, like you know, freaks. It was the first big thing, though he was on that well into it by your ear. Yeah yeah yeah and you know yet took a long time for me to get comfortable, and I mean I can say. I really really do love it now, but it was tough yeah yeah and wondered. How do you start it? Won't you know, but there I believe there is a genetic compound. to your being able to pop on screen. You do. I do yeah, don't you know? Yes, I know that, like even with my big head and my smaller body, that I don't, I don't necessarily radio movie star. Yes, I disagree. Why proceeded, but I think there are some people that, like how how come you're so many baldwin's than this it s. True
it's like. I know it's really popular to do the nebo baby trip or the family term by but buddy it's not a real. Thing that you can't just kind of grandfather, someone in or get someone a job here they light, but all those baldwin's, even the one. That's like a preacher now they'll do did ok on screen. They all looked correct, but no, I believe there is a component of the fact. Obviously there is a component to the ability to act. I believe that yeah yeah. I know I have to understand, say on that, but it was. It was interesting because obviously, obviously helpful, full indirect stared. I had someone to turn to to answer any questions I and all that do to help you yeah. I mean he answered stuff. You know he had been through everything that I was going through so start where it was like you start getting. What sent out? How do you deal with the rejection? Is a shy guy semi disgrace I shouldn't, I think me because
You know what at the time I was still, I was still going to school and I was going to acting class outside school hours. Auditioning restarting worth outside, even god whose was enlarge, monte, playhouse, west, okay and It was one of these things that where, even though I was killing myself kind of like going back and forth between everything I kind of had school as this safety net, where I was like alright, if things don't work with this other thing, I still got school, and so I think that gave me a little bit of like a It put me at ease a lot, so you you didn't write you weren't like on the all in yeah. It was, but I still had this other thing right right right, you could, it was, it was enabled you have a like your mind, some relief, yes from the panic. Yes, but then what happened is I heard about you? I few once allows a few months away from graduating school, and I got like my first big job that took away, and so I actually to drop out of school in this job, It was in a guy with the canadian city.
The vancouver know when to win a plane to pay. It was in winnipeg. During the winter we were staying on what was considered the windiest corner in all of canada. You have to have a windiest corner, the world's right in downtown winnipeg. I know that, and so we are doing this horror movie, and it was this like them. Your first gig a horror, movie kind on a lot of harm of I now I think I turned down a role and harm of urine which in fox, oh you down. We would add one- and I know I I think I was supposed to I don't know if they were offering it to me, but that was there a guy in the it's still the manga know the exact part who played that guy Eric Lang. Who did you see the escape of Dana Mora yeah? He plays a patricia arquette, husband credible and yeah yeah. I would know yes good year. That guy's got is really good. Is it. You been a lot of things right, yeah. You can popping up a bunch I'd, say, okay, so I would welcome your yeah yeah yeah and it was this really physically demanding shoot where I
I like that. You know it bruises all over my whole body. I lost my voice a couple of times from screaming so much I actually dislocated my shoulder year, and so we add, I remember we had like two weeks left to go and at the day off in the main girl she comes to my hotel room. I was like what are you doing here, you're supposed to be on set and she's like. it's gone down, so we find out, we find out that they didn't have any money left and they hadn't been paying the crew for weeks, and so we all get sent home. Welcome to independent film show vision. Yes, so we all get sent home and we're waiting for that call for them to be like you know, we spent millions of dollars. Let's finish these last two weeks, and we never went back and I was so heartbroken at the time. You know this was the movie that I dropped out of school, for it in hindsight is broadly for the best, because it was a booby called bad meat. Where the tagline was it's, the meet its lad lie, so they are done. The bullet an hour never got vanished with crazy. Is I think, years later they actually brought in
entirely new cast to make me to fill in the blanks that I think it's out there. So it's called bad me bad meat. So, ok! So then what happens? Next? I I didn't go back to school. It was. It was tough because your I'm finished, I started finish your dreams about her. I I you know what I looked into it. I looked into night school. I looked into like all that type of thing. How many credits short? Are you I mean probably like a few classes, but it was tough. They they basically were like you, gotta, be here in person and it's one of those usa yeah. It's not far down the street. It's right we pointed out a few happier. After that that psychology degree you our work really put that use. So what are you getting? The word now intranet? like the next? The next kind bigger significant thing like that, the biggest thing at the time was. I was a recurring on the final season of scrubbs wit,
When do you have a little parts in movies, yeah yeah, you know, I d had a tiny part super bad? which was, which is amazing, you know is one of those things. I think I was my first first movie you and I to. I am wary lines lying lines in it and my lines or Jonas says: why? Don't you go piss your pants again here, and I say that was eight years ago asshole and you gotta, remember people don't forget it was one of these things where that movie leads the a boy guy kind earlier the movie was so popular that I would people recognizing me at the time- and I was like oh man, I got to work again quick, so I'm not the guy who pissed his pants for the rest of the year. The other two are engaged pissed his pants yeah, but I'm telling you people still bring that up. Yeah. It just shows that movie, whichever movie it really timeless movie for kids, so but then you're doing small parts so like you're, like did you get? That did you that movie on the level on the line,
Well I mean do the audition brow, yeah, oh, come on a new law. Are you? What are you two billion? I remember auditioning for two roles and that both assholes and they gave me one of one asshole, but it says you're milked a phone tree number five god with nothing, does not that. I was part of the monti. That will be a delay, but you do have more to do begin. but anyway just cut no failures. Gotta, What made you want to be part of this montage of this gus van sant movie. I was like absolutely come on. I'm a young act there, giving emma you Leon, camera which on pen was not always like port of liquor. One sixteen of the screen where they split it up into a bunch of people on the phone so but you doing why this is so are you making movies? Yet? Are you doing short film? I'm not making movies, but what ended up happening was. I was you know. I was really happy to be working, and I was happy. Scrubs just a little thing. You know I was happy to be just get the experience, but here point where, with a lot
these jobs. I wasn't necessarily like proud of what I was doing and I didn't know I didn't love the final thing but, like I, I got to a point where I peered up with my body. I grew up with the director and we started making short films funny or die who you know, which was like this huge comedy site at the time, and we we developed is greater, if you put them where they would basically gives a budget area. would fill in the crew that we needed and they look give it gave us full freedom to do whatever insane ideas, Oriana, beginning, yeah, and so like we did everything. You know we wrote them. Edited them directed, acted and now is kind of, like my film school so I really in terms of learning be camera tat. Everything angle with crazy is that that site was so popular at the time that if we a video on there. They happen to be successful year. More people saw it and if I didn't and independent movie variety
do you did a few independent movies, but which were where their videos that you did that really went viral crazy? He others there all crazy. There is one. I did called go fuck you self, where it starts with. Like me, in a girlfriend having to fight and read before, she leaves when you go fuck yourself and then a custom me going into a bar, and I see another version of myself and I pick him up. We go on this leg date at the beach, where I'm like, taking them out to the split screen thing we brought in this, like amazing, vfx artist and now is kind of like the the that was the great thing about these videos. Is that, like? Are these really silly dumb jokes, but we made them look really great wow, and so it ends with like a hard cut to me, fucking myself, yeah, but what but didn't you would you consider like he gets it? Yours character actor, I don't think so. I don't know. I don't. I really thought about that. I mean cause interesting, I mean like we did. You did get some big.
These are I mean, jump twenty jump. big movie, yeah yeah, that was that was kind of the twenty one jump street was the big movie at the time that I done, and I mean I I audition for the Maybe seven times we had, it was pretty gruelling and actually the directors told me after the fact that part three they finally gave me. The role is because they saw one of these silly videos on funny or die, and they were like. Oh, this guy understand that comment over the top yeah and but but that was like so did that put you on the map? Are you working more? Did you have a little more choice? Now's, the one? Yet scrubbs your on for a while scrubbs. So that was the final season and it was interesting because it was technically like kind of a yeah. I know like most of the main cast had laughed and they right in a lot of new people, and it was tough because, like the evade
if they'd ended the show at season eight and they had one of like the best finales ever were like the final shots are literally behind the scenes, shots of them all hugging and crying and saying goodbye, so heartfelt and then they're like we're doing another one, and so it it was tough. But what I will say like. I great time- and it was one of those things where we want to network- showed they gave us a ton of leeway, we're improvising was working with fairly nice fighting hold an audience the oars yeah, not necessarily do another. I figure. Why not? Let's try to milk it. Let's try it like. Well, we've we've jumped the shark, but we'll just recast it. There you go yeah, it was fun, those fun it was really fun, but how much tv did you really end up doing I popped in and out of a few things I mean we both did sarver. We get all four seasons of easy yeah. I did too yeah like. I was, I think right now. I did three were therefore. I think there are three yeah. I think that's right,
did you have a good time? Yeah man, I mean like I liked that guy the character and and and Swanberg is a I dunno. How he's doing do you talk to him every once in a while? He seems to be good yeah, alright. Well I mean he's one of the few guys that can sort of do that in eyes movie thing. Lynn could do it too? That's right, but there's many people that can directly it's tough, because sometimes I feel like chaos, but hey, hey ass when they know in their head when they got what they need. Yes, which is aware you're watching a night. Ok, it's that's what I need in the very specific skills. It is man, and I thought that thing was great. but he didn't seem to give a fuck about promoting it. I wonder it was more just that it was like it was so such small budgets who is so under the radar and it it really felt like netflix, where it was just kind of like, because this is so low budget. Just do your thing do like, but, like
I don't know that any of us? I I I know it's hard to promote stuff, but I didn't see any concern for promotion at all. Not only have a netflix but Joe was just sort of like. I can make my office a bar race, you're you're, correct about that he's like this is great man. It was an illegal bar to his credit, yeah man. It was great and he started this sort of like art commune. I just feel like it's a performance space, we're going to like he's like at that time. like he's really in it, for the art yeah, you know for real. He's always been that way where he was going from job to jobs. You know me earlier that before easy, maybe in passing just through friends we're, he did a few movies yeah, never cunning, interesting, you light, but really
but they were indie movies, but they were weird. Oh yeah, you know like they weren't like sort of like a romcom. That's for sure! Oh no! No! He did some movies really what the fuck is happening. I know I mean, and now has this thing where it's like working with his friends and they were basically just trying to make enough money on each one to make another one, and they were just that experience under their belts yeah. I thought I thought easy was great me too, and that was like the perfect thing for him like this was like all these skills like coming into the perfect project. Yeah I thought My best work on that one with Melanie Linsky get home. guy I'm in, and you know how it happened. He areas, double environment, be, yeah and I wouldn t she was only there for one day really yeah. While there is a girl. it was a moment there that we played. That was just crazy. I do believe that she had just had the baby. I I think I think right and and but the character was not
it was supposed to be. Oh I'll, remember! Sarah! It was one of those sort of like oh so you're when you're. Expecting, I'm not like I'm not here. That's always one! Here, it's great just like the worst thing that could be said into for those characteristic that moment Emily, but yet tell me quick of your don't mind talking about it. What was always a leg? Having lynn direct you who is you're. A whim was your kind of an act is director. I mean she on yeah. She was really kind of acutely sensitive to, the humanity of any scene, yeah yeah it was. There is something that she was working for and in can see it in your movies that she gets it. There's a depth to what she gets out of performance at an hour. So how'd you know, she's on those people is not she these issues into a collaborative with actors, and I know it seems as I've worked more, but not much is most actors by and I talked to
Rector's. Some directors are like a harm to do the job, I'm not there to teach amazing. I want them to figure it out. You like. of that. That's why I hired them by like she would kind of, like you know, give suggestions, think things through a talk about or ask your question yeah about you. Isn't it was it with her style kind of different from Jos, even though they, both canada, very improvisational thing. We adjourn a goofball jar and I mean in am in win and joe kind of is pushing you to like Jos, a little is kind of a little iD have a dirty boy. Okay, yeah, this said say like he's: work, he's mischievous yeah, definitely, and I don't think she's right that Jay lane was really sort of a joy, spreader Joe, was sort of like a wonder if you get this am I right. I mean I think your career, so they different approaches, your they buy them, but they both new intuitively and they both like, like tat,
right there with the actors. You know ain't waiting on jojo's and it's why it's why they always got amazing actor like I remember Joe shooting a lot of it, didn't he he was holding the camera. Yeah definitely yeah yeah, but so I'm curious is directing something that you have think about recently. I have yeah I mean did why, besides of my shell sure sure, but here you know, you're not really directing when you're in every seen, you know any if you're, not in a no budget but you're, still kind of part of the whole process. Well, yeah I mean but you're sort of like you just go a key though the first one I directed. I don't even think we had a playback monitor because we are I'm right. So it's certainly going to the dp, like these great yeah, yeah yeah. Or more about a recently yeah. I want to get involved with making this book a movie aldo by you. I'm going to produce it and kind of try to put together by party feels like why not directed yeah. You know
Finally, I think you'd be amazing. While I mean it's scary, little scary, terrifying man, but let me tell you so what further on the first one that directly in the rental. Yes, I I was, I was very scared going into it. I had been wanting to direct for a long time, but I was you know: I'm scared of failure, I was scared that there would be the spotlight on me where people would want. Aren't you scared about? Like do you know all the lenses and stuff? Ok? That was what I was deafening scared about a first, but will you realize if, if you get a good dp that shit, I know dude, I mean by you say that out loud and people like well, you know it and it's true. You end up learning about it, but, like you really can from the naughty yes it does. You like, I will master and when he coverage that's what we're gonna do, what we can do it overs we do in french overs over over. You talk there. What you need in whatever language you say no interpret it not be like it has an option years: an option, but lake, What I really learned was when I stepped on set that first air I was like.
I know a lot more than I thought I did, because I've been on these set before your made me think about a lot of first time directors where, when their step- and I said that's the first time on any said ever in so They'Re- just learning, the dynamics of how things work, but when you're director, the one thing that you don't do, I would imagine as an actor for your whole life is sit around going. What the fuck is taking so long sure. Oh god. What are they lighting? That said, there's always so much to do that. It's just like as a director, but as a guy sitting in a trailer you're like how was it for hours, yes hook. this kind of nice you're, the one has less yeah, there's always someone to do as a director I didn't mean to interrupt your your your onset and what you get on set, but you gotta be the leader I talked to at lunch with Dana ocho the other day, yeah and yeah. He's like it's really about just being decisive, yeah, definitely and lake you I've I've co in both of these scripts end the rental and the new one? Yes end, because it
I know these groups in his characters inside it out, and I also need to think about it, and so, like I'd, really have a strong opinion about what I want to do, but on top of that lake you know the best thing I did on each project is really spent a long time. Lake vetting crew and the cast where I wanted. Youth. Ray glowing reviews about each person before bringing them on the team and because of that the process it took a wire hiring ass. All absolutely. Why was just, as importantly, obviously want to people who were really talented here. I was just as important to me, especially the first time to have people who are nice and who were willing to work their asses off ends you at the end of the day, looking around I'm surrounded by all these amazing people, people who work in years first, I am directing our this guy exactly seal and it is makes for this really nice environment. You know, I'm sure you ve been onsets too, where it's it's not that way.
I did when when there's someone like wobbly at the helm, it's just a charade to fuck his hat, but who the fuck is. This is not even at the helm like anywhere like one bad seed can spread to the whole sets are weird man, yeah they're, weird yeah it can get. ugly yeah, but I've been on. I've been on. I've been lucky, not not to be untrue. Many bad ones, but I've been on enough where I'm like. He doesn't need to be this and when I have some control, I'm going to make sure we have a great time so yeah. I don't think I've been on a bad set, but I have been on a set that was a little indecisive, okay, yeah and it get in especially where it's like we were there were. It doesn't matter like with the asked the size of glow. If somebody at the top, like he is, is sort of like not sure what the scene is kind of like hey, there's like twenty of us, yes and it's cold yeah, can we figure this out yeah? I mean, I definitely know what that feels or cure. So, but where do you get into? What was the process of the rental you just like that was, and I you know I wrote the script with Joe Swanberg, because
of your relationship with him from easy yeah. Actually, yet we Mozart I talk about horror movies, we're like with right, went together and we like, the horror movie yeah and he you know he lives in chicago, and so he he flew out to l a two different times for like a week at a time and we basically holed up in his hotel room and we we kind of cranked out the first draft during that time and then just gonna, took it out to independent finance years, and that was and once you got the money just you know you hire they do here. What did he learned from him in terms of production? He if he wasn't there with us. But what I love about Joe is he's he's not precious about anything. He has no ego he's just very much like silk aberdeen in such an idea. Guy bringing like you, you know like its first time, so ike huge, bring in four year to pull the crew together in everything. That was me man, yeah yeah yeah, I was I you know I reached out to all the main actors myself. This was before we even took it out to sell it. I was kind of a naive thing to do, but I was like these are the
well, I want for the rolls year I'm going to, I don't know most of them, but I'm going to find their emails, I'm going to reach out and tell him how much I love them and from the script and hope they like it, and so we actually had the whole cast attached before we took it out yeah and you know when we were remember, we are taken it out there is. There is a good interests, but a lot of these places. They wanted me to kind of which she more down the middle and give us stuff that we see a million times briar, where they wanted more jumped scares and were whatever, and then we will. I really is reserved jump scare count when people are assessing kind. When I make a scene horror movie, that's that's a discussion that adds at ninety or above three jump scare short on the truly ma, and so I finally talks a black bear yeah who who financed it? Nay, they were just finally asking the right questions and they knew what we are trying to do. And then what do they have somebody around? Yet? Definitely definitely, but they they truly. were there so hands off need they? I've been so lucky that on both movies that
really leaned on us in and I walk away and his lake. Yes, of course I hope I hope he will love these areas as much as we do. But at the end of the day it's like we made the movies that we set out to make, and I gotta be content with that right. the end in between the two you didn't the disaster. Artists know that became before both a really here now whose idea was that I wonder I dont know who initially had the idea, but someone options the book, the disaster artist and the book that the tone of the movie came from the book lake. I thought- What was written by your character? Yes right ends. I think everyone expected us to make like the big broad. comedy version of that movie. You know where we were making fun of the room and making fun of tommy oh and we really leaned on the book where the book is really this earnest story out these bizarre characters who are trying to make a movie and its worthy
This is where a lot of people you know the character. I play great sterile. I think a lot of people were like why why You stick around with this guy, this guy tommy. Why? So? Why did you believe in this project? What woke kept you around- and I think is this man now that we're like as a young after you just happen to be. working. That's what people don't understand, the desperation in hollywood lists and, like the nature of this place, oh man and it's like whatever you're doing you convince yourself. This could be grey, of course, and- and there are people out here that don't there are still people I that come out here thinking there going to be discovered right. there is a level of straw The delusion that we all have to have a bit of in order Going within it yeah, but a lot of times that can just You know grow specially one.
involved in something I can't, but I coming up in this business with comedy and like being young in this business and just hearing guys sorta like yeah, we're shooting this thing, man, it's amazing and then you're like. Oh, this is not good. I know it's it's tough! It's like you kill yourself, you kill yourself, you finally get. Thing. You work your ass off and it comes out. Never one shit sought it. It's tough, mere. Why mean right, but but how would we your brothers relationship with him. More was yours relationship with Omby amby because, like the guys like you know, either be it's too. to says odd, is being diplomatic. Yes, he's a widow problematic internet he's delusional rights, its we really. We gone to a journey with tommy like we really groot eleven, but can't you, will I get somebody is. I would like watching the movie, and I thought you were you you both here the very well in the end, you, u hamlet with humility, yeah, but it's hard not to think on some level. You're busting, guys balls. Yes,
no I'm alright. We we definitely like, showed all the warts for sure we had to hold back and we we showed how crazy it got, but I think I just go, after what I was saying before, where the guy at the at the heart of it, is this guy who has a dream here and he and he's going he's going after it, and he actually has the means to do exactly. if he wants and no one's going to tell him anything. I just thought when he came up at the what was at the oscars or where was it? Were you always the the golden gloves I was sort of like? I think he thinks this is I know I mean it's incredible that he ended up on that stage after all the earth yeah nobody really wanted to. Though, of course you guys are like ok, I mean who knew what was going to come out of his mouth. It's it's funny at the just. A quick story at when we finish the movie, we we told him we're like alright. Tommy? How do you want to see this for the first time? Or do you want us to to you know, send you a link, you want to set up a private screening and he was like no.
want to see it at the premier at south by south west, with a thousand people in the audience, and we are like, are you sure, he's a guess so we're like if we made this movie in a way where he really should like it, you know, really show a lot of crime, but you never know you make a movie about someone's life they're going to be centered your own details. So is this packed theater and him and great sister or sitting down the the from what you did. You talked a great deal at vienna role, yea and he was unsafe every day, and now he was here. He was amazing. He was like not the type at all like oh I would never see something like dad around them. You know you guys we're doing definitely definitely yea out. Ok, you do is so supportive here. So ok, so the premier there sit down the aisle, the movies playing. it plain really, while the audience is really in here and were kind of like leaning forward and like checking what what tommy's real india and he's wearing sunglasses mania, stone face away like who knows who now so
lays great. We we go backstage were about to go said to you and I and we got the tommy relate. Would you think man- and he goes- I approve ninety nine point. Nine percent and we're like amazing here, like what was the point, one percent and again you think he's gonna be like that. Didn't happen like dad, and he goes. I think you should. with the lighting in the first half of the movie and what we realized was. He was wearing sunglasses, the whole movie, so yeah the lighting is going to look a little off and he ended up being like a huge supporter which is like really important with that type of thing. You don't want the subject of your movie to, like you, know, writing naysayers, especially when you know he's you don't know what is meant This position really is, but maybe you do maybe Maybe you know exactly who that guy? Maybe I think you do what you think is kind of it. Yeah yeah like it. It was the best thing that could have happened to him. It really was
you made that move. You haven't a great time and I mean it was beautiful and away because, like at all We stand on stages out at south by southwest after that screening tommy comes out. He's got a thousand people, given him a standing ovation like an earnest standing. Ovation like that must have been. I, I think you guys play those guys a lot of heart yeah. Yet we try to avoid work. with your brother was did? Did that dynamic? Did you feel a dynamic? Definitely, yes, you were definitely a younger brother, chair, oh yeah, and I think I think it really worked because Like you, I'm playing this guy who You gotta see through my characters eyes. You have to see tommy's humanity to see some sort of heart, and then I think you know I think so. Obviously there just is that thing between me and my brother. I love him and I think that shows a little but sure we're. You would hope but so the rental did well yea with great man. I mean, It was a bizarre if the bark bizarre scenario, because we came out at the very beginning of the pen,
amick. I may we were gonna. You know we're about to do the festival, tor and all mad, and then old shut down and we peered up I have see to distribute the movie reality. A great independent, financer and or distributor ends told us they were like hey, we think there's power in choosing a day, a release, data sticking to it, no matter what and why that was so great is because, if you remember at the time, all these movies kept moving their release date because they thought the pandemic would eventually be right over right. Oh, what happened is that when we came out there was no other common. Is she right, and so we where'd you come out. We came hurrying budgets
I have in theaters and we were number one. We are the number one movie for two straight weeks and we're the second movie ever to be number one in theaters and streaming at the same time and like obviously, there's an asterisk next to that shot, but like it was, it was pretty wonderful wow. That's that really worked out no way huh yeah and This movie yeah somebody, is to know was something nay you and allison decided to just right. Yes it. and while we started rain this at the very, very beginner the pandemic ends at the time. You know the movies that we were watching all these. You know very positive, optimistic movies. It was all the stomach. You know really yeah, it's cute yeah, so we were like. Let's do one: let's do our own version, let's put some leg positivity out in the world and we both
of the genre ends. I remember we were walking walkin around my home town and came up with the idea, which is essentially kind of going your hometown reconnecting with your roots in, but it's funny yeah you kind of subvert the genre. That's what we're trying to do? Yes, where it's like on paper, the concept, maybe You're familiar, you know it's a different journey for your lead heartbroken person. Yes, I am so happy said I could it's like. I think a lot of people are like. I know where this is going, but would have done on both movies. That a directive is is like you, you think you yes, yes, you think this is a familiar her while, but you get when you dont like at some point because of like- and I know I was in the plane, selfish sure yeah, bulgaria. I I've seen it. Yes, yes, sweet selfish, verse, oh yes, after a three year, absolutely but but but you do like, I think,
the thing is just like: every body is a little flawed, yeah right, so that the right right so you're not sure who yearning for so it kind of it. It makes you expectations, procured, Yes, yes, you don't know where is going where right, the Hopefully the unique part about it is like in the execution where every twist and turn the characters themselves, the music choices, the score everything. Hopefully yeah he's, like you know, we're we're essentially using what we know and love about the genre to take the audience down a certain path, and then you know try to rip the rug out from under him. So how long did it take to kind of polished off them was was it always did, conceive of it Be so inclusive? It would mean why just mean that you know you have presentation, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, of of algae bt q stock of your diversity in cash. Thing in life, which is also an you? You know these points were. Unlike are they is not aimed at a mention it right right,
which I don't even know what The party was right. Was he a brother? He was a friend of just afraid, fred Where did the house? No, he was just always around. You have to talk about it, because I was. I hope that your brother now is codependent carrying area itself. She goes to work together, cause the right. They know each other. So now to danny it's incredible: it's incredible play. You sit back and you're like a discount. You can't take this chemistry with its well worn. Yes, yes, no I'm really happy sail this lake. It was one of the things where we are, with it. We are deftly mindful of it, but at the end of the day was lake the people we for these rules, if they did, Those actors went up in the movie. There are perfect via yet. Why sure, but I I mean it was just sort of like why where'd you shoot it Oregon. We shot it yeah in mostly around portland Oregon and then like the the little bavarian town where it takes place. Is this town called leavenworth, which is in washington state, and we went there for the final few days? Why'd you, There are two issues.
I ll organ: I shot actually both my movies and organ wait because it was cheap or cheaper or it has a little bit of a tax incentive, but it was more that it was just the landscape. It's so pretty. I love it. Yeah, the crews, incredible just like a bunch of really hardworking nice people and then like leavenworth. the very in town, my friend, her her family lives. And I remember going their fur, her sisters wedding. He and I what the fuck is this place and it is valid, perfect setting where you can imagine people growing up there and ends almost taken for granted in being lake. Oh, this is a small town, it's the middle of nowhere. I gotta get out of here and there grow up and they look back and they are just like a man like tat- was a pretty special place to grow up, which can I tied her the themes of the movie, We outweigh its importance. I didn't notice like I knew the house's seem like that. We really do this city much no, it was,
but actually like every day, was like dr and thirty four forty minutes outside the city the year. It was definitely pretty and there's a lot of little parts were people show up. You know like Amy scenario. Yes, to see her. I love Amy till she so funny, and Allie Joe Joe colleague allows me Harry Joe out very funny. I fucking life until now. What you did you tell him to go that I mean that was a port like on the page, like I guess, kind of the most comedic role, but in the wrong hands, you can imagine someone like relieve, like leaning too hard into the joker like trying to be funny, and we really wanted. Somebody was justly not only naturally funding which is like a great actor who could cut of inhabit that rolling? Just be that kind of naive guy and yeah yeah I thought everybody did a good job, sandwiches and yeah for a minute. Oh yeah, funny isn't there for a minute yeah and that in the end the whole conceit of the reality show. I thought was pretty funny thanks man, but like the truth. Yet it was good.
It's seeing julie, Haggerty, a man. Isn't she incredible the fuck I haven't seen in so long, but she's so great. She is so great. I we we all fell in love with Julie and she. How did that casting happen? I ve been working on she added she pops up, she pops up, but lake again. It was more like, I think, a lot of people. Well when they're casting it's it's they, they really look at just all the shiny objects that are in front of their face, like who's hot. In this current moment, that's a generational thing. You know you get when I casted people of her age and women yeah, and you kind of get this breakdown of you know from the. asking agency whose available I remember her moment. I remember that guy yeah yeah, you just get these people yeah, and you can. I know I know but Julie. She is so inherently just kind in warm, and just like has she has a different energy herself and we just like our issues. I remember her from like airplane, yes and why comedies, when I was a kid is, I was very small,
big energy yeah, but is that so grounded yeah now relentless yeah? Well, now it's like You see the earnest part of of whatever that we're gonna meet again from that the daily and now she justice, you know truly offence. quirky lady, I know, and we we she was only on set for three days but like me and alison like she was armand. If we let we absolutely love her, and would you how'd you get the like all the other people who played the his mother his mother, oh Olga merit- is she has known for in the heights hooker and she is another one of those roles where there's attended you on the page? But she is such a specific energy and just like excitement that really pops and moment just feel very unique and special yeah and Alison she likes being a dick
she's, what she's so good it at toeing the line where lady, even when she's doing things that are not necessarily morally sound lake, she rationalizes justify yeah. She still human and you can relate to why she's doing these things and that's kind of like go about what you're saying where you know I think, there's any villains in the movie, but everyone is flawed and everyone. You know some people are making. You know questionable choices, but at the end of the day, they're all good people there going through it they're, trying to figure it out near yeah. It's been a nice weird it's yeah exactly and those weird unexpectedly well good job, buddy servicemen, and so now it's all about this movie for a little while yeah we're about this is the first day of our kind of press tour and so we're going to go travel around travel around with it for a little bit in the be theatres. no. This is this. Is amazon goin on amazon? Furthermore, we deal yeah yeah. this kind of people like romantic come. I think so we love em here yet,
If you feel about romantic comedies in general name, a few I mean the classic ranking of the classics are when Harry met, sallies sleepless in seattle, pretty woman mere how you feel about those Fine yeah! I know me, I like them, but I think what's interesting. Interesting is like you initially and watching this Well, there's just sort of like you know you just it's entertainment, and you know it doesn't have to be too heavy for sure, but then, like a sort of unfolds, it's sort of like all this kind of heavy yeah. That's what we tried to do, I'm so happy, you're, saying all these these cars, like it's one of these things where I hope the movie does go a little deeper than people expected. It's just sort of like you because it does unfold. Maybe you can anticipate just in terms of the character this story is what yeah yeah. I know you can kind of. Maybe If you don't know exactly how it can em, but you do know one day you have a general roadmap, but like it's going to it's going to surprise you along the way, but but it's really more about sort of learning more about the people. That's true that becomes sort of the Weird thing: that's specifically, you
the groom and fiance and young alison and then just there you're hurt the field transparency and a year, just the other stuff that sort unfold that are really kind of add more depth. Then I think regular. romantic commies. Unless about remembering brought knob regime and that, let me name a couple. Recent was deceive. You seen him the great ones are lake palm springs these you all. What about the big sick, but that Kemal yeah yeah. We the true story now is what that was heavy binding. It didn't register to me is, specifically a romantic comedy better because I knew it happened. Ah, ok, Do you know what I mean like yeah? Why get like it? Wasn't you couldn't contrive that? Really? Yes, it's more of a bio pic and in a way well yeah I mean, if it kind of came together as a as romantic comedienne. I guess that's true. There was all that sort of cross.
Charles now, going into really go on yeah yeah. What about what about? This is like a slightly different type, but, like I did you see, I'm enough said which you leo Louie Dreyfus in knocking on the air yeah re one that the gray when the I could see them more in the in the way of that yeah. I guess- maybe I'm not remembering he's pretty woman was the arduous hooker yeah that, owing to the EU the great movie use revisit it. Then I do what I do not always gonna be an end in harry met sally. I was sort of a rekindled thing right. Camera allows them those kind of them over the years, their friendship, kind of building oda and, finally, that doing that, yes and then what was the other one you mentioned, nor soon, video that was right. The online thing that was riding hurt. She heard him over the radio here and ngos to kind of find him. yeah there's hour period there were they didn't know they were talking to each other that you ve got mail. You ve got male ass. Yes, also tonics. Those different with different figures in seattle was whose in that dominates baby, the both of em,
yeah and migraine. Oh yeah when Harry met, sally right yeah I used to be one. She was the one man now. I guess you're right, I guess like I'm, forgetting that these are not necessarily simple, and there is all in all. There is great ones, may usually visit some of the media we kind of difficult. and sad and flood people. It's good genre. You can give it. the kids we're a drive to right. One now have to be in one give it a shot man da get. Do I get another cranky dad pitch? No way I'm going to write one for you or you're, a very joyous man. Okay, thanks Dave good talking to you man, you did it ok, okay, dave, franco, somebody I used to know comes out february tenth on prime video, and please hang out for one second, we can you just sing out for.
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