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Episode 1425 - Steven Yeun

2023-04-10 | 🔗
Three episodes into the Netflix series Beef, Steven Yeun's character is emotionally overwhelmed in a Korean church. As the former leader of a praise band and the son of devout immigrant parents, it isn't surprising Steven was able to hit the right note. Steven and Marc talk about his upbringing in Michigan, his time in Chicago doing Second City improv, his encounters with cultural gatekeeping, his liberating role on The Walking Dead, his Oscar nomination for Minari and much more.

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Like guy all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck next what's happening? I mark mare- and this is my podcast- w g epoch- and my podcast for a long time. I think we're in our tenth year. Here is something I that is that crazy. Hundreds and hundreds of conversations your curious about that who's been on w tia, pod dot com podcast. You can do a search. Sometimes I have to do it. I literally have to my own shows archives. Ah my What are my own website to see? If I talk to a person Ah my show by guess at just a sure of doing this thing for a long time. I am. How are you how's everything today on the show talk to stephen une who, yeah. I'm sure you know the walking dead,
He was in the movie. Nope use nominate best actor. in twenty twenty one for his performance of menagerie, as a new network series, beef with a without Ali, who I love, and I gotta tell you, watched all canada. I think that's how many there were. I I just went through him before they were even out. every one of them and those two acted. The fuck out of this thing everybody's greatness look I don't know if I'm gettin soft, I'm just more him. I dont, know what it is a west judge, though, but I don't think that's it. Stephen you, certainly, and I've seen him and many things I've. Seen him in most of the things that he's been in at least four wide and watch me I'd. I bailed walking dead after the first season, but I I get it and he's a great actor. He may he may be one of the best actors of his generation, I'm gonna say and now we want is really Nang if it is well she's awesome witnessing sing just its great it's it's it's
it's in engaging its exciting it, sir. a little menacing. It's a good show this beef, I'm telling ya, I'm telling ya. So look, I'm not saying I fucked up my life, but I did I'm not saying I regret it I don't. I Don'T- have regrets necessarily, but I do find me self wondering you know their theirs is weird difference which would like look, I'm a guy. That feeds on the moment I know all about the now. All you have is now. I know all I have is now and I'm eating it. I'm eating it as we speak. I'm fine thing on the now to the point where I don't always remember it when it was then It's not clear to me. I an ovum I'm getting alzheimer's or dementia, like my, either by the day, the thing Is it it it's it's
so what a foggy or something I have to be reminded, because I'm all in the moment. I really am. I think it's just we have designed my life. I wish given myself a little distance from the now now now. I wish I give him myself a little distance from it to the point or I do a gate or or or up hold something back or plan. Little better for whatever Creative output is but it's really truly now now now now and then we'll after it's over MIKE what just happened, I got it back over it, I gotta, listen so there's some part of it it's doing, that You know I don't know from annoying or draining or I dont nurture. Friendship as much as I should butter spend time with a lot of people, and I don't know why I feel. Like I have friends I mean I hang out with jerry. I talk to my friend sam, but means we can't seem to get it together has been months. We can't just get it together like have lunch with that- I don't know what happens and
Things get away from me. I guess to start entertaining people. I do this every year for every fuckin holiday and I'm sorry. You know, I don't know if I would if I was invited, but you kind of like to be invited. I guess, but I'd probably go to a friend of mines safer. But then he started. about his eye. Is somebody just can invite you to a safer because they know you can't get mad about it. You know I can't I heard about this is why people don't invite me, may beg to emotionally invested to quickly with new friendships, people in general and their way you know it's right, taxing and it doesn't go both ways I dont know I dont understand it, but a new body whose a jew and you I thought I thought pass over so, do I bring in the stragglers. You know it's like in but another chair out. We ve got one empty. Fourth eliza can put one next to it were added chairs. Well,
then let them sit in the Elijah chair and maybe, if Elijah comes to sit on his lap. That should be something that'd be a memorable seder. If the ghost comes in and drinks while he's on our our our our waiver, friends, lap. more was my invite I are going to a seder here. I don't know man, I just don't I dont know. If I look man, I keep my house together. I clean You know I I stay in shape. You know I like everything to be nice, but I guess the other. about being an adult. It's like I can my bed, but apparently I don't entertain enough. I dive people over, I dont socialize or something I don't know But maybe they'll start to come around now that all these people that I lost the children, all their kids rolled down Maybe they'll be like what are you doing man I got. You know I'm free, I'm finally, free after twenty years. Hey dude. I will extra time it's. I know it's been eighteen years by got some time.
now, because yeah gather out out there. I everyone's allows when an ode to do first or downsizing was hanging out appetite planning, the other night, you know just hanging around guys. Your age have time you talkin about other people, the other time talking about your ass, your balls, your blood work this or that ailments wondering if I I'd be net, is that a good number is not a good number how's, my stomach. What when I went that thing. Did you get it checked. put a women on that shit. Man, definite put a women on that shit, Hammett largo, this friday April, fourteenth gotta w tea pot, calm, swash tour for tickets, I'll be here floundering, I think, I think I've been going to work on a new hours can be called me
marin not relate. Above all, that's my big plan mark marin not related what you think. That's a good pitch. Also, I guess yet this up on the cyprus to be doing a music show at largo on the twelve of nature see, that's the other. Bowing with you know. I was too at the beginning about the now the now the now right, and I went into the attic. in the year, it will out of words but I went into the attic, cause? I I got a plan folks We started the beauty of fourteen years ago. We needed a website in as wmd have grew we needed to keep updating our website. That's why, in twenty fifteen we did a complete redesign of our site using squire space and ever
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it's my shit. It's not like you know. What's in the attic, I know it's in the attic. I put it in the attic. It's not like you know, there's not centuries old shit in the attic. It's just the you know the history of me in about a day in boxes in different forms, old, work old. Writing a bunch of video tapes, cosette capes, but there's these four oxygen, slides and carousel that my parents had. They were around the house from the early sixties. A guy gets their wedding. I got swathes of trips. They took in the early please and then there's the birth of meaningless, random stuff on side. So I went online. Thank this is actually I got promoted, as a sponsored add came up on one of my feet throughout this slide up where you can hold sway up over a year over a white Screen and take a picture of it and make it a little queen up the image and make it an image on your phone or on your computer. So I got and it's kind of amazing I my instagram mark marin. I posted a picture of me in some pretty good. repents bets on I'm through that, and I think
now hold onto the happened in, but what doing. What am I salvaging? What do I need to know that I wore his pants when I was for We need to know that I lived that egg did that I had no idea where life would die. We die take me where it took me sure sure, there's that men there's enough. Box of journals did. I wrote very compulsively, like three full journals when my wife may mean when mission o me- and I'm reading them and in its amazing, when you do actually journal the immediacy of the feelings I come out on that page, and And also its hard to EL journals, when you realise like well, managed spend in the saint fuckin plates. but I don't know maybe I'll go over this stuff maybe I'll go over it on some bonus content. Maybe I'll A journal thing I'll try to find select pieces, these journals of heartbreak, and read them allowed. So what else? happening work. I've been
when two tarantino theatre nodded his head but the new beverly I went to with key and saw the enlargement, I move yet seen so much. But I It's sort of sad and interesting that these prints using these are thirty five millimeter prince and if that was the best and he could find the end was all that. is going away man, it's literally fading away and the experience Seeing film on film is kind of spectacular and I was full room, a full theatre of peace for many who have not seen the inlaws because cause they asked. The guy was curetting asked anti see people laugh at that movie for the first time was just beautiful, and me having seen it a dozen times at least laughing. My balls off, I'm sorry laughing, my ass off. It doesn't matter laughing, like in just like all the cinema, unable to laugh or more what a relief? I don't know what was helping it, but I'm late a lot and- and we are nice time
and then two days later we go see the godfather to which give had never seen. and I've seen that a dozen twenty times, but on film that was a better print wow. What a fucking three to be in a movie theater with people time travelling watching the godfather to couple things. So how did he not know that financial was the boss of the black? Doesn't matter? Look movies or movies. Listen, steven yeun is here, and I gotta be as with it, this series is great he's great in it as his ally, as is everyone involved. It's called beef in all the episodes are streaming on. Netflix now me and stephen? You hang out tired of dealing with blown out toe stitching on your mark. Two wedge work boots. It's about time. upgraded to a wedge for this generation key Utility introduces its latest the fort wayne
native motto, wedge, work boot with protection, flexibility and traction. You won't find anywhere else. It's got a fur of its kind design, incorporating a keen protect rubber toe cap that covers the stitching at the tow, hoping to extend booth life and who would want their boots to last longer key fusion construction permanently bonds. The outside MID saw an upper without the use of glues or solvents. That means boots are more durable and more flexible, go check it out, at keen utility dot com. what do you mean like playing our self tat since I sixth grade and so lake? you know. You learn by like memorizing legs yeah, just like yeah com, songs, you later How do you know who do you like to play on and I am a suburb
emo ninety all rock kid. So I was like this: are the hilly norma, Exactly like in nirvana we all have our best or right. You know what I mean. We all have our version of like townie rock yeah, oh, and go deeper though I go. I go into christian rock too, oh really, because I grew up. at church? So it's like. So that's how you did it for beef term for the show or you watched it. I did yeah, oh hell, yet if you watch all of it, I did thank you. Fuck, you dude, I went that was so that we can. I use thing they always like something familiar to you. Oh yeah, that's it! with end like the craziest Familiar because you have to approach it with like self aware honesty there. Brittany in particular that sort of korean christian our church, yeah yeah yeah yeah, and they have to be earnest about it. You do whereas, like I feel like, if you are not? U render it in judgment,
bad right, I think, is just off If you don't sort of commit to the honesty of it, it can be read differently either like you're descending or you're, mocking or whatever, or even uplifting it in a way that I'm not even intending to it's kind of just like her right to a year. So there's that there's also the issue of why you're selling it yeah and I don't want to do either. I just want to be like humans exist here as well. You know yeah, but but what you grew up with that oh yeah, deep do you really get? So? Where do you were where'd you grow up? I grew up in so. I was born in korea, and then we may well yeah, so your parents are in your, not your first generation adversaries in. Yeah emma what we would say when we first came over here was. I was called a one point fiver near where I was like five when it came up for when I came over here, and so we moved to canada first for about a year and then moved to michigan and moved to michigan, and he grew up in Michigan. But did you get did citizenship in canada or how to
so my dad was actually chilling in court he was like an hour, Thirty eight a house in Seoul before the eighty eight olympics, like there's, no need for us to leave here but I theory is that he's a second born son of five sun, which is probably the most unseen son really in the family. You know what I mean like the firstborn gets all like this boy. The second one just kind of gets has to do all the things that are older brother has to do, but then they regroup and do another one a little more focused, or what do you mean like there's, five of them, there's five of and he's a second or second after three more after and he and he like really like- took care of his younger brother, oh yeah yeah and so like I have asked him this and he won't. He won't corroborate, but he'll like silently not his head to be like. Maybe I was like. Oh you left because, like you wanted to like desperately like claim your stake and like be seen, you wanted to like be noticed for
yours for what you've done yeah, and so was he a successful architect yeah. He was working at a firm like he was doing it. He was like on the trajectory all of his friends were like. Why are you leaving you one? home in Seoul here before the eighty eight olympics. If we stayed on that property, and my mom was, I don't sell it. Let's wait till the after the olympic during the early nix was when alot of, like you, know, stupid, protests and are a lot of social unrest in people was happening. and so, like things felt very I guess maybe for him for his eyes untenable, and so we left, but, like would have just stayed. We probably could have sold that house for like millions of dollars. I just I have no, how why would I have any sense of it? Yet I just don't know what it would be like to live in south korea yeah I mean to me it s, sort of like I'm nervous enough here just to be living. After is great right. Now in for a long time, but but what about the
fuck em, weirdo up in north korea, there is something you deal with our or or adapt to or die. Think as I think so I mean I wouldn't particularly no like the deep deep, like I remember, visiting the year that can, Ill died here may yeah and I was like in korea and audio oh shit, like do, we need to like battened down the hatches arrogantly like we're going on we're just like now, I think it's just there, there's there's another thing: yeah, it's just like a threat. You want, stand right, yeah, it's like shit, vested waters. Are you visit there? Often I used to go pretty often, I hope to go more often because you have family there. Still I have family there and, like I was working there. A lot like not a lot too, of these? I go in the film the right to cream of yea. I'm here is your grandparents. Are anybody left? No?
grandparents are all passed away. I have a lot of aunts and uncles and a lot of houses you have got like forty cousins man really Ok, so they come to canada, but does he do You know. I know these data cadet. No, I mean I remember growing up him having a dry drawing board and like you know, it was fun stealing his like you know those things reconnect rub out a tree, yeah, yeah, yeah rubber, very certainly, and I would just like mess with, though like beyond that he never touched it. Instead, he started a beauty supply and which is common for, like it was four cranes in that area, laundromat or beauty supply, or how does that? Why is that happen? Do you have any idea, just in the same way that all networks happen? You know like there's like a year there's like. Cultural network that exists in and when you emigrate, you kind of like get access to that net,
but where, but why those two businesses I have no clue, that's what they found at know like. I have no clue what so it always strikes me as odd. cause. I remember I had a a landlord in new york who is dominican. He was a dentist, but he couldn't be a dentist here unless you went to school again yeah, so he just was doing other shit yeah, but It is odd to me like that, there's a guy who's, a comic from Egypt, be a heart surgeon, yeah. I know that guy, I don't know his name, and now we just like here and unlike what the fuck are you do we will you give me a surgeon you're getting too you're getting too, which is a deeper conversation near in my opinion, you're getting too the way that society renders people you know like yahoo com maybe the things that we ve been talking about, like on the surface for the last decade, plus years like and end forever witches,
like. Why does this place move me in unconscious ways, as an outsider, that I can explain to an insider. You mean america, america or any any place, I sure, am immigrate to yeah. That would be great too. It's like. Why am I being pushed and shoved and like positioned and and locked in a specific place that I can only operate that so unconscious to me in ways that you're not you're like I was surgeon, and you can like protest in proselytize that However much you want but they're like now, but you can only drive this. You can drive a cap theirs. I see what you're saying you know what I mean yeah. I just I that I, that you you either have to do it sorry to be credentials in the past. You go to or in order to another job, yeah an end and usually, if you have to let go of your credentials, which, like a lot of those things on transfer over right,
you get reset into just like the matrix. Like you look like that, you go over there and egg yeah or or you but it seems like not unlike the character in the eu, when, in the show that there is this, the If you have it within you too, to Heaven your primordial beer about eighty nine just to survive that you know we make a business in the one eyed seems to that culturally, sometimes it isn't what the businesses rises. Successful. Right, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. You know it's about figuring out totally how to make that business totally and and and provide for your family totally totally. and the you know you can get deeper into. It is like whose allowed, under the cloak of light or darkness, to make a business without getting with me, you know that's not available to everybody. Why, then, then it seems that that community element comes apps, well, you know when you come in as an emigrant enemy, the the
That idea, tribal elders, yeah yeah yeah, which a case in point green. They were back to that yeah. That's what korean church it's a yeah. It seems like that it works that way for varies for a lot of specific religious group, yeah yeah yeah. I mean, depending on how insulated you know, like the orthodox, the ultra. Orthodox yeah. You know that they say. I live here in armenia in its way and their theirs. They have their own thing or area where I like armenians, I understand, lay as a korean personal, like I get as a deep, deep So when did you get here? How old are you to l a no to the american so asked for and then I grew up in Michigan until I moved to chicago after college, but what part of michigan was a big korean community big enough
If we want to go to new york or get don't even know how to get to new york. Man, like I always on your dad, I mean like it just like. I do, I guess, there's carrying communities everywhere. I mean superior immigrate here, aren't reference year, here's what I'll say like in hindsight, I'm When I was in in high school in like middle school, I would meet new york koreans and I would meet like l a koreans. They were like super scary to me, really cause. They were like freer in a way that I couldn't understand. Like there You know like in not only were they like seemingly more imposing in just their style stature here but they were just like living as if, like. they're just living a little bit more free were like AL asians. It could you know you could have a community that looks so much like the place that you know it feels inside. You feel like an insight area, whereas for me I was like a perpetual outsider in michigan Michigan like I could,
feel it in my church, which is like four hundred people deep at most. but then the minute you step outside, like you just to the matrix of the thing railway alive. It wasn't and per se that I was being pushed down here. It was more like you know my parents as non english speaking immigrants like they were my model on to navigate reality here and they weren't going out shit, hands hanging out going to parties right they greatest. their head down, quiet, doing work and in staying within but yeah within their boundaries in the community and the community S. So everybody socialized that same people, anyone what So one thing about new york is: I koreans are pretty well integrated single year in a like those worst. It's it's it's it's a different type of integrate, but they do not, unlike what, whenever beauty, supplying and cleaning or whatever
bodega almost how korea totally yeah and you just of weird sort of like lead now we fascinated me about the korean business model with the bodies. Is that they have both sitting up front like trimming, grapes lighting like to make their fruit sound, like you, nothing goes to awaken by these fruit sounds in the great should have little shaved parts allocate they do, If we take the brown on origins, dude Marge totally knows. I call my gotta remember that year because, like I'm very I'm thrifty throwing away food, but any time stuff starts to go bad, I always think of the korean bodegas, where they're just out in front. That's just postwar. That's postwar margins. You know what I mean like you know, nothing's going to waste at all. I just read about this year. This thing in medieval times called the perpetual stew. Oh my god I, but I want the recipe. What is every recently, you can have it running at like a hundred and sixty seven degrees.
for years and you just keep throwing new shit in their hygiene. I get it. I don't want a mediaeval year out like us and hardly like me like ro year long stew, that's just a consistent boil, it's kind of as good. I don't know it might be delicious, like it sounds like diarrhea, but also that'd, be like delicious. So when didn't going up the church was backbone of the whole thing that was my lifeline. To be quite honest, I wasn't that was the place in which I could probably feel my most authentic self, because I can look man, I mean I've seen you a lot of things, don't thinks amp and you're always good, but this the thing seems to be the deep workmen. I mean. I know it is what it is, but it's very great but alley you and now you're, just acting the fuck out in the fall. Thank you. I appreciate that, but I mean he must have felt that, and I mean it seems like it was:
emotionally kind, of course the bone. Somehow yeah, I wouldn't say like you will agree. I agree that it would be closed, to something that maybe I haven't shown before here, but was never because I didn't want to show it your eyes almost cause like. I just never got the opportunity to live from that yeah. Well, that's what I mean. I'm images like this is your your full in that yeah, there's there's like real things. I can pull from right here would this come about. We part of the creation of it. I was yes, I was so sunny and lisa during the creator. He hit. We've been friends for a minute and yeah hit me up and I just chatted and he was just like hey. I have this idea for road racing. I was like I want to talk about that here and we talked about it for like hours that first time he called me and have you talked to Ali? He entered
just you air and we were like cooking it up for a year plus and we threw around names like maybe we can ask stanley tucci to be in it and it could just be like me against Stanley Tucci and I was like that'd be sick. I love stanley, Tucci and I think he spoke with alien and brought in algiers like oh shit like that, be crazy and like it here and in it turned out to be cut crazy, yeah, yeah yeah. She so good a mediocre and but I have not seen her act as well either as issue you've got a deeper resume than her, but I've seen her in a few things and she can act. But this thing like It seemed that it is so but you re characterize, speaks directly to. The emigrant experience and to a cultural experience that specifically asian vat, you know it just adds a whole other depth to it. Yeah
what will were touching too like I know it's interesting cause like I don't know how much I like We throw around this idea like specificity, is universality area, and I- and I think that's true like I think like can, three wise like that is correct. I've always had this like difficulty with its with like who's asking I who's asking for that year. And it changes the intent and and the execution based on whose asking for that, that sounds usually like, like The majority asking for like give me more specific, so I can relate to you, which I think is honest and courage. Expression you to say that, but Sometimes how that's processed and put out is let me go more detailed into culture when really what we're doing is just doing a lot of the cultural work of like the production. Design the authenticity
a reality like we're, just cooking that into the back into the into the boat. One of the thing and then just being humans on top of it. A relational aspect is that, like we ve passed, specificity just gone to the zone, the human rights area- and I think, like that phrases like Again like I'm not trying to shit. On that phrase, it's just like whenever I've heard it unlike specificity year. It feels like tell me more and it's like, oh like it are. We its asking us to tell when we actually shouldn't tell at all no, I m saying: oh yeah, you know what you are saying is that if you set the the reality of the thing correctly, you wanna do you gonna do aviators, gonna live in it. The risk becoming.
stereotyping yourself for for the gaze of the exactly right, but if it's a mandate coming down to be like be more specific, you're, gonna kind of like be like okay, so like git deeper into my kimchi stew, and it's like no. No, no, no like forget about it, like Is there leave it on the table in the back of the scene here and forget about yeah yeah right? Well, I think that's happening more one hundred percent one hundred percent. I can't remember whatever what other thing I was watching. You know I it, what am experiencing, but I'm obviously a white guy is that there is an integration culturally happening and then that there is a sort of young people. in the past, yeah kosher wines and and ethnic lines, and just a general sense of except totally the gaze itself as expand yea reality ex rivals, expanding, which is like so exciting yeah. It's great I'd. I just hope it's expanding in reality, and not just you know, fiction yeah,
you know what gets difficult that that I wonder about is like as reality expand and like these and and we get to moving past cultural, touchstone gear and items for authenticity. What happens to like the capitalism around those things like what happens to the people that sell those things and valiant one it like? You can't like if it You know, if kind of you built something on selling culture media, as get past it and move deeper into a human understanding, a relatable lie between each other as your that reality expands yeah everyone's going to be able to sell that good, yeah and it's going to be a thing that we're going to have to deal with, or I dunno how you're saying that the the gatekeeping is going to hit becomes more competitive, eater and like and like and like you know We will be able to all kind of like touch each other.
Culture in your way, lay very nice yeah related where we had risen honour each other's cultural rights. Not you don't owe me. Maybe we can just do a through food. You know Larry. I think I'm going to try this. Will they? Wouldn't you know people people sometimes don't love other people cooking there food. You know an end and selling off, and I understand that concept by a I I mean maybe we're headed in a place where, like it'll just be like everybody's establish other thing, maybe we'll get I we're getting there, maybe were entering into like the best fusion era of all time, like people I was I dont want everything started the progressive idea. I will see if it have you but but in terms of the christianity aspect I mean So you say when you're a kid it's sort of insulated. You mean. When do you start to kind of you realize, there's a bigger world out there I mean. Were you playing in the christian band? Oh yeah I was leading in iraq,
and it was it was an iraq banned. It was. It was a weekly praise banned there that you know was just our way to like be musical in it. You know led worship to give very seriously when I was younger and unite? still did it into my twenties. I wasn't not, there's no shame in it. For me, you bringing your kids up in it. Where are we but a church, but you know for me, like I still lean into a very spiritual reality. I I don't know if I myself in, like dogmatic. religion is. Your answer is more just like. I kind of saw what it was say here and I'm kind of living in that space, ogier, without the community, but I do. But you know what nothing beats and we're all look? for near immunity where you know what like unfit gently sometimes community creates, like perhaps toxic spaces, but man, it's nice to be around people
I think so. Yeah I mean especially in this is very isolating timer, yeah, yeah totally but so white. kind of gets you out into the world. And what was the plan the year that have to assume it wasn't acting What I mean when I graduated college here, when you would you go to college, I would kalamazoo college in michigan, and I measured in psychology, I and I did acting while I was there. I was in the improv group. Oh yeah apple plays yeah. I really did graduate to be an actor because your parents know that yeah yeah, yeah yeah. They gave me a couple years. There were. you can have like to three years. Democracy are what was the other path? Doktor, of course, are here. Even in law, and it wasn't even that, like those were the the path was the only path that anyone could potentially see. I think that's the thing. That's
you're out of what they were experiencing. My ear that on that you know you're you're the next generation year. They don't even know other ways to make money beyond, like doktor lawyer, dentist businessmen, who your parents generation will businessman's in their younger. There have what other ways are their general. I mean no one believes that anyone can make money acting examine exactly now delay weighing music again haven't I mean you know they're getting in, but somehow you we delude ourselves a hundred percent higher, but you know what I know: no one of their generation or anyone with any sense at all. You want to make a good living music totally, but I think lake at least if you like, like the white kid whose like growing up with like you, know, somewhat like moral Parents like they definitely know that they are not the path but there's like issue there. You can be like that's our path
Whereas our meals, like that's, not even a path, It's just shoot like it's just a dense forest. You knew that yeah I know, but but coming out of college John show had just kind of really broken through in a way I would like all he's on a sit calm. He just done his american pie. Stop here and now oh shit, like there It's somebody's doing. Yeah, you know you're making money yeah like like being in there and I was like I can relate to that, and so that that was, you know shout out to John Cho, like really held it down. a lot of other you no great people, but for me was like seeing John Charles, like oh shit, I could do that like maybe I can do now when you are grown up where you like. How were you listening, to korean music? What will your parents doing it? How did we were not listened to anything? It was a silent, ass house, illogical style.
I don't even have like. I was listening to in high school like again like a bare naked, ladys album or like a beastie boys. I am and just like, listen to run repeat my eye were intervene. Layer justly sometimes sitting in the back of my parents, stores like lying on the ground, just like merging out on a cassette walkman can walk man or a cd but I was really you know when I did yellow Korean announced hong spoke korean at home yeah, just like we live in the car. There's no music play just dead silence Why was it was there? Anyone can? I have your parents, were they where they funnier animated or yet there are areas of my dad's really funny. Oh yeah, they weren't they weren't colds right, like unavailable, maybe emotionally on areas of that whole generation. But like that's a product of war, I feel
yeah yeah. You know like how so what like, which were we talking about, while korean war, yeah yeah for the fifties, yeah yeah, yeah and yeah, it's gnarly for them, yeah, so you know they just didn't. Have they grew up in that yeah? They grew up in that they grew up with with even more emotionally unavailable parents, but it seems like for four from this noise I've heard of people who have grandparents that you know it could be a lot worse in He doesn't sound like they were strict, in a willing to but you are all my parents were great. He comparatively. Like I had my friends who were like locked in tear their path. They were like you're gonna do this sit at work out for many of them, neither miserable yeah. I feel it as truly like. I know. I know this one story that was more in my in it. Their church korean church. In my area, where this guy
dad was so hell bent on him becoming dented here that he went and got his dental Three came a dentist there and then slapped the degree on his dad's desk and then left the family. yeah. That was the amethi that was a myth, but I'm pretty sure, it's true. Why wouldn't have yeah yeah? He was just like there you go. I gave the thing you wanted by and he just bounced out damn that's kind of sources but like also incredible he added How does how do we make our own way in light of that kind of pressure, because, like in the show in beef yeah, I mean those are those kind of parents totally the this yup passiveaggressive, diminishing with high expectations that you probably could never meeting in vienna that that that shows the ida.
quite an ending, and I don't know it's pretty relentless ethics that I'd take. There's a couple though it is I liked all being. I really thought it was cast. Well put together well and you know the like. All the characters are great, then let awesome and indeed I dislike when everyone sort of shifting and changing the urine characters are growing one way or the other day and the sort of menace of the the hilarious causing character. What's his name, eyes it where they celebrated so great an chose so great in its kind the crazy care everyone's it's kind of a crazy character. Yet as you, the others niceness to it, that it to him tone and then, but there is definitely a line it we yeah. We had a lot of fun. How much of that was written up front. All ok yeah,
also now. What do we gotta worry about it? So he had the whole series when you guys started shooting yet ten were written. He was he, still eating the last couple, but he had the whole road map. in of a road map for the second season, we don't even know forget, do second season at school. I see a new end like that. So that's the fucked up thing about netflix is that you gotta kind of end in a way that maybe we'll do another one or this could be it. I dunno We may we we really did want to close the loop and season one in a real That was us consciously. There wasn't like a networks, because it's weird because, like I felt that is a closed loop, but in my brain for some reason I just assume I now wait a year offer whatever you like. That means you, like the character, yeah, that's don't you know so do we got waiting for before? Whatever happened with these fucking weird? I love it, but there is something I guess sweet about: the ending yeah yeah yeah that
you know, that's the thing. We talked about lake, I mean, I don't know, spoilers bernanke You know we had better. Let me a letter. I gotta find something. Oh shit, you're gonna shoot me, but if you do it for another, we just just you know spiderman meme, that's the thing. We talked about spider man we know that each other in a further mean just you know, We are all looking for someone to blame Oh, I yeah. Looking for someone to blame yeah. I am that's true and end the depth of the Resentment is what defines your life? Yes, yes, that type of envy now that type of envy that, like disguises itself as like I'm being wronged here, when really maybe it's like, I actually wish. I was doing that for that you have but, but also where does it come from main and when you have parents see that you can never live up to their expectations or make them happy or
out of you think there's that I also think it's just like capital is me I know, It is not even you need our executive inside. It gives us all the less they never never fucking us. All of us are living constant comparison like this, and I look ridiculous you any space habitats and exploited thing. I'm get it it's one of the seven deadly sins. I understand that your envious, something we at yale gangway, have to reckon with yes by, but it is a choice. After a certain point, told me yeah you, you have to judge yourself against others, but then at some point you gotta go, but I'm doing all right give me: what is it that I need will always I voice. You know you hear this elaborate, like it's late, bosses yourself, yeah. I remember I dunno if I've ever heard that you'd never heard that the last boss is yourself yeah. I like that word that come from I dunno. I heard it somewhere. Is that another thing that stood out to me in the show where you, where you say where you talk about western therapy, eastern western therapy doesn't work on eastern minds. That might be true. I dunno, if that's true, but that might be true, but I don't have a
funny is like a kind of heav n eastern mine, but I pretty sure I have like a very western mind. The area so therapy works on me- yeah, thereby help of offal from here. yeah? What I I I like the sentiment of that the idea of that. But it's a stubbornness. It's totally it's a weird pride. You know you get anybody who has issues is going to make excuses and it goes back to that blaming thing. One hundred percent yeah- it's not me, yeah, but don't but but ball the characters grow and change. I mean that that is the thing get no that seem were you know your brother jumps the wall ass, crazy yeah, because yeah man and Santana such a dick s. He so he's like a dick in real life and and dick, and as I say that with love loves, it he's
he's very great at playing dick man. He is. He is really such a sweet guy, the very nice guy, but so you, you finish, college yeah and you're going to be an actor where you're psychology degree what was the other demeanor and something really just like I minor in in. I tried to minor in neuro in neuroscience, and I got pretty far. I guess they need more credits and we are able to give. You know that it was. It was for me just like China look smart. What it, what is cover cover wearing? What do you like? What's in neuroscience problem just like it was all of it, liking, logic and reasoning. It would get down to like literal, like brain functions and area like all that all that stuff- I just you know I I learned that colleges for learning, how to learn. Yeah yeah and taking an answer just sort of like getting your baron
yeah and like being around your new friends, so when you are acting in college. What were you doing? I do? improv with their group called multiple monk, appalled, Malta, kalamazoo, kalamazoo courage, and that was a asian improv group, no regular yeah. There was there. I was like one of like six asia. Regulars kind, the wrong way to say just a in its fuck, that's fucked up and spoken I pay yeah yeah, I just a normal, a normal punch like real people. but like yeah, it was the schools improv gruyere we, our school, was like fifteen hundred max so the whole kind, one new areas, more yeah as very small, and what will you just do? An improved games online sketches and we're doing improv doing shows, unlike by weekly basis, and then I was doing some plays terrorism class. He took from acting class and was it was in aiding within it was like. That was the thing I think. think the whole idea of going
unlike experiencing another self, which is college with its. It's every couple of years, yet every four years you're like oh yeah, like I can change the sound? Might not even do it on purpose. Yeah you just like this one's, not working out one hundred I'm going to wear this shirt for three months, yeah totally! That's that I think was like the thing I became. maybe not aware of what I was like. Oh, this is interesting like you just keep, keep changing right and that was fastened. And then they acting thing. You could change on purpose and also sort of like yeah. I imagine that when, if he really submerged into it. You can kind of give yourself from yourself. Oh yeah, or the self that you told your right exactly the self that you tell yourself he I yourself so through Did you find a stronger sense yourself general yeah. I think I think, through acting in continually,
in I have learned that the way in which my brain tries to define me here is sometimes, if not most of the time not actually who I am yeah ike, I can't deal with that shit. All time. Give me your talk. I'm not good at Nobody, some people don t, want to shoot at all and we're going around going other know me, I get their fuckin lawyers will Don't deal with it in the same way, it's not conscious. They may be unhappy where they may know that they're not. I see what you're saying doing what they want to do, yeah, but they you know, they'll make you know, they'll, justify it or or just sort of suck it up yeah, but when you're a creative person you can just like fucking, you think about it all day, long, the worst worse than my being really me, you're, like none of them, really need it like watching yourself. Watch yourself in the mood I think there's just
I think, but I've I've grown to believe that there are layers to everybody and really becomes a matter of in boundaries, countries hudibras and an end, and you know if you decide- have to make decision making on what kind of person you are how this you are, whether or not not going gonna, let other people in and then you know, then you really have to kind of your kind of that, people pretty well after certain experiences like no more crazy people, I don't want any more crazy people in me so you know it becomes you yourself, Pretty expensive is what I'm saying. Absolutely, if not like limitless b. I don't know where. Perhaps while I mean you definitely export all these ideas in the last episode we went there, definitely literary those crazy, crazy. So well you go after college, Chicago right,
cargo. I cut my teeth at second city. Do I owe you so sleep you pretty funny, I'm I'm all right! Does that mean general? You pretty serious! I seen. I know you have comic timing about like are the roles that I've seen their pretty year in night. I will say: comedic role now they will not. I was never the guy in improv group. That was like the witty one or like the really funny one. Yes like hit bangers like every two seconds, you working with, though anybody we know in your crew. At second sitting, all man you're. The first class I ever took was with lamborn morris, and he was great- he was already off to the races here. I move in l a I was like see later. I just got here but, like you know, I played a lot with a I got to do. Touring company did yeah. She did the whole thing. I did the whole thing yeah and, like you know around that time was like for io four. concerted, say, okay rather table. vanessa bayer, oh yeah, TIM baltz, yeah, TIM Robinson,
richard soon set, wait for him, robinson god dammit that guy's a fuckin funny. He is man, he won't come on. The shelf can't get him on. I've talked to everybody knows yeah, Can I talk to him. That's that's the real. That's the real deal right there that governments in love that guy when he did and he was on a road to even during her he was, I think he might have jumped pretty quickly. Two main stage here I also the turing things something you did before mainstays yeah I went on a boat, I was on a boat. I talked to someone else who went on a boat. I've talked to many people have done different versions of this thing yeah. I think it can be a really good life if you're into it. I think for me, I it just was not for me, you are, second city, clear on crews. For two months two months, the same people say people on the boat different, but different, both different people every week, but seem crew. The area- oh my god, it was just get was grading from me at a point where I was like. I want to try
switch up. The jokes me like. I can't because it's a whole new batch of people that warlike This kind of running out of stuff cause organizing, really improvising institution. It turned into that a little like the suggestions became literally, cause, you're hitting the same course, yeah. You do like the eastern seeber seaboard like sure, like they're gonna, go the run of like older people here and used. Get the same like india, the same jobs here did he went out of why not just get through it yeah? Why? Don't you do it like you're on vacation, essentially up europe? Crucially, I wanna know it's gonna judge you for he had no not through in the real sleigh crash. No one has to know that no one knows repeating the violence will keep the secret. We repeated ourselves over and over again. Truly so you get.
The boat. When do you start like realizing it gonna go serious. How does that happen? Did you take any acting class? Is during this time? No, I didn't I I did you break, did you branch away from or get away from second city into other stage work? I wonder I understood you step and wolf for run. really yay for the show for this play kafka on the shore, which is the murakami play that went up and have stephen? Will in business yeah. It was really cold. He, like being watching friend gaining echo, was incredible near now. Another era yeah he's one of the company members into some awesome. I know Tracy, let's go so Michael, shannon those guys all those guys. I don't know them personally. I have the honour to them, but those are that innovation than theirs the older generation is stepping with people yeah. It's gather. Incredible lorry met yeah owing lorry madcap here so dead.
so you understand, I want you to get on freedom, never got on found out. I hate under setting, but all shot out to anyone that does like that. Is god bless you just gonna waiting for someone to drop. Yet and also just like the fear of it, the anxiety of it and then also like the quiet envy of it, like a brain work on a daily basis being on top of this with rehearsals, and I might never be seen like I guess the deuce paying thing huh yeah, it's tough. It's tough, it's really tough, but, I'm sure, there's some merits like some really good things to come out of it sure I mean Perhaps your brain totally yeah yeah, you know you can set yourself up yet I in taking that gig, it's it's You know you, sir, to have tat. You wanted
god stage where he kind of you dunno what the circumstances are going to be you also don't yeah exactly you don't want to go on like this star has an accident yeah now that guy who's, this guy yeah, he has one hundred percent like it's like stacked against you, like, oh man, but all these for good. I am, but I think for me, my domain. Stuff came when I came over to allay and the choice You I I for this pilot abc sitcom that was gonna go here and I got to like the last audition is between me in this. Their guy and I didn't get it and I was like super bombed No, I got walking dead like two months later saw to it. It's not I chose dramatic rules actually for sitcoms, but the dramatic rule for me- and I was like This is actually like, freer for me because I think comedy especially around that time. The like very rigid for someone. Like me,
I could play whoever I wanted on stage. I could do a steve corral bit or like occur or you know, the guy in a cold, their role, the alike at second city, like a monday home, show here, but if you're coming out and tv like for asian it was like, you want to be lucky assistant were like a self aware. Plucky assistance. and also very it its women in general and there's not that much good comedy yeah yeah I represent. You know you here the roles are broad a lot of times and your hard to make your own and in no other times too shows their terrible word or repetitive. At best year there there, just echoing a reality that we can see told from a point of view that is standardized and so meals like at least the luckiest thing, I feel in the end. Is that like that, I got to be a part of walking dead. is that was huge and you were you got huge and that was not it was.
The person role. It was not an ethnic role yeah, especially because that was rule that was about a world after society had broken down right, whereas Perhaps if I, if society was still alive here, I don't know We have been able to stretch my self at far that that show allowed me to I presume you would add cultural expectation but now you're just like I can be whatever the fuck, because I'm not a zombie. That's the only contact exactly I'm, not a zombie unfettered, for it. That's the basis that the core of the character is a zombie that was college all over again yeah, but that's freeing to not be. Are you kidding me the luckiest gig of all, because it's arguable that you know in terms of the standardized roles and stereos I being, and you have perspective it that
there's a lot zombies around ada at perhaps here that a deal with other people but how? But how did that shift your life amene? Could you handle it? I bugged, out for a little bit. I had a lot of like acid reflux, it's like what does that mean when you, just because the good is pretty overwhelming? It's your second gig yeah and, and then you become sort of this star of the and you're on it forever? Well, yeah I was I guess you could argue that I was. I was during the course of it. I was kind of like not in the back, but in the middle yeah, and there were people kind of in the front that were like actively like the stars of our show sure- and I was in I that group here I wouldn't say, wasn't, but I think largely
there wasn't a space for me to be caught in the industry. There wasn't like. Oh, we know what to do with someone like you, bad good in the end to mere, maybe maybe it felt frustrating at the time by monk. I've been only service by that reality, an idea. I guess I assume not, unlike your experience with with asians, that gave you a hope for. moving forward in the business that you must have gotten a kind of feedback. I didn't get to really talk too much people know what I mean a in general. Now there must be people who, saw your success. Yeah yeah, I am was like. Ok, I hope so. I know I can do that yeah. I don't I mean like. I don't know why specifically heard that consistently area or actively but more like a but like, I hope I dare for people like that sounds
If I did, how did it? How did that and did you want out- or it was just time timer it was yea- was and is written worth. You didn't know they told you away at the beginning of the seas, and I know the comic book came I wish you had. One hundred came out and Glen died. I know you gotta honor, the golfer yeah. No, you gotta call that guy. What's his name, Robert Robert kirkman, yeah yeah? What's up man, I actually wrote this really like you know, What a funny, but like, very angry email, let her hair section on his next issue here, which he, which he always doing the idea, but whose followed you sick, he's a good guy he's about to of the show has done artwork for me, yeah yeah yeah, think I have ever met him in person, but he was a fan of the show and yeah. He yeah he's a good human he's, a human yeah, it seems like it. I think I did meet a man may be one of the talking like. Where did
doesn't matter to me. I I couldn't watch the whole thing. Yay is a lot is a lie. It's not really my bag, but at the time it came out dating woman whose whose full zombie freak where she would watch it yea, I I kind of was able to watch it. Is it seem pretty good when burn follows on there and when those great idle our whole cast was incredible like that first season cast into late season cas everybody. Their current came onto the show like really great people so one didn't move eurostar will start coming Ah I just you know. If I have anything, I have just like the greatest luck I'm prepared, but, like I have such great look, I got to work with Your bomb bungalow area and He just kind of had this role for me here and he fought for me to be there the end. Our
thankful for that, and then I got toward nosey the auction moving picture and to work with boots right and he has other movie is well, do those good role that was a wild movie. It was. I was very lucky in that. Like iron what I did or how it happened, but there were directed that were like looking to work with me, and I was very thankful for that. Yeah, that's a weird ass movie. We sorry to bother. You want all of them to bother. You sorry to bother you is here is, is is out there, but it's also like it's gotta yea and then when you get to the horse, people like what the fuck is happening. a meeting to detect a pattern for you because, like I'm in, but what the fuck is, that I don't mind sometimes, but I need my brain seeks one nation, and sometimes you just gotta- take it for what it is man. It is it's a horse see. I order you in two and then
like I mean you a lot of stuff, what were the two over the korean movies? You did. I didn't really did one fully career movie, which was called burning with director the jungle and how is that experience? Incredible, maybe like one of them Film experiences, my life, and how is it like different the like you I mean it was. It was a kind exciting to did you speak korean or yeah? I the whole time. be wild. Yeah! There's awesome go it was re downloading, it was a be a dusting off of a whole side of myself that I haven't been able to access or was never asked to access here, wow. So that must help with the integration of self? Yes, a million per cent. I came back very different after that experience. Yeah yeah I came back a little. Do,
bird than I had remembered myself being. I think I came back a little more bit more aware of myself, and I you know, and in in in korean the the word for confidence is I shouldn't gum- and I remember ask my friend knows what is what is confidence been carrying his chechen government, as I can what is the word, the etymology, our right and apparently they don't really do that korea like if you want to get to the etymology used to go to the eager to like the chinese character via that its rooted in here, but when you look at Imagine gm charging means self or your cum incense, and I was like there. You go like shit yeah there you go now is kind of like feeling that you know it's like. Oh I'm becoming. Integrated with myself. Like I'm beginning to understand, then you get the many shoot monarchy which compete
we requires out of the hundred percent. I could never have shot that film. I could never have approach that role if I can- done herndon bernier wild, while how shit Oh, you know, even more wild were burning is based off of ricky more commie short story called barn burning, which is kind of based on which is kind of based off of a william Faulkner short story called barn burning and the William Faulkner short story, barn bernie is about a father who drags his family through his pride here like, but he's a farmhand that, like sets fire to his owner's farm bar barn, because he felt jilted here and like his son rats him out to the police, because he just like I'm so tired of you and your pride. He asked ragging our families.
Do all these terrible things and that's kind of what for me and my role in binary was about of just like a father just trying to make it but like being like unable to face himself year, and I was like what the fuck is happening the talk looping together year, that seems to honestly from That's like a kind of how do you propose anything miladi monotony. and why yeah I mean so so there their sort of a young, a kind of sound if it is. The gold trajectory I don't I mean yeah I'll. You know in a bother my wife about it. Beer isn't this weird but like, and I said it now but yeah. I try not to question it too much. I feel like it's gonna go away
what I mean. You know get a role go and in the end you got nominated for an accident at the weird oscars. Yeah knows that those answers crazy, while in living memory in interpreting the and talking to my producer about it that did have a vibe of sorts, industry and trick your award ceremony in as opposed to a spectacle yeah, it was sort of like well. This is it you know this is for us. It was so chill yeah yeah it was so relaxed and like it was a little weird on camera. The way people were sitting so far away from each other. But aside from that, I kind of liked the vibe it looked like like. I was like twelve people there yeah we're just like hey we're just hanging out right. Like that's cool, I feel like we know just chill, no spectacle no spectacle at disappointing now. I feel so thankful for her personally
and how does it feel to be the first to asia and ever be nominated outside of of I? After soon when that happens, where any person from any group, there's there's a fairly deep anger in the realisation of it on somewhere that I think that's the conflicting aspect, yeah right. It's just like its asking all angles to be celebrated euro. Let your kind of like wisest even happening I, and so do I you know, like I dunno if I piss people off but like I really tried not to put too much attention on that like not as even like a self like preserving like action deal but more just like this is not the goal. Yaller if this is just like a by product of what is-
rockband yeah, it's just expanding here- we're not I'm not trying to nobody. None of us should die on this hill. Yeah like this is not a hill to die. Alright, this is just a hole that got dug fell in and they might not be able to get out. I refuse to jump into that hole. Yeah huh but it was, but even since then I really like it- I don't know, maybe I no longer know if I'm completely? We are looped in two sure, but you know, but as I talk to people and as I see things like, we said before, it does feel like There is something the flattening the play field happening. I got that what we're talking about is happening there, people just people, I also now saw me like you know what we can. We can refer very quickly. Why mean that there is a whole side of the country that refuses to see that nine I've talked about it on stage a little bit in terms of like we're doing a good job at being
inclusive in fictional modes. Gay I so, however, plays out. I think it depends on execution right like nobody likes to be talk down to near you, don't even think that some of the issues, sometimes of like how the point gets miss Oh you mean in terms of how the other day the angry people react. Yeah, aren't they gonna think the like they're, always being condescended to just by the the existence others, that's perhaps but I think like there's this thing of like there's a virus yeah, you know I mean like you can detect via be more people are aware of feeling like here. There's this great ursula k le le guin quote that you know Sonny, and I talked about a lot when we were talking about beef just like to oppose something, is to maintain it, and I think about that a lot. You know, I don't know how true or how impossible situation can be arrived at to make that a very difficult phrase, till their approach spare like I can.
Percent like you and that's kind of beef is touching too is like you push unlike you made alive by that push and the other person is made alive by that push, and then they push back and then mere and some you're, just like both making this thing together that maybe you're not intended, two more or you are hey us that affects the lives of everyone, yeah yeah yeah. I guess you could go either what gay area what about the humans and I didn't see, but I saw the show that the play outlining how do you go back as carom. This even care the guy who wrote it directs the movie to write yeah such nature. Did you did you do the play? I did not play. I play the play was actually the role was for
an arab actor yeah, but then, like what's cool about this, that play that he wrote. Is that, like a kind of keeps growing like you can kind of like reflect they're, really like sure their moments in reality off of it there, and I think Steven decided to cast me in this particular role, which I was like that's interesting. I gotta watch it yeah, please I'm curious about it and now beef is it we work on a movie star. I now am. I you gotta go west of common out and I'm blessed. me, I'm a morgan. I am I'm trying to take as much of a break as I can. I got two little kiddos, oh good, so the Why you know in terms,
beef, which we didn't. We talked about in an engaging and vague way the direct way yeah yeah I mean I I couldn't stop watching it so, like you know, I idea I didn't have to watch all of them appreciate it, but I did because well find that you know there is an element of You know what we we're talking about before in that when you create a reality that characters who are truly different, our comfortable in you. I you know, I get to be included in that in a way that doesn't feel You know like like talk talking about before, like the There was none of that over borders, in broad about it, but it was not my life yeah. and so I was completely compelled by that aspect and then the characters just kind of take it away after that like its weight in here, I did feel like you
part of something unique yet to me oh yeah? I think I think I think we all felt I think we'll all where there were like man. I can't believe like we're getting to make this it's the same with like in a way like I was honoured to be part of an episode of reservation doggie last season, yeah we're just sort of like a oh yeah and shows great because, like it's a whole culture that you know, no one knows anything about to get in and then jerry and they're, not like gatekeeper they're, just you're all all allowed in gotta watch any of its kind of messy. You know we ve got it, there's a whole different sense of humour, there's a whole different spirituality, there's a whole different way: life we're just the present as is, and you know enjoy. If you want it So a lot of that's happening you now and I'm the kindest way to operate its great yeah. It was great set to be but anyways. I hope it does no good things, but you put,
are they open to doing another season? Are you guys really see? This is it I mean what whether they are running yeah yeah, we're all open, Debbie cool, but we'll see what he's thinking about it. And I would be. I would be lying if I said he had probably haven't thought about in right right. You know. None of us really talked about sure happening, ok, good talk anymore, Thank you. We appreciate it I all episodes of beef or streaming on networks. That was an interesting talk about a lot of stuff enjoyed. It hang out for many people. This episode is brought to you by the showtime original personality crisis. One night only by legendary filmmakers, martin, scorsese and david to dusky personnel crisis. One night only celebrates David johannsen life and all persona us from his days.
A pioneer of the movement leading punk band new york dolls to his room, pension as buster poindexter, the charisma johannsen creek they genera unto himself featuring a lot performance, personality crisis. Not only is a testament to a performer who choose I, the world to think about identity differ. changing music forever personnel? crisis one night only streaming april fourteenth- we on show time, and now show time with paramount plus folks, if you want Dip into the archives in here my talk with alley. Long, that's really, a conversation, its episode, seventy four, and it remains the only episode where lactation occurred during the interview, leaning it. breast feeding in an interview with mark marin that uses, but Do you have an electric thing or is it all is issued an electric thing and I have a hand pump for what I'm in the car and driving and just gotta release too
pump and drive tiny pullover. They actually make it for driving or you just use it that way. Well, I gotta go some places. Sometimes I can't relate to students some. Jimmy walk you through this collective sure, yeah. You don't have to try to talk about something else or just like deserve. So I have to say I have to wear this bra. I see that it has holes in it for these little funnel cups, yellow through bulgaria, and so. My mom dim breastfeed. It was, I imagine, in either yeah it was like. Then I have to see. Take this off here. take the regular bra, take the regular, but that's a nursing brok, as it's like Paul Paul may. I can just have either
I get it. I get it and then I have to where you watch your mouth switch match where these paths- and here I feed on leak so that I dont legal over public, then I have to put on this This is what women have to do at work when they go back to work up to sometimes like eight two years, really yeah, just every three hours And then a lot of women freak out about their more production going down. Soils. Are you can't see it up close, but when it starts are you. I could stand up yet When you see it's like when it comes out of my nipples. It's it's quite exciting. It's like the ballade giovanni in different streams. Lithuania jumping up and over each other, Ria sea. Can you near it before you come here? Oh well, sorry, diabetes,
listeners yeah. How deserve our indeed do. Come for ten to fifteen minutes. Ok, yeah has rights, exciting yeah, I mean what's to happen. It's happening. It's down. I think you just can't see it railway services, like does it pick of speed I presented it picks up speed. It's called a let down. That's when like, and I can feel it like it'll like tingle and then it'll like gush out no way yeah really yeah, but you can't oh yeah yeah. I see how it's like coming. Oh my god, isn't that crazy food factory- oh my god, yeah I've, never seen it before yeah. This is the first yeah. It's dedication, man again its episode, seven o foreign, it's available right now, whatever podcast app your using if you want to, access to all episodes,
We sign up for deputy, have plus just go to the link in the episode description or go to you too have pod dot, com and click. Deputy have plus alex bursting is on thursday. we'll talk that initially had to happen inside my house, because power outage, but we figured it out Are you rolling and tumbling? I do occasionally
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fonda get angels everywhere.
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