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Episode 1426 - Alex Borstein

2023-04-13 | 🔗
It's a series of firsts for Alex Borstein: The release of her first comedy special, her first podcast interview done during a power outage, and her first time meeting Marc, despite co-starring with him in The Bad Guys. Alex and Marc talk about Chicago, pizza, therapists, X-rated chocolates, Family Guy, Gilmore Girls, and the high-wire balancing act of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as it begins its fifth and final season.

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A guy. All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck next what's happening, how going. where are we at? Where are we add, as a country? Where are we at as apply where are we at as just a guy in a room on a mike. That's where I met Today, on the show alex boris dean is here. You know for mad tv, also as the voice of lois in family guy and for her emmy, winning, it's a susie on the marvelous, mrs Maes The final season of that premieres tomorrow also her first comedy special premiers. Next week it's called sporting course. It's an clowns suits and am
it's weird. You know I've I've known about alex for a long time. I've seen some of work, I'm not a family guy guy I I I don't know that I watched any mad tv. I worked. I watched the first season of marvellous, mrs maes on that, but I did watch her her special which is sort of its the combination of things. It's it's comedy. It's also theirs. what's the word cabaret element to it. It's an odd thing and she's too filthy, which I appreciate also. We to start this unity. For some reason, I think it was the winds this time the power was out when we started, so we were sitting in the dark batteries and then came on about ten minutes and we switched over. So there is a shift in. Audio quality because of that also you'll notice during the year, the conversation that neither of us remember to really mention or
for some reason. realized again until somewhere in the middle that we were both in the bad guys. so that was an exciting moment, I don't think I dont think Alex really knew that I was in the bad guys. You you'd. you decide, When you hear the moment you decide Also, I have a very specific plug because I want to help of mine, a friend to the shows its a very specific show danny le bow. A comedian has a new film that a half comedy special have documentary called rican. the door and it's about that. sir trippy took to spain to trace his far too routes and perform in the country and here's gets a with a specific gets its playing at the lamb. We counts enter in in sea, no california, on what stay April. Twenty sixth,
Go! Do lamb, we dot com for tickets, L, a p m m o ye dotcom varies civic wag, but he can these people there because he's trying to get it picked up sold to a streamer, so people can actually see it. So if you're anywhere in the encino area. Go see this thing that danny it's taken from them to put it together. But here it is and if again, if europe's in seeing o on aid twenty six through the lamb we town centre, to see we can keep the door also I like to give a shout out to in another current events. this, I don't know. What's going on with this, but light thing, I do gets interesting like eight. It's weird: how, when you to see people who watch, two things who don't give a fuck about it, but are just like you know when you get somebody like you know kid rock I mean who gives a fuck
about kid. Rock, just sort of bump hitching onto the hate machine for little anger juice to try to a bit of of quickly fleeting relevance. Why he gives a shit. You start to really realize it. There's a whole bunch of personalities that urges gripping on this You pity of the air, the hate market. I can even just talking about that. Even just thinking about that out loud just made me exhausted, seriously, it just maybe, if you like, you know, oh my god, I'm dead Appearing as I this In lighter news, I took a buster to the vet today.
here's a word about me and why I don't have a dog if you want to know like some people ask me like why don't you have dogs and like for my group, with dogs in second of all, my incomplete a measurement with the three cats. I have and cats are not as needy, whereas attentive or is affectionate or, as I don't know, right now, oh charlie beans, is pretty intelligent. He can fashion shit, he his name, play he'll guild chase a ball and come get it. I don't think he could handle a frisbee, but he can ball in the house, a small scrunch bar. But because of my amendment and my insane projections and and and a more fighting of my cats. The idea of even having a dog, is is crazy, It would, it would drive me crazy. I would not be able to have any life at all without nick. That's also I've children, because, like buster
whose almost seven who As some of you know when he Less than a year old ate some fuckin plan and went into renal failure. saved his wife but not sure what is kidney function is or if both of them are even working? I feel he might just have one going. But now, Yes, you know almost seven and here's. Why welcome to the vet he seemed to be. not eating as much as he usually does he threw up. After eight, which I think was probably because he ate too fast and he's acting very friendly and very needy and kind of the adorable, and I thought what the fuck is wrong with this cat is usually a will withstand fish, but them so nonetheless, but now he just sort of like what all the sundays, like, MR nice guy, Mr Klima, chess mister. Kind of robin himself up against me, and I thought must be dying That's my brain works. This cats act
differently he doesn't seem sick is actually carbon aye, sir cat take him to the vat. I took him to this new vat got old, buster checked out, got some bludward haven't heard back yet, but Try not to assume that, because you becoming a sweeter old cat. for some reason he's dying on the vague front. I think I might have eaten some egg and some bread products. I'm gonna, let it go and also may buy falafel for awful. Fuckin thing- and it came out spectacular also figured out how to make good on us I'll give you a hint requires a vital makes its about texture, mostly, You have you, I get it like the stuff. You get, the supermarket and texture early I sat. There are some mystery to it like what kind of, added grinder. Do these middle eastern people have that makes her.
It's so smooth, but tat but a hang in there gotta make an appointment for the blood work. That's where we're at You're all caught up Alex, Christine was a good time. As I said, tough, filthy funny. The final season of the marvelous, mrs Maes or from tomorrow April, fourteen thumb, prime video or comedy special, Alex bursting course. Its and clown suits barriers. Next year, they april to also on prime video and again should tell you that at the beginning of this conversation, battery operated cause there. Power outage in my neighborhood. Ok, heads up you're here tired of dealing with blown out toe stitching on your mark. Two wedge work boots its time you upgraded to a wedge for this generation. Keen till it introduces its latest the fort wayne
native motto, wedge, work boot with protection, flexibility and traction, you won't find anywhere else. It's got a first. Its kind design incorporating a keen protect rubber toe cap that covers the stitching, asked the tow hoping to extend boot life and who would want their boots to last longer key fusion construction permanently bonds. The outside MID saw an upper without the use of glues or solvents. That means boots are more durable and more flexible. Go check it out at keen utility dot com, Would you your sign language, w TAT, I know interesting, I mean somebody. I gave it to me on Canada. and I just kept it. I don't think I've. Everybody knows what that is. I'm special Do you sign language a little bit the you had to use it now it was
you know I took that is a language in university and have communicated with the death. May maybe inadvertently, but I mean I don't have any deaf. You know, members of my family or or people in my immediate, I'm friends with marlee matlin but marley's a lip read. You know she doesn't really She doesn't need to sign with people who don't know how to sign. Oh, she does not need to be. I took it into college and I took it with my friend Chris and we used to go on the weekends to the movies and not speak, and try to use our sign language communicate the up and see if we could get through a day and we we could maybe like a half hour, did you do I think you were deaf. Perhaps We started you don't giggling and realize we didn't know how to say something. What without How would you what else did you do I ate? yeah. I I I ain't a lot. There was a candy machine in the dorm and I called you
where'd you go in san francisco state. Really, I studied rhetoric that mean rhetoric of what does it mean rhetoric I always tell people, I have a ba and bs year, but it's not like what logic rhetoric. No, it's not like logic. It's the art of persuasion, it's it's! It's able to persuade the masses, language, railways. We are speaking a lot of people become lawyers and going to advertise whether any classes were the teachers that work. Hitler was a bad guy, but I think we could really learn something. Let's study his speeches will know. Actually you do look at you. We looked at speeches of a bad guy. Groundwater is good, guys, yeah in how they were looking at the check speech with Nixon, which is a famous. Why are yeah a lot of hits addresses early hitler early hitler s the good stuff before he went path, yeah? I know it was. It was a really good in retrospect you can get
it helped you at all, or did anything, will absolutely yeah. I mean comedy, is persuasion and yeah anything you write. I I worked in advertising, that's what I did first, oh my god really great yeah. So would you what but where'd you grow up Here he and growth I grew up. Both I am suburb of chicago and then southern california, whichever chicago dear field, pilot park. Oh yeah juice happy paso, or maybe you two banks, so I'm from both places a little bit, but I like Chicago, I love chicago, it's great. It's an easy town, yet easy. It's not
it's not as hard on you as new york, but it's a real city thing and people are not ashamed to eat or smoke. Everybody's really real there and the food's real. That pizzas are deep and the meat is fatty yeah. I will go to luminal noughties every time. I'm there you're a minority, see I don't give a fuck what people say I I like well nowadays. I also am not hardcore. I also like to you know, oh my god. I can't think of the name right now, yeah, I was going to say giorno, but that's the shit you get it home yeah. What is it I can't even think of it right now. Do you know pequod to know that's another one, but you're talking about the other big one. can't remember it either because I'm old,
I know it'll come to me it's almost as you're. Now it's close, it's close, yeah I'll, scream it and then, but I like I'll, defend, lose all day long. I don't like and I don't eat it any other time in chicago, just get it shipped when I'm working and really brooklyn I'll ship, the deep dish monitors to don't tell new yorkers. Why means different thing and then people that argue is not really peter, but you know what I got a few in the same way about the cities. I have a place in my heart for both place. I am at chicago and new york and l a and like pizzas. Can great anywhere. I love. I know I can even have like a roller rink pizza. That's three! Fifty Why is the only time pizza bad is when this the crust is? Is the soggy? I might agree with that fuckin time I mean if there's a sakharov situation or if you go to lift it up in a can altogether. I like it. It angers me in a way that its way we disturbing. The thing I dont like is too much red saw soya
Tomato sauce, yeah kill it for me, but you have a sense of this is always city. I've been trying to grappling with that. Lately, it's a series of villages, yeah, that's right, they're, tied together. I always say that, like. Ella has note that there's no, torso their limbs, no notorious others no centre heart but their limbs and limbs are fuck unimportant or a great, and you can find beautiful things on the tipps of the fingers, you know, I'm in pasadena and charming, and I love it yours theirs, bunch of museums there there's there is life, there is culture and and go to them. I do sometimes head. So I do some of that style. You gotta bring em, you can look at the are yet make em. Look at things. make a mamma the hunter in gardens is really beautiful. Great is agreed, he's in museums, they're beautiful libraries that one right outside of past eagerly the beginning, a pasadena, a going that direction there that private! action museum.
There without the modern started, Norton Simon, the idea here. That's a good one, bright yeah yet it's real small and its reality and life Now I do and as a california museum therein than theirs This does not come like I like it I like it, I like little pockets and silver like it. I like no places in venice, and I, like you, go all the way out there to vent. To me like going to the west side. It's like we gotta, you know, bring up a bad! It's a thing. You pack a lunch, you pack a lunch the thing to go out there, but it is it's nice to know it's there. you can get somewhere make a kid serfs. We can get to water. How, as a kid he's? Thirteen and she's ten, the three got kind of you know: they're they're, up there I mean they're, getting they're they're like little people. There are. They are little play good people they're good people. There are actually she's. The same size as me already and he's taller, but so do not. That but yeah, that's good of their
You know he's rough. He can be rough values super interesting. I think it's gonna be worth it. How are you with your ex jewish No, he was not. Born a jew. He kind of like did a light version of converting when we got married and and was into it, but I don't think he continues to the doing of white conversion. is there light conversion. Is the thing yeah yeah? It's it's jus light did, but you do get paperwork on that or do there's no there's no mikvah yeah. You don't get stewed that they don't do that to dudes. What did he get like bar mitzvah? No, I didn't Burma's fed confirmed or anything stamped now, not even by a reform library now and what was already circumcised person because of our mother tyler is born. Sure
so yeah there is. There is not much, it was pretty much. He took some classes and was like alright yeah. I get it I'm down with this and you are you raising them? Jewish kids am, here, what I worship the special and your dirty you am. I am fearful, I always lay out I've been saying lately that its kind like filthy ted talk, goaded yeah, it's it's a mixture of things, but I had not what I'd know really differ as they stand out. No, I mean, but we ve been in the same orbit for years. Somehow I mean I've known of you, one where the other at different your version of our lives. I mean your younger than me, but when the comedy central? I me your name was always around. Europe is doing things is yeah and in. Ideally, it became on those situations where I at some point when you showed up on MRS Maes or I sat like we're both into the category. At some point of I have we work. Well,
We happen to those people yeah they're, always I remember her from adding yeah and then we kind of landed on her feet. Somehow, with the you better, I still have a spite interesting against some things I I don't know I've I've been really lucky. I've been ria. You're lucky emanate very well young and winning prizes. Well, a cop from med tv to family guy here, which is still writing yet, and I was d worked on Gilmore rose and then I worked on the show called getting on for hbo and then made like. I can't. really learn, always working, so you ve always been in the mixers people like what's right now, marin with it was you talking about children working the whole time? Well, but it's but it hasn't been. The others showed that I didn't before me so I'm getting on rear three seasons on hbo here, one of my favorite things of all time here, some of the best work I loved it Laurie met calf and needs no european, but
it was what it was? A real specialized little niche thing. People were like yoga. Yet when this finishes game of thrones comes on, that's all they knew about it or otherwise, five minutes yeah. So you know it's just I've. I've been lucky to be to be again, but it hasn't been something that everyone, and diving into so you how long were you in and you're gonna about aged ten. We moved out, men, you always have family there. Yeah see always went back on those things. Your parents moved to California yet why Lastly, my other was like: I can't do another fuckin winter. she really just felt like I can't do it and my father Mr had made the move out to LOS angeles, yellow pages said: let's do it, let's go somewhere warmer and they loved it.
and they loved head were what business or they are my my dad's therapists as a true like really the angle signs. Are you like? I trust I call he hd. Ok, not psychiatry. Like gold, yours go old school, he marriage family, he also in in chicago, had a place called midwest family resources and- and he also It was like the guilder, yeah, yeah, yeah and Montalais yeah a lot of family therapy couples and allay he had LOS Angeles family. the choices approach, just not listening really good not listener, people, just I guess, talk and figure it out in his office for themselves as he detaches in front of him. I guess so we always marveled. Maybe I mean maybe that's why he couldn't listen at home because he'd, given it all at the off rained, but he he Didn't hear shit after after no kin that that the time
lack of funding as our thinking about this this morning for some reason about my life and about therapists, I've seen in my life and about this one in particular that just they all have white. They sort of have this. The good ones have this, gazed? They do that you know you're not sure whether its engaged or not, but you can projected onto it and assume that its being absorbed- oh yeah yeah. The key is walking rorschach ikea right, really, An easy and what about your mom, my mom ray last year the first. part of our lives, and then she had a couple careers. She. When we move to California, she opened a candy store. While she opened a chocolate candy store, which re fat kid was the best and worst thing that she added. her first one was in north, rich, california, and then her at one, was in sherman oaks or just candy stores, where they should be
the candied made some of them. Ok, I'm gonna tell you something that do you remember. Alan Thick had a show railed thick of a night. Ok, she was on thick of the night cause she made x, rated chocolates ochre. She made her a coffee shop, cox chocolate boobs, she make the the. tricky car chocolate vagina. there was I'm not joking. There was a. It was like a sucker chocolate yeah. It was a sucker that was a vagina and, as you might imagine, was not a huge seller know it's hard to to do the vagina, like that, it's hard, because she would she would hand, make these with a mold and she several times tried doing them. Like cox skin. Tone was not appetising I don't know how men do I mentioned, it in chocolate, and you could not see any definition of what I was, so it really just did not, but the cox
did very well off a vagina cookie. You know if your heart yeah with enough detail I've I've seen some vagina work. I can cook baker, you might need icing yeah. No, you do you can in unique colors and unique texture. I think, like the one the producers in the thick of the night, went in there got something for a bachelor at party or I don't know I've got away with it gradually out and so the invited her on. So that was a specialty of earth, chocolate cox, and that was, but it was also regular, chocolates and jellybean. Jelly valleys were big thing then, but did this? You have to have a separate section that kid's couldn't go on his x rated X. Rated there was a shelf that was covered the magic. Of course and then later in life, she went back to school and became a therapist as well well to therapists yeah and you say, you're a fat, yes, surprise. No, I'm still facts
I grew up with some of the fat things. My mother was an ex fat person, the worst that's her and she was anorexic, so it was like oh eh, nah, no joy at all. Just you know trying to control her kids fat. Sorry page out and then I'd get this. The others like horrible detachment and the trips to the husky section, sears husky I was a husky, I don't think ever made it to fat, but I was ask I look back on pictures now and I'm like, wasn't even fat. I was no. I was like normal, but there was kind of this weird. I don't know this sure that who decide who, with your parents, put the pressure the therapists where ya think dad had a vision of, and I adore my does not like slam I have because he's the bee's knees are a great name, generation Keith and he was like raisin orthodox jew. I think he's thought I'd be just kind of this: princess, leia, little dresses, the and tighten I came out really different, nothing. He never quite adjust.
never quite adjusted and couldn't rapid head around and his wife and my mom's been studying her whole. When she waited a hundred and eighteen pounds for ever and in lift a finger, never exercise yeah, so I think he was just little bit like what? What is this? Yes, you know yeah, who did? Are they both You know my mother was born in Budapest, she's hungarian and make us I saw them at the shuttle enter europe gave me, he read took it, took them. You're pushed the envelope there the share with the folks in the room. They are a part of it. It was honestly like this Show this comedy specially. I really just. I wanted this down you meant it in some way? You know it's like if it finds an audience. That's a wonderful bonus. What's the weird thing, because it's like at some point it kind of because a cabaret away right,
so you know you do the songs. You have the youth ukulele players. The spanish case is it's not you it's it's all funny all the way through, but touching too and an overall more elaborate than a comedy special yeah. That was that's. There has been a little bit of it: in terms of marketing. It are getting it out there that I want to make it clear. Yet, not you know said punchline set up punchline joke jug joke, but the good thing is is it is filthy and that and its good bye I don't think there's enough filth. The guy in the world, while we are used to do like I used to do, filth, do more filth, and I I do now, but I just like someone I liked the filthy talk from the ladys bell, barth, something like old school. Like thirty, I like the jack, position of of
me kind of having a late blossoming, coming kind of late to o of the topics and micro and discovering myself a little bit more sexually that old lady who, and I the juxtaposition of it with this afternoon. then that I enjoy about screw it's going a little filthy, but but also, it's just about women's, It is of a certain age. Comedic lee Here there are not many of them are going. Ok, who admin on here a few weeks ago, and I watched the commonest or sometimes and thou input jeez older than me over the new she's inner sixties. And she's very straightforward about. We know where she sat in her life and in how she looks in everything else, and it's fuckin whole areas, and it is, It shouldn't be a unique voice. What it is culturally yeah we're still the broads are still were used as a spice or were like a surprise. on the plate, as opposed to an entre. She do jerked, even though it is a really got me about how, like you know that something
she pees a now in sight when she laughed and staff, and she said she- The ministers asked me to blow up a balloon. I didn't I had to change my pain You have children She's got one. Can ok that might make some sense. Nobody soon have birth. Didn't ya! It's not! I don't know what it is: she's, just the pelvic somewhere. I guess, left her. I don't know, but I m of the exact set up, but you cover all that to that's a very, very funny and that, you do about having to sis arians and so your ear ear, pussies only twenty years older than I am, I pussy aged twenty in that's. Yeah yeah. So let's go No, that was a real that that part of the shows real there's a lot of migrant we pussies age.
well in general, do you do you're a good man? You're good man does unites I've. I've dealt with many. Of different ages, and I just I find like humble brag yeah. This missing holds up pretty. They seem to hold that pretty. Well, electricity. Hey the power just came back on were mere. Do we shift That's can be the big question. I don't know you tell me. what would you like to do and we starting over? No, no, to start over. I could probably use both by. I think this smart thing to do would just be too. continue on. And with it. Ok, with keep talking china's. Oh. Ah, what was I going to say about vaginas? Oh, I think I do The vaginas are either usually attached
to a person. Yes and answer the vagina ages. The person is aged and I think that person just tends to know how to use it and what they want and they're. Not shy to smack your hand out of the way and just fix up themselves, and that's a beautiful thing, when you when you, when you have the confidence to to do that, but I do think that people behave oddly in these sexual space online is a lot of things coming on right now, citing the watch, you work now, we can do in turn lights on how our second you wanna. Do that? Ok, that's such a procedure. Ok, so the hold that thought I wait, talking about vaginas. In a frank one, holding an unholy irish, I'm looking at the stuff on your desk right now, there is working
I'm trying to figure out what fucking what to talk about as a comic right now cause. I just did a special and you know I'm tapped, so I'm trying to figure out what topics I want to cover your walls. To do pussies one. I will learn about it, but it's it's about tricky men. talking about pussies universes, you we re, I'm going to sit there and do like a nice cadmium. It's on what I think of vaginas that you have got a different perspective militarily here literally right I could not endure my perspective if they ve had enough of the male perspective pussies, I think in general. I guess I don't know this. Is it's been a frank observing as a real, like there's outside precision inside me ass his. I didn't even know that we really yeah no, that I it it. I think it was how many years ago, someone introduce really some chart from like the netherlands or something you some. Why does the are in terms of like
it'd? Be a situation yeah in terms of the actual we're going to make the big switch. Okay here goes three: let's, let's turn this off. Did it happen? Yeah we can go over to these mics. Now, I'm still devil, I'm still having a you don't have to wow you and now you put your hands on. Should I sure why not, but I can hear you I know it's like in it. It adds a whole different dimension. In our work and now he can and bring that in and now it's like yeah do. That has excelled a girl, I feel better or the world. It's good yeah, I'm alright, while that was that was amazing, so we ve transition into the bigger microbes worsening listening might notice a slight difference. It was I think it was the right thing to do. I think it's a beautiful reaction of aggression and goes good and our friendship and our work. back to vagina. So we did
this discovery of yours outlets. But let's verse, let's go back. Let's go For so weird you wear start show business you go to san francisco state. You are in rhetoric, you go, you are you. You said you're at an ad agency lot. While I was in san francisco state. I did some stand up in the dorms there, like a comedy competition. She did stand up, I stand up and actually it was. Competition that was on a college campus and Margaret show yup she's from San francisco, but was not at the college, think she'd like fudged and got into the competition and smoked us all. A really yes, she'd been like doing actual stewart years went and eighty nine yeah so either it was between eighty nine and ninety two and then I joined a sketch comedy group and cholera. We performed on the cap asian caused the trouble is really fun like, Golan every yeah was, it was actually a good first taste of light pushing the envelope and and then I came back.
to southern California started a masters programme and gotten into shipping and add agency a masters programme in rhetoric and more communication. Yeah, ok and the went to an and agency I gotta gotta, but he got internship and they re hired me as an employee and at the same time I start kicking classes at acme comedy fear threw back down here, no way back in the leg and enjoy, the acme judge. Can I read the Acme have gone right at me. I think is gone right. There They existed for quite some time on la brea cause that was switched back to their valley location and they may still be in the valley. I'm not sure was interesting because that's not one of the big ones. People talk about it like you got growlings and you got improbable limping io and all that she's argo city. But I remember act. I remember driving by the theater and yes and knowing people that yet kerala wasn't acme person and that's not a great
it doesn't mean it's not a re great reference. Just saying is that gonna end and a lot of the people that that came out of there are a lot of people went on to write and a lot of people wrote in different different ways shaped and informant. in terms of on screen, you know I came out of there and I'm not sure who else, but but yeah we're like around the corner from groundlings end. Here you can see where the big show we happening just landed now, because we didn't have groundlings that thing where the board of perform, voted on who moves up near, Acme had one dude who decided what company you'd be in. It There is no reason for him to not. You know nothing, political, nothing, political or you didn't have to be friends or the it wasn't. It wasn't seen as a channel through which to get to a portal to show business necessarily yeah. It was kind of I mean everyone hoped for the right it was. It was the one guy who decided who got into which company and he decided what material made it in the shows, and I can't liked it
if you paid you paid a monthly fee to be a member, just seems like the growling was like one of these. What's right, juilliard as we can hang yeah, you got a good shot at getting something yeah, it's the it's where snl yeah looks to get there. so how did you get cast out of there? It was very strange. I like. Threw myself into one of a comedy festivals, aspen yeah. How do you mean you throw yourself in their while there was one year that I formed. There is like the bubble the bubble room or the it was something called the bubble room and I either hosted or just performed and then ext year for a trio aspen combeferre fest, yes, the next year. I went just to tag along with someone else. They got in some way early nineties yet was like hoping justice to soak it up. Just be around every one and disparities branda there and then I met people who from Austin, texas, CR, a new sketch festival and
big stinkin international comedy faster. This early nineties, yeah yeah. They called it bs right To that end and eyes, wrote their number down. They wrote my downward captain touch submitted myself and for people to their festival area. We got in and that's where we performed and that's what Had tv casting people really are soon see you at at at at me. Now. Actually, at some other big deal ya like they were located, maybe a mile from Acme and her eye or ban, but they saw us he asked in texas and we know we went with the acme comedy theatre name. It yeah and all five of us got additions and I just got really lucky and then you that you're on that he be forever. I was on for five seasons. When I left, would you reward you read the husband guy maya, husband I met at acme, comedy fear. how long were you together with egg? We gather totally closed twenty years, while thought you watched this,
national than I did on I didn't over. You know the years we're I and some of its not sure yeah. We were together close to twenty years. The end badly. I mean the worst Worse I mean it, it know it we're lucky we're still. We we do everything we do a lot together, we're all going to go skiing tomorrow, together, really going to go to big, bear and we'll see I dunno scrabulous snow up. There I think so that it's been dumping here. So so you got all right. So that's nice to get along with the guy and the kids yeah yeah, yeah, yeah sure it who cares like trying to yeah I'm trying to think that way. Yeah. I think I mean end badly, it's obviously ended cause things weren't perfect and earn the oars good. Not for the and horror and resentment in rail in whatever now I mean yeah and no, but I also don't I don't have a job I dunno it's not like. I even decided it s like this is foolish. I am I carry around here
whatever right? Why, for short wider like it, it is the worst thing when you get older and you realize that and you rise like what do I really? Oh, these people, while aunt o thou that's horrible feeling and let it get like too b and do it anymore, you're ended and why carry the air and allied I'd be like this already happened, even already, not wasted, but you very passed through twenty years, like yeah, maybe at twenty laughed like just right, fuckin change direction and move on sure. Did you go couples counselling? I mean we did towards the andrea yeah, to figure out how to end it, I guess I am, I think it was. I think it was due the creative met like we knew we were about to fall off the right, high wire and right, let's create this net and see if we can fall strategically
So when you are doing mad t v, where was he and he didn't? He came on and did a couple of bit parts yeah, but now he was not on it. Was there that we're attention of view successful and. I don't think so. I don't I mean I. I think I as we grew after we got married and as regrew. Maybe that was something that was hard. Maybe that was a piece of the puzzle that was hard for him, but here, but I dont think you never begrudge yeah and I was just I was just a bolder I was like get here: get I put myself here tragedy this strategy that and he's just more tough. You yeah you know I mean unites and I like it I mean No not that matters, but you know it is like when you talk in the special. about your grandpa is being holocaust. Survivors with your mother is well yeah. My mama like I am, I am so your mom kid yet and they got out aware they get out of it.
Ass they were. I mean that I've told the story of, but they were not shipped off to a camp. My mother's grandparents were great grandparents, they die perished. Yeah they died in auschwitz, perished, they were murdered I say that, but jews make it a like yeah. They were murdered in auschwitz, but my my grandmother with my mother in a buggy, was in line to be shot into the danube As at the emmy I said a pit the danube and they and she she walked on line. She it was. That was your grandmother. My grandmother turned to the guard, the hungry and guard there were almost worse than the knots easier. and said you know what happens if I step out of Line- and he said I don't have the heart to show you, but somebody will shoot, left she walked with her mother what line when around the gravy took the star of her arm? She also A ten year old niece and walked right back into the apartments if they had been.
pulled out of and went from from floor. floor gathering what she could hear. Could be a valuable help, her and and started walking and instead work my god so fuckin heartbreaking heartbreaking, but it's also just bad ass, though solely badass, but, like you know now, white Russian did it. I don't know how she did it, but I think for for me in thinking about that stuff You know why cause he's are stories. It you ve, no idea that you I have personal experience with, because it your family, but as jews of a certain here. You hear them all the time you showed them growing up. We were made to to know this stuff in a deep way, but I yeah. I think for a lot of my life, the connection to really sperience, seeing the empathy necessary to to feel it is hard, because it's so massive and for some reason now because of the climate of the hatred in this country, and you feel real,
stability of other in to the point, extermination. You know it resonates much deeper for me it does mean? Even you know you jokingly, starting at the podcast and sound like you dirty to audio, and then I go. Oh, that's just so dangerous. Now till I really really thorough that around, like I just see I'm always terrified. Now that well yeah, but I mean I think we can own it. Someone will come after me. oh you mean for being a jew yeah. You know it's always get what you do. What I do I mean you know you didn't in you. May you put that you put your very jus forward on your actual lula and I think that's, but that's, I think, that's the only way, there's nothing like any Detention can do to better anti semitism or get rid of it. If it's it's a personal thing, the hit, if somebody's loves your work at loves you and then they find out your also jewish. It's like oh yeah. I thought I hated these people, but maybe
Well, I guess that's one way to look at it. You know, I think, that's a good way to look at it, but like I find more so than not they fine day like they go, I yeah well, she, Israel dewey yeah right like her, but you can see the jew yeah. I think Maybe you agree that giving people the benefit of the doubt there's many times that people will say like? Oh, I don't look jewish. What does that mean I'll, hear that and I'm like mean, I'm pretty that is a terrible. You yeah people you think I'm irish nightly lack irishers drizzling So do I, but you never want really back to stand up after doing it in college solar shows. I really I really didn't I may I ignore, like I did some open eggs at the belly roman stuff, but the the night night too, am awaiting and and a lot of a lot of people were dudes and not very friendly environment. Just nodding.
Not even like, while you're on mad tv, the or you know no, no elbow how yeah before seek I wandered around and saw them more of it yeah a little betty S felt like. I don't think I could ever do that as I and I always worried if I tried to be- comic that I would take my life, I may seriously, and I think I would be very lonely and very depressed, and I think alone in hotel rooms for too many times. I think I would just make very bad choices here. What yeah I mean it was like there for a long time with doing that for me, but at some point it turns into. I have to clean display sidney yeah, it's quiet room service signed are just so like I didn't know if it what if you're not out there is some anonymous eggs is working at a club. Land would knowing gives a shit about you. That's of that sector, post mad tv. I was able to I mean not that mad tv was.
Measure, but it was it was. You know visible enough that I was able to do. shows here and there that I was invited to that work. That was from united, I gotta sacramento and at the depot The matters that I did, I'm mad tv became like gay icon, I'd, be invited to open, the pride weak or do after that, and that was so much fun cause it's a friendly ideas and don't even you don't have to work to. I mean you're working hard, but it's not like. We do a bit right here. I feel like I needed to have a crafted. Sat at I've been working on. Vs ie area could kind of go and deliver stream of consciousness and have notes and and but no Didn'T- I Didn'T- was the lady was Bobby. I met view with you yeah we had we overlapped just at the end there. We were onto he's a good. I have not talk to him in asia, but he is one of them. fearless people
I've seen the onstage she's. His regime is world yeah, so after med tv. What was the plan to do tv stuff? In my lad, I left my tv cause. I was developing. I developed my own show this this, this pilot that was doubt that they are never got, but I mean what was it. It was called life at five feet. It was Basically, a sera no rip off three through our cats and dogs rip off It was me looking like me, as are struggling writer, and I get an opportunity to go straight, a column for supermodel ochre for like where I l back a cosmopolitan. Oh okay, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, it was cute, it was. It was a a fun way to deliver that same story and kind of what I wanted to talk about in terms of life is really different. When you look a certain way here and it's cute, it was in, go it didn't go. and then I did Gilmore girls
often were you a recurring guest on their yeah? I was most be on it, and, but I audition at the same time, mad tv was still on, and I was under contract and they wouldn't release me, and that was the paladin us there was a polity knows. girls with huge yeah that I had then went to Melissa. Mccarthy, oh really, yeah, and then I did recurring staff and then. Gilmore girls came about because a dan palladino ran the writers' room at family guy. He was my boss in the writers or you are already in family guy. By that time that happened. I can't remember the time my next girlfriend that was like compulsive about the humor just watch it on a loop. She and she had mental problems, but well sook. As your girlfriend yeah, yeah, but who doesn't have mental problems right? I hope everyone does well. I think
The root of our problem is a ninety percent of the world's problems or personal problems. I think you're right it just like. No one can agree how to deal with those from the most people. I am I right knife. It's too, you know people being killed Where are we going out with hitler? Just a bad mood, just unresolved trauma and untreated trauma. how untreated trauma by so you but The famagusta is it a good gig, still, is, god bless family guy yeah that was mean insurance, but yeah yeah, it's an army, honestly, like I still we do table reads weakly and I received scripts, and there are I would say a good five things that make me laugh out loud. at this. Every time they stayed every time so like for me. As long as I am still cracking up, you ve done.
Almost like a bike. Four hundred of those in four hundred episodes yeah, that's crazy, so you just like. You know that you just get checks in the mail all the time, but I am the lucky. women in baseball, its astonishing, and it is crazy. Yap warehouse, You are doing great here. I thought, like we were struggling at the same time you weren't struggling yeah. I didn't want to make you feel bad. I have nine and I've been lucky girl gone even going at it. Yeah I mean I've done. I've done a lot of pilots that never went anywhere. Definitely seen the the boot side of things, but I have also been that reality is when you get a new cartoon check, yeah yeah actually comes in its animated, it's hard takes the blacks through the dark near go to the bank, they they giggle, but the cashier you are in the oh you're in the movie. I was in that's right, we're in a movie together what movie the bad guys,
oh yeah, that's right were co stars snake man and the snake you're gearing up were both in that movie. Like all the time we never talk to each other. We just unwrapped the reality of show business. No one knows anyone will know, but it's the weird thing about animation and doing it during cove. It is that I mean I didn't have any scenes with you, so I me in san adolescents, you, I don't isis throttle your neck. I m a view to squeeze your neck. Well, I mean We must have an weird live red promo we were round, but who did we highlighted and on the livery busy apples shooting? Oh right, right in me. I did work in person and on Zoom was with sam, because that's why that was my partner yeah. it so happens money. We have major parts, it I'm a little gather. Oh yeah, we have one animation, that's very I say, spin off cops snake. Ok, I like doing this, nay kids will love the fuckin movie.
and a is six minutes from here yeah. I was all about them. commute or I can you do to ours it well. What now you want to come now and they don't you from this set up, no idea, it's better to go down to the bunker. yeah nowadays, a since I'm in pasadena. If somebody says oh people want to meet with you at sonya like no would it shoot at sony yeah? No, I'd rather go to vancouver and resettle yeah yeah. Beating a morning, oh your bank than DR do was ass. Dick overstating I would rather fly from forming the job you sell any. I should have a flight that does that goes chopper disowning they should yet there is a while there I just sort of like you know where you have these meeting set in naval. Just generals and they'd be down by hbo were kindly centralism yeah, because especially when they are like when,
schedule. You look like four am like what are they doing all day that I gonna fucking spent three hours in traffic for what yeah you? you have been lagging a better time for cod. fuckin meeting. That was that was a nice thing about the writing on family guy. That you know There are like near the laborious carpets and that can it murder you but yeah, but we were we. They would start at ten or ten thirty. Ten thirty sat is a decent spectable, beautiful, giving things yeah, I'm glad rural doing things in person again, but that still an issue is driving somewhere now, but so but this is mrs maes, anything like it. You know I didn't know what to do with that show as as a comic initially. I was like damn this campi about comedy it's gonna sack, but he didn't I think they handled it. So theatrically, it's like it's it's it's just shy of music, clear away. It's theatrical! It feels like you're, seeing of a massive.
duck young and Think amy, you know who It was very smart in making midges stand up style, saying she's a female lenny bruce, but that stream of consciousness without people down airlines line up. Yes, that was genius because odo labels you to just enjoy monologues watch. It say. Yes, this is a funny peace. This is saying something interesting and not judging the beat. at the punch line, yeah yeah, I mean I thought that was kind of genius about it too, like because I didn't want to like it, but I liked it. You know- and I interviewed her years ago. shall yeah and I I really wanted to be critical of, and I met the guy who played Lenny Bruce, who I actually think did a very good job. Yeah he's been tremendous to last not easy task. It's not because how are you going to play that guy in, like even Dustin Hoffman was okay and like that? That's all you can judge yourself against is, but I think he captured
the humanity of the guy. You know you are, you know the easiest historical mess, but he was a very charming funny. Guy, you feel format it season. Five season, five, you! You know you do even more. So you really really this news recently for the guy yeah new season, the dry, I gotta go you able fourteenth, I gotta catch up, but I was you know I'd. I realized very quickly that they had back loaded. Yes, thing into their character like that that women, as a comedian would not have existed in that time, yeah, so there make these choices. Like you said. What are we? You can't model, or after even john rivers at that time, right, because that was a stick. It was a thing yet everyone which dick yeah. So the idea to to sort of two to rethink of female comedian who who had the say something tat was something didn't exist yeah, so they put it in any I think it works great. Yes, she kind of I think amy took like the heart of
most like a folks singer at that time, like a political, feminist, folk singer and Instead of songs, tat into model logging, you know that's the character and Amy. So he speaks. It actually says like this. What special about her is she didn't hide behind a character she didn't put on. You fat suit, like silver, Lenin's character? She wasn't doing a bit yeah there. She is being herself and everybody was doing bits then so be it. I think it saves the the you know it gives the show some sort of interesting integrity, because you know you can kind of go to that space of when that time was your with very modern voice, really get hers, get absolutely there's some some people who had watch it and built up calling out anachronisms of of that sort. It out like that. Wouldn't that wouldn't be eaten insect. That's why it's interesting we didn't want to make a fifty.
Another fifties, show of a woman in the fifties and have everything be right now, yeah he's not what amy was after she wanted that juxtaposition. It's almost like. You know what was behind yeah. What what could possibly be happening in the mind that was not expressed at that time, yet a woman with some guts yeah I've been a very happy to be on your part of it, but it's a general character, so much fun, and it's a great looking show like you said that the actual nature of it is kind of insane amor work and it always struck me as like a musical without songs. Yet that everything's orchestrate the powder, the pace, yeah yeah, it's all very sort of The minutiae of it is, is clearly an obsession for somebody, yell, Amy's, dancer danced and so everything's gonna rhythm sheet, music, unnerving openings corrie. I mean that the camera guys and women have to move
like the arena is told our summer. That's really really tough and when you. cast was in an offered. You read: oh no We Amy, amy lie friends from Gilmore under so, and she said like weight. Are you really moving the barcelona? This was two thousand sixteen. Without the plan yeah remove you have there now now, not anymore, I'm back in the states, but she was like. Are you really moving us? I'm really moving cause. Remember that thing we talked about what Four years ago I actually wrote it, and I want you to read it well, but Movement. Just read it. I read it, I mean litter, it was almost on the plane and of course loved. It then fluid. in addition, for from Barcelona, from so I think we have already moved to persevere, and it was that feeling of well, you know what I'll audition chances are. I won't get it. I got as well
with the pilot yeah, I'm only going to be embarks on a year, no big deal I'll do the pilot chances are, it won't get picked up and then it got picked up and then I The same barcelona summit, it became a real trick of going triangulated it was like barcelona, one november, the first Susan right. I think it was the first Firstly, you run too are the the first and third, I dunno what you want. Let me for this character, yeah. I dialed did is withheld, it's really wild and I I didn't realize it until just now in this park as nobody till recently. I that's why I really do something that it's like a totally unique in and a new female to really yeah yeah. I think just kind of this balls out You know coinciding with a tie that the world's like exploring this non binary and and not in ascribing to a particular genuine gender leering having to look a certain
fell right into kind of the title of what was happening. I like your because she's she's scrappy and an ok hustler. Yes He doesn't know what she's doing agar area she's. quite sure how to negotiate but she's yes, she's, just like a bull you now and how did you I was working with rachel has like amputees very put together actress person. I know. Completely different animals, but we are so lucky. Like we adored each other from the gecko like the The audition than I did, I went in a room here, read a little bit alone and then they said now Rachel come in and we had to do a chemistry, reed visa and that's how I met her in the room and sometimes when you audition someone else it's a little fucked up, because you who have kind of work done what you're gonna do a little bit and
all this and you get with ever person there. Not dancing to the same, they dont here the same song in their forward. All your diary resign gave you with you yeah. It's it completely stunts or cock blocks your performance in here, you're stuck. with her it was like we had been dancing our lives and also worked. I think from when you have real sketch experience your ability, adapt to to two points, oh and performers is, is pretty deep it helps me still yvonne? You have that canada that matches and barren, and it was just there and she's just she said, Good accuracy is just so committed, so professional. He was terrified of not being funny enough worked on it and worked on it and worked on it and yeah! I had no complaints, yeah, it's rachel's dream to work with
she seems pretty. She reminds me like. I worked with Alison brie for three seasons: oh yeah yeah, but, like I was talking to somebody about to us talking to, about amran about about in a very cause, a very deep. actresses and they come from different the process, it's guy, interesting that when you were but somebody enough you see how they work you can see the differences in how you work for you, because you have a look on your face like what does that mean Well I mean I don't like what you are saying about you know you're just coming in and doing, however, you're going to do it, but I see that alison is in it, and The process like betty is from new york theatre alison's from you know, los angeles film and television right ran, there's like a different yeah process a and it just sort of a it just funny, you're like when I read that the script for fur this is where there is no. How should I play
this year. What about them? We try to stay in my head, I have ah, who she what it's like. It was off the page yak here the page to me and I, there is no other way to do it than what I went and did If you had adjusted me, if they had said you know, don't jump given that new yorker dont like maybe I could have adjusted the but really it was just. This is why I think she is, and either you agree and cast me for it is not who it is, but it's a big part of it. Is you yeah? Some of me Yeah I mean, like I mean that's who like when you'd whatever amy. But summers me no me like. You is as a as a performer right, I mean you ve got a point. yourself into this, isn't like you not doing an impression or amend right, yeah right like I can see like when I do something, I'm not there's. Always be plenty a mark, their for everybody. Yeah dont susie did like make me now. There was a little bit of a great like some of that.
flow dynamic. Europe like I'd, be a little bit more alone, or am I offer my own when covert struck, you know they had a little tent that I would go inside because I didn't want to have to be in a mask him yeah. So ever I called it my troll whole yeah, yeah Gonna disappear into the ground. It certainly does whereas like when I was on getting on that character such an eternal optimist and had a boy two area. She was a mass but a bubble and yet very different on. I was very light on, sat and very different, so, whereas there is some of it that crawls yea and an effective player, but yeah shoes and rachel's more rachel, really studies the studies reactor and wants to move character would move here and yes she's here I'd like to be that have that much process you'll get there when they take bad guys to broadway,
it'd, be how going to have to you got it. I gotta learn how to dance on your tail, make out yeah yeah yeah, but now. How did you like it here? doing so a work. How did you put that together this this special this cabaret peace and wait a minute before that, what it why'd you, cheese, barcelona, why not Why me barcelona great these speak spanish, a little! What was it about barcelona? Was this a trumpet reaction? You know it was as I talk about in the special. It was a little bit of I give up this business, but why you give up. Everything was going well after getting on, was taken off the area, three seasons and Then I wrote a show that I was developing for myself and Alan Oregon. Oh god what a genius? Yes, you know that guy yes and he is right. de we agree. So I had written a show, and so
network, picked it up. We were gonna, do it they wanted to do it as the summer thing launch in the summer it was playing my father in law. calm situation here. But then there were these kind of live action, cutaway and Alan love. It said yes and my mind was blown and this network. Said yes, and we will started doing it. We are doing it and then they wouldn't pay Alan Arkin his his nut. And his knife quote was not big, he was not being insane. It has Alan working more than reasonable alan organ to be on fox. I couldn't even bulgaria and they were they wouldn't make it happen, and then I offered to give up my mom. pay as an actor to double their him, which was pretty much what and he was like I'm. That's that's insane and these people have no respect and we end the holding fellow
and at that point I just said no respected. Yes, I can hear him saying I gave I just said like I don't understand this business anymore. I need a break and it was divorce and I really wanted to get away from every else around me and the perception people have of a divorced person and so kind of absconded. To barcelona with my kids, ok, my ex husband also went. We all want cause I'm not gonna, separate my kids I went to them and hold out at worst, but goes to ours. Projects has been very nice, look. How would you feel about a year abroad? I've never done there are always wanted to. That was a plan was forever. It was supposed to just be a year. He I said, ok here I'll, do it So we got him a separate place here. did it and then one year I fell in love with it turned into two years and in three and then foreign did you, citizenship no, but you know. I would still be there. If covert, haven't hadn't happened, you loved it loved it
but we did leave september two thousand sixteen and two months away I trump the attic office, so everyone attributed to I escaped right, and then I Yes, yes, I am sure so wise the area, but literally we missed his. You know term. I was gone for the trial terms so lucky, although I had a lot of apologizing to do in barcelona, for sure, but you didn't have to live in the insanity here. Yes, but I know social media are annoying, but it's really not there, though yeah, like you know, even when I'd go to canada, I'm like holy shit, it's not here, yeah yeah, you know it's just different yeah. I could turn a deaf ear yeah, because it's not dictating the culture you're in yeah it was the. It was best thing I ever did yeah but you're back, but I'm back, I've I've been to barcelona, it's getting pretty it's great. The foods good, the interesting city
I I love it. I was there for, I think, one of my honeymoons. It's like the bat how many times even there twice. Oh, I didn't know that no kids twice mattered, so you're still figuring out the sex part, then I'll get it. Okay, I'll show you, after I can't get it sounds like you, ve got it under you, gotta handle it yeah. No barcelona is a really good food. Greeley great climate doable. You can walk across the whole city, I chose yeah great. The people are cool. I just love to hear and loved. It springs pretty great. I just wish. I spoke another language. Where are you from I grew up in new mexico people are. My people are from jersey, new mexico. We were one of the first to do it settlers. I don't know anyone from new mexico. Why would you think you're it? yeah, my parent, my dad set up his practice here. They're both from jersey, my parents and my dad was a military couple of years, and then he yup
Albuquerque was call you as a growing city anyway, starting I'm goin medical practice. So you know that's where we ended up. You prefer new mexico to old mexico, I'd. I'd never go to mexico. I want we're calling it old mexico sure why not yeah, but I hear mexico city's great, I might go to mexico city. I would love to explore mexico. I just have not done it. I've been to a haka. You have I don't know why I haven't done it either it's right there and august stunning, but there's we place. I haven't been in the states of theirs that too I've never been to hawaii homing. You should go to. I mean there's a thing there have you been there yet I want a ride. which is why one can do that. Yeah there's like, yeah ugly. Most of the national parks are pretty stunning in the states. I want to do it a u s. Have you been in niagara falls. Yes, it delivers yeah. He has got a great town on this side. The canadian sides a little better. yeah in better shape, but the falls themselves like holy fuck, yeah, grand canyon, wow, yeah, you're arch.
Our shared, the utah ones, Zion I'd, say about I've, never seen a grand canyon. Oh my ass, he niagara falls. I saw niagara falls when we shot the Gilmore girls pilot because we shot in canada, the we did a day trip there. It's great yeah, it's kind of stunning, yeah, I mean look, I'm I I'm not as narcissistic or as nervous as I I come off after I do travel internationally. You know I've done your shows in different places, but I I get a little awkward around language differences because I dont know you're. It makes anxious just a fucking figure out how to order foodstuff, but my buddy Tom said the trans waiting apps on your phone. It has changed. You can almost pull it off. It's a game change! right, but also so many people, speak english. Where I get ago, it's easier in barcelona was so excited to try to speak spanish everywhere, and beer would like deal with me for a few and it's a man just answer in english, because not enough they're, just as excited to user anguish. Sir, yet so,
Yeah I gotta with that guy, I gotta. Just skype can do it. then I guess I'm not that hot and I'm going to mexico now you said that you feel, like l, a is not a city yeah and like are you happy or do you wish? You lived in new york or what's your story what this house I will. The convenience of where I am you know. I don't know how attached I am too idea, valet, you don't I'm kind of but this neighbour has great italian and I, like my house, Do I love outlay? I don't know I don't seem to take advantage of much. You know. I miss like when I go to new york. I go to museums and shit because I got only got a few days yeah, but here, like there's major art going around and I'm like, I missed it, my war, were you doing it's fifteen minutes from you. I have never been to the getty. Well, that's a schlep, but still what's wrong with me: it's not a great I've never seen the brood, let some death
Two we knew guardian back. I gotta get back into the right or lack mother just been great, show a lack, my missed it wiser to cause you're busy you doing liking aside those I don't take advantage of. I don't know I don't I don't either I thought about going to new york, but wouldn't you know it's like after three days like yeah, I thought again a place there and but you gotta go use. You know, what's something that happened. That was really a beautiful thing that the barcelona council, it's. What it gave me really. Let go of being suppressed. about where I am and really learning it doesn't. At the end of the day. I can find a handful again restaurants at, and I got my people and I've got friends, and it doesnt matter and put to the house that the pay that I live in its great, but I also just I lived in person, I rented a play. I didn't attach sure so much employ and where I am or what I have. We are sitting here just wherever
it can also everything becomes like literally about five mile radius yeah right I mean you, I give you really look at your life wherever you, it's like those of the supermarkets ya gotta that place the e. Sometimes I hate that place yeah here on an odd day, I'll go to the other side of town yeah. I lucky, where I met in a way that its couple, what a little village type situation and can get to them. It can get to the movies on foot can get to a bookstore, it's nice and it's I'm a happy girl. That's it and then you can do that anywhere, yeah! Well, that's a it's. A small way cause people to learn that, though oh yeah, I learned in new york where it's like. I live in new york. People like wow new york and my dad is about five blocks. it's true. Might my present lived there she's eighty thing she said like downtown. I've I've never been down town. I go to my bodega, my dry, cleaner, its welfare,
yeah yeah. There is, I used to say I never. You know why go above fourteenth street what's up there yeah, but what how what ass was was asking the. How do you put together the special? What were the decisions, how Finally, the spanish ukulele place other guy vanish juice, spanish, Jews, the spews Eric mills and solidarity, I Eric is american, but he's lived in barcelona for twenty four year. Almost thirty years, I'm you know maz, jobrani, yeah, okay, so MAS knew. I was moving to barcelona and he's like. Oh I'm gonna hook you up with my friend I gotta hook you up with my friend Eric and us. You know those shirts, okay yeah took. His name took his number guy. We met up for lunch in barcelona and immediately were like this guy's family like this is my brother he became a lifeline for me there and I just met him. It was wouldn't
October november his birthday was march, he said for my birthday. I want to go to amsterdam, my favorite city, I'm bringing you and this other friend who I loved him silva yeah, alright, yeah, I'm going on a three way weekend in amsterdam and the three of us got I that weekend in amsterdam, went to see art, eight everything and we played me for each other all weekend, like everyone, one of journalists and playing on her the somebody here and there recast singing the other, solve ahead as ukulele and then and then I told some story about what led me to come to barcelona, and we just started, realizing, there's a really neat by it led to me writing some of these stories out an inch It's almost soundtrack. They provide like a sound curiosity stories turned into that. Then we like wrote a couple original songs, comedic songs and a couple more and then started doing these, of cover songs and we I said you know
that sounds I started singing a song over. We realize it was the same cords, so created. These weird medley is here little by little, it just turned into something, and then we ll be the first time we ever did. The show was actually in brooklyn. My friend rocky rocky lulu yeah. She was like this thing. This sounds amazing and adjusting bring it to the union hall in brooklyn. Here This time we ever did anything on stage was in front of a hundred. People is not spent spinach little room downstairs and rate, and it went yeah we're like with the something. So we kept working on an expanded. It wrote more didn't barcelona twice: did it madrid, it did it in dublin and then we do london, soho theatre, north Michael and we d like five days, their road abolishing rallies, and then we did not again and we delay. and then we were set to do sweden in Israel and amsterdam and covert happen shuts down by
that's why we re and allay the amazon folks came and said with. Yes, we want to do this as a spur yeah because, like you d w a power should definitely look like you is stage ready in and that you have done in front of audiences and of his tie. Anville curious. Thank you. I'm real curious it how it, how it how it reads it's it's alive! Fear performance. Yet does I'm I'm hoping? I am curious I think it reads. As as like eve, if you want to John rise, it It's it's a collaborating. Nearly yards, Finally, it's it's a little bit of wishful drinking, carry fisher be a little bit of Santer Bernhard. Without you, I'm nothing. There and then I was with the imo. There's some You know that it's it's it's dead. the theatre thing, but like you, this sort of banter with musicians and and you know once you start singing unlike boy, this is like the second half a million
bowing medley do the original stuff. I think you did a cure song in there somewhere. It's loaded, yeah, yeah, but but those are earnest yeah. You know in its present- and you know- and it's a weird approach to that, because you know this, is you don't sitting at a piano. You ve got two guys a new colleagues yet which is so weird, but its way and there they ever sweet presence in you have banter in, and by that I mean the twenty minutes is a stand or show really. yeah others, but there are. There are some little sincere moment, some sort of moments and a little bit sad moments area, and and, as I said, some of its really really juno autobiographical and some of its wild fun bullshit? It's ok with me laugh yeah. It's definitely its own thing. You know, but it feels like structurally. It just feels like like very personal, cabaret, theatre, performance right yeah, I think
if the songs are there that can help tell the story- yeah, yeah, yeah for sure the ones that feel like you know, you're there earnest in there yeah there there for a reason and they're they're telling part of the story or setting the mood for where the story should go, and just like that, you know you cut to your parents. You know there's moments where, like you know cause I, my parents coming to see me too, and you never know what to do with that and you obviously they know you, but we know that we're sitting there saying you know filthy shit and horrible things you have about you. the holocaust and about ourselves in front of these, are parents and part of it is like you? What are you going to do about it? Yeah? It's! It's like ha ha. I fear, They relate exactly. I listen, my dad as I say in the show, was raised like orthodox tuition and pretty conservative end had no idea how daughter, would turn out round. There's this. It's that old joke of Ghana
women sang the foods terrible and the other one says yeah such small oceans right back That's how I dead feels like god. I wish she wasn't saying any of this, but I wish the show was longer. I want her up their longer. I love of seeing her I'll, be there. He can't get enough of career has every Google alert sat. Oh yeah comes back me it all. Our always was there always weaker yeah. He was way more worried about me. Going into this professional mother was always like she's a star and could do anything right. I survived the holocaust eight possible, but he was always a little bit more like get a college education. Actually you have something to fall back on. If you do this, why do you need it? But then I think he, there's a performer inside of him as well. I think you ve got off What it's nice, when they are actually able to relax and just be proud if there came out he's so proud yak as most of it, it just fear. We just did
a fast last night for maize or and my parents came and Michael and came the centre center, yeah hayley say I was the closing night and in my parents read it a panel We shouting episode. We didn't you episode. They showed a retrospective from seasons won through five and then you know we talk about an hour and blogger want to see the us always bear me way. What's the audience like for maize or generally sweden, it's a really interesting max. You know family guy for a long time was so identifiable like it's, these young dude, zero sure, gilmore girls, it's this. You know if I'm at an airport- and I see girls approaching me of a certain age- I know they were lizzie maguire movie fans later you can see her but maize's always a shock its. I thought it would be just young female, but it's I found the older and I think the whenever his wife to the old jew is also a bunch of old julia like it's all. Guys? Dear love, the show and were huge in india, but let's go.
the spectacle of a huge and it's in barcelona was gaining this huge popularity and not a lot of jewels and barcelona, its It is getting her at all because you're right, it's grand the the theatricality of it like it makes to the senses. The would be successful yeah, but it's also indians and jews. does a very similar here. Oh, Don't worry find that, like with indian friends that you have, like a lot of mine, that we all have the same pressures academically. We all were told. Like you hurry me. Employees proceed in a certain way asian and family. family family tradition a holiday every week, driving that having granville? When I heard oh, I get here, urea, real, similar kind of family, heavy tradition and culture that I think measle feels like comfort, Thirty, oh I see out how jewish are you generally? nationals it would. Traditions are not up to here. Oh yeah, now you know, I'd take the stuff- I
like I'd, get rid of the stuff. I don't hear so. We, have done like our little shabby every friday night you do, but what that guy This is a kind of candles and a hotline where you know we sit back my son, says the little thing over the grape juice ear and annette. It's not like we're unplugging and I that something, it's just that I just love friday nights at home with those candles in the hall. I really it's about the holiday makers. We may call gardner professionals sure do it. They know how to do sure, one of whom I I don't know you know we do hanukkah, I'm gonna go to a sailor tonight, you're hasn't like the highlights, like the greatest hits burbage your bar candles. It's not nothing! Nothing beautiful I may make it like. That's the thing go yet Of weekly reminder that isn't sort of based in some stereo-
of liking. I like a miserable em, there's some eighty united me, like the reminders of cultural judaism d, actually have some sort. Ritual that plants, human history. At a thing is a nice candles are a huge part of being jewish, and you know every anniversary of my grandmother's death We live in and and my friend katy and and hanukkah is about lighting candle, uri knights and you're thought. There's something about that flame and I met meditate methods. Staring at which I'll do and dig it I take the good and I lose the bad good We're doing great was great talk me, I'm glad we did it Do I wasn't sure when I showed up if I was in it, we cut up and What does that mean and middle glenda out a beautiful house as this is where I die? Just think its bold of you to invite people to your home and like out of what, if I'm gonna, come back and catch you as well
I'll be a story thanks for coming. Thanks having so I was at that was me and how its borders dean you given either at the wedding at the retro- tease, engage you do know. Euro is any, do the final, secretive, marvellous, mrs Maes, or from here. tomorrow April, fourteen for comedy special alex boosting course, its inclusion. From years next, tuesday april photo on prime video, hang out for a minute. This advice is brought to you by these showtime original personality crisis, one night only good, legendary filmmakers, martin score Ceci and david to dusky personnel, crisis one night only celebrates David johannsen life and all persona us from his days a pioneer of the movement leading punk band, new york dolls to his reinvention as buster poindexter, the carriage
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I dont know what happens now. Other then dirty guitar, that probably laid before.
The monkey and is everywhere gotta he's all right.
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