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Episode 1443 - Ramy Youssef

2023-06-12 | 🔗

In 2019, Ramy Youssef surprised Hollywood by coming out of nowhere to win the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV Comedy. Now, after three seasons of Ramy on Hulu, he talks with Marc about using his relationship with faith and culture to make comedy and explore the Muslim-American experience. They also talk about the inspiration he took from Jenny Slate, the mentorship he took from Mark Curry, and the path he took from stand-up to his own show.

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Like guy, all right: let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck's jurors, whatever a mare- and this is my ipod gas wmd up- it goes on welcome to it How is everybody is everybody. O k today ronnie Youssef, is on the show, he's, a comic, an actor who kindness rise, everyone when he won the golden globe for best actor in a television series, very shall rami back? Twenty nineteen, the show and rami himself have since been nominated for mps in season three prepared early this year he's in the new on. Hulu is also in the new york goes lamp, the most movie, which works your goes, lanthorn mosey I can't I don't know what to make of it by dead. That's that
I enter or films and good for rami, forgetting that, but The amazing thing is that you are sometimes I don't know the work of people coming on, but I know that I should know it, and I know that they would be trusting interview and with the same with rami. So before I interviewed him yeah. I watched his comedy specials watch all the seasons of his show. Energy is one of these things where not that I'm out of the loop. You know I'm busy, I'm busy king and cleaning shelves and and doing a little odd jobs around the house. I know I'm a full day of bullshit task. That never end so as well for me do stay in the loop. Culture and media. I do know that president Tromp was indicted again in that's exciting, but yeah yeah, it's just all tempered by the fact that he's trying to in a race, lock now, and I believe that if he you know if he is elected again he will never leave for sure.
And that will be the big shift authority happening, but nonetheless, what's talk about rama, he said just one of these shows to a world into a life into a way of life into an american life that I really nothing about. it turns out like it. That is more so than knocked. Look. I in a tower in person, I'm in accepting person, you know I'm a sort of like you know. the life that you put together for yourself in this country that used to really enable that, in a more kind of oh active way, but I knew nothing about america muslims, immigrant people, I didn't know much about the muslim religion. I didn't know how first generation americans who come from religious muslim families from elsewhere?
organised or life organizer community had the of the friendship they have within that religious community and just within the community itself, in this as a kid who grew up in new jersey. You know the window in for me was, as you know, provide. it is an funny and and beautiful, as you know me, first burying thing. Duration dogs, it's like I go look. I know we walk alongside of all these people in our country and we see them at worker or in a passing by on the street. I live in an armenian neighbourhood, I know very little, so I guess I think what I'm saying I would enjoy a theory. About an armenian family, so I can better understand my neighbors, I'm I imagine there's other ways to do it. You're. Maybe I could be friends with people from the neighborhood in and enjoy the emea I'll have a nice kebab, occasionally I dont know how everything's organised they know that their they they seem too
enjoy wide automobiles and I don't think that's racist it seemed to be true Andy? I can tell the style of the yards in their houses, but by don't how they live, but this this oh rami. Which is mine blowing? You know this, the struggled he goes through. as an american and as a guy- that's not sure where he stands with his faith in and as a guy who is if straddling two cultures. It was educational and fund, an emotional, the struggle that I don't know, but, and I mean I just dumb blown away by the whole thing and know a lot more. I am b to have the knowledge I'm happy to be able to have a type of the thing now for. a religious group, a religious community, immigrant group that is more informed. Then it was previous. So there So that's what I'm saying do you understand
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domain. Do you hear me? Are you getting it that square space that calm, slash. W e f offer code w You have also folks, I made the answer more of your burning questions. We ve got another ask mark anything episode coming up for full mary subscribers. But you know Have to be subscribed to ask a question: just go the episode description in whatever app your using right now and click on question link and them on next week's bonus episode right, that's gonna happen. It's gonna happen So I'm really sorry question. My choices are around my time. I think everything's, all right. Look man! If you clean out an officer, you clean out a rumour, you you make your staff into piles, or you make your piles into of items. You can look at and go look what I did. I feel that when I do laundry and mike I'm so proud of myself, Look I made my bed again, hey
My shoes are all in a line I mean this stuff is That is fine, but I don't know if it's a life is it I can't consider. Shopping a hobby? Can I? I did just make a vat vegetarian chile fur party I'm going to that was a good, a good few hours. Yesterday I got it from that Angelica kitchen cookbook that somebody sent me and it's amazing, I made a vague and corn bread and I love doing it, but man, that surely is labour intensive and there's a lot of it? So now I have now been situation where I these parties and bring like a smoke brisket which took like ten and a half to eleven hours. This only too by two or three all in but you like with brisket. If it turns out good people, just gonna eat the fuck out of that shit, but like if in this battle, chile, and if it doesn't, if it doesn't go like I'm bringing home, that's why
it's going to go and bring it home get free sunday, I'm gonna. Have you know I too much work into it, the cornbread that that was easy, that's disposable, but the chili that was near that that was a day I'll? Let you know how that goes But in terms of my life, like I look, I'm working I'm doing what I do, I'm a comedian and I'm doing new material and having a good time of it, but you know, I suppose my life doing and have always spent my life doing and east, Ask yourself when you are immersed in a job, even if you like. It's sort of like is this a compulsive behaviour or is Do you just not know what else to do or do you love it? Do you feel like you have to do it? I guess your questions. These are questions Though I am enjoying the new jokes, but I always find that, like I try to talk about things, cause is very You things. I've been talked about and at largo there were some.
Personal excavation going on that yielding something. But I dont know why. I feel it's important to share some of that stuff in defined it funny. I dont know it doesn't. There's got to a bottom to the pit of me. I would think at some point I do evil little kind of like wow. Like that was was add, necessary to talk about that. and is that my job is that entertaining I dont know doesn't matter you guys, look vat in chile, in the house, I gotta vat of chile I've gotta go, I did it, I made it day early, so the flavor would take now I'm going to go heated up and make sure salted properly this This is my work. This is my work for today you know finishing up the chile a two day process. Yeah, but anyways. I do have some gigs coming up. I believe, if you gotta deputy of pod doc conservation, were, I think, I'm doing another dynasty.
Right or show here in LOS angeles are known, june? Twenty fourth, I think I'll check, I think July, for. instead largo for music show- and I guess I gotta- get some dates up. I've got some club dates coming up to start doing work. I mean I guess it's I do it's what I live at, how I live it's I am. It is how I have chosen two. be me in the world and to put me out in it right so K saw right. So rummy use, if is the first we ve met and You know I entered as a a new fan and a pretty big fan, I can watch all three seasons of rami on who is also the co creator mo on netflix that mo mere guy, I should talk to him, probably at some point no. I that hasn't happened, but also a comedy specials rami
and ah so this is me, hang out, with ronnie Youssef. The I lived in queens for years and I didn't know what was going on queens, but I knew it had to you. You hung out with the egyptians totally around the corner from the egyptians on Steinway yeah, like at the end of steinway that, where we lived there, like my whole childhood, there and then, when, like my early childhood and then when I was seven or eight, we went to jersey but yeah that my and parents were always there. My grandfather, still there right off, steinway yeah, it's there is on its way queen so because, like you get like that, one that part of steinway, which is at the end of time before the highway, is just all egyptian yep and then a couple of blocks go green down, greeks and then there's dominican into a crazy. I bet the one thing that always struck me as, like I'd be coming home from doing comedy.
thirty in the morning and there were whole family shopping for actual its way does the kids on sleep is early, any rules I didn't even know that's easy derivatives leg. You fix your car one in the morning like no brown oil change, that transmission yea everyone's. Why there's no limit its just whatever you need? Egypt is all about its at this level of hospitality and my dad was a hotel manager to so psyche in egypt to heating He worked, you were did in Egypt, both my parents dead, but then he was in the states, obviously, but its very egyptian alike, just someone
If they want something and you're like yeah. Let's do it there's no time limit, it's like if you have money, let's do it yeah. I think that's why you know america is so attractive to us, because it feels like the land of everything like. Let's do it yeah it's possible yeah. It is it, though, did did that translate. Does that? Does your family still feel that way didn't pan out that the deal has fallen through I'll tell you that did not occur the way the ottawa? No! No. I watched Like I said, I watches special and I've watched, I think gum we'll episodes into the news, the newest season of cool sites? I've made it out for a while they re, I watched you die. because I you know, I find that I find myself doing that because I dont watchings it. But if I don't do that, I lived the life you if I lived the life of a comic any ways like most people work in the garden and watch tv like I've got. I don't watch fuckin tv. I know I know no what's on. So I watch near to enough seasons are too to see,
I didn't change yours and I'm like how long has this even been out there? I know who he just seems like a very good show. It seems to mean something. Does everyone know about it? Someone should tell people about this show yeah, it's so funny, man cause it's every it there's a lot of stuff, there's a lot of stuff, but, like I had the same experience with the reservation dogs, which are great, I love it and they he put me on an episode this one season cause. I pestered him because I love the show so much, but I was like. Does anyone know about these natives yeah? I mean this is something that I know it's a comedy show, but we could learn about the natives. Why isn't anyone paying attention to this? I have it with everything even if even underground rail road, which we know we are but glitter there's like do people really know the real deal yet, but the slavery where vagueness white guy educated low by anything. I want it's crazy.
I think we need to brush up on the underground rail road. For short, now, society did you watch anything. Did it's crazy? It's crazy guy, your master ps3 and I talked to Jenkins and it was like nobody. No, we watch it Nobody hardly watch it yeah. It's it's really tough dude. yeah me workers is also like. I don't know he felt this on your show, but it's like maybe your show, I don't know I feel I feel really leg. I felt a really heard about your show. I feel like it, one of the few things that they were really putting marketing, but my tv show yeah but you're the only one not having my show because this is like when I watch your show like I can like what I meant My producer was like this. The world that that louis discovered yeah there You know he bound with. If, if there's me, contribution to creators are to us to comics
the people there have artistic sensibilities and want to do something is that he made a model for that. Yeah, like you know that too, to take each episode as its own peace and to sort of your take as you know, risks that may not make sense that static or filming or or peculiar, to sort of like leave a poetry to it. I think that he opened that space big time, and you know I can see it in your show more than I, If any of the other shows I've watched, cause, reservation dogs is doing a different thing, but it's still a state, a single camera thing, but you as a comic and you know, a selfish fucked up person. You know you're alive
I can just be me, then, if I, if I, if I lean on the ethnicity thing, I can fucking jerk off there in every episode and tell god to go fuck himself. The door is open. I never dug. I do have one. It's a stress. It's like you're, defying god to to make himself. President in your life is about tangible shame. Shame absolutely about shame. What is about the shame, the compulsion I have it yeah, worse, I you know, I don't even know what it is, but it's like, I feel it constantly did. where I think it's about how our brought up right, maybe its religious with you- I don't I think is everything I mean, but I also think there I mean it's funny you even talking about you know this summer. But this with it with a friend of mine who produced line producer actually on on on our show, and he was just
yeah. I feel this thing in you there. You know you're you're constantly like like it. You have that thing words like never enough, you know, but but in a weird way. I don't feel you're doing it because you need more. It's almost like you feel like you, parents need more. You know like here and entities that thing of you know what you're talking about like the deal pay off to come to this country, and I feel it is constant. I think my whole life this, on my head, hey better be worth it being here. Every adair who, like a delta, my family, I get to a debt to invoke, is knowing there is the strain of you know, a place that at first a place that is difficult to be in and then I think you know we get into this in the first season, but I I do think growing up in jersey and new york in the early owes you know, spending.
and now like more adult time away and be like. Oh, that was pretty fucked up like we. It was this weird thing for a kid like, maybe as an adult, you have a better handle on it sure as a kid you're kind of just growing up in constant confusion and fear- and I think like again this this feeling of I better make this worth it for my family until the shame was so baked in for me, so that so everything is just like what are you doing with your time? What are you doing with your time? Would you do with who you are so the frequency of shame was there. You know all my expectation, my immigrant expectation YAP, but then I guess you know you chose to build on that chain, who well yeah then there's the part of me. That's like well fuck it. How am I going to feel better in a normal way? How about you know, hey whether by getting back to like, wherever you are say about myself, My show was, you know I thought for that show, but in retrospect you know and I'm dealing with this now. I dont think I'm that interesting and I d I dont think them.
story. Is that related necessarily. I think people like the show- and I think it was his honest as I could be wrong, and I was just as is very honestly if you like. That's that's my favorite thing about watching you like at any time I've seen you like you and I've seen you over the years. Maybe we've actually only intersected at like two shows where we've talked but like I'll, always see you and em. It's always one of those. Like oh yeah, I gotta hang in the room because, like he's just he does care about like dressing it up. For you, my lord, I it's a you're just saying it, and I think that that I grew up on carlin ray it's like. I love that my love that just like straight up. This is what's on my mind and and and I you know my whole family room,
You know you could get along by family. Their views are like sarcastic bitter yeah. You know like self deprecating, yeah, yeah, you're, very arab in my mind yet so I think I see that I see the link kicking up. Why mean I like? I don't know that I know how to address it up like I'm like now like I wish I had that skill. I think that's. What am I I love it. We're coming, but it just. Where did a I'm trying to you after the special I gotta stage wisely? the first time to really do with locked into a log set to the ice house opener I gotta host, and I I I think I got. be thirty five by Michael I gotta do fifty. He had so, let's go in can I do that? The it's almost inevitable that I'll drive home embarrassed. I note right, just sort of like I tell them that, or did I put people know that yeah make them pay, but like I'm digging deep for like what don't they know like like there's, some sort of citation for for
like I'll, be says some weird shit about himself that you know might possibly embarrassing cause. That's what I'm here for and then you're driving home like I did nine minutes on cats yeah! Well, that's that's the go to if you have to. I don't have a there's going to be nine minutes. Cats, no matter what I do have a chance to talk. About- you know your dagger who you're dating you know what every step for some reason you know like last night I was a girl. I have decided to talk about the three sums I hadn't college, oh yeah, where it like it. I I just think the funny part of it is like in a threesome, someone can end up watching their friend fox beds. Were you the watch area grass garrison? I think I'm with you. Of course I am. I guess I'm done, but I'm in this so go for it. You guys I would imagine. That is why the memory stuck because I think, if you were doing you, don't we will remember as much as witnessing I. I know I always took me a long time to get a handle on that on the
well fuck, I'm sorry, do you want me and he got processed last night at the icehouse, though I do think it's a funny idea that I it's like right now, I'm just trying to see what's actually relatable to grownups like in that that when you say that you immediately know who is done. Yeah yeah yeah yeah, like this common thing from
generation, really right, Mary, you- I don't know, I don't know, I never was involved in one, and I dont know anyone who was. I maybe I know that one or two people but memories, the ones younger than I set out an always doing it. By heard it's a thing. I am sure someone is, but you know urge enriches, puts its. Yet if you watch euphoria, you like woe, these guys are doing nagging hiding the young feel correct. I felt like I was doing something legal. Why, by d by the way was like as someone who in my life, has seen a significant amount of porn like well. I don't know about this again to the fact that you have points a brain breaker. It is not well that's something that I think you know we really try to get in due in the show where its that's all. There is a religious, their religious guilt, but also just like having porn that young You know when I look back added, unlike oh, that really really messed with my sense of understanding, just The relationship to me me see it took up a lot of. attention it was.
in a drug it a drug we yeah, and it's not until this season. It seems to what the beginning of the season. The season that actually are you know. Your doktor friend is actually sort of like you're in new york you like a drug addict, yeah yeah. It doesn't come up for two season it to any anything guys. You just want to ask you one make sure all the porn heads rural. that guy. At the sickness frame, and then back in the last two last season and to be clear, I'm not trying you know it's funny cause either thing in me, and maybe it is the egyptian thing in your. I don't wanna offend anyone. Actually I don't wanna. So I'm even like look I'm not. This is no disrespect to the sex worker industry. This is no disrespect of you here who do that because it it's not It's not about critiquing, you know its truly about saying. I know this was true for me. Why did I worked a lot of you know of a world view in a way that I know It also affect a lot of people that I know yoga
I think that you can push back on the idea. Like you find your sex workers, you know, do what they have to do and you know it's it's their business, but there is a framing out there that is brought up in defence of sex work. That says I porn is not addictive, which I is categorically, not sure it's not true. I know it's just not true, but I had but the reason they push they'd they. They say that is because, there is a fine line between saying porn- is a dick of an moralising, he added a fine line between saying it's, it's addictive and its raw or it's wrong. Yes, so you know they there. That is why, to avoid that, framing yeah, so there is, I guess this or that self respect I so the end, Three is an aim. I don't we Think everyone is a new. I obviously grew up with with very you know, really just framing, but I think I cannot continue to have religious framing, but it, but it's shifted for me where I I kind of felt like I had an
kind of an opening where I spent a lot of my life thinking about Hell. But I'd. Never really thought about. The idea eleven, I never really thought about like. I have felt a lot about punishment and I don't think a lot about mercy and what does it look like to actually just have a merciful view. So you know, for me to say: porn is addicting and I understand that that could hurt some people actually don't want sex we have sat here. I don't want them. If that is, are you afraid of alienating nine january may higher muslim world but in the end Look, I don't want muslims to be upset either. I constantly don't want anyone to be, but then it's also like- and you know there is this part of me that pushes you know myself to be like cool, but you know. Can I is there enough that it could have. You know, and there are enough people who I've intersect with that? Barely hey. I know you get a lot of shit for this, or You know whatever, but thanks for things for putting that out there, that that makes it all worth it. Oh yeah course maybe, but I also think this this idea that you, you don't want to offend anybody. In light of your
sort of rudderless behaviour? He s a through line of they'll series and my life? right. So I got you like. We are ultimately punishable yes by the end of the year. I can see that he likes his like this worm going to take a stand for anything, but you know I really didn't wanna. Also yeah, like the part of me, was driven to to be like I'm not gonna like you know. This show where I'm just like the hero, all the tapie knows it so it I'd. There is a party to that. I'm gonna put out their stuff there. has historically tortured me or stuff. That historically bothered me sure, and obviously we heighten a lot of it for the show by you know. It feels like am more useful, offering of of something that I could do and in something like a fucked up, comedy well, yeah and also like there's just sort of that struggle with your personal point, symbols and sort of your moral responsibility. You know, in light of you know your struggle with god. You have all this this other. Going on that you're a it's it's
also behavior or it's impulsively everts, it's totally self serving. Yes, and then, like you know, when you sort of china can't get away with it and then, when you filing Mary somebody in this well, look there. Moment where the shake doesn't. punch you. you don't seem to really learn anything. It's kind of a rough anger. Someone now you come back here later. Looking like you awesome wake and you're all be more cynical, an edge to euro more of broken in fuck. You wish, I am nothing nothing's ever going to work out. I blew it all. Let's makes some money I want you to do like are synopsis by
I want you to break like like just like the little paragraph, the thing where, if you could, if we could do a collab on the blurbs, this wormy arab, who refuses to take responsibility for anything, is at it again that'd, be a great season for me, arab season for just wormy arab watch, him warm at everything and not think anything's his fault. It's amazing he's like a magician, even though it's against his religion, I like I, sadly I relate median. You know like the last one like why me, let's go back, she got you didn't we weren't in queens long years. Just until seven or eight that you went to jersey, but your grandparents though there someone is my grandpa
is there and my uncles then eat at those places they go to those bakery. We do all of it. Yeah, of course, that's weird yeah yeah I mean now I live in brooklyn too, and so that's just the regular regular stopover where a to your grandparents yeah. So what part of jersey, I grew up in rather food it serves, renders has right work or my routes or from renewable. mountain lakes: oh yeah, yeah yeah. So you know like was the milk barn there when you grew up there, yeah yeah dude that ice cream spot yeah, exactly yeah yeah. That was there when my mother was a kid my mother, grub and pumping lakes yeah that was like we would go there. That was a good date spot when you got a car right in kino parking lot. Yes, there's a big parking lot. That was like fifteen minutes away. Yeah you just they kept right on. You know right on route, three, my grandfather had a hardware store in haskell. Has been the hills there, like butler hassle by yet, unlike Robbie. I can't com help me anymore battle know what's going on up there, but he had a hardware store there and an applied store wow. So that's like my people are from where you grew up, is
I was I was alive when they built paramus park. It was like Paramus park. Mall yeah like it was a big deal. Member have a grandmother? Because I go visit him. I grew up in mexico, but they you know, I was in jersey. We were in lane two one. Oh yes, of course but I remember when they built them all night. My it was like the first food yeah? That was big and my grandmother's? They have, from all over the world to talk about I was at a euro place is the first time at greek food, and I was just amazed at the mall that we grew up with the mall being built, which is now this big mall, the american dream. They call it, but it was if the primary gone. No premise, a premise is still there, but the american dream is like an it's on the way to new york on on route. Three and it's. This is just development that had been was being built. The whole time I was growing up in twenty five years or something to build from was an investor he pulled out. Someone else s if you pull out
I finally just got finished here and it really yeah yeah and it's, I think, the second biggest mall in america. So how is willowbrook on willowbrook there? still there were willa broke was cool cause it was, I may reveal a book would be open on sundays, cause there's a bunch of britain county stuff there s a blue laws, so they don't hope there is a close eye on days. If you need some on sunday boil a brook array, a really thousand that was I classical more with the fountain yeah. Where they are. Joe jersey, cassese, arabic community there there is if there is, but we lived, probably you that was in patterson superior, like twenty minutes from there, so we'd go shop, there hang there, but our town, our town, wasn't there. There were really arabs in our town, Patterson's big arab character, a lot of egyptians and big. It's. I think it's number two in america behind or maybe two or three it's like. I think it's it's it's dearborn michigan and I think it's patterson Amelie and then maybe right after patterson, his queens and but yet the The region's yeah, and both your parents are egyptian both here so in your uncle. Is that a real guy
it is an amalgamation of a few uncles yeah. Some good gets a good character, he's fun, but in the series these Palestinians yeah, so we kind of played it off of our casting of like our actors that we had. You know the woman who who, who plays my mom in the show is palestinian, so we realize in real life, so great in succession to she's so good. He ama, bess, yeah she's great she's, like an actor of our generation, I mean we were so thrilled. We got you knew were growing up, and She's, really I mean yes, she's some really great films, especially in the arab world, but also you know yes, she's and I mean I was so happy that we got her in the father where'd. You get that guy huge gypsy film star. Yet it feels like that yeah like so who they just excited is held to do? This are aiming at this the nearest. What they were excited about was. It was the kind of thing that was talking about would have run, talked about, but didn't air in the Middle EAST. In one of my favorite things about the show has been
you know a level you could see Ok, it's it's kind of describing something to an american audience or whatever yeah, but it does really well in the arab world. Even if some people are pissed about it, american or international, your international airborne international yeah it it plays real egg. When I go to saudi people are stopping me you and- and I do I love you- show like or or or hey man why'd, you do that or you know where they primarily have a problem with generally sex. But it's what with an analysis is a thing for me too, which is like the end, thing making the shows I knew if I was playing a drug dealer who sharp people. Would be less sensitive right and just jerkin after porn I always thought that was really interesting thing that jerking off the porn would feel so violent, but during more and having sexual jews, you I got in the way they were to Jews, one now too and the congo and she
It's your right, yeah, that's right, and then you know my show better. The day you've watched it. Probably more recently that I have yeah. I worked with her. I loved her. I love anna concourse she's, the best she's she's she really was with us as it was a funny seen. Yes, that's what people assume that that that idea, that in I've, always had a two bit by was ill informed really in that liking. Other muslims that are just why jews like nonpartisan jews and- and I think there there's fewer of those. Were you know- and I think this is kind of the the conversation of our generation like are we gonna shift into just being cultural? because we really hold onto it. You know I was just fasting ramadan this past month and I was in saudi and I was in chicago where'd you go to saudi. My wife is from their so so her families there, and so we went we spend time with them
and then had to go to Chicago and even though its weight is awake, but we see the thing is like that's not casual right, because I like it's a value on you. I do not like no remind me wherever it what we have just in that one seen. Even when you know your cousin does your hotel room in egypt, you like, I assume the dat type of moral police yeah is real or no so The hotel room, egypt stuff is real for people who are different citizens. Yet, though, you know bill, though they'll look for them it's really interesting? You can have a woman in your room if you're not married, if you're egyptian, so
they'll they'll be like oh this person's egyptian, like, let's see like I want to see the marriage certificate to america up. They're not going to say anything which is you know, a hypocrisy, but is that what what is up is that part of some sort of mild sharia law or is it part of yeah? I would say, like you said it actually pretty correctly, like moral police, they actually will call it like moral policing, at least in saudi. They called it moral police. But, interestingly, there is no more moral police in saudi Excise duty now is a whole other wild west. I mean they d like paid to wear shorts, Wait like world it's about their wearing drenched, the it's crazy, it's crazy! They can play music in their car. Now you know the with between women drive it it's really being there now, because it is it's a totally different, page turn and it's fun, to be there and have people inside of you like dude, like go along with the abortion situation in america at sounds rough because you can do an abortion anywhere in saudi arabia they give you dont want to be a problem.
about a ride every but totally like you go to a doctrine, get that in care of be way smoother. Then, in any of these, why? I imagine I like that places that you have theirs? of culturally insulated anne- and you know, are you know in in and respect genetic lines I would. I would think that they don't want those kind of mistakes. I don't want. You know, unwanted kids, don't you know me? I don't know man. I know I've aids and interesting that I don't know. I don't even know, if that's an I don't know. If that's the base upon, which they do it, but I think there is at least not a progressive place. So I mean that there obviously there's something within you know loophole within their religious beliefs, eternit allowing it. But I think this is the made this happening, which is like you know what is progress you know like in in terms of saying, something's, progressive or not progressive. It also is like well what kind of quality of,
in what values are important to you, and so, if you kind of feel the level of like financial capitalist stress that happens in this society and what people works in here verses if you hung out in saudi for three weeks. I bet you'd kind of like oh everyone's, like a bit. We're here. There's a different energy like people does our everyone inhabitants billion dollars? not everyone, but but there are certain basic things that are really taken care of those years. Don't know that No, no, I mean, I think, everything you things vowed, but it's like you know. If you're they got a construction worker there or even if you someone who's like a maid, someone's house, you have healthcare right I mean these are things that there are really really core things that are just handled. In a real human level- and so I I mean all the difference, do it no genuinely I'm? Even when I go to canada, I'm like it's not up here, whatever that american psychic capitalised cancer
there's something's not up there, it's not up there. It has to do with healthcare will. I think healthcare is a big piece of it and also just like the way people look out for each other in a society, and so I I def Lee like recoil at pregame, the first non progressive, because it's not it's like. What's your barometer, oh you mean in terms of defining something as introducing that's it rather than regressive society. That's a close up. Society will work of the men x. You know what are you know? That's what you said that I had to use that word in relation to my country, yet that that you I progressive battle politically, is trying to contain the right of women to have control over the body that's happening here. Yeah that's happening here and you're, saying in Saudi it's like oh yeah, it's not no! It's not happening there and obviously it's like then you say: ok, saudi women can drive up until four years ago hundred percent. You know, but I think what you'll find when you speak with people there is there feel, like you know, every issues, cherry pact,
where their kind of can we just look over the whole paint? Can we look at the whole picture? Nobody knows how to do that here. Yeah whole picture is no whole picture. Everything here is a marvel movie. We're gonna have a movie or click back yet heads a truly everything is just so. Susan, so sensational and in its in its so wiped out, so you there and you like yeah, we know- problems, we know we have stuff working out, but why are we viewed as our bearings, you know cause that's the framing that we grew up with here, which is basically everyone over there. Are they type there, women the can't drive? They can't this? They can't that and were good, but when you legs you mouth and you really look at in a whole world view and again get anything that quality of life. We are getting now people out in care I and where they are, and you know that there is something really beautiful spiritual unita, even if their stuff, that is press it or there is no, but that's any any system is going to have its joys and its oppressions, and I think anyone who lives years can experience what the joys in the oppressions art fair. So I think that You know when you really start to have a real world view, none
convenient none of it, you you don't get to live anywhere and feel good. Just being there. You know he doesn't it's not going to cut it, but also the idea. The the whole idea of perception is important and how you know just what we get, what anybody gets on a day to day basis. How much do I about anything. Yes do you know, I mean you just kind of putting together bits and pieces of bullshit that do not yet any homework yeah you just kites, everything's, quick, bade her here sayer a picture he saw or of news article. You read yeah yeah, it's weird out in november saw the saudis as barbaric. I just saw them as some sort of strange insulated you know wealthy- aristocracy that didn't abide by laws. I understand yeah yeah yeah yeah. Well, it's funny! No, I I don't! I wouldn't saying you did, but it's interesting I'll feel it onstage. Like I was doing, I was trying to understand a bit like last month. I was just. I think our second something about netflix like how many there are, and I was just kind of like ripping that you know there
they're just going at a certain point, make really compelling show about a pedophile, because you'll just run out of right and make you you'll route for the file. You know like that's where we ve to in and then some those obtained talking about this premise, I'm trying to figure it out. It's like it's revelator there any pedophiles here and people are laughing. You know and then probably like six minutes later in the set, I'm like yeah, my wife is saudi and the level of silence to my wife is saudi versus the laughter like. Are there any pedophiles? Here is the fact that I said the word Saudi was so trigger? and I asked in a few everywhere that I go there's this level of like woe. You know like that is on so weird yeah yeah. Is that that authority yeah you know and and and I feel that everywhere and yeah- it's It'S- it's the packing of it in resuming out of it. You realize you how programmed movement sure so,
When do you start doing comedy new jersey, how's at unfold, I was lake, I started the first thing I ever did really see. to buy, was a video camera. I really liked me, in things I would make for a video I have these, like short films that are used to make it like. I would shoot stuff, and then you know you go to your grandparents' house. You gotta, be there nine hours. Yeah had this little computer, it had Windows movie maker on it and they used to just sit and make things and not talk anyone right. You know that was my way yet dealing with at the family everyone's loud like. Let me just go in the room and edit. Yes, I really liked that, and so I started writing little shorts and stuff, especially when I got to high school, then I started acting in them and then We were really in a buddy of mine who I still work with Jonathan like he'd went and why you and we were, and we and he was like there's these guys doing sketches we ve been making videos in high school. Let's do sketches aims. Dare comedy like mcdonald glover. Those guys are still.
leaving, and why you read the book and a nick coach, her and primarily those guys, we're doing stuff, and we were really spired, so we started doing sketch comedy videos here and then I remember I went to you see be right. When I got my permanent, I think seventeen, the arab over there, and I saw jenny slates one woman show here, and she would do this thing where she would come out do occur and in should change and play a video she made and she went back and forth and I Our do that right that you know in advance, during their and our I. You know so funny. I haven't gonna tell her yet I have your life. I haven't been in the room with her yet and if you like you made me realize I want to do that. You know, but but I had been really into that and- and you know the sketch world, and so that's how I kind of got into it. I must have been I started doing so it in new york, seventeen or eighteen sure, and then it slow.
Lee transition understand it, but I'll wait. You afraid to stand up at first. It didn't. I didn't like the idea of just being onstage by thing we're doing work and I used to be. Either people's improv theatre, Anne and you see be. Sometimes we go to the magnet that kind of stuff on the other place. Yale then I'll happened. You know after me, I think, yeah like I remember when you see be, got there and they were kind of housed in this old strip bar there was the first use, Ebay, yeah theatre, I just remember being told that sometimes orthodox guys would come thinking that the strip bar was still there yeah. They always have weird. Looking I mean the wash we've done in an apartment above it in that time, the big one or by the supermarket, that under the proceedings I had such was my dream. I remember even getting like that management that base me. I remember getting a manager end and he was like yet films. the outbreak owed you thank you
they. Give me like a regular show. You see. That's all I cared about without any, without going through the line is, why did the glass I got kicked out of one of the classes could say I was going school records in newark and I was working. The apple store and then I was going to closet. U c b, I was always late yeah, so I'd show up. Like thirty minutes later I had some policy say. If you go late, three times you get kicked out, so got kicked out of two of the classes. So then I needed Oh, you know trying to lean on really crunch three arts to you know, who is your guy door, Becky oh becky's, I was, I met Becky when I was when I was nineteen. Oh yeah to be my guy. Yet for a long time, yeah yeah, then kinds yonder likes her exist, workin out, of you james. You know like it's hard to be with you you're with early. You know it's just like as yet. We will feel weird for both here: yeah yeah you're doing fine, but he I was just sort of like well I guess I'll just have them around see what happens.
Becomes like a weird bad marriage, the working you talk to him. Tell starchy dude status, you never like stanhope. Wasn't here jam really when I moved to allay I didn't have, I didn't, have any sketch going on here yet You when I was twenty, I was the one who came over here? It was like I was doing sketch in new york, probably for three years, then, when I came over here, I started getting into stand up and getting up yeah. Where do you out and a lot like flatterers that like my my first spot and then I started going up at this at the last factory, I would only lead to a jet, so you weren't doing all rooms I'll do all rooms currently the silverlake, the bars all that stuff. Here, where are you going at the factory laugh factory yeah Jimmy was really nice to me. Jimmy, like put me up pretty quick, yeah yeah. He heap I got I never even got in at the store. I only got up at the factory yeah.
Was an israeli egyptian bonding. You did with Jamie and we solved it one night he did yeah. There was one night, we kind of talked out the whole plan, and that was just kind of like get up there. That sounds that sounds like the most exhausting evening of anyone. I don't think I've ever talked buddy buddy! That's where I leave a conversation. I never worked there just because of that variety. I'm like I gotta go. I dunno what I didn't know where those audiences come from. I know where the money comes from either way lay between the factory and an flapper the mosaic. Like? I was just doing a lot of time at the rooms that, like I didn't see the other comp be people be at the store and doing others that I was just saying. I got up there a lot at a certain point. I started getting up at the improv a lot yeah yeah, I don't yeah. I just go to the store because I just I don't need I weird but resentments and pet peeves about the other places.
Go way back. They refused to let go of an aid. Only matters to me. No one else gives a fuck the boy tell them. I don't know work in any improper now making them a fucking dine. Didn't help me says now reads that way: How does this my thing to remember the and I'm not worrying about hurry business at all. yeah I'll show them fuck, em, that's all drink for them I mean you re religious. In that sense, it are you have your principles here, really stick to them. My principal yonder, deeply on resentment pass. Does a slight many would say: is that lives in the realm of the unseen hold onto it? Mystical you ve got your cross on your chest and urgency than an on going to stand by it. Occasionally do a charity show there The only thing that transcends clarity for the dogs to further its further kids, but but
you're doing otherwise. What was the plan? Is you are you do? Do you did some tv radio tv series what you do? The thing they moved me delay was. I I got booked on this nick at night. Sip come here with got bail, and so I did I moved me. Are you did it to him? are you going, one that pushed him over the edge the you do tell me about their shut up. You fuckin arab, that happen. There was the I like. He was honestly so kind to me. Where is he it was? He for he snapped no I mean look. He was dead. The I was you know. We were working the day that obama got reelected and he just kind of walked in and looked at everybody and he's like you guys, happy at happy if you're going to see where this country's going? Oh yeah? Alright, alright, let's shoot and you know- and he didn't want to talk about It- he was genuinely you know cause he. He know he's like you're all like yeah, fuckin, liberals and that
am not going to say jews because ramis year, but you know what I'm saying was he was you know, but other than that, it's very kind. To me I mean he he professional very I mean he was really good at his job and you know Ben was a cool experience. Mark curry was on that show. Oh, my! So a thing that really launched me doing a lot of stand up. Was you know I told curry on set. I was like. I want to do more, stand up and doing sketch and he was like where'd. He go up and I was like of I have a show. You know thursday a flappers and he was alright what time and tell him and then literally clockwork it's like I'm about to go. onstage and use. Portugal is a gamble if just this whiff of cigar smoke as like that door to fly, there is opened, hurry comes in and along trench, go really, let's see either sits in the back and I go up and unlike trying premises out of ours that only like when he had a will juice, I guess still, he will you
he's gone on. The show I mean he was. It wasn't like his cooper juice, but he was just you know he was out and he was soon anything and he was so he was like laughing hard it. The half mademoiselle had he was come open for me and he started taking me on the road and and that you know off of that show, and he was really kind to me cause I would go. I would bomb I mean I didn't know. I didn't have time, hey sort of a good role model because he's kind of a long form yeah a guy- and you know he maintain the town. Yes he's not gonna go get em. Yes, you know he's not a pandora. No, he does his thing in rio. It was cool His eye would I would Do these chosen in the first few I definitely eight shit and he would just laugh he a united. I can he be like you know any gimme, a pat on the back and he didn't care what I did or does he go out and he would just ree format the whole room. It didn't matter that I bond like it just he got but now it's it's his show any totally take. So that is the biggest trick to learn. Is that thing where
You know you take whatever times necessary to reformat the room he would. He did so while yet as does this one, it's a real thing. It's it's really about being grounded it's a talent, and I I had this one. I remember I ate it and I felt guilty. I was just like man, I'm fucking up your shows and he's like you, gotta eat it. You know to like figure it out thing I remember is one show I definitely didn't have a good set and then he comes out and he, like you, know, quite literally saying hey and then he sees this woman has a big purse you're a table and this purse persist so big. It needs a movie. And then you pick it up and goes the purse starring tv, a butler any like puts it on his leg thing and he goes mama, leave it and I'm taking the purse, and he does this like movie trailer about a purse and is We think that are seen as a so good in the crowd is dying and its again everyone up, and so we did lake on the third city. I figured it out. I could I also losing. I love you. Another person I study
I just stole his and after that we be like. Why did you take my clothes work man I do. I just felt that it was. It was great being on the road because you have no friends suits. If you go back to the hotel and you like, I can't do this shit again to morrow. I can't use at the next sitting here, and so I think I went. We know on the road with him a bomb just fuck like just eat it and then I would come home. Hotel, room and I'll just sit up and right. I pray the left allay, would like seven minutes and came back with twenty five that I really india, and so he really helped me because by and those I found. What I think would have taken me like years years defined in august. Especially to black rooms, sure they're, not that are not what we want for your little like whip ever like those who are you bet I deliver. Who are you? What are you talking about now? Really helped me that, by the end of doing shares with mark, I felt I knew you know what I was saying who I was on stage, which was really that's good together, a quick course in that he really. I feel very indebted to him: yeah,
It's? U, and while there is a minute there were use common background. China. Southern gone, but then they just went back and the shadow somewhere, I donor. He he goes out with catalogue, they hymning cat duty. Shows and legists this interview. You does it really Whenever I me I got, this may well be I have cat, the? I don't know what you're talking about that back I've read over ten thousand bucks, it's pretty. great, is a really great any of it is true, but it is great ago amazing performance that you have just started like him. Going against tightly. Was him doing his job? ctf interview on the level no anger he's not going to raise its voice
complimenting you on your shirt to the it'd, be totally on my comedy and MIKE really just totally. I knew it was happening like never seen that maybe has been me. I just knew I knew what was happening and there was nothing to do about it. There's nothing. I could do about it. And I realize it was also very entertaining excited about that Go you know. Oh my god. Oh, my god, I knew I was happy to have the second I get in the car unless you get something so, but from there you go. Oh, what brings you back in new york there I was in a way for a while. I basically did you know this show with with scott mark, and then I was doing his road dates with my nickel loading and unloading area than that anyway, I do in the road were currie how your parents dealing with all his shit. They're kind of you know, I'd just dropped out of
knowledge before I got the rum rikers yeah might my dad one yeah it's. You know for you. jersey thousand yeah yeah yeah institution ray, and so my dad's like. Why would you drop out of rutgers? What are you doing? What were you studying at rutgers? political, science and econ, and but going. I was like doing again, as you know this comedy stuff in the city and then My second year, I started taking acting classes in the city, so just I never whereat. We must pursue area, and so I yeah just never get students, I just left, and then you come out here I am doing the show and my dad just like the show's going to end. Then you've got to go back to school. He knows that kind of energy. I didn't even know that he was just like they. They were proud but also that euro zone of data, but it didn't, seem real. That's not if they are job that someone, what they did. It examines up some of those, but they didn't you, no real, like didn't, think it was dependable and then rash
ended and then I spent a couple years just doing stand up, and I think- I did a colbert set that made my parents. Like I'd, really broken enemy. history which is funny because five, my had ever so five medical verse at versus series regular, like a show, the other, is something about their like. Oh, you know Stephen colbert like right. That's your good call bare legs. You you're good that that's his cigar in iraq because something they'd know yeah. Sorry. It fell like secure honourable say it took. It took probably like yeah. That was ex five years. Indeed, since I left my house five six years since I left my family ties but you, you won't take the acting seriously yeah I mean I was you know, auditioning doing all that, but it didn't it was. I wasn't booking a lotta roles I booked dislike MR robot, When I was exciting for me, but then yeah time, I was really on the road at first with mark. I was doing my own shows, but then I was open,
four gerard and I was opening fur mo amor visa and and and getting more time they're, just billy my hour and then and then it kind of like you know my buddy are a teacher it would written. drug show we were doing in a week. Would do shows together whatever in and we kind of starting ok liquids figure out a show. and right not in that downtime and gerard is sort of E became sort of a mini mogul have very quickly yeah. So you knew was possible yes and that yeah, the crowd you are running with were doers You know you never got into the sort of like just to be on the road. For three years, yeah there was always sort of a bigger purpose yeah and it, and it really felt like you know, even from when I was leaving high school, we saw we were again like really inspired by the dark. Comedy guys were were just like yo, these guys just make stuff, they put it on youtube reviews and they are in doors so that why came to allay? That was my whole thing, but really do you too? We do,
yeah me: we weren't, we didn't ever ino, It was funny actually like there was one video. We had that had like ten thousand views and areas like heat, you know get the time as it won't. You got out of ten thousand year, like you know it felt like something on windows. During the year that age, I mean Becky off that right, like off kind of nothing, but also soak a twinkle of you. I think I could Becky, who knows nothing about anything like that, what that is like you, I like seems right desired, but I, I deeply came to allay with that, and then I think when I started hanging with ari, What was on the roads you're out, yet there was that mentality for sure of, like yo. Let's make stuff that's what weakened? yeah and so the mckenna hooked up with with ravioli twenty four in they were really just starting their tv business in and so yeah grew fast in Riyadh, most guy. Yet I've met him a couple times. Yeah he's a lot easier, but he's he's
he's very funny on the show I mean yen and in me no we did the first season and then I had written like a whole. You know I've been, opening for mo, as I do not really want to do is show about you note undocumented dude in texas, again billina, and so I put together this pit for showing for him for him, and then we went in pitch that that was the first summer off of like I think, rami came in may, and then we like june or July, we went to netflix and pitch motions were running that what say? Oh yeah may twenty nineteen zero. So what What will I learn from marching motion? Do you think that
texas, flavor the texas places palestinian palestinians, alright, yeah. There are a lot of different type of religion and nerves with basically the same will look he's muslim, but I would say the show is less religious yeah? No, it's not we. We know it's. A different fish out of water show different tone: the palestinian out of water palestinian in a different desert about it. It's a different, it's a whole and you know he's so funny he's funny so yeah. We we got that going on yeah kind of I'm so with with rami That's not netflix, no hulu yeah yeah yeah, so so we am yes called it. Why that decision? at the time they stepped up. They just like will make the show. Okay, I think it was. You know we. It was a whole process to get rami up and you know through the door cause they were like cause. I think you know we had a twenty.
hadn't done a bunch, a tv drafted in the multi. Can you know an army? They had done a multi camp thing and we are working on it together, but it was lake they know entrusted us. You know, and I think after the first season of of rami they got excited too went netflix netflix were just like you. I will do it. You know eight episodes like they just it was the as they were doing that there are even do that anymore for raw tobacco, the OECD's ordered it young evident even read anything. It was just off of what we said in the room that we could. I urge our gonna so much attention, yet they were like we love this. We were and we're like ours, a cool you know most really funny in our show, want to do something within this totally different rami. Has this like smaller? You know even like what you are leading to earlier. It's like we have it short film s quality. These episodes were kind of zoning an and stuff, and we're like we want to make something in texas, that's broader. You know that feels it. More like a sick com. But, as you know, these bigger image, should themes in iran is kind of more personal and whatever this is like a bigger thing. It's a glitter leap,
documented blowin houston, but it's funny you know through most lend right, and so yet there are cool. We want. I think his anger comedy like that, like I forgot to, may I give answers the other show that, yes, I mean only. We yes cut that you had four. I was here no I've of like many times been like you know, dude we'd, like the sure of it. It's been flat. like, so in saying that you can't even watch louis when the influence of all of us, It is in our lotta shows the people really like today, more yeah. Why did it with its very specific? Because not everyone can do it, like you even know whatever I was doing you, certainly it was always a thing as a comic when I was coming up that you wanted to show built around you re, but to take it into your own hands and then I mean that the two are sort of the lui model was at you did all on his own with money there. You know he chose to a lot you know he produced for cheap which enable them to keep doing it yeah so once again,
is tat. We should be sort of like hey, you don't need money yeah. You know that was the other thing. That was other, though, is double. They say now that idea. That is only one louie. I now, but they're not gonna. Give anybody money now. Did it so when he I was like I was it. This show in using this concert. Dislike fear that thing or something- and I was sitting with my wife and were in a row and it's empty and end just the two of us he asked one of the ushers is ronnie dude. While you bought the row I just for you and your wife and I was like he was like you got the big bucks. I was like no, like my doctor, friends make more money, you don't even know everyone's like. Oh, you have a tv and then another like hulu. No, we don't. You know
It's not so funny the weird kind of success. Shame yeah! I know you know you don't know, I don't know anyone who wants to see my you might know. This is more about like people not buying free tibet exactions s. Sad thing is that it is an issue for tibet above, but the you even the thing, you're saying like that dream of yeah being a comic awanting sure and you it wasn't. Actually I Even in you, you ve seen enough of our show to see like this assembly fought for in the first season. We had three episodes, I'm not even in and more, we do the show, I'm less in it and then even getting a work on both I have found now over last for five years? I much prefer not being in it all the time or not, even being like. I really like the process of just like directing other actors and writing for them. It's ok, I'm not sure I want to do anything anymore, yeah that is our is our I'm headed can only hope that you peace of mind. Enough
or the desire to leave enough. I think it's ok see for me, but now I can. I would imagine that would be more satisfying. Then yes, sort of the repetition of acting in the process of doing that. or building episodes around you d to sort of direct in shape. And you know have a bigger job in a way that engages your creativity are more levels, it's fun it's fun and I really like again. You know. The first thing I ever did was edit. So I just like that, the ilo- it's really fun for me. So what was it like How did you feel by guy had a lotta guest hours on my show one kind or another and I knew when I started show that would have to figure out how to act in a real way. As me, I knew that I would take a hit the first season I just you know it was a very mature sort of realization. I was just going to say, mature yeah, I'm of going to suck yeah. Probably no one will watch anyways, but
maybe I'll learn how to do so by the second season you ve, got academy award winners yeah that year in any way it's like I'm watching you with the mercer Lee yeah and am I ass if feeling better from as he is he really in it. Dude he's. So gracious is just like I I was yeah there was that thing of oh shit. You know the guy showing up, but he so curious and cool, and he had a ton of questions about the script in he was like in I doing he beat good. What you want in a series? So gracious yeah, so he's not trying to smoke. You and the scene is actually he's he's kind of just emotionally intelligent is reading the situation. He saying this is my role in it, and and how do I fit in with a degree yeah he in so it was really. It was yeah just so beautiful they ought to do with him. And it's another do that it was an emotional project for him, because he was
dude, you know he used to have a longer screen name. It was like martial law shahbaz, something like he has a longer name yeah. That is eluding me right now so, but but if he you know, he told me Oh, he was on a show. Ratan ran after nine eleven. They literally cut the number of episodes. He was an awkward, I think, is a weird timer Now I know so for him to go from that to you know playing you and mom at a mosque and being honest, sat where, like you know like oh, hey, worrying. I will be back in five like we're, gonna, pray and, You know that was a big thing for him in so that was really cool to share that with him. Have you like? I can't believe this is the arc of my inner career How many like like IRAN? dickens or on the set in general, was at some
It was because, mike when I did, reservation dogs like it's all native, almost all native and they couldn't be more excited, yeah a lot. I mean it's not I wouldn't say it's an all, but like a lotta, p, a's a lot of people in the writers' room, a lot of people in all parts production yeah, I would say We'Re- probably like half half and you're, he's good. Now, will you you know this? in the process of making? You know the show stand up whenever the best part of it is it's? My family only got closer, that's it was really cool because they are how to take the hit. Who will funny cause? I think we spent so much of our lives, like you know, being in this place of lake. what people think. What will this? What will that you know in a new kind of have this again? Lake early to them I just remember the fear of you know my and losing friends after levin, my mom feeling, weird and, and they totally became you know as I look back.
Now there were things that I think made them like socially reclusive on a level and They don't feel that way anymore, and so I think, even stuff that we've done on the show, I think has been processing for all of us and not that the show is is is straight up our life again like it's. It's totally. You know, you know how it goes. It goes through. A writer's rear gets dramatized, but but I think there's a couple of emotional there that, like me, getting to do that and in us having real deep conversations about it, I feel my parents if I look at when I started doing comedy, may end and and then to now like my parents, went from being my parents to be my friends like we're friends, now, that's good, which is really cool, and you know how much like how how big was the writers' room and were you generating all the basic stories or because, after a certain point you, I never know how that happens. You know my writers room was a bit sluggish and old and white, and you have- which is a mistake in retrospect, but
nothing wrong with the old and why slightly slightly get amply sluggish second gets all the problem actually really to be honest, but but where, where regenerating stories from where they all that I saw some of them are wearing your stand up. Yet dear, and I assume you didn't really fucked your cousin, maybe did I didn't. I yeah yeah so, but you ve talked about having our cousin. Yes, so there are some things that were in the stand up in your sword, like wishes play that out. the first season. So much of it to stand, I mean even like we have this in a flashback episode too like young main character, when he's young- and you know on on nine eleven- and that was actually a movie idea that I had had and yeah- and it was one of the Ok, like I've only got does so great that they're talking to osama, There was a nightmare used to have no answer, shooting that you noticed that kitchen looks a lot like my kitchen when we shot that scene, shows all over my body because it was lit the way
I still look in my head, you know I was like there's always there's always this like bluish glow, like the tv's on and osama, is looking at me and is hiding at my house yeah. You know because he thinks we're friends and I have to tell him we're not you know that would be the nightmare I would have, and so I I was like oh, this would be an interesting thing to see in a movie because no one's talked about how much impacted, you know just being a kid, but then we're doing a season, and I'm like this is my only shot, I'm throwing everything I've ever thought of going into the right, so the first season was very much like these are all the ideas I've been sitting on for years, whether I thought it was stand up or a movie or whatever it's all going in, because I'm you know I mean I don't have a minute get another swing it. Yes, I know I like her and then I'll just force myself to think of better ideas, and you know what I will get a room going. So every A kind of Think how that the kid was great, though all he was amazing, amazing, with great you had a lunch. Just amazing did he was a genius and he he he came up to me and he was like Hell
You do this a lot like he. He picked up a tick idea. I want to do that and I was like you know he was really yeah he's a little shower naked yeah he's got that thing yeah, but as every season we kind of the writer we come out see my hour. You know and and then we'll just kind of stuff from that and then bring it in. You know about I'm about to shoot my sex special now but I've? Since I put, my first special I've cycled through, like to have three hours, immaterial material kind of felt lake. I just felt like I wanted. You know long time ago it was yeah, I shot that special, two thousand and nineteen. So it's yeah it's like four years, but I guess it's not that long, but I I I I I'm really happy with a special but also it was like. I want the next window on the work he has one of work through. It material before I shoot at yeah yeah. I know what you're trying to push buttons again. well I'm you always be vetoed like they do
getting near the button you're not supposed to touches, just like I felt like that was. That was an experience for it almost felt like your witnessing like an expert, it's for the muslim community yeah. To have an and people who were tower and an interested yucca hang out, yea riah yeah. No, I'm That's that's a grave, Put it in. I almost in a way feel the same about the show, yeah sure that's never like hey here. Let me explain things to people who don't know it's like. These are conversations I want have from within the community Viejo. That's why the any time that the only insult that ever hurt me isn't. People like I used to do in this for her. You know people who aren't sick. You just trying to you, know he's trying to make like white people laugh. He was trying to make america laugh or whatever and I'm like brunner this. is not. This is about our conversation that I think I could contribute something to hear imperfect
Lee not perfect. That's the only critique that ever like used to get under my scandalised. Ah, I don't think you're gonna go that way at all. I may I think that just stay a slight neo from people who would rather keep it to themselves what what inside his gun under your skin, the most in my life, count it doing common would give you your life, oh yeah, is ago, when I was starting out in Boston as very much angry and very aggressive in my approach, he and I got off stage in a guy who is like a publicist or had something to do with the local scene in Boston. You know a guy, he comes after me and he just goes. Why comedy I really do not answer at that time. I think. Like your oddly amiss,
use of the word hack, yeah, bugs the fuckin yeah causalities. You know your browsing dumb. It's call everything hack, and I know you guys are the hack you're, the axe he's like what is you know that drives Well, when I hated open mics like I really tried to avoid them, because I was you know go in there and you just be strange jokes, that did it This will never play in front of real humans legacy everyone in here so desensitize the comedy, you're all train, make each other laugh the, but it's like this joke doesn't It would never work with the general population because it's got it's like. Based on what I mean, I you know we all have to deal with that, to a certain degree, his comics, what we draw from, because our wives are pretty small in a way. Yes, Do you know what I mean I mean? Were you like? I, you know what am I? What am I doing over? At least you got a wife, you got kids yet know you want to wait. I've had wives, but I mean I've, no kids, but like it gets. Your point is like what are you
to talk about the end, if your wife is small and you're gonna talk about yourself, you know I've been can a joke about my stand up right now. that my neck specials is be called. The mark me an unreliable doesnt work indoors working towards. I love that, but but I guess what So the story, so, as you generate, I counted because its you talk about shame and you talk about saxon. We were talking about. These things are all your, but given the nature of your disposition, there's no submissive submission. Stop it there, you know, there's, no, you have is every get tied up, chick the only time it happens is in this weird ass moment with the israeli diamond dealer, when you're having a hard time getting it up or your character as a relative thing, most people would be at this point would be like you mean my character named him. You see, I know just so mistake, but the butt
Scene was crazy, yeah right, but that was like a sexually charged. Weird kind of you know this is this the new hard, ronnie, two levels, I guess. But that's the one you get up. That's when you put up for consideration right I see I think it's one of them, yeah yeah, there's that second episode. When you first go to Israel shot there yeah we did the whole season most of the no. No, no just then just that episode, and it was in a wee wee wee. It was good It was a great experience because it was like things were at the right. When you were there, it was, it wasn't a crazy, it's always crazy, but even though it was particularly yeah yeah, it was. It was so the part that was. I was working with this palestinian crew they're here who they read the screen, and they were just then they should really like they're, not gonna, make you edit stuff value. we're going to be able to shoot this, you can be to say the stuff on american tv they.
I believe that this is something that could air, and I said no yet there the network is they're paying for it like we can do this, we could guide and they were really you know. Yet there really really informed the thing a lot right there, big time, begging, choices, big time, yeah and the director. You know this happened to you. When we went to Egypt, I everytime I go somewhere, there's a good script. Jake as a goddess are, but then we show up and it's almost the opposite when you know in america, you know I'll be shooting something and it's like okay. This is the division of the thing. If you're a writer on set, you could say something you know, but you know we're plowing ahead, Egypt. guy who you know is handing out t between takes a beer, you know you really should say, don't say that say this here, I'll take them You know it's like this is their. Let you like what would happen. Is this thing you go oh okay, cook and we're going to do the cousin stuff for your male cousin, yeah yeah yeah. Exactly like literally any of the acts, cause fucking craft, sir
this. However, boom guy anyone can say anything to me and if it feels sound, I'm gonna, throw it in shred. That was the experience there with passing through they'd, be like she would say this. This would happen like this. That would go like that, and then we just yeah, of course, like right idea, winds. You know yeah like how do we not while we're here you know it. I've been there twice in my a years ago, and I find it uncomfortable embedded, certainly I think in a lot of ways, certainly for arabs, a lot more uncomfortable than it was when I was There was not a a gate. not yeah. East Jerusalem was not cut off. There wasn't yen and anarchy yeah it's its end. I think, like you know, why were there yeah me look of horrific an event happened. Is this journalist shoring up off the where I killed her murder is still like it was clearly a murder been done by the idea and it just kind of went away. You know in its in its it was something that people on our crew had worked with her, and I think the thing
that really was so emotional was seeing then I have to. since the regularity of how these things happen, where it was almost like. This thing happened. Super emotional and in their just like I we gotta just we are rolling you kind of thing that here you'd be like? We gotta stop and they're they're like what we and every time something like this happened, we'd never do anything. You know, and so just seeing that was you know it was. It was yeah. It's everything, it's heartbreaking, it's inspiring! It's! It just makes you. You know yeah. It makes you realize just how different life is. You know, and I think part of what was real really great about exploring that episode for me was stepping into the american press. gave in a way we would like hidell guy, exactly where we like. You know that it is that moment. Word sort of like, however, not getting special treatment. Yunnan something happens to make you realize, like oh shit, I my life could be at risk, yes, yes, and and and and fuck. Locale entitled I am an enemy was like again about lake. in her dialogue of just like you know,
my own feeling of gill. As an american muslim, but actually american first strike is like I grew up here and there are all these things that people go through right, aren't here and and inn, and so you just I feel bad man like. I should be thinking about that more. What can I do, and you feel this like helplessness when what's funny and talking to you, though, is that you are not really the character, because the character has to be this type of doofus who, who doesn't have the self awareness or the time to know how entitled and selfish. Here right you, nobody really you you had to turn something off. Yes to sort of keep that guy go. That's what makes it a comedy for me right. I think the key, if you, if your characters is genuinely able to reconcile what's wrong with them yeah, it's kind of stops being a comedy like. I think the comedy is like
most commies that I really love the character will do anything but fixed themself. Rightly I you know your attempts are funny because it's never never practical. It's always religious, yes, right you never. You know you're not going to listen to your friends, you're, not going to take any practical advice, you're not going to stop fucking you're not going to stop jerking off, but when you do you'll get filled up with, some sort of shame. You turned the idea of the religion yeah, which becomes ridiculous fairly quickly. well, the way he does it yeah and I think, like you know, a big part of the character. Is that idea of spiritual, bypassing which is like you're, going to put all these real, tangible things you could do and just focus on. You know the spiritual yes and I think spiritual ideas are very real, but you have to marry them with real action, and so a lot of people put all their like everything into that bucket of ok, god help me, but they didn't want to fix anything that they're doing, and it's like none of you
yet believe in god, and I do believe in god- and you know, there's a lot of tangible stuff. You need to be doing. You know with the spiritual stuff. You know, I think, that's what character, never figures out that the adding that I think in my real life. You know YE guy would be, I would probably know, even talking about poor and talking about just you know the the environment if feel like, he grew up in. I know that I would feel actually, like A person if I didn't have faith that get aided huge part lie about younger countered in in the series by your functioning. You know grow. Men. You know it friends in mo in the doktor yeah, who you know who have concealed their faith with their life, yes and and have a certain amount of code, but more mature responsibility. There, responsible men, their serious, do yeah he's he's not
Yeah and you don't know, if it's going to who's going to get him, it smack him upside the head. So I dunno what's going to happen in the rest of this third season, so is this. It is for the show yeah, you might be for now, my eye kind of trying to figure it out. I mean I think lake it's a show that even we started making it. I think after the first season, I realized what it took to make a season to the abbey How much it takes out of you, and I could see it is it's. It's consumed all consuming, all consuming you, don't you can't do anything else for a whole year plus whole calendar year, plus there's no off time, cause you're, always thinking about it and then you're, editing it and then you're. Writing it and then you're, shooting it and then you're marketing it and then you're back at doing it because you have to you know otherwise. You know too much time will go by all that stuff yeah. So I remembered the first season ended and I kind of like really took that internal look and I was like how many more can I do with this yeah I was like. I think I could do three or four seasons right, that's enough, but then I said
I would want to put it down and then you know at some point, be, back in one innocence where words like what is this guy look like later, you know, there's never gonna be time where watching a film trying to balance. You know that moral and the spiritual isn't like a valid conversation. You have and others He put this thing down four for five years and come back and he's like a full fledged dad. You know and and what is that story? Look like yeah, you know, obviously inspired by like you know, Larry will take off years and then come back and you know there's all these shows come like a lot of shows take dude, but you know I I, after a certain point like who wants them? Who wants one? it would cares anymore. I mean Larry David, he has. The formula has always been his formula. Sure it's like he just keeps doing it and people like it. It's almost kind of like a you know, it's a standard, it's very it's a good slice of pizza. I love how it doesn't change, but for me what it would be, it would be like It's been every season. It's why we play with the character we play with tat. we play with. All that it would be. Can I can do something new. Is there
thing regressing knew that I could do with a show, and so my and and and that's it then just doing it because you can do to because get yeah, and then I think that's where even like, with doing the fourth like, that's where we ve been at two were like ok, but is this the mean to contribute something new? Would we kind of shift off that's kind of what I'm in the middle of trying to figure out so but answer my question, as I have to finish a season does he change? I think that he, yet stripped down and in a way that he hasn't before and realizes like what he's been running from. I don't you don't see the change, but we see, I think, the inflection point of something that could be real faith again at that doubts at I'd like it. For the rest, I brought real faith not like it's not Like you know, I I I think, that's where we we leave the season where it's like he has this. Probably in the first I'm the whole series. He has this moment of real faith. It's not performance. That is in just you know perception or him think doing what he thinks he should do. He has this,
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