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Episode 517 - Denny Tedesco

2014-07-23 | 🔗
Denny Tedesco has been on a quest to tell a story for 18 years. His father, Tommy Tedesco, was a member of The Wrecking Crew, a group of studio musicians who went unrecognized while recording some of the biggest records in history. Denny tells Marc the story of The Wrecking Crew as well as his own struggle to get the documentary made. Plus, Marc recounts the worst day of his life in a story he has never told before.

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The let's do this. How are you what the buggers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck and here's, what the fuck? Next, what the bucket? That was what the box doubles, what the fuck mulberry thins, what the buckminster blowers, what the fuck canucks! This is mark, marron, wtf. Thank you. Thank you for coming by. Thank you for kicking me in your head. I appreciate it. It's a great shouted, a denny to discos here, denny to desktop. How can I explain denny to desk go well the son of tommy to disco tommy to DAS go one of the greatest guitar players in the world: one of the great studio musicians, one of the great los angeles, studio musicians, a master and most people don't know who he is or who the studio musicians he played with are their known as the wrecking crew and danny
Then he has been working on a film, a documentary about his bother and those session musicians. How blaine the drummer genius Glenn Campbell, guitar player to them, one of dozens. It seems but he's been working on this films in July nineteen. Ninety six! Now this all this, the the this crew of musicians. This was in the sixties, wait fifties almost de the seventies, maybe a little in the seventies. Can't really remember, but this this film is one awards a festivals but the problem. and he's been having since ninety. Ninety six is the film has over five hundred thousand dollars in licensing fees and that scared potential tributor. So so between donations and it kickstarter campaign to desk. I was able to pay off the licensing for the film he now has a finnish. any sharing the film with audiences it screenings and festivals as he tries to get a gesture It's like a life time journey, but that being so,
you have in around arkansas. We showing the film five rail routes, music fast of on august, twenty eight, but you I mean you. This is one those movies. It just blew my mind when he shouted to me. I mean guys this crew, musicians I mean who eat they played behind everyone. The fifth dimension, the association, the beach boys, the birds the captain into NEO carpenter share of the chipmunks napkin call sam cook, the crystals Bobby day. The defenders richard harris, the righteous brothers Elvis presley Harry nelson waning, Ricky nelson, the monkeys, dean, Martin, the mama's in the papas Gary Louis play by Jan. Indeed, Johnny rivers my god, the run its they worked with bill spectre, simon uncle. They were on mrs robinson, frank sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, sunny and cher. I mean is insane the ventures they did. five of them
it's crazy, into the whole transition from the the sort of jazz hop age in the rock and roll and an end, the shift of of the folk- so the music and how these musicians adjusted to it brain bending documentary and it's this its dennys life work to honour his father, They gave me one of his father solar records itself. Really so a record. Just it's amazing. Just mazes amazing talk about an amazing time about an amazing bunch of musicians that are really unsung heroes. They the music that that is in our view that some of it is in delaware. didn't enmeshed in our memories in our in our minds forever its. It was fascinating to me. Moving on Tonight's episode american tonight the soda marin is called the joke. I directed this episode and I came up story for this episode. I know I know, I know if you know exactly how tv right
works, but we all break stories together mean the crew writers and then we break em down leeson figure amount, be beaten- and someone goes right. It duncan did a great job, With this episode duncan birmingham based on the store, May I go on phoebe. I go on the cardinal brine john doing panel and I'm just talk in the original little bit doing some material and we're just improvising spontaneously, and I do a joke and me, and that moment that debt in feel right I get off the conan and I get home, and I realize I gotta know if that was my joke. If that line was that my line, because it just came out take me away during a little conversation, but it's really a story about one of comedians biggest fears it so statement is it so horrific the idea of it? It's a real comics episode about me.
Accidently doing someone else's line on television now The truth of the matter is, is this happened to me and its sort of stuck in my heart for years. It was repressed for years by the events of, day that this happened to me. It was nineteen. Ninety seven doing common o brien. Now at that, am I I only did panel. We only did the sit down talk stuff now. The reason that I remembered this and the reason why the episode exists is because well look. Quite honestly, I had repressed his memory, completely and somebody sent me a link or something youtube video of me. Conan now, there's videos, it was also on my website. All the cones. Are there there still there so there's
to video of me and ninety ninety seven and that in the top of it it says your mark marin steal from bill hicks. Unlike what that's ridiculous. And I watched his video, I'm watching it and as watching it my guts just start churning and my heart just dropped almost out of me ass, an like a wave of horror. if I were them remembering child abuse or molestation, it was his reply memory, where I felt just eel filled, in violated in awful and like I had done something horrible or something. Been done horrible to me, the events of the day came back to me. It was really one of the worst days of my life. It was horrific. It was Look one thing: I've never been accused of in my career, that's being a thief. I've been on conan fifty
I'm fifty seven times have put up for five cds have done special. I am hyper vigilant, the point where I barely talk about anything else with myself out of fear of of crossing streams. Now these we there's parallel development. This parallel thinking of shit happens, while drawing from the same pulled by its every comics biggest sphere. to do someone else's joke by accident in any context and the and it happens, But it happened on television, And it was one of those things where man like when I saw that you to think of us, like, oh, my god, came back. I and I haven't been able even talk about it, but When I hadn't been based the episode of maranon it I directed it. As I said, had to get it right. I had get the emotions of right wing happened in the real event. Was I go
I do conan now I I talked to the segment producer, frank smiley. We go over what I'm going to talk about and do my smoking stuff, I'm going to do some other stuff kind of way it out and then I get out there were conan, and I do my shit I'm doing my smoking big enough tag it with this line that I improvised yet ended. This came out of my mouth now. At that point it was one line You don't want to be one of those people that you know is smoking through a trachea hole saying I still enjoy it. That was the line you don't want be one of those people in their motion. Is smoking avatar the whole? U I still enjoying I just on my bit about lungs were soon or whatever, but I did it? And in that moment I felt I do that. I felt something jerk inside me. You know so I get done with this sat and I get in the limo, I'm driving home, and, unlike, oh god, hug. I don't think that a joke now, do you know who it was, but he just didn't. We right. I know it came out of my mouth. I thought I thought of it in a moment, but it didn't feel
right now mean the limo home, and I make this doesn't fucking feel right. And I get home and I'm like I'm almost positive. It's not my joke, and you know I freak out. I'm like that. Just came out of me: it's not my so I call frank smiley the second producer conan and I say dude I don't think that one line the trachea whole thing out of things, my joke and he's like a don't worry about. It might not worried about it yeah, I don't joke it is, but is but doesn't feel like it's mine. I think it's mine and then do some research these like. Don't worry about. It happens all the time we get dude is there any way you can cut it and he's right I think so. Let me check my fuck so I'm spinning around you know, I'm here, yeah, I'm living in new york city with the woman that became my first wife and I'm freaking out. I'm screaming I'm like I'll have to fuck I'm going to do another joke. It is nice, poking around your other guy did you know, do smoking material.
now, you're. Obviously I was a expand, but I went out of my way not to have to listen to him too much because he did have a contagious sort of cadence and I think he was an influence on me, but you on that point. he'd been dead for a few years and and whatever was embedded in my head. What a look, I'm poker around trying to figure out a joke. It is I come upon their hates record. I think I listen to a speedy and there's the line like all my fucking christ, so now freaking out and completely me it was a complete accident. It happening improvise moment, but it happened, it is what it is. So I could. frank smiley up and I might dude yoda know Joe it's a line that he did. One line. Just take it. The fuck out you gotta, take it out and he's right. I can't man it's too late. Now, my god dammit I hang it up the phone and the woman who became my wife came his errand, unlike I'm fuckin, finished and
screaming, unlike what the fuck just happen, how did this fuckin happen and I'm fucking bridge in down- and I said crying in my fucking living room. I'm crying because of this thing this accident, I did this line, I'm crying and I'm like. I have to quit doing comedy. There is nothing I could do have to quit doing comedy. She says: that's if you like, you, don't even get it. You can't even get what's happened here. I fucked up yeah. I did some other guys line she's like so am I you don't get it and I'm in I I just our cry and I didn't know what I didn't know how I was gonna go out in the end face other comics. I know you I just I could not. It was unfathomable. The experience of of how deep in awful in how fuckin ashamed. I was about that mistake about that accident. Setting due to my act,
we'll just stuck in my head somewhere. I like that guess and popped out the old. After my smoking bit wasn't planned and I didn't know what to do, and I I just I had to go on with my life, but I was young. I was shattered and and horrified and and guilty also so deeply felt so deeply guilty and ashamed seemed that I did not manage my mind properly. And no one saying no, and I was high, just completely ready to be taken down for like it, but probably over a year, just to be sort of like do what you do. You stole a joke and like it just never have. And no one called me on It- and the fact is, I didn't steal it it was genuinely an accident. Wasn't like I was taking chunks immature. just this accident. It was a line that my brain register to something I liked at one point in and I tagged with it
and you know it in, and there was no put you back. It was fuckin horrendous. and I've never talked about it, and this is the first time I've even talked about it, because this so does on tonight. I want you to know that it was based on this horrifying horrifying events, my life, that that literally feels worse, any childhood trauma that I may have been through it, it feels worse than it is. It still feels horrible that did that one line by accident in nineteen? Ninety, seven and I'll tell you after that. I you know. Hyper vigilant, always hyper vigilant. We all are the shame is still there and I think that really this tonight's episode. Wait what sort of an attempt to to sort of make it a common experience, at least with other comics or an exploration of this fear,
sport of an event that really happened emotionally, but somehow some looking for I guessed to forgive myself because Jesus Christ, I've had a hell of a career since then But it just stuck in their because it was it was. It was on me. and an that's! That's what happened then! That's what tonight at sound of marin is based on the called the joke, and there was a important story for me to tell- and this is a very hard things is talk about, even though its almost twenty years- ago it was one line, but it just and it was completely an accident, but it just stock it stuck in my heart and was an italian man mandate. The shame of the mistake is still there like. I should have should have been able to
fuckin. You know just horrifying. The actual pattern reaches out to me and he's like patton oswalt is that you gotta target guy Daniel is going to MIKE. I gotta get up to speed. right you. It wasn't like that. Wasn't about if you're not want to do it. It's just. I had such a limited understand of what the wrecking grew was. I knew it is through these guy. I know your dad was a you know a go in and but had no real you gotta put in, contact with their boat came down to just watch the movie in its oddly. I just watch I why the muscle, shawls moraine right now your movie could pat buckle scented to mean that there is a constant flow of you yet talking danny
yeah. How does leave me alone? Zaire right away? Amelia just got it. You know that this seems like a big topic. I love psyches dining is, is it is, but you re right right, but nobody is sort of like its. They knew. It was up my alley right, but I mean to really to really sort of put it into interactive you gotta watch the fucking movie, yeah yeah yeah! No, absolutely no er in the thing is is like when pat was were trying to do a da as a live screening too. That's even more fun is when you watch it with a lot of people but it is more interesting to me that you're, just as a kid you know you, up and missing. Here you grew up and in l a lot with the valley. Yes answered and your dad is this, like I remember seeing tommy too, because I play guitar so far from as a kid I'm buying guitar player magazine well, that ye exactly right, right and and tommy the desk go was always on the cover. There's always an article about time. He does go in every fucking guitar magazine here, and he was one of those repeat guys. I hear drake's page and the autonomy to desk
because he was always that guided the jazz gear this session do and they always, I remember pictures of him, but I just had no contacts unite in. We watch a movie and it was funny because I thought, if I can't know who the hell was, I salaries and talk to you. yoke is it the documentary any says? Oh Jesus did he finished f c that the problem has been. That said, the man I started this seventeen years ago, where I have my dad was you know tat. He basically dec Second, ninety five thea in italy they give all like a year at the library jump on zaire? Em, my concern. Was it was gonna, be my biggest regret, and life is not doing that audio his story, as well as the others, so
I started it and that was seventeen years ago right cause. There's all this video footage that query I was like. Is this historical footage you shot on like betamax, recorder yeah? I had three ct. I had every format except to imax. In this film yeah I mean I was three quarter inch, eight millimeter, but the footage of the eight millimeter footage from the nineteen it is my mom shot, the oh, really, nineteen, fifty with you dancing around in those party scenes. No, no, I'm not that old! Now and my dad in that band, the first biennial yeah yeah yeah as bizarre well well. Well, let's frame it up, so you know we sort of yes or to move through it I mean when you were a kid. what did you know about your father? I mean you liking. It was just a guy, the poor use of way, because the interesting thing about them film is in all of them. How blaine your father- and I Don'T- I Don'T- have a girl k pleasure once and for all those guys they will work
for a live yeah that the point there was no pride invested in the fact that they are on more hit records. I didn't then we'll go through you have it at the top of your head- that this group a studio musicians. One was on so many hit records from the fifties other through the sixty year that no one knew about, but their price I have always supported like now, give a shit we're making money exactly exactly you nail. That is like my dad He's coming, I you and these guys route now there in the if he's coming out of world war two as teenager yeah, so there is no depression. Kids there, my god, my dad's, getting paid to play guitar, here he was happy can be yeah, you know, so they dear. You asked me what it was like grown up as a kid. You know. Dad was tat. It was did I see my dad play guitar at home until the seventies I'm born in sixty one, so they had this sort of working class mentality, angli around being a musician. They all had there
cabaret cards and they all were in our union and they would show up for work. So what were like, because the lily? Let's start with this sort of at the beginning, that weird what what record label were they all that was only matter, but they were difference. You wouldn't know they were all different, because what happened is in it was basically the wrecking crew. I mean it's a term. That's loosely used these guys get that is of name much later, but these guys policy in the rock and roll of the begin early sixties. Yet late. Fifth, he's rock and really not a commodity, that Iraq is really into rider labels yeah. So what it did is, and we only had one track in those rare recording studios. So they would didn't trust. The recording groups who make these things because they don't wanna, spend money on studio time right. So they would put the studio musicians in to take the place of bands or record with there's whatever they knocked out. So what happened is all these different labels? It was after this,
the system when they used to be, like certain guys were with on contract with us se n b, right whatever it was after that ok, so they're freelancers has banned. members, but whatever you want to call me, I know they're, not a sad ban right, I said what would a musician be doing under contract for NBC of orchestras or the shows in him back then, pop your music was orchestra yeah. Why was coming out of, like your big band exam, anyway. You know any tv starting up at that point, you're sure right so that the the second area, background music and make it, but it was always a bigger back. Then I give him or in a band even just four, to show up for a dancing ryan, twenty guys yeah, yet so, ok, so that so that system breaks down got all these freelance musicians around and so this duty, I, the labels would contract out. we are basically a guy who produce would get a job the eyes hey. You knew this guy. This act, we're gonna, do cut a single, so it's all singles business again.
Back in the days of zoonotic enacting call by early sixties, elate fifties right, so there's no other guys, I'm sure had bigger and bigger band had its mike early on your father and then the people that were involved in what became known as the wrecking crew. Your pop music more jazz bakes, exactly exactly rock n roll sternness lee No, what's goin on there is how these guys we get their braces, my dad and its six nineteen sixty thirty. He still come moving into this year, I can roll. The other guys aren't gonna, take it mere not because there are some of whom, as is bullshit, because it right thing is uprising, but also its povey. It could have been nonunion. He I could have been a demo date, be it could have been. You know low scale, whatever put the new guys they're going to take a chance like all of us. We always take that chance and getting the gig yeah well, once they got the gig and once they became hits like phil spector hits it's over now the render their first chair now and that group right, but but also its gimme that listening them on one get to eta. The game was that was that they
No, they didn't necessarily think they were in no, no! No! No! You never write oiled rca. Yes, so the idea that was interesting is that, whilst the words you father come from originally niagara falls. Neo niagara falls have. been their way going off. Please your people. There still, I hope so you're still listening, but no longer than we still they. I mean it's. It's rough, it's rough dude. I guy reform there recently that town that american side laws at his suppressor, like I did a joke about it, said the by the time you get through, that and you hope the falls we have is up to what it's supposed to. Do you gotta fight the urge to jump over the fucking edge? Oh, no, it's it's gotten! Folks in niagara falls. You know, I love you, but we all know the problem. Is you know when the f in my parents, both of them weapons they went to niagara falls false school. They met in high school mama, dad that was in the forties. It was pop in
it's been there. I mean everybody was like rain boom boom, the hotel yeah- and you know it was like, but the problem was the industry. You know corrupt. politicians I mean every everywhere, but here's what guys were good at here, decided, destroy everything downtown we're going to read you a camel, what's redoubt, eliza, yet another term will they never rebuilt, and then the companies with all these chemical companies just polluted land. I want input, look across the river see. Canadian sign is like hot, but it looks like a little vague and I've always wanted to do. I commend the honeymoons over it again so by you otherwise, on the g I build, did he go to war? Well now? How is he was of where he won't? He was drafted by death, him and his friends I get a realize now, you're falls is a bunch of italians and fortunately, for them they got all sent
you are not false. Basically here and it was of, it was like. I now feel spectre phil silver here they call the lives of just like that large in belgium bill career nay, they were, can iverson anything out of work, but it seems to me that The documentary that your father came to guitar late in life is yeah. Well, he that was when I asked my mom and I were back east a few months ago in buffalo, they're honoring them at the museum, and I asked her and the first time I I said what happened: was they went to a prom like a senior prom in college or something they were invited to a problem and my dad went and my mom and some one said to him: hey the big banned, a rough mercury man's losing their guitar player and some said I know caterpillar, I recommended you. If you wanted to, they said we haven't, try out after the dance and he tried out in the next thing. You know the next day hey he's driving in new york drama cross country it with his big bang, yeah now any gifts.
now it was the man when I was a rough materials, got big at the time here, so he is called for. So niagara falls nosegay across countries. Do the whole car michael shown at the palladium in hollywood in doing all this stuff and then either going to Dallas and often he gets fired with the lead singer, because if the heat ralph, my erie found some they play guitar and say so he knocked out a got. You hear me ass, you know, salary being so. My father, small town, you small town, you know like is onawandah. here you got my mom and move to allay. That was now as then what year fifty three but My question in my mom. I sit. Did dad work a lot if it was he working clubs and as yet, and now she says,
he had maybe a casual. You know once a couple of weeks, maybe twice a month most year. She says he almost didn't go to the dance because he in his trio got a gig and fill in pennsylvania for a weekend, and he said I'm not going to dance. I got a job and she says you gotta go to the dance. I've spent thirty five dollars the stress, so that dress for thirty five dollars changed my life. If he didn't show up for that, and he would never had the chance to be a guitar player, as oh isn't that bizarre alright, so he comes out here. Like you know, I just and it's like with these type of interviews you I keep it's such a broad swath of of history so your time you did s going comes in a comes out to l, so I thought it was great. The documentary is that they were all very clear that at some point every was gonna come out here yet
is where music was. This is where it was that he always he was leaving new york tomorrow. Building that shit was over here and it was all coming out here. So all the great players when everyone was moving here to make up a writer's, yeah yeah. So these guys, your fault are you he didn't know any of these guys. So when did that's our house? That's what happens is like all like you. You know, like you guys, yeah. You could start hanging out at the club right. You know you started meeting people and that's what he would do they would do. Jam sessions sit in. You know at first. He thought is put in a resume right, studio musician. You don't do that right. No one gets a job that way. That's what it was you just sit in and someone would say: hey man. Can you sub for me next week, like peggy Lee, for example? Do you know whoever was in a like howard roberts gave my data break with peggy. Howard was a phenomenal jazz guy and he said: hey. Can you sub for me yeah now my dad some four how're we like he was shit and bricks here because howard, like the guy, the king of cords, and you know, he's a qatar play guitar play right, so he always told the stories.
So when I'm playing with peggy Lee, he says I stopped playing it and we're playing in about a minute and she goes hey. Who are you and thinking? Oh god, I'm sure I mean shit yeah and she says I like him, because what he was doing is playing yeah, because he couldn't play the shit that our canoe, you know, but it was that kind of like you kind of break in so when when he started the west, where does he meet? Who? How does this crew you know come to? I know they all just work together, but he endured slowly I think phil spector is that we're really sorry to define itself like early on. He did peggy lee sessions. What sessions did he do well in those days, early, sixth or early, sixty of the phil spector dates of becoming the chipmunks and lee fdd, the chipmunks yeah yeah, but is anything I e o singers. You know any scene, at the time that we're doing like bobby darin yeah. We did wait noon, but that's a little later you know tonka shane and all that stuff he's on those yeah mack the knife. No, I think it's new
now k, but, like you idiot, so he was just shown up for these gigs and they put together the ban the contractor puts ago their ban. Basically producer says so he's got the producers got the job, hey. You know Bobby to hire someone. He hides a contractor and says tell me he calls how or Earl palmer whoever and then use start putting the rhythm sexually. there whoever's requesting right, and then he just you know they all show what they know. Who's on the date will but its interests. Has. It was all done by reading and by you know, by these we're just gonna go to guys their professional players. They didn't necessarily opera. as a unit not at all, but but but their work. So much like an old but over time they did develop a report like this way, because you can't you have that kind of connection like the base where carols or near here. Ok, what an issue fucking purse. I mean it was interesting to me that, like you, don't get you don't you got a little story, obviously your father and of how, in terms of your what ultimate
happened then, but he or she suggested a past. Where is sort of like where's the rest, That's georgia, exactly some deep sugar. There is a phenomenal the fact that she's starts off as a guitar but that's it in also she's a woman. Yet one, that's it yeah and ending. The fact was, that also that in her story you have, there are a lot of women musicians in in the big banned a bit. Big bear right, ease the year, the string players yes and that by not in those who in it, like you say that asking. There were some caterpillars mary ford and oh yeah people, but in herpes mission is a web, becomes a base blair what's extraordinary This was why I give all of em credit for euro carols in when they bring isolate, say that if you can put a group too there s a wheat. You got a week, rock n roll back right, I'd the first one
goes is gonna, be the either the tremor in the base play right visa that they get to keep the bad guy right right, rail, for care to be in that group le sue whatever to replace someone yeah she's, not there. She not tambourine players, not percussion player. She is driving the ban yet as well as the drummer right and then it's where I go, that's why she's there as a musician, they didn't look at her as a woman or as a bass player first and yet you know so I give them all credit for that. He gave her a lot of shit yeah, but she, it's about right and also when she's, just riffing, like you know, when you see like ye, see like it. However old, how was yeah, you know on drums right, you know and and then, when she picks up a bass and what was that baseline. She played with what she came up with a Wichita Lyman, that opening with which is right, gorges yea- and they in that they had this to this impasse, goes on the agenda because I am to improvise. You know any
well sorta knew each other going. I realise that what the muscle shoals guys too, but they were a tighter unit, but deal that the core group with your. How in Earl and your father inland can Glenn Campbell Leon Russell. We I'm Russell. Rightly I don randy I may there do- is out of the guitar player the character now tasty it is our casey bilbil pitman pittman build bill, hold them king salt yeah. Why? Because he was some are our his lofty yeah and how would said about him. Was you know the greatest thing? Was he didn't like anything? There was a true all. Get you whose isogai judge ask at yale jazz guy that really hate iraq in rome and they knew he would say, shit of killing off camp. he being the studio, any open up, the musical god. Damn Samuel shit, and how is it a bill? MIKE's arise, shut up and the thing is He was very honest, but unfortunately, sometimes sewers. You know- and you know
You talk about is no different thing. The committee is, you go to work we're gonna, give you the line yeah, I that's fire. Do you want me to improvise here? improvise. First, if you don't like it will go back to the line. You that's what my dad did. He says I play for smiles year. If the will, you give em. What I think is right if he doesn't like it. Fine is to do what you think right: right. It could be wrong. I think it's stupid right, but onto it yet eight. It's also fascinated to just realized they cause. it's it's it's new to me in in the nuances of it you're. Obviously, I always knew there were studio musicians, but when you really see like you're the wrecking crew or the muscle shoals, guys that like they were the they were the ones that made the hits yeah that year it wasn't like even the the the phil spector stuff. I mean when, when you show, when the some of the footage of working on that, when there's like fifty people in the fuckin studio and they're they're like anville in those back toward work them too
were exhausted, right, isn't basically, and is. Well, the guys were, you would get pissy yeah, I know and, and my father song give a shit July as you keep pan I'm going to stay here. I love that. That's the aigle that you cause. We all have so much invest did in the personalities of rock and roll likely? I grew with a lacklustre? You know you you, you invest in the personality, the performer, the guitar player of liking. I like that lead this rightly and then always we find out like holy shit, the beach boys didn't do anything. Yo labour yeah, right, you're, the birds in india. Are they bore the words it did if they didn't do the first one that MR tambourine man right was again. That was the culture of rock and are not recorded, but You read music, rang the record business right and would have There was tearing melcher who is door. Stay son was the producer needed dumb, whatever also famous
Anson story, yeah yeah. I think where, where will we lose his house where sharon was killed, yeah, yeah, yeah, and so is he around now he pass, which is a tour. You know there's a few those people that I spoke to, but never two before they passed on- has a drag, but he he was hired by colombia to do this group birds, and he said I find but I'm bringing my guys in right and they were all pissed off as he said, while hughes and roger mc wink as he can play guitar and sing so it'll be as somewhat of the burden you guys just sing in the background. So all the guys were pissed off. They don't show so he's got how blaine I drums a bill. Pitman king salt, Leon, Russell on piano and I'm going to say, Larry nettle was on bass and jerry cole, another guy and they knock it out and, like Roger mick gwynn said
we did the a side in the beside in three hours yeah. He says when I got to when we did turn turn turn with the actual birds group. It took. Seventy seven takes you still a number one hit yeah, but it's just been, it was urgency its efficiency. But Terry said: if we don't get ahead, we don't get another chance and If I'm gonna go in there and is like a budget again we're back to where it is it's a reality, a budget is in my father said hey, you got music and get the music business, sometimes a mix. Not always you know you your relations with father. Obviously you knew had yet a lot of time with him You know you went into were into movies and television. That was your but early I'm, whereas kid do. Did you go down to the sessions? Did you now? matter, we already know occasionally that of the earliest session, I remember was green acres. And the only reason I remember that debt was like one of those say you did it: they didn t get it,
The reason I remember it was because I was he was like five. We were going on vacation or something, and so we all want, his studio and dad, we were all going to leave. After that, your dad was going to do his gig was when we leave- and I just remember, VIC mizzy, the wonderful composer. You know you can didn't thrown his hands and hips up and all that- and I just remember laughing cause. It's the funniest thing to see a grown man throw his arms up, knowing he's conducting yeah yeah, but that was the earliest. What I asked my mom the same question when I said when you guys were you know again before kids before us? I I said to dad: take you. Did you every other club dates with ma over that she said? No dad always said a plumber doesn't take his wife to work. So that's how he interesting there, because they all thought that way: yeah right, they knew they were at the stars and they knew that they were that that they were the slayers, and they really looked at it is as if, as in occupation, may impala occupied. They were for debate,
they were fortunate and they love what they did right right, but still it was this at this dick is usually with creative people. As you know, and I know- and I think this is indicated in the documentary at the time- the business change where, where some sort of notion of dentistry was needed in order to market the music in any. I think you sort of suggesting that memory that urgent the monkeys were the last bit of that shit, yeah that that that, when the controversy around the monkeys b, banned or not being a blind sort of broke that the market became different because did the kids demanded that their position? play their instrument and I think the musicians themselves I s funny cause I interviewed make no. No I love mickey, and but mickey was This point was he didn't understand controversy, because he felt I'm an actor
What controversy is the tv show? He had to take drum lessons, just an asshole yeah. He was like a sewer for him is like, and his point was. If they had put the musicians' names on those records, there would have been no problem. It would have been fine yeah. I think what happened was there was a backlash against the monkeys. Not much from the public, but internally, I think from the music community of bans that aren't had get a chance, and that was what I felt from him his now you get the monkeys being forced down record stores. Right rose, you go out there, upon the on the other geographical shelf space right from someone right. So now they get this huge thing. The train, driving into covered monkeys tv show right nobody, He says that the eu magic- I mean the right so there that some artist it in the way of like sort like why they get in the shop exactly it boy. It's interesting to that you in sort of someone who doesn't live in that business and noticing this in
documentary now, so the muscle shows documentaries that you had these producers. You had. These guys were in our guys. You had these yeah studio again set were like they. When you talk about hits like, aren't you yet my brain doesn't work that way. It's like the one, that's a great album in that, like I know that They hit is but really on the business. If it is like, we need at least two hits on this. I can record right like they knew, which ones were going to be the hits, and it's almost like the rest of the album was like we'll see what happens yeah, but if we get one hit in when there's only like four labels in the world and they had all the radio stations millions and millions of dolly right so that guys. some of them had a sense of it. You know you got quite davis, got jury works or you got the some some guys you're your man work with, but these guys were hit me greece from that and they didn't. They were musicians now by their sense Billy was like this. Is it and they knew what they knew? How to market
haha and they knew how to you know and that's the thing as you go, and people in the east compare the business now to them that you can't compare it's like apples and oranges and those days like you said something was just. There were only a few radio station right. You know and you look back when we're grown up. Yet you got fifty years back in terms of a let's say, sixty five you're fifty years back in terms of music, there's nothing yet recorded that we could say that's you know we're listening to as kids you go now. Our kids are listening to the beach boys. from fifty sixties. All the way up to now, that's a lot of material be up and for a hit to make. It now is almost impossible compared to those days, because you have limited music, limited output in terms of our right right and also it was like a eat with huge money. Dude, I'm even liking it with ask it with the ask you know where coming back in the washing and stuff that that, like it always fascinates me cause, I got a body whose
the music business that you have the then, the amount of money that can be made for different people in that world was astounding yeah. It seems like it was a. It was phil spector, the beach boys, you know the birds a bit. The Jan and dean yeah, jan and dean, and then Gwen Campbell as a as a guitar player and as part of the crew and then his solo career and then and then you get into 'em mamas and papas f, writing and oh, the herb alpert thing that was a herb herb was fucking. Huh huh, let you know that that whole world of that that instrumental thing that that type of pop music must not around any more, but you know he went on. Become a huge yonder label, dinner anna hear him and jerry lost. I am, and your dad was part of that whole thing. They were united in one single mothers up up up up up butler.
That is what the that's at at at at at at at at then. I always had these all mixed up. You dear taste, a honey to lay down a band aid, ban, a ban in their spanish flee and it was lonely bull. Those are huge, huge, not my life, by much younger right by now. So You're sort of assessing this you know at what stage in your career in your life did did become sort of this. This. This thing this this? U emmy, it seems to me that this document, despite the fact working on the production, is driving us that this was a project of the heart and in Any EU felt the labour love labour of love. I love that yeah level, which means is its set wonderful line, because it means no one else, help he spoke, but also did your compel iron was was in no, you yeah. What will your feelings?
your father at the time when there is a desire question as quickly as very interesting because I think oh yeah, you must have a really close. You fight, we were very close, but we fought like mother near her. We, like any about anything anything that could have been me It could have been a he would push my button like you know, I like father, were you the oldest know, I have an older brother, but he get off doc. I e a kind of cause. He was year ten years out and has an answer, but we were so close but he knew as a father silently we were each There is great as heroes and also greater critics. He couldn't have been mental of your career choice. No, no, not at all, very supportive near very, very simple. It was lit up every petty bullshit so and he was sick, not it why and why they. Lung cancer is. But if you look in the film every picture, there's a cigarette
sure we're a qatar player and you have a bad reputation of being a smoker ear. You know your bad here, you know there was. They knew where to Atomic was here right, curse. The studio was filled with qatar butts. He would cause three zero zero, but he didn't rink, it didn't do drugs needn't, like because you know I've been out of control. He was a freak and I asked my mom about that too. I said, and she said well I was always paranoid about literally get arrested in being. He had claustrophobia, so his feet biggest fear. Life was gonna, be in god, help us yeah yeah yeah, so he would never drink. Dr Nea was freaking injuring at all. He joyfully at home a drink here, thereby out you know yet, but it was, but when he was when he got sick and that's it both had done no more number five. on your side unless a year will aim at him. I think we all came to you know, and I had done a of a project- small private
with a buddy of mine about him, which is where the footage of him in a seminar near that's where that's from the earth Eighty seven musicians institute ends up comes from that. That has ever been great That zappa line for those with a muzzle spill here is the zappa line. I took him. The pig or the piece of my dad in the gong show yeah that was in the comics rather than a dragon is in after his career was over right. So what tat came about was, running gag in town, that new tommy would do. This thing called rec room for a studio qatar player near and he did when he was every year, was winning the narrow award for guitar, whereas and then also Larry Carlton one so that when they gave Larry there award yeah, he did a skin with Larry you signal. If it is, I was something sixties I was a king, similes rolled out, and I'll do just about anything. So I went to apple without peace. I thought Zap was gonna, be like in a funny samples. Not funny
it is our ease, intense, serious dude. I didn't realize that because I didn't obviously no zapper, but when he said those lines we gave me, there was a big wherever it was not good, but thirty years later was like frank was given. that to me, for thirty years later we was- and I again do ma am he said- sickly women is, as you know, I'd Tommy's put up with a lot of shit as business. So look passive, I assume and say goodbye blah blah blah whatever it was. It was kind of like the end of a career, even though it wasn't really the end of my dad's career cause. He went for another twenty years, doing movies and stuff, but it fit perfectly yeah, yeah enemies, we're because it was this one is like like of any yeah. I cite thirty's If that I didn't do shot that, because I couldn't tell where that was from, I was like the just you pick that up. It was just saw him out and you went up to the house or what yeah went to Frank's house where it was benedict or wherever it was still there yeah it's still there. yeah and I'm not base.
In the studio yeah, and I remember going in there and Frank was like how is your dad coming cause. He was very shy, frank he's very quiet. I said sure and recall him make sure he's on his way cause he wasn't coming so you're dead. You gotta get out of here. Now he was before cell phones, and so we waited in Frank's. I working in the studio with like two notes on back and forth, with real the real what the hell do. I hear his intense yeah did so tommy showed up here and they were good for they were. They would actually very that I have a great bootleg tape. Wears a bootlegger is something that was recorded in little so more carefully, and my dad would do this sum joy im session, like once every wednesday, because, while in the desert no doubt and that omar summary of the valley yeah it was his friend had an italian restaurant, so he would go there. He'd bring guys in sometimes was Joe pass. Sometimes it was Steve Lucas
rose plainer that guy so one. I was Joe pass and frank zapper in himself, came together and frank, plain jazz, where, with huge maastricht in our poor, dear zapper was Ebay, but it wasn't a jazz could play. I write compared to Joe pass your assurance of Jos, like all of us is it, but it was good. Is that said the relationship again. Is they respect? Each as a musician. Exactly because you know Frank was a bit of a control freak and my father respective frank. You know he did the lumpy gravy album, he did yeah, and that was the first time he met frank. Well. First, he knew he met. Frank brought him in as a session player and frank product, everybody in and there's a great I'll, take the emma richards. A great vibe is talking about everybody thought. What is this guy doing then? My father was the music was holy shit yeah cause it was going to be hard. It wasn't
well shit you? So he hadn't you now, as it was my day, comes dressed up as a boy scout iraq and he's gonna cloud, allowing as I grant you, I guess words of yes, So that's what he had to do a hostile, joker now I'm backfiring aid that I gave you walk through his indian break out. The notes like now laid out eight yet in and him enamel richards of vibe, as he had a contest like that who's going to get through this faster. Let's speed it up and they kept going. Well, it's interesting when you, when you listen to some of that zappa stuff. How like elaborate, and beyond. Structured necessarily was, but you know it was orchestrated toronto. Absolutely that's where the! I was started was like from a french horn players, something as I visited a bunch of shit and enable said the Earl just try planet it. And indeed what what was the feeling they did. They feel that the peace was like astounding Nor do I think, one way or another are really. You know I again tough gig. Yes, well, like you know it's not my dad's cup of tea
I remain friends yea, because a respect yet in my view, and I think that they are both at how you and they were both non bullshitter. Cfcs stated push it, but you, but you're feeling was that I wanted. I got sick. I wanted to make sure I think, maybe deep down Maybe I want to go sure maybe that's, maybe that's why exists kept going. Maybe that's why I'm finishes doc. Doc even consider finished, yet it I know it's here's now, here's what we should make sure everybody knows it's not out its. By the way I got under way will guide you now you know, what's happened was high. So ninety ninety six. I start this I like to see seventeen years ago assembly years younger and thirty five pounds lighter. Basically, I started. Ninety six dad got sick died. He passes way. Ninety seven and rate after pass. I put it together, nice, forty minute, Israel.
I get Nancy Sinatra got share in it. At this point I get everybody gone, but no one would touch this damn thing because the music, and they also licensing a licence in they said you got all my guide. You think bona at that point. I now the films, hundred twenty songs in it and then, in what ninety ever more hits. Yeah. Oh no yea, ninety uprose, exactly So I was said: do I so I kept going to everybody, see you never going to get the labels and the publishers to agree on this? It's impossible! Yeah well, the keep shooting and go on and carry on me. You have to have the music right. You can't tell. Story without right. So I We could talk about over the scary of shit documentary right, so I kept going and no one would ever jump and finally and two thousand six talk about cross in that line where you went too far, and my wife thought we just made the most expensive home movie ever ria. You know like in year with how much you can do.
wow. At that point, a couple hundred thousand you know, and now we got out even with a grange, because I look at you know it's my house year, and so we should. I, let's make them one jump. Let's go for it. We gotta get an editor producer, slash, and so I got Claire Scanlon. Who was my editor and we cut this thing he had in two thousand and eight we got into the Firstly, as did a remarkably be remarkably well yet is it easy visit I could say, but what a lot of words and no has no one would touch it I couldn't distribute it or I could show it, but I paid for the you know: festival use yeah, so then no one would touch it and I won't, but in then one of the labels, a publisher says danny you, gotta re, negotiate. Let's do it again, let's get a lower target because no one's gonna touch it. So I went back everybody came on. There was one, maybe putz. That was given me a problem by publisher and but everybody else was cool,
there are yet anyways really into it, and then I had to go back when took two years. You everybody sign off on this and why? Yes, of a two year. No no, no unpin A real, oh yeah, I'm still paying I'm not asking for free love free, but no one. No, no, I'm still pan. I just needed to come back and of a more I got cause. I have one hundred and everybody's a most favored nation, so if one guy is going to be a jerk, every year than either pay everybody, but did not see this. This would baffles me about. That is that you, This is a historical document. Right of of of their music and their business, any very thing would sell some records because I don't know if you're sure I know I am going to my mind. It's like I'm gonna go revisit goin campbell. I never going campbell my life, and now I can't go. Oh isn't going, can I know I've done that within a lot of global? Do now, because I'm dealing with is a guy that barely has a job still in this business of giant enemies.
department. It's our only way, given that job in the publishing we are writing might be a licensing idolized getting worse, and here she ill. I call back for more later the guy bs. You know if you, Sir esben, that kind of a right so once again, we re sign and I've been pain as we go along. So I have people. Donations were you know I ay and I would do these fund raising screens and sooner or later I paid off here and the ass one was kickstarter, which was a couple months ago. There was one huge bill, we're I need it. Was the musicians union here and I needed to pay these contracts, and I wanted to be What's to for for why? Because they call it reuse yeah. If you're going to use the songs in a movie, you gotta pay the musicians again, which is fine. You gotta pay the licensing fee for the bushing masters of publishing and the musicians' union. Okay, this is one of the biggest music his union contracts ever any film because is over you so
Ghana anyway, I judge what he hit song as much as they want. They give me a great deal but much as they wanted me. funny, no one to do the work so so was a long negotiation whatever, but we got kicks Carter finally came in. I had to go. I needed like three hundred and fifty thousand a year to really do everything and I reach for two fifty and got three hundred, so we paid off the musicians' union. Okay, I have, you more songs. Now now I'm when the guide as we You know he added a few songs or no way paid. Are we only have a few more saw? I did actually add a couple more is that you seen, if you don't tell him. Ok, I'm pay for just don't tell my wife here, but what I had to do is basically still pay. Now we only got may be. Songs left a pain. I'm done I've three hundred percent own. This thing outright holy shit I I play by the rules. I do not in I've not
least is fair and your father would have appreciated that efforts. Absolutely we as a union guy, you got it, you know what peasant and I'm gonna say now now is my dad did allege ass jazz in our lights. Did didn't want that his own personal jazz arms in he was said they sold twenty five albums yeti altogether. so one of the labels. I won't mention names. Ok, you can figure out. Sooner or later I had a bill of six thousand, reveal a seventy five hundred dollar ear and I see it music? No, no! No! No! For a bunch of meat from this one label and went well. I have six thousand the bank and we pay them. Six thousand. I say: wait, three, those songs! You guys having your catalogue from my dad's own personal, jazz, albums Again, you got realize you dont know my dad's out my music near my mom. Couldn't probably agenda five saw here
well unless you're a tommy to tesco jazz freak here. Maybe you'll hear it in the becca, and I said: do you mind if I get their gratis air, their record guy tour? My tour me up upside down as if I just insulted his mother here. And that's when I lost respect for that guy yeah, because that was the one as like dude. You could have given me that yeah it'll find here here's your fifteen hundred dollars for my dad's music yeah. You know yes, He wrote the songs. Yes, it's an album that you name and no you had bright. You know, but that's the only time I lost respect for Most I her about. What's been phenomenal, they ve all been phenomenal. I mean the labels have been in a listen, it's our, because only ask had given him a lot of money. So I'm on the back burner. Miss eliza, lengthy, yes, so art well, what are we go through? Bm just be because I don't You have it at the top. Your head, or if I could find,
necessarily by EU. Starting with far back as you remember your either songs or albums that you had a licence for the sake of god. I won't beach boys good vibrations. And they were on the pets and the whole pollyanna. How had so was basically them because that's when Brian was doing his own thing, there's some fascinating stuff in the dock yeah. I see bright with the fingers, brine hat, you know in there actually interviewed dean towards John dean last month, and he told me how that all came about here. He said what happened was janet. We're doing their thing, yeah bright, those are the beach voice where their opening act like on this one of those. You know the rock n roll towards so they doing like they were like the house ban in a sense and they would play with all these acts coming through, could be spoilt the beach portsea soldier. and indeed their thing, which was a new one thing and then they came, lord, on time or whatever, and then they had to go back
janet distressing and beat persons with the guys we're. So they had a relationship right. All sin and gives them. I can't remember the song servants of nets of his whatever was the janet dean. Has its huge. with it. When a brien songs, brine sees walks into the studio, sees all these duty, musicians and and Jan says brine. You could do this, you just are these guys, they just come and they show up. They do your music and you walk away. You don't have to have the brothers and all that do it all, and so Brian was like yeah yeah and so is easier. Brian, to deal with musicians year, then probably family and also to the curious vision, exactly yeah, because you know when they were talking about Brian, all of them near the carol, and your father seem that there are like this kid had some
yeah needed a word, but is it was like he's got something: it's different nobody's arrangements defied there there there sort of understanding. We have it and I don't think they knew that until after they heard it ah- and that was the weird thing is not like crazy. Who is talking about that good vibrates was going to get a handle when he first heard some, while what he does it would prove it was all pieced together yeah yeah land are brown, was piecing together. Any heard good vibrations on the car radio and like oh, my god, I don't de Leon, Russell on the interview I did with him recently. He said Brian would Leon Russell sandy's, the great and saint bride was as one of the greatest guise of greatest composer composers. ever come from Leon and Leon said he would go around the room and tell each guy what he wanted to play. He said by the time he got back to the beginning. The first guy forgot, to put he, tell him again yeah he had his shit together right right right and it was really cool. You know, Leon's praising you know Brian. I saw that beast boy stuff. Now that phil spector stuff is another.
catalogue stuff that your dad and the ideals that was then I had to deal with that over the years because then fill you know before he got trouble. Well, this is don't this way before you got trouble I have to get phil stuff was, can be important hard in itself, but then I'll send phil kills girl yet now as a great, no there's, nothing it is no- and I wish I had so he had possession- is whole catalogue. Yeah! Ok, so I was always try negotiator he still making a fortune what he saw a lot of it off to pay for the bills yeah, but he and I was trying to get a hold of you know. I was trying to get phil for years to talk to you, yeah emmy, before holy shit yeah, you know and phil was very you know, instrumental yeah. You know, and these guys you know well that you know the year that what was interesting about that is. It seemed to fill that all these guys
who come from a bit of a big bang background. We have asthma background. You know we're now involved in you know an orchestra sort of setting right that was completely unique to them that year they they thou had He was sitting on a ban, stand with twenty guys. Fifteen guys have many right, but now this thirty guys in a room and they're doing popular, rocked music, so that that you have I just its. I guess it's hard to really you know, I just thought of it as any other me another, but I mean it, but at some point it be interesting. I know because I know that even when they talked about it, your father and whoever it was talking about it like this guy was running as a louise about the time in the exhaust drive and whether they were getting a ride- or you know in one guy, I guess which guitar robert howard roberts was like fuck this, and that was because them with it, which is interesting because Phil was frustrated. Qatar play you wanna, be a jazz qatar player That's why surrounds himself with howard roberts, my father barney castle,
pigment they're all jazz, guitar players in this group, your highness idea, and so when in fish How how roberts issue was teaching phil here so now, Allison fills teller, howard, the greatest jazz qatar play around to how to play powers it. you have done. The idea walked, yeah and then Israel is going to have to whether you are gay gay. Just keep going. You know, but but it's interesting you don't get any sense from any of the people that you cause. I didn't see it in the documentary either that they were such sort of like you're kind of working class people who had a job that they loved you, don't get it. There was a couple a moment I think, would Carolyn Brian we Wilson, where you get the centre of while we were really part of some amazing. I think the only two years later: only have do you, like it They do. I ask all of my said, was any intimidation. Were you really by these artists? this now, the only not intimidation but the time you're ever gonna be all right
as when you gotta get that call for Sinatra yeah, cause you realize every by these guys are working for Brian. and all these other guys heads year there no neither yacht hit makers, yet no one's a hip maker, what mean before pet sounds it. add a couple of year, but it's not really. You just got your bubble. Gum bubble, gum media yeah, but when you get a call for sinatra, then you call them back to niagara falls a mama playing with friends. You know the Gambino family back. There is excited yeah, but you know that kind of like that was the only time you were. They were like okay yeah, but you know, like my, There said he say: listen, I might have he someone said: don't you should have been paid more for lizzie, adding arrangements or this error, those notes and diana is no. He said you know I go to work Says don't forget, I made hundreds of its remit, thousands of bombs here he is
ever gave anybody their money back. I am I right right right, it's just what it is said so, but by really that question is, do you think you should be cut into the publishing money? No, because Try this one point, but I think. It's like one of those things where wouldn't do hold back and creativity you know you can you're not going to give that line cause. You think it's a great line in your act. You know what I mean because you're giving it to the other guy. You know yeah yeah, it's all you are. So you know they're working together, hopefully one who is there that the rivers without. The howard thing was: was that spanish represent ninety, my dad's rivalry? at home what song was ever. Oh, he used to do he, the guy was my down are not a gag. What it was like. There's a guitar part who is talking about Oh, that was careless in the play me jerry was in their way by right that china lawyer the ever higher tommy done this river. They could have blade, live. What's nice right, he could see you note again. You listen! That's the difference. You listen to those
eyes of certain calibrating you ve seen you you play for, But you know, when you see a guitar player, that's a monster! Yeah! You go, you put him down, yeah yeah me go Liu ye ye cringe thinking about it and that's what these guys were. Those with the guy, the monsters that would make the other guys cringe year. So that's why, when they might have been pissed off in the studio when they're watching someone else record the parts but yeah they realize why they're recording their parts right You understand right and when you found they found a new found, respect for the guy's behind the guy in a word made the the now you just gotta go: go it yeah and if you don't service it in the same way, who gives a shit shit yet alive shown their this? That's it that's. What people than understand is less well. How could they play? You know how could the beach boys and all these groups play in concert? They had weeks to practice you're in the area and they just another sound socked, can you imagine recording some? Those concerts may be here ever in torturing us what was interesting to me In terms of your experience with this
three. You know you ve got all this music, you get the prospectus duffy. What was the frank sinatra thing? What did your father's experience when France, while he d, actually work with the vetoes strangers in the night was the and the big one that he did with regular that he remembers that he was there though yeah he was the special way, even though, but you know it's funny cause bill pittman again back to king salt thug as a piece of shit song and so did frank Nancy didn't said dead, hated that song yeah strangers than that which is really interesting. My dad died a member plain, a casual. well for those that dont know is basically the wedding or whatever, and he did a francs wedding item. I can remember of a mere pharaoh. Maybe maybe it was basically him. His trio we're three I see a dinner party of ten will really. Could you imagine what s like area, but you know work with frank. You rehearsed all day at all. They, whatever you measures for few hours, frank come in, and boom knock out. One too takes yeah, did your father eleven yeah yeah, because I think, may
being an attack it also, he said there was no better singer yeah for him no. That was in you talk to those singers of even liking. I've talked a few people said that guy's intonation just forget it yeah. He has an actual aha. Who else did you father, respect, respected hooker It's a tough one, because he play with Elvis you know. He always lo. He likes and cook it like sam Cooke. He play with Marvin Gaye, but SAM Cooke. He thought was he liked him as a better singer? I just got im cook alma when they just yeah there was that your dad? No no but house on that, though, and renee hall a year renee holes, that's the one with the oh god. What I saw that he may I just gotta just guide seal that he knows. I need Actually I wanted to get a bunch of records. A guy gave me a seal records and I got a collector's item in there and I dunno. If I can fucking open it to listen to it. Who cares just open it? Just listen to it.
Do I know I'm technologies, more rational, you're, right, absolutely right. So, like all right I forgot about the sam cooke PA, it's just astounding to me and how blaine he got such a gift with that guy living. Ah, I can tell you man what a character he is out, I guy just he for the roma here he's, but he is the drama that dormer I mean you have him in or upon the differences. Irc a little older, so Earl comes out of new orleans with you know me alive. a general that move and hake and then how starts up and when how earls too busy starts given as to how that let's go in and earls gone in their doing double drums on Jana dean and they're going back. You know, do not altogether and there's no jealousy. That's it think as is no jealousy when there's so much work here. You know right my dad would, but you must love it when there are in the groove almost hidden here I mean I gotta. Imagine that that no matter how much they frame it is like we got jobs when there
groove and they must be like holy fuck, yeah yeah and you knowing how was on six records of the year what you do know, which ones it would have been dying of the captain and to deal with the last point that seven but would have been a taste of honey. up in a way aquarius I'm bridge over trouble, water and mrs Robinson I nail it but boat like up open way. There's an example of where my father no. He was on it and the only reason I knew was jimmy web gave all the guys little charms like grammy charm here, and he said to her what was his for his I think we did with bones indicted and said fit dimensions, and we did last year is now you realize you're making. this, where they do not know what this is worth. I know how that can you imagine you don't know what your eye, because you work and so much work.
much. But you also you only there for three hours there giving your music you ve, never heard or no wait. I maybe they vocal track is even on a contract on see you're nuts. He saw you play some rhythm tracks year, laid down the tragic walking away. You fear slater comes up you not listening in reality. I didn't even I didn't even factor that in so you're not sitting there going like we're doing a song for the fifth dimension, no now you got three. Our session but you might tell you that the writing or mighty the other denham done marry. You put the cannes on you, there's a there's, a drum. Is a pace and you got your music in front of you. You knock it out and you're out yeah, so they didn't know a lot of the time. It's funny because sometimes lot of these guys, and a lot of these people, as I like to say. Ah, they think they did a lot more shit than they did now. As my father said, here's the thing he says the people we're talking about Uke, the they weren't on the fringe yeah they worked. My day went to work. Eight o clock in the morning sometimes never came home yet because if he had a gig at the seams,
we're the next morning nina. Let us stay here now sweeping the stereo or they play cards all night, oh yeah, through gambles yeah. That was the thing that was the thing bad, but a really bad yeah like what Is that how bad it was bad enough to website he'd bed on anything that was eight eight. You did anything. It was in a good when you know here and in our aegis. That was his thing that guy's friction and how yeah, oh yeah, it's funny the when he got many colleagues, He had a stroke of what happened was annual appreciate this, for all of us is why the the is done so well with audiences? Is reasons you all know the music and s easy. That's fifty percent of the story and yet debts piece of cake in this. all by accident where there's two things in the story. One it's about a group of musician. do you know where you are in the thick of it? You you're just kick his ass and
and stopping you in my question into all these guys? What happens when you not the eighteen anymore? We Are you know it's like you know, but that juncture that actually a late sixties or whatever, whenever it is for anybody from my dad, was the late eighties cause. He went from sixty records and seventys into tv and film, he had beheld, you hear the rear and film and stuff, like you saw. No, I am, and, and What happened is I asked bones? How and these are my to favour, lies his bones. The great producer engineer said: you're, like you like an athlete, I bet you ten years in the minors, whatever you get in you're at the top, and then you can cut the ramp down. He says it's not staying at the top, it's taking the ramp down as long as possible. and that's for all of us. You don't have to be a comedian, a musician and actor. You could be a lawyer, the opponent and were all want to be part of something right,
society right we just rally. We want you relevant, that's the word they do, and there was the thing and the other. I had about it in the for everybody was how did all gonna work? Twenty four seven affect your personal lives. Now how he was married six times in oases is one got him not only item four guy is my father said Do you remember that line my father's house as well as effective me partner? I had six wives and my father's yet, but it wasn't because your drumming is your personality. but I also ask everybody: implies the johnson, the wonderful sacks man legend, who did the pink panthers stuff. He said As he said, you know what I'm a better grandfather than a father air and again, if you're a parent, you understand instantly cause you're trying like hell to make this work, and it's never going to make it right
That generation was different examined it that that work ethic was like. I just gotta provide the other stuff. You maybe it'll happen, maybe a one year. The exact like here is to end thank god for my mother, gub lesser me ass. She kept it together, home store around here, she's she's. Eighty three, you got kids yeah, two out of isabella fifteen Raphael's. Nine So there are no! No, no, but they all they know is reckoned crew had hardly knows, daddy does wrecking, grew, there's a sick of it. Ok, so let's say I, for you, you know, was you were your father's dying the when someone has a prolonged cancer. You least you have time to process yeah the grief at the time I mean what what what did this serve
your relationship, you know, as he was dying and then afterwards I mean cause you literally. You have a growing relationship with your father. You know, fifteen years after shirt, yeah, you know what I that's it s really never even ass separate, is really interesting. I think what and the thing I'm proud, or so it is not about the movie, but the people. I've met around the country, Tar players people their strangers to me, but the met him they met him. They say at a seminar rochester, they met him in this or you know, and they would currency anything the stories I come back of how nice he was or what he did for them. Chuck rainy was a wonderful when the great space players of all time and he told me a story about, and he was in the you know, rock and roll stuff in this steely dan and all that stuff, and he said I in the town. He says in the seventies, on the big rock and roll studio guy, I'm on a tv date. He says you know it's we different
I know your studio, musician, yeah, everybody's, a studio, musician quote: unquote, yeah, but you're. Not until you get to this certain position. Yoga! Oh shit, I gotta do this year, things change records are different than tv. T is different than film and he says am in this part is an odd time for me and the ace and all of a sudden. I have to make a change in the time to race time. He says I blow it and during rehearsal him, is so now we're going again. I'll, send our role in tv together, rowan everything, no one big ban. He says I blow it and also father comes out of nowhere with his guitar just makes a huge noise here, I don't know screws up, I said tommy, okay, yeah yeah, I'm fine, I let sooty m yeah and, ah so chucks. It says we go again. He says they come to peace in the measure on blown it again. Your father, again bam even louder, makes even bigger noise tommy. What's up? fine! This is it. Let's do it rolled back the film an eternity
your father turned me says you're on your own. Now you know. covered up now heating and no, they had never met but he knew he was the new guy and he will protect the new guy. You know any that to me was when they talk about certain guy in the. Now you know, that's funny. You ask, as I asked the same thing here, I sit chuck. What did you do? She? Wouldn't play designer I e says in in my father afterwards the break, uses house. We are supposed to do the first time. He says you do look around the studio to heal gather. He says there are. The baseline everybody's play no one's gonna, hear you. His sister it was. That was the less said he could do no area and there in that the thing he was he protected. So many people in your drama, would tell the same thing that preceded the mingle, album lad thing in the producer.
I had a hand in in the he was getting out. Hammer father said at the break. Took him outside. So listen, mother fucker. If you don't call out we're all leaving here, you know he said. That's it don't talk to these, but he had such disrespect for people that talk to sessions badly and he could do it because he was the older guy yea yea, The aim is, I don't talk bad musicians in sometimes eight. You know any he would. The one thing he taught me don't blow it with the leader. If you want tell off the leader the producer where everyone- that's fine, you can be Twenty percent right, but don't expect to come back tomorrow, yeah yeah. I was in that's kept me going on this project seventeen years as those people. I wanted to tell us ten years ago, when they want to give me something whatever pact is still around and they d help me. I have to tell you fuckin bernie bridges, not yet the I only have a couple more rights. What what about your relationships with the guys? I knew your father at which I imagine became very deep in the peace process.
Like how hal how and don randy Glenn was phenomenal. He's interesting Glenn county and is very interesting, and there was the greatest thing, as I hope the other great thing about doing this dark when started at seventeen years again the ideas Tommy's kid right in can questions. Eta has never been asked who tommy no ugly right here talking about today's session places this you know. Ten years ago, whenever wise before all summer, he had then go, and we knew there was something that, when my own time, how big time, oh yeah, he's gone astray. His re seti's stop twenty cages. But when I was asking them questions, it was questions that he never been ass to her and that to him was the greatest time heard of his life visa he wasn't the leader before he became Oh for all, I m soul area in areas. First time he came back from europe down a tour, something he came back and none
Go through the airport sums at a glance has gone and go suddenly. No me because that is the season replacement for the smothers brothers, were so that was, one time in this mothers reza cancel, so they just kept him go here and how blind date, namely how metal I was back to how the guy, if you want and a musician would have a commedia here. Use france with Lenny Bruce and you know- and we start in the berlusconi- come ass. Absolutely and I mean mean you know go out to eat, no matter what you do, you can go anywhere, something's gonna light a polite bow for second, you you mean, telling all send Adela Joe comes out of his arms as non stop. No how he he. So much so many jokes here. I may ridiculous here a store all their yeah here, is there so now who? So? What are we gonna do daddy? What do I say so now
Basically, what I'm doing is I gotta get this thing out: distributors, when a touch me because it was like you know, No one want to touch it because of the amusing, how it's all paid for and paid for. You know, so I'm just hoping to get this thing out there doing fundraisers and doing literally I'm doing private screenings or do I've shown this film. around the world. Will work and people- I listen to this go and help out basically go to the website, wrecking crew, film, dot, com and- and you know, have your distributor out there. Why haven't you called? You know I've paid it. Now: let's go it's funny, I'm the greatest thing was shown this film air to live on, in it. We ve had it as a fundraiser for different groups in europe, foster care and different things, and I am proud of the film really proud of the new cut to add. No one seemed so. And you do you feel like on some level that it sounds like you're always to be. Your father was in horrible and young at all. But do you feel that you of that that was something compelling you
around like? Not, unlike you say your father looked out for the for the new guy and for the musician and for you you know for the respect of of his profession. Yeah do you feel, like you know, as a son, yo, you sort of you know not only hearing on yeah yeah, not while I go, once you're right. You know I never thought of it that way, but I I just when I think about yeah, because it I get really it's so weird She said it because I'm just thinking about this, I yes you're right. I do because I have such respect for these musicians. Clear ives, the hardest thing for me is watching musicians are so talented or comics are so talented actors are so talented its met of luck? Sometimes oh yeah. You know, No, it's so funny cause. I've said this. I see no travel into saying with his film. I only got up in a brief case in a film with me, a backpack
You and I'm doing one nighters here and go how the hell do you guys do that share you? How did the musicians with a gear them comics in view of the differences you know. Hopefully I have No, it's a film, it's not as its passive you, it's not interactive like you have to do it like. I can imagine here but It is having the respect I want them to have the respected in people. They know you know in. Oh, I'm my father was away if you ever saw play life well areas, people out there, this awful alive Harry york. little bit a little bit here is ripping through and my mom would say. Why are you doing arrow really, like he says, is for the one? partly in the room you now, the greatest I get is fully stories. You know ago website producing for pr. I did those pope comic. Things are yet another those criteria was the angle on pop common pulp. Cox was due to stand up and we would cut to fill
Allow me what will I do? My advice is so I do margaret show bob cat data. Go you never know always produce near and was produced in the film parts, so my first time was bob cab and bobcat rights and whose of actually one of the smartest guys ever directed. For my or my amazement, I mean It's so cool, I'm in solids, we're going to you know meet with bob. Can we do all the shit, and I am fine location, of course bobcat rights in wanna, store and then eyes. Boulevard so I'm going in the porno store and make making agreements. You know you know achieved there with his crew. Said? I give you my card egos, any rules, tommy with exceeding joy guy, I hope, he's a guitar player. Don't tell my dad shops here
and those are the kind of guitar here, thank god, but it was one of those things. You know, and that happens a lot and I'm really you know again those those articles were really. popular and he heat like it was why boys gum Thank you for bringing me the tommy to desk for guitar players. Only look I need this. I need with short cuts and techniques, site, reading and studio point any in the universe. Drummers tell me these to treat their book the deep there's stories in between there were pretty funny visit, teach you how to read music tat. I tried the other day still hasn't help make, but I get a practice of everybody assumes I can play guitar, but I haven't gotten the third cord dancing. I get my mind MIKE. I'm gonna do this. That's. Why I do all the time I'm gonna learn how to play guitar. Fifty three might not happen is gonna. Do not want it to be like this. The sides
in this documentary. Have you already got a blanket? I said to sit in one of the friends. You know a professional. I said you know if I did fifty percent of or ten percent of what I put into this documentary practicing I'd be a hell of a guitar player, yet yeah but you'd be out of work like the rest of us yeah. But you got your old man's guitar. There was still a few of them home, yeah yeah, it's nice to try alright Again. I really appreciate his great they drink. That's our show globes thank you for listening since then, spoke. I want to tell you this and after eighteen years in production, there is finally a distributor that, once release the film. Are targeting a release date in two thousand and fifteen, so we'll keep in touch with anyone? Let you know how that progressive go to deputy fr dot com and get that app and upgrade to that maps Rinaldi episode. Thank you for listening to watch, Aaron tonight. me a real live one, the most tramell. Experiences of my life- thank you for bearing witness
thank you for being here today stretch we could egg. I think I am burden myself. I do now the hearts of anything the minds of anything better, that's about it, though I think there is anything else they haven't really talk to you. about got gas trip and lives
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