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Episode 523 - Bob Newhart

2014-08-10 | 🔗
Bob Newhart is an American institution thanks to his incredibly funny and popular television shows. But the way Marc sees it, Bob Newhart is one of the most important stand-up comedians ever. Marc talks with the legend about the comedy albums that turned Bob into an overnight sensation and changed the game for American comedy.

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The guy I'm sitting on my car in front of us, when bel air and done this in a while, I'm nervous when you're going to talk to somebody like bob newhart, I mean I I'm a bit in awe. This is a guy. That's had an amazing career on television but I just spent the morning with in to his first three records. Button down mind bob new heart, turn the button now mind above new heart and behind the bundle mine bob These all were recorded roughly between nineteen You have fifty nine nineteen sixty one, the first, thou bombed. The bundle minded bob newhart one to grammy's. Nineteen sixty one, the grammy's,
when the best the arm of the year, the best new artist and returned the bundle mind one best, spoken word album the same year. Since she's amazing amount of output and these were huge records, and these were game changing records. In terms of what I see as the evolution from comedian to the stand up comedian think bob newhart gets the proper respect that he should as a stand up comic anna's somebody that really invented the form of one of the main. inventors of the form of you know: american stand up, neo, shifting away from joke telling and from your straight up comedic entertaining to actually doing cultural Material satire I mean people from you're with the or familiar with the name of any bruce are the name of warsaw.
but this is a little after those guys put out their records. It bob was working and these records profoundly important in terms of of creating what the possibilities of stand up could be of of point of view comedy of criticising satirical ii, the forces that were at that time a marketing advertising politics. A beer, craddock employment in a way, was being presented as as the future, America. This is a weak, an interesting time that I don't know about historically that often by the transition time By the middle of the eyes now administration is before kennedy, but its post war, and there was certainly not a momentum going on in america. You know there's a big change going on
you're the beatniks already around. As I said, Lenny was already round. There was a counterculture, but bob new heart you'll become huge, really speaking, truth to power. In a very palatable way. Yet he did many that that it wasn't just eat him on the phone talking to someone we couldn't hear by them. yeah some of these records. There's there's characters he's doing characters at her and engaging with each other. He setting up scenes in offices you're on the telephone driving instructors on vacation, yet he's doing fine Scenes he's is a what I heard one reviewer say about cosby he's peopling this the stage with these characters. This now something you see much any more where, where comedians will do a series of characters within a scene there's a few guys that do it and I love it, it's a rare thing. I and it was yeah. It was rare. Even then
obviously to do well. In my mind, Bob newhart is one of the most important stand. Ups ever as I said, a lot of people know him from his tv shows and I think those are fine. I think they're great they're. Obviously amazing. They were hilarious, both the bob newhart show and newhart years later, but there was a yeah. There was a period where he was just doing stand up. You know he guest hosted the tonight show with Johnny Carson over eighty times he was on the dean. Martin variety show you know dozens of times, Ed Sullivan made appearances in movies, but if you think about it- and I'm not sure you would, unless I told you- you know, The three records that happened between fifty nine sixty one were over ten years before the bob new hard show which really familiarised everybody with bob knew her. That's a long time. I wonder what was going on,
it's times. I wonder where you know what was going on in his mind as he made the shifting into stand up. I guess I'm going to find all these things out soon, as I pull into his driveway just sitting out here, weirdly in bel air talking on a microphone parked on a fairly secluded lane, oh and he's in his eighties now I'll, try and keep my my act together here. A bunch of notes, hear you. I got two pages of handwritten notes, in the margins all over the place, just like my brains, splattered it onto a piece of paper, all the things that I should know, but ultimately it's going to really. You know come down to meeting him him and I sitting there and talking. Ah man yeah, I was, I feel this way a lot.
Felt this way when I was sitting outside of Jonathan winters house felt this way when I was in the parking lot of of MEL brooks's office sitting outside of Carl Reiner's house sitting outside dick Van dyke's cows. These guys are guys that you know that we're we're of there at the beginning and and it's always daunting to me to Sarah. How do I encapsulate that? How how do I, you know, get a sense of that? How do I get it? You get it all in or at least get that moment. He knows he moments of. Of of I I I've gotta shut up. I should probably I I can't even head inside yet so I'll just sit here
the So we just talking about job winters when why spend time with you said that he was won the first guys, you ever saw Johnny and I got to plug that. There was a club in chicago call, a black orkut and some I think somebody fell. I have never worked a nightclub, but I have had a kind of minor reputation around chicago as well as just a funny guy, and I did a local tv shoulder. I did a man on the street show and a guy at Tom has seen was, host the administration in nineteen, fifty eight no man on the street show was lucia nineteen, forty seven, it was all in vain. dealers will always hard getting people to stop they'd like just push you under their way.
If years ago it to joan we liked it. I'm sorry they got enough of it or and till he would. He would do regular interviews and then I would be the comic relief and I would do on a topic. Usually are now, just whatever I wrote the night and thirty four. I was on you struck, is show up, prepare a thursday struck me as funny We were all we're on opposite today. Captain kangaroo so tough spot, very tough. There was five days a week we were on for sixteen weeks, real one postcard, only when sure that's the thing was getting out of the building the postcards of. Why are you guys still on acknowledge the coastguard?
guy, the most famous human interests storyteller in the world. This man is published money, butcher of human interest. strictly and so time asked me. What is your favorite? A lawless what you run, you must have a favorite human interest. I saw tell a story about Well, it's the family and head this dog little dog, and and the dog had been with the family for years and years, and then someone left a door or gate open and the dog got out and when the kids came back from school, it said where's, where sparky and
How much I am always ready to Vienna house header, our early in the back yard sale. They thought it was it. I haven't! Oh just a brief blubbering covered whether you want to buy the book. As I said all night, and we're not even getting through to people, they don't know no, stick up that still happens yoga, this sucker board every minute believe everything literally our guy, you moved them up or tat is one of the book. So you know, Listen to you know all the records you another, whether first three records.
and for three were the bush was an amazing amount of output. You know in it flood. It was among the first three we're. Just did just port right in an leading up to that before we get into exactly what happened so you're around Chicago? You grew up their job. Yet do you go back still Yeah, I know, but the greater yeah and to greater gas into a family, their young, my three sisters and so Wait you mean when you grew up. What was there with your family like? What was the lifelike? Was you old man? Do he drank Well, I can, but I see I thought everybody I thought. Everybody's life was a kid does rain. He who he was, during the day you heating and air conditioning and heating salesman
and then he'd come home and then we'd have dared sometimes. Family other times not, and then he would leave around eight o clock and he would This bar with all his friends and then come back about eleven thirty twelve o clock and he had a neutral, cannot be an about that. But I thought that's what every four father did him in russia I respect what do you think? Well, I don't think you wanted to be with us if it dawned on me that maybe we weren't there. In fact I guess my career is all about trying to get my dad's attention and I had this- I had this conversation is demanding. He had the same
he had the same upbringing really his not then his father was alcoholic with his father was with just uninterested right and an ash, and he spent his time just yellow, trying to impress his dad. Yeah? I think that's. Why devoted a mad tank? I want to thank him because that book If I grew up in a normal house I'd, be an accountant, its entry how many comics I talk to that. Have an experience like that. You know whether their fathers detached or absent, or this need for this approval depletion of show but this also like a weird anger at the core of vat, is well like your, why you know it so So I guess your mother was was solid, yeah, oh yeah, he was. She was very. She kept a go. What was your one way? She allowed him to do it. You know the classic structure. Yeah yeah, put him to bed picked him up
No, not that so much. You wasn't they're kind of drunken. She just was. He drank every night until adopted said to him george. That was his first name. He said, george, you can drink anywhere. You you're allowed wondering drink, put, ok, I was it that said from then on. He had one drink during the day. That's all he had and was he a different guy, no yeah, it's probably not as much fun. Yeah are you the oldest or where do you fit in with the whole second holes and where, where did your sisters end up doing alright? How did it all go? older sister is- a nun religious- early and on what what life? I'm gonna make anything. She was the first astronaut
if the woman asked the first astronaut none in the flip. The flying nun was based on her, but so so you brought up religious yeah, oh yeah, you could say that yeah cap, catholic area. The fear was put in you early on shore, and you remained the religious. Yes, that's what I guess you gotta have something that holding together right, yeah. I guess I did it. It works. For me I mean I'm not, not as religious as I used to be a show business. But I love, but I like this, the I like francis, I like a lot of stuff he's doing which, who
pope francis oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah. I call him friend to him this morning. Very close. She just got off the phone calls me for advice, yeah, that's it that's the new bit you're on the phone with braces, yeah yeah. He seems like an certainly a more open minded. Fella yea have you been over there ve been to rome? Have you seen the heart of it all? went wrong with the ripples. As a matter of fact, we did that friendship stuck that french have started because my wife, jenny have a fifty one years. She can married we're married vigil, injures she and Barbara Rickles, who was then barbarous. Clar was a secretary for an agent tat god genuinely. Why not with not while were buried rod What are we gonna marry because I would have I wanna put my
What does that say way? Waited not not the situation. I had planned, methodical who So did I had never met done yet, but I knew I of course knew it. So I was I was in. The sands in vegas in the main room, bring that up the main roger sure cause pecking order. Yet fourth, and he will in allow lounge. He was in the local at this, the sahara. So jenny, said, and they just got married. So really young sweaty don rico the same down recalled you. I just saw him in canada. Yeah do. What did you say? I saw him, do the queue and ate the angles I was doing. A gala show that after him and when out there? You know that's right, you just stay here that he was sitting up there. Get it for legislation yet now taking questions and it was phenomena and he always speak very highly. You
and I know, and it's it's just the yin and Yang of it, the the the kind of the the differences in your personality. It. I guess it was meant to be item. Surprise, you guys never did the sunshine boys we talked about. Did she had we had talking about by time it meant Learning allow words so recently yeah. I would save five years right right right so anyway, and anyway so Virginia has done all done and barbara Tom reason- also what why don't I shut up? Who have we'll have a late dinner with him says his hours are like he started, one in the morning and when your six then the lunch, so we should try. So we go to the sahara, as I remember the coffee shop right of yet the all night diner thing, That's an inward we're talk, I'm talking about a rude agendas stuck into done and now it's time
go and she danced to report show enlarge, Well, now we're din don goes back to change into a tux. He still wears a tux. Now everybody is hot cosby. Everybody else has given up. I mean Cosby's in in sweatsuits but then I thought I'd I'd me just in a jack odin. Still he wears a traditional talk, so he's goin back again this stuff we're working until the shore to the armed and genesis missions. He's such a sweet man he's such oh. He does. He just wants to be with his family and I hate being on the road I said honey. That is, that that is the man, you're gonna, say: okay, I may add up yet he is that way, but you ve never seen him. She had never seen. He worked out for thing. Is then they put us in the front row first thing he says he said this stammering idiot from chicago was in the audience work with his
we're away from bayonne new jersey. So I look over her jaw dropped and, as I tried to tell you that in that way that we then drifts together, and we just that was how about that ever gave me. It is have a good time. We just enjoy equal worth it. It seemed to me you know when I, when I listen to your records again like today, is that, in my mind- and one of the reasons that I have such respect for you is that there was a difference in what you were doing as a performer. At that time I mean you know, don Rickles is, you know, he's his own thing, he's don Rickles, but he's a club comic death, and it seems to me that you, you are part of this legacy of of what really,
im in in my mind, there's a difference between a stand up comedian and a comic. There was a. There. Was a sea change in comedy right around fifty eight, exactly yeah and- and it was you know, the comic now had a point of view. He had a way to speak. You know a certain amount of truth to power yeah. He was able to take his time and it wasn't all based on old joe, no one here was no joke trading with specific, which, which were the reason that everything in It- and it was probably more sulphurous right than shelly right. Michael lane, Johnny wonders myself many lenny that, and that was pretty much right, pretty much it. The reason they couldn't do. Take my wife, please, because it was college audiences right and they didn't relay. I don't have a wife. You tell me something that affects me right. You know, and in so doing they didn't go to night clubs right because that's what the open a hole in the cold
right all the punchline which everybody had stole from everybody else, and that was their parents anyway, yes and they are now really had to find their knife. Their nightclub was a college dorm and the order He turned and beer and they sat around and played mozart when it grows ever recorded, because you, I think that it seems like Jonathan really came out after you are on record an inch and I guess Shelley and more and Lenny had done a record. We are just a couple years and I think my can allay my going away so when you're, coming up I mean what, before you start doing comedy, because you really wants start doing stand up until after the record came out right, I did stand of to make the record right, but furthermore, those place I played as they stand up were recorded the up to it.
That. Might that is mind blowing. I know because, like knowing that and having read that I was sort of listening to that record was like yeah he's a little nervous, usually a little nervous. I tried tariff No wait, there's another to warner brothers. They finally found a place that would take a chance on a comedian who had never played a nightclub, we're going. On friday, night and saturday, it's friday night and two shows on Saturday friday night I got a drunken woman in the front row that that's the worst thing that a comedian can get. It's still the worst still lower than the bachelorette party, the worst yeah, because you didn't do anything with a woman drunk you didn't do maybe two lines and then you better stop, because the sympathies immediately shifts are right, but she's got so I'm doing abe, lincoln I'm doing the driving and she sang.
as a boy large budget crab, that's a bunch of crab through the entire. So we go up george back in and she's clear, clearer than I am here as a bunch of crap, so arranged tat to be met to what he had to throw a friday night. I got two I'm nervous enough anyway and where I'm in houston and at the time limits in texas in use in texas, Why that choice whiter casually only ones who would take a chance. It took them a year to find a club for this. The hire a comedian who had never played a nightclub nightclub in Chicago there's tons of them? No one would give a local guy. No! No. It was that tight,
young guy, there was, for there were just a second city right. They were approached the am I was told. I said that is in our kind of stuff. What does that mean? I guess the improv. How can I guess arising I guess that's what I'd say you all you gotta saturday night. Now all I go who shall Saturday night now- and you know what word was that's what happened and you could you good to hear that nervousness and will not, nervousness but like knowing what I knew. You know in knowing that you know this? Was it you No, I got there was an intensity to it because you know by the time I got to. Hind. The button down mine I mean you're flow was different, your comfort level with different. You know yeah, I'm not even aware, but I yeah no, I mean by this just being being sort of like you know Obviously the material was great and you were great. I mean it was a huge record first record to yield to win one to go.
So that was phenomenal. That had never happened. Bs so- and I didn't know where your first night on stage, basically as a stand up comic, you want three grammys and it's a national phenomenon cells all over the I did. I did a show one time, I'm getting ready for they only people there even understand. I knew I had one side of the other people I know what you mean by one side there used to see today for bits. Three big three, and let you have three three and a half yearly rebates going into the show in texas. I had the driving instructor abe lincoln. In summary, commander were the three I saw at that time. Recording now no small task, I mean it. Was big equipment only give where'd, you couldn't sheer, but they were. There were microphones hanging all over the planet. Yeah I got three routine so. I got one night and I come off
I go by the maitre d and he said they're applauding said: go back out. I said I don't have anything. I said. That's all I have. He said we'll go back out there applauding all the way back, and I said I would which one would you like to hear again, though, that's all so leading up to this. What was the trajectory so you you'd go to school in and then you go into service yeah and how long in the service to you. Do you go there when I went to korea now eyes in california, as it was in his heart, a battle there is no worse. I was unloading look I'll at that point. Twenty twenty two year here they did. They send me to California Now I run into the california whether an arm like great
didn't someone tell me about this right. I've been freezing to death or prison, erin from heat, and no one told me by California, I got three hundred dollars, I'm coming back out here and you went to where you go go on a g. I bill how that were not the words I when I went to law school for a year and a half an hour on germany belt, I flood your fish, You may you've bailed out use from what it was the thing you do you weren't interested. I was too busy with no, I was well. I was a law clerk. I got that I go to school in the morning and part of the afternoon. Then I'd be leclerc in the afternoon and then at night I was active in a in a playgroup, so something had to suffer and it was with law school at least that's my version of it. You were doing sketches and stuff no place displays. Were you at full place? One was the accounting
that was after I've learned from law school. So then I went into accounting and were two and a half years as the top. And was it horrible I mean. Were you were you like? You know this can't be my life bored to death bored to death that that's how the bobbin racing came about, because at the end of the day this guy, I was in the playgroup with gallagher. He call me on my phone and we do bits over the phone, how to break the monotony of accounting, and so I did turn have half years, and then I thought I just gotta try comedy I just and when was the advertising gig that was after accounting It was a very short time going to be six months. A friend of mine was in advertising. He got me a job in advertising and that didn't appeal to you. I got fired. I got again my side of it.
I was on the wrong side of the room. You know. I've worked for a guy named Fred niles hoo hoo this building, which is now of opel, was Oprah building engine and I was on the rajpath romany. So we fired half the room and I was not there. I was on the road, that's my version of it if you don't have spread because he's gone, but I think he has a different version of it anywhere. At that point. That said, I gotta try this. If I fall on my face, I follow my face: okay, I'll go back to a county or whatever advertising with some of the stuff was so pointed gateway. Your experience in the county and your experience in advertising your experience in sort of a a face with bureaucracy, but also your experience and in what really became the dominating force of american culture, which was advertising they did. It did, play into like, as it seemed like on the first record, the couple of bids, the press agent named lincoln, and certainly the marketing of the Wright brothers that these were. You know that these were very pointed satires about about imaging about what people
but were true that that's. Why did they come up with But not mine does why it was called the button no mind. Don't bug knew her. which was even my idea that came out of warner brothers that uniform of the day on madison avenue was a button down collar and so much of the material was about advertising and marketing, and that kind of thing that they called it. The button on mine that was pretty smart marketing prison yeah. I I dunno where he is never. I never got a chance that he did. He did you write with that one? I don't. I don't know that mainstream america had seen that that type of satire- really you know as accessible as you made it that I was just do what I thought was honey right. I can't see those giant overall but wait on, but you, but it was If only you know you had, there was a certain you're huts, but to it I mean
well yeah. It was the world that you sorta had been in a little bit and it a world that everybody was starting to understand. That was becoming public. I mean this was it was a pretty powerful time for america to sort of postwar everything was moving forward. The economy was good right. As eisenhower yeah, but there was this weird beatnik thing that was happening yeah there was shift that sort of went into the sixty different. We are actually doing said nothing happened in the fifties. A lot was happening in the fifties, things more large, all and yet Lenny bruce and chilean. I figured you start when you say you're going, we're doing comedy and you've got this idea. You know how did you first start to approach it because yeah that will happen so quickly once you, you know, got the record, but did you start going out and watching people? No, I don't, you just we're gonna get bob ray. Did it I thought I would. I thought my dream would ban to be
I'm a writer for above all right that that would have been that's. He appeared to me, that's what they're doing that dynamic em. You can certainly here a bit of it but you know, there's only you there's just bob in and you know we are, the the beats were filling in the blanks in reaction to this fictional person is unheard person, but so you didn't, you didn't, go out and study anything you just sort of like I'm going to do this. When did you realize it was crazy at the time or did you really think of it as a reasonable career? I don't know. I just had to find out you didn't want. I just I just had to find out. People were telling me do I know you ought to go to new york and an you and play and then you go to new york and nothing happens and you come back and then The guy who told you to go to new york says yeah that'd. I thought that work out for you. It's not. Now you ve wasted five years. and this is that yeah really. I thought that work out. So what was the series of events? And so you? Yet these bits
you were with their with the guy on the phone with your new body from accounting, Adele Gallagher. So you you put these on paper. There was a guy, then chris pierce, the ethnic. He put up the money. So we can make an acetate like ten routines that we had an idea developed over oh, do a lot more were improvised. Just there was an open like an hour hum I the two of while the well I'll, be a summary comment. Ok, ok, and I'll I'll, introduce you as you walk out. Okay, alright and then we'd, just we'd just go so we sent these and we got three replies. We got the Northampton mass, which I think was a. What college near their presented as an audition real. Yet we ve got a hundred opening up. At least I put up the money for christmas
we send out a hundred acetate three replied but should have taught us something northampton mass Jacksonville florida, idaho falls I'd almost close to come the next election. We need seattle and everyone. So ok, now we get had said what did what did we charge? I suspect I have no idea, but I know five five. Five minute routines a week for thirteen weeks, I said it's seven, fifty seven seven dollars and fifty cents Yeah I saw like yeah I'd say: well, we found out the tape costs more than seven dollars and fifty cents, or so one of the stations stiffness. I dunno which one it was when the radio
section two wanted to renew us on this. Basically poor man, bobbin ray weber and we wrote him back and say I'm sorry. We can't afford to do this anymore. We yell hit the closest one hundred or so then ed. was offered a job in in new york in advertising, bb dino, so I'm in chicago and ed had to take the job because he had kids and is married, and we are not a him we weren't making money so nice ok, I guess you have to find another partner as good as dead, or I go out on my own. I decided to go out on my own. So a lot of the conversations somebody is still there, right here on the other end of the far right,
in an leading up to the record? How did the record deal sort of come together? You couldn't audition. No. What happened was of a dish shockey friend of mine, I got him down, shorten the great distress you like just off the wall. Right, so the one or other record people were coming through chicago, so they climb down because he's a very big did check to see. What's going on to just yeah handshake amira abide by the way we got the everley brother. Alright, I really like you play the sir, this hot peace a wax. So he said I had this friend of mine. I was on it, they had the partial, we have huge ratings and it was off at eleven o clock. Nbc decided. What do we do with this audience? So we ve got.
They decided to build a show around damn sorkin destruction. I will eurasia tv show you to keep the power. yeah I was when I was a writer and performer and the show less would I think for weeks. I think the director he said If, if you up, if you at home and you open the window and when the partial one off and the dancer can show came on, who could hear an audible click of television sets all of her or chicago baden, turned up anyway Dan. Is this so he's familiar with my material
so the one where the people, so he says I have this friend of mine. I think he's very funny, and they said: oh okay, we'll listen to so dan calls from help. He said, borrow a tape, recorder and record abe, lincoln submarine commander driving instructor. So I I do I take the tape down there. They listen to it. They said, okay, we think he's very funny and will record you at your next nightclub. What I said: I've never played nightclub, I said. Well, then we'll have to find you a night and record you at them and that will allow you to use the term are able to find and because I called them up at one point I cause I had signed a recording contract with warner brothers and I said whatever happened. They said we're still trying to find a place that will take a chance. I can't believe that saw astounding to me that that the industry was so intimated that time and so controlled that if you wanted, you? Couldn't just rent a place? You know, but
wasn't really a possibility because you the audience alone. I owe you needed, walk into an established join. You know that it's it's amazing to me. okay, so it takes a year. You end up in texas. You knock this thing out and your expectations around it. You knew he did well right. Yeah, I mean you know you don't know. I didn't know I I I thought I thought the record might might fill twenty five thousand copies, and so, if I went into a city, maybe they're fifty people that heard the up and would come in to just to see it see the guy. Do you may go over my think you could get started, an inn the great adjunct to stand up career. Yes, sir, nor do I was going to explode to what do you? What do? What do you think that was white? What do you think that moment was? I mean yeah, culturally ramey. What because
I mean before I mean you were familiar with Lenny Bruce. You knew your marks. While you know these guys were, were you know aggressively taking on politics a young and aggressively pushing the envelope, and you seem defined level this. I guess I'm answering my question and tell me if I'm right or wrong these. this level where it was where was clean and not menacing too, to sort of get the message of of your kind of sticking to corporate amerika. I stick in it to hear. These shadow there was a guy. I remember a millstone lesson And he was a writer for the new york times, He came down and viewed me someplace, maybe the hungry I were explained to time and none. He wrote an article and and he called it- the man who bites the hand, that's feeding him, which is kind of what we're talking about yeah that he buys.
the the advertising we making fun of the advertising world than the advertising. People are good going to see this man who then makes fun of what they do. That's a tricky business, If you go too far, they're gonna be like screw that guy, I finished yet a troublemaker. Allow another. You found a very diplomatic line, there's nothing better than being able to do to judge. If somebody and have them laugh without them, noise sometimes without them noise. Yet they already have their say, and I know that guy yea right annie and it's always difficult. I guess The thing you share with don Rickles you just might be the core of your prejudice- is you're much more subtle there is a big, ok I'll. Take that I knew where I stood in terms of port politically.
But but I also knew I was. I was doing something important. I knew I was making fun of the large corporations and I was making fun of the military highly organized. I would just doing a little different ways in your humanizing. You know then I in the sense that you know cause you were when characters, and these characters. Even though you don't hear abe, lincoln talk, you know what became in that bit was sort of like this. overly earnest you're, not quick, In an end, the stick of the press agent was like a less the fact that this this is what most revered president's in american fist and I'm saying the guy isn't real bright thick. Yet in the end it was. I think it was a kind of relief, some steam and the american culture ages
It's phenomenal that like and just listening to this stuff this morning, it's so fresh in my head that a lot of that stuff still holds up in india, the thing with the air the there. get scientist is is is a great big because and I see that weird cassettes, one of the really obscure I love it. I love it because you know dealing with you know I mean Lenny did a bit about hitler right, yeah yeah yeah that bit about the he's, a painter, emptying hitler, you nobody that it still here so hitler's on the periphery of the rocket scientist, but that it actually you d, actually draw attention to the fact that you do. these rocket scientist more nazis, yeah, you know, and then you know the whole bit is sort of like it turns out him. Will you can barely line and make a lot very hard. We lose the war
that's provocative, stop and I dont know that americans were necessarily certainly people that that weren't, you don't. You know those around your paying attention had not put that stuff together at all. Necessarily no that's all I'm saying is it struck me funny run and I did it did you feel like I always am setting out to write blaze, any new trails, her right buddy, it was just places where your maya believers in my got the right. These things were upset you have, but they did it say you had a point them in the lurch. Unfeeling cooperation the militarism. This man Marine commander rises, at least levels above, whereas, whereas competent right and read very calmly, explained this horrendous trip there that they major years underwater underwater and this line here- is what we would save
You know we not to two minutes of the previous record of form innocent twenty nine seconds and servicing firing at the door toward target than in recent merging. I think a lot of the time. We said was because of the men we had to leave on deck. I think they. no small way had an awful lot to do with the two minutes, We cut off the record, an added we. None of us will soon forget their. So stunned expressions is as we have through. periscope, I'm not even sure that I'm not even sure that's on the animal is it. I don't think it is. You know why, because done downhill, I'm still he stole away. I tried to our aid I think going yeah and I tried to sell him the submarine commander and he turned it down and then just took it yeah it'll before you did button down my how'd, you how'd, you come in touch with don Adams cause at this point. Nothing was happening and
center I'll become I'll, become a node even before when I d gone to new york and right- and I I don't know what EL direction, a goin ice, ok I'll, become a comedy right, so I tried to sell to done it. Donna with friends, and we get a body from chicago nor dogs from new york. How are you mean these guys Well did you he was it. The visit. The cloister in chicago dont have lied, cinema and television, and when you start one, so there was a period where you're going to be a comedy writer. You go on try to pitch gags two guys only two done That's the only one. I was that because he still hold it and he did me a favor because well, I said well, if they're gonna steal it Animals will do it myself, though those your one experiences exhausted guy just took it
What are kids a good idea, I'll tell you what happened. I did it for him yeah and it he was staying at the mayflower hotel and then the cloisters and I stood up and did it did this in commander form. He said I'm trying to get away from that particular character, much out of that. So yes, my brethren, keep in touch yeah so that with homes and I'm watching, the Steve Allen show yeah and he comes on doing the submarine commander and I'm yelling at the tv what that's mine that's had some. He did the whole bit. He did. He did the gutter that here and that one part that wasn't that you too are unable to put on the record the oh. So when I made the record, I took that part out right because I've, I was afraid peep we're gonna, say all he stole from epoch, so that was still
it was an issue with that generation of comics at the beginning. This idea of the bits being you know yours yeah, especially if they're original I mean, there's a difference between an old joke and a unique take on something, and everyone was aware of that, and also the darkness see that's the other thing that, like italy, started drive me nuts. When I was, we are thinking about talking to you is that I think the most people know you from the television show. you may be seminal amazing records and there's a darkness to it. There's a cut, there's a bite to eat. You know you are sticking to him. You had a point of view. I mean that that the wedge psychology bit, not even as simple as that like. I don't know that anyone was humanizing these because it reminded me that bit that many did about the guy who put his mother on the plane with the insurance policy. so like theirs is idea where you you got this story. Where copies going to talk a guy up allege any doesn't but not appear to,
right right, he's got way. Call not you think it's. go and wealth were that guy go. You know that their there's a darkness to that it's let's, you finally talk him out of it and then you, disappoint. Allowed people now we're right some of that David another two three hours a day. We need to show those is again here attacking the dose strange people doubt therefore speckled a blow yeah yeah yeah it was. It was amazing, so it so you do these three record something in in the impact. The back and now all of a sudden out. Nowhere without being down by the road. I think that you were given a gift in that I'd. Do you think your point of view? Could it survives as on you know, just going out and doing night clubs without the the amazing sort of success,
and I don't want to know I don't, could you have handled it, but no because I did it yeah, I mean what, when I played the houston, the tidelands and then there was about three months before the record came out, so I played nightclub, I played a club and windsor ontario, canada and justice across from Detroit as an unknown yeah yeah. I reckon do not come out right and died every night. I died. Two shows a night for a week and Canadians are very nice people, I mean they. They they didn't yell, anything they. They just they'd, occasionally look up, and oh always still on, oh and nothing, nothing, not a snicker they do not. Then I went to another club in winter. Pink, anyone great yet cause it, but
windsor I was I was thinking of going back to rock. I wasn't going to spend the rest of my life standing. Stayed with no one paid any attention to me not laughing at the same material that was with it was ahead. Four months months later, you learned a lesson there. Somehow yeah. I got your work, but is also now urine comic. Now you know. You did the tram unto me. Yes, danica stanley cup seneca mean look at my jacket. Anyone said a comic says. Funny things a comedian says things funny, ok yeah and an you. Do the when show you, you got your road, you got you rode shops in between. Gordon your record and the release of the record. And you know you- you- went to a dark night between when a pagan windsor mary, condensed experience, and then this with this,
record blows up and now you're you're made guy you're the guy's. Now we assume that a lot of guys were like who the hell is the guy. it could they didn't know. I wasn't part of that, I ran into him yeah. He followed me to all the comics. There are hundreds of comics. I said who yuck, I didn't know any right where they are this by reputation for I didn't know, I mean the one benefit of it is in the miracle of it is I who, as we shall be If you would just started out on the road who thou what your style would to become so now record, becomes popular exactly the way you want to do it, and now people are like. We want to see that guy and have come out here, It's amazing gift. You can get beaten up, because it s all attitude right. It's all in the end were out there, the old grinding away, trying to make entertain people as an unknown you might not ever come up, why you never arrived at what you wanted to hell with it.
I not going to hotel just not cut out for this. So what happens like you must just been like a rocket. You must have just been liking overnight, on which crazy it was just crazy, there was a hungry. I then it was the commission's own up in your meeting, all the guys we meet in line we well, I'm no, I'm not mean all the guys. I met him as I go along on me. Buddy Hackett, knocked out. He was so funny inventive, so inventive, just like but he's just. He would want my very like when I was a kid I sent him. I sent away from Zagreb picture there is a descendant of them You look. You set up a grandmother loved him. Now you go vegas alot, my grandmother was: she see check agreed by hack, reckless, but you said by wriggles displays very mean nasty buddy after the show our eyes very nicely.
and you are buddy hackett, but what? What? What? What? First? What's? What first the happen, because you know we're talking, nineteen sixty wanted still ten years before the bob new shall where america you get to know. You is now version personality. So so what happens you you know me? I know you did, de mohrenschildt out. You did Sullivan you did I'm getting halls. Yeah explode, I got a call you wanna do six at all events are rated intolerant. What's what the hell's going on I do not just like that. I'm enjoying the hell up right and women How do you record the other two records within two years has happened? Did you just get mannequin just, start with the floor was it was it it just kept coming up, as you are performing more yeah you're right,
I'd get a germ of an idea and then I'd expand on it and say: oh okay, that's certain to work I'll, throw that in tomorrow night I'll add, we had a bit and then many started seem to me that you start to enjoy. Do you're, acting characters. You I watched the stuff with dean. Martin, maybe just like you guys have so much fun. I mean how many times you would have allowed the he tina. I did. I did twenty four days. because gregg knew that it was great. God garrison produce denmark here he should water from your routines and include dean? because din didn't him in Sunday. That was it. You got me today they shot yeah that's a day. He came at around known one o clock. If so you play of no morning he came and now sometimes
he'd be he'd, be in his press, freedom and and they have a camera us tv set and he'd watch it and see what He was wont to do other time she got involved in so I the thing, whether herpes he had never seen? Never! So when I speak doing our example, about returning the happy. So you great, I could see It wasn't a rehearsal, no, no, he does it just funny. So so the greg said up. I need a short thing at the front you didn't say: okay I'm a plate act played planet, and rightly so, but I'm from Europe or eastern, her soul, Things were very lucky to have one of the great played acts of eastern europe with us. Gregor somebody, my brain
greater nice thing. Thank you very much, Mr Martin. Is it he said, I'd love to have you would I do you're famous played act for the for the people that I said I lost the plates. I said I took the plane the sticks in the plates I lost, I don't I don't know where they went. What could you do it anyway? I said without to do without the plate. Could you do without the plates? Let me to do the show without the flight of the Acta Is that the lists of your mind, wake up. I just because of its body. If afflicted losers as blades. Why does he got it in dealing with this? I could go with it
college every week to break them up? Was it hard? That's it. I never knew that about him, but that makes some sense because he was so in the moment. Young he tabled twenty something and then great would be their jeanne. You walk over here and there about Just read those cart, That's what he was doing me he's just reading the cards over over. Shoulder great entertainer them. So when so in that direction there. You were doing vague prior to your prior to the to the tv. You do in vegas and hurt you. a family here you got a wife and must be treated as strain. It was Well, do they wouldn't go? Well, they go on the road with my two yeah, but play. Vegas aid come up right button on Sunday night
they go home, jenny and again, when my longer they undergo school right. But then nick but friday night. It was a normal life as life as you could yeah, so you weren't doing the road per se. You were still doing the roof and what what about the variety show? How did that come about? Isla DE variety shows the result of the record album that the first one and the first one- there were sixty wonders, so there was a feeding frenzy did sky. We got that's gonna get him until he s. Now there were some very good children. I was very good. I was find it was it, it was a monologue girls. Guys, inner sketch actor. Sometimes Charles lawton, then and charles. Why don't you just a guy? You number of jobs not as air. I think when the spouse bronson. for he was charles round. We do a sketch,
was terrible in the sketches edges so used to oh, I'm so used to people right the model with people, and then there are these people that I know he doesn't look like the guy. I thought that I made up that's my head. She had trouble making the jump from solo too in an interactive sketches junior to sketch, I had plus the faggot. Under the first year they were, going to renew the show, was borderline. Knows this but you're gonna make some changes, to get rid of the announcer answered. As you know, the rate ray. You brought him along. He was my ears by an answer here I said. You did him a solid, that's loyalty thing: a shop. so was I love now in their people. The right take air, their friends love. He hadn t
record for warner brothers I'd now I get it yeah. So I said reflects the fact that I was doing my love every week. Is the thirty three model? and they warn of the quality that occasionally were of the parliament, but they warn of the qualities. The other stuff that you rode along yeah. So you have writers, writers and I'm writing young lord, of course, but the sure of every week right is so did to me. The quality of the monologue was so specific sales. I not like you just doing jokes off the news. I mean you got it. You know these are elaborate bits you brought your monologues are probably one bit right here and a different. That's a different guise I will I one time was it. I wasn't me along with a producer and none at that time, so I went home to chicago at christmas time.
How naive I am. I call up my manager freckled. I said frank, why did you call him I see I really don't want to do this anymore. I really don't want they put in another show and and I'll just adjust to college concerts, while the nasa do a vice president of MCC has flown into chicago you no, you can't do it that way, you just as you hardly ever take this. Isn't this isn't working? Our bob doesn't enjoy this as much as they thought he would so. Can you just put something else in their debts, They said they have these than in others. They see their commission going. Does it all on the next world its record on a reflex grey so I I'd make to to two thirty three shows. So
so they like after the vice president, we held your ground, the next guy, what it had brass knuckles and with a near you in Chicago we got a guy you. Doktor sense in this new era, Ok, so I'm gone, and I thought my renewing me I'm thinking. Do I really want to do another two or three thirty three shows with tried it. a good monologue every week and then they said certain none. I said I'm not. I don't wanna flats, incredibly ball. Do you know you ve realising integrity tupid here, but I was it, but did you would you have regrets about it at that time and now? Nor because you're making about everything is well, everything is turned out right. Great and but the reasons worthy you the integrity of what you do and- and you know the you just sort of like the treatment of your friend. You know I mean that was you know. Those are. Those are big artistic choices, furthermore, isn't insane lies, you D, be, you know, are right
enough money and then, and then I want you, people saying we're just just do the joke. You knows that it isn't funny jokes funny enough. What are you gonna go crazy for as you're doing as you read in the new routine that they're saying funny: yeah yeah, that's great! That's funny yeah, now no generative expression theirs. those are our economies are fighting. I do It'd be actually make them laugh, it's like! Oh, my god. If that's what you really laughing like even bullshit me for what five a year now, that's the first time you laughed it's like you're walking. on the street, you know when you come to the corner of a building any any here. This terrible boys and your genre, and if you see this state has fallen and just missed you by about three feet: yeah, then that's your life I almost that's it so there then you just for those years you doing tv
after the variety show you're doing the martin show. Do you feel like you're part of the crew at some point like you're doing it like you're, doing johnny show a lot and you're done de martin, showing you hang out with body haggard without Ricky, I'm not I'm not gonna know, especially in vegas you'd, get to know many action, you get to know closing and wars. guys you work with that. You really get close to well chuckie here dawn buddy you to Jackie still saw, I did it yeah. I did a date last year in frames are so. Is it good these guys. If there's only I was it's in turkey was sure he will use. He just make it up it s just walk on stage and just start making up the bird grip, its debates
like he hit the vegas? They wanted you. They won the opening act to do half an hour, the closing act during our and and that's what they wanted. They didn't have thirty one when they re act or- an hour and one from they wanted me at all, because they want to get the people back in the casino right so checking is in the lounge at the river. He invented lounge comedy, did yeah yeah and he I note that the lounge is at this point, is of a small chauvelin s, beautiful right and so he's in them in the middle of his actual. There he's gone over the whole, so they took me up the lights and his and state so takes a match lights. It you think, that's a festival. Is easy, like a pretty exciting character,
but he had a wife was amazing to her. I shall body one time in just he came out and he said you were talking to your comment: Dzhokhar no joke one joe kelman, always a guy. You should call you yet less company and I got married to sharing my sherry. She redo blah was her name. She redo bar at her actual name was ass, the kohen, but she change your name issue. She read to block tried it any goes on and on, and he does his bits and that now Twenty minutes in issues. Oh, what was I talking about and you audience as one person this joke oh yeah, you're coming and I've. U s view son of a bitch, you, you know exactly what
you made it look like we just making it obvious that it's a good trick grade, but you we stuck by the script of what you did. You were not a you know you didn't improvise much or you didn't like it or here I tell you a story. I had a thing cause. I started really at the top right that most comics start the opening act for ten fifteen years, but in the back of their minds it's when I make it I'm not a by a majority and I'm gonna buy the home in beverly hills, and now I am I died so did the top yeah, so I've got to learn at the top. I gotta learn my craft at the top cause. I don't know my craft right yet so every night in vegas I peeked through the through the
the curtains to check out the audience, and it looks like a troubled table. Then yeah he's drunk he's going to he's going to need. Promotion women older she may travel. We feel it, don't you every every ever show it's a ritual, so I'm talkin to my manager. And I hear my bum user. I haven't looked through the curtains yet and I thought to myself: oh I'll, handle it whatever happens I'll handle it yeah. That hasn't been that if that's one I could attack I learned. I feel that to you go in the roma and there's a bad energy. What's happened, right, damn, that's that's going to be the problem sometimes or not. The new united they're, just People beside them know how to behave, keeping it for them realise are at issue here, I'll
surprise or now now, after fifty three years, there's the respect that they dont shore, they don't a budget. The reason I had a problem with drugs or hecklers, because I'm in the middle of sub, I'm in the middle of the rocket scientist now, some drunk and his yellin out something. Now I gotta go outside the bid. To put him, and somehow and then get back and into the bit they ruins the continuity, yeah yeah and sometimes depending on how the crowd work goes its hard to get back into the bit. You would have had to do it. That way. That's why I hated and that's why I looked for the trouble, but even deal through the trouble. Even if you see them, you just you're just preparing itself still can't stop worrying from the course. guiding roy. You guest hosted the tonight you're, so much yeah, was it like? That's unheard of now. No one does everyone so afraid of losing their job? No, whatever think eighty seven
I'm here to enjoy I would just what you just gotta call you I mean you. Your relationship with Johnny was good where you guys here- and you know we're french, encourage him, and he was hilarious. Guy, quick and easy just try. If you would like this, you might there's only a few people during that period. Here we'll see what he hears, what he would do to hear you go to a pre interview, yeah you're, going to do johnny shots right right, pre interview, just came back when trip with Rickles has a funny story about done in venice, okay, that's the first. Second, one had just has a new dog has funny stories about dog in the house. the engine. Bob heart said the hunter down next. do you ever go sky children? I look at them like you out of bitch, You know I have nothing on speech. What are you doing in iran is gonna be set
without a him, but he trusted me and end. We would make something, but you did then all the time. It's a larry and, of course, what I loved is one he when he came out and died when they heard cloth If the mike's me know if he invented something I'll tell you that and when did you like you and I d like hosting? Yet It was a challenge, but it would set so powerful. I mean unplugging with an appearance repeal the city I saw. You philip plan, but I did it for three weeks. One time in new york I filled in for johnny as he was having salary disputes within bc. So they were looking for people who maybe would take its place baby, that this is in the seventies, did you have to have? inverse he's. I know you're in this continent
I was just kind of aware, but no one ever said it was kind of a new. So I did it for three weeks and the riders took the three weeks off because I'm not going to fight or writer, so they would give me three bad jokes and then then they work on their play. You're good at eighteen bear jobs. So I'm a dm three weeks, I'm up That unbranded there and and the mandate for thirty years data for three weeks. and I realize that it takes us especial person to do that. Oh yeah yeah do urge its essence dedication and incredible and went away in terms of movie acting, it seems like he did. A lot of you know a few. You know meaty parts, but you know that you'd show up and they know exactly. It seemed like people when they cast like all new heart, be good for this. The right here
and you really do really serious parcel fairly recently right on television yeah? Do you like doing that? It depends on them one project. Good, I mean I I never studied acting. I mean I was in that group, but I was never really studied. What was that group? Do they have a name just import playhouse? Why those erosion suburb of chicago- right- and we are doing pygmalion in those I know what no guidance director hull and I played a cheap sets early held up through yet reform here, someone saddened They broke and fell fell apart permit, but catch. Twenty two was a big role, oh yeah, and that was a bizarre movie, a great movie. A great story might nicholls directed attract. Did you know my previous to that. No, I only knew of might throw light on libya
a good unknown occurs when he started direct. I was at the cost of that was astounding and when you did, that was, did you feel like your movie career was going to really take off? That's not my kind to us and said you are all figments of your syrians imagination. You don't actually exist. Your figments of your syringe imagination, which is catch, which is the catch twenty to love. I wanted. I want to get out of you. Gotta Is it a fly here? If you created in you're, not crazy, right right, like DR everybody does so I didn't Frankly, I didn't know what they're like was talking, so I just void of her last report. Did your favorite feature or outdated funny. It was funny now you're seasoned. You can act, you want.
The guy's was it he had before. If that was their resentment of you coming in as green as you were from other comics, did you feel that at all probably yeah, it's good? It's diplomatic! a little bit? I just know comics and I gotta assume you're taking some you're taking a bit of a bit of shit here and there yeah yeah. I won't tell you who the comic was what she could be honor, he could be in venice yeah for six months, sang and saying beautiful hotel greatly.
I think, sitting reading variety and and cast. I would have been perfect for that. Yeah matt yeah right, sir yeah perfect. That would have been preferred for that. I had a friend who used to call the tv, the resentment box. You look at how the hell that guy get that I guess he never changes tough business. So opportunity. Had you been given other opportunities to do sit comes before that before the bob newhart yo, and you were here, who busy on the road in one gave it. I dont think I don't know I don't I don't remember. Maybe yeah, but they didn't. I read him and they didn't jump right. So how did this come about? This came about because empty m, which fund
by mary tyler, more grant, anchor and arthur price hike. Surprise was my manager, so he came to me in this. Marriage shows a big hit. He said, would you like to do on television and I said yeah, I guess you get off the road and I'll have a normal life you just I've already burbank or wherever they should. Ok, ok, feel at ease, and I got a couple writers
Dave Davis, lorenzo music and the trees sit down and kind of knock out. What you'd like to do so we started talking about. Ok based on the right. Bob listens to people. Well, that's what he is a very good listener: okay, who wants a profession for people this psychiatrist? I said well soccer. I said tight tight dress, really they deal with seriously ill schizophrenic and as much as I would like to get my humor from from schizophrenic, yeah yeah, I don't think america's ready, Freddy ford. Yet so then we'd say maybe a psychologist, yeah, ok cycle. They do kind of lesser
the writer people my daily sarcastic. Then we saw go very well. I know bill from Chicago there wasn't any written original pilot with susie she was, I know she was under tonight. Oh Johnny and my manager, arthur price, had seen. He said. I think I found your wife committee, I didn't know she was missing from his is a success, it's suzanne b grade. I said I didn't think she'd want to do weekly television, he said well, I meant I'll, make a phone call, and so she at that she said yes So then we built the shore around condominium there that we stayed in Chicago and then and the condominium meetings and we and we shot then be shot dead,
between the time. Then we re shut up shut it with bill daley, mrs paley, or or build faintly, who ran the network on the scene in her honor griffin, show that she'd be she'd, be very funny on them on what what's his name's show yourself? they'll tell you what you are ones that neither one of many wanted to deny its that's, so so that market I had worked repeater unknown. Peter Bonde asked peter banners and catch twenty two. and I knew we're gonna. Do louis pat paley talk about marshall wireless marshall. Hokkaido, So I knew we were gonna do to show in front of us alive audience which every show did so I knew
We needed people who were used to live audiences cause. I stand up. I was used to like that. Peter was in the committee up in san francisco marcia done. Some acting suzie, of course, had done a latin, never done well. She had done broadway but series yeah and bill daily Billy was doing stand up. At the same time, I wish to extend so We will we we we to show with those people out. The I was wondering because I was going through the first desk and then like the second. It starts with a pilot, the won't take it to its end as it is in their yet in their younger. Ok. So now you get this great the characters. And then you got the recurring cast of the people in the group sessions in the patient's, the fellow who point Mr Carlin, who was a man. It was his name jack, rightly I'm going to see a comic
No, you understand wasn't no, he was he was. He was I do what I call a cleveland mafia, which was pad mccormick. Oh yeah he's funny jack, rarely tim conway Earning Anderson anywhere did because anyway, whose they were out here yeah jacqueline with more an actor then send up here so funny great. Around here and that so that's why how history was made is that you were set up, because you are good. with things one one way to put it. I think reactor you're good at that that's your word there. You show to react, and that's that sort of like I guess that's where the comparisons to benny come from that. You know that you have that moment that tape as very specific to you. I don't see a real
coordination, but it is just a comic than they say. I have his timing, but you can't teach so now, I'm not that's the way, but what jack? What was his with rage? He was one of the bravest oddly inject benny that with his walk and all that will be one of the previous indians who ever lived really because he would just he would take the time, He then will our aid, he wasn't afraid of a silencer quiet ready. I thought a lesson to be learned from that. You know that yeah to own it. Yeah besides your own pace, I'll tell you a story about genetic did, martin tormentor story, from rwanda, Martin ruin. Yet jack is appearing at the sahara enlargement. The opening act is the wilmas true, with Sammy Davis.
They come out. The old one project destroyed you scream and standing on the table. They go up. Jack comes up his round eyed, they won through just one. I said in the afternoon. Sometimes all I'll have some tea. You you re run. I don't go forth for thirty in the afternoon. The quarter quarter. Five five, sometimes by and I was in a movie and with this actor- and I can't remember his tent. Oh I promised Sammy Davis. He could do another. Not would you mind sammy, come in support of the blues destroyed now just acted destroyed on the first time.
Pounding tables jack watches uncle clive Clive. What's his name? What did he poem around killed it at? Let's break the that's perfect yeah, it's a hell of a reset after big musical after that that shows the bob newhart you, I think, set it through to set the standard for a comedian being in a sick up in a way kind of. I mean it was like revolutionary maritime or was one thing. I was an ensemble cast, but two If the show around a stand up, it seems to me I was one of the first ones really of that model. I way I think something because you didn't have to spend six. episodes explain who the guy was right. You know. You know you knew who called me was when he walked on new up. You know
roger was you know who the up in that and after you and What you are obviously you're comfortable with? material and the character, and you if you are writers yeah. Now. There wasn't a struggle at all to sort of honour your voice, and it gave you know how much did you ever influence in that? Well, I had total. Control, if I wanted to write my wonder, wanted idea in the six year of the show and I'd already said I wonder, what's gonna be the end of the show. The secure above knew her child came to me with a script were suzanne is pregnant. I specified in the first very first shall I did I didn't want to have children, doesn't the kind of show I wanted to do so.
In the hopes that maybe I would consider not ending the show with the six year, and maybe one seventh or eighth, that maybe if they introduced suzanne's pregnant then has a baby, and so I read this over the weekend, so MIKE Zinn Berg, the producer calls me said: did you get the scripts? And yes, I read, I so. Would you that very funny very funny? Script is oh good because we were worried. We didn't know if you'd like it as a person, funny? I said who are you going to get to play bob yeah? That was that, so it's there for hours there. If you choose to exercise or not it's yeah right, and you know it but that was in your thing you they knew, and you know there was never so that ran for what six six now as it now is enough. Yeah did it's just does it's a feeling
Just ok, I think they were ok. What's stopping you want trilled rice, the network wasn't true right so now. The next show which happen what what few years later for use urgently. You just want to keep working. yeah. I know I'm going back to television. I just I love the medium he asked enjoyed it. I understood it, There was no mellow, see your job. Job? You go home, have normal hours, yeah that went for What year did the first two were kind of shaky We were feeling our way and then at the second we brought in Julia duffy. Ah, who is wonderful and then produce gallery
Tom poston was in front of the paper, yeah yeah yeah, and then it took off, but the first couple of years was kind of they had held in there. They stay with you because I think a loyalty to me. and Larry darrell indo gas those are the guy's does worry. You had a hell of a job as a straight man with that could very well what I would always whenever they came in. I was What's behind the counter, keys away or something of that there is, to be about about thirty forty seconds of applause they came and when they let there be thirty four loved him the first shoulder came in. We had a year which was buried in the basement of the of the un
called larry, darryl and darryl, not knowing where they were. I said we have a problem and we need someone to come over there. They worked for. They formed a cult called anything for a buck. That was what they were known as and I said well, I need somebody to dig something up in our basement. They said well we're very busy and we couldn't make it till like next friday. So I'm sorry, we need somebody before that. He said just out of curiosity what what is I said: it's a dead, a dead which is buried in our basement. He said who we'll be right over hey hi, I'm Larry, there's my brother. Do this. My brother during the audience goes crazy. I said how are you doing what you said hurt my back. I said oh, so it sounds like hunter
you're back to crawl under a house as a whole sounds like rough work. One word I just joined grown on their houses. Like I funny what was built anderson here. so that that goes into syndication. Then the bob Newhart show goes into syndication. You know where we are mentally. We are done, we sort of retired from was in your mind, you done enough yak kind of new, either. My feeling was I'd say know that I still have my fastball alright, which actually it's a change up. Yeah. It's not a fastball, he wanted me for show I didn't well not now I came back. It didn't work that was bob ray What kind of the idea was want to give them a bug. Newhart they'd never seen the audience.
Didn't wanna, see above new heart. That's about the way, the game for that, so that then georgian leo, they taught me into Georgia only over them again to me said you do have to have that denmark. The EU is still doing stan, updates occasionally in jail. Sure still do it. Now. I do about your about twenty. While they go, you love it so yeah he get near me. I hate them you generate new stuff or not. Sunday wanna hear I usually do of the one I'll do a driving in stock first of all rights earlier one of the old, because I know that some people want to hear that you do especial that was like in the nineties. That was really at the rim, commentator ali. The first does to relax. Diversity are pretty much
on its ways a lot but life right in front of it all right right on a record? That's over that's thirty, five years after right, and all those bits I imagine held up really well. There was remit the only one that that seems dated as the autumn automaton one the machine well a crucial does. Europe right right is known as when a reference for it, but I mean I thought that the machine was was brief. De I mean it was the old, but it did happen. Not had we that way. But that depends on how america feels about the military At that point, our mother, they liked them more don diego. How did you whether the Sixtys, when everything kind of blue open a mean, because you just were sort of you on your own trajectory, but it seemed like Oh, you got guys like carlin and he got guys like you know, we're prior in no eight sixties. It really kind of luck.
That wasn't who I was near him I just yet. I'm between my must stand up to medium right bud. you have your pressure. I dont inform people right, I'm well, I do but yeah. I do it very quiet, live, do it. Who am I right back yet that's my head and you know, like? Looking back at all that you know it in all the comedy, because you seem to be a tremendous van comedy, which I love of you and you You you know you bring up prior the best ranges. You know questionable here's. What pryor did for me. I made this comparison before I got. The mark twain award prior got was the first recipient of the mark
when the war yeah and in what pryor did and mark TWAIN did a virtually the same things. Twain wrote about life on the mississippi life on the frontier, really nineteen hundred mississippi was most of the frontier in many ways Richard did life in the inner city and the thing that always struck me about him outside of the bits was his vulnerability on as a performer like. You know that there was a sort of real, tangible kind of emotional rawness to him. That you know you felt like a lot of stuff was was really in that moment, and that is really put in his heart out there and painful stuff too. Oh yeah,
If you read about his wife, but you read you he does the the african american minister yeah, the african american minister in the black community, occupies a position that the pastors in the middle it's just that they don't occupy in the white community. They they are much more of a force of yet the weight he brought to that thing. Yeah yeah, yeah George slaughter had some oh yeah yeah right, how many words rosea the comedy words right. I presented woody war roger looks at me. He said I draw your elbow as bridges. Is there a story album peak oil when a rock star put my jacket with the first record?
so I said I couldn't really. I should be allowed over a jug and twenty five cents. An album he's just give me a quote. Somebody got a photo and a quarter area, He was so now you is beyond the new logger Domini Was it I've been vegas diffidence? Therefore This is a third waken. Two shows a night and you're not sure what day it is near. and I'm gettin ready long journey would play me prior real if you put the record, which one which armed remember any of em and anyone muddle mud bone? Is it over company? It's be on comedy yeah, I'm its mark twain rice, its yeah, its cultural. Yes, it's a whole. culture. Will you familiar with him before he became?
yeah, but I knew I knew of him like when he was doing the roadshow cosby right any beyond the solvent right, and did rage. I think he was a poet on the important. I don't get it a very toned down I was in vegas and he was at a different place. I think that's what he said scrooge yeah. It's a note. This woman do because I Did he attacked a guidance? ro, who happens to be one of the executive for the huge cooperation guy named dick danner, and he said What what are you shaking her for her and then doing. That's when he started doing broke open what made him what made him right. Just talking about being black. Computer. You, I m the mother, you're in vegas that day that night. Why did they act, as I heard about
I fired him on the spot right and that's when he went to berkeley and regrets when he said that this is what I'm going to do. I can't be this guy anymore, yeah yeah. I can't road company. I yeah, but you know you you put higher yo yo in this and other world rickles not is not thrilled a plot they were. They were never hear this list, some rats tells him different game. You know, like a view, package, you know, and you still watch a lot of comics, but that's my food. My favorite things seen a letterman or something yeah great new comedian, yeah yeah. Comes out and kills yeah? Well, that's it gives you relate to a lousy epa. Yeah, but you know what comic? You want to see him and you don't because you see one and then, like two weeks later you
I don't a bit in. It just saw falling into place, and starting did I see this We are making this up, or did I see this is true, if your immersed in a drawer. Why wouldn't I would much rather college for fear, deny does tat. I can win their first elbow it. It just food, it they're, just Now, don't you want to make it right? the twelve industry, one making the headman you do you in short, I believe it will. You have label marie ever able to meet some of the other guys, like you know, like did you around contact with any bruce or more tower. Those guys met Lenny a couple times: yeah yeah. It seems like there's a line drawn between him and everything else not nodded in a good way. Necessarily right like he was now. It seemed to me to the comic community, to some of them they're right back ice.
Overrated troublemaker he was uneven. Lenny would be uneven right. He would be just great one night and then and I saw you wouldn't be so great, and then he got into that whole fascination, brain out with the carriers hasn't yeah yeah, with jackie trying to get out of the car yeah. It was now he was yet he was so but he was a mixture of show business, check baby in india and yiddish yeah yeah. People don't realize how much or she spoke Second, asia and then the battle became the battle with with drugs and with the authority just crush them. Now If you were to argue the thing, I want to ask you now. I know you know you did these two series in one for six seasons, one for eight seasons. He never won an emmy.
Nominated alive, and then you do. you do some, some big bang, bang. varies and they give you the enemy. When the wizard It's a building! Bitterness about that! No, because I'm alright, I did six years ages. Fourteen years and then fifteen fifteen counting the bob newhart show. The variety show and then seventeen or eighteen with bob and george leal, so that Eighteen years on television, I was nominated six or seven type, for several years. I didn't submit my name for the war cause. I didn't feel. But I do doesn't it doesn't get awards mere. But that's right! That's what I do right, I'm not going to change what I do to get
lord fear. I can't even get to put myself in the right in the off for six years. So so if I'd been nominated enough. I was beat by people who were who were very good yeah. I know there was. There was no yeah, but I like to have had one. Yes, what I put an end, I have one good good We did SNL a couple of times that must have been the foundation yeah yeah! That's what I think that I think of lorne most have a tremendous amount of respect for you so yeah that their choice, amazing yup, you noted to do it like. I couldn't do it today. My physical to do it and you work with will ferrell an elf that must have help he's a very funny guy yeah, like he's gotta, be I'm not sure he'll. doesn't get alot of credit for for his role in off, because that could have been just a day.
Don't die ye who didn't get it yet, but it wasn't a big dumb guy. It was this very likeable young person who thought he was an elf he's. You know it would have been very easy for that too, for people come on. Yeah yeah he's a he's, a special guy, a very sweet guy, but when he turned he knows he's one of those guys where I I interviewed him Loki very amicable and he's one of those guys I talked him them kind of half weight and yeah like Wednesday, some of the gotta have it. I just don't like it, I was talking to over an hour ago. Are you going to do the very big thing? It's what we talked about off your mic, which, which was to talk to talk to somebody else, who's done stand up it! It's it's! Just it's, you can't explain it. I know special club yeah, it's a very private club hill with the
out of crazy people. That's for sure, as always who's the guy suicide, rich jenny, Jenny yeah. I thought he was. I thought it was wonderful, great gray, concrete. Who knows something. what wrong yea here all the time. It's a lot of the same reason why we're comets you don't fit in? whenever I go on. I very right for us, a certain amount of acceptance. That's the beautiful thing is waking up. Obviously, for generations has been true. You got a bunch of loose screws out there and there with us, and if you know what would be sort of overwhelming to just a regular working person, just a liability of our business. Oh yeah. I know that guy he's out of his mind. I wouldn't get you a car with them, but you can eat with a guy as a donor. mere phone number. A great act. Don't don't you're bound and upset
it has go announces the beginning did Martin told the story? Did Martin Does he has never lied to me in his life? Yet you think complex of crazy right. There's a ventriloquist named if I remember pat Patrick, is on a plane. Small plane yeah with the dummy yeah jumps out of the plane leaves the note the dummy did it. He killed himself, he killed himself. I hope that's true, I hope is tat. So it's like, I know the box. It is out of the complete bob new archer. the shall factory. I know that there's a few available that not new Well, the record droids available outside of the first three delay seven right altogether so yeah
was a compilation of them right now, like back as our ascended the modem bed. Now, if you were to say one one bit of yours, they you thought was that just that the gene The one you like doing the most of the one that you thought that was the best big ever wrote? What would it be and I'll play it on the show? Okay, the problem is, the pleasure is which which child right here do you want richard? Okay, yeah sophie's choice, but I like them for different reasons. I like the driving instructor, because I think that's the one that that push the record that drove the first album very accessible, yeah yeah.
I loved the submarine commander yeah, it's, I think it's the big corporation right, which some guy gets to the top, who hasn't who totally incompetent incompetent. I I love a lincoln yeah because it says something that is even truer today than it was fifty three years ago. focus groups and the manipulation of short. The people were really running things yeah Y gotta tell you it was. Who is a tremendous honour for me to talk to you a second thing, and I really am we got it. We got into great areas appreciate. I love that I love to get into my thanks you're talking about
many of you may I read the hidden. Persuasion is about advertising, and one of the points above me was that the real danger of the population, man or the other types of man was that they were creating images and they got that in the presidential campaign that Canada's were really getting closer, closer together. There was no real difference between them and you were really voting for the man, and this got me to thinking. Supposing the scientists were as far advance during the civil war as it is today, and there was no one can now the advertising people realizing. This would have had to create awakened and I think they would have gone about it. Something like this. This is a telephone conversation between a.
and his presaging just before gettysburg I eggs will arise, jennifer Why you know them small pennsylvania ties, ive seen one you've seen them all alright last night, but I got to know what was the problem: you're you're you're thinking of shaving I not to see it as part of the image right, whether you but a shawl and so by bands of student. I don't have a shop Why? what are you wearing a sort of cutting?
that doesn't fit. What were they will with a string tie in a beard? what would you leave the burden and the shop what's this spa, A lot of one's own grants to be perfectly honest with you, I don't know I mean you know he was the when you pointed out, get your gang writers. yeah you're, getting ready. You you wanna come back was on fire, maybe an anecdote about town wrong. But I can't promise anything eva I'll, get I'm working on it. I ain't got the speech aid. You haven't changed the speech again, What are you change of reaches a government?
the changes are I'll I'll bet. Alright, alright, what are you what you typed it How many times we told you on the backs of animals, As I understand it, Read their way, but it looks like you rode another dream this video memorize it and then put it on the backs of the other, a lot of blame addressing our the anvil. it is now What is it? You change your jason, osborne, seven due to eighty seven the There must be a grammar.
We just market that then they went out of their minds. a sort of its own landmark, Anthony, saying, friends, romans countryman! I've got something what what what? People will little note nor long. Remember what could possibly barometer they'll remember, remember, is as your humble bit. as a great speech, I think everybody gonna remember it is. Are you from
Don't you see that do this piece which Ali wrote it wouldn't the inaugural address? One didn't you talk? Is a newspaper man I have. I wish you wouldn't talk to a newspaperman. Are you always put your project, not just what I need a nano nano nano you're, a rail splitter. It doesn't make any sense that when you and up your law rules, what you you really by arguing problem is
it was before I forget. The manufacturer is coming out of the eight lincoln t shirt on tuesday. Could you work that under the address somewhere or play it by ear? What what? Whatever you can do, the eight you have you got a pencil and paper there? Will you take this down? You can for all of the people, some of the time and some of the people all the time. but you can't fool all people all the time why you keep doing it differently, the last one that was all the people all the time do the able hold on hold on or they come up with the grass guy yeah Paul, beautiful, hey, listen to this. It's got a beautiful small, John grant,
the next time they buggy about his begging. You tell him, you know Now what brandy drinks and selling a job, the other generals, nano is it's like like them. and was originally one I No? No, no, no aid use it cellular saturday egg I'm sorry, I'm gonna be in going to saturday night, a bridge. what at the white house on a but I'd, love to make it I want to, or do you try him I rather doubt that you are doing what's your name, not marry behold less name. Why don't you take?
Why got done, just gotta bob, knew our task now driven home. What amazing conversation but amazing history, when amazing memory and clarity, the guy had how's, really happy and honour to talk to him. And I shut the equipment off as back bags and we were chatting and they'll to my car to get my phone to take a picture in a phone it over heated. So I came back on his way nor round amber was to you, show me pictures our in his office. You now is a letter from Kennedy? a picture of him and george burns picture him inject jack benny at at anybody habits house with Shaggy grew and don Rickles, jerry veiled, damn they'll always norm, crosbie and fell,
your pictures, I just It's taken things off the. Why showed me pictures of the cast a vote shows What an amazing career was sweet guy yoda Amazing life. He had and it really differently than then a lot of other comics. I talk to her interest in terms of a guy who got these this amount in opportunities, storm, not very much experience, but really you showed up in an and you know, was the real deal so helpful. and start at the top and and stay there. It was amazing afternoon for me and I'm happy to share with you and I hope,
around for a long time. Okay, I should drive and not talk on the mic. Ok,.
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