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Episode 585 - Alex Karpovsky

2015-03-15 | 🔗
Alex Karpovsky and Marc are enemies on the fourth season of the HBO series Girls. But in this conversation, they bond instantly over OCD, separation anxiety, karaoke and gratitude. Alex also talks with Marc about the films he's written and directed, and about the early morning hangover that introduced him to Lena Dunham.

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All right. Let's do this! How are you at the blogger is what the bug bodies, what the buccaneers, what the fuck's digs, what the fuck delicate, what the fuck Alex I bearing this is doubly t f. Welcome to the show, thank you for being here. today on the show Alex karpov ski from girls yeah that guy Actually, the season finale of girls is on next sunday, and am I in another scene with Alex. Well, that's exciting It's gonna be right here in the garage talking to us, the guy place ray some he saw the scene I had with him a couple weeks ago, right, look umbrage. but they are we gonna another little bit coming up at the end. I guess maybe they bring me back. I dunno, but it great talk now. It's got interesting story so that
Happen in a few minutes after I do this thing you know: they sing fearsome noise, background is my neighbors, hammering away on something these in will do comfort! Over there there's a It's a sewer line problem and I'm starting to wonder whether or not that's? What's been, and the smell appear on the slope the last year or so back in their so maybe that'll magically disappear. Its word when you live on in an area where their sermon and explainable smell of sewage. That kind of happens random times during the day. It's got nothing to do with your house, it's disconcerting, and then a plumber says yeah. Well, you, if you have on a hill us all houses have vents that bed, the sewage lines are sometimes that comes up hill on you and I'm like. I never heard of that. I don't even know if it's true, I'm just I'm hoping to god that maybe it was something extra. I am sad that he's going through that, but maybe it's going to maybe who knows maybe the
the the weird miss go smell of sewage random. We takes over the area well well now recede there he does whatever he's doing of their night again. My heart goes out to him shitty to have a house, that's You are right. When you get everything just the way you want it boom you gotta eat you ve got. Room full of the pope or something like that. Never ends house, I think, is falling into its wits- were being eaten by the ground I was going to do some work on it. I was going to renovate I was going to add on. I was gonna, make it different house and I just telling you that just telling you that just now has gotten me racked with anxiety and in overwhelmed and I'm in tired. I just need to do something parts of it that are all you're literally falling apart and that's how I'm living and I don't need to live like that? Am I right am I right still often negative lawson is getting,
getting a little sick, but think that's because we wrapped marin season three on friday, we did it. I spent the entire day friday, directing at the last part of my episode that I wrote and directed there was very through doing it was an amazing crew. It's really an amazing thing to be involved in a process. Obviously, and I had a lot to do with everything- the right in the producing and even some directing but at year end the acting, but there is in the dear justs, all different levels of production crew there there's gaffer tsars aid these there's second, eight days, There is the m. Sound guy. There's producers line producers, yoke Jesus, I mean it's, it would transportation it's a big undertaking. I gotta tell ya man, everybody in the mirror and team, and we had Ottawa new people this year were just amazing like it was
Not only was it painless, but it was, it was fun and it felt like we made something. The heron makeup, amazing, wardrobe, spectacular, just incredible an amazing time and I don't get to appreciate or really you know now so. What you want It is all I'm doing. Is we're doing nine to thirteen pages a day and I'm just the key. My home had filled with lines would have barely have rehearsal time at the schedule. Iran, we ve got him we're on a schedule we're doing in episode every three days. There's no time for table reads: there's no time for thorough. Rehearsing with actors so I dont know what people would do and in their production schedule if they could not memorize lines. I just have soared the facility for, but I would love to have more time to rehearse and I think it could be and even more amazing show last couple the episodes were gnarly and I can't even tell you why added the I had to do acting
You know I don't consider myself an actor. I think I've and better at it. I am median who acts And I m playing myself there. A bit of a learning curve, but I think I've I. Why they add the cuts in aid, and I believe that I am doing a bet job at it. I think the writing is everything's better this season, but the last all that we did. I mean we're draining ida shaved, my face, play a younger me with pretty fascinating. They color my hair, I shaved my face. I got my glasses frames and they found some clothing from ten twelve years ago and I wore it and it was bizarre man, I'm still because I have no mustache your beer right now, I'm wearing old shoes in old in an old church might cause. I enjoy the time travelling its stodgy, but I really think that I've gotten younger and elsewhere, because I'm actually not treating my girlfriend as well as I did have a beer, mustache chasm ya mould me!
the ambulance. Little snotty will fuck a nasty and I'm maybe I have something to do with it. Made it ass. I'm doing it by a picture of myself and I sent it. Mother, yes in the in the air, yeah I'm dated garb with that beardless with our glasses and she's. I should back. When did you? How did you do that to shave? what color and the hare that was it I'm going to do so a couple of europe in the last eight years to get my brain back into the hour, or so I was working on before I started: shooting marin, the trip in the house at this tee, thou and theatre here in los angeles that sound three thirty one. That's march thirty. First, that's a tooth down and do April six, that's a monday! So if you want to view, come to those who are usually pretty inexpensive thy is I do it all is a benefit. the theatre, yeah go to germany, S, dot, org and the whole schedules right down and get some tickets to me and it's a good place come see me it's a good place to have a nice is only an oecd like a few people.
Can we mean you and a few other people, the rochester dates? I know that happening this friday saturday, the twentieth and twenty first I'll be at the comedy club. I guess it's Webster, new york, so I come out today tat? If you're in that area, could you nice gonna, deputy wpa dot com counter and see all the full tour dates. I can't wait for you guys to see the new season there. I can wait. We I'll, editing stuff. I gotta go in this week and edit mine and a lot of the I'm telling you. The cuts were great. It set a lot of great A lot of great co stars judd, Hirsch's back Adam Goldberg, Andy Their patent oswald's on the show Andy kin were, of course, davy anthony who s bruce bruce got bruce bruce not an episode. I do not want to spoil anything. Maryland. Rice come very exciting,
but now I'm going to start living life again. So I'll probably have more things to talk about because I'll be out in the world and not just anode on a tv set, so forward to that me being in the war of talking to you about that. I'm so curious as to whether floating cloud of sewage stench random. We occurs on my hillside, is going to go away after my neighbour fixes, whatever problem he has over there things to look forward to that. And season three preparing in may the fourteenth. I believe, let's talk Alex karpov ski now than we might have a little bit of the sesar problem. I understand I do I developed us about but of withstand.
and of your voice in general, there, an underlying reservoir and it trickles in ways yeah like full kind of like, like you, have rituals, when I was a kid. I was an obsessive tapir and I couldn't magic numbers and amber's and bad numbers, and is magic as a way of keeping the world safe and somewhat controllable net is magic yeah, it's those. De, I have often said, Alex karpov ski is our right. You got it, that that day, those are rituals. Those are magic that you can the environment urine and make things happen yet and at that time I think it was a way of nickel sharing with without really acute rationing anxiety that I had with my mom and I felt every time she'd go out something awful. This is before cell phones to something awful has happened to her and I can't get in touch with her. So I tap these magic numbers to make sure that she's gonna return in one piece: how
It was just like a couple of years ago. No, no! No! This was when I was a kid, but you know it's interesting. You say that because I think that whatever that whole yeah that has been created and will always be, there has then been filled by other things like like a death anxiety or something oh of separation, anxiety that the whole of by chewing on an anxiety has now. I know why you, I am full of dread in weirdness and you have to be careful not to let it turn into into morose rumination or depression or or paralysis processed by the biggest fear of others. They met Oh, you get it no, but it's the biggest dread that I have is the biggest fear. Those that I mentioned is to stagnation, paralysis, now moving forward and, ultimately the browser. Turning to like a game, green, emotional and commotion gangrene. Yet we have to cut your heart out exactly right, Ricky surgery needs very here. Do without this, you can do it with your brain. The idea just cut your heart out, but I wouldn t
I I'd, want to fill the surgeon like like a professional. We have done some work on yourself. You thought about. This. I thought I wonder, I don't have route and I had happened. I've done some drilling some fracking, some emotional and spiritual, guided or unguided. That's what I was going to say as I've. Never I've never gone to. I say this with a very small asterisk: basically have never gone to a therapist yeah and that's not I I am proud of what you've done item reading denser reading. I listened to your podcast. I think when I first met you fill starts non military yeah. You don't you introduce me to fell. I don't really know about him before you go see phil where you aren't you practice and now you do self made easier way to pipe there be chair. This could be the year of psychotherapy frozen, but you seem pretty well Instead in now, let's keep talking, let's see what happens could unravel. Where do you start? What was what drove you to put those pieces together because putting the pieces together between o c d tapping,
brazen anxiety from your mother. When did you first and notice ass? How old were you? I don't remember these. Actually, I would guess around six or seven or eight. It's a win. Another weird thing to mark that you met, my parents are immigrants and they never. I just talked. I just talked to the bathroom for the first time about this last week. I don't know why it took so long. Where did you talk about it? we had our girls premier the act. They have never been to anything that I've done side. I brought them boston item from newton mass, so I cant do you know about this The train got a little hotel for them across altered errants, both of over the from area and they ve never never environment anything before really yet they won't ever listen to this I love him to death, but I'm a little bit there a little bit of alive. I guess Evans parents, when my parents are really, I fear, as a liability. They can always say their image I haven't really made any attempt to integrate themselves socially, culturally embarrassed by them. I'm embarrassed by what they could actually do yeah. Guess I'm embarrassed by the boat, but there the great people
we'll meet them. They're always say they're very sweet, but they don't speak the language and then only get all the customs and which language you they do. They speak the. They only speak russian, I'm so nervous that they come from or right off the riots. The russians speak about english. My mom speed. Virtually no english and my dad speaks yes, some english and day. Why? How have the internet themselves, this one? How long have they been? You can do it. You can do these days with satellite tv, you know all other, so they can watch all the russian stuff they watch the russian stuff instead of the american stuff. All of their friends are russian friends, and you know there's enough long for russia, where did they come over with the with the massive expulsion of the jews that came with the Jews yeah in the in the early seventies? At that point, I think like that was the sort of like you can go. Just go. Yeah fine, get outta here, here's your nagging us yeah exactly and potato yeah. They don't miss it, but at the same time they made no attempt to integrate themselves culturally in america. So you invite them. I invite them those
first time in my life that I've ever talk to them of my tapping. We're not have open like we don't talk about a lot of stuff. You know we don't talk my childhood. We don't talk about this in that I wasn't it child. I never had a babysitter, that's what we didn't talk about, we're only child only child and I never had a babysitter so when they were like they'd, go away to go to like restaurants or parties or whatever, when I was seven years old and they leave me by myself. What do you mean by yourself? Yeah? That's the thing They were leaning by myself and then I get really fuckin freaked out when you are seven yeah, you alone now yeah. Well, yes, that's not right what it's what I was trying to to tell them- and my dad just realized that last week on our toes like. Oh, that, that's not that's, not correct. I was like no that's like those from I'm still recovering like there's a reason, I'm in my thirty use and I'm fuckin single up, and I don't mean alone in my house near like you know, and what are you know they're still, this sort of that fear that sort of nor that that that neural pathways that has been really deepened,
since I was a child and I'll be negotiating with the rest, my life, it's no longer pulsing around separation. Anxiety anymore, I think, has been filled by other things, but it will always have to be filled by some. nothing will be able to require that. I don't think so. I would like to make a terror, because I have as some of that when I was a kid like my parents, if they go out of town, I would be sure they would die we are in a crash right, but like I'd get nauseous, I threw up like I'd, be paralyzed at school, They'd have somebody I'd, have a babysitter: did you have siblings We have a little brother did not help being oldest, probably does. I just don't know it just goes. I got so consumed in sad with the idea that their plane crash That was where our manifest meteor from his car crashes, and I was absolutely convinced that it is before cell phones. I would try to call restaurants that they would go to and does beg the manager to put them on. Did they put them on sometimes if it wasn't too busy, but you know it, it was always like incredible dread. I'd be crying night and ended. They asked me up, but there
parents and other respect with your mom? I completely overbearing panicky person. I mean why. Why was the connection so strong? Because I I don't I I'm not sure why, like I, I just couldn't the the the the worry with something I got from them. I don't think she was panicky, but she was smother She loved me a lot and that's a great problem to have the only one. That's a lot of pressure and she was thirty five when she had me too. Oh, so she was mature. She was mature and this was the last hurrah. So I think there was some of that anything. My dad countered that by being a a stoic introverted soviet intellectual, I think he countered that by saying you're giving too much attention are giving us too much. So we need hard in him by having given him some. What can the intellectual use a scientist? Professor of what a computer science, a bus university, are you asking me. I know I do you know that you want there too, because you, when he worked there now are you not I know that talked about that. No, but saw the jerusalem syndrome. We too have yeah in new york.
Yeah. I was a big fan of yours. Ma'am. I know there was this like a quote: unquote: alternative comedy scene at the Luna lounge sunday nights yet endure. You know a big heavyweight there and I was a fan and I was like a like a black box like she acts. back yeah back yet there weren't people there people there, but I really enjoyed the show that at the beginning of their some sort of like slide, we also really jerusalem syndrome that you sought upstairs and not a forty five so that was in like it was on, like forty sixth street or something that sounds about right right. That was before I moved into the west bay theater, so you saw it in one of those like two or three hour marathon things. remember the duration, or what for? I was I when I saw it, but it is already. It is a small. Nobody was seminary people there and at the beginning it sets mark met. Something we have argued sponsored by abroad to bind those they does all this stuff. I wanna things as boss. The university has a guy went about increasing age area is so
the early Jerusalem zenos right about that show. I mean I really like the shower. There's this guy, like this, I corporate friday guy and he kept yawning anatomy like small yonder, Emily and he wasn't being a deck rise, had no fucking grip on common sense and when this It was annoying. It was like a small room, I feel like you are noticing it, but you're being a professional rising leader, I didn't say anything and then the show ended and this woman who was sitting next to me. The whole time came up to him, just berated him in the lobby. So you have knows you have you have you're, an asshole, you have no sense of common decency or come respect and the gout dislike befuddled I remember that, after the jerusalem syndrome, silly your dad was this up a professor. When did they realize he's still as yet When did you were you born here? born in Israel. My parents left russia, my mama moscow, my dad left in petersburg. They met Israel. They stay there for six years total in the middle valley warrant together when they met in Israel. They went together
There's like a russian community. I think was easy for russia, I dunno they didn't leave together. They didn't leave russia together, yeah, they didn't know each other and russia. Okay in Israel, they met in Israel, the seventeen married yeah, early, seventies, yeah, and then they met each other boned. I just I came out, and then I came here when I was three upstate new york. So: you were when you were in israel for three years, the first year yeah, so you have citizenship in Israel yeah, but you got to go. If you know what half the men when I was twenty years old when I went to school, I I took I went to Israel when I was twenty years old and went out now came in the country, but I was leaving the country they ran me through and they said you have a working equivalent of a social security number. Could I dual citizenship and if a technically we have every right to put you on a bus and throw uniform on. You could write your in answer to this. the shirley doesn't meissner, handmaid kit, and so they I missed my flight. They took me into a room and they signed a stack of papers, most mostly hebrew here. A lot of initial
Well, a lot of signatures and I dunno what I signed. Matt Damon. I could have been confessing to terrorist acts. I have no, he really don't know. I really don't know, but I read Hebrew I wouldn't I don't read hebrew. I wouldn't be shocked if I somehow forfeited my citizenship. I've never been back since that day. So I dunno, you know you could probably find out. I probably could have just it's, never had an opportunity visit. You were twenty anywhere, you went there for you went to school for a year white or none, and I went to england and we had a breaks. I thought out. Oh check out. Israel actually had a great trip. I went to see: what's back it up back it up yeah we did this cannonball right into. Like my separation anxiety, we went from it. I ran with seven and sad calling restaurants and now you're you're, leaving oxford for this. For a year there is like the structure of the new york article, a diver, many back it up exactly, but our rights you're in israel for three years. You don't really remember that you have relatives there, nobody, nobody! how to grandfather, but he died idea. He was in israel through they all went to Israel. First, they went from the russia to Israel.
Russia, Israel, adding their three path at that point: Israel, italy, or u s and was a lottery system from what I understand that. Get out of russia get out a russia, the meadows, refugee, my mom one, whether when the lottery, but ultimately they went Israel. Israel took an ok survey move here when you three upstate new york to being met him things got his gig yours gig. you're scared speaking of english to teach fuckin camaro, but you ve heard these professors like will begin with approving and only if they really viking broken. And you know he's saying the same shit over and over again, so it's kind of like a couple of decades. They must be doing a good job. He's got his little he's, got his little speech down, but like get them outside his comfort zone, it breaks down pretty quick, oh really like talking about movies or something or anything, but he does the theme and they have an integrated social culture. So you can't talk about movies. He can't talk about tv shows, you can't talk about music or anything like that. Does he have those interests, no no the very solitary man afterward. He goes upstairs to study and he's just in front of a computer
Reading russian news on the internet did he did he is he possible for any amazing things. no you ve known for something as a computer, guy fall, tolerant, self diagnostic- electronics, oh and also cryptography, he got his phd cryptography, but I don't think he's like a z that maps now that's cartographer out. I think its code breaking all right. If I saw a movie about my yeah, this debate could breakin movie ensuring now added to it. I didn't do anything that turn. Guy, did you a little because my dad your house, Is it like a touring fan why the math, in codebreaker thing turns like the holy grail cryptography. Your dad was a codebreaker. He went to. He got his phd in cryptography. I I dunno, if I can say russia in russian,
yeah, and then he tottered in Israel, and then he taught it in the? U s you're supposed to go to the? U s for a year or a semester to harm and he found love and how are you doing to? Can you break a code? No, I can't break a single code, you didn't say, give me some tricks and you'd have those kind of interests. Even if I, even if I asked my dad for tricks, I would be really surprised if he Many he would be withholding you'd be holding a trick psyche. You gotta, go, learn it on your own. I tried. I try to get to teach me chests a few times and he's not shit man he's like he's incredible chess player to well, that united in every part of russian culture, its part, a whole jam, but I would ask him to teach me start and he beat so frustrated. I do I'm fucking nine years old, I can sign or no you say we should tell you just maybe would you know you might have changed your life? There are. A lot of things are going
it changed my life like what else do you think he he could have done? Teach me about chicks, you know, tells me know about jigs guy. Why did you stick within his realm of expertise? Cryptography and chess seems reasonable. He managed to marry a beautiful, very beautiful woman, and my mother knew enough to pull that off. You know, well, why do you? think that year this separation anxiety has kept his single. How will do thirty? Nine? So you almost forty almost forty well listless, thirty, nine! Ok and you did. You got a deal offering. No man have you ever yeah, but I can't ever say like it was there it's been. I can I'm gonna sound like everyone else now I I've had girlfriends. I have never been in a relationship that ever thought was really really perfect. I'd never, and I guess anybody could say that, but there have been moments in my life outside of relationships where I felt this is perfect, This is great. I would love to live this way forever like if I get free time and is hover- and this has a degree
but I never felt that way in a relationship is that's not the way life works, but I well that way: man even last winter, I spent like january february march, or last winter I lived in new york, I spent in l a and it was blissful. It was really great really. I could live that way. For a few years you try living out here for a year straight yeah. Let's see what the blessedness yeah pretty soon be like nothing. This is the temperature of no no variation on this, except for ten twelve degrees. I guess every every type of bliss has a shelf life, but I never felt even that way that I felt last winter in a relationship. That's all I'm trying I get what that was? You know having poetic sort of new, no nice deep, feel about whether is different. and you know having that with a person. While my for I lay isn't just rather based its notches, weatherbury to be part of it, but there's other you have love railway. I've never lived here. I spent three months winter, but it was alive on your back how long you been back so for a week or so.
You can spend another three months yeah, but they like this yet you acknowledge wrong about that bitch. I wouldn't the first time be wrong about a bitch, absolutely away. Fuck me this it was not good one about our a last year's as dodged, the brutal winter b, I knew as temporary. So I wasn't here hustling trying to pitch something It was on a meetings. I was just. I had a little house that I found on craigslist in echo park carbon to this hill beautiful view. I just wrote, play tennis and occasionally went on a few dates and it was awesome. It was a really nice play, tennis, yeah, I'm a big tennis player, tennis, not important. My brother plays tennis yeah, that's nice. I mean he used to play out. It's so easy to play in l a it's really hard in new york. I'd say I stay in europe being obtained for how long five years three day so you're a year. We I was right being hidden, that's called gets cold up, there have been called my whole life intellect, sure yeah, I mean you're actually started to get right. It's pretty good. I speak fluently, but I got to I got a thick accent. So you'll know
like a russian will know within you know, half a sentence that I'm an american a really here but give. But you grew up speaking it. I grew up speaking it yeah d, an answer that and I and I can return again right- I'm stupid with language. As I was looking at your credits and yours credit after the film you made, it was a voice over is that is that a true credit granted thought afore I did that there was a devastating, but they were rushing guys right. I played a different set of russian gangsters. I set of rushing gangster india. They are only the variations on Alex. I wanted this light there below tough guy. That would be a kind of a never sky, then their deal a guy, you mean gimme a case tough guy tucker. Why do you want to get him? She has nothing for you when I walked. This are the things that I thought I'd be doing one thing, so I practice one thing when I walked in there was a little like five foot, two guy with a clipboard, and he walked me
sound booth, and if I came so, the first thing we're gonna. Have you do? Is you just you just fucked a prostitute, and then you killed her. He had to get her money. Ok, you're! Gonna start you want them how water? lemon didn't make it easier for the brutal gamer you play. I don't know I don't know I didn't. I didn't play right and avoid any video games or know anything about modern video didn't grappling over the hymns legend zelda. Fifty one and fifty one day my arms were they will lose a little before donkey. Kung I had day I was. I was around. The first ones came space invaders asteroids. We're talking atari system number. Looking at the bowling alley, I'm talking about quartered machine, nothing, nothing at home where they had pon, but I mean I don't know I mean a lot of grown ups play. My decided can maintain interest takes too long. I can't I don't care, I can't do it,
I sucked when you were growing up now. They're grown people that claimed he play him. I don't play him now, but that's my point. It's like now, they're really really embassy russian guy. I'm not going to do party tricks for you here, marcia e r! Excuse me I would like my money back into a fucking you, but can I have my money back, please members guy, they got appear lorries that does that a party trick just go you're a glimmering, you're amazing by rain, maybe so When did you end up in Boston? How old were you then? Hey? We went from badminton to Boston, my dad got a job at Bu, so he's been there for a long, so where'd you grow up for thirty one years: newton, mass newton, where louis grew up. I know I saw that episode where he went back home yeah. I tried to talk to his dad. Our sea or forty thirty, not you keep saying that
it is older than you. So you didn't know him, so you were there from eight until you left a yeah eight until twenty, which is when I went twenty or twenty one. When I went to grad school in england, yeah, okay, so did you do stand up. Did you do acting what we do and appeal omit? No, I was, I did a neuroscience and anthropology. I was a huge fuckin introvert I mean I still enter something browsing, clinical undergraduate, neuroscience and anthropology. Were you. There you know what I was happy. You there's a program called uni university professors programme yet for smarties raise a little bit for smarties, but you can kind of do your own thing, right right? You, like you, just write. A little thesis rang. A bush, a thesis and whatever the thesis is about is what they yeah yeah. I remember that they shut it down by the way. That's no longer the programs along with her, but I did that. So it's kind of like a. I don't really know that much about neuroscience. I didn't really know that much about anthropology, but you know what I mean
Can I wrote the thesis more or less on those subject, I sort of bullshit my way through yeah with my degrees right. What do we got at the end? Yeah I mean what do I do? I really know that I couldn't didn't on our right to get in oxford. I really you know I really. I worked hard amending budgets at noon south, which is the school I went to I didn't realize until I was done with it, just how difficult it was where it offered. No, Maybe you relative to the entire abuse really what's new south is really like good public highschool. Anyway, you to open our newton soundings out harangue. I grew up in new. I heard there was a good at school. There was, I didn't realize how tough it was until I left it and want to be you and everything just seemed a lot easier. Really he studied hard in high school I know I studied hard, but I only got decent grades and then I'd be? U I study hard, I think, to press my dad I do. I did that for a semester them like fuck that yeah it took me a few years, but ultimate did say fuck that too, and-
Well, you know, weird, you impress your dad we'd really help I smoke my I did everything late. I like I lost my virginity late. I kept like how old as a re. I am too embarrassed to tell you really time to fess up no man, I'm embarrassed seriously now a one per center, like I'm a one per center, but like last year. No, it wasn't that bad, but it was like. I can tell you that ready american What are you talking about ready to tell you you, twenty five to thirty a little bit lower than that of cows? Twenty three nuts that production percent her, I don't think so you don't they so now man, you are indeed you said you are socially awkward an introverted and it was difficult, can't you know, have their great at it now doesn't seem I wrote down. What do I do oh buddy boy do you know where you are was a great, though of the first. I know because I was so old ahead
return, like I didn't like fifty times before. I hadn't pretend I'm all smooth but are ultimately I had no moves around when I was right right. I went down at her for, like I think, three hours sociology. Remember: it failed and I didn't I an income- the first time, really that it was just too overwhelming that that is not a one percent or activity yeah, the I mean Mozart, yet most people I came within seconds. You did sure prophylactic. That is no. Sorry to ask knives offended. There was always necessary, then maybe when As for rigidity, you didn't need seventy, in writing? De that's right the swedes, but I guess, but I didn't go well. It did not, well. Did she know you're a virgin yeah? I told her everything and now she was older than me and she was like okay, we're going to do it and I was so nervous took me forever to get it up and you know
I finally dared was like, oh god, and then you know it's just paralyzed with anxiety and it was not it was. It was a lot of pressure and how long after you're that experienced it'll take you to sex again with an immediate did. You like want to wash the bad taste your mouth yet night. trying. You know tat good, successful sex, but I don't think I really got rolling until I was may be your twenty. nineteen, twenty and then like a fire figure it out, and I figured it out that your junior, your beer, gonna groove as doing ok, ok, I did all right developing- game. Like know how to talk to wear. May I learned to do that is developing the skill of sex united I was never. I dont know if you ve ever had a lot of game that I mean the ones that came around came around here. I don't I, I would get obsessed with girls and I would focus on them. put a lot of attention on them in some? could go either way. The idea you could frightened them or are there wow. This kid means business
it's very focusing, then. If you go that way, and then them what but the problem with that being obsessive like that, then they sortie and once you whence are like. Ok, a man you right now. I guess I'm done yet the hunt over, but now use without my we'd get what I was about to get to I think we really gear injected me with respect It force me or allowed me to look at myself from completely different vantage point here, which is really how I think about in smoke. We'd when I was like nineteen or twenty, I would have been a very unhappy academic or scientist or something really opened. Yet it opened mia. and I didn't have any therapy before and had very little life experience. I didn't have a lot of close friends. I had no fucking relationship experience. I had no sort of reflection upon. What do you do exactly? Did it relax you? I saw myself from a removed point of view completely unfamiliar
dutch point rife and that's what meditation can do? The recycle psychotherapy can do that. I have great close friend can do right, but I didn't have any those things all I had was a ball funk and it really really really help me helped me at least still smoke Once a month, I'll smoke really do yeah but like back, then I kidnap I wake and bake kind of stuff. No, no. I never wait and baked, but I would like I would do it at the end of a night, and I would just lie down on my bedroom floor and just close my eyes and just go. Go places when, but when you are beautiful, live at home. First, our little worn towers and worn towers you down the street we were in the end. He went and lived in warren towers. While there is no I'm gonna live like that. I didn't get till I go away from at least I'm going to go and live in the dorms. I mean I'm not going to, but those dorms that I know is bored four renders the lottery and I didn't I didn't ask for those terms but yo where it was horrendous. It's it's almost prison and then my first summer
or sophomore year I delivered home and I was very unhappy and then I went. I lived in austin since then. Basically, to dry rest of Bu, how did Oxford happen? I got your grades, it be. Did you learn about anthropology a little bit What I mean, what were you got into oxford? We would we ve got you majored, in neuroscience and anthropology I mean that's. My thesis was on lecoq. Is I hesitate? They may give you study, theatre, film or anything. Oh no, I was, I would never mind you algebra. Where did you study a bee? I'm curious because it was hard. I think, unless unless you're like a fair face school, a fine arts suit and it is hard to do play- I did stays troop you yeah, even as also fake id know. I was a coward you abroad. So I was an english word major. I minored in film studies, for you was in art, history minor did you do stand up, boston when you're an underground. I didn't stand up
very early on on campus, but I didn't. I started doing it after my sophomore year that summer and killed me and I stopped until I graduated. So I did stage troop, though what I actually said: that's for them Ass, a bay drama club, so I'll get indian wants the bronx. I did. I directed woody Allen, a tube by woody allen for stays? True, I was in don't drink the water as in that woody allen play, and I, I was part of that ok yeah at that that wasn't anywhere near my right. So what did you? Why did you apply to oxford? Whose idea was that I went through my junior year abroad? I took the entire junior year. I went there from Bu. I fell in love with it because I could finally go away from home for the first time life I could like true be whatever I told people I? Why are you religious do not religious? Now we
bar mitzvah bar mitzvah do so. You went to temple in new temple yeah, my my I want to have some others to visit my parents. In a time my visits with high holidays. We can go to shit together. Okay, yeah, okay, yeah, I'd you're, not We on your own time. a june on my know. I don't it, I don't do John. We you on yet Well, you know I actually one or two yom kippur years ago I went to a temple in new york on my own time, so yeah I'd, let anyone away yeah. Why do you think I went away. I don't know. I just I don't know that it was called we jewish? I don't have the religion outside of like feeling like I had to do it at any dim, resonate I mean, I don't know that it. I guess I don't. I don't pray me. I got warm feeling sometimes go in a temple, but I don't know that it really. It just felt like something I did with my family. And when I went alone it felt sad, yeah lonely out of its lonely, but it just sort of like what am I doing what it is.
Just a habit, and my really praying and my really repenting does european when you went by yourself, I made a less than a piece of paper of all the things that I was apologizing for so yeah I toned It's rare that a toned yeah writing everything down in pittsburgh is kind of helpful. It actually was very helpful and then I I created my own ritual. I burned the piece of paper cause I wanted it to like. I dunno just let submit that some magic. I guess it is magic, magic still trickles through me. I guess now that I think that's actually a magic thing that you burned the list. in the list that felt good fucker to see it go up and that's what that's all this necessary. That's how you change your feelings about things is taking ritual action and if it was effective, it was effective. If you felt like it was good closure to bernal list. Michael lunatic, like an alleyway behind the temple, try very hard to get the flame going to win all right. So oxford. Where do you study their anthropology more?
apology, more and more the powder ritual and myth was my concentration, that's exciting, so that must help the little bit with the writing of the screen placed in the thinking about the drama. But you know when I went oxford enough when I really that's when I started out to know exactly how this happened, but I still gonna going on additions and doing sketch comedy improv comedy in Britain yeah. I get this all the time one because go I when I went there are no one knew who I was right. I went to a lot of kids from noon. Went to be you be I parents, my dad is fucking on campus. She had run intimate any moment. Did that happening It happened every now and then, but like it could happen at any moment, solid mentally, which always there. So just the notion can go five thousand miles away whatever and where whatever, I want and say what everyone it it allow me to finally reinvent myself right long overdue.
and and about of your shall yet very much so another extension of that a start, a kind of doing stand up and sketch comedy and improve comedy and other things that I would have dreamed of doing with the past, still kind of wrapped around so close to me and I really love tat. I took her after after being at oxford four year for my master, agree. I took a leave of absence to go to london just to do a full time and end up due to stand up. call me. I was obsessed with Andy Kaufman at times year, this kind of prank fish committee performance hard stuff. a lot of it didn't work, but is really really fiery some examples of a bit so one bit was. I would ask her to let enough at all It would have a boon box with to cosette players and I would introduce and I would introduce my brother who couldn't be here tonight because of an illness I play like the best of his tapes and then at all box of tapes, and I was sort of trying to make it. I can explain it though
darwin killed health, a good one. It was and then another was. I played a russian comic work. I travelled by jokes. It feel so outdated, talking by stoa comic a guy who liked prided himself never be the laugh and the other guy would tell him jokes. But you know like the thing that I it was it was really hard to like. Did you work with other people when you'd yeah, there's a guy named quinn? Burke was just a brilliant guy that also an american guy that he used to do as he still in the racket. Now he shut it down and have lost touch with him, but It was hard to like you, know, widen that, like you do like a five minute thing that may eventually work, but you can. We, like you, stand up slate like you, do an hour yeah you slowly bet you get best subs and best subs in you tighten up and you get a longer. I couldn't do that, but you were never joke. I was all sort of like you know you gotta go up and commit to these lengthy things that might go nowhere exactly and Most of them are rooted in some notion of like you're you're, you're you're playing a character.
where the audience doesn't know you're playing characters. So your reveal that you're playing a character and wants to you know the jig is up. The jig is up and you can like play another character after that. But what kind of improper you doing just What sort of you know college based in problem, which means bad improv right just go up there, and mrs Maes is mostly with me and my friend when we discuss there Do long form improv, which you have to be really really good to do. later on in my life, I met these two guys named tj and Dave, who do long form improv out of chicago and made a movie about them, and I was like Jesus Christ. I should have never even after seeing those guys, as I quite worked with them. well. You just didn't go further with it. What are you can? Do you tried something yeah? I tried something. So what what? Which movie was at trust us assignment? and it was just following. Those guys is. Mr live concert performance foam, so they have them with them yeah they do the show at the barrow street theatre, new york or chicago guys, but they continue to do the show every few months and he shot a concert movie concert movie, theaters yep. Where they have you in it? I think
well. You know they were very wary about the whole endeavor. In fact, they said no repeatedly and I slowly kept nudging them, but the thing, then, why? Because of the intrusion? Well a one or two botched efforts in the past, a www or other people know what other people and ultimately, that led them to feeling be that this it couldn't be translated this. fundamentally three d life theatrical experience. Could it be translated into a flat cinematic to de la now george, if you wanted to take yeah but yeah so well the things I told them was like. You know we're not just going to launch into the live concert. We're going to have like this twenty minute documentary type of build up some little bit of you know right three act structure, we're going to make the audience nervous and hopefully, read it, but altamont I'm getting out as I gave them final cut and if they were embarrassed by the movie and if they felt a sum that anyone get out there, they could shut it down. So the fact that its out there is some sort of sign, I guess I didn't they weren't horribly embarrassed by a bit the what went on one. Oh, if you permit a topic that we have to put a few of us, they travelled with them
they did shows with a chair to those very nice. So is it available now and dvd ya think for example our networks? Itunes? Maybe he answer I was helping others Monday. I too, let's go back sir you're in london, you took a semester off. He did this stand up to the year off a year off, I didn't go back. He finished. I think I I asked to go back. I asked to take a leave of absence and to come back in a year and then I ultimately didn't ever want to go back. You didn't finish. Masters at oxford, I got there were a master s, tea, which his master stuff Would you get after a year and not that? Then In another year he got an m phil master philosophy which is like an advanced master's which I did not get. Then if you stay another three or four years, you get a default which is basically our phd. So god, like the lowest a like beginner stage masters It is useless completely useless, nothing with him, I've never
What was it myth and rituals ritual a myth and amazonia, but that's interesting stuff. There was great stuff, I loved it. I had a great time there I had a blissful year there I was doing comedy at in the evenings. I was having these really really fun lectures and study groups in the daytime is blissful is really the great. When did you got Israel whilst twenty, I want to do my junior year abroad, before that yeah. So now rights, you got the bug you doing Andy kaufman! tough, moved to new york. Ok, go into the universe that your kind of hovering around the lunar lounge monday nights. Luna lay our universe heavyweights todd barrier guys are real of rich shapiro. Yes, sir, solomon, emerging garage flow lui would do stuff tons of other. no a slogan and Alan. I know really funny yet a sort of the scene and with tat were you live in, I was living I was sub letting crags or approve arabs.
How did this sub letting place to place so for while it on first and first I live there longest, then I would just hop around there. You are very shy guy he's yeah, yeah, yeah, east village. I was at second and be between envy, after a year, and that there was something right, it's packed on monday and crazy. It was fun down there yeah I dunno. If it doesn't feel the same anymore down there, I'm so removed from the scene. I dunno what's going on now, but I mean just I don't like the area. Others, ariel Sharon more, like you, you know, do their restores the tail end of whatever happened in the seventies and eighties. You have a sort of right. There were still if our group he still vulgarity anymore now, almost anywhere there are so, but you not do and stand up and see, adduced at the nih. Are you doing it new york? I dunno. If you thought I would I I would do it like once every I'd have to wait like five months to get back. the stage at Luna lounge did you ever meet eugene merman
You do not know. I actually starting stand up like really like my own stanhope in boston at comedies. To do that. Over his face, and he has the the friday night. if you do that. So the other economic goings. There was six month period between when I dropped out of oxford and when I moved to new york- and I lived in boston with my parents- are right when he got back from Britain exactly and that financing was fun it was eugene and brendan small gap was, however, and disgusting, Patrick Borelli. I know him and let loose it come up from new york every now and then everything is a fun night was good yeah. It wasn't there when I was there, so so do you and eugene speak russian together? We've exchanged a few russian words together, Jen it's his family from a similar place as your family in russia. You ever have that conversation with. I'm sure I did, but I don't remember, he's from lexington mass, which is really My mom knows all the russians in Boston. So she knows she
it's the moment. He knows the story, I just don't know it and she knows all the russians in Boston he's a social butterfly. She like kind of arranges, all these charity events and stuff. She knows it I saw. When did you make the first move you? What points eating stick would stand up, obviously now yeah, bigger ambitions I bigger and bigger in Syria and I was working as a caterer and then this guy who I went to oxford with, I was editing- corporate videos and industry of it as in karaoke videos and he's like do you want to want me. This is like a small post how they found out. We were like do ahmadis. If I get you a job here, and he said it's you. It pays better than catering, it's also more interesting and it's also a daytime job. So you can go onto your thing at night and I did and I loved it. I was editing rubbish, but absolutely fascinating. You aren't had added there. I learn how to edit, I edited hundreds of karaoke videos. I'm not desire. While you know-
it's a sort of more back in the day, but you would kind of go to a karaoke bar and they'd, be like these cheesy videos of couples holding hands while they're walking on a beach in the sunset of those. What way behind the somebody has to cut us together. Are you really yeah that's way comes in and come out of the box. That says well guys you work as a merit of their survival the greatest work when they probably simmer we're sure. Maybe the listeners Maximilian but thou sort, the film school and I fell in love with editing. I found out they had like a few cameras and cheap microphones and I went off and made my first movie with with their stuff, and it's about. It's called the whole story bout a karaoke video editor who, as bigger dreams, how that movie? Do good. I think I don't know I mean. I think it's in many ways this movie on proudest of by care the most you wrote it in these shouting. I wrote a dry, no larger yeah.
Me two years. I didn't know what I was doing. We shouted in minnesota and then we'd have to like fake get in new hampshire and stuff. It took forever. It took two two and a half years to finish and I was adding my parents basement. I moved back in with my parents glad just when ran at a money and- and I really care about them- move you like, I haven't, got it new york with raw goods with the tapes. With the dv mini, dv tapes, yeah and I went up to boston- and I spent yeah about two two and a half years in the hole in my in my parents' basement. Were you doing stand up, then? No, no you're, just kind of going a little nuts yeah and disabling the stuff and we smoke smoking cigarette. Now, with a little bit away their drinking envied, maybe I'm never been, Big drink up, or maybe a little bit, I was seeing a girl. later than she was up there? Yes, you shut up
jamaica planned, I really helped out. We would have been possible without the have sympathy. Still friends will now But she lives rehnhjelm in winesburg messier. Sometimes I really weird na mascot. so you finish at movie and then what what are you doing? You go back to new york finish that movie and and what are your parents thinking now like? What are you doing? Oh yeah university, an accident yeah, my mom has been always so supportive and patient, and my dad is he just you know, he's. I understand his position now, but he was a very nervous about me. He thought he was inherited yeah. I wasn't making any money as taught twirling way in the in the basement type of thing. So yeah there nervous I to bar some money to move to new york and get him again at a permanent yeah, my kind of back to where you have finished a movie headroom, but the movie did ok like you now, obviously didn't make any money, but it like a played enough festivals for me to feel like it wasn't a total failure right, but you know I I I
really was excited about every first of all like to film festival. He also pumped Year- and I dear and I week early and plaster early and plaster the town of fires excite in your starring in the movie, stein. I did everything on that movie and then- and I met all of these people through the festival circuit that that was the best part of it because they became really close friends. That became my my new sort of social, roland, yorke, ali sort of any filmmakers in europe, and since then we, collaborated on millions of movies and that I have us. I have a life because of because of the people that I met on on the whole stronger on the vessel circle, the hysteria wow, so that those good. So you did you ve done what five features on your own idea. I didn't see any yeah they're wrong. Now I think I've allowing a vast majority not I gotta go work form because the sooner we haven't pretty quickly- and I don't know if I were unknown about why
hacker? What was that about? Tat was about to bird watchers. Looking for a bird that was thought to be extinct, but apparently is flying around the swamps of eastern arkansas based on true events that happened in arkansas, so that what the whole story now it is about, but what we try to do with it as we. Basically directed a fictitious character in a fictitious story into a fictitious character into a real life situation. So there is a way like in minnesota that didn't freeze over the winter, despite the fact that hundreds of surrounding lakes are coated in three to four feet of ice, so we threw like a real person with a real sorry, fake person me with a fake extra into the surreal situation and we did the same thing and we, I did the same thing in woodpecker. There is this real starch for this real bird, the ivory billed woodpecker, and we just I found these two actors that I really liked and we just injected them into this real life search. That was happening, and I was really excited about that.
About that, at the time when I made the whole story, it felt like a kind of in some- I knew summer unexplored terrain and then bore at came out not long afterwards, which are basically injecting a fictitious character to real events, and they did it way better way. More spectacular Funny, then, will you trying to be funny? You have been in a more like it slow and meditative or existential were where, like the skylight cries and the movie he goes on these sort of, like you know, there's these little success. Montages in any did trust us it's on. It did have the documentary then what's rubber neck about rubber neck is, is the only movie that made that it isn't really a comedy? It's about it's a psychological thriller about a scientist in Boston who slowly unravels, because he can't get over this girl he's from we obsessed over her, then he round directed at router. I had an act
yeah. He has his tryst with this coworker she's beautiful out of his league. She was wasted, she just kind of surrendered herself at this office, christmas party, and she like basically said that thousand mistake. It's not gonna happen again. He just can't get over it and it's like chinese water torture. Every day at work, he sees her she's, pretty she's, not she has sort of she's, not reciprocating. His infatuation killer. It gets ugly netflix now I think that movie still streaming rubber. My first three movies were streaming and then they made em dvd only, which means like no one ever watches them anymore, but I think rubber neck is screaming red flag red flag, a streaming, app in my last movie, you in that too yeah you're an album not in woodpecker, and I'm not interest us right, what's red flag about it's about air, basically, a caricatured version of myself when I made woodpecker a few years ago and there's this organization that puts these obscure movies on tours of the south. We play like a small little art house, theaters
So we agreed to go on the tour because it's flattering to show movie anyone, but the thought of kind of she going to eater in the south and playing the small venues was really. I was excited about dreading, the loneliness of the law of the american highways evaporated? For me, you know, yeah. Well it s likely interstate is not an exciting place, no saw even that even the country roads have become less exciting. I wasn't Wasn't am looking forward to the to being alone by myself or to extracting from one reykjavik place to another and stay in crappy motels. So I try to make a story about a filmmaker on tour showing his movie, red flag is about that. That's a basket guy, showing the movie that he no longer really is attached to emotionally and he's off. they're, all sound, so good. I have to watch him.
Some of them ye sure some are, but you know like what you do in your show like I play and a lot of these movies anyway I play if this is fair, I feel for you. I feel like I play a caricatured version of myself here and, and that sort of you know the comedic thing that we revert. it often most of these, but it will show you did a lot of of acting in small films, yeah now, will you ever? Are you consider to be part of a movement? Are you part of mumble core movement like it's a really sloppy term in some ways it as such? I'd umbrella there. So many different types of movies that could be, who are some that directors you work with, while I think like the one of them but who are labelled in a mamma mamma kirkham was promised ganem underbrush ask you, it is a great former gotta ask them here and that the first thing I acted in after the whole story was his movie ya out is called these wax. So I think because of him, if I have any filiation too on the court's because of that movie, I so I e mails nine it today
in our view, the cheap labour yeah you're going to read it yeah sure she said Harry. You see me Even email me back immediately and I met him as he was wandering drunk across the road in austin Texas. In the morning I was hung over. I was drunk at a she capitalized morning what it's true them like a lot of the people that I have ended up working within them in some way. I met at film festivals if she was there with her first movie that she made before tiny furniture, and I was there with trust us, my third movie and yeah- I was, I guess, across
I wrote in a mutual friend of ours named bob byington was driving his car and, and he pulled over because we're friends and lina was in the car, and he gave me a lift like literally one block- and I talked to lena for a moment, and I was just immediately impressed by her twenty two or twenty three year old girl with a feature length film of a purse, officially foment a major for vessel is really just funny and she's impressive but it immediately impressive and so on. So I got her. information and we kept in touch with a dvd swaps likes. You showed me all dollar other stuff that she's done delusion downtime diversion is this website that should beforehand item in fans of each other and she put in time furniture yeah later that year in november, I met her in Martin south by and then in november. She uh she yeah sure to properly maintain a friendship, that's so sweet. She we thus and She'S- championed you'd ever since she's real sweetheart,
seems like the row of re in girls is, is came close to you that a caricature is it it feels me or you've. Seen the sherif, yeah and you've talked to me for an hour. It feels huge and you tell me it does it feels close to you yet does yeah the key reminds me a lot of who I well they five or six years. I think rather like when I think of him. I can only think, like oh he's, like a little bit like this guy and he's a little bit like you're writing a little bit of brian. No, it's just like mostly me, but five years ago, like nurturing a lot of unresolved issues negotiating with a in a way that he doesn't know how to make constructive over thinking things to a detrimental degree, getting relationships that aren't gonna, move him forward emotionally or spiritual, or this stuff you're all beyond now those five years ago, you I had it I talk to you for now. I haven't conquered it, but I hope I made some fucking progress. Jesus Christ, what he said: no reflective meditative. What do you think id?
it's looking over my life. You know where I was when I was thirty. Three thirty two, which is where I kind of look at ray, took a thirty two year old capacity. Need to engage with their we'll know, I'm your movie, how I'm not seeing any sats eimer unbridled, not petty party under here's, trying to acting you're trying to convince yourself you're different now much different I've evolved. What's the indicator of that. I Don'T- maybe yeah maybe you're right, but I have no fucking tried to corner you. Let me look, I feel, like I've grown, and I think I have What our indicators moves. You tell me your indicators, I'll know to look for. I don't freak out about same shit. I used to freak out about less shit. Ok, and you know I feel like I can I take it little easier on myself and here. I can usually stop myself from engaging in the type of panic or anxiety they use to. You know that usages happened naturally,
and as I was very my head and very paranoid and view known defensive and weird and like when I look about we're back on the things I used to obsess over they dont. Do it any more those things and what was the greatest aid in that evolution straying disdain. The present really trying to figure out the difference between reality and when a manufacturing in my head, I d internally or not, but in practice, and how did you go about obtaining that perspective through fair through Mediterranean I've denied not meditation, but you know I was in recovery and who, out of those ideas resonate, yeah sort of like engaging with other people and helping them to get out yourself. you're, saying things like working hours, the rug to get myself into the present,
it'd, be I didn't do for a long time. It was scattered recently I've I've done some therapy and that's been helpful, but I think most of it has just been. You know hard, knocks yeah and and staying sober, but really just trying to be like you know, is this a real fear? What are you doing? Why freaking out? Are you making this up? If some is your brain making this up queen when we turn it off? If, if that's an indicator- and I think it is- I do think I am I much less prone to get lost in a stress spiral. Was a few years ago MIA and I have a slightly more well fitting a fighter grip and gratitude. Gratitude is very important and I think that in that I was completely oblivious to when I was tragic. If you don't, if you don't like checking with gratitude, you and your people are going to find you irritating. Absolutely absolutely Because it's like having gone for good for you now
things, do yeah yeah you and I did a movie together. I know sleepwalk right, but we had no scenes together. Man, but I saw you know, I'm like You saw me one when the movie was made. My science like, like I dont, think we'd, met why why why? scholar when you say that guy, could you look familiar you are familiar to me and, like I know like, there is an immediate my media feeling was. Why me The comic is a comic and then it was who is this comic supposed to be no comics, I don't know sky, and then I was like these pre good stood actor. And then I saw you and I think, priority the waters around the first using a girl's right. Am I there's a guy, it's his time, he's doing it that guy's there, I mean there were plenty of not plenty, but there a handful of cameo come
in a movie. I think he just didn't want to sort of carpet bomb the place with like in a real comics plain comics. He wanted unwanted kind of interspersed it enter. First it. I guess I was a few around playing comics, you know, but so I thought I thought it was good to use an actor and I think I think you did a good job has it. How did you like being so your and our show this year? You haven't I yeah I caesar with you. Can we talk about that? Okay? What do you wanna talk about? I want to talk about how you felt working on the show and was it fun, you yeah very excited. I was excited. Do it I was I was you know when I got there. I was hoping that I know we're gonna do if I should shape my face you how we, Make me work less me, you're really bush was a mustache brochure. Maybe I call I get has come over. Think was relatively effective and they sort of the unhappy derived my clothing. you know it's good. It was loose in the air. The improvisational element was good and I think the character was right for me,
I think you and I had a good time, ripping out a great armor with you, yeah he's really fun in the whole sort of city council thing the borough council that all those other actors once we all start once a couple, letting us go, got kind of exciting three research. They went out It is about council board meeting now. Why don't you stop about the current I'm not offended. I just like I knew like I could tell by the tone of the script that you know, use the you're territorial and over it, but kind of dug in and and I knew that day. My my pretty your energy or what I've been holding my whole life as a not an actor but as a human would fit this guy got your cas worrisome. Yeah, and I had a great time I like like any, but I am very grateful that I was part of it. I would have liked the entire. So to be about mean, you sure, got em we, but you have a duchess just me being greedy. I like try to do more acting
but I began. They brought me back for the new actually run for my position. Now it's the spoiler by young who knows are your characters? Basically a lazy and corrupt incumbent and differently you what you are Basically, I am I let them I let ever know the real: what's your character's nonmember corrupt, yeah. You got you kind of your work, your corrupt and combat man. You got them parking space, bullshit train a camera. I don't if it's corruption, I think maybe he took a little bit of advantage of his position, but I think, the level that he was operating at is you know maybe, Here we are missing used his power a bit. That's that's me power that he has corruption, that surcoats biscuit corruption right for this
your self righteous character? That is very exciting. This idealistic guy that just wants to do good by himself in the community hear he has a lot of he's driven to some degree by ideological endeavors, but he also is nurturing a tremendous heap of inner demons and awe and oftentimes. You know that gets in the way of his ideological pursuits most of the time it certainly does later on in the in the season. I'm excited I'm excited about it. What else you doing? you do in a movie. I came this this week. I did the new com brothers movie there, what one of my favorite filmmakers eyes who have to work with those guys never had never done it I don't know one thing for me as an actor. Really it is a sad I'd like to do more I audition for coming, but cohen brothers movie addition for a serious man for the lead. Did you really I never got anywhere. I just casting within the room when you down- and I was just that it may therefore be
in the last one I member you on a couch with a wife, the eyes. severe. Should life it's nice to be invited back. You know you in there here doing us. I say so this week, they're shooting a movie called caesar. Here journalists and it's a nineteen, fifty really funny- I have to come more wacky and zany than the last movie more yeah exactly and yeah, and I got to play one of the roses great. What's it about it's about a fixer played by Josh brolin in nineteen. Fifty, they were in putting out one fire after another. In this area, victory ass, studio, fixer clooney as one of the studio actors, and he gets embroiled in to a situation that needs fixing. I like it, I Josh rolling, who is there seem with clooney, are weak with clinic really fun That's amazing here not just made him made him like a group of other people. Here has no good guy great guy
generally a great I'll again, it's easy to kind of sovereign scraper like you like, she's like you, would never go to the trailer he would always like. Hang out with us. You know between breaks and show us like these really like elaborate pranks on you to vote as I found, staff and just joke around, and yet he just like a really really like going. I like me great movie, star great movie, stars movie, stars classic. I know right, I thought about to say the classic movie star. They can still exist, but he's like he's one of them, yeah rollins, pretty good too. I dunno. If he like he, he He seems to have some demons, but I think you are great onscreen yeah. He does it, but willing coon is also making. We is involved in all these other now, looking at her and private guys preliminary deal yet he said in his humble I think you can use the guy he's, he's the movie star, he's it on the golden globes, the award for being an amazing movie star, amazing guy, the lifetime achievement for being amazing
that's a very great idea, interview those guys had I to work with him. I don't know someone only talk. I know it's. Fine directors are hard to get. The guys have the most to talk about sometimes like yours, for directory and that means you're well versed in things you think about where you think the high point of this conversation was, I think we started strong and then we started really strong, I enjoyed for me. I enjoy talking about em, where myself, anxiety went I, mrs right out of the gate yeah I you're talking my marijuana see. For me, the editing karaoke films thumbs enjoyed that I that yeah, but- a dark part of my life, so I guess it enjoyed for that reason, but we didn't dare we didn't. we recover. What do you feel this separation anxiety with now? He said. Sometimes you just fill it somehow what he filling up with. What do you do with that? Terror, whites replaced by death, anxiety and I think, everything, this red flag- endings
as always there I know, but about but like you know, like the thing that I'm doing is some sort of reverberation or negotiation with this anxiety and the Elvis or do all of us are doing it, and I think it's unhelpful to be conscious of it. large degree that your negotiating with your death anxiety just to be thinking about it. I think I've heard of I think you know it's a peep, it's in it's in people's subconscious. For a reason, it stays there for a reason, largely. Therefore, reason and also my life's work is about what you're talking about negotiation with nothing that yeah unifil thats really got into it. We are, you know, it's denial, adapt stuff, yeah, yeah, yeah, One thing I can't do think about organs, can't do it can think about kidneys. Rivers have real problem when I start thinking about guns working. Why would have been unthinkable ankara's right now, a taboo? I dont know how to know what is doing, but I hope it's ok, yeah yeah, I got an order on the word even is on my body. I can look at the pancreas.
but it, but if something wrong with that, you're fucked. I know like really fact see, this is exactly that that job I think that of a pink pink create a condition I think we are, You stole the money in the world. I don't do that. I don't do that thing. We talked about another high point for me was talking my gratitude. And that being sought about yet another more need to do more of growth and emotion. personal knowledge, not as they should be. I go and gratitude walks ever two weeks for about an hour, then I think a lot about my health and I get a lot of air time goes to my organs. I really do think about my organs, not the whole. Well, how do you think about them? Ungrateful? My liver works. Can his workmen pancreas works ungrateful? The mid July works and grateful that my dick work. the miracle that my lungs work, my heart works and is grateful and it so easy to forget it. these are the guide us Sometimes? I feel like there's like
If I use those words archive and look upwards, but I feel like that's that's it's it's in the ballpark yeah, okay, yeah, the written there, the spiritual ballpark yeah be looking upwards in gratitude for your your vessel. It's operating properly, it's easy to forget how lucky one can be fine way to close thanks. Thank you. that was our spare parts games. You're talking to him he's a bright guy, interesting story. I may not be a great actor, but I definitely committed in there's a couple of episodes this year that are pretty intense. And I really let myself go, and I really immerse myself in this thing It's the only thing. I know how to do it just go all in, go all it so look forward to that,
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