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Episode 599 - Parker Posey

2015-05-03 | 🔗
Indie film superstar Parker Posey talks with Marc about her life so far, from being born "the size of a beer can" to recently contemplating whether she should leave the movie business. Plus, Parker offers her take on working with directors like Woody Allen, Richard Linklater and Christopher Guest. And also her dog pees on Marc's floor.

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I'd. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the plug in here is, what the fuck's there is, what the fuck the holocaust, what the fuck a delicate, what the fuck's bury thins what's happening. It's me mark marin, I'm in new york city, as I record this, hotel room, what doing in new york. You ask why don't we know this before? Why don't we know things about you? Mark you? U turn everything I don't understand why we don't know exact what you're doing and when you're doing it and where are you doing Why.
I am in new york. I came out here I'm in between tour dates. I will be in seattle at the neptune theatre, this friday for two shows I'll be in vancouver at the vogue for one show on Saturday saturday, the tenth in san francisco at davies, symphony hall, on the eleventh a mother's day, bring your mom's. It's a mom friendly, show that show, right. That's my next to carmody special mom friendly, so that's happening, so I came to new york primarily for the the up fronts, for vice vice the demand In an online content provider of mayhem and also they have a new, show on hbo aura are going the channel and I am do
a show on that channel. On the vice channel. I will be doing a thing called the vice portraits with mark mare, and this will be an interview format show. But out in the world, are going to go out in the world to talk to people in environments. It means something to them something or something out of their comfort zone, but it will be candid conversations with creative people and interesting people. The way I do it will be doing will be setting up that show. I think every episode we will. We will explore my various methods of preparation which have nothing to do with. Operation. So that's happening, I dunno what channel it will be. I dont know when it will start, but that is happening but maranon I have see returns to the area, cable airwaves on may fourteenth encourage some eu who are not radical cord cutters and I'm sorry,
you offend any of you, take your cord cutting disposition as an emblem of your righteous fuck. You demeanor did not mean to push any buttons. I guess I keep cable by default because I don't think I'd watch anything if I didn't occasionally sit on my couch and try to figure out how to watch on demand shows which is still baffling to me,
I don't know what channels I have I'm very frustrated with my cable box, I'm about to call time warner and tell them to shove it up their giant mechanical asshole, because it takes a lot of time for me to switch channels and it seems to be making weird noises. Is there any reason to complain about this publicly, not really work, I'm frustrated with cable, too. But the point is: is that sometimes we have to respect these arcane methods, these ancient systems? These are decaying mechanical paradigms in order to garner the attention necessary to continue doing something within that paradigm, as it slowly deflates and loses it's wind and gasps away. As the other thing move full force into the future. Well, I guess what I'm saying rather poetically and probably not in the best way possible- is that if you could get, I have seen for the Erika my show that would be helpful in the ratings game which still matters to people in that game. So may fourteen
get I've seen for a couple of months or at least find out. If you have it, or you can wait a year until it goes on netflix or you can get on itunes waterways, to get it where you can dvr. That's fine! Look, I'm just saying I'm excited about the show. I know that's not what came out, but I'm excited about the show. I think this season is the best season we've done. I think the stories are good, they're funny they're, inter I think I think, I'm better. You know I I'm not I'm not I'm no olivier, but I think by the third season here. I've got the hang of being me on tv, so enjoy enjoy. Maranon I've seen the first episode, co stars, a constant zimmer, elliot, gould, Alex rocco and also the lovely lucy Davis who plays my manager this season very exciting, I'm excited for you to enjoy them. So that's that's the big blood! On that front. I just have a lot of things going on and obviously I am on the road and avi swim.
Hotel room and obviously I am not eating. Well and obviously I dont know five allergies or cancer and obviously there are problems, but dimension park imposes on the show. Today lovely and amazing indie film, goddess great actress, incredible a dynamic person came over here, my temporary studio in my hotel room to talk to me. It's always a little awkward, yeah, I'm doing interviews coming up to the hotel room, yeah, it's not even a suite, which is basically in my bedroom sitting at a little table. She brought her doggy who, who peed you'll, hear that I believe her dog peed twice in my hotel room. I guess I better not mention the name of the hotel, because that might not be a good thing for me: JD she's, somehow trained it to pee on kleenex. Alright, that worked once
then the other one was yeah. Maybe I should keep it to myself. So what have I been doing? I mean you know I'm on tour and we added a bunch of dates. So you can go to wtf pod dot com. Slash calendar cause the dates. I've got coming up. Obviously, seattle, and in vancouver this saturday may night and day may tentative symphony hall in San francisco, but may fourteenth them at the asheville north carolina. The orange peel and may fifteenth em in charleston anti trust music hall may sixteenth them at the variety play house in atlanta may seventeenth them at the joy theatre in new Orleans doom fifth, the play out square in cleveland added, shows in chicago undue into shows that the big theatre on june six june, seventh em in minneapolis upon pages, do twenty fifth, the capital theatre, import, chest or new york june, twenty sixth, at the bam opera house in brooklyn new york june, twenty seventh paramount theatre hunting to new york june, twenty eight count: basic theatre, red bank, new jersey,
joy, tenth allowed theatre, portland, oregon joy, eleventh revolution hall in Portland Oregon July. Twenty. Fourth, bolder theatre, bolt, colorado, joy, twenty fifth, paramount theatre in Denver colorado. So if I named your city, gotta deputy ipod that compromise counter and get your techies get your tickets, god damn that's along tour What am I doing here on Wednesday am interviewing terry gross. The host of empires fresh air live in front of an audience at an event at the boy when cadmium, music at the bam opera house, for the radio love fast. That's this wednesday! Ok, all right! Yes, I want to talk, the amazing interview herself the world renowned, terry we're goin interview where the interviewer head to head So here's what I learned and here's what I'm learning as I get older is Adam. As I get older, I don't know if I am more, sure orphan,
maturing or if I'm getting more mature or or I'm just getting tired. I think it might be. hired. I dont know if I'm getting wiser or I'm just not remembering as much as I used to is a fine line between maturity and exhaustion. As you get older and wisdom, and just I don't really remember- and I feel ok about, though not carrying that with meaning. Relieved myself of that burden of that marie involuntarily. As my brain flickers off as the year as the years keep stacking up certain areas of the brain, the lights are going out, return enough that marquis we're. Turning off the fuck you dad marquis, that show is not running any more reclose Joe, we closely. Why mom that show ran for fifty years. It was very popular with an audience of one, the boy.
What part of me in that we've had to close that show down to, and I have no problem with that. I dunno, if that's wisdom, but it's a little better. It's a little So I'm here, I'm in new york and I'm spending time with them. Friends that I have that. I add that I've had for many years. I find that's important to do. You know at Louise out of town? So I I missed him but, like I went, saw my buddy John Daniel. We go back he's in the music business. He spent an hour with him got caught up talked about his business. I talked about my business. We had we ate. We said like you are good: your health, okay, yeah, my help's, okay, yeah, everybody in your family, okay, everything's, okay, er! I was good to see. You feels good, that's what you do with Oprah
and sometimes you get that's all you can do and that's enough, like you're, not going to catch up on everything you're, not in the loop or their wives, but you can certainly check and say I love you. Buddy went up to my buddy SAM websites house the year. The genius novelist checked in with him hung out work through some sadness. Some are told them some stuff. In my life he told me some stuff in his, we had a range of emotions. We spent a couple of hours together. I saw his kids saw his wife, caribbean, very pleasant times, spent three hours in the apartment, just hanging out snacking having a coffee getting up sitting down having a hug. You know we may have, and if you welling up of the eyes and then we took a little walk the later buddy good friend love you that young we checked in as good once or twice a year gotta. Do it gotta? Do it if we're not going to be traveling together for not backpack
I got a check in just took a walk with todd berry, which was just like the old times and of you guys remember this. Why would you many years ago me and Todd were sort of in the same boat, a I is one of my favorite comics and is a good old friend. Am but you know a lot of the other guys like louis and nick de Paolo Jeff Rosser was then Jeff with shalt people, while those people were working all the clubs and todd nih research limited to one club, and he did here but hang around cause of weeds The latter days walkin around the village talking about shit talkin about comics talkin, about clothes, talkin about money, talking about where we live. Just talk in my cup with deeds. Talk in this part of our job. So today
I ran into you, know, Todd last night briefly and then today call me up: you want to have copies away a coffee. There were some chinese food. Then we walked around soho. Then I got some ice cream which don't feel great about the thai didn't eat ice cream spent a few hours with todd catching up doing what we used to do like old buddies, and you know it didn't miss a beat, didn't seem any different than it ever did never any tension with your true old friends and that's what I'm doing in new york that in some work so now, let's enjoy my chat with the lovely parker posey, who you may know from any number of movies. Do you need credits? Would that help you place? Her is samir like parker, who I mean, I would hope. That's not the case, so many waiting for gulf men, Henry fool. She was investing
o clock, watcher, watchers party girl, wow cone, heads dazed and confused way back she's, amazing and she's in my hotel room so enjoy. When you going, I warn you so what time ok see what you do now suggested that a just peace on the rug. Here, that's what I'm doing to hold my mac I am not concerned about the p on the rug. Are you I have a different relationship with hotels,
that's an eleven year old dog yeah yeah. Her name is gracie. Is that there'll be a be shampooed a maltese she's, eleven she's very smart. Is that your longest relationship to date, He has a word about you. It's true fungus relations, so I don't know. I think people are used to not live so long hours. It's yeah. We got the things you do. Do you believe in karma a kinda if you're gonna, like you're here to kind of live through all your stories, too, he's behold. I gotta get life as a kind of make somebody This is the one I'm living now. I can't imagine how shitty the other one must have been I mean how do we get it right now Who are we aware when we know when we nail it hell, but you believe it I ate it. It makes the most sense to me. My longest relationship was probably eight years. Yeah hate
That's big that was in your twenties. I dont know I had a five year a three year a two year yeah and now now I wonder what the point of it it yeah knowledge devastation. Now, ices. The iter right. I did have to pee trying to act like they're doing something differently. That's how it's bad theatre! It's like! I don't do this anymore, I'm not this person anymore, I'm better yeah, I dont understand this: either you connect with someone or your. U pretending something else right or you're waiting for it. Maybe it'll! Maybe it'll kick in you ever do that one is going to kick in pretty soon. They liked me a lot I think this is going to kick in any minute, I'm going to feel like they feel I've done that one. I've done real, intense ones that, I like three, the last three encounters
really. I assume that you did relationships. You didn't call them relationships, because this issue, heavies to load is, are you knew their names you encounter somewhere? I didn't know their names now, so you encounter someone. And if, if you, if you have a true encounter, it's a it's a real connection, but if you're like dating, I mean, doesn't dating sound. So Fabricated anymore, I don't fucking know what that is. I don't know date. Have you had this moment where you're like? Oh, I don't have to put up with this shit. Oh yeah yeah, I'm I'm not that see. I I'm a curious person and I have a hard time saying. No. So in the past few months I've been asked out on a date by men in there.
Seventies. Wow yeah like I was at a gala a few nights ago. Gower, for what no it was last, it was last week at ps, one twenty two for a thing: yeah and one of the board members said: hey, there's a man here. He really wants to meet you and he was really excited that you were here and then I meet him and as to grown daughters. Somehow he says, can I can I take you out to lunch and I couldn't say right now: I don't eat lunch right. You know against lunch. I care I was sure, and this, be interesting, so I gave you my email role and I and I didn't give them a fake email right and allows this guy was even irony. I email me right away course walking away as he was the eyes he was in the cab
nor was this guy was here and our teeth was an entrepreneur and why, I think he's atalanta, bestia he's a philanthropist and then see yet older guys and this one man I was I was. I had a few dates with gracie she's, making a bed right now this what she's doing it's like that. She's, not burying thing on my bed. Now, I shall gladly and how a busy ninety I was dating a sixteen year old a year ago, but that's not so horrible. How are you forty six? Something Why I like tat, you did what about it, mature and he was he was you know, I would hope so it sixty. You know who's really immature. yeah, but he was experience. I should say- and use fascinating and minorities the rider I have known writer yeah. I think so I think so. I was saying to respond Helen.
If I was that, guy that sixty years on and off I bought four year a year and a half and and then it kind of fizzled and that's the he was like is just gotta, be devastation parker real yeah for him. Yeah is that, however, this turns out you just gotta be devastated, and, unlike what can I get a ride this out? You know we care about each other. We love each other and you can't just you know, destroy something in front of me. You know and boost here's. A directive he's very friday's, very masculine and, and I got people to tour, a tour right and a rugged older, alpha male yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah and just blew through his his life. yeah. I got on fire trying to avoid the crash of ordinary emptiness yeah. bring it out in him.
Side did crush now, you'll get a book. it maybe yeah. Maybe he needed ration sure that you were amuse a muse. That's what you are. I was amused. I died a thousand times and you watch me and I just don't you know you get to a point where it's like. What are we doing? Is it just? What is it about? Secondly, is it about the? Are we being honest with ourselves? What's happening, revolving here and in a partnership we I mean eighty, a true partnership should be creative and alive in and when is it's over and you have you had those there's? A deadline is right, but this outcome
from living with each other, like the dead, we necessarily be. Have you done that yeah yeah how's that work for you? I you know I'm such a nurturer caretaker. Really I love to cook. I love to make house so yeah. Do you take in strays stray humans? I I I like that. I'm kind of a hippie mama yeah I'll, have a place upstate. You do yeah it's an old farmhouse and bless you she's you know, get it out. Each year a year she's good day, new hang out, I gotta go now. I have to yeah inventing it, though, because it can afford it anymore, because you know nothing pays anymore. Unless you get a big tv show you, so I ve been working on you'd narrative marking, work, yeah! That's right! That's right I'm not in that the high number of You know I don't make millions of dollars of dollars at all.
so upset you. What what did you see what a million dollar robed you like to do? The disease selfish as a leading lady, would you like to be a superhero. I do yeah that all sounds like fun. Don't we roll for superheroes now I just I could I guess scientist and show us where villain. Maybe could you be a villain I could be village or maybe a furious savannah, wherever they are worried about me and I sure I can get it right in the avenger is here the lady whom made the thing you doctor so in town like psychic, some psychic lady with that comes out of nowhere like than the major a great and you know, is every money I like yeah you gave us everything like those movies, be more fine. I don't just fine
You know, I don't want my good idea and I know well, I I went into to one of them just cecile some local reinforce reinforcing? No, no I'm not Kind of woman- that's in those movies, I'm too old, first of all, but I think I could fit into one. we got no problem with tv online tv. No, I don't, but when we could say, is like in those in those scary movies. In his horror movies, you don't you think everyone could be having a lot more fun. I condition. more fun to make their death even more. You know amazing. they all seem to know it's coming here and there really cool about is the same thing is happening around whether stupid. You know, if you really the route. We already that. I think it is really funny. It's really funny. I was in scream three and tat s what I was talking to a climate of ours like yeah. Why are these people in is what are you saying world like think they have to be crazy,
now like or they would just leave at nine thousand spike? Wouldn't you say: I laughed he laughed. This is a horror movie I think you're doing, and so it was fun to kind of play with the with the genre of that and because it's fun being, aired and if, if there's there's someone chasing you wearing a mass you're gonna be screaming and may be laughing and like dealing with like oh, I got him about it. I like holding I'd to. Whoever is in front of you and the guy. I don't see that passion you know in those movies, and I we love that and I think I think other people, we level two things hackneyed now they just sort of no it's coming. They block, but there's no, like I'm dying, had its great I'm dying. I love you. I miss you was other side. My parents say goodbye rivalry. We gave you yeah yeah, that's true. The one thing you don't bring integrated at all now desperate humiliation of those moments,
He knows it they'll be really carefully. You can't play that shit real in those movies yeah with this sort of begging and pleading and a real way and in referendums. Of knowing that shit? I believe that you had a paradox too. Is their third really be no said no way to make sense of it? Besides, other movies, you ve seen mean like I broke my wrist last year and and I just kept thinking of agent brody in homeland and it just kept, you know, and it was a really bad break wrist surgery. On my wrist and now I just had this loop that I and I felt like it's being you know, tortured. I taught him that I was in homeland. Yes, I heard that she was great. That was a great interview very earnest person. Oh yeah she's, Syria is actually very major We are right of yeah. I saw a right before she did that show her intensity struck me. You know
we are and then so. When I saw that she was in the show she was working for the cia as like. While she really carries at that. Isn't meant to be right there and and play that part, not I dunno any other actress who could who could do that successfully? It's it's and well she's real kind of like a she's, very controlled person, it's very intense. You know she runs a chip with her vessel. I believe he's out there. The stakes are really high. How did it happen either that? How do you explain that in people what the air velocities there do? How do you ask? What do you say about yourself? Why give some order say: hey parker, what's what velocity are you operating? I'm I'm one of I'm. One of those like. I think everything forms in shape she before your view, no six years. And you just keep carry over what happened then rightward, you weren't you,
from parker posey, where did it start? I'm from Louisiana? I was born in Baltimore maryland. My dad was station in vietnam manifestation Baltimore there was drafted. Did he go to vienna yeah yeah, so he was gone for the first two years, really yeah, so that it may very well come out with how was he I see? Alright, this the the pictures of him from vietnam and he's holding a martini. You know he's out in the jungle there, no they're in the office in the in the in their drinking rights are not only not a ingenuous of ears eager shot at the armed through ended. A bullet went through his helmet. Ok,
and would struck him was how personal he took it. Amy thought. Why would anyone want to shoot me me? Aren't you think of that? It's like or so and saying believe we're still doing it? What we're doing people here they are, They were people here you doing it from the sky, with west men on the ground will more emotional and horrific, but that is interesting because you know you're in the army, whether you get drafted and now you're in the forces in your part of this team that supposed to be defending something and it scene we are generally by the military by the people at large. Is the army not as that guy that's right, but if you're that guy, why? When you take it personally, that's right, yeah
when he came out mentally, ok yeah. I know he is ever from ptsd thinking there in his life really has prostate cancer now and by he's a really funny, you know I describe him as a comedian without a venue he's like he could he could walk out, onstage and and show his he's hysterical. So you for your clear scenario, he's a centre. Mention here are still together. Yes, while yeah come from that stability commitment that loyal that I always hot leg, their crazy dance? I think you know there there are yet is a compatibility yet still together, you gonna tight, ivy twin brother, identical. No, then I knew with boys and girls. Now, what's the other kind called fraternal beer, So there were two separate eggs right. together. Yeah
and so my my mom thinks that I was conceived later, that my brother, a few minutes the quicker turn around. Now, let's go, it's really be a few weeks I dont know is ours will do that yeah? I can the cat cats can have like a few different kittens from several different fathers. Just in the same letter. That's wait. Huh I didn't know could do that. Is that her theory or is that yeah? That's what she that's what she thinks, because I was so premature. We were both premature like how so and six weeks so I was only like two and a half pounds oh, my god, my agent aviator, an incubator for the first six, we six weeks in my life and and my brother, my brother was five pounds two and a half pounds I was. I was a prey me and That's your irish are very, very tiny. So I was born in a fight
for my life and the doctors it was gonna live- and you know, there's a big drama to the story that I heard every year we need a name for their death certificate. What are you- and I that was the family story, yeah just in case yeah, and so they made me parker and my middle name christian, because they- for the help it Jesus and am I was raised catholic or maybe Jesus then maybe he did. I might according to my dad, who is holding a six pack of beer, you know the station in Baltimore maryland, he looks down into a beer, can and me he sent me an incubator, he's on his knees. You know praying in these like My daughter is the size of this beer. Can please Jesus please Jesus. My baby live a man. I screamed,
is to accelerate its very dramatic yeah. That's good, yes, good, real credit, daughters that she's she's a beer count on legs. You don't be late. Its argument is like telling a story like that is so he made of stories are key: wind, my brother and I were kindergarten. My brother raised his hand in the teacher asked what our parents did for work I made my brother said my dad was in india in a hundred years ago. That was the stories that my dad, but maybe he was an indian india. American indian value is now He was who know we're talking karma deeply, that the past. Why thing to gas sherwin? I think it's fun what fun, but do you believe it? Do entertaining my idea. I'm entertaining the idea is, like a girl extent I believe this I like tat, sure why not entertain yeah, yeah yeah right and I think it's fine bright, psycho yeah. Maybe I was
Then, in a more seriously I was cleopatra hours. She said she was cleopatra too, maybe we're very clear now, maybe maybe there's right and then the fund, This is stupid where we eating the show this. It's a stupid. Where are we eating yeah? That's why it's right there, that's all of it. So you talked to lie on the on the phone texted him. He texted him any texted. You back. I said I was going to talk to you and she ne said she's an amazing. He phrased it very nicely good like it was nice, I mean actually, tell you it that nice, that's nice, that's nice! He said she's a huge and rare talent jessica.
Well, I like that. You cover the irb where that creates great you. Now, when I do social media azure, that's what I'm gonna do we see, starting with eyes, quote huge and rare talent tat such a good idea was your experience. Working with him was crazy. because I was a pretty disturbing role. God. It was so sad, brutal brutal! how much you bring to the table cause. I know like I've been on a couple shows: I've worked with him as a director me. I could describe doesn't usually I mean he's pretty sparse on the page you now. This is all written all written in terms of the tone terms I mean I mean like like you know, you could see the dialogue, but how much did you have to bring emotionally? Did This is all you was yeah. I think you know what I loved about that part. It was a it was a real mix of characters that I loved. You know that I'd watch on tv or in films growing up like ruth gorge
our area hereat israeli Adams read I love to his great yeah, she wrote that she wasn't in that right? That is our response or trace him. This. Now this woman, that's like a free spirit and she's searching just living your life in absorbing she's dying in she's gonna die you at the beginning, yeah. This is it so I did this. I did you don't act, you named frank whaley. He added benefit, reading organizer benefit reading for his these kids school and we did a play reading of christ, for the rings beyond therapy or in a plaintive therapist, they did their best. Marisa toe may remain there. Yes, mario, can tone nathan. Laying it was this amazing cassa for, like two hundred p right sold out like a second, so
that louis mine stage doing I any said I you know I really what's works, emulate you always work together to decently. With you, so we had. I give you my number like a few nights after that, a text at him. He takes me back and we made this little plays down the street for me and we hung out for like two three hours just talking and he said you know a cage. I see allotted good things going on with you. You can play there's you can play you remind me of this story. I heard at an airport this this woman, the story historiae chick cancer right an artist friend. I know and die we talked about. Would you ever wanted you know die. I would love to did to die out. play character. Who is dying or and two are you don't have a habit? Death seemed mia,
It is interesting to me, so he can see whole character with you. Yes, and when you are, we to my apartment, is really nice out and I say, come up to my roof. A roof garden in the building no one up to the roof, and then I went to the to the ledge and looked, weren't, you and now my god. What are you doing for every doubt as that's how that came to light and he only took my two or three weeks to write a letter to his apartment and n. He said Susan, an audition, but I'd like you to read this, and I read it out loud once in and there like a month later, we shot it and then, when I, when I had to die in and let go, you know when I had to do that. Seen in the hospital. I was not happy and it was very hard because I felt
I brought so much life to her and I was really upset the cricket that I, does she want. You got into yeah you're all excited to die yeah and I was like oh no. She shot that and in one, so he cut in six days ray. I wish that in six days I now I wanna I went to bring her back to life. How writing something! You tell him. you're taxing them about I really had resigned. I do not have this idea that lives would be brought life and I'd work as if as a zombie in in the book store in brooklyn used? Ok with you she's back yeah yeah, but she'd still be nice and stuff. Sure you wouldn't even me- financially bundle. Then maybe she disappeared. Either. I love that part. I thought I play purse like that. My whole career, you know, did they just now written those, that's in style anymore.
a part is that you think like what do you mean that, like weighty we are always very witty in euro is very compelling and in your sometimes a little cookie and intense think he'd like as right. Certain people seem to know how to use you right. That's right, I mean christopher guess seems to know use your right is right. We can be the parker posey thing. Yeah yeah those movies are so much fun. I love him so much and you you're primarily improvise right. There improvise, yeah and you're comfortable with that. I love it. I first it's a little, I think it is. How much did he give you in each moving so too there's like an outline? Is they go somewhere? again hamilton swine are in therapy in the first seen in therapy
and they tell to watch movies- is okay right. They talk about their dog, beatrice your husband, Hitchcock, Michael Hitchcock, ok, yeah, oh yeah, yeah, okay, so good- and this is a catalogue they were described as a catalog couple like all cataloged their houses. All catalog and they're really concerned that their dog beaches won't be able to compete in the westminster dog show because she caught them having sex and she's been having a hard time, and she also- and this didn't make it into the movie- it was a really funny scene where I'm yelling at my maid, because the dog- pooped in my husband slipper has she was really upset beatrice there, so she she proved and slip up, sir,
love? How great is that is an acute and funny, unlike what is is jellia lucy, Lucy, local, beatrice dead, what am I supposed to do about this so funny and almost robot people, except they have everything's invested in this dog? but the relationship dynamic is they're. Both sort of white cookie cut her people. However, while the emotion is around the yeah, exactly yeah and die. But I was also I made her a pill, popper and and his stoner, and none of that was in there We nevertheless house that's great yeah. I take, as I said. I think it was. I think it was in this in the outline She was medicated and want to ban because that's when, although the medication was becoming popular, you know we're here now, every boat, nigh ruins medicated are you medicated mean either word were. Were the last hold out
This juices is what just depends. If you know how you know how hard do you want to fight the fight? You know what I mean I mean I imagine, I think they just kind of give people medical and without any real diagnosis of anything. Just Because you don't feel right? Try these come back in three weeks. If you, you know, if you're talking funnier you put on, well, founded yeah, fuck anymore. You call me up yeah. There's a pill is, if you feel better than great than will stay on it for a while, but it's going to change you in and make you feel funny. I think some goes out and our people identify themselves since, like one o c d or eighty d, have you noticed by our last year, they start her by force. two yeah man, I'm bipolar, I'm this niver, your security reviewing. Why don't I don't know, I don't know what people really expected themselves. Yet and to adapt to all the input in united minutes. It's gonna be a pretty rough shift.
You know I, like the kids. Half our age are sort of vienna wired in in a different way than we are not a noise for for us. Where will we come from the crash? over the sixties. Listen, I am openly yeah. We were in the reagan year. We it just writer we will vote against the reagan there as well. On swat of fucking, with our heads witnesses, like they twentysomething selected, the movies they watched in law. If slashing films, yep yeah right there or something, but I don't want to it's so hard to talk about it without feeling like, like those kids like now. I know this is how we get old. I guess, is how we garret are. They are shooting he's a gas earned, though it's a generation gap. You dont have kids right. Now I don't either so how concerned can really be it's like what they seem in problematic. I dont know, directly, but I find them annoying yeah
sometimes yeah, but also when I don't have kids and we're not married you and me. I don't really know how old they are most of the time I dunno other people or do you feel do you feel? Is thirty I don't even know- I don't even know- I felt thirty when I felt thirty there's some part of my that remains sort of steady the same way. It always was never a while. You look in the mirror and you're that's happening. Ok then, like I don't know, If I always feel the same, you just keep getting older. I know she always feel the same. I still feel the same, people slow down, though you have friends right. Sometimes I see people haven't seen in ten years? That's always an indicator. Like you see somebody embassy and fifteen years now I was unaware the age we are in your oh boy. What happened to you used to slow down yeah yeah yeah, you don't worldliness. Well, what are you gonna know not experiencing their life? May right. That's kind of a leap baby, we're projecting that. Maybe they see us anything
same thing like all over now. I'm wrong. There's no I don't know? Alright, I don't know I don't know, but I don't know if I'm talking to a twenty year old or a thirty five year old, I don't fucking know do you generally. I can tell if they're like they're teenagers, usually I can tell I mean I don't. I could tell the difference of of the of the of the generation gap that the late twenties and thirties yeah, especially in the with the with the girls, do, but they don't do or does it bother you that they don't like? I, I sometimes talk about things: pod castro tweet something or I'll bring it up in conversation about movies at we grew up with. In their like what I know it This was even a thing like you do it. The godfather how you watch the fucking godfather It's crazy right! Yeah, they don't care yeah and so are we, but are we just old? going like you. Ve got to Y yeah godfather, you ve done so. When did you start act?
wondered what happened to your new orleans you're in Louisiana new orleans at three grub after ballroom, around them in the south sway and high was about injuries and your dad did what after vietnam cardenas ship We are van truman ban Van back over in my my dad was. Is he's like a circuit dared to my dad and he was a big like big daddy from No tennessee Williams play a really big character. You know if the matchup wasn't on the table, he'd slam his hand down on the table and just say catch up. You know, and he was a real star, and so my dad was a car salesman for him and then I, but in the beginning my dad was going to be an english teacher, but it didn't make enough money so he's very no heed read to me and tell me stories my my grandmother. His mother would sing sad cowboy songs and make everyone. Could
she from Louisiana there's also from belgium, so it from the louisiana. You're down from the work that we have new car, the right yeah. This is the cadillac, so you cataracts so big ol cadillac again in the seventies, yeah, that's good. Those are big, yeah, uncle my uncle german alone and one of his cadillacs. What I was doing a play at the at the geffen playhouse in my twenties and had no money, guinea me this way yeah this big red convertible. where from lazy anna or he was he had a house in san diego guy, you got something that you have down there. My guy is so nice. It was like driving a bow. What for play in your twenties? It was a play called for dogs in a bone. John Patrick shambley play. Did she was at the early thing? The start. Did you want to be theatre? Now I started out as a baron. I started out as a dancer that was probably the first and destroy
My wrist is well known, but you're saying why you're talking about dance again, I took it his dancing, raved that yeah that I was getting a small europe likes I started off as well written and then I went to modern, which is what I am doing now at five into dinah modern dad's I might have. I could see myself dancing like tat. I was really into dance. So I was in a company when I was eleven really matter: you're always vienna. Well, good good, well. We know enough. I wasn't tall enough. But I had moxie. I have since I bet they dared and So as a company and then I audition for north carolina schoolyard when I was twelve and I went to the school there
and I didn't get in in the dean of the school called my dad and and now my dad called the dean of the school that my daughters can be really upset. What do I tell her and he said, tell her she's an actress and that's how it started. Areas like really high twelve thirteen years old. You went in for dancing and they are right now. she's, and then these are working to show you a lot better than you guys. I was. I can't I just go there and hang out, because I did have an action programme. They did that in in college. but I went, but I went back for the summer programmes and in high school, and it is there that I really you walking with a teacher yeah few teachers. But how do you
thirteen fourteen fifteen. But even earlier my cousin reminded me of this I've kind about it is in its funny when I was eight and we were camp strong river camp on farm. In mississippi I was, they asked me to be that the director, the leader of the of the play for the for the kids, and so I made a little red writing head detective, uncovering the case of goldilocks and the three bears as kojak Then this was your conception yeah, and then I learned how up stage I said, who loves you baby and ever started laughing and I remember thinking this isn't funny, I'm a detective. your nose
no doubt this is really serious. What the fuck me I didn't. I remember that I remember that feeling in your thirteen. I always ate and so you are like complain- the straight- I'm kojak, I'm a detective, a red riding home, yet always of yeah yeah. I left him there. I always always do something different. Just told me. I was you have no idea that with money as clear now, no do you, No you when you're funny now argued play everything pretty serious, those christopher guess, movies. Those are pretty the pretty serious, very syria and you now yeah It cannot be that puts yeah. He puts a hand on your shoulder and says for take. You know this is not too far from the truth. You know people in every movie. You people really like this. Then in the direction that is basic directives. I don't even think deploy this tell me no, no, no, that's like yeah, that's shameful!
Do you write a she now right like thing like, I'm really funny. That's quite reminder. This is This is real and he doesn't look at them leg, satire rice riot disease like you have, people are now, and you know hanging around tune too funny stuff happens around here. We know you just being an elevator. A stranger will just kind of bee I'd. So here, maybe you just your perception. Changes around him. Yeah you, people kind, carry that around or he like? I would imagine that would happen if you're with him, you would sort to see the world like that, but it sort of I come there's a few. A comic book, artists like why am I forget his name, Daniel Klaus, even our I'm in step that if you read enough enough you're percent in sort of ships and you can sign it. You can kind of sea the the though the grotesque and nature
alongside the beauty about things, yeah yeah yeah, that's nice, it is nice that did you have you gone down? It then new museum, maybe the willy yeah those army, my guardian directly, I gotta go the way you do the oasis, guys you're, losing your wound open to. I got here dr weir yesterday, and I did the same thing and then, like I I've been the goal of their it isn't I mean I re ebony, crazy lines and shit on the weekend. You maybe during the week I'll go, did you go? I haven't guy, Take your time are the new museum. Your yeah groovy is right area. The call shit where you like today that these are just there just ten on tile pieces. I know the art world. I have a couple of friends, your idas, it's kind of scary, now Why is art is difficult? I know a trainer yeah and- and it's like its own thing, but it's like its varies.
Oh yeah, the scene, you there's twelve people gear. pardon me ass. She work it. Is she good at lake choosing or is she in a good, ignores non she's like sort of like your politics and by all politics, our politics, which is doing ok from what I understand has your friend doing, she's doing okay, although she doesn't have a a gallery anymore. Is she a painter, yeah she's, a painter she's, an amazing she does. These inverted reflected. Landscapes like reflections of a pond are huge and she doesn't worry any anymore now so she's out there in the wild now yeah there, but there they eat she's, going to she's moving around and they're feeling it out. Hard it is higher, is hard life in the arts. Yeah yeah it is it is I it's ok, so you go
right, north korea, a schoolyard on the summer and two sunni purchase. I heard about sunni purchase as acting square, but what we get, what direction we getting when you like. How does it start when he'd like were who'd? You say your your first training comes from presenting no, our actors of tv right. andrew child? You ve gotta, do you don't? I was fascinated by tv yeah, but nobody like we said like here, some acting tips. Now now you just like we're doing, plays yeah, but you know my dad and my parents, like they were kind of observant, eccentric people you know around to react with her covered, so they were. She do she doesn't have a job job, but she went an early school in new orleans, she's an amazing cook and she loves Ruth she really creative she's got great style she just can use he's kind of a southern bow. I gathered southern living in algeria,
I just asked to do all the make brazen things yeah. They got a new orleans in like what they were now in a town called laurel, so there in Louisiana. Still That's the mississippi buddies. Two hours away to our I miss my jack. I transferred their cars drop yeah. we move from Louisiana of cardio should resort to it being in the army. Just get stationed places station to recognise the eyes. He plays Gough but you're real southern person, yeah yeah, who had to leave You know where I live. I wanted to leave very early cause. It was provincial and town and and I wanted to two member family affair, A few jody on MR french moment, sebastian cabot bright, a bastion cabbage jody and they lived in his apartment, the town house right
is it without any or the huge building? I think this was in new york shook, maybe I don't know so well, I think, maybe that's how you want to drive how I wanted to live. I wanted to live, and one of those places with a lot of people around here. Yeah are: ok, see do plays in high school. You go into the thing you don't know. What else did he do dog you do? Ok in school, in high school. Like grades and stuff I was already out: yeah I like the english, but I didn't. I dropped accounting don't even remedy or remaining cow. You pretty level headed created an entire city, I'd right answers on my shoes right for accounting, yeah, who needs it. Map in general not have been gimme some someone who knows how to do. This is going to take care of this. For me, when you're, pretty level headed. You can get fucked up you know I was. Pretty serious I like to read and
empathize with you know, characters burke centre and movies syn. You know when I saw like my dinner with andreas thirteen or fourteen year old. loved. I showed you that movie, it was on pbs, worry parents or likes Will you mom was issue where they re that's a good yeah yeah. I guess so yeah. They contain high minded. Opinionated high minded. when I get through. I want you like. Does I really funny? You know this is funny yeah? Oh yeah yeah, so I am a good like camp sensibility in mommie dearest would come on be oh yeah, yeah we'd watch I go. I get some guys like you, mom yeah, that's very nice right. What did your brother end up doing? I yeah cause my my my mother's mother. Faye was kind of a star and she really felt like to me like junk
Four seas earlier, if I didn't really clamped around in high heels and acted like a movie star and made her own close. in a real yeah she's very dramatic, but tat S, not wherever they are worth what you do you ve took over. Dealership for my dad soldiers in cars, yeah. He sees ever seeing all that and you know the car visas is doing well. I love my sister in law com. They have three kids, I know yeah, If they come up here, yeah so travel yeah and you get to see them, especially my my I'm, not as close to my brother as I as I am to my sister in law, but his wife yeah, oh yeah, where did it go, did something waiver at some point? No, I it was. It's just always been twins. I know so, there's not a mystical connection. There's a little bit! There's no deep understand!
in a word with their wings, I guess is a familiarity. Yet you get distant in a year, do you have siblings near your brother? Were very you know we very like you strictly were wired very similar leah. But you know you, don't know people's wives. You cannot in em, so you know what's right and I'm like some possible to catch up. Sometimes that kind of an anomaly to me. You know hey. What do you know how to do a movie actors? Ya? York being in place, yeah acting in movies They like your work, though they love the chris gas movies, but like and I did superman, returns where my dad and I were having this conversation in the car and he big movie right, yeah, he's telling me he was talking me about teaching like you, you know you. Maybe you should part about teaching
words and generally, where you get a pension of some guy yeah an arm, and then I was the climb in an onion, a big movie. That's coming out and superman returned, and then when he sighed he his comment was he said. Well, I wasn't bored board, so comedian, makes a funny when I nobody, tough house right, but it's weird: when you do this right, they don't know how it did I understand the nature of the business necessarily it can only they there there's constant concern I don't know what it would take the annual when you go like oh she's good. What what would you have to be on? It's not a real job right ever yeah, god yeah, it's hard, they're concerned. That's the that's the it doesn't come out of anything other than that yeah and fear right yeah. You can be okay, so when did you say you went away when I know
went to allay I too, but you were there for that. To give him play house yeah. I was there in the cocaine that encourages. I got a job on a soap why senior year in college as the world turns oh yeah and the recent, how many? How many do you do? Like a million like you do one hundred episodes, I was on only for a year for minds that they wanted me for three years, just gotten out of school. I was not going to go somewhere for three years after after four years of college and So I had a year and a half contract where there should, in new york city This was just a weird world: the soaps aren't, you did yeah. Yes, like every day Did you almost every day in the scrimmages yard?
It was really laugh. You know you're working with other soap opera actress that could really turn it on. You know just the waterworks that must have been a real lesson in the profession of acting yeah like just like drop the dying out crying. I, like you, know moving and dislike tears. Like you know, do me mortier a hike yeah. I got a real instrument and style and we're gonna dig in just turn that I'm, ah The limited directors were. Let me be a little more camp right. Well, but that's a hell of an education just to see that cause they're like on a practical level, just in terms of the job of acting yeah, that's really the job. yeah some weird way he will you got out out yeah. I I wanted to. I didn't want to be, as especially do so
it's more of a free spirit than you know than I than I am now, and I couldn't that I wanted to to work in independent film. So now you're a job it yeah days a confused when I was soap, so I went to ask any do thou knowest? like the hey day, the first wave of those or maybe just a second wave of independent films here, just john sales in the future. more people than link ladder in those guys are yeah yeah, nosey, huge movie yeah for free. Actors? And you know it was amazing, and there were some. Oh screen tat movie there. The call back was like thirty, five p m became friends, Adam Goldberg he's. I love her great S, great, how did you meet adam I had him on my item on the pie cast and because we seem to people wanted us to know each other and I then I buy use them in an episode of my show this last season and then, like you, we hang out occasionally
What is your show leg? It's a it's a half hour, scripted comedy based on a guy who does a podcast in his garage and his wife is sort of. Where did you get my idea from as a stretch you know is crazy idea. Are you gonna? Have people like me come on and talk to you on the show they gave. I use people playing themselves. In my show you I've used a lot of people that are easier. We do another cecily uk authorities and then you can come Fatima using the price. I didn't know about this, an rfc okay. So, like a lot of people like I have see, I gotta check. If I get that yeah, I know yeah it's on netflix, first user yeah. It gets good in the middle of the second grade. there's so atoms and the show is equally. He plays a perfect The college, an old friend of mine, is now professor to college and I go out. Now go visit him and he's the kind of sexually obsessed with a student.
If he does or you do, he does and he's he's in a bit of trouble. Oh yeah, how old is the student twenty graduate student. We may we made it very good, relatively accessible, twenty two When I was a bigger than just words, you trailer about the new woody allen movie. That's you I got nervous. Oh, my god is my show Can we? The similar thing is going to upon my idea, not at all but you're with walking phoenix and that in the end that pretty girls and the stone yeah misery was that your first worry I'll move yeah. I met him twenty years ago. Four bullets over broadway. I happened. I was asked to be in the jury at the crack out. Film festival him in poland get have to get good for you. Thank you always really felt really blasted to be there.
So they ve been asking me to you now can be on the jury for years. Finally, I said yes and you watch a bunch of movies and I took a girlfriend and age juliet taylor, woody Allen. Seen director was on the jury with me, so we got a little closer. I guess her. She got a real sense of who, who I was and am after all that was over. I was, I was in such a suffering place in that at last, you're. So anyway, back on a monday, I'm woody on it thursday and then I got cast on unfair? I got material on friday. And so happen very quickly. You only you know where he might last year. Yeah I was not. I was not good last year. Why just two
as sir. You know how things can accumulate and it's a philip seymour hoffman's death right, robin williams, death and the state of the culture not worrying about. If, if I have a place, if I fit in and life crisis, yeah really scared. Just how did you know robin or are you know Lena philip yeah. But it was this sum. I note your talking about the right. We support, but also like if they were creatively satisfied in doing more meaningful material, maybe maybe they could have. How do I do that? You now is a I get. So depressed at the
active work, humanity, immaterial humor and things that I like to do so just feeling a little out of style are out of place in the culture This is part of it. That was called longevity. Of course, I'm gonna feel that you know part of aging an aging yeah, because I find that I feel that way too sometimes is not so much poverty whether I'm part of it or not, that sort of like the point. Now you maintain the excitement. Well, I'm excited now. You know you seem good now. I will now turn darting on other yeah. I did how'd you handle that come into use, waded out sleep all day you know it you know I haven't is everywhere. I did play of yours have a great one arm. I did a play a gale and they moved into broadway without me, because I was in a big enough.
Now what started it yeah that was just one or two things and such that so that ripped open the insecurity and like who am I what and then like other thing happen, and then you see it out through that lends yeah and then uses its starts, a crush you yeah yeah right and you get scared now and then I or maybe I don't know. how to do it anymore, or maybe I'm not good anymore. I've lost at or something acting or just yeah, which is stupid, but I always feel like that when I work and it's bright, what was the play? The realistic, joneses and who's the big name, they got tracy, letts,
isn't it do? You know Tracy yeah and michael c hall and marissa to make replace my part and Toni Collette replaced johannes days. Part are still running, know of no it didn't. It didn't have a big cast. It was a big cast, but I think it was a small play and I don't think it worked on it on a big stage That said, that got me a little nervous, please career nervous and then that then that gets attached to age, fear in and talent fear and when I got a sensitivity because you work like a lot. Over the year over the years I have yeah over the years, but now I'm gonna work. Am I a material Ok, so woody cassie in two days? Yet it's right now. What was the addition like ukraine, if you like go in shaking you know his hand with one hand and the other. Your foot is out the door
You just act meet yeah. I do yeah, brought you here because there's a pardon film, then I'm shooting in rhode, island, impersonal, was a candidate who do my like. I know I heard all about. It. Sounds amazing journey, my oh, my god, walking phoenix he's incredible awaited has great, and so I talked about poland and maybe like four or five minutes. We just talked a little bit and I ran out, and that was it at the car, the car and you're like everything's good again, you know what he did and it it made me. I I got to call it in in the dog run and I just I burst into tears. I was like I feel, like such a
amber real life feels like yeah that I have no like these jobs come out of nowhere, you now and but what's the alternative I mean you know I mean this is why I can't do anything else here. I'm stuck! Oh, you got stuck you're working working, but it is kind of weirdo like just like this the crazy way to live now that I'm for five or whatever yeah yeah you're right. there's no way that's right. I do have ideas, though I have ideas like leaving the business I will talk about like I guide you not I'd like to. Maybe I can either I tell you like yay, nay, that's not a good eye the latter imposing? I think that a work my that seems crazy, can I keep that allows if, in your imagination, if you want, I actually want to hear those by wanting to hear what it was like working with walking that I hear he smokes a lot
cigarette yeah smoke. I talked to porthos anderson here, both of them his pardon smoke. Much. But you said that like when you around walking you smoke yet it s package on our day. love is acting, so he saw idiosyncratic in and sensitive as you might be good together. Both seem very emotionally reactive and real, hmm, but it was it was it lighthearted didn't seem like that: heavier taking a cat yeah. I can't talk about the movie. Oh yeah, I'm not allowed. If there's like some one line, paying that yeah well. Can you talk about acting with him on? How was it did you go
get along like of course. Yes, yes, so we're both really nervous about being in a woody allen, movie sweating all the time I just broken. My wrist we met at the screen task, we in going into a was there any sort of every aversion about liking of the media, accusations in the accusations from his kid and all that stuff to do anything but things are now everything separating he's been doing a movie a year forever board a year, I most crazy, Furthermore, get some of them not so good way happens: yak live, It's a union wide biographer answer this been following him too. Young for forty years have named Eric for forty years. A lax road. I've already wrote a book on yeah yeah I'll, be back He's carrying this area are to know shit. So what came knocking was
yeah yeah with our right away. I felt we felt like a brother to wasn't too far. For me. You now here, so I felt very familiar and you know there's something about him. T you wanna take care of him. Oh yeah, now here I can feel that I think I I don't think I could step in and say. Ok what do you need some food? leaving all right choice. A vegetarian yeas visit to any convinced is: is parents to become vegetarians when when he was like a kid, oh yeah yeah I've never met him eating meat. I saw him sleeping on a plane once didn't bother him yeah. It's not right! No! Wake up hey buddy, hey big fan of your podcast. Sometimes they'll go they'll, go back to sleep, I'm not in first class or what just got excited and behind you. You pass them a note. Everyone, I'm mag.
So I thought. You know you only do like two or three or four takes usually nor to directing, because you just bet you to do either immediately yeah right, so it's back any kind of intense and then he also does this work He says you know what I rode is a very good if you want to add anything, feel free really like a cat, sure I'm feeling crazy. You, like blah blah, live in the new year. That's ten! of all our real. I heard you guys, like oh my guide, that marks and dying. I like it so See we're act again. You just my last movie. So so we do improvising any use now, tear of all Ah now it's funny in their life is like screaming and laughing you know he's so sardonic. He is such a way and die.
you know it takes a while to get it right or why how'd? You know you're doing well being You can feel it. You know you can just feel it. I can feel it around you when you've hit the right right there, tone and here's the other interesting things like. I was only given twenty pages of of the script, so I only have my part in our report. One hundred and fifteen page interesting, Why does it suddenly way? Everybody gets sound. That's kind of bizarre yeah, I didn't know what kind of movie I was in all the way through. Yeah I eat, I got it. You know I and the last day I started reading the script and your description was like I Like look I'll see you now you're supposed to work. That's an understanding of you. Don't look at the story. I bet you're part of telling I no one who is exciting and you know he's
he's the real deal, there's the real woody allen directors that they have a career in this country of an hour. Tour So you know that you're, you trust that process egg completely you're not gonna, right mister Allen. Now, maybe I'll try to do you think you now none of that none of that and then, if you did like there would be able to be so there can be any other way. I thanked out the room clears, and it's just you and woody young. turns into Satan. What are you gonna sound? It was fine it's really fun. Well, what other directors have you worked with that? Have that kind of impact where you knew you were dealing with a visionary? You work with how hartley didn't you? How many did you do two three three, three of all those the whole trilogy? Isn't he doing another one? He just did another. When were you in it briefly?
yeah you raised is money on kickstarter. It was the third storm waves, Henry fool and then I was in fair grim and the last one is simon hungering, my son. I have a few things in that we shut them all in one day rule eighty pay, the dialogue allowing day? So I see this is a thing about independent movies. Now you know it's and our duty Shall I go? I do no nine fifteen pages wow, you know he's crazy. It's not a lot of time because, in its a budgeting So it certainly not gonna help you make more money. No, but I'd be in the movie. Labour christopher gas is like that too. I mean he's a real visionary love working with great directors. Who else is in your mind, link later really stands at a year of this income user must went so far, yeah we're crazy time. That was,
I talked to him. He's got a real ease. You know these sweet guy you're either I can. I use is like really level yeah. The ice is solid man, but ok, let's talk about as we as we come in for landing here we landing now it almost. Why do you want I'll talk, moral spend the day I d amour where we going everybody I'd walk around with my boys. Look at you, just two people walk around my so we can have you ever tried that I have I did, along with that's a good idea with it's a little it's a little weird hard them to manage yet, but I did with a comic in San Antonio, Thank you went out doors. I did a car interview with maria bedford, how you ve interviewed everyone. I now terry effort. Now you should check her shut up. You d with lover, What's her name again: maria bedford. Ok, you
in the summer comedian. Yes, but she's, a genius. Is she storyteller she's just you know, even understand. What's happening, all that's great, you you'll be equal, happening even better? Oh, no, you gotta, we are watching. So? What are these other away? When I talk about business? No, no. I want to know what I do like. I regret it keep it I'd, rather keep it in the bottle. Now I was excited too and to swam some of your life goals, it's kind of a complex as various parts to it, big one big point empire, building yeah, oh yeah, does it deal with like a ascent or lotions that's a good many. I like your own line of things to america c mon turmeric tumor turmeric guy we're going to because it soon
and what do you want me to run it you year were hanging onto the same psyche, its protect, your protecting the dirty with the other people's opinions, three the dream. You don't want your protecting your dream of your way out of show business. That's that what you're doing? Well? It's not it's! It's like new! It's it's new! I'm I'm interested in like a new there's, a new form, oh yeah. I think okay and how people like this podcast, what you're doing retelling, sorry yeah! So I I miss a lot of things and about acting that I don't see a lot anymore and ease ease, slowness wit and how about risks, yeah and
new ants. Are you betty on nine october? I miss yawning. Did you watch people yon? I do I sometimes I watch people yonder. Might that's why they yawning like some tat, theirs, Yawns I've theories about it. Ok by getting some yawns when he said you're talking to somebody in they do that that yon, where we're doesn't look like it, higher down, but it's another thing that there gasping for air. Your draining them where there were this young were that that one. It's a bad yonder does not tired, sorted out there trying to get out of here. hostage is it bad yeah. Well, we we should stop. Let's stop, he can. We say goodbye now, okay, bye.
Lovely chat with park oppose you and your dog racy present present. I. So we got all the tour dates. Gotta, deputy afar dot com, some coffee get on the mailing list. I'll send you an email to you know enjoy some merch will be more merch coming more posters, and now I'm going to take a shame that okay, new york city, yeah
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