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Episode 610 - Mike Watt

2015-06-10 | 🔗
Fair warning: Mike Watt's story of a near-death experience is not for the squeamish. The good news is he survived. One of history's greatest bass players, Mike tells Marc about forming the rock bands Minutemen and Firehose, helping reunite Iggy and the Stooges, coming to terms with the death of his best friend, and writing three rock operas to help deal with personal crises.

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Ah edwards. Do this? How are you what the burghers, what the bug bodies, what the buccaneers, what the fuck sickles, what the fuck? it's, how are you? How are you wmd up is the name of the show. I am mark marin, the hosting that show me What is on the show today, what a fucking free Oh and genius at dude is man we got in some shit he's a got an entire mythology in point of view that he works from real Eric and original that guy mike. Why solo work his work with fire hose and his seminal work with the minute men when the amazing punk bands out of california Important man and it's something I came too late, but god dammit. I love talking that guy.
You know I'd added about what c one two three four five, six seven eight dates to my tour june: twenty fifth, that's thursday. With the capital theatre, import, chester, new york on Friday june. Twenty six. I will be at the bam howard opera house in brooklyn that show is taken ass were doing fine. That's that place its twenty two hundred and there's take its who asked just telling you it's going well, of their june twenty seven saturday, the paramount theatre in hunting to new york and Sunday june, twenty eighth, the count basic theatre red begged, new jersey. Now those shows red bank huntington, poor, chester, a lot of the people that are. My fans are going to brooklyn, though those are ok. But if you live in those areas, you wanna see me grab some tickets right. So it's so. I know it's happening. You dig Friday July tenth aladdin
in Portland Oregon. That's that's going great! They joy eleventh revolution hall in portland, oregon great friday, joy, twenty fourth in boulder at the boulder theatre in colorado and saturday July, twenty fifth, the paramount theatre in debt, cholera. Those colorado dates are fine, but if you're come and get some tickets. Parliament's work in great portland is working on I did a show in minneapolis. I haven't talked to you since then. Last sunday- and it was a step I did the special lunch on on saturday in Chicago, which was great for a lot of different. Reasons and then I'll just sort of like you know, crack might either as a crash after that It's like all this momentum builds up for weeks on end. Then he'd do the thing so on sunday in minneapolis hours, loose Adam my mind as talk like? I never talk before. Not
time that not so plainly and honest, we understand upstage about things I used to talk about Why don't talk about them any more, specifically your things it there may be condescending or self righteous or or strident yahoo. You talk about politics. How do you talk about religion, stuff? that without doing without being strident or aggressive or self righteous, I don't like those tones when the command me get him out changed the town adjust the knob of south. but for some reason I was very lucid at that show and if each is never going to happen again, I know yeah. This t on Monday bows in a movie with crystals Eric andrea bunch other a funny people. It's called flock of do in its pioneering at the l a
festival this Saturday June 13th at seven hundred and forty p. Dot m so check it out. If you want, if you want to see me or you or some other funny people, in that movie. If you I see them act and speak people Amy, humor, judd appetite David, tell nasa bayer for big area in college are going on tour for charity they're doing train wreck tour in seven cities, though boston in new york on june, fourteenth and fifteenth go to train wreck movie dot com for tour dates and tickets. I wait. Let's wait, stop screwing around who care anymore about my dumb booze weeks. Not may not, may hey look. both be happening at the end. Let's talk to MIKE what a base playing genius right now
the fucking sickness, almost killed me. What was that it was fifteen years ago? Actually it's on leap day. So only every four years I gotta go through the mother. Gray was thirty eight days of fever, man wow that in this thing has grown inside. What is it? don't know, so I got it out. They don't I'll fuck yeah! It's like I'm pregnant, wait, let's go in and if you like in years gone a tank near the taint, the perennial ernie a parent me, that's a doktor tat light. Yet the two so you got away, but he s all take about right I've been there. Well, I feel in vienna, soil. The doctors are, they start feed me pale issues, groaning ground, again, I am following their orders, the last round of, those on the phoney owning fog scene. I take their vd tacit shit. That guide brings me into this room with a painting of american funeral yeah. What about you? Don't
I should knock your negative out. All these tears yeah, the a's yeah yeah. All that- and I said that's good right and swell- could be wrong. We are so aware of that fact. I go back to the last round appeal uplifting, it's on the phone and don't even see me, so they just think it's going to be killed with antibiotics. They don't know what the fuck it is when I found out later that last round, that kind of antibiotic is specific for, like civilised yeah, they think it's a v d cause. I got this big village people already those days that's the guy, the guy's not say we got a new while you were based right, so fuckin, distinct
growling at me. The only way I could get relief kind of was get in the tub of tape, fucking, overhead and hot water right on it round in on it, and I guess that soften it up in the air that the ship blew out brewer thirty eight days blew out blow a hole in me. Like a you know: double a fuck like a giant zit, no like a whole holy fuck. Okay, rangoon, the taint and about about it. Alan of it looked like p, color, annual peas or beans. Oh my guy smell, like wall. Oh my uncle it's green yeah. It was, I was sceptic. I was a fucking bug factory, and so I stuff a bunch of newspapers in there and put on my levy in a coma sister, Melinda Melinda. We gotta go to the emergency room and I watched now this hospice people I wash pots and pans here for five years, so I knew some of these old doctors in when I was a teenager dollar twenty an hour.
really, that's anyway, it. Yes, I known doktor shut. Mergers is no. There is still very yes, a urologist right now, not to tell them another merges reeboks a young man is it you know. Maybe you can help me georgia he's going be here in the the MR mister wiper I nov know are you are so we can put you in and put you to county county okay. So I take everything off. You'll give my sister I go up there, nine hours after the night as I did get shown to a team of interns right and achieved from is their business. That was the perfect place to go. They just feed you, fucking pills are going to get to work and this guy doc options. I know I made an opera about this. My second opera is all about this whole hell ride a parallel to Dante commedia. That's why I'm on search? What's that opera com, it's called the second man's middle stand. I was only forty two. I had a lot of work to do not turn to die. I gotta tell you when I was lying there. You know what the fevers- and there is. No clock is just
miriam delirium, delirium house right now guy such wishes got really put together. Think cause it's like you. Why not hurt Yet another Hannah had all these thing. She has thing when I heard a sickness comes down on you, you think again of time, but it just makes you so weak you, you might I you, like you, I'm so, but I just said fuck it the allowed of work. I can't go nails and then also the difference with is the centre in dakar. Yeah, I put him in the upper unfair, You know because they all got their fears that got only one real rights we ve got a hole in your k. I know so, but they got very see. I do think it's fleshy bacteria zagreb regulating agree right doc. Can see, says he. I think you got them. other vall abscesses? I think this modest from a groan fuckin here that should have been last no shit holy fuck
You know the way county was in those days all these people for the money. All these people from all the world come there to get exe What's the idea here, their cause? They want a ride punch in a cloth? It's like him and music racket some as to win the lottery. The last thing you want to talk about is music right under his nose when cats are first into it, a big higher percentage of they really want to do it, yeah so human that here, so I ain't against the just like I said this cat say my life and we want to work the he cut to more holes in what an balzac yet one next at other one, because, yes it he said it was like going in there with a wire brush because it was fucked up everywhere. He said it. Eight around york, colon like shoes rodin into europe. How about that guy? A pistol think you re three ruth yeah it put a fully in their yeah, so man,
It was easiest pisses I ever took in my life. I just look at that sackville out then, when they put that then just put a foley in the urethra three also put in a wall on my bladder yeah, because that's where it was really infected and while the tube out there, MR white, you can't do the base cause it'll. I know there, ain't no fit and there's a ball on the inside too mainly got just a slip into nina. Based on that, you can feel the pressure and play big right now. This is, and you are the base yeah, but hadn't stopped since I'd. Never stop, never gone a day without playwright and now for like five six months. I can't play it so when I go back to it is terrible, I'm all atrophied yeah. I got no rhythm, as I thought this is like bike shit. Well, you know I went active bike. After twenty two years, I was lame to does come back when he got to work. I saw I panicked
I know- and I was like how can I get it back? When can I work on, and I thought immediately Dave Alexander stooges know for one thing: when mo We are allowing more younger guys here, that's one of the only: u s rock band that could actually here the base right and were simple than out of court changes, but a lot of feel, and I thought what am I just: do your little doll over and over and over. So the idea was just too you get back to playing on the horse got to work it and there were stooges was that was that was your just don't do stooges songs, you know, let's just do it because you know what their songs, but then you know it. Ain't, yes or like a hummer or even some of your songs are complicated by beefheart, athens or secure. this? This real what he called fundamental right, and maybe I get to learn to do this.
And so we did these gigs J dug it. So he was just make it a Salam called damascus in the fog replayed everything here. So how my tour this like sing in every fuckin night, every song, so why don't you come play base and then we'll do some stooges songs, so begone tour, and when we get to Ann arbor as were running still with that idea, Jay asked me when we play the blind pig in Ann arbor. Right genius was fog door. Why don't you call up ronnie? So I call him running were playing a new town. Come on down. There come down their last part set. We do like nine stooges song with writing. He comes up and plays the stewardesses and plays it. We got everything up. One of the stooges. You know, Js got enough amps. Believe me, a rig. Some of them are foreign right. So we're done stooges songs with one of the students. In fact, I remember what Jay said: yeah, because jayla healer, you know js, really a drummer yeah, you are here and our jar. I write from fine how right he says for she learned from the guy afresh rip off than you play with the guy
that's where took for man of few words, so I believe me. I sat with him for an hour to do the smart, though really smart, very sweet guy, but not at his verbal. Yet, but that's why people don't know this yet cause you don't go buff the badge with it, but anyway he's he's digging on. So he says running why you come on tortoise, so the tour ends up being a you know: basket the fog. There were some dinosaur songs to, but the whole last there to be running yeah come out. There may do all that then the there was this festival call to mars party and thirst. Is the curator near scotty's livin in his truck in florence, soda scott Scott Ashton, the other on the garage right now of the brother there
look this realm drum set and you and jake what play with both Ashton brothers, beer supply em over there we practise up first to atoms, and we do this gig me and J and then J. Ok, let's do some gigs in europe cut Ashton, Ashton, mascot Why and that's where egg heard about reeling knows might unknown from the first gig right eggs, That law s hand was lot, then he's making an arm call skull ring. Rightly I ask him: hey guys, will you come on now? Human Ronnie talked for twenty nine years he did try. He told me to dig up to new york city when he was living there and asked a monopoly our money with leaving did a jam him in a drummer scott vienna, but there is a huge berlin wall with iranian him. No, in an but not all, went away. How quick? Well, when he heard about music pilots, so we they ass and make they produce three or four songs? Actually, the demos
he's gotta got outward out about that because of the union. Now these it man, I didn't know that was the Ideally, oh you, nobody likes to feel, and I asked him why so that was the beginning of the stooges get together this month. Twelve years ago was, could challenge that was the first one. So that's how you became a member that stooges well there they that it's a naked pop atoms carrasco scoring right. I guess they get to talk and right. get an offer from the catch cello people, because I'm onto my second antoinette toward the authorized, the wider unicef, yet if I wished for, guy you do get to her about my PA. That's great two fuckin masterfully last try and talk about the middle men are useless life in the navy. I didn't know how to deal with losing debo right and sad ending. Yet what we walk through that men, the second opera happy ending but still fuckin, held all the nightmare, for
from their middle aged, that's a whole different which one that all went on yet yeah, hyphenated man, that's all to write your into into. I didn't know that said that, in your mind, that's an opera is thirty parts. Is one saw to that later? I still am almost on the dome of this. So I'm on tour. I'm in tallahassee area at the cow house. Yeah gets a second one and there's a while there's a call. It's eg, hey MIKE Ronnie, says you're the man what the fuck he goes. Will you do me a favor? Would you wear a t, shirt their flannel. Dresser perry I mean is vulgar, John formulae that idea anyway, you know. So what about levi and converse videos s strong talk about targeting have nightmares.
At the drummer and live green and the bass in orange and how it's going to look and all this lights. You know I'm just holding the thing and am like fuck and finally, we get to the music part of the end of the spill my might. However, we in the song right. That's how we in the right way Well, you know that's exactly what I thought mark and then I thought about it that first out lot of of tunes fade out, because you know they wrote him right on the spot there well one of those things didn't have ended so they fade out. So that's what I think he was mean. However, we endemic yeah, yeah, yeah. Ok, so we had already worked out with jail very right, yeah way. In fact, that's that's how Ronnie tommy the strong lobby was for me because of that work. I did with him and J. I mean jays, the guy's responsible,
All this credible was really jay, and so okay, I'm in Memphis. I my second guys who said: oh now, you guys drive off to raleigh I'll go. Do this gig I fly out. I got sick on the fucking plane. I didn't tell him it felt like twenty foot it was. It was at. come on back lube, really over journalism, scary yeah, the fee came back right, you're, an idea element, we do the prague year and then we do the gay in fact, right before the gig man flee. I am shivered more in the desert and you know how and that check the papers are there, yeah and there's a whole bunch, but he mci was there in fact flee in him or trying to hug the fever out of me. So he goes wait a minute. We kept this It puts vitamin e and when the shit out here say that takes twenty minutes, it get the ship. My ass, they put me in a golf cart and go up there. The wind blew over ronnie's amps, a member eg stop and dirt. He stops a song comes over me. Are we in the right key to ye player?
it was a mind like a, but it happened. If I can happen and then hundred twenty five months ago, You got understand me. You know Finally, I'm just doing the band in my ears are like elephant size sponges, I'm just soaking up. You know, I'm I'm thirteen and one thousand nine hundred and seventy So I don't really know. I'm a boy in the sixties, better clubs out o garage and there was a seeing that were learning with punk, but the arena rock came in the blocks everything away didn't have any of that experience was all nuremberg, rallies right, but then these guys they were coming from a lot of common ground, but in other ways completely Well, that's interesting! Concretely, your they invented there would be no punk without right, but another way they work. They were trying to do another thing where they were from another era. That's right, roddy told me about smoking a pipe and where to corduroy co, ETA folk were coffee, shit.
now don't. I didn't beetle power cuts in human dave, alexander a flying, england right try to find the beatles there's a he got, a piece of peat townsend's guitar, that was in a rough, but they were from a different thanks yeah. I remember it to me his first record johnny and the hurricanes. You know he was a. He was as a drummer right, that's where it gets his name, because the band's called iguanas right and pop is some guy who in a crazy, maybe barrage or some shit, but he put round his head to bulkhead in all. His eyebrows fell out. So and his name was like Joe pop or something yeah real name, yeah well, eg, one gig. I am going to shave off by simply glitter on we'll do that because it keeps the good you have gone in rise. He ass he ate near, but that's when scotty start column. Eighty parts, kids at the daily fields, cosmic stooge, right and they told me about call actually the three stages to get permission for the night. What
no need to go over and hang out with rivalry. Ronnie took care. Larry Brigham's, like I that story they go. That's only time ronnie lived outside was in holly those couple year right when they they had. The big record deal and then I they're gonna get actually more than that women in that house. Actually more nay! I had the management deal with the bowie man and they got, a house in the valley I got. He took me pad Europe there. He just showed it that's why they really in their little better before they even took away the close of the day. That james leer collar they took everything fell over back there. Did you buy a lot a lover? They all he had to show the drum set to get back. All is a nightmare. So when you guys started with the minute man, where did where were you evan? You were here, pedro are mere girl, came from virginia my hypothesis, a sailor he's into room guy
Would you like lifer view you in the navy wanting yeah? Ah, So that's why you joined that's rights. Vs navy base royal blood, a mate so close to vietnam right pete rose closer cause. Next piedra is long beach naval station, which is no more right. Self, can boats now from china, so yeah, probably better. In fact, the army base to they closed down, because you did me that salt treaty anymore yeah, I in the officers' latrine for twenty six years I put on or I'll the shutters out and put a hatch. We may not have around like a practice. Pegs me indeed boone. You know you never had a pad drummers hard to play with, but you're playing for an hour based building army base yoga it's the train for the officers and that's what you're gonna affordable, arthur that practice, bad it well, there's a shower part, a sink part. I took the shooter partner, put a pull them all out, put it
also put rug, all over cause I'll beat out as best as as accurate out of or at least seal it yeah? So I bet. military castille in my life. But anyway you get this We call the orders and thirty days your report so awesome we gotta move for virginia to Pedro in your howell at that time night and you got how many sisters to insist. The three yeah while mama Sarah cancer kill my ba because he was injured room guy here, but nuke they had to train a nuclear navy right, so they had to bring chief chief is like sergeant as high as you go as enlisted men as he was enlisted and our trippy. They usually running away from some vassar guys if it comes from a culture their days where we are. different, difficult rigour, money gap with theirs in wisdom and lifers, rather like this chief. So plateau have taken twenty years to get them and will stay another twenty right, but the pensions, and I guess the longer you anymore, you get my pop me chief in seven years
It had to have made building a nuke navy quick. Yet, but can you could imagine to the enterprise and sit in fact what happened here. He came out here to be on a boat called the arab long each year, and then we will make an aircraft her right, but that's up anatomy. Thus we gotta move again in my mouse had fuck that shit done We state in people's. I can't live in the navy housing there anymore. They they just made a new projects that all projects we asked biggest park. We got piedra copeck park we d boom was living in that older project that project from second war war housing. They will both be torn down, but he come from every family to his daddy for years. Only like war to day here my papa was only nineteen was born to your right. vietnam so saying o connell know where he's out before the fifty year economy, which is cause economies, pudding and radios at a buick deal dealership
What is economy means too, for people who are just coming cut with a fuckin vans were colleague connell. I ended up in what you still on what you have said. This is the fourth but ten years when you're associated with that word yeah, because while for one thing we didn't grow up with a lot of money, yeah so economic yeah, so you still want to do it, but maybe ain't got? fuckin shrapnel. We know you yeah, yeah yeah, you make a tat all the drain and that's all economies is in alma bang for, but it don't mean always Because you can be sure bash on yourself and end up paying more down the road, so we can was more of a long view. Yeah, it's not just. I may agenda by the mother fucker, like my pop said by right by at once, you have to buy two or three times a day. In fact to be gone in order to fight shit, you can buy once no, I know not strategies, the shepherds is not so we cut off
So we both share this big park, and I made him long walking through the park. First. Second, damn moved in here. He jumped out of trio me. There's a demon, yak he's playing, his buddies. Yet people have really bad eyes, big, thick glasses. He was one of the pictures. You don't see much because he's wearing contacts here by that but he jumped on me and he thought I was a neighbor who nickname was eskimo. Yes, you're, not eskimo. I said no and his his buddies all ran off here and you know the only rock band he knew reed's, but to give rock band in oh yeah, yeah, of course, but here about shit that I didn't know comedians. I didn't know back comedians I know about cream. I knew about who try to extradite actually rex. Be is a first class. We go to really job. This is where you yet yeah? It was a long beach auditorium as they toured down it's the opera house. How many are there many tours even do have this dates only a couple of
with a big rat, socio helium credence, unity, rack job, but here's what happens when jumps out of that treaty. I s is what really fuck and got me smitten. Ok know. I said I just moved here. Let me show you where I live, so we're walking back for walking from the tree ear of trees gone now, but I know where to look so we walk into my pad across these baseball diamond. He starts rattling off these bits and I'm like fuck. This is the smartest dude in the world. You know now look we're twelve okay. What kind of bitchy mean comedy bits? I don't know I dunno. I think this man is fucking genius, just whooping them out bam. Bam, Bam, bam, I'm like fuck yeah, you know and of course, the next day he takes me to his pair yeah, and he puts on this record George carlin yeah, and I hear all the fuckin bits yeah he didn't make any of it up yet you know what he had to memorize pretty good but is, like god, damn the boon. None of this is yours, but it was too late.
Because by that time, and then that's one is more, came in and says now this is early seventy, so there ain't allowed up guns, but this fight and stuff after school. So you can have a ban. She wants us in the house after school terrible what would were twelve when I'm vertical divergent insurance. Harlin, that's a mind blower here his half brother Jim game. The rack sure here older brother. The I did got gotta have the older brothers. I didn't we thank you. My little you're right, thank god anyway. She play guitar girl, so deep una, obvious boobs right and then he a little brother in law, ramble arose was her, song, right brother, will be a sort of. Where's debo learn ramble in rosen. little brother named Joe, and he would do the drum put up a book on the stair drummond and play the little tv holder for simple thing. They asked distinctly
and everybody's got a base. You know we look on the background because you're going to be base what and I dunno the fuck basis yeah and then looking at the pictures it looks the guitar with only four. So I think and this is just a guitar with four strings. So that's what I played for the first couple of years now the credence records he's got all six of the for the first six months. But then, the slither on the hardwood floor with the grape juice you gotta put like yeah. I love the record players like you know the speakers on the wires that you've got to put six quarters in there keeping from scribbles. So I can't fucking hit with a bassist playing via eyes like leah. So that's where I get idea about flannels. look at the singer, shirts, the angle man, if I wear the singers just maybe tribunal still like me, So that's where I can definitely be hell. I don't know what a fuckin lumberjack or farmers, whereas you disappointed, and could I couldn't hear what the fuck is going on. I may be the way you put the shirt on he's still like
I got five. We gotta based around sixteen. So for those first couple years, I'm playing this qatar for Now, yeah you just jam, not electric! Is it electric? It's a pawn shop or just gibsons and fenders no way right. Also, music was sold different than yeah yeah. It was like in record stores. There was, and also most music stores were like school band. She right so like electric guitars, the stuff that was kind of in record stores, even believe in those places, Peter called chucks out of music and a cat gave lessons out there. Romania's lopez yeah she lived in his car is a real heavy, not just a rubber stamp of this brilliantly fine clothes and use white shoe pause. got was in the hari krishna, but he's really into fuckin, making his own guitars, mandolins and playing in his car. He lived in the car, took the fucking seed out for some volkswagen and it was a valiant. Where was he making those guitars fuckin car trip they were so built so thin and be so loud that they would implode from. Just being
Does this guy he's big thing was about practice practice here the was though no one wrote songs right. So please tit teaches had a copy of records right. That's all we did here. I was really can't bunk that through Did the beginning, that's what seventies? No one in our town wrote some governments, no one, everywhere, even more viewing plain barges. German, in your thing, no one thought amuses as expression right like building models looks like you're the best guy in town he's got it can play black dog the best. You know, but worse that's a marble, yanza music to like say right. No regional artist, there you know Are you guys wineries, but this is the way we hang right. This is yours. What songs were you learning at? First, a lot of blue two called lotta credence course. You boys, like we saw them the most out of all the balance may really times. Yeah they I'm play so guys. I think they have been popular thing here, so they be here. We saw like ten times it's weird, because
not really want to my bans I don't know why they have that. There's mystery there that the symbol, the theatrical yeah, but they this- I don't care- You margaret exclamation park right area, painted that on the back of a t shirt yours all due to school, you know there was a merchandising old, gig rice gigs were all about promote now bulbs right it was it and become an industry survive. So I could wear this indeed like I'm the only one who has it unless maybe reader should Meltzer increase magazine or have lester bangs cut of cot was in that but I don't know, you wrote a couple songs for them right, bunch, lyrics right, like there were the star she's beautiful foot, some even later ones, like I'm burning for you yeah. That was a big hit and you huge rock re. Read your mouth, he kind of invented rock right. I ought to make it up Minimum we're gonna collaborate with him. He was a hero to us man. He actually got us godson cream axing. Recently this card yeah I like,
Maybe it was an asa spade or to a club. I don't know what the fuck can't remember now, but since one day you want to play this card and someone came out with beans, bill e, p, minutemen, and so I sent one of them with the card back as I'm playing the car, yeah and he puts us in the fuckin cream, alga yeah and he says, there's there, two rocks. I use that in history, less scientists rack carlson for me and he ballooned to get something like that from richard. Well, he wrote tent poems, he's gonna play sax in and sing with us, and we were going to collaborate fact. I gave the bloom those words in the last boat ride yeah and when he got killed in the wreck ray and later on, maybe four or five years ago, I got to make those songs with richard plus of forty three others. It was like sixty because there were some
instrumentals to select sixty three song, album called spiel gusher. He lives in portland now haha, so I finally got to collaborate real gusher. If the at what air one yeah, I should flow human because it's great it's riches of scott, those ten poems plus forty, some others. He wrote now dude because when you know using them in a man in all the environment and all the stuff, you guys we're doing. I mean poetry. It seems like you were. Writing that way, They weren't that were part of a movement like I try to stay because there's no understand where we came from again from arena. So the way I look at the it is like. Farmer using a lot of manure, we marine iraq, we ask them right right and wit, and we grow out of this. A lot of our punk is reactions against, but also gettin turned on to these people. We'd. Never but like when you missing, if I was in the first government minutemen records and then the big one eight, you know the that this sound like it's hard for me to identify it as punk rock like it,
is it like double nickels on the dime? When I listen to that it? Does it does it? maybe the panama vike, because you gotta different understand. First punk was never style of music right, because these people we met the first. The hollywood see live before hard korea, Are these people older? They might really. Kids, we were part of the youngest is more glittering lamp artist, people gear pope was. I gave you we're getting real basic nervous gender. Yet anything get away with. Remember no mercy was drummer singer up in the city and the screamers offers It could sell out the whiskey, they didn't have a guitar yeah. It was anything it was not. It was a state of mind because they became a style later. I think so. Yes, will you gotta, understand demographic and went to very young people in the suburbs, because no one sounds like you guys. We know what we know that that was the point to your supposed shit like that. That was part of dr moran. Once they said, our key these things. It was the tests at me. coercion, doing some gotta violence, diana right like you're supposed to push it.
the boy I was doing this gig with enjoy. He was we're moans. He had his own banning the same punk was like a hey wagon of yad sutton to bring jump on right. I think. Some people was never really sow. The style belong to the bands right. It wasn't supposed to be, but you know a marketing people, When someone, when did you indeed boon, you're really start to figure out that thing, you you can like he's an amazing. He was an amazing guitar player and it wasn't wasn't really about cords, he's very dearly: go? You know you ain't, he actually a lot of he is playing with minute. Man is political here, the plot politics in words right so much I mean he. He had some words that talk to power. my god, we empower that's it. He wanted it in the ban in the old days, the hierarchy, as the guitar man runs to show rack he's got big ass, that's why couldn't hear the base on them grand funk records? You know yea,
It was almost she is funny overseas. You couldn't hear no more a foreigner, Oh, he was hilarious, he'd have no guitar solo, harmonica solo Oregon, so he'd have a tambourine solo in showed shirt off, in that they were so huge. You throw them when you get to yeah with J got J. Guys blew me away, oh yeah, my opinion, but what about them do that? rex out. This shows that it was a pretty my unwillingly. I was beautiful because ants that's not a real iraq. Nobody was a lot different than alms. Was it you, comes to three minutes songs here, so we start off with that we'll get out as these do ten minutes, ugly guitar solo with a tricky. I didn't expect educated eyes. That's what's this about instead of clarity at her. I was so that's what I thought a final was. It was like a boat hook. I feel so deep in the back. Jesus, if we're gonna be equal, I'm gonna be like the guys in our Be that's why you can hear James James? That's why here Larry grand because a guitar guys are playing tricks,
and you may seem between the parts or no one, our courts. So that's what he brings up pieces the drums coming to my three way. Conversation we gotta talk. Putting equality in these other areas is getting going in the fucking band. That was an idea that was spoken idea he put out and of course, I'm for it yeah fuck, because I figured out a couple of years before hey. This is where you put the return, The friend you know is right field in little league. Where nobody is the ball yeah, you would meet dudes either she was the stand up player in the school. I was a guitar player couldn't get a gig because all the other dudes are gone. There was like no pure bass do right now, except jamison. I put some of. up on the us to exert had listened to in a long time and then right away the bases like problem, and you just drive in that follow the other we're doing what he was twenty five years now, how long thirty years been driving basically that we start minuteman thirty five years ago. Jerry yeah anywhere how old twenty two
diamond about. I learn with you. We don't have to teach each other right. We had that ran right. You know I learned we are. We didn't answer the add the recycling right now I don't do that. You did because I didn't finish the story give us coming out of copyright songs and we work. the entire, your mother, down and dust in the way it is both real and So we gassway, let's take a breather, go outside the. What Number of the weirdos, which was one of the first hollywood punk bands, he's a pedro, do air and named Nicky beat Jeff a visit here is where tags around his neck, get like vaseline in his ear. He goes to us to show you how pathetic these days are we're just out of high school right, which graduate seventy six there's this in the next summer semitism. He goes, there's a scene up in hollywood, where people write their own songs.
I found yeah yeah cause, punk was only pictures, but no one knew what it sounded like right. Some pictures and we got- we see a ban called the bags, and the first thing I say to the boon: is we can do this I don't know why I just came out of my mouth. You know I never went to arena rock sure. He were going to be playing here is some shit, but this gig he did, but he didn't want to make a ban. Why as you can understand. In those days, punk was so hated and there was lines drawn: there's the arena, rock people, the rock people and the punks were like these guys, weirdos right yeah, I mean square john people, they like oh yeah yeah, but it was the other rock and rollers that really hated it. because it represents a lack of professionalism, and when I see you remember this thing about disco, I think disco and punk were actually both saint kind of react. Serene iraq and retire to look at the start.
look Ass were ugly disco, guys, look at us we're ready! Fuckers are burning disco records on the beach five the elder and it was all this because They own the whole show everyone else that I was in high school dude. I was in all school like a graduate and eighty one, and I was in africa you so it took you to have time to get there by our remember when we actually got new wave before we got punk it my high school. That was right. Disco is being pushed out like we ve had enough of that shit you, but it was still around you know and then everything changed like no eight seventies, but you know big m radio, the big rally classic grier. They they were so in all the beads and sandals many. I want it, I dont know why orator are thing with such a minority. You know punk a big in england, quick, but not over here man. It was time, yet you had to be really into it to do it. I don't know at when I put a pic richard hare lama base out was like a line in the sand. You had hide all the stuff of first we, the poor clothes and road ottoman all, but so much
we had to go back to high school clothes and we thought just keep the punk up in the head. There was such a. get a reaction to the scene. I can't believe how minded, especially with musicians these days at yale problem right in those days it was big, fuckin problem I can imagine and dirty I member, no, I know from their who painter man robert wade? The idea right just talk to him. You amerika was a rough town in the sixties yeah. He said when you bought the motor that do just in some do you also broke into people's bad? Yes, it was hurt. Burgee was heavy in those days. Is pretty heavy still, I mean I get the gun problem of police yellow. There will be realised, play their return. If you look at tour right now, what I do is, I do clockwise and fall, and I do counterclockwise spring and I thought you know, that's all right out again, our goes down roots exist, It's amazing to me that you go ahead and that at the beginning, you just thought you just play their ideas,
nothing nothing, but you still gonna stage it did. It would be crazy. So when did you guys so You guys in the punk movement comes, I mean that's just at high school, you know and doing that one little forward. You get the records, though, because I talked to a lot of dudes at the beginning upon the records was really important, because those were the and you couldn't all we could see in hollywood. Was the hollywood parvenzano some clash? but by the euro they had made first, alms, good minutes I'll, just rock and roll in shit, strangler right the really weird records there was a record stored, long beach called said of london, and it was this guiding mike and his asthma, and I guess I imported hippy spacey records like tangerine dream- and they are the connects with the independent labels arise. When punk came now, nobody
I wrote about your the pop group wire, all the shit. We would just pick them out by the cover or the name of the band, and there were only two bucks. You know singles and wait till we had time off on. We can email and then listen to him and in a lot been befall. You never heard it before. So I will just hate you cabaret voltaire, red cradle. They were. They were actually from taxes, but he ended up in england all these. We never get to see these guys I cared for, but the records were really important because it showed you some skater made a sticker out of seventy boom sentences pie. Was whatever we made it to be in these. we're living proof. It was like, but when you say that it lot of the air problem was, I think, with understanding the minute man as because that culture we came out of seventies pump. Those people burned out pretty quick. The only ones come into the gigs for the younger guys from the suburbs and early eighties and its
fast, music, the they called this hard core, rather cease coastal like Ian and just and peer stuff up new the bad brains of course- and this really fast way apply actually a doctor. Gary, he told me they were fusion ban at first really and then went over that yeah, but because that's where they see, I think, that way can ever dive you talk about is ethic more than a style. It makes more sense sure can understand us hearing this word punk, yet in my imperial punkahs adieu to get fucked in jail for rats at me. Why would you call your music there? new wave? I got a little suspicious and then later, they called it alternative. They sort of pop music is from upstairs it ain't from people, don't give a fuck and don't billion, so they make their own parallel universe. Last. What that's? What you guys get? Well, we we got
all with his moving about that was doing it wasn't just ass. I know I know, but I can't tell you what minimum would sound like. There would be a minute man if there was no pug movement, we are not about fluency in that light with their the crew as history records in absolute in all those cats, and look at that. How that have? I don't know the do the fuckin handing out flyers they're, going to do they're like one of the first gigs in Pedro yeah they're, going to rent. We have these things called teen center team post right. They just fixed one up in the kind of hood part yet and if you're asking rents it out here? They all gave her majesty yeah. He was the bass. Man on the flag in a whole at greg was released, the immense solid state trans where he was in a ham. Radio. That's why you got in a torrent, talk to deeds and other a lot of shit makes sense. If fish acacia shit down anyway. The way ahead of us as to who is in black fly a great gregory was he was a hammer, radio aficionado, so that was the
communicating gigs initially well. No, this is his idea about torrent right. I think the only hollywood bandwidth van was a deal These, I didn't think about playing anywhere, but I'll write greg's like now, I've talked on another town. I know about the word: we're gonna tore yeah, you didn't you at that time he's out of actually when black flag For a start, we started to come because I soldered the intended to. I met these guys now for hollywood, anything. South hollywood is the beach they think fuckin her most. It is the same as Pedro right now. The forty funded depots outbreak Jim like a hammers buddies go down and because they put up their surfboards is innocent. strand right on law- and I forgive you but not a clause in the book? They call him daffy there was like not a lot of now. We would that believes. You know on the issues that we didn't really know in the harbor ain't. The beech tree, I kind of four hollywood you guys in whatever right. So I guess we got thrown in What really was was this connection about people,
if they're going to put on these gig and we couldn't believe they were going to try to do a punk gig in piedra? And I said why that, because we live in piedra, so we're the only punk band piedras got a punk band yeah. It's us! will you open? I think it was like before Charlie Manson, when dudes wore long hair yeah some dude had balls to do that you could trust them yeah. I think it was like that to just trust somebody we didn't know these guys for shit yeah and they asked us to open up and then Greg sees two of her gigs. You can be a ss to your o two minute man paranoid to hear it in those days because up because of the scene being so small that so they took to you and they said Now we took to them and you could talk to dive darby they get done germs, get it done. Talk play in uganda. Darya, though, do might be stay next. You Patrie, ana maria da, dont still around it actually damage from here. one down who bolgia germs drum that punting was all about people in community.
You guys we became likes or do we didn't know these guys we're just because you weird enough to be shit, yeah, ok, yeah, and that's how We want to get to know each other time a bunch of pocket accidents. People slammed in you know you fly over, so kelp looks like one big thing, but you know it's a hundred. Fifty times like this neighborhood here, I've never been in digital. Many we're vulcanised rat right saw these due to come from the valley, inland empire south bay, wherever boo here. beverly hills. Maybe I forgot. You see the one thing that hu this altogether stooges see that's why that is such fuck mine blow that happened there. So what happened? do we not make a bear with me at first here, so we have this thing called cycle, in fact, is still around another for free. I remember that's why I got my car's alma fenders, the evidence they also had ads for musicians. Sure andy's do that had been out
based player, was on santa monica boulevard, understanding, like hundreds of deaths, hitchhiking still at seventies, and I go and that a jammed I hope this a drummer man. He is his pops electric shot him and a guitar and a lady singer. We did. I want to be your dog for four and a half hour. I came back down to piedra and told the boon I'll make a bear with you and that's when we made this ban and ends as abandoned, they end up being anybody Drummer ended up in the f word, but I don't think they ever ended up being Amy. They liked a play by monday boots. I want to make a ban. I said tom saw in it. I want to do this and petty booming. Like this ban, you didn't write. One saw tee, boone, he's had it in his mind. The minutemen was going to be the real bad here. So after about a year and a half two years of that band which banned it was called the reactionaries yeah and it was yours time everyone who martin timber, George Hurley ended up being the drama. The drama, but not afraid
right, we had a welder man here and then he gets took a pug gigs would get scared. He ran off left his drums. the way in which gave the world environment or in the other welder manfred touchy, and I never some nine years later. I saw him again and peter because you know I shouldn't quit but he's a good cat georgie If he had joined a new wave band called a taxi and he had just quit. He learned all the songs in three weeks when we recorded one night paranoid time, that's how it happened, but the way I gotta say it was a lot about community, yet I think things always gonna. About community is always gonna, be about people yet so They could just one moment in time now, but I think you do me that so many you guys you're still friends say that's a beautiful thing about that whole scene. John doe- and here I came on and here that in here Jane here I'll catch cats. Are they talking about like how they got
records, mail and records mail order. And when you may be set in this is what I like tat is what I like and that, but so many I still know each other. You still play with each other, this mutual respect, your t talk about it, iraq in those guys it become almost Immortalized mythic hulu I'll lay gonna have friends. Did the thing is you guys still have your feet on the ground and even when you play with indian shit, you all seen across paths you and he- and you know you- you guys know each other. It is a brotherhood that that continues to ignore he hasn't humility to the whole thing. I think it was emissions? Do man cause if you weren't into it? It was gonna, have right people hated it yeah. You had to be a pusher, yet shovel yeah, and No time was an epa, you put things through the phone me. I was too caskeys phonebook haiti built that fuckin circuit, we're still true or not really yeah. I mean
incredible it was about closing I do caskey was, he was a guided zesty. He was both a base player. from where I get an portico owner with great game. You still working off his phone book We got to him he's the one old flag actually built that fuckin circuit. people would like play new york. Actually, this had a bigger seen then we'd it s ass. You know it. They went through some cycles issuing area with hard drugs and shit. Like this idea of torrent, that's like flag! Will you play shreveport, you play voices, you- and you guys did- that you got to where we were told of students, and you know that we didn't know about that. Member younger. Reading now I don't Guess some of them are. Yes, your matters and all the time stories were big like this is air about the idea harm nightmare here. Where we started, Europe is now area. This is a true people, pay money, they colleagues vacations. We got to see
all this shit, you know we didn't get you workin, dads and shit. You can't go see these things without, but this offers us the opportunity boone had us go to every set civil war revolutionary, a battlefield we could and he's a real. He was a real history via his way into history. I in fact I'd never the only one, fiction. I read: was this mama guts the world book yeah they cyclopaedia. Yes, I started with age hague, that's only nonfiction. I ever read here, when he was in. Do it how he really was way in europe more into air, and so we would get into this area. Minimums notorious for fighting over thinks, we're fists, fights to and should get them sure you're off it, but all three know georgie to georgie was pretty smart. Do still is, but other things like to the library we got look to shut up
you know I've found there was a great king, edward, the third or the second man walked through the snow, so we wouldn't be executed, had to drive and stop along the right lines, eyeing the public library does. I think Three, it was refer first born, so you know have to have an older brother grand become the elder brother, but with your other ones, there's little biddle. Yet Let's put this way, there is no like head trips. Nothing was stewing, nor I must arrives, is brought out yet I'll. Tell you about eg, though working with him. What I found common with d boon same at work, ethic yeah, when when, when eggs couldn't do a show, that's all that fucking. This might be the last gig yeah. One time we played this fuckin race track in england, I think was donnington or some mid mid part, and because you know MIKE, we do these things. I feel, like short order cook like
gotta get everybody's obvious. Fifty thousand, do I gotta get everybody's or you you want. You want fries, you want you shit, what what strawberry This is how you doing a gig. I think its whole. Even though it's a big arena, fitting look. I ended I placed on these things, but he's ethic is still the same. What he's like wide open dude that dude, like you know, but actually goes back to vaudeville- maybe an english. It is a long, long tradition, yeah yeah but like when he performs. I can feel it like, as he like a different timezone man is not and I guess song. It is a song and dance man by its jarring and he's got emotionally raw, and you can feel that shit. So you are make sure everybody's getting connected with that he's the bow of the boat and look at this to fossil to operate the machine yeah. So in a way he's a bridge for the people. He gets the he's the big picture da yeah and it's important for him to work a gig yeah. He don't like. Will you call it a pink
numbers you're, going through the motions rashly block again in a day, nah glance work by in that way. It's just Debo. You leave that the deepening was told me. What do you do too big owns lily? Have you always get picked out in school? Now? That's it I'm not better and you guys, but not dying to place a guitar. Simply you fuck anyway. I argued yeah, so that was a twitter trippy thing for me, women, wade in both situations here and see in that comment, even though they were from different times. And different time in your life for time of my life, these guys this shows you the woodwork. I say, arts expression. Break that connects us, no matter where, with you It's now where you're from its, where you're at net the fabric of expression, behaviour which, like Carlin or I found out later. His thing was Lenny Bruce sure yeah lenny inside out into him and I got his records here. there's a growing men on the graveyard. They I fancy yeah.
But I do was intense. Do later, I'm gonna work, the show we also talk about significant thing. We're gonna have some fun with it. but we're gonna bless annihilated priorities. A lot. You drive you and prior yeah, but he's a little later right that this is in the fifties: malaria, Lenny. Why owen lenny was the seed of of your what became later prior and and later carlin, prior above remain stream and then Lenny blue their minds in the gnat figure out, right, and there was another guy to new heart, a new heart Shelley Shelly Birmingham could cause. lenny talks about this yesterday I didn't know I would not only burning the gangsters garage arrive there. Would they shelly Bermondsey, like I'm, making fun of the gangsters in the office. Yet Lenny tells a story. Wall re right, good! I yell, and there was another cat. He was called lord. That sounds good, saying, scat riah, you know what we found out punk. That was just for you
somebody once said. The only thing new, as you find it out at because a lot of this stuff were part of these, traditions, but it's interesting Let me right, yeah sure, eighteen, fifty five d, I, why puts out himself leaves aggressor ego boom woody. guph resource raymond. You meet raymond petty bone right in the seem these people the scene they idear yeah. They affect names and they were insane obviously, but they were they just in. We were deep to the new more about music. They taught me and he boon so much about art styles. about dad I'm real from their own. Oh yeah, fuck and he's the first go plays a co train for me how we thought navy has added no jazz. We actually we thought they were old. Dude student. Yeah, I didn't know he was dead yeah. He. You know he listen to that stuff. It was like ascension, you know, live in seattle, yeah he's into
It's like you guys are sorta closer to coltrane than other punk bands. That's for sure we thought they were a part of the boot because he didn't know anything. We didn't. We didn't all the rock we all. We knew was arena rock, but you saw it as a movement early on I mean you and boone said like we're we're this is this is our you could tell heard of it yeah. You could tell that some of the shit was totally provoked. some shit was anti rock n roll sure. Now the way we saw rock n roll connection was a little richard via a generally louis, yet it was so much pete frame. I mean your holidays. I can anybody plays music it. I have respect for rights, but other ideas when said the wizard, but at that time no see micro technique was too much to the issue right. But when you is in those early minimum when out, because we had a regulation to the entire, your double nickel and dime awhile. He always all thing straight through and it was like it Where did this come from tell me: your influences are credence or whatever, but you know you
his way and and his guitar plain and then the drumming its it didn't salad, anything else. So what we guys drawing from you just roland with it. Would you do jam at our well, some of them right it's from overseas. There is a ban wire via an album coping flag. That was the little idea. Ok, the idea put in parliament with cap be far yeah. There was a banker popular okay and They'Re- the guys. That said why so they not do anything. You want right, just Mule Riah, you sure you know to get another generation, but you can get the dock in horse fuckin and yet so that's what we thought we came up with that idea and then idea. There's only two categories: gigs in fliers, and everything that ain't a gig as fly like that, the idea of a club gig was so profound, honest nobody in the middle there, maybe like we would you. Can, I think, you're right, there's just the de goer new. Yet in the snow we have some
the door may be my aim in between here right, so we sought after whole teenage the arena rock. We thought this was so profound, so albums or trying to come, that your own sound these fires to get people to the gig. Russia, we're trying to make the music interest purpose, but not as as works into themselves, and we ve been in ours. Much in a moment yeah once you got into your add the first idea right, its deep, unwanted there was. These boosts. You could put fifty censored these wax regular people do that, so they destroy them euro a mission impossible. The shit would destroy yet shall we the whole idea things last. It was part of the problem right that you should in this permanent right that yourself- and I certainly are younger man- is europe and in you just wanted it was so were. The live, shows that the many men did all different oda.
So I came to remember parts into where we had in provides near through new. That's what you ve built that in all the time and that it must be possible pleaded all like it's one saw great thought: they were exposed to be little. Songs is like one big river. And you still think that way I mean with these ottawa's in the opera is absolutely yeah. I never thought I was going to get into that shit right, but when I finally dealt with the boom kit getting killed, I couldn't put it one saw what happened you guys had done like four records, our last tour with opening for this band. Actually we had to buy the album. This band called aria masses to open up for them, so we buy records, see what they sounded like.
It had that ear on a woodblock swinging and it was whoa kind of folk with the drive and drum under it. Yeah I get to meet them and god they knew about all the music. Sarah incredible guys here, Peter and Michael yeah mike and bill yeah, and that ends up our last tour because the bloom was in a van and was in a wreck yeah and he's killed yeah. It was yeah the ban was over here, then it but you've done more than four records. Oh, you mean like albums yeah for one year, yeah, maybe four and we made too little. He had eaten with huge right now, ass right because where's my fires sore the albums yeah yeah double nickels. On the dime you mentioned. I was mixed in one night. He said James did that I paid, for that was one thousand one hundred dollars Actually it was one album and then the huskers came to town and made a double album. So we said fuck we should make one too. So we wrote up a bunch of songs.
I talked to bob mould about sst. Ba about sweeping over there me means the boom put out their first album. It's called land speed record yeah because we are a label called new alliance. Honk was but not just a band but put non, shows and put our record d fancying call the pro they're all kinds of shit, yeah I mean it. Maybe then get big the idea of a minimum, but we tried all these little things and we put up first, who scrub those guys beautiful men, and they are that's why, when you open up the ominous has take that whose because we were inspired by them to do that are using their yeah there's a picture? on that of IRA record when it's actually a picture, my wall here with this girls, other so other. So people did you make a fucking whose ground my civil rights, my wall, so I'd so so is bob Dylan. I took that if you don't know by now yeah, yeah, that's where it comes from thy. Yet if it gets yeah, he took these. Would I don't think I am of the who's cruiser minneapolis yeah and that's ridiculous soda sure those are connected.
We got that didn't when you say to me. You know you're fuckin, lyrics to space. We will know what you saw and that record I read a landlady note. well kathy ceiling. This leakiness is this real enough? The way you don't use the shower yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I wasn't that good, a story to go with what seems to me. Be very clear and apparent like people on what the fuck em like the title. It just met, go and speed limit, which title doubling If people thought it had something to do about numbers, but you have a way you have a language, I mean I don't know you and I just met you and and they're a it's understandable, but it takes a second in the same speak. Yeah is that is it peter We owe it to call out. I don't call, but I've heard people say that most people in petrol, Not only that, but you have to respect the way you talk is there's a familiarity with the method Oh gee, that is your life that you reference, people that you know personally by their first or by nicknames any used
Damn you have welder man undisguised other there's a there's, a poetic to it and I think the poetic of it yet so is in your music music. There's, there's a way of speaking that uniquely yours, but I can understand it. Never knew what words were for the songs. We thought they were likely. Guitars yeah. What It was like a guy showed up at the weird uncle at thanks, given is modern shit, but all the rest. Yes, what is spoke on the water you here we gonna fuck this year, but with when we went salvos pump gigs it was like them. Deeds were trying to tell you some red and that's the move against india and also the move. Even though that's kind of way insane. They are trying to get some ass. If trying to- and we just in get that before. So I think that's what we started. Putting endure our spiel we want, I mean you, make a personal yeah. You know life Isn't that long right, you don't take your things, for I added you wanna make things alone
If so, why why shouldn't spiel be alive? What should any kind of expression We know the man who's going to repair this hammer, the man who built this hammer all that kind of shit. He got him embolden some kind of life into it. I don't know taken, it's almost like taken part has been take, took pride out, and take a bow: did you have these realizations around know? We talked a little bit about the about dropping acid earlier. Where did did you eat? Now is good for that kind of stuff cause. You ask yourself a lot of the I mean the last time I did was eighty three. So, what's it and as long time, ninety three two thousand and three thirty two years, do you have email, but there was a period where ate it every week and like where the corner that corner here is it poking in or is it pope nine poking around in your account. If she I gotta you gotta, start re, evaluate nor your assumption perception.
So my pop would say you assume you make an ass out of you and me so think about all like like what we reed Iraq, this the bug, Mubarak, you'll, gigs in fires. Right now, like the old skiing right, so l help. a clear, the slight norway and we call it loaves of wonder bread. You just keep wondering and wondering and wondering now what would make a whole lifestyle that, but for that boom in my life, I think it was really important issue, because I didn't there was so much pressure about what is right what is it? What is tat? Why is acceptable, but what what will you know highschool peer thing, what your pressure here right now, Should I like it because they like, like you, met this shit after you don't mean fuck all here I shall combat That was my third opera, because I think of middle age. Go over. That again is like fuck. It's my life, I'm going out anyway hyphenated man and they all the titles of songs or somethin man with action,
when someone little parts. So that's one man split and thirty parts got it: yellow BP towns and their rights, let's get a little mere. So it's a little part of that, but I think a middle aged man. You have to make compromises. It would have to reconcile. You have to be different parts, a thing. So you are all those things would because they're still like I just read the sing by a member who is one of the poets, wrote to us to his kid that there's there's always a child inside you that child that you were his daring air you'll get so like all these different directions. You made a pull yourself. What do you still have to reckon with the fact that as a child- and you look at all these different manifestations of how you survived as long as you have, but what's not there of the child is the physical body I know so. Would you have to reconcile, I know you don't have that to deal. You think minuteman see. This is the thing about the third opera. I never thought I was going to write three. I wrote a sad one for the one about beautiful, yet was actually my rambo here, but I lost my pop too that period. Why
use. Then, why not losing people right, but in your the emotional driver that was about Debo well yak, as I can use that too. I do know how to talk about I needed a parallel. I need a moat. Why would he? Why did she know how to talk about it? I think if you're too literal yeah. You lose some truth. I don't think I would wager since you have noticed tat in language- is about labels and there never gonna really fit. That's why you have to and a new symbols and metaphor and analogy yet not totally, but there's no such thing as nonfiction. Writing lengthy ever think about it, even those encyclopedias. Second one I got I lived here. I think I just wanted to celebrate. Yeah, not dying. Third one. What happened was in two thousand and five, not you know after the boom that killed. I couldn't listen to minimum and made me. Did you think you were going to stop playing altogether
Why did stop? It was thirsty, got me back there. Yes, who's the other thirty one from delicates, then the Thurston Howell, the third here, because I didn't think people want to hear me play without the boom, but he got me to do the song called ciccone, youth and Juliana evil. Album called yeah that that sonic youth record right there, some poem that LE reads yeah, but when you play on there yeah. Actually I just jammed Steve Shelley and they made a song with savings. Even when you do a cover, they play right to the record right. You can hear figured ragged anyway. They got me in a plane and then edward came out from Ohio and that's the firehose o edward a lot because again gotta that rights. Are you? Are you I didn't know you had to pay money to have your number unleashed heartbroken. I'd imagine stated in drinking We had to pay money to have your phone number. in the book right. Ok, so edward call me up. He said
when over. Who is this guy? I don't know it's into you too. In our enemies, bleach tear. It was always a no no easy from ohio where he had a roommate. I guess he just started college, and here No, DR out, I thought you could come out here. I thought he had balls enough to do that. Shit, okay, make a band with bandwidth. Really that's how firehose happened and he did he play for you the seven. Some years later, the when he drove out what you have, what it is there he shot at all jihad. Police tyranny ended you to ensure like had nothing to do with it. Did you did you tell him ended up in the last ban we tour with so I had that kind of common thing and plus he's of sweet guy. Many you wanted to play here been in a band. He never one to aunt by bottom his first day- and you know your your style, though not really Another seeing you know younger, why do you call you cause, he just wants to play. Okay, and I guess this guy well, what happened? What's his way, he told me his human, his roommate went and saw his camper van beethoven, sure sure and the bass player
that bad told them that there's no more minute man because he has had to be both right, and so I guess, if you guys, they were brought or some shit and logical. Why do they have argued boat? So we call me up here as I come on, but it showed the door and that's how pharaohs is goodies. If the player a yeah and then yeah, and that that period I was in in georgie's from minutemen. So that's how firehose got going. It was hard. Those were the hardest hardest hardest things just to to play once I got into music, be with my friends, really musician right. So he's gone right, yeah. What to do while I kept plowing on now? What happened was two thousand and five, and yet these guys, TIM and Keith want to make a documentary on the minutemen. I've been asked by a lot of dudes and I always said no, but these dudes were actually too young to see us know anything about the band year. So all the story can be about you finding out
yeah. Well, I got listen a minute man again, I don't know what I'm talking about. They want me to go down this road. We jeremy korea, this document to be ass. You can see it on youtube, so I'm listening to music again, these little socks. Utilize, the new yeah I was like man want I'll do this again, but I don't want to rip the boone and georgie off here. So I'm thinking how can a ghoulish without it being fucking, you know yahtzee and fonzie and happy days it may be just a rip off sentimental nostalgia, fraud air same time and with the stooges in Madrid. And it's a four hundred birthday of MR seventy sub, the don quixote don quixote, okay, okay, so they were doing some gigolo manchin celebration. It was an alley. It was the tirpitz vulcan wow, of course, eg toward an iranian skyward that meme that stooges playing in two thousand through two thousand six was like whew. Here,
but the tell we stay in downtown madrid. It sticks to some museum called Prato. Well, they got eight nine, MR bush's, when one guy got because of those hieronymus by year? Has those encyclopedias in the time I was a boy and virginia? I really got into astronauts dinosaurs and these weird painting ok they're they're in real life. How did I get first? I spent hours confide in because they call em right. They conga l bosco soon, go there. Look rail, boss, ok! Well, I see em in real life, IA and woe. I mean, do there's no glass pink on a word. You know in the garden We delay again hey wayne adoration madge. I ass seven deadly sins, stone surgeon, and maybe this temptation,
anthony that might be has, but anyway there all in there and look at these things all these little things to make one big thing. I thought this is like a minuteman gig where minimum out here so this when it starts again army I can do like opera third opera and I can use the style of the minimum rather short format here, but the libretto hey, I I won't It totally rip it off my old guys because I'll write about being middle aged punk rock, because the minutemen would never write about that. We weren't there right, and that was the basis of it. All these things. I brought him one third thing: it was the wizard of oz movie here because it seems a lot about middle age. What makes me Yeah. I think if you live that out his younger member, I start with think it a bright rival, age guy I rose, and yet with you look at dorothy in that movie me right. If you notice in a book, I went and read the book after the farm hands are the fuckin lion and the scarecrow.
well. Shit yeah saw him and then there's flying monkey man and there's the man behind the curtain, man and the munchkin man and and she's. Looking at all, these kind of do is kind of coming of age for her and that I think she's only in love with a dog like that kind of come and age, but she's seeing the game You know what men do. Even when the man behind the curtain manually, I come from a brave get the metal you get the diploma, oh validation right and malaysia like yourself either. postal or use a fog. It right there's a lot of things. It don't matter like they used to they don't at all right. So you know this. My life. I've. I've done everything you've asked of me and look yet still going to shrivel up, and so I'm gonna make some decisions. This is what middle aged me might not be a bad thing here not experiences your body and strong, but of course, when you younger, you know everything, I do have a disadvantage yeah, but thing is all do what you're talking about is. The it is is is really wrestling
you know you lost a friend, so he rests with that. we get to be middle age and start to realize, like I shall run out of time and rights. Things, aren't really that important that I thought used to be and then all of a sudden you thinking like well, I'm really running out of time. I don't need to panic, but I'd better make sure shit is in order to make them obviously con or bang for buck count right and also realizing, like you know, to really take in the idea of like you know that that you die it's hard, man fuck, it is, and your dudes alongside yeah, you see it. You see it. My mage has come out of cancer surgery.
then she's eighty, I know its common but met your minds. We I'd like to keep everything our short, so what I tried to do was Dios middle age with hyphenated may and force. You make a lot of compromise, but you know their sub still some stuff. I can't reconcile in the big thing, is how we treat each other ana inhumane level. I don't fix us anyway to justify them my bet and can be a cynical summation of all trip. Just wrote that whole fuckin thing free former used ie balloons. Guitar you did. I had you. I was so scared to talk about some things. Have that man, just like your maybe still like me. If I were flannels here. Man, for you know that I used to not yet really play guitar Ella. He showed me something's, allow the four things and pull us here and there, but yeah. I just I wanted to write the basic. I was doing all these kind of things not to make too much minutemen to have respect for them guys
You really don't want it to be to too much better men get rid of the only minute may, which was the based player. So a year later I went back to it. We did with tony moaning, introduce euro for me from narrow, booze studio brooklet in those days the boon days. Any music we put through our bad, but after files it was like. I want to make a ban for each project right, put together, misjudgment explicitly to do the third opera. Second men was for the second upper blocking was for the first offer, so they so this fascinate. So the way you transcended the fear of hacking yourself was too to take. It make a new ban for each project, but then also decoy. Do? We have it in your head to respect the sacred nature of the minute men so then, when you come round to do the final opera, the the that you're going to do not play base because that's the one part the minute men instead is but you're going to honour. Debo by using his guitar. Would you don't know how to play that? Well, then, you devil you get a new sound and you have the heart of of
that loss that is sort of what middle ages about by playing his guitar yeah and also respect the situation. I e gimme coffee. You can talk about this. What like that in the middle of it, I give that poem loss and liberation who's going to have an instrumental actually read, wrote that ST petersburg, I said because at the end of the second opera I turn into a pelicans pelicans got no song yeah, because I think some truths ain't about words yeah. But I said you know what as humans can talk to each other with words. So I can write some words for this, so loss and liberation, and I used him for confidence a little ways by using his guitar, but I think by making my bands for specific projects, it's also respect to the dudes I'm playing with her. This is for you. I do for this yeah. So yeah, do you know I've never done an audition year ever so try out. No, I just get a sense No everybody, everybody knows usually respects you know anybody know the guy. Who knows a guy? Ok, maybe that's it. I just think if you practice
That is something you can learn. It does a minute man, actually historically, people nervous by the day. Punk was so small, a lot of people in seas. By the time. Fireless comes along a lot. More punk went into college on college radio sure it wasn't that in the older day students would have it's man, it's like even now. Like you know, a bunch of people are going to listen to this right now and they're like who's this guy and then they're going to go, is in the fucking minutemen for the first time and then they're going to lose fire hose for the first time like right now for mean you talking, you gonna blow people's minds because they they got. His whole catalogue of a life's work mike. What that evolves. I mean hyphenated men, I would bet some would argue, is the best record you ever made to Moscow
people used to say the dunes and then owens in the dewan yeah yeah? Well, you did it buddy, but I just keep trying to was great. Talking to you have is an honor, much respect mark for him. He abort. What that guy a wizard one of the great wizards MIKE white folks, the great wizard. I go to wtf bar dot com for all your wp tf pod needs and yeah. Do that get on the mailing list, go to the calendar section wtf, pod, slash calendar and to you know, see where I'm. Now there's no buzz,
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah that berlin is
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