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Episode 612 - Judd Apatow

2015-06-17 | 🔗
Judd Apatow has a lot going on right now. So when he came over to the garage to talk with Marc about some of his projects, it's no wonder they kept talking for an hour. Judd and Marc discuss charitable works, the fear of insignificance, and continuing to learn from other funny people. Plus, Marc has a big announcement.

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The alright! Let's do this. How are you wait? A minute wait. I can't I can't even do the intro. I can't even do it or let's just glitches deal with this array are today on the shows, Jud app I kind of told you a little something about. Maybe something big was going to happen brace yourselves are used, sitting down? Ok now take a breath all right, if everything goes is planned. On Monday I will posted w t up an episode of this shop that you're listening to now. Featuring myself conversation with talking to.
at my home in my garage me talking to the president of the united states of america, Barack Obama, that what's happening monday? If everything goes well tomorrow? I don't know when you listening to this, but I'm talking to him tomorrow. If everything goes well, everything goes as planned. By the end of the day tomorrow, friday, ai weiwei, conversation in the can with the president of the united states of america, Barack obama? If. You are are tuning into this show right now, because you heard about that episode this the first time you you you ve, listened to my show to deputy go subscribe to to the show today show on itunes or go to the w e F app. for whatever devices used and get that at the app store. That way. The episode with the president will be there for you when you wake up monday morning now. What am I,
doing in terms of planning. That's a good question mark. That's a good question. One just interview myself now about what How to handle the interview at the president. Well, what are probably do first is freak out for about a week or two. I already did that check done Now, just have one more data freak out Adam in hawaii, his home state. So I did down here on vacation. I will be back in time for the if, if everything goes well, I should be back today. but now I'm thinking about it and spinning, because our want to do a wtf interview. That's what I do. I do a character. I haven't done political talk, radio in years no desire to going to have a conversation with the president, which is inherently,
he's a political figure. I don't I dunno if you realize that, but he's the president of the united states of america he's at the top of the political food chain, if you will, which I never say but nonetheless it an incredibly brilliant and interesting man with a life that I'm going to talk to him about. If everything goes well, we do a classic. Can I refer to myself as that? Is there a standard or classic deputy lifestyle style enough? I think so, I'm not exactly sure what they are, what they entail. But I know when I do them and I hope will do one of those with the president of the united states of america, Barack Obama, That you will be able to hear on monday wherever you get this podcast. they're not freaking out about it, mean to sound like I'm freaking out about it, because I'm not I'm not freaking out about it all. I don't think it's. Why would I freak out about the president
coming to my house. Oh my god. Oh my bathrooms clean. You know, and I should break we now so little algebraic prep, the cat. Somehow we let the neighbors, no young. My predict producer business partner, brandons been at the house. Dealing with secret, sir, my my neighbour doesn't might my street- is- can be incredibly safe for the next few days. Incredibly well secured big day on my street. How very relaxing weak other than knowing that the president of the united states, brock obama, is going to be in my garage they'll, be sitting in my garage with the president, the united states cross from him try not to lose my shit trying to play it cool and act like just
hey, you now have no old chap for an hour. That's the deal who I am a little queasy, hey you guys. I look I'm coming to the east coast june, twenty for the capital theatre portion In new york june, twenty sixth, the brooklyn academy of music howard opera house that one's almost sold out so get on that bam. That's bam! For those who don't know what bam stance were alright, Saturday june, twenty seventh paramount theatre in hunting to new york out on the island, a right so why she guessed take us for that, right, our ideas, I'm saying Sunday june, twenty eight count: basie theatre, red bank, new jersey, jersey, please that's where my genes or from not the genes and wearing. That's where my dna was brought to light
that's where it all happened. I was conceived and came out in new jersey from jersey, p the least you can do new jersey is show up for me your your wayward native son. Alright, can you do that? Thank you. hawaii has been great. We are having a very nice time down here between panic about many things and just inspiring beauty and food alot of fruit,
I've had enough of fruit, I don't think I've eaten any meat down. Here will have some. I he a bit of I he some seared ahi, some seared pokey at cannes toro sushi, which is memorable. I've had does some amazing snorkeling experiences with my mask my prescription, a snorkeling mask from from snorkel bob's scenes fish eye, wandered, jump and see some turtles, but it made my girl nervous. She why me jump in and not come out. I understand that fear. Though, I think she was over reacting. That's fine! Sometimes you do things just so they don't freak out. I guess don't want to freaking out
Tough enough, when we're driving in the car, slow down, slow down, slow down to yield, sign deals, and this is that turns what might stopped can reach them. Yeah had some good food, but mostly I cooked here at the place where stands is gorgeous place that conaway beach resort community yeah there's some people here seem to be part of a community. There's a do just over yangtze part of the ocean from maya from my resort community temporary apartment in the guy below Well facing the water is a prone did to sort of just the doolittle, or will you know the the grateful dead shake? He does? Will the the hippie dance sat there? You know in his early These with his will over sunglasses on and his headphones. You in that doing that hippy dance said: can all seeing and rhythm with something we can here. But I know it's a
and ban situation, I'm thinkin or Smooth jazz, maybe we I go. I ask him: what are you doing there? Oh man? be dance to seems like a pleasant guy. Apparently he lives here very chatty, but how not be just the women down here and they look. I love it's beautiful. The idea of coins great but like we're weekend, And I think if we stayed one day longer, everything would fall apart. Just like it's just time to go. Had enough of the island I'm relaxed now, I'm starting to spin ray to get back on the treadmill of my wife dimension. Talk to them. president of the united states of america. Tomorrow. Judd appetito is here, and I generally do I I don't repeat them. Sometimes people live ones in real enrico ones, because one just came out of nowhere judd added you. He had some things you want
promote- and I do that with friends in and we ended up talking for an hour or so here he is here. His book is, is called sick in the head jet appetite. It's available. Now, where do you get? Books is also doing com for charity on the train wreck, comedy tour with Amy humor David tell David dies camp David, David TAT, maybe the david, I think he is David. David tell vanessa, bear my boot leah, micro, bigley, in cairo and Quinn there in Chicago tonight's out tomorrow just go on saturday in away on friday got a train wreck movie, dot com to get tickets record the Amy Schumer movie that that judd directed it comes out july. Seventeenth, so let's go now. I'll do it. What would I think, be effectively be a third. Our conversation that I've had recorded would jet appetite over the years
enjoy this. We should, however, you should have like you know: yo Elvis had his trophy shack harry behaviour in Elvis's house, they have a he had a ho. He has a hole almost like a warehouse out back that you can walk through of justice. If he's in gold medals and shit Y, he built that for himself. You need to build that for yourself now and I'd like to I dunno if I can get permission from the home from the homefront haha for the for the Michael jackson, forty foot statue of myself, where is now coming, they should do I'd be closed. As my boy, that's all you can do, is building a building actually yourselves and build your own in memoriam, real. That's all you could watching. What do you think that will be after yeah yeah I've, always I've. I've I've often thought about putting their montage together. I dont know what I mean
Did the tremendous fanfare that'd be funny? If that's what you left as a as a living will is, there is a memoriam montage just got to die. I've already put together by Josh. It's two hundred. It's been a long day. I tried to cut it down, but I couldn't those as to which gets done at the comedian special there. The first evening at the improv in full, I have one of those of my hbo special from via the other forty five minutes said. Well, buddy! I mean I, but when I saw it as I go where they made the right choice, its grim that shit, and I got involved in my hbo young comedian special edit, because someone slit mia a look at it. I knew somebody who is a part of the production and it was very bad added of it really end. Thank god I was able
If you got some notes, are you serious because, usually back, then you wouldn't have any say right as to how they edited and you weren't anybody. Then you were just a kid on the thing. No, I just happened to just know an editor or a low level producer. What was the problem with it? How did you tighten that thing up It's a very good question. I made a mistake: I'm hbo young, three and special back and ninety two is I didn't have a dirty act, but I was so excited to be in Israel that I kept cursing. Yeah now, whatever they show up television. There's I've get bleak so much like I'm richard prior, but there's no reason for the curses. Just like hey have you ever seen a shit can you believe this fuckin shit like I am freedom, but I know jugs at beaded you didn t, I don't. I no longer know how to talk appropriately and in situations, because I've been a comic too long.
that you go too far? And you don't realize people now, don't you are just say fuck it the where time punctuate with thought and it's like you- leave normal people. Don't talk like that. I'm about to do jimmy phelan and I'm gonna do stand upon it and now have a look at all of this data. By been doing since really assess how much I've been leaning on cursing and dirty for survival? How much have you been. More than I like to acknowledge really, Things are little to do it. I can't really do the in house bill. Cosby should be by himself that shit loud is that I don't know. I haven't even heard that joke it. How can it be raped by himself if he's asleep, if its actual fact that every morning bukavu wakes up because our shared I got
while I'm fine, I got raped by huxtable, I got raped by the teleporting guy every morning. It's a different era of cosby raped him or your ability to do that a few times, but most of the things that make me laugh I don't really work on television So what is it? Okay, so you to bound, because I see I'm trying to get on the phone with him for some reason, I'm not I'm not interesting enough or something I'm just an oddity yeah. Well I mean I should be an oddity you're, an oddity, because your judd, apatow or you need only be an oddity. If you do not do any panel, are you not as panel or any up that's interesting. I dont know what it is I had that with letter, but where I did letterman into seven bia I was so excited to dolly right. This was now very thing. I wasn't doing stand about doing panel right. I got Did one panel with him before he left one That's right. I thought it was great now bergson and
then I couldn't get back on again right for the next ten years. Here's a net so as not to say goodbye to letterman alike. Come and get blackball to rethink and I kept things my publicist. You can tell me if they hated me near and he kept saying no, it's just. You have some actors from your movie on the show, like you're the last person from the move if they're going to have odd but you're good guest, and I would do leno a lot, maybe cause. I was on leno a ton, but you know how you have those things that haunt you yeah and so I get on letterman I'm really prepared for him to not be that friendly right and then he so nice to me. I shot. I feel like. I know you all your friends on an eye shit, a brick, because the kindness was not what I wrote you and threw me completely. I didn't know what to do here and I I stories and I told a funny story about when I was a kid. I wrote every single
staff member of letterman asking for an internship at the gap or like Hiram bullock, the guitar player that would really be able to have a higher public reference ads. You just sent them to the address of the studio. Exactly and I did in an interview yeah and I had- I Didn'T- have a hiram bullock with only hyperbolic alone in a room, and I get to the interview now. I am completely broke at the time of going to college. I fly from California to the interview. This is the dream, the internship at letterman yeah. When I get there, the lady says it's filled already. Yeah And I love you, I gotta never happened in my life. I had spent one thousand dollars to. I owe to be told something that I have been told on the phone right somebody I wrote the woman a letter like very formally but at the end culture, the sea.
Now the like. You know I really spends allotted time in this cost me a lot of money, and I just don't know why you act like that. Just seaward through the good bad, like eighteen years old and I was so upset, I couldn't watch letterman for almost a year did. Did he Would it with this ever brought up to him? Do you have any recollection of it being presented in? I know, of course, that and I'm sure he knew nothing about it and they did not mention. The sea wording, elements on the show, but right at the end of my panel, we went pretty well. I tried to read the motion. Academies reasoning for giving it an hour rating which incredibly long via like sexual content and some moments of jubilation eating added it at all, he just went into it. You didn't make a plan. Well, I just it's a squeeze in one more bitter about the the numerous reasons why we are rated, but movie ver knocked up knocked up and I rushed it.
and I didn't get the laugh and then ever since that am I a joke that was a fucking nail in my coffin letter and I dunno I dunno, if it ever has anything to do with that. Like I don't like it, I don't understand the falling thing. It's it's sort of upset me because I didn't want to be in this place at this point where it's like. I have that season of a show granted? Okay, it's an I have whatever, but it is the third season. What do I gotta be? What do I gotta do to be a legit guest while also, I think what happens is you think just falling Like me, is it one I'll booker who doesn't like me right, you never find and never find out. They alive ask him. You ask your I'm there do it jimmy. What's up will mark a poet, the photograph of you, you remember this guy yeah. He thinks you don't like him. Look at that face exactly yeah. That's the thing is you don't know because it could be as simple as that. a scheduling there and that's the reason why he didn't get a letter, but I really think my purposes is lying to me. I think he knows exact
you I can't get on and what he never me: nobody would break my heart. You know shit about that. We, the same fucking I will try instead of a bitch, I'm not getting an answer out of him. Either he's chewing tobacco he does or he is he now he sees that he's off of it cured. So what are you going to do? Stand up are you gonna do panel, you just gonna, go out to stand up and then like and then not do. I guess, a panel so well that would be now that would be free, Adam sandler is the other guests. Ok, so I, when I requested, was because on promoting train wreck, I said I'll do stand up because I really didn't want to do stand up. but I knew that they would really get a kick advocates. Josh leave who's, the executive producers, an old friend and as soon as I saw doing stanhope he said you have to do it right, but I think this he doesn't even think it'll go well. Right am, I said: ok,
but you have to. Let me do some panels. I can mention the movie and I want it's fun for Adam to see me do it yet, because Adam is one of the few people who is a kick out kick out, stand up and he'll be funny making fun of he's a he's. Another guy think that you need to like the apparently. This is gonna work as I dunno. If it'll work on my favorite all actually, but think we, I think he has a problem with me that he might not remember, but somehow He very good. He doesn't like. You know. He doesn't like me for a reason, but I think I think he should be on the show. Don't you, oh yeah, eighty eight doesn't do too many of 'em, the one that I heard him do, which was fun was he did norm macdonald's podcast, and I think that is the only time I've ever heard him. So maybe it's not personal, although he d tends to have a philosophy that he's best seen in person on video right, doesn't do magazines pretty much effort and he likes to just
doesn't like to speak as himself, perhaps well, maybe less so late leah, but he just thinks. If I'm on video, you could just see me like no one's editing. It's no deciding what codes defined me right. I write a site to be their right, which makes complete sense right and, and I think it served him well will you are viewed em in the book kind. I was a charlie rose appearance. We did oh that's right together, it was a transcript yeah. Do with it was fine gazette, because I even at the time I thought, don't hear Adam talk too much reflectively about here. His career and experiences. So I thought it was special to get in the book yeah I don't yeah. I have. sense of these guys. Young ones are the stones, and I went saw view too Oh yeah, I'm going tonight. Are you to the three good get another few days away from the tragic loss of their tour manager, which I saw him the knight of the next day, the roxy. Oh you did. They did it that night they did so
Show the night after a bigger, how is that phenomenal because they can't run around, and so there very focused on just sound. I would I lie, would have liked to have seen that because they have a huge show, yeah, there's a cage, yet the length of the forum that goes up and down in it the hijacking things on it and the running around beneath it, and occasionally they get you I didn't run around it's crazy and is a great crazy. It's it's it's one, those things really holy, fuck, that the technology, now that they can do that, they their projecting images, my problem with the screens in general. Is that you use? You tended not look at the guy like you, It becomes very weird to look at the small man who's singing exactly when you have all this other shit going on. That's why the roxy was fun because he's twenty feet away. Is he a short man he's not he's not short, but that tall, but he looked about Ben still or size to? Maybe that's probably right here, and he said
it opens his mouth, you get chills and you think Ben. This is one of the greats of all time, top three right of all time. Yeah and they played twelve songs and off the top your head, you coolest, thirty, I do wish they also play. Well, that's the point I was making is that there are these guys in if you're not there. Yet neither is adam, but you've had long careers of over it like it's over twenty years or a twenty five years right, and there are thirty There are thirty years any worse, doing something. If I don't. I had ever been lucky to meet bought a couple of times and that he is in the same position as ever which is, why do I say relevance and the fact that this guy? is still relevant and I started listening to him when I was fifteen, years old, washing dishes on long island in eighteen? Eighty three here and I mean the new record you to forget the controversy if they tried to give it to you phenomenal. I mean it really is an amazing record and
lesson in all of our dream. Yeah. It's all our dreams, yet is to stay relevant I mean I'm happy I'll, be happy five, a window irrelevancy executive I get a value of like I had six years. I was very relevant relevant and just even in terms of just doing good work where you feel engaged right. Good work, that's true, but I think that's really that's what determines it it's not whether or not you can sell records or whether or not we should. The feeling I got when I saw both of them was like these are professional showman yeah putting on a show and being who they are at the age of the rat. I mean there is a will denial, I think about it. Yet there is a little vanity, but they can't hide it. That's one thing the screens can: will they have fun with it? I think that that would you talk to him what I was most impressed with his, has a great sense of humour about all of? If he does he stands what he represents. He understands what people think about him and what part well like
I think he is like a beautiful charitable persevere. Then, in addition to this rock and roll the iconography right, he really dedicated his life to finding ways to help people. and it's so easy to to think ill of that. As a you know, just a cynical person right a person would think ill of that yeah because you know you think here, like a wise thing, do in so many benefits, but when you really think it down, have you ever like flown to the sudan and talk to people at a refugee camp right these people put in an amazing amount of time and really You change lives like things at bottom, has done as raise probably a billion dollars. And every dollar that probably affected someone's life- but he's also aware that People sitting at home in their catch got fuck that guy world it's it's coming. Charity fatigue
They will have like I'm tired of watching people care so much for so long or there's one guy yeah. And I think that anyone those charity work, whether its edge and jolly jerry. Louis people have instinct to make fun of it but no one does shit right, like people make fun of it and they didn't do anything that touches people's lives. and it's good to remember these people I am actually the angelina jolie speak about what she does here. It's the jaw dropping when he talks about rarely visiting a country here, and this is what it's like for these people right. What it's like to have no right and imagined sitting with these people and you're, trying to figure out politically. What can you do? with the million refugees running out of syria right. and who in their lives, tries to take it, and anyway and try to get involved in solving things. I love people like that died. I feel we don't appreciate that
yeah, because it's so easy to just go. He gave me a record for free yeah yeah. Oh sorry, yeah. Sorry, then, sorry that you had to take one billionth of a second to not, you know, download it to delete it from your from your queue. A bit add the records phenomenal so alex to see them tonight, because all my here, are those people I thy love it. When Dylan makes time out of mind anything wow, he found a new plan, vain write, something of Ye Yang and and z, yvonne's album roads. It inspires you for decades. When people do this. I don't think most people understand how hard it is to keep creating, keep finding new ideas, new things that engage you right and also with those guys to keep finding a presentation of the. Selves that honours themselves, but also is provocative, is have to reinvent I dylan- is god how consciousness of
the funny thing about doing. I talked about this either people is that, like he put out, last time was all sort of crooning yeah and he's been on the for for what about two decades now, like or missing, with like entire evenings at people going aren't, even though its song this is sex, or so it sorted funny to me that this last autumn is sort of like a fuck you to anybody who spent money on dylan tickets in the last few decades and configure out what he was doing because clearly do it. You can do anything, I saw him and he was plainly organ either. I dont know why he wasn't playing the guitar he's guy. I think he's got right something here. The is facing one side of the forum the other side of the form is looking at his back yeah. Like he didn't set it up where he was facing forwards or tougher him to do that, he he picked like I'm going to see so the whole the whole side of good seats, not the ones behind the stage, but unlikely their side like it was. It was.
These advisory bodies facing left right guy? Who ever on the right, is looking at his back and my whole show you think ok halfway through they re take the organ now they don't rise, patently work that will see. That's how you ll see tonight how you to solve that, because this cages vertical, but in a place to both sides, but you're the images of the video on both sides, but they they sort, have to move around their very aware. Yes, very articulated, stick their doing big presentation, big, I ve been doing it for ever managed to keep reinventing, the big show. So what are you doing for a while? First, let's talk about like your involvement with charity. Now that we've brought it up or is it relatively new to you know it's actually a what I've done from day, one which is gatesby especial. They won't be. I'm I'm in the first round. ever had was for comic relief in nineteen. Eighty six, while I was in college and they raise money for the homeless and homeless healthcare around the country and
I just meant a lot of great people who care about charity. In my ass. No one ever talked about charity. The word was not spoken. I never saw my parents give Nicole to anybody else- you don't have a tree in Israel, nothing, trees and not out of anything negative it just with. even brought up that your life should be about that. How can I give to other people? It was always. Why are we getting fucks there's no time forgiving. Add at so if our geraghty derivatives off- and so when I met these people at home, with shelters in this great guy Dennis all both taught me a lot about charity who ran the charity side, a comical If I just it just woke me up to it and my job is to produce small benefits around the country, they would do the big h b, o show. Then I would call every comedy club in the country and ask them to do a night. four comic reduced production job. Yes, I did
years and years really and no writing just jump just just producing benefits ha. That's why I love pudding shows too so you're the guy that when we got book down a comic, really thing thinking, maybe you're one of the comic relief people would show up at the common because comic relief they may be billy Robin will show up at me. I wouldn't know It's just be at home alone, with nobody important that we raise a million dollars that way yeah, and then you did that for years for years, I got paid nothing for a couple of years that I got two hundred dollars a week for a couple years, then it went up to four hundred dollars a couple of for a couple years, and so, when I started doing stand up, I had a couple hundred bucks. A week doing that, and then, if I can make a couple hundred bucks a week driving two rancho kook among good to do an open in spite of pizza place here, I could make four hundred dollars a week. Grandpapa pay right so you're doing these shows it largo withdraw charities thereafter behind
you decide as a person with the ridiculous amount of money. You know what charities to give to what Why do people lobby you? Will you have a personal connection to it? Well, the this great me dell alba who passed away. Send me a list every year of charities that we're in a bad situation, and he would say if you will guarantee that need a charity the eyes and if you don't help them. These are charities. I could go under right and that so I would give to for years and years and a lot of it was like the ellie men's place, which takes care of mentally ill homeless man right? the un's sexiest charities in the world right that there's no one advocating for right and their small well, there might just be like a smaller non for profit thing that, like to feed people or whatever their ocl at doing work that you know most people don't want to do that really difficult work and he would give me a list of those places.
And then, as the years go by, you have friends who were involved in different charity. Seth rogan is very involved with alzheimer's charities pillars involved in haiti, project gay, alas- and you just start amassing of people- that we're doing. Good work rises. Largo it's been fund because we ve been putting on chose almost every other week and because every charity it's easy it will show up, and just give them money way everything once while we auction something, but over the course of the last six months, so many people who have been there we had few and apple and jackson, brown and sandler in the air silverman and assist it so much fun. It's hunted shows I really like producing YAP comedy museum nights, I love. I can't people what do you think you're gonna get linsey buckingham to show up and good guitar legal level lindsey buckingham with the whitney
things, are just putting together these really yeah, Randy newman randy newman was amazing. Do you ever get screwed by charity? No, that's good! No! I because I don't! I don't go for any fringy, and so that I may Dave Eggers and Dave eggers. Why look up to because, as ex twenties in writing now and it's a twenty eightth, easily eggs. Eighty six The number right at all, If your way off people cannot be donated money based on your recommendation- and he has this charity where he provides free, tutoring, illiteracy, literacy services to kids and it first, did it just as I like Dave eggers, yet was happy to have a reason to talk to him right that I find it to be a very inspiring guy. Have you read his books? Love love is, but here and he's funny is hell. Does everything in literature that I like in removing strike three because deep, very human? And yes, we can be very funny at very vulnerable, so we I've done a few charity events with him
one was the first one was before said, broken his famous. We did a tribute to set the rugged for the charity work he might one day had so we gave him an award. You're always charity work, even though he had never done anything, and it was really funny and dave girl before We'll feral and I was really big affair. Where was ass, it was, I don't remember, but it was in space and oh yeah yeah in silverlake yeah and all these stars came out to pay tribute to Seth, who was completely unknown yeah and it was a parody of benefit. Yeah, then them- and so then I was talking- about raising money, and I said you know I have always interviews I done since I was a kid when I would interview comedians in high school from a radio station, I've done so many over the years of different people. Maybe I could do a few new ones and weaken their give all the money to charity. So he says, ok, and so we put a couple together and we auctioned off the book
and it sold for a lot of money. Almost to the point where you go, I should have kept this money. This didn't have to be achieved if this could have been too so this is present, but that's coming out now you have called sick and add you can get it on. Amazon are Our discussion is on. There is in there. And then I knew menu. talking are deputy F it's all in there is it? Is it there and edited down version of our debutante went through a tunnel, have gone through all the people in it. I didn't get all the way down, but also I'd like an interview. I did with Steve Allen when I was fifteen years old and we have Good ones, the old ones that we did, we talked about the first time we talked huh, you like Harry Anderson, yeah, Sandra Bernhard, for one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, but then I did louis and John HU, it and chris rock and Amy humouredly reese outcome in the last year and did at colbert did. Did you these great conversations, which are different? I think than what you do.
Because I'm still interested in how they do it. So I'm interested in the emotional aspect right like how you doing, but- Also how you do. The show we argued the ordinary kind it yeah yeah yeah. Do you did a daily show right for that many years and keep the quality. I say he said interesting things. What was most fascinating when the interview ended. I thought oh he's about to leave the show right. It sat. It felt like an exit interview really, because I could tell he Your valet you put in a lot of time, there's been a lot of time away. You know from his family- I am he did what he had to do and and he he did it great and now is the time like when you, when you heard like somebody like Stephen where I met years ago. I got him when he was on a sketch show like exit fifty seven when we we shared office space at h, b, o downtown when I was hosting short attention span. Theater he's always been a funny guy in a you know, before the the colbert report and all that stuff.
So when you hear when you first heard that he was gonna, be replacing letterman, what was your first thought? I think he's one of those people that is going to do something remarkable in whatever form you put him in he's just one of those guys- and I said I had noticed that on the show here doing more and more. That seem to be from the care where from the character- and I had talked him about It- he was at the first to nato taping here and he was saying how much funding having just of doing a singing songs and doing things that were slightly outside of the character because he felt like he had really that character for a long time. He has a lot of other things he wants to do yeah, so I think it's going to be tremendous. That's what I think too, like he's like so wick and so yeah focused and funny and charismatic, but very you ve got a classic guy. Yes,
I think, tat filled the latter may choose you. Gotta have a lot of class. Well, what's fastening about co bears. He has this, history, where he lost members of his family and laying crash man, and he talked about that in the interview that it makes him to see life differently, but I have already been through the worst thing If you think that the worst thing you ever can imagine brother or something or assist, accounts from multiple yea, multiple sibling here and his father right, and he said what is there to worry about when the worst thing that ever could happen has happened, and he said that his mom said to him. You need to look at this through the light of eternity and I said yeah, but why didn't you listen to her yeah? Why didn't you just do drugs
he said. Oh, I did to traffic but a light of eternal, but it you know, he's a very special persona, religious person. I mean what is a good one. That's where I get stuck in the funny thing in the book is because have a lot of problems with the existing. real issues here when someone says something like that, I just never. And why it works, because he is truly a touched person and a really good guy, any teaches Sunday school in these very sincere and am, I think, trying to do good things. and always the end, but also fearlessly hilarious, because he has an amazing perspective on right life, but a hip seinfeld. It was talking about that. He used to put a photo the hubble telescope of space in the writers room to feel better That would cause me when I thought would start to think that this is important sea
the other way without that makes me depressed. Most people would say that I have often said this and people always say it. they feel is significant and I don't I don't find insignificant depressing. I find it uplifting and he'd call does even understand my point of view because it is so clear to him. Will you go with were meaningless, meaning it doesn't work for me. I didn't even know or want to be meaning as right. I've tried very hard. I've really read everything. There is about being cool with the meaningless and it's an eagle is this. I have decided it that guy that I yeah I want to have your against the ego is your. I can't get there you're against the the the very premise of spiritual living. I do it I'll meditate I'll breathe on it, but ultimately when it's quiet and I'm alone, and I think in a thousand years- it's like none of this ever happened. I don't feel good about that.
Over the others I that is when you're dead. He will know the difference anyways that now works for me either I gave looking for something that will work for me. Like I'm a friend who has a great near death experience story. I get a full like what the lights story here at sometimes I think about that. a couple years. I vow guy saw the light, so maybe he's right and I'll try to come down or get scared of the middle of the night and drink. I will he saw the light, but but I can't really at an answer, and I know you're supposed to love the mystery, but that doesn't work in all my years, plus the love, the mystery of peoples have embraced the mystery. What is the mystery of just the universe like what the hell are we doing here? I can't think attachment, if I get that's that's Why am I like comedy? as I do like the comedies you're saying this is so fucked
So you get to laugh, yeah yeah you'll have to you have to I. I don't really know of any other escape, and sometimes you know, people or family members will say. Why do you work so much as a parent acquire. The quiet is tough and the opposite of the quiet of this. The fun of this yeah, I'm fine you will for, if it quite for me, it's sort of like I'm like I get uncomfortable and then like it. It can happen in minutes. Yes and I'm like I gotta eat I got it. I got a smoking, a cigar smoking, a cigar like and I'm home I gotta mind being alone, but, like the quite like I'll start, organizing shit, I mean you like, like you, write a movie I'll I'll put my records in alphabetical order. That's the difference between our ambitions you could be making so much more money is yours. Delighted if I live out from its products, exactly organizing my refrigerated by giving you like, if I had a self help programme
it'll be about not alphabetizing yeah, don't do it hire someone else to do that exactly and it does drive, so much of it, but I do think that You know we're doing this tour averted, train wreck and each city I said they me, let's pick a charity in the city and will we'll give all the money away on the tour and it's hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars and it makes the whole tour just more fun yeah. It gives it a purpose and the whole time we shot the movie he wrote David tells there might be bigly. Is there yeah, vanessa, bayer and and Colin Quinn? We just kept saying are we gotta do the show now this is the tour is ridiculous overdue in seven shows and its success Can we call in a tell were big leah? You, Schuman and vanessa, bear vanessa bare and yet tickets, it live nation or crowd rise, dot, com
and it's going to be so far and then that's also part of it is. We just want to have fun yeah yeah, of course, you're going to have fun you're going to host it I don't know I'll I'll be on early I'll. Tell you well beyond? After a tell for sure, and the movie opens when the movie opens that I believe it's July, seventeen yeah. How long is it three hours? ninety seven hours yeah. I keep telling people I've realize I would like my movies to be my age. I like them to be free thirty seven years and every year the movie gets a year longer without they have periscope. You can do that. You can just turn that on it's perfect for me, yeah all by hoarding, because I've realized that my movies are just hoarding yeah. I'm just hoarding life, not just newspapers, I'm actually just recording all of it and forest, to watch it, because I can't let go of any of it, but what we talked about it in a vulture thing, but no one read that's what it was at ninety seven minutes of the new movie. It's it's! I,
about two hours on the button? I add something like that and you like it. It's great amy, really crushed it she's so funny and worked so hard and was willing to go there emotionally it away most people won't. I've worked at other people were riding a personal story and I'll just say mad to deep. I don't want to do this year at every turn I would say to Amy. Are you sure you wanna say this year she by earlier Oh yeah, I never a moment. Debate of you think I'd be for someone family to hear that in your life right now, it's fine here and in that's why the movies good she was. She was very courageous, edges, insanely, funny and loves right jokes here. So in addition that writing an emotional story. She loves. If I say, can you we tap a joke and she goes off in a corner with her sister came. Was a great writer kevin kane who's? The executive producer of her show, who was on set the whole shoot there haven't the greatest time ever
yeah come up with those topper see media, and I can take a nap. He usually I Thank you. I get you like joke writers, I loved you, that you know there's nothing more financing I think we can. this joke and having seven annual paper with ten better has yeah it's just the most one. How is the the? our marin role coming along for the next jet appetite approach. The mark. Marin role is its percolated react its percolating by I feel, like you, keep forgetting my excitement and interest in your appearance on girls. Yes, that that was the first, the first non mark marin part that america was given tat with the come over yonder come on. I'm glad you noticed and now We see what's possible sure that you, also a chameleon yeah, oh yeah yeah. I like I, can be nice. I think He had was to cast me as a nice person. That's my new idea. The kinds mark merit. I was once a cat.
In a janine garage below a thing, move that thing that Britain, maybe Gregg Daniel stated that got shelved. Theoretically, because of genes political stuff, it was a CBS show. I think it was. Out of a local magazine, show like shit was the lead she's the producer, local magazine shown it was his cast of goofy people that were supposed to be involved in the show that she was producing You heard me that did it ever air, no, they think it shot. We had our tickets, I was fuckin, it was right, two thousand and two we're something now yeah. That's one janine made this horrible mistake to say that getting into a war. The middle east would be a mistake. Yet may I was it, then the eia was executive and geneva went on television unseen, and I remembered so clearly. She was, and she laid out exactly what would happen. If we went into Iraq yeah and everyone really was dismissive of this is
was a giant rally in new york against yelling. Against the war, I the president just acted like it never happened right and every single thing that Janine said has come true right but she took you know a beating rights are being completely correct. Right and one of the only people to scream it from the rooftops. This is a disaster, right. That cost you money is what I'm saying there would that's fine, but the point being outside of ie, and then I went on to a tyrant and re with her on the radio. Yes, but the thing is is adam though she was whatever that whatever ultimately happened, the part that I was supposed to play was very excited. Guy not an angry guy. I just want. As for having me, you had a pepe guy was manic like I did. I was appear, who won to get into producing television. I was once like a wall street lawyer, something I given up this huge
job in life to humble myself and be a PA for ginny, see that would work too. Why can't we pull it out now? I'm with you, you know, just let me know where's greg Daniels, a yeah he's done fine for himself. He has a little more pull to make it happen right now. How would you do that? that show again. Neither the office by Iraq he's got more, pull them to two thousand to gregg, Dana's sure, what's empty, what tv thing where you were gonna, do you talk of Yet here we have a tv show called love which shall I created with Paul rest unless the orphan, who are a couple- and it said, It's a romantic comedy for netflix. It moves very slowly and its our raided right it I wrote it with them. And it's a base a little bit. I'm error the dying sick of their relationship and in the air in march. We have, we did the ten. Besides, he had been fantastic, it they just let you go. Do your thing you just keep working man I'm I'm workin and
having a really good time for the for the most part how's everything at home, judd homeless. Eight by my daughter, seventeen so she was a college and a year you said that The main that sad, It's very sad, you do you notice life moving with the child, also, if no one's around yeah. I know it's like the weather in California sure, because it's always seventy two. You don't know that weather exists, that you're dying, but when you, but when you have a child, they go through movements yeah! Oh this is the year that they're they like playing with a like a kittens. let go, and this is the area they just like. Other boy means is the year they drive a car right and different levels of worry. For you with a worrying to see the whole thing is all right. It's all worry there s your life, your ear. I know where I am saddam's emotionally stilted earth stunted like that, because I just look at my cats. Gonna know you're gonna,
older, sad skins. Again flappy, but probably is similar to that. I'm not a big girl might my hat person, but I understand the limits our off their my cats knocking knocking like eyebrow the car, What do you think in some way that is affected? You negatively? No, I just idea Think I don't have that perspective. I don't have the sort of like my humility is gonna come all at once, like I think that it you have children? You know you, you weren't, to navigate Nagoya she ate emotionally. Your own anxieties and you become wiser and in more kind of humbled by that and you know you You'Re- I think you ever emotional depth because of it. If you do it properly that I dont have so like I don't. I don't know that your crippled by but I do know that that I'm missing that experience. Yes, it said it's definitely.
A big experience, I know, there's a lot of people who don't have kids and they feel very, very happy about it and they make a conscious choice to do it and they say this is my life. This is how I want to live at and they are very upset with when thinking that they missed out on anything. So yours I never have anyway they look at it. I might, my life is always been like: I'm not conscious of how to act. Made. My will further they even like minor things like you know. Why not you! Why not buy a new house when I fix this one together, much anxiety like most of what I didn't do was just because of my khaki pants I'm gonna have to that. That's all it's not worth it wasn't like a principle, is ITALY's gotta get up and do stuff right exist. I dont, like I talk to my about it. I talk myself out of it cause you're in this house, and it makes me anxious. Like shit makes me, I have anxiety issues. Is it a weird? It doesn't go away Will you don't have the same ones? I do cuz. You taking a lot of risks and done a lot of things and get you know, that's also driven by anxiety. It's a different expression of anxiety. I feel like there is a safety in a cup
things or just being in the middle of trying to make things easier, and that comes me down. Knowing that I'm doing something to make things. Okay really, so it is a for what is it? What else I just exactly. Yeah, there's no real answer to it. It's just a feeling that I had as a kid like. I need to do something I need to act surprised because this isn't working and when I am working on a script or something I'm just. You can lose yourself ain't, I'm still. Just about it, not working, which is the weird thing I have the nervousness of what. If this is shit right, it's way more coming than doing nothing, which is where I can go to terror right sometimes, and so I like the idea of doing things and hopefully is positive and we're making people laugh and thinking about things and think about positive thing. yeah. I don't think of it as a negative, but there
driven by anxiety, but a lot of comments. You know a lot of guys, like you know, for whatever reason, just driven themselves in the ground with mental use. Yes, that's true, as shown by minors that complicated, but I am always surprised that they don't fade like we talked about this a few years ago here, and I dont really feel, rather than the last time we ve talked, but I I also feel a little more self acceptance of well whenever this is right. I'm a nice guy sure how about I'm, not hurting anybody, I'm trying to put good stuff out there and how do you parent? How do you? What's your relationship with, like your oldest daughter, do you fights? Do you? I do what you like to sit down and go okay, that I don't agree with that, but I talked a lot about this on stage which is like. I don't want to ruin your balance. Actually I don't I don't. I don't punish them that often, but mainly because I don't wanna, be a jailer right. I don't.
want to be. I don't want to have to in the boundary of a punishment like punishment is painful. So what have we weaknesses as apparent here, is much more likely to say, come on. Don't do that then, to be turn and go you're grounded for weak, because their ground that I gotta maintain right, the grounding in I have that I'd be solid, not break and go you when you're done with this grounding, hopefully leveller with his lets us, so I would have to suffer for the weak, you know what I mean. If you choose not sidelined access outlining your child or opera or like you, I don't. I really spoil my children, mainly because I spoil myself and if I don't spoil them, I don't get the spoil myself. I do want to sit in coach with them to tee, the values of coach. I worked hard to get to first class and I'm not going to give it up, so you could have a value, you'll learn it sooner or later they won't well, who knows
I ve been saying I feel like the first half life it was, crappy in the second half was really good and may be the first half of their life really good in the second half will be crappy it all evens out. Does it they'll get the same amount of good will like she's, going to college now, you're going to buy her an apartment? No! No! I don't do things like that, but we bought her a car. We bought your safe card and Id go legit or a shit box you get stuck in this thing of you want to save car than slowly to save car becomes like a pretty good car. When I was a kid. Not only did I not get a car, There literally was not even a discussion of the possibility of how it could ever happen. It was like my dad even said. No, he just didn't even come up, because clearly there was no way he was going to get me a car how'd you get a car.
Didn't have a car? I was like the guy just you know getting driven around by his girlfriend and twelfth grade, but my dad never said like. I feel bad, let's go, let's go get your car for three grand get the old camera years did not happen. Zero discussion so that's different for me, as I feel like lot of the reason why I succeeded was because I felt fire under my ass. I get that stuff nea and because my kids grow up in a in a more solid situation. I it's not like they're going to take it up. at a brentwood and make my way in the world like they live a pretty good life and you have them- rebelled against that. They cannot rebelling against the malibu country martina, but You know, I know a lot of people who grew up and solid situations of parents who were happy in did. Ok, jake has them is dead
I wrote star wars for guys these are the nicest men ever his memes are fantastic and and Jake and his brother John. They couldn't be better and were hard working. I believe there is a way to raise a solid kid where you, without souring, without making them suffer or exist, something we yeah like their lives. Don't need to be shit to motivate them, but you do get nervous about that. Yeah! You want them to have the energy to want to. You know, take on the world and push their goals. Do they have specific interests? Well, they're, both very creative. There are irises on the new tv show and is she's twelve and so funny. It's somewhat stunning yeah to watch and and mod was on girls this year and we'll see if they decide to pursue it. I want them to write, because I feel like an actress's life is very hard if you can't create your own material right,
if you're just do it or additions. I think it's a rough road yeah. It is so you want everyone to follow the Amy humor, Lena dunham. Examples are no create. Have Mark marin show you know, I'm saying you have said you did at some point. You get off your. did he go. No, he said I should have written my own cosby show. How did you do it like? Oh they let me do it. I see three I gotta get fifteen years ago. Maybe I survive. I dunno what my priorities were as well. We doing she's doing great she's, shooting a movie in new york and really having fun yeah a movie. It's moving on. It'd be single with rebel wilson and dakota Johnson and Alison brie. So she's about to finish that up are you going to new york and then I'm going to go to york. When for the train wreck, I'm goin to morrow and what happens then I got them
the show I'm going to go shoot the first to interview for the vice show with John cameron Mitchell. Let's talk about John cameron, mitchell from him. Okay, I saw hedwig with neil patrick Harris yeah. I saw it again with John Cameron Mitchell and I saw it when he originally did it, and I just think he's one of the great artists of this time and I think his work is stunning Did you see the new version of it with him? No, I didn't I just act like I m coming at it. I just missed it. I saw the movie heed the ito hee hee his knee, he blew out his need doing the show. The whole show is my around dancing yeah, it's like a punk rock show here and then he has to do to show where majority the shone out. He he was seated here and the show was even better and deeper because of that restriction,
That's how we should rethink towns is pretty amazing actor and he's really good director. I watched a rabbit whole movie, Jesus fuck, that's a referendum, your parents home. I got ya, don't how parent watch it though that's that's a tough but- and I work that's a great. First, I have to say that the great first, the interview he did have a bunch of episodes of girls. You know he was at the premier, girls at the party. and then and, ladies and gentlemen, I saw him and we were like how can he isn't in everything just as an actor right and no end of because his usually directing in writing and then he came on and with spectacular. and yet he beat up it beat up ray because he has rage because he changed the song from re song and added at the party he added a few at city tat. They had a fight over whether or not you are allowed to push a dj to switch the saga to let the other persons had sprung the out. First I was watching his other movie than when he wrote and directed short bus. I haven't seen her by sets one with his actual sex in the move. Dude
shut the vines for your cat circuits when say no, people walking up. Do you think I was watching gay porn vision, there's just sit, there was nobody knows and there's a guy eating and other guys ass. Yes, why that guy's blowing a guy and the other guys do in some of the other guys balls, and I might I should maybe shut the blinds. I shouldn't my kids on, how that other ipad he guy That's the to watch that tonight here you know it's a fantastic moving while we're on it jason siegel in the ends of the tour. It's it's a story about David foster. Why really? And he plays David, foster wallace and a guy of David Linsky when the road with him when he was promoting infinite jest and he recorded all their conversations and they made it into a movie. So it's all based on real conversation, real conversations and it's stunning and jason segel is brilliant in it and I think it comes out in the in the summer willing to plug the projects of all that the freaks and geeks people? I would see
I am aware I haven't seen him in a movie in awhile, while he was insects. Last year in- and you know, he's always working, he hid them up at movie which he wrote. It is pretty stunning the guy sat down and said I wish there was another web movie and I wish they were a little bit better. He rode its seven six dollar at that and it is awesome, even live like with the puppets let these outsiders make them up its movie. You interview jason at one I never did get stole I'd store. Martin stars doing good from that grew. That's right! He's funny on that show Linda ladys in the adventures, yeah, and then she was in madman to write madman bloodline, its yes, pretty great, to see how well everybody. doing you try Mohammed, it's almost redrawing catalina his laying
It's silly now like at first I was like wow. The freaks and geeks kids are doing kind of good, but they're like ten years down the line. It's like multiple oscar nominations and and and it's a very proud of all of them, because you're all really good people. You talked to Paul Feig. I do talk to puffing all the time and I hear his movie spy is good. It isn't a fantastic, oh, my god shall make. A movie shall write a movie. You should write a movie, the movie, it's funny, because when you first were talking about doing your show- and I was always encouraging you to direct your show- I did direct line. The one eyed directive was on the last thursday was onto two. That was the name of it ex pod. The now you're a director you saw and I directed the joke. You should watch both of the ones I directed so you're, not a guy who has directed yeah you're a director right that you know how you become a director. I have say or director I'm a director they got. You know my man is a direct director mark man. If you see that guy just button
Moreover? The directive is also producers produced from our group. It is this saying: how do you become a producer producer I produced? Was it How do you know it watching you episodes projects by very wrong. I'm going to I'm proud of you that the show is gone three year is and- and I was laughing the other day because you asked to be one of the episodes early on ed. I was excited and then I read the scene, and I was like three pages long and I just looked at it and when oh wait, I dont know how to come out. I got scared and you had just girl and do it, but but it was funny. I guess that's happened at the two or three times where people have asked me to do something and then alike awaits this. Is not my skill set, but you can act.
What we'll see will say? Well, I'm saying this year, for I may I may be ready. Okay, alright, a baby ready, alright was good. Talking to you was great a great to be here and when you live, or I know it when jokes about how you live in the boonies, but this was it's comically in a place that no one would ever go like. I don't even know how you found it so even decided to live here. I know for like you think this is new. Mexico. Are you actually? This is so far out that you think you're in your hometown. How did you get? How did you come to see like, I think if you were to come down new york, you see the amazing things that were going on down there. Is it because bohemian. Is this like williamsburg? Oh, no, wasn't! When I got here what and was I was driving around with another guy, was looking for a place to rent a free. A guy. I knew I want looking our vaughan's at which is over there somewhere driving around I saw this house for sale and I deny to buy a house buy, had some deal money and I said to my that girlfriend we're living over via by you c b of Iraq. Franklin
normal place to live here that I found this house, south africa few years it felt like I was far away, but now doesn't any more. How far is the drive from here to the comedy store? I can do I twenty five minutes. Okay, I'm going back to santa Monica. How do I do it? Are you going to go to santa Monica yeah? We just go. You just go to the one ten to the ten. And I got to go across the ten. I can't go while across the valley that doesn't work. You can go the back way if you want like go one thirty, four, two, Do that I don't. I dunno why you would do that like going and go around the four or five yeah yeah you can do that, but that's a bad way to go some traffic and examine the way in other was all about. Are you going home I'm going to go home and take a rest before the? U two show yeah you're gone, the four see like you've still gotta, be stuck in fuckin traffic with everybody else right in what sense? Just I mean what time you gonna go? You gonna get support. You know, magneto, here's the thing, because I'm very dewey
I will arrange like the dinner, the six o clock dinner before the show I'll give myself an hour to get to the forum, because I hate being It's me and I'll do like the hour and a half dinner, so I don't have to rush for you. Even with the special parking year. You still there's no special jet appetite lane. Are you say that some sort of monorail system just for my family and I paid this supervision, money. Tat though there are those problems, every disappear, that's why I listened to your dynamic gory deputy are on the way here. If you really if you take a chopper in that, exactly that's why people started thinking about the chopper. You call up a bill. Burr you go. You got a chopper going to get me to the forum. Each offers a blade. He know he flies a helicopter does that he took helicopter lessons- oh my god, so I'll call him yeah him. Maybe he'll! Take you over there. I jed thanks
That's it I get home today. So I can, the president, the united states of america, morocco, tomorrow and by the way that was just happened. Lovely conversation. We find informative, good guy, good hearted guy, I enjoys company, next time. I talk to you next time. You hear from me in bulk will be a conversation. Present knows that if everything goes, I can qualify you I got because I can't believe it's gonna happen. Ok, just innovative, firmer labs,
the what
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