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Episode 614 - The President Was Here

2015-06-25 | 🔗

From the minute the Presidential motorcade pulled away, Marc began recording his reaction to the momentous event that just occurred in his garage. Hear Marc's ongoing reflections in the aftermath as well as a discussion with WTF producer Brendan McDonald about how this happened in the first place. This episode is sponsored by Stamps.com, Squarespace, Comedy Central, and Vegas.com.

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Ok on with the show right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuck is, what the fuck bodies, what the fucking years, what the fuck stirs its mark may still fried M recording this on Friday. This is, I just finished with the president. Everyone just laughter was crazier is crazy idea You know there's so much you want to cover there's so much. You expect I don't know, I don't know it was You know I e came in. We cannot yet churchyard a bit. Did the biggest challenges that you have theirs. Fifty people hear their secret everything we hear snipers everywhere, that the houses surrounded its tented rubbish. Its are lined with people who I didn't even get to see. All I was thinking was like. I just mean that make it about him and me in
me and the president, and it was great II was a person and he was comfortable anyway. Casual and he was charming in an intelligent, we sit right there, my garage, and I think that I There is part of me, as you know, from listening to me that seeks to connect in it in a very emotional way in I was seeking that we We talked about a lot of things. It is felt personal, but then you did then you just. I was just fighting This the idea that I'm talking the President nurse secret service. I stand behind. These can have to leave soon and did I get to that. I get Then there is sort of like should I have done that should have done this, but I honestly you know you they were didn't you know, like I just started like I felt like cry, Anglo back cried a little bit because just overwhelming I put it into this perspective or MIKE I can handle this. I can handle this, I wasn't afraid, but there's,
Are things going on in your brain when you're doing that Barack Obama? Just here I think burial bomber was here. I think the president was here. I think they were all represented feeling is like a it's hard to believe that that, over the course of the five years, doing this show that this could happen if just unbelievable to me that this could happen. I mean there's a guy again I throw in the towel in interest. That I was able to handle it. My brain before was like a cat or no man, I'm a vacant unit. I was a little freaked out. You know it was not at all. This person was, I might have wanted to be, but whose personal another you noticed circulated. Go, but it was an amazing experience and he was a sweet guy. Any
very human and there was good to talk to and I didn't get to say everything. I wanted to talk about everything I wanted, but you know I got to have that experience. My neighbour it I've got that our experience. You know my house, my cats were actually locked in the bedroom, flew the cats. I don't think it have any effect on them whatsoever. They just want their house back I guess you're gonna pull the tent down and then tomorrow just another day, there's helicopters, oh my god. That's them their weaving. They flew into the rose ball. Another. Leaving said other stop. He goes out with his day.
He goes out with his job with his wife. Is president: now I'm the guy, where the president came over, that one time we talk for an hour that stuff, I don't know, I think I did good. It was an amazing experience in it was one on ever forget now, like a chair with you, I got put together. I gotta do some stuff feed the cats gotta put my stuff back in the garage. Do some press. But I want you anything eyes. I wonder what the experience be a good one. Not second guess everything was an amazing honour to talk to the president. It my garage em, I garage. Are you fucking kid?
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so I am drinking the president's. Why the president? I should say that this is hours after the depart. Sure of President Barack Obama, from my driveway from my garage It is now seven thirty, eight pacific time on Friday, jus nineteenth it is about what is it so after eleven TAN says about eight hours ago, a nap hours ago, Brenda Mcdonald, my Dear sir, and partner venture of deputy at his hearing. From Brooklyn to do the job yeah hi and and we're now we're coming down, it's been a hell of a day. Then how the day was. We just got done doing power press talking to people putting together? What am I didn't do anything I too dear, did a bunch interviews you're on the computer, hammering away
yeah women. We were both doing the thing that we do right now. You have to keep talking and yet new talked for like just seven hours straight right and you are your cutting things up and doing things, putting things talking to people who needed things that he I've come to realise that actually the job, the artist o people need things and they gotta get those things. Very surprised at the emails I got when people noise me talking the present people who I hate you The thing I show you, maybe if maybe he could pick it up, could picking it up. You just take a picture, be very helpful for me. I've a child now- and I am a j name- is but- one thing we didn't get to talk about when we produce the show on Monday or even me, leading up to work, as I wasn't even aware of it really was exactly how this in the b? That seems what a lot of interviewers rising Maiden- and I remember my to go. This way
Did you know you said there yet? The White House reached out about doing something with the shit yeah. They they actually contacted us through the website which immediately made me think it. Fake through W g of Pasok. Oh yes, I know that yeah they got those further. Say to wipe out the way. Syria the why assets, because we ve had that have. Therefore I represent robber, Donnie Junior, it's some guy, the Yahoo Dotcom get right away. Could you give me his email right ever visited? So I was it was. It was a definite like sense of like let's check this out. Let's see if this is real by a let's contact the shirt and that was about a little over a year ago, really June of last year's hunger and maybe even may of last year, Buddha high in the air in that time of year. Here- and you know it's interesting because that's I I've seen since this was announced that this interview would happen. People said you know. We heard that the White House,
reached out to try to have President Obama on, and it's not that simple reality, because it's like just because you're in contact doesn't mean that something happening. Why? Why I completely putting them My brain was a vague thing. Here is no, it was so that was June. Right wasn't until September that they September of last year that there were ever the mention of the president's name, and it was like what would you about him do in the shop, and you know the ravens like a joke to People have said all the time when you get Obama lights and, of course we would area, and I think they they want to make sure, though, that having someone on. If you look at our guest list, there's not in six hundred and twelve episodes, there's not a politician. I it's right, so I think that with the ensuing yes things I was. What they were saying was: would mark wanna even do that, because it's a politician- and I said
as I said all along to anyone we ve ever talk to, we would have any guest. As long as they can do the type of interview that we do, which is talk about life and rock about things and not have a specific motion alright agenda, then I think I remember you telling me this, unlike this crazy here I mean what do I mean, of course, all interview the President right. Well, I remember when you when, when we were first talking to them, I said you know this: will those good coverage should I have with the White House- and you said to be some day? We could get Obama on, and I said you're probably when he's not president aim right, No way he would do when he's president Right- and you know I also think it's like a little bit of a lesson there, especially for people doing podcast that this that's old media, even though they came to specifically cause we're new media. I believe the reason this came to pass was just because lines of communication were kept open and there was a constant, cordial discussion right and
comfort level achieved on both sides of everybody thinking. This would be a good thing to do, and TAT only happens like with time, with diligence. You know and such it to me as a good lesson. People like, if you want something, does it have to. Happened right away just make sure you keep the work up like put that in those in the the little file there and keep keep it as actually. This is right, if something like that young away, all she forgot their president wanted to do. You know, do the job, What I mean we all know a president. We were not pushy about it. Well, we I didn't, I remember pursuing that hearted all yeah, it wasn't until the earlier this spring the outlay winner early spring, that that I got a call on my phone? I let it go to voice milk as it was an unknown number right and to her to know it.
The unknown are blocked well and that went voicemail was a person at the White House. That said, don't worry, you know, wanted to get back in touch with you thinking about doing something, rather maybe with the president very casually I slipped in bright, and so obviously I got in touch and and then all of a sudden, maybe three or four weeks later we got dates. When I said that we're that, where my going to Washington right in while there were dates, propose right. That would have been your tour, its rider going on right now. Is this episode posting right? It would have been Your bam tore dates. Right and you know what you're gonna have to cancel. If they did it, that's right and we made right made the call that if they needed to do it, then you can cancel each other horse, and so there was a lot of waiting for that like ok, let's you know within was under the first set of data, why they changed my vacation I'll get to that. What was
Interesting, though, is because you're gonna be on the EAST Coast right, like, as we are speaking here, you're a few days away from going, but when this episode posts this is the time when they wanted the interview to happen and Urien New York right and so use just tell them I'm there. I can come down it's easy and I was not on the table now going to office was not on the table You explain to me: why can we talk about? That is my estimation beta how they work right. That They need whatever their doing promotional publicity, wise media wise to be in the context in the idiom of that thing, Right- it would not have probably looked good. Is it my guess right, but it would probably not have looked good for them to go and a one hour interview in the EAST room or the oval office to you right
non credentials, guy, Caribbean right, non journalist right, you know when they have a press corps right at, doesn't get that type of access You know it's one thing when you know Bill Simmons went to the White House and didn't interview with him. They spoke very specifically about sports right. Twenty minutes. I think protectorate So there are different to say we want him to do in our very wanted to be a free range in conversation that we're not going to that right. So they were insistent it has to be. They were insistent ever since we first started talk. To that. I do in the garage they were saying. If we did something with you guys, what can we do? That is what you do, meaning along for many of you in L, a in rush. I know that I was like TAT soon in Ceja now as you. Could you you were not believing it still don't believe in it happened today.
So I care, but I'm sure there's all this we like, because for me, in those moments where it like. Ok, this happening it throws me, back to the american days it throws me immediately into I. I don't know what I'm gonna talk of. I gotta get up to speed on policy. I've read the history of the world. This is the man who showed up to first day at AIR America with Book of the american government. For dummy, I still have that book yeah I was like I get it. I didn't pay attention school, I gotta figure, there's three branches right: the Senate does what the judicial who you are. I don't wouldn't say that I'm a fraud, you know I learned is I went along, but I was in secure value their way with just artist to male annoy Yonah USA like so some come in here to talk and you, like, I don't know any their music and, like you, ve heard these four albums right and your lot unlike, but that doesn't matter at that point, you you do you not expected to know everything right? I think you put that pressure on yourself partially because hitting a motivate you to do better at the interview ugly, I think that when I
myself out. That's that's my way of getting around. Oh, my god. Can I too low sidebar here last night, I left this property. There. Done, panting was done. We'll explain what that means by bit. They were done doing they needed here. I left this house. I went back to where I stand. I get a text I got plumber put up now. Why was this year alone I mean by this- is this is explanatory last night, this last night that they present ass night? The present was coming today, so you said: got the creeps news crew tried to corner me? Then you run while later swell awhile nervous in the house space alone. Space weird
I wrote you know. If I call LAPD they'll, send a detail over to stay overnight. I mean we can do that run. They know it's been announced now that the president's gonna be here no answer to that. Twenty minutes I sinner guy, I can. I can do it yeah, you tough it out here it's how well this we're tugging at our guy. You so me, twenty minutes later you think someone's gonna come over your fuck with the electrical boxers. Something weird do you I say: well, that's very specific. I say again if we will help you sleep, let's call the cops- and this was I think, ie to Mark Marin Bet. I've worked with you for eleven years right and this text with so helpful com, no they're not joke here, I'm just worrying it's how a ground myself Responded, oh sorry, carry on. I was really a very clarifying mom here and so but you know when you are saying that you panic now
no you're gonna have to play you have with information. I do really understand what that is. Yeah right. Well, I mean well that would sitting in and when when when this was starting to happen, and then we had to. I was, Looking for a way out in a what you like, I dont, do it full on anymore, it's a half hearted, but when you're like we ve gotta make these data available. Like that's the only time I can take a vacation and I'm about to lose my mind right. So, let's, let's get to that, what we have. Explain why that happened. So we were holding those dates day. Your tour was going on the other three Ryan I agreed. I will cancel dates, dignity, the president in my home. That's right so I was sitting at a bar right and I got an email from the White House that said we're looking close in terms of confirming the, but what about the week before?
I got understand something very planning this in relation to an l, a trip right for the president, they're not saying he's what about these dates so that he can t the trip and go see Mark Marin, they're, saying we're getting a trip together for money right, forget for large fundraiser, bright and weaken while either on that fund, raising trip and doing other things that he saw the governor today and spoke of the? U S, conference mayors but did you know other than that or measure no after you don't remember. He said that to you he was leaving What do you do now he's like I'm gonna go talk to Governor Brown and that that's why it's amateurs go you I'm gonna go to San Francisco right yeah, but but so that this was. This is not for us to say, Those dates are as good as the other dates like that. We'd rather, actually do it. The dates you first said like if they say no, it's now these data. Those are the new tried to explain that to me. Well,
before I even try to explain it to you. I thought great he's not on tour raw he's not have to cancel his tour data so tat. The counter. The only thing that was happening was your and vague on vacation in Hawaii, but I looked at the counter Oh you can just bumping up a week. Take them patient earlier. And we re so I call mark alone has the greatest story. I call my five and I say: look good news will not have to pay. Do you turn dates? If this thing happens there giving us new dates is the week before now the only That is your on vacation. I day, those days now, did you go? Did you book that trip already yeah? That's over solve. Really, that's long gone Islam done. We can't do those dates be made if you're on vacation right yeah I bought it. I used all my points saving up these points forever? I knew
I got a great hotel a good airfare, there's no move in it. So I said ok I remember my mind. I'm thinkin I gotta. Let him feel like this. Is he can it is valid? free. I validates feeling is valid for him to feel like this is a hassle says, there's a big pain and but I get it it's so how about? If someone else you just said whenever you want go on vacation and someone else in the world of handles all the detail right, I'm not happen, who's gonna, be there I know you don't worry about that. You have to worry that aim without it done right, dude, I just job you right I I save these points for a reason.
During a reason I saved all my credit. Our pointed to take a trip like this and that what I don't even know why immigrant, why I'm gonna interview that president, what's even going to say right, say life and it has already done podcast seated bills, men's podcast. I think we need to do the president of why I said this is a real. Is this a real point? You're making? You said yes, but I could sense in that. Yes, here was you saying Oh now, like that, I was going about to give you a reality right right. It was like a very half hearted. Yes, yes, like a question and answer it ever after this
interview happens right. Everyone who didn't know you now, then, though, you and then and end people you're in business with they're gonna, be really happy their business with you and people. You want to talk to dream of talking to, and they're gonna be here to talk to you now as its of that scary. That's a good reason not to do it, but if its cause your credit, our points. You can take the credit card and shove it up your ass, because that is not why I'm gonna go back to the wires and say we're cancel in this area. The marks at all can arise if you got put it to me like that thing, you said: I'm sorry I I don't have Jesus. This is what I I hang onto listings and I understood to again with clarifying moment and a part of me.
As I was saying that he was like, I hope I'm not pushing them too hard right, but I need to stop this right now, like. I can't ever allow for the possibility that this balls downhill to the point where he makes a reality in his head. That credit card points are insurmountable, we cannot get over this as an issue with the other thing. Is that those who will pay for that was killed? I guess I got an idea. We're making money which is paper did business will get whatever you say that still money, I think it's made by kids. Are we make money better? You make it for business right now. None of them put I remember it happening. We do understand. I can just lose the point here. I love that it's the I love it real there. I imagine you still remember that it was really that I know because it takes
takes a long time to get all these points, and I M just on principle: I can get it through a Europe which is what you can stay where we want, will pay for look favour the tickets and why that's money akin? Why would we do that? I have these points and I could and then like some our another. You talk me into I just like waiting someone else like getting them judgment letting Kelly Deal with India and we use deploy Can we change reservations? Remove it happen. They just move. Every part of my brain was like this is sacred time. Yeah We wanted to protect it and we protected it as much as we could. Well, you are away there was no one. There was going to mess with your time span. With detour universal, but who so crazy, Cosette YE. I was sort of exhausting. I think that part me was like look for a way out here. I think that might be it yeah, because also once dates happened, it started again. Or real right you you're right. I knew like like ok, I'm gonna be pulled back into that,
world in my head, like us to AIR America, was relatively traumatized for me an and in some ways were what ways is it like. I always felt a little over my head till I, you know sort of found my voice on the radio and we're having a good time was traumatize. You know you ve never said that on here on this. By what that moment was what moment they, oh yeah, your voice down, vowed lead. Yeah yeah yeah. I remember it. It was I E. We talk about cooking land. Those- and I were in your forgot about em- I fell asleep and they just kept cooking and then, when I finally realize it from the smell that something was amiss in burning, I went in there and they form some sort of pasty. Tar like this burnt com, been eyes went on tar and I went on some riff about how it you could use it for paste or arrow heads, or this is happy like I want on some weird riff about the use of that this is it's like six thirty in the morning, tat the day after it happen.
And the funny thing is like the show was still very much a veto, a political show right, but the response to that was as much as political topic right, I'm going crazy, like I don't even know what you are talking about yeah, but that was great and That was the moment. Yeah yeah, it's like a thing clicked where you heard yourself in your own head the boys separate entity. Exactly does a big moment, but might my point was? Is that like in it with the present I got nervous because I always felt insecure about my knowledge politics and in my through line way. And I do like arguing you while you covered up for it, I think a lot by being strident right now. You fear. That is well right, so you, That was part of the reason why you know I got out of the dialogue. I thought there were people better suited foreign and more committed to it. So I think part of the idea of interviewing Obama ways like there's come at me from both sides. Yeah
it took a lot for me to wrangle a certain amount confidence in an sort of the idea that, like I, it's gonna be my interview with him and it is going to be what it's gonna be. And in it I'm not of a political pundit and I'm not. There wasn't there to confront him on policy vibrate, but nonetheless, so so we we, we talked me down. From the point situation where I was able to use other points, we spend no company money. I think that accurate to we talk you down like me and yourself shirk you down well that's always awaiting. You start the guy Decision with me- and I follow up with me later here, but sit so I was able to take a vacation so the plan. Now being that we had those two days
we weren't sure what day was gonna be, and then it became clear right ride a Friday, the nineteenth, and so I came out here, you're after being in full contact with the White House with planning in everything- and I mean it just could not have been smoother with them. They were so accommodating I'd like it was a dream. The army. We work with people. I M not saying we ever ever really terrible experience, but we work with situations where people are prickly and I am or particular right, Arab or as strange demands, and that was none of that they were so smooth and easy were within efficient, very efficient, like ask a question. Get an answer was very, very encouraging and unhelpful in a situation like this, so filled the stress and I was gonna, be gone right, so they never do. That's a whole other level, a panic for me for you, but I gotta tell you man. It was really fortunate you weren't here like this. Amount of stuff, that's going on, while you
gonna. U just seeing how you were this morning and yesterday just a little bit of that stuff with people here check in that I mean today was intense, but you know you. I could sense, like alone nervousness we'll just this amount of people driving all these things, you don't know, there's no way keep your eye on everybody at once and rice all over your house in the operating in that area. That was for five days really yeah yeah. That's not in, like you know, from dawn to dusk, like the United in our clip there a barrage of people would show up. I mean I was in Hawaii, so I went away in everyone's right, we're going to be you're gonna vacation. And all on doing, as am I am going to read the rock Obama's first book in that's gonna, be my portal in.
And in a red dreams for my father on vacation and relax and and panic about other things have a first is banning this much time with Sarah for the first time and in all that, but what was lovely we got down there and everything was beautiful and I'm reading the book- and I M still like not figuring out a way. I can comfortably approach the press and then you get here Sunday Sunday and I came here to the House Monday morning. What happened? I don't even know what volume Monday morning was that I mean they already checked. The house out nay, but Monday morning was that was it. They got came here and started everything and it is an amazing. Operation watching that happen, you're just a small piece of property like this year. I mean these. These are the top of their game professionals. That the people leading the charge are. You know
cordial and but very matter of fact in direct it. Just it's like the dream that you want to work with those type of people because, like You feel like everything's, taken care of and then anything they're asking of you. You wanted just jump right in due at you. You know you could send a lot of them are ex military end and that that is where a lot of discipline Cairum, but its very impressive. I feel I feel like of total kinship the secret service, not because I do anything remotely close to what they do in terms of putting their necks on the line. But just in terms of like chauncey away I like to work. I was like these are my people. I love this complete control, Frazier On top of this situation, were there that's it like to find somebody, that's like more on top of it- and I am- I ha show me, the thing is one down your life like they're, doing a really good job. I don't have to do much of anything here, yeah away,
it was like that, for several days with like crazy things like snipers going on, rules was not what we do that process so like they're in the house. They set up. There's two banks, those communication banks in mice, spare bedroom yeah that was, it wasn't for them to communicate. Actually that's just there for emergencies to lie waited long, isolate Alyzia they weren't like on no known I know, but they were they were. Are alien pieces of equipment chat becoming an ice? It yes noises people that were involved, they told you were going to be the LAPD, the secret service and they then a sickly taught like the date. They came up to me with about fifteen people and they said this is their hold. This is the whole team, they're gonna peppery, with djinns asked answer than the best your ability they all have a specialty. They all were in charge of something one guys asking about the foundation of the House, how old the houses and
one woman who was in charge of you, know, communications within the house. Asking me like: do you have the emergency lines and things like that? What kind of you no internet has kind of things then a guy just grab the latter honey. I'm dried up on this garage. They were sitting in his on top and that was where he was gonna patrol. Where does this night? I was a sniper yeah, you have united right, he thought was a good spot stood spot with clear vision around the whole area. Proper were his, but it made noise. So you know you hear MIKE right right on top and he's disguised you some kid around there and tell me if you hear this as I hear it, and then he sighed jumping and that ceiling is buckling. Well,
so like that. My first as I am going to comment on the president, I give him here and another guy came over here and he says no go no and the snipers. I know this is we're. Gonna, be a clear shot, and he says, look what's gonna go on in there. That sixty minutes is the whole reason we're here. So if that's gonna see interfere with that, if there is going to sound bad, we can't and this neighbour got a great waves. Are gonna want staff? Meanwhile, ass there. I don't want them to say that is not working and I get it and they had initially decided. He was just going to sit on the site right over here. Make no noise, but that this day think later they discovered your neighbor Dennis his house would work fine if guy he's rehire and he was thrilled to give a patch. Oh really know. That's all. He was well that
It was the moment, though, that I really has before that I got here. You are here for me a week. The house is, you know outside the house was a mess from whether right is just. Leaves and crap from the trees on the ground and things out here on over really just just little yank the things they happen. When you go away for a we write, your cars full of garbage, JANET Politics does just isn't this a gradual buildup over month. Yet last week. You idea, you were you haven't been your eyes, are living on tour and I'm thinking like this. They re Tyler parents house last night, twenty eight acreage sedated, I'm like this is this is kind of him
dressing up. I was embarrassed for your house. I just embarrassed of the choices right they chose to like do they re like this is there's a great house for a person and a place where you can work right, but I do it's fit for kings and Queens President's now and Cyrus boy. One of these people think and when the guy said that I was like judging this at all. In fact, this is what most of these people of their military have been trained to. Do you have a mission, his mission? and were executed and sell. So I get the challenges to be sure. It's gotta be engaging worked as security environment. Look I biogas at every one was great, isn't it was easier than tie repair of, while of course it was they cause. That's pie like securing a mall the like, but but Were they were all very polite, and very so maybe they were blown of smoke and right being nice to us right. But be nice to the guy with the Shitty house.
Part of our mission is to make the guy with a shitty house, with the poor president's got Sitten the idea make us feel the artwork Then I went around the house like for several times like putting away things. I thought might be questionable, like you at a price her out in the yard I put the printer and secure a shit. We say when they walked in here I had that half a hammer in the pocket knife- yes right away there like not lose the hammer lose pocketknife box. A shock and shells there on the shelf. There were m is empty box where they said no, you gonna have that, whereas the thing I put everything in a box it on your house I know that will thank you for doing all that, I'm even they wanted was so funny has cleared out all these boxes and stacks of things here, prime because anyone to trip they said that's right. They said I mean maybe there's other reasons die reason they gave bright theirs, this ought to be clear. We want anything the risk in like tripping over that. I think they just
makes sense for their job to have clear pathways right. You don't want clutter to impede your way through. If you need to get to the president, you know right I mean they. They brought some easy contraption in here that the guy can Canada Yoga Matt. But it was. I got thick are categorically and gear. That thing I don't know what it did, because I can give a you wouldn't tell me what it wasn't like. What is, I know more about it but I have yoga Madame like MAGIC carpet and when I get your way that the detecting right attempting me is because they do not want open air from the present so walking. When I get in on Wednesday night. You pick me up. We accept at home, you come here and you like item to Margaret and start counting and unlike what is it you're, going to cover the entire driveway with, Kent and and then the part of the road, so that there is no sidelined to him right. And yet you told me that they had secured the entire streets and everything's him in closed off the entire
besides, however, the neighbour no stopping it was even say, no parking further notice that gothic day that morning. And you know we're starting on this when I come home to- and you show me the weird humming machines and others after you put away in any cleared off the entire driveway put that on the deck, so that could be a clean access leading up to the garage. Right so my mind. Oh my god, my god he's really happening. You know I'm like I finished a book I got a good idea of what it was like when he was thirty. Now we got it. Have to speed. You gotta cover the other twenty four years. Yeah and die, and that was the plan than you leave the house and someone tweets. Now things get after we release. Do the press release those two big thing on Wednesday yeah we got that press release out on Wednesday. The White House
tell the world it's happening, is working opposed this fragile and then and then and then the episode that we put up last Thursday with Judd where I intended to coincide with the announcement right, and so we do all that and its garden, it gets interaction. People talking about it is Israel is not real in an you leave and I see some guy tweet. So I manner I get something is going to happen. Checking right and I go on the news and the horrible shooting in Charleston had just been reported was happening. Who was unfolding so I text you do check the news out. I don't think it's going to happen. This is bad and you know it would be understandable, yeah, I mean we had said that before you kept saying you kissing, like it's going to happen now, if it doesn't happen, the Ets, cause I'm sitting because something so bad that we would not want it to happen right and also if it can be bad. It's something so bad the countries going to stop.
Yeah or the world is in something that something that you understand. It's not gonna happen because everybody sad riots lack every or something is scary, and I felt like asked fire has started. I felt that that as in knowing that news and then going to the new Jean seeing ETA and being hit with it boy, whereas I just sat there in the dark figure. You're technical walked in the house and I didn't turning lights and yet I saw your text and I looked at the news. I sat in the dark for like twenty minutes. Just having had read that story, and with like that is just The worst like the details of that story was hurt, bad that I got immediately was equal. This is just not happen and regulatory like it should happen, rattled I think you were feeling that the same thing as like could he rang and we went to sleep obviously and then, and we have cancelled any promotion that we
an ado of it and we saw the White House who order- and we always said it's a dyke ice as aiding the dead and nodded in contact us yet because they were still formulating there. The aim of what their response was gennady, but I didn't hear anything else and I went to sleep and I woke up the next day, fully expecting to look at my phone and see a message, official message from the White House. That said where it we're sorry, but obviously the circumstances don't allows death jurist. This event and see anything. There was no, it still Ryanair, it's not on, and then I saw that the president was going to speak where around, like nine o clock our time here, Thea so I said, I will watch that will see, will make it a clue or to react, and I really think the way he spoke yeah the White House didn't just release an official statement. He came out in front of the cameras and spoke and spoke in a way that we
with. While we were watching Iraq or he's angrier, I think that that probably kind of made it o k in my mind. I do want to sound like crass about a cause, and that thing just words blanketed over a horrible event here, but I do think the president has a power as a guide post for America, as you know how you can react to thing there, and I at least got the feeling when he did that that he was, and at this point the suspected killer had been captured and then he addressed it and I did get a kind of feeling of, like I think he's just gonna move to the next thing, because the president right does have to keep going right and he will get to Charleston right. It doesn't make a huge difference if he goes to Charleston right this minute or if he goes. When there's a memorial service for this man, he knew rang, died, raster, who was murdered and
I kind of felt like the thing was still gonna happen. I said it was in the back of my mind all day long. There was still a possibility to get here, sure and more than Winnie, when we heard that he was in the air that he had taken off that are. We knew they were coming. Yeah like as it was. I just fully still had it in my head that day could be here and allay and underage ray, you know, is still not the time for us to do. A podcast, obviously under but in the meantime we went ahead and continued our plans, and that became something we really had to redress or that's what I said to you. I said: look at you. I can manage engaging that and I think we need to to put it into context that we're gonna we're gonna. Do this thing on Friday. Aids can opposed on Monday. We don't know what he's going to do in relation to that event. That tragedy over the weekend. A couple of things that we had do sorted put him because of-
what might be happening Monday. So at least did podcast. Would we integrate into the into the day right? And that was your address and in pay our respects to the loss of the guy he knew to his face and in an ending, yes, that whole community ass had been has been torn. An end, then nation has not this there's another like horrible, huge, hardly a mark every year, It also engage emotional. He felt about that here and also deal with the Supreme Court ruling. That's good! Maybe I might happen not might have happened by Tom. You listening this right, so I felt confident about doing but it did change a of our planet. Yeah yeah there was a little less room. We felt for frivolity right, I mean way the morning developed. It was are still a lot of stuff going on here secret service why's that
about six o clock. I woke up to let the guys we're gonna build the rest of the ten in oh yeah, so they they started in the street and then erroneous leaving the street, and I got that night that I texted you yeah walkin around the attack them my neighbors people on the streets like the fourth of July around here and at seven you came than the secret service start to come. And we were told that you know he's gonna yeah, he's gonna fly right from Santa Monica in a chair come and we were told that you know he's gonna yeah he's gonna fly right, like. If he chose to dry the motorcade ought to LOS Angeles. It would have stopped everything and then- and I are already being a book called by name on the radio Marin, Gaza traffic jam, it's on the present and I felt the felt kind about about. Then I was apologetically my neighbours, but everyone here excited that terrorism come by the countdown begins You know I'm going over. The notes were certain things out: we're trying to call the place down secret services doing there
was wild when all the secret service was here now I get out so after they all showed up the two snipers come here like it, I dont know if they were given a special car, but I just saw two due to walk up and why those guy, there was one of those guys was what the guy was on the roof dealer day. I asked roof this garage, and yet there are two of them nay my restroom was the only restaurant brought the secret service we, as which I always feel bad, is adores broke and yet that's sniper brought all his gear into your boat. They got everything going right him with a b and acknowledge that. So so that's it's happening. Then they start tone ass. It you're not thought they tell me where I need to be when he pulls up at five minutes. You guys you mean you should be out in the garage and I shall be standing in front a grudge. We should get the tape started to forego started and they tell us like art, so he's is leaving the hotel in Beverly Hills. Yeah. No data sees its analogue he's getting on the chopper
How long was by eight minutes I minutes and then and then we'll tell you when you have five, but the fighting was we hear the sound custom were right in the flight path, reacted as Bulgaria right by doing his utmost to when they call us breeze the osprey. There were three of them. And the guy said there are always three but we have one or two and there's the third one bright by and then right what's next and I cannot yet yeah yeah Marine one year and and how long fact should be? why is come right by and we saw the up? We saw the helicopter, so we, I'm flying so then they told when he landed and when he was in the car, and then we had six minutes and artisans. Ah, you gonna happen. We are very turn the air off in the area with freaking out and you come on. Man come on. I'm like I'm starting to think. In a way, did you think I freaking out cause? I was really trying to portray like a calm demeanor. Now you weren't. Its dneiper yeah. Until I could we at some time They had given its five year, but then, when they
yeah he's in the car and it's about seven minutes out, and then they said it's five minutes and, unlike you know, the EU must we way now confront the garage join. You weren't supposed to be in here at all right and your turn that thing off in a fucking around with this. Yet with recorder new, I come on man yet and I am sure they will. What happened was. I walked out the door here of the garage I could see down the hill ya of your driveway, and I saw a car come up with the presidential seal. Did I'd yeah? That's. Why start screaming a yellow? What Mary doing was trying to set up is recordings so that he could hit record. Why out of the garage, but not have too much dead stay right on it that way we wouldn't have to play a role to play when he came acres. I was supposed to be in your nobody supposed to be in here right, but the two of them I saw I walk out of this garage and I see the car coming out of tunnel yeah. I get you gotta get out here now right cause he's supposed to see, you win water. I was the plan. That is how we were told it was gonna, be
you got out here in time, though you didn't you, you saw right, you saw what staffers coming out when I saw the first cargo by nice out an excess amity. Are these there's two and then no stopping them ran in? I did the thing I came back out and then officer there is a lot of people coming up the way there is does exorbitant staffers Ratan just a lot of people. I can make out anybody in them right here right right. The end of this part of it right at the gate. Yeah I hear like Mark Mark, I do, and it was the wildest thing to hear that cause. I was right behind this Europe. They are next to your garage that they put up here and to hear him in here that in his voice right from the Ghek, He was like we're gonna fun. It was gregarious your hand like he did something to you. Yeah, like you usually are the one that it has to disarm people. This weird set up of coming into your garage. I e go Mister resident yeah, he's doin. Beer. It's going that funds can be fun right now. My ok,
I guess so, and then we walk in any but in front of me. Yeah the secret service is beyond me. Looking around and like I did get you go over that chair, but there was a moment of my god. Is that their? I guess? Did you really can make any kind of writing their right to this chair? It can't be How is your control is, you can run it make sure the lines are so there I saw the our share. You walked around your chair where you are in the secret service guy plants here and he's like right at the gate like a lot, but what I felt was like. Oh, my god, my big fear was like I got so much in my mind. I was afraid of the weight of the conversation we can have us and he wanted to be fluff. I wanted it to be your ring. I wanted you. I wanted to have some fine, but, like I was so nervous and intense, but like he was sort of like even everything's good like he made me, feel comfortable media. The president's disarm make meet lightning
buck up right, but they sort of what he does. You should do. I mean he's gotta get well I mean you. You then talked him about that, but I have to go from something ways: consoling people right and he has to go perform at a fun A survey now talked about that later on, but then I often I was in an right out of the gate. Am I still start to we plant at Vienna me like a like right now so much about plans with you. If I had to go with the flow and then I was a point, there are my gown even things you bring, though I thought to myself. While I was listening cause, I was sitting right outside those in other staff. Why our staff? It was five people from the White House in me on this table that I set up right outside the garage. While I was listening, there was a moment where I thought maybe position talk about Charleston you guys revive in about,
days in Hawaii and in about her brown here, as I thought well, it'll be ok if he doesn't bring it up. We did then bring it up and you in and got him to talk pretty directly about guns, Safety near the power of the interior talked about race. Very, Thirdly, can believe, is enough to shock me, I'm a guy who worked in news here and I was shocked by what he said. The thing with wild I was. I was so excited tat. He was so present here. We also. This is interesting to me as a audio guy no headphones, and he was on top of this MIKE the whole time like he never wavered lies as right in the novel. I will then it's your you're good at your job Maya, but he, but you know, a long time to come in here that decide not to wear head via. They, then wonder Vienna once you do this. He leaned back and talk over here at right like
Who is right, I stay pretty study, is why can't you see I'm flesh and blood right there? That's when it well I've meant to ask you that. There was a moment when you on Howard Stern here where you were waiting in the green room. And are you are you know already very Brazil, India? You said you, so you could see him on the feed and he was eating during a commercial bright, his seed, melon and you're like us, just a guy Melanie did you have that at all with him sit here? I had it all time, I can believe how present inhuman he was yet when I heard I, when I shall cancer than that, I would have a look at him. Unlike used guy near yeah yeah, I'm workin his mouth right. Look in his eyes when he was shaken my hand, he was making a joke about that. I was wearing a suit, a european plan here and he was to look into you.
Talking, while you shaking my head, do in that thing where he wasn't letting go right as it wasn't in his mind yet to move on right, so you shaking my hand, shaken and he's talking joking to you about wearing plaid an iron assume needy, I gotta gotta, look nice or whatever, and I was doing was like Miss Hale Asshole we're still hold hands what theirs touching afterward yeah. You know is weird because I found myself. I know why I saw in the president's back yeah I D. I went for the post picture there very generous and nice to give me opposed picture with him. The pizza white out yet harder for Turkey. As a thing, I cherish the rest of my life and I went in to take the picture- and I just instinctively put arm around the around his sigh. However- and I e I jerk Myron Back- I guys doing it and he goes that's. Ok, you can do that we're comfortable here.
What s happening right now. I know you. If you see my face and I put that picking up a my twitter that is like the happiest face of mine, you ever see a great just a pure happiness. I also got this. This is pretty great White House Communications Agency certificate of appreciation. Presented two Brennan Mcdonald: the members of the White Ass Communications agency, wish to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding manner in which he provided support to the press in the United States during his visit to LOS Angeles California. Your efforts, coupled with your superb attitude, an impeccable prefer journalism. ThatS depart enabled us to provide critical communications for the president to wider staff in the United States secret service. Patricia golden presidential communications shoe.
It enables us to provide critical communications for the president to wider staff in the United States secret service Patricia Golden Presidential communications. She was great, that's amazing. I already that congratulate you know. What's so amazing about that, when we talk about sometime psych, will you know we have nothing? like a ray of again Peabody get rejected for those the year writer and this whole situation with three with Ike need any right anymore, right like this was extremely bowed dating for so many reasons that what we do podcasting adjust. The general idea of up taped conversation that people just gonna listen to rise, no bells and whistles remit that that's good enough for the president to communicate to the all right, I was so validated by what just so proud he abandoned, so excited tat. You know having no we went through in having yo you working in in and around power.
It's for so long and I know you're you're fundamental We know respect for democracy, and for you know that the president in your education and innovation, knowledge about it that to be the guy on point to deal directly with the president's people and two to facilitate this. Waiting for the present the United States to have this happened. Yet For me, this year show as much as is my show a thanks. An end you know a vizier reserve. I knew was a big thing for you and I was very excited voice, thanks man. I hope that that excitement helped you get over some of the nerves and some difficulty. What it's very funny that when we were sitting there working always backed. Well, we're there. America, like every week an attachment, gave you that package damp ass, minutiae, the editorial producer it came by gave you a packet of
something of the news. Yet everyone Gregg you get it What is this I can read this stupid. Why were now to bite is too much but then like, as things went on, and you know I got used to that for them by the time we ve gotten to break room, and you are you have me, like. You managed to do this thing. Where I know you're clearly just working out of the house, and you believe you just know how to manage. Whatever this thing is like I'm just is weird fluttering. Thing over here user like why ok yeah another fine guy, there happened. Again when we work on it in the house again. Did I like it It's like sweating, unlike worry about something in your like in something else like what you get it, how
do the thing is like we're: just gonna do with an and yet in the initial back to work, just fine that is best to not like in those moments does best, and I try to talk you out of something like let you that new moment and yeah. Maybe you sit, although I did feel I can you to show you click from users, coastal areas and I was like a president man. I mean I'm gum way out of my I'm over my head on all levels, and you show me that there is a clear from users whether the team shows up at the big states stadium here and there Indianapolis yeah right any measures than that same size. As I said I might. I know you don't like sports, but you like Jean Hackney, right, ready or large area that moment, where my guy note you do that, but we ve been doing it for a long time. May I so I think this is a good combination of work and especially because it makes me think back to before AIR America started before it actually lawyers. We had done liked
ES, chose to remember that like rehearsals and remember, IRA producer Jonathan Larsson took me and Dan Pash Maria, and we sat out in the hallway, and I was the first to speak as though I could tell you what works and at the time it was the three hosts innovation. There was a host of supposed to handle. The interviews there is a host of supposed to handle the news, and you are there to bake loudly pepper in Galicia society. What works mark man? What doesn't work is it's. None of my man, like the show, should be that guy, like that, like I could be like will. Howard Stern and Dan passion was like absolute. I agree What I would say the same thing and Jonathan Larsson. So yeah, that's that's true. You guys are rife- and I just felt from that moment and then what we did America has always like this is right. This feels right near no matter how bad
place got knowing what we felt were. The limitation of the format that I felt we do good work is why I came out here, We doubt legal area, I always times had that feeling even when I went and did other jobs in other jobs and radio here and I was over I guess, I'm gonna work with married, again cassettes. We we did that. Well, I got what he did and I think he respected what I did and I just knew we're gonna do that again and when it came down to do this podcast it just made. Thence to be. I will we do this? We are. There is never hesitation that we should do it. We didn't know it's gonna be right, but it was like well yeah. Let's do this, but to try if we we want to do this stuff on our own. Where were we like this work and you're doing that other job yeah- and I just thank you, may I thank you for having faith in me, though, is this whole time too cannot do this with your browser, it, sir. It's been a special thing, then this was a crazy, crazy way.
Culminated in your welcome and I couldn't I can do without you and thanks. I trust you in a hundred with everything by gay, we did you so weird, because we worked together for a decade or more than a decade, and you know we work. Do we don't yell, there's no yelling. We understand each other, like you're gonna. Do that they do this thing like that all thing with one I mean there's. Never fighting There is actually there's one time I was in my car and you call me about something unhappy with, and I was explaining to your saying something and you like will stop yelling at me, and I realize like because I was in my car and unlike charging on speaker, I pull over the don't think I'm yelling at you, because I kind of pride myself I that they are not fights of Mary alone, Yellow Zalm. I was
I'm gonna get in a situation where we were fighting by accident. Like I was accepted, my voice was getting regime's little areas yeah. No, I thank you too, because it is. It's been amazing journey and end an idea just a I didn't. I ever tremendous my respect for you, your skill in your mind and in your capacity to work and and I have never met a smarter person, and I trust you that to guide me through things, I understand into manage. You know your mom I'll put. I then I respect your opinion above almost in a really actually above anybody s thanks man. I respect your talent more than anybody else, and I really honestly mean that as my ready by more towns with very nice- and you have met someone smarter than he was here today- are either President. Yes, you can tell yourself that, but I mean I think you can. I go right up there. I mean If you want to run for offices, are you trying to tell you go I'm running a vibrant, I'm gonna go to the Hawaii of the mind,
Now is an amazing day in and in and you we did it man, I so when we put rich vos up that'll, be soon for its part there today by square space, and if you want to know how easy it is to build your own website with square space, go to mark, meets Obama, dot com. This I was the same day, I had President Obama in the garage, it's a beautiful professional, looking site and nobody needed to know code or have a computer science degree to build it. So what everyone site looks like we're square space it as easy to use tools that anyone can use regardless of skill level, square airspace, also state of the art technology powering your site to ensure security and stability, and you can trust in squares space for your website needs millions of peace. When some of the most respected brands in the world all do start your free trial site today,
but no credit card required at square space. Dot com when you decide to sign up for swear space, make sure to use the offer code W Tia to get ten percent off your first purchase square space, build it beautiful, Ok, folks, today, the day recording this is Tuesday, Tuesday, late afternoon, early evening, the podcast featuring me. Talking to President Barack Obama dropped yesterday. Since then. It's got almost a million downwards. Amazing, not did not know how, pan out, but I just I'd like share some reflections about how I feel today this is Tuesday. This is sorry Sunday, Monday, almost four days. After I talked to the president ended a day
the world the night. You know, I'm not trying to be grandma by saying the world, but there was a reaction. There was a reaction. There is action that rippled through the media in this country, about the president's use of the inward but see I don't see it that way He said the inward to talk about the use of the inward Burma, I'm not even in a parcel, not even if they get into that. I barely watch idea to be ass. With the I watched, no television the interview I watch nothing. Yesterday I heard things my producer. Mcdonald, told me what was happening. I read things. I did a lot of press myself. I tried to keep it away from just answering that question. What do you think of of the press and saying the inward I mean there was so much stay here and there the text of it was very clear. He was talking, the broader problem of racism, didn't use the immortal
set it to make a point about using the inward. But it doesn't matter, it doesn't are those in the thing is that the response has been unbelievable. Ninety nine percent of the feedback I've gotten just the wonderful and an eye it was very humbling and with great to hear it because I was nervous, Here is how would come off? I didn't after after I talked to him. How was it? How did I do what what what did he think I guess I'll never know that, but I get the feeling the sense that they were happy they being the White House, he being the president who is baffling to me that there was- press conference around the issue of the inward and so happy. I did not engage in it. In India Start watching tv or festering you, I just I've been really pretty hold up. Here I did some press. I did very little.
I swear. I did a bunch of the print article, some local tv I did Chris Hazy show I old ended a view, but I really just talk about the experience because he experience for me is what what it was really about. Pretty great about it. I don't think I've really. I don't think I've really processed it because I didn't do it in the public. A sort of barrage of of what the what the President himself called the echo righteous. I just didn't, do it to myself, I barely I just got caught up would seem emails thanks. A lot of friends who were who were so the two hidden in congratulated me in and thought it tell me what a great job I did, my parents, I talk to. We would like our yesterday. He was thrilled. He was thrilled. That did the president the said the inward is well. He felt that data that was important
but but but the bottom line for me is that I have not talked about politics much on this programme and there was a time I talked about politics every day, publicly made a very conscious choice, not to talk about politics, because it is not my wheel house when I got the opportunity to talk to them First of all, I don't really care has cynical. You are what side neuron or how you feel any It is in the country or were you on it? your anger or or hang your hate. You as an american person when the press. Granted the United States of America requests an audience with you. Because of your show wants to talk to you. It's an honour and privilege, and I felt that. And I ve never had a politician on this issue, and I did
of a politician on the show, but it was the President, the United States of America, and I just I can't even believe it happened. There are moments where, for the few days there. You know now, where it were like ages dawned on me that that the President, the United States, here because I was so focused intently folks, on having a one on one experience with them, that, like I just I always wanted to do, Was- was connect with the guy. Then his days go on. I have these flashes were like all by God. I just I talked to the Dutch, the fucking president. The president was at my house what kind of world we live in. It's amazing, most I'll, never get the meet the president or see the present person. Maybe they see a cargo buyer they were out of. Where he was, I was, but not only to meet him but to have an audience with him in and talk him personally. And was mine blowing and I'm proud of it
it was an amazing experience for me. I'd no preconceptions other than this might be difficult. I'm not really that political any more than you know in retrospect what he said. He used my bike s where he was speaking directly to meet their trying, provoke people to get involved with politics to be conscious to to engage at that spoke to me dry, but more than anything else, it was really just personally and amazing experience and Anna was an amazing experience. I was able to share with hundreds of thousands of people and and, like I said it, I've got nothing but beautiful feedback at which is important because it cause- I don't, I felt in secure about it And it seemed a move. People in the right direction got a lot of the feedback from people like it or not, not a fan of the president, but I was great talk. Don't like em great talk
on the other side, great talk and then the people who are like you know I'd forgotten We made me feel great talk, really some poignant stuff. He said and important stuff great talk, then doing there is right here you got to say not not a plus that's on the plus column threesome. Yet few profoundly disturbing emails, but I expected that and I'm sort of surprise that I'm not really effect by I've even tweeted. Hardly anything since it happened I need even know how to re, engage with society right now and with what I have to do like an idiot sort like, as it goes further away, listen to the episodes again, and I haven't, been paying attention. The tv have been paying attention to my little sphere here. But sadly you know the experience as each day goes by will get further into the past and I'll just have those flashes of like
maison Yo Yo, it's amazing about it, is like there's the flash of. I call my gotta talk to the president and it feels so huge, but what what really sticks with me is how far we was. What a grounded human being he was and what it you know what I type I know a guy who did a job that completely unfamiliar with on a daily basis, and he sat right. Cross me grounded himself here. He looked round my garage connected with me and at an end, and he is the president and he's a guy and air, Unforgettable forgettable is definitely high point in my life for a lot of reasons Adam and am glad that it happened, and I am glad that some people got so much out of it. While I just don't know when it's really going to sink in unreal
Never would have expected beyond my wildest dreams or imagination. I talked to the President of the United States, it might in my house my garage meet you guys, don't look, I'm not lying, you guys hurting you heard right. Am I awake and my awake? God I hope this is not just a fuckin dream Highway Brendan Brendan is still here and what is it? Why would you want something? I did because I do have a little.
Concern about this whole experience there, maybe you're getting gonna get a little bit inflated. You might get a big headers hearing about it. A lot of people tat great job he did in Vienna. I thought maybe is a useful time to go on the internet comments and if there is any alternative opinion about year great opportunity in great success at interviewing the president. I defy some ones that had a counter opinion to the peoples. I was a great thing I won't say who therefrom, because these people put themselves up their anonymously anyway, so that conditions are just any sites that I saw stories voice. Did these were people leaving comments? Bout Mark Marin interviewing the President wow can't we to hear Mark man complain about his miserable life to the president. I hope he can.
Those on him Marin is the worst very happened. Yet, if the item right, the Mark Marin is proof that it pays to be the first to do something. Even if your terrible added up of good I assume Barack Obama didn't piss off mark man in the early nineties, so I guess this episode will be marked man interrogating Obama about. Why had the gall to become a to term president just stick to him is Mark Man, then full of Obama success great now I have to explain Mark Marin to my grandfather. Thanks Obama, one you know, somebody's praising you but there's a little edge to it because he says, when I heard a man was interviewing the president. I thought cool. He deserves it and a guy who told me to fuck
once interviewing the president? I know that guy I know that is, and this guy was actually a very, very helpful. I thought this a good one to go out on because it has a duty or insecurity about having caused a lot of traffic and restructuring in Europe Citizens of LOS Angeles, try not to blame Mark Marin for the traffic today, I've heard he's a nice guy, although I have no idea who he is yeah right did stick at the end. I I can handle that good, that's good as it gets. Ok, I've kept a really bad when the Amis Ok! Well, that's that's! Our show I'll bet give do not back snoring enough reaction and intend enough sort of well rounded picture of what happened around the interview with President Obama here, my garage.
Oh all right! So now I guess it's it's back to our debates. As usual. I got dates coming up the capital Report yesterday York on June, twenty fifth, damn it. Thou! Howard, brows, that is sold out yet the Paramount Theatre in hunting to New York and you twenty seven then the count basic ear and ready a jersey on June, twenty eight gotta deputy, a part that can check the calendar. I've got dates coming up. From Portland and bolder in Denver. Man. I am a man, Man Yeah
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